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what is blockchain and why do we need it?


WHERE DO WE NEED LEAN SIX SIGMA ..and Minitab in the world of Big Data?


BARRIERS TO INNOVATION ..and how to overcome them?





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Table of contents INTRODUCTION 4 Project Leader’s Speech 5 President’s Speech 6 Introduction to ESTIEM


10 Blockhain: What is it and why do we need it 13 Towards Industry 5.0 and University 5.0 14 Lean Six Sigma in a world of Big Data 16 Top reasons why you should start learning about data 19 Personal data security in the digital era

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SCENE 20 The importance of branding 23 Today ESTIEMer, tomorrow CEO? 24 The open university project 26 No-nonsense sustainability bootcamp: future beyond profits


24 16

CAREER 28 The top 10 books every leader should read 32 ESTIEM Alumni Interview: Kees-Jochem Wehrmeijer 33 ESTIEM Alumni Interview: Sebastian Geese


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35 The IEM Education Forum

36 Barriers to Innovation and how to overcome them 39 Code of Ethics: why do we need them in

ESTIEM? 40 Leading change towards society 42 Board Update 46 Language Programme: Let’s learn Russian 48 Welcome to LG Dublin 49 ESTIEM Departments 50 PCI Reports

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EXPLORE 54 If you want a change... go on an exchange 55 Five places you can discover with ESTIEM 58 Upcoming events 59 Language of ESTIEM

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64 64 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 3

INTRODUCTION Project Leader Jovana Tišma


Design Sjors van Weert Dominik Rampp

Dear Reader,

Article Acquisition Anna Mertsalova Proofreaders Lea Lemberg Alexandru Florescu Annika Schiffner Enrique Biosca San Miguel Evdoxia Pantazi Melis Dönmez Özenç Aybek Paul Wenzlokat Pekka Huhtala Philip Reilly Rachel O’Sullivan Sebastian Hummel Advertisement Acquisition Gizem Sağır Francisca Painhas With special thanks to Rebekka Nagel Sunny-David Schneider Zuzanna Rososzczuk Contact ESTIEM Permanent Office Paviljoen B-6 P.O.Box 513 5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands Fax: 0031-(0)40 2473871

It all started back in the 18th century, when the world transitioned from hand production to machines and manufacturing. That was the period when mankind finally realised the huge power of technology and started to actively develop it. Since then, technology has come a long way and has radically changed from the Watt’s steam engine and Bell’s telephone to internet and robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing etc. Some people describe the fourth industrial revolution as the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another, and some say it’s a fusion of our physical, digital and biological worlds. Reading through the pages of the Magazine, you will completely dive into the world of the industrial revolution that left the whole civilisation changed. The focus topic of this issue will give you insights on interesting topics such as artificial intelligence from the mentor of the Vision event in Aveiro and blockchains, which are one of the newest tech-

abroad? Do you want to explore some other universities in

nological inventions.

Europe? Nemanja wrote about his experience on his Eras-

Throughout our scene section, you will get a chance to

not to be scared.

read about data security in the digital era that one ESTIEMer worked on. Moreover, have you ever wondered what an Open Source University is and how to take the relationship between learners, businesses and academia to a completely new level? Find out the answers in the article written by ESTIEMers from LG Sofia.


As the world is always changing, the ESTIEM network does

The contents may not always reflect the opinion of the publisher. Any reproduction or copy is permitted only with the permission of the editors.

not stay still. All of us work hard on creating and developing

Our Partners Continental Simon- Kucher & Partners Universität Liechtenstein Eindhoven University of Technology Chalmers University of Technology Minitab

Have you ever found yourself thinking about studying

new ideas that will improve the ESTIEM network. For that purpose inside the ESTIEM section you can explore why do we need a Code of Ethics in our organisation. In addition, do not forget to say welcome to the Local Group Dublin!

mus exchange in Italy which is a good example for others

As ESTIEM gives unique opportunities to travel, in our section Explore Europe you can discover five different places in five different countries that our Local Responsibles introduced and that would be amazing to visit. The ESTIEM Magazine team hopes to tackle your mind with the 54th issue of the ESTIEM Magazine and encourage you to learn about the newest technologies on our planet as well as understand the world we live in. Professors, companies, ESTIEMers, enjoy reading!

In high ESTIEM,

Jovana Tišma,

ESTIEM Magazine Project Leader 2018

In the Career section we interviewed our alumni, and they kindly shared successful stories about their career paths with us. If you are looking for a new book to read, then you are lucky to have the special list for IEM students with ten IEM related books that Jelena recommends.

4 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


PRESIDENT’S SPEECH Dear Reader, 28 years ago, in a period when Europe was adapting to a new reality, ESTIEM took its first steps as a bridge to a European dream: A Europe sharing cultures, knowledge and ideas. ESTIEM focused on the students of Industrial Engineering and Management with the aim of connecting them. We built an environment that provided equal opportunities and multicultural perspectives, made by students for students. But why did it work? How did a group of international students, from so many different countries, without the common technology of today, manage to create such an environment, solemnly based on trust? Every ESTIEMer shared the same mindset, the same field of study and purpose to join the network. We are all students of Industrial Engineering and Management and we share the same mindset focused on making a difference together. We believe in a connected Europe. That is the secret of our network and the recipe for the joy we all share for being part of ESTIEM. And it should always be kept. Nowadays, as Europe and the field of Industrial Engineering

With an eye on its own future, ESTIEM has also been

and Management evolves, we can see the same for ESTIEM.

adapting. It defined its course, dreamt upon a vision of a

While never forgetting its spirit, the network should

connected Europe of IEM, built by those that continuously

embrace innovation and keep preparing its IEM students for

devote to ESTIEM. Those are our students, from all over

the topic of their future: The 4th Industrial Revolution.

Europe, working in our departments, committees, projects, constructing Europe the way they believe in step by step.

The 54th issue of the ESTIEM Magazine is focused on the future, on the 4th Industrial Revolution. By diving deep

I would like to invite you to read the 54th edition of the

into the Industrial Engineering and Management field, as

ESTIEM Magazine and explore our articles and updates. I

well as concentrating on its future trends, this edition

wish you an enjoyable read.

aims to explore the pivotal points of the next industrial revolutionand provide perspectives over how the new

industry will look like. With breakthroughs registered in

In high ESTIEM,

industry as we know it will change dramatically, with great

Diogo Sa,

impact on the role of the IEMer. This new world is still to

ESTIEM President

fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, data analytics, 3D printing, as well as with the current trend of automation and data-exchange in manufacturing technologies, the

be discovered.

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 5


ALL OVER EUROPE... Back in 1990, students from five different countries founded an organisation, which they named ESTIEM: European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management. After 26 years, it has grown into an organisation bringing

The decision-making body of ESTIEM is the Council, which

together over 60,000 students from 79 universities in

meets twice a year, in autumn and in spring. Each university,

31 European countries, and it is still growing. All these

represented by its so-called “Local Group�, sends two

universities offer courses in IEM. Based on this structure,

student representatives. The six members of the Board of

ESTIEM forms links between students, academia and

ESTIEM are elected during the spring Council Meeting. The

companies in order to create an Europe-wide, multi-level

Board is responsible for the management, coordination and

IEM network. ESTIEM has continuously increased the

administration of the association.

number of its activities, thus being able to offer a great variety of events to IEM students and an opportunity to

Besides taking leadership positions in the Board and as

experience different cultures, take part in international

Project or Committee Leaders, ESTIEM members can also

projects and become friends with other ESTIEMers from

take up responsibilities by working in one of the Projects,

all over Europe.

Committees or Initiatives. With lots of teams and tasks to choose from, there is a place for everyone.

Naturally, the backbone of ESTIEM is the European IEM student. The students involved in ESTIEM incorporate

For more detailed information about our organisation and

both the skills required for modern business and an open-

its activities, please visit our website at

minded approach towards other people and cultural issues.

79 Local Groups in 31 countries make ESTIEM a large network.

6 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution

180+ events are organised by Local Groups every year.

3,000 travels are made yearly by 2,000 students.

8,000 members and a reach of 60,000 towards IEM students in Europe.


STUDENTS INVOLVE THEMSELVES IN VARIOUS INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS... ESTIEM is also a playground for great ideas developed by highly motivated students. If a student manages to convince ESTIEM’s Council of their idea, they can start their own international Project. Currently, there are 10 Projects running. The Tournament In Management and Engineering

thoughts and ideas and mixing with students from all over

Skills (TIMES) is the largest pan-European case study

the world all participants gain new ideas and perspectives,

competition for the students of Industrial Engineering

not just on their profession but also on other cultures.

and Management. This prestigious, highly acclaimed event is the flagship project of ESTIEM. It has successfully been

The official publication of ESTIEM provides the perfect

organised since 1994 and attracts around 1,000 top

platform to reach a target group of approximately 60,000

European students every year. After Local Qualifications

students of Industrial Engineering and Management at

in 75 different universities and eight Semi-Finals in selected

universities all over Europe. The ESTIEM Magazine is

cities, the winning team of the Final is awarded the title of

published twice a year and distributed among IEM students,

Europe’s “IEM Students of the Year”.

graduates and also professors and companies across Europe, through the ESTIEM network.

The Vision Seminar Series aim to improve the personal skills and capabilities of the Industrial Engineering and

businessbooster aims at creating an environment where

Management Students in Europe. The seminars contain

all needed information, experience and support to excel

a balanced mixture of academic lectures, workshops and

in your future professional endeavours can be found. The

company visits which are combined with cultural and free-

goal of this unique environment is to boost entrepreneurial

time activities of the organising city. Through those activities

spirit and engage ESTIEMers, Alumni and companies to

the participants of a Vision seminar develop themselves

collaborate with each other.

both personally and professionally. BrainTrainer






The goal of Academic Team is to share ESTIEM

presentation, business and social skills of participants

universities’ knowledge with the network. It supports the

through professional trainings lasting one or two days. Its

personal and professional development of students across

aim is to coach and develop the participants to become

Europe willing to complete their curriculum. In order to

more professional and successful in their organisation as

achieve this, each event provides participants deep insights

well as in their own future career.

into a specific topic in which the organising Local Group’s university has a high expertise.

The ESTIEM Language Programme aims to raise awareness of the importance of multilingual communication

Europe3D is a seminar series where participants get

between IEM students and to encourage language learning

a deeper insight of the hosting country in three unique

within the ESTIEM network. Through various language

dimensions: politics, culture and economy. An environment

activities and intensive language courses it focuses on

with a blend of different cultures helps the participants to

achieving and following its vision – to foster understanding.

get a better understanding of the basic local parameters existing in the European states. Lectures given by experts

Lean Six Sigma is a globally used methodology for

from these three fields, combined with trainings about

quality improvement and project management. It is also a

intercultural awareness, provide participants a theoretical

management philosophy and a company culture. Lean Six


Sigma is all about process improvement and finding ways to perform better. Lean Six Sigma is used in a variety of

The ESTIEM Summer Academy was set up to bring

industries and operations, from production to services and

international students together during summer holidays to

from healthcare to construction.

engage in open discussion, group work, debates and private study under a senior Academic Leader. By talking, sharing

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 7


... AND EUROPE-WIDE COMMITTEE WORK The Committees support the Board in maintaining and developing the organisation ESTIEM further. Students from all over Europe engage themselves in various topics in one of our 11 Committees. The Corporate Relations Committee coordinates

organising a Project to how to be a Leader. These BPDs are

the relations between ESTIEM, companies and universities

available online on the ESTIEM Portal. Second, managing

jointly with the Board and other Projects and Committees.

the quality of ESTIEM events by collecting feedback from

The Committee’s work covers a number of fields with the

the event participants in order to make event specific and

aim of improving and simplifying ESTIEM’s relations with

Project specific reports.

companies and universities, such as updating cooperation proposals, creating and gathering results for different

The Members Committee supports the members

surveys or training people on how to approach companies

of ESTIEM and students interested in joining ESTIEM by

and universities.

forming their own Local Group, LG. It guides them through the whole process until their fully pledged Membership. It

The Financial and Legal Committee’s role is to

takes care of the Local Group Requirements, helps all Local

ensure ESTIEM’s compliance with all laws and regulations.

Groups via the Regional Coordinators, and supports Local

It supports the Board, other Committees, Projects and

Groups and central ESTIEM in motivation and recruitment

Local Groups in all financial and legal matters. It consists


of experienced ESTIEMers and ESTIEM Alumni, who are motivated to provide advice whenever requested. Active

The aim of the Public Relations Committee is to

Committee members work on creating and updating Best

take care of ESTIEM’s outer appearance. The Committee

Practice Documents, trainings and templates for all related

is responsible for communicating the brand of ESTIEM

topics, giving advice on event budgets and proactively

and increasing the awareness both inside and outside of

giving legal advice.

ESTIEM. The PR Committee works with several different tools to achieve this, for instance designing PR material,

The Grants Committee supports ESTIEM’s applications

creating design templates and guidelines, as well as working

for EU grants and aims to establish and develop knowledge

on press and social media visibility.

on public funding opportunities and their application procedures. It also wants to share the existing knowledge

Personal development is a part of ESTIEM’s vision, just like

with as many ESTIEMers as possible and to support more

ESTIEM trainers are a part of our network. By passing on

and more Local Groups in applying for an EU Grant for

knowledge, skills and attitude in their sessions, ESTIEM

their events.

trainers support ESTIEMers on their path in ESTIEM and in life. The Trainers Community provides our trainers

The Human Resource Committee supports ESTIEM’s

and enthusiasts with all the support needed for them to

other Projects and Committees by helping distribute

give their trainings, additionally guiding them to greater

people working in ESTIEM through a talent database. The


Committee works on developing an accountability and task management system to define a clear task distribution in

The Analysis Committee supports ESTIEM to make

ESTIEM to create an overview for a more focussed HRM.

the decision-making more fact-based in order to help the organisation move forward. The team conducts one-off

The Information Technology Committee maintains

analyses that help in strategic decision-making for Central

the email, intranet and web servers of ESTIEM and

ESTIEM. The AC is training and supporting ESTIEMers in

coordinates all IT-related development in the organisation

analytical and IT management skills.

such as the IT back-end system. To complement the and

The Social and Environmental Responsibility

communication technology and IT systems, it provides

Committee exists to support ESTIEM and its members

trainings in an open learning environment.

in fulfilling its responsibilities, whether towards the






environment, society, ESTIEMers on a personal level, The Knowledge Management Committee has

in financial markets or in ethical behaviour and decision-

two main tasks. First, updating and creating Best Practice

making; always striving towards sustainability. SERC exists

Documents, BPDs, by documenting the collective

to provide ESTIEMers with the sufficient knowledge, tools

experiences of ESTIEMers throughout time - from

and skills to contribute to a more sustainable future.

