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March 2019

The Official Digital Newsletter for Edenvale Photographic Club 2018 -CERPS -Winners

Proud Member of the Photographic Society of South Africa



Chairman’s Chat



Winning Images 13 March 2019



Winning Images 27 March 2019

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Past Masters of Photograph Alfred Eisenstaedt

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Submission Procedure for Club evening entries Member Focus Moira van Heerden

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ITEMS FOR SALE Special Subject Calendar

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Edenvale Workshop Feedback

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John Coumbias International Distinction

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Salon Results

MEETING TIME AND PLACE 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month 18h30 for 19h00

EDENVALE COMMUNITY CENTRE Cor. Van Riebeeck & 2nd Street Edenvale

Committee Members Chairman: David Wolstencroft 083 229 8066

Vice Chairperson: Scoring & Promotions

Heidi Broschk 079 886 8515

Treasurer: Ted Kinsman

083 461 2350

Marketing: Natasha Bird 082 920 8898

Salons, Judges and Outings: John Coumbias

079 1732 825

Certificates & Awards Des Alexander

083 226 1452

New Members, Social Media & Website Clare Appleyard 083 234 0247

Newsletter & SocialMedia: Hanli Smit

083 253 1034

Chairman’s Chat For me, life is photography and photography is life. It is hard to remember what my life was like before I seriously started this journey. My life revolves around outings, editing, club work and sharing my experiences with others. Sleeping and eating are almost a distraction. It may seem that I need a life, but I am happy with the one I have. When I think back on those first images, I realise that those were snapshots; captures of what I saw without thought of composition, light, exposure or content. I suppose that is how one grows, from not knowing, to knowing more and more. I doubt one can ever know all there is to every aspect of photography, the journey being a journey and not a destination. For me there are two side to photography, which are images and art. There is probably a grey area where the two meet, but yet it remains easy to identify an image from art on the wider side of the scale. I suppose we all strive, even subconsciously, towards art. No one wants to take mundane, uninspiring images. In the words of Vincent Versace ”Stop taking photographs, let photographs take you”. Do not record what you see. Make what you see art. Probably easier said than done, but with that constantly in the back of your mind, you will start to see things in a different way; things you would have missed, things that others will miss, things that will move you forward in this awesome field of photography. Art is not technology driven. Technology has very little impact on what the viewer sees. Yes, you can use it to your advantage to create what you want the viewer to see, but you are the artist. Remember that, let it drive you. Inspire yourself to look beyond the ordinary. Become a better photographer. I urge you to watch the video in the link below. It is 1h14m, but well worth it. It covers what I have said here as well as a lot of interesting technical points which are well worth knowing



1 Star Winners

13 March 2019


POINT VALUES COM = 4points GOLD = 3 points Silver = 2 points Bronze = 1 point Winner plus 1 point

PICTORIAL Pink Splash Atholene Liebenberg

2 Star Winners

NATURE Brown Hyena Brian Kleinwort

PICTORIAL Strelitzia Johanda Oberholzer

13 March 2019

3 Star Winners

13 March 2019

NATURE The odd one out Michael Broschk

PICTORIAL Light As A Feather Kenneth Kubheka

4 Star Winners

NATURE Just Chillin Gary Atkins

PICTORIAL Robin Natasha Bird

13 March 2019


and 6 Star Winners

13 March 2019

NATURE Emergence David Wolstencroft

PICTORIAL Red Antonette Bezuidenhout

Key West Centre, Shop 8 14 Grobler Ave, Bedfordview Tel: 011 455- 1243 email: Facebook:

WHY JOIN A CAMERA CLUB... Are you looking for like-minded people who are interested in photography *SHARING IDEAS *SHARING SKILLS *SHARING PROBLEMS *SHARING FRIENDSHIP

Even when we compete against one another we are sharing,testing ourselves against the work of others to see just how good we can be.

