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59th Issue IRISH INNOVATION DURING CRISIS An interview with Martin Casey, Managing Director at Arekibo


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Table of contents INTRODUCTION 4 Project Leader’s Speech 5 President’s Speech 6 Meet The ESTIEM Magazine Team 8 Introduction To ESTIEM



10 The Lemon Paradigm 11 When Changes Are Necessary 12 Irish Innovation During Crisis 14 When A Crisis Becomes A Catalyst For Change 16 Young African And European People Leading Change And Turning Covid-19 Into Opportunity 18 Innovation As A Recipe For Overcoming Crises And The Key To Post-Crisis Growth 20 Shape Your Habits: Long-Term Online Learning As A Crisis Innovation



SCENE 23 Lean Engineering Education: A Must For Industrial Engineering 26 My Pursuit Of Living A Lean Life 30 The “Me” In A Team 32 Digital Journey Of 3 Fashion Retail Giants 36 The Digital Transformation In The Fashion Industry


CAREER 38 Alumni Interview 42 “Why Don’t You Work As An Industrial Engineer?”

INSIDE ESTIEM 44 Board Interview 48 Curricula Database - Connecting IEM Through Analytics 50 Leaders Of ESTIEM 55 Get Active





EXPLORE 56 El Camino De Santiago – A Journey To Yourself

ECO | NEW 58 Ecology Today - Innovations Of The World We Live In 61 What Happens To The Food We Throw Away? 64 Sustainability Bootcamp

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 3


PROJECT LEADER’S SPEECH Dear reader, Despite the changes that are happening around us every day, ESTIEM has proved to be constant in one part: the ability to always aim higher. In the 59th issue that you are currently reading, we tried to capture some of the proudest moments of our network in the past six months. In a year when we are celebrating 30 years of existing as an organization, I couldn’t be any more happier to, together with my team, welcome you to the journey that is the exploration of the achievements ESTIEMers were inspired to make. The ability to adapt and advance was much needed in these troubling times, and I believe we all


managed to show strength, determination and the power of passion that led us into achieving more than we would have ever hoped. The inability to

Much love,

travel, to be surrounded by people with the same goals, made my team even more eager to lock a bit of the ESTIEM spirit and keep it a part of this issue forever. Tanja Gagić I hope that after reading the articles you find in

ESTIEM Magazine Project Leader

this issue, you will feel the need to explore more of the ESTIEM playground and challenge yourself to risk, improve, adapt and advance in all the areas that would make you happy. Thank you to all the authors that contributed to this issue, to all the readers that took time to appreciate what we have done, to the whole network for allowing ESTIEM Magazine to constantly grow and to my team for making the adventure of creating a magazine issue unforgettable.

4 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing


PRESIDENT’S SPEECH Dear reader, I once read an article in the ESTIEM Magazine, that from my point of view has a big adaptation for the situation we are living in nowadays. In the article it was fascinating to read a story from an alumnus on how happy they were when all the Local Groups had a fax-machine, and then one day they received a message from a Swedish Local Group explaining what was an “email” and why they should change to it. We are indeed living in a situation that we never lived before which we are not only forced to adapt ourselves to this new reality but also to advance in the way ESTIEM works. Of course, we are in


a different era but can you even imagine how it would be for them if they had the same conditions we have in the present?

With that being said, it is my pleasure to invite you to read this new edition of the ESTIEM Magazine

Back then the communication barrier did not stop

with articles that will demonstrate how ESTIEM is

them from spreading the ESTIEM Spirit throughout

adapting and innovating during this special point

Europe. Although currently it is complicated, since

of time.

traveling is a strong point in our value proposition, we have proved that the travel barrier hasn’t


stopped us either. So even though times are hard, not all is bad news! Not only has the concept of Online events been developed, team building has increased in all

Luis Viudez

teams together with the overall efficiency of the

ESTIEM President

network. There are quite a few positive aspects that can be taken as learning points and good practices to be implemented in the near future. We should look to the future with a positive attitude, leave behind us the tough months and even though the times ahead cannot be predicted, we still have very creative students, with great passion for our network that are willing to develop and innovate. Together we have come very far, it is time to keep going and aim higher than ever before!

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 5



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6 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing




ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 7


ALL OVER EUROPE... Back in 1990, students from five different countries founded an organisation, which they named ESTIEM: European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management. After 30 years, it has grown into an organisation

The decision-making body of ESTIEM is the

bringing together over 60,000 students from 79

Council, which meets twice a year, in autumn

universities in 31 European countries, and it is

and in spring. Each university, represented by

still growing. All these universities offer courses in

its so-called “Local Group�, sends two student

IEM. Based on this structure, ESTIEM forms links

representatives. The six members of the Board

between students, academia and companies in

of ESTIEM are elected during the spring Council

order to create an Europe-wide, multi-level IEM

Meeting. The Board is responsible for the

network. ESTIEM has continuously increased the

management, coordination and administration

number of its activities, thus being able to offer

of the association.

a great variety of events to IEM students and an opportunity to experience different cultures, take

Besides taking leadership positions in the Board

part in international projects and become friends

and as Project or Committee Leaders, ESTIEM

with other ESTIEMers from all over Europe.

members can also take up responsibilities by working in one of the Projects, Committees or

Naturally, the backbone of ESTIEM is the

Initiatives. With lots of teams and tasks to choose

European IEM student. The students involved in

from, there is a place for everyone.

ESTIEM incorporate both the skills required for modern business and an open-minded approach







towards other people and cultural issues.

organisation and its activities, please visit our website at





Local Groups in 26 countries make ESTIEM a large network.

events are organised by Local Groups every year.

travels are made yearly by 2,000 students.

members and a reach of 60,000 towards IEM students in Europe.

8 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing


OUR MISSION Connect and support the growth and sustainability of European associations of IEM students, to foster relations and to develop their IEM students, personally and professionally.

OUR VISION Be the connector of IEM Students with an IEM Europe. An IEM Europe is the ecosystem of companies, universities, organisations and other entities interested in the field of IEM. We are striving for each IEM Student to have a connection not only with other students all over Europe of the same field but also to other companies and universities, to ensure each student as a voice as well as the opportunity to make a difference, and to allow each outstanding innovative idea to become reality.


Embracing diversity

Striving for development

We see multiculturalism as a strength of ESTIEM. We benefit from our cultural diversity by being able to approach chances and challenges with different insights. Respect is not just something we strive for, but part of the very basis of our network

We grow together by trying hard and learning from mistakes, we are eager to go through a learning process and see accessibility and freedom as highest goals. ESTIEMers gain practical experience and important soft-skills needed in today’s world.

Encouraging participation

Aiming high

ESTIEM being a democratic organisation with a flat hierarchy encourages the participation of all its members. We inspire each other to partake in ESTIEM’s activities and develop new ideas.

We are not afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone. ESTIEM’s members are proactive students that always give 100%. We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit among students and other stakeholders by gathering and exchanging experiences and best practices.

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 9



Giuseppe Perrone Local Group Calabria

Anna Laura Orrico Undersecretary at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities of Italy

Italy is one of the countries that suffered the

The hashtag “#iorestoacasa”, “I stay at home”,

most from the outbreak of COVID-19, being seen

created by the Ministry of Health has also been a

as the “worst-case scenario” in the eyes of many

simple way to discover how we can use this forced

countries while preparing for what’s to come; but

confinement for our own cultural enrichment, as

is this the only thing worth looking up about Italy

it has been used by various cultural institutions to

in times of a global pandemic?

promote their newly discovered ways of connecting to a locked-down audience. For museums, parks,

Leaving aside widespread heartwarming moments

and galleries that usually work with visitors on-

of hope, like the practice of singing from the

site, the need for a paradigm shift helped to

balconies, Italy has undergone an incredible digital

develop new ways of connecting to their audience,

transformation. As an example, smart working in

creating new settings that go from virtual visits

the public sector has risen from 10% to 80% up

to online concerts. The great success of those

until August, making us realise that not only it is a

initiatives also sparked new ideas to maintain this

possibility, but also that it can prove itself to be a

remoteness as an available option for the future,

better solution in most cases; resistance to change

when Covid will only be a bad memory. Supporting

has been put aside, leaving us with the chance of

this, the government decided to invest millions of

giving a shot to new technologies and methods

euros in the development of a digital portal to

that, in a normal situation, we were too scared to

close the gap between art institutions and those


who cannot physically visit the premises.

We discovered the power of the “Open Innovation”

“La necessità aguzza l’ingegno” - Necessity sharpens

concept, with companies coming together by

ingenuity, says an Italian proverb; this outbreak

sharing their patents to create, in record time,

made us reconsider our priorities, jump years

new tools for the fight against the virus. A

ahead in terms of adopting technology and

famous example of cooperation has been the

reminded us what to do when life gives you

one demonstrated by Isinnova - an Italian start-

lemons... Keep squeezing.

up who designed respirator valves to be installed on Decathlon’s scuba diving masks, and made their patent available for free - and Decathlon, who gifted 10,000 of those masks to the country’s healthcare system. Given its ease of production, this patent is now used in many foreign countries. Necessity also brought many forms of innovation to the cultural and educational sectors. Schools and universities, as one of the environments with the strongest resistance to change, who have always been reluctant to the use of remote tools, have been forced to move out of their usual comfort zone, and are now starting to discover that such tools are not that bad after all, and that although some concepts can never be transposed to a remote setting, the understanding that some can is a valuable realisation.

10 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing


WHEN CHANGES ARE NECESSARY “ may end up working in a completely different field..:”

“You will work in the field of your studies”. I hear

knowledge, among others. ESTIEM is, obviously, a

this quite often even though the reality is that

big help in this matter. Every single student from

studies are actually just a source. This whole

the same university finishes their studies with the

pandemic situation created a situation where

same certificate, but if you take advantage of the

loads of engineers all around Europe had to

possibilities that this association gives you, you

change and get used to working in a new way,

will make a big difference. If you want to focus

place or field. So did I.

your career in some way or another, differentiate yourself from the rest and redirect your learning

Back in February, I was working in an aerospace

path. In my example, Data Science and Lean

company in England. Everything was going

Six Sigma helped me to find new opportunities

smoothly until I came back to Spain due to the

and will help me to find my next job, since the

virus outbreak, and they asked me to work from

recruiters are asking for skills like those, increasing

home. Big changes require big moves, so they

exponentially year by year.

Raúl Sotillo Guzmán Local Group Seville

required me to work in a completely different project. During the quarantine time, I got to know

Engineering, in the end, is a whole. It is the science

Data Science. Catalogued as “the sexiest job in the

of problem-solving. Problems can be seen from

21st century”, it seems to be a good example of

infinite different perspectives, and that is why we

a nowadays very useful engineering supplement,

need all the different names. Remember though,

as many others can be. It was a really useful step

that in your entire academic studies they are just

since I was dealing with data analysis for a large

teaching you how to solve a problem. You may

part of my work. It really helped me, in addition to

end up working in a completely different field,

the Lean Six Sigma course I took with ESTIEM (even

something you did not choose or somewhere

applying these concepts in Python programming

you did not expect to be working on. Always

language), to understand precisely the information

premeditate the right choices, but never overthink

I was working with.

them because they will never end up exactly where you wanted. Who said that unexpectedness is not

Depending on the focus of your engineering

a key part of the whole adventure after all?

degree, there are plenty of different extras, such as design, language programs or Lean Six Sigma

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 11


IRISH INNOVATION DURING CRISIS An interview with Martin Casey, Managing Director at Arekibo Communications

Alina Sidbrant Local Group St. Petersburg

How has COVID-19 crisis impacted the business

What was the most challenging part in this

at Arekibo?


COVID-19 has impacted businesses across the

People are the core of every business and at

world and Ireland is no different. As our teams

Arekibo is no different, if your team is doing

are based across the world, we were fortunate to

well, your business is probably doing well.

have had advanced notice of its pending impact

From a personal perspective, I felt much more

already by January, so we began planning and it all

responsibility for

felt like an experiment - it was going to be useful

COVID-19 has many similar effects to the other

to see how well we would cope and what could

two crises with additional layers of anxiety, that

happen if everyone had to work from home -,

are significant both from a personal and a family

however, I didn’t think it would happen as quickly


our team’s well-being as

or as severely as it did. When the experiment became a reality, we were prepared.

Working from home was supposed to be temporary, but six months in, it seems to be

Thankfully, unlike many, we can work from

turning permanent, and it’s getting harder. At

home with all of our tools, systems, and data

first, we were focused on helping our team

available in a cloud, which significantly reduced

adjust but as every month brings new challenges,

our operational concerns and allowed us to focus

initiatives that worked during the first few months

on the team and our clients. With the novelty

are becoming stale or harder to sustain. We are

of working from home gone, the team adapted

therefore continuously looking for new ways

well to this new scenario, which allowed us to

to engage with the team and this is probably

focus on the well-being of the team and work

the most challenging part of the transition for

hard to ensure that we can help everyone, as

me. We have been talking about this as a team

we transition from working from home in the

and we have encouraged everyone to check in

summer to the winter. We have no plans to get

regularly outside of talking about work. The team

the team back to the office and have no dates in

has embraced this and we can all recognise that

mind. We will wait and see to ensure that nobody

everyone is tired and frustrated - the small things

is at risk.

count and I would recommend you to focus on those.

Our business has been impacted, but that was to

On the flip side, from a business perspective, we

be expected. This is the third time in my career

know what we need, and we are doing this very

that I have had to deal with significant economic

well. Much like ourselves, our clients - which have

changes: starting with the ‘Dot Com’ collapse in

been impacted in many different ways- also need

the early 2000’s, passing by the financial crash in

more attention to make sure they are also getting

2008 and now COVID-19; these were all significant

through this. As a business we need to be looking

global events, but you get through them and we

for ways to be more helpful and supportive;

will get through this one.

thankfully this is in our DNA and the team just knows what they need to do, which has been wonderful to see!

12 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

FOCUS TOPIC the idea that you have to work in an office is no longer true. There is no doubt that once COVID-19

What did businesses learn from COVID-19?

passes, many will return to their offices, but employees will look for alternatives to the old ways: they will want a balance - business will have

I have always liked the quote from Bruce Lee:

to embrace this in order not to lose great people.

“In the middle of chaos lies opportunity”. This pandemic has highlighted many areas where

For students, fresh out of college, these times are

our business needs to focus on improving - as

terrifying as it seems like your options have been

we look at these as opportunities as chances

significantly restricted, which is true for the short

for improvement and streamlining, and not as a

term. You may be forced to move back home

negative aspect.

and put your plans on hold, however, COVID-19 is forcing us to consider how we want to live our

One of the major benefits of COVID-19 is that

lives - and this is a good thing as you begin to

it has given us back time, for instance, I have

plan your career. The progressive and forward-

reduced the amount I travel - which sums up to a

thinking businesses have embraced the idea that

full day back every week to focus on these areas.

their teams can work anywhere, which will bring

We have looked across the business to assess our

new opportunities that can result in benefits for

processes, technology and capabilities and have

your career and for future generations.

been actively working to make improvements to these; exploring these new opportunities to see

COVID-19 has also accelerated innovation across

how they can benefit and strengthen the business

many sectors and will increase entrepreneurship

and as well offer more value to our clients.

- which can already be seen in our team, our clients and across my peer group. We realised

As COVID-19 has exposed the gaps and faults

we need to keep moving and deal with the

in a business, it has provided clarity on the

reality, and are now looking at things differently

priorities that need to be focused on. I am sure

and having embraced the idea of evolution. We

you have seen the articles on how COVID-19

cannot stand still and wait for it to get better

has accelerated the business case for digital

as nobody knows when that will be – eventually

transformation. As an example, for our business,

it will, and until then it is important that we

we have seen a significant increase in contact

embrace the opportunity and take advantage of

from organisations who need to improve their

the situation. My experience is that you can never


be comfortable and three recessions in 20 years






validated the impact digital has in a business.

proves this.