8 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


OUR MISSION ESTIEM’s mission is to foster relations and mutual understanding among European Industrial Engineering and Management Students while supporting them in their personal and professional development.

OUR VISION Developing the future leaders of society. We believe that it is our responsibility as young European IEM students to challenge the status quo and interact with one-another in order to grow and develop into future leaders that share the same European values and tackle society’s problems.


Embracing diversity

Striving for development

We see multiculturalism as a strength of ESTIEM. We benefit from our cultural diversity by being able to approach chances and challenges with different insights. Respect is not just something we strive for, but part of the very basis of our network

We grow together by trying hard and learning from mistakes, we are eager to go through a learning process and see accessibility and freedom as highest goals. ESTIEMers gain practical experience and important softskills needed in today’s world.

Encouraging participation

Aiming high

ESTIEM being a democratic organisation with a flat hierarchy encourages the participation of all its members. We inspire each other to partake in ESTIEM’s activities and develop new ideas.

We are not afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone. ESTIEM’s members are proactive students that always give 100%. We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit among students and other stakeholders by gathering and exchanging experiences and best practices.

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 9


BLOCKCHAIN \\ What is blockchain and why should you care? In essence, blockchain is just a transactional database that

Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, announced the first

stores data in a decentralised manner and has never been

release of Bitcoin as a new electronic cash system that

hacked. Sounds boring, I know.

uses a peer-to-peer network to prevent double-spending. It’s completely decentralised with no server or central

The current state of blockchain is very similar to that of

Ivan Bjelajac

Operating Director at GoDaddy Belgrade / PresidentSerbian Blockchain Initiative


the Internet back in the 80s, as it is still underdeveloped. It lacks standards and there are very few mature use cases

Double-spending is a potential flaw in digital cash systems in

and production-ready applications.

which the same ‘coin’ can be spent more than once. This is possible because digital money consists of a digital file that

The main difference is that, unlike in the 80s, we now

can be duplicated or falsified. As with counterfeit money,

actually do have internet and many opportunities and

such double-spending leads to inflation by creating a new

problems that blockchain created are now discussed very

amount of fraudulent currency that did not previously exist.

publicly and hyped like crazy, which leads to unrealistic

This devalues the currency relative to other monetary units

expectations. This positions blockchain pretty much at the

and diminishes user trust, as well as the circulation and

peak of inflated expectations of Gartner’s hype cycle.

retention of the currency. There have been many attempts to create digital money in the past, but they all failed in the end because they tried to solve the double-spending problem by introducing centralised ledgers where the creator of the digital currency was the one responsible for maintaining the system and trust in all transactions. In order to eliminate the double-

Gartner’s Hype Cycle

spending problem we have to have someone verify all transactions and stand behind them. However, it is very hard to trust that single entity as it can be compromised, tricked or hacked. So, the single most important part of Satoshi‘s invention was that he found a way to build a decentralised digital cash system that introduced trust as its main component

So, why is it important now if most of it is still hype? Mostly

by introducing something called “proof of work”, which is

because the opportunity behind it is so huge and it offers

a way to verify transactions entered into a digital ledger.

us a possible way to remove any middle-man from any

This is done by having verifiers, called miners, solving hard

transaction in the world. It enables us to store and share

cryptographic functions by investing some work of their

high-value information without a central authority that

computers to qualify for this task.

could cancel, change or force transactions. It is a very powerful way to induce trust and remove middle-men from

This makes it very expensive to verify false transactions

industries that have competitors which are sometimes

and it protects the system while making it completely

forced to cooperate with one another and need third party

transparent, immutable and decentralised.

services to keep them in check. Bitcoin is no longer the only cryptocurrency. It solved Cryptocurrencies

one of the hardest problems related to digital money and

Most people associate blockchain with a cryptocurrency

introduced us to the world of decentralised ledgers and

that we call Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first blockchain use-case

databases: blockchains. However, Bitcoin transactions are

that saw the light of day and it was followed by many other

quite expensive and the currency price is volatile which


makes it hard to be used for real life payments. There are

10 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution

FOCUS TOPIC many problems with Bitcoins’ scalability and speed.These

people hire me as a consultant by buying these tokens that

are mostly showing up due to limitations of “proof of

could represent my consultant services. The more people

work” and the size of the database itself which is growing

willing to pay for money I personally issued, the more its

more and more every day.

value would rise making me richer.

So many more Cryptocurrencies showed up in a desire

So, the idea of tokenisation is that anything scarce will

to solve problems that Bitcoin has and also to introduce

ultimately be tokenised because the benefits of digitisation

other use cases for public blockchains besides digital

and increased liquidity are so great. That means cash,

money. Nowadays, cryptocurrencies have become a global

stocks, bonds, commodities, houses, cars, digital goods of

phenomenon known to most people. The number of

every kind and perhaps human time as well in the form of

different cryptocurrencies available over the internet as of

the personal token described above.

7 January 2018 is over 1384 and growing. This already created a hype around ICO’s (Initial Coin Tokenisation and Decentralisation

Offerings), which is a way to crowdfund blockchain based

Blockchain technology radically changed the way we think

projects by investing into them and hoping their value will

of investment and finance.

rise over time.

If you really think about it, Bitcoin, as a decentralised network of peers which keep a consensus about accounts and balances, is more of a currency than the numbers you see in your bank account. What are these numbers more than entries in a database, a database which can be changed by people you don‘t see and by rules you don‘t know? People who really believe in the power of blockchain suppose that in the upcoming years everything will be tokenised, creating a world where value is held and distributed via peer-to-peer networks rather than centralised hubs. This means that any value could be represented by a ‘coin’ or a ‘token’ that could be traded on an open token market.

ICO Website Link to ICO market

I could issue my own “token” called Ivan’s coin and have

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 11


The ICO market is huge with billions of dollars being raised and it is still mainly unregulated. However, more and more steps for introducing regulation and more security for investors into cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects are

Hyperledger fabric Hyperledger Fabric is an example of a permissioned blockchain framework implementation and one of the

being made.

Hyperledger projects hosted and maintained by The Linux

Private vs. Public

cater to these enterprise requirements.

In some cases having a transparent, immutable and decentralised system that anyone can reach is not beneficial

Foundation and IBM. It has been designed from scratch to

So what is next?

for everyone involved.

While blockchain is still in its early development stages,

Companies might want to exclude the middle-man and

Cryptocurrencies are still the most talked about current

cooperate with each other, but they don’t always require to have public tokens that anyone can use to trade or might not want everyone to have access to some of their data. So, one disadvantage is the openness of public blockchains, which implies little to no privacy for transactions. Second drawback of a public blockchain is the substantial amount of computational power that is necessary to maintain a

it looks like it’s here to stay and continue growing. use cases. Because of rapid growth in value some of them saw in the near past. However, more and more companies are playing around with proof of concept solutions based on public and private blockchains and the blockchain market size is expected to grow from USD 241.9 million in 2016 to USD 7,683.7 million by 2022 with more and more market share coming

distributed ledger via “proof of work” at a large scale.

from private blockchains and enterprise market.

Both of these issues are important considerations for

The new wave of Internet technologies is definitely coming

enterprise use cases of blockchain. Therefore, the main distinction between public and private blockchains is related to who is allowed to participate in the network, execute the consensus protocol and maintain the shared ledger. The second distinction is lack of ‘proof of work’. Private blockchains solve prove of work problems mostly by using other ways to reach consensus that are less expensive. Some examples are ‘proof of authority’ and ‘proof of delegated stake’, which are considered quite safe in an environment where only trusted individuals are allowed into the network.

12 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution

and fun times are ahead.


TOWARDS INDUSTRY 5.0 AND UNIVERSITY 5.0 \\ @University of Aveiro robots is not just a vision of a distant future: We need to break the barriers of human-machine boundaries”. Will this stage be the one that we want to reach? ESTIEMers are well known for not being easily satisfied. Students from more than five nationalities will meet in the University of Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal) from March 5–10, 2018, to learn how Industry 5.0, as well as University 5.0, are being

Marco P. Soares dos Santos University of Aveiro

developed nowadays. But ESTIEMers are also discussion-oriented. They wish to have a preponderant role in the future, today! The academy We are no longer surprised by technological advancement. Industry and university walk side by side exploring novelty, increasingly deepening conceived concepts, struggling every day to think out of the box, looking forward to new horizons, imposing incredible speed to our ever changing society… trying to reinvent themselves. We are no longer in Industry 4.0, and Industry 5.0 has not

“that thinks and feels” [1] is happy to promote the 25th edition of Vision. In particular, the rather peculiar human-artificial intelligence interaction is under debate. As background, high impacting research projects, both from university (ATLASCAR [2], CAMBADA [3] and GEOMETRIX [4] projects) and industry (Bosch, Centroproduto), will inspire new analysis, motivate new scientific thrusts and present broader horizons.

come yet. Perhaps we are still halfway in Industry 4.5. But we are deeply unsatisfied; we refuse to accept being stuck in Industry 4.5, while tech visionaries envisage a rather limited Industry 5.0. The fourth industrial revolution brings us smart technology; the fifth revolution is being forged to increase collaboration between humans and smart systems.

“The 4th industrial revolution brings us smart technology; the 5th revolution is being forged to increase collaboration between humans and smart systems.”

The expected outcomes of this event will be to gather enthusiasm and aspiration, irreverence and novelty, intensive-thinking and passion, and to address the ultimate question: How much is enough?

But will that be enough? Visionaries would certainly answer: “It will be amazing to merge smart industrial automation

[1] 44th anniversary of the University of Aveiro.

with the cognitive, critical thinking skills of humans”. Can

Website (7th February, 2018):

we be confident in a trend towards a fulfilled society?


“Personalisation and customisation of products is required

[2] ATLASCAR project:

for advanced economies”, would be replied. “We need to

Website (7th February, 2018):

free the human being from the monotonous and repetitive

[3] CAMBADA project:

tasks… its creative side must model the new manufacturing

Website (7th February, 2018):

industry, the innovative products and the individualisation

[4] GEOMETRIX project:

of services. The idea of collaboration between humans and

Website (7th February, 2018):

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 13


LEAN SIX SIGMA IN A WORLD OF BIG DATA \\ What is the added value?

I was attending a conference called “Up Your Strategy!” organised by Local Group Porto in October. A very good question was asked there: ”Will Big Data replace traditional quality tools?” The answer was very simple: ”No!”

Jukka-Matti Turtiainen Local Group Lappeenranta, Helsinki

Martijn Buijvoets Local Group Eindhoven

What is big data? The



Control chart of Applicant based on Factor 1 growing

Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control. In these

tremendously. 90% of the world’s data were produced in




different phases, qualitative and quantitative tools are used

the last two years. Most of the big data tools are looking

to get an understanding of the process and problem. After

for relationships and patterns within very large data sets,

understanding the problem and finding a root cause for it,

which can contain information from many different kind

your solution will tackle the problem at the core.

of sources. The amount of unstructured data has been increasing tremendously. A big challenge is how do we get

Correlation does not mean causation

value out of those tools.

(Big) Data can show that there is a correlation between factors. In order to determine whether there is a causation

There is always need for problem solving

between those factors, there needs to be an experiment

One stereotype for an Industrial Engineering and

with the factor being active and inactive. How much data

Management student could be, a person who doesn’t like

do we need in order to make a judgement could be the

bad processes. Have you ever been in a queue and thought:

next question. In order to answer this question, you should

“why haven’t they designed this better?” Those could be

first ask yourself what change would a practical difference

good thoughts at least when thinking about the skills needed

make. Knowing the process helps when trying to answer

in working life in the future. In 2016, the World Economic

that question. By doing a Green Belt project, you will get to

Forum stated in its annual report that complex problem

know the process and understand its dynamics.

solving is the top-one competence needed in 2020. A good place to learn a structured approach to problem solving is

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

by attending the ESTIEM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course.

The logic of Exploratory Data Analysis can be used

Lean Six Sigma has a DMAIC project management method,

through DMAIC. In the ESTIEM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

which is used when there is an unknown root cause of a

course we use the Minitab software for this purpose. The

problem and an unknown solution to it. DMAIC stands for

best quote about Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) is from

14 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


Yogi Berra: “You can see a lot just by looking�. In the graph

Individuals Control chart of Applicant based on Factor 2

you can see three Individuals Control Charts, these charts

in grouping the data in figure 1 and 2. They are related to a

are used to see the variance between individual data points.

time of the year and ESTIEM offerings. First you will need to

These charts are used to look for factors which are affecting

understand how ESTIEM works, before you can understand

on the measure. You can statistically determine the upper

the data.

and lower control limit and with these you can determine whether your process is in control.

We hope that after this article you know some of the things you can do with Lean Six Sigma and big data. Both

The data is about the supply and demand of ESTIEM events

techniques complement each other and help you to solve

from the year 2015. Each data point is one event and if for

problems quicker. If you have gotten interested in a Lean

eg. 5, it means that an event had five applicants more that

Six Sigma Green Belt course, check the portal to see when

there were places. Try to guess which are the factors used

the next one is planned!

Individuals Chart of Applicants per place ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 15


16 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution



Strava heat map of Karlsruhe and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Recently, news emerged that the fitness-tracking app

The amount of data we produce has been exploding,

Strava is revealing secret US military bases and illegal

and analysing this so called big data will be crucial in the

border crossings. Over the past few years there have been

competition between companies for years to come.

many news stories about big data hacks and breaches that highlighted the importance of data security.

What, then, is exploding? The International Data Corporation forecasts that by 2025 the global data

What makes the Strava story remarkable is the fact that

production will grow to 163 zettabytes (1021 bytes). That

this was not a data hack. Strava published an anonymised

is a trillion (1012) gigabytes per year, which is roughly the

visualisation of all routes its users ran. It was only after

storage of 652 billion iPhones (256GB model). By 2025 we

several months that it became clear what far reaching

will have ten folded the 16 zettabytes of data generated in

conclusions could be drawn from this visualisation.

2016 and almost 21 times the 4ZB generated in 2010.

While these big stories highlight the importance of data

All this data will unlock unique user experiences and

and data security in the 21st century, there is a bigger

a new world of business opportunities. Think of how

trend going on that does not reach the mainstream news.

Netflix remembers your preferences in movies and gives

Robert Lintzen

Local Group Eindhoven

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 17

FOCUS TOPIC you recommendations on new movies to watch. Think

Visualising fitness data can show US military bases. Think

of how data is used in the industrial engineering fields

about what travel data from ESTIEMers can do. That is what

of warehousing and logistics. Algorithms automatically

the Analysis Committee in ESTIEM is currently working on

calculate the optimal order points and quantity or the

with the help of the data visualisation tool Tableau. The

optimal routing for trucks. Thus the importance of analysing

committee is analysing travel data, survey data, feedback

this data and gaining insights from it is growing every day.

data, and other data of ESTIEMers to gain business insights and support the decision making within ESTIEM.