Most importantly it is about becoming more satisfied with our photographic work

1 Star Winners

27 March 2019

Nature Lone Impala Lily Kaylin Fletcher

Pictorial Waterbuck Portrait Atholene Liebenberg

2 Star Winners

27 March 2019

NATURE Round One Brian Kleinwort

PICTORIAL Nelson Mandela bridge Caryn Wilson

3 Star Winners

NATURE Water Buck Portrait Bianca Holburn

PICTORIAL Rest in peace Kenneth Kubheka

27 March 2019

4 Star Winners

27 March 2019 NATURE Tarantula on Leaf Natasha Bird

PICTORIAL Nina on Point Natasha Bird

5 and 6 Star Winners

NATURE At the beach Johann Harmse

PICTORIAL The art in work Heidi Broschk

27 March 2019

Past Masters of Photography

Alfred Eisenstaedt

Extracted from wikipedia Alfred Eisenstaedt (December 6, 1898 – August 23, 1995) was a German-born American photographer and photojournalist. He began his career in Germany prior to World War II but achieved prominence as a staff photographer for Life Magazine after moving to the U.S. Life featured more than 90 of his pictures on its covers, and more than 2,500 of his photo stories were published.[1] Among his most famous cover photographs was V-J Day in Times Square, taken during the V-J Day celebration in New York City, showing American sailor George Mendonsa kissing nurse Greta Zimmer Friedman in a “dancelike dip” which “summed up the euphoria many Americans felt as the war came to a close”, in the words of his obituary.[2] He was “renowned for his ability to capture memorable images of important people in the news” and for his candid photographs taken with a small 35mm Leica camera, typically with natural lighting

Early life Eisenstaedt was born in Dirschau (Tczew) in West Prussia, Imperial Germany in 1898.[3] His family was Jewish and moved to Berlin in 1906. Eisenstaedt was fascinated by photography from his youth and began taking pictures at age 14 when he was given his first camera, an Eastman Kodak Folding Camera with roll film. He later served in the German Army’s artillery during World War I and was wounded in 1918. While working as a belt and button salesmanin the 1920s in Weimar Germany, Eisenstaedt began taking photographs as a freelancer for the Pacific and Atlantic Photos’ Berlin office in 1928. The office was taken over by the Associated Press in 1931.

Professional photographer Eisenstaedt became a full-time photographer in 1929 when he was hired by the Associated Press office in Germany, and within a year he was described as a “photographer extraordinaire.”[4] He also worked for Illustrierte Zeitung, published by Ullstein Verlag, then the world’s largest publishing house.[4] Four years later he photographed the famous first meeting between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in Italy. Other notable early pictures by Eisenstaedt include his depiction of a waiter at the ice rink of the Grand Hotel in St. Moritz in 1932 and Joseph Goebbels at the League of Nations in Geneva in 1933. Although initially friendly, Goebbels scowled at Eisenstaedt when he took the photograph.[5]

In 1935, Fascist Italy’s impending invasion of Ethiopia led to a burst of international interest in Ethiopia. While working for Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung, Alfred took over 3,500 photographs in Ethiopia, before emigrating to the United States, where he joined Life magazine, but returned in the following year to Ethiopia to continue his photography. [6] Eisenstaedt’s family was Jewish. Oppression in Hitler’s Nazi Germany caused them to emigrate to the U.S.[7] They arrived in 1935 and settled in New York, where he subsequently became a naturalized citizen,[8] and joined fellow Associated Press émigrés Leon Daniel and Celia Kutschuk in their PIX Publishingphoto agency founded that year. The following year, 1936, Time founder Henry Luce bought Life magazine, and Eisenstaedt, already noted for his photography in Europe,[4] was asked to join the new magazine as one of its original staff of four photographers, including Margaret Bourke-White and Robert Capa.[7

Some more Iconic Images from the lens of Alfred Eisenstaedt Style and technique[edit] From his early years as professional photographer he became an enthusiast for small 35 mm film cameras, especially the Leica camera. Unlike most news photographers at the time who relied on much larger and less portable 4”×5” press cameras with flash attachments, Eisenstaedt preferred the smaller hand-held Leica, which gave him greater speed and more flexibility when shooting news events or capturing candids of people in action.[8] His photos were also notable as a result of his typical use of natural light as opposed to relying of flash lighting.[8] In 1944, Life described him as the “dean of today’s miniature-camera experts.”[4] At the time, this style of photojournalism, with a smaller camera with its ability to use available light, was then in its infancy.[9] It also helped Eisenstaedt create a more relaxed atmosphere when shooting famous people where he was able to capture more natural poses and expressions: “They don’t take me too seriously with my little camera,” he stated. “I don’t come as a photographer. I come as a friend.”[9] It was a style he learned from his 35 years in Europe, where he preferred shooting informal, unposed portraits, along with extended picture stories. As a result, Life began using more such photo stories, with the magazine becoming a recognized source of such photojournalism of the world’s luminaries.[9] Of Life’s photographers, Eisenstaedt was most noted for his “human interest” photos and less the hard news images used by most news publications.[9] MORE IMAGES ON THE NEXT 2 PAGES

