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E14. May June July 2023

Ethical Much UK and Cambodia

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I hope you’re having a good summer, in between the rain, the sun is shining, and inbetween the sun, the rain is falling.

This edition is a little skinnier than usual, partly because I had a month off, to spend time with my lovely wife, Muylen, and partly because I’ve whittled it down to only having the good deeds in, no extras, in order to save a bit of money this edition.

In my spare time I’ve been dabbling with creating a video version of Ethical Much, using the same principle, subscriptions pay for good deeds, good deeds are made into videos, the videos go on the platform.

I thought this would be a vast and complex thing to create, but, having explored it and tested the technology available, I’ve managed to create a very early version for less than £100. You can have a look at it on www.CompassionateTV.com, in fact, it would be very helpful if you could google it, and visit the website, just so google learns it exists. There’s only a handful of videos on the site so far, but the that’s how Ethical Much started, and now there’s nearly a thousand good deeds done, so from tiny acorns and all that.

Muylen is starting to make videos in Cambodia as well, there’s so much poverty there, it’s really heartbreaking just how people suffer, sometimes for no good reason. One of the stories in this edition concerns a man who developed curvature of the spine as a teenager.

There’s another man that’s blind, but the stories I find most upsetting are of the women, left to take can of several children, whilst the men are away, trying to earn money.

Perhaps that resonates with me, given my own situation.

So, I thank you for helping support the poor and needy, here in the UK and especially those 10,000 km away, in Cambodia. Your kindness reaches them, and is delivered with love, and rice, and kindness.

Strange isn’t it, in this troubled world, with so much strife and war and struggle and greed and corruption and hard hearts, that your monthly subscription is able to grow wings and fly such great distance, to feed and comfort people who you will never meet, at least not in this life time.

It’s enough to restore ones faith in humanity a little.

Thank you, God bless you.

- 18 Station Road Sheffield S35 2XH
670 581 Hark. God bless you subscribers.

793. All the good stuff

One day we are going to help this chap move into a new home, if he wants to. I really think he needs it. Until then, bought him steaks, a chicken, lamb, olives, lots of tins and all the best food I could find in Aldi. He get’s a lot of hassle from the ‘neighbours’ and is pretty much housebound. If I could, when we can, I would like to find him a new flat, closer to shops and amenities, and also get him a mobility scooter.

£62.07 from subscriber fund

795. She’s rather up and down

Sometimes she asks her friend to come down to collect the shopping because she doesn’t want to leave the flat.

£40.21 from subscriber fund

794. Lovely mother and daughter

Her daughter is nearly 3 now and will soon be starting nursery school. She told me she’s looking forward to it. I went to her first birthday party, and ate amazing chicken cooked by her mum.

Really blessed to be able to help this little family, and to watch the child grow up from a baby to a toddler. Very lovely.

£57.56 from subscriber fund

796. Still the best food support in Sheffield

Ever since we started doing this, back in 2020, I’ve considered it a matter of principle to provide the best service possible.

There’s often the attitude that because something is ‘charity’ (even though EM is not a charity) that whatever is given is good enough, and however it’s given is adequate.

I prefer to think of it as a high end service, a five star operation, that provides the best food delivered directly to people’s doors, for free, and with love and kindness.

A child, I can’t remember who, or when, once used the phrase ‘good enough to give’ to describe something.

Good enough to give. I like that.

Here’s a few examples from is delivery.. Greek olives, chicken koftas, rice, chickpeas, free range eggs, Colgate toothpaste, lamb chops, rump steak and butter, toothbrush, ibuprofen, cherry tomatoes, honey, extra virgin olive oil, mackerel fillets, peanut butter, granola, ginger, tender stem broccoli, garlic, chillies, tuna x 4 tins, luxury loo roll, curry sauces, a whole chicken.

As well as various other bits and pieces.

£62.07 from subscriber fund

For some reason the photo has evaporated!

Sorry about that! :)

797. He’s staying at a friends

And kind of looking after her / sofa surfing / being there for her.

