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FLYING A GLIDER Introduction to Hacker Culture


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OCTOBER 2019 Art.Music.Theatre Activity Week, Saint Petersburg 23-10-2019 - 28-10-2019 Academic Days: Strategic Marketing, Aveiro 27-10-2019 - 01-11-2019

NOVEMBER 2019 Europe 3D Romania, Targu Mures 03-11-2019 - 09-11-2019 Local Responsible Forum, Tampere 07-11-2019 - 12-11-2019 Vision Sustainable Society, Eindhoven 10-11-2019 - 15-11-2019 Tour of the Nordics, Gothenburg, Stocholm & Helsinki 11-11-2019 - 17-11-2019

18-06-19 09:33

Lean Six Sigma Training Event, Auvergne 11-11-2019 - 17-11-2019

Vision Age of Al, Karlsruhe 01-12-2019 - 06-12-2019

Businessbooster x SLUSH, Helsinki 17-11-2019 - 23-11-2019

Europe 3D France, Lyon & Grenoble 04-12-2019 - 11-12-2019

Industry Hubs Traditional Industries, Aveiro, Minho & Porto 24-11-2019 - 01-12-2019

Social Entrepreneurship Sustainable Edition, Dresden 08-12-2019 - 14-12-2019

Training New Trainers, Istambul-Bogaziçi 24-11-2019 - 01-12-2019

X-mas Eve 2.0, Moscow 09-12-2019 - 15-12-2019

Nordic Regional Coordination Meeting, Karlstad 28-11-2019 - 02-12-2019

BrainTrainer - “Speak Up! Stand Out!”, Kyiv 10-12-2019 - 16-12-2019

DECEMBER 2019 Language course: Let’s learn Russian!, Saint Petersburg 01-12-2019 - 07-12-2019

JANUARY 2020 Rocking the Alps - Skiing Activity Week XII, Montafon, Austria 11-01-2020 - 18-01-2020



Table of contents INTRODUCTION 4 Project Leader’s speech 5 President’s speech 6 Introduction to ESTIEM

FOCUS TOPIC 8 How not to be silly

11 Flying a glider, an introduction to hacker culture 12 IT-securityi in the maritime industry 14 Is your privacy worth your effort? 18 Youtube is my teacher 20 The human side of information security 22 Which cyber security lessons can we learn from the chernobyl catastrophe 24 Internet security

SCENE 26 Emotional intelligence 28 The 12 rules of data visualization 30 Why a transparent knowledge sharing culture Is crucial?

CAREER 32 Alumni interview 35 Introverted leadership 36 Leadership Summer School

INSIDE ESTIEM 39 Where is you golden goose? 40 International projects and committees 46 TIMES interview 48 How can the IEM caring movement create better opportunities for your life? 50 taking the LSS course to Africa 53 TOV - Trainers On Visit 56 30 Years of awesomeness 58 Board article 61 IEM Conference

EXPLORE 62 Europe hitchhiking trip

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 3

INTRODUCTION Project Leader Sjors van Weert


Design Oliver Dittrich Anna Kornilovich Margarita Kozhevnikova Anne Untermann Trajko Krstić Article Acquisition Tanja Gagić Jovana Tišma Anna Kornilovich Agnieszka Remi Sonja Borota Anđela Vasojević Proofreaders Evdoxia Pantazi Sebastian Hummel Mark van Uden Annarita De Maio Lea Lemberg Dominik Rampp Oliver Dittrich With special thanks to Robin Dietrich Ana Mendes Contact leader.magazine@

Dear reader, Internet security is defined as a process to create rules and actions to be taken to protect against attacks over the internet. The aim of this magazine is to create and raise the awareness towards this topic in order to enable you to create and use your own insights. In front of you is the 57th issue of the ESTIEM Magazine. This issue will take you from a hitchhiking experience, to information about ESTIEM, to articles about the human side of information security. With the Focus Topic


this issue, you will find out everything interesting about internet security and how it relates to us,

thrive in a field you chose. Professors, companies,

our daily lives and our (future) jobs. Rethink for

ESTIEMers, enjoy reading!

ESTIEM Permanent Office Atlas 2.328 Groene Loper 3 5612 AE Eindhoven The Netherlands Fax: 0031-(0)40 2473871

example the problems we had with the ESTIEM


have made to Africa, what they have done and

The contents may not always reflect the opinion of the publisher. Any reproduction or copy is permitted only with the permission of the editors.

experienced there, you will also be updated on the

Our Partners Continental Eindhoven University of Technology Chalmers University of Technology Tampere University of Technology Eurosender elium UNIT4 in business for people Tableau BEST EESTEC VWI

portal a few years ago!

Now, closing this PL Speech and concluding my mandate as ESTIEM Magazine Project Leader,

Writing about ESTIEM, we are striving for

nothing else is left for me than to trustfully pass

continuous growth and improvement of our

this amazing responsibility to my successor and to

network. The Inside ESTIEM section will give you

thank everyone who made the past year possible,

insights on topics related to ESTIEM. The Lean

especially the team members together with the

Six Sigma team will tell you about a trip they

29th and 30th board!

progress for ESTIEM’s 30th anniversary event. Last but not least, the new board will be introduced by

In high ESTIEM,

the previous one! In this edition we do not only focus on information security. You could read about trips to Africa and leadership in the other sections! Sjors van Weert Are you in doubt about travelling around Europe?

ESTIEM Magazine Project Leader

Discover the cheap possibilities that have been discovered by your fellow ESTIEMers in the “Discover Europe”- section during their European Hitchhike.

With the 57th issue of the ESTIEM Magazine, we— the Magazine team—hope to challenge you to be the best you can be, to learn, improve yourself and

4 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world



Dear reader, Not so long ago, you were perhaps reading the 54th edition of the ESTIEM Magazine concerning Industry 4.0. How we evolved from that topic to Data Security is an interesting reflection and one I invite you to follow, drawing your own illations. With the perks of having a new self-optimizable system, where smart machines keep getting smarter as they have access to more data, comes the other side of the coin. The amount of connected systems and the level of data collection we have unlocked with the 4th Industrial Revolution has, in parallel, become many company’s pain point, which brings us to the topic of the 56th edition of the ESTIEM Magazine. trial Engineering and Management (IEM) field and How to use the gathered information responsibly

the interest of our students, we have increased the

and keep it safe has become progressively more

number of events focused on robotics, data analy-

difficult. It is undoubtedly a trending topic in to-

tics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and so many

day’s decade, and perhaps the following, all over

more, perhaps neglecting the one that should have

the globe with more articles, documentaries and

been the first: the priority of putting a continuous

interviews being produced around it daily. ESTIEM

effort and focus into protecting the data from whi-

is no exception to this rule.

ch we are making these decisions of setting new directions.

In 2017, our Network was exposed and our data threatened to be stolen. This happened because,

Dear reader,

of course, we were victims of our own unprepared

ESTIEM has learned from its mistakes.

organisational structure. The fast pace in which

What have you learned so far?

our industry is moving, requires any data driven organisation or company to have a fully integrated

It is my greatest honour to invite you to read the

preventive structure from the beginning. Failing

articles we have gathered for you and to enjoy a

this requirement might even be fateful as then the

pleasant reading after which you will have, hope-

approach and strategy to follow must go in a res-

fully, drawn your own conclusions.

ponsive and recoverable way, which we cannot be In high ESTIEM,

sure to go well. In alignment with many other entities positioned in distinct corners of the world, we too are now following the one key rule to keep in mind when it

Inês Moreira,

comes to the privacy of data:

ESTIEM President “Be secure, be vigilant, be resilient.” To go back to the start, ESTIEM has adapted to the trending topics of our revolution. Within the IndusESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 5


ALL OVER EUROPE... Back in 1990, students from five different countries founded an organisation, which they named ESTIEM: European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management.

After 30 years, it has grown into an organisation

The decision-making body of ESTIEM is the Council,

bringing together over 60,000 students from 79

which meets twice a year, in autumn and in spring.

universities in 31 European countries, and it is

Each university, represented by its so-called “Local

still growing. All these universities offer courses in

Group�, sends two student representatives. The

IEM. Based on this structure, ESTIEM forms links

six members of the Board of ESTIEM are elected

between students, academia and companies in

during the spring Council Meeting. The Board is

order to create an Europe-wide, multi-level IEM

responsible for the management, coordination

network. ESTIEM has continuously increased the

and administration of the association.

number of its activities, thus being able to offer a great variety of events to IEM students and an

Besides taking leadership positions in the Board

opportunity to experience different cultures, take

and as Project or Committee Leaders, ESTIEM

part in international projects and become friends

members can also take up responsibilities by

with other ESTIEMers from all over Europe.

working in one of the Projects, Committees or Initiatives. With lots of teams and tasks to choose

Naturally, the backbone of ESTIEM is the European

from, there is a place for everyone.

IEM student. The students involved in ESTIEM incorporate both the skills required for modern




business and an open-minded approach towards

organisation and its activities, please visit our

other people and cultural issues.

website at




Local Groups in 26 countries make ESTIEM a large network.

events are organised by Local Groups every year.

travels are made yearly by 2,000 students.

6 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world



8,000 members and a reach of 60,000 towards IEM students in Europe.



OUR MISSION Connect and support the growth and sustainability of European associations of IEM students, to foster relations and to develop their IEM students, personally and professionall

OUR VISION Be the connector of IEM Students with an IEM Europe An IEM Europe is the ecosystem of companies, universities, organisations and other entities interested in the field of IEM. We are striving for each IEM Student to have a connection not only with other students all over Europe of the same field but also to other companies and universities, to ensure each student as a voice as well as the opportunity to make a difference, and to allow each outstanding innovative idea to become reality.


Embracing diversity

Striving for development

We see multiculturalism as a strength of ESTIEM. We benefit from our cultural diversity by being able to approach chances and challenges with different insights. Respect is not just something we strive for, but part of the very basis of our network

We grow together by trying hard and learning from mistakes, we are eager to go through a learning process and see accessibility and freedom as highest goals. ESTIEMers gain practical experience and important soft-skills needed in today’s world.

Encouraging participation

Aiming high

ESTIEM being a democratic organisation with a flat hierarchy encourages the participation of all its members. We inspire each other to partake in ESTIEM’s activities and develop new ideas.

We are not afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone. ESTIEM’s members are proactive students that always give 100%. We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit among students and other stakeholders by gathering and exchanging experiences and best practices.

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 7


“HOW NOT TO BE SILLY” This article will not give you simple answers. What we will be able to give you though is a set of common thinking mistakes and what questions to ask to avoid them.

A basketball superstar Michael Jordan always

The policy pervaded over 10 years, in spite of

had the same pair of ‘lucky’ shorts undernea-

doctors’ continuous reassurances of its lack of ne-

th his NBA uniform. He believed they brought


him luck and wore them throughout his career. What is going on: Availability bias is a ten-

Eleonora Nazander

You are probably thinking ‘This is a funny story,

dency to rely on examples, especially recent

but I would never fall victim to such belief. I am an

ones you witnessed to make decisions. It is

educated and rational person’. What if we told you

rooted in the perception that if something

Saint Petersburg that education is not a guarantee of rationality? In

can be easily recalled it must be important.

Alumna Local Group

fact, human brains often trick us into wrong conclusions. To illustrate it, we would like you to take a test: 1.

Robert Glawar

Local Group Vienna










of or




2. Eight out of ten patients suffering from a cold got better within the next two days after






Should you use a Vitamin C in case of a cold? 3. Most people believe that the consumption of chocolate can cause acne. Do you? See the answers at the end of the article. Why do we get many facts wrong? We are intelligent people, yet, we rely on mental shortcuts to reach a conclusion. This is a natural adaptation mechanism in the world, which is very complex and is largely outside of our control. Oftentimes, just like in the examples above, this leads us to making fast, yet, wrong conclusions. This article will not give you simple answers. What we will be able to give you though is a set of common thinking mistakes and what questions to ask to avoid them. 1. ‘I know it happened before’ A decade ago, an employee from Europe traveled to rural China and fell sick with a rare tropical disease. He recovered, but the company requested vaccination against that disease to be made

Why we make this mistake: We love hearing stories and tend to remember them well. Therefore, we incorrectly rely on anecdotal data. In fact, stories awaken our emotions, especially when they are about someone we know. Terrorist attacks are widely publicized, unlike diabetes. As a result, we start believing that crime levels are far higher than they actually are. We will avoid traveling to a country which had recent terrorist attacks but will keep eating junk food and smoking. How to avoid being silly: Always ask how frequently does this actually happen? Is this risk high enough to worry about? Also, does the party communicating this information have incentives to distort the truth? For example, a journalist might have exaggerated a story to attract more readers. Even worse, a lot of magazines will do one-sided coverage in favor of 3rd-parties paying their salaries.

compulsory for all employees traveling to China.

8 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

FOCUS TOPIC 2. ‘She was ill, did this treatment and got better’

product from the uninterested customers who have

It sounds very convincing, especially if you or

not received payments to advertise the company.

your loved one is desperate to find something

Think about ‘counterfactual’: could it be that the con-

that might help. Yet, before jumping to pay for

dition would improve even without the treatment?

the treatment, we have to challenge this claim. 3. ‘5 things successful people do in the morning‘. First of all, think about people who tried the treat-

Many articles are offering helpful advice on

ment and didn’t find it useful. Marketers will not invi-

the Internet. CEOs wake up at 5:45 am every

te them to share their stories, skewing the evidence

morning, pet owners are likely to live two and

you are being presented. Remember, there will alwa-

a half years longer than people without pets.

ys be examples to support either side of the story.

The message is clear: do these things and you will become successful and live longer too.

Secondly, the phenomenon of regression to the mean means that if a system is out of balance,

What is going on: Correlation is not causation (you

it is likely to return to its normal state. In other

have heard this before, havn’t you?).

words, the patient might have improved without

be another, third variable driving the relationship.

the treatment.

There might

CEOs might have adopted this lifestyle only once

Existence of people who found the treatment useful doesn’t yet prove it was effective. We should look at improvement rates and compare them to people who didn’t take the treatment.

they reached their current positions: early wake ups is a result of their extremely busy schedules. In case of pet owners, it might be that people who have better lifestyles are more likely to get a pet. Why we make this mistake: The world is com-

“When facts change, I change my mind. What do you do?”

plex and uncertain, yet, our minds cannot stand not knowing what is going on. We eagerly jump to finding patterns, especially when they help us make sense of what of the world around us. This

What is going on: Marketers try to convince us to buy a product by showing examples of happy customers. In many cases, this strategy works: your illness heals itself over time.


gives over


false the





How to avoid being silly: Question relationships between phenomena by asking: ‘What happened first? Is there a third factor to cause both

Why we make this mistake: We believe in what

of the phenomena? Is this a pure correlation?’

we want to believe. How to avoid being silly: Try to get a view of the

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 9



Googling each of these questions will produce

Humans have accumulated a wealth of scientific

contradictory information. To complicate matters

knowledge. However, we still belive in fake news

even further, there will always be social pressure

and paying to charlatans whose claims are not supported by facts. We forget that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Just as you, ESTIEMers, we believe in science. Yet, we are not proponents to rejecting anything unconventional. The science evolves and what is considered crazy in the beginning sometimes evolves

involved. You will rarely know the truth for sure. What you can do though is to collect facts from credible sources, evaluate them critically, make an informed decision and reassess it if new evidence come. As John Maynard Keynes said: “When facts change, I change my mind. What do you do?” Answers to the quiz questions: 1. Fishermen have 117 death per 100,000

into common wisdom later on. Galilei, Darwin, and

compared to policemen death rates of 12.6 per

many other progressive thinkers were mocked

100,000. Unlike fishermen deaths, deaths of

and prosecuted for their beliefs first and only la-

police officers routinely make headlines giving us

ter recognized as geniuses. Thus, we have to stay

a wrong idea of the hazards.

open to alternative explanations of common facts. The world is a complex place with more questions than answers: · Is there man-made climate change?

2. The information provided is inconclusive about effectiveness of vitamin C supplements. Without looking at a control group, improvement rates do not mean anything. People will feel better after some time whether they used Vitamin C or not.

· Can we help the environment by switching to


electric cars?


· Shall I vaccinate my kids?

occurrences of acne. However, teenagers who

· Can alternative medicine help my mom?

often suffer from acne do also consume a high

· Is milk good for our health?

amount of chocolate. Furthermore, it happens

· Does god exist?









that people who feel bad about themselves, are more likely to eat a lot of chocolate in order to cope with this fact.

