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american film market 4-11 november 2015 RZ AFM Cover 2015.indd 2

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american film market 4-11 november 2015

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Programme of the European Union

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Creative Europe Support Programme for Europe’s Cultural and Creative Sectors 2014 – 2020 www.ec.europa.eu/culture/creative-europe

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EFP AT THE A MERICAN FIL M MARKET In 2015, EFP runs for the 17th time an umbrella office at the American Film Market (AFM). This year, the presence of European sales agents and producers is organised together with the Finnish Film Foundation. Acknowledged as an important meeting point for film professionals, EFP’s umbrella presence has made it possible for more than 180 small and mediumsized European companies to attend this prestigious event since 1998. Brief profiles of the companies participating under the EFP umbrella will introduce you to Europe’s diversity and to the choice of their titles, for which additional information is available at our suite. This year, 31 companies from 10 different European countries take advantage of this operating base to do their daily business. Our sincere thanks go to the AFM, in particular, to Jonathan Wolf, Andrea Contarino and Brian Roddy for their ongoing assistance and co-operation in organising this highly successful annual initiative. We are looking forward to welcome you to our suite 764/765 at this year’s American Film Market. CONTACT AT THE AFM NOVEMBER 4-11, 2015

Sabine Rolinski Project Director rolinski@efp-online.com cell +1 213 2355 157

Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel 7th floor, office 764 / 765 1700 Ocean Avenue USA – Santa Monica CA 90401

Sharon Soboil US Consultant

phone +1 310 458 6700 ext. 765 (through operator)

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08 7&7 Producers’ Sales Service, United Kingdom 09 Amadeus Entertainment, United Kingdom 10 Animex Partners, Finland 11 Art Films Production, Finland 12 Copenhagen Bombay Sales, Denmark 13 Dogwoof, United Kingdom 14 Don Films, Finland 15 EastWest Filmdistribution, Austria 16 Eurociné, France 17 Eyewell, Sweden 18 Favex (Finnish Film & Audiovisual Export), Finland 19 Film Media, Poland 20 Finnish Film Foundation, Finland 21 Fisher King Production, Finland 22 KFV Pictures, Finland

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23 Korda Studios, Hungary 24 LevelK, Denmark 25 Making Movies, Finland 26 Miramedia, Germany 27 Mogulmedia, Finland 28 Mouka Filmi, Finland 29 MRP Matila Rรถhr Productions, Finland 30 New Dawn, Finland 31 Parkland Pictures, United Kingdom 32 Polish Film Institute, Poland 33 Reach Up High Entertainment, United Kingdom 34 Stray Dogs, France 35 Swiss Films, Switzerland 36 The Yellow Affair, Finland / Sweden 37 Yellow Film & TV, Finland

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7&7 is a London based boutique sales company offering independent filmmakers specialist support. With 7&7’s alternative approach Producers are at last able to retain direct control over the worldwide sales process and revenues of their projects while relying on 7&7’s expertise to find and negotiate and draft individual territory licensing agreements directly between Producer and Distributor and oversee and supervises receipts paid directly to the Producer.


Maura Ford

Managing Director cell +44 7814 681335 SELECTED FILMS Freak of Nurture Director: John Hales United Kingdom market premiere Invisible Sun (in pre-production) Director: David Blair United Kingdom The Sleeping Room Director: John Shackleton United Kingdom

CONTACT 122 Walton Street UK-London SW3 2JJ phone +44 20 7584 6402 maura@7and7.co.uk www.producerssalesservice.com

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A Nightingale Falling Directors: Garret Daly & Martina McGlynn Ireland

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Amadeus Entertainment is a London-based sales company. Amadeus established itself as a “boutique-operation” for independent feature films with strong commercial potential. We acquire from 8 to 12 films per year, making sure we explore the potential of every movie at the maximum. Our catalogue boosts over US$80m worth of new film productions. We mainly specialise in such genres as historical action, 3D animation, action, biography fiction, fantasy, fairy-tales, dramas, romantic comedies. We also represent one of the most unique award winning Italian Classics catalogue of over 240 titles, from the 50s through the 90s. The catalogue includes amazing films such as Divorce Italian Style, Seduced And Abandoned and Cinema Paradiso.

CONTACT AT AFM Ivo Fiorenza Head of International Sales cell +44 7958 36 7159 ivo@amadeus-ent.com TITLES AT AFM Honeytrap, 2014 by Rebecca Johnson Genre: Teenage Drama United Kingdom The Jump! WTF Experience, 2015 by Carme Puche, Sergio Alvarez Genre: Music Feature Documentary Spain The Mystery Of Snow Queen, 2015 by Natalya Bondarchuk Genre: Fantasy/FairyTale, Russia

CONTACT Riverbank House One Putney Bridge Approach UK-London SW6 3JD phone +44 20 8180 2731 info@amadeus-ent.com www.amadeus-ent.com

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Locust, 2015 by Egor Baranov Genre: Erotic Thriller, Russia The Find, 2015 by Victor Dement Genre: Drama, Russia

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Animex Partners helps companies to develop, finance and produce children’s animation projects for the global market: TV series, movies, apps, licensing & merchandising. The cooperation with the client companies can consist of developing new original IPR concepts, advice concerning budgets and what to consider when writing agreements. Animex Partners has a versatile international contact network, including entertainment lawyers, and can help companies to build and promote a brand and to find co-producers and distributors best suited for their projects.