Specifications for Submission of High Definition “E” Photography

RECOMMENDED PROCEDURE Maximum Pixel Size = 1080 x 1920 Maximum Data File Size = 2000 Kilobytes (2mb) Jpeg We use 2 Categories at Edenvale for our club submissions 1) NATURE...”na” 2) PICTORIAL....”pi” The image must be named as follows Star Rating_Category_Image Name_Persons Name EXAMPLE:...2_na_hornbill_joe blog (all lowercase)

1. Select Canvas [Frame] Size under the heading “ Image” in Photoshop if you wish to add the border to the image and make your adjustments. If you do not wish to add a border go to step 2 2. Select image size under the heading “Image” in Photoshop – Tick the following boxes : Scale Styles, Constrain Proportions and Resample image. 3. The maximum size of the image must not exceed 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high 4. When resizing a horizontal image ( Landscape ) enter 1920 pixels in the Width box and the vertical size will be adjusted automatically if you have ticked the “ Resample Image” box . If the vertical size is 1080 pixels or less, the resizing is correct. If the vertical adjusts to a value more than 1080 pixels ( say 1096 pixels ) then adjust the vertical size to 1080 pixels and the horizontal size will automatically reduce below 1920 pixels if you have ticked the “ Resample Image” box. 5. When resizing a vertical image (Portrait) enter 1080 pixels in the Height Box. The value in the Width Box will change automatically to match the original image if you have ticked the “ Resample Image “ box 6. The maximum image data file size is 2000 (2MB) Kilobytes in the JPEG format . Note that if a border is added to the image, this must be added before resizing and reducing the file size to a maximum of 2000 Kilobytes to ensure that the image remains within the specified 2000Kb (2MB). 7. It is recommended that the image be displayed in the sRGB Colour Profile. This can be selected in the camera or changed in Photoshop under Edit/ Convert to Profile.



Thank you for the invite to do a member profile. I feel quite honoured. I think my interest and fascination with taking pictures started when we were growing up, my dad did slides, which I always enjoyed when they were developed. I remember my uncle setting the timer on a camera and making a dash to include himself in a family picture, once when we were on the beach together. My interest in Digital photography was stimulated by my good friend and neighbour Lofty Behr, who was a member of Edenvale photographic club well into his eighties. He always encouraged me and invited me to the club and helped me prepare photos in photoshop. He helped me buy my first DSLR camera, a Pentax which I still have. I then progressed onto a Sony digital camera and now have a Nikon D5300. The first person I met from the club was Dave Gordon when he acted as a guide in Modderfontein reserve. He also extended an invite to join the club. I wish to thank everyone in the club for their encouragement and all the outings and workshops I have attended. Both John and Colin Hall have been an inspiration, always taking me under their wing. You have all become good friends and it has been great getting to know everyone. After doing a short basic course with the Vega photographic school, on getting to know your camera I joined the club. That was back in 2012. I love capturing images and having memories of my holiday trips. I enjoy street photography, township life and shooting people from all walks of life. If I see someone doing something interesting and have a camera at hand and they allow me to take their picture I will. I haven’t done much studio work, but realise one only has to ask and there is always help available.




I enjoy Macro nature and sports photography. I have one confession to make, I have never entered a Salon. I always maintain that my photos are “not good enough”. Maybe that will change over the next year. I love the club and meeting different people and all the talks and outings

Cover Story by Dave Wolstencroft This was taken at Pilanesberg, at the Malatse Dam Hide. As I arrived in the hide, about 10am, a large herd of elephants were heading towards the water. It gave me enough time to set up and get some shots while they approached the water, I only expected them to come down to drink, but just about the entire herd entered the water, right in front of the hide for a morning swim. Even the very young were swimming. I was trying to capture the interaction in the water when I noticed that this elephant kept disappearing below the surface. This was one the “surfacing� shots. I will admit, I was lucky.