Where to learn more: Books: •Kahnemann, D. (2013) “Thinking Fast and Slow”. •Ariely, D. (2009) “Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions”. •Cottrell, S. (2017) “Critical thinking skills: Effective analysis, argument and reflection”. Free online course (MOOC): “The Science of Everyday Thinking” on course/the-science-of-everyday-thinking

10 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world


FLYING A GLIDER, AN INTRODUCTION TO HACKER CULTURE This will be the first Council Meeting, after atten-

Hacker Culture, The Glider.

ding four of them, where I will not deliver the trai-

“hack-er” n. Informal, An intelligent, creative, and open-minded individual who enjoys problem-solving, learning, and the sharing of knowledge above all else”

ning “Know your enemies: the very basics of online personal security”. Luckily we have an entire magazine issue about it. Let’s shed some light. I have been the “Enemy” mentioned in my training. I approached Hacking when I was twelve, joining the KRT, a black hat group. I was then introduced to more useful practices, joining a group hunting down paedophiles on the web; here it was when I

This symbol is taken from the “Game of Life”, whi-

first understood that hacking had a good side, too.

ch is a cellular automaton, a model that simplifies

Also, I always liked the irony of being a kid chasing

the evolution of life, based on very simple princi-

down paedophiles.


Giuseppe Perrone Local Group Calabria

Imagine an infinitely large grid, composed of infiLater, I joined Anonymous, working during times

nite cells. Those cells can have two states, alive or

of civil war in Syria and Egypt to ensure a reliable

dead, 0 or 1. The user sets the initial state of the

connection to activists when the governments shut

cells, usually initializing some of them as alive, then

down common means of communication. Now I

the game iterates automatically and, with each ite-

act as a bystander, trying to raise awareness on

ration here’s what happens:

the subject. This time we tackle the definition of Hacking itself and the culture around it.

Any live cell with fewer than two live neighbours dies, as if by loneliness.

Hacking does not imply to do mean stuff to other’s

PCs, nor a Hacker is a bad guy with a black hoodie in a basement. Of the many definitions of Ha-

lives on to the next generation. •

cking, I like the one contained in The Jargon File - an old-style Hackers bible, maintained by Eric S. Raymond, renown as a historian of Hacker Cultu-

Any live cell with two or three live neighbours Any live cell with more than three live neighbours dies, as if by overpopulation.

Any dead cell with exactly three live neighbours becomes a live cell, as if by reproduction.

re - which states that Hacking is “an appropriate application of ingenuity” or, also, “to take something with a purpose and using it for a different one”. Hacking is to embrace your creative side, to follow your ingenuity that asks “what if I do that?”, it is a creative effort.

“This is the evolution of a Glider, which appears in step 1 and 5”

The jargon file

The Glider, when inserted in a Game of Life scheme, goes through transformations, then comes back to its form, all of that while moving forward.

Daniel Miessler definition of “Hacker” is the one I personally prefer:

And that is what I am wishing for you all; to be a Glider: experience change, be who you are, never settle.

It is taken from Eric S. Raymond’s one and expanded a bit. Speaking of Mr. Raymond, he also created a symbol that unites those who respect the ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 11



Christian Glies Local Group Bremen

Our daily life is influenced by Computers and di-

In fact, the International Maritime Organization

gital systems. We can order things we don’t need

(IMO) has responded to these growing threats by

on Amazon and receive them just a few days later.

naming several counter-measures, with the most

Many of these goods are shipped by the Maritime

important one being probably the most obvious

Industry, for example from Asia or North-America.

one, as well: Raising awareness. Often the biggest

And as we all make our experiences with malware,

danger to a digital system is still sitting right in

so does the maritime industry. There were diffe-

front of it. People who open email-attachments or

rent occasions, where drug traffickers hacked port

who use USB-Sticks that they shouldn’t are often

security systems to mark Containers as “checked”

the easiest way for an attacker. Also, the IMO re-

by Customs authorities or shipping lines whose

commends naming a responsible person, who is

servers were hacked and that were unable to ope-

to identify all critical and important systems that

rate afterward and had to switch back to pen and

might affect shipping transport. This is why seve-


ral shipping companies have started to introduce the position of a Digital Security Officer. [CG1]

But how does the Maritime Industry respond to these growing threats, while keeping track of the latest innovations like digitalization, the Internet of Things and integration of operations and different systems? Even the idea of a Maritime Cloud is being discussed, actually in development already. But as we all know, no digital system can ensure 100% safety.

“Often the biggest danger to a

digital system is still sitting right in front of it. People who open

email-attachments or who use USB-Sticks that they shouldn’t are often the easiest way for an attacker.”

Also, the Maritime Industry is trying to implement a process and several activities that ensure ongoing operations in case an attacker is successful. This can include back-up systems, as well as several layers of defense. Also, Red Teaming is being used, so friendly hackers that are supposed to identify possible weak spots in the digital infrastructure in order to fix them afterward.

12 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

FOCUS TOPIC Also, the own infrastructure is to be watched by the own team in order to detect any possible attack. In case that all these measures prove to be ineffective a company from the Maritime Industry, no matter if it is a shipping line, port authority or any other part of the Supply Chain, is advised to identify potential measures to rebuild its own infrastructure in short time and with little struggle only. However, here again, we can see that sometimes the awareness is not really in place, yet. Often budgets for IT-Security are very low or even cut from time to time because Top-Management does not recognize the potential threat to value-creation in case of a hackers-attack. In fact, Top-Management often needs some kind of a culture change in order

Of course, this also means on the other hand that they become a more interesting target again because a hacker would be able to gain access to the data of several companies or authorities.

to be a good example of Cyber Security.

“Especially in the very traditional Maritime Industry things might take a while, but it is already now moving in the right direction.�

So as we can see, the general threat of a cyber-attack has been recognized by most in the Maritime Apart from the recommendations of the IMO, some companies choose to go a different way or to be more precise – an additional way. Several shipping lines and carriers have decided to join forces and to start coopetition in terms of Cyber Security to develop a joint system for their security. Coopetition describes that these companies do compete against each other on the market, but they do cooperate on several terms in order to lower their own costs and to reach some economies of scale.

Industry, but not by all. The first steps have been taken, but many are yet to go. Especially in the very traditional Maritime Industry things might take a while, but it is already now moving in the right direction. One point that the Maritime Industry will benefit from is the growing interest of politics for the field of Cyber Security, as many governments are preparing measures to support the private industry in its means to ensure ongoing operations, even in case of a successful cyber-attack.

Source: [CG1]


ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 13


IS YOUR PRIVACY WORTH YOUR EFFORT? How to balance your personal data security and the cost of maintaining your data safe.

Robin Dietrich Local Group Berlin

Barely a day goes by that we don’t hear or read

carefree behavior, a lot of others can be seen

about some new threat to our privacy. From the

covering the lenses of their laptop webcams and

paranoid genius of Orwell painting a haunting

deleting their social media accounts in response

image of a world in which not even our thoughts are

to the aforementioned incidents.

safe from scrutiny, to the Snowden files revealing that in this modern era, every bit we register on

The aim of this article is neither to advise its

an electronic device is potentially being recorded,

readers to turn into hermit Luddites, sporting the

stored, and investigated [1]; From the bizarre

latest in tin foil hat fashion, nor to make anyone

pre-programmed and hyper-consumerist of of

feel bad about their hobbies or habits. What

Huxley’s Brave New World to Cambridge Analytica

this article hopes to accomplish, is to give you,

using the results of online quizzes filled out for

dear reader, the tools to be able to evaluate the

fun to tailor election-turning advertisements to

level of risk and the level of privacy you are most

its unwitting victims [2], there seem to be many

comfortable with, keeping in mind both what is

reasons to be wary of the seeming blessing that

possible and what is likely to be relevant to you.

the internet and all of the services it brings us to seem to be.

“Nevertheless, while many today are either unaware of what dangers their prolific sharing of information can pose to them, or have made peace with any of the risks inherent in their carefree behavior, a lot of others can be seen covering the lenses of their laptop webcams and deleting their social media accounts in response to the aforementioned incidents.”

The Cost of Carelessness Most people would probably agree that not taking any measures to protect your privacy is a bad idea, but it bears specifying what risks you run specifically.

Nevertheless, while many today are either unaware of what dangers their prolific sharing

Bad Reputation

of information can pose to them, or have made

Whether it be a current or potential employer,

peace with any of the risks inherent in their

your partner or your family, or just any random

14 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

FOCUS TOPIC stranger online, publishing certain material online


can certainly lead to a loss of reputation and trust

Companies like Google and Facebook make

in your judgement. Are you considering these

money mainly by tailoring advertisements to your

possibilities when uploading photos to Instagram?

preferences - that is also why they are perhaps the ones that have the most accurate information

Susceptibility to Fraud and Identity Theft

about you. Even if their only intention is to use it

For anyone who might be interested in doing you

to give you better ads, the fact that they have it

harm, scamming you, or defrauding you, going to

predisposes it to being stolen by agents with less

check out your social media accounts is a natural

harmless intentions.

first step. For many companies, it is still sufficient to know your date of birth and address in order to

Political Parties

identify as you on the phone. Are you making this

As seen in the Cambridge Analytica scandal,

information public? So called “security questions”

information about your preferences, opinions, and

about things like your mother’s maiden name are

even unintentionally revealed personality traits,

particularly vulnerable to this type of investigation.

can be used to tailor political advertisements to you, that is just as effective as commercial

Legal / Political Repercussions

advertisements. It should come as no surprise that

Depending on your country of residence, the

entities that are looking to get you to vote for them

information you share through social media could

could derive great value from this possibility.

lead to serious problems with the authorities. While it will come as no surprise that in most

Security Institutions

countries any person could sue you for defamation

As revealed by the Snowden leaks and many

if they feel that the content you shared insulted

subsequent revelations about the scope and

them personally and that courts are free to use

nature of the surveillance apparatus of intelligence

any evidence of illegal activity against you, it is

agencies, the tools available to monitor basically all

important to note that in some countries sharing

electronic communications are vast and powerful.

details like your sexual orientation or your

In order to maintain their capabilities, some

political affiliation can already have unpleasant

political forces are even pushing for weakening or

consequences for you.

banning private encryption methods altogether [3].

“Who Cares About My Data?”

Family / Partners / Exes / “Admirers”

... is a question that many people might rightfully ask

Anxious and/or controlling parents, as well as

when confronted with data security questions. Many

both current and former romantic partners, can

might not have considered all possible agents in this

have a strong interest in monitoring you at “every


breath you take, every move you make”, so they may have an incentive to either openly or covertly use the information you willingly spread to the internet to achieve this goal. Even if everyone in your immediate surroundings is trusting and trustworthy, there might still be secret admirers who are more than happy that they no longer need to rely on bushes and binoculars to have an eye on you.

The Weapons of Privacy To be able to safeguard our privacy, everyone of us has a number of options at their disposal. Some of them are quite simple and easy to implement, others require a great deal of patience, effort, and restraint.

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 15

FOCUS TOPIC Stay offline

account that doesn’t even need to have your real

Perhaps the most radical, but also potentially

name. This way you have a public facade to show

most effective method. If you do not upload any

potential employers and curious strangers, while

data, it’s going to be a lot harder for anyone to

you still get to use social media to most of its full

track you. Unfortunately, this doesn’t protect you


from other people uploading pictures and videos Take care of who you add

of you.

While for a public personality (or an “influencer”) Don’t






everybody to see

having the greatest amount of followers or friends is always best, it might be unwise for you to just

If you are uploading something to any

add random people that you don’t know to your

website, you should be aware that

circle of friends. Remember: anyone can create

there is always some possibility for

a profile and upload some images. find out more

it to be made public for anyone

about how to spot a fake profile at www.wikihow.

who cares to look at it. The only


sure way to avoid this is to never upload anything that you want to

Secure your accounts

remain private.

In order to protect your accounts from people who might want to steal your identity, blackmail you,

Limit Social Media Use A rather simple method, that is still quite hard to pull off for a large number

or simply play tricks on you, you should take care of protecting the access to your online accounts carefully.

of people. Some ways to limit your use of social media are by.. •

Limit the number of social media services you

Check out these links to find out how to… •


use to the minimum. •

Uninstalling mobile apps from your

smartphone and only using a computer for social media. •

Use the Privacy Settings One of the most basic and simplest methods:

Secure your Account in general: support.

Using App- and Website blocking apps or browser add-ons like BlockSite.

Create a strong password that is easy to

Find some more tools at the aptly named:

Go for full transparency One antidote to Paranoia is also to just stop caring about what people can see about you. if you

make sure to use the privacy settings each social

don’t have any fear of repercussions in an either

media service provides to ensure that the only

personal, professional, or legal context, it might

people to see what you upload are the ones you

not be necessary for you to suffer the costs of fear.

want to see it. Use curated / fake accounts

The Cost of Fear Fearing a loss of privacy can in itself have a number

You can create a publicly viewable account that has

of negative side effects. When you are trying to

the purpose of being visible to everyone, where

protect your private space and private information

you only publish unremarkable content while

from those who might care to intrude on it, you

keeping your connections up through a hidden

are necessarily imposing restrictions on yourself.

16 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

FOCUS TOPIC Worse user experience

“Fearing for your privacy every step of the way can really dampen your enjoyment of many experiences.”

Adding more layers of security to your online presence is a bit like adding more locks to your door: sure, it is harder for outsiders to get in, but it also makes it harder for you to get home. The general air of mistrust that is required to properly protect your access data and keep your pool of contacts restricted also lessens your opportunities

Stress Fearing for your privacy every step of the way can really dampen your enjoyment of many experiences. Do you want to ask everyone who takes a picture of you to delete it immediately?

for positive experiences. The Aftermath of the Catastrophe This 13-minute video tells the story about a fictional hack of the google log-in mechanis [4]. Watch it if you’re curious, otherwise, continue to the ...



you stay up at night wondering if someone will ever



embarrassing Google search you made when you were 15?

At the end of the video, the narrator makes the point that the consequences of even a full disclosure of all your private data are very likely to not affect your life very deeply in the long term; in his words: “your life doesn’t depend on a single point of failure”. Have you ever imagined what it would imply if it were to happen to you? Perhaps you might find out that the consequences are less

Social Costs With more people having a Facebook account than a simple phone number and SMS being increasingly seen as a weird relic of the past, refusing to participate in social media can have some social costs, especially in a context like

dramatic than you would first think. So while it is important to be careful with your data and critical about what use others can make of it, remember that more likely than not, your life does not depend on it.

ESTIEM, where most of the interactions generally occur online.

Hopefully, you now have some more tools at your disposal to make an informed decision.

Sources: [1]



whatsapp-facebook-apple-imessage-priti-patel-william-barr-a9030046.html [4]

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 17


YOUTUBE IS MY TEACHER or how your browser history shapes the way you think

Anna Kornilovich Local Group

An elderly member of parliament searched on the

unscrupulous sites.). Based on this database and

Internet means to improve blood circulation in the

extra data from sites such as Twitter, Facebook,

brain. An investigator wrote a letter to a foreign

YouTube, and Google Maps researchers were able

provider about a cybercrime with the usage of

to deanonymize people, even with some of the in-

Google Translate. One judge searched for prams

formation missing. After comparing the two data

and BDSM porn.

sets, researches found out what health problems a member of the parliament has and what kind of

Saint Petersburg Everything of the named information was discove-

porn is interesting for judges.

red almost effortless. Browser extensions surveil user data in return for Look now at your browser history. This informa-

convenience. Grammar check extensions collect

tion can tell a lot about your preferences, judg-

user-entered text, including social media posts,

ments and the ways of how to influence you. But

documents, and emails. In exchange for such

have you ever thought about who can reach to

conveniences, users are bombarded with perso-

your search history, even if it was made via incog-

nalized insights, performance stats, or advertise-

nito mode?

ments. When such data is collected for tailored advertisements, market research, or enhanced

Two people from Germany experimented [1]: they

browsing experiences, it may inadvertently end up

wanted to buy a database of German user visits.

in the wrong hands. Thus, the very same data that

After the creation of a website for a fake marke-

enhances personal experiences jeopardizes per-

ting company and fake accounts on LinkedIn, they

sonal, corporate, and government information.

started writing to companies that sell data. Will not go in-depth on how the process worked, however,

Grammar check extensions can easily collect and

it will show you what they have discovered.

trade the info from text. What about attachments then? When trading with extensions, companies

Researchers managed to find one of the browser

can search, view, scrape, and save publicly acces-

extensions that trade data on user visits (ironically,

sible attachments leaked by users with these

this was an extension warning the user about

18 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world


extensions installed in their browsers. This inclu-

people in — like fear, doubt, and anger — are often

des document, image, and video attachments from

central features of conspiracy theories, sometimes

popular platforms such as Facebook Messenger

changing one’s political mindset. A good example

and Zendesk. This vulnerability compromises the

here is the situation in Brazil [4]. As the system su-

possible confidential and/or sensitive nature of the

ggests more provocative videos to keep users wa-

files being transmitted.

tching, it can direct them toward extreme content they might otherwise never find. The awareness

Will you be still influenced if you delete all the ex-

about what you watch could already help with this

tensions? Sorry, but no. Even based just on public

but turning off the history of watched videos could

data, the preferences can be grasped and used

help even more.

to change one’s mind. The well-known example is Cambridge Analytica [2], who used the public info

The moral of the story: be careful. It is not needed

(as they claim) to change the mindsets of prospe-

to delete your profiles from every social media and

rous voters. The data was collected through an app

stop communicating via the Internet. However,

called thisisyourdigitallife. Based on likes and topi-

it is important to filter the data you place on the

cs that were brought up in comments of users and

Internet and be attentive to the information you

their friends, the company has created additional


content, placed the tailored advertisement and custom blog posts on Facebook that would change the mindset of a user and make him voting for the needed candidate


(will not go politically oriented here, just check the


info about it). The content could be created not


only by a human [3]. The recent inventions in the AI


sphere made it possible to generate the speeches


of famous politicians based on their performance


in the UN.