CONTACT AT AFM Jape Kantola Agent cell +358 400 997756

The founding partners of Animex Partners have all a long career in various fields of the animation business. Carita Forsgren, novelist, game designer and senior lecturer of visual design at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Mikael Wahlforss, experienced concept developer and producer of many animated TV series and films and Jape Kantola, successful licensing and merchandising agent.

CONTACT Ilmarintie 26 A FI-01400 Vantaa jape@screening-agency.com www.screening-agency.com

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Art Films Production has been established 1997 and it develops and produces creative, quality films. The company’s main focus is on fiction films and documentaries, including the internationally awarded and commercial hit dramatic feature Princess (2010) and feature documentary The Shadow Of The Holy Book which was among many other awards nominated for the Best European Documentary by European Film Academy (2008). Art Films has also been involved in international co-productions like The Liberation On Skopje (now in post-production).

CONTACT AT AFM Arto Halonen cell +358 40 500 6602 arto@artfilms.fi TITLES AT AFM White Rage, 2015 by Arto Halonen premiere Nov 27, 2015 Tesla in development by Arto Halonen Finland, Croatia, Macedonia The Guardian Angel in pre-production by Arto Halonen Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium

CONTACT Merimiehenkatu 10 FI-00150 Helsinki phone +358 45 266 4990 info@artfilms.fi www.artfilmsproduction.com

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Arnold Cautious And Lucky Stone in pre-production by Arto Halonen Finland, Croatia

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Copenhagen Bombay Sales is focused on children’s film. With films like The Great Bear and Beyond Beyond Copenhagen Bombay Sales has positioned itself as a Sales Company presenting original and creative films that do well in the international markets. New highlights are the films Get Santa, Monstria and Next Door Spy. CONTACT AT AFM FEATURES PRESENTED AT THE AFM ANIMATED ADVENTURES


Beyond Beyond, 2014 by Esben Toft Jacobsen Sweden/Denmark Target Group: 7-12

Next Door Spy, 2017 detective story by Karla von Bengtson Denmark Target Group: 7-12

Get Santa, 2016 by Jacob Ley Denmark/ Sweden Target Group: 5-11

Malene Iversen Head of Sales cell +45 25419911 malene.iversen@ copenhagenbombay.com


Monstria, 2017 by Rickard Söderström Sweden Target Group: 5-11

No 7, 2015 by John Kenn Mortensen Denmark Target Group: 8-12

CONTACT Refshalevej 147, 1st floor DK-1432 Copenhagen K phone +45 25 419911 sales@copenhagenbombay.com www.copenhagenbombay.com

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Dogwoof Global is the international sales arm of Dogwoof, the main distributor of theatrical documentaries in the UK. We have handle the international sales of highly acclaimed documentaries, including Blackfish, Dior and I, Cartel Land, Dreamcatcher. Dogwoof has established itself as a leading international sales agent offering filmmakers world-class representation, alongside raising finance for films in production-development, UK theatrical distribution and direct to consumer global distribution via their international network of online and theatrical partners. Our current production slate includes Werner Herzog’s Into The Inferno, Vivienne Westwood: Get a Life and Yayoi Kusama: Life in Polka Dots. Dogwoof’s UK was founded in 2014 and has released over 100 documentaries: The Look Of Silence, The Act Of Killing, Cutie And The Boxer, Restrepo, The Queen of Versailles, Food Inc, and The Spirit Of ’45.

CONTACT AT AFM Ana Vicente Head of Theatrical Sales cell +44 7506 104 903 ana@dogwoof.com TITLES AT AFM Yayoi Kusama: Life in Polka Dots (in production) Vivienne Westwood: Get A Life (in production) by Lorna Tucker, UK Priorat (in production) by David Fernández de Castro Spain The Fear Of 13 by David Sington, UK

CONTACT 19-23 Ironmonger Row ground floor UK-London, EC1V 3QN phone +44 20 7253 6244 global@dogwoof.com www.dogwoofglobal.com

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My Curious Documentary by Adam Low, UK I‘m Crazy About Tiffany’s by Matthew Miele, USA The Show Of Shows by Benedikt Erlingsson Iceland/UK

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HAILING FROM HELSINKI FINLAND comes the production company Don Films. Co-founded in 2010 by friends with solid backgrounds in producing, directing and screenwriting, we devote ourselves to character-driven stories with high stakes and unstoppable momentum. With a 24-episode TV fiction series currently in production, and several other projects well on their way, we’re now zealously working on our first theatrical feature, the horror film Bodom. Bodom has raised interest both locally and internationally; at the AFM last year, Variety named Bodom as “one of Scandinavia’s most anticipated elevated genre imports”. The film is also one of the seven projects out of 113 applicants selected to take part in Nordic Genre Boost, a development and financing initiative of the Nordisk Film & TV Fond, for top Scandinavian genre projects.

CONTACT AT AFM Aleksi Hyvärinen Producer cell +358 50 551 4561 aleksi@donfilms.fi UPCOMING TITLE Bodom, 2016 by Taneli Mustonen horror thriller

CONTACT Pursimiehenkatu 4 A top floor FI-00150 Helsinki phone +358 4 4700 4800 www.donfilms.fi

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EastWest Filmdistribution is an independent feature and documentary film sales company, specialized in promotion and sales of high quality movies. The team operates on an international basis with a strong network of experienced film professionals and is engaged to finding the right markets for each movie. EastWest has a passion for world cinema and a firm belief that the film represented by the team deserves and will find its audience.

