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On Local Group Sues San Antonio for Removing Confederate Statue// Simple solution. Give the statue back to them. Charge them for the removal and storage and bill them for renting City property for 90 years. — Christopher Green On Puro San Antonio: Chicken on a Stick is Now at Chisme All Year Round// If it doesn't have beer spilled on it or confetti stuck to it and I don't have to try it eat it with one hand while walking it doesn't count. — Giana S Gomez On SAPD's Special Victims Unit Has Failed to 'Properly Investigate' 130 Cases// At some point, the Manager must step up and question the leadership here. Murder rate is up, crimes against property are up, police shootings are up, police suicides, now this....they do a lot of speak, but little results...a review is needed...from hiring to staffing and everything in between... — Christopher Gilfillan On San Antonio Quietly Unveiled Another $95,000 Toilet// San Antonio rather have 100k toilets than Amazon taking San Antonio into the future — Luis Rangel On Los Nortenos Pollos Asados is Closed for "Remodeling"— But Really for Smoke Problems// The state attorney and judge need to go eat here then they'd understand why we need our fix...esp the green sauce! — Venessa Agado


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A House Without Straus Texas House Speaker Joe Straus won’t seek re-election

With the release of Sunny Ozuna's Mr. Brown Eyed Soul this September, we take a look at how the San Antonio-born singer-songwriter turned into a major player in the Chicano Soul sound of the '60s and '70s.. Illustration and art direction by Carlos Aguilar 6

CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •

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Bringing the Outdoors Inside Artists Buster Graybill and Chris Engman create imaginative works linked by a sense of adventure

Crime and Punishment SAPD’s Special Victims Unit has failed to ‘properly investigate’ 130 cases





So Fresh, So Clean Alternative ways to eat local, organic and flavorful fare Food Court Another for Bakery Lorraine, a poké food truck rolls into town and more




Helpless Hostage 10-year-old girl recovering from surgery is being held in San Antonio by immigration authorities

Hammer Time Thor: Ragnarok is the most fun Marvel movie yet





Mr. Brown Eyed Soul The legacy of Sunny & The Sunliners and their contribution to American music Music Calendar What to see and hear this week



Back for More Francis Bogside is close to reopening after 2016 fire Tipple Test The Medical Center scores with Oak Hills Tavern


Savage Love Jonesin’ Crossword Freewill Astrology



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≥Five-term Texas House Speaker Joe Straus will not be running for re-election in 2018. “A confident leader knows when it’s time to give it back,” Straus said during a Oct. 25 press conference. “It’s the first time in decades that the speaker has been able to leave this office, you know, on his own terms.” Straus has been a state representative for San Antonio since 2005, and has served as speaker since 2009. With five terms under his belt, he is the longest-serving Republican speaker of the Texas House. In a statement following the announcement, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg called Straus a “voice of reason in the chaotic world of Texas politics” and a “true friend” to San Antonio. “Cities will have to work harder to get an increasingly polarized Legislature to understand the needs of the constituents we all represent,” he said. “It is impossible to overstate the impact of his compassion for all Texans.” The unexpected announcement comes after a particularly antagonistic legislative session that pitted Straus against Senate leader Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. Straus, a moderate Republican, used his leadership in the House to keep Tea Party representatives from elbowing extremely contentious bills through the state legislature. For example, Straus made a point to water down the Senate’s version of the so-called 8

CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •

“bathroom bill” to protect trans kids. He told the New Yorker it was because he didn’t want “the suicide of a single Texan” on his hands. He also kept a bill which would have rolled back state taxpayer dollars from Planned Parenthood from slipping through the House. These actions inspired the Bexar County Republican Party to vote against electing Straus in the 2018 election. But now, they won’t even have the option. Straus said he was especially proud of his recent work in particular. “I feel really good about the last year or so. I’ve been able to speak for myself on issues that I care about,” he said. “The reception I’ve gotten since I’ve been more outspoken has been really strong, really positive — so I want to do more than that, find other ways to serve this state.” His more outspoken (read: moderate) behavior has made Straus a foil for most farright legislators in the Capitol, especially a group of Tea Party Republicans dubbed the “Freedom Caucus.” Caucus members, who have actively pushed to oust Straus, applauded his announcement on Twitter. Rep. Matt Rinaldi (known for announcing he called ICE on protesters in the Capitol and threatening to “put a bullet” in another representative’s head) celebrated with a gif of Will Ferrell pumping his fists into the air. Rep. Jonathan Stickland, one of Straus’ snarkiest critics,

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus won’t seek re-election tweeted: “Victory!!!!!” Other GOP leaders who’ve clashed with Straus were less overt in their delight. “Any man who enters the arena deserves respect,” wrote Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in a statement. “The media often tried to portray our differences as personal when they were actually just a markedly different approach to governance and political ideology.” (This is the same man who called Straus a quitter after the legislature’s special session ended in August. “Thank goodness Travis didn’t have the speaker at the Alamo. He might have been the first one over the wall,” Patrick told reporters at the time.) Governor Greg Abbott kept his message to the speaker brief. “Joe Straus has served with distinction for both the people in his district and for the Texas House of Representatives,” Abbott said in a curt press release. “I thank Speaker Straus for his service and for his commitment to the state of Texas.” Straus still has 14 months left in office. But that won’t necessarily be the end of his career, he hinted at the press event. “I’m not one to close doors,” he said. “I think there is a hunger for a Republican voice out there that stresses issues that maybe haven’t gotten enough attention around the Capitol the last few years.” Straus did not explicitly say he wasn’t going to run for another public office in 2018.

Regardless, Straus’ departure leaves state liberals on edge. Texas Democrats, who haven’t won a statewide office since 1994, have relied on Straus’ moderate ideals to stop the more extreme legislation coming from his party’s far-right corner. The loss of their moderate GOP speaker could allow a far more conservative Republican to climb up the ladder. Two state GOP representatives, Phil King and John Zerwas, have already announced they will be seeking to replace Straus as speaker. Ed Espinoza, director of Progress Texas, said Straus’ departure is a sign of moderate Republicans “giving up” on the far-right, fringe politics of the Texas GOP. “Voters should know that a new Republican speaker will put Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s wildly extreme proposals like bathroom bills and school vouchers back on the table and back in jeopardy of becoming law,” he wrote in a email statement. “We disagree with Joe Straus on much of the agenda he steered in 2017,” Espinoza went on. “But we do agree that, in a sea of increasingly irrational Republicans, he is one of the few grown-ups in the room.” Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa put it even more bluntly: “The Republican Party is dead. Compassionate conservatism is no more and Trumpism has infected every corner of the Grand Ole Party.” • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 9


CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •


A Helpless Hostage

10-year-old girl recovering from surgery is being held in San Antonio by immigration authorities

Lyanne A. Guarecuco

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, 10-year-old Rosa Maria Hernandez was in an ambulance headed from Laredo to Corpus Christi, rushing to have emergency gallbladder surgery. But by Wednesday evening, instead of recovering back home in Laredo with her family, federal immigration agents took Rosa Maria, who has cerebral palsy, to a shelter for undocumented immigrant children in San Antonio, where she is awaiting deportation. On their way to the hospital, Aurora Cantu, Rosa Maria’s cousin, gave Border Patrol agents a letter explaining that Rosa Maria was undocumented and needed to be transported for the surgery. Rosa Maria, who has lived in Laredo, Texas since she was three months old, is not a citizen, but Cantu is. Border Patrol agents followed them to the hospital the rest of the way. According to Leticia Gonzalez, the Hernandez family’s lawyer, the agents were directed to “keep the child in their line of sight.” Cantu told Gonzales that agents followed Rosa Maria everywhere she went in the hospital — to studies, to her surgery, and to her hospital room where she was recovering. They stood outside and wouldn’t let her close the door to the room. Cantu said she wondered if they were breaking the law, and if she and her cousin were

going to be taken into custody or incarcerated. In a Facebook video, Cantu said agents at the checkpoint had told her Rosa Maria would be deported after the surgery, and they asked if Rosa Maria had any family members in Mexico that could pick her up after she crossed the bridge from the U.S. to Mexico. Rosa Maria was transported to the shelter in San Antonio by Border Patrol agents on Oct. 25, where she is currently being held. According to Gonzalez, agents said family could visit Rosa Maria, but would be unable to take her home while she was being processed for deportation. Gonzalez said agents told her they would expedite the process, but they refused to give her a specific time frame for how long Rosa Maria would be at the shelter. Once Rosa Maria’s family realized they would be unable to take her home, they all cried. In a phone conference, Gonzalez said Rosa Maria doesn’t fully grasp the situation. “[Rosa Maria] has cerebral palsy. She really has the mentality of a child who is closer to four or five years old,” Gonzalez explained. “In speaking with the child, you immediately see that there are some developmental delays, and that the child has difficulty understanding what exactly is taking place.”

Rosa Maria’s mother, Felipa de la Cruz, says her daughter doesn’t understand what is going on. Her mother told Rosa Maria she was there to recover, and that once she did, she would be able to come home — although there is no guarantee that will happen. De la Cruz is still in Laredo. She has not been with Rosa Maria since before she left in the ambulance to Corpus Christi, and has only spoken to her on the phone or through video calls. De la Cruz had asked Cantu to go with Rosa Maria to the hospital because she and her husband are also undocumented, and they were fearful of crossing the checkpoint. “I’m more at ease because I’ve been able to see her through a video call, I’ve talked to her, and she tells me she’s okay,” de la Cruz said in Spanish during the phone conference. “But I still feel terrible, because I want her here with me so I could be taking care of her after her surgery.” It’s Rosa Maria’s cerebral palsy that inspired de la Cruz to move to the United States in the first place. “We came in 2007 because [in Mexico] we didn’t have the resources to help [Rosa Maria] get ahead, and my husband said maybe they’d be able to help us over here,” de la Cruz said. “So I brought her when she was three months old.” Rosa Maria’s case has garnered

Crime and Punishment ALEX ZIELINSKI | @ALEX_ZEE

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus has called for an external investigation into SAPD’s Special Victims Unit after an internal audit found more than 130 cases had “not been properly investigated.” SVU specifically handles cases involving human trafficking, domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, and other sex crimes. It’s unknown exactly how officers mishandled these cases. In a Oct. 26 press release, McManus said

that he’s already transferred a lieutenant and two sergeants from the department for “failing to properly supervise the unit,” and that other disciplinary procedures are in “final stages.” All mishandled cases have been taken over by other investigators. “I am appalled and outraged,” wrote City Manager Sheryl Sculley in a press release. “I’m especially upset given the numerous policy changes that Chief McManus and I have implemented over the past decade

national attention — the Workers Defense Project has gathered 9,000 signatures for a petition to release Rosa Maria, and Congressman Joaquin Castro joined the press call to speak out against immigration officials’ decision to detain her. “It’s stunning that federal agents would be waiting outside the hospital room of a ten-year-old girl with cerebral palsy. They’re treating her like a hardened convict who’s been taken to the hospital for treatment,” said Castro. “ICE has the discretion to release Rosa Maria at any time, and they’re choosing not to do so... Instead of using resources to protect communities, ICE is detaining a 10-year-old girl who is very ill.” The case has also highlighted the contrast between the current and previous administrations when prioritizing undocumented individuals for deportation, and how immigration officials have disregarded “sensitive locations.” The Immigrations and Customs Enforcement directive that discourages agents from going into “sensitive locations,” like schools, hospitals and places of worship, remains in place. But similar cases of immigration agents ignoring these directives have surfaced this year — in September, the undocumented parents of a two-month-old boy faced a similar situation, when they were allowed

to cross the checkpoint to Corpus by Border Patrol agents if they agreed to be arrested and placed in deportation proceedings after their son’s surgery, according to NPR. Rosa Maria’s surgeon recommended she be released and sent to family members and people familiar with her medical and psychological needs, according to Gonzalez. Two of Rosa Maria’s family members with legal status — her cousin and her grandfather, who has been a legal permanent resident for 45 years— had offered to sponsor Rosa Maria. But this didn’t stop the immigration agents who took Rosa Maria into custody, Gonzalez said. Agents told the family it’s possible that Rosa Maria could be released to her family — if she was taken to the San Antonio shelter first, according to Gonzalez. So, her family complied, hoping this would help get Rosa Maria home. In a statement from Border Patrol, a spokesperson indicated Rosa Maria would be processed for deportation. “Due to the juvenile’s medical condition, Border Patrol agents escorted her and her cousin to a Corpus Christi hospital where she could receive appropriate medical care. Per the immigration laws of the United States, once medically cleared she will be processed accordingly,” a Border Patrol spokesman said in a statement.