[4] world/americas/youtube-brazil.html

And the last, Youtube. What is happening on this platform is totally up to the new Youtube engine. However, people need to be careful about what they watch. YouTube’s recommendation system is engineered to maximize watch time. The system suggests what to watch next, often playing the videos automatically. But the emotions that draw

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 19



Sebastian Bob Hummel Local Group Eindhoven

Secure data practices may, from the offset, seem

Role of the employee

to require only complex technical skills; after all, it

Then let us consider what would be wise to spend

makes sense to protect ones and zeros with more

our money on. According to [3] “The conscious-

ones and zeros, right? It is easy to forget that the

ness aspect of users’ behaviour plays a vital role,

people using, sharing and protecting information

while the reasons for many information security

are not programmable, and it is exactly here whe-

breaches are related to users’ ignorance, negligen-

re the biggest challenge in information security

ce, lack of awareness,mischievousness, apathy,

lies. [1] refers to this as the internal security threat,

and resistance.” Already a few themes emerge:

defined as “a threat area encompassing a broad

problems will usually be caused either by an em-

range of events, incidents and attacks all connec-

ployee’s lack of interest in data security, lack of

ted by being caused not by external people who

awareness of it, or lack of goodwill towards the

have no right to be using the corporate IT facilities

company. Of these, the easiest to tackle is the lack

but by the company’s own staff, its authorised IT

of awareness. Research has shown the dramatic


effect of increasing employee awareness on their attitude towards digital security [3]. To get an even

In the healthcare sector, for example, it has been

better effect, one must take a step further, as is

found [2] that “the vast majority of data breaches

shown by [4], who were able to show that “local

affecting individuals appear to be the result of

employee participation, collective reflection and

theft and loss, not hacking or IT incidents”, again

group processes produce changes in short-term

indicating that IT-related factors are not the only,

information security awareness and behaviour.”

and may not even be the biggest threat when it comes to your data.

So, while it is understandable that managers mi-

[1] Leach, J. (2003). Improving user security behaviour. Computers & Security, 22(8), 685692.

ght be weary of spending many office hours on

[2] Wikina, S. B. (2014). What caused the breach? An examination of use of information technology and health data breaches. Perspectives in health information management,

breaches show us that this can save significant

this seemingly trivial topic, research shows that it can yield significant effects, while statistics on data costs. [3] Safa, N. S., Sookhak, M., Von Solms, R., Furnell, S., Ghani, N. A., & Herawan, T. (2015). Information security conscious care behaviour formation in organizations. Computers & Security, 53, 65-78.

11(Fall). Hackers have figured this out a long time ago, employing tactics that can literally be as simple as pretending to work at a company and asking for

ting employee compliance in and understanding

[4] Albrechtsen, E., & Hovden, J. (2010). Improving information security awareness and behaviour through dialogue, participation and collective reflection. An intervention study.

of a company’s IT policy, including all aspects of

Computers & Security, 29(4), 432-445.

employees’ security information. This implies that significant resources have to be budgeted in crea-

the business. Role of the manager Unfortunately, companies tend to be reluctant to

This brings us to another issue in data security,

do so. As an example; in 2017, the national data

namely the level of involvement of the higher ma-

security spending in The Netherlands was about

nagement. [5] lists the ten deadly sins of informa-

0,1% of the GDP, whereas cybercrime caused da-

tion security, where they identified “not realising

mage worth of around 1,5% of the GDP, a signifi-

that information security is a corporate governan-

cant difference to say the least.

ce responsibility” as the number one deadly sin. According to a literature review [6], “information

20 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

FOCUS TOPIC security issues should be considered as a responsibility of management, as it has an impact on the market position of a firm”. This makes sense from a business perspective, but also from a practical point of view, since policy and compliance to it is a top-down process in any company. This has recently been well-established in the academic community, but is often not how cyber security is enforced in practice, causing many mishaps. Role of the Customer We have argued for a human side in IT security through employees and managers, but what about consumers? Akamai, a company that specialises in digital security, provides us with interesting data on how consumers respond to their data being stolen, and how they hold the faulting party accountable.

bridging the gap between IT and people is crucial,

Therefore, with proper management, the negati-

and plays a vital role in the success of a company’s

ve effects of a breach may be contained, “as long


as companies demonstrate good faith” [7]. In this survey—shown in the figure—only seven percent

Role of the Industrial Engineer

of respondents gave a definite “no” when asked if

As industrial engineers, many might think that we

they could forgive a company that lost their perso-

are not educated to work in cyber security; we are

nal data, with almost half of respondents ndicating

not programmers. However, this does not exclude

that they can forgive said company.

us from being involved in IT security management, as a good understanding of business practices and human nature is crucial in creating a secure data environment. Information security may well be one of the best examples of where industrial engineers can be of most value to a company, especially because of the necessity for both technical and personal aspects, which is exactly where IEMers shine.

[5] Von Solms, B., & Von Solms, R. (2004). The 10 deadly sins of information security management. Comp=uters & Security, 23(5), 371376. While this research has its limitations (small sample size and demographic sampling errors for example), it still provides for an argument to prepare your marketing department for faults in information security, as its effects can clearly be controlled strongly.

[6] Soomro, Z. A., Shah, M. H., & Ahmed, J. (2016). Information security management needs more holistic approach: A literature review. International Journal of Information Management, 36(2), 215-225. [7]

When we realise that information security is related heavily with employees, managers and consumers, it becomes obvious that proper management and

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 21



Aleksandra Ćirković Local Group Belgrade

Schools with no students, homes without fami-

They usually get into the system through some of

lies, parks with no children to play around – this is

its weak points. There are now established protec-

Chernobyl exclusion zone. Multiple factors led to

tion protocols regarding hardware and software in

the fatal security test failure on April 26th of 1986,

nuclear facilities. If the systems are not up-to-date,

which is now known as the largest environmental

they are more exposed to all types of cyber atta-

disaster in the history of nuclear energy.

cks. All updates must be tested on remote systems and all changes must be documented and trans-

The reasons for the explosion (brought up by the

parent to the people who work on maintaining

World Nuclear Association in 2009) were poor re-

that system.

actor quality, lack of employees’ knowledge and the lack of safety culture and protocols. There are currently 31 active nuclear-power plants on Earth, each of them driven by the most modern technology. We have a far greater knowledge of reactor elements and their behaviour now and the

“Enjoy and learn on the Internet, but remember to use it responsibly, because it is not all fun and games in the end.”

best IT (Information Technology) experts are hired to manage them, and more importantly, to protect them. The stricter regulations on most of the nuclearDuring the past couple of years, there have been

-power plants that have been in place since the

multiple nuclear-power plants cyber attacks, cau-

Chernobyl explosion include a requirement that

sed mostly by some kind of a computer worm. A

networks connecting nuclear power machines

computer worm is standalone malicious software

must be separated from the business side of the

(malware) that is able to replicate itself in the me-

plant. This means that in order to prevent nuclear

mory of each computer in its path. Worms make

core manipulation by some malware, it is needed

it difficult for the network to operate and can da-

to physically separate these systems, due to digital

mage data and compromise computer security.

firewalls do not guarantee complete separation.

22 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world


Even though cyber security protocols in nuclear-

Things that we can do to protect our safety are:

-power plants cannot all be listed in one paper and

1. Update and upgrade your computer’s ope-

are very complicated and expensive to implement,

rating system and antivirus program regularly.

it is crucial to understand their importance and to

2. Use secure browsers with security extensions.

learn from them. Malware (worms, viruses, Tro-


jans, bots, etc.) can be very dangerous in any other

ad before checking it and taking care of

industry, but can also harm us as individuals.



not you










4. Do not send confidential information by email. None of us would like to be under attack, but

5. Sign out of any site you were previously registe-

with the growth of the IT industry and com-

red with.

puter literacy, together with the lack of ade-





number of cyber attacks grows every day.








leave and


sensitive use








7. Lastly, enjoy and learn on the Internet, but remember to use it responsibly, because it is not all fun and games in the end.

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 23



Internet is place where all of us spend most of our


time during a day. It is hard to imagine a modern

Nemanja Popović Local Group Novi Sad

world without internet. We are all connected, pe-

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is an extension

ople, smart phones, computers, TVs even lighting

of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). It is used

in our home somehow can be connected on the

for secure communication over computer network

internet (IoT - Internet of things). It is basically a

and is widely used on the internet. The communi-

network of networks. Everything is in your palm

cation protocol is encrypted using Transport Layer

and just one click away. Knowing all that, how safe

Security (TLS). Main goal for HTTPS is authentica-

do you feel while you are on the world wide web?

tion of accessed website and protection of the privacy and integrity of exchanged data while in tran-

First of all… let’s see how the internet works…

sit. In practice, this provides reasonable assurance that one is communicating without interference

In order to function networks have clients (mobi-

by attackers. It was primarily used for payment

le phones, computers), servers (computers that

transaction on the web, e-mail and sensitive tran-

store information we seek on the internet) and

sactions in corporate information systems. It se-

transmission lines that are used to transfer data

cures accounts and keeps users communication,

(cables, fiber optics or wireless).

identity, and web browsing private.



TCP/IP Cryptography is the practice and study of techniProtocols are sets of rules that machines have to

ques for secure communication. It is about cons-

follow in order to establish communication and to

tructing and analyzing protocols that prevent third

better understand each other. Most importantly,

parties or the public from reading private messa-

protocols are Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

ges. Modern cryptography exists at the intersec-

and Internet Protocol (IP), they are often grouped

tion of the disciplines of mathematics, computer

together as TCP/IP. These protocols specify how

science, electrical engineering, communication

data should be packetised, addressed, transmit-

science, and physics. Applications of cryptogra-

ted, routed and received.

ph=y include electronic commerce, chip-based payment cards, digital currencies, computer passwords, and military communications. It might be classified as a weapon because it has potential to be used as a tool for espionage. You can all now see that it plays a major role in digital age, especially in the field of digital rights management, copyright infringement and so on… So, if we want to communicate without anyone else knowing what we are talking about, we are going to use cryptography. Message that I am sending to you (plain text) is going to be converted by an algorithm, and then sent (as an cipher text) . You are going to receive a message (cipher text) that is going to be converted by an algorithm (key) and then displayed to you in a readable format (plain text).

24 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

FOCUS TOPIC Vulnerabilities and Attacks Vulnerabilities are weakness in design or operation and internal control. You can find common vulnerabilities at the common vulnerabilities and exposure database (CVE database). In order to discover vulnerabilities of a system, scripts and other tools are being used as automated or manually. Here are some of the most common attacks, listed bellow: •

Backdoor - is a method of bypassing security control or authentication.

Denial of Service attack (DoS) - these types of attack are going to make a machine (or a network) unusable for the user (for an example - entering wrong password to the victim’s account (enough consecutive times) in order to lock an account).

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) - prinfrom large number of points. Direct access attacks - most common examworms and so on. The attacker is gaining physical access to a victim’s computer and then all the data can be copied. Eavesdropping - listening a conversation, hosts. Some governments and secret service organisation might use this type of programs in order to collect valuable information.

take control over traffic light systems, intelligence tworks and so on. Internet of things, vehicles, buildings, mobile phones and other electronic devices can be attacked just to cause damage to a system and make it unusable or to gain some valuable information about users. The energy sector and control over machines in plants, power grids, telecommunication systems, etc. Protection - countermeasures There is a lot of ways of how one person can get

Phishing - it is typically used by e-mail or instant messaging services where the user is being directed to a fake website in order to give sensitive information (such as passwords, credit card details, etc). It can be classified as a form of social engineering.

etc. The infrastructure can be hacked in order to

industrial equipment can also be hacked, to take

that is happening on a network, between two

about your ID cards, passport, financial records,

agencies communication, police and hospital ne-

ple are keyloggers, covert listening devices,

Government and military computer system are commonly attacked. Attacker can gain information

ciple is the same, but this time, attack comes

Systems at risk

protected from the possible threats. You can use hardware keys such as USB dongles that are preventing unauthorized access to a computed or device’s software. Antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, firewall software are specifically developed to recognize, detect, prevent and remove malware software, protect you privacy and secure

Privilege escalation - from some level of restricted access, the attacker is able to elevate their privilege of access without authorization.

your information. Finally, it is up to us to constantly learn and educate ourselves of how to behave responsibly while we are “connected”. It is estimated that 90% of security breaches involve some kind of human error..

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 25


EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Successful businessmen are not always successful in family life, or an intelligent person is not always successful in career. Someone may be rich, but very stingy, while someone has the power, but does not have the wisdom. Different types of intelligence are intended to solve different problems in our life, but there is one universal type, designed to streamline our lives. Emotional intelligence (also known as emotional

Characteristics of a person with a low EQ:

quotient or EQ) is the ability to see a request for

help in someone’s anger and aggression, to see complexes and insecurity in the lust of power, in Snezhana Nashivanko LG Saint Petersburg

Inability to understand the emotions of their own as well as other people;

other words, emotional intelligence is the ability to

A tendency to insult and the lack of ability to forgive;

look at the root of a problem. Emotional Quotient

Lack of sympathy and compassion;

allows to recognize and understand what others

Focused only on themselves;

are experiencing emotionally and what the main

Constant disputes;

“deep” reason for someone’s actions is.

Lack of listening and hearing skills.

The researchers have concluded that the traditional test for measuring intelligence IQ cannot predict success in the life of a person, while emotional intelligence does it more effectively. In this way, IQ can help you enter university, but it is your Emotional Quotient that will help you manage the stress

“In fact, it is very difficult to meet a person with high emotional intelligence, because it is difficult to simultaneously perceive, use and understand emotions, as well as manage them.”

and emotions when facing your final exams. IQ and Emotional Quotient exist in tandem and

In fact, it is very difficult to meet a person with

are most effective when they round each other

high emotional intelligence, because it is difficult

out.Emotional intelligence has a great influence on

to simultaneously perceive, use and understand

all spheres of our life, ranging from career growth

emotions, as well as manage them. Usually, a per-

to family relationships. That is why a person will

son has 1-3 well-developed emotional intelligence

have more opportunities to make the right choice

components. The skills that make up emotional

if he will have a good skill of EQ.

intelligence can be learned at any time.

26 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

SCENE Some simple exercises can help you to master these skills: Be the message. People are used to separate themselves from their emotions. For example, if a husband returns home very late, a wife will meet him with irritation and reproaches. In fact, she is not angry but worried, she lacks the emotional intelligence needed to express her emotions. If she had thought about her feelings, she would have said: “I worry, when you come back so late, please do not be late anymore”.

Self-knowledge - the self-study, the process of studying your psychological and physical characteris-

Ask for criticism. People do not like criticism, because it reveals what we avoid. Listen to criticism to better understand yourself and your hidden emotions.

tics, weaknesses and strengths; •

with other people; •

Make a pause. When we find ourselves in a conflict situation, it is necessary to pause, think before saying something. Usually, people react in two ways: make excuses or show aggression. Take a deep breath, exhale, and ask yourself: “Are those emotions important?”

Social skills - the ability to successfully interact Self-control - the ability to manage your emotions to achieve the goals;

Empathy - the ability to determine the feelings of other people;

Motivation - incentives that motivate people to action.

Emotional intelligence helps a person learn to think

Emotional Quotient has several models and of the simplest is a mixed model. It consists of five characteristics explaining Emotional Quotient and helping to improve emotional intelligence.

clearly. You will not be able to prove your point of view if you are annoyed and angry, because your mind is literally “polluted” with unnecessary emotions. If you learn to manage your emotions, then you will learn to control your mind.

“To be happy, you need to constantly strive for this happiness and understand it. It does not depend on the circumstances but on itself. ” L.N. Tolstoy.

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 27



Data visualization is part art and part science. The challenge is to get the art right without getting the science wrong, and vice versa. A data visualization first and foremost has to accurately convey the Elif Nur Akyıldırım Local Group Istanbul-ITU

data. It must not mislead or distort. If one number is twice as large as another, but in the visualization, they look to be about the same, then the visualization is wrong. At the same time, data visualization should be aesthetically pleasing. Good visual presentations tend to enhance the message of the visualization. If a figure contains jarring colors, imbalanced visual elements, or other features that distract, then the viewer will find it harder

Stijn Zanders Local Group Eindhoven

to inspect the figure and interpret it correctly.

In the Analysis Committee we are creating dashbo-

A good dashbo-

ards to show our data with a perfect view to ESTIE-

ard does not co-

Mers. But what is a Dashboard for you?

ver everything.

Know your audience!

