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June 28, 2019

A Tender Moment Jim Ward captured this sweet moment of an elk calf bonding with its mother. Photo by Jim Ward

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Land Use IGA Under Examination: Is There A Better Way? Larimer County and the Town of Estes Park have a rich history of cooperative land use planning going back many years. This relationship has evolved as the community has grown, laws have changed, and desires of the constituents have changed over time. The Estes Valley has one of the most unique land use planning systems in Colorado in our joint land use planning area, joint Planning Commission and Board of Adjustments and shared Comprehensive Plan and Development Code. The current intergovernmental agreement (IGA) expires Feb. 1, 2020 around seven months from now. Our partnership has not been without challenges and the current system has had its issues. However, it would be a mistake to assume any discussion of changes and improvements to the current arrangement is an impulsive reaction to one project. I have the unique perspective of being involved in this issue since its inception in the 1990s. The current system has served us well for almost 20 years. We’ve learned a lot over those 20 years, and laws and the community have changed. With the current agreement set to expire, now is the time to look at how we can improve the system for the future. Any significant changes need to be planned and executed expeditiously. The alternative - allowing the IGA to expire with no clear alternative to replace it would leave the Estes Valley’s land use regulations in unknown legal circumstances. Just readopting or extending the agreement as is, without looking at ways to make it better and address the current shortfalls, would be equally ir-

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responsible. Both the Town and the County are committed to continue working together cooperatively on land use planning in the Estes Valley. Neither want to split our relationship completely and take independent directions. This is not an “either/or” discussion -- there are many options to consider moving forward. Earlier this month, I put forth a proposal for modifications to our current system, based on ongoing discussions with the County and Town staff and elected representatives. This is simply a starting point for discussions. Because of its experience with various types of IGAs in Larimer County, the County staff is preparing model IGA language for the Estes Valley as a starting point for consideration. Larimer County has differing agreements with most of the municipalities within its boundaries. The IGAs between the County and Loveland and Fort Collins help coordinate land use in the areas around those communities and ensures development outside the cities is compatible with development in city limits. It’s not just about land use either. It includes coordination of transportation and infrastructure planning as well. There are some key elements to be addressed in considering a new agreement between the Town and the County. Both Town and unincorporated County residents must be clearly represented by their elected officials. Final decisions must be made (by state Statute) by the appropriate elected body -- either the Town Board or the Board of County Commissioners.

Notice Of Neighborhood Meeting The Colorado Department of Transportation will have a neighborhood meeting to discuss the proposed development of the CDOT Estes Park Maintenance Facility at 543 Elm Road. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 from 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. at the Estes Valley Library, 335 E. Elkhorn Ave., in the Wasson Board Room.

Responsibility for implementation must be accompanied with the authority for implementation. Specifically, the Town and the County staff should process applications from their respective jurisdictions. Final responsibility rests with the elected officials -- not staff and not appointed boards. Cooperation and coordination of key infrastructure development, such as transportation and utilities. Compliance with state statutes and case law. Respect for property rights, as defined by statutes and the courts. Specific issues such as density of development, types of development, wildlife protection, hazard mitigation and others should be addressed in the development codes and comprehensive plans that follow the IGA. Changes to the IGA will not automatically change any zoning or development codes. The IGA merely defines how the County and the Town work together to coordinate land use planning within the Estes Valley. The next meeting of the Board of County Commissioners and the Town Board on this subject is tentatively scheduled for July 29. At this meeting we will discuss some of the options available and present draft IGA language from the County. This is expected to be just one step in our outreach, intended to both inform residents and affected parties and to hear from folks about their thoughts on how to make our land use system work even better for the decades to come.

Trail Ridge Road Reopened In RMNP

On Tuesday, June 25, Trail Ridge Road reopened in Rocky Mountain National Park. Before you travel, it’s best to always check the recorded Trail Ridge Road status line which is (970) 586-1222. Kris Hazelton/EPN

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If We Can't Reach You, We Can't Alert You Emergency Notification System When a disaster strikes, or an emergency situation arises, you want to know about it. Emergencies are imminent threats to life. Because of the enhanced emergency notification system, residents in Larimer County can receive emergency notifications on their cell phones, business phones, via text messages, and emails -- in addition to receiving phone calls on their traditional home phones. Emergency alerts in the Estes Valley are sent by the Estes Park Emergency Communications Center (EPECC). You must sign up at to take advantage of this free, expanded service. If you don't sign up, you will still receive notifications on your traditional landline home phone, but nowhere else. You Choose How, You Choose Where The enhanced system provides residents with choices. You choose how you're contacted: cell phone call, text message, email, home phone, etc. Plus, you also have the ability to choose the locations you want to be contacted about. Residents can sign up to get alerts about an emergency, such as wildfire, flood, or critical police activity at home, work or school. That means you could receive notifications on your cell phone about your home and your child's school, for example. How it Works The old emergency notification system only called residents on traditional home phones. Over the last several years, many residents have done away with landlines and use cell phones as home phones. Plus, mobile offices and busy lifestyles require that Larimer County public health and safety officials have the ability to reach citizens when they're on the go. The enhanced system will continue to call residents using their traditional home land lines, even if you don't register for the enhanced service. But it

will also allow residents to enter other information so that we can notify you in multiple ways. When you submit your cell phone, email address, business phone number and other information (or the "how" we should reach you), you are giving public health and safety officials more opportunity to contact you, and improving your odds of staying informed. Emergency Alerts Countywide We offer an additional way for you to receive a quick text alert for all emergencies anywhere in Larimer County. This does not replace creating an account and adding your cell phone to the emergency alert system. But this does give you an option if you want to receive all emergency alerts. Text GO LETA to 888777. That's it! You are now registered for emergency alerts. Emergency Alerts for Visitors We offer a special emergency notification service for visitors, too. They can text GO EPALERTS to 888777 and receive emergency alerts (if any are sent out) for two weeks! Who is LETA? Emergency notification is a free service provided by the Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority (LETA). The system is funded through monthly surcharges on hard wire (traditional), wireless, or voice over internet telephone services. Keep in mind, if you register a cell phone, call and text messaging charges will apply. LETA is a partnership between 25 government and public safety agencies of Larimer County including the Town of Estes Park. LETA supports 9-1-1 emergency communications to make Larimer County emergency notification consistent and effective. For more information, or to sign up for the enhanced service, visit

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Deer in Colorado are having their young. Please, stay well away from does, especially if they are with fawns. Photos by Jim Ward

Be Wary Of Mother Deer; Don’t Approach Or Touch Fawns Mother deer are giving birth to fawns now and Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds residents and visitors to be wary of does at this time of year. “Like any mother, a doe will protect her young so be careful when you’re out walking in town or in a wild area,” said Heath Kehm, deputy manager for CPW’s Southwest Region. Mother deer are very protective when their fawns are vulnerable to predators or other perceived threats. If you see a fawn, the mother is sure to be close by. Do not approach a fawn and never pick one up. Does often stash their youngsters while they’re off feeding; but they do not abandon fawns. If you see one laying in the grass off a trail, it is doing just fine. Do not pick it up. “Deer have done well without our help for thousands of years,” Kehm said. “They do not need assistance from us.” Deer are abundant in cities and towns throughout Colorado. In urban areas people often come close to deer in parks, along trails and in open-space areas. For the first several months of their lives, fawns stay close to their mothers for protection and nourishment. A mother deer is very wary of people who get close to her young and can attack. The deer’s perception of a threat goes even higher when it sees a dog. Every year there are

close calls, or attacks, when people are out walking dogs and wildlife have young nearby. “When I see deer, especially when young are nearby, I steer clear and give them plenty of room,” Kehm said. “If you are walking your dog, please keep it on a leash.” If you are concerned about a wild animal, do not touch it or pick it up; instead call the closest CPW office or local animal protection services.

Jim Ward Photos

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Special Appeal to Community To Support Our Youngest Citizen’s A strong and sustainable community depends on the well-being of its children. Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success (EVICS) has been providing childcare scholarships to local families since 2006, making it possible for lower income families to access safe and reliable childcare. On average, the cost of full day childcare for two young children in Estes Park is $1,400 per month. Without EVICS assistance, the cost of childcare is out of reach for many Estes Park families. In a normal year, EVICS is able to keep up with childcare scholarship requests through their successful donor-based fund. However, the last two years have been anything but “normal!” The Larimer County Childcare Assistance Program has been on an enrollment freeze since September 2017, severely impacting families in our community, and increasing the demand on the local EVICS Program. Unable to access the County Childcare Assistance Program, more and more families turn to EVICS for scholarship assistance. In a typical year, EVICS budgets and awards approximately $25,000 in childcare scholarships. EVICS Executive Director, Nancy Almond reports that EVICS has already awarded over $31,000 to families since January 1, and is at risk of running out of funds long before year-end. How will this impact families? Almond explains: “Since the beginning of the year, we have

provided help to 27 families, who work primarily in the service industry in our community. These families literally will not have access to childcare without some level of assistance. The ripple effect impacts local employers and businesses who depend on parents as employees. Access to safe, reliable childcare actually effects all of us, whether you have children or not.” EVICS depends solely on grants and donations for scholarship funding, and the organization is sending a plea to the community to help. Board Chair, Jane Stuart states: “We are inviting the community to pitch in and help, on behalf of local employees and their young children. Donations large and small are greatly appreciated and will have an immediate impact. When communities come together to support the needs of children, everyone benefits!” Individuals, organizations, businesses and churches are all encouraged to consider donating to the EVICS scholarship fund. Donations are 100% tax deductible and eligible for the Colorado Childcare 50% Tax Credit. (A $500 donation results in a $250 direct state tax credit!) Donations can be made on line at: (click on the DONATE button), mailed to EVICS at PO Box 3373, Estes Park, CO 80517, or dropped off at the EVICS office: 1182 Graves Avenue, Unit A. For more information, please call 970-586-3055.