SAPD’s Special Victims Unit has failed to ‘properly investigate’ 130 cases

to improve the investigation of these particularly heinous crimes.” This comes exactly a year after another internal audit discovered that SAPD’s Crisis Response Team had failed to quickly respond to nearly 70 percent of all 2015 cases reviewed in which people called 911 to report domestic violence. Crisis response officers took between two and 10 days to respond to 52 percent of the emergency calls. Sculley said she’s directed City Attorney

Andy Segovia to thoroughly investigate SVU. “It is absolutely imperative that victims ... have the utmost confidence that their case will be investigated immediately and thoroughly and with the highest level of sensitivity and professionalism,” Sculley said. “There is a lot more that I want to say about this, but federal law and provisions in the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the police union prevent me from doing so at this time.” • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 11


Día de los Muertos Celebrations


Evidenced by multiple recent events themed after iconic Mexican illustrator José Guadalupe Posada’s beloved character la Calavera Catrina, many San Antonians couldn’t wait for Día de los Muertos to get dolled up as the grande dame of death. Expect to see plenty more Catrinas roaming around as venues and organizations across the city observe All Saints’ Day (November 1) and All Souls’ Day (November 2) with celebrations honoring the dearly departed with creative and heartfelt altars (ofrendas), performances, processions, readings and traditional hallmarks like pan de muerto, sugar skulls and marigolds. Venturing off-site to its outpost in the heart of the Westside, the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center invites community members to celebrate “dearly departed WED-THU familia, friends and ancestors” with a neighborhood SPECIAL procession, displays of community altars, readings EVENT of literary ofrendas, face painting, items for purchase Mexican icons (writer/photographer Juan Rulfo, from artisans and Cooperativa MujerArtes members, and live ballet choreographer Amalia Hernández and artist José Luis music from El Tallercito de Son, Conjunto Heritage Taller, Cuevas) as well as the victims of Hurricane Harvey and the Las Tesoros de San Antonio, Azul Barrientos, Grupo Tayer recent earthquakes in Mexico, the Mexican Cultural Institute and Los Texmaniacs with Flaco Jimenez (free but donations hosts a reception complete with tamales, pan de muerto and appreciated, 4-10:30pm Wed, Rinconcito de Esperanza, hot chocolate (free, 5-9:30pm Thu, Mexican Cultural Institute, 816 S. Colorado St., (210) 228-0201, 600 Hemisfair Plaza Way, (210) 227-0123, icm2.sre.gob. Joining the festivities for the first time, the Pearl decks out its mx/culturamexsa). Proudly one of the Alamo City’s “biggest campus for a two-day celebration that includes a collaborative and oldest” Día de los Muertos happenings, Centro Cultural community altar (feel free to bring a photo of a lost loved Aztlan’s 40th annual celebration tops off the nonprofit’s one), artist-made altars, a sugar skull workshop, presentations community-driven group show “Altares y Ofrendas” with pan by inaugural San Antonio Poet Laureate Carmen Tafolla de muerto and ponche de frutas, a Catrina-inspired runway and artist Bertha Sandoval (aka La Catrina Mexicana) on presentation featuring fashions from designer Henry de Leon Wednesday; and a formal procession, complimentary paletas and body painting by Oscar Galvan and Beyond the Canvas, and live music by all-female mariachi troupe Las Coronelas an “Avenida de los Artesanos” with handcrafted wares for and bilingual roots rocker Patricia Vonne on Thursday (free, purchase, and a performance by URBAN-15’s skeleton4-8pm Wed, 5-9pm Thu, Pearl, 303 Pearl Pkwy., (210) faced drum and dance troupe Carnaval de los Muertos ($3 212-7260, Following a procession to The Wall suggested donation, 6-9pm Thu, Centro Cultural Aztlan, of Remembrance mural to add the name of a community 1800 Fredericksburg Road, Suite 103, (210) 432-1896, member lost to violence, the Westside nonprofit San Anto Capping things off with a big bang, Planet K Cultural Arts’ annual offering takes shape as a Día de los takes over Woodlawn Lake Park with a fireworks spectacular Muertos “fandango” with music, dancing, face painting, food preceded by a car parade, face painting and a memorial and art workshops (free, 6-9pm Thu, San Anto Cultural Arts, balloon release (free, 5-8:30pm Thu, Woodlawn Lake Park, 2120 El Paso St., (210) 226-7466, Taking a 1103 Cincinnati Ave., reverent approach with individual ofrendas honoring three — Bryan Rindfuss



CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •


Spurs vs. Warriors SPORTS


According to oddsmakers in Vegas, the Warriors entered the NBA season as the highest favorited team to win a championship in any sport, ever. Golden State steamrolled the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals last summer, on the way to their second title in three seasons. With Tony Parker and potentially Kawhi Leonard still on the mend, San Antonio phenom Dejounte Murray and a reinvigorated LaMarcus Aldridge will be tasked with keeping offensive pace with Steph Curry and company. The 21-year-old Murray has been a breath of fresh air at the point and Aldridge is off to a strong start, after his offseason heart-to-heart with head coach Gregg Popovich. Newcomers Rudy Gay and Joffrey Lauvergne will get their first crack at the defending champs in this early season litmus test for the Spurs. $43-$2,632, 7pm, AT&T Center, One AT&T Center Pkwy., (210) 4445000, – M. Solis



Ted Koppel




If you flicked on ABC at any point in the last 50 years, you’d likely find Ted Koppel sitting behind the news desk. Koppel, who joined ABC in mid-’60s, has been around for nearly every major news story since. He was one of the first to interview Lyndon Johnson after the JFK assassination, covered the civil rights marches sparked by Selma’s Bloody Sunday, reported on the Vietnam War from Hong Kong, tackled Watergate, the Iran Hostage Crisis and the nuclear arms race. In 1980, Koppel became the first host of ABC’s Nightline — a role he held until 2005. More recently, he’s also known as the guy who tore Sean Hannity a new one on CBS. This Wednesday, Koppel’s coming to Trinity to speak on the future of journalism in conjunction with the university’s Distinguished Lecture Series. And as someone who’s seen a fair amount of journalism’s past, Koppel’s probably the most experienced source up to the task. Here’s the pitch: “Koppel provides insights into the evolution — and in some cases regression — of how we get our news. With humorous rapport and personal anecdotes, Koppel takes audiences into the future, helping them to better understand how the news affects every aspect of our lives.” Free, 7:30pm, Trinity University, Laurie Auditorium, One Trinity Place, (210) 999-8406, — Alex Zielinski

First Thursday & Friday Preview ART


The penultimate First Friday of the year rolls into Southtown this week with an assortment of shows (some of which open Thursday) worthy a spot on your social calendar. Unveiled in October, Blue Star Contemporary’s sprawling fall show “Home Bodies” collects works by local, regional and international artists exploring the inherent bonds and conflicts within familial relationships (free, 10am-8pm Thu, 10am-9pm Fri, Blue Star Contemporary, 116, Blue Star, (210) 227-6960, Proving that big things often come in small packages, the University of Texas at Arlington artists’ collective MACHINE’s group show “CUFT” comprises a diverse array of works (encompassing everything from glass and glitter to found objects and photography) that “occupy no more than a cubic foot of space” (free, 6-9pm Thu-Fri, Terminal 136, 136 Blue Star, (210) 458-4391, Uniting a number of longtime local champions of Día de los Muertos (including curator Raul Servin, artist Ramon Vasquez y Sanchez and gallerist Deborah Keller-Rihn), Studio 209’s “Circle of Life and Death” enhances the works on view with live music by Fania (Thursday) and Los Inocentes (Friday) and poetry and calaveras readings by Anthony “The Poet” Flores” (free, 6-9pm Thu-Fri, Studio 209, 1420 S. Alamo St., (210) 800-5441). Developed in response to “an increase in the policing of female bodies and body autonomy that has occurred in both politics and the media in recent years,” the four-woman showcase “Persona” seeks to “normalize discussions of sexuality, mental and reproductive health, and everyday discomfort that women may face” (free, 6-9pm Thu, Corporate Gallery, 116 Blue Star, (210) 219-8640). Over at Haus Collective, local artist Forton Keeeman presents a new series of paintings (free, 7-10pm Thu, Haus Collective, 108 Blue Star, (512) 923-9704, The latest installment of the Presa House Pop Up exhibition series, “La Ciencia Avanza Pero Yo No (Science Advances But I Do Not)” brings Houston-based artist Ángel Lartigue to FL!GHT for a San Antonio debut that’s anchored by the interactive installation Sub Scientist Booth — which invites spectators to donate DNA samples (read saliva) to an artistic experiment that’s part altar, part laboratory — but also includes previous works such as the photographic series “Self Portraits as I Were Muertx” (free, 6-11pm Fri, FL!GHT Gallery, 134 Blue Star, — BR











DECEMBER 9 @EMPIRE Special guest MC













RAIN: A TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 13



Featured Artist: The Octopus Project

NOVEMBER 10 - 11 , 2017 th


Visual Arts | Performance | Dance | Music | Food & Drinks San Antonio, Texas | SPONSORS : COSA Department of Arts & Culture | Bank of America | Mega Systems | Robot Creative | Stella Artois 14

CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •

Muertitos Fest SAY SÍ





Quest for Honor


COMEDY Let’s cut to the chase: If you have dentures, will you be admitted to Tom Segura’s No Teeth No Entry Tour? Of course, the Aztec’s guidelines make no such stipulations for attendees who are all gums, and Segura’s stand-up FRI act, chronicled on albums such as 2012’s White Girls with Cornrows can be merciless toward its intended targets, but signs indicate he is just kidding — probably. His podcast — recorded with his wife, fellow comic Christina Pazsitzky — is called Your Mom’s House but they don’t mean anything by that, maybe. In the intro to his 2016 Netflix special Mostly Stories, he ridicules his home turf of Los Angeles before heading off to Seattle to perform, but that’s just an affectionate jab, right? Consider said special contains compassionate quips such as: “I don’t even want to lose weight to live long or be healthy. I don’t. I just want to make fun of fat people again, and know for sure that they’re fatter than me.” Say, wait a minute … OK, maybe he’s kind of a dick, but he’s a funny one. $25-$35, 7pm Fri, The Aztec Theatre, 104 N. St. Mary’s St., (210) 812-4355, — Jeremy Martin


04 Filmmaker and producer Mary Ann Smothers Bruni will host a screening of her critically acclaimed 2009 feature documentary Quest for Honor, which follows the story of former teacher and activist Runak Rauf as she and other activists and journalists investigate the honor killings taking place in the tribal regions of Iraqi Kurdistan. According to research released by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, offenses against a family that are considered breaking their “honor code” include sex outside of marriage, inappropriate dress, being a victim of rape, contact with a man outside of the family, and marrying without permission from family. In the Kurdistan culture, it is believed that the woman or girl who committed the “offense” may be killed to restore a family’s honor. Quest for Honor was shortlisted for an Academy Award in 2010 and nominated for the Grand Jury Prize for World CinemaDocumentary at the Sundance Film Festival. “The stories that we eventually filmed came about slowly,” said Bruni in her director’s statement. “We did not craft them. We discovered them. Along with the exploration and discovery, we documented and we filmed.” Free, 2pm, Our Lady of the Lake University, Thiry Auditorium, 411 SW 24th St., (210) 434-6711, – Kiko Martinez


Launched in 2009 as means to partake in the Hindu festival of lights and strengthen San Antonio’s ties with its sister city of Chennai, India, Diwali illuminates La Villita the first Saturday in November. A lively affair that celebrates the Hindu belief that good ultimately triumphs over evil, the annual favorite routinely brings together nearly 15,000 people for an evening combining Indian cuisine, cultural performances, artisan vendors, remarks from local dignitaries, a river parade and a traditional diya ceremony that sets floating candles adrift along the River Walk. After noshing on classic and fusion-minded fare (from India Oven, Mangoes, Bombay Salsa and Biryani Pot, among others) and browsing vendors specializing in saris, jewelry, artwork and henna tattoos, guests can take in a stage show featuring dances representing 13 Indian states, get moving to DJ beats or Bollywood Zumba in Plaza Juarez, and stake out a spot for the grand finale — a fullon fireworks extravaganza (9:15pm). Free, SAT 5-11pm, La Villita, 418 Villita St., (210) 273-2200, — BR


Tom Segura


For its 11th annual Muertitos Fest, a culturally relevant celebration of art, life, and death, the staff and students of SAY Sí will be presenting three days of activities/ displays including “student art, altars to honor the departed, family folk art workshops, food booths, an artisan mercado as well as live cultural performances highlighting local dancers, musicians and entertainers.” This year’s fest, which takes the THU-SAT Mexican Revolution as its theme, will also include the revealing of two large-scale sculptures created over the summer in collaboration with Colectivo Ultima Hora, a talented team of artists from Mexico City. Proceeds from the opening night of Muertitos Fest, the only day for which there’s a cover charge, will benefit SAY Sí’s efforts to foster students’ “artistic and social skills in preparation for higher educational advancement and professional careers.” Aside from all the student performers and artists, the fest will also features musical performances from talented local acts Chisme, Grupo Frackaso and Chulita Vinyl Club. Free (opening night $35-$40), 7-10:30pm Thu, 6-10pm Fri, noon4pm Sat, SAY Sí, 1518 S. Alamo St., (210) 212-8666, — James Courtney SPECIAL EVENT


Ignacio Montoya Carlotto MUSIC



Imagine you’re a 36-year-old musician with a well-established career as a pianist, composer and music teacher. You have a name: Ignacio Hurban, and music albums to your name, but you always felt you might be someone else. So in 2014, and with the help of Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo (the group founded in 1977 by grandmothers of Argentina’s babies whose parents had been kidnapped and disappeared by the military dictatorship of 1976-83), Hurban submitted to a DNA test. The result confirmed his suspicions: he became “grandson #114,” the latest person recovered by the Abuelas, but there was a twist: he was also the grandson of Estela B. de Carlotto, the current president of Abuelas. The son of Laura Carlotto, who was 23 when kidnapped and died shortly after giving birth, and Oscar Montoya, his musician dad, the now-renamed Ignacio Montoya Carlotto continued his musical career and added San Antonio as one stop on his U.S. tour, just him and his piano (his latest jazz septet album, Sep7eto, was released in 2015). He’ll perform a mix of originals, tangos (anything from the classics to Astor Piazzolla) and Argentine folclore (think Cuchi Leguizamón). A short reception will follow the performance, but remember: you need to buy your ticket in advance via phone (number below). Tickets will not be sold onsite. $15 suggested donation, 7:30pm, Mexican Cultural Institute, 600 Hemisfair Plaza Way, (830) 613-6622, — Enrique Lopetegui • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 15




S U M M E R & FA L L


The Maverick Lecture


Ezra Klein


founder and editor-at-large of and renowned journalist





PG | 1h 42min | 2016

PG | 2h 3min | 2017







Photo: James Bareham for Vox Media, Inc.