Attack Of The Lederhosenzombies, 2015 by Dominik Hartl (Austria) Zombie, Comedy (90’) Original Language: English; Dubbed Versions: German Synopsis: Steve, a young professional snowboarder, ruins a high-paying photo shoot by playing a silly prank. He, his girlfriend Branka and fellow snowboarder Joschi are left behind on the mountain. They seek shelter in an après-ski tavern that is hosting an allnight party. Things go from bad to worse when a scientific experiment unleashes an epidemic of zombies and mutant wildlife. This is mostly lost on the local drunkards, as they are not always easy to distinguish from zombies themselves. But Steve, Branka and Joschi have to find a way to survive this hellish night. CONTACT Schottenfeldgasse 14 A-1070 Vienna phone +43 1 5249 31034 yannick@eastwest-distribution.com www.eastwest-distribution.com

RZ AFM booklet 2015.indd 15

CONTACT AT AFM Yannick Rudynski Sales Executive cell +43 664 510 41 66 TITLES AT AFM Bad Luck, 2015 by Thomas Woschitz Austria (80’) Black Comedy, Thriller English subtitled The Prosecutor, The Defender, The Father And His Son, 2015 by Iglika Triffonova (105’) Bulgaria, Netherlands, Sweden Original Language: English The Island Of Secrets, 2014 by Taavi Vartian Finland, Greece (86’) Family Adventure English subtitled Never Die Young, 2014 by Pol Cruchten Luxembourg (70’) Biography, Drama French with a German dubbing and English subtitles

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One of the oldest French companies, Eurociné produces and distributes its own American and European productions and some exciting titles. Its library mixes action, horror, family, erotic, documentaries and B&W classics. Many of Eurociné’s films became “cult” movies, are screened in cinematheques and prestigious festivals. CONTACT AT AFM

Lately after partnered in the awarded stop motion Toys In The Attic voiced by Forest Whitaker, Joan Cusack and Carry Elwes, produced for Canal + a tribute to director JESS FRANCO and a documentary recounting Eurociné’s origins, Eurociné is involved in a documentary about the cult rock group NAZARETH (Love Hurts, Dream On, Hair of the Dog…) which offers viewers a “behind the scenes” and “backstage” look and explains the phenomenon of longevity connected with this rock band.

Daniel Lesoeur cell +33 609 182 359 TITLES AT AFM NAZARETH by Milos Smidmajer Genre : documentary Czech Republic The Last Movie about and with JESS FRANCO Directors: Pedro Temboury & Daniel Lesoeur Genre: documentary France, Spain Toys In The Attic Director: Jiri Barta Genre: Animation Japan, Czech Republic

CONTACT 4, Imp Morlet FR-75011 Paris sales@eurocine.net www.eurocine.net

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Eyewell is an international sales company for motion picture content. We focuse on commercial films and series with marketable elements and clear target groups. Jointly we have over 25 years of experience successfully selling commercial films and TV series. We are highly selective, and we work with three to five new projects per year. IN PRE-PRODUCTION Land of Giants, 2017 tv-series, 10 x 45 min. first season action adventure fantasy English language IN POST-PRODUCTION Zone261, 2016 Feature 98 min. action drama fantasy Swedish language COMPLETED American Burger, 2014 Feature, 80 min. horror comedy English language first in trilogy

The Cliff 1 + 2, 2009 + 2014 tv-series, 2 season each 4 x 45 min., crime thriller Icelandic language Nymphs, 2013 tv-series, 12 x 44 min. romantic fantasy Finnish language based on 3 novels Beyond the Border, 2011 Feature, 100 min. war drama Swedish, German, Norwegian language Psalm 21, 2009 Feature, 94 min. horror suspense Swedish language

CONTACT Upplandsgatan 69 SE-113 28 Stockholm m.werner@eyewell.se s.markussen@eyewell.se www.eyewell.se

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CONTACT AT AFM Michael Werner CEO/Partner cell +46 70 7332 855 Stein Markussen Partner cell +46 70 8755 934 PRESENTED AT AFM 1944, 2015 Feature 100 min, war drama Estonian, Russian & German language Official submission at the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film Category from Estonia Thursday Nov 5, 6:30pm Wilshire Screening Room Wilshire Blvd 8670 rsvp to: screenings@efp-online.com

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FAVEX – Finnish Film & Audiovisual Export is an association that facilitates the marketing and sales of Finnish film and TV content, talent and services. Our mission is to boost the internationalization and growth of the Finnish audiovisual industry. We also actively lobby for a film incentive/rebate model for Finland. FAVEX members include different producers associations, copyright organizations as well as partners such as the Finnish Public Broadcasting Company YLE and distributors associations. Many companies with FAVEX are attending the AFM via the Team Finland initiative for business internationalization Getting It Made for the US Market, which is designed to create more productive, cross-Atlantic partnerships for both feature films and television series. FAVEX makes the audiovisual world aware of the excellent and varied Finnish productions that are worth exploring!

CONTACT AT AFM Johanna Karppinen CEO cell +358 40 571 7061


Don Films Fisher King Production KFV Pictures Making Movies Mogulmedia Mouka Filmi MRP Matila Röhr Productions • Yellow Film & TV

CONTACT Urho Kekkosen katu 2 C FI-00100 Helsinki johanna.karppinen@favex.fi www.favex.fi

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Film Media S.A. is a production and international sales company offering Th/TV/Video rights to the variety of films and programmes – war drama, scripted formats, documentaries. Film Media S.A. provides post-production and 2D to 3D conversion services.