EVFPD firefighters generally respond to medical calls in their personal vehicles, allowing for a faster response. On other incidents, firefighters respond to a fire station to respond in department apparatus with specialized equipment. During the week of June 16, the Estes Valley Fire Protection District (EVFPD) responded to 17 calls for service. This

included: • Emergency medical (assist EPMC): 1 • MVC: 6 • Smoke/Odor Investigation: 3 • Gas Leak: 2 • Possible Illegal Burn: 1 • Elevator Rescue: 1 • Detector/Alarm Activation: 3 Estes Valley Fire

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Will Lummus won Rooftop Rodeo last year and used the earnings to advance to the National Finals Rodeo. Rooftop Rodeo will take place July 8-13 in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado. Photo by Greg Westfall

Rooftop Champs Relish This Rodeo

think you know burgers? think again. CURRENT HOURS:

Four of the eight 2018 winners, including a world champ, earned NFR bids Rooftop Rodeo has always been an important stop for the top cowboys and cowgirls in ProRodeo. Whether it’s the mountain beauty of Estes Park or the big money up for grabs, it’s the perfect setting for those that make their living playing the game they love. Hundreds of them will return for this year’s event, set for 7 p.m. Monday, July 8-Saturday, July 13, at Granny May Arena in Estes Park inside the Estes Park Fairgrounds. Of the eight champions from the 2018 Rooftop Rodeo, half utilized the money won in this Colorado resort town to qualify for the National Finals Rodeo, the sport’s grand finale that features only the top 15 money-earners in each event. “We pride ourselves on being a place the contestants want to come to every summer,” said Mark Purdy, chairman of Estes Park Western Heritage Inc., a group of volunteers that works with the town of Estes Park to produce the annual rodeo. “To see that so many of our champions went on to the NFR shows the caliber of contestants we attract here. “One of our winners was Caleb Smidt, who went on to win the world title. Another was Will Lummus, who was in the hunt for the championship until the ninth round of the NFR. I know we’re excited to see cowboys like that back here.” Lummus, in fact, set a Rooftop Rodeo

record with a 3.2-second run to win the second round and the overall title. It was one of the catalysts to his first qualification to ProRodeo’s finale. “That was the fastest steer I’ve ever thrown,” said Lummus of West Point, Miss. “(In 2017), I was 4.5 on both steers and didn’t win anything. I like Estes Park. It’s an awesome place to be. They have always had good steers, and just the environment … “I’m from Mississippi, and we don’t have mountains. Everywhere you go around here, the scenery is beautiful. There are great cattle, a great committee; this is a great place to have a rodeo with great fans. It’s a wonderful place to be.” The $4,526 he pocketed was pretty wonderful, too. Rodeo is a unique sport; not only do dollars help pay bills and cover expenses with traveling across the country, but they also serve as championship points. The contestants with the most money won in each event are crowned world champions. Others Rooftop Rodeo champions who made it to Las Vegas last December were team roping header Tyler Wade, who pocketed $4,440 in Estes Park, and saddle bronc rider Brody Cress, who earned a little more than $7,000. “I love it over here,” Wade said. “The mountains are awesome. There are a lot of committees that don’t take care of their contestants quite as good as I think they should, but they do here. We appreciate every bit of it.”

MONDAY - FRIDAY: Breakfast: 7-10am Dinner: 4-10pm (bar open until 11pm on Fridays) SATURDAY: Lunch/Dinner: 11:30am-10pm (bar open until 11pm) SUNDAY: Lunch/Dinner: 11:30am-10pm HAPPY HOUR: Every day from 4-6pm



LATITUDE105ALEHOUSE.COM | (970) 586-2332 101 South Saint Vrain Avenue | Estes Park, CO 80517 Kris Hazelton

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Golden Viewing Opportunity Rooftop Rodeo Offers Patrons The Chance At A Gold Buckle Experience The most honored prize in rodeo is a world champion’s gold buckle. It’s the wearable trophy the epitomizes many hours of hard work, tens of thousands of miles driven and excellence in the arena in a given year. It’s a celebration, too, which is one of the reasons behind the newly dubbed Gold Buckle Experience at this year’s Rooftop Rodeo, set for 7 p.m. Monday, July 8-Saturday, July 13, at Granny May Arena in Estes Park inside the Estes Park Fairgrounds. This is the reincarnation of the VIP Experience for the annual rodeo, with a jazzed-up name to go along with the type of offerings available to those that wish to be part of it. “The Gold Buckle Experience is going to allow people and our VIPs to enjoy our rodeo in a special way” said Mark Purdy, chairman of Estes Park Western Heritage Inc., a group of volunteers that works with the town of Estes Park to produce the annual rodeo. “The town of Estes Park really opened up something great for our rodeo with the additions they did last year, and it’s going to be the same type of atmosphere with a great name.” The Gold Buckle Experience allows patrons a tour of the rodeo grounds before the show, access to the exclusive VIP patio at the west gate, dinner in the hospitality area, drinks and the opportunity to

utilize the padded seats in the grandstands. “We sell our Gold Buckle Experience tickets at $100 apiece, and those people will have a permanent host for the evening,” said Rob Hinkle, the community services director for the town of Estes Park. “This year in the Gold Buckle area, we have a stage that we will be able to convert into an elevated viewing area with its own bar. “By doing this, it allows us to put this really nice viewing platform in position, which we hope will enhance the experience for those patrons.” Over the years, Rooftop Rodeo has been recognized as one of the premier stops in rodeo. Much of it has to do with the picturesque setting of Estes Park, but it also has to do with the hospitality provided and the nature of the competition. Cowboys and cowgirls have marveled at the fans who make their Rooftop Rodeo experience even better. That’s why the event has been named Rodeo of the Year six time. “What we love about our rodeo is that it’s the highest altitude of any rodeo in the country, and it offers a beautiful setting,” Purdy said. “This community welcomes our visitors, and that hospitality rings true to the cowboys and cowgirls that come to our town to compete.”

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The charge(s) are merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty. On June 17 at 8:37 p.m. police were called to a civil matter in the 1000 block of Big Thompson Ave. Upon arrival they found a 24 year old male from Estes Park who was wanted on an active warrant for domestic violence/no bond from the EPPD. The male was also found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and he was arrested and transported to the Larimer County Jail. On June 18 at 11:08 a.m. police arrested a 28 year old male from Estes Park in the 700 block of N. St. Vrain who was wanted on a warrant out of

Boulder County for assault. He was transported to the Larimer County Jail. On June 21 at 2:15 p.m. police responded to a motor vehicle accident in the 100 block of Stanley Avenue. Upon arrival they charged a 43 year old male from Estes Park with vehicular assault, DUID, following too closely and no insurance. He was transported to the Larimer County Jail. On June 22 at 11:43 p.m. police stopped a vehicle for speeding in the 600 block of Big Thompson Ave. The driver was a 36 year old male form Sheridan, CO who was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol. He was charged with DUI and speeding and transported to the Larimer County Jail.

Estes Park Museum And The Historic Fall River Hydroplant Closed July 4th The Estes Park Museum and the Historic Fall River Hydroplant will be closed on Wednesday, July 4 in recognition of the Independence Day holiday. Both facilities will resume normal gallery hours on Friday, July 5. The Estes Park Museum is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The Historic Fall River Hy-

droplant is open to tours by appointment by calling 970-577-3762. The mission of the Estes Park Museum is to conduct activities that preserve, share, and respect the unique history of Estes Park. For more information, call the Estes Park Museum at 970-586-6256 or visit the Museum's website.

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I need to make something clear: I do not have gout. Last week I said I thought I did. That’s because I have a very limited medical resume. (For example, I performed surgery on myself once without anesthesia. You should have seen the size of that sliver!) To me, gout was sort of the rich man’s scurvy way back in the renaissance era, so I thought my self-diagnosis of gout would be safe from misinterpretation. Also, I thought it would be funny when I claimed to have it because nobody gets this old-world disease anymore. See how funny that is? Ha. Ha. I was wrong. Currently it is estimated that four percent of the American population has gout! I meant no harm in joking about it, and was making fun of myself, not anyone else. I’m sorry for all dear souls with the big toe knuckle affliction (mostly men over the age of 40) and hope a cure is found soon. Meantime, several readers offered opinions and suggestions: Barb sent an alert to beware of Internet diagnoses. She obviously doesn’t know that everything on the World Wide Web is true. And if she doesn’t believe it is, she should Google it. Another friend, Debbie, is a medical technologist who said I would need a lab test for excess uric acid to determine if I have gout. Most likely, she said, I have arthritis, which is what she has. Debbie has gotten rid of 30 pairs of shoes because they’ve become too small, thanks to her swollen toe joint. She’s been to three doctors about it. One gave her a cortisone shot, another said surgery is the answer, and the third said, “don’t have surgery.” What did she do? She

went out and bought new, expensive shoes! She figures that’s cheaper than having surgery. I like the way this woman thinks! My buddy Eileen (to the left so far she sometimes falls over) suggested I wear an orthopedic bunion corrector, which is like a sock for the big toe. She sent a link to a video that shows how to put it on. But anything that requires a tutorial is more of a pain than the toe knuckle itself. Craig had a simpler solution. “Don’t you know you’re supposed to go on Facebook and ask Jesus to heal your big toe affliction?” he said. That was news to me. I didn’t know Jesus was on Facebook. But there he is. He updated his profile picture in 2016. My cousin Marty prescribed Epsom salt soaks and magnesium gel rubs for my feet. If I actually had gout I might try this. Instead, I think I’ll go shopping for new shoes with Debbie, maybe grab a bite to eat, order a drink of… …tart cherry juice. That’s what Suanne recommended. One small jigger every day. There are no side effects and it works great. “It’s sour but you’ll get used to it,” she said. I’m not sure I’ll go for the tart cherry juice, but I did drink some homemade strawberry vinegar this past week, just like people did back in the mid 1800s. It was light, refreshing and delicious, and made me forget all about my big toe knuckle. You may let The Thunker know what you think at her e-mail address, © 2019 Sarah Donohoe

Stand Up for Women! SPECIAL EVENTS

Thursday, July 4 – Spend your Independence Day with Post 119! –Live Music–All-you-can eat Burgers, Hot Dogs, & Sides–Horseshoes–$10


Join the League of Women Voters at the Rooftop Rodeo Parade July 9! Calling all women – and supporters of women’s rights, regardless of gender – to join the League of Women Voters at the Rooftop Rodeo parade! We will be marching as usual with our LWV float at the Rooftop Rodeo Parade, July 9. We will gather at the fairgrounds outside of the Event Center about 9:15 to carpool to our float. We are asking for all members of the public to join us in this year’s march. The League of Women Voters is celebrating our 100th year of fighting for the rights of women, starting with our

founding on February 14, 1920. Since then, we have advocated for voting rights, the Equal Rights Amendment, and a woman’s right to privacy in making her own reproductive choices. Join us to Stand Up for Women at the Rooftop Rodeo Parade and send a message that women will not let those with nostalgia for the “good ole days” take away rights that we have won. We will be wearing suffragette costumes, patriotic colors, or just our jeans and Tshirts, carrying signs that make it clear we are fighting the good fight and will continue to do so. Join us and show you are with us!

No regular hours the week of July 4 – Call 970-586-6118 for assistance. Tuesday & Thursday July 9 & 11 @ 9-11am Benefits assistance for Veterans and families Thursday, July 11 @ noon-5pm Veteran readjustment counseling. Call 970-586-6118 for an appointment.


Every Friday @7pm Queen of Hearts progressive raffle. Every day all day Pull Tabs are available. Tuesday & Thursday, July 2 & 4 @7pm Bingo! Fun and cash prizes for all ages!