Within days and weeks of lockdown your digital maturity was evident to your management, your

My perspective here is focused on the business

teams and your customers.

side, but COVID-19 has and will continue to have a greater impact on society and culture, which will have long-term implications for us all. Therefore,

What do you think future going out of COVID-19

anything our business can do to help our team


and our clients - and everyone’s families - will be our primary focus.

In just six months, COVID-19 has fundamentally changed






businesses, not to mention the impact on our personal lives, on employees, customers, and partners. Some of these changes are seismic, as this has challenged everything, for instance,

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 13


WHEN A CRISIS BECOMES A CATALYST FOR CHANGE “You are an explorer, and you represent our species and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.” - Terence McKenna Dora Naydenova Local Group Sofia

Living in a crisis is quite stressful because it

A crisis demands movement and change – the

affects all aspects of our lives, personal and

complexity of generating an idea, decision making

professional. On the professional side, how the

and implementation all increase dramatically.

companies interact with customers, what kind of

This mindset became the main part of the new

goods and services they decide to purchase and

“COVID-19 strategy” of the company I am working

how the companies deliver them is affected. This

for: we quickly started experimenting with the

ultimately leads to a big change in how companies

new ideas, in order to fail, to learn and the most

do their business. At a first glance it is pernicious,

important - to move forward: to innovate. As a

but when you think about it better…

company which provides productivity solutions for the offices, we turned our company message

Someone once told me that the best area for

to the new normal - the home office. Also, we

innovations is the one which has a lot of problems.

were providing different discounts and variations

The crisis creates significant new opportunities

of our products every week. As the crisis was

for growth and this varies between industries.

expanding rapidly and each organization started

During the

lockdown, many companies that

promoting their solutions more and more through

sell physical goods were facing a big threat of

traditional forms - newsletters and advertising, we

bankruptcy since interactions with customers

have decided to start webinars where the guests

were extremely limited, or completely stopped.

were our customers. We were discussing how the

Either way, some of them saw this bankruptcy

working process is changing when we all are at

threat as an opportunity for innovations. The

home, how they use our products and if they find

point is not in developing something totally new

them useful. This strategy built more trust in us

and unique, it is in adapting an existing product

because we were there for them, talking, sharing

or technology to the new standards which will

knowledge and ideas.

boost the business.

Let’s talk in numbers now:

The COVID-19 crisis presents an opportunity that few feel equipped to pursue. Although most executives agree that innovating the business will be critical...

...few feel equipped to face the challenge.





believe that the COVID-19 crisis will fundamentally change the way they do business over the next 5 years

are concerned that the COVID-19 crisis will have a lasting impact on their customers’ needs and wants over the next 5 years

have the expertise, resources, and commitment to pursue new growth successfully

believe that this will be the most challenging moment in their executive career

Source: McKinsey & Company

14 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

FOCUS TOPIC Being proactive is a needed step for survival. We cannot just stay and wait for the upper management







Innovations do not usually require a special degree of education or high company position. They require thinking, observation and bravery. A crisis offers the chance to focus all the creativity towards a very real problem. While leaders are learning to respond to the change, there are quick-hit lessons, guidelines, and tips that can help them make the most out of the opportunities for innovation that the current crisis presents. Learning teams who had previously refused to explore different kinds of virtual learning are now seeing a window of opportunity to experiment with these tools because of their power to address the constraints we are under today. In conclusion, I would highlight that optimization of processes is cost-cutting. Focusing on this will also save time which you usually spend doing operational tasks, which is not always productive. Generating ideas is a process which nobody can manage because ideas are in our minds, and they can come up suddenly, but it requires a certain level of calmness. Decision making is about collaborating with the team, being brave and ready to meet failure. The failure today could be a big chance tomorrow and analysing the results is the way we appreciate the ideas. Do not be afraid of failure because it is better to move and act instead of waiting for the perfect situation in uncertain times.

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 15



Maija Luukka Local Group Lappeenranta

Alina Weckström

Ambitious Africa has created super-connectivity between bright young people from Africa and Europe so they can solve local problems in African countries and drive change together focusing on the Three Es: Education, Entrepreneurship, and Entertainment. The initiative is working to heighten the visibility of African startups in Europe through cross-continental online networking events. Ambitious Africa is a new initiative founded by

novel impact projects are started that feed off the

young Finnish people, including ESTIEMers (!)

collaboration between the African and European

which brings together driven youth across the

youth. The first national day event for Kenya in April

cultures and borders of Africa and Europe who

reached 500 participants. Any of these Ambitious

are hungry for change. When COVID-19 hit, the

Africa events are a great way to learn more about

initiative turned a challenge into an opportunity.

what is offered, meet interesting people, and get a

Its founders realised they could easily bring

feel for Ambitious Africa’s dynamic network.

people together from these two parts of the world, as online meetings quickly became the norm. They

A mutually beneficial exchange between Africa

kickstarted the initiative in April 2020 through a

and Europe

series of online matchmaking events. Ambitious Africa is already established in 25 African countries.

Supporting Africa by sharing European solutions

Ten more are in the works. The ambitious goal is

is a sustainable way of empowering young African

to have established national teams in all fifty-four

entrepreneurs to realise their ideas, according

African countries. Going forward, Ambitious Africa

to the initiative. It allows mutually beneficial

continues to work on different projects, including

exchanges between the countries where cultural

collaborative events.

differences can be used as an advantage for creating new solutions. The ethos of Ambitious





Ambitious Africa’s national teams

Africa is based on the understanding that African countries are capable of solving their own problems and providing value to Europe.

Through the events, African entrepreneurs can leverage their knowledge, expand their networks

The initiative focuses on problem-solving using

and showcase startups to potential investors. The

the latest insights in the areas of education,

African countries involved each form a national


youth-driven team. Each team’s function is to

Ambitious Africa sees as some of the Nordics’ core

be a “super connector” between the continents

strengths. The goal is to create conditions and

bringing people together to make the change.

opportunities for young people in Africa which

For example, they organize their own events or a

will propel the societies forward in a progressive,

‘national day’, where the country representatives

peaceful, and playful way, without taking away

and participants, which include entrepreneurs,

from their cultures and traditions.




government officials, educators, and investors, zoom in on country-specific challenges. During

Current projects

the event, solutions to the challenges are brainstormed. European companies that already

The Ambitious Africa network stretches within a

have solutions to problems discussed during the

range of different industries, such as agriculture.

event are then connected to a country in Africa

In Rwanda, Ambitious Africa stands behind

and vice versa. If there is no existing solution,

innovative agri-startups such as HydroFeeds. In

16 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

FOCUS TOPIC Rwanda, the animal feed which farmers use to raise

If you´re curious to learn more about Ambitious

cattle is expensive because it is usually imported.

Africa and even join us, go to visit our website and

HydroFeeds has developed a system that allows

connect with us:

farmers to effectively grow their own wheat-based feed in their own backyards regardless of the season. The system uses minimal resources and reduces farmers’ costs by up to 51%, leaving them with more money to sustain their businesses and feed communities. You can also follow us on Instagram: Another industry Ambitious Africa has a strong foothold is the gaming industry. Douglas Ogeto, a representative from Team Kenya, is the founder of a video game publishing company called LudiqueWorks. They have partnered with institutions for higher learning to engage youth using impact games to make learning more fun and motivating. Beyond that, the initiative has a growing number of incubators, accelerators, and forward-thinking education projects all over Africa. Ambitious Africa is not limited to one particular industry. The focus is always on making an impact. In addition to other projects, the initiative will help its associated African startups streamline their products to Finnish and European business networks using the Startup Includer platform,



giving investors direct links to the startups.

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 17



Aleksandar Vekić Assistant Master Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad Department for Industrial Engineering and Management

Fostering innovation and change is one of the

A historic match between the world’s leading

basic tasks of modern societies, as they can be

powers is currently being played, as they race

the most effective response to crisis periods both

against time to find an appropriate innovative

in individual communities and societies, and on

solution, a cure that will quickly change everything,

a global scale. Their special importance lies in

reverse negative trends towards positive ones and

creating conditions for post-crisis growth and

enable a gradual return of life to normal flows.

development through the creation of opportunities to improve the business of companies and human

Even with all the almost superhuman efforts

lives. As innovation is emerging as a leading driver

invested by scientists and researchers, and the vast

of competitiveness, economic dynamism and

financial resources allocated for these purposes,

economic growth are at the center of economic

the process itself is not advancing nearly as fast

changes caused by the “creative destruction” of

as the world expects it to. Scientists and inventors

the existing, which leads to the creation of new

are not only working to create a cure, but they

products and methods, as well as completely new

are also creating favourable conditions for new

markets [1].

business opportunities, investment, growth and employment. Based on this example, it can be seen

Crises differ in many areas, amongst which are

that continuous investment in science, technology

the factors causing them and the scope of their

and innovation is always a pledge for the future

effects. The most prominent current global crisis,

of humanity, and its progress in all areas. In the

for instance, is at first a health crisis caused by

example of the current crisis, the speed of change

the outbreak of COVID-19, but it is increasingly

in societies and economies is incredible: it is often

spilling over into the economy, leading to

necessary to make decisions based on very little

most projected growth plans and goals being

information, and they are the result of previous

called into question. Within the first weeks of

experience and intuitive activities. Conditions are

the pandemic declaration by the World Health

very difficult even for companies that are amongst

Organization (WHO), major changes already

the main carriers of innovation activities, and

came to pass in the way of life in most countries,

the consequences that the economic recession

along with a slowdown of economic activity. This

caused by COVID-19 leaves on their investment

conditioned the creation of special policies aimed

in R&D activities [3], and their ability to launch

at mitigating the impact of this unprecedented

new products and services is difficult to predict.

crisis, causing an impact on the global economy


in a short period of time and led to the creation of

global companies have already announced their

unforeseeable consequences. Some of the issues

withdrawal from certain markets and have reduced

caused by the introduced changes are so big and

their business activities, such as Zara, while a large

harmful that they have surpassed in scope many

number of them are facing bankruptcy, such as

of the problems that had previously occurred

Pizza Hut or Hertz. It should be noted here that

throughout history, especially since the existence

among the aggravating circumstances is the

of a market economy. Economists explain this

intensity of the crisis, which simultaneously affects

crisis in terms of the “Black swan theory” which

all functions in companies. So far, the biggest

describes unexpected, disruptive events in history

negative effects have been observed in tourism,

- like global pandemics, financial crises, and wars

the aviation industry, the automotive industry, the

- that unsettle, uproot, and change governments

hotel and restaurant industry, etc.

and economies [2].

18 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing






FOCUS TOPIC Innovative companies must rely heavily on

Despite all the current difficulties, the light at the

available resources and modern technologies,

end of the tunnel is noticeable and humanity

which should enable their survival and further

should hope for a brighter future in which

progress in these specific conditions. On this

innovations will always amaze us. So, can you

path they cannot stand alone, needing the strong

revive your innovative spirit and co-create a new

support from economic policy makers in the form

reality, making the world an extraordinary place to

of adequate solutions and programs for preserving


business activity, and post-crisis recovery based on further encouragement of innovation. These solutions must be efficient and adaptable enough to achieve positive effects. It can be said that the business of companies will be faced with a crucial decision to innovate or die. We should not forget that human creativity is boundless, and it is the main driver of innovation. Together with modern available technologies, a huge base of human knowledge and experience is a powerful engine for further development of mankind and industry.

References: [1] Schumpeter JA. The theory of economic development: an inquiry into profits, capital, credit, interest and the business cycle. Harvard Economic Studies, Vol. 46. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press; 1934 [2] Lovick S. How will innovation change society after this current crisis? [Internet]. Maddyness; 2020 Mar 30th. Available from:

innovation-change-society-after-this-current-crisis/ [3] Santiago F, Dachs B, Peters B. Foster recovery from COVID-19 through sciences, technology and innovation [Internet]. IAP Unido; 2020 May. Available from: foster-recoverycovid-19-through-science-technology-andinnovation ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 19


SHAPE YOUR HABITS: LONG-TERM ONLINE LEARNING AS A CRISIS INNOVATION “... for my own habits, the program was the cue to actually start doing it and trying to do them daily..:” Amidst the sea of terrible human and economic costs that a global crisis like COVID-19 brings with it, ESTIEMers have never once stopped to look into new ways to find opportunities and look for the Robin Dietrich Local Group Berlin

silver linings in our misfortune. Just like the ashes of a burned forest provide nutrients for a new generation to sprout, in the ruins of destroyed routines lay the possibility for new patterns of behaviour to flourish - if one takes the initiative to plant the seeds for them. It was in this spirit that the Shape Your Habits

Rebekka Nagel Local Group Dortmund

Online Training Program was called to life. Why Study Habits? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a habit is

Habits are so powerful because they create subconscious cravings. A tiny act like switching the phone to silent mode can immensely increase our ability to focus simply by interrupting that habit loop.

an automated behaviour that you do often and regularly, sometimes without being aware that you are doing it. Habits, whether good or bad work like vicious or virtuous cycles. They consist of four elements. After hearing a cue, let’s say the buzzing of a phone, we execute a certain routine e.g. reading a text message which we know will reward us for example with satisfying our curiosity. As the behaviour is repeated, the brain starts craving the reward not after performing the routine but already upon sensing the cue. As a result, the behaviour becomes automated.

20 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

Outcomes The Good: it worked for the people who stayed From the outset, the program generated quite some interest, with twice as many people signing up than it was originally planned. The courses received mostly positive feedback, and, based on an informal survey conducted in the 9th of 12 weeks, most participants were able to positively influence their habits thanks to the program. It seems like the content was overall well received and helped the participants fulfill their goals.


“For my own habits, the program was the cue to actually start doing it and trying to do them daily. Now I read everyday, workout everyday, do some German everyday and journal everyday [...] Without the program, I would just read the book and without discussion and some exercises during the week it would not have as big of an influence on me.� - Irina Gromakovskaya, Local Group Minsk

The bad: hemorrhaging participants over time

this would be true: towards the second half of the course, only about five people could be expected

The most significant problem encountered during

to participate in a week.

the program was the recurring absenteeism and progressive abandoning of the course by a large portion of the participants. Part of the motivation for accepting 24 applicants, twice the amount of participants originally planned for, was that the trainers team expected a portion of them to drop out of the course eventually. It was however never anticipated to what degree

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 21


Lessons learned: three PROs of Online Learning

“About the period which is kinda 3 months, it seems long but it does not actually require much time as we have only a session per week. In my opinion, it’s really ok but it becomes difficult to continue (for many of the participants) for that long as different events come around. The academic hour is ok but the length can be rethought or redesigned to make it more productive and sustainable.” - Mohiuddin Resalat, LG Moscow The PROmise

The PROblem

The PROposal

Low barriers to entry: anyone can take place from anywhere at no cost.

Low barrier to exit: The missing cost of entry also attracted participants who were not committed enough to the program to prioritise attendance.

Be Flexible: Let a lot of people in, be ready to adapt to diminishing numbers. Provide exit and re-entry points to allow flexibility.

Time to learn: In the week between sessions, you can apply what you learned. Over multiple weeks habits can settle.

3 months is a long time: Unforeseen obstacles made participants quit, even if they were committed. Also, not all participants started with the idea of attending the full course.

Break it down: Instead of making one long consecutive course, design the material to be modular and to allow people to join or leave later, without continuity problems.

Self-directed learning: Study groups and optional homework empower the participants to share their knowledge and direct their own learning experience.

Optional options are too optional: The possibility to attend optional activities and organise studying in self-directed groups was used rarely by participants.

Partial Supervision: Have the Buddy groups supervised by trainers for at least the first instances, or assign responsibility for them to individuals rather than groups.

Lessons for The future of Long online Events in ESTIEM

In the future, courses like “shape your habits” may come to form a recurring event type in ESTIEM,

Based on the generally positive feedback from

and expand their focus on any possible range of

the participants, the concept of prolonged events

topics, as long as there are books out there that

aiming at gaining skills that take time to learn still

can be used as a basis for them.

show a lot of promise. In keeping with the spirit of renewal mentioned in From the outset, the course was designed with

the introduction to this article, there is hope that

the idea in mind that some of its participants

the harsh conditions of the past months can leave

would hopefully end up acting as trainers in the

a new offering for ESTIEMers as a lasting legacy,

next edition of the program. Some particularly

and ultimately lead to positive changes in their

enthusiastic participants have expressed interest



How often did we take part in the following activities?