You cannot use Stephen Few coined a very good definition for it:




“A dashboard is a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives, consolidated and arranged in a single screen so the information can be monitored at a glance.”

monitor storage

spaces for the infrastructure department, check your goods in stock for the logistic department, and review your employees’ vacation at the same time. It is important to make a dashboard just for one target person, group or specific goal.

Keep it simple

The foundation of good design is simplicity. Eliminate distractions such as pictures, colors, text.

It means that when you are designing a dashboard

Only have there what needs to be there. Avoid un-

you have to follow the rules. In the following part

necessary decoration, Remove pointless graphics,

of this article, you will see the rules which are men-

All art is quite useless

tioned and examples of these rules.

Show the context

Showing a number is useful but showing it in context is more informative. When you display a measure, reserve some space to show its value from the previous year, a target, or its trend to date. It is also possible to use color to indicate the context of a number.

28 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world


Keep everything at a glance

Choose the right colours!

Design dashboards, not reports

People may look at a dashboard every day, whether to make a decision or to simply stay aware of a situation. A good dashboard must not require any effort by its target user and must present all the information in a single(not scrollable) screen. Space is limited, so do not waste it.

Align Elements

There is no harmony between the positioning of the visualisations. It is very difficult

A report is a detailed presentation of data that

to understand the

makes heavy use of tables. A good dashboard pro-

dashboard becau-

vides an overview to monitor a situation. A num-

se of this.

ber in a dashboard should not give you a solution but instead, drive you to deeper data in a separate report. Do not use a lot of tables in your dashbo-

A much better alignment

ard. Use charts that can convey information effi-

of all the elements.


Leave the noise off

Pick the right charts

Be consistent

Before using different chart types, colors or conventions, ask yourself if you are doing it to make the chart easier to understand or because it is fun. Using patterns is the most effective way to convey a message.

Highlighting the most relevant infor-

mation Too many times people present the right data with Know that a good dashboard contains only the in-

the wrong type of chart. Have you ever seen one

formation that is relevant to its scope. But do not

of the following?

forget, some parts of the information are more meaningful than others, so you should highlight

- A bar chart used to indicate a time series (some-


times it works, but this is more an exception than the rule).

Be clear

- A radar chart when a bar chart would be more informative.

Show legends, use simple terminology and present carefully chosen chart titles. Therefore your

Do not forget:

audience can contribute that what do you want to show.

“There is no data that can be displayed in a pie chart, that cannot be displayed BETTER in some other type of chart.� - John Tukey

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 29


WHY A TRANSPARENT KNOWLEDGE SHARING CULTURE IS CRUCIAL? With the 21st century, the disruptive success of

What does transparency actually mean?

digital technologies came along. Digitalisation,

Arthur Michalczyk Local Group Kaiserslautern

Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things are currently

It basically implies that actions and processes are

changing the world as we know it. Companies and

open and understandable for everyone. Every per-

organisations are connecting people and machi-

son inside of the organisation is involved in or at

nes on a virtual base to make data and informa-

least is aware of, crucial processes and decisions.

tion instantly accessible and usable. It leads more

It strengthens the feeling of being a trusted and

and more to an interdependent world where inno-

valued part of the organisation, where the indi-

vations and events can go viral in an instant and

vidual’s opinion and input are appreciated. This

can have a big impact around the globe.

level of involvement creates a personal connection between the members and the organisation.

In his book, Team of Teams, retired General Stan-

Therefore, everyone is personally interested in the

ley McChrystal already identified the need of em-

success of the whole organisation.

bracing a knowledge-sharing culture and decen-

Involvement and knowledge sharing throughout

tralised decision-making processes to be able to compete in a strongly interdependent world. It is necessary to react as fast and as effective as possible. Otherwise, a market competitor might outpace you or the solution is already outdated. Decentralised decision-making implies that crucial choices can be made by lower-level employees. And this is the point where transparency and a knowledge sharing culture within an organisation

“Decentralised decision-making implies that crucial choices can be made by lower-level employees. And this is the point where transparency and a knowledge sharing culture within an organisation becomes crucial”

becomes crucial. It allows every member of the organisation to build a holistic knowledge funda-

the organisation also build the foundation for

ment. It is the basis to identify what is best for the

collaboration and open interaction between de-

whole organisation instead of just focusing on the

partments. It happens quite often that problems

benefits of the own department.

are appearing in different teams. Therefore, it is

30 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world


not necessary to reinvent the wheel every time

In order to make it successful, especially in the

but to make people aware that a solution already

long-term, we need all of you ESTIEMers to esta-


blish habits of posting stories and communicating through elium.

Sometimes it happens that a team is getting stuck in their discussions and to move forward, there might just be a different point of view needed. Of course, in the first place, people do not feel comfortable with sharing all the information. They might be afraid of being made responsible for failures and mistakes. Therefore, here it is

“Sometimes it happens that a team is getting stuck in their discussions and to move forward, there might just be a different point of view needed�

important for the leader to make people feel safe, to communicate that failures are a common part of the process and there is nothing bad about it.

We need your help to share our values of trans-

Sometimes it is even needed to learn from them

parency, knowledge sharing and open interaction.

to develop organisationally and personally even

You can already contribute to this by sharing your


own knowledge and progress of current projects.

As soon as everyone feels comfortable with know-

So, what is your story?

ledge sharing, it enables them to access the full organisational knowledge to solve the problem in an early state. In the end, what is more dangerous, the risk of looking bad or the risk of letting a problem evolve into an organisation-wide catastrophe? In ESTIEM we are right now in the creation of a knowledge-sharing culture. We implemented the platform elium, that enables us to share information and projects in a common workplace.

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 31


ALUMNI INTERVIEW ...Torben Schumacher and Andreas Flodström about their personal ESTIEM stories. In 2007 I moved to Bühl, Germany, and built up Your name:

a team for purchasing controlling for the division

Torben Schumacher

electrical drives. Analysing tons of data deeply to find out how purchasing expenditure and purcha-

Magazine Team

Your Local Group:

sing performance—e.g. achieved savings and qua-


lity—are developing, fascinated me very much. I stayed in this functional area since then.

Year of graduation: 1998

In 2011 I became Head of Department for Purchasing Controlling for production materials of the

Your current job:

Bosch automotive divisions. In 2016 I switched to

Head of controlling purchasing services

purchasing controlling of indirect, i.e. non-production,purchasing for the Bosch group. Today, I am

Your current living place:

leading a team of 40 people located around the


globe, from Japan to Brazil. The international setting creates a spirit that reminds me very much of ESTIEM times—no need to say that it is great.

Who do you choose as the next ESTIEM Alumnus to be interviewed?

What does your average working day look like?

Sofia Ohnell Lets take last Wednesday as an example: Tell us about your career until now: In 1998 I finished my Diplom-Wirtschaftingenieur

8:00- 9:00: Work at my desk, mainly reading

in Hamburg and simultaneously my Master’s pro-

mails and preparing the meetings of the day

gramme in Gothenburg, as well as finishing my ca-

--- too little time for myself.

reer as an active ESTIEMer.

9:00-10:00: Interview with a potential new employee together with HR --- a good

I started my career at Robert Bosch as a junior management trainee in the areas of logistics, con-

candidate. •

10:30-11:00: Meeting with top managers

trolling and purchasing. I was located in Munich

of purchasing and controlling to show

and Stuttgart, but most memorable was a six mon-

our progress with self service controlling

th stay in Malaysia.

dashboards and to discuss next steps --- good feedback and more new tasks.

After the trainee programme, I decided to move

11:30-12:30: Meeting with the project leader

to purchasing. The first two years I was a part of a

for digitalisation to discuss our digitalisation

project to implement e-commerce tools in purcha-

strategy, new API, bots, dashboards, analytics

sing, located in Stuttgart.

tools --- lots of new ideas. •

In 2003 I made a big change and took over a job as group leader for technical purchasing and mo-

left our department --- open mutual feedback. •

ved to Tienen, Belgium. My group was responsible

strategy meeting with the ‘big boss’. •

IEM task I had so far, needing an understanding of mechanical engineering, production manage-

13:30–15:00: Regular meeting with the other heads of controlling --- alignment for our next

to select suppliers for parts of wiper systems and make them ready for serial production. The most

12:30-13:30: Lunch with an employee that just

15:00: Rushing to kindergarten --- shorter summer opening hours.

ment, cost structures and much more.

32 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

16:00 -18:00: Lego :-) ---- finally some engineering.

CAREER What was missing this day?

Tell us your most memorable ESTIEM story.

Exchange with my team about our work results

After more than 20 years in ESTIEM and ESTIEM

and about ongoing and new tasks. This can be

alumni, so many memories jump to my mind. But

Skype calls with for example Asia and America or

still it was easy to select.

physical meetings, and usually takes one to two hours a day. Then there are project meetings; sin-

My very first encounter with ESTIEM is the most

ce a couple of months I am involved in a project

memorable one:

for a big organisational change. Probably takes

Back in 1995, as a first year student, I was asked if

one fourth to one third of my time at work. As you

I could help with organising some parties and hos-

can see, the analysis or ‘number crunching’ itself

ting some students for an international students’

takes only little of my time. Management task, i.e.

event. I said yes and had no image of either what

leading, representing and further developing the

the event was about or about its impact on my life.

organisation, take most of the week and that results in many meetings and calls — and always to

The arrival night of the 1995 spring Council Mee-

little time at my desk.

ting was supposed to be in a hard to find bar in Hamburg. Unfortunately, German public service

What are your plans for the future?

was on strike, many trains and flights were can-

In the nearer future I would like to further develop

celled, border controls slowed down and the stre-

my current role. Putting the upcoming organisatio-

ets were full of rubbish. We were wondering how

nal change in place and pushing digitisation and

many students could make it—no mobile phones.

data analytics in our area offer a lot of opportunities. In some time I would like to take up a new role,

And then they came, first a few, then more and

for example in another area of controlling, back in

more, and finally, more than 100 dropped in.

purchasing, or maybe something completely new.

Everyone had spent many hours in delayed trains,

And definitely, I like to stay in a leadership role.

in queues at the border or hitch-hiking. But once they entered the bar, everyone seemed to have

Which impact did ESTIEM have on your career?

forgotten all the struggles, started smiling and the

ESTIEM probably impacted my career more than

room was filled with all the travel adventures and

my studies.

deep friendship—best summarised as the ESTIEM spirit “Climb, climb up sunshine mountain, where the

Firstly, I learned how inspiring it can be to work

little breezes blow ... turn, turn your back on sorrows,

in an international environment, and also how

look up to the sky, … .you and I”

to handle the difficulties it sometimes has. •

Secondly, I learned a lot about leadership,

That was the moment I became an ESTIEMer,

about that enthusiastic people can produce

and always will be.

amazing results, and also that they are not •

easy to lead into one direction.

What is your advice to current ESTIEMers?

Thirdly, I learned how to work in a ‘big’

Enjoy your time as an ESTIEMer; establish

organisation, about the need for rules,

friendships across Europe, work with your friends

processes and structures, and also about the

on great projects, take responsibility for the or-

need to cut them down.

ganisation and help others to do so. Do not think much about your development, it will come on its

And last but not least, many of my ESTIEM friends


have been and are role models for me,for my careAny other comments related to this interview?

er and for my personal life.

“After more than 20 years in ESTIEM and ESTIEM alumni so many memories jump to my mind. But then it was easy to select.”







grammar wording •

Feel free to shorten slightly if needed

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 33


Your name: Andreas Flodström Your Local Group: Gothenburg Year of graduation: 2013 Your current job: CEO and Founder of Beetroot and Beetroot Academy Your current living place: Kyiv, Ukraine

like to see us teaching hundreds of thousands of people, and helping them with a successful career in the digital economy. For every person we can achieve that, there is a very significant and measurable social impact created. Which impact did ESTIEM have on your career? HUGE. I started to learn Russian after a Vision event in St Petersburg 2009, and that has pretty much defined my career since. Also, the network of fantastic people all over Europe and the ESTIEM spirit have been an inspiration in building up our own company culture at Beetroot. Tell us your most memorable ESTIEM story. There are many, one of them being our road trip with five ESTIEMers to Vilnius, Minsk, and Kyiv in

Who do you choose as the next ESTIEM Alum-

2011. We spontaneously contacted the university

nus to be interviewed?

in Minsk the days before our trip and managed to

Christopher Hagedorn

get in there to do an ESTIEM presentation. We got a great response and LG Minsk was born.

Tell us about your career until now: As part of my Master’s Thesis at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, I moved to Ukraine in 2012 to start Beetroot, and two years later, Beetroot Academy, together with another Swede. It has been a very interesting journey so far. We are now a team of around 350 people, six Beetroot offices, where we help building software for companies in

“Estiem is a platform that

goes way beyond some fun travelling during student years, make sure you use it.”

20 countries. Beetroot Academy is a social enterprise; teaching programming and other skills for

What is your advice to current ESTIEMers?

the 21st century with a blended learning, practical

Estiem is a platform that goes way beyond some

approach, in sixteen locations in Ukraine. Both or-

fun travelling during student years, make sure you

ganisations are based on self management and a

use it. :)

flat structure, and with a mission of creating social impact with what we do.

Any other comments related to this interview? Thanks!

What does your average working day look like? I spend 70% of my work time talking to people, team members, clients, externals, etc. and around 50% of time travelling, mostly between our locations in Ukraine. What are your plans for the future? I plan to continue building Beetroot and Beetroot Academy in the foreseeable future. Scaling up Beetroot by helping more and more companies in solving their needs in tech competency. With Beetroot Academy, we are constantly improving our product—a Learning Management Platform and Course Material—and are planning to start an international expansion within 24 months. I would

34 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world


INTROVERTED LEADERSHIP A good leader is by definition someone people are

That being said, there is a reason introverts of-

willing to follow due to their knowledge, attitude or

ten aren’t given as much credit as they deserve.

position. There is, in fact, a large grey area in which

They commonly seem “distant”, “quiet” and “unab-

we let leaders identify with the style of leadership

le to take initiative”. The truth is that they don’t do

which suits them and their team the most in order

well under pressure and have their own ways of

to achieve their goals. But this also means a lot of

working through a problem which often doesn’t in-

people are willing to pursue the same style and, if

clude others. This does not mean they are unable

they are loud enough, the most popular one beco-

to work in a team but rather that they need some

mes a standard creating biases and false assump-

time alone to work at their own pace. Neverthe-

tions which could lead to outcasting a whole group

less, that did not stop Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, or Bill

of individuals who could be just as good or even

Gates is becoming pioneers of technological innova-

better if given a chance in the right way.

tion. None of them were good subordinates but,

Milena Zoraja Local Group Belgrade

when doing what they know in their own terms, One of the most common biases is the assumption

they seem to thrive in the most miraculous way.

that introverts are incapable of being good leaders

In many work environments, the road to success is

because they simply “don’t like people”. Unlike ex-

paved with “openness”, “charisma” and “friendliness”

troverts who get their energy from social interac-

which means introverts don’t exactly fit into the

tion, introverts need time for themselves in order

picture. By creating a culture in which everyone

to process and reflect. This means they don’t actu-

is welcome to have their own way of doing things,

ally hate the company of others but rather need to

where openness means tolerance and patience, we

have more alone time with themselves.

would be giving a chance to millions of quiet souls to chase their dreams and be satisfied with them-

Now, what does introverted leadership exactly

selves just the way they are.

mean? As mentioned before, leadership is the power to make people follow your lead. Researchers have found that introverted people are better at leading proactive teams while extroverts tend to find passive teams more suitable. They are more receptive to suggestions and are able to listen more carefully than their fellow extroverts, which gives them the unique power to see and encourage good ideas and therefore make the team more motivated to be creative and bring unconventional suggestions to the table. More so, as reflecting and analytical as they are, introverts are more likely to create a de-

ESTIEM gives us an opportunity to learn about new

eper connection with their teammates which leads

things and develop the skills we already have. By

to a better understanding of each other’s needs

constantly exploring and learning, we evolve and

and creates an environment in which everyone

reshape ourselves into people who have the power

feels appreciated. Even though they aren’t good

to control their own lives and, since we are all part

at “reacting at the moment” and making ad hoc

of this European network, we have the power to

decisions, they are able to deliver high-quality

reshape it by leading with our own example. And

solutions that are well-developed if given time to

hey, who knows what could be next, but changing


the world might just be something worth considering.

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 35


LEADERSHIP SUMMER SCHOOL “When being a leader is more about getting to know yourself than the expertise of leading” Why becoming a leader?

to both allow you to perform well consistently in front of your team but as well as to allow you to

According to the definition given by Mindtools.

grow in a steady pace.

com[1] in the idea of transformational leadership, Duarte Oliveira Local Group Porto

“an effective leader is someone, a person who

Nowadays, as Industrial Engineers and Managers,

does the following:

especially in the long run, we play a fundamental role in any organisation: being the connector be-

Creates an inspiring vision of the future.

tween people and multiple teams and being the forefront of innovation. For this, it is necessary to

Motivates and inspires people to engage with

master the art of addressing your teams’ necessi-

that vision.

ties and putting yourself in their shoes.