TITLES AT AFM 303 Squadron (in develop.) Correspondent Bryan Poland/UK/Czech Republic by Eugene Starky co-production Poland/USA (65 min.) documentary 1920. Battle Of Westerplatte by Paweł Chochlew Snow White And Poland (2D/3D, 112 min.) Russian Red by Xawery Żuławski The Corrupted Poland (100 min.) by Jarosław Żamojda Poland (115 min.) Warsaw Hangover starring Max Ryan and by Łukasz Karwowski Olivier Gruner Poland (2D/3D, 100 min.)

CONTACT AT AFM Jacek Samojłowicz CEO/Producer cell +48 507407507 Konrad Sosnowski Sales/Acquisitions Executive cell +48 669518787

CONTACT Marszałkowska 10/16 lok. 25 PL-00-590 Warsaw phone +48 22 625 00 05 office@filmmedia.com.pl www.filmmedia.com.pl

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The Finnish Film Foundation supports and promotes the Finnish film industry by funding professional film production and the exhibition and distribution of films. The Finnish Film Foundation is responsible for the cultural export and promotion of Finnish films abroad. The international film festivals held in Finland, DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival, Midnight Sun Film Festival, Espoo Ciné International Film Festival, Helsinki International Film Festival, Oulu Children’s Film Festival and Night Visions International Film Festival are all supported by the foundation. The Creative Europe – MEDIA Desk Finland operates under the auspices of the Film Foundation. Finland is a member in the Nordic Film & TV Fund and Eurimages.

CONTACT AT AFM Jaana Puskala Head of Feature Film Promotion jaana.puskala@ses.fi Kati Nuora International Communications Officer cell +358 50 5689 191 kati.nuora@ses.fi PRESENTED AT AFM The Fencer, 2015 by Klaus Härö Official submission at the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film Category from Finland Saturday Nov 7, 6:30pm Wilshire Screening Room Wilshire Blvd 8670

CONTACT Kanavakatu 12 FI-00160 Helsinki phone +358 9 6220 300 ses@ses.fi www.ses.fi

RZ AFM booklet 2015.indd 20

rsvp to: screenings@efp-online.com

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Fisher King Production produces feature films and TV-drama for both international and local markets and keeps the focus on genre driven productions. Fisher King makes content primarily in English, Finnish and Swedish language. Fisher King was founded in 2009 by producer Matti Halonen and director&writer Miikko Oikkonen. In 2012 producer Leila Lyytikäinen joined the company as a partner. We bring experience from more than 50 feature films as well as TV-series, commercials and documentaries into our growing company. A recently completed production is the 12 x 1h TVseries Nymphs which has been distributed to more than 50 countries around the world to this date. The recently finished productions are the TV-drama Replacements (12 x 44 min.) and the feature film Other Girls. In production are the TV-series Bordertown (12 x 1h) and the feature film Love Records. Fisher King Production, Halonen and Lyytikäinen are members of the European Producers Club, EAVE and ACE. CONTACT Fredrikinkatu 34 B 20-21 FI-00100 Helsinki phone +358 44 7573 000 fisher@fisherking.fi www.fisherking.fi

RZ AFM booklet 2015.indd 21

CONTACT AT AFM Leila Lyytikäinen Partner, Producer cell +358 50 5206 771 leila.lyytikainen@fisherking.fi Matti Halonen MD, Producer cell +358 400 693 743 matti.halonen@fisherking.fi TITLES AT AFM Nymphs Feature film, Genre: Fantasy in development, production 2015 Replacements TV series 12 x 45 min Genre: Drama finished Bordertown TV series 12 x 1h Genre: Scandinavian crime in production 2015, delivery 2016 Mermaid Feature film Genre: Fantasy, family entertainment in production 2016

26.10.2015 11:27:11





KFV Pictures is a Helsinki based production company writing, developing, and producing feature films. Working mostly on drama inspired by the day-to-day wonders of life, KFV is on mission to produce great quality feature films that are entertaining and though-provoking. KFV’s first feature film Full Circle was awarded at numerous U.S. festivals and released on VOD and DVD in 2014 by Entertainment One. KFV focuses on original feature films and is currently developing Brooklyn King, an urban drama set in the rugged Brooklyn boxing scene.

CONTACT AT AFM Laura Laaksonen Producer cell +1 323 470 1939 laura@kfvpictures.com Olli Koivula cell +358 50 585 7374 olli@kfvpictures.com TITLES AT AFM Brooklyn King in development by Olli Koivula Full Circle by Olli Koivula


RZ AFM booklet 2015.indd 22

CONTACT Fleminginkatu 9 FI-00530 Helsinki cell +358 50 585 7374 contact@kfvpictures.com www.kfvpictures.com

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Korda Studios is a state-of-art film studio complex in Hungary offering soundstages, offices, workshops, warehouses, permanent backlot and props rental for all kinds of film productions. We believe that our infrastructure together with the Hungarian incentive system (25%), a wide range of shooting locations, experienced crew and industry standard equipment meets all of the requirements of quality productions. The studio provides it’s own in-house production services, soft money financing solutions and is seeking opportunities to join projects where it’s vast resources can make a difference. Please feel free contact us in case you have secured at least 70% of your film production budget with hard money, we will find the solution to take care of the rest… KORDA STUDIOS FACT SHEET

• 6 sound stages on 15.000 sqm • Stage 6 is one of the largest soundstages in the world • 100 sqm surface interior watertank with underwater windows • 2.800 sqm production support offices • 5.000 sqm warehouse and workshop area • 10 hectare (26 acres) empty backlot for set construction New York Brooklyn, Renaissance and Medieval backlots