PG | 1h 47min | 1984


PG | 1h 16min/1h 37min | 2016

Bring the entire family for free movies under the San Antonio night sky. Load up your blankets & snacks, or check out our onsite food trucks.

Venue opens at 7:00p.m. Movies will begin 15 minutes past dusk. Pets Welcome.

3100 Roosevelt Ave, San Antonio Texas, 78214 For more information, call (210) 207-8612 or visit getcreativesanantonio.com_missionmarqueeplaza #missionmarqueeplaza

Monday, Nov. 1 7:30 p.m. | Stieren Theater FREE and open to the public Follow the discussion on social media: #TUKlein


CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •

The Maverick Lecture is dedicated to the memory of Maury Maverick Jr., a San Antonio native and Texas icon who was a Marine, legislator, civil rights lawyer, and journalist. The annual lectures are underwritten by the William and Salomé Scanlan Foundation.



‘Still Not My President: The Resist Trump Slam’


ART Art opening: “3artsthree” Movement Gallery opens a group show featuring works by mixed-media artist Jose Guajardo, painter Mateo Ayala and illustrator David Peche. Free, 7-10pm Friday; Movement Gallery, 1412 E. Commerce St., (210) 320-1925.

Art opening: “Into a Birdless Sky”

Artist and educator Jason Stout’s latest drawings and paintings address political strife, conflict and environmental concerns. Free, 6-9pm Saturday; REM Gallery, 219 E. Park Ave., (210) 884-3769.

Uptown Art Stroll Nearly 30 artists open

their Olmos Park Terrace homes and studios to show and sell paintings, jewelry, ceramics, photography, textiles and more, with a portion of proceeds benefiting the Children’s Bereavement Center. Free, 10am-5pm Saturday, noon-5pm Sunday; Olmos Park Terrace, visit uptownartstroll. org for the complete list of artists and a map of participating locations.

FILM Volver a la Alameda: A Day at the Movies In partnership with several local

sponsors, Councilman Roberto C. Treviño and District 1 welcome movie fans to the historic Alameda Theater for free screenings of McFarland, USA (11:30am), Nosotros Los Pobres (2pm) and La Bamba (4:30pm). Guests are encouraged to bring pillows, blankets or chairs to set up on the floor of the theater. Free, 11:30am-6:30pm; Alameda Theater, 318 W. Houston St.

Life, Animated From Oscar-winning

director Roger Ross Williams, the 2016 documentary Life, Animated tells the

inspirational story of Owen Suskind, a young man who was unable to speak as a child until he and his family discovered a unique way to communicate by immersing themselves in the world of classic Disney films. Free, 4pm Sunday; Barshop Jewish Community Center, 12500 NW Military Hwy., (210) 302-6824.


At the weekly slam poetry competitions hosted by San Antonio’s nationally recognized slam group PuroSlam, free speech is alive and well. Indeed, the group makes no bones about the fact that poets taking the stage can say whatever they want, and the audience is free to, by extension, react however they will. However, at Tuesday’s special event, the “Still Not My President: The Resist Trump Slam,” folks will be required to address the particular topic of the 45th President of the United States. In keeping with the group’s commitment to free speech, participants are free to, despite the event’s title, defend or lambast the current leader of the free world in their performance. How’s that for democratic? So get your (poetic) shit together, summon your courage (especially if you plan to be in the minority praising Trump), and get out there and celebrate the power of words to heal and to engender TUE change. $1, 9:30pm, The Korova, 107. E. Martin St., (210) 226-5070, — JC

Five neighborhoods. One creative community. Collins Garden • King William • Lavaca • Lone Star • Roosevelt







12PM - 10PM for event calendar.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Tobe Hooper Tribute Videon Dungeon

Theatre pays homage to late horror director Tobe Hooper with a double feature pairing The Funhouse (1981) and Poltergeist (1982). Free, 9pm-1am Thursday; Oak Hills Tavern, 7920 Fredericksburg Road, (210) 614-8855.

True Grit Slab Cinema pops up at the Alamo

for an outdoor screening of the Coen Brothers’ 2010 Western about a stubborn teenager who enlists the help of a tough U.S. Marshal to track down her father’s murderer. Free, 7pm Saturday; The Alamo, 300 Alamo Plaza, (210) 212-9373.

THEATER A Doll’s House Henrik Ibsen’s “modern

tragedy” from 1879 digs into gender roles and marriage as it follows the story of a woman whose attempt to help her husband goes terribly wrong. Kelly Roush directs the Classic Theatre’s production, which sets the play in 1950s American “with a Mad Men flair.” $17$32, 8pm Friday-Saturday, 3pm Sunday; Classic Theatre of San Antonio, 1924 Fredericksburg Road, (210) 468-3900.

Constellations Through the ages, it’s been a common trope that folks look to the stars when in search of answers about their love life. It’s really the ultimate act of human hubris, assuming the cosmos are invested in our personal lives. Constellations, the hit play from British playwright Nick Payne, • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 17

EVITA Lyrics by Music by TIM RICE ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER Originally directed by HAROLD PRINCE

Nov 2-4 & Nov 9-11 @ 7:30pm Nov 5 & 12 @ 2:30pm $12 in Advance - Oct 18 $15 at the Door Online Tickets at: Box Office Reservations: (210)356-1036 * Lee HS Theater 1400 Jackson Keller * Tues-Fri 4:30pm-6pm Evita is presented by arrangement with The Musical Company, LP, 214 Sullivan Street, Ste 4, New York, NY 10012-1354 Phone: (212)598-2204. Email: 18

CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •


tinkers with this concept in ways that make for sophisticated yet heartwarming drama. The widely lauded play made its way from London to Broadway in 2015 and features only two characters. In an exploration of love and astrophysics, especially the concept of parallel universes, the play enlivens the mind and stirs the heart in equal measure. It turns out that we, and by extension our relationships, are as infinite (and complicated) as the universe itself. Molly Cox directs Jeff Jeffers and Kate Glasheen in The Playhouse’s production. $10-$40, 7:30pm Friday-Saturday, 2pm Sunday; The Playhouse, 800 W. Ashby Pl., (210) 733-7258.

Little Shop of Horrors In Little Shop of

Horrors, poor misguided Seymour gets taken for a ride by his unique new Venus Flytrap, Audrey II, which he soon learns has quite the taste for human blood. Tempted by the fame that his fast-growing botanical oddity is generating, as well as the opportunity to dispose of a rival (who, frankly, has it coming), Seymour finds himself swept into a life of crime by Audrey II’s insatiable hunger. For fans of the movie, be forewarned — the musical has a much grimmer resolution in store for Seymour and Earth’s other humans, but it’s no less entertaining. $18-$29, 7:30pm FridaySaturday, 3pm Sunday; Woodlawn Theatre, 1920 Fredericksburg Road, (210) 267-8388.

COMEDY Jeanne Robertson An “overnight success

nearly half a century in the making,” public speaker and stand-up Jeanne Robertson is beloved for her Southern sophistication and family-friendly sense of humor. At 73 years young, this former Miss North Carolina stands tall at six-foot-two and boasts eight nationally released DVDs, three books, hundreds of hours on SiriusXM and more than 39 million YouTube views. $26.50$36.50, 7:30pm Friday; Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, 100 Auditorium Circle, (210) 223-8624.

SPECIAL EVENTS Espiritus de la Noche Masquerade Ball

(Hills & Dales and The Friendly Spot) and Uchennaya Ogba (Bethany East PR & Mgmt. Consulting) will share personal business “fuck ups” with the room. $10, 6:30-8:30pm Tuesday; Geekdom Event Center, 131 Soledad St., (210) 707-0700.

OtakuFair x GaMExpo Brought to you

by the organizers behind Mizuumicon, Otakufair is a new convention catering to gamers and anime fans alike. $30$40, 10am-midnight Friday-Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday; Hilton Hill Country Hotel & Spa, 9800 Westover Hills Blvd., (210) 509-9800.

San Antonio Día de los Muertos Ball This

is the eighth year that stylist Rene Roberts presents the Día de los Muertos Ball, a drag show and party that benefits food banks at churches around San Antonio and provides scholarships to high school seniors. This year’s show, dubbed Clash of the Titans, has a lineup of performers that includes the San Antonio Dance Krewe, Danika Daniels, Kandi Lac R Savage, Lady Tiffany, Aaron Andrews, Taryn Taylor, Amerie Parker, Toni Raven Andrews, Donet McKim, Kourtney Deveraux and Tencha La Jefa. The Día de los Muertos Ball is unique in that everyone who attends must come in a muertos costume or makeup, making the event especially festive. $35-$250, 6pm-midnight Saturday; Guadalupe Theater, 1301 Guadalupe St., (210) 271-3151.

! Y A ND


SUN • NOV 12 2PM

Solar Fest Solar Fest returns to Roosevelt

Park with a family-friendly day featuring live music, food trucks, tree giveaways and varied vendors offering guests information on sustainable practices. Free, 10am-5pm Saturday; Roosevelt Park, 331 Roosevelt, (210) 224-7278.

Tango of the Vines This annual favorite

combines Texas Hill Country wines, craft beer and cocktails, samplings from top local restaurants, live entertainment, and a silent auction benefiting the AFE (Amniotic Fluid Embolism) Foundation. $60-$100, 7-11pm Friday; Witte Museum, 3801 Broadway, (210) 357-1900.

The allegedly haunted Victoria’s Black Swan Inn sets the stage for a masquerade ball with a strict, costume-only dress code: formal attire, Victorian, vampire or steam punk. $75-$125, 7:30pm-12:30am Saturday; Victoria’s Black Swan Inn, 1006 Holbrook Road, (210) 323-8424.

Fuck Up Nights San Antonio “Fuck Up

Nights” is a global movement and event series that shares stories of professional failure. Featured speakers Cruz Ortiz (Snake Hawk Press), Janie Martinez Gonzalez (Webhead), Jody Bailey Newman • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 19






summer / fall

Marketing and events SPONSORED BY


圀䄀吀䔀刀 刀䔀匀伀唀刀䌀䔀 匀䌀䤀䔀一䌀䔀 伀唀刀 䴀伀匀吀 嘀䄀䰀唀䄀䈀䰀䔀  一䄀吀唀刀䄀䰀 刀䔀匀伀唀刀䌀䔀



倀爀攀瀀愀爀攀 昀漀爀 攀洀瀀氀漀礀洀攀渀琀 椀渀 琀栀攀 眀愀琀攀爀 琀爀攀愀琀洀攀渀琀 椀渀搀甀猀琀爀礀℀

Central Location. Endless Convenience.

Discover Oxford at Medical Center, the newest luxury apartments in San Antonio, Texas.

䰀攀愀爀渀 琀漀 洀漀渀椀琀漀爀Ⰰ 琀爀漀甀戀氀攀猀栀漀漀琀Ⰰ 愀渀搀 挀栀攀洀椀挀愀氀氀礀 挀氀攀愀渀 攀焀甀椀瀀洀攀渀琀 攀猀猀攀渀琀椀愀氀 昀漀爀 琀栀攀 琀爀攀愀琀洀攀渀琀 漀昀 眀愀琀攀爀⼀眀愀猀琀攀眀愀琀攀爀⸀ 䜀攀琀 琀栀攀 琀攀挀栀渀椀挀愀氀 愀渀搀 猀挀椀攀渀琀椀昀椀挀 欀渀漀眀氀攀搀最攀 琀漀 漀戀琀愀椀渀 氀椀挀攀渀猀甀爀攀 椀渀 琀栀椀猀 昀椀攀氀搀⸀

䄀圀䄀刀䐀匀 伀䘀䘀䔀刀䔀䐀 䄀猀猀漀挀椀愀琀攀 漀昀 䄀瀀瀀氀椀攀搀 匀挀椀攀渀挀攀 䌀攀爀琀椀昀椀挀愀琀攀 䴀愀爀欀攀琀愀戀氀攀 匀欀椀氀氀猀 䄀眀愀爀搀

Mention this ad and receive 1/2 off upfront fees!