As the importance of data is growing, so is the usage of data related words. If you are confused by them you are probably not the only one; data analysis, data analytics,

This article is the first in a series where we try to

machine learning, data mining etc. The figure on the bottom

highlight the importance of data through tutorials and

of this page visualises the difference and relations between

informative articles to awaken your interest in this ever

some of these data related words. It also shows the place

growing field within Industrial Engineering.

of data analysis in the world of data science. Data analysis is defined as the process of “extracting, compiling and modeling raw data for purposes of obtaining constructive

If you are interested in seeing more of our

information that can be applied to formulating conclusions,

work, keep an eye on the forum or send an

predicting outcomes or supporting decisions in business,

email to

scientific and social science settings.�

The difference between Data Science, Data Analysis, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Big Data and Machine Learning.

18 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution



Would you put your hands on a hot stove? What about

LinkedIn, Dropbox, Adobe, and VKontakte are some of

eating a sandwich which layed on the ground? Are you into

the companies that suffered data breaches. A data breach

dousing an oil fire with water? I hope not.

is an unwanted public release of private information as a consequence of an informatic attack. Simply put, thieves

If you do none of those, chances are you have common

collect login information of users and sold or release them

sense, well done! We call it “common sense” because it

for either personal gain or to provoke a company damage.

comprises practical knowledge used by most people to

Collections of e-mails and passwords obtained this way

stay out of danger, to avoid getting into troubles or to keep

and shared are called “data dump”.How do we know if our

away from embarrassing situations.

credentials are compromised? We can use a service like

Practices we know as common sense took centuries that searches for an email within

to develop and to spread, but they now work well for

“data dumps” to check if the address is present.

the world we live in. The problem is that, in the last few

Having a different password for every different service will

decades, our world changed; to be precise we have two

help us mitigate the whole data breach issue. Speaking of

worlds now to take care of.

passwords, the webcomic xkcd gives a wonderful insight on

We live both in the physical world and in the digital world;

how to make strong but easy to remember ones, you can

we have two personas to care about: our physical one and

check it out here:

our digital one.

The message is: “Create passwords easy to remember for

Giuseppe Perrone Local Group Calabria

a human but hard to guess for a machine”. We have a well developed common sense that helps us protect the first one but what about the second? We need

Do you need more advice? Use activate two-step verification

to develop a different kind of common sense to be safe in

on every service when available. It is an additional layer

the digital world.

of protection that requires not only an username and

The first step is acknowledging how unsafe we are and

password to login but also a piece of information that only

what’s at the stake.

the legit user may have (a code sent via SMS, for example). You can find it in the “Settings” section of every major

When we register to an online service, we give them an

service or check out for a complete list

email address, a password and sometimes a nickname.

of services supporting it.

Then, we may share our home address (food delivery), our phone number, our conversations (social media), and

Last piece of advice. When it comes to emails and links

more. Given that, how important is to protect the keys to

to click, limit yourself to two approaches: The Scully and

those informations? Do we need to worry?

Mulder’s “trustno1” or, as Suzanne Massie told Ronald Reagan, “Doveryai, no proveryai”. Trust, but verify.

Password Strength

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 19



In today’s world, being surrounded by student organisations makes people confused about choosing the right one for them. Many get lost in this competition and cannot find what they are looking for. This being the case, organisations should know how to sell themselves and they should

Yiğit Göktuğ Torun

Local Group Istanbul Bogazici

understand the importance of branding. There are many definitions when it comes to the term

offers and its importance should be well defined. The

of branding. It can be seen as a name, a motto or maybe

audience should understand what they are looking at. They

even a logo. However, on businessdictionary, branding is

should get the right impression. Especially to convince

defined as “The process involved in creating a unique name

companies to fund money, uniqueness is a necessity. They

and image for a product in the consumers’ mind.” To be

need a reason to spend money on the organisation. Even

more clear, branding is all about how people perceive

though general information is usually enough for them,

your company or organisation from the outside. As it is

sometimes going into detail on some interesting topics

understood from the definition, to get attention from

might be even more useful.

people, you have to be unique. Furthermore, every organisation is specialised in a different An organisation consists of a work force, the people

field. Therefore, a strong brand should address the

working there, and capital, the source to run an organisation,

appropriate target audience. To analyse the audience, it

in most cases money. This is similar in many organisations.

can be a good idea to check social media statistics and see

People become a member of an organisation, work there,

the range of your followers. According to the majority, this

then they leave and the new ones get involved in the same

allows the target market to be estimated easily.

process. Also, it is the money that helps to run this process. Yet, one of the most challenging parts of this process is to

Without a brand, the organisation becomes vulnerable,

find new people and new financial resources. Imagine an

easy to be defeated in front of numerous competitors. This

organisation without new volunteers and enough money.

being said, for the organisation to stand out among others,

Without them, how can it ensure its sustainability?

it is vital to be visible. The mission should be delivered through the right channel for the target audience. Social

The solution for sustainability comes within recruitment. To

media pages, printed materials, merchandise and e-mails

recruit new volunteers, organisations should have a strong

should be managed professionally.

brand. A brand that is well-defined, a brand that knows its target audience, a brand that is visible. Only then the right

To conclude, branding is a key for having a successfully

people can be aware of the organisation and be a part of

growing, sustainable organisation. It might either lead you

it. That is why branding carries a great deal of importance

to the top or put you down. That is why organisations

in an organisation.

should be aware of its importance and know how to build up a brand.

Through branding, the uniqueness of what an organisation

20 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


TODAY ESTIEMER, TOMORROW CEO? “So... what is IEM?” If there is one question every ESTIEMer who has been around for a while is tired of hearing, it’s surely this one! I don’t want to dwell on it any longer than needed but when we talk about why ESTIEMers are predestined to be great leaders, it is worth to first say a few words about one thing we all have in common—our course of studies!

IEM education aims to prepare its students to be the successful managers of tomorrow.” -Christian Mustata (EPIEM)

executive?” Competences executives need and where to find them Competence are cognitive abilities and related attitudes to solve problems in specific situations.[4] ESTIEM events

In 2017, the participants of the IEM Education Forum

aim to complement university education by offering

in Aveiro defined the role of an IEMer as someone who

opportunities to develop competences that are required

challenges the status quo and creates value by facilitating

of successful IEMers. These can be divided in four

diversity into synergy. Someone who questions the way


Rebekka Nagel

Local Group Dortmund, Istanbul-Yildiz

things are done, someone who understands both, engineers and managers and thus leads the venture to reach its aspired

Professional Competence

goal. IEMers can be found across all kinds of industries and

The ability to connect, deepen, critically evaluate and

company divisions but one thing most have in common

apply knowledge in a specific context.[5] This includes

is being responsible for intersecting tasks.[2] In this role

all knowledge areas executives should have a basic

IEMers are predestined to take leadership responsibility.

understanding of. They are expected to have a technical

In 2014 a study of the German Industrial Engineering

understanding of their respective field of responsibility

Association, VWI, found that over 40% of German IEM

as well as basic management knowledge. Knowledge of

professionals hold leading positions in companies, most of

foreign languages and cultures as well as communication

them being top-management executives.[3] So the more

technology is not to be neglected either.[6] Besides being

interesting question to ask is “Which competences does

able to practice their English, ESTIEM provides IEM students

an IEMer need to become a great leader, maybe even an

with an opportunity to gain professional competences.

Desired Competence Profile of an IEMer [13] ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 21

SCENE By attending an Academic Days event for example, IEM

How can IEM students develop these competences

students gain insights into a specific field the host university

with ESTIEM?

excels at and thus are able to broaden their horizons.

If you ask an alumni where they have learned the most in ESTIEM, chances are you get to hear an interesting story

Methodic Competence

about how they organised an insane ESTIEM event and

The knowledge skills and abilities that enable an individual

which faux pas’ happened on the way. Apparently, attending

to accomplish tasks and solve problems by choosing,

events is not the only way ESTIEM helps developing IEM

planning and applying reasonable solution strategies.[7]

students. 150 ESTIEM events per year not only provide

This includes competences that characterise our way of

a learning experience for the 2,000 ESTIEMers attending,

thinking and course of action. Most importantly, executives

but create opportunities for hundreds of organisers who

are required to think analytically and to have a holistic and

put their leadership skills into practice. Besides locally

systematic problem solving approach.[8] Since 1994 the

organised events, Coordination Meetings (CoMs) make

T.I.M.E.S. case study competition offers IEM students from

a great example for opportunities to practice your skills.

all over Europe a great opportunity to test their methodical

CoMs gather centrally active ESTIEMers from different

skills. The right problem solving approach and exceptional

Local Groups and countries to discuss strategic matters.

analytical skills are crucial to successfully solve the cases

While aiming to improve the quality of events, active

with limited time given.

ESTIEMers learn how to structure a working session, how to facilitate discussions and most importantly, to work

Social Competence

together as a team.

The knowledge, skills and abilities that enable an individual to act appropriately in relation to other people. This

In 2017 we conducted a survey among over 300 ESTIEMers,

includes all interpersonal skills.[9] The ability to lead

asking how they expect ESTIEM to prepare them for their

and work in a team is considered crucial for successful

career. One out of two ESTIEMers named organising

executives.[10] They need to be able to facilitate working

ESTIEM events as an opportunity to put into practice what

sessions and communicate ideas, strategies and decisions

they learned at university, closely followed by the insights

effectively. One of the places to develop your interpersonal

into companies and industries ESTIEMers can gained while

skills in ESTIEM is called BrainTrainer. It offers ESTIEMers

attending events. Clearly neither way of developing IEM

an opportunity to develop their soft skills and get ahead of

students should be neglected.

their peers. How can ESTIEM maximise these impacts? Self-Competence

Those who know me well will know my answer to this

Self-competence refers to the personality of an individual.

question: Trainers!

It’s the ability and willingness to act independently and responsibly, to reflect one’s and others’ actions and

Trainers play an important role, both in providing great

develop one’s own ability to act.[11] To successfully lead

learning experiences during events and in guiding ESTIEMers

an organisation, executives need to be able to constantly

in developing their leadership competences.

develop their own leadership capabilities, thus knowing and understanding yourself is crucial.[12] ESTIEMs Summer

Especially social and self-competences, the ‘fluffy skills’ are

Academy is an event where IEM students increase their

mostly neglected by university education. [14] Unlike an

self-awareness. No surprise, many ESTIEMers describe it

electrical engineering class, you can not gather 200 students

as “the event that changed my life”.

in a presentation skills lecture and expect them to walk out,

22 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution

SCENE able to give mind-blowing TED Talks. Developing soft skills

fosters their learning by guiding them in their reflection on

and self-awareness requires a personal teaching approach

the process. This makes ESTIEMs Training System one of its

and real-life situations to put the learning into practice. It

most important capacities.

requires a trainer. Due to the fast people turnover in student organisations (the average ESTIEMers stays active less than

After my four years of activeness, having participated in

three years) a good Knowledge Management System is the

over 70 ESTIEM events, I am still impressed of the impact

key to the development of the organisation. Trainers pass

ESTIEM can have on IEM students. If I learned one thing

on best practices to the next generation. Events like the

on the way, it is that passion and ambition can get you

LR Forum or PR-CR School share the lessons learned from

anywhere. All competences you need, you can develop,

the past. By sharing knowledge and offering guidance in its

and ESTIEM is a great place for you to do so. So, do I

application, the Trainers Community enables ESTIEMers

believe ESTIEMers have what it takes to successfully run a

to fulfill their tasks more effectively and successfully, and

company? Definitely yes, and anything else they strive for.

[1]Mustata, Christian: Integral IEM as a possible trend in

[9]Schmauder, Martin: Studieren an der Universität : Was ist

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vollst. überarb. und erw. Aufl. Berlin: Univ.-Verl. der TU, 2015. – ISBN 9783798327634 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 23



Denitsa Simeonova

Trust is essential in every relationship

to connect to the world’s top academic education and

I never would have thought I would start my first article

professional development opportunities on the Ethereum

on blockchain with such a fluffy sentence, but it describes

blockchain. OS University builds a tokenized market with

best why one of the most revolutionary edtech startups

sophisticated matching algorithms and provides all the

(as ranked by in January this year) uses the

necessary resources to every MOOC and academia striving

Ethereum blockchain technology.

to make academic background transparent and traceable. What could this mean in real life?

Local Group Sofia, Paderborn

Take as an example these Business Intelligence classes that you have completed at university or the online Machine Learning Course that you took last month. Now imagine there is a company looking for someone with the very same knowledge you acquired at these courses. Then you and your dream job could get perfectly matched, but Link to

only if your achievements are verified by the respective educational institution. This still was a manual job in the

As the first platform of its kind, Open Source University

education sector until now, but OS University plans to

takes the relationship between Learners, Businesses and

change that in the nearest future.

Academia to a whole new level by helping learners Most importantly is trust which in the blockchain technology is not established through a third party but with clever code and secured communication within a network. This means that we as learners can get verification of certificates and diplomas along with the entire track record of our achievements in real time within the OS University network. Furthermore, the platform makes our record accessible to businesses excluding personal information which is highly secured and not visible over the blockchain. How does this work? This is possible by using smart contracts that on the one hand can minimise learners’ effort to find the right opportunities for academic and career development. On the other hand, smart contracts match the current business needs with the right learners in a secure way, excluding ac middleman. The connections between the counterparties may be shortened as follows: Learners to Businesses (L2B), Learners to Academia (L2A), Business to Academia (B2A). L2B Smart Contract The Open Source University blockchain is used as a distributed database to store learners’ certifications and acquired skills. Matching algorithms will handle big data calculations to connect businesses with the right candidates, Jordan Jambazov from LG Sofia is the Technology Lead of Open Source University.

24 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution

optimising recruitment costs, sourcing time and precision.

SCENE L2A Smart Contract

is already partnering and aims at making pilot integrations

Learners have all their degree credits safely stored into

with Durham University, Brno University of Technology,

the blockchain, allowing them to pick their career paths

several Bulgarian universities and companies like Hewlett-

via course suggestion algorithm based on live data business

Packard Enterprises and Ernst&Young.

needs (and skill demand projection).

B2A Smart Contract Allows businesses to access a new generation of Learning & Development marketplace, where learning content providers are filtered based on their disciplines catalogue and academic rating, both stored in the blockchain. All of this is achieved by using the “EDU Token” which will allow the advancement, development and maximum use of

Momchil Jambazov is the Creative Technologist of the OS

this decentralised platform. The tokensale of EDU Tokens


will be launched in June to help the OS University project achieve its milestones while the team is currently working on the alpha release.

