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May 2019

The Official Digital Newsletter for Edenvale Photographic Club 2018 -CERPS -Winners

Proud Member of the Photographic Society of South Africa



Chairman’s Chat



Winning Images 8 May 2019



Winning Image 22 May 2019

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Past Masters of Photography Man Ray

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Submission Procedure for Club evening entries Member Focus Frank Haymann

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ITEMS FOR SALE Special Subject Calendar

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Tutorial Make Rain in Photoshop

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Edenvale Club Outing Portrait workshop

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Salon Results

MEETING TIME AND PLACE 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month 18h30 for 19h00

EDENVALE COMMUNITY CENTRE Cor. Van Riebeeck & 2nd Street Edenvale

Committee Members Chairman: David Wolstencroft 083 229 8066

Vice Chairperson: Scoring & Promotions

Heidi Broschk 079 886 8515

Treasurer: Ted Kinsman

083 461 2350

Marketing: Natasha Bird 082 920 8898

Salons, Judges and Outings: John Coumbias

079 1732 825

Certificates & Awards Des Alexander

083 226 1452

New Members, Social Media & Website Clare Appleyard 083 234 0247

Newsletter & SocialMedia: Hanli Smit

083 253 1034

Chairman’s Chat Photopreneur. What does that word mean to you? It is a word I only recently came across. I imagine most of us would like to make money (at least some) from our photography. Some maybe more than others. Personally, I would not like my photography to be my lively hood. I enjoy what I do, nothing is an obligation and I am free to shoot whatever I want. Sure, earning a few bucks here and there helps, but it is not a driving force for me. For some, it could be, so what is holding us back. The main factor is fear, which comes in many forms, such as failure, rejection, letting someone down or my personal favourite, not being good enough. I think the last one is common to most of us. Being self-critical is good to a point, but once it prevents you from moving forward, it is a problem. I have had times when I am reluctant to attend a shoot as my thoughts lead me to a place I should not go. What if don’t get this right? What if, what if, what if. Even the fact that failure has never happened does not stop these thoughts from coming to the forefront. Having fears is natural. It makes one feel alive, but one should not let it govern your actions. There are two sides to this. I expect there are photographers out there, charging for services, that are “not good enough”, and then there are photographers who are really good, who see themselves as “not good enough”. If you fall into the latter, then you need to take action. Celebrate every win, no matter how small. Use this to boost your confidence. Every time we use choose safety, we allow the fear to rule. This will not be easy, but do not let hard work deter you. Anything worthwhile will not come easy. You can apply this to any aspect of your life. Survive, live, grow, improve, be a better version of yourself. Do what you fear!!! Inspired by an article by David Bickley


Some useful information for beginners and New Members




COM = 4points GOLD = 3 points Silver = 2 points Bronze = 1 point


Winning image earns one extra point



2 Star Winners

NATURE Bateleur taking off Guto

PICTORIAL Short Circuit Tony Wilson

8 May 2019

3 Star Winners

8 May 2019

NATURE Open Wide DaveB


4 Star Winners

NATURE Reed cormorant Valerie sampson

PICTORIAL Iconic Cape Town Clare Appleyard

8 May 2019


and 6 Star Winners

8 May 2019

NATURE Ibis Itch Dave Gordon

PICTORIAL Marylin Dreams Heidi Broschk

Digital Prolab

Large Format Printing Print on Canvas Passport, ID, Visa, Drivers Photo Scan and Restore Old Photos your t e G

ages m i ful i t u a be vas n a c art onto

For Personal attention and proffesional service phone - Rob Ponte 011 455 1243 email:

The Photo & Digital Prolab 14 Grobler rylaan (off Riley Road) Bedfordview

WHY JOIN A CAMERA CLUB... Are you looking for like-minded people who are interested in photography *SHARING IDEAS *SHARING SKILLS *SHARING PROBLEMS *SHARING FRIENDSHIP

Even when we compete against one another we are sharing,testing ourselves against the work of others to see just how good we can be.

Most importantly it is about becoming more satisfied with our photographic work

1 Star Winners

22 May 2019

Nature Lonely Fisherman Andrew Mayes

Pictorial To The Point Andrew Mayes

2 Star Winners

22 May 2019

NATURE Yummy Tony Wilson

PICTORIAL Airbourne Brian Kleinwort

3 Star Winners

NATURE Malva bud Christa Smith

PICTORIAL Not all that is gold glitters Kenneth Kubheka

22 May 2019

4 Star Winners

22 may 2019

NATURE Drying off Valerie Sampson

PICTORIAL Sheeba golden queen Valerie Sampson

5 and 6 Star Winners

NATURE Ellis having fun John Coumbias

PICTORIAL Eastern Allure Jorge Borralho

22 May 2019

Past Masters of Photography

Man Ray

Man Ray

American Photographer, Sculptor, Painter, and Filmmaker Movements and Styles: Cubism, Dada, Surrealism, Dada and Surrealist Photography, Surrealist Sculpture “Nature does not create works of art. It is we, and the faculty of interpretation peculiar to the human mind, that see art.”