Friday, June 28 @5:30-7pm BBQ Chicken $12 Every Wednesday @11:30-1:00pm Legion Lunch. Sandwich and choice of side for $8. Friday, July 5 @5:30-7pm Taco Bar $10

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Estes Park Health is a Critical Access Hospital

Coolest Car Show In Colorado This July 4

The Fourth of July in Estes Park will once again serve as the dazzling backdrop to shiny chrome, tail fins, polished fenders, and Americana-themed nostalgia. The 21st Annual Coolest Car Show takes place on Wednesday, July 4th from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Estes Park Event Center, located at Stanley Fairgrounds. Admission to the Coolest Car Show is only $8 for adults, or $5 for young people ages 6 to 17. Children five and under attend free. Tickets will be on sale that day inside the lobby. Spanning both the Event Center and next-door Pavilion, the Coolest Car Show features rows and rows of specialty vehicles—everything from vintage cards to today’s state-of-the-art electrics. There will be local car owners from Estes Park and many more from throughout Colorado, as many from out-of-state. The Coolest Car Show is family-friendly festival, with special activities for kids and a photo booth. Food will be available for purchase, and a beer truck will be on site. In addition to the abundant parking available at the Events Center on July 4, Estes Park Trolleys will transport showgoers from the Municipal Building downtown to the Event Center at the Fairgrounds and back. The Museum Friends thank the many sponsors that are making this year’s event possible: State Farm Insurance, Mama Rose’s Restaurant, Poppys Pizza & Grill,

the Estes Park News, the Estes Park Trail Gazette, Bank of Colorado, the Ore Cart Rock Shop, Brownfield’s Souvenirs and Outdoor Gear, iii Image Enhancement, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Cheley Colorado Camps, Tour Estes Park, Hobert Office Services, the Bank of Estes Park, Big O Tires, U.S. Bank, and Sweet Basilico Italian Cuisine. Thanks also goes to the Town of Estes Park Special Events Department, the Estes Park Car Club, and the many volunteers who will be giving a portion of their Fourth of July to staff the event. Tickets will also be on sale that day for the July 4 Big Bang Concert, featuring the internationally-acclaimed Face Vocal Band, Cowboy Brad Fitch and Elvis Tribute artist, Aaron Black who will all be performing in Estes Park that evening at the Estes Park Fairgrounds. For more information about the evening concert or advance ticket purchases, visit The Coolest Car Show is a fundraiser for the Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit dedicated to supporting the Estes Park Museum through fundraising, publications, outreach, volunteerism, special projects and events. For more information about the event, visit or call 303-475-7152.

What does that mean? During the May Estes Park Health Board meeting, Chief Financial Officer, Tim Cashman, presented on what it means for Estes Park Health to be a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) in the current healthcare realm. Community members who were present at the meeting and heard Mr. Cashman’s presentation, felt like this was important information for the Estes Valley community to understand. How were Critical Access Hospitals established? The Critical Access Hospital program is a federal program that was established in 1997 as part of the Balanced Budget Act. The Balanced Budget Act placed significant restrictions on Medicare funding for hospitals and there was much concern over the future survival of Medicare dependent small rural hospitals. The program is intended to help preserve the availability of small hospitals in rural areas that are deemed “critical” to maintaining access to care for residents and, particularly Medicare enrollees. This designation allows for a higher amount of Medicare reimbursement based on a portion of the cost of providing services. While this reimbursement doesn’t cover the full cost of providing services, it does help secure the future of small rural hospitals. Since 2010, 107 Rural hospitals have closed. In a recent Navigant study, re-

search predicted that 21 percent of Rural hospitals nationwide are currently at high risk of imminent closure. Estes Park Health is fortunate to have the Critical Access Hospital designation and the additional tax-generated funds from

the community to remain financially stable and an important resource for the Estes Valley. Estes Park Health is working hard not to be in that 21 percent statistic. How do we achieve our CAH designation? A hospital that already participates in Medicare (Estes Park Health does) and seeks CAH status must meet these criteria to be designated as and remain a CAH: • Be in a rural area, or be treated as rural, under a special provision that allows qualified hospital providers in urban areas to be treated as rural.

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The Hunt For Waldo Begins July 1st in Estes Park! Who: Waldo is hiding in Macdonald Book Shop and 15 other participating locations around town. Plus, the mean and nasty Odlaw is also hiding in Macdonald Book Shop. What (is it?): #FindWaldoLocal Scavenger Hunt is a free and fun family activity throughout the month of July. Respectfully search for a six-inch Waldo figurine hidden in plain sight. How (do you participate): Get your passport at Macdonald Book Shop, Inkwell & Brew, Cliffhanger Used Books, Estes Valley Library and Estes Park Visitor Center to start your journey. Find the hidden Waldo figurine to get your passport signed. Turn in your passport ONLY at Macdonald Book

Shop. Where (do you look for him): Macdonald Book Shop, Estes Park Visitors Center, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, You Need Pie!, Inkwell & Brew, Kirk’s Flyshop & Mountain Adventures, Images Of Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Valley Library, Miller’s Indian Village, Outdoor World, Colorado Homestead, Rocky Mountain Connection, Ore Cart Rock Shop, Cliffhanger Used Books, For Bare Feet and Toy Mountain. When: THE MONTH OF JULY, ending July 30th. Surprises galore from Macdonald Book Shop, Brownfield’s and others will be waiting for you at the Waldo Celebration, Tuesday, July 30th, 2:00-4:00 p.m. For more information about hunting for Waldo in Estes Park, call Macdonald Book Shop at 970-586-3450, check out our website at and follow us on Facebook. Illustration copyright © 1987-2019 by Martin Handford.

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• Demonstrate compliance with government regulations at the time of the application for CAH certification and all times after the initial certification. • Furnish 24-hour emergency care services 7 days a week, using either on-site or on-call staff, with specific on-site response timeframes for on-call staff. • Maintain no more than 25 inpatient beds that may also be used for Transitional/Swing Bed services. Transitional/Swing Bed Care is care provided when a patient needs additional care, but not nursing care, before returning home). • Have an annual average length of stay of 96 hours or less per patient for acute care (excluding Transitional/Swing Bed Care). • Be located more than a 35-mile drive from any hospital or other CAH or located more than a 15-mile drive from any hospital in an area with mountainous terrain or only secondary roads. How does a CAH receive reimbursement/payment for services? CAHs are paid for most inpatient and outpatient services to Medicare patients at 101 percent of reasonable (allowed) cost. Some costs are not allowed, including physician salaries (and matching revenues), café costs for staff, the provider tax, marketing expenses, 340b costs, Specialty Clinic, wellness costs, interest expense. Cost based is dependent upon annual Cost Report (Form CMS 2552). The Cost Report is publicly available, and a copy can be obtained in the Administration Office at Estes Park Health, 555 Prospect Ave. Estes Park, CO. CAHs are not subject to the Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) or the Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) like most hospitals. CAH services are subject to Medicare Part A and Part B deductible and coinsurance amounts. The copayment amount for most outpatient CAH services is 20 percent of applicable Part B charges and is not limited by the Part A inpatient deductible amount. We experience a flat inpatient reimbursement of $3,745 per day and most stays are around two to three days. Our outpatient reimbursement is 45 percent of our charges – Medicare’s determination of our allowable cost. Medicaid uses our costs, and then dis-

counts another 30 percent to determine their reimbursement to Estes Park Health. What is the advantage of being a CAH? Cost-based reimbursement is the primary advantage. Meaning, typical Medicare reimbursement is with Diagnostic Related Groups (Inpatient) and Ambulatory Payment Calculation (Outpatient). Generally, this type of reimbursement, known as a Prospective Payment System, is less than Cost. Estes Park Health uses a Cost Report to determine our reimbursement. The annual Cost Report is essentially a step-down method or cost accounting. It allocates all Administrative and General (A&G) costs to Revenue departments and generates a Cost/Charge ratio. Costs are allocated based on a determined metric, such as patient days, visits, surgeries, tests, square footage, meals, pounds of linen, etc. The square feet is important when allocating costs such as the Living Center, Administration, Dietary or other nonMedicare revenue areas. In other words, the more square feet allocated to Revenue departments, the better the Cost/Charge ratio and thus better reimbursement. The advantage that Estes Park Health experiences as a CAH is that we can provide exceptional, personalized community care because we are locally owned, locally based, and independent. The advantage to the community, outside of exceptional healthcare, is that Estes Park Health is one of the largest employers in Estes Park, providing professional job opportunities to over 350 people and creating an economic impact to the community estimated to be over $6 million per year. (Based on the 2017 Community Health Needs Assessment of 150 employees living locally.) Estes Park Health provides vital healthcare services, job opportunities and economic support for the Estes Valley community. The community provides vital funding that allows Estes Park Health to continue providing healthcare services locally – and for that, we are thankful. If you have any questions about Estes Park Health’s Critical Access Hospital designation, please send your questions to




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Estes Transit (Free Shuttles) Daily Service Last Saturday, June 22, Estes Transit began daily service to 55 stops throughout Estes Park. This year will mark Estes Transit’s fourteenth year in operation. In 2018, the free shuttles carried 82,096 riders to a variety of destinations, including lodging locations, the Estes Park Visitor Center, downtown district, local parks and the Events Complex Park-nRide. Several updates were made to shuttle stop locations and service routes in 2019 in an effort to improve the frequency of service, safety of stop locations for both drivers and riders, and to provide improved connection to additional neighborhoods within Town limits. The Estes Transit system consists of five routes, all of which begin service at the Estes Park Visitor Center (500 Big Thompson Ave.) at 9 a.m. with a final trip beginning at 8:30 p.m. • Red Route (Downtown Trolley): Travels west into downtown with a variety of stops along Elkhorn Avenue, including Bond Park/Town Hall, The Ore Cart Rock Shop, Tregent Park, West Park Center, and west of Maxwell Inn before turning around and stopping at The Lazy B at Elkhorn Lodge, Mrs. Walsh’s Garden, The Grubsteak Restaurant, and

Moosely T’s. • Gold Route: Travels along Wonderview Avenue and Fall River Road with stops at Timber Creek Chalets, McGregor Mountain Lodge, Fall River Visi-

tor Center, Estes Park Condos, Aspen Winds on Fall River, Homestead Lane and Fall River Road, StoneBrook Resort, and Nicky’s Resort. • Silver Route: Travels southwest along Hwy 7 stopping at The Ridgeline Hotel, before looping up to Estes Park Health, returning to Hwy 7 on Stanley Avenue, stopping near the Dollar General / Ziggi’s Coffee and the Saddle & Surrey before turning around at Carriage Drive / Hwy. 7 and returning to Town via Community Drive, with stops at both the Estes Valley Community Center and Events Complex Park-n- Ride. • Brown Route: Travels southwest with stops on Riverside Dr. near the Open

Air Adventure Park and Estes Park Brewery, Worldmark, and Alpine Trail Ridge Inn, turning around at Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Park and then continuing east along Moraine to serve National Park Village, Meadow Mini Golf, The Twisted Pine, Piccadilly Square and Bond Park. • Blue Route: Travels east down U.S. 34/Big Thompson Avenue with stops at Estes Mountain Lodge, Best Western Plus Silver Saddle, Quality Inn, Antonio’s Pizza, Lake Estes Marina, west of Olympus Lodge, Estes Park KOA, Good Samaritan Estes Park Village, Salud Family Health Center, Crossroads Min-

istry, the intersection of Raven Avenue and Lone Pine Drive, Lake Front Street at Ranch Meadow, and Lower Stanley Village. Each route takes approximately 30 minutes roundtrip. Riders can download the DoubleMap app for both Android and Apple devices to track Estes Transit bus and shuttle locations in real-time. The DoubleMap app also shows the location of Rocky Mountain National Park’s Hiker Shuttle. A map of the shuttle routes, the full schedule, and special service information is available at For more information about Estes Park's shuttle routes, please contact Estes Park Visitor Services at 970-577-9900. The 2019 Estes Transit service season will end Sept. 8.