Furthermore, the team is continuously looking for new partners. “There is a huge playground for collaboration

ESTIEM’s role in the blockchain-revolution in

between OS University, ESTIEM and ESTIEM Alumni as


networks and all their members since the development of

It may not come as a surprise that among the project’s

the project requires global effort,” shares Jordan. He adds

founders are also two ESTIEMers - Jordan Jambazov and

that the final goal is to make a platform where everyone

Momchil Jambazov from Local Group Sofia. The two

from the education sector could interact, including student

entrepreneurs (for whom this is not the first IT company

organisations. As an example, organisations like ESTIEM or

they have founded) believe that the blockchain-revolution

student unions could use blockchain to upload documents,

that is happening has the potential to change things around

vote and take important decisions. „ESTIEM did bring

by making education affordable and simple as it is supposed

a whole new colour in our entrepreneur lives after the

to be.

Business Booster events we attended back in 2012 and now we are happy to be able to give back to the organisation

This is constantly verified by the environment as the project

and to the educational sector,” the two ESTIEMers said in

receives worldwide recognition. Among the institutions it


ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 25



Eleonora Nazander Local Group St. Petersburg

Have you ever thought about making car tires sustainable?

knowledge about sustainability, show concrete case studies

About how a producer of detergents can make their

and inspire everyone for action. The Bootcamp blended

business greener? Or what a bank can do to encourage

academic, corporate and entrepreneurial perspectives on

more investments in green industries? Last October,

sustainability and as a result many good ideas saw the light.

26 ESTIEMers and ESTIEM Alumni spent a weekend

As the aim of the event was to provide a variety of

discussing these questions during the first ever IEM Caring

perspectives to sustainability, the program was designed

Sustainability Bootcamp. As an initiative of the IEM Caring

in cooperation with professionals from different fields.

Foundation, the event took place in the idyllic mountain

The first lecture was held by Prof. Lassi Linnanen from

village of Lenggries, in Southern Germany.

Lappeenranta University of Technology who introduced the concept of Sustainability 3.0 and necessity of outside-in

Nowadays, there are only a few trends experiencing as


much attention as sustainability. Climate change, extinction

Ida Korpivaara Local Group Lappeenranta

of species, poor air quality and many other issues are

The second lecture was held by the experienced

urgently calling for action. Nevertheless, there are a lot

sustainability practitioner Marco Prehn, who challenged us

of misunderstandings about the scale of the problem

to think about roles of individuals, corporations and the

and individuals who deny these issues altogether. Many

public sector. To what extent are corporations responsible

companies claim to be green, but most of them use

for environmental issues and what should be taken care

sustainability merely as a marketing tool. Just imagine a

of by the governments? And what kind of governmental

company which claims to use recycled materials, but keeps

policies are most successful for avoiding environmental

burning coal to power its factories. As the participants

crises? The case at hand was London’s Great Smog of

of the Bootcamp discovered, doing business in a truly

1952, which caused about 30,000 casualties. The risks of

sustainable manner is a difficult task: it often requires the

severe air pollution caused by coal-burning power stations

company to sacrifice part of its profits.

around the city were well-known to the politicians long in advance. However, politicians preferred to ignore potential

When planning the Bootcamp, the organising team had

consequences in favor of economic growth, and avoided

several goals in mind. We wanted to deepen participants’

responsibility by calling the disaster “an Act of God.”

26 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


It is important to note that the temperature in the room

was a strong agreement that such a Bootcamp focusing on

was often little short of boiling. The academic and business

awareness towards sustainability must be repeated next

perspectives on sustainability didn’t always align, making

year. In addition, there are initiatives to start hands-on

two academic leaders as well as participants constantly

industry or even company-specific problem-solving events

challenge each other. As Prof. Linnanen once put it: “You

in the future.

are partly right, and completely wrong.” To summarise, as one of participants put it: “The IEM On day two of the Bootcamp, participants split into groups

Sustainability Bootcamp is an unexpected journey to

to work on real business cases, in industries ranging from

understand the complexity of true business sustainability.

banking, to car tires and airplane engine manufacturers.

Setting a baseline of understanding concepts of sustainability

While one day in the Alps wasn’t enough to completely

and developing real business cases complemented this

turn these industries into sustainability leaders, ESTIEMers


managed to generate amazingly creative ideas to be taken forward and suggested to case companies. The most

You, dear reader, would probably agree on the urgency and

positive response from the judges was given to a group that

importance of the matter. But you might be still wondering:

proposed to turn excess electricity from windmills to gas to

“What does it have to do with me, an industrial engineer?

be used as car fuel.

Why do I need to learn about sustainability?” Actually, we did find an answer to this question during the Bootcamp:

It would have been a shame to hold the event in the

IEMers are in an unique position of being able to understand

picturesque Alpine settings of Lenggries and not take

academic perspectives while having business acumen. In

advantage of the surrounding mountains. Therefore, soon

other words, we speak both languages. IEMers play a true

after breakfast on Saturday, all participants packed their

key role of a bridge connecting academia and business and

lunch and headed to the mountains. On a sunny day, the

we invite you to join us in this role.

view from the top was amazingly beautiful and four hours flew by incredibly fast. The reviving effect of the mountains also helped us take our attitude towards sustainability to the next level: the possibility of witnessing the beauty of the nature and realising we might lose it due to climate change in a few decades greatly sharpens the urgency you feel to take action.

Interested in organising or participating in the next Bootcamp? Reveal yourself by writing to: and we will make IEM Sustainability Bootcamp vol. 2018 a success!

All too soon on Sunday morning it was time to wrap up the weekend and create an action plan for the future. There

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 27


THE TOP 10 BOOKS EVERY LEADER SHOULD READ HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE \\ Dale Carnegie This book is an old time classic. If you decide to read this book, it will change your perception towards people around you and it will teach you a lot about how you see and judge others. The main point of this book is that, if you want to have friends and be successful, you should be a nice

Jelena Roksandić Local Group Novi Sad

person, not a mean one. Although, it sounds obvious and a lot of people think they are doing it, after reading this book they realise that there is a lot to improve in their relationship with others. That is why this is one of the most profound books to understand other’s behaviors and in teaching you skills to communicate effectively with others. A lot of the information is quite basic, but the examples and the message is quite profound. Regardless of its age, “How To Win Friends and Influence People” contains strong and valid principles that all leaders should have.

THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE \\ Stephen R. Covey Everyone has habits. Some of these habits are good, some are bad and some habits have little to no impact on your daily life. Covey’s book focuses not on eliminating bad habits but on building up good ones. Each chapter is dedicated to one of those habits, with the first half of the book focused on moving from dependence to independence (self mastery) and the last half focused on interdependence (working with others). This book is a guide to those who desire to develop their entire personality and become effective in the personal and professional life. Another great asset of the seven habits is, how practical they are to implement into your life. What Covey offers here is not a theory on how you might live effectively - he goes so far as to offer instructions. You should re-read this book several times in your life, because every time you read it, you will learn something new.

RICH DAD, POOR DAD \\ Robert T. Kiyosaki If you want to learn the basics of finances and what is making the difference between poor and reach people, this is a book for you. In his book, Kiyosaki reveals that he had two fatherly perspectives while growing up. His biological father maintained an attitude towards money that kept him struggling financially throughout his life. His friend’s father, who he spent a lot of time with, held a different perspective, and ultimately prospered. Kiyosaki presents the six lessons that his rich dad taught him, and then expands on them. The main point of this book is to educate yourself on personal finance, which is to learn how to become financially independent by making money work hard for you and not you working hard to earn every single penny. It teaches you that you do not have to be a slave to money and how to turn the situation to your advantage.

28 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


LEAN IN \\ Sheryl Sandberg Lean In is Sandberg’s examination of why women’s progress in leadership roles has stalled. Sandberg combines personal anecdotes with hard data to explore issues surrounding women in the workplace, particularly the limitations imposed upon businesswomen and the ways in which these women tend to limit themselves. Throughout the book, Sandberg offers practical advice for women seeking to take their careers to the next level by overcoming internal and external barriers to success. She also advises women to “make their partners real partners” outside of work, in their home lives. Lean in calls critical attention to the idea that in order for women to succeed in the workplace they need partners who are fully supportive of their careers and who do an equal share of household chores in order for them to have the time it takes to advance in the workplace.The goal of the book is to help women rise to the top of their career field or to achieve any personal goal that they are trying to reach for. Sandberg urges women to be ambitious in any pursuit, be it in-home work, or work outside of the home.

START WITH WHY \\ Simon Sinek This book explains that people buy from a company because they believe in its values, not because of the quality of its products or services. In Sinek’s words, “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” Customers and employees want to be part of a higher cause (your WHY), so you need to share yours and show how your products or service advance that cause. If you watch TED Talks, you’ve probably seen Sinek’s 2009 talk, How great leaders inspire action, which this book expands on. While the book focuses on businesses that are successful by pointing at the leaders and why they started in the first place, it is completely applicable to everything we do in life. This is a great book for any one with a curious mind. Most of the stories are explained with reference to famous companies we know of like Microsoft and Apple. The concept is that the author explains why the companies are good in what they do and why everyone gravitates towards them.

QUIET: THE POWER OF INTROVERTS IN A WORLD THAT CAN’T STOP TALKING \\ Susan Cain If you are an introvert or you have someone who is introvert in your team, this is a great book for you. Basically, the book is a flashing neon sign that says: it’s okay to be an introvert. Through this book Susan Cain chronicles her own struggles as an introvert while being a lawyer in a big company. Quiet a fascinating book about the prejudice that our society faces against introverts, and why it’s unfounded, and how, as an introvert, you can overcome those prejudices, as well as just KNOW yourself better. She points out that a third to a half of all people are introverts; though many of them have learned how to masquerade successfully as extroverts. She argues that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being introverted. Society needs sensitive, risk-shy introverts just as much as it needs brash, risk-tolerant extroverts. In fact, it may need them more.

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 29


THE POWER OF HABIT \\ Charles Duhigg This book explains why habits exist and how they can be changed. The Power of Habit is broken down into three sections: The Habits of Individuals, The Habits of Success Organizations and The Habits of Societies. According to the book, habits are formed in loops. There is a cue, a routine and a reward. The cue acts as a trigger, so every time your body becomes aware of the cue you will automatically follow through with the routine and the reward. Once habits are formed, this process will happen virtually on autopilot. When it comes to changing a habit there is a golden rule - use the same cue, provide the same reward but change the routine in between. Therefore, to change any habit you first need to be aware of what the cue is and what the reward is. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand how habits are formed, how we can change them and how you can use habits to make you more successful in life and business. So, if you want to add habits of running, working out or studying, this is a book for you.

HOW TO LEAD WHEN YOU’RE NOT IN CHARGE \\ Clay Scroggins For anyone who wants to be a better leader or simply a better human, this read should certainly be added to your list. One of the greatest myths of leadership is that you must be in charge in order to lead. This book teaches you that you are in charge of yourself and that no one can lead you until you first learn how to lead yourself. You can’t wait around for the authority to lead, because authority is largely irrelevant. Influence is the currency of leadership. Whether you are at the top of an organisation or an entry level position, this book will change the way you view your leadership. Clay Scroggins provides actionable steps for everyone to “start asking yourself what type of leader you want to be tomorrow. And start becoming that leader today.” Ultimately all leaders, even the top level leaders, must use influence to lead well. Scroggins walks through the concept that figuring out who you are and who you want to be are far more important than what the title on your door says.

30 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


THINKING FAST AND SLOW \\ Daniel Kahneman Thinking Fast And Slow shows you how two systems in your brain are constantly fighting over control of your behavior and actions, and teaches you the many ways in which this leads to errors in memory, judgement and decisions, and what you can do about it. System 1 is fast, intuitive, and emotional; System 2 is slower, more deliberative, and more logical. It shows you where you can and can’t trust your gut feeling and how to act more mindfully and make better decisions. This book offers practical insights into, how choices are made in both our business and our personal lives and how we can use different techniques to guard against the mental glitches that often get us into trouble. Thinking, Fast and Slow will transform the way you think about thinking. Although, primarily focused on psychology and behavioural economics, the book is still very much applicable to the world of investment where decisions often bear high consequences. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the brain, mind, thought, and decision-making.

THE 48 LAWS OF POWER \\ Robert Greene The 48 Laws Of Power draws on many of history’s most famous power quarrels to show you what power looks like, how you can get it, what to do to defend yourself against the power of others and, most importantly, how to use it well and keep it. Even if you have little interest in history you will still find the stories interesting. The stories show how the discussed law of power was used to increase power and when it was disobeyed to decrease power. Each chapter provides examples of an application of the law, along with “keys to power,” and applications to achieve the opposite outcome. This book is a great resource to understand the darker side of social human behavior. The book is not just about achieving and holding onto power. It offers preventative maintenance advice as well - how to defend yourself against others’ aggressive power tactics.

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 31


ESTIEM ALUMNI INTERVIEW \\ Kees-Jochem Wehrmeijer

Tell us about your career until now:

with many smart people, many of them from different

After college I started working for Google in Ireland.

nationalities. A bit like ESTIEM really.

ESTIEM had given me a taste for working abroad and

Kees-Jochem Wehrmeijer Local Group Eindhoven

Google seemed like a cool company. I thought I’d maybe

What does your average working day look like?

stay in Ireland for a year or two and then move back to the

It sounds like a cliche, but there is not really an average day.

Netherlands. That is now almost eleven years ago! Clearly,

My job revolves around improving our operations, on some

things went a little differently.

days this means I travel to our support centers to observe our agents, looking for patterns or inefficiencies. Other

After various roles in Dublin, I decided I’d like to experience

days, it means doing data analysis or designing experiments

working in the US for a while. So I moved to San Francisco

to test new workflows. Sometimes it means meeting with

to work at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View. Again,

our software engineering teams to design new features for

I initially intended for this to be a short stint and again I was

our internal tools or machine learning algorithms. Typically

wrong. I’ve been here now for more than five years and I

a day consists of a little bit of all of the above. I do try to

still very much enjoy it.

squeeze out some time during the day to take a break from work. I typically go to the gym or go for a run or I try to

I currently work on operations for the Google Play Store.

go to one of the interesting speakers that visit the Google

It’s exciting to work on a product that gets used by so

campus on a regular basis.

many people on a daily basis. It’s also stimulating to work What are your plans for the future? Your name:

If you read the above, you know I’m really bad at predicting

Kees-Jochem Wehrmeijer

the future. I don’t have set plans, but I do hope to be able

Your Local Group:

to explore some other countries in the future. Also, I


realise that working for the same company for more than

Year of graduation:

ten years is quite unusual nowadays, so even though I have


no concrete plans now, I’m sure I’ll eventually switch to a

Your current job:

different company or start my own. Whatever it will be,

Process Excellence Manager at Google

I’m sure it will be interesting!

Your current living place: San Francisco

Which impact did ESTIEM have on your career?