We often try to put labels on what we are, and what we are doing, and often times the system, the authorities, they require these labels, these definitions, in order for the right box to be ticked and the right letter to be sent.

But basically, from what I see, and experience, the answer is just that people are living, surviving, doing what they can or what they have to do to get by. Poverty and chaotic lives, people just doing what they can and have to. That’s basically it.

£45.27 from subscriber fund

798. Hard times

I know she’s really suffering, I don’t know what more to do to help. Bought her lots of shopping, she asked if I’d included sugar, I hadn’t, so picked some up for her, and some paracetamol and ibuprofen, because she had a headache. I don’t want to say much about her situation, but she’s grieving for the loss of her partner, and she’s heart broken, and her life is just chaotic and difficult and sad.

God bless her.

£61.23 from subscriber fund

799. Friday night delivery

Well Friday evening anyway. She has been patiently waiting a few days, but took her a very nice three bags of Aldi shopping. She told me about a friend of hers, who became homeless, so she let her stay at hers, but then she started inviting drug dealers into the flat, and then stole money from them, and it all went bad. ‘People mistake kindness for weakness’.

God bless her.

£51.10 from subscriber fund

800. Cash transfer

He had an unexpected bill and needed money for shopping, I sent him £25 by transfer, so he can do the shopping himself.

£25 from subscriber fund

801. Big day for the cat

I’m a sucker for cats. This cat will only eat Whiskas cat food, not Aldi own brand. So typical. Also bought the cat’s person a load of good food. They were both very grateful.

£55.82 from subscriber fund

802. Fish fish fish

He doesn’t eat meat but is OK with fish, so bought a really good selection, smoked mackerel, tuna, and bassa fillets, frozen, which are really tasty and meaty, not sure what kind of fish it is, it’s not from the UK ... Ok I just googled it, it’s actually a kind of catfish! Never would have guessed! Possibly from the Mekong river, maybe farmed ... Well one lives and learns.

PS. The salt and pepper ones are nicer than the lemon ones in my opinion.

£61.06 from subscriber fund.

803. Two small ones

When I was buying the big shops for people I also bought a couple of coffees and protein pouches for the chap begging outside and the chap selling the Big Issue there. I also gave him a couple of quid change I had in my wallet. I always like to give extra to the Big Issue guys.

One of the protein pouches I actually gave to the Aldi security guard, just as a kindness, he was very grateful, I’ll do that more often, just a sign of appreciation and noticing him.

£3.88 + £2.60 = £6.48 from subscriber fund

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Cats will always be with us. They need feeding too. Yes they do.

804. For the toddler

She’s had her asylum claim granted and now her and her toddler are settling in to life in the UK.

She can cook very nicely, I know because I was invited to her baby’s first birthday party and it’s still the best chicken I’ve ever had.

This delivery was all good ingredients, plus nappies.

God bless them both.

£37.69 from subscriber fund

805. Food for thought...

The longer I do this work, the more I consider the reasons for its necessity. Why do people need extra support and help? Why does poverty exist? Is it ‘fixable?’ Is it inevitable?

Is it an unavoidable outcome of the collective human condition?

I’m coming to the conclusion that poverty is a consequence of the collective human condition, in the same way that sickness is, or emotional upset, or violence or war or greed or exploitation is.

Poverty is a reflection of our spiritual condition.

I don’t mean that people in material poverty are spiritually poor, far from it, if that were the case, Jesus would have been spiritually poor, and rather, he was and is the King of Creation.

No, what I mean is that some people are in material poverty because all humanity is in spiritual poverty.

Individual poverty is a symptom of our collective spiritual condition, which is basically a rebellion.

This spiritual rebellion, against God of course, creates all the negative behaviours of humanity which in turn creates all the negative outcomes on Earth, from climate change to pandemics to crime, sexual exploitation, greed, and all the rest. Not everyone experiences all the impacts necessarily, but everyone is responsible. It’s our collective rebellion that creates the collective culture and civilisation and this creates the collective experiences, one of which is material poverty.