CELEBRATE 4TH OF JULY Join The Estes Park Resort this 4th of July as we Celebrate our Country’s Independence. The Estes Park Resort will be hosting many family friendly activities to celebrate this fourth of July. Join us on our back lawn where we will have lawn games, face painting, snow cone machines, kid friendly bounce house, and smore kits to enjoy around the fire pit. Food will be served from our backyard grill including a full bar.

Get the best views of the reworks over Lake Estes. Space in the Pavilion are limited. Tickets are required for entrance.

$15 per person.

We will be hosting The Fox Duo band

12pm to 3pm.

For questions or to reserve your space on the pavilion, please contact our front desk. 970-577-6400

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Whiskey And Wings Event To Support Flinch Forward Please join Flinch Forward for Whiskey and Wings to help honor and support Veterans and First responders on Sunday, July 7th from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. at Elkins Distillery in Estes Park. By help-

ing support Flinch Forward, a 501c3 charity, you could win Rooftop Rodeo tickets, Flinch Forward t-shirts or a $50.00 gift certificate to Bird & Jim's Restaurant!

Crossroads Extends Thanks From the staff and board members of Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the wonderful volunteers and leaders who serve at the Village Thrift Shop. Executive Director, Brian Schaffer said, “It’s amazing to consider the impact that the Village Thrift Shop is making across the Estes Valley. Every item in the shop has been donated from the com-

munity and then within days is being sold for cash as a way to reinvest the proceeds into meeting needs among our neighbors. The vision of the Village Thrift shop is admirable in the way they intentionally serve our community. Crossroads Ministry is one of many nonprofits who has been blessed with grant funding from the Village Thrift shop and we are grateful!”

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Friday, June 28, 2019 ÂŤ 15

The curve in the road at the bottom of this map and the curve in the Big Thompson River near the top are difficult for many people to connect. Photo credit: courtesy Google Maps

Estes Park Archives Program This Friday The Estes Park Archives opens its summer lecture series this Friday, June 28, at a brand new dedicated location, in a shop soon to be named "Ten Letters" at 240 Moraine Avenue in the Gaslight Square complex. The subject of the first program is a difficult one, involving the as yet unexplained circumstances surrounding last month's discovery of a young woman's near-lifeless body in the Big Thompson River. It highlights the bravery and dogged determination of Estes Park citizens and law enforcement officers, and once again demonstrates Estes Park's concern for the safety and well being of its visitors, many of whom are unfamiliar with the hazards posed by an unpre-

dictable mountain environment. The latest factual information will be presented, with eyewitnesses invited to provide first-hand accounts. We may never know exactly how (or even if) events led an individual who escaped almost certain death from a car accident to trek from point A near the Estes Park welcome sign on Highway 36 to point B downstream of the Mall Road bridge, but that doesn't mean a sensitive topic should be ignored, especially in light of potential physical evidence remaining as yet unrecovered. The free program begins at 7:00 p.m., and all are invited. For further information, call 586-4889.

Summer Bus Tours To Explore Rocky Mountain National Park The Rocky Mountain Conservancy invites you to join our summer bus tours exploring the soaring views of Rocky Mountain National Park from the comfort of a 14-passenger mini-bus or a 12-passenger van. Most tours start at the Fall River Visitor Center located at 3450 Fall River Road, just before the north entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, with the exception of the East Across the Divide bus tour which starts at the Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce located on the West side of the park. All tours include park entrance and daytime tours over four hours include lunch at the Alpine Visitor Center located at the top of Trail Ridge Road. The bus tours will cover a wide range of topics spanning from natural history to geology to ecosystems and cultural history. Participants are welcome to take pictures and to take short distance walks at each of the tour stops, but no significant hiking will be required. Grand Lake Safari: Tuesdays, June 25th-August 27th Sunset Safari: Fridays, June 28th-August 30th

Journey to the Top: Wednesdays and Thursdays, June 26th-September 12th Wildlife of Rocky: Thursdays, June 27th-August 29th Old Fall River Road: Fridays, July 5th-September 13th East Across the Divide: July 13th and August 17th Instructors for the bus tours range by date, but each instructor brings a wealth of knowledge about the natural and human history of Rocky Mountain National Park and each of the unique ecosystems found in the park. The Rocky Mountain Conservancy is proud to host instructors with highly diverse backgrounds in environmental science, outdoor recreation, early childhood education, and adult interpretive programming. To register or learn more about the bus tours offered by RMC or other field classes offered by the Field Institute, give the Rocky Mountain Conservancy Field Institute a call at (970) 586-3262 or visit our website at

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Two-Day Consciousness Workshop Move From Stress To Calm

Join The Celebration For Retiring Town Attorney Greg White July 11 The Town of Estes Park invites community members to a reception honoring outgoing Town Attorney Greg White for his 40 years of service and dedication. The reception takes place 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the foyer area at the Ridgeline Hotel, 101 S. St. Vrain Avenue. Attorney White served as Assistant Town Attorney from 1978 until 1980, when he was appointed to Town Attorney by the Town Board. White's career highlights over the last four decades include the maturation of the Town's raw water supply and improvement of the Town's water treatment and distribution sys-

tems (1980s - present), negotiations for acquisition of the site and operations of the Estes Park Conference Center (a partnership with the Estes Park Urban Renewal Authority), negotiation of development agreements to establish the Stanley Historic District in 1994 including the adoption of the Stanley Historic District Master Plan, and adoption of the joint Estes Valley Comprehensive Plan with Larimer County, establishment of the Estes Valley Planning Area, the Planning Commission and Development Code in 2000, and continued joint efforts with Larimer County to manage land use planning. White's successor, Attorney Daniel Kramer, begins work for the Town in July. For more information, please contact the Town Clerk's Office at 970-577-4777.

Please join the Town of Estes Park for a Reception Honoring

Greg White

as He Retires after Serving the Town of Estes Park as its Attorney for nearly 40 Years and to Thank Him for His Counsel and Commitment to the Community. Thursday July 11th 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. in the Foyer of the Conference Center Ridgeline Hotel 101 S. Saint Vrain Avenue

Will and Dayle Spencer will host a weekend workshop at their home in Estes Park on July 20-21 for participants to learn how to move from stressful states to calm, connected states of being. The Beautiful State Workshop is for those who want to deepen or begin a meditation practice or to raise their levels of consciousness and self-awareness to new heights. Stress has become the accepted default state in society today, and thus is the greatest cause of unexplainable health issues, disconnection in relationships and discontent at work. This weekend course will: • Offer keys to living a stress-free life • Help to access the Presence/Universal Intelligence • Provide skills to make an outstanding positive impact in the world

The workshop will be led by Lea Flocchini (left) and Elizabeth Scherwenka (right), who trained for years at the O&O Academy in India to become workshop leaders in this field of study. O&O Academy is an international philosophy and meditation school whose grand vision is to bring about a revolution in the totality of human thought, igniting lasting change in the way we live. Dayle Spencer said, “I have known Lea Flocchini for more than twenty-five years. She is an experienced facilitator, guide, and healer on this planet. Everyone who attends this event will be enriched by the experience.” Attendance is by pre-registration only. This weekend will be a consciousness game changer!

Southern Gospel Music in Estes Park! Featuring

An enjoyable evening of praise thru song

Gloria Diane Gardner Nationally recognized Southern Gospel Singer

(and a few words!)

(Even though she recently moved from Texas to become one of Estes Park’s own she hasn't lost her southern gospel roots!)

If you have been missing Southern Gospel music come on down!

An evening of Southern Gospel music To be presented Sunday Evening, July 14, 2019 at 6:00pm At Christian Church of Estes Park 4655 US Highway 36 (4 miles east of Estes Park on hwy 36) This charity event will be benefitting our Mission Trip to Tavriski Christian Institute in Kherson, Ukraine (For more information contact Pastor Aaron Dorman, CCEP, 970-586-8586)

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Program On Electric Vehicles At The Estes Valley Library Ernie Petrocine will be presenting two programs at the Estes Valley Library in the Wasson Board Room. Ernie Petrocine, a local business man with some academic background in engineering, physics, marketing and 120,000 miles of electric vehicle travel, will give a program on breaking news and 'must-have' features of electric vehicles. He will share his knowledge and answers to your concerns regarding electric vehicles. Ernie said, “There is so much happening in the electric vehicle space today. If you are not following it in depth, you may make costly bad decisions. Being aware of breaking developments in the here and now of electric vehicles may make you $300,000 and at the very least, it will save you from making a bad costly decision.” Program dates/times: Thursday, 6/27/2019 - 6:30-8:30 p.m. Monday, 7/15/2019 - 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Restless Spirit Band Playing At Coffee On The Rocks Restless Spirit Band returns to Coffee on the Rocks this Saturday, June 29 from 9 a.m.- 12 noon. Don’t miss your chance to hear this great band.

It’s My Privilege. When you’re 12 and you see how important skilled nursing is to your dying grandmother, it sticks with you.” That’s what inspired Ben to become a nurse, and it’s what shapes his highly attentive style of care. Whether treating a case of pancreatitis or helping a patient recover from surgery, he understands that treating each patient like family is often the best route to the most successful recovery.