Who do you choose as the next ESTIEM

ESTIEM gave me a taste of working in an international

Alumnus to be interviewed?

environment and with smart, talented and driven people

Hilde Hesjedal

from different cultures. It made me realise this is something I enjoy tremendously and I’m lucky to have been able to continue that in my career as well.

32 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


Tell us your most memorable ESTIEM story.

What is your advice to current ESTIEMers?

There’s too many. Ranging from the Council Meetings

Don’t be afraid to fail. You don’t need to know exactly what

I attended to the different exchanges our Local Group

your future looks like. Try different things and figure out

organised with other Local Groups. One memory I still think

what you like and don’t like. I believe ESTIEM is a brilliant

is particularly funny is the Council Meeting in Eindhoven

platform for that, because it allows you to interact with so

where we organised a cantus. For those not familiar, a

many different people and learn from them.

cantus is a traditional event involving singing and drinking. We had rented out a space in a bar for this and somehow the bar owner had made an error in the booking, meaning the next group, a kid’s birthday party, showed up while our cantus was just reaching its peak. I’ll never forget the look of those wide eyed kids.


Tell us about your career until now:

What does your average working day look like?

After graduating in 2012 and working as a consultant for

In my current role an average day is never average. In a

one year, I joined my current employer in autumn 2013. I

dynamic environment like the one I’m currently in, every

started my career within Bombardier’s Project Management

day comes with its own surprises. That being said, I tend to

as the Project Management Officer, but changed my role

start my work day around 7 am in order to get a head start

to take over my own project as Project Manager in early

and get some things done before meetings and phone calls

2017. As Project Management proved to be as dynamic and

start, which makes it hard to deeply focus on desk work.

exciting as everyone says, I never regretted following this

The mornings and early afternoons pass by quickly before

career path.

I close the afternoon with processing the notes of the day,

Sebastian Geese Local Group Siegen

catching up on emails and finally going home around 5 pm.

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 33


Your name: Sebastian Geese Your Local Group: Siegen Year of graduation: 2012 Your current job: Project Manager at Bombardier Transportation Your current living place: Siegen Who do you choose as the next ESTIEM Alumnus to be interviewed? Marlies van Laarhoven

Which impact did ESTIEM have on your career? ESTIEM opened my eyes with regards to how much potential working with other great people has. It made me realise that the impacts of my daily work and actions are way beyond the immediately visible impact, but only unfold their true magnitude when multiplied through a great network like ESTIEM. Besides this, I struggle to imagine how different and less exciting my personal life would look without all the international friends I have nowadays. Tell us your most memorable ESTIEM story. Most certainly my year in the ESTIEM Board in 2010! Looking back now, it is hard to believe how ESTIEM transformed me from a shy and quiet newbie to a boardie. Even more impressive was to be at the core of this great organisation for one year and to realise what an active

What are your plans for the future?

network ESTIEM is and how many exciting things are going

In the long term I want to find a truly meaningful job that

on at any given time.

enables me to do good and leave something valuable behind. While an NGO job could be an option, I am

What is your advice to current ESTIEMers?

currently in the process of figuring out where my future

Let go of your fears and allow yourself to truly indulge in

path could lead me. Certainly I plan to take a gap year on a

ESTIEM! Go beyond participating in events and take on

shorter notice—to achieve my dream of becoming a dive

responsibilities, no matter how scary they seem. A network

instructor and work as such for a while... and potentially

of like-minded people like ESTIEM is the best environment

take the opportunity to become confident about my next

to step out of your comfort zone, leave your boundaries


behind and get amazed by the development which reaching for the unknown will spark in you! Do not allow yourself to restrict your dreams!

34 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


THE IEM EDUCATION FORUM The IEM Education Forum offers a platform for exchanging experiences of professors, students and representatives from the industry on a European level. The main reasons behind this are that academia doesn’t always know what the new trends are and industry is not always involved in students’ studies. IEM education meets the futures industry. That was the

will have to maintain the new achievements and to find the

topic of IEM Education Forum that took place in Aveiro,

connection with most of the existing technologies. This is

in October 2017. Since Industry 4.0 is still developing,

an example why, in the information technology industry,

universities need to constantly adapt their education

you have to know how to solve program wise problems,

through their curricula. During the IEM Education Forum,

and not to hold onto only one program. Otherwise there

students had the chance to hear different insight stories

is a chance you will be outdated.

and suggestions from international professors as well as Portuguese companies.

Industry 4.0 brings a lot of data that has to be analysed. There is the difference between data you can access and

Typically, when you start with your studies you gain

the one that you understand. When you understand the

fundamental knowledge about IEM. After a few years,

data, you can make predictions based on them, otherwise

you choose your specialisation, which will allow you

you will be misled by information and you will go in the

to find a job and you think you have learned everything

wrong direction. Critical thinking gives you the ability to

you need to know. What would happen if people who

view the data in an abstract way.

Ksenija Saulić

Local Group Belgrade

are currently working in various companies would help to restructure your studies? Well, the order would be

One of the best examples of the use of big data and

different. After gaining fundamental knowledge, you would

Industry 4.0 is Tesla. Tesla is an American company that

go to a company in order to find your specific interest and

specialises in electric automotive, energy storage, and

see how things are working out in business surroundings.

solar panel manufacturing. They created an autopilot for

After that you could come back to the university for a

cars that have lane centering, adaptive cruise control, self-

specialisation. However, students expect that they will gain

parking, and enables the car to be summoned to and from

all the necessary knowledge at their respective universities.

a garage or parking spot. Also, they collect short video clips

The truth is that even in companies people have to learn.

using the car’s external cameras to learn how to recognise

This means that the learning experience never ends during

different objects in their surrounding so they can react

your work life.


Industry 4.0 uses smart technology and real-time data

Those were some of the stories we heard at IEM Education

to increase productivity and reduce costs. With the

Forum. Will you be one of those who will participate in

development of those technologies, new technical skills are

further discussions at future events? Or you are already

being developed. Only a few people will be able to make

too busy inventing the next big thing? Either way, we wish

a new break-through in different industrial branches (who

you good luck in finding your interests and pursuing your

knows, maybe you will be one of them), but many others,


Minh Le

Local Group Berlin

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 35


BARRIERS TO INNOVATION AND HOW TO OVERCOME THEM \\ Turning Barriers into Facilitators by Fostering Innovation in ESTIEM

Lea Lemberg Local Group Dortmund

“Barriers to innovation in complex systems” was the title of a paper I wrote at university about ESTIEM. Two interviews with Sunny-David Schneider, current VP of PR, and Rebekka Nagel, VP of Activities of the 27th board, provided information about the past, current and future barriers of innovation in ESTIEM. The paper provides us with different categories of barriers you need to keep in mind when handling innovation inside ESTIEM.” Fostering innovation within ESTIEM is a constant challenge.

People Barriers

Knowing the main barriers of innovation within an

If the leader of a team is not focussed on innovation, they

organisation is essential to being able to predict the success

often prevent the development of new ideas and their

of an idea and to realise those ideas. If we know those

implementation within their team. Most leaders within

barriers within ESTIEM, we can find strategies to overcome

ESTIEM are active, passionate and open to new ideas

them and turn them into facilitators of innovation.

regarding their departments, projects or committees. A leader must also motivate their team and lead collaboration

Organisational Barriers

within the team. Good teamwork and an open attitude

The structure of an organisation can be hostile towards

towards new ideas are one of the main facilitators of

innovation if it does not fit the needs of the organisation.

innovation within ESTIEM.

ESTIEM’s past structure developed in a direction where the system for innovations, the status of an initiative, delimited new ideas. ESTIEM’s new structure not only supports the implementation of new ideas but also helps to develop them, due to the strong collaboration between entities. It is important that the organisational culture aids the development and implementation of new ideas. ESTIEM achieves this especially with its members’ open mindset and the active stimulation of innovation through improvement and development discussions.

36 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution

“People just have this irrational fear that ESTIEM will burn if you change something.” - Rebekka Nagel


The need for safety often leads to a resistance against

Barriers of International Student Organisations

change. This resistance hindered several innovative ideas

International student organisations face barriers that

in ESTIEM even though the flexible structure of ESTIEM

professional organisations do not face. All their members

prevents irreversible damage to the network.

are students and not employees, which means their turnover rate is very high. Most ESTIEMers only stay in the

Resource Barriers

network for three years until the end of their

Resources such as knowledge, human resources,

studies and most leaders only stay in

finances and public relations are very important



their position for one year. This is


a very short time to implement

for implementation. A lack of these


resources often leads to the failure of innovation in the early stages.

The financial situation of most students and their focus on

A good knowledge sharing system

their studies, and not on their

and an effective knowledge transfer

work within the network, also

between leaders is one of the main

slows down innovation vastly.

facilitators of innovation in ESTIEM.

Having events all over Europe

This is one of the many reasons why



and international teams can lead


to miscommunication and the need to

management system with its best

for them to travel to one another. Both

practice documents is crucial.

have become considerably easier during ESTIEM’s nearly 28 years.

Finding people who are interested in helping you to implement your idea and visibility inside the network is still one of the main problems for many new ideas within ESTIEM. Some don’t have those problems, mostly projects that have overcome organisational and people barriers. We can clearly see this effect in Lean Six Sigma in the past year.

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 37


ESTIEM is a playground

It is crucial for us to know our own barriers of innovation. Only then can those barriers be overcome and even turned

until proven otherwise. •

into facilitators of innovation. ESTIEM is a fluid network, we learn from our mistakes and try to turn barriers into

implementation of new ideas.

Get involved in ideas and projects you find promising and interesting.

facilitators of innovation. Our culture of “ESTIEM is a playground” in particular supports the development and

Don’t dismiss ideas. Every new idea is a good idea

Actively participate in discussions. Not only during the Council Meeting but all year.

Help to maintain our knowledge management system. Write BDPs, give feedback and most importantly: Have proper handovers and follow ups.

“If an ESTIEMer has an idea they want to work on, we try to guide them and give them resources and the possibility to work on their idea.” - Sunny-David Schneider

But many new ideas still die out sooner or later. So, if you want to help other ESTIEMers to put their ideas into action and improve ESTIEM constantly, here’s what you can do:

38 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution

If you have an idea for something new, something different, something good within ESTIEM, don’t be afraid to step up. Contact the board, people will pay attention to you and they will support your idea with everything you need. Keep all possible barriers in mind, but don’t see them as a threat! So yes, don’t be afraid to aim high.


CODE OF ETHICS \\ Why do we need one in ESTIEM? Throughout the history of human civilisation, people have

compared with similar organisations. The influence of the

been striving for good and creation because they have

Code of Ethics can be observed both inside and outside

intuitively felt that this path of life is

ESTIEM. Inside the network it leads to a desired behavior

right. Moral values have ​​ always

of all members, which can reduce a number of conflicts and

been perceived as the main

improve the atmosphere and working process. In addition,

factor in determining a

a well-written Code of Ethics can also increase confidence

person’s character and

in an organisation by showing outsiders that members of

their place in society.

the organisation are committed to following basic ethical

However, the current

guidelines in the course of doing their work. In simple


words, ESTIEM can become much more attractive both for



modern world can be

Anna Mertsalova

Local Group Saint Petersburg

sponsors and for companies.

characterised by the globalisation process, the


There are still a lot of challenges for us with writing a


Code of Ethics. It considers the definition of objectives

the old system, and the

that the Code is intended to accomplish. We will need

absence of a new morality,

support and ideas for the Code from all levels of ESTIEM

the moral values of a single

and it must respond to the questions that are relevant for

humanity. The value structure of

our organisation. The second challenge is about defining

a society is extremely complex and its

the topics that will be included in the Code, as there is

elements have different effects on the dynamics of the

a big quantity of them, we need to prioritise the most

development of society. Considering all these challenges, in

important ones. However, the work has already started.

order to define our network’s values, we need such a tool

No doubt, having the Code of Ethics will bring a lot of new

as a Code of Ethics.

opportunities and advantages for ESTIEM.

A Code of Ethics is a set of principles and rules used by companies, professional organisations, and individuals to govern their decision making in choosing between right and wrong. It may outline the mission and values an organisation has, that is why it is often referred to as the «heart and soul» of an organisation. Almost all big companies and organisations have their own Code of Ethics. As the main vision of ESTIEM is developing future leaders of society, ESTIEMers have to show a good example of ethical behaviour and equal opportunities. However, we cannot be protected from the problems that may occur according to these issues. Moreover, we cannot make people behave as we want to, but what is still in our hands is to create a set of guidelines that will set out acceptable behaviors for members of our network. One must understand that Code of Ethics is not a list of rules everyone has to obey, it is just a guideline for every day decision making that all of us appreciate and agree to share. The Code of Ethics will also emphasise those standards, the mission, principles and values that make ESTIEM remarkable ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 39


LEADING CHANGE TOWARDS SOCIETY \\ The IEM Caring Foundation: A successful 2017 behind & ambitious 2018 ahead

Sebastian Geese Local Group Siegen

The Oxford dictionaries define caring as „displaying kindness

- for oneself as well as for others! This is what Conscious

and concern for others“, which is simular to the Cambridge

Leadership is about, accepting the ethical responsibility for

dictionary which defines a caring person as someone

the fruits you grow in other people! In 2017 the foundation

who „is kind and gives emotional support to others“. From

has supported the first ESTIEM Alumni Leadership Camp,

an abstract point of view, these definitions describe the

which engaged the participants in an inspiring eight months

core of what unites people engaged in the IEM Caring

journey of discovering their true purposes. The second

Foundation. However, words only carry meaning if filled

edition is already taking place in 2018 and an initiative for

with action. So, let’s have a look at what has happened

a Conscious Leadership training event for ESTIEMers has

within the foundation’s five Fields of Impact in 2017 and

grown out of the three camps in 2017. The concept is still

what you can expect in 2018!

to be developed and to grow, but more can expected in 2018.