䐀爀⸀ 䠀漀眀愀爀搀 䴀愀爀焀甀椀猀攀Ⰰ 倀爀漀最爀愀洀 䌀漀漀爀搀椀渀愀琀漀爀 ⠀㈀㄀ ⤀ 㐀㠀㘀ⴀ㐀㌀㔀㔀  簀  栀洀愀爀焀甀椀猀攀䀀愀氀愀洀漀⸀攀搀甀 一漀爀琀栀眀攀猀琀 嘀椀猀琀愀 䌀漀氀氀攀最攀 ㌀㔀㌀㔀 一⸀ 䔀氀氀椀猀漀渀 䐀刀  匀愀渀 䄀渀琀漀渀椀漀Ⰰ 吀堀 㜀㠀㈀㔀㄀ 愀氀愀洀漀⸀攀搀甀⼀渀瘀挀

CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •

8 63 9 Fa i r h a v e n S t r e e t , S a n A n t o n i o , T X 78 2 2 9 C ALL FOR MORE INFO | (210) 615-3616 | OXFORDATMEDIC ALCENTER.COM

ARTS + CULTURE • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 21

rds • Books • • Clothing • Dancewear • Shoes • Hosiery • Lingerie & Underwear • Bachelor & Bachelorette Pa



Books • Music • Art • Clothing • Dancewear • Shoes • Hosiery • Lingerie & Underwear • Bachelor & Bachelore

rty Supplies • New Arrivals • Adult Toys • Magazines • Movies • Pride Jewelry & Gift Items • Greeting Cards •

tte Party Supplies • New Arrivals • Adult Toys • Magazines • Movies • Pride Jewelry & Gift Items • Greeting Ca


CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •

ARTS + CULTURE • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 23


A 3-day Día de los Muertos festival celebrating art, life and death. Every year, SAY Sí curates one of San Antonio’s most comprehensive Día de los Muertos celebrations with three days of unique cultural happenings. With this year’s theme, “Tierra y Libertad,” artwork, altars and performances will look back to the Mexican Revolution. Muertitos Fest Opening Fiesta Thursday, Nov. 2, 7–10:30 pm $35 Presale

Muertitos Fest First Friday Friday, Nov. 3, 6–10 pm FREE

Muertitos Fest Family Day Saturday, Nov. 4, 12–4 pm FREE

All events take place at: SAY Sí,1518 S. Alamo, 78204 Full details at | #muertitosfest SPONSORED BY:

Harry & Molly Shafer

Margaret Wiederhold Liz & Bill Chiego, Lifshutz Foundation, Frost Bank, Via Metro Transit, Panifico Bake Shop Jenee Margo Gonzales, Phil & Linda Hardberger IN-KIND SUPPORT BY:



CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •





Thor: Ragnarok is the most fun Marvel movie yet MARYANN JOHANSON

≥Thor can go to hell. No, I mean, literally: Thor is capable of going to hell, just for a visit, which is where he is at the opening of Ragnarok. Actually, it’s Muspelheim, the extradimensional realm of fire. But it’s pretty hellish, and the fire demon Surtur is fairly satanic: extremely large and scary, aflame, and determined to destroy Asgard itself — all the usual apocalyptic stuff. But if Thor can only steal his horned crown, the source of his power, all this talk of armageddon will be reduced to nothing more than talk. Thor’s battle with Surtur (the voice of Clancy Brown) is exciting and intense, especially if you see it in 3D IMAX, as I did. But you’d expect that from a Marvel flick. What makes this opening sequence — which sets up the tone for the entire movie — so extra-special, so geeky, so hilarious, is Thor’s casual humor in dealing with Surtur. Chris Hemsworth nails the offhand insouciance a badass divine celestial being like him should have, and finally here is a Thor script (by Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost) that lets him exhibit that. That verve also comes via the nerdy impudence of director Taika Waititi setting the battle to Led Zeppelin’s prog-rock classic “Immigrant Song” (that’s the one with all the Norse-mythic lyrics, “We come from the land of the ice and snow,” etc.) It’s a heavy-metal black-light album cover come to life and yet — miraculously — not in any cheesy way. It’s just genuinely cool and freaky-funny.

Thor: Ragnarok, basically, is everything Guardians of the Galaxy (both volumes) wanted to be: breezy and jokey, crammed with clever science-fiction ideas, populated by intriguing, entertaining aliens. Except GotG’s vanilla deployment of retro pop culture pales next to, say, the gladiator disco madness of Ragnarok’s middle segment, in which Thor is shanghaied into a trial by combat against the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). (It eventually makes sense that the big green guy is there.) His host is the Grandmaster, a moviestealing Jeff Goldblum who lords over what is essentially the decadence and violence of ancient Rome reconceived as a Studio 54 theme party in 1977. It’s hilarious. I keep using that word: hilarious. This is hands down the funniest movie yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not just because it’s got lots of jokes that actually make you laugh out loud (though only, often, if you’re steeped in the MCU) but because it exudes a unifying cheeky personality that isn’t like anything we’ve seen in the series before. Waititi’s unique style — see also his outrageously funny vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows — is almost shocking to see in a series that has previously maintained a visually even keel, ironing out whatever individual panache its directors might have brought to the films. There’s a sense here that Marvel cut Waititi loose to do whatever he wanted ... and the result is a kind of vision, an imaginative sweep, that could re-enliven a franchise that — it

seems suddenly, in retrospect — it needs. I’ve been loving the Marvel movies. I didn’t know I could love them this much more. Not that there isn’t plenty of the familiar Marvel stuff here too. Tom Hiddleston returns as Thor’s brother Loki. Benedict Cumberbatch makes a brief appearance as Doctor Strange. There are some hysterically funny cameos, not just the traditional Stan Lee one, though that’s the best one ever. Cate Blanchett as Hela, the Norse goddess of death — who wants to bring her own brand of Ragnarok, or armageddon, to Asgard — and Tessa Thompson as a retired Valkyrie are terrific. Thompson especially is a great example of how to do female sidekicks for male heroes, not as already perfectly formed but as flawed people with their own journeys to take. As much as I love the often weighty ideas of the Marvel movies, I also love the lightness of this one. (There plenty room for it all in the MCU!) The movie skims a serious concept about Asgard’s bloody history of conquest and imperialism being transformed into a fantasy about benevolence, which could — ahem — certainly be seen to have some relevance for plain ol’ planet Earth. But mostly Thor: Ragnarok is about garbage planets, and street festivals celebrating Hulk, and Thor stopping in the middle of a New York street to take a selfie with some Avengers fangirls. It’s a nice escape from heavy reality, which is very welcome right now. • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 25

BRING IT ON DOWN TO SOUTHTOWN SAN ANTO! FRANK HAS YOU COVERED WITH QUESO FRIES, REUBEN FRIES AND MORE! Mondays from 11am-3pm 20% OFF to City of San Antonio and Bexar County Employees Wednesdays from 11am-3pm 20% OFF to H.E.B. Arsenal Employees Fridays from 11am-3pm 20% OFF to UTSA Students and Employees TEXAS vs. TCU SATURDAY at 6:15 on the BIG SCREEN! NFL SUNDAY and MONDAY GAME DAY SPECIALS ALL DAY! 1150 SOUTH ALAMO • FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @FRANKSANANTO • HOTDOGSCOLDBEER.COM 26

CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •





Another for Bakery Lorraine, and a poke truck rolls in to SA


More macarons on the way This is not a drill! Bakery Lorraine is growing up, with plans to open a third location later this year. After sleuthing around the interweb, the Current discovered that the popular bakery obtained a sales tax permit for a location within The Rim, inside the former Cosi. We later received confirmation from owner Charlie Biedenharn that the bakery plans to expand its menu to serve beer and wine ... at BRUNCH. Dreams do come true! “We are excited to develop a new menu for this location, which will include our sweet treats but also some new savory dishes and lunch specials,” said chef Jeremy Mandrell via press release. Bakery Lorraine first began in 2011 as a booth at the Quarry Farmers and Ranchers Market, and has grown to include a flagship location at the Pearl, along with a sister location at the Medical Center and a donut off-shoot at Maybelle’s Donuts, also at the Pearl. Biedenharn said that the new location is scheduled for a mid-December opening. Here’s to hoping. 17503 La Cantera Pkwy., Suite 108. — SM Hot pizza, coming through New Jersey pizza is coming to San Antonio with 1,000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria opening next Thursday, November 2. First announced this spring, the national chain is known for their über hot ovens, and lightning-fast pizzamaking. How fast? Most pies are done in two minutes.

The menu will also include chicken wings, salads, dessert, wine and beer. Local franchise owner Ashley Andres previously told the Current that the future pizza shop will feature a large patio and will allow customers to see the preparation that goes into the pizza-making via assembly line. Opening day festivities will include pizza for a year for the first 10 people in line on Thursday; pizza for a year for 10 random guests throughout the day; a ribbon-cutting at 10:45 a.m. with the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, a photobooth by Studio Benton Photography. 11224 Huebner Road, Suite 206, (210) 368-2053. — JE Shake Shack tries out chili Nationwide burger aficionado Shake Shack is giving its menu a kick in the pants with three new specialty items doused in chili. Shake Shack is bringing the heat with the Chili Cheeseburger, Chili Cheese Dog and Chili Cheese Fries all topped with smoked and slow braised beef chili with ancho and chile de arbol peppers. The new additions are coming to the Park North Shake Shack on Thursday, Nov. 2. However, if you’re a spry Shake Shack loyalist, you can order these specialty menu items using their official app on Monday, Oct. 30. 7427 San Pedro Avenue, (210) 277-4770. — JE

Poké Man is here Ashley and Kevin Kern are bringing a little bit of Cali back home to Texas. After a trip to California earlier this year, the couple saw an influx of “Chipotle-style” poké places. To that effect, they’ve purchased and retrofitted a 6-by12-foot trailer now known as Poké Man Sushi Bowls. The truck will feature build-your-own bowls with choice of a base (white rice, brown rice, salad or half and half), layers (cucumbers, seaweed salad, edamame, avocado, fruit, white onion), seafood (crab, ahi tuna, spicy ahi tuna, salmon, cooked scallops, cooked shrimp or tofu), sauce (teriyaki sauce, eel sauce, soy sauce, ponzu, sesame oil, spicy mayo, Sriracha, garlic chili sauce), and toppings (masago, ginger, green onion, wasabi, cilantro, sesame seeds, fried onions, furikaka, nori). Bowls will be $8.95 for three scoops of seafood, or $11.95 for a large bowl with five scoops. The truck launched over the weekend. Follow them on Facebook for location updates. (210) 551-4074. — JE Napa Flats has closed The wood ovens will shut down at this far northside. Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen, by way of College Station, closed its doors on Saturday October 28. The shop originally opened in early 2015 with a line of pastas, gelato and more Italian fare with a Cali touch. The restaurant shared the news of its closing on Monday evening on Facebook, but didn’t share a reason for its untimely end. • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 27


GOODNESS Alternative ways to eat local, organic and flavorful fare HANNAH LORENCE

If you’re looking for more guilt-free options on the SA food scene, we’ve picked the best places to visit and the best choices on the menus. Thankfully, eating healthy at these local spots doesn’t mean sacrificing delicious flavor.

Revolucion Coffee & Juice // Since its arrival on the SA food scene, Revolucion has introduced acai bowls, cold-pressed juice, and is proud to be the only 100 percent vegetarian coffee shop in the city. Owner Angela Carral has taken a unique approach to running a coffee shop that promotes positive and healthy changes in the lives of her customers. Acai and pitaya bowls are chockfull of nutrient-dense ingredients like cashew milk, hemp 28

CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •


Pharm Table // Seasonal, vegan, gluten-free, organic, locally sourced. These are only a few defining characteristics of downtown health-food favorite, Pharm Table. Chef Elizabeth Johnson is committed to “making healthy food delicious,” opting for ingredients that not only taste great, but make you feel great, too. As a former Latin Cuisines Specialist Chef Instructor for the Culinary Institute of America-San Antonio, chef Johnson knows a thing or two about combining the best flavors to make an incredible dish. Her restaurant is built around a philosophy and lifestyle that promotes healthy living, so this is should be a go-to destination for health-conscious patrons and anyone with food sensitivities. Must Try Dish: With so many different restaurants serving tamales around the city, you might overlook the Quinoa Tamal Bowl, but you’ve never had ‘em like this before. These gluten-free versions are packed full of flavor. You can order the vegan version or add chicken or pork for some extra protein. 106 Auditorium Circle, (210) 802-1860.

granola, local honey, and, of course, fresh fruit. Stop by for a quick cold-pressed juice, coffee, or loose leaf tea or stay for a while and enjoy delicious tamales, steel-cut oats and a variety of breakfast tacos. Must Try Dish: The peanut butter and jelly acai bowl is a great introduction to the concept with familiar flavors like peanut butter, berries, and bananas, but with a slight twist. 7959 Broadway, Suite 500, (210) 701-0725. Green Vegetarian Cuisine // Besides their recent claim to fame hosting Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson, this favorite vegetarian eatery has some delicious offerings — providing a healthy twist on some old classics like cauliflower hot wings, “kaleupas,” and falafel burritos. The multi-site vegetarian eatery is 100 percent vegetarian and Kosher. Green is a family affair, run by brothers Mike and Chris Behrend, and business partner Paul Evans. Must Try Dish: It’s hard to believe that cauliflower can be transformed into delicious hot wings for their cauliflower hot wings, but the good people over at Green have done it. You won’t even miss animal protein with this one-of-a-kind

appetizer. If you can’t handle the heat, ask for the barbecue version for a sweeter, less intense experience. Multiple locations, 5 Points Local // This locally sourced Five Points neighborhood spot is a great place to grab a bite and while you’re at it, why not stay a while and do some yoga (offered daily in the loft attached to the restaurant). “Breathe. Nourish. Connect” is their mantra and it’s exactly the vibe you pick up on as soon as you walk through the doors. From the friendly staff to the delicious food, owner Lisa Asvestas of The Cove fame, has a community-driven vision for her restaurant that is contagious. Each dish is a carefully crafted experience that revolves around wellness. Must Try Dish: Each bowl at 5 Points Local is packed with expertly balanced flavors. The Karma Bowl is a customer favorite that includes quinoa, black beans, sweet potatoes, kale salad, and of course their famous cashew crema. Egg, avocado, chicken, and steak are all optional add-ons, but any way you take yours, you can’t go wrong. 1017 N. Flores St., (210) 267-2652.