Ben Hetrick, RN Medical Surgical Unit

Estes Park Medical Center is now Estes Park Health. New name, same independence that puts our community first. 555 PROSPECT AVENUE | ESTES PARK | 970-586-2317

18 Âť Friday, June 28, 2019

Book Program And Sale Estes Park And Rocky Mountain National Park: Then And Now, Revised Edition On Saturday, June 29, at 2:30 p.m. join authors and photographers, Dr. James Pickering, Derek Fortini, and Mic Clinger at the Estes Park Museum as they discuss the latest release of their updated book, Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park: Then and Now, Revised Edition. This first program in a series will highlight the greater Estes Park area. Following programs to take place on July 27 and August 17 will cover Downtown Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, respectively. Light refreshments will be served courtesy of the Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation, Inc. Completely redesigned, the book explores town and valley history by comparing historic photographs, many of which are being published here for the first time, with images of those same locations taken in the past year or so. During the program, the speakers will discuss the photographs for the revised edition as well as show some of the new images included in the publication. The 2006 edition was the winner of the Colorado Book Award. The new book features nearly 500 images of the Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park area. During the program, Then and Now will be available for pre-sale with a 20% discount for current and new Museum members (shipping not included). Memberships can be purchased the day of the program. Copies purchased in amounts of five or more will receive an additional 5% off. Physical copies of the books are arriving in July, so this is a final opportunity to take advantage of the pre-sale discount. The present authors have donated their time and talents to the project and all proceeds from the publication will be used toward a new Collections and Research Facility. Pre-sales and memberships are available for purchase at or by calling 970-577-3766. The mission of the Estes Park Museum is to conduct activities that preserve, share, and respect the unique history of Estes Park. For more information, call the Estes Park Museum at 970-586-6256 or visit the Museum's website which you’ll find at

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Art Center Gallery Hosts Retirement Party For Manager Vickie Mastron The Art Center of Estes Park is sadly saying goodbye to Vickie Mastron who has served the organization as Gallery Manager for the past nine years. Vickie’s outgoing and sunny personality will be greatly missed. The public is invited to a going away party for Vickie this Sunday, June 30 between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. at the Art Center, 517 Big Thompson Avenue, in Middle Stanley Village. Light refreshments will be served. Vickie and her husband, Bill Cody, are relocating to Crestone, CO to begin a new life together, and everyone at the Art Center wishes them the utmost happiness.

Western Tanager by Jim Ward.

Lars Sage, well known to many in the community, will begin his employment as the new Gallery Manager at the Art Center on June 24. He recently served a three-year term on the Art Center Board of Directors and was the primary force in launching the Estes Valley Plein Air event, successfully hosted for the first time last year by the organization. Lars’ energy, good humor and genuine love of people will be perfect qualities to help the Art Center move forward.

KREV-LP104.7FM Weekly Schedule Monday-Friday

6am - 10am Morning Music 10am - 1pm Easy Listening 1 pm-3pm Afternoon Classical 3pm - 5pm Upbeat Monday: 1950-1963 Tuesday: 1964-1975 Wednesday: 1976-1983 Thursday: 1984-1999 Friday: 2000 - Current

5pm-7pm Dinner Music 7pm-9pm Grass Fed (Eclectic Rock Bands) 9pm - 11pm Jazz 11pm-6am Night Music


6am-11am Saturday Morning Chores 11am - Noon British Rock Noon - 2pm Old Time Radio 2pm - 4pm Estes Park Spanish Radio 4pm-7pm Dinner Music 7pm-9pm Grass Fed 9pm-11pm Jazz 11 pm - 6am Night Music


6am-8am Praise 8am-9am Sunday Morning Hymns 9am-10:00am Gospel 10am-11am Sunday Morning Hymns 11am-1pm Instrumental Music 1pm - 2pm German Hour 2pm-5pm Afternoon Classical 5pm-7pm Dinner Music 7pm-9pm Jazz 9pm - 11pm Evening Classical 11pm-6am Night Music

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Senate Candidate John Walsh In Estes Park On July 7

U. S. Senate Candidate John Walsh will be in Estes Park on Sunday afternoon, July 7, from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. at the Estes Valley Library’s Hondius Room. This meet-and-greet for John is open to the public and hosted by the Estes Valley Democrats. John is a Democratic candidate for the U. S. Senate seat currently held by Senator Cory Gardner. Having served as our U. S. Attorney for the District of Colorado, John’s legal and community-oriented background has prepared him for protecting the interests of all Coloradans. John was appointed to the U. S. Attorney position in 2010 by President Obama, and was unanimously confirmed by the U. S. Senate. From 2010 through August 2016, John oversaw a team of nearly 200 Assistant U. S. Attorneys and staff, and was very successful in standing up for the rights of Coloradans and against special interests. Examples of accomplishments during his tenure as our U. S. Attorney include winning the largest settlement in Colorado history against

PEO Invites Any PEO Members To Summer Breakfast July 12

The Estes Park PEO Group invites any interested PEO summer visitors to join us for breakfast at the Otherside Restaurant at 9 a.m. on Friday, July 12th. Our PEO visitors are also invited to the BIL Potluck Brunch on Monday, July 22 at 11 a.m. in the home of Merilyn Johnston. The speaker will be Janet Benter, "Twenty-one days in Rwanda." If interested, please call Pam Schnetzler for further information at 586-5870.

Citibank for fraudulent activities, and the successful prosecution of GlaxoSmithKline that resulted in the largest healthcare fraud fine in our history. John also has dealt first-hand with the human toll caused by gun violence. As U. S. Attorney, he led the federal response to the Aurora theatre shooting in 2012 and the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting in 2015. After leaving his position as U. S. Attorney, John joined the WilmerHale

law firm in 2017, leading their litigation practice. In early 2019, the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network awarded John and a team of WilmerHale attorneys RMIAN’s 2019 Pro Bono Service Award for their humanitarian legal work in representing immigrant parents and children separated at the U. S.-Mexico border. John grew up in Colorado, and attended public schools in Denver. He was an exchange student to Mexico at age 13, becoming fluent in Spanish. John received his law degree from Stanford,

graduating with honors near the top of his class and serving as senior editor of the Stanford Law Review. Besides his legal accomplishments, John has been heavily involved in giving back to the community through starting a Denver non-profit, “Invest in Kids,” dedicated to helping lift youths out of poverty through education and health care. John, his wife Lisa, and their three children share a love for the Colorado outdoors and a commitment to preserving our fragile environment. Please meet this impressive candidate in person on July 7. For more information, you may email Vicky Henry, Democratic PCP Coordinator, at

Friday, June 28, 2019 ÂŤ 21

Estes Valley Conservatives Welcome Ben Aste

The next Estes Valley Conservatives meeting is on Saturday, June 29 at 2:00 p.m. All Patriots are invited to the meet-

ing at 1751 East Lake Lane in Estes Park, across from the marina. As usual, discussion will revolve around an update on local politics, as well as a guest speaker, Ben Aste. The special guest of Estes Valley Conservatives is Ben Aste, from Loveland, who is running for Larimer County Commissioner District 2. Commissioners are the statutory head of Larimer County’s government, representing the interests of the citizens at local, state and national levels. The son of a Swiss immigrant, Ben

Aste has worked on many boards and commissions in both the private and public sector and will explain why he has the leadership and experienced to be a Larimer County Commissioner. One of his businesses has diverted over two million tons of building materials from the Larimer County Waste Shed, providing employment for many veterans. Ben is an Eagle Scout, a father of two and grandfather of three, who has been involved with humanitarian missions both locally and abroad. If you have any questions about the meeting, please direct them to Bill Howell at

Great Decisions Meeting In July On The Rise Of Populism In Europe

Mass migration, and the problems associated with it, have directly abetted the rise of populist parties in Europe. In addition to calling for stronger borders, however, these parties are invariably illiberal, anti-American, anti-NATO and pro-Kremlin, making their rise a matter of serious concern for the national security interests of the United States. Come to the Wasson Room on July 2nd, at 12:30 p.m. to discuss with us! (Please note the slightly later time). Peter Gibbs will lead us. Thank you, Peter!

Masonic Lodge Community Yard Sale This Saturday

This Saturday, June 29 - 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. 1820 S. St. Vrain Ave. For details and to reserve spaces call 577-8585.

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Wildflowers In Your Backyard At Next Summer Enchanted Evening Event

Sign Up For Heritage Camp At MacGregor Ranch Cost of the camp is $250.00 per camper, first come, first serve. Find out what it was like back then; cook your meal from scratch, pick vegetables from the garden, collect eggs in the chicken house, pump water from an old fashioned hand pump and sew on a machine powered by you! The camp is held on the historic MacGregor Ranch in Estes Park using the late 1880s era ranch house, 1896 house museum, barns, corrals and garden areas. Any child who has just completed 3rd or 4th grade in the spring or are ages 9-11 are eligible to apply for the camp. Camp runs from Monday through Thursday, daily, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. There’s still time to sign your child up Sack lunch will be provided by the for Heritage Camp at MacGregor Ranch. The goal of the camp is to provide chil- child's parent/guardian for each camp dren with a wide variety of ranch related day (Monday - Wednesday); for the activities and local history. During camp, Thursday afternoon meal, cooked by campers, three guests per camper may the children will learn about early setbe served. Snacks and curriculum suptlers, MacGregor family history while plies are supplied by MacGregor Ranch. having some old fashioned family fun. For reservations and general informaCamp dates are: tion, call (970) 586-3749. Sponsored by July 8th - 11th - Heritage Camp The Muriel L. MacGregor Charitable July 15th - 18th - Heritage Camp Trust. July 22rd - 25th - Heritage Camp

The Baldpate Inn is honored to announce a fascinating Summer Enchanted Evening on Wednesday, June 26th at 7:00 p.m. in the Baldpate Key Room for our talk: ‘Wildflowers In Your Backyard’ – Marlene Borneman Join us at the Baldpate Inn to explore the fascinating world of Colorado’s wildflowers with a seasoned naturalist, as we welcome Marlene Borneman on Wednesday June 26, 2019 at 7:00 p.m for our Summer Enchanted Evening. The program, Wildflowers in Your Backyard, will explore your knowledge about flower families, how they are connected, their habitats and rare species. Tips on identifying species found in RMNP will also be discussed. As a bonus, she will speak about native pollinators and their relationship to our native plants in keeping both healthy and strong in our environment. Hear the virtues of growing native plants in your garden and ideas on what native plants may best fit your garden.

Marlene has been hiking and climbing in Colorado’s mountains since 1974. She has climbed Colorado’s 54 Fourteeners, 126 USGS named peaks in RMNP and 44 state high points. Along the way became interested in the botany behind the beauty of wildflowers. Marlene has taken extensive classes and fieldwork earning her Native Plant Master Certification. She spends much of her time in the field locating and photographing wildflowers in their natural habitats. She is a member of the Colorado Native Plant Society and the Colorado Mountain Club. She is the author of the 2nd Edition of Rocky Mountain Wildflowers and The Best Front Range Wildflower Hikes. This free information session is part of our Summer Enchanted Evenings series that runs from June through September. Our Wednesday evening series is part history, part natural history, and part show & tell. Topics will range from Mountaineering to live yaks. Check out our website at or call us at 970586-5397 for further information and for other Summer Enchanted Evening events all summer long. We also invite you to make reservations for dinner to enjoy our homemade soup and salad buffet before our enchanted evenings begin!

She Said “Yes!”