Equal opportunities This Field of Impact is probably one of the most visible ones within the ESTIEM network. Its ambition is to support students with lower financial

Social Entrepreneurship Being an entrepreneur and starting one’s own business does not only bear the responsibility

possibilities and to make sure that no one

to earn a living, but it also carries a heavy

is excluded from ESTIEM’s benefits due to

responsibility for the people directly

financial restrictions. The Club of 100 and

involved and the society as a whole.

the Ad Fundum award are the best known

While „Corporate Social Responsibility“

creators of equal opportunities, while the

has become a popular word for many

foundation is also supporting the ambition to keep event participation fees affordable for everyone. While the Club of 100 has been growing

companies, it is way more worthwhile to think about how to truly leave an impact. The Field of Impact’s support to the Business Booster

in 2017 and participation fees for some events were

and the Entrepreneurship MOOC are well established and

supported, we are now aiming to continue this prosperous

have already left a strong impact among entrepreneurially

path in 2018, to support more students through the Club

oriented ESTIEMers, but there is more foreseen to happen

of 100 and to expand the number of supported events.

in 2018. The setup of a „Social Stock Market“ to facilitate ESTIEMers and social businesses to meet and an ESTIEM

Conscious Leadership

training event about Social Entrepreneurship are only a few

What comes into your mind when you think about

ideas which the foundation is happy to support and which

leadership? Are you mainly thinking about skills to get

promise to have the first visible outcomes soon. As every

others to do what they are supposed to? Then you are

entrepreneur should be concerned about their impact, we

missing the core essence of leadership, which is about

will continue our efforts through this Field of Impact.

identifying a worthwhile purpose, translating it into meaning and empowering the individual to walk that path

“The leadership camp offers an opportunity to retreat from one’s busy daily life and an opportunity to reflect on one’s life path and choices now and going forward. Our goal is to support individuals in following their authentic life paths, wherever they may lead. Taking time for oneself, surrounded by like-minded peers is a beautiful means of moving in this direction. The question is - whose life are you leading, your own or someone else’s? This is an opportunity to lead your life.” Satu Teerikangas Professor at Turku School of Economics One of the facilitators of ESTIEM Alumni Leadership Camp

40 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


“The IEM Sustainability Bootcamp is an unexpected journey to understand the complexity of true business sustainablility. Setting a baseline of understanding concepts of sustainability and developing real business cases rounds this event up.” Thomas Dirkwinkel Local Group Paderborn Participant of 1st Sustainability Bootcamp 2017

“[The Sustainability Bootcamp] offers a new possibility to merge with academia and business, it broadens your vision, makes you approach the concept of sustainability more systematically, and maybe offers an answer to try someting you do every day that it’s socially acceptable to do, it might not be generally good for the well being of society. And it also makes up for a cool weekend with new and old friends. Martin Jankoski Local Group Skopje Participant of 1st Sustainability Bootcamp 2017

Strong sustainability

desire to be a counterforce has started the Field of Impact

We as humans are leaving a tremendous footprint on this

„United Europe“. Despite being the foundation’s youngest

planet, for the good but also also for the bad. Sustainability

Field of Impact, it has already seen tangible results in 2017.

is concerned with making sure we sustain our planet and

The online platform has been

natural resources for future generations. However, it

established and aims to be a forum for discussing a peaceful and sustainable future for Europe and its neighbours in a

“When we now combine our sustainable mindset with what we said about conscious leadership, we realise that our impact can be multiplied by reaching out more people”

respectful, factual and diverse manner. A first European Talk Show has taken place during the autumn convention in Geneva and can be watched online. The rapid growth of this Field of Impact promises to continue in 2018, for instance with the European Talk Shows becoming a regular habit during the foundation’s conventions. About the IEM Caring Foundation

requires the right mindset and the competencies to take

The foundation fosters caring by bringing together people

effective action. It starts with small things, we should

and supporting initiatives, events, individuals of ESTIEM,

appreciate some of the habits which have been started

ESTIEM Alumni and EPIEM. It enables the platform through

through this Field of Impact - such as planting trees

which individuals can meet and exchange their ideas, in

wherever we meet, encouraging personal rather than

order to create a network of people who join forces to

disposable cups during events. However, when we now

make these ideas flourish. Being an officially registered legal

combine our sustainable mindset with what we said about

entity under dutch law, the IEM Caring Foundation provides

conscious leadership, we realise that our impact can be

the legal and financial basis on which caring people can work

multiplied by reaching out to more people. Therefore, the

towards their ambitions. If you want to find out more about

first Sustainability Bootcamp has taken place in autumn

us, you can check out, talk to one of

2017, training participants on sustainable mindset and

the foundation’s fellows or simply join one of our activities,

competencies. The event turned out to be a success and it

such as the bi-annual conventions. The next one will take

is planned to take place again in 2018.

place in Brussels during the weekend of September 15th.

United Europe As ESTIEMers we are well aware of the benefits and beauty of a United Europe, which is the core of what drives ESTIEM. However painful it is, we are probably aware of nowadays threats against Europe. Populist parties are growing stronger than ever and an increasing number of people rally against living the European dream. The ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 41


THE EXPEDITION OF THE 28TH BOARD OF ESTIEM “Dear reader, We, as the 28th Board of ESTIEM, want to take you along on our climb on the sunshine mountain. In this article we want you to learn about the experiences we had and the challenges we faced during the last months. We will share insights with you about what made our year in the board of ESTIEM so enriching and unique. We hope to convey that to you, and we wish you a lot of fun reading this article.”

42 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


“You cannot always control external events, but you can control your personal peaks and valleys by what you believe and what you do.” - Dr. Spencer Johnson Council Meeting Poznan Our story as the Board of ESTIEM starts at Council Meeting Poznan. Even though most of us did not know each other, we all embraced the challenge of applying for the 28th Board of ESTIEM. With a bit of luck and the approval of the council, the six of us got elected to climb the ESTIEM mountain for the upcoming year. Getting elected was an unforgettable memory for all of us. We left Poznan with the uncertainty of how working together would be like and what we could expect from our board year. Looking back, what was one of our biggest concerns ended up being one

was built. To get to know each other and take the first step together on this climb was definitely a highlight. Our leaders were now part of our journey, one impossible to accomplish without them. To every organiser in Warsaw, thank you for the hospitality and for the great event. This couldn’t have been done without you!

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Board Meeting II - Lausanne One of our favourite summits was definitely our second Board Meeting in Lausanne. The motivation and the hospitality of the Local Group and the university made the event feel special and showed to us what the ESTIEM spirit is all about. A group of students and professionals, from all over Europe, striving towards the same purpose.

of the smallest problems we faced.

We’ve met the future of the Local Group and shared good

Handover Board Meeting

hand the potential that we had only seen from a distance so

Our first encounter was in the Handover Board Meeting, taking place in Grenoble. There, the previous climbers (27th Board) prepared us by entrusting us with the mission of building a friendly network, in which every IEM student has the opportunity to be part of a connected Europe, while stepping out of their comfort zone. They shared their knowledge, their experience, and inspired us to climb the mountain ahead of us. We got to learn who we are as individuals, our strengths and what challenges we would

moments with all of them. There, we experienced first far—it made us aim higher. At the same time, we made the initial steps for the strategy of ESTIEM by analysing the current state of our network. It represented a big step towards the fulfillment of our objectives for our board year. We will always look back joyfully for this part of the climb, made so special by all the friends we made on the way. Thank you Lausanne!

face as a team.

Board Meeting III - Chios

After this base camp visit, we put aside our doubts and

where all you have learnt until then is tested, and Board

After every nice base camp, you always have a steep climb,

insecurities, and we set out for the nearby peak.

Meeting III was the first time where we were put to the test.

Board Meeting I - Berlin

The beautiful island of Chios accommodated us for more

Reaching the first peak took longer than we expected. It was a period of adaptation and discovery. Although the mandate was yet to start, here we were, having our first Board Meeting in Berlin. For us, it was a particularly important moment as a team. We discovered our group dynamic, we fostered our circle of trust and we settled on our expectations for the year. Our board goals were drafted and six individuals became a group, a family, that would last beyond this whole journey. Leaders Coordination Meeting To build a friendly network where everyone feels included, we need to share a purposeful mindset. The Leaders Coordination Meeting in Warsaw was the right opportunity to foster that spirit. Surrounded by those that would truly make a difference throughout the year, we shared our dreams and plans for the upcoming year and a strong bond

than a week. There, surrounded by its richness and people, we started preparing for Council Meeting Izmir. This meant a lot of hard work and some long nights, but the relaxing moments we had with the Local Group and our breaks, filled with randomness and genuinity, reminded us of all the great moments and of all the lessons we had learnt until then, making it possible for us to be ready for our first valley and preparing us for what was coming ahead. Leaders Workshop Izmir Our second meeting with our leaders took place in Izmir. We were a few days away from the Council Meeting and this event was everything we hoped for. Surrounded by great ESTIEMers, we truly felt the ESTIEM spirit and the friendliness of our network. We held training sessions for our leaders, helping them prepare for their mandates, and discussions about the current matters of the network. ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 43

INSIDE ESTIEM Together, we created good memories we will always

Spending three days together in this city without worrying


about ESTIEM and work, we had the opportunity to reflect about our path until then, make conclusions, adjust our

For the board in particular, it also was a moment of

course, regain the needed energy and become stronger as

discovery, since most of the board members ate ‘Kokorec’

a board. We were ready to aspire further with full power

for the first time. It’s still a peak of the whole trip we had in

towards the next mountain.

Turkey. Thank you to Izmir DEU for organising the Leaders Workshop! We were truly welcomed by everyone. Council Meeting Izmir The moment of truth arrived with Council Meeting Izmir. We were indeed challenged in every way; as a team, as ESTIEMers, and as climbers.

“It has been, as promised, one of the best years of our lives, and we cannot wait for others experiencing it as well.”

It was a week filled with unexpected events, with last minute decisions, with our trust in each other and in our intuitions. It was our first big challenge, and everything we

Board Meeting IV - Zagreb

learnt until then was essential for the success of this event.

In Zagreb, it was time to roll up our sleeves and start

It was also the first time where we could see how we were

preparing the final details of our goals to start working with

shaping the network, how we were influencing people, and

the network on setting things into motion.

how we were inspiring them to be better and to aim higher. This was the moment we clearly saw all the reasons why

The environment we found there could not have been

we had applied.

better for this purpose. The Local Group impressed us with their motivation and hospitality and made us literally

We spent one of the most defining weeks of our mandate

climb up to the top of the mountain in Zagreb, where we

next to people who supported us in a way we cannot

not only had a lovely view over the city, but also a sneak

appreciate enough, ranging from the organisers, chairman

peak of the potential of a very motivated and ambitious

and other people involved in Council Meeting tasks, to the

Local Group.

leaders and alumni that were essential for the success of this week. Thank you to everyone that was part of our first

We did our best to leave our mark in the city, by trying

Council Meeting!

to amaze everyone with our lovely karaoke skills, and more importantly, by interacting with the Local Group and


demonstrating the ESTIEM Spirit, not only to the students,

After the Council Meeting it was time to sit at the top

but also to the university.

of mountain we just climbed and taste the air filled with accomplishment.

Our journey from Zagreb to Frankfurt was our longest bus trip together as a board. We crossed borders of Europe

So we had our first break as a board, where it was time to

together and we speculated about our next adventure—

rest as a team. Exhausted from the three weeks before, we

the Advisory Board Meeting.

decided to choose Athens as our board holiday destination. Advisory Board Meeting - Bad Dürkheim This was by far the most impactful event for our board, where we sat together with the alumni of the first generations of ESTIEM. They shared their wisdom and the pure meaning of the ESTIEM spirit. In that moment we understood the big impact that the alumni can have on ESTIEM and how important it is to keep them close. While full of passion and nostalgia, they showed us the original way of singing the ESTIEM song. Then and there, we felt that we were very close to the top of the mountain—and the closer you are to the top, the more you can see.

44 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


ESTIEM College - Lappeenranta

We are now preparing to reach the highest peak and soon

In the wintery Lappeenranta we were working on building

it will be time for others to go on this adventure. We could

up a base camp for the future generations of ESTIEMers.

not be prouder of everything we have seen and done and

The structure and the strategy of our network were

we could not have had better people both working with us

the main topics of this event, but besides working, we

and supporting us during this climb.

experienced the various traditions of Finnish student culture like the Sitsit party which made every participant

And, above all, we could not love this network more

feel the spirit while singing songs. The sauna sessions were

than we currently do. It has been, as promised, one of

relaxing for everyone after working on the future of our

the best years of our lives, and we cannot wait for others


experiencing it as well.

This whole experience is something we can’t put into

Thank you to all the Local Groups and ESTIEMers that

words without risking falling too short in descriptions or

accompany us on our way. Without you, the journey we

lack the capability to express what we felt. We are left with

had until here wouldn’t have half of its joy and uniqueness.

the modest tools of writing and pictures to describe and

We hope you have had a similar experience to ours

portray what has been an intense year, full of adventures

throughout this year. For those leading this network during

and stories to tell.

the following years, grab this experience with your hands and heart and take the best you can out of it. We did and

There are countless adventures we lived and many events

we couldn’t be happier about it!

are memorable and had a lot of impact on us both as individuals and as a group. Hundreds of hours in Skype chats


and calls, days spend together, and people who influenced us, that are not covered in this article.

The 28th Board

One of the most important lessons we learnt throughout this year is how to fight for what we believe in, no matter what. We managed to build the best team all of us have ever had the privilege of working with, but most of all, a strong friendship was fostered, that got us through the not so good moments and that made the great moments into something none of us will ever forget.

• • • • • •

Some hard facts: Board Skype chats: 55:34 hours # travelled around the globe: 13 Events participated since July 2017: 133 Countries visited: 21 Different Local Groups visited: 39 # of times we sung the ESTIEM Song: over 9000!!!

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 45


Anna Mertsalova

Local Group Saint Petersburg

LET’S LEARN RUSSIAN \\ The beginning of a new journey for Language Courses An Austrian philosopher once said: “The limits of my

The event took place from 4th to10th of December. From

language mean the limits of my world.” Since the Language

an organising perspective , it was essential to create

Program became a running project, ESTIEMers have gotten

an event that would keep participants interested in the

a great chance to destroy any limits and to broaden their

subject. However, our main goal was to break all the myths

mindset as well as improving their language knowledge. The

and stereotypes about the Russian language. We knew that

ESTIEM network presents so many countries with its unique

Russian has the reputation of being a very difficult language

traditions, cultures and routes that no one would argue

to learn. We also knew that apprehension about the Cyrillic

the fact that it is an ideal platform for trying a completely

alphabet is, in fact, one of the most frequently given reasons

new language or improving your existing language skills.

for not studying Russian, and no one could help us better to

Life has taught me that you never know which unforeseen

prove that this is not true than our professional teachers,

opportunities can lead to learning a new language.

who organised joint intensive courses about the Russian language for beginners. The first teacher provided lessons

Português, Italiano, Français, Deutsch, Español… the

during the first two days and right after that participants

Language Course already had a long trip, but it was just the

knew the “scary Cyrillic”, were able to read it and knew

beginning. It was time for a new journey, and it started with

some basic phrases. I remember they were trying to read

one of the most widely spoken native languages in Europe,

every signboard they saw on the streets and I am happy

which belongs to the big Slavic Group. The Russian language

to say they succeeded. The second teacher continued

remains the language of poets and writers such as Tolstoy

working on basic grammar and taught more lexica.

and Dostoevsky and it is also the means of transferring the national heritage from generation to generation.