CONTACT AT AFM Bela Bunyik cell +1 818 331 0362 bbunyik@bunyik.com RECENT PROJECTS The Martian, 2015 by Ridley Scott Inferno, 2015 by Ron Howard Marco Polo Season 2, 2015 Netfilx, The Weinstein Company The Last Kingdom, 2015 Carnival Pictures

CONTACT Hrsz. 1572 H-2091 Etyek film@kordastudio.hu www.kordastudio.hu

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LevelK is handling international distribution for Film and TV production companies and acting as a digital partner for distributors in their home country. Established in 2009, LevelK has assembled a stable of critically-acclaimed, award winning independent and foreign films with commercial appeal. Based in Copenhagen and New York, LevelK is a passionate multi-language, ambitious team with specialized market knowledge. LevelK has a presence that extends globally and a dynamism that is reflected through LevelK’s approach to innovative cross-platform/ cross-country distribution combining theatrical and traditional means alongside digital distribution and marketing.

CONTACT AT AFM Natja Noviani Rosner Head of Sales & Acquisitions cell +1 704 97557557 natja@levelk.dk Derek Lui Sales Manager cell +852 6055 7575 derek@levelk.dk TITLES AT AFM Downriver, 2015 by Grant Scicluna Spear, 2015 by Stephen Page Motley’s Law, 2015 by Nicole Horanyi Men And Chicken, 2015 by Anders Thomas Jensen

CONTACT LEVELK DK Gammel Kongevej 137B, 3rd floor DK-1850 Frederiksburg C phone +45 20 1085 80 phone +45 48 443 072 www.levelk.dk

RZ AFM booklet 2015.indd 24

A Very secret Service, 2015 by Alexandre Courtés


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Making Movies Oy (Ltd.) is a Finnish film production company based in Helsinki. Established in 1996 the company produces and co-produces fiction and documentary films for international market. The managers, founding members and shareholders of Making Movies are Kai Nordberg and Kaarle Aho. Since 1996 Making Movies has produced eight feature films and more than 40 documentary and short films and tv-dramas. The films produced by Making Movies have been distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide. Their feature films include Klaus Härö’s The Fencer (Finnish entry for the Oscars 2016) and Black Ice of Petri Kotwica (Berlinale official competition 2008). PRESENTED AT AFM The Fencer, 2015 by Klaus Härö Official submission at the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film Category from Finland Saturday Nov 7, 6:30pm Wilshire Screening Room, Wilshire Blvd 8670 rsvp to: screenings@efp-online.com

CONTACT Torkkelinkatu 3 FI-00500 Helsinki mamo@mamo.fi www.mamo.fi

RZ AFM booklet 2015.indd 25

CONTACT AT AFM Kai Nordberg Producer / CEO cell +358 40 5073936 kai.nordberg@mamo.fi Kaarle Aho Producer cell +358 40 7253936 kaarle.aho@mamo.fi TITLES AT AFM The Fencer, 2015 by Klaus Härö Co-Producers: ALLFILM, Estonia, KICK FILM GmbH, Germany Little Wing, 2016 by Selma Vilhunen Law Of The Land, 2017 by Jussi Hiltunen Co-Producers: SWEET FILMS, Norway, Heimathafen Film, Germany, EZ Films, France Tirlittan, 2018 by Kari Juusonen Dark Christ, 2017 by Klaus Härö

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Miramedia is a media consultant and distribution company specialized in generating video content which is distributed on multi platforms worldwide. The company is specialized on film and TV trade between Europe and Asia.

CONTACT AT AFM Wolfgang Wilke Managing Director cell: +49 172 2127 539 wolf.wilke@gmail.com TITLE AT AFM Nick Off Duty, 2015 by Til Schweiger / Christian Alvart (selected for Berlin International Film Festival 2015)

CONTACT Goltseinstr. 87 D-50968 Cologne phone +49 221 355 338 7400 www.miramedia.de

RZ AFM booklet 2015.indd 26

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Mogulmedia is a creative and dynamic TV and film production company. The founders are absolute professionals in the TV-business: they both have over 15 years of experience in both international and national large scale productions as well as in edgier programmes aimed at segmented audiences.

CONTACT AT AFM Markos Annala CEO/Producer cell +358 40 5814261 markos@mogulmedia.fi Ville Panhelainen Creative Director cell +358 50 3302137 ville@mogulmedia.fi TITLES AT AFM Ismo - World’s Funniest Person the series American Daydream the movie CONTACT Ilmalankuja 2 L (5th floor) FI-00240 Helsinki markos@mogulmedia.fi www.mogulmedia.fi

RZ AFM booklet 2015.indd 27

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Mouka Filmi is a film production company based in Helsinki, Finland, specialized in creative documentary films. The company was founded in 2006 by producer Sami Jahnukainen and director Jukka Kärkkäinen for the passion for filmmaking, Mouka Filmi produces films that share a warm human touch, unique artistic vision and excellent quality. SInce it’s creation, Mouka Filmi has produced and co-produced multiple award winning documentary films for television and cinema audiences in Finland and internationally. Sami Jahnukainen, producer / scriptwriter Sami has produced documentary films since 2005. He is the co-founder and managing director of Mouka Filmi production company, and an active member of the international documentary film community. Jukka Kärkkäinen, director / scriptwriter Jukka has been making documentary films since 2003. Aside from filmmaking Jukka has been working as a construction worker. He is the co-founder of Mouka Filmi production company.