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July 16 Full Moon

Claire Unger & Michael Bauer from Denver, CO got engaged on 6/22/19 at the summit of Deer Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park. Congratulations to the happy couple! Photo by Pat Nelson

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Estes Park Senior Citizens Center Menu

Estes Park Garden Club Garden Tour 2019 Please join the Estes Park Garden Club on Monday, July 8th as we tour several local gardens. We will meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Masonic Lodge, (1820 S. St. Vrain Av). This is on Route 7 on left just past Peak View. There, we will arrange carpools and hand out maps and directions, as well as descriptions of the lovely gardens you will visit. Because of the minimal parking situations on the tour all are encouraged to carpool during the event. On the tour this year are the gardens of Jim Conley, Jane Wilson, Bruce and Candace Kane, and Sharon and Wayne Groome. The gardens include a variety of styles, maturity, and design. The Conley garden is almost entirely natural with no intentional landscaping. Jim's goal is to create a “natural” appearance using a mixture of rock, native and non-native plants. Unique features in the yard are three cactus/xeric gardens with a large collection of cacti. The Wilson garden is a mature garden which has recently undergone a renovation to balance the ever-encroaching wildlife that we love, with a passion for flowers and gardening. The Kane garden is a large garden

never the same, as it includes a variety of ever-changing flowers and trees. Melding a love for animals with gardening, the garden represents a lush and colorful oasis for the bird world and adjacent duck area. The Groome garden is fenced against intrusion and has a mature profusion of flowering plants that thrive in our mountain climate with Sharon’s care. She has sitting areas throughout her gardens as well as areas to contemplate the beauty of her surroundings. Bring your own lunch to our picnic at the Groomes, the last garden on the tour. Beverages and sweet snacks will be provided by hosts Kathy Semerad and Sharron Moran. Tour coordinators are Sharon Groome and Maureen Gootz. The tour is free to Garden Club members and a nominal $5 fee is requested from tour participants who are not Garden Club members yet. A lifetime membership is available. Please wear comfortable shoes as the footing is not stable at most of the gardens. A hat, sunscreen, extra water, and a brown bag lunch is all that is needed for a lovely tour! We look forward to seeing you.

July 1 - July 5 Monday, July 1 Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich w/ pasta salad Tuesday, July 2 Hot Roast Beef Sandwich w/ mashed potatoes, gravy & vegetables Wednesday, July 3 Taco Salad w/ chicken Thursday, July 4 Closed Friday, July 5 Tuna Salad Sliders (3) w/ coleslaw

July 8 - July 12 Monday, July 8 Crispy Chicken BLT Sandwich w/ cottage cheese Tuesday, July 9 Patty Melt Sandwich w/ tomato salad Wednesday, July 10 Fried Chicken (3 pc) w/ mashed potatoes, gravy & vegetables Thursday, July 11 Chicken Parmesan w/ spaghetti, garlic bread & side salad Friday, July 12 Salmon w/ rice & clam chowder soup All noon meals are $5 for current EP Senior Citizens Center members and are by reservation only. Reservations must be made by 1:00 PM at least one business day in advance. Note, if you want to reserve a meal for Monday, July 1st, you need to call before 1:00 PM on Friday, June 28th. For reservations call 970-581-2195 (Monday – Friday 9:00 am - 1:30 pm). Prepaid meal tickets and membership forms are available at the Estes Park Senior Citizens Center at our NEW location 1760 Olympian Lane. Eat at the Senior Citizens Center or take Meals to Go! Regular hours of operation 9:00 am -- 1:30 pm Monday thru Friday. Join or renew membership for 2019! Check out our website: TriFit, Balance, Mah Jongg, Tai Chi, crafts, games, and other activities. NEW dedicated location and space !

24 » Friday, June 28, 2019

Crossroads July 4th Benefit Breakfast of Columbus as well as the following sponsors: The Wapiti, The Egg & I, Rambo’s, Estes Park Rent All, Estes Park News, Estes Park Trail Gazette, Hobert Business Services and Starbucks. Crossroads also thanks the volunteers who make this event possible. Last year, 40 volunteers helped serve about 460 breakfasts. Celebrate the 4th, bring a friend for breakfast, and The public is invited to community-wide breakfast on Thursday, July 4, in the parking lot of Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church. The breakfast, cheerfully prepared each year by the Knights of Columbus at Our Lady of the Mountains, helps Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park help our neighbors in need in the Estes Valley. Cost for a hearty pancake and sausage breakfast is $8 for adults or $5 for children under age 10. Bring a can of food to get a dollar off the ticket price and to help stock the food pantry. Crossroads is extremely grateful to Our Lady of the Mountains and the Knights

make a difference in our community. The mission of Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park is to practice Christian love by providing basic human services for residents in need in the Estes Valley.

Puppy Class and Adult Dog Good Manners Training Offered – Proceeds Help Pet Association we are offering three 30minute private Good Manners training! Saturday Puppy Foundation Class Orientation with your puppy- June 29, 9-10 a.m. Puppy Class Starts July 13 through August 10 from 9-10 a.m. Adult Dog Good Manners Private Training Call Judy to schedule your first 30-minute Private Training today! One of the most enjoyable part of The Puppy Class will take place at training your dog is he’ll know when 1029 Tranquil Lane. Take the right culit’s training time. He’ll get up, stretch de-sac (do not go straight). and start wagging his tail as he watches Adult Good Manners private training you prepare your treat bag. Having a may be held at your home, the home of conversation with your dog, watching Judy Wood at 2529 US Highway 34 him problem solve and giving him (four miles from down town), or varichallenges will create a stronger bond. ous locations depending on your trainAll dogs want to work. Let’s give him ing needs. something to do! The cost is just $60. Proceeds go to the Positive Reinforcement training will Estes Park Pet Association. Call Judy be taught by Judy Wood of Home Wood at 970-699-1856 for more inforSweet Home Dog Training. The sixmation and to reserve your place in week puppy class (up to six months puppy class or to schedule your private old) will be offered on Saturdays at 9 a.m. For dogs seven months and older lesson.

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Fine Arts Guild’s Youth Theater Production Of “Bye Bye Birdie” This Weekend This Saturday and Sunday only, come see the Youth Theatre production of Bye Bye Birdie! The Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies is proud to present this summer’s Youth Theatre Camp show June 29th and 30th at the High School Auditorium. This family friendly musical takes the audience to 1960s small town America and the era of early Rock n’Roll. Conrad Birdie, a teenage rock and roll idol, has been inducted into the army and his managers concoct a publicity stunt to send him off. Birdie will bid a typical teenage girl goodbye with a public goodbye kiss. The lucky girl, randomly chosen, is Kim McAfee of Sweet Valley, Ohio, a member of Conrad Birdie’s fan club. Birdie travels to Sweet Valley and the fun begins! This is an upbeat, funny musical with energetic dance and musical numbers.

ing,” she says. Other experienced campers share her sentiments. “I’ve always loved acting and being in front of an audience,” says Annie Lewelling. Another returning student, Amelia Bryant, says this play is a good learning experience because it’s more serious than other plays she’s performed for in the past. “It’s kind of like an escape,” says LilyAnn Smith. “You get to be someone else and live somewhere else, and it’s like a rush of adrenaline.” Lexi Richardson, Ayla Chinn, Lucy Leija, and Zia Kissinger all state that they enjoy theatre camp because they get to make new friends. “Plus, I get to faint,” says Ayla. “This show is so dynamic,” says Zia, “there’s a lot going on. And I like interacting with fictional characters to see how they would feel.” Several students are working behind

Director Danielle Hermon Wood, Music Director of the Bixby School in Boulder states: “The show is full of fun and happiness and joy. The kids have been wonderful to work with; extremely prepared and kind. It has been a gift for us to work with such talented, kind kids.” The cast includes some returning students, as well as some newcomers. Returning actress, Drew Collinet says it’s exciting to have the thrill of being on stage again. “I love the rush of perform-

the scenes, getting first-hand instruction from local legend and veteran technical director, Greig Steiner. “We’ve been painting all the sets and Grieg has taught me a lot about color and set building,” says first-time theatre participant, Logan Chionio. Tech students Jade Collinet, Chloe Coop, and Alison Raymond say that their love of art and painting drove them to want to build and design sets and lighting schemes. Olyvia Meinking

also enjoys art. “My dad taught me that I can build stuff and now I can paint it and create something beautiful,” Olyvia says. “A lot of the sets are really cool to make. Seeing how different it looks from stage one until now, all the detail being added, is so cool.” In addition to acting, singing, and building sets, the camp students are dancing. Choreographer Becca Greer, performer and choreographer for Inspire Theater Company at the PACE Center, says the campers are adorable. “The show is the good kind of cheesy—nice and gooey and melty. The kids are great,” Greer says. Overall, the cast and crew of Bye Bye

Birdie are excited to present their hard work to the public. “My favorite part of theatre is everyone working together,” says Isla Jackson. “We’ve created our own sort of family,” says Sydney Lewelling. You can see this family in action at the High School Auditorium, Saturday, June 29th at 7 p.m., and Sunday, June 30th at 2 p.m. Tickets are available at Macdonald Book Shop, at the door, or online at $10 Adults, $5 under 18, $25 family four pack. Check out the Fine Arts Guild Facebook page for more information.

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Gypsy Jazz Coming To Estes Park August 4

Coming to Estes Park, Sunday August 4th at Performance Park-Gonzalo Bergara with the Aaron Walker Quartet featuring phenom vocalist Laura Iyengar. This event is free to the public, come early to reserve a spot. Several food trucks will be on site, including Roaming Rations & Heff ’s Cowboy Kitchen as well as Lumpy Ridge Brewing Company, Elkins Distilling Company & Snowy Peaks Winery. Vino Giu is offering pre-order Picnic Boxes (order ahead at Vino Giu by calling 970-591-2528) so plan to dine & sip at this beautiful venue~it’s going to be a wonderful evening! Greg Miles & Erika Metzler, producers of this concert, have produced several successful jazz events in Estes Park &

this one will certainly be no different. They would like to thank their generous sponsors: SkyRun Estes Park Vacation Rentals, Avant Garde Aleworks, Bird & Jim, Vino Giu; Tom Thomas First Colorado Realty; Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co, Snowy Peaks Winery, Fall River Antiques, Estes Park News, Rambo’s Longhorn Liquor & The Enchanted Florist. You make quality events like this happen in our beautiful town & we all thank you! Gonzalo Bergara has emerged as a virtuoso composer and lead guitarist, mixing a cascade of arpeggios with the sounds of Paris and his native Argentina, to forge his own style of progressive Gypsy Jazz. "A new kind of Gypsy Jazz..." This is a show you don’t want to miss!