22 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing


LEAN ENGINEERING EDUCATION: A MUST FOR INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING This short paper briefly presents the Lean production concept, its origins and the need for Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) students to learn Lean. Lean Engineering Education (LEE) is presented as well the competencies pulled by LEE. The most adequate learning methodologies used to teach Lean are referred. Finally, the paper highlights the importance of learning Lean for IEM students. What is Lean Production and when did it

highlights the need to educate engineering


students, namely, IEM students, in Lean Thinking (LT)






Lean Production Systems was the name given by

Competencies pulled by LEE are whole-system

Krafcik (1988) to the Toyota Production Systems

thinking, sustainability and ethics competencies

(TPS) in the late 80s. Toyota made a shift from

(Alves, Flumerfelt and Kahlen, 2017; Alves, 2018,

textile machines to automobile production in

2019). Black and Phillips (2013) defined Lean

a successful way by adopting some of Ford’s

Engineer as: “The Lean Engineer (LE), has an

production system elements and innovating in

Industrial Engineering foundation, enhanced with

others. TPS was “doing more with less” with less

lean tools, six sigma capability and a lean to green

meaning less development time, less human

outlook to take the plant to zero waste going to

effort, less goods in stock, less of everything,

the landfill.” To create this engineer profile, it

according to Womack et al. (1990). At the same

is necessary to equip the students with Lean

time, it used more suggestions given by employees,

competencies, as the ones presented above.

Anabela Carvalho Alves Department of Production and Systems, School of Engineering, University of Minho

more teamwork, more creativity and continuous improvement mind-set.

Some authors are working in creating centers of excellence and curriculum designs to provide

The TPS represented a “turning point” in the

students with Lean competencies suitable for

culture of factory production models, following a

Industry 4.0 (Enke et al., 2018; Dombrowski,

distinctive path from the traditional Ford model, it

Wullbrandt and Fochler, 2019). Learning factories,

directed employee behavior into new and different

Project-Based Learning, experiential learning,

attitudes and routines, involving competencies

serious games, hands-on, among others are

such as systemic and ethical thinking. Many

useful active learning methodologies to learn Lean

different perspectives contributed to the success

(Goerke et al., 2015; Abele et al., 2017; Alves et al.,

and knowledge of TPS (Imai, 1986; Monden, 1998;

2017; Bauer et al., 2018; Enke et al., 2018; Abele,

Ohno, 1988; Shingo, 1989; Sugimori et al., 1977).

Metternich and Tisch, 2019; Garay-Rondero,

“Making people before making products” is the


TPS education model basis (Suzaki, 1993) that

Gento, Pimentel and Pascual, 2020; Pascual et al.,

emerged from the need to adapt the learning

2020; Tan et al., 2020). Consequently, teachers

process to new demands, which were a result of a

should teach Lean, not just as a “program”, but as

change in the industrial production culture. Toyota

a philosophy of life (Alves et al. 2020).





Education Model (TEM) is a learning system that Why is it important to learn Lean?

exists within the factory in all activities at all levels. What is Lean Engineering Education and how do students learn Lean?



logistics, project


ergonomics, management,



coaching, product


leadership, development,

The TEM is also the basis of Lean Engineering

systematic innovation (TRIZ), six sigma, among

Education (LEE) (Flumerfelt et al., 2015) that

others, thus allowing processes improvement

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 23


of such functions and having synergies when

A Lean holistic approach in the organizations

combined. Also, it could be applied in goods and/

will contribute to the implementation success of

or services companies, large or SME (e.g. office,

Industry 4.0 (Bittencourt et al., 2019).






(Alves, Flumerfelt and Kahlen, 2017). Thus,

A more sustainable production and consumption

companies are applying Lean in their processes

is also obtained by applying LT principles. This

to obtain economic, social and environmental

application of LT, in order to obtain a better

benefits (Maia, Alves and Leão, 2013; Sanidas

environmental performance, is called by many

and Shin, 2017; Amaro, Alves and Sousa, 2019).

authors as Lean-Green synergy (Abreu, Alves and Moreira, 2017). Lean, indeed, promotes a global sustainable development (Alves et al. 2019), being this recognized even by people outside of the IEM field. For instance, Bea Johnson (2013), inspired by “zero waste” policy, launched an excellent book about how people can have a waste-free lifestyle. She implied in her book that the more we have, the more we spend. Many times this is due to the producer that “forces” their clients to buy more by offering promotions and discount quantities. Additionally, if they think someone else is paying, people tend to spend more because “it is not from my pocket” mentality, for example, in hotels. However, this behavior could happen in big companies too as the case described in Dias et al. (2019), where with a new product introduction, new equipment was bought and the “old” was discarded, not reused. Womack and Jones in their book “Lean solutions” (Womack and Jones 2005) discussed how customers and providers should work together to create value and eliminate waste. This calls for new sustainable business models. Conclusion With this article, the author hopes to inspire IEM students to learn Lean or, at least, to stimulate students’ curiosity to further research literature on this important philosophy. Lean is not just a program or a cost-cutting exercise, it is a way of life. These few words should be understood only as the tip of the iceberg.

24 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing


References: Abele, E. et al. (2017) ‘Learning factories for future oriented research and education in manufacturing’, CIRP Annals, 66(2), pp. 803–826. doi: 10.1016/j.cirp.2017.05.005. Abele, E., Metternich, J. and Tisch, M. (2019) Learning Factories. Cham: Springer International Publishing. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-92261-4. Abreu, M. F., Alves, A. C. and Moreira, F. (2017) ‘Lean-Green models for eco-efficient and sustainable production’, Energy, 137, pp. 846–853. doi: 10.1016/ Alves, A. C. et al. (2017) ‘Effective Tools to Learn Lean Thinking and Gather Together Academic and Practice Communities’, in Volume 5: Education and Globalization. ASME, p. V005T06A009. doi: 10.1115/IMECE2017-71339. Alves, A. C. (2018) ‘Lean Education: provider of system-thinking, ethics and sustainability competencies’, in 4th edition 2018 - 11th EPIEM Conference on Innovation and Sustainability 2018. Bucharest, Romania, 26/27 October 2018. Available at: archive/2018.pdf. Alves, A. C. 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Cham: Springer International Publishing. doi: 10.1007/978-3319-45830-4. Amaro, P., Alves, A. C. and Sousa, R. M. (2019) ‘Lean Thinking: A Transversal and Global Management Philosophy to Achieve Sustainability Benefits’, in Lean Engineering for Global Development. Cham: Springer International Publishing, pp. 1–31. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-13515-7_1. Bauer, H. et al. (2018) ‘Integration of Industrie 4.0 in Lean Manufacturing Learning Factories’, Procedia Manufacturing, 23, pp. 147–152. doi: 10.1016/j.promfg.2018.04.008. Bittencourt, V. et al. (2019) ‘Contributions of Lean Thinking Principles to Foster Industry 4.0 and Sustainable Development Goals’, in Lean Engineering for Global Development. Cham: Springer International Publishing, pp. 129–159. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-13515-7_5. Black, J. T. and Phillips, D. T. (2013) Lean Engineering The Future Has Arrived. Publishing. Dias, M. et al. (2019) ‘Reusing Equipment in Cells Reconfiguration for a Lean and Sustainable Production’, Procedia Manufacturing (25th International Conference on Production Research Manufacturing Innovation: Cyber Physical Manufacturing). Chicago, Illinois (USA), In Press. Dombrowski, U., Wullbrandt, J. and Fochler, S. (2019) ‘Center of Excellence for Lean Enterprise 4.0’, in Procedia Manufacturing. doi: 10.1016/j. promfg.2019.03.011. Enke, J. et al. (2018) ‘Industrie 4.0 - Competencies for a modern production system: A curriculum for Learning Factories’, in Procedia Manufacturing. doi: 10.1016/j.promfg.2018.04.028. Flumerfelt, S. et al. (2015) Lean Engineering Education: Driving Content and Competency Mastery. ASME Press. Garay-Rondero, C. L., Rodríguez Calvo, E. Z. and Salinas-Navarro, D. E. (2019) ‘Experiential learning at Lean-Thinking-Learning Space’, International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM), 13(3), pp. 1129–1144. doi: 10.1007/s12008-019-00578-3. Gento, A. M., Pimentel, C. and Pascual, J. A. (2020) ‘Lean school: an example of industry-university collaboration’, Production Planning & Control, pp. 1–16. doi: 10.1080/09537287.2020.1742373. Goerke, M. et al. (2015) ‘Holistic Approach of Lean Thinking in Learning Factories’, Procedia CIRP, 32, pp. 138–143. doi: 10.1016/j. procir.2015.02.221. Imai, M. (1986) Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success. McGraw-Hill. Johnson, B. (2013) Simplify Your Life by Reducing Your Waste: ZERO WASTE HOME. Scribner. Krafcik, J. F. (1988) ‘Triumph of the Lean Production System’, Sloan Management Review, 30(1), pp. 41–52. Maia, L. C., Alves, A. C. and Leão, C. P. (2013) ‘Sustainable work environment with lean production in textile and clothing industry’, International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management, 4(3). Monden, Y. (1998) Toyota Production System: An Integrated Approach to Just-In-Time. Third. Engineering and Management Press. Ohno, T. (1988) Toyota Production System: beyond large-scale production. Portland: Productivity Press. Pascual, J. A. et al. (2020) ‘A Learning Factory for Remanufacturing: A New Configuration at Valladolid Lean School’, in Proceedings of 6th European Lean Educator Conference (ELEC2019). Springer International Publishing. S. Shingo (1989) ‘A study of Toyota Production System from an Industrial Engineering’. Sanidas, E. and Shin, W. (2017) ‘Lean Production System and Economic Development across the World Today’, International Journal of Economics & Management Sciences, 06(06). doi: 10.4172/2162-6359.1000480. Sugimori, Y. et al. (1977) ‘Toyota production system and Kanban system Materialization of just-in- time and respect-for-human system’, International Journal of Production Research, 15(6), pp. 553–564. doi: 10.1080/00207547708943149. Suzaki, K. (1993) The new shop floor management: empowering people for continuous improvement. Tan, H.-S. et al. (2020) ‘Conceptual development of learning factory for industrial engineering education in Indonesia context as an enabler of students’ competencies in industry 4.0 era’, IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 426, p. 012123. doi: 10.1088/17551315/426/1/012123. Womack, J. P., Jones, D. T., and Roos, D. (1990) The Machine that changed the world. New York: Rawson Associates. Womack, J. and Jones, D. T. (1996) ‘Lean Thinking: Banish Waste And Create Wealth In Your Corporation’, Siman & Schuster, New York, USA. Womack, J. and Jones, D. T. (2005) Lean Solutions: How companies and Customers can create value and wealth together. New York, USA.: Siman & Schuster.

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 25


MY PURSUIT OF LIVING A LEAN LIFE “...Dr. Watson commented that we should think as individuals if the actions and activities we are performing everyday make our lives “Lean” by delivering Quality and some kind of value to the world...”

Yassine Loqmane Local Group Auvergne

In February 2020, I attended a master class in

As the rest of the master class was unfolding,

Helsinki by Dr. Gregory H. Watson, honorary

I started viewing everything Dr. Watson was

member of ESTIEM and provider of the ESTIEM Lean

explaining from another perspective by trying to

Six Sigma Green Belt course. This master class was

understand how I can apply these same concepts

organized as part of the Continual Improvement

to my own life.

Specialist Development Program (CISDP), a 5-week program aiming to equip its participants with

One of the models developed by Dr. Watson

concepts and advanced problem-solving tools to

is the decomposition of a company into three

better tackle improvement projects.

levels: the Gemba 1, Gemba 2 and Gemba 3. The Gemba 1 being composed of the front-line

This master class undoubtedly opened my mind to

workers performing the tasks directly aimed at

the role and importance of Quality in the strategy

the customer. The Gemba 2 comprises all the

of companies, but what most resonated with me

professions assuring the supervision and the

were the comments Dr. Watson made by giving

integration of resources in the Gemba 1. Lastly,

a new perspective on how those same concepts

the Gemba 3 is where the senior executives

can be applied in our own personal lives. At some

are responsible for defining the strategy of the

point, Dr. Watson commented that we should

organization and serving the stakeholders.

think as individuals if the actions and activities we are performing everyday make our lives “Lean” by

As Dr. Watson was explaining the model, I started

delivering Quality and some kind of value to the

to think how this model can be applied to Yassine

world. In a broad sense, Lean Management can

Loqmane Inc. Those three levels would then be

be explained as optimizing the use of resources

explained – if everything was working perfectly

in a way that delivers value to the customer and

– as follows. The Gemba 3 would be the time I

thus profits to a company. Minimizing waste is

spend making decisions, thinking about where I

then an essential part of Lean Management. The

am heading in the future and how I can learn from

more I thought about it, the more it made sense

the past, the Gemba 2 would be the time I spend

that the same thinking can be applied to me, as a

planning my weeks and days and providing the

person. Although the customers I am serving are

resources I will need and the Gemba 1 is all the

not buying any products or services from me, my

time I actually spend achieving those tasks.

customers can be defined as all the people and entities I am interacting with. The organizations I am working for may be seen as customers expecting value from the work I deliver, my family and friends are customers expecting value from the relationships we share and my own self is a customer expecting, hopefully, a life of quality. It is as foolish for a person to waste precious time and money on what does not bring some kind value to his life as it is for companies to waste resources

Figure 1

on tasks that do not lead to profits. The difference is that whereas companies fall and are created

In this same model, Dr. Watson explains that

everyday,each life is unique and its time is more

each different Gemba has a different objective, a

precious than any other resource you can think of.

different focus of improvement and is affected by a different type of waste (Figure 2).

26 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

SCENE I directly saw how these explanations are again

“A project provides a forum for converting an

applicable to myself. This made me feel a little

atmosphere of defensiveness or blame into one

bit uncomfortable as I could now clearly see that

of constructive action.” Joseph M. Juran

there was a lot of waste at all of the three levels. My Gemba 3 was often not aware of the importance of the decisions it was making, my Gemba 2 was

Well-being is hard to define but I was able to break

obviously not harmonizing things enough and my

it down into different factors (see the mind map

Gemba 1 needed some discipline.

in Figure 3). Not all of them needed change at that time but three specific factors were calling for improvements: Deep Work, Fitness and Sleep.

Figure 2 One common aspect between all customers is that they all expect quality from the products and services they are offered. Dr. Watson defines Quality – in his transcendental definition – as “the relentless pursuit of goodness coupled tightly with the persistent avoidance of badness”. One thing implied by this definition is that Quality is not something that is obtained randomly or only by wishing for it to happen. An organized and disciplined approach is needed in order to obtain consistent Quality. At

Figure 3

that time, I had just finished my Green Belt project and I was still in the mood of measuring processes

I was spending a lot of time working but I did not

and thinking about improvements that could be

feel that I had enough hours of Deep Work as

implemented. The idea of starting a Green Belt-

defined by Cal Newport in his book – of the same

like project in my own life started growing in my

name – where he explains it as a “professional


activity performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that pushes your cognitive capabilities

I often envisioned myself in the future as a

to their limit”. The second factor that needed

successful consultant advising companies on

improvement was fitness. I was practicing Brazilian

Business Excellence. That is a sound goal, but

Jiu-Jitsu (no, it is not capoeira) many times a week

how can I dream about advising companies on

but I was struggling to make progress as I needed

improving their operations if I am not even able

to improve my strength, flexibility and endurance.

to do it for my own habits? Isn’t the improvement

I needed to figure out a way to improve those

of my life more important to me than the

three elements simultaneously and impress my

improvement of some random company? The

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu opponents. Most importantly,

decision was made. I would start a three-month

the element that I needed to drastically improve

project in my own life and pursue a disciplined

was my sleep. The number of hours I had each

approach to improve my well-being.

night was variating in an uncontrolled way and I did not feel that I consistently had quality sleep.