Manages delivery of the vision.

This was what Leadership Summer School made

Coaches and builds a team, so that it is more

to get to know detailed techniques on getting to

effective at achieving the vision.

know your surroundings better. Beyond that, an

by Zero Generation provided us: the environment Teresa Melo Local Group Porto

environment that allowed us to test our stron•

Leadership brings together the skills needed to

gest emotions when being leaders.

do these things.” What does the event consist of? We’ll look at each element in more detail. The event has the aim of gathering multiple diffeLeadership has become a common word in to-

rent types of people, ranging from first travellers,

day’s world and skill requirements. However, it is

over people already working in their own fields, to

one of the most difficult skills to develop to its full

Board Members of Non Governmental

potential, not only because of its executional details, but because it requires continuous control,

Organisations (NGOs). More than the complete

development and great usage of your emotions

target group it offers, the event is quite complete

36 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world


itself in terms of agenda: mentoring and coaching

On the surface level, the event can be seen as a

sessions, working time in your own personal lea-

mix of Leadership basic trainings. However, if put

dership projects, reflection sessions, personality

everything together, it unfolds the best of you. “It

evaluations, hard-skills, soft-skill training sessions and leadership case studies.

Starts With Me” was the motto of the event, since every activity allowed participants to reflect on

Seen from an overall perspective, the event allows

their own natural actions and traits. Therefore, this

you to practice your overall leadership skills.

gaining of self-awareness was one of the keys for

Through intensive trainings, it gives you a toolkit

improvement towards the leaders each participant

that, in a near future, it is believed to propel fast

wants to become.

development in your soft skills to run a team. Moreover, the event forces you to work on yourself and in your utmost uncomfortable emotions and fears, through the daily usage of mentoring and

Where: Bucharest (Romania) When: 13th of July to 22nd of July 2019

coaching sessions. Furthermore, this experience makes you question how different backgrounds inside teams around you must be, that aims to

As soon as the event started, it was understood

achieve the full potential of the projects and your

that the event was not just about learning techni-

personal growth, something achieved by the bro-

cal leadership skills. Participants that already have

ad target group selected.

some leadership skills were “asked” in an implicit way to seek their own opportunities, by having a

Finally, it has provided the opportunity to express

self-introspective attitude, meaning, identifying

your own personal stories on a TEDx style and to

their emotional needs to perform better, plus,

deliver training sessions on self-improvement or

actions and behaviours taken in the present, to

Leadership theories. These two latter experiences

improve them proactively in the next days. Each

showed the importance of opening yourself perso-

session allowed you to reflect on your past expe-

nally to your audience and how making them trust

riences and, through a new framework, position

in your journey is crucial for them to understand

yourself inside them.

your traits and vision in the projects you are on together.

At the end, it is not just about having all the tools in position to be used. It is about tailoring the tools

The link between getting to know yourself and

into the leader you want to become and how you

being a good leader

want to use them inside your team. So for that you have to get to know yourself first.

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 37

CAREER The impact it had in us Duarte: “At first, I thought the event would not add up that much to my leadership portfolio. Everything seemed a repetition, a normal day in the leadership topics. Day by day though, the event showed me that leadership is not the concrete tools you possess to manage and run an organisation. Instead, leadership is the full awareness you have about your own strengths and emotions and how do you propel those outside of you. At the very end, the event showed me that leadership is caring more about your own self-growth and self-control. If you do not solve and improve myself, you cannnot do that for my team.” Teresa: “The event was not only interesting from a trainer perspective but also goes to the next step of some leadership training session that I have heard before. The whole experience allowed me to look inside myself and understand how I want to improve and build my leadership way. Because, besides all the knowledge and tools I have now, I know that only when merging with my strongest values, strengths and vision, I will become the best leader I can to my team and feel proud of it at the end.”

present our leaders a value offer regarding their growth, so that the journey pays off and there is a sense of fulfillment at the end. Not forgetting also current team responsibles and team members, most probably our future leaders, by empowering them to improve their skills and growth inside our network. Concluding, ESTIEM is now going in a path where the sense of belonging and steady development of your personal traits and skills is one of the top priorities for the network. Examples of these are the creation of Individual Development Plans for Leaders in ESTIEM and the continuous monitoring of their development through focus from the Board and Human Resource Committee combined. What is the Next Step for the future? As for the future, ESTIEM is now asking itself where to move concretely in terms of improvement of the portfolio of leadership tools, analysis and events to offer to both students and actives in the network. It is clear the demand for a more focused portfolio of solutions in this area and ESTIEM should both internally and externally move to offer experiences like the ones lived in Leadership Summer School, not only to fulfill its mission, but as well as to bring a societal impact.

Leadership in ESTIEM If applied in ESTIEM, this event is the mirror ESTIEM is facing now and taking improvements from:

[1] pages/article/newLDR_41.htm

value the personal growth of its leaders as deep as you value the improvement of the tactical and strategic aspects of the entities. An organisation will never be good enough if not even its members see the internal growth they can have inside of it. Therefore, the focus is also to

38 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world


WHERE IS YOUR “GOLDEN GOOSE”? 5 tips from the founder of BrainTrainer to live up your talent “Dream-projects never knock.” – was emphasized

ne and commitment always pay-off but target it

by Andrea Kurucz, multi-award-winning business

smart and be patient.

strategist and founder of BrainTrainer (2009), at 5. Surround yourself with supporters

the 10th anniversary of the project.

Interact with motivating people who continuously “Dream-projects sneaky slip into your life through

level up and build with you concerning to all dif-

your attitude, thoughts, skills, hobbies, vibes and

ferent life values like love, family, friends, health,

your environment.”

wealth, career, and wisdom.

What could this kind of innovative flow result in?

Massive applause to all of the ESTIEMers who cre-

She realized it just 5 years later after founding

ated, managed, celebrated, participated, sponso-

BrainTrainer that the process rewired her thou-

red, supported the past 10 years or the upcoming

ghts and self-confidence. It established a strong

BrainTrainers. We all could experience the saying

base to her global freelance career where she built

of “where attention goes, energy flows and result

up a dream-job, as well by traveling to coach high-


-achievers in more than 15 countries. We may all agree that ESTIEM gives you back as much as you invest in it. Expressing her gratitude, Andrea collected her 5 tips to help you to find and raise your inner “Golden Goose”. Just check them out:

Andrea Kurucz Local Group Budapest

“Dream-projects sneaky slip into your life through your attitude, thoughts, skills, hobbies, vibes and your environment.”

1. Never compromise on what you truly want

Upgrade your mindset about what you can achie-

Start dominating your goals, time and energy.

ve and manifest.

Train yourself to be strong mentally, emotionally and physically to keep your focus. Give yourself

Keep on rocking,

time and attention to find your passion because later that will just naturally going to succeed.


2. Be disciplined If you feel your strength (or a strong hobby) plus you catch a trend/demand, grab the opportunity that life gave you and focus to its daily growth. 3. Decide to become a winner “Invite your higher-self for a chat” and imagine your future-self. Visualize often how you talk, behave, what you smell, what is surrounding you, how you gesture, how strong you are and what type of things/events/people fill your days. 4. It’s your duty to be happy and successful Examine your life from a helicopter-view meanwhile keep in mind that you are the only one who is responsible to act for your happiness, success and the related self-development. Hard work, discipli-

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 39


STUDENTS INVOLVE THEMSELVES IN VARIOUS INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS AND COMMITTEES... ESTIEM is also a playground for great ideas developed by highly motivated students. If a student manages to convince ESTIEM’s Council of their idea, they can start their own International Project. COMMITEES:

concept. Support to the board was provided by creating the Event Application Dashboard which

Information Technology Committee:

allows the board to monitor the application and

This year we have merged with the IT Project, so

participation at events. Training about the 12 Rules

now we are as much fun.

of Data Visualization is taking place at Council Me-

Our mission is to ensure that ESTIEM can fully ser-

eting Famagusta to improve the data visualization

ve its members in helping them be their truest and

skills of participants. A lot of plans are ahead as we

most amazing selves by providing them a modern,

aim to further develop the feedback dashboards,

stable and easily maintainable portal as well as ge-

recruit and train new members and assist in the

neral technological support.

Event Quality Strategy.

We had a Coordination Meeting at the end of July,


where we defined the features to code, watched

While the Board is taking care of the partnerships

Amazing Horse and did some coding meanwhile.

with professional organisations, the Ambassador aims to establish and maintain the collaboration

Currently, tasks in progress are:

with student organisations similar to ESTIEM. The collaboration between the organisations is su-

1. Finishing all the event functionality on Portal 6

pported by organising joint projects e.g. joint grant

and restricting access to the event functiona-

applications, benchmarking between entities, at-

lity on Portal 5;

tending each other’s events (for instance Council

2. Cleaning the code and making our API more RESTful; 3. Moving ESTIEM’s IT from personal accounts to ESTIEM accounts;

Meetings) and providing a trainers exchange. At the moment, ESTIEM is a partner with BEST (Board of European Students of Technology), EESTEC (Electrical Engineering Students’ European Asso-

4. Actively involving Public Relations Commit-

ciation) and VWI (Verband Deutscher Wirtschaft-

tee and Corporate Relations Committee as

singenieure/German Association of IEM), while

Marketing and Design forces to drive Portal

building a partnership together with IAESTE (Inter-

6’s User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI)

national Association for the Exchange of Students

and content forward.

for Technical Experience). The partnerships are based on a Memorandum

Analysis Committee:

of Understanding, containing the expectations to

Our mission is to support ESTIEM to make deci-

one another, and signed by both of the networks’

sion-making more fact-based in order to help the

Boards. Additionally, we are a member of IFISO

organisation move forward, while supporting ES-

(Informal forum for International Student Organi-

TIEMers in their professional development. We


had our Coordination Meeting in July in Berlin, where we had a great chance to gather lots of

Currently, apart from strategical events, we in-

inputs and to train new members of the commit-

vite external participants to e.g. Europe3D and

tee. The main wins were improvements on the au-

Language Programme. If you have an idea about

tomated feedback system, outcomes of which are

further events to invite external participants, or

visualized in the Net Promoter Score dashboard

about common projects, contact us at ambassa-

and new Local Group Dashboard, which is more

focus on active members curious about Local Groups. The committee is also the main player in

Corporate Relations Committee:

implementing the Event Quality strategy by deve-

The Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) is res-

loping the Activity Ranking and Event of the Year

ponsible for creating and developing academic

40 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

INTRODUCTION and corporate partnerships that will contribute

The Get Active! Survey has recently been impro-

with value and support to our network. Our focus

ved, in order to make the allocation of people

is building up long-term partnerships with compa-

more accurate. Lastly, we educated the leaders for

nies and universities with a beneficial outcome not

a better understanding of all the available recruit-

only for ESTIEM, but also for the partner and for

ment ways.

our students. Our second focus area: Actives’ Development, As the entity suffered a lot of problems in the near

which relates to our belief that we develop ESTIEM

past, we are currently still developing. Our focus is

as an organization also by developing its individu-

mainly to recover from these problems and ensure

al members. Human Resources Committee faces

that they will not repeat themselves. With the afo-

this pilar with an analysis mindset. So far, we are

rementioned in mind, new roles and responsibili-

working on how to evaluate satisfaction and ne-

ties have been defined within the team.

eds of the responsibles and team members inside

Possibilities of new ways of handling Sales are

central entities. Besides that, we are looking for a

being explored to determine how we can make ES-

Local Group to organize the first edition of the Acti-

TIEM more attractive to our partners. This is some-

ves’ Forum, an event designed to train and exchan-

thing that involves a big presence throughout the

ge experiences between active ESTIEMers.

network and a very active interaction with both our leaders and our Local Groups.

Lastly, our third pillar: Talent, which means to

A Coordination Meeting is also going to take place

know ESTIEMers capabilities (through the Talent

after Council Meeting Famagusta with the goals of

Database) and where they are located in the ne-

gathering input on what we are doing, training fur-

twork (Accountability Matrix). A lot of plans are

ther the team and preparing for operational work.

ahead as we aim to have the first version of the

Only through an increased interaction will it be

database by the end of November. For now, we are

possible to show the potential benefits of ESTIEM

collecting the data of the current central actives of

and its different projects to potential partners.

the network.

There is still a lot to be done and this will be an important year in terms of steps to make the Cor-

Knowledge Facilitation Committee:

porate Relations Committee stable again.

The Knowledge Facilitation Committee is the

We are thankful to everyone who has come fo-

newest entity of ESTIEM. During the Knowledge

rward to help out whether it is with contacts or ide-

Management CoM in June we decided to combine

as and to the ESTIEM Alumni for showing interes-

the Knowledge Management Committee and the

ted in promoting ESTIEM within their companies.

Elium Task Group under a new, fresh name as the uprising tasks were fundamentally different from

Human Resources Committee:

the traditional Knowledge Management Commit-

The Human Resources Committee’s mission is to

tee approach. Our mission is to curate the know-

support ESTIEM and all its entities in managing,

ledge and ensure its usage by facilitating knowle-

maintaining and developing their Human Resour-

dge sharing in ESTIEM. We want to achieve this by

ces to fulfill ESTIEM’s mission by ensuring the sta-

working on tasks that fall under four main areas

bility of the network and by creating a stimulating

of responsibility. Firstly, compiling information into

environment for growth.

knowledge, secondly, organising of information

Since August, we made a full revision of the Hu-

and knowledge, thirdly, facilitation of knowledge

man Resources strategy and established who is

sharing and last but not least administration of to-

responsible for every part of its action and created


a new team. Furthermore, we defined new focus areas for the

In our young existence we worked on the goal set-

committee with a bigger sense of purpose for a

ting and the framework of this entity. The next step

better interconnectivity of our working areas.

is going to be the implementation of a new way of storing files to be compliant with the GDPR. This

Thus, the three pillars of our action are: Recruit-

increases security and control over documents,

ment, the mechanism for the sustainability of ES-

and it ensures ESTIEM’s sustainability in knowled-

TIEM. So far, we redefined the recruitment process

ge management. Furthermore, we

map by connecting all the HR tool to the process.

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 41

INTRODUCTION will continue working on the development of a

tion was added; Central ESTIEM Manager, who is

knowledge sharing mindset in our network by em-

responsible for supporting committees and their

phasising actives to use Elium.

needs, and updating the Public Relations materials that we are using to maintain ESTIEM’s brand.

Members Committee:

More operationally, in order to communicate with

Our main responsibilities are taking care of the

our stakeholders, we have Social Media Managers

Local Groups of ESTIEM and their activeness level,

that are accountable for managing Facebook, Ins-

trying to expand the ESTIEM network, and helping

tagram, and LinkedIn, and a Public Relations Mate-

student groups in their membership process.

rials Responsible who works directly with the Cen-

After restructuring the Membership Process to

tral ESTIEM Manager and is responsible for Central

show and include Guest and Observer Groups in

ESTIEM printing materials and external materials.

ESTIEM, for the last few months, the Members

Also, we have a designers pool which includes

Committee has been focusing on how to support

Graphic Designers and Video Editors. They will be

each Local Group.

working with responsibles/managers and they are

The strategy up to this point included three key as-

here to make all of these plans become a reality.

pects. Firstly, the Local Group Support System has a new leader, for which we have been discussing

Since we have started updating the ESTIEM brand

numerous possibilities and studying them further.

with new logos, fonts, colours, and templates for

Secondly, defining the concept of the Regional Co-

public relations usage, our main focus is to finalise

ordination Forum, focusing it on the needs that

updating these materials.

the Regional Coordinators have at the moment instead of having a general concept for the event.

One of our focuses is to help ESTIEMers gain more

Thirdly, concluding the study of the Regional Co-

knowledge about Public Relations, that is why we

ordinator position—deciding on how to give them

are planning on creating an online training pro-

tools or even a team to help Local Groups to the

gram which is called the “Zero to Hero Program-

fullest extent. Lastly, in November we’re organi-

me” and we have already started to gather content

sing the Local Responsible Forum in Tampere. We

for the training.

already started working with Local Group Tampere and the Local Responsible Forum Coordina-

Trainers Community:

tor. At Council Meeting Famagusta, the Members

Trainers Community (TC) is responsible for provi-

Committee Leader and Vice President of Activities

ding ESTIEM with personal development oppor-

are going to deliver a working group for improving

tunities by forming knowledge, skills and attitude

the event quality of Local Responsible Forum.

in our training sessions. Aside from providing the sessions, another responsibility is to make sure

A strategy for our approach has been developed

Trainers Community is growing and developing.

to assure we are allocating our resources in the best possible way; in regions where we could use

In the past few months several things were done

their support and mutually support new groups at

to make sure those responsibilities are being fulfil-

the correct time for our network.

led. Firstly, the trainers team and the place for the next Training New Trainers event was established.