There’s also an individual responsibility, but this is over stated in our society. Imagine a lady in her 40’s, she was abused as a child, went into prostitution and drugs as a teenager, dropped out of school, become involved in crime and that was her formative experience and social sphere. The drugs, the abuse, the prostitution, all these are social conditions, snares of the 21st century, and inevitably some people are caught in them, born in them, without choice.

The system has the snares, and the system also tries to release people from them. But the system is poor at that, having only the blunt instruments of prison, rehabs, and a social services that keeps people alive, but still ensnared. The snares attach to aspects of the person, of their psychological and spiritual condition. The system is very ineffective at changing this, so the person is repeatedly ensnared, reoffending, readdicting, and the behaviour doesn’t really change. The longer this continues, the more entrenched they become in that pattern.

That’s their life. Millions of people like that, in the UK. They’re born into a social arena that is covered with snares, and covered with ensnared people, so of course that appears normal, and is normal, and inevitably they also are snared. It’s rare for someone to escape such a situation, and when they do, and go on to become a success, it’s held up as an example of what can be achieved, which in turn suggests all can achieve it. They can’t of course, because by the time they’re even old enough to understand, they’re already embedded in it, and it in them.

Only a true experience of Jesus Christ can change the person internally, mentally and spiritually, in such a way as the snares are rendered ineffective. It’s rare that happens, but it can, and does. Sometimes.

Until then, we just have to love one another, as best as we can.

£48.10 from subscriber fund

806. More food for thought

This one really got to me.

The lady is in her mid-fifties, and has had to leave her flat. Here’s why;

She used to take drugs, of course, everyone in that area does, it’s awash with them, part of every day normal culture. But she stopped taking drugs, and tried to break free from them, and from the snare of that scene. She was frequently intimidated with the intention of her allowing drugs to be sold from her flat, and ultimately, for her to be drawn back into the scene. Last week, the main drug dealer for the area paid a girl, in drugs, to beat this lady up, because she refused to allow her flat to be used as a drugs den and distribution point. Ultimately it’s about power, and control, and her saying no to the dealers. She had bruises all over her arms when I met her. Her hope is to be allowed to live in a women’s shelter.

How broken is this society, and how to fix it? My gut instinct suggested that a simple solution would be the execution of the main drug dealer. There’s certainly an ethical case for that. But that’s not how the law works, and in practice, what would happen is another would take his place. And we would end up in a lawless and brutal system. And the drug dealer would be denied the opportunity of future redemption and repentance.

It’s not for me to fix this broken world. It’s broken into so many pieces, and all them a result of the great fall.

I can tell people how to fix their personal situation in regards to that fall though. Repent and turn to Jesus Christ, and he will heal your life. That’s all you can do, and all you can ask for, in the first instance.

£46.39 from subscriber fund

807. The best possible

I always have a lot of compassion for this guy. He’s pretty much housebound, in his flat, and he showed me videos of some of the neighbours shouting abuse at him, because he converted to Christianity from Islam. Not that the ‘Muslims’ that are abusing him are in any way real Muslims, they just want someone to persecute.

One day I would like to help him move into a different flat though. One day. Bought him a little conifer tree as well as steaks, fish, olives, and loads of other nice food.

£50.83 from subscriber fund

808. It’s that cat again

His cat will only Whiskas cat food pouches, you know what cats can be like!

Bought him a whole chicken as well, and a good selection of everything else. Hope the cat likes chicken too.

£55.38 from subscriber fund

809. Food and electricity for her

Haven’t heard from her for some time, perhaps a year, she hasn’t been doing well in that year, her life is a mess, she’s been beaten up again, there’s not much I can do to help, other than say a prayer, buy her some food, and buy some electricity.