Earth Burger // The team at Green Vegetarian Cuisine is almost single-handedly spreading its clean eating philosophy across the city with multiple locations of their first restaurant, and they’re nailing fast casual with Earth Burger. The first ever plant-based fast food restaurant is proud to make a guilt-free hamburger. Each patty is free of hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, or GMOs of any kind. Must Try Dish: The only soft serve of it’s kind in the city, Earth Burger’s coconut soft serve is a mere 190 calories and has all the makings of your next sweet tooth addiction. 818 NW Loop 410, (210) 524-1086.


SA Fresh // Since its move from its Alamo Heights location a couple of years ago, this northeast side health food favorite is deceptively simple. Each menu item is chock-full of fresh ingredients and rich flavors. Stop by for lunch or take a night off from cooking with their delicious prepared meals. The fast but fresh concept doesn’t compromise on quality — a commitment that has paid off for chef and owner, Elliot Hayne. The team at SA Fresh is happy to partner with other local eateries like Bakery Lorraine and Bird Bakery to bring the best flavors to their customers. Must Try Dish: Lauded by some customers as “the best they’ve ever had,” the Cubano Sandwich is filled with mojo-braised pork, ham, Swiss cheese, adobo verde mayo, house-made pickled red onions and pickles, all on a toasted French roll. 1015 Rittiman Road, Suite 113, (210) 829-4446.

Señor Veggie // The menu at this local, vegan favorite boasts fresh and organic ingredients because Chef José Alfredo Cruz is passionate about hand-crafted dishes that promote a healthy dining experience. Despite the humble beginnings of his plant-based dishes at community potlucks, the restaurant has grown into a vibrant establishment with delicious food. Must Try Dish: You won’t even believe you’re not eating meat with Señor Veggie’s famous Veggie Street Tacos. The “meaty” jackfruit pairs deliciously with their homemade slaw, pico de gallo, and cashew crema — all wrapped in a corn tortilla. 620 S. Presa St., (210) 228-0073. La Botanica // The nutritious blend of flavors at La Botanica combines ingredients inspired by the Gulf Coast, Mexico, and Tex-Mex foods, making this unique health-food destination a local favorite. The community-driven vision for this restaurant makes it more than just an eatery, though. The cozy outdoor patio welcomes live bands, hosts film screenings, and offers cooking and gardening classes. Must Try Dish: Pair your black bean empanadas with the refreshing Pepino Blanco and you’ve got a match made in culinary heaven. You won’t be disappointed with the hearty deep-fried black bean empanadas. They are a great start to your meal alongside your drink that includes house-made cucumber Fresca with gin and mint. 2911 N. St. Mary’s Strip, (210) 716-0702. Viva Vegeria // This Tex-Mex vegan and gluten-free restaurant seeks to preserve Tex-Mex flavors though its primarily plant-based menu. Even with new owners, Viva Vegeria still tries to accommodate people with special diets and the eatery offers delicious recipes passed down from founder Fred Anthony Garza’s family. Must Try Dish: All of the dishes at Viva Vegeria will help you expand your culinary horizons, perhaps the best example of this is the Flautas de Camote which are taquitos that are deep fried and stuffed with mashed sweet potatoes, garlic, and stewed tomato green chile. 1422 Nogalitos St, (210) 465-9233.


Jugo Juicery + Body // The cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and acai bowls at Jugo Juicery and Body are 100 percent raw fruit and vegetable juices, so you can expect freshness every time. Each menu item is named for the ingredients’ specific benefits: Repair, Engergize, Detox, Nourish, to name a few. Owner Savannah Wilkins is a proponent of overall wellness by not only providing healthy food at her establishment but also making yoga and a massage studio available as well, at the Wurzbach Road location. Must Try Dish: Whether just starting off your day or grabbing a midday pick me up, try the fresh flavors of Energize Cold Pressed Juice, a Jugo Juicery favorite, with nutrient-rich ingredients like orange, apple, lemon, carrot, and ginger. Multiple locations, Evergreen Organic Restaurant // All of the ingredients at Evergreen Organic are carefully sourced so that they are the highest quality, it’s no wonder the food is so exceptional. With pizzas taking up a big portion of their menu, this Stone Oak eatery is family-friendly, but not to the exclusion of

Rise Up // From its humble beginnings in an Airstream trailer to its expansion to a brick and mortar in both San Antonio and Austin, this Alamo Heights restaurant has become a favorite for area locals. Add a boost to any order to get even more out of your delicious smoothie, bowl, or juice, and with coffee smoothies on the menu you can get your health food and caffeine in one meal. Must Try Dish: The pitaya candy bowl is just as delicious as it sounds with ingredients that include the always fascinating pitaya fruit, apple juice, banana, pineapple and honey and with delicious toppings to match. 6401 Broadway, (210) 268-8009.


First Course Salad Kitchen // There’s something so satisfying about having a say about what goes into your meal. This fantastic “build-your-own” experience helps customers to create the dish they want to eat and enjoy. Founder Aaron Webster is bringing a higher standard to dining out and is making it easier than ever for people to eat healthy with online ordering and takeout. Must Try Dish: The sky’s the limit with all of the fresh ingredients at your disposal when visiting First Course, try mixing and matching your favorite combos and take a different approach each time to keep things interesting. 22015 I-10 W., Suite 107, (210) 698-5200.

those with food sensitivities since they offer gluten-free and vegan options. Must Try Dish: The lasagna might be this restaurant’s best-kept secret with pizza dominating most of the menu, but you won’t be disappointed as you savor each bite of this meaty, cheesy delicious entree. 523 Med Ct., Suite 102, (210) 437-1057.

An acai bowl from Rise Up off Broadway and vegan ceviche from La Botanica of North St. Mary's St. • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 29








2617 WAGON WHEEL ST (COLONIAL PLAZA) | (210)828-2582



1435 Frio City Rd • (210) 299-4744 •


Fruteria | Taqueria | Mariscos | Cerveza


Now Serving

210.530.1111 Monday - Friday: 11:30am - 10:00pm Saturday: 5:00pm - 10:00pm Sunday: Closed • Private Dining Rooms Available •

1502 Bandera RD | 210-431-7786 |


MON- FRI 5:30AM-4PM SAT 6:30AM-4PM • SUN 7:30AM-3PM

521 E Woodlawn Ave. • 210.737.8646




Authentic Thai Cuisine

ICE HOUSE 943 South Alamo • 210.224.BEER (2337)

226 26 W Bitters Rd #124




609 South Alamo Street | Southtown San Antonio | 210.227.2469

Mon - Thu: 5P- Midnight 30

CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •


Fri & Sat: 5P - 2A


Sun: 5P - Midnight


M-F 9a-3p | Sat-Sun 8a-3p Farm to Table Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Catering, To-Go & Private Events!

555 E. BASSE RD. STE 113 | 210-822-2665 | CAFEDIJONSA.COM






Francis Bogside is close to reopening after 2016 fire ERIN WINCH

TIPPLE TEST Oak Hills Tavern scores with great menu

Name: Oak Hills Tavern Background: Located on Fredericksburg just south of Medical Drive, many say that it is one of the best bars in the medical area. They’s been there for years, and have become an established and favorite in the area. They have events planned throughout the week, like Karaoke every Sundays and Tuesdays, movie nights on Thursdays, and often a band throwing over the bar on Fridays. Happy Hour: They run a happy hour daily between 3 and 7 where they feature $3.50 pints and 10% off food. In addition to happy hour, they have nightly drink specials and will serve food until 11p.m. Patrons: There is a fair amount of younger college aged (or recent graduates) that come to Oak Hills. Likely those that are younger and moved to the medical area for the cheaper housing and apartments after graduating college, or those who are close to earning their degrees and have moved away from the campus life. Experience: Going up to the bar on a Thursday night, you’ll be hard pressed to find good parking. The lot next to it, which belongs to the Blanco Cafe,

refuses to let the bar patrons park in their lot and the bar itself even advertises ample signs that warn, “If you park at Blanco, they WILL tow you. There is parking in back.” Venture around to the back and you’ll find parking is a rare commodity, most spots are filled and those that look like spots, seem to belong to other businesses. Once entering the bar — if you’re lucky enough to grab a spot — you’ll forget the frustration you once experienced. The staff is friendly, the food is delicious, and with nightly specials, the drinks are more than affordable. If you are a fan of sweet, then the mixed drinks that bartenders shake up would be just to you’re liking. If you’re not, you can always go with a shot of whatever spirit is on special that night, or one of their many draft beers. The food easily pleases everyone too, they sport pizzas, tacos, burgers and “Poutine” fries (which are really cheese fries) topped with your choice of meat, beer cheese AND shredded cheese, and pico. Though parking is bad, no matter what you order — tacos, beers, shots — your night ends on a high note. 7930 Fredericksburg Road, (210) 614-8855. Erin Winch writes about boozin’ in the Alamo City on her blog Drinking In SA. Follow her on Instagram at for more.

We’re excited about this one. Francis Bogside, part of the Steve Mahoney brand of bars that includes Blue Box and Hanzo, is almost ready to open its doors. To bring you up to speed, the bar has been closed for a year following a fire that gutted most of its kitchen on Halloween morning of 2016. The bar first opened in 2015 with sister restaurant Brigid, an upscale eatery first helmed by Chris Carlson. Both gained traction with awesome service and late night food in Southtown along with a tight list of cocktails. For its hopeful rise from the ashes as a bar Phoenix (sans Brigid), Francis Bogside has undergone some serious updates. The gleaming new kitchen (along with Hanzo’s and catering at Blue Box) is now helmed by Chris Cook, vice president of the San Antonio Chef Cooperative. The menu will reflect contemporary fare with a pub angle. Expect a soup of the day, hand-cut fries with black garlic sea salt, Guinness rings with gouda ranch, a “Scotchantonio” egg with local pork sausage, beef cheek mac ‘n’ cheese, a Bogside Burger, six pizzas, an a list of entrees with prices ranging from $6-$11 for appetizers, $13-$22 for pizzas and $13-$22 for entrees. The menu will change seasonally. Though Francis’ take on brunch is still very much in the works (Cook tossed out buffet options, and an omelet station during our conversation), the chef is making a few menu items available for the late night crowd. Bar-goers will enjoy a similar cocktail menu (the Irish Old Fashioned is coming back). But perhaps the biggest change is the bar’s configuration. With Brigid’s “closing” the bar doubled its seating capacity and added a new stage for bands and DJs. New upholstery and seating now graces most of the previous booths and bar stools. Though massive, the space has been carved up into intimate areas to listen to a live act, catch up with friends or grab a quick dinner. Though management is still waiting on permits, Francis Bogside’s re-opening date announcement could come any day now. Follow them on Facebook for more. 803 S. St. Marys St., (210) 988-3093. • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 31



104 N. St Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX








CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •

The legacy of Sunny & The Sunliners and their contribution to American music



To the outsider, and even the undiscerning local, San Antonio doesn’t scream R&B and soul mecca. Since the advent of tejano in the 1970s (which flourished into the ’90s with Selena at the helm), San Antonio would be known as a hot spot in the genre – an amalgamation of polka, pop, rock, R&B, conjunto, mariachi, and ranchera. Opposite to tejano, but with a timeline almost parallel to it, was the explosion of all things metal here in the Alamo City. Thanks to thenDJ-curated metal-playlists broadcasting over the air via 99.5 KISS FM, San Antonio would be christened Metal City, USA. And even in 2017, when bands like Metallica, Megadeth and (insert other popular metal or hard rock band from the ’80s) come through, San Antonio shows up in the tens of thousands. But if we go back even further and revisit the Alamo City circa 1960, you’ll find groups like Little Jr. Jesse and His Teardrops, The Commands, The Royal Jesters, and Sunny & The Sunliners. Bands who were influenced by the sounds of R&B, ’50s jazz and rock ‘n’ roll from listening to the radio and sneaking into places like Eastwood Country Club and Bel-Air Club to catch the popular black acts of the day like James Brown and B.B. King. The mixture, influence and imitation of these artists would conceive a sound that would eventually be dubbed Chicano Soul. First popular at teen dances since many of the acts, including Sunny & The Sunliners were either in or barely out of high school, the Chicano Soul sound (a rock ‘n’ roll reaction to the traditional norm of Mexican ranchera, norteño and conjunto) was heard reverberating over dance floors at places later like Patio Andaluz, the Keyhole, the Tiffany Lounge and the Northside Lounge while gaining a rapid and loyal following. In 2007, the late music journalist and South Texas Popular Culture Center cofounder Margaret Moser wrote in the Austin Chronicle that essentially, Chicano Soul was “the largest puzzle piece missing from history books about rock ‘n’ roll.” And for us folks whose introduction to rock ‘n’ roll was through bands like Guns N’ Roses and Nirvana or even The Doors and Black Sabbath, it’s easy to forget that, when rock ‘n’ roll was learning to crawl, the type of music these Chicano Soul cats were playing in the ’50s and ’60s was a radical statement and viewed as rebellious and even Satanic. Hector Saldaña, Texas Music Curator at the Wittliff Collections at Texas State University told the Current, “The thing is, in their day, in their era, [Chicano Soul artists] were like the indie rockers of today – the punk rockers. They were doing something that was sort of ostracized anyway. Rock ‘n’ roll was seen as the devil’s music at the time especially. Then you can imagine these Chicano kids wanting to get in on this, too, and putting their twist on it.”