46 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


What distinguished our learning approach was a combination of classic academic lessons and creative evening language activities prepared by us - native speakers and organisers. That was our time to help ESTIEMers understand

The basic goal of the Language Program is to allow everyone to try and improve their language skills. I think, when the project was completed we completely met our expectations as all of the participants learned the

the language with such tools

basics of Russian and some became

as different language games,

so enthusiastic they continued

national songs, videos and even

learning, which made me proud

theatre performances made by

of the work we did. I hope the

participants themselves.

Language Course in ESTIEM will continue to progress, as it

Apart from all of these, I think

is an amazing experience both

we also had lots of fun. The

to participate and to organise this

evening and night activities even


included going to clubs. One night we went to a large park with attractions and slot machines where we played games like laser tag and went roller skating together. We also followed our Local Group’s traditions and organised a family dinner.

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 47


LG DUBLIN \\ Welcome! LG Dublin is a brand new addition to the ESTIEM network

from all corners of the country, studying in Trinity College,

and we are based in Trinity College, right in the centre of

within both the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and

the beautiful and bustling Irish capital. Academically we are

Science and the School of Computer Science and Statistics.

the top university in Ireland and we, as LG Dublin, are very determined to make our mark within this organisation. We

Just before Christmas we held our first formal meeting to

see the enthusiasm and excitement that everyone within

plan for the year ahead and to elect positions within the

ESTIEM has and we are so excited to be a part of it. We

Local Group. With our Local Responsible, Sorcha O’Byrne,

are currently trying to gain recognition on social media and

at the helm and now eleven other eager committee mem-

promote our on-campus presence to try to get us off the

bers supporting her, we plan to make ourselves known wi-

ground as we are working to establish LG Dublin as a wi-

thin this organisation. We cannot wait to partake in events,

dely recognised group within our university.

meet other Local Groups and really cement ourselves wi-

At the moment we consist of a small group of students

thin the ESTIEM network. Watch this space!

48 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


ESTIEM’S DEPARTMENTS \\ Structure Change update!

Still being in the process of implementation, ESTIEMs new

ESTIEM currently has four departments: Intercultural De-

department structure can seem complex and confusing at

partment, Career Development Department, Personal

first glance. Due to its significant impact, we would like to

Development Department and Academic Development

give you an overview of how Central ESTIEM is expected


to be structured in the future. Once the transition phase is finalised, every Service (for Departments are environments aiming to fulfill a specific

example Academic Days) is planned to have a Coordina-

part of ESTIEM’s mission. Departments are formed of se-

tor coordinating it. Every Division, such as IEM Insights,

veral teams called Divisions. Divisions represent indepen-

is planned to have a Leader that leads the services (here

dent sub-areas of departments. They cluster activities, con-

Vision and Academic Days) related to their area. Every

cepts and projects that share a similar aim. Those are called

Department (in this case the Academic Development De-

Services. A service is one single type of activity that aims

partment) is jointly lead by its Division Leaders (here IEM

to provide value to ESTIEM’s target group: IEM Students

Insights, IEM Development and Lean Six Sigma) and a Board

of Europe.

Member. ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 49



The goal of Academic

of a PR strategy regarding how we present ourselves

Days is to share ESTIEM

and an external relations strategy based on the partners

universities’ knowledge with

that could add value to businessbooster. The division

the network. It supports the

has also worked on the development of learning goals

personal and professional

in order to make sure that the entrepreneurial spirit is

development of students across Europe, willing to

successfully experienced. Furthermore, as a part of the

supplement their curriculum. In order to achieve this, each

new structure, businessbooster has been working together

Academic Days event provides participants deep insights

with the Career Event in the development of the Career

into a specific topic in which the organising Local Group’s

Development Department. Although it is still in an early

university has a level of high expertise. Since CM Izmir,

stage, it has already been proven to be a fruitful cooperation

Academic Days has been organising new topical events

that should continue to be developed in the future.

like “Operation Management Days” in Lisbon and the upcoming “Maker Movement Days” in Dortmund. The

From Council Meeting Izmir,

team is also structuring new concepts to be implemented

the ESTIEM Language

to allow Academic Days to be more than just an event

Programme has put most

based service, like event reports that will allow the entire

of its focus in strategy

network to receive the knowledge shared during the event,

and long term planning. For the first time we’ve drafted

high quality Online Webinars, and Annual Courses about

a complete educational strategy that combines our four

very required topics for IEM students.

services; Courses, Sessions, Online and Local. The event concept will be divided into two subconcepts,

3, 2, 1 - Action: We

one for intermediate levels - several week basic events,



with a higher weight of lessons and hard practice - and

*BrainTrainer* events a lot

a second for short basic levels that include more cultural

and that’s why we decided

activities and leisure and are meant to introduce ESTIEMers


into the language.





new ones! It is clear that

Online Conversation Clubs have been tried out for the

ESTIEMers feel the need

first time and we are reassessing their first contact with

to develop soft skills and

the network. Lastly, research has been conducted on local

therefore we have prepared three events with different

language activities and we are in the process of standardising

topics in the first half of 2018 to answer these needs.

a local activity with the name of Language Cafés.

Information about them is already on the Portal. We also had fruitful discussions with other entities within

The ESTIEM Magazine

the Personal Development Department during our

aims to present new trends

Coordination Meeting regarding the Department itself and




BrainTrainer’s place in it. Currently we are working on the

as well as insights about

implementation of a new feedback system, which will allow

ESTIEM, to its readers. During the last six months,

us to measure quality of training sessions in a better way.

besides our daily business consisting of article acquisition, proofreading articles and designing the latest issue, we’ve been working on new ways of promotion.

Businessbooster connects the different IEM students with


From the 16th to 19th of March we had our first official


Magazine Proofreading and Design Bootcamp. We’ve been

interest by facilitating the

working on the final proofreading and design processes and

education of entrepreneurial

we hope to keep this going for the next issues.



We’ll keep working on the Magazine’s distribution process,

developing their mind-set.

but for now they will be printed in Poland and handed out



This development has been mainly made by the creation

50 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution

at the CM.

INSIDE ESTIEM Europe3D is a seminar

many more. Summer Academy St. Petersburg, Summer

series where the participants

Academy Zagreb, and the Ambassadors Programme are

can gather a deep insight in

almost here. The best professors, the best memories, and

the hosting country in three

the best environment. It’s your chance!

unique dimensions: politics, T.I.M.E.S.

economy and culture. An environment with a blend


of different cultures helps the participants get a better

edition is already in its

understanding of basic local parameters existing in the

final throes. All eight Semi

European country.

Finals already happened in

Within the service, we went into a high-speed adaptation

January and February. They

process regarding the new team structure while increasing

were organised by Ilmenau,

the event amount. Seven Europe3D events were organised



by Local Groups in 2018, which helped the service to






collect resources and to be able to raise the event quality

and, for the first time, two Local Groups worked together

even higher. Even though the work is generally focused on

to organise a Semi Final: Helsinki and Tampere. The Final

events, we are still developing the Intercultural Department.

will be hosted by Local Group Vienna at the end of March.

That being said, all the updates and work will unfold in the

The T.I.M.E.S. Training event in Istanbul-Bogazici took place

upcoming Europe3D events, check them out to learn, to

right before CM Izmir and was a complete success.

share, to improve.

We have also been working on the Local Group support, helping organisers with the preparations and making Local The Lean Six Sigma team

Qualifications more sustainable. We have been working

has been occupied with

on a new TIMES structure that will be finalised after CM

developing the concept of

Izmir. With our goals aligned to the network’s, we will also

Lean Six Sigma Instructors in order to provide the highest

focus on providing participants with high quality material to

quality of teaching for their training events and local courses.

get ready for the Tournament while evaluating what quality

The concept has three levels: Aspirants, Instructors and

means within TIMES competition and how to measure it.

Senior Instructors. Teaching Lean Six Sigma becomes thus an opportunity for many motivated ESTIEMers to gain new

The beginning of

experiences. Moreover, the team has been working on

marks the start of the

the concept of LSS Local Courses whose primary goal is





to strengthen Local Groups by providing their universities

series. During the past few

with the Green Belt course. In addition, the team has

months, four of the six events have been fully organised

been developing their partnership and collaboration with

and enjoyed by almost 60 participants. They had the chance

their biggest company partner: MINITAB. This company

to visit Paderborn, Seville, Aveiro and Munich. With some

provides software which is used during Lean Six Sigma

small improvements of the event concept and the support

trainings in ESTIEM in order to learn about statistics.

of the Vision buddies, participants have learned more about the new technologies and their application in the industry.



Vision Porto and Izmir-DEU are almost here and the Local


Groups are working hard to make everything perfect. Of

with its feeling of peace,

course, the series cannot end without a Final Conference!

trust, silence and, most

This year the final event of the series is going to be organised

importantly, with its unique

by LG Darmstadt and will include a special celebration of



environment. This year, Winter Academy did the same

the 25th anniversary of Vision.

thing, and the best part is... you can check out their

Besides the event organisation, the Vision team is working

inspirational testimonials!

on creating the booklet of the series. After 25 years of the

Getting to know oneself is the first step to success, and since

project it’s time to take a breath, look back and evaluate the

Summer Academy is known for its personal development

work done so far. Therefore, brainstorming and discussing

content, the central team felt the need to create more

are in progress in order to improve this great project in

opportunities to help ESTIEMers grow. The second edition


of Winter Academy just ended and changed the lives of

And never forget, we need Vision to see!

fourteen participants, and we want to change the lives of

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 51

INSIDE ESTIEM The Analysis Committee has the mission to support

last times’ rejection into consideration. This joint grant

ESTIEM to make the decision making more fact-based

application is aimed to be submitted by the end of April.

in order to help the organisation move forward, while supporting ESTIEMers in their professional development.

The Information Technology Committee aims to

Our first project was concerned with updating the Local

provide technological support to all ESTIEMers, with one

Group Activity Ranking that is presented every Council

of our tasks being the maintenance of our portal. Right

Meeting. The second project was concerned with analysing

now, we are implementing close support to all PCIs by

the IEM needs survey. Another big project we are working

restructuring and updating all the information.

on is the analysis of historical event feedback forms. We

Another approach of the ITC is guaranteed sustainability

also worked on an analysis of the Board positions as we

by creating opportunities for ESTIEMers to develop their

analysed the amount of travels made by previous boards

IT skills. We expect the return of IT Schools next August,

and the working hours of the current board members. We

and we are starting a mentorship programme where it

are currently also working on a Local Group Requirements

will be possible to learn more coding languages (HTML,

dashboard that will show the compliance or non-compliance

CSS, JavaScript, C#, SQL and many more). ESTIEMers will

of Local Groups to the Membership Regulations. Our

have a mentor from an IT company available to guide them

fruitful partnership with Tableau continued this year.

through the course, helping them with any doubts they could have.

In order to create and develop academic and corporate

Also, ITC has a close connection with the IT Project in

partnerships that will contribute to our network, the

order to provide all the support on building our new portal.

Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) always looks

This way, we expect to have a stronger IT generation,

for new and innovative opportunities. With the structure

capable of helping with issues of the present portal and

change in ESTIEM, the CRC has shifted its focus from

the new one.

creating partnerships for central ESTIEM to supporting the entire network as a whole. With this new perspective of

The Knowledge Management Committee entered

CRC, the committee is currently searching for partnerships

2018 with the new generation of Knowledge Managers.

that will provide value to our whole network. Besides,

With the newly emerging department system, lots of

the committee is currently changing its CRM perspective

Knowledge Management Responsibles joined the KMC

in order to create long-lasting relationships with our

family. The infrastructure for the feedback system has been

present and future partners. Additionally, thanks to the

completed with the input from previous years and with the

committee’s team members, we have successfully raised

new structure in Google Drive, event reports are more

a new generation of team members with full knowledge

accessible than ever. The Best Practice Document Task

needed to execute CR activities. Besides, by analysing our

Group has been evaluating the possible implementation

current situation in terms of CR activities, the committee

of an ESTIEM Wiki. The Central & Local Knowledge

aims for more sustainable fundraising for future.

Task Group was busy during the last six months with new projects: local knowledge management tools, talent

The Financial and Legal Committee is about ensuring

database, handover process of ESTIEM, and the Google

continuity in legal and financial issues. The committee

Drive structure. As the oldest Committee in ESTIEM, the

worked on some new projects at the beginning of this

KMC holds plenty of history, but at the same time we feel

year including Intellectual Property Right issues, together

like there is still a lot to be explored. Let’s all make sure

with the Lean Six Sigma Team, and evaluating the current

that after 50 years, ESTIEMers will still know what a ‘Haka’

process of taking minutes at Council Meetings. Additionally,

is and how the ESTIEM song is sung. Long live knowledge!

we have been reviewing the effects of the new General Data Protection Regulation as well as having worked on

Since the Council Meeting in Izmir, the Members

renewing the Open Call process for Council Meetings, and

Committee has been actively working in several areas.

updated the motion form.

The first concrete result of our work was launching the Local Group Mentoring Programme. A few years back

Right after Council Meeting İzmir, the Grants Committee

we had a similar concept, however, this time we decided

(GC) submitted the operating grant application to the

to target the programme to Guest and Observer Local

European Commission. The grant is for three years and

Groups to help them reach the status of a full Member of

would support ESTIEM with €50,000. The committee


expects to receive the results in March. The joint grant

A big part of the work of the MC has been the discussion

application with BEST and AEGEE restarted and is currently

about the regional concept. We decided it was time

being worked on. The team is working on writing a high-

to evaluate the purpose of the regions and assess its

quality application by taking the feedback received after

execution. One of the biggest achievements of this winter

52 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution

INSIDE ESTIEM was the LR Forum in Eindhoven. Last, but not least, we are

aspects. The results of this survey can be found on the

happy to announce that Dublin University Management

portal. Our motivated team is currently evaluating SERC’s

Science Society of Trinity College has officially become a

status as a committee and finding new ways to cooperate

Guest Local Group! Let’s wish LG Dublin a great start for

with other committees and projects within ESTIEM like the

the journey in our network and warmly welcome them to

volunteering initiative.

our family! The last 6 months were very exciting for the Trainers The Public Relations Committee aims to manage,

Community. We accredited 4 new trainers in CM Izmir

communicate and assure the continuity of the ESTIEM

Economy getting our total numbers to 14 ESTIEM Trainers

brand inside and outside of the network. Our aim is to

and 4 Expert Trainers. Soon after CM, we started working

establish ESTIEM as a strong and recognised brand amongst

on TNT Ankara Bilkent. The event took place in February,

its stakeholders. Due to centralisation, the PRC is trying to

resulting in 10 new Junior Trainers who are motivated to

get all the content from different services’ Facebook pages

develop ESTIEM. Moreover, we have been working on the

and put them together on to the official ESTIEM Facebook

first edition of Training Advanced Trainers in over 6 years

page. To do so, as Online PR Team, we started using Asana

and it will be a great help in maintaining sustainability for

as a working tool.

Training in ESTIEM.