£38.80 from subscriber fund food

£15 electricity

810. Five pound donation to a lad

Whilst buying the electricity for the lady in the previous post, I had the opportunity to help a young lad, maybe 10 or 12. He was paying money into his Post Office account, paying in £1.20. I found it quite sweet, and moving, and wanted to encourage him in how he was being responsible and saving money, paying in his pocket money. He was saving for a new PlayStation controller.

Gave him a £5 note.

Which he also paid into his account. Also gave him the EM website and number, in case he or his family ever needed support.

£5 from subscriber fund

811. Crisis of faith, sort of

Ethical Much supports anyone who asks, regardless of anything, including religion, race, or any other factors. It’s unconditional. But...

On this one instance, I bought the food for a chap who had been given maybe 25 or 30 food parcels and other support over the last three years. I bought the things I knew he liked, and went to Church in town, and texted him to meet me there, he lives only a few minutes away.

He wouldn’t come into the church to collect the food. He stood at the entrance, refusing to come in.

It seemed to me that by refusing to come in, he wasn’t being neutral to the Christian faith, he was being fully opposed to it. If he had been a Muslim, or other religion, I would have respected his beliefs and understood. But he is an atheist, which means he doesn’t believe in God. That’s fine, that’s his choice, many atheists come into Church, look at the architecture, and appreciate the building.

But refusing to come in doesn’t say you don’t believe. It says you hate the church, are opposed to it, and all it represents.

But he’s been receiving support from me, a Christian, and Ethical Much, a Jesus honouring organisation, and even from Church food parcels when funds have required it. So I refused to take the shopping out of the church to give it to him.

He wants the gift, whilst rejecting and opposing the giver. It just felt really wrong, rude, it was his stubborn rejection and opposition that was the problem, so I allowed him to see that. He was offended, and went on to complain to the Vicar, and I think he ended up with the shopping, but I walked away before that happened. It was an interesting thing, for everyone I think. I give unconditionally, but this one time there was a totally reasonable condition.

Overcome your own prejudice against the Church that has been helping you for the last three years and step inside. He refused. A very profound choice. A week later and we are back in text conversation. And so it continues. I’ll continue to help him.

£40.49 subscription fund

812. The Mother and very sweet child again

Bought lot’s of ingredients for cooking, the mother is a very good cook. Went and sat with them inside, chatted away, the mother asked about how to enrol in school, I don’t know, her social services person will have to deal with that one!

£41.50 from subscriber fund.

813. It’s only a rug but it’s more than that.

It’s about making people feel cared for and loved, and making their homes nicer, reducing their stress and anxiety.

He texted in asking for one, because there was a hole in the carpet where some had been cut out because it got damp.

I went on Nextdoor app and asked if anyone could donate, and picked this one up from Hillsborough and delivered it to him.

He was very pleased FREE


Whilst putting this magazine together I just received a phone call from a lady living near the University roundabout, in one of those towers.

She was crying and very upset, she hasn’t had any electricity since Thursday (it’s Tuesday today) and she didn’t have the barcode needed to top up.

Also, her bank had just taken all her benefits payments, £300, I’m not sure why, and neither is she, she’s walking to town to try to find out.

I phoned the electricity company for her and found out what to do and relayed the info to her.

I’ll go and see her tomorrow and have a chat, get her some shopping, and maybe some electricity, and do what I can for her.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who subscribes to this little magazine. The good works and kindness it makes happen are a drop in the ocean of seemingly never ending need, poverty, suffering, and hardships.

Currently there’s only about half a dozen people we are supporting, new ones come, and go, and it’s reassuring when they do go, it shows they only call on our support when they really need to.

But for the people we regularly help, it’s a really big difference that we make.

It’s easy for me to see that and know that because I’m the one taking the calls and going to see people.

I hope this magazine in some way communicates the great good that you make happen, just by subscribing.

Here in the UK, and also very much in Cambodia, where half of my heart is. When Muylen delivers a family a sack of rice, and they say that they never dreamed they would have so much food...

For some people, the difference between wealth and poverty is a bag of rice. Somehow life is simpler and more fundamental there. Here in the UK, it’s always complicated, life is always complicated. Being poor is complicated, filling out forms, applying for this and that, ticking boxes, needing to phone for a top up of electricity, being poor is hard work. Life is hard work.