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 27


In this article, I will only explain how I was able to

I had (this measure being approximated) and the

improve my sleep. What I can say about the other

reason I did not have enough hours of sleep (if

factors is that by the end of this project, I was able

that was the case). This was not easy to do every

to have enough hours of Deep Work when I needed

day but the Gemba 1 had to do its work.

to and that the fitness level I reached allowed me to again start making progress in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

During this three-month period, I decided that I

(although I am not sure if my opponents were

would follow a typical improvement approach,

really impressed to be honest).

used to put processes under a controlled state. In the first month, I recorded data without making

The reason my hours of sleep were variating so

changes to what I was already doing to visualize

much was unclear to me at that time. If asked, I

how much my sleep was variating and the different

would probably give an excuse and say that it is

reasons causing it. In the second month, I tried to

only temporary. That it is due to an exceptional

stabilize my sleep by implementing improvements

event (like an exam or a busy week) and that my

as solutions to the problems I recorded in the first

sleep will somehow be back to normal after that,

month. The third month was spent implementing

but it did not. I had no way to visualize how much

small improvements to keep the trend going in

my hours of sleep were variating, the reasons

the positive way and my sleep in an even more

causing these variations and thus how to improve

stabilized state.

it. I had a vague idea about what was causing this bad quality of sleep but no way to prove it - Dr.

For privacy reasons, I decided not to show the data

Watson would say that my knowledge about my

I recorded about my sleep during this experiment

sleep was profane.

(yes, we care about confidentiality at Yassine Loqmane Inc.) but Figure 5 shows how a measure

In his work, Dr. Watson explains that there are two

is supposed to evolve in a well-conducted

different kinds of understating that the executives

improvement project (if the variable of this

generally rely on to make decisions: Profound

measure is to be increased). Although the graph I

Knowledge or Profane Knowledge. Profound

got does not show in an obvious way the different

Knowledge being - as Dr. Watson explains it -

steps (as in Figure 5), it follows the same trend

the statistical understanding of real-world process

(with some outliers). By the end of this project, I

behavior so that the future states of a system may

am happy to say that I was able to stabilize the

be predictable with some probability. It focuses on

hours of sleep I had every night and significantly

variation and involves decisions that are based on

improve the quality of my sleep, hurray!

objective reflection. Profane Knowledge is,on the other hand, the surface and naïve understanding

Among the improvements I implemented were

based on the common sense that generally implies

simple habits like not drinking coffee after noon

reactive decisions. To make my understanding

or avoiding using screens at least one hour before

about the process of my sleep based on Profound

going to bed. What made the most difference

Knowledge – and thus be able to efficiently

though, was a checklist of actions I religiously

improve it – I decided that I would, for a three-

followed as a routine one hour before going to

month period, record every morning data about

bed, to get in a relaxed state favorable to sleep.

my sleep (Figure 4). The time I went to bed, the time I got out of bed, the number of hours of sleep

Figure 4

28 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing


Figure 5 I made the effort to follow this checklist at the

As Jean-Jacques Rousseau stated in The Social

same hour every day as an operator would follow

Contract, “the mere impulse of appetite is slavery,

instructions of a Standard Operating Procedure

while obedience to a law which we prescribe to

(SOP) of a process in Gemba 1. I have also

ourselves is liberty”. At the end of the master class,

implemented simple mistake-proofing systems

Dr. Watson commented that when consulting

that prevented everything that could disturb

organizations, the first question he would ask

this routine (an example being smartphone

the executives is knowing if their company is

applications that stopped notifications and phone

“fossilized”. The executives would generally be

calls after a certain hour or prevented access to

puzzled by this question trying to understand

the internet). The improvement of my sleep paid

what he meant. What he meant by “fossilized” is

dividend as it had a very positive impact in other

to know whether the company has flexibility that

areas of my life. I was in better shape during the

would allow it to withstand change and progress

day, I was able to better focus on my work and

or if its situation is fixed in time as a fossil would

simply be more engaged in what I was doing.

be. Dr. Watson then advised us to think about our own situations and make sure never to become

Today, I no longer record my data manually as I


used to. I bought a smartwatch that automatically records the hours of sleep I had each night, my

I personally think that in order to keep growing

physical activity and even my heart rate (I had

and progressing, one should continuously try to

to make the move to Industry 4.0). Although

control and improve key elements of one’s life so

my sleep was considerably improved by the

he can ultimately experience a life of Quality and

end of this experiment, the major outcome of

offer as much value to the world as he possibly

this experience is a philosophy I have started to


acquire of continually and methodically trying to improve important elements of my life. “Control, control, you must learn control.” When I talk to people about this experiment,


some tell me that they cannot imagine themselves doing such a thing, that they prefer to live spontaneously and be free of all the burdens of accountability. Although I agree that one should live to some extent with spontaneity, I do believe that a philosophy of discipline, accountability and continual improvement is what eventually sets us free. Such philosophy allows us to mindfully choose our own habits rather than becoming the results of habits randomly dictated by our environments.

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 29


THE “ME” IN A TEAM When pronouns are mentioned, gender pronouns and the ever burning issue of equality are usually the first thought. Well, that will not be the topic this time. The sole purpose of this article is to show two sides of the story of the ‘us’ in teamwork.

Milena Zoraja Local Group Belgrade

Numerous articles on leadership encourage

‘me’ side of the story should also be examined. If

aspiring leaders to change the ‘I’ into ‘we’, for it

you are somebody who has absolutely no problem

unites them with their teammates and suggests

with turning ‘I’ into ‘we’, great! Good things await

greater responsibility, not only for one self, but

ahead. If you are, however, having trouble with

for the group as well. The root of this simple

this change or you want to understand the delicate

mechanism lies in the basic human need to

process of it, you might have asked yourself: where

be a part of a group, team, society. The job of a

is the line between the two?

leader is to make the teammates feel good about themselves so they are able to do their job in the

On one hand, a person wants to work on their

best way they can. If they do their part right, the

skills, has hopes and goals which do not include

teammates will feel like they can count on them,

the people in their team. On the other hand,

as well as the team for support, therefore the

it would be easier for them to have a mentor,

pressure of making a mistake will be lessened.

a colleague to talk

Knowing one’s teammates can be relied on, allows

through the same thing as them. People having

for more experimenting, which in turn could

this kind of trouble are usually the ones who were

potentially generate success. Studies on the use

doing all the work in a team project because the

of pronouns by individuals in various contexts [1]

people in their team did not care to join the effort

suggest that team members who use ‘we’ more

or they just knew somebody will do it instead of

often than ‘I’ have a higher position in a team and

them. They are used to relying on themselves

are more likely to get promoted to leading roles.

and have no problem working alone. Although it

On the other hand, being more self-oriented

is their responsibility to learn to adapt to a team

will most likely result in a lifetime of low-level

culture, because they ought not to repeat the

positions. The truth of the saying ‘if you want to

same patterns that might have worked in high

go far, go together’ seems evident.

school, the team leader should also recognize

to or just someone going

these people and help them take that leap into As there are two sides to almost everything, the

30 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

the world of teamwork.


As a leader, one should know that expressions

The vocabulary we use defines the way we think,

like ‘we messed up’ or ‘we failed to’ should not be

create attitudes, and bond with other people.

applied to situations where only a single person

Mastering the power of words and understanding

from the team is responsible for the mistake.

how they shape our personality and ultimately our

Collectively addressing the team’s efforts in this

life is one of our few great missions as humans. We

way, makes the people who did a good job feel

teach our brain from a very young age to connect

unappreciated, as their good work is now being

words to their meaning so why stop now when we

labeled as inadequate, when in fact they were not

have already learned so much?

the ones who made the mistake in the first place. Although this might seem like a good way to unite

On a final note, leadership was never a black-and-

people ‘through thick and thin’, it could possibly

white kind of skill. It requires seeing both the world

push some of them further from the team spirit

from our own perspective as well as someone else’s

and back into their own ‘I knew I’d be better on

and joining those two into a beautiful painting of

my own’ mindset. It is crucial to praise individuals

human emotions and accomplishments.

when they do good and encourage developing a sense of responsibility in them so that when mistakes do happen, the team member feels the need to apologize to the team on their own, with no pressure or backlash. Both the leader and the team members are responsible for creating and maintaining a

Sources: [1] Pronoun Use Reflects Standings in Social Hierarchies, Kacewicz, Pennebaker, Davis, Jeon, Graesser – Journal of language and social psychology (2013)

supportive team culture. They are to work together and that means having to spend a lot of time with each other, aspiring to be supportive, honest and forgiving goes a long way in fulfilling both the individual and group goals.

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 31



Alina Sidbrant Local Group St. Petersburg

2020 took me by a total surprise. In January I was





sitting with my calendar, planning all the trips

According to the Central Statistics Office, there

and marketing activities for the year, and then in

was a decrease of 35.9% in the value of retail sales

March, everything in Ireland locked down for an

in April 2020 when compared with March 2020

indefinite period because of the pandemic.

and there was an annual decrease of 44.8%. How did our research participants compare though?

For me, the transition of working from the office to working from home was quite easy. I have a


computer-based job in a digital agency, where

Sadly, Primark has gone from hero to zero. From

everything is cloud-based, but this unique state of

a BBC interview with George Weston, the CEO

things caused by Covid-19 made me think about

of Associated British Foods (Primark holding

my favourite brands – how did they cope with the

company), we learned that the business “has been

transition, did they also have to adjust their sales

squarely in the path of this pandemic... From

process overnight?

making sales of £650m each month, since the last of our stores closed on 22 March, we have sold

The industry I decided to look at was fashion

nothing.” Furthermore, he admitted that without

retail. I chose Primark (known as Penneys in

furlough support from European states, many

Ireland), H&M, and Asos. Firstly, because these

of Primark’s 68,000 staff would have been made

are the brands I like and am very familiar with as

redundant. The company has also written down

a customer. Secondly, I wanted to showcase the

the value of its clothing stock by £284m.

different approaches to sales these brands have; Primark not having an online store, H&M having


both – web e-commerce shop and distribution

H&M’s net sales for the three months to May

stores, and Asos – being a purely online retailer, as

31st fell on average 50 percent compared with a

well as one of the biggest online retailers in Ireland

year earlier, to 28.7 billion crowns (€2.7 billion). In

and Europe.

Germany, sales are down 46% so far in the second quarter, while in its second-biggest market, the

Business during the “new normal” - survival of

US, sales are down 71%, the group has reported.

the fittest?

However, H&M’s online sales jumped 36 percent.

I decided to look at the numbers, starting with

32 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing


This is not only about being online and having an

At the same time as H&M was losing revenue

eCommerce portal. It is also about the difference

but growing online sales, Asos sales rose 10% in

in digital readiness between the three companies.

the lockdown period. The British group, which

The numbers above suggest that Asos, who has

is focused on the 20-something demographic,

growing sales, was the most digitally prepared,

said on July 15th its sales were £1.01 billion, up

and Primark, with no online presence other

from £919.8 million in the same period last year.

than a brochure site – the least. Is that really the

While UK sales fell 1 percent, international sales

case, and if yes – why? To answer this question, I

were up to 17 percent. Asos said it saw a steady

decided to look at how these companies prioritised

improvement throughout the period, reflecting

digitalisation over the last 5 years.

increasing warehouse capacity and an underlying improvement in demand. Its active customer base

Living in the Information Age has its perks, one

increased 16 percent to 23 million and the number

of them being having easy access to companies’

of items sold rose 15 percent. Most impressive, I

annual reports. This is where I went looking

think you will agree.

for strategic priorities of Primark, H&M and Asos, hoping to understand how much of their

Digitalisation as strategic priority

resources did these companies allocate to their

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic is an extreme

digital infrastructure.

scenario that no one was expecting to happen. However, being dropped in it, the importance of

See the results per brand in the tables below.

a digital presence was outlined like never before.

All digital initiatives are highlighted in pink. As

The difference between companies’ performance

you go through the tables, look at the position

was simple. If you are online and selling – you are

of the strategic priority and you will notice some

making money; if you are not – you lose everything.

interesting shifts.

Primark As we see, digitalization was not a priority for Primark over the period reviewed. The low-cost retail brand focuses mostly on growth, product quality, and value for money. In 2015, 2017 and 2018 the brand focused on social media online experience, mainly through Twitter and Instagram social marketing and influencers’ partnerships. In 2016 the only reference to their digital plan I could find was regarding the “store experience” initiative when Primark aimed to establish WIFI in its stores. Throughout this period, these initiatives have never been the firm’s top priority, relegated to 3rd or 4th positions. Primark’s 2019 report was very interesting because “digital” was not within their strategic priorities at all. In the whole report for Associated British foods “digitalization” is mentioned once in the agri-food business section. In Primark’s specific section, the word “digital” was brought up only twice, both in relation to placing the customer in the center in their digital social media campaigns. Link to annual reports: ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 33


H&M H&M started to look into digital in 2016. That year the “Expansion and future development” priority included digitalization among other initiatives. From 2017 digitalization was prioritised by the company more and more, and within the last 3 years raised to become H&M’s top priority. While sustainability and product quality remain in focus, digitalization is tightly connected to the firm’s ambition to create and deliver the best customer offering online and offline. Link to reports:

Asos With Asos, we observe a completely different table. From a distance, we see that it has way more pink than the previous two, which clearly indicates many more digital initiatives that constitute a strategic priority. Not too surprising for an online-only brand. There are still a couple of interesting findings. Firstly, what surprised me the most was how early Asos started talking about engaging content (2015), mobile-first (2016), and bespoke technology and infrastructure (2017). Secondly, look at 2019! Purely Digital measures are only mentioned within the third strategic priority, while all the other positions are taken by purely business performance KPIs. I think this is because by 2019 Asos has managed to truly indoctrinate digital into its DNA and set up a solid digital platform, which enables them to focus now on performance, scalability and growth. Link to reports PRIMARK Report

H&M Report

34 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

Asos Report

SCENE Is digital the new panacea?

is something that all retail brands should at least

If you are an online-only business, digital is not a

strongly consider. Having an eCommerce site may

choice for you, it is the core. However, if you are

not only become a big revenue source, but it can

operating both online and offline, your priorities

serve as a risk-mitigating factor in situations like

may be different, as we learn from H&M and

the 2020 pandemic.

Primark. That is justified, because your products and services are your bread and butter, and the

There are no quick wins

reason your company exists. However, having a

Another learning we can take with us is that there

website means having a window into your business

are no quick wins in the digital transformation

at any time, from any location. It is like your 24/7

journey. Looking at the timelines and priorities, we

shop, that will educate, convince, inspire, and if

can follow a clear path over the course of 5 years

you add eCommerce and transactions - even sell.

that companies took from social media marketing, through increasing online presence, creating

In the case of retail, having an eCommerce shop

eCommerce platforms and infrastructure, and

is not only about the website and excellent digital

finally seeing the performance and enjoying the

technology. It also means having to develop a

benefits of the digital platform. Combining all

supply chain management, organise and manage

3 timelines, we see the digital journey took - for

the stock and arrange delivery and distribution

Asos (or will take for H&M and Primark) as long

lines. That’s a lot of work. Is it worth it? Will it pay

as it did.

off?That’s not an easy question to answer and

you start planning your digital roadmap, the

would require a case by case analysis to define

better. However, it is also a good idea to take

what is best in each scenario.

stock on what you have, and use your existing

Time is of the essence, the sooner

infrastructure as a starting point to inform your What we do learn from these three examples

next steps. Whatever you do, do something and

(and other businesses to be fair), looking at their

take advantage of the lessons being forced on us

performance during COVID-19, is that having a good

by the current COVID-19 situation. It’s the only way

website and a strong digital presence nowadays is

we can prepare for the future.

a must, while having a digital commerce platform

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 35



Teresa Melo Local Group Porto

Have you imagined buying a jacket that has

As industrial engineers, we need to be aware of

never existed before? It is only on your phone or

the world’s changes and industrial evolutions. The

computer and it will be produced only when you

automotive industry started transitioning to digital

buy it. Well, if you haven’t, welcome to this game-

workflows 20 years ago, and the fashion industry

changer new reality! This is the future we are

has fallen behind. Moreover, as IEMers we are the

building at “Platforme”!

ones helping industries to become more digital, smarter, agile, and sustainable.