One of the key players in the Chicano Soul or West Side Sound movement, was Ildefonso Fraga Ozuna, better known as Sunny, frontman for Sunny and The Sunglows (later The Sunliners). Born in 1943, Ozuna was raised on the Southside of San Antonio and attended Burbank High School where his fascination with music began. In 1963, Ozuna (still a high school student at this point) and his band Sunny and The Sunliners made an appearance on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand with his chart-topping single “Talk to Me” (a cover of a Little Willie John song written by Joe Seneca) and became the first tejano musician to make it on the show. “Sunny and The Sunliners were coming up in a world where they don’t think a MexicanAmerican guy can make it,” said Saldaña. “Talk to Sunny or talk to Sauce (Arturo Gonzales — leader of The West Side Horns, who played briefly with Sunny), and they’ll tell you when they showed up there to Dick Clark’s that [the producers] were expecting an African-American act – they were expecting a black soul man. They didn’t know what to do with these brown-skinned guys.” American Bandstand was just the beginning though, as Ozuna would continue to write a number of hits, release 69 albums, and continue playing shows today. The story of Chicano Soul doesn’t begin and end with San Antonio and Ozuna though. Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Phoenix and other cities in the Southwest had burgeoning scenes at the time as well. But few artists from this era came close to the natural talent and raw soulfulness that Ozuna was able to reflect in his recordings: A legacy not only important for himself and the West Side Sound, but for San Antonio music, Texas music, and America’s rock ‘n’ roll history. “This is American music,” said Saldaña. “These are guys born in Texas, so Sunny should be remembered for making, as a young man, American rock ‘n’ roll with a Chicano twist.” Ozuna’s legacy isn’t at the forefront for many, including myself until recently. Though I had heard of Sunny and The Sunliners from chatting up vinyl DJ and KRTU 91.7 general manager JJ Lopez (when he would spin soul music at places like Tucker’s Kozy Korner), it wasn’t until recently that I listened to some of Ozuna’s songs. Tracks like “I Only Have Eyes for You,” and “Should I Take You Home,” which combines the raw textures of drums, bass, keys and horns with rich, passionate vocals to form a sound that isn’t so much technical but emotional; a heavy vintage sound that reverberated on a molecular level and speaks to the spirit – the soul, if you will; and, in contrast to pop music today, didn’t rely on gobs of effects or post-production. The songs were good and made you feel good. And while the classic vibrations of • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 33


Nov 04 7 pm


NOV 06 6 PM






NOV 07 7 PM

No Raza w/ Wntermist, Hijo De Puta, Decimate & Mind Zero


Box Office at The Rock Box|Mon-Sat:10am- 5pm Flipside Record Parlour|BlackFly Metamorphosis

1223 E Houston St. SA, TX 78205 34

CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •


Ozuna’s tracks almost seemed foreign to your typical “San Antonio Tejano sound,” in a way they contained the fringes of something familiar because the sounds would heavily influence later tejano sounds we grew up with in the ’90s. What’s also sort of strange is that, unless you really did your research on San Antonio music or loved soul music in general, the magic of Sunny and The Sunliners, sadly, could be easily overlooked. Those sentiments trascend the tejano experience at least for one Brooklynbased label owner who’s hoping to turn Ozuna into a household name once again. “I’m a DJ and record collector,” Danny Akalepse, co-founder of Big Crown Records, said over the phone in a conversation with the Current. “I heard a Sunny record on my buddy’s mixtape in maybe 2001 or something like that. It was ‘Should I Take You Home’ and that’s how it is with collecting records. That was the beginning of the end for me,” he joked. Akalepse explained that he started “snatching up” all the records from Ozuna he could get his hands on and was looking to sign the singer before launching Big Crown in 2016 with cofounder Leon Daniels. “I saw that nobody had really dealt with [Ozuna] and put his music back into the world since it was [originally released],” said Akalepse. During the process of signing Ozuna that took three to five years (beginning with phone calls to Ozuna’s son and publicist David Ozuna), Akalepse flew to Texas in August of 2013 to meet with Ozuna face to face at the singer-songwriter’s northeastside home. In late 2015, Akalepse eventually signed Sunny and The Sunliners to Big Crown and the fruits of their labor can be found in Mr. Brown Eyed Soul released this past September. The album, available on Spotify, Apple Music, most streaming platforms, and, naturally, vinyl, is made up of previously released tracks that were first heard in the ’60s and early ’70s including the popular “Should I Take You Home,” “Put Me in Jail” and “Smile Now, Cry Later” amongst some deep cuts that soul-enthusiasts will be pleased to finally have in their collections. Though there wasn’t an official album release show for Mr. Brown Eyed Soul, Akalepse mentioned trying to collaborate with indie, psychedelic, funk, soul four-piece Chicano Batman to back Ozuna for a show in Los Angeles. “We talked about doing release parties for this compilation, but the timing wasn’t that good,” said Akalepse. “[Chicano Batman] was gonna back him for an LA show, and that’s still something that we might be able to put together.” Release show or not, the Current caught

up with Ozuna this September to talk about his role in the Chicano Soul movement and his recent deal with Big Crown. Tell me about what was it like being a part of the whole West Side Sound movement? How did Chicano Soul and your group develop? Well, it was kind of strange, ya’ know? I got into the music thing when I was still in high school and we used to have these dances on Wednesday nights at the Tom Heights Recreation Center on the Southside and the music was getting more into my blood. So when we wanted to started playing The West

Side Sound kind of just came into its own … We were almost getting to the level of having already gone through the recording studios and “Talk To Me” came along, and things were starting to roll, and then they decided they wanted to call that [era] from where we started “West Side Sound.” I’m from the South Side, to be truthful, but the idea of the music where we used to play in the beginning like Patio Andaluz, and the old VFW out on the West Side, and little places like that that were on the westside of town, and so they just related the whole sound to the West Side … We were amazingly [popular] with the teenagers … and so

our audiences were growing through that time. The music was growing, the groups were developing, the airplay was starting to happen, the kids were getting hooked, I mean, we couldn’t seem to do anything wrong, because we were all teenagers and just guessing [what to do next]. It’s really cool to hear how this all just happened organically. Like obviously, the general goal for any young musician starting out is to say, “Hey I wanna make money playing music, hang out with my friends and continue to do it as long as I possibly can,” and y’all really seemed to do that. • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 35

Charlie Brown’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill

it’s the


Mon-Sat 2Pm-7Pm Specials Daily Kitchen Open Until Midnight Tuesday-Saturday NOV. 4, 2017 KEROSENE DRIFTERS NOV. 11, 2017 JEFF WOOD NOV. 18, 2017 JOE TALBERT & KATY MCKENZIE

Barns Courtney + Mobley Fri, Nov 3 • 7PM • ALL AGES

Moving Units + Very Special Guest DJ Fri, Nov 3 • 8PM • ALL AGES

20% ofF

Karaoke • Trivia

11888 Starcrest | 210 496-7092

6 or More 750ml Bottles of Wine*

Mix, Match & Save This Thanksgiving

The Rocketboys

Fri, Nov 4 • 7PM • ALL AGES

13 SAN ANTONIO AREA LOCATIONS • Alamo Heights in Lincoln Heights ShopPing Center • Alon Center • Bandera & 1604 • Boerne

• Evans & 281 • Highland HilLs / McCrelesS • Lackland / Westlakes • Lytle

• Marketplace at 281 & BitTers • Medical Center • New Braunfels • Seguin


Fri, Nov 4 • 8PM • ALL AGES

Recipes, Event Calendars and More at TWINLIQUORS.COM *Holiday wine sale runs 11/1/17-12/30/17. Discount is off regular retail price. No further discount on Twin Deals, Bargain Barrels, Ends in "2" pricing or sale items. Please drink responsibly.


CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •




And it was so much fun! To be truthful, the money didn’t become important [for] like the next four or five years. As teenagers were just anxious to get from one [gig] to the other, ‘cause all our friends from school were gonna be [at our gigs], all our fans were gonna be there, and we were anxious to just get up and play. We were young. Money wasn’t the reason we were doing it in the beginning. Until it became a business and the word “bills” came along (laughs). (Laughs) What’s something that a lot of people don’t know about you and your band? Well, I don’t know if people don’t know this but we got [involved] with lowriders. Back then, the car clubs wound up being a huge thing here in San Antonio, and they were having the dances all the time. If we were going to do La

Villita downtown for the Gear Grinders, they would tell all the other car clubs in the city from miles around that they were gonna have [a dance] and [the other car clubs] would help them sell tickets. Then two weeks later, The Cruisers would have [a dance], and they would put out the word, then everybody [the other car clubs] would put out the word and so you can imagine this thing was just [growing and growing]. You guys were really innovative with your sound, introducing horns, etc., were you annoyed or flattered by other groups imitating some of the stuff y’all were doing? I think we were too lost in the good feelings … After a while, they copied the way we play, the way we dress, the equipment that we were using, the new lighting that • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 37

Serving San Antonio for14 years strong!

CLUB SiRIUS est 2003








CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •

200 10141 Wurzbach, San Antonio, Texas 78230 • (210) 877-2100 • Corner of Ironside and Wurzbach


no one had seen before. We had as many musicians and people in the industry in these crowds just to see what we were gonna do next. We found a tailor that would do all our suits – Dukes Tailor Shop in Houston. And every time we went there, we took the new up-andcoming designs out of Gentlemen’s Quarterly magazine (GQ) and we would run it up to Dukes. And we stayed ahead of everybody … and we did the same thing with our music. Once I got the wind of songwriting, which I never thought I was gonna like as much – I’m still doing it today – what happened was, once I did “Smile Now Cry Later” and “Just a Moment,” “Golly Gee,” and “The One Who’s Hurting Is You” and I said ‘You know what? This must be a way of life for me, this is so easy.’ And the songs were all fires, different sizes naturally. The huge one in R&B was “Talk To Me” but not missing it by much was “Smile Now Cry Later” and “Put Me In Jail” and the list goes on. But what I finally realized is that songwriting, if I could come up with one large fire (song), I was pretty much done for that year, ‘cause that was gonna keep us busy with teenagers wanting to come hear the new song. And then, of course, we were doing the same thing to the clothing, the equipment … For us, [this has] always been a full time job.

JJ LOPEZ Dimas III & The Royal Jesters “You’ve Succeeded” Clown Records

Something truly magical happens when this 45 drops. The horns hit, the harmonies hit and Dimas comes out with, “if you want to see me sad, you’ve succeeded.” This highly collectible slice of Chicano Soul is of the highest order and quality. Holy grail status = firme. Joe Jama & The Royal Jesters “Girl I Can’t Forget” Clown Records

The Royal Jesters featured a few legendary singers throughout the band’s extensive recording history. “Girl I Can’t Forget” features Joe Jama in fine form on this seriously hot tear-jerker. Henry & The Kasuals “Forever” Cobra Records

Another 45 that gets your attention right from the drop features front-man Henry ‘Pepsi’ Pena – the hardest working man in Chicano Soul – yesterday and today. “Forever” was recorded for the legendary Cobra record label and is a cover of the Marvelettes’ “Darling Forever.” ready to listen to whatever new original was [on the album]. Because they won’t come straight to the original stuff, it would have to grow on them from hearing it over and over on the radio then your “Smile Now Cry Later” would grow. And your “Put Me In Jail” would grow. But to answer your question, I included [songs] that I thought I could cover and give it a little bit of what I was doing it. But that’s when we included our originals. As we went through the years, we would add more and more originals because we could, once we started to become established. How do you feel about hooking up your new label Big Crown Records? He [Akalepse] is going to [get] us into markets that we have never traveled or performed. He’s coming from up north and that is virgin territory because we never got out that far … Some of those places we didn’t get to reach – Philadelphia, because of American Bandstand, was about the only exception, but we didn’t do New York, New Jersey, nothing all the way across the top [of the U.S.]. Most of our business has been from the level of New Mexico, Colorado … the last 53 years. [Big Crown] is going to be [treating me] like a brand new artist and they don’t mind going that route since it’s actually helping what they’re trying to create. And so, it’s one more generation that we’ll be able to reach.

Doc & Sal “Laughing to Keep From Crying” Dynamic Records

Recorded for the Dynamic record label, “Laughing to Keep from Crying” was issued as a fierce double-sider 45 with “Can’t Get You Off My Mind” on the flip. Both tunes written by the legendary Ricky Davila (KEDA 1540AM). Little Jr. Jesse & The Teardrops “Ain’t No Big Thing” Dynamic Records

Originally recorded by the Radiants in 1965, “Ain’t No Big Thing” has become a soul staple and interpreted by quite a few different artists. Here, one time radio DJ, Little Jr. Jesse, is with his Teardrops unleashing what could be one of the definitive versions. Side note: peep Esteban Jordan’s version for a killer alternative.


Speaking of songwriting, how many albums have you actually written? Around 69. Well, I didn’t write all of them, and the idea, even for day one, was that we were going to be a cover band. And we were listening to the radio and loving everything that the kids were loving and listening to Top 40. Then, of course, we had a Spanish radio station that was on fi re for the kids, for the Hispanics here in San Antonio called KUKA back in the day. And so between those two, it was easy for us to write. For each of our CDs, what happened is that if we included a few [cover songs] and gave it our fl avor, that would help the sales and they were

5 Essential Conjunto Soul Tracks You Should Know • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 39

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N. Presa St.