Ultimately that’s what really grinds people down. The lady crying becuase she didn’t have the piece of paper with the bar code on, just another brick on the hod of hard times.

Thank you for loving these people, and trying to help them, and helping them, by subscribing, and maybe saying a prayer for them.

Thank you, from them. God bless you.

Cambodia 104

We provided food packages to a local pastor in Kampot province, named Pen Ra. His wife is named Chen Than. He has 2 sons. His Eldest son is married and youngest son is studying in University year 3. He was called to minister as a pastor in 2012. He was trained as a 4 years pastor by a Korean professor. The Church is called ”Good News”

£14.50 from subscriber fund.

106. Disabled boy

We provided food packages to a boy named Phorn Vy, 15 years old. He was disabled from birth. He can’t speak, only smile, He can’t walk, only sit in a chair as seen in the photo.

His parents are very poor. They are working as construction workers in the village. They can earn only $ 2 per day and sometimes can’t earn any money and they get food from their neighbours.

They were very happy when we provided food packages to them. They said what day is today? They never think that they have a lot of food as now.

$25 from subscriber fund

105. He’s blind

We provided food packages to a man named Chap Nea who is both blind eyes, 44 years old, Living in Kampot province. His wife died many years ago. He has one daughter but now she got married and goes to live with her husband. Currently, Chap Nea lives alone. His livelihood is fishing with neighbours, cow raising and chicken raising and he cooks food by himself. Thank you Jesus for looking after him even though he doesn’t have eyes but he can do everything for his life.

Cost expenses $ 23.80

107. Another delivery

We provided food packages to one family in Kompot province. Her name is Sao Phean, She is 41 years old. She has one daughter, 9 years old. Her husband is working as a construction worker in Phnom Penh. Sao Phean, she looks after her daughter and raises chickens at home. She is the one family that follows Jesus Christ.

Cost expenses $ 23.80

108. More Kindness

We provided food packages to a poor family name Chen Sokha. She is an elderly women leader in a local church named ” Good News Church”.

Her husband named Eoun Nart. He is an elders leaders in the Good News Church as well.

They are a farmer and served God for their daily life.

Cost $ 23.80

109. Big Family

This is family number 6 in Kompot province where we provided food packages. We provided food packages to one big family church member in Good New Church, Kompot province. The man’s name Sok Eas. He is the head of the family, beside serving God he is doing Khmer traditional music to earn money to feed a big family daily life.

Please keep him and his big family in our prayer for in need for living, Cost $ 23.80

110. Update

I would like to update about Khlom Paris’s family living in Kompot province.

In the previous edition (Feb to April 2023), we said we will create a local business for her in the village she lives for generate income to her family daily life.

On 3rd May 2023, we provided a lot of groceries to her for sale in front of her house .

She and her husband would like to send Love and Thank you very much to EM UK subscribers that is always supporting her family.

$ 50.

111. Three children no income

We provided food packages to a poor family named Soeung Rany. She has three children. She doesn’t have any business, only taking care of the children. Her husband works as a truck driver and now he has another girl, leaving his wife and children at home without food to eat. Currently, Soeung Rany washes the dishes and clothes for any families in the village and exchanges daily meals with her three children.

Cost $ 23.80

112. Another sad tale

We provided food packages to a poor lady named Chap Srey Mao. She is 32 years old and living in Kompot province. Her husband works in construction in Phnom Penh. She looks after the children at home and raises chickens to generate income because her husband’s income can’t support enough in the family. Her husband returns home to visit the family 2-3 times per year because if he returns home many times the boss will recruit another person instead.

Cost $ 23.80

Cambodia 113. Home carer.

We provided food packages to a poor family named Bo Chungret living in Kompot province.

Bo Chungret is 34 years old, and has three children. Her husband Rom Dun works in construction in Kompot province. Bo Chungret, she doesn’t have any business, only taking care of the three children and elderly mother at home.