Public Relations Committee:

The Training New Trainers Handouts and the res-

The Public Relations Committee (PRC) aims to

tructuring of the application process for non-Trai-

maintain the ESTIEM brand and to create the ne-

ning New Trainers trainers are almost finished,

cessary brand materials for this purpose, to su-

thus people who can not attend Training New Trai-

pport entities and local groups, and increase the

ners event, have a clearer selection process and

recognition of ESTIEM to our stakeholders.

actions, they should take to become a trainer.

Last year, our structure has been changed, due to the centralisation of ESTIEM’s image. Accor-

Secondly, the reports system is in the changing

ding to the change, we have strategically created

process, as many trainers found it difficult to fill

Branding Responsibles who are responsible for ensuring the coherent brand image for ESTIEM. Through last year’s experiences and feedback, our team structure has been adapted and a new posi-

42 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

INTRODUCTION in their reports after a training session took place

offerings but deeply resonates with the mission of

(it is required as part of the accreditation process).

ESTIEM itself. As a case study competition, TIMES

Thirdly, Training Community is looking into the

enables students from different countries, univer-

possibility of having high-quality Remote Training

sities, and backgrounds to challenge their current

Sessions, to ensure the development of those ES-

self, aiming for personal and professional develo-

TIEM members, who can not attend the events.

pment in a challenging international environment.

Lastly, we are trying to be more collaborative with other NGOs, such as having the shared knowledge

First organized in 1994, TIMES gained rapid growth

system, trainer pools and more delivering oppor-

in attention and participation while evolving into


one of ESTIEM’s most prestigious projects. Over the last years, however, structural changes and or-

It has been productive for a couple of months, we

ganizational challenges slowed down the develop-

are looking forward to even more productive futu-

ment of the competition. As of now, many ESTIE-

re and being able to “Learn, share, grow together!”.

Mers seem to see TIMES rather as a burden, than as the opportunity it upholds. The continuing shor-


tfall of Semi-Final organizers shows that while voting to continue the tradition, many Local Groups

Career development department:

lack the commitment to contribute to TIMES organizationally. So, how can we turn the tide?


While working on resolving the Semi-Final situa-

In businessbooster, we are trying to create con-

tion in the best way possible, the TIMES team are

cepts to increase the enthusiasm towards entre-

currently taking steps to improve the organizatio-

preneurship as well as, support the ESTIEMers who

nal structure of the competition and increase the

are already interested in the topic. After Council

overall attractiveness of TIMES. Through the crea-

Meeting Tampere, the focus of the team was to

tion of Best Practice Documents and standardized

boost events, by developing h new concepts and

procedures, we seek to lower the organizational

renewing the current ones, and also to sustain the

hurdles for Local Groups, especially the small and

ones that organised that help us accomplish our

inexperienced ones.

mission. Other services of businessbooster are SET and Online Course. They have suffered from

By improving the social media presence of TIMES,

lack of definition of their respective concept. We

we aim to reframe the competition’s image and

have started the process of evaluating for these

convey its Unique Selling Points to all of our stake-

services. Another possible service, the E-preneurs

holders. We want ESTIEMers, Local Groups, and

Community, aims to create a sharing and suppor-

potential corporate partners to clearly unders-

tive community of people who are interested in

tand the value TIMES provides in all of its facets.

entrepreneurship and entrepreneur topics to take

For the execution of our social media strategy, we

steps and come close on becoming reality after

are looking forward to working with Public Relation

thoroughly preparation. At the same time keeping

Committee in close cooperation!

track of our work and organising old documents

Just as Rome was not built in a day, long-lasting

were part of our tasks We, as businessbooster

strategic improvements take time. We, at this

team, believe in mutual benefits for long term suc-

point, ask You to view the current challenges not

cess: being part of Businessbooster means working

as a condemnation of TIMES, but rather as an in-

hard and being committed to your responsibilities.

centive for improvement. If You have any ideas on

As one of the most dynamic project in ESTIEM, we

how to improve the competition further or want to

offer highways to personal development, personal

contribute to the development yourself, do not he-

innovation support, and entrepreneurial spirit.

sitate to contact me at! Looking forward to hearing from you!

TIMES: By providing Industrial Engineering and Management-students all around Europe the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop themselves, Tournament In Management and Engineering Skills (TIMES) does not only enhance ESTIEM’s range of

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 43

INSIDE ESTIEM Personal development department:

already came up with a new concept: soon we will be launching the Ambassador’s program in which


will be open for every ESTIEMer, so all of you will

After Council Meeting Tampere, the team had its

have a chance to be trained and mentored by our

focus on creating a team structure. This led to a

inspiring academic leaders. The Council Meeting in

division in two; Support and Quality. While the

Tampere brought an idea of a collaboration betwe-

Support Team involves everything related to our

en Summer Academy and BrainTrainer, the whole

events, from choosing Local Groups to organise,

personal development department was involved

to helping them in the process of organising.The

in creating a concept of a new event. We gathered

Quality Team, was and is still here, to ensure that

all our ideas and are now looking forward to or-

BrainTrainer improves itself projectwise and ful-

ganizing the first Summer Academy x BrainTrainer

fills its purpose contentwise. The outputs from this

event. Finally, there will be no more Summer or

team are mostly new processes, documents, and

Winter Academies. The decision of re-naming was

small projects.

made and from now on you all are welcome to Le-

As the Quality Team, we aim to manage expecta-

adership Academy events.

tions for our events better so we collected some expectations from two previous events we had; or-

Intercultural development department:

ganised by Local Groups Budapest and Lyon. We would like to thank them for organising with us

Europe 3D:

and appreciate the effort they put in these events

Europe3D is an international student project whi-

to make it a success. We also worked to create a

ch gathers students from all around the world in

Content Database. This database is a collection of

a 6-7 days seminar series, where the participants

information about our previous events.

get to learn more about three distinct dimensions of a country: politics, economy and culture.

As the Support Team, we are creating guidelines for Local Groups who would like to organise a

Europe3D is a platform for intercultural and in-

BrainTrainer event. We have already reviewed the

terdisciplinary communication, thus creating the

applications and chose two Local Groups to orga-

perfect environment for understanding, debating

nise a BrainTrainer event. Two of our members

and discussing the most actual and sensitive poli-

(per event) are supporting these Local Groups in

tical, economical and cultural issues of the hosting

any way they need.


We are highly motivated to collaborate and create new event concepts for BrainTrainer, and we

Right after Council Meeting Tampere, we imme-

are currently working closely with both Summer

diately started working on the quality of economy

Academy and Trainers’ Community to achieve our

and politics sessions delivered in the events. We

goals. You can check the work that has been done

created a sub-team to work on that, come up with

and the work we will be doing on ESTIEM’s ELIUM

a concrete document, structure of those sessions


which can be implemented by the organisers of Europe3D events.

Summer Academy:

In order to give externals a better understanding

We survived Finnish coldness with help of wel-

of what Europe3D is, to help organizers to find

coming hot drinks and started working with new

sponsors easier and to be used in the events as an

powers. Rushed into preparations of Summer

introduction to Europe3D, we created a new Euro-

Academy 2019, which was held by Local Group

pe3D Presentation.

Moscow and led by George Begemann, who came

As the presence of Non-ESTIEMers in Europe3D

for the second time to Russia to provide ESTIE-

events is quite an important issue, we renovated

Mers with knowledge about ethical leadership. At

the external procedures, and for the first time sent

the same time, everything was changing inside of

an open call to the other Non-Governmental Or-

Summer Academy. A new edition of the Ambas-

ganisations (NGOs) by which their members can

sador’s program was launched with participants

apply for events.

of the Winter Academy 2018, the feedback we received showed what can be improved, and we

44 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

INSIDE ESTIEM The second edition of Europe4D was successfully

awareness in the network regarding their worth.

organized by Local Group Minho. We will take

Currently, Academic Days has been organizing

action together with the Language Programme

a new topic event, Strategic Marketing, in Local

according to the feedback gathered by the partici-

Group Aveiro and we intend to have another one

pants and organizers.

later this year. Besides, we are also working on the concept of Event Reports, to be implemented in

Language Programme:

the next event, that will not only allow the partici-

Language Programme is an entity that aims to of-

pants to have a handout of what they learned du-

fer ESTIEMers several different ways to learn lan-

ring the event but to also make it possible to share

guages. Since Council Meeting Tampere, the main

that knowledge with the entire network.

focus has been on increasing the awareness of our offerings with the implementation of the conti-

Lean Six Sigma

nuous language learning strategy.

After Council Meeting Tampere we have had 3

For that purpose, we have updated the documents

events; the first edition of ESTIEM Alumni Lean

and requirements of organising a Language Cour-

Six Sigma Green Belt Course in Warsaw and two

se Event. After those changes, we have scheduled

international training events in Kaiserslautern and

the Russian Language Course Event which will be

Moscow. Also, several local courses have happe-

organised by Local Group Saint Petersburg in De-

ned and some will happen before Council Meeting

cember. In addition to that, we have developed a

Famagusta. During and following the Alumni Cour-

new approach strategy for Language Sessions. All

se a team of senior instructors, many of them Bla-

the templates and tools have been renewed.

ck Belts, started working on both incremental and

The second edition of Europe4D was organised

radical improvements to the course in Finland.

successfully by Local Group Minho. After gathering

An important advancement regarding the Intellec-

feedback from the organisers and the participants,

tual Property of the course was that we got formal

we have created a guideline for the language di-

stipulations from Gregory H. Watson: all of the ma-

mension in order to provide better assistance for

terial should be published on an openly accessible

upcoming editions. We will be working on further

Youtube channel. The work on how to do this and

developing f the concept together with the Euro-

with which licenses the material will be published

pe3D team.

has started and is estimated to finish by the end

Lastly, Language Programme is planning to re-ini-

of 2019.

tiate the Language Buddy System to offer ESTIE-

We are continuing our collaboration with Infor-

Mers an interactive way of learning a language.

mation Technology Committee and Continental

Stay tuned!

and have also started a new partnership with Akzo Nobel. The team has gone through the biggest ge-

Academic development department:

neration change in the history of the project with several positions changing at the same time.

Academic Days: The goal of Academic Days is to share the knowled-


ge from the universities that a ESTIEM Local Group

After a year and a half since the new Vision concept

exists, with the network. It supports the personal

was introduced the remarkable changes have alre-

and professional development of students across

ady happened. In contrast to the past years, three

Europe willing to complete their curriculum. In

Vision events are scheduled for autumn 2019, all

order to achieve this, each Academic Days event

with the topics from different fields: “Food: Produc-

provides participants deep insights into a specific

tion & Logistics” in Calabria, “Sustainable Society”

topic in which the organising Local Group’s univer-

in Eindhoven and “Age of AI” in Karlsruhe. During

sity has a high expertise.

the last 6 months, the first base for the Vision community was installed via both experienced

Since Council Meeting Tampere, we have been re-

sharing chats between organizers from different

-evaluating the full concept of the Academic Days

LGs and creation of the sustainable Vision team.

events, in order to provide a better service to the

More events have already been planned for this

network and make it more attractive for ESTIE-

spring and summer, so stay tuned!

Mers. As so, we are also developing a Public Relations strategy to re-launch those events and raise

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 45


T.I.M.E.S. interview - The winners

1. What kind of event did you participate in?

3. What did you learn from the event?

Team Helsinki participated in the 2019 edition of

T.I.M.E.S. taught us a lot. We found extremely im-

T.I.M.E.S. with a team of four master students: Lau-

portant to have reflection sessions after each case

ra Karinen, Kati Vesala, Joonas Kaijala and Tommi

with our team, and of course a relaxing beverage.

Silvennoinen. We attended the local qualifications

Individuals learn different things but we think the

at Aalto University with four other teams, then

biggest learning outcomes came from teamwork.

proceeded to the online qualifications after which

Team dynamics play an enormous role in T.I.M.E.S

we were invited to the Semi-Finals in Famagusta.

and we discovered that honest communication wi-

The competition culminated to the Finals in Porto,

thin the team is the key to success. That means

where we competed against 9 amazing teams.

having fun with the team during and outside the cases, but also sharing the mental breakdowns of

2. What was the greatest challenge?

the intense competition.

The greatest challenge during the competition was

On individual level, all of us became better in pre-

definitely the time restriction with the cases. Ha-

senting the solutions and we learnt a lot of great

ving 3-4 hours for reading and solving the case, in

ways of engaging the audience better. After atten-

addition to building an easily understandable sli-

ding a presentation skills training session in Fin-

de deck was something challenging and new to all

land, we also learnt that we lacked the emotional

of us. The time pressure forced us to think each

side of presenting. In other words, we were too

member’s role in the team to enable efficient work

much of engineers. By realizing what our presen-

during the cases. We improved our time manage-

tation was lacking, we were able to build more na-

ment capacity and teamwork towards the end of

tural flow to our presentations, especially during

the competition, but we nearly always finished the

the finals.

case just on the last minute. However, rather than focusing on our weaknesses, our team focused on improving everyone’s strengths. We established clear roles in building the slide decks and during our presentation that were based on each member’s strong points, in order to reach a great level of confidence. All in all, we learnt that the most important keys to success are solving the cases as a group of good friends rather than a top team, reflecting on what can be improved but more importantly what was good, and lastly having an adequate amount of fun while doing so! 4. What would you improve? As a team we mostly focused on a really broad picture in the cases, giving direction rather than concrete examples. For cases that need to be solved in a short time, it is, of course, impossible to go really deep in any topic. However, as one of our

46 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

INSIDE ESTIEM improvement points we found that we could try to improve the specific content in our solutions. In other words, it is necessary to add more concrete suggestions to our solutions in the areas we specialize in, to increase the differentiation compared to other teams. In the end, the jury cannot remember everything from the presentations, so often it can be a small detail that differentiates the team from the others. On the other hand, we learned a lot throughout the competition, and were able to improve case after case. In that sense, we would not have done anything differently. 5. What made you decide to participate in it? The idea of participating in T.I.M.E.S. started already during the previous edition, in that case, we were not able to attend because of time restrictions. We are all close to graduation (and by now two of our team members have actually graduated!), so this was really the last time to participate. We had three reasons to join: Firstly, the teams have a chance to train case solving with actual companies and get feedback from various representatives from both academia and industry. For a student, this is a golden opportunity to gain competitive edge before starting to work.

way to travel because part of the costs are covered when going to Finals. Lastly, T.I.M.E.S. is a great way to spend time with your friends as it includes both challenging cases and free time for socializing with others.

“We learnt that the most important keys to success are solving the cases as a group of good friends rather than a top team�

Secondly, as we are from cold Finland, we wanted to travel somewhere warm and T.I.M.E.S. is a great

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 47


How can the IEM Caring Movement create better opportunities for YOUR life? The IEM Caring Movement is an open exchange

The Club of 100

between ESTIEMers, Alumni and professors which aims to expand the positive impact of our network

It’s not financially feasible for everyone to become

in Europe. Taking up the opportunity to participate

an active ESTIEMer. In order to create more equal

and contribute gives you access to a whole grid of

opportunities, the Club of 100 was started in 2014.

like-minded people, and the possibility to connect

This fund manages donations by Alumni with the

with alumni and academics. Working together on

main goal to give those to ESTIEMers so that they

topics and initiatives that matter, creates opportu-

can have a chance to participate in the ESTIEM ne-

nities to sharpen your ideas and develop yourself


personally and professionally. “Thanks to the financial help that the Club of 100 provided me with last semester, I was able to attend Council Meeting Tampere, and that visit unlocked something. Going there gave me not only the chance to see my friends again, meet new amazing people and enjoy myself to the fullest, but also gave me the opportunity to change my career in ESTIEM. The opportunity to redirect my focus and efforts on This way, we aim to change the world person by

what I really wanted and motivated me immensely.

person. It is about you and me and our lives, the

The Club of 100 was a trigger, a chance to improve and develop, to strike forward.” - Adrian Bermejo,

choices we make, how we spend our time and

Local Group Madrid

what life goals we endeavour. If everyone works on what they really want to, we are moving in the

IEM Caring Convention

right direction. Together, we will be doing our bit for a transformational impact on society.

The IEM Caring Convention is a semi-annual gathering of ESTIEM students, alumni, academia and

In this article we are going to share with you a few

interested friends. During the convention, partici-

stories of how IEM Caring initiatives are creating

pants learn from the stories of others, share your

better possibilities for ESTIEMers’ lives.

experiences and ideas, work in groups and inspire and reflect on each other. “Being part of the IEM Caring Movement and in particular of the United Europe initiative made me once again realise how much I care about Europe, our society, freedom of speech, movement and human rights. As people with an IEM background and active citizens it is our duty to fight for a better and more equal environment. Through the IEM Caring Movement I could meet and work with amazing people of different ages but the same mindset. It is like ESTIEM but one you can do even after your student years.

48 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

INSIDE ESTIEM For me, the IEM Caring Movement is and always will

The IEM Caring Foundation is a vehicle that ser-

be a place where I can be understood and share my

ves as a backbone to support the movement and

ideas openly.” - Svetoslava Simeonova, ESTIEM Vice

enables the start-up of initiatives. It is already a su-

President of Finance 2016, Local Group Sofia

pportive pillar of the Club of 100 and has enabled the start of the Leadership Camp, the Sustainabili-

Masterclass in Systemic Sustainability & Busi-

ty Bootcamp and the Masterclass in Systemic Sus-


tainability & Business.