“Platforme” is a Portuguese fashion technology company established in 2015. Its technology brings

How can the fashion industry evolve with a

a new way for people to perceive, customize, and

digital mindset?

buy across several channels. Keep reading to

Sampling: the first step for a brand to create its

discover how.

merchandising collection. Before any piece of clothing or shoes is produced on a large scale and ready to be sold, it goes through a workflow, starting with the creation of the samples. Thus, until the final samples are ideal, some weeks of back and forth shipping and imperfect physical samples have been wasted. A new way of doing this tells us that instead of producing physical samples, it is possible to do everything digitally. One can perform millions of iterations and create as many samples as needed without spending logistical costs and time. This is

Make-to-order supply chain

36 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

called 3D Digital Product Creation (DPC).

SCENE It starts with capturing the visual identity of the materials by digitally creating its texture (material scan). Then, connect the pieces by getting the 2D files from designers, explore how it would fit by modeling it in 3D, and finally render it. This way we get the virtual sampling of the final product. Simple, right? Plus, it seems so real. It is finally possible to reach the perfect samples and reach a 30 to 60% decrease in workload and oversampling. This process may also decrease lead times, time-to-market, and allows quick

Production would also have to follow the pace, by


starting to produce only after the order is made - make-to-order. However, here is where the big

Sales and Production

challenge appears, how to adapt the production

Did you know that only around 60% of a brand’s

in factories according to this business model? This

collection is sold at full-price? Another 30%

question is yet to be answered! The full integration

sold on discount, then outlets and about 10% is

and alignment across the supply chain is the next

waste? This is happening due to overproduction.

big step. “Platforme”’s technology envisions this

Nowadays, most business models in the fashion

connection of the selling points, being online or

industry are oriented to first make stock and sell

physically with the production in the factories.

only after. There is a huge call for action, a world-wide change This pandemic has proven that online sales are

in this industry, said to be the second most

possible and viable. Therefore, the game-changer

polluting in the world. We, as (future) industrial

part here by applying this 3D technology is, what

engineers are the ones thinking of how traditional

you see in those websites would no longer be the

industries can take the leap forward and move

photography of a physical product but instead

at the speed of innovation and digitalization.

its digital version. Or in stores, a customer would have access to a digital showroom, that would

Additional links:

allow them to play with digital products, change colors, or even customize it. All this before the product is produced.

Customize your shoes! As innovations in 3D fashion design continue to evolve, virtual try-on, immersive experiences in AR, VR, and mixed reality will cause significant disruption in design, production, and selling over the next five years.

Animation of a digital product

Creation a 3D product - The 3D Fashion Workflow PVH, the Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein group is a pioneer in digital transformation. ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 37


ALUMNI INTERVIEW ...Teemu Metsola and Alina Sidbrant about their personal ESTIEM stories. keep a clean and organized inbox, up to the bigger Your name:

topics such as the importance of networking,

Teemu Metsola

intercultural awareness, leadership experience and project management. ESTIEM also played a

Magazine Team

Your Local Group:

big role in me securing my first job opportunities


at the very beginning of my career. It also opened my eyes to the many career paths and possibilities

Year of graduation:

out there in the world.

2018 On a more deeper, personal level, ESTIEM helped Your current job:

me clarify what my personal values are and what I

Team Lead & Consultant

aspire to do in the future, strengthen some of my personal weaknesses, and ultimately played a big

Maria Serodio Local Group Porto

Your current living place:

part in shaping me to be the person I am today.

Helsinki capital area Tell us your most memorable ESTIEM story. Tell us about your career until now:

There are so many good ones to choose from, such as learning in my first Council Meeting that

I started my professional career at a large Finnish

those water bottles at the Serbian international

manufacturing company called Wärtsilä, working

night table are not actually filled with water, or

for a bit under half a year in digital marketing

going to a bus stop to catch Wi-Fi from a FlixBus to

operations. I then joined my current employer Biit

download the event’s survival guide so you know

as a junior consultant, where I started out working

where your accommodation is.

in various IT implementation and digitalization projects roughly four years ago. I actually

If I had to pick just one, it would have to be my

only graduated two years ago, as finishing my

first ESTIEM event, Europe3D Portugal, hosted

master’s thesis took a bit longer than anticipated.

by Local Groups Porto and Coimbra. The event

Nowadays I split my work time 50/50 between

was an eye-opener, full of great memories, new

being a consultant/project manager and leading a

friendships, and one long walk across Porto to get

team of consultants.

to our port wine tasting activity – we had somehow messed up the balance on our metrocards the

What are your plans for the future?

night before. Thanks to the many active ESTIEMers present at the event, I was also strongly urged to

I do not have any fixed plans for the future. There

join the upcoming Council Meeting in Warsaw.

are so many interesting opportunities out there,

I knew nothing about central ESTIEM at the time

and with the world changing at an ever-increasing

and I did not manage to join that Council Meeting,

speed, any plans for the future would surely

but curiosity ultimately led me to get active in my

change over time. I am keeping an open mind and

local group and join the one after that, in Belgrade.

am excited to see what the future brings along.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Which impact did ESTIEM have on your career? ESTIEM taught me many practical skills, from the small things such as time management or how to

38 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

CAREER What are, in your opinion, the biggest changes

project – bringing some of the most sought-after

that ESTIEM has faced in the past 30 years?

education within the IEM domain accessible to a wide audience affordably and in the highest quality

I would say the advancement of technology,

– and the IEM Curricula project – gathering study

especially the internet, has had an immense impact

and course data from all over Europe into one

on ESTIEM over the years. ESTIEM in the past had

platform to answer the age old question of what

played a leading role in connecting IEM students in

IEM is, and which direction it could and should

Europe before the internet and its data were easily

be moving to. As an alumnus it is truly an honour

accessible to everyone. Initiatives such as the

to see the newest generations of ESTIEMers

ESTIEM Magazine and ESTIEM Student Guide were

continuing to spearhead innovation in Europe

significant projects at the time of their conceptions,

through such activities.

bringing IEM students in Europe together for the first time to network, collaborate and exchange

What is your advice to current ESTIEMers?

ideas. With the advancements in technology and connectivity, the bar has been raised for ESTIEM.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!

The needs and expectations from key stakeholders

ESTIEM is a great place to get the most out of your

such as prospective new ESTIEMers are higher

time as a student. I learned many skills during my

and different from the past. There is also more

ESTIEM years that help me succeed in my work life,

competition from the outside, as ESTIEM is not the

which many of my peers do not necessarily have.

only entity that caters to the interests and needs of

I have also made lifelong friends, gathered loads

European IEM students.

of unmatched experiences, and gained some of the fondest memories of my life so far. My biggest

The possibilities, however, are also even greater

regret is not getting active in ESTIEM earlier in my

than before.

studies, so be sure to get involved! Most importantly, no matter what you end up

ESTIEM has continued being a driver for innovation

doing, have fun and enjoy your study time to the

and an incubator for new initiatives. Some great


examples recently include the Lean Six Sigma

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 39


My own Training Committee Coordination meeting in Gdansk. The event combined 2 in

Your name:

1 - regular coordination meeting and Trainers

Alina Sidbrant

practice camp, so we enjoyed training from salsa dancing to bee keeping and time

Your Local Group: Saint-Petersburg

management. •

Council Meeting Istanbul - a 5 star event with 1M euro budget and a fantastic GA hall. Also, interrupting the presentation of TIMES leader with “My little pony” song.

Another result of our collaboration with Arekibo is

an interview with our dear alumni member, Alina Sidbrant.

New Years Activity week in Saint-Petersburg, where we had a bathtub full of Russian salad.

Council meeting Vienna - another beautiful General





Group Saint-Petersburg). She was active in the

representing 12 ESTIEM partner organisations

Human Resources in the Local Group board, then



Alina is an Alumna from Local Group Heaven (Local network from 2012 to 2016. Started as the Head of




and my Vice President crying. •

Our Training Committee chats, when first in

became ESTIEM Training Committee leader in

the network we had a problem of Skype being

2014/2015, and the very first ESTIEM Ambassador

unable to host so many participants.

in 2015/2016. Through her ESTIEM years she has

also been part of Local Group Gothenburg and took an active role in reactivation of Local Group Tallinn.

Council Meeting Baltics, which we organised in Riga together with 6 Baltics Local Groups.

Stealing the Council Meeting Chairperson’s gavel for 5 times.

Even with a major in International Law, from St

What did you learn in ESTIEM that helped you

Petersburg State University of Engineering and

during your professional life?

Economics, she was always an ESTIEMer at heart who always felt interest in problem solving and

Three of the most important skills that I developed

management. Right now, she is living in Dublin,

in ESTIEM are: leadership, communication and

Ireland, and working within the digital innovation

solution-orientation. Leading the community of


300 trainers and training enthusiasts, I learned that it is all about the people. This means that

We have asked Alina about her journey in

together with leading by example doing the actual

ESTIEM, motivation to do the White Paper, future

work, a good leader is inspiring and motivating for

collaborations and many other things.

the team. She cares about each member of the team, and tries to create a safe and supportive

If this got you curious, check out the interview on

environment, where all their initiatives are

the link down below!

supported and mistakes are allowed.

Looking back at your journey as an ESTIEMer,

Another important skill that I apply at my job

what is the best memory you have from your

every day is communication. When I coordinated

time in the network?

the relationships with 80+ partner organisations, I noticed that some of these were working out really

That is a difficult question, because I have so many

well, while others showed no progress at all. The

great memories from my time in ESTIEM, so I

difference between those was in open, transparent

decided to cover a good few briefly. Just some of

and timely communication. Open means covering

the things that came to my mind are:

any type of issue without abandoning the sensitive topics. Transparent is honest. Timely means

My first ESTIEM event - and the first ever

frequent communication, that respects deadlines

Training Committee meeting in Warsaw,

and on demand follow up.

where I had no idea what was going on but suddenly was discussing the committee

The third quality that I gained working in ESTIEM

budget among the other things.

is solution-orientation. As ESTIEM is a playground,

40 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

CAREER ESTIEMers are encouraged to always try to find

Arekibo is a quite big agency. How would you

creative solutions to the problems, so at some

describe a regular day at the office?

point I stopped seeing problems as negative, but more as fun challenges that I need to overcome.

I work at Arekibo as a Marketing Innovation Analyst.

For example, when on the first day of the Council

A regular day at Arekibo for me is a combination

Meeting Riga the hostel that was supposed to fit

of individual and team based work. On average

200 Council Meeting participants had burned

I have 3 to 4 meetings a day. During these calls I

down, with no other accommodation facilities

can be interviewing our clients for the blog article,

available in town, we found an empty building and

catching up on the joint marketing initiatives with

bought 200 IKEA beds to host the delegates. We

one of our technology partners, discussing our

divided our team, one was building the beds on

marketing strategy and activities together with my

the spot as the participants were arriving, while the

colleague Jennifer, or solving some strategic issues

other team was distracting them at the local bar.

with the CEO and the team. The rest of the time is

It worked out well, so since then I try to bring this

used to follow-up on these calls, work on the action

attitude to every challenge I face at work.

points to move the things forward, or designing some of the creative assets for our blog or social

What was the motivation to approach ESTIEM to


do the white paper? Brand awareness and lead generation campaigns I now work at Arekibo - an Irish digital platform

are another big part of our marketing work. We try

agency, where we design and build digital

to hold about 4 campaigns per quarter, so planning,

platforms to underpin global businesses. We work

facilitating and evaluating these campaigns take

with Ireland’s largest companies, such as airports,

up a lot of my time. Occasionally, I get to do some

banks, consultancy and law firms, hospitals,

client work too. Recently I have been working on

universities and governmental institutions, helping

auditing the digital strategy for a large corporate.

them to create their digital presence. Digital is our passion, and it is constantly changing, so we are

Can we expect to see more projects like this

always trying to keep us and our clients up to date

between ESTIEM & Arekibo? Do you see this type

with the latest digital innovations, research work,

of collaboration as a big part of the future of

such as survey and white papers are all parts of

Education in ESTIEM?

that ambition. Definitely, yes. I believe such collaborations Web


between the student organisations and the

personalisation of the web - all are the trending





corporates are beneficial for both. It is a win-win,

topics on the Global Digital agenda at the moment.

because the students get to work with the industry

These issues have also become the focus on the

and through the process can learn some about the

European Digital arena. Furthermore, in Ireland

professional business world, while companies can

the digital experience managers were encouraged

get fresh and unbiased opinions and ideas from

to pay special attention to cookie management,

students. Our whole team at Arekibo are delighted

as Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) has

with the joint white paper we published in

published the compliance regulation, coming into

September together with ESTIEM. We look forward

force 05.10.2020. In order to help our clients plan

to new exciting projects in the future!

their digital strategy, we decided to do our own research around these topics and we needed a trusted partner to help us with data collection.

Thank you Alina for these wise words! We hope

Because of my ESTIEM background, the idea of

ESTIEMers will find them useful and get inspired as

partnering with the organisation came into my

much as we did in this collaboration.

head naturally, so in August this year we joined forces and sampled 180 millennials to find out their views and opinions on security, privacy, tracking, personalisation and trust on the web.

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 41



Dominik Rampp Local Group Dresden

A couple of weeks ago, I got asked exactly this

mechanical engineering, marketing to more

question by a customer after we had more or

recent developments as data science. Topics I

less randomly talked about my educational

could identify with. However, while attending


marketing classes and getting a brief overview of sales management, I got more interested in the

I have never questioned why an Industrial

topic and was wondering why there were almost

Engineer would NOT work in Sales. How did I come

no classes on sales management. Why?

to that assumption though? Why can I definitely recommend starting to work in Sales after you

So, after having graduated from university, I

have graduated from university?

knew I wanted to work in a field where I cannot only use what I have learned but also develop my

Talking about my journey to sales, I have to

knowledge further. Having that and my strong

extend that question to my studies. The reason

interest in sales in mind, I got an offer from my

why I decided to enroll in Industrial Engineering

current employer to live “no day like any other

and Management (IEM) studies was that IEM in

day”: being literally on the road, visiting customers

general offers a very broad range of knowledge

on job sites, finding technical solutions, increasing

uniting two different fields of studies (engineering

their productivity and safety - all those tasks were

and management). It is a field where two different

soon part of my daily life.

models (technical vs. economical) clash and, at the same time, the educational journey can go

Although, for someone having graduated from

into many different directions - from “traditional”

IEM, the construction industry might not come into

IEM topics as supply chain management over

mind in the first place. However, what fascinated me the most was how constructions are hardly similar. Each one has a different building concept, it is harder to standardize processes like in a production plant, work plans change fast, as well as owner’s plans - a place where fast reaction, improvisation,




creativity are needed. How does an average day of my work as an account manager in the construction industry look like? In general, it is about taking care of my customers and their needs. This does not only mean that customers call you and ask for specific products: it is rather about visiting them on construction sites, presenting solutions for their specific needs, and making them realize how their efficiency and productivity can be improved - not only using various tools but also using software. Although you can get in touch with your customers via phone or online communication tools, sales is about people. It is about making your customers

42 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

CAREER feel good when you offer them solutions or help them work on their projects. Even if you meet with a customer “just for a coffee� and talk about everyday life, once you listen actively and carefully, there are so many business-related topics that tend to come up in a conversation, much more than you would expect. I often wondered how my time and the experiences gained in ESTIEM still influence my everyday life. Probably, the most important value I learned is to be an open and curious person who is interested in meeting all kinds of different people. Also, I still realize every day that although I take care of an area in Southern Germany, the construction industry in Germany is quite international, a lot of customers and especially workers come from many different countries. A field where I realize how much my ESTIEM travels helped me develop intercultural awareness, knowing the traditions of the countries I visited. Sometimes, workers ask me whether I have roots in the countries they come from because in their eyes, I know way too much for a German - well, that is when I start talking about ESTIEM and my time in this wonderful organization again.