CONTACT Vanha Talvitie 2 A12 FI-00580 Helsinki mouka@mouka.fi www.mouka.fi

RZ AFM booklet 2015.indd 28

CONTACT AT AFM Sami Jahnukainen Producer cell +358 40 731 4354 sami@mouka.fi DOCUMENTARIES AT AFM In Dependence, 2015 by Henriikka Hemmi (58min) The Visit, 2015 by Michael Madsen co-production (83 min) Ida’s Diary, 2014 by August B. Hansen co-production (60 min) Once I Dreamt of Life, 2014 by Jukka Kärkkäinen, Sini Liimatainen (58 & 77 min) The Punk Syndrome, 2012 by Jukka Kärkkäinen, J-P Passi (58 & 85 min) The Living Room Of The Nation, 2009 by Jukka Kärkkäinen (75 min)

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MRP Matila Röhr Productions is a company that produces feature films in Finland and abroad which two film industry professionals, Marko Röhr and Ilkka Matila, have been building since 1990. Many of the 40 award-winning films, international co-productions and numerous underwater documentaries and television series are considered milestones in the history of the Finnish film industry and have been highly acclaimed by both the audiences and the critics alike. PRESENTED AT AFM 1944, 2015 Feature 100 min, war drama Estonian, Russian & German language Official submission at the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film Category from Estonia Thursday Nov 5, 6:30pm Wilshire Screening Room, Wilshire Blvd 8670 rsvp to: screenings@efp-online.com

CONTACT Tallberginkatu 1 B 124 FI-00180 Helsinki phone +358 9 540 782 0 mrp@matilarohr.com www.matilarohr.com

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© Anders Lonnfeldt



CONTACT AT AFM Ilkka Matila Producer cell +358 40 501 1025 IN DEVELOPMENT The Eternal Road by AJ Annila Finland, Estonia, Sweden Mother’s Day by Mika Ronkainen) COMPLETED 1944, 2015 by Elmo Nüganen Finland, Estonia Raspberry Boat Refugee, 2014 by Leif Lindblom Finland, Sweden

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New Dawn is an award-winning film and advertising production company that specializes in narrative commercials as well as both short and feature films. The story is always there, you just have to find it. One could say that we are married to commercials, but making films is our mistress. Our short film productions include the internet hit Duke – The Fate Of Humanity and the horror movies Tattoo and On Dark Paths. Our latest production, On Dark Paths, can now be seen at various film festivals around the world. Currently, we are developing and raising funds for the documentary, Name Of The Game, which we have already been filming for over a year. The end product will definitely be something that audiences worldwide will want to see – gamer or not.

CONTACT AT AFM Panu Hallfors Director of Business Development and Sales cell +358 44 2395 248 panu.hallfors@newdawn.fi TITLE AT AFM Name Of The Game, 2017 Documentary by Paul J. Helin and Jarno Elonen Finland, USA

CONTACT Kauppiaskatu 9b A, 3rd floor, office 6 FI-20100 Turku cell +358 44 2395 248 info@newdawn.fi www.newdawn.fi

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Parkland Pictures is a UK-based international sales, distribution and production company. We develop, fund, produce and sell our own feature films for the international market and we provide funding for co-productions by acquiring worldwide sales rights.


IN DEVELOPMENT The Man in the Box by Arsen Ostojic Cast: Kiefer Sutherland (24; The Reluctant Fundamentalist); John Bell (The Hobbit); Thomas Kretschmann (Avengers: Age of Ultron); Martina Gedeck (The Good Shepherd) Pharmacide by Mark Hammond Cast: Scott Glenn (The Bourne Ultimatum); Paz Vega (Sex and Lucia)

Off the Reservation by Jason Alexander (Seinfeld)

John Cairns CEO cell +44 7872 627 911 john@parklandpictures.com

DOCUMENTARIES California High, 2014 by Barnaby & Matthew O‘Connor Arteholic, 2014 by Hermann Vaske starring Udo Kier

CONTACT Chester House, Fulham Green 81-83 Fulham High Street UK-London SW6 3JA phone +44 20 3542 1425 info@parklandpictures.com www.parklandpictures.com

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The Polish Film Institute (PFI) was established in 2005 to help a local film industry to regain its international position by supporting all stages of film production, distribution and promotion. An important mandate is to help the talent gain international recognition for their films, and to help Polish cinema restore and maintain its traditional position in the world. The Institute’s principal task is to provide the Polish film industry with a modern mechanism of support – from the development of film projects, through production, to promotion, distribution and circulation of Polish and European films. It supports films from concept to screening, with particular emphasis on international coproductions as well as promoting Polish cinema internationally. The PFI’s range of activities includes supporting activities aimed at creating conditions for a common access to the heritage of Polish, European and world cinematic art, showing a particular commitment to film debuts and the artistic development of young filmmakers.