Special Subject Calendar Note to NEW MEMBERS Please ask any committee member for help regarding the method of entering for a special subject We may enter 3 images for the special subject PLUS Your normal 3 club evening images All members will compete at 3* level for the Special Subject Definitions from https://encyclopedia.thefreed-

24 April Still Life / Table top

Still life photography is a genre of photography used for the depiction of inanimate subject matter, typically a small group of objects. It is the application of photography to the still life artistic style. An example is food photography. This genre gives the photographer more leeway in the arrangement of design elements within a composition compared to other photographic genres, such as landscape or portrait photography. Lighting and framing are important aspects of still life photography composition.

26 June Macro

Macro photography, is extreme closeup photography, usually of very small subjects and living organisms like insects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size By some definitions, a macro photograph is one in which the size of the subject on the image sensor is life size or greater.

28 August Human portraiture

Portrait photography or portraiture is photography of a person or group of people that captures the personality of a subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.

25 September Street Photography / Photojournalism

https://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary. com/Photography


Previously loved equipment

Canon 600D camera with 18-55 mm lens and Camera Bag - R4650 Sigma 70 – 300 mm lens (not used) and bag – R900 Sigma 50 – 500 mm lens (not used) with Lens Hood and Bag – R10000 Sigma Lens Hood Extender – R150 Anyone interested can contact Ricky at or 084 652 7367.


FOR SALE R70 000 Canon 5d Mark III

Battery Grip BG- E11 4 Canon Batteries Battery charger LC - E6E 24mm - 70mm lens EF f/2.8 L USM 70mm - 200 mm lens f/2.8 L is ii USM 100mm f/2.8 USM 16mm- 35mm lens f/2.8 L II USM 50mm f/1.8 II 1.4 x II converter Tethering cable 2 x SB600 flashes TC -80N3 Timer Remote Controller 2 x polarizing Filters 2x UV Filters Wheely Bag Lowerpro All original lens hoods,soft bags and caps. Camera and Lenses always serviced by Cameratek. This price is as per Cameratek. Owner converting to a lighter camera

Paula 082 720 0585 Please call directly

Table Top Workshop

Compiled by: Clare Appleyard Images by: Jorge Borralho The year started with a bang at Edenvale Photoclub as we launched the first of our quarterly workshops for 2019. We will be placing a strong emphasis on skills development this year, and our Tabletop workshops set the tone for the rest of year. Maryna Cotton and Sarel van Staden from Photowise. joined us as our guest speakers and experts for the evening. Maryna gave a brief presentation on “Dark and Moody Food Photography”, sharing how she sets up shots with natural light and cheap, but effective reflectors (silver cake boards) and flags (black card) to block off excess light. Our 20 enthusiastic attendees couldn’t wait to start putting theory into practice at each of our four tabletop set-ups. Attendees were divided into groups of 4-5 and had 30 minutes to shoot at each table. With a food table, a “Potions” table, a flower table and a high-key/lowkey table, club members had ample opportunity to shoot multiple subjects with multiple light arrangements. At the food table, Maryna showed us how to use cake board reflectors to bounce light from a constant light source. Sarel and our chairman Dave worked together to create some really creative photographic opportunities using glass vessels, food colouring and dry ice at the Potions table. If this doesn’t inspire members to experiment with some mad science, nothing will. Flower photography maestro Heidi guided members through the basics of this genre, with a glorious collection of fresh flowers including sunflowers and starburst lilies. Combined with interesting vases, jugs and lanterns, this table really allowed members to show their creativity with an infinite number of arrangements possible. Finally, an LED lightbox allowed members to experiment with high-key photography, under the guidance of Maryna and John Coumbias. Maryna gave hints on how to take stock photos comprising plenty of negative space, perfect for use in media with space for text. John generously shared his extensive photographic knowledge at all tables, guiding members through composition and lighting basics. Although the main purpose of the workshop was to help educate members and inspire them to experiment at home, we have no doubt there were some fantastic images captured on the night, and we look forward to seeing these in due course. Our Set Subject for the 24th April club night is “Still Life/Tabletop” and we trust that our workshop will lead to an outstanding set of submissions for the topic, making it hard for the judge to choose a winner! Many thanks to all who contributed to making this workshop a success, and thank you to our members for their enthusiastic support on the night. Special thanks to Maryna and Sarel for taking time out of their busy schedules to assist us.