2nd Annual Estes Valley Plein Air Show Sponsored By The Art Center Of Estes Park The Art Saturday, AuCenter of gust 24. The Estes Park first event is the celebrates Estes Valley the art of Plein Air Quick Plein Air Draw and Aucfrom August tion. Artists will 10-24. have an hour and a half to Thirty-five paint and their artists from works of art will all over the be auctioned off country were at Riverside juried in to Plaza. participate in this event in- Nymph Lake Morning by Lydia Pottoff. The second cluding: Cliff event is the Austin, Plein Air Gala Deliece Blanchard, Lon Brauer, Wendy Opening and Awards Ceremony that Brayton, Krystal Brown, Jenifer Cline, takes place at the Art Center of Estes Judy Crowe, Larry DeGraff, Alison Park beginning at 5 p.m. The Art Center Dickson, Patty Dwyer, Dane Fechenwill host this reception that includes an bach, Mary Giacomini, Nancy Hall, exhibition of the paintings that have Shelley Howard, Svetlana Howe, Kather- been created over the previous two ine Irish, Carol Jenkins, Julie Klett, weeks. The gala will provide food from Laura Kratz, Mary Landis, Kathleen local restaurants. Snowy Peaks Winery Lanzoni, Janeice Linden, Lee MacLeod, will provide a red and white wine featurLaura Martinez-Bianco, Marie Massey, ing a label created by Lydia Pottoff from David McBride, Lorie Merfeld-Batson, Longmont, the winner of the EVPA laMark Monsarrat, Suzanne Morris, Lydia bel contest. The public is encouraged to Pottoff, Linda Pyka, Karen Ramsay, attend. All of the exhibited paintings Kathleen Reilly, Sandhya Sharma and will be for sale. Awards totaling more Cecy Turner. than $11,000 will be presented at 6:30 p.m. at the reception. The Estes Valley Plein Air Show will culminate with two events to be held on For further information visit

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Mountain Village At Lake Estes Officially Opens After Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony President of Estes Valley Partners for Commerce, Kirby Hazelton officiated the ceremony of the ribbon cutting and grand opening of the brand new, beautiful, Mountain Village at Lake Estes property adjacent to the Estes Park Resort. The Mountain Village at Lake Estes is a new upscale family & lifestyle residential community consisting of 32 single family cabins that highlight the surrounding lake and mountain views of the area. The

community includes a thoughtfully designed subdivision, featuring bright open floor plans with energy saving features and log home architecture that harmonizes with the mountain environment of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain

National Park. When not occupied by their owners, all 32 individually owned cabins can be offered as vacation rentals through the adjacent Estes Park Resort. Kirby welcomed the crowd on behalf of the EVPC, stating that the business community is pleased to welcome

2011 they bought the Estes Park Resort and the adjoining six acres and decided they wanted to do something unique to Estes Park on this parcel of land. They put 32 single family homes here which will share amenities with the Estes Park Resort. He said this project has been a great success, and thanked salesman Chris Angelovic, who has done a phenomenal job. Half of the properties are sold and they hope to sell out the remaining homes very soon. Estes Park Mayor Todd Jirsa spoke, commending those involved with this new project, pointing out that they have done Mountain Village at Lake Estes to Estes amazingly well, and should be proud of Park. this development which is extremely nice Developer Kevin Bierl then spoke and & very impressive. said, “I appreciate everyone coming out For more information on any of these for this event.” He thanked his project properties, contact Chris Angelovic at managers and family members who were 720-438-9232 or learn more online at present. Kevin told the crowd that in or

THE FIRST COMPANY TO CALL FOR YOUR FIRST AND SECOND HOMES. Whether you’re buying a second home, downsizing, refinancing, or moving to a new state, the Rich Flanery Team can help. With more than 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, and licensed to work in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, and Florida, our team will put your needs first.

For more information, call 970-577-9200, or visit us online at

Rich Flanery, Loan Officer – NMLS# 256117 (970) 577-9200 | 501 Saint Vrain Lane, Suite 101 Estes Park, CO 80517 Equal Housing Lender ©2019 Mortgage Solutions of Colorado, LLC, dba Mortgage Solutions Financial NMLS #61602, headquartered at 5455 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, 719-447-0325. AR 104413; AZ BK-0928346; CO Mortgage Co. Registration; FL MLD902; MT Lender & Servicer Licenses 61602; TX-SML Mortgage Banker Registration & Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer Registration; WY MBL1022. RIch Flanery NMLS #256117.


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Free Art Education Opportunities Offered At The Art Center In July

Nebraska Picnic July 14 The Art Center is offering a variety of art education opportunities in July, including two opportunities to learn about something new for free. On July 5, Art Center Founding member and current featured artist Chris Switzer will host the First Friday at the Art Center (5:00-8:00 p.m.) and will be demonstrating her fiber art skills as well as speaking about “The Language of Weaving” at 6:30 p.m. Chris is an experienced spinner and weaver, who most often creates scarves and shawls woven with fleeces from her own alpaca and paco-vicunas. Paper pieces displayed in her current show were created with her own hand cast paper. Chris has traveled widely, and has been influenced by many cultures including her Swedish background, as well as the cultures of Peru, where she has visited on a number of occasions. Please join us at the Art Center July 5 for a free, educational, engaging and informative evening. On July 13, at 7:00 p.m., the Art Center will be hosting a free presentation “The Evolution of a Tapestry Artist” by fiber artist David Johnson, another one of the artists featured in “The Language of Weaving” show currently on display at the Art Center through noon July 14. David is an accomplished tapestry weaver and will be speaking about his “Echo” series. In this series of abstract tapestries David has created landscapes inspired by the overlapping of mountain ranges, lakes, and expanding sky. It is his hope that the viewer will be pulled into these fantastic spaces and be held there by the push and pull suggested in his gradated forms of value, color, and texture. These pieces are spontaneously wo-

Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 14 for a very special Nebraska Picnic! If you have a Nebraska connection, come meet your fellow Cornhuskers. Wear your “Big Red” proudly and brush up on your Nebraska trivia (there will be prizes!) The picnic will be held on Sunday, July 14 from 4-9 p.m. at the Lake Estes Marina Pavilion, 1770 Big Thompson Ave. RSVP to Bring a pot luck dish to share, lawn chari and beverages. Grilled “Big Red”

ven with David’s hand dyed yarns, and speaks to the pattern and rhythm found in nature. This presentation is being sponsored by the Estes Park Area Weavers Guild. We invite you to join us for both of these educational opportunities are free and open to the public. The Art Center of Estes Park is a nonprofit organization which provides a facility to support the work of local and regional artists, striving to promote exhibition, education, and excellence in the visual arts. Proceeds benefit the artist and contribute to the Art Center’s education and community outreach. For a full listing of the 2019 July classes, for more specific information on classes, or to register for classes, please call the Art Center at 970-586-5882 or visit the gallery at The Art Center at 517 Big Thompson Avenue Unit #245, in Middle Stanley Village, below Safeway and above Subway. Gallery hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.

hot dogs and mini Runzas will be available (while they last) along with plates, napkins, utensils and condiments. Donations will be graciously accepted to help defray costs.

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Elizabeth Guild And Lizzie’s Boutique Now Open In New Location 1700 Brodie Ave, across from High School More Information at and 970-586-4404 Sunday Ser vice at 10am

Pipe Organ - Chapel Choir - Free Parking - Children Welcome

NOTICE OF VACANCY ON BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE UPPER THOMPSON SANITATION DISTRICT Notice is hereby given that a vacancy exists on the Board of Directors of the Upper Thompson Sanitation District. The term of office expires at the next regular election on May 5, 2020. Any interested elector may file a letter of interest in such position by mail to the attention of District Manager, Chris Bieker, at P. O. Box 568, Estes Park, Colorado 80517 (2196 Mall Road), or by email to The letter of interest must include the interested party’s residential address and an affirmation that the interested party is an eligible elector of the Upper Thompson Sanitation District. An eligible elector means a

person who is registered to vote in the state of Colorado and who is a resident of the special district or who, or whose spouse or civil union partner, owns taxable real or personal property situated within the boundaries of the Upper Thompson Sanitation District, whether or not such person resides within the boundaries of the District. For questions regarding the position, please contact the District Manager at 970-586-4544. To be considered for appointment to fill the vacancy, letters of interest must be received by July 10, 2019. UPPER THOMPSON SANITATION DISTRICT By: Board of Directors


YOU CAN COUNT ON US! Did you know that out-of-pocket expenses for emergency air medical transport can average $18,000? That’s a financial burden most families can’t absorb. AirMedCare Network is America’s largest air medical membership network. With coverage across 38 states, memberships start at just $85 a year. Secure financial peace of mind for you and your family today!


After 42 years in its present location, the Elizabeth Guild Thrift Shop is moving! The new location is practically next door with the same easy parking. The thrift shop has opened their new doors this past weekend at their new address 437 W. Elkhorn Avenue. Though still in the same shopping complex, the new store location offers more floor space for displays and merchandise, as well as better dressing rooms, all of which will enhance the shopper’s experience. Displays are primarily set up with the assistance of the many volunteers that help to operate the thrift store. David Trabold encourages both regular customers and visitors alike to stop in and shop and see the new store. Lizzie’s Boutique, also part of the Elizabeth Guild shops, has moved locations as well. Lizzie’s shoppers will enter thru the main store, but have a completely separate shopping area with the same upscale merchandise as they had in their previous store. Their hours will now match “The Guild” hours so shoppers have more opportunities here as well for clothing, jewelry, crystal, kitchen and household items. The non-profit store was founded in 1975 to assist residents and temporary summer workers to find good used merchandise at a reasonable prices while

raising money for the Elizabeth Knutson Memorial Hospital, currently known to residents as Estes Park Health. The goal and mission statement remain the same to this day. Both shops are open year-round, current summer hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Donations are being accepted as always and the move will allow easier access with back door drop off options. (Please, no televisions/electronics, mattresses, beds, couches or other large furniture.) We hope our patrons will also join us for the official Grand Opening on Monday, July 1st at 10 a.m.