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CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •





“Naked As We Came” and a lot of Iron and Wine’s catalog represented a time in the early-to-mid 2000s when “indie” music was beginning to become more and more popular creating a shift in the singer-songwriter aesthetic. Artists like Iron and Wine, Jose Gonzalez, Joanna Newsom, and Sufjan Stevens (when he wasn’t writing full on orchestrations) approached songwriting with simply an instrument and a melody, allowing audiences to focus on the timber of these artists’ voices and how they interacted with their instruments. $40.25, 8pm, Aztec Theatre, 104 N. St. Mary’s St., (210) 812-4355, – Chris Conde THU




MOVING UNITS Los Angeles outfit Moving Units, which has now been doing its thing for 15 years, operates in a pretty unique sonic space. The band’s music is generally described as post-punk or dance-punk, both of which are accurate to a point (the former perhaps more than the latter), but Moving Units’ sound also encompasses elements of industrial and progressive rock, indie rock, and pop. In the final analysis though, it’s hard to parse these seemingly disparate elements, as the band has reached a point where its sound is best described in terms of itself, rather than with referential signposts. In the live setting, above all else, Moving Units is a gem, boasting a propulsive, dance-partyfor-the-apocalypse atmosphere. $12-$15, 8pm, Paper Tiger, 2410 N. St. Mary’s St., – James Courtney FRI




Bringing Classical music to a new generation, singer Renée Fleming is an American opera singer and soprano who is best known for singing Richard Strauss, Mozart, Handel, bel canto, lieder, French opera and chansons and jazz. In 2010 though, Fleming stepped into the indie world releasing the album Dark Hope which included covers of Arcade Fire and Death Cab For Cutie which she didn’t sing all operatically if you were wondering (though that might be kind of cool to hear). For a taste of something outside of your comfort zone of indie rock, metal or whatever shows you frequent, broaden your horizons and musical pallet by watching Fleming sing from an impressive classical catalog that garnered her a National Medal of Arts. $54.50-$149.50, 7:30pm, Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, (210) 223-8624, – CC WED

GRANITE HANDS + MORE Here’s a stacked local bill of four acts keeping the dystopian dream of alternative rock alive in their own ways. Granite Hands, for starters, is an instrumental math-rock outfit that incorporates elements of jazz fusion, progressive rock, and psychedelic rock into its satisfyingly knotty music. Cliffside of the Pinkeyed Sky, aside from boasting one of the best band names in town, impressed us with the summer release of its Spacetime EP, which presents a trippy and experimental progressive rock sound. The other two bands on this swell bill are Donella Drive and Celeste’al Descent, which play funky/punk-y alt-rock with a pop digestibility and straightforward, KISS FMready alternative respectively. A quick Bandcamp search for any of these bands will help you get familiar with their overlapping but distinct sounds before Saturday’s show. $5, 9pm, Hi-Tones, 621 E. Dewey Pl., (210) 785-8777, – JC



04 • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 41

GET TESTED! Mon – Fri, 8am – 4:30pm | (210) 625-7200 | 303 N. Frio |






CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •




When Lizzo released her 2016 EP Coconut Oil, it felt like the entire music world paused and was like “wait — what — who is this?” It’d been a long time since a new artist was able to transcend the underground R&B world to the bleeding edge of pop whilst keeping her personality and lovable character at the forefront of her music. With songs about loving yourself (“Scuse Me”) and a hilarious track about misplacing your phone after a night out with the girls (“Phone”), it was a breath of fresh air to see a #thicc R&B chick bring it as hard as, dare I say, Beyonce (Fight me). Lizzo is the truth, and she’s coming to San Antonio to remind us that queens come in all shapes and sizes. With Doja Cat, $18, 8pm, Paper Tiger, 2410 N. St. Mary’s St., – CC SAT




SUB:ROSA UNSCENE RECORDS DANCE PARTY Brewing beneath the surface of San Antonio’s bustling live music scene is one of Texas’ busiest techno music labels Unscene Records. Founded by DJ and recording artist Enrique Cortazar, Unscene has been releasing top-notch minimal house and techno since 2014 and is about to release its second vinyl release (and 43rd digital release) hosting an impressive roster of international recordings artists. For fans of the Detroit sound, Unscene offers a deep catalog of warm, soulful minimal techno for the most discerning dancer. Sub:Rosa will feature Djs ISA, Enrique Cortazar, and Dallas party maker Dozal (Loopy) and is the first daytime party for the crew, taking place on the Ventura’s riverwalk patio. For future events, “Sub: Rosa will be hosted in a variety of different venues throughout the city, from bars to secret locations. All providing a unique experience of sound and space,” Cortazar told the Current. Free, 2-8pm, Ventura, 1011 Avenue B, (210) 8026940, – JJ Lopez


The 1990s nostalgia boom is still in full bloom, and San Antonio, of all places, sure ain’t mad at it. With that in mind, we think you’ll want to check out Toad the Wet Sprocket’s upcoming SA show. The stalwart, easy-going alternative rock crew notched a slew of hits in the 1990s, including “Walk on the Ocean,” “All I Want,” “Something’s Always Wrong,” and “Fall Down,” and has been newly active, after extended hiatus in the aughts, as recently as 2013 with the release of its sixth album New Constellation. With not much in the way of new music to offer, fans from back in the day can rest assured that they’ll be treated to all of their favorites from yesteryear at this weekend’s rare performance. $40-$45, 8pm, Sam’s Burger Joint, 330 E. Grayson St., (210) 223-2830, – JC SAT

SOULFLY DOES NAILBOMB Fun fact, especially for all you Deftones fans out there: The name Soulfly was actually taken from the Deftones track “Headup” off of Deftones’ 1997 album Around The Fur. If you go back and listen, Max Cavalera, who lent his vocals on the song, is definitely screaming “soul fly” in the chorus (The more you know!). Anyway, Cavalera and his brother Igor Cavalera started the thrash/groove metal band Sepultura which rose to fame through the 90s. Max Cavalera eventually wound up leaving the band (his brother a few years later too) to start Soulfly in 1997, which has more of a nu-metal flare to it, contrast to the thrash roots of Sepultura. However, on this particular tour, Cavalera and the dudes in Soulfly will be performing as Nailbomb, an early side project of Cavelera’s pre-Soulfly, and will be playing through their only album Point Blank all the way through. With Harms Way, Noisem, Lody Kong, $25-$30, 6pm, The Rock Box, 1223 E. Houston St., (210) 677-9453, – CC MON




COURTESY OF SOULFLY • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 43


MUSIC CALENDAR WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1 Bru’s Tunes Live acoustic music by Bru’s Tunes. Free. La Hacienda De Los Barrios, 6-9pm The Georges Rockabilly act at Gruene Hall. Free. Gruene Hall, 6-10pm Jeff Plankenhorn Blues/soul/rock musician from Austin. $7-$40. Sam’s Burger Joint, 8:30pm Wednesday Evening Picker Circle With Brent Ryan. Free. Luckenbach Dance Hall, 5-9pm THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2

Hall, 4-7pm Matisyahu Reggae vocalist, beatboxer, and alt rock musician Matisyahu is joined by Common Kings. $29.75-$89. Charline McCombs Empire Theatre, 8pm Midnight Cleaners Local “lo-fi rock” band joined by Barrera & the Hot Springs. Free. Lowcountry, 10pm Rob Baird Country artist from Austin performs at Sam’s Burger Joint. $10$45. Sam’s Burger Joint, 9pm Robert Earl Keen Country artist joined by Red Shahan. $25-$500. John T Floore’s Country Store, 9pm Silvercloud Rock and Americana at Rolling Oaks Golf Club Bar and Grill. Free. Rolling Oaks Golf Club Bar and Grill, 8-11pm

Autumn Vibes Live Live musical performances by The Foreign Arm, St. Dukes Indie rock band, joined by 16 the Olympus, Mr.Pidge, St. Dukes, Hieronymus Bogs and more. $5. Slomobile, Noise Quota, Optic Arrest, Imagine Books and Records, 7:30pm Slowpoke, What? The City Bears, Joshua Myles, and Mariana Be. $5. Brick Texas T and the Shine Runners Rockabilly act. Free. The Phoenix at Blue Star, 5pm Saloon, 9pm Darrel Hughes Album Release Party Trejo Metal act joined by Killjoy Authority, Local singer/songwriter Darrel Hughes 5th Circle and more. $5-$8. Bond’s releases his album You. Me. Us. with 007 Rock Bar, 8pm support by The Cinderleaf & Josh Glenn. $5. Ventura, 6pm

Mark Searcy Local blues musician Mark Searcy performs at his Strawberry Jam release show. $10-$40. Sam’s Burger Joint, 7:30pm Michale Graves Known as the lead singer for the 1990s re-incarnation of the Misfits. $15-$20. The Korova, 7pm Thursday Night Picker Circle With Ben Beckendorf. Free. Luckenbach Dance Hall, 5-9pm Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros Americana act at Gruene Hall. Free. Gruene Hall, 6-10pm

West Kings Highway First Friday at Southtown 101. Free. Southtown 101, 8-11pm SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4 Billy Joe Shaver Country act joined by Eric Hisaw. $17.50-$22. John T Floore’s Country Store, 8:30pm Carpoolparty South Carolina act plays “vapordance,” a blend of disco, vaporwave, funk and hip hop. Free. The Cove, 9-11pm Cary Swinney Trio Folk act at Gruene Hall. Free. Gruene Hall, 1-5pm

Dawn of the Phoenix Local darkwave act joined by New World Architechs and Barns Courtney English singer/songwriter more. $5-$7. Jack’s Bar, 8pm joined by Mobley (Austin). $12-$15. Deft-ones Houston-based tribute to Paper Tiger, 7:30pm Deftones. $5-$7. The Amp Room, 8pm Fox Motel Local alt rock band joined by Fulcrum Lake Local hard rock band, joined War on Sunday and more. Free. The by 16 the Olympus and Anonymous Amp Room, 10pm Henchmen. Free. Fitzgerald’s Bar & Live Friday Afternoon Picker Circle With Music, 8-11:45pm Hayden Whittington. Free. Luckenbach Griphynn Rock act joined by Red Beard Dance Hall, 1-4pm Wall and Rise from Fire. $5. Zombies, Genitorturers Industrial metal band from 9:30pm Florida. $12-$15. The Korova, 8pm Grownhop Music Experience Hosts Joe Ely Band Joe Ely, formerly of The DJ Elixir & I Sing the Sax Electric. Free. Flatlanders, is joined by The Peterson Whiskey Girls, 9pm Brothers. $20. Gruene Hall, 8pm Grupo Tayer Concert Dedicated to L&M Kings “Honky-tonk” act at traditional Mexican music, playing a Luckenbach. Free. Luckenbach Dance variety of musical genres. $7-$10. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3


CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •


Esperanza Peace & Justice Center, 7-8:30pm James Rivera’s Metal Asylum Tribute to metal history, joined by Virgin Killers (Scorpions tribute) and Headhunter USA (Krokus tribute). $10-$12. Bond’s 007 Rock Bar, 8pm

Bun B Bun B (of rap duo UGK) is joined by GT Garza, King Kyle Lee. $25-$75. Alamo City Music Hall & Club, 8pm Dawn & Hawkes Austin Americana/folk singer/songwriter duo. $10-$45. Sam’s Burger Joint, 7pm

Mariachi USA Top mariachi bands from the USA and Mexico, traditional folkloric dances and a sing-a-long fireworks finale. $20-$89. Austin 360 Amphitheater, 6pm

Drugstore Cowboy 45th Anniversary/ CD release Country act Drugstore Cowboy performs for their 45th Anniversary CD release. Free. John T Floore’s Country Store, 4-10pm

Micky and the Motorcars Texas country act joined by Austin Meade. $12. Luckenbach Dance Hall, 8-11pm

Hoodie Allen Long Island rapper joined by Luke Christopher, Myles Parrish. $14$50. Aztec Theatre, 8pm

Monkeys on a String Lpcal Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds tribute band. Free. The Cove, 8-11pm

King William Concerts in the Park Musical performance by Volcán, local indie Latin act. Free. King William Park, 5:30-6:30pm

The New Offenders Southern rock act at The Phoenix Saloon. Free. The Phoenix Saloon, 9pm

Nag Champa Producer Nag Champa performs original cumbia tracks live. Limelight, 9pm

Oceans Ate Alaska Metalcore act from The Peterson Brothers Blues act at the UK, joined by Invent, Animate, Gruene Hall. Free. Gruene Hall, 4-8pm Dayseeker and Afterlife. $13-$15. Alamo City Music Hall & Club, 6pm Star Wars and Other Epic Adventures The YOSA Philharmonic marks the 40th The Rocketboys Indie rock band from anniversary of the original Star Wars Austin, joined by Quiet Kids and Swimming (and the impending release of The Last with Bears. $10. Paper Tiger, 8pm Jedi) with John Williams’ music for the Steven Tyler Even if you’re not a fan of film series. $16-$22. Tobin Center for anything after Toys in the Attic or Rocks, the Performing Arts, 7pm you’d be hard-pressed to find someone Sunday Evening Picker Circle With Bill who didn’t at least appreciate Aerosmith Lewis. Free. Luckenbach Dance Hall, and singer Steven Tyler’s contribution 5-9pm to rock ‘n’ roll. On Saturday, November 4, the iconic “Dream On” singer will be MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6 joined on stage by the Nashville group Living Mary Band at the Tobin Center for Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons an intimate evening of hits, new songs Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons, rock and stories. Tyler joins a pretty noteworthy act from Ohio, is joined by The Reed list of heavy-hitting artists who have been Brothers. Jack’s Bar, 8pm featured at the Tobin Center’s Annual Bret Graham Country musician at Gruene Benefit Concert – artists whose careers Hall. Free. Gruene Hall, 6-10pm have crossed several decades, including Paul McCartney, Lionel Richie and Dolly Parton (who put on an amazing show last year). For a night that’s sure to bring back some rock ‘n’ roll memories, don’t sleep on this one y’all. $100-$1,000. Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, 8pm Tom Keifer Rock musician of blues/rock band Cinderella performs at The Rock Box. $26. The Rock Box, 7-10pm Uncle Lucius Americana/roots/folk act at Gruene Hall. $15. Gruene Hall, 9pm Vikki Carr Grammy Awards-winning vocalist performs at the Tobin. $34.50$150. Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, 7:30pm SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5 Bill Hearne Trio Folk/country act Bill Hearne Trio performs at Gruene Hall. Free. Gruene Hall, 12-3:30pm