SUMMARY OF MAN RAY Man Ray’s career is distinctive above all for the success he achieved in both the United States and Europe. First maturing in the center of American modernism in the 1910s, he made Paris his home in the 1920s and 1930s, and in the 1940s he crossed the Atlantic once again, spending periods in New York and Hollywood. His art spanned painting, sculpture, film, prints and poetry, and in his long career he worked in styles influenced by Cubism, Futurism, Dadaand Surrealism. He also successfully navigated the worlds of commercial and fine art, and came to be a sought-after fashion photographer. He is perhaps most remembered for his photographs of the inter-war years, in particular the camera-less pictures he called ‘Rayographs’, but he always regarded himself first and foremost as a painter.

Although he matured as an abstract painter, Man Ray eventually disregarded the traditional superiority painting held over photography and happily moved between different forms. Dada and Surrealism were important in encouraging this attitude; they also persuaded him that the idea motivating a work of art was more important than the work of art itself. For Man Ray, photography often operated in the gap between art and life. It was a means of documenting sculptures that never had an independent life outside the photograph, and it was a means of capturing the activities of his avant-garde friends. His work as a commercial photographer encouraged him to create fine, carefully composed prints, but he would never aspire to be a fine art photographer in the manner of his early inspiration, Alfred Stieglitz.

Extracted from Keeping his upbringing and past a mystery, Man Ray thought of himself as a modern day “Thoreau breaking free of all ties and duties to society,” an approach he expanded into the avant-garde art world, presenting himself as an “enigma,” with an eye toward creating provocative art.

Some more Iconic Images from the lens of The 2 images below shows how Man Ray influenced modern fashion photography -

Man Ray

Specifications for Submission of High Definition “E” Photography

RECOMMENDED PROCEDURE Maximum Pixel Size = 1080 x 1920 Maximum Data File Size = 2000 Kilobytes (2mb) Jpeg We use 2 Categories at Edenvale for our club submissions 1) NATURE...”na” 2) PICTORIAL....”pi” The image must be named as follows Star Rating_Category_Image Name_Persons Name EXAMPLE:...2_na_hornbill_joe blog (all lowercase)

1. Select Canvas [Frame] Size under the heading “ Image” in Photoshop if you wish to add the border to the image and make your adjustments. If you do not wish to add a border go to step 2 2. Select image size under the heading “Image” in Photoshop – Tick the following boxes : Scale Styles, Constrain Proportions and Resample image. 3. The maximum size of the image must not exceed 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high 4. When resizing a horizontal image ( Landscape ) enter 1920 pixels in the Width box and the vertical size will be adjusted automatically if you have ticked the “ Resample Image” box . If the vertical size is 1080 pixels or less, the resizing is correct. If the vertical adjusts to a value more than 1080 pixels ( say 1096 pixels ) then adjust the vertical size to 1080 pixels and the horizontal size will automatically reduce below 1920 pixels if you have ticked the “ Resample Image” box. 5. When resizing a vertical image (Portrait) enter 1080 pixels in the Height Box. The value in the Width Box will change automatically to match the original image if you have ticked the “ Resample Image “ box 6. The maximum image data file size is 2000 (2MB) Kilobytes in the JPEG format . Note that if a border is added to the image, this must be added before resizing and reducing the file size to a maximum of 2000 Kilobytes to ensure that the image remains within the specified 2000Kb (2MB). 7. It is recommended that the image be displayed in the sRGB Colour Profile. This can be selected in the camera or changed in Photoshop under Edit/ Convert to Profile.



Born in Johannesburg and educated at Emmarentia Primary, Roosevelt High and Wits University, I qualified as a Chemical Engineer and spent the first 2 years of my career in the UK. Married to Carol for almost 50 years, we now spend most of the year retired in Israel. From our 3 children we are blessed with 21 grandchildren. I started camera club photography in the 1970’s with slides at Jabula Camera Club. I reached 3 star but was completely frustrated by the tedious and limited process of mounting and masking slides. Digital photography was my invitation to get re-involved with this amazing hobby and I enjoy all aspects. I believe the greatest challenge is to photograph an interesting subject at the right distance with perfect lighting. I believe it’s not so much the equipment, but the opportunity and one’s skill, both in the camera and the computer, that makes a great pic. Whenever I am in Johannesburg I come to club meetings, but submit 3 images for almost every meeting from Israel. The equipment I use is relatively simple. For wildlife including birds a Canon 7Dmkii with a Sigma 150600mm Contemporary Lens and for general photography and carry around a Canon 600D with Sigma 18-250mm lens.

Frank Haymann

Cover Story by Frank Haymann The picture was taken by Frank Haymann at Fourways one Sunday morning. “I noticed this active fishing cormorant some distance away. Everything happened in split seconds. He dived and came up with a fish, which was swallowed in less than a second. I used a Canon 7D mkii with 400mm f4 lens set on Manual at 10 frames/sec (only 4 of frames were with the fish) , 1/3000 (handheld because he moves around), f4 (minmum depth of field) with auto ISO centre point focusing and exposure.�

Special Subject Calendar Note to NEW MEMBERS: Please ask any committee member for help regarding the method of entering for a special subject You may enter 3 images for the special subject PLUS Your normal 3 club evening images All members will compete at 3* level for the Special Subject Definitions from

26 June

Macro Macro photography, is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects and living organisms like insects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size. By some definitions, a macro photograph is one in which the size of the subject on the image sensor is life size or greater.