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 43



...30th Board members interview their successors.

President: Ines Moreira interviews Luis Viudez

Vice President of Education: Duarte Oliveira interviews Maria Serodio

1) If you could only choose one moment from your ESTIEM journey to remember forever, what

1) What is the number one problem universities

would it be?

have that you think ESTIEM can have an influence on?

I would have to divide it in two different moments. The first was my election as a President of the 31st

I have the perception that universities are not

Board. Little did I know how unusual the times

very good at getting a broad view of IEM in

and what the challenges for the board and all of

Europe and benchmarking with other universities.

the network would be. However, undoubtedly

Usually they know their own reality well and at

it is something I will not forget as it was the

maximum the one of their country or partner

culmination of years of work and devotion to the

universities, but are not able to have a concrete

network. The second one was during my year as a

view on specific differences at a European level.

Regional Coordinator, and moreover, the Leaders’

ESTIEM can certainly help here, as a connector of

workshop in Yildiz was another peak moment of

IEM Europe, since we have been in contact with

my journey.

so many universities in the different countries of our network and beyond for the past 30 years and

2) What should ESTIEM never forget?

started research in IEM related topics.

Above all, the ESTIEM Spirit. It may sound like an

2) Looking back to your ESTIEM journey, what

“obvious” answer but as time goes by, it has been

led you to the position of Vice President of

that everlasting flame of our identity which is


important to always remember. I think since the beginning I have always drifted 3) How do you want your Board to be

towards the educational side. In fact, my first


organized and attended events were Academic Days, and I have always seen value in keeping

I have it clear since the beginning of my mandate:

on learning. After taking part as Department

definitely as the Board that never quitted and that

Coordinator of the Academic Department, it

invested every resource they had in improving and

became clear to me that this was an area I wanted

making ESTIEM a better place.

to develop further in the network. I feel like IEM topics, even though in university they can be quite challenging, in ESTIEM they have a chance to be looked upon in a completely

44 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

INSIDE ESTIEM different perspective that can get through to the

3. Start with pouring the same amount of any

students. Besides, two things I really like in this

blue Absinthe and some good North-West

position is that it gives me a chance to be creative

beer. Doing that would get us the exact

and to meet many professors and professionals

ESTIEM green colour;

from which we can learn from and with whom we

4. “Accidentally” drop few bottles of Minttu and

can work.

few glasses of Porto wine while no one is watching;

3) If you had to pick up a different Board item for

5. Add few drops of soplica to get sweet taste

the position of Vice President of Education, what

and mix it

would it be?

Voila. You can start drinking with other ESTIEMers!

That is a tough one. I hope if it comes to the point

3) What has been the biggest change in your life

of changing it, I will have more time to think about

since you started your board year?

it! For now, I would say it could be a book where each Vice President has the chance to write a small

Actually, when I think about it, there are already a

message from their mandate to their successors.

lot of changes. I think I could say the biggest one is

Alternatively, it could also be one of those fake

that I have gradually started to respect time much

books that have storage inside, so that we can

more. Even though one might say that I am still a

always keep a small bottle of our favorite drink

bit late for some meetings, I have in mind time

with us.

on a greater scale, in general. Planning every day, every week, even month has been a bit challenging for me to be honest. Willing to get the maximum out of every day while having multiple meetings and tasks to do and still trying to catch some time for family, friends and hobbies, I could say that 24 hours per day sometimes is not enough. Still though, I am definitely truly enjoying every single day!

Vice President of Public Relations: Robin Dietrich interviews Trajko Krstic 1) What is one thing that you want to make people know about ESTIEM? There is a variety of definitions of what ESTIEM is. Not for people to know, but actually to understand at least one of them would be enough for me. I think that could be even enough for everyone - to

Vice President of Activities: Olli-Eemeli Lappi

see and to feel all the joy in the atmosphere that

interviews Marc Johannsmann

ESTIEMers bring. Smiles come right after. 1) If you could make an ESTIEM event without 2) If you had to come up with the ultimate ESTIEM

any limitations, what would it look like?

cocktail, what would the ingredients be? Really interesting question. Okay, firstly, it would It is pretty simple, the steps would be the following:

be longer than a week, maybe 14 days. Having

1. Find a huge bowl (let’s say 10l);

more time to enjoy the ESTIEM spirit is always

2. Throw all fruity ingredients you can get at that

wonderful. Having guests as IEM professionals,


trainers and going to conferences every morning

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 45

INSIDE ESTIEM would be great, to learn as much as possible in these two weeks. The event location would also change frequently - the aim would be at least 7 cities, going from North to South or East to West. And for sure, leisure activities cannot be missed boat parties, skydiving, city tours, carting, camping in nature, kayaking and surfing. 2) Many consider Vice President of Activities

Vice President of Finance: Arthur Michalczyk

as the entertainer of the board, which karaoke

interviews Merve Aksoy

song could you entertain your board and ESTIEM during your mandate with?

1) Not being able to travel to ESTIEM events is for sure difficult, so what is the thing that you are

Hard to choose one now. I really like to sing German

awaiting the most?

songs as “Fliegerlied”, but on the other hand, I am also happy to take any challenge in another

I remember my last trip very well. That was the

language as for example “Meidän Laivassa”. That

first time we heard that there will be a quarantine

is always more than fun. When I would need to

for us whenever we are back. I know that we did

choose one, it would be: Country Roads!

not take it too seriously then. After 6 months of not being able to travel, I dream of meeting my co-

3) What are you looking forward to the most for

boardies and singing the ESTIEM song with a great

your board year?

passion. Also, I am looking forward to meeting the greatest friends I have in Council Meeting Porto!

There will be many special moments coming up this year, but I would definitely highlight the first

2) ESTIEM has been in a very critical financial

Board meeting again in a Local Group, where we,

situation in the last years, which has resulted in

as a Board, will meet for the first time after all

many financial cuts. Taking the lastly approved

these online events together. Waiting a lot for the

minimum development budget as a starting

first hugs and cheers we will have together and

point, what financial support would you like to

just enjoying the time. Secondly, after announcing

see the first in your next budget if possible?

again an Online Council Meeting, Council Meeting Porto will be one of the highlights this year. There

During the many years I was around as an active

we will rock Europe again and show the best

ESTIEMer, I believe that we have learned a lot from

ESTIEM spirit all together! Stay safe and hope to

each other and my generation gave it a very good

see you there!

start to our year. The biggest important thing for

See you somewhere...

46 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

INSIDE ESTIEM me will be supporting the growth and development

2) The board year is an incredibly tough

of the network.

experience, hardships will accompany you quite often and your mood may be affected by them.

3) What is the most important trait for you

What would you tell to your future self in case of

in your relationship between you as a board

a board fight, when reasoning may be scarce and

responsible and your leaders?

moodiness arises?

ESTIEM is known for being a network where you

I personally think that there cannot be a fight

can have many great friendships. Same applies to

within a group that has the same purpose. There

me, not only with my leaders but also with my co-

might be discussions, misunderstandings and

boardies and with every other ESTIEMer.

disagreements. In case of a situation like that, I would tell myself; “firstly, take time for yourself to think wide”, then, “not take the situation personally, and try to see their perspective”. Sometimes there is no common solution to a problem, but the important part is finding the best solution for the network. 3) The board year is also filled with beautiful moments which you will have to learn to

Vice President of Administration: Giuseppe

appreciate in the face of hard times. Have you

Perrone interviews Elif Nur Akyildirim

already understood what gives you a sense of fulfillment? If so, what is that? And if not, what

1) Neither the end of my mandate year was like

do you think it is?

any other, nor would be the start of yours. What is the aspect of being in such a peculiar situation

Actually, I am not sure. I have memories that

that worries you the most?

whenever I felt exhausted or lost, I did smile and had fun because of the environment that I had

Not being able to travel for the whole year. Travels

with my co-boardies and leaders. That made me

make ESTIEMers more alive, better feel the ESTIEM

stay motivated and positive. However, I believe

spirit, and tend to work harder while playing hard.

once we start travelling again, there will be a time

It would be normal not to travel for months in this

when I can share a specific moment to answer this

term, but not being able to travel for a whole year


would be the thing that worries me the most.

in Europe!

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 47



1. Be able to discover the true composition of IEM, by analysing as many internal and external curricula;

Duarte João Oliveira Local Group Porto

Since 2018, and with the new vision, ESTIEM is

2. Deliver powerful insights to Universities

committed to connect its students and members

and Industry, by the usage of Reports and

around the science of Industrial Engineering and


Management (IEM)

by embracing stakeholders

3. Provide IEM Students a Digital Platform to

around it that can help us to develop exactly that,

Generate Discussions and Impact on Local

IEM. If looked closely though, what has ESTIEM


been contributing to this vision? What has ESTIEM

4. Improve Decision-Making for the ESTIEM

been delivering to gather everyone around the

Board, by allowing the creation of tailored

same purpose? With these questions in mind and

experiences for specific LGs based on their

with the mindset of giving more power to students,


as well as solutions to companies and universities, ESTIEM came up with the Curricula Database, a tool that aims to make our IEM Curricula as transparent as possible.

5. Contribute





publishing in Conferences and Journals; 6. Be closer to the European Commission, by helping on Education Classification;

Early Beginnings and Minimal Viable Product

Example - Local Groups Porto and Eindhoven

The idea of having such a database of curriculums

Now, what are the real products coming out

already existed in 2018, when the 29th Board of

of this database? As minimal viable products,

ESTIEM collected all of the curriculums ESTIEM’s

ESTIEM decided to begin with graphics: General

Local Groups were recruiting from. However, it

Classification and Specific Classification. These

was only in January 2020, that the 30th Board gave

two show the same: European Credit Transfer

another dimension to the database: delivering

System (ECTS) Distribution of the Curricula, but

in-depth analysis of our curricula by addressing

with different levels. Let’s focus on the following

the subjects with a framework to classify them.

examples from Porto and Eindhoven:

Thus, after an intensive meeting with professors Rui Lima and Diana Mesquita, both from Local Group Minho, ESTIEM was able to have two ways of classifying our curricula, resulting in graphics and rankings that enable us to finally compare our education in Europe in a systematic way. Goals of the Database If looked closely, the Curricula Database and other tools regarding this research area in ESTIEM, are not simple: they are living ecosystems that serve multiple purposes and multiple stakeholders. Thus, after some thoughts, the team came up with

General Classification Subjects Distribution of

the following goals that define the power of such

Bachelors Degree Local Group Porto


48 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

INSIDE ESTIEM Future of the Curricula Database As for the future of the Database, there are some key aspects the team is focusing and deploying energies towards, such as: 1. ESTIEM will be able to apply Artificial Intelligence for curricula predictions in some years; 2. ESTIEM will become the number one platform of statistics and information of IEM in Europe; 3. ESTIEM will be a major player in the creation of General Classification Subjects Distribution of Bachelors Degree Local Group Eindhoven

new curricula in many Universities in Europe; 4. ESTIEM will drive profit from these analyses made in reports;

From here, ESTIEM can already take away some important conclusions that lead to even deeper

Thus, even if not intentional, ESTIEM will eventually

assumptions and topics for clarification: Porto

become the Facebook of IEM in the future: the

is the powerhouse of engineering in Portugal,

major platform with big recommendation and

with 55% of the Bachelors Degree focused in

search possibilities on the past, current and future

engineering, while Eindhoven invests much more in

states of IEM, in various forms.

core aspects of IEM, like operations management, with 31.48%. When seen in perspective, Porto is the strongest job market for manufacturing and production in Portugal, whereas companies in the region of Eindhoven focus much more on specialized services on logistics, for example.

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 49


WE’VE ASKED THE LEADERS OF ESTIEM: the Data Science Our collaboration with the first training Initiative, which led to event on the Portal. Committee - Anouar Elaidi, Analysis

It is the progress itself that makes me proud. My team and I accomplished many little things in a short time. With every step we take to support Central, we’re moving forward. At the end of the day, I can say that I’m really pro ud of how far we’ve come and ver y excited how far we’ll go until nex t year! - Sena Horoz, Human Resources Com mittee

After being el ected, we dire ctly jumped into our first ev ent, BEST Summ er IPF event (comparable to ESTIEM College ). It was amazing to notic e all the similarit ie s we have with other NGO s, and how muc h we can give to and receive fr om each other. We were also totally impresse d by their intere st towards our organization. It was such a mot iv at ion booster for us that it took us only a few w eeks to kick off our first colla boration with an other one of our partners, EE STEC, in the fie ld of Human Resources. - Selim Çırpan &

François Caffont

, Ambassadors

s Corporate Relation In September, the the first online CR Committee organized ers! It was a nice way School for all its memb e ce everyone had th to start the year sin m get to know the tea opportunity to both ar with for the whole ye they will be working l knowledge! and gain a lot of usefu e ate Relations Committe - Alisée Pierrot, Corpor

PDC is a project-b ased committee which aims to support the de velopment of IE M education in Europe by co nducting marke t research. My proudest moment happ en ed during the last SEFI conference whe n everyone congratulated us for our professi on al and mature approa ch. This couldn ’t be possible without my incr edible team, than k you to all my education Je dis! - Viktoria Heyen, Professional Deve lopment Committee

For sure it was when Paul found a solution for our spam problem: the reputation of our mail server was so bad that the emails from @ addresses were mostly delivered to the Spam folder. A better spam filter was installed, our reputation raised and people started to get the emails properly. - Liz Nenzberg & Paul Wenzlokat, Information Technology Committee

the oldies had together with we at th at ch st The fir e them still was amazing to se It . ee itt m m co e in th en though their e committee and ev debating about th work for they still want to ed ish fin ies ilit responsib , they were e end of the chat th s rd wa To y. tit the en , while I was about the old times g in gh lau d an ng talki d proudly. watching silently an Committee owledge Facilitation - Efe Umut Ateş, Kn

tial new ith a poten w ct ta n co shed ork on the We establi rting to w a st e il h w p, excited to Local Grou tegy! We’re ra st g in ch a in more new appro , bringing g in w ro g twork people see our ne with new g in ct e n n nd co diversity a pe. mittee across Euro mbers Com e M s, e u rq - Inês Ma

During these tough times it is hard to come up with content, especially when there are no physical events. Still, we managed to come up with new types of posts to keep the channels active. We made the ESTIEM social media channels more attractive and interactive for our followers. - Remco Vis, Public Relations Committee

50 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing


What has been the proudest moment of your entity since LIX Council Meeting? ittee in the summer. Being declared a comm off and we are bringing All the hard work paid y mental responsibilit social and environ ly th a bang. We definite back into ESTIEM wi at th all the projects th deserve our status wi ! are currently ongoing l cial and Environmenta - Mikko Sairanen, So e Responsibility Committe

The Internal Aw areness Task G roup came from the ESTIEM Presentation Gam e. To be able to do that , we had to go th rough a lot of discussions an d long chats. Th e proudest moment was th e feeling of bein g completely exhausted after discussing for a whole day during our Onlin e CoM. Look fo rw ard to the outcomes of ou r work! - Kris Figas, Intern al Awareness Task Group

We are about to initiate 2 Training Events, Training Advanced Trainers Online with EESTEC and our new concept, Mentoring New Trainers. The development process of both these events were great, and I feel very proud to support future development of Trainers Community and hence ESTIEMers. Like we always say, “Learn, Share and Grow Together!” - Can Demirkaya, Trainers Community

needs a Every department seemed spirit and it always me. But like a big challenge to tnessed during our chats I wi and contributions many our from suggestions enjoying members. They are onment the cozy family envir d also, and I love it! An Responsible Board my 25% of successfully joined quite our chats in time! I am proud! l - Ece Tekiner, Persona ent Development Departm