Images By: Jorge Borralho

Compiled by: Heidi Broschk

Our 5* Honours Platinum member, John Coumbias, has done it again! He has received the highest GPU distinction possible, the GPU ZEUS title. So, let’s explain what this means, and how one can also prepare to achieve this distinction: the GPU, or the Global Photographic Union, was formed for photographers who wish to take part in a truly international organisation where photographic art allows and encourages cultural exchange. As per their homepage, in an abridged version for this article, the GPU is a truly international photographic organisation – managed by photographers for photographers. The management board is currently represented by 8 internationally renowned photographers from 7 countries, with members of the GPU belonging to 4 continents. Every section of photography is encouraged by the GPU and equally valued. As an international photographic body, it is not possible for the whole GPU membership to meet recurrently but regular meetings, workshops, photo festivals, exchange trips and opportunities, and national/ regional exhibitions are shared on a planned basis which ensures that members’ images are displayed in many different counties. The GPU also offers reduced entry fees for GPU members of GPU supported salons.

John Counbias

Our 5 Star Honours Platinum member, John Coumbias, has done it again! In order to achieve any distinction of the GPU, one has to become a paid member for a minimum of one year, and thereafter one may apply for one of the titles, which are the GPU APHRODITE, HERMES and ZEUS, respectively. To apply for these distinctions, a member has to choose 5 categories that they are photographically good at, and then present panels using these categories. The categories are: 1. Monochrome 2. Portrait 3. Nature 4. Landscape 5. Creative 6. Snapshots / Street photography 7. Travel 8. Nude / Staged photography 9. Sports / Journalism 10. Architecture

As a member, you have two chances annually to apply for your panel. A panel of five international judges judge the panel, and to obtain the Aphrodite and Hermes Title, a favourable vote of three judges of the five are requested, while the Zeus Title requires four favourable votes of the five judges. The requirements for each title is:

The requirements for each title is: • Aphrodite: 2 photos from 5 different categories (out of 10 categories) • Hermes: 5 photos from 5 different categories (out of 10 categories) • Zeus: 10 photos from 5 different categories (out of 10 categories)

John Counbias

Salon Results Ermelo Salon 16 / 02/ 2019 Johann Harmse x 2 Acceptances Hans van der Walt x 3 Acceptances Lourens Durand x 3 Acceptances Ken Warburton x 1 Acceptance Hanli Smit x 8 Acceptances Cecil Mayhew x 2 Acceptances Valerie Sampson x 1 Acceptances

3rd Alberton Salon 02/03/ 2019 Ted Kinsman x 7 Acceptances Cecil Mayhew x 7 Acceptances Hanli Smit x 6 Acceptances Ruth Anne Smit x 1 Acceptance Hans van der Walt x 4 Acceptances Natasha Bird x 8 Acceptances Antonette Bezuidenhout x2 Acceptances Christa Smit x 1 Acceptance Valerie Sampson x 4 Acceptances Clare Appleyard x 2 Acceptances Dave Wolstencroft x 1 Acceptance Ken Warburton x 2 Acceptances Paul John Lees x 3 Acceptances Trevor Tyler x 3 Acceptances Adrian Style x 1 Acceptance

Port Elisabeth Salon 09/03/2019 Johann Harmse x 1 Acceptance Lorens Durand x 4 Acceptance Valerie Sampson x 5 Acceptances Ruth Ann Smit x 2 Acceptances Hanli Smit x 5 Acceptances

Profile for Hanli Smit

Edenvale Newsletter  

The Digital Newsletter for the Edenvale Photographic Club

Edenvale Newsletter  

The Digital Newsletter for the Edenvale Photographic Club

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