The Masterclass in Systemic Sustainability & Bu-

How can IEM Caring create better opportuni-

siness is an education program that builds your

ties for YOUR life?

capability to turn sustainability proactively into a positive driver for innovation while being more

To become a donor to the Club of 100 or apply for

successful in the future.

support, visit the ESTIEM Portal. Join the next IEM Caring Convention in Istanbul from 8-10th of May

“During my studies I specialised in innovation, sus-

2020. The next Masterclass in Systemic Sustainabi-

tainable development and renewable energy tech-

lity & Business runs from January-June 2020.

nology. However, in the first four years of my

career I worked in a completely different field. The Masterclass helped me to pick up that topic again and get hands-on skills on how to apply sustainable innovations in business practice. Thanks to that

Check out the ESTIEM Portal or write to

I managed to do a major career switch and quickly received two job offers in the area of innovation & sustainability. Now I am working as the head of climate protection for a German industry association, developing strategies and policy recommendations for the energy transition in the mobility and heat sectors.” - Benedikt Wirmer, Class of 2018/19, Local Group Eindhoven, Paderborn

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 49


TAKING THE ESTIEM LEAN SIX SIGMA COURSE TO AFRICA ESTIEM Summer Academy Professor and honorary member Gregory H. Watson has been developing a training program for Quality Champions, who will be training and coaching Small and Medium

The Gambia

Enterprises (SMEs) to be competitive in the interLean Six

national markets. This course is part of a new pro-


fessional qualification scheme being rolled out by


the International Trade Centre (ITC) in cooperation

Uganda Burundi

with the World Alliance for Quality (WAQ). Interna-


tional Trade Center (ITC) is the joint agency of the


United Nations and the World Trade Organization with a mandate to enhance the competitiveness in developing countries.

Overview of the Quality Champions Education Pro-

“Comparing the development of this course to pre-


vious ones, I must say the cultures are very different. I learnt the importance of discussions where

These activities are part of the Global Platform for

personal opinions and experiences and how these

Quality, a collaborative initiative between ITC and

form a critical part of the learning. How to facilitate

partners committed to quality in the developing

that discussion has been something I have needed

world. Teams of Quality Champions are currently

to consider more. Additionally, facilities have their

being educated in the context of two European

own limitations.

Union-funded projects in the Gambia and in the East African Community (EAC).

For example, you cannot count on the internet working, which means that the simpler the mate-

Jukka-Matti (‘Jukkis’) Turtiainen

rial distribution, the better. In the previous cour-

Lean-Six-Sigma Master Black Belt and Co-Cre-

ses analytics has been done with Minitab, but in

ator of the ESTIEM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

these courses we use Excel.

Course After building the ESTIEM Lean Six Sigma course, Jukkis joined the first mission in August 2018 in The Gambia. Since then he traveled nine times to Africa to deliver training and coaching students

about the implementation

“I learnt the importance of discussions where personal opinions and experiences and how these form a critical part of the learning.”

of quality enhancement projects in enterprises.

=Last winter I ended up spending more time in Africa than in Europe, and when thinking about

50 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

INSIDE ESTIEM the challenges the World is facing, that is the best

ment in the country, exchange views and experien-

use of my time I can think of.

ces as part of the MARKUP programme. The aim is to stimulate and promote quality undertaking in

On the other hand, it is a very unique experience

Tanzania and raise awareness to the general pu-

and opportunity I have been offered.”

blic about our champion’s quality in industry and commerce.

Safari Fungo Senior Regional Technical Advisor for EAC

So, I also see the association to serve as a strategic


platform to anchor our Quality Champions initiatives post programme implementation.

Working for the International Trade Center, Safari is responsible for the effective

However, starting an association is not easy, but

delivery of the European Union-

the commitment of our founding members makes

-East African Community Market

me optimistic that we will overcome those chal-


lenges and successfully build a Tanzanian Quality



(MARKUP) for SMEs in selected


market sectors. MARKUP is a regional development initiative that aims to

Pablo Valdés-Stauber

contribute to the economic growth of the EAC. One

ESTIEM Instructor for youth empowerment

programme aspect is to enhance export competi-

project in the East African Community

tiveness which includes educating Quality Champions to support sector SMEs across the region.

After participating in the ESTIEM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course, Pablo co-facilitated

What are currently the major quality related

six quality courses in East African

challenges for Tanzania and the EAC?

Community about introduction to quality and work standardization in

“As a developing region, we are facing a couple of

the beginning of 2019.

challenges in the quality domain in comparison to other developed regions. In order to clarify this as-

“Leaving ESTIEM-land sounded like an

pect in the context of the MARKUP sector products

adventure - like leaving a newly gained comfort

let me share an example: Comparing Tanzania’s

zone. Assisting Greg and Jukkis in facilitating the

coffee production (~1 million bags in 2018*) with

courses was an experience with lots of new im-

Brazil’s (62 million bags in 2018*) you can see it


is not easy to compete based on quantity, so we

Wedding in the Gambia

need to ensure the high quality of the product, to meet and exceed customer needs.

*Source: I believe that by increasing the volume and value of products from East Africa, the project will contribute to improving the livelihood of people in this region.” As a result of this project you started building a Tanzanian Quality Association. What is the aim of the organisation and where are you currently in the foundation process? “We are building this association as a network for experts to have ownership over quality develop-

Jukkis, Martijn and groom Abdoulie

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 51

INSIDE ESTIEM Participants were between 25-60 years old, all

Martijn Buijvoets

coming from the fields of quality and entrepre-

ESTIEM Lean-Six-Sigma Green Belt Instructor

neurship. They were professionals with a lot of

and ESTIEM Instructor for youth empower-

experience, willing to share their views. Often re-

ment project in The Gambia

gulations for enterprises and political context became a topic from the participants’ side, and it is

“For me the mission to The Gambia was truly

necessary to understand this to make the whole

amazing opportunity to go out of my

programme work in the end.”

western comfort zone and explore how business is done and quali-

Florence S. Mnjokava

ty is conducted in a developing

Food Inspector for the then Tanzanian Food &


Drug Authority (TFDA) Next to the course, I will also hold As a food inspector, Florence monitors and con-

very dear memories of the kind Gam-

trols food imports and exports to ensure com-

bian people. During the first week of the course

pliance with requirements.

one of the participants invited us to his wedding the next week. Jukkis and I were welcomed with

What is your impression of the Quality Cham-

open arms by the family and they treated us really

pions Programme so far and will it impact your


daily work? When the time came for the ceremony, we were “The course is very intensive

put at the high-table - a table for +/- 20 family

and has broadened my unders-

members and close friends - while the other guest

tanding of quality beyond com-

stood around in a circle during the ceremony.”

pliance. Most valuable for me was to learn about management commitment, that quality is not just about the products but everything in the organization.

**Interviews were made in June 2019

As a food inspector, I regulate and advise companies regarding their quality management systems, so the knowledge from the course will be very useful for me while checking premises.”

“Leaving ESTIEM-land sounded like an adventure - like leaving a newly gained comfort zone.”

You will soon start your quality improvement project with an SME. How confident do you feel and which challenges do you expect to face? “I feel very confident regarding the knowledge obtained in the course. However, a challenge might be that SMEs do not have much previous knowledge in quality management. So I will need to narrow it down in a way that they understand and if possible, translate it to their local language.”

52 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world


TOV - TRAINERS ON VISIT The birth of a new event

Before the ToV

Idea Validation: how to create solutions and

Until February 2016 there was an event called

choose the best;

ToT (Trainers on Tour) in ESTIEM, the last one

Team Stage Collaboration: internships experien-

was in Poland; Trainers on Tour Poland, Krakow

ced by a team in training, what to expect and what

& Warsaw. What did the event consist of? A team

to do;

of ESTIEM Trainers traveled to Local Groups and

Conflict Management: preventing and fixing

released trainings to members, covering various

team conflicts.


topics. Thanks to the experience of the trainers, the various members of the Local Groups used the opportunity to develop their skills; while on the other hand, trainers grew personally thanks to participants feedback. Origins of the Event Local Group Calabria wanted to repeat the idea of


“In addition to growing and developing their skills, in some participants the desire to go further—that is, to take the road of becoming a trainer—was born. ”

Local Group Calabria

the Trainers on Tour, but in a different way, and after having proposed the idea to the project leader

A maximum of twenty people were able to parti-

and confirming the availability of three trainers—

cipate in each training, as requested by the trai-

Giuseppe Perrone (Local Group Calabria), Pedro

ners. Due to the high appeal to the Local Group

Silva (Local Group Minho ) and Can Demirkaya (Lo-

members, each member had the opportunity to

cal Group Istanbul-ITU)— organised a new event,

follow at least two. During the training, each par-

the ToV—Trainers on Visit. Before talking about

ticipant presented himself/herself and was able

the event, we need to talk about the pre-event

to confront himself/herself and others; reinforce

phase, the one concerning the organisation.

his/her skills and improve others; work in groups; understand the strength of a group, understand

Comparing this event with events organised in

a person from his/her attitudes and understand

the past, e.g. Europe 3D, BrainTrainer, Vision or

how to develop an idea—all through activities and

an Exchange, the main difference is the budget.

tasks proposed by trainers.

Downstream of the event, the total cost is around 400 euros; very cheap, and the highest cost

Thanks to this event, many participants overcame

item concerns transport, so let’s talk about airline

the obstacle and fear of exposing themselves to

tickets and various trips. The event lasted three

other people. The best moments were seeing the

days; two days were dedicated entirely to training

desire of each participant to be active and the will

and another day was dedicated to visiting places

to grow on a personal level. In addition to growing

and having fun.

and developing their skills, in some participants the desire to go further—that is, to take the road

During the two days of intense work the following

of becoming a trainer—was born. This event can

topics were discussed, with a brief description:

therefore also be considered as a springboard for all IEM students who want to get closer and learn

Change Management: stages from news to ac-

more about the work and life of a trainer.

ceptance and participation in a change, how to manage the interested parties; Emotional Intelligence: know yourself, control yourself, know others, control others; Fixed vs Growth Mindset: know and manage your mindset to exploit your unexpressed potential; ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 53


TOV - TRAINERS ON VISIT Born of a new event The Trainers on Visit event in Calabria was surely

these reasons, I volunteered to be a trainer and

a remarkable and an unforgettable experience for

became a part of this experience.

me, both as an ESTIEMer and as a trainer. I can explain why Trainers on Visit is unforgettable The Trainers Community explains its own mindset Can Demirkaya Local group Istanbul-ITU

for me in two parts:

briefly with the motto “Learn, share and grow together”. The training events that we have in

Firstly, the training experience itself was unique;

our network are all based on this constructive

it was surely different from the training sessions

philosophy. On one side there are participants,

that I have delivered before. The participants were

who have the motivation for learning new and

all from the same nationality, which means they

useful tools, and on the other side stand the

have the same mother tongue, which I am not able

trainers, who are willing to share their knowledge

to speak. They were not speaking with each other

with appropriate tools and techniques. Beyond

in Italian during sessions, of course, but it took

that, we trainers also want to improve ourselves by

some time for them to speak in English in front of

gaining more training experience. So, the training

each other at first. I was very glad once they totally

process leads both of these sides to unite in the

got used to this ‘Training in English’ atmosphere.

middle. That’s why the training events are valuable and useful for the whole network.

Secondly, there was the fact that I have not had met most of the participants in person before. In the first training sessions, I was on the stage

“Trainers on Visit event not only boosted my ESTIEM Spirit, but also broadened my perspective in terms of training delivery. ”

in front of twenty people that I did not know anything about. Another interesting fact was, most of the participants were either on their last year of their Bachelor studies senior- or have started their Master-degree. Some of them were already working in a full-time job. There was even one professor who attended some of the training sessions as a participant. Considering that I was just a second-year university student,

When I first saw the open call for Trainers on

it was incredible for me to address this kind of

Visit, I got very excited. I was looking for some

an audience with the title of Trainer. I had some

opportunities to have more training experience

concerns at the beginning, but I felt amazing when

since TNT Porto, where I have become a part of

I realised that the training sessions were really

the Trainers Community.

helpful for the participants.

I have delivered some training sessions before in

Last but not least, I shared the stage with two

my own local group and also with the other local

awesome trainers; Giuseppe and Pedro. I am very

groups from Istanbul, but there was still a long

pleased to have had a chance to deliver with them.

way in front of me on my ‘Trainer’s path’. Such an event would be a great chance for me to test and improve my knowledge as a trainer. Moreover, the event was organised by Local Group Calabria, where I had not been before. It was a great opportunity to meet new, inspiring people in an atmosphere full of ESTIEM Spirit. Even better, I could help my friends expand their knowledge

On one side there are participants, who have the motivation for learning new and useful tools, and on the other side stand the trainers, who are willing to share their knowledge with appropriate tools and techniques.

and have a positive impact on their lives. For all

54 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world


The other part of the event was, of course, the

As a conclusion, the Trainers on Visit event not only

social and cultural interaction. I have met amazing

boosted my ESTIEM Spirit, but also broadened my

people. I can say without a doubt, that Local

perspective in terms of training delivery. Thanks

Group Calabria is one of the most hospitable local

to this event, I feel confidently that I have grown

groups in the network, if not the best. One of the

a little more as a trainer. Here I have to mention

memories that I will not forget for my whole life

that the event was without charge for the trainers,

was how they saw Pedro and I off from the city at

and our transportation costs were almost totally

midnight: There were around 40 people, crying,

covered. That was surely an extra motivation for

cheering and singing ESTIEM songs altogether.

us to deliver training sessions far from our homes, and in the end, it was beneficial for everyone who

I have spent my days with Italian espresso, pizza

was involved. I want to thank Local Group Calabria

and pasta, which is already a reason by itself to

for making this event happen, making us have all

fall in love with Italy. They showed us how to cook

these beautiful memories and a significant training

Italian pizza and a special type of Italian pasta. I

experience. Special thanks to my fellow trainers,

have also seen how to prepare a proper espresso.

Giuseppe and Pedro. I am looking forward to see

We visited Cosenza comics, travelled around

similar events like this in our network in the future.

Cosenza and Rende to get to know the history of the city, went to Tropea Beach for swimming, tasted local deserts, played volleyball and had a lot of fun.

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 55


3 0




In January of 1990, 30 years ago, in Darmstadt, IEM

from different times and with different ESTIEM ba-

students from Darmstadt, Dresden, Graz, Helsinki

ckgrounds; share their spirit and stories; visit the

and Karlsruhe came up with the idea to create a ne-

bar where everything started; have fun at Interna-

twork of Industrial Engineering and Management stu-

tional Night and Gala Dinner; purchase 30th Anni-

dents of Europe. They came up with the idea of our

versary merchandise and of course have a proper

loved association; ESTIEM. Since that year, ESTIEM

ESTIEM birthday party celebration.

has grown into a network of over 70 local groups from 27 countries. These local groups have shared the values and spirit of ESTIEM for over 30 years, so it

Special Look of the 30th Anniversary

truly is time to celebrate these years we have shared together! We are celebrating the anniversary of ES-

What is a celebration without proper party gear?

