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Gheorghe Magheru School team Caracal, Romania Teacher Cristina Nicolaita

The Adventures of Little Light Bulb through the World of Energy

Let’s meet our new friend, the Little Lightbulb. He is ready to take us in a journey in the world of energy. Let’s go!

The little bulb was very proud of itself. He brought light into people lives. But where did that energy come from?

All he knew was that the energy came through some wires on high pillars…but he wanted to know more…so his journey to the world of energy started with his curiosity.

He had a brilliant idea‌let’s ask students from Gh. Magheru school for help. They learn at school a lot of things about energy and they are always ready to help.

Soon he found out that the Earth was in danger due to the big consumption of the conventional energy and decided to join students in their effort to save energy and save the planet.

He found out about non polluting way of obtaining energy, but also about ways of saving it everyday, in our houses, at school or in our communities

Solar energy is an environment friendly alternative in obtaining energy. We can use it in our houses for heating water for showers.

Wind energy is also a source of energy that can be used to prevent pollution

When we use less energy, especially when it is not necessary, we also help the environment.

Recycling is another way to help the environment. Students told him abut their “green” programs, like “Recycling patrol” and “Mini Green Club International”

The little light bulb was very happy that Gh. Magheru students know so many things and are so responsible.

If children all over the world would be responsible, we can help the Little Lightbulb in saving the planet! Join us! Recycle! Reuse! Save!

Pictures made in Paint by students from Gheorghe Magheru School Caracal, Romania.

The journey  

The adventures of the Little Lightbulb in the world of energy- eTwinning project.

The journey  

The adventures of the Little Lightbulb in the world of energy- eTwinning project.