Only her husband earns an income for supporting the family.

Cost $ 23.80

Cambodia 114. Support for farmers

We provided food packages to a poor family named Dorn Roun ( wife) and husband named Deang Run. They are living in Kompot province. They are farmers.

Currently, they are living under support from their children working as a shop seller in Kompot market. Their children received $ 100 per month.

Cost $ 23.80

We can deliver directly to the family you want to help out, even an extra £20 or £30 can make a really significant impact for them.

Please let me know if you would like to do something like that.

Many thanks and God bless you, Bird

If you feel moved by any of these families situations, please do consider donating something extra.
07535 670 581 hello@ethicalmuch.com

115. How can we help?

My name is Puth Cheara, male, 35 years old. I am Kouy indigenous and birthplace in Preus Kok village, Mloprey 2, Cheb district, Preah Vihear province.

I have a wife and three daughters. I have moved to live at my wife’s hometown, Preychher Khiev village, Bakiev commune, Chouk district, Kompot province.

My testimony before accepting and believing in Jesus. When I was 14 years old, my mother understood the real situation that there was no school in the village where I lived, so she sent me to a pagoda in Chey Sen district so that I could study at the pagoda. But while living in the pagoda, I had a swollen back spine without knowing the cause of the disease. Then my mother took me to the provincial hospital for treatment, but the blood test showed nothing and I was still sick. My mother took me to a Khmer traditional healer (Black magic/supernatural healer) for treatment and the Khmer traditional healer mentioned that I was bewitched because someone put me under a spell.

The series of treatment by healers, my disease did not get better, still the same, then healers suggested me and my mother to go to another Khmer traditional healers for treatment because he could not afford and have been tried their best already and the condition worsened everyday and no sign of recovering.

My mother took me to treat with a lot of Khmer traditional healers from one to another, whenever we heard that a famous healer was good at treating, and my family sold almost all of our property to pay for my treatment, but my illness still did not recover. At that time, my mother and I were very desperate and saddest because we did not have money to continue treatment in Phnom Penh. At that time, I was a bedridden at home and despairing.

I want to die and think about wanting to commit suicide because I was so depressed and completely hopeless but did not die. Then some villagers told my mother to take me to the church inside the orphanage center at Mohaphal village, Chhean Mok commune, Tbaeng Meanchey district, Preah Vihear province. I went to the church for the purpose of curing my bone severe disease. I previously did not know who Jesus and saviour was, what the church was, and never known about Jesus Christ. But during my staying in the church, God gradually touched my heart, until in 2007, I decided to believe in God and make a dedication and baptism, and decided that from now on, whether God helped me or not, I would follow God forever.

Thank you for always supporting Cambodia people in need,

God blessing you always and always, Much Love, Cost $ 7.70

This saddens me, not only that the boy was misdiagnosed, but that his family had to sell much of their property, perhaps their land, to try to get treatment for him, which of course would not work.

We will be following up with additional support for this man and his family.

He has scoliosis, here’s some information about it, from the Scoliosis Association website, SAUK.org.uk. It’s so upsetting that basic medical knowledge wasn’t provided and implemented. It was 20 years ago, before anyone there had access to the internet, but even today, I’m not sure how different the outcome would be.

“Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is a change in the shape of the spine during the child’s growth. It results in the spine curving sideways and twisting at the same time. This twisting can pull the ribcage out of position, often leading to a hump on one side of the ribs. When this happens between ages 10 and 18 it is called adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS).

The word idiopathic means there is no known cause. Research continues into the causes of scoliosis but it does seem to run in families. It is not caused by anything the child or parent did or did not do. AIS affects both girls and boys but is much more common in girls.

The important thing is to make sure that your GP arranges a referral to a specialist unit (within an NHS hospital) that treats scoliosis early on. Diagnosing scoliosis early on can sometimes make treatment more straight-forward.