CONTACT ul. Krakowskie, Przedmieście 21/23 PL-00-071 Warsaw phone +48 22 4210 497 pisf@pisf.pl www.pisf.pl

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CONTACT AT AFM Izabela Kiszka-Hoflik Head of International Relations cell +48 695 36 33 37 izabela.kiszka@pisf.pl Magdalena Sroka CEO magdalena.sroka@pisf.pl PRESENTED AT AFM 11 Minutes, 2015 byJerzy Skolimowski Poland, Ireland Official submission at the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film Category from Poland Thursday Nov 5, 8:30pm Wilshire Screening Room, Wilshire Blvd 8670 rsvp to: screenings@efp-online.com

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We are a commercially driven production company developing and producing films for the global market. Our slate of projects have 50% production equity and 50% US P&A confirmed and will be at the AFM attending meetings with studios and equity partners and international sales agents. TITLES AT AFM Captain Moxley & The Ashes Of The Gods $45 million UK/US production Shoot May 2016 Genre: Action/Adventure Writer: Dan Hanks Producers: Demetris Kyriacou & Paul Hitchcock Stateside $45 million UK/US production Shoot in September 2016 Genre: Action/Adventure/ Crime Writer: Simon Foster Producer: Demetris Kyriacou

Pathos $25 million UK/US production Shoot in February 2017 Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/ Adventure Directors/Writers: Dennis Cabella & Marcello Ercole Producers: Demetris Kyriacou & Paul Hitchcock

CONTACT AT AFM Demetris Kyriacou Producer cell +1 310 310 4260 demetris@reachuphigh.com

CONTACT 86 Seymour Grove UK-Manchester M16 0LW phone +44 161 876 4169 email@reachuphigh.com www.reachuphigh.com

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Launched in 2015, Stray Dogs is dedicated to bringing international, director-driven, edgy films to worldwide audiences. Our titles include: Heaven Knows What by Josh and Benny Safdie, Ruined Heart by Khavn De La Cruz, Sunrise by Partho Sen Gupta and Land Legs by Samuel Collardey. TITLES AT AFI FEST


Free In Deed, 2015 by Jake Mahaffy

Ma, 2015 by Celia Rowlson Hall



screening dates: Sunday, November 8 6:30 PM Chinese 4 Capacity: 174 seats

screening dates: Monday, November 9 9:45 PM Chinese 3 Capacity: 174 seats

Monday, November 9 3:45 PM Chinese 2 Capacity: 174 seats

Tuesday, November 10 4:15 PM Chinese 4 Capacity: 174 seats

Nathan Fischer Managing Director cell + 336 5994 1284 nathan@stray-dogs.com TITLES AT AFM Island City, 2015 by Ruchika Oberoi Yallah! Underground, 2015 by Farid Eslam Land Legs, 2015 by Samuel Collardey

CONTACT 15 rue Chevert FR-75007 Paris phone +33 1 4322 5640

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With a remit from the Federal Office of Culture, SWISS FILMS promotes Swiss cinema at festivals and markets worldwide working closely with Swiss producers on release strategies. The company, with offices in Zurich, Geneva and Paris, advises sales agents and buyers on national funding schemes facilitating international distribution, organises screenings for festival delegates and creates film programmes with European and overseas partners. With a database of over 4,000 films, the agency also provides an essential source of information for international film professionals and trade publications. SWISS FILMS is patron of the European Film Academy.

CONTACT AT AFM Catherine Ann Berger Managing Director cell +41 76 368 02 65 caberger@swissfilms.ch PRESENTED AT AFM Iraqi Odyssey, 2014 by Samir Switzerland Official submission at the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film Category from Switzerland Saturday Nov 7, 3:30pm Wilshire Screening Room, Wilshire Blvd 8670

CONTACT Neugasse 6 , Postfach CH-8031 Zurich phone +41 43 211 4050 info@swissfilms.ch www.swissfilms.ch

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rsvp to: screenings@efp-online.com

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The Yellow Affair is a World Sales Agent that represents content from various countries, covering all genres with varying budgets. Our choices are based on high production values, artistic integrity, commerciality and a sense of collaboration and teamwork with the production group. We strive to get involved early in projects, helping with development, financing and eventual festival and world sales strategies. Many of The Yellow Affair’s films have won major awards at A class festivals and have been critically acclaimed worldwide. Our core business is to take these films out into the world seeking program licensing and ‘all rights’ distribution for all territories and for all windows (Theatrical/ Video-DVD/ Pay and Free TV/ Ancillary/ Digital Rights).

CONTACT AT AFM Miira Paasilinna CEO cell SE +46 76 199 3166 cell FIN +358 50 548 1851 miira@yellowaffair.com TITLES AT AFM The Carer in post-production by Janos Edelenyi Genre: Drama Unindian by Anupam Sharma Genre: Romantic Comedy Homecoming by Mika Kaurismäki Genre: Drama Comedy Girls Lost by Alexandra Therese Keining Genre: Drama The Girl King by Mika Kaurismäki Genre: Drama

HELSINKI OFFICE Pälkäneentie 19 A, 2. fl. FI-00510 Helsinki phone +358 9 7740 300 www.yellowaffair.com

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STOCKHOLM OFFICE Götgatan 9, 1tr SE-11646 Stockholm phone +46 8 645 1212

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Yellow Film & TV celebrated its 20th anniversary last year and is Finland’s biggest independent movie and television production company. We aim for a significant share of the international market by investing in European co-productions as well as in global sales of our scripted, comedy and entertainment formats. We are actively looking for international partners for coproduction, co-development and distribution purposes. We are currently distributing our latest scripted productions outside of Finland with a couple of distribution companies and are at the moment financing one of our main drama projects for the international market. The aim is to produce a pan-European co-production with partners from countries that best suit our purposes for our next step in the international field.