28 August

Human portraiture Portrait photography or portraiture is photography of a person or group of people that captures the personality of a subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.

25 September

Street Photography / Photojournalism

Canon EOS 50D DSLR

Canon EOS 50D DSLR R 4500Kit Lens : EF 18-55mm, f3.5-5.6 Kit Lens : EF 18-55mm, f3.5-5.6 with Image Stabiliser with Image Stabiliser Sensor Resolution : 15.1 Megapixel Sensor Resolution : 15.1 Megapixel Optical Sensor Size : APS-C (14.9 x 22.3 mm) 
Optical SensorField Size : APS-C (14.9 x 22.3 mm) of View Crop Factor : 1.6 Field of View Crop Factor : 1.6
 Max Shutter Speed : 1/8000 Sec Max Shutter Speed : 1/8000 Sec
 Sensor Dust Reduction : Yes Sensor Dust Reduction : Yes
 Sensor Features : Sensor Features :
 EOS Integrated Cleaning System EOS Integrated Cleaning System Image Processor DIGIC 4 System 
Image Processor DIGIC 4 System Image Recording Format : 
Image Recording Format :
 Interfaces Provided : Interfaces Provided :
 HDMI, USB 2.0, composite video/audio HDMI, USB 2.0, composite video/audio Contact : Ted Kinsman 083 461 2350 Contact : Ted Kinsman 083 461 2350 2 x Extra Batteries 
2 x Extra Batteries
 Price R4,500.00 - Good Working Condition Price R4,500.00 - Good Working Condition


FOR SALE - R70 000 Canon 5d Mark III

Battery Grip BG- E11 4 Canon Batteries Battery charger LC - E6E 24mm - 70mm lens EF f/2.8 L USM 70mm - 200 mm lens f/2.8 L is ii USM 100mm f/2.8 USM 16mm- 35mm lens f/2.8 L II USM 50mm f/1.8 II 1.4 x II converter Tethering cable 2 x SB600 flashes TC -80N3 Timer Remote Controller 2 x polarizing Filters 2x UV Filters Wheely Bag Lowerpro All original lens hoods,soft bags and caps. Camera and Lenses always serviced by Cameratek. This price is as per Cameratek. Owner converting to a lighter camera

Paula 082 720 0585 Please call directly

Let‘s make rain in Photoshop

Step 1: Open you chosen image and then add a blank layer above it (image 1) Step 2: Fill the new layer with black Step 3: Apply The Add Noise Filter( image 2) Step 4: Scale the rain layer to 400% (image 3) Step 5: Change the blend mode to Screen (image 4)

Imgage 1

Step 6: Convert the Rain layer into a smart object (image 5) Step 7: Apply motion blur Filter to the Rain layer( image 6)

Image 2

Image 3 Noise added and enlarged 400%

Image 5 Image 6



Portrait Workshop

Thanks to the hospitality of Cecil and his wife we had a super portrait shoot at his lovely home. I am sure I speak for all the members when I say a special thank you to Natasha and Clare for organising a very successful and informative workshop with a varied selection of models. I am sure we will see some great results in the weeks to came. These behind the scene images were supplied by Natasha from her cell phone on the day.

Salon Results Hibiscus coast PDI Salon Ted Kinsman

Clare Appleyard

Ruth Anne Smit

x 7 Acceptances x 3 Acceptances x 2 Acceptances

Hanli Smit x 6 Acceptances

Ken Warburton x 1 Acceptance Valerie Sampson x 5 Acceptances

Dave Wolstencroft x 7 Acceptances and 1 x COM

Brand Punt Fotoklub Fotofrafie Salon Clare Appleyard

Dave wolstencroft Johann Harmse

x 4 Acceptances x 3 Acceptances x 4 Acceptances

Ken Warburton x 1 Acceptance Adrian Style x 1 Acceptance

Please send in all your Acceptances for Local and Internatioal Salons to Heidi Brosck to be added to your log and to get it published here.

John Coumbias Dear John,


The opening of the photo exhibition took place on 07 June and the guests were very impressed by the beauty and the quality of the images on show. The photos were printed on semi-gloss paper, size 30 x 45 cm and framed. Your chosen photo is “The Guitarist� We wish to place on record that your submission contributed towards making this happening a real success. Please receive our heartfelt thanks for participating in our anniversary exhibition. Attached is your certificate, a small token of our appreciation for your support. Some people would like to buy prints. Would you agree to selling yours ? What price would you ask for it (the photos are to be sold without the frames) ? Thanks for getting back regarding this possibility. Best regards Steeve DUBOIS President Cercle des Artistes Photographes Mauritius

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Edenvale Newsletter  

Digital Newsletter for Edenvale Photographic Club

Edenvale Newsletter  

Digital Newsletter for Edenvale Photographic Club

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