The proudest moment for my entity was to see how far we got with Izmir-DEU compared to the state before the previous Council Meeting, becaus e they were the first case for LGSS. We’re ver y proud to see positive feedback from them and hear how their journey with LGS S went. We’re so pleased to wor k with IzmirDEU, Skopje and Lausanne. Tha nks everyone who makes ESTIEM great! - Zeynep Esra Isler, Local Group Sup port System Even though m y mandate star ted recently, I can te ll you one mom ent that I remembe r: IEM Connectio n had their second online discussion . The leader and I facilitated som e parts of the disc ussion. The onlin e discussion was blooming, and people commen ted very positiv ely on our facilitatio n skills. We felt very delighted with th e outcomes of the discussion. That was one of th e moments in my mandate that I am very proud of. - Burak Diler, Acad emic Departmen t

We were discussing how to overcome the lack of physical events, since as you know, Academic Days aims to share the best knowledge of ESTIEM universities with the whole network. We realized that we could make the most of the situation and use online events to share the knowledge of multiple universities and give ESTIEMers new opportunities. - Joana Vaz, Academic Days

Scan QR code and check all of the leader’s reports for LXI Council Meeting Online, and get to know them a bit better! ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 51

INSIDE ESTIEM We, as the central family, are wor king hard to develop the knowledge gain of supply chain management within IEM stu dents through partnership with competitive activities. I felt so proud when I started receivi ng personal feedback from the team memb ers with a big smile on their faces. - Selin İnceöz, Global Student Cha


on material! e instructor preparati th of ing rd co re e th Definitely urs to record met everyday for 4 ho we e er wh ek we a s It wa videos will be used ssions further - these videos detailing the se ent. It was insights on the cont er ep de t ge to rs by instructo the course, coming together for of nt me mo e tru a wonderful e Huggy Spirit! where everyone felt th Lean Six Sigma guel Veiga de Macedo, - Martijn Buijvoets & Mi During one mee ting with the depa rtment, we learnt that we were the cr owdiest service right ne xt to Lean Six Sigma. I was asked if this caused any trou ble and realized it didn’t at all. We have so many offerings, online, offline, new, an d old to be announced but everyone fu nctions like parts of a ge arwheel system . N othing could go wrong with our family! - İdil Lopez, Lang uage Programme

t on the portal. line discussions even The time we put an on proached Connection service ap IEM e tim st fir e th s It wa ing something ent. I felt we were do ev an th wi rs Me TIE ES education. uniquely valuable for nnection - Batuhan Aydın, IEM Co By close contact with companies, the aim of Be X for X Days is to show th e role of different pr ofessionals and open new care er paths for ESTIEMe rs and IEM students. It came wi th great honour and excitement when a new central ESTIEM partner appr oached us in order to organise a BX D event! - Nikolina Gklezaki, Be

X for X Days

ls the Panda and ESTIEM I’m proud to see my team still fee make people feel the same spirit, and has the will to try and opportunities. I’m also very with new ideas, strategies and living in our entity’s former happy to see that passion is still ling the excitement for leaders and that they’re still fee Europe3D.

the last When we were on er: How day of BrainTrain oductivity to Unleash The Pr eryone in Monster, seeing ev dresses, gala dinner with fancy er, told having fun togeth happens me that whatever We can we have each other. together achieve every goal

with lots of fun. Trainer - Yaren Karabulut, Brain

mbers o reme h w , t n ached articipa ories re TIMES p m ld e o n m a , d o In July said he with go ia. He d etition e p m m l o c ES socia the iding TIM v rough o h r t p s y u b out to enefits d again g the b involve in e r b a e o t H time. wants ade me nts this erson m e p d u d t e s c n rent rie to his y. Diffe an expe it t n m e o r y f S py for m of TIME and hap d u TIMES. o r p iencing r ES feel so e p x e rgen, TIM s are Ö n a io t in a r M gene

- Helin Ergezer, Europe3D

The proudest moment that we had as a team, I would say it was when we decided to make the following quote our motto: “Be like a duck, pa ddling and working very hard inside the water, but wha t everyone sees is a smiling and calm face.” - Bogdan Pătrașcu

Arabagian, Activity



52 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

who makes I’m proud of everyone hundreds of Online LGX real for rk, it really ESTIEMers. It’s a big wo ativity and takes lots of time, cre everything passion to prepare e it as it is. before participants se retired team So all my current and erful heroes members are wond TIEM Spirit delivering famous ES tops. even via screens of lap oup - Olha Volkova, Local Gr Exchange


I am proud of the Su mmer Academy (SAC) my team and I have been building for the past months : supportive for organizing Loca l Groups and Acad emic Leaders, developing ESTIEMe rs during hectic tim es by preparing the second edition of Online SAC, assuring hig h quality of future events, fun to organize and particip ate in! - Irina Gromakovskaya , Summer Academy

ren’t able to rely Even though we we pies at the Council on distribution of co ged to print the 58th Meeting, we still mana be sent out around issue so that it can gnized the strength of Europe! Also, we reco ging times and made ESTIEM in these chan topic “Innovation in a the 59th issue’s focus vancing”. crisis: adapting and ad Magazine - Tanja Gagić, ESTIEM

I would say, the proudest momen t was when our their goals and pu 2 regional team t in an amazing w s accomplished ork. Apart from together, put in re gi on al ev en a lot of effort, an ts; Hotties worke d lit up the spirit. d booklet, mentors At the end, we ha hip programme ve a pr om ot ion and friendships from all over the region. - Alperen Güller, Mediterranean Re gion

- Fabian Czilwa, Alpine


We Nordics thusiastic don’t get that en we have about anything, but monthly managed to start ic Local chats with the Nord ey attend Responsibles that th ing. Just VOLUNTARILY. Amaz amazing. ic Region - Saara Mäenpää, Nord

That my LRs started to discuss topics and use the regional opportunities to increase their value. Region

My proude st moment for my enti that we m ty since last anaged to Council Me o rganise th eting was th event. Duri e first edit e fact ng the eve io n o f B n t a lk w an Board e managed and work o Training to bond ev n importan en more w t topics tha it h the first tim in t th h e region elped the b e the Roma oardies im nian local g prove more roups were . For more prom inent than e v e r. - Dimitar Ke ndimenov, Balkan Reg ion

Since the beginning of my mandate I have tried to get everyone engaged and promote an open-to-questions environment. So when I accumulated two messages of leaders asking for individual chats and questions, shamefully unanswered at that time, and shortly after when I got reminded of one of my own deadlines I thought: “Damn. These guys (+ teardrop)”. - Adrian Bermejo, Career Development Department

ment velop e d ’s e year p th evelo f this d o r n o the furthe creati uring s e o n t u e q i y n aims IEM b nging The u in EST challe which t n d e y n g a m of strate ours logue nviron h a e i l d 5 . a l r 6 ultu ultura ok us t we interc ross-c . It to d, bu c s e t e f i n o c a n ss we w tende proce m. result ation g e e h r t he tea g t t e e f s g o f l t o ent n se st partm lveme ssion e o e D v s t n i n e e onlin lopme ith th l Deve d it w a e r g u t a l n ma ntercu eine, I H i a K -

First, I had ch ats wit Presid h all Lo ents, w cal Res h ic ponsib h Second helped les and , Baltic to buil s colla d conn I orga boratin ections nized g with ! a WG e we com a c Recruit h othe e up w m r . e nt 202 ith a lo region 0, whe t of id ... As a re e a s f ollow-u for LG was bo s of th p of th rn! Ba e e WG, a ltics cr new pr with he e a t e o d lp of o ject a Prom ur frien otiona ds from l video differe nt LGs - Darya ! Bakaev a, Baltic Region

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 53

INSIDE ESTIEM cal groups, s to boost the lo ea id w ne ve ha d It’s not easy to r to succeed an eir best in orde th ng yi tr ’re ey ne however th at where everyo was in our first ch t en om m st de d everyone the prou eir problems an th g in ar sh in showed interest the best way r and it felt like he ot ch ea od easily understo . to begin the year South-West Region - Filipa Ferreira,

In a little more than a month I hav e already collected a lot of these moments. The most recent one is my contact with the president of Local Group Delft. Jonathan con tacted me (before I reached out) to see if I am willing to help them with the same things François (previous NW RC) did. We schedule d a chat and before my eyes he presente d me the amazing value of this LG. - Kiana Adamik, North-West Region

It is incredible how immensely helpful ever yone is. It has happened that a LR just mentions a problem in their LG and without even asking for help or even expecting it, the full chat starts to try to come up with solutions and creative ideas to help. Everyone puts in full effort just to help in any way. I´ve got to say this makes me very proud - Ramy Khorshed, North-East Region

Organizin g the first “Entrepre the Alumn neurial Su i where e mmit” alo n ng with tr e p re n chance to e u rs fr om ESTIE pitch their M got the startup id in a week eas. All th and the re is was org sult was b anized feedback etter than was amaz e x p e c in ted, the g and it pa more edit ved the wa ions, whil y to o rg e anizing also show growing e casing the ntreprene strong an urial cultu d re in ESTIE M. - Lampros Alexos, bu sinessboost er

Now, let’s hear what has been the proudest moment for you, during the last year?

Feel free to send us your proudest moment on, or share it on your Instagram account and tag @estiem_official with #ESTIEM #Magazine

54 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing


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community you will make new friends, collaborate with people from different cultures and have a lot of fun!

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EL CAMINO DE SANTIAGO – A JOURNEY TO YOURSELF My name is Diogo Silva, I am from Portugal and in

lots of conversations and laughter, maintaining a

September 2019 I had one of the best experiences

constant pace. One of the first remarkable sights

of my life.

was the Valença fortress with its 400 years of history.

Diogo Silva Local Group Minho

In a conversation with my sister, she told me about the Caminos de Santiago. A walk of more than 100

During our walk, the beautiful countryside was


filling us with joy and each of us was starting to focus on their inner journey.

The Caminos de Santiago constitute a network of routes spread across the Old continent, adding up

After many kilometres, the exhaustion was

to 1500km, connecting many European countries

starting to prevail and transforming into pain but

with the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in

we knew we had to push ourselves to the limit and

the capital of northwest Spain’s Galicia region. The

keep walking.

final destination is an over 800-year-old Christian temple, where Santiago Maior (James the Great),

Finally, the town of Redondela was just in front of

one of Jesus’ disciples, was buried. We chose a part

us and it gave us a small burst of spirit and energy

of the Camino Portugués.

to reach the albergue – a shelter for pilgrims as ourselves where we could eat, bathe and sleep

It was 9th of September 2019 and our journey

for a low price. We were eager to get in bed and

began in the North-most part of Portugal – in the

get a good rest. As a team we achieved the first

town of Valença. In order to avoid the torridity of

objective of 30 km in more than 7 hours. There

the Iberian summer, we got up at 6 am and moved

was plenty ahead.

on. We were 7 people and all of us had various motivations, but we were determined to do it and

The fight against the Iberian summer and ourselves

knew that it would leave something important

continued in the following days as we were getting

within each one of us.

up at the crack of dawn which was my favourite part of the day. We were going further along the

In the beginning, we were all full of energy, having

56 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

paths through the woods. The connection with


nature was amazing, especially the feeling of

This inner fight was noticeable in my other friends

isolation in the early hours of the day with the cool

too. All of the pilgrims were finding the answers

breeze and mystic silence.

they needed.

The third day ended at noon with a good long-

As the final drops of our energy were leaving us,

awaited meal in the albergue in Caldas de Reis.

when the pain was no longer bearable, we saw the cathedral. We got there and I felt it was worth all

The next day we decided to devote time admiring

the effort, I finally realized the reason for having

the beauty of the town and the hospitality of the

taken this journey. What mattered was not the

locals who offered us fruit and water. After the

destination, it was not the cathedral itself standing

sightseeing of Caldas de Reis, we continued our

before us, but all the paths we have passed,

journey with an accelerated but constant pace

everything we went through to be there. Every

as we wanted to numb the accumulated fatigue

small step led us there.

from the previous days. We had gradually become accustomed to the exhaustion in such a way that

I realized at that moment looking at the cathedral

it had become almost like another item hanging

that I had to take this for life. All that I had passed

from our backpacks.

was the perfect metaphor I had to understand.

As we were approaching the end of our route for

In the end, what really matters is not the

the day, we were surprised by the fact the town

destination, but the trip. It is not the moments

we would stay in had thermal springs. After having

themselves, but what we feel while we live those

lunch in a hurry, we headed to the local thermal


baths and had some great enjoyment of taking off the accumulated tiredness. We lost track of time.

Pain, sadness, discouragement can always be

The image of Santiago was dreamy appearing in

overcome if we cross the line, always demanding

my mind, the much-desired destination was so

more from ourselves, it is possible to take another



The last day was a real emotional rollercoaster –

We embraced as a group that we always had been

many thoughts were going through my mind, and

and ended one of the best experiences of our

with a great effort I was managing to close many


doors I had left open in my life.

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 57



ECOLOGY TODAY - INNOVATIONS OF THE WORLD WE LIVE IN “Climate change is the environmental challenge of this generation and it is imperative that we act before it’s too late!” World Statistics: •

Sonja Borota Local Group Novi Sad •


During the Coronavirus pandemic, global

Lucy Hughes - MarinaTex material:

deforestation accelerated for 77% compared

British designer Lucy Hughes won the international

to the average results from 2017 -2019,

James Dyson Award for MarinaTex material. What

according to the Global Land Analysis and

is Marina Tex? MarinaTex is bioplastic made from

Discovery (GLAD) laboratory at University of

red algae and fish skin waste designed to serve as a


plastic alternative for many different applications,

Each year, New York City landfills around 100

from bags to single-use packaging. It is translucent

000 tons of clothing, while just a small number

and stronger than low-density polyethylene (LDPE,

of old clothes is being used to produce new

commonly used in production of everyday items),


but at the same time it is compostable and can

An average of 26,4 million people all around

easily degrade into a soil under 6 weeks. It is

the world have been forced to move out from

created not to do any harm to the environment

their homes because of floods, earthquakes,

or humans.

droughts or windstorms since 2008. This is

• •

equivalent to one person being displaced

Lightyear One car:

every second;

Lightyear One is a prototype solar car founded

In August this year, California Death Valley

by a group of former students from University of

experienced maybe one of the highest

Eindhoven who won the World Solar Challenge

temperatures ever recorded on our planet. It

race with their solar cars. The cars are electric

reached 54,4 degrees Celsius.

vehicles made of lightweight aluminum and carbon

Wasting food causes an economical damage

fiber, covered in solar panels that can charge the

of 2,3 trillion Euros in one year;

car’s battery with up to 70 km of range per day.

Around 30 percent of the water used

Lightyear claims their solar cells are 3 times more

worldwide is used for the production of animal

energy-efficient than traditional models on the

products. This is extremely high, because only

market. According to their plans, vehicles could be

3 percent of global water is considered to be

delivered to their owners starting 2021.

a drinking water, but around 2.6 percent is inaccessible to humans.

58 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

ECO Mr. Trash Wheel:

and at the same time improve citizens life during

Mr. Trash Wheel is a sustainably powered trash

hot summers.

interceptor invented in Baltimore, Maryland. This floating device sucks up plastic from polluted

The term “Carbon Footprint”

harbours, and since 2014 it has collected between

Have you ever wondered where it came from?

1.200 and 3.300 tons of trash. The most Mr. Trash

Believe it or not, it was coined by the world’s

Wheel has ever collected in one day is around

6th largest polluter and represented as the

17 kilograms of trash. What is interesting also is

most deceptive PR strategy at the time making

that on a sunny day it can produce 2,500 watts of

companies benefit from polluting.

electricity. Europe hits the record - new installed power of PETase - Enzyme that breaks down plastics in

offshore windparks


In 2019, European countries have installed a

Around 1 m of plastic bottles are sold each minute

record amount of offshore wind capacity. The

around the globe, with just 14% being recycled.

offshore wind installations in European waters

It is definitely a fact to be concerned about.The

got improved compared to the results from 2018,

good news though is, that maybe we have found

with the amount of over 3.6 gigawatts (GW). The

a solution to the global plastic pollution crisis.