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Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors Americana band joined by Lewis Watson. $16-$70. Sam’s Burger Joint, 8pm Monday Evening Picker Circle With Kathy Bauer & Michael Broussard. Free. Luckenbach Dance Hall, 5-9pm TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7 Austin Meade Singer/songwriter joined by Judson Cole and Erick Willis. Free. Gruene Hall, 6-10pm The Lineup Limelight hosts the Lineup, a Tuesday night dance party featuring DJ Free Verse. Limelight, 9pm No Raza Death metal band joined by Wintermist, Hijo De Puta and more. $10. The Rock Box, 7pm Sadgirl Los Angeles “lo-fi, surf-wop trio.” $10-$15. Paper Tiger, 8pm • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 45



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“And?”— people in conjunction. ACROSS



9405 IH-35 @ THOUSAND OAKS | 657-9999 11827 HWY 281 N @ NAKOMA | 404-0011 OPEN DAILY: 7AM - 2AM 46

CURRENT • November 1-7, 2017 •

1 Honolulu’s island 5 One dimension of three 11 Late Playboy founder, familiarly 14 Closing ___ (surrounding) 15 Escapee’s shout 16 Dir. of this entry 17 Musician Wainwright fully understandable? 19 Greek letter after pi 20 Cozy reading corner 21 Schadenfreude, for one 23 Streamed service, often 25 Actor Quinn in the act of helping? 27 Totals (up) 28 Covetous feeling 29 Peat ingredient 30 Also 31 Former U.N. secretary general Kofi ___ Annan (because “___girl” is so cliche) 32 Bambi’s mother, e.g. 34 Baseball’s Dwight prepared? 38 Big T-shirt sizes, for short 39 Hit the horn 40 Fuel economy org. 43 Potent opener? 46 Start up a computer 47 Self-involved 48 Composer Franz Joseph’s

search? 51 Rick’s TV grandson 52 Anybody 53 Some pet hotel visitors 54 Frost in the air 55 CEO Buffett’s time of quiet? 60 Oar wood 61 At least 62 Hunchback of horror films 63 Some ice cream containers, for short 64 Thelonious Monk’s “Well You ___” 65 “Can’t say I’ve seen it”


1 Canola, for one 2 “I’ll take that as ___” 3 Elvis classic of 1956 4 Nullifies 5 Clickable text 6 Letters associated with Einstein 7 Org. with Lions and Jaguars 8 Covetous 9 First side of a scoreboard, generically 10 Everglades wader 11 Manufacturer of Gummi Bears 12 Repeats 13 Outward appearances 18 “Hollywood Squares” win,

perhaps 22 Made docile 23 Distillery tank 24 Altar reply, traditionally 25 Poker pot part 26 Sir Walter Scott novel 28 Approx. takeoff hrs. 31 They’re retiring AIM at the end of 2017 32 Body shop removal 33 Charter ___ (tree on Connecticut’s state quarter) 35 Nitrous ___ 36 Piece for Magnus Carlsen 37 Way in the past 41 Poe’s “The ___ and the Pendulum” 42 By ___ means necessary 43 Response to an impressive put-down 44 Little Red Book follower 45 Oreads, naiads, etc. 46 “Cold one, over here” 47 Elect 49 From ___ (henceforth) 50 Drum kit drum 51 Treasure hunter’s assistance 53 Online tech news resource 56 Fishing pole 57 Directional ending 58 Police officer 59 Before, in old poems


LEGAL NOTICE >I am a pretty handsome gay (I have been told) and I am dating a gorgeous man. I am 34, and he is 31. I am bottom only, and he is top only — so it’s a good match. He seems sincerely interested in me and we are talking about being together. But here is the thing: He noticed that I have a rather small penis. I am under the average, and his dick is quite big and long. Since he discovered this, he fancies about “humiliating” me about my “small pee-pee.” He would even like me to show it to his friends. I am not ashamed of the size of my penis because it’s how I am made and I can’t change it. But I wonder what this idea means for him. I would somehow understand that he would put me down if he suffered from a “small dick complex,” but since he is so well-endowed, I don’t get it. Is it a common turn-on for some top guys to imagine that their partner is smaller than them? Does it hide something else maybe? Humiliated Over Tackle P.S. English is not my mother tongue. I apologize for this. I don’t have a problem with your English — it’s doubtless better than my [insert your mother tongue here] — I have a problem with your potential boyfriend. Small penis humiliation (SPH) is a kink popular enough to have spawned a porn genre. There are more than 76,000 SPH-themed porn videos on XTube — and XTube is just one of the various porn tubes out there ruining everything for everyone. Over at PornHub, there are SPH videos with more than two million views. That’s all anecdote, not data, HOT, but it’s anecdote enough to confirm that, yes, small penis humiliation is definitely a thing. And it can be a very good thing for guys whose erotic imaginations transformed their anxieties about having small dicks into a kink they enjoy. But you are not one of those guys. You like your dick fine, and you’ve got the exact right attitude about your dick — indeed, all men everywhere, regardless of size, should embrace their dicks the way you’ve embraced your own. Your

dick is your dick, you can’t change it, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. And big or small, HOT, your dick has all the same nerve endings as that big and long thing on the guy who might be your boyfriend someday (but who’s definitely a presumptuous asshole right now). As with most kinks — bondage, cuckolding, foot fetishes, diapers, pup play — subs/bottoms are way more common than Doms/tops. So it’s usually the guy with the small dick who initiates small penis humiliation games with his partner, HOT, not the boyfriend with the bigger dick and/or the girlfriend with the pussy and/or the bigger dick. (Some women have dicks, all women can purchase strap-ons.) While there are SPH tops out there — just as there are bondage tops (half of whom are frustrated bondage bottoms) — their numbers are far smaller. But the issue here isn’t stumbling over a rare small penis humiliation top in the wild, HOT, but whether or not you’re into it. Are you into power play? Do you like being degraded? Does the thought of this dude ordering you to show your dick to his friends — friends who presumably want to see your dick — turn you on in any way? If the answer is no, no, and FUCK NO, then tell your potential new boyfriend to stop making fun of your cock. If the answer is maybe, maybe, and maybe under the right circumstances, then talk it over with him and work out when, where, and how you’re willing to indulge his SPH kink. If you stay with him, you’re also going to need to have a conversation about consent. SPH isn’t something you surprise someone with. Like most kinks, it requires advance discussion, the setting of limits, and the consent of both parties. It’s worrisome that this guy didn’t bother with obtaining your consent in advance, HOT, and if he doesn’t recognize that he made a mistake and swear not to make a similar mistake in the future, well, then you’ll have to DTMFA.

Application has been made with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for a BG and FB (Wine and Beer Retailer’s permit and Food and Beverage Certificate) by Burger Moran LLC dba Burger Culture, to be located at 801 S. Presa St., San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. Members of said LLC are Randy R. Vrana and Julie M. Vrana.



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FREE WILL ASTROLOGY by Rob Brezsny ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19): America’s Civil War ended in 1865. A veteran from that conflict later produced a daughter, Irene Triplett, who is still alive today and collecting his pension. In the coming months, I foresee you being able to take advantage of a comparable phenomenon, although it may be more metaphorical. Blessings from bygone times, perhaps even from the distant past, will be available to you. But you’ll have to be alert and know where to look. So now might be a good time to learn more about your ancestors, ruminate exuberantly about your own history, study the lives of your dead heroes, and maybe even tune in to your previous incarnations.

Seeking Home.’ Did you know this? If so, do you think it’s an accurate title for what you do? - Renegade Leo Scholar.” Dear Scholar: Thanks for your observation. I don’t know if I fully deserve the title “Builder of Bridges for Those Who Are Seeking Home,” but it does describe the role I’m hoping to play for Leos. The coming weeks will be an excellent time for your tribe to clarify and cultivate your notion of home.

too “intuitive and unorthodox.” The shock explorer is unexpectedly given a chance of his rejection drove me away from a to embark on an adventure she has subject I had been passionate about. only read and dreamed about. But she Eventually, though, I came to realize hesitates on the brink of seizing her what a good deed he had done. It would opportunity. She asks herself, “Do I really have been a mistake for me to keep want to risk having ragged reality corrupt specializing in math — I was destined the beautiful fantasy I’ve built up in my to study literature and psychology and mind’s eye?” In the end she takes the mythology — but it took Pastorini to gamble. She embarks on the adventure. correct my course. Now, Sagittarius, And ragged reality does in fact partially I invite you to make a similar shift of corrupt her beautiful fantasy. But it also brings her unexpected lessons that VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22): Author Clarissa attitude. What debt of gratitude do you owe a person you have thought of as a partially enhance the beautiful fantasy. Pinkola Estés encourages us to purge source of frustration or obstruction? any tendencies we might have to think of ourselves as hounded animals, angry, PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20): “A game wounded victims, leaky vessels aching to CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19): In of chess is usually a fairy tale of 1001 be filled, or broken creatures yearning for the lore of ancient Greek mythology, blunders,” said chess grandmaster Savielly rescue. It so happens that now is a perfect the god Prometheus stole fire from his Tartakower, a Pisces. “It is a struggle TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20): “I wasn’t in time for you to perform this purgation. You fellow deities and sneakily gave it to us against one’s own errors,” he added. “The the market to buy a Day-Glo plastic fish have maximum power to revise your selfhumans. Before our patron provided winner of the game is the player who from a street vendor,” testified a witty image so that it resounds with more poise, us with this natural treasure, we poor makes the next-to-last mistake.” I think guy named Jef on Facebook, “but that’s self-sufficiency, and sovereignty. creatures had no access to it. As I gaze this is excellent counsel during the current exactly what I did. The seller said he out at your possibilities in the coming phase of your astrological cycle, Pisces. found it in someone’s trash. He wanted months, Capricorn, I foresee you having It’s time to risk bold moves, because even LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): I used to scoff at fifty cents for it, but I talked him up to a if they’re partly or wholly mistaken, they people who play the lottery. The chance of Promethean inclinations. Your ability to dollar. The best part is the expression on winning big is almost nil. Why not invest bestow blessings and spread benevolence will ultimately put you in a good position the fish’s face. It’s from Edvard Munch’s and do good deeds will be at a peak. to succeed in the long run. Here’s a further one’s hopes in more pragmatic schemes The Scream.” I bring this testimony to Unlike Prometheus, however, I don’t point for your consideration. Remember to generate money? But my opinion your attention, Taurus, because I feel expect you’ll get into trouble for your the philosopher Rene Descartes’ famous softened a bit when the planet Jupiter it’s good role-modeling for you. In the generosity. Just the opposite! dictum, “Cogito ergo sum”? It’s Latin made a lucky transit to an aspect in my coming days, I bet you won’t know for “I think, therefore I am.” Tartakower personal horoscope. It really did seem like exactly what you’re looking for until countered this with, “Erro ergo sum,” my chances of winning the lottery were AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18): Here’s a you find it. This prize may not be highly unusually high. I started dreaming about parable you may find useful. An armchair which is “I err, therefore I am.” valued by anyone else but you. And it the educational amusements I’d pursue will amuse you and be of use to you in if I got a huge influx of cash. I opened my just the right ways. mind to expansive future possibilities that I had previously been closed to. So even THIS MODERN WORLD by Tom Tomorrow GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20): Where are though I didn’t actually get a windfall Chinese gooseberries grown? In New during this favorable financial phase, Zealand. What is a camel’s hair brush made I was glad I’d entertained the fantasy. of? Squirrel fur. When England and France In alignment with current astrological waged their Hundred Years’ War, how long omens, Libra, here’s the moral of the story did it last? 116 years. When do Russians for you: Meditate on what educational celebrate their October Revolution? In amusements you’d seek if you had more November. Trick answers like these are money. likely to be a recurring theme for you in the coming weeks, Gemini. That’s why I advise SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21): In the early you to NOT be a Master of the Obvious. stages of Johnny Cash’s development as a musician, his mother hired a coach to CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22): In give him singing lessons. But after a few accordance with the astrological omens, meetings, the teacher counseled him to I recommend you indulge in any or all of quit. Johnny’s style was so unique, the the following exercises. 1. Dedicate an seasoned pro thought it better not to entire day to performing acts of love. 2. tamper with his natural sound. I hesitate to Buy yourself flowers, sing yourself a song, offer you comparable advice, Scorpio. I’m a and tell yourself a story about why you’re big believer in the value of enhancing one’s so beautiful. 3. Explain your deeply-felt innate talents with training and education. opinion with so much passion and logic On the other hand, my assessment of your that you change the mind of a person destiny between now and October 2018 who had previously disagreed with you. impels me to offer a suggestion: It may be 4. Make a pilgrimage to a sacred spot you useful for you to give some credence to the want to be influenced by. 5. Buy a drink for perspective of Johnny Cash’s voice coach. everyone in a bar or cafe. Make sure you guard and revere your distinctiveness. LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22): “Dear Rob: I saw a photo of you recently, and I realized that SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21): I used to you have a scar on your face. I hope you nurture a grudge against Tony Pastorini. don’t mind me telling you it resembles He was the high school math teacher an ancient Mayan hieroglyph that means who kicked me out of the extracurricular ‘Builder of Bridges for Those Who Are Calculus Club because my proofs were • November 1-7, 2017 • CURRENT 49

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