The most common time for scoliosis to develop is during adolescence. At this time scoliosis can be difficult to spot as teenagers are often covered up and their parents do not usually see them undressed.

A quick forward bend test (see image below) can help to check whether a child has scoliosis. The test is very easy to do and can be done by a doctor or parent/ guardian. The child will need to uncover their back so that their shoulders and spine can be clearly seen. Ask the child to bend forward from the waist and to keep their legs and arms straight. You will need to look at the child from behind. If the child has scoliosis you should be able to see a clear bulge on one side of the back where the ribs are.

As well as the forward bend test, there are some other common signs of scoliosis to look out for. Sometimes one shoulder blade will stick out more than the other, a child might lean a little to one side, or one hip might be higher than the other. The forward bend test is only an aid to check for scoliosis and only a medical professional can make a diagnosis.

The earlier scoliosis is diagnosed and treated the better. If you think that you or your child might have a curvature you should visit your doctor who can check and may be able to give you a diagnosis. If your doctor confirms that you have scoliosis, you will need to see a scoliosis specialist. You should ask your doctor to arrange the referral to a specialist centre as soon as possible.”

As it can run in families, we will help them if one of their children has the same condition later in life. A back brace can prevent it becoming a serious problem, if it is diagnosed early.

If you would like to help this man and his family, please let us know.

Thank you and God bless you.

Bird and Muylen.

A moving story...

Do you like a spot of friendly tennis?

How about joining us at St Andrew’s, on Graham Rd, S11?

We play social tennis as a club 4 or 5 times a week.

Membership is around £75 a year!

If you’d like to know more give Bird a text on 07535 670 581

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He’s Dave. He’s a car whisperer. He can fix anything. He understands how cars work and is totally honest and charges the least he can.

There’s many a hidden secret in S11, and mysterious going ons behind closed doors. But putting that aside, there’s also, right there in plain site, the best car mechanic in Sheffield, probably South Yorkshire, and possibly the UK. It’s Dave, from Ecclesall Motor Company, at the very top of Murray Road.

He’s a slightly reluctant mechanic, in so much that he prefers working on his own collection of cars, some of them absolute classics, but, if the stars are aligned and you happen to actually need a really good car guy for your MOT or repairs or whatever, he comes out and does exceptional work, never over charges, and always goes above and beyond to fix the situation. He’s also great company and full of banter. Also, he super generously provided for a new house to be built for one of our chaps in Cambodia whom we support.

Ecclesall Garage are members of EthicalMuch. Best. Garage. Ever. At the very very top of Murray Road.

Thank you Dave for enabling this house to be built in Cambodia and for fixing everyone’s car nicely here in Sheffield
Bear & Babe Luxury baby and children’s clothing. Handmade in Sheffield BearandBabe.com @BearAndBabe Thank you for the babefulness! JH Mann Beautful fresh fish NativeJHMann.co.uk 261 Sharrowvale Road Thank you for the heartfelt goodness! Nick Leeson Independent Financial Advisor 629 Ecclesall Road Sheffield S11 8PT 0114 266 00 44 Nick@NJLeeson.com Thank you for the kindliness! Evans Lee Sales and Letting EvansLee.co.uk Thank you for the super goodness! Lishmans Accountants 16-18 Station Road Sheffield S35 0114 246 5348 hello@ lishmansllp.com Thank you for the awesomes!
Toffs Haircuts, colour, and care 440 Ecclesall Road 0114 266 44 90 Thank you for the goodliness! West 10 Winebar 376 Fullwood Road S10 3GD Thank you for the caring! The Stylists 362 Fullwood Road S10 3GD Thank you for the kindness style! Planet Pot Make beautiful presents for the people you love! 102 Hangingwater Road Sheffield S11 PlanetPot.co.uk Thank you for the compassion! ALD Print & Design 279 Sharrowvale Road 0114 267 9402 ALDPrint.co.uk 20% Off Books!

A truly heartfelt Thank You to you the subscribers.

Without you there would be nothing. Thanks to you lives are changed and healed and transformed.

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