CONTACT AT AFM Milla Bruneau Chief Operating Officer Head of Intern. Strategy cell +358 400 408 951 DRAMA PRODUCTIONS Nurses Broadcast history: Yle TV2 Finland Season 1, 2014 by Joona Tena Season 2, 2015 by Aleksi Mäkelä Season 3, 2016 Taavi Vartia Roba Broadcast history: MTV3 Finland Season 1, 2012 by Joona Tena Season 2, 2015 by Joona Tena Season 3, 2016 by Aleksi Mäkelä

CONTACT Hermannin rantatie 10 FI-00580 Helsinki cell +358 400 408 951 milla.bruneau@yellowfilm.fi www.yellowfilm.fi

RZ AFM booklet 2015.indd 37

Downshifters Broadcast history: Elisa Viihde OTT + Yle TV2, free-TV Season 1, 2015 by Teppo Airaksinen

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European Film Promotion ( EFP ) is the only existing international network of organisations promoting and marketing European cinema worldwide. F ounded in 1997, the EFP network now comprises professional organisations from 36 European countries, who are experts in promoting and marketing their own national cinema. Under the EFP umbrella, all of these organisations work together on the promotion of European films and talent around the world. EFP devises, organises and carries out promotional activities and events on behalf of films, directors, producers, actors and sales agents. EFP ’s activities are financially supported by the Creative Europe –  MEDIA Programme of the European Union and the EFP member organisations. EFP ’s promotion and PR activities are backed by private and public sponsors. The Hamburg-based office is supported by the German State Minister for Culture and the Media (BKM ), the Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and the Ministry of Culture of the City of Hamburg.

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The aims and objectives of these activities are • to increase the competitive opportunities for European films in the international market place • to improve access for European film professionals to the international market place • to support the development of new up-and-coming talent • to contribute, where possible, to the opening of new markets for European films • to enhance the distribution and visibility of European films worldwide • to further share the accumulated knowledge and experience of the association via its European-wide network

EFP President Martin Schweighofer AFC Austrian Films EFP Vice President Pia Lundberg Swedish Film Institute EFP Managing Director Renate Rose

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European Film Promotion e.V. Friedensallee 14 – 16 22765 Hamburg, Germany phone +49 40 390 6252 fax +49 40 390 6249 info@efp-online.com www.efp-online.com www.shooting-stars.eu

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ALBANIA Majlinda Tafa Albanian National Center of Cinematography/ANCC www.nationalfilmcenter. gov.al AUSTRIA Martin Schweighofer Austrian Films AFC www.austrianfilms.com BELGIUM Christian De Schutter Flanders Image www.flandersimage.com BELGIUM Eric Franssen Wallonie Bruxelles Images www.wbimages.be BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Elma Tataragić Association of Filmmakers www.bhfilm.ba BULGARIA Irina Kanousheva Bulgarian National Film Center www.nfc.bg

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CROATIA Mario Kozina Croatian Audiovisual Centre www.havc.hr CZECH REPUBLIC Markéta Šantrochová Czech Film Center www.filmcenter.cz DENMARK Christian Juhl Lemche The Danish Film Institute www.dfi.dk ESTONIA Edith Sepp Estonian Film Institute www.filmi.ee FINLAND Jaana Puskala The Finnish Film Foundation www.ses.fi FRANCE Yoann Ubermuhlin uniFrance films www.unifrance.org GEORGIA Tamara Tatishvili Georgian National Film Center www.gnfc.ge


GERMANY Mariette Rissenbeek German Films www.german-films.de GREECE Stavroula Geronimaki Greek Film Centre www.gfc.gr HUNGARY Katalin Vajda Magyar Filmunió/ International Division Hungarian National Film Fund www.filmunio.hu ICELAND Laufey Gudjónsdóttir Icelandic Film Centre www.icelandicfilmcentre.is IRELAND Teresa McGrane Irish Film Board www.irishfilmboard.ie ITALY Annabella Nucara Istituto Luce Cinecittà www.filmitalia.org

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LATVIA Dita Rietuma National Film Centre Latvia www.nfc.lv LITHUANIA Liana Ruokyté-Jonsson Lithuanian Film Centre www.lkc.lt LUXEMBOURG Françoise Lentz Film Fund Luxembourg www.filmfund.lu FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA Darko Basheski Macedonian Film Agency www.filmfund.gov.mk MONTENEGRO Ilija Subotić Ministry of Culture www.mku.gov.me THE NETHERLANDS Marten Rabarts EYE International international.eyefilm.nl

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NORWAY Stine Oppegaard Norwegian Film Institute www.nfi.no/english/ norwegianfilms POLAND Izabela Kiszka-Hoflik Polish Film Institute (PISF) www.pisf.pl PORTUGAL Vítor Pinheiro Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, I. P./ ICA www.ica-ip.pt REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO Arben Zharku Kosova Cinematography Center www.qkk-rks.com

SLOVAK REPUBLIC Alexandra Strelková Slovak Film Institute www.sfu.sk SLOVENIA Nerina T. Kocjančič Slovenian Film Centre www.film-sklad.si SPAIN Rafael Cabrera Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales/ICA A www.mcu.es/cine/index SWEDEN Pia Lundberg Swedish Film Institute www.sfi.se

ROMANIA Cristian Hordilă Romanian Film Promotion www.romfilmpromotion.ro

SWITZERLAND Catherine Ann Berger Swiss Films www.swissfilms.ch

SERBIA Miroljub Vučković Film Center Serbia www.fcs.rs

UNITED KINGDOM Briony Hansony British Council www.britfilms.com

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PARTNERS With the supported of the Creative Europe – Media Programme

EFP is supported by

The AFM Umbrella Office is supported by

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European Film Promotion e.V. , Friedensallee 14-16 22765 Hamburg / Germany, phone +49 40 3906252 info@efp-online.com, www.efp-online.com

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European Umbrella Office @ AFM 2015  

European Umbrella Office @ AFM 2015  


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