United Kingdom leads with almost half of the

Scientists have created a new bacterial enzyme -

capacity (1,8 GW), followed by Germany (1,1 GW)

PETase that is able to break down plastic polymer

and Denmark. It is expected for the capacity to

PET to simple chemical elements in hours. What is

grow 6 times more by 2030.

even better is that leftover material is good to be recycled into high-quality new plastics. Waterproof Stone Paper: From rock to paper to rock again. Trust me, this is evolution! If someone tells you to use the stone paper instead of a traditional one, you would probably feel as one of the Flintstones family, but this material has some attractive characteristics, as it does not use trees, water, chlorine, petroleum, so take some time to consider it. Companies using stone paper claim it is a better alternative, durable, oil resistant, waterproof with the ink writing just as well as the normal paper. And definitely, it brings more environmental benefits. If you decide to give it a try, do not forget it still has a small amount of HDPE (type 2 plastic) mixed together with the calcium carbonate, that makes it recyclable, as long as everyone in the recycling process is

Protecting nature might create around 400

knowledgeable of that.

million jobs One of the post COVID-19 solutions would be

Did You Know?

investing in nature positive solutions by many industries worldwide. Not only would it boost

Madrid is building a ‘clean air factory’!

the country’s economy, but it would reduce the

Madrid City Council is planning to build the 74 km

risk, improve the unemployment, enhance their

long forest belt in order to improve the poor air

reputation, add value to the company’s portfolio

quality of the city and reduce as much as possible

and bring up to the general sustainability of

the CO2 emissions, so the temperatures get lower


ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 59

ECO Eco-dictionary/glossary:

services should be produced in ways that do not use resources that cannot be replaced and that

Circular Economy:

do not damage the environment. (Definition by

The circular economy is a model of production

Cambridge Dictionary)

and consumption, which involves sharing, leasing, Tips/Hacks

reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible. In this way, the life cycle of products is extended. (Definition by European Parliament)

1. Choose





money, zero waste;

Greenwashing: Behaviour or activities that make people believe that a company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is. (Definition by Cambridge Dictionary) Carbon-footprint: Someone’s carbon footprint is a measurement of

2. Say no to paper receipts (unless you really

the amount of carbon dioxide that their activities

need it): it’s not recyclable, avoids paper

produce. (Definition by Cambridge Dictionary)

waste, saves water; 3. Go thrift shopping: will save you money, saves

Greenhouse gasses:

water, fights fast fashion, it is sustainable and

Gasses that cause the greenhouse effect, especially

surprises you every time;

carbon dioxide; one of the several gases, which prevents heat from the earth escaping into space, causing the greenhouse effect. (Definition by Cambridge Dictionary)

4. Put ‘no junk mail’ on your mailbox: you will avoid a lot of paper waste; 5. Buy food without any packaging: you are going zero waste and looks nice in your kitchen; 6. Invest in a tea strainer, instead of buying tea


bags: compostable, tastes better and you are

The quality of causing little or no damage to

avoiding ingesting microplastics;

the environment and therefore being able to continue for a long time; the idea that goods and

60 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

7. Switch from non reusable to rechargeable batteries.


WHAT HAPPENS TO THE FOOD WE THROW AWAY? Since the prehistoric age, people have been

have to pass for plastic items to decompose. Have

collecting food from the wild, hunting, and making

you ever thought of food that is being wasted?

their own meals and beverages. From the stone

Wasted food is an organic substance that gets

age menu, with roasting over fire and fishing, the

decomposed under the action of microorganisms.

human race developed, as well as its diet and

For that process to be accomplished, oxygen is

eating habits.


Once upon a time, someone came up with an

Now, take a guess, is there enough oxygen on

idea to start cultivating the land and raising

landfills? No!


Sonja Borota Local Group Novi Sad

animals that made drastic changes in history. From a very simple diet, we ‘evolved’ to having

Landfills are not just the layers of trash. Besides

a diverse nutrition and reliable food industry,

organic substances, they consist of a huge amount

agrochemicals, fast food, genetically modified

of plastics and metal that are not biodegradable.

organisms (GMO), and synthetic ingredients.

Those layers of trash are being compacted, which leads to a non-existing oxygen inflow needed for

Somehow, we ended up exploiting all our goods,


and gambling our health and our future for the sake of fish sticks and chocolate muffins.

What do we have as a result? Partially decomposed waste and methane (highly flammable gas that

Wasting food and climate change

causes fire on landfills, contributing to global warming and climate change).

Food industry definitely represents one of the main causes of climate change, as it affects raising

Then, why do we throw food away?

the level of greenhouse gasses and deforestation a lot, and brings other negative consequences to

There are several reasons why food is being thrown

the human race and the environment.

away. In many poor, less privileged countries, almost 40% of food that is being produced gets

“In the EU, around 88 million tonnes of food

discarded because of the bad infrastructure and

waste are generated annually with associated

storage systems. In industrialised countries, the

costs estimated at 143 billion euros.” (FUSIONS)

reason hides behind bad habits of the population.

All the processes within this industry, including

“In the EU, an estimated 20% of the total food

production, processing, packing, and delivering

produced is lost or wasted, while 33 million

(transportation) of food, adds up to the CO2

people cannot afford a quality meal every

emission and global warming.

second day.” (European Commission)

Except that, a lot of that food ends up in landfills

53% of the total food that is actively thrown away

releasing methane, that causes more harm than

comes from the households. As food became more

CO2 does.

accessible and affordable, it led us to excessive and compulsive shopping. Also, a lot of fruits and

How does the food we throw away affect climate

vegetables never get to customers because it


doesn’t satisfy aesthetic conditions.

We always talk about plastics and how several years

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 61

ECO Perfect food issues

you, but globally, throwing food away has a high cost. Every time you waste food, think of the cost

So, who are the bad guys? Where do the

it requires, including land, water, manpower, CO2

wrongdoers sit? In our own home!

emission, fertilizer, pesticides.

Why does the food in our household end up in the

Take in consideration that:

trash bin?

1. 1.3 billion tons of food are being wasted globally

Usually, we just forget to eat it, do not store our groceries properly or we do not have enough time

2. 2.3 trillion of Euros is the financial damage caused by wasting food

to consume them. In some other cases, packaging can be a problem too, since in many stores you

The question is, can we stop climate change by

cannot buy the amount you need, but a certain

not throwing our food away?

amount in a package. Too much on the plate, too much in the bin. To sum up, we buy more than

Maybe we cannot stop it, but we can highly affect

we need.

it in reducing the greenhouse gasses emission. It is estimated that ceasing wasting food would reduce

Also, when shopping, in 90% of cases, we

greenhouse gasses emission by 8% globally.

are choosing ‘perfect’ food and that way, unconsciously, contributing to wasting food. Why

What can you do to reduce wasting food?

is that a problem? So, every time you choose a perfect and ‘pretty’ apple, the one less perfect

1. Plan your meals.

stays uneaten and after some time, if no one buys

2. When you go shopping, do not go when you

it, it’s being wasted. Is the unwanted apple bad for

are hungry, and buy only necessary groceries;

you? It is not! It is equally good, with the same

3. Store your food properly;

nutrition values as the perfect-looking one.

4. Cook for two days to avoid waste; 5. What will not be eaten immediately, freeze it;

Because of our choices, supermarkets are facing

6. Compost.

financial losses since huge amounts of “undesired” food are being wasted, even if they were fresh and edible. To reduce their losses, they have created

Also, remember, so-called ‘best before’ date on

standards for the food - what it has to look like

packaging means it should be best consumed

to be in their stores. Farmer’s goods now have

by the date that is marked, but it does not mean

to please many rules about the colour, size and

‘throw it after the date’! and deemed automatically


spoiled, it can still be edible and adequate.

Result: 20% of produced fruits and vegetables never get to consumers because they are “ugly”. Think of this the next time you go shopping. Is it really important to have a nice looking apple when making cake? Again, it’s not. What you should be thinking about when throwing away food? You have bought food, but it stood there for a long time, it is spoiled, and now you have to throw it away. You are not taking it too seriously, because it feels cheap and you do not pay attention to it. Maybe it does not represent a big money loss for

62 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

ECO Additionally, the next time you think of throwing away your food, please remember that our food is responsible for 26% of greenhouse gasses emissions and below you can find the CO2 footprint of some of the groceries you are using on daily basis:


Carbon Footprint (kg CO2/kg of product)



















Fish (farmed)




Lastly, buy less, and with this way affect producers to start producing more sustainably and ethically.

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 63



Sonja Borota Local Group Novi Sad

SUSTAINABILITY BOOTCAMP “...professional event created to raise awareness about sustainability by using the IEM’s unique strength...” Sustainability Bootcamp is a professional event

creating the changes I want to see. And I definitely

created to raise awareness about sustainability

believe that elephants are the best creatures on

by using the IEM’s unique strength of a holistic

earth and we can learn from their care, wisdom,

view that is linking technology and management,

intuition and pureness of spirit.

bridging insights of science with the business reality






sustainable society.

Sonja: My name is Sonja, I am a third-year student of Engineering Management and an active ESTIEMer.

We aimed to have an exchange between academic,

Three words that describe me the best are


visionary, persistent and free-spirited.




where our participants are invited to share their

Carmen Garcia Wang Local Group Madrid

own experiences and cases, spread the knowledge

Visionary in a way that I have never been afraid

and inspire others in creating a template for the

of taking risks and potentiating changes in order

future generations.

to achieve new heights, and I never give up on something before I achieve it, that probably

1. Who are you? Describe yourself using 3 words

explains the persistence. Nevertheless, I was

and explain them briefly.

always striving to be in an environment that gives me freedom to express my ideas, inspires me, and

Thekla: I am Thekla, fellow and board member of the IEM Caring Foundation. If I have to describe myself Simona Peovska Local Group Skopje

with three words, it’s nature-lover, adventurer and caring. Nature-lover because nature gives me so much energy, inner peace and calmness. I love being in nature and doing different activities there like cycling, hiking, canoeing, camping etc. which leads me to my second word: adventurer. I love travelling, to discover new places, cultures, languages and people and find solutions out of

Thekla Werner Local Group Berlin

unexpected situations. And last but not least caring. I care a lot for myself, others and our beautiful planet. I fancy making the world with my doing and behaviour a little bit better, to help people in need so that they live the life they want to live. Carmen: I am Carmen, from Madrid and a big promoter of

Girogia Conigli

sustainability and the IEM Caring Movement. Three words that describe me would be Smile, Doing and Elephants. I guess they describe more the person I strive to be. I love to make others smile, and this is usually achieved by smiling myself. I am trying to transition to Doing rather than Saying, thus,

64 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing

allows me to inspire others as well.




I am Giorgia, but all my friends call me Giò/Joe! If

Before I joined the Sustainability Bootcamp team,

I have to describe myself using three words, I will

I was surrounded by some colleagues who cared

go for wanderluster, dreamer and curious. Why? I

a lot about environmental issues. After each

love travelling, discovering places, meeting up and

chat with them, I would get motivated to start

entering in contact witvh new people. Wandering

reading and gaining some knowledge related to

around has always been my dream since I was


a little child. While curiosity is the driver that moves me in doing that concretely and letting me

As a common phrase says ’sharing is caring’, I

realize what is just on my mind., Iit is not always

decided that the time has come for me to share

possible. But, I do believe that there is high time

the knowledge I gained with other people and

for everything is meant to be ours. I have decided

raise awareness about problems that are striking

to be part of the Sustainability Bootcamp to

each of us, no matter where we live, what we

increase my knowledge and raise my awareness

do or how old we are. The opportunity to join in

of sustainability. Besides, working in a group has

organising a Sustainability Bootcamp came at the

always triggered me.

right moment and I was more than happy to have a chance in contributing this way, and achieving

Simona: I am Simona from Skopje and I am a Fellow of the IEM Caring Foundation. I see myself as a creative, ambitious and a highly driven person. I work in digital marketing, which gives me the ability to showcase my creativity through my work. I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive toward. I am always looking for an opportunity to do better and reach my full potential. 2. Why have you decided to be a part of this project as an organiser? What is the idea that motivated you to join the team? Giorgia: I have decided to be part of the Sustainability Bootcamp to increase my knowledge and raise my awareness of sustainability. Besides, working in a group has always triggered me.

ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing 65

ECO my goals in creating a more caring society together with people who are driven by similar motives. Thekla: I feel very connected to the topic of sustainability. As the last sustainability camp got cancelled and we did not have someone within the fellows of the IEM Caring Foundation who could take the responsibility, I took it and saw it as a good project where ESTIEM, ESTIEM Alumni and the fellows of the IEM Caring Foundation can collaborate. Carmen: I want to learn more about sustainability and


the different areas it entails. I also want to see

I want to find inspiring experts in the field and

different experiences people have had when

share experiences with participants that will allow

working towards it. What better way to fulfill this

us to integrate actions that lead to a triple bottom

wish than to make it happen?

line for our lives and our surroundings.



Sustainability has become a major topic for me in

By using my creativity and enthusiasm I have

recent years. I enjoy doing research, contributing

for this event, I would like to empower people

in any way that I can and, of course, I am always

to join us in creating a community for impact,

eager to learn new things. I am part of the

and participate in the mutual exchange of

organisation team because I want to hear other

knowledge, while enjoying and sharing a culture

people’s stories and educate myself further on

of sustainability at the same time.

how I can make a difference. Simona: 3. What values or contributions do you want to

I want to share my own experiences and offer my

bring to the next Sustainability Bootcamp?

cooperation to anyone willing to work together towards achieving our common sustainability goals, whether it be locally or globally. Giorgia: Willingness to work hard, passion and smiles. These are the ingredients I want to bring to the next Sustainability Bootcamp Thekla: Caring about the environment and the awareness of our limited resources, openness for new ideas/ projects, spreading knowledge and offering a platform for profound discussions. Sustainability






get knowledge and discuss one of the most controversial topics of our time! Exchange of points of view is at the core of our values. You will not just attend an event but participate actively. Don’t miss it!

66 ESTIEM Magazine | 59th issue - Innovation in a Crisis: Adapting and Advancing



Do you want to study in a creative and innovative environment where academy, public organisations, industry, and entreprenuers come together? In Gothenburg, situated in one of the most innovative areas in the world, Chalmers University of Technology has created a learning environment where students are allowed and encouraged to try their ideas in reality. In addition to providing a cutting edge academic education, we provide our students with the possibility to work closely with both academic researchers, public organisations, innovators and industry. Moreover, the wide range of possibilities will encourage students to test their ideas by both working with established companies and by establishing a new startup as entrepreneurs.


Our four Master’s Programmes within Technology Management and Economics offers a combination of solid theoretic frameworks, applied projects and strong connection to business and industry - a combination that ensures a rapid learning curve and exciting job opportunities after graduation.



Entrepreneurship and Business Design Management and Economics of Innovation Quality and Operations Management In Gothenburg, situated in one of the most innovative areas in the world, we Supply Chain Management

have created a learning environment where students are allowed and encouragedinto try their ideas reality. In addition to providing a cutting edge acaApplication opens Mid-October every in year. demic education, we provide our students with the possibility to work closely with both academic researchers, public organisations, innovators and industry and to try their wings in both established companies and as startup entrepreneurs. Our four master’s programs within Technology Management and Economics offers a combination of solid theoretic frameworks, applied projects and strong connection to business and industry – a combination that ensures a rapid learning curve and exciting job opportunities after graduation. WE OFFER MASTER’S PROGRAMMES IN • Entrepreneurship and Business Design • Management and Economics of Innovation • Quality and Operations Management • Supply Chain Management The education at Chalmers was ranked first in Europe in the International Barometer “It has been Student an exciting journey, 2012 where 160 000 students from all over the world especially the fact that studying voiced their opinions. at Chalmers brought me and my friends (who now became my business partners) across the globe to experience the real FOR INFORMATION AND HOW TO APPLY world of being an international WWW.CHALMERS.SE/EN/EDUCATION entrepreneur.” - Rich Zapata, Entrepreneurship and Business Design student at Chalmers. Read Rich’s blog:

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