Furthermore, thanks to our Design Team, we designed a

Trainer development has been the focus of the past few

new, modern brochure for the network. Since the ESTIEM

months as mentioned and along with the events we are

Passport was a plan of the board, the Design Team also

working towards creating a system that will allow trainers

took care of this design and for CM Karlsruhe we will have

to learn and develop inside and outside of a TNT or TAT.

those passports ready! We organised our Coordination

TC is continuing to work with the motto “learn, grow and

Meeting in Tampere, Finland and not only did the team get

share together” and is aiming to provide ESTIEM with more

to know each other, we also made many decisions for the

great opportunities!

committee. Last but not least, the PR-CR School Belgrade has just occurred before CM Karlsruhe and Media School

The Human Resource Committee is developing an

events are on the way!

Accountability and Task Management system to define a clear task distribution in ESTIEM. We are defining a

The Social


system for a more focused distribution of people working

Committee is still a relatively new committee, but it’s



in ESTIEM through a talent database and collaborate with

impact is already wide within ESTIEM. In the last year

the KMC on a handover process. The team creates open

we approached many event organisers individually to

calls and job description which create the right expectations

implement SERC activities in a variety of ESTIEM events. We

for people applying. An individual development systems to

gathered data from ESTIEMers to find out how ESTIEMers

support the skill development needed in entities is planned.

see ESTIEM in regard to social and environmental visibility

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 53


IF YOU WANT A CHANGE... GO ON AN EXCHANGE If you think there is nothing you can do to make your studies a story of a lifetime, think again. Have you ever thought of going on an exchange? Everything must have a starting point, right? Well, the

that is awesome.

starting point of an exchange is applying for it. All that time

Nemanja Popović Local Group Novi Sad

spent writing letters, e-mails and other paperwork is just...

The thing that fascinated me the most was the Italian

boring...and exhausting! But you always must keep in mind

culture and history. I spent most of my free time exploring

all the reasons why you decided to do this in the first place.

the city, visiting museums, art galleries and so on. I enjoyed being there. On every corner you could see some evidence

After a couple of months, you will receive an acceptance

of history. Churches, statues, castles, museums. The

letter from the faculty and then, within a blink of an eye,

architecture is also great, and, on every street, you can

there are only 7 days to go. You start packing your bags,

see how everything has evolved over time. My camera was

planning your trip, buying a ticket... and viola... you are

constantly turned on, I tried to capture everything I saw.

there! What else can you do while you are in Italy? Travel, yes! Everything is new to you... the city, streets, places, people...

Travel whenever you have the opportunity. Visit different

But don’t worry, Google is your friend and you’ll get to

cities... Climb up a mountain (go hiking)… visit some

know the place in no time!

lakes... or you can take your friends with you on your next visit to some other country. The list of things you can do

I decided to go on an Erasmus student’s Exchange in Turin

is endless.

(Italy), to study at Politecnico di Torino. First of all, it is a very big university and there are a lot of opportunities and

After everything is finished you will notice some differences

different departments. It is also very well organised, and

about yourself and the biggest difference you will notice

you shouldn’t have any problems during your stay.

is that this adventure has changed you... a lot… All this experience you’ve gained is going to impact you in your

Beside studying, there are a lot of Erasmus parties, and

way of thinking and in your way of doing things. You’ve

other kinds of events you can attend. You are constantly

learned something from everyone you’ve met on this

going to meet new people (from Spain, France, Poland,

journey. Once Erasmus, always Erasmus...

India, Egypt, Brazil, USA... from all over the world), and

54 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


5 PLACES YOU CAN DISCOVER WITH ESTIEM \\ Istanbul, Lund, Niš, Novi Sad and Xanthi ISTANBUL If Istanbul’s walls could talk, they’d recite hundreds of

other mosques, it also contains a tomb of the founder, a

legends involving mythological gods, prophecies fulfilled, and

madrasa and a hospice. Besides being used as a mosque,

tales of love lost and betrayal that will enchant you. Istanbul

the Sultanahmet Mosque has also become a popular tourist

is a place in which Christianity, Judaism and Islam have

attraction in Istanbul.

their roots. While meeting


Facing the Blue











the end

of the square is







Hagia Sophia. The


Hagia Sophia, the





the Turkish culture


which is basically










East Empire




been constructed

Western cultures,

three times in the

the call to prayer



The church was



across the city.




January 13th, 532. Sultanahmet




place you this




Sultan Mehmed’s


conquer in 1453,


Hagia Sophia was




culture the most.

a mosque. The


Hagia Sophia was



to name,



“Hippodrome of





it was a place





which contained all the ancient Byzantine architectures.

and has been functioning as one since 1935, welcoming

However, after the Ottoman Empire conquered Istanbul it

both local and foreign visitors.

became one of the biggest gates opening to the city. As an ESTIEM tradition, when we visited the Sultanahmet Sultanahmet Mosque, also called the Blue Mosque, is a

Square as all the participants are amazed by the atmosphere,

historical mosque in Istanbul. The mosque is known as the

we don’t forget to do the Haka in the middle of the square.

Blue Mosque because of blue tiles surrounding the walls

By doing this, we combined ancient Byzantine and Ottoman

of the interior design. The mosque was built between

cultures with our ESTIEM culture!

1609 and 1616, during the reign of Ahmed I. Just like many

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 55


LUND Lund, the city with the largest Swedish university in ESTIEM!

Denmark. It is actually the second largest recurring event

Located in the most southern part of Sweden, Lund is the

based on volunteers after the Summer Olympic Games!

perfect city for a young student. Actually, it is more of a picturesque town than a city with its single-storey houses

During both the Regional Coordination Meeting and the

and cobbled streets. Nevertheless, do not let the scenic

Local Group exchange organised these past months, LG

areas fool you. The place is full of life - and of students. The

Lund has taken advantage of the sparking student life

majority of people based in Lund are somehow connected

which Lund is well-known for. Throughout the week,




there are multiple

which really shows



restaurants open,




all run by students. There



Founded in 1666,

sports teams and

Lund University is


one of the oldest

more committees

universities in the

and odd societies

Nordics which in

than it would be

turn means that

possible to fit in


this article.






anyone can keep

If we tried, we

track of. One of

could write a book




about this place,

the Lundakarnevalen which is held only every fourth year,

but even then, we would not do it justice. The only way to

towards the end of the school year. The very old tradition

understand the place is to visit it yourself. Don’t hesitate!

excites well above five thousand students from the

Come and visit Lund!

university as well as half a million visitors from Sweden and

XANTHI Xanthi is a city in Thrace in the North-East of Greece.

extremely enthusiastic about partaking in a course in

The city is divided into two distinct sections; the old and

traditional Greek folk dance, especially the well-known

the new town are located in the west, while the east is

“Syrtaki” and “Zonaradikos”.

uninhabited but boasts a rich natural environment. The Old

Another highlight of this amazing week was the film we

Town of Xanthi is famous for its distinguishing

watched which detailed modern Greek society. However,


overall, the peak of the

and its narrow,

event was hiking to the


highest point in town


where we watched







sunrise, coupled with




a cup of hot coffee.




The participants had


a great time taking




photos, enjoying the

had an unforgettable week full of fun, adventure, and lots

great view, and chilling the authentic Greek way. Ever

of surprises. After the academic sessions

wanted to experience the famous Greek hospitality? Stay

with professional experts, we had the chance to partake

tuned ...

in other activities, such as a BBQ, canoe-kayaking, and a multicultural international night. Our E3D participants were

56 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution


NOVI SAD Being located in the heart of Vojvodina, facing the northern

The Petrovaradin Fortress, nicknamed “Gibraltar of the

slopes of Fruška Gora mountain and lying on the banks of

Danube” is located on the right bank of the Danube river.

the Danube river, may be just some of the little thing that

An interesting fact is that the fortress has many underground

make Novi Sad so special. Beside being the second largest

tunnels as well as 16 kilometers of an uncollapsed underground

city in Serbia, Novi


Sad is also the capital


of the autonomous






Petrovaradin is



home of the EXIT

Novi Sad has always


been a multi-ethnic town. Serbs have


always constituted

(Danube Park) is

the majority of its

an urban park in






there were others

Sad. In the very


center of the park

Hungarians, Croats,

exists a small lake

Slovaks, Ruthenians



and many more.

named after the Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Queen

In the 18th century, a traveler wrote about Novi Sad: ”The

of Hungary. When she was assassinated in 1898, a weeping

town is a remarkable example of what tolerance and trade

willow was planted in her honor.

can result in.” Nowadays, most foreigners only know Novi

During our EXIT Activity Week ESTIEMers like to hang out

Sad as the nearest city to the world famous EXIT music

at Štrand; a beach located across the Petrovaradin Fortress,

festival, but the ‘Serbian Athens’ has its own incomparable

with white sand and a lot of (snack)bars. During the


summer it’s a paradise for tourists as well as local people, during cold days it’s the perfect place for long walks along

The Name of Mary Church is a Roman Catholic parish

the banks of the Danube.

church, it is the largest church in Novi Sad and is located in the city center on the Libery Square. It’s one of the most

There are many reasons to visit Novi Sad so pack your bags,

famous locations in Novi Sad.

we are waiting for you!

NIŠ The city of Niš is the third biggest city in Serbia and carries

feature of the park are three concrete obelisks that symbolise

the title of one of the most beautiful jewels of Serbian

raised hands with clenched fists. Tinkers Alley, also known

cultural heritage. We organised Balkan Motivational

as Coppersmith Alley, is an old urban downtown which

Weekend, students


has been built in


the first half of the

other countries had

18th century. Skull


Tower, a monument


to visit this town


and see interesting


sights of the city.

(1804–1813), is a

Niš Fortress, the


symbol of the city,

of skulls of Serbian





located downtown on the bank of the Nišava river, is one of

uprisers, killed and decapitated by the Ottomans. Of

the best preserved and most beautiful military fortifications

course, students love the nightlife in Niš. A lot of rock pubs

in the Middle Balkans. Memorial Park Bubanj - dominant

and clubs were probably the favorite part of their visit.

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 57


APRIL 2018

Kyiv visits Berlin

Carnival of Cultures Activity Week,

Ilmenau visits Aveiro

30 April 2018 to 06 May 2018

Berlin 17 May 2018 to 23 May 2018

08 April 2018 to 13 April 2018 Nordic Motivational Weekdays, Ås

MAY 2018

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

10 April 2018 to 12 April 2018

Career Event, Istanbul-ITU

Event, Ankara-METU

01 May 2018 to 07 May 2018

21 May 2018 to 27 May 2018

Nordic Regional Coordination Meeting, Trondheim

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

12 April 2018 to 16 April 2018

Event, Munich

JUNE 2018

02 May 2018 to 08 May 2018

Vision Final Conference, Darmstadt 04 June 2018 to 10 June 2018

Europe3D Germany, Bremen 14 April 2018 to 20 April 2018 Ankara-METU & St. Petersburg visit

EPIEM Meeting 2018 - Creating Value, Graz

BrainTrainer, ‘Discover the Leader

03 May 2018 to 05 May 2018

In You’, Dortmund 08 June 2018 to 14 June 2018

Tampere 15 April 2018 to 20 April 2018

Vision Human Resources, Izmir-DEU 06 May 2018 to 12 May 2018

Groningen visits Novi Sad 18 April 2018 to 23 April 2018 Perestroika Activity Week, Kyiv

PR-CR School, Istanbul Bogazici &

JULY 2018


Summer Academy, Saint Petersburg

07 May 2018 to 13 May 2018

01 July 2018 to 07 July 2018

Europe3D Portugal, Lisbon

Novi Sad visits Izmir-DEU

07 May 2018 to 13 May 2018

21 July 2018 to 26 July 2018

18 April 2018 to 23 April 2018 Vision Robotic Process Automation, Porto 22 April 2018 to 29 April 2018

Steps to Be an Entrepreneur, Aveiro 13 May 2018 to 19 May 2018

SEPTEMBER 2018 Budapest visits Barcelona

BrainTrainer, ‘Marketing: Innovation and Design’, Madrid

Istanbul-Yildiz visits Belgrade

22 April 2018 to 28 April 2018

14 May 2018 to 20 May 2018

Maker Movement Days, Dortmund

BrainTrainer, ‘The Keys to Problem

23 April 2018 to 28 April 2018

Solving’, Aachen

01 September 2018 to 05 September 2018 Barcelona visits Budapest

14 May 2018 to 20 May 2018 Training Advanced Trainers, Siegen 27 April 2018 to 03 May 2018

58 ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution

06 September 2018 to 10 September 2018 Europe3D Italy, Calabria 24 September 2018 to 30 September 2018


Language of ESTIEM The language of ESTIEM consists of quite some abbreviations and special expressions. This vocabulary often makes it difficult for newcomers and outsiders to understand articles and other ESTIEM documents and to follow conversations. This page lists the most common abbreviations and expressions in ESTIEM. AC

Analysis Committee


Academic Days


Alumni Meeting


Activity Week




Best Practice Document


Board Meeting


Board Responsible




Committee Leader


Council Meeting




European Professors of Industrial Engineering and Management


European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management


Financial Controller


Financial and Legal Committee


General Assembly


Grants Committee


Human Resource Committee


Industrial Engineering and Management


Information Technology Committee


Knowledge Management Committee


Local Group


Language Programme Initiative


Local Qualification


Local Responsible


Members Committee


Project Leader


Public Relations Committee


Really Amazing Magazine Project People


Regional Coordinator


Regional Coordination Meeting


Summer Academy


Social and Environmental Responsibility Committee




Student Guide


Tram Party


Trainers Community


Task Group


Task Group Leader


Tournament in Management and Engineering Skills


Training Advanced Trainers


Training New Trainers


Vice President


Working Group


Working Group Leader

ESTIEM Magazine | 54th issue - 4th industrial revolution 59

WANT TO STUDY IN A CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE ENVIRONMENT WHERE ACADEMY, PUBLIC ORGANISATIONS, INDUSTRY AND ENTREPRENEURS COME TOGETHER? In Gothenburg, situated in one of the most innovative areas in the world, we have created a learning environment where students are allowed and encouraged to try their ideas in reality. In addition to providing a cutting edge academic education, we provide our students with the possibility to work closely with both academic researchers, public organisations, innovators and industry and to try their wings in both established companies and as startup entrepreneurs. Our four master’s programs within Technology Management and Economics offers a combination of solid theoretic frameworks, applied projects and strong connection to business and industry – a combination that ensures a rapid learning curve and exciting job opportunities after graduation. WE OFFER MASTER’S PROGRAMMES IN • Entrepreneurship and Business Design • Management and Economics of Innovation • Quality and Operations Management • Supply Chain Management The education at Chalmers was ranked first in Europe in the International Student Barometer 2012 where 160 000 students from all over the world voiced their opinions.


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