TIEM in several different ways! In this article, we want

For celebrating together, we have prepared spe-

to introduce you all to activities and things we have

cial 30th anniversary merchandise that is avai-

planned to happen in 2020.

lable for sale at Council Meetings and the 30th birthday event in Darmstadt. With these clothes,

30th Anniversary Event

no one mistakes or misses what significant thing you, me, and all of us are celebrating together! So

ESTIEM 30th Anniversary Event is a very unique

make sure you get your own, before it is too late!

event. To make everything run smoothly, we have

In addition to dressing ourselves up, we will tune

set four main goals for this event. The main goals

the association itself too! We will decorate our new

of this event are bringing together ESTIEMers from

portal in such a way that everyone knows we have

different generations and celebrating ESTIEM cul-

a birthday.

ture and spirit by singing ESTIEM songs, playing our well-known games, having fun all together

ESTIEM Book Update

and sharing great stories from one’s ESTIEM life. Beside that we would like to provide an opportu-

The ESTIEM book is something that has been our

nity to develop ESTIEM, and last, but most signifi-

LGs’ access to ESTIEM’s history. Since the “25 ye-

cant—to celebrate properly the 30th Anniversary

ars of ESTIEM” has been produced five years ago,


it is not that personally important for current new ESTIEMers. We want to change this by updating

The event will take place in the wonderful city whe-

the book for the 30th edition. This book would be

re, 30 years ago, everything started—in Darmstadt

published during the next year as online edition,

from the 24th until the 28th of June, 2020. There

and on LG request, as a hardcover book. With the

we would like to see 150 ESTIEMers from different

new version of the ESTIEM book, our current pe-

generations who have been, or still are, active in

ople can look into the history of ESTIEM, and see

ESTIEM and have contributed to the development

themselves as part of it!

and prosperity of our lovely network. During the event, participants could; meet other ESTIEMers

56 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

INSIDE ESTIEM Other Activities for the Birthday Year

Words from LG Darmstadt

We would like for all ESTIEMers to share in the

Dear ESTIEMers,

ESTIEM 30th Anniversary celebration, no matter if

After 30 years of awesomeness, we are coming

they will be present or not at the official ESTIEM

back to the roots. Since the first ideas about ES-

Birthday Event. To make it come true, we encou-

TIEM were discussed in Darmstadt in 1990 in the

rage all the Local Groups who will organise events

bar called “Riwwelmaddes”, it is our great pleasure

during the next year to have small ESTIEM birth-

to organise the celebration of 30 years of ESTIEM!

day parties during their events. We would also

We are highly motivated and already planning a

like for everyone who will attend ESTIEM birthday

varied agenda for you to look back on the last ye-

parties and activities to share their memories and

ars and review everything that has happened. Last

cool pictures on social media and to add the hash-

year, we organised the 40th anniversary of our LG

tag “#30anniversaryofestiem”, so that the network

with great success. Similar to our own anniversary,

could collect all the best moments from its birth-

there will be a wonderful Gala Dinner for the an-

day year. Furthermore, during the whole ESTIEM

niversary of our beloved network ESTIEM, and we

anniversary year there will be an ESTIEM Spirit

are eager to make this event as great as the last

Competition, where everyone can try to come up

one. So, be prepared for five days of celebrating

with creative and cool solutions to the task given

30 years of travelling, 30 years of working, 30 years

by the 30th Anniversary Task Group. Stay tuned!

of friendship, 30 years of laughing and crying, 30 years of singing, 30 years of work hard, play hard

In the end, whichever way you are celebrating our

and 30 years of climbing sunshine mountains! See

birthday, it is our shared responsibility to make it

you in Darmstadt <3

awesome together! We want all of you ESTIEMers, students or Alumni, old or young, to join us, to

LG Darmstadt

celebrate 30 years of awesomeness, 30 years of ESTIEM. In High ESTIEM, 30th Anniversary team

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 57



things that I love and practice whenever possible;


that being said I think I would react calmly, surpri-

1.Everyone has different personalities, which

sed but ready. What to do? Very well depends, we

also define their leadership style. All of these

could do the General Assembly in a circle in a field

leadership styles come with pros and cons.

- we have this opportunity in Famagusta - the pre-

How would you define your leadership style

senter in the middle and the board and secretaries

and what is the biggest pro and con it brings?

in the inner circle, you gave me an idea to think of

I would define myself as someone that follows a

a plan B for taking minutes. Also, let me go ask the

Transformational Leadership style. In short, the

organizers if they have an emergency generator.

biggest pro is that I am very committed to the objectives we set ourselves to achieve while actively

2.You now have a chance to send a message to

working towards the personal and professional

your future self. What would it be?

development of those who are working to reach

Dear Giuseppe of the present, I’m you from the

them. The con is that I tend to focus on the big-

past, cheers. Did you get a degree? Have you finally

ger picture, not always being the best person to

found your childhood friend from Minsk? What

approach if seeking support on smaller decisions.

about your stories, have you finally published something? I do hope so. But in general, I wanted to

2.What is your proudest achievement in your

make sure you are doing good, that you did not


change to worse over time, getting frustrated at

In Portugal, you apply for University with the sco-

new generations taking their risks, letting them

res of your final national exams and your avera-

develop, try, and fail when needed, as I wanted to

ge high-school mark; the higher national combi-

do during the beginning of my mandate. Stay safe,

nation chooses what they prefer and so on, until

keep exploring, meet new people, be a Glider. And

the lowest. Therefore, I was very happy about also

remember, “Shine boldly, so that all may find you

having scored high marks in Languages, for they

when the night falls”. Cheers, you, but younger.

opened the possibility to apply to any course I saw best, and not only within Sciences and Technology,

3.What is the most stereotypical Italian thing

which was my field at the time.

about you? My heart gets broken when I see Italian recipes

3.Imagine you would miss a flight. How would

being butchered. Do you see “heavy cream” as an

you travel to the event that is coming up?

ingredient in the recipe for Carbonara? I do not..

Immediately go to the agency and explain that it


was definitely a one-time event for me, that such a thing will not happen again and let them in on the

VP of Finance: Robert Lintzen interviews Ar-

absolutely bigger-than-me details that stopped

thur Michalczyk:

me from catching the flight. Being patient, nice,

1. What single word best describes how you are

kind and not forgetting the occasional funny joke.

going to handle ESTIEM’s finances for the upcoming year? Reliable.

VP of Administration: Nasti Plishkanovska interviews Giuseppe Perrone:

2. What is the most useless talent you have?

1.Imagine the electricity goes down on the first

Not sure which is the most useless one but I can

day of the Council Meeting and it definitely is

roll my tongue and I can clap with only one hand.

not going to be fixed for the upcoming time. What is your reaction and how do you solve it

3. What are your personal obstacles you are

I am always thrilled by those kinds of situations, to

currently trying to overcome?

be honest. Creative problem solving is one of the

Sometimes I get easily distracted. So for instan-

58 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

INSIDE ESTIEM ce, I tend to start tasks and instead of finishing I

nevertheless, there is still a very long way to

am starting another one or just procrastinate on

go. Which of these excites you the most?

the couch. Except for forcing myself to finish one

When it comes to the educational activities, I am

task I additionally try to create an environment

definitely excited about our educational impact

which helps me to be more focused. The working

activities and the creation of new courses that can

chats that we initiated are helpful and instead of

follow the success of the Lean Six Sigma case, as

working at home, I go to the office.

we saw the necessity of creating more some time ago.

VP of Public Relations: Rita Mendes interviews Robin Dietrich:

2.The Vice President of Education often works

1. What is your biggest concern for the next

with securing opportunities that only create an


impact on the long term. Of all your projects,

What I am most worried about is that we will end

which one would you like to see as your long

up overplanning, double- and triple-guessing all

lasting legacy and impact in IEM Education?

of our plans, and be so terrified of doing some-

As mentioned before, one of the areas that inte-

thing wrong, that in the end, our mandate will be

rest me the most is educational impact through

virtually indistinguishable from previous ones. I

the ferocious external involvement we are doing

am worried that we could end up talking too much

now with Higher Education Partners like SEFI, AIM,

and doing too little.

EUROMA and EPIEM. At the very end, we want ESTIEM to also represent the European Voice of IEM

2.ESTIEM’s vision is to connect IEM students

Students, both in their university life, but as well as

with an IEM Europe and for that, it is important

in a lifelong learning paradigm.

to have the recognition of external parties like universities and companies. How do you plan

3.What would you say to an alternate dimen-

to increase the external visibility that ESTIEM

sion Duarte from a universe in which IEM does


not exist?

As the board of ESTIEM, we will put special care

“Don’t get attached to the science you defend,

into approaching companies and university per-

what counts is your passion to defend what stu-

sonally, but obviously we can only do so much.

dents desire regardless of the context they are in.

Spreading the content of the magazine online, to

Above all, we are fighting to create the next gene-

a wider public, could potentially also help, but no-

ration of citizens in Europe and more than just de-

thing beats personal contact. Personally, the most

grees, it is the mission of ESTIEM to prepare our

important effect I can hope to have is to expand

students to be conscious citizens in a world that

the idea of what ESTIEM is and can do in the minds

demands an ever increasing quantity of intercul-

of all ESTIEMers, and give them the tools to effec-

tural awareness.”

tively communicate this to the people and entities that they interact with. 3.What is your favourite song from the ESTIEM songbook? I particularly like “walking down Canal Street (girls’ version”, as it shows in a funny, sex-positive way, that there are creative and entertaining ways to react to crude humour (without involving any calls for censorship). As far as singing along, I really enjoy Fliegerlied, because of the fun dance.

VP of Education: Carlos Miguel Palao interviews Duarte Oliveira: 1. There have been quite some new activities ESTIEM has created regarding IEM Education,

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 59


VP of Activities: Nasti, jorik and Robert inter-

2. What is something that overwhelms you?

view Olli-Eemeli Lappi:


1. What are three things you always carry with

Hot weather without air conditioning. I need to

you whenever you are on a trip? (Nasti)

cool myself in order to work efficiently. Otherwise,

1. Sunscreen, since usually my trips are in places

you cannot see me doing anything useful. I count a

where it is more sunny than in cold Finland. My

cold beverage also as air conditioning, it refreshes

skin is something not made for sunny places, so

my body.

for the sake of staying alive, this is number one essential thing to have!

3. You wake up and find yourself in a place

2. My suitcase, because I need a place where I

where everyone speaks a non-understandable

can collect my unforgettable memories from my

language and there is no internet or mobile ne-

trips. MY suitcase is already full of stickers from

twork to be found. What would you do? (Jorik)

my friends, whom I have spent the best years of

This happens in ESTIEM quite often, and I do not

my life with!

stress these situations at all. As a Finnish person, I

3. ESTIEM spirit, so I never have a dull time with

do not mind not being able to communicate with

myself or others. Also, a great way to cause confu-

people, if I don’t need to. If the situation is that I

sion in the local populace. Spirit can be carried in

need to get out of that place, walking towards the

the form of songs, flags and friendship. In things

central area of town is a good option.

we do together!

60 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world


IEM CONFERENCE 2020 (Canceled!) What is IEM Conference? During the initial stages of organizing the IEM Conference, the main question was “What will IEM Conference be?”. In the first months after Council Meeting Karlsruhe, it was decided that the purpose of the IEM Conference will be: “To gather students, companies, universities, and ESTIEM as the facilitator for an open discussion about the new trends and opportunities in the field of Industrial Engineering and Management”. The IEM Conference aims to gather ESTIEM and all of its stakeholders for an opportunity to network and to discuss the future of the IEM field. The aim of the conference is to create an environment in which all involved parties are able to create value and provide insights for each other. At the IEM Conference companies will have the opportunity to present themselves to students and meet some of the brightest young minds in Europe. They will also have the opportunity to discuss the current challenges and trends in their business and to seek innovative solutions from both the students and professors from highly esteemed European institutions. Universities will have the opportunity to present their academic research and possible patents in the IEM field. During the Conference, universities are able to network with both companies and students interested in the fields of research. Discussions about possible applications in a real environment can also take place between the invited parties. The students that attend the Conference will have the opportunity to attend presentations from academia and industry representatives. They will participate in an open discussion with company representatives and academics, and get insights about their future work in organisations. They will also be on the list for scouts of the best companies in Europe. ESTIEM wil take the role of the facilitator of this Conference which will allow the organisation to take a more dynamic role in the Industrial Engineering and Management field representing the European students. The IEM Conference will be a great opportunity for our network to be the bridge between students, companies, and academia and lead the way forward across all three fronts. Activities at the IEM Conference Students attending the IEM Conference will have the opportunity to submit their Master thesis topics to be presented at the conference, with judges selecting the three best Master’s theses to be presented to all attendees. The event will also include two panel discussions: the first on current research and breakthroughs in the field of supply chain management with esteemed professors from partnering academic institutions, and the second on

various topics with a panel consisting of individuals from both academia and businesses. Additionally, the IEM Conference will include speeches from the attending ESTIEM Alumni on topics such as the success factors of their careers, as well as presentations from the University of Belgrade on their academic partners and current work. The event also provides interdisciplinary working sessions for attendees to work on topics they are passionate about. The event will further contain recreational activities, such as a hiking tour of the scenic Zlatibor mountain, one of Serbia’s natural jewels, traditional Serbian dinner, as well as a gala dinner to commemorate the ending of the conference. Why should you come to the first IEM Conference? Participants of the IEM Conference will hear firsthand about how companies approach and solve their business challenges and how universities conduct their research. They will have the opportunity to network with companies and may even meet recruiters interested in the IEM field. Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in open discussions and to both test and expand their knowledge in the IEM field. The IEM Conference provides participants with a certain level and range of insight that is not commonly available in the classroom at your university. During the academic activities participants will learn about new developments in the scientific research of the IEM field. They will get the chance to hear from top academics within the IEM field and to engage in discussion and debate with them. For students aspiring to study abroad, this will be a great opportunity to familiarise themselves with the field of IEM education in Europe. For Μaster’s degree students this will be a unique chance to assess their knowledge and to receive other opinions about their work. The event will also provide plenty of cultural and leisure activities, giving participants the chance to experience Serbia and its culture and traditions. Participants will also have an opportunity to see beautiful sights of untouched wilderness and to relax. The hotel in which the event attendees will be staying in is near the top of the mountain and surrounded by amazing nature. The venue was built for organizing youth events and is a perfect location for events such as the IEM Conference. The IEM Conference is the new chapter in ESTIEM’s future, and we invite you to share that future with us!

Jelena Roksandic Local Group Novi Sad

Bosko Vrebalov Local Group Novi Sad

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 61



One year I was living with the dream to visit Portu-

After we were pleasantly greeted by Local Group

gal. And when the best moment for this came I fou-

Berlin, we went to Darmstadt to visit a holy pla-

nd myself only with few hundreds of euros in my

ce - the bar Riwwelmaddes where ESTIEM was

savings but a huge wantfor an adventure. If you

founded. Next in our plan was Paris, but during

check the booking services, you will see that the

the time we were in Darmstadt, one of my friends

amount of money I had, was enough only for the

from Local Group Aachen saw my Instagram story

ticket from Moscow to Portugal and back. So, what

and invite us to his birthday. The hitchhiking trip

have become the traditional way of travelling, was

can be super flexible, so it was not hard for us to

rejected from the very beginning.

decide that we will be going there next. Furthermore, we were lucky enough to “crash” the Local

If you are 20 years old and you are an ESTIEMer,

Groups exchange, Ankara-METU visits Aachen

money means nothing to you. I decided to turn it

and arriving on time for the international night! If

into one of the biggest adventures of my life so far

we are already within a few kilometres from the

— and to invite a friend with whom I will be happy

border with Belgium why not go to Brussels?- we

to share the adventures with and make an all over

asked ourselves.

the Europe hitchhiking trip! So we spent the biggest part of our money on the needed equipment (backpack, tent, sleeping bags, etc) and started to work out a route. We chose Berlin as the starting point and Guimaraes with Local Group Minho organizing Europe4D as a final destination. Fortunately, there are a lot of local groups on the map between those two cities!

After a few messages to the people of Local Group Brussels, were more than enough for us to find a host, and therefore the next day we were already in the capital of Europe. If you remember we wanted to go to Paris at the very beginning. Unfortunately, there is no Local Group there yet - so nobody can host us there. Though it does not mean that there are no ESTIEMers there. One post on Facebook that we are looking for a host and after one hour we found one! Unbelievable!

62 ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world

EXPLORE through our social media. For every amount of money they could send us, we would send to the person a postcard as a remembrance to those people to follow their dreams and helping us reach ours. In a bit more than one day we managed to gather all the needed money. The last days in Portugal, were spent on sending postcards to lots of countries from France to Russia (even to Portugal) to the people that made it possible for us to come back home safe and sound.

Next city was a Grenoble, where we were also welcomed by the Local Group members. After a great rest in the capital of the Alps, we went to Spain. And there the most interesting part started. In the beginning, back in Berlin, the accumulated amount of money we had between us, was 85 euros. We were doing our best to not spend too much money and as much as possible. But everything has an end. Especially in such a small budget. When we came to Barcelona we spend the rest of our money on train tickets. When we counted everything from our pockets down to the last coin — there was about 3 euros left. Who said thou-

We would like to take this opportunity to thank

gh that we were upset about it? We bought two

our network and everyone who helped us and

kilograms of pasta and started to catch the cars

made that experience possible.

directly to Lisbon without going to other Spanish cities. During that time, every driver was eager to

The main thing we want you to learn from our

help us. That is how we finally reached Portugal.

trip, is not that hitchhiking is a cool way to spend

Yet again, we were welcomed by ESTIEMers invi-

a summer in Europe. We want to show you that

ting us to their homes and families, so we easily

when you follow your dream, no matter how many

managed to reach Guimaraes. Which brought us

fears may try to hold you back, you will find some-

to our destination. Up until that point, we went

thing in everything around you that will help you

through 5 countries and 10 cities. We switched

to make that possible!

about 40 cars and covered the distance of 4600 km. Five times we were sleeping in a tent, two ti-

Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams!

mes in the airport and ten times hosted by ESTIEMers. Our social networks were full of greetings. But still, we did not have the money to go back home. We came up with an original idea: we decided to ask for help from our friends and family

ESTIEM Magazine | 57th issue - Information Security: Surviving in a digital world 63

The world of work is changing. In the dynamic and diverse workplaces of the future, co-operation and collaboration will be key. Large teams of international researchers will join together to tackle global challenges. Come and get your head start at Chalmers University of Technology.


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I get to solve real industry problems in my programme. I also like that it’s all about the discussion. It helps to work in teams to gain new perspectives and expand your vision. The close connection to the industry was also a pleasant surprise.

- Merve Mutlu, student from Turkey Master’s Programme of Management and Economics of Innovation



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