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Rotary Golf Tourney Tees Off This Weekend Sponsorships are still available by calling Ron Gordon at 970-586-0370. As of June 23, the list of sponsors includes: Major Sponsors - The Stanley Hotel, named scholarship; Bank of Colorado, Drink Cart; Silver Sponsors - Design Center of Estes Park, Eagle Plume's, The Egg & I, Estes Park Health, Estes Park Team Realty - Jay Harroff, Lanty McCartney at, Ron and Vivian Gordon, Quality Inn, Safeway, Stephanie and Peter Sinnott, Snyder’s Appliance, and UCHealth Primary and Urgent Care of Estes Park; Bronze Sponsors - Wayne and Judy Andersen, Bank of Estes Park, Don and Kay Bishop, Bruce and Marlene Brown, Chrysalis at The Stanley, Estes Park Dental, The Grubsteak Restaurant, Macdonald Bookshop, Pete and Lois By: Rita DuChateau Sumey, Larry Williams, Thor and DarLooking for a great way to spend a few lene Homme and Carol and Virgil hours outdoors on Saturday morning? Yarbrough; Spots on foursomes are available for the Tee/Green sponsors - Allnutt Funeral June 29 Rotary Club Golf Tournament Services, Kathryn Asche, CPA, Aspen for Scholarships. All proceeds benefit Eye Center, Don and Marty Bender (2), college scholarships for Estes Park stuBoyatt Glass, Brian’s Window Washing, dents. Gary and Kelly Brown, CFO4Life, Rita Registration forms are available online and Phil DuChateau, Ertl Mechanical, at or at Estes Park Lumber, Estes Park News (2), the Estes Park 18 Hole Golf Course. The Estes Park Trail-Gazette, Toby and Chris entry fee is $100 ($65 for golfers with an Farrel, John and Barbara Floyd, Tom annual 7-day membership to the Estes and Linda Gardner, Millie and Charley Park 18 Hole Golf Course). The fee inGordon, Kathy and Alan Groesbeck, cludes green fees, cart, participation gift Hobert Office Services, Image Inhanceand a buffet lunch from Smokin’ Dave’s ments Inc., Investment Center of Estes BBQ. An exciting array of prizes will be Park, Tom and Marilyn Maher, Karen awarded in several categories, followed McClure and Dave Evans, Mortgage Soby a drawing for merchant-donated gifts. lutions Financial, New York Life (2), For the second year, Dixon Golf, an Mary and Jack Overly, Chip and Carol Arizona-based manufacturer of highSproul, Scott Thompson, Gladys Van performance, eco-friendly golf balls, will Drie, David and Sally Van Wert, Gene be a participating sponsor. Dixon will Oja and The YMCA of the Rockies; offer some interesting games, challenges Memorial Tee Signs will honor Don and prizes. Bowen, Lynn Coffman, Bob Dekker, Although Saturday’s 8 a.m. shotgun Harry Hutcherson, Ron Kuhns, Robert start is just a few days away, the commit- McFarland, Nancy Stevens, and Jon tee welcomes golfer registrations from Sypher; those who haven’t yet signed up. Call Junior Golfer Sponsors - Madison and Chairman Pete Sinnott to be placed on a Marty Casey, Curt and Trudy Collar, foursome or to register a foursome. Toby and Chris Farrel, Bill and Dana Golfers may also register in person until Fritz, Peak’s Hallmark, Nan Ryan, and 7:30 a.m. on Saturday. Credit card payDrew and Carla Webb. ment is available for those registering at For more information, call Golf Tourthe golf course on June 29. nament Chairman Pete Sinnott at 970The event would not be possible with577-7766. out the support of its many sponsors.

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Good Samaritan Society Employee Of The Month-Carol Rodriguez Carol Rodriguez Birthday: October 23rd Job/Dept.: Housekeeping Started at Good Samaritan: February 2019 Carol was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico, she was raised in a little town called Arrey, New Mexico where she attended

school. At the age of nine her family moved to Chihuahua, Mexico. Carol graduated from high school in 2012. She is the oldest of two brothers, German and Erik. Carol is married and has two children with her husband Ivan. They have a five year old daughter, Alexa and one year old son, Ivan Alejandro. Carol loves to spend time with her family, reading, photography and she really enjoys working at Good Samaritran.

Estes Park Girl Scouts Recap Eventful Year Estes Park’s Girl Scouts have been busy this year. Yes, Girl Scouts do much more than just sell cookies. They go camping, earn badges, do service projects and learn how to work in groups, both large and small. This year three troops in Estes Park, under the leadership of very dedicated and devoted leaders and other supportive adults, were able to keep Girl Guy, Alexis Hennig, Scarleet McCormick, Lilliam Yager and Victoria McGillicuddy. From Amanda Hoskins, troop leader of this year’s Junior troop, comes this comprehensive report. Activities accomplished, not a complete list by any means, include: camping trip to Meadow Mountain Ranch to earn the Scouting alive and well and moving forCamping Badge, field trip and visit to ward. the Town Hall to see how our town govFor the first time this year, Estes Park ernment is run and to earn the GovernGirl Scouts sold Duck Race tickets, and it’s estimated that the proceeds totaled in ment Badge, participate in an overnight at the Denver Zoo to earn the Animal the area of $1,000 profit for the Service Habitat Badge. In addition, the troop Unit as a whole to share. earned three badges for robotics and But the real whopper to report is the 12,935 total packages of Girl Scout cook- badges named Social Butterfly, Digital ies which were sold, that total being up a Photography, Drawing, Cookie CEO, huge 45% from last year. Proceeds of al- Customer Insights and the Flower most $9,000 for the troops and the serv- Badge. Most notably, the Junior troop as a ice unit help support work and play for all the girls involved. Appreciation is ex- group earned their Bronze Award, the highest Girl Scout achievement available pressed to those local business who allowed the girls to set up cookie booths in on the Junior level. Their project intheir locations. It greatly enhanced expo- volved partnering with Rocky Mountain National Park to create posters that will sure and increased sales. go in the restrooms, on buses and at the Another task that is enjoyed by a few visitor centers. The posters have pictures dedicated Girl Scouts is keeping their of how to keep our park and visitors plot in the Community Garden healthy safe. They are meant to reach every visiand productive. So far, the rhubarb is thriving and the strawberries are already tor of the Park. Focus of the poster project were the following five rules of the blooming! The vast surplus of mint will park: Don’t harass the animals, don’t be replaced by a variety of other plants, feed the animals, put all trash in trash including radishes, peas and potatoes. cans, stay on the trails, and don’t take Quite a few of the girls in school helped anything but pictures and memories of out at the recent Mountain Fest helping the Park. participants make over 100 sit-upons in Plans for this extremely busy troop ina craft project. clude a summer of camping at the Sand To culminate each school year, the Dunes to earn the Eco Camping Badge whole group of Estes Park Girl Scouts and the Outdoor Art Explorer Badge. gathers for a special Bridging Ceremony, Amanda reports, “It’s been a fun and where those girls advancing to the next amazing year.” Congrats for all those acprogram level are celebrated and welcomplishments. comed by the members of the next level Recruitment of both girls and willing troop. We had Brownies bridging to Junadults continues throughout the sumiors and Juniors bridging to Cadettes. In mer, with new troops being established addition, awards, recognitions, pins, as we can. Girl Scouts of Colorado propatches and badges were handed out to fessional recruitment staff will also be in happy recipients. attendance at back-to-school and regisGirls bridging from Brownies to Juntration events beginning in early Auiors are Madison Campbell, Adalynn gust. Anyone interested in registering Gassmann, Rylee Light, Autumn Sieftheir girls or any willing adults who ford, Kaitlyn Smith, Hannah Smith and could lead new or existing troops, please Shaylee Yager. call Service Unit Manager, Penny Girls bridging from Juniors to Cadettes Roberts at 970-586-1775 (evenings) or are Grace Aldridge, Piper Karl, Jessica email her at

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Where the EstesValley has been coming for real estate solutions since 1985!

Mike & Marie Edwards




Randy Good Broker Assoc.


Vicky Holler Broker Assoc.

STAND-ALONE CONDO; 2 bed/2 bath. Great Rm Design, cath. ceilings, FP, ceiling fan, wood floors. Includes furnishings: refrig, micro, Smart TV, BBQ & mattresses new 2018. Mtn view from all windows + Cont. Divide from lg deck. Near Lk Estes for fishing, boating, hiking.

EXCEPTIONAL 3BEDROOM/3.5 BATH retreat with expansive views, yet close in town. Open floor plan w/exquisite kitchen, wall of windows, 2 sided fireplace + decks & patio for an indoor/outdoor experience. Currently used as a vacation rental.

$379,900 1880 Sketchbox Lane #5

$853,870 285 Cyt Cyteworth Rd.

NEW LISTING 970-222-6692

Molly McGee Broker Assoc.

Text 885409 to 970-237-4137


Sarah Metz Broker Assoc


THE ONE YOU'VE WAITED FOR! 5-bedroom home is serene mountain setting, with mountain views that will take your breath away! Great room, Family rooms, office and lower level set up for extended family with a living area, kitchenette, bedroom and bath

HIGHLY DESIRABLE HOME inn Black Canyon Hills. Outstanding views, moss fireplace, master loft bedroom, walls of windows, high ceilings, wrap-around deck, oversized garage & more make this mountain home a place you will never want to leave. 851 Black Canyon Dr. $700,000

$619,900 1230 Meadow Ln.

ENJOY UNSURPASSED VISTAS off Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park & Continental Divide from this home on top of Prospect Mountain. Custom built, one owner. Secluded, treed setting, short walk to Prospect Mountain Trail for hiking. 3 bedroom, 3 baths Great room plus family room and 2 wrap around decks to enjoy! $615,000 1450 Prospect Mountain Drive

right, flowSPACIOUS 3 BEDROOM LOG HOME. Bright, ing floor plan with wall of windows leads to a covered wrap around deck overlooking property. A gardener’s delight with fenced gardens, workshop and garage.

$629,900 2281 Larkspur Ave.


OPEN HOUSE Sat., 6/29 - 12-2pm Mary Murphy Broker Assoc


Wayne Newsom Broker Assoc


Linda Schneider

Text 870970 to 970-237-4137

Text 883227 to 970-237-4137

PANORAMIC MTN VISTAS surround you in stunning 3 bed, 2 bath gem in The Retreat. Floor to ceiling windows & wood stove make this a warm, bright home w/ moss rock & knotty pine. Hot tub & sauna will soothe tired muscles as you watch wildlife stroll by.

SOARING CEILINGS, FINE WOOD FINISHES are just a start of what this gorgeous home offers. Included adjoining out lot can never be developed; private sanctuary feeling stays forever. Meticulously updated & well-maintained home will make your dreams come true.

NOSTALGIC, LOG SIDED 3 bedroom home with a cabin feel! Knotty pine interior with a Great room that has a wood burning stone fireplace, upper bonus room with balcony that offers a view of Lumpy Ridge, Large eat in kitchen with back porch.

ENJOY SOUNDS OF FISH CREEK from this passive solar home w/views of Twin Sisters, Longs & Krueger Rock. LR frplc, bamboo flrs in kitchen/dining areas & quartz counter add Colorado style. Back deck w/big views. Access to walking paths into town/trails.

WHY BUY A 2ND HOME you’ll use onlyy a few WELL-BUILT LOG SIDED HOME w/3 bd/2.5 bath on WH 10+acres w/pond. Mtn views & abundant wildlife. weeks a year? There is a variety of flexible timeshares at Rams Horn Resort. Awarded Gold Crown Backs to Nat’l Forest & close to trails. Stone frplc, Distinction so you’ll always have a wonderful exknotty pine, lots of windows. Includes Lots 35 & 36 perience on your Rocky Mountain getaway to $649,000 1317 Dunraven Glade Rd. Glen Haven Estes Park.

$799 $799,000 6155 Elkridge Dr.

$700,000 1090 Woodland Ct.

Text 884807 to 970-237-4137

$393,000 960 Riverside Dr. #9

LLIVE IVE YOUR BEST LIFE in this gorgeous modern mtn retreat. Main-floor living at its finest: ample space & majestic views, open floor plan featuring vaulted ceilings, large master suite w/ luxurious soaking tub. Space for relaxing & entertaining. $995,000 1340 Tall Pines Dr.

Broker Assoc.


Scott Thompson Broker Assoc


Darya Valkavets Broker Assoc.


Text 881923 to 970-237-4137 SECLUDED, QUIET, PRIVATE, yet just minutes to downtown. 4-bed, 3-bath home has been lovingly well-maintained. Gorgeous kitchen has quartz counters, birch cabinets. Updates include: fresh exterior paint, 3-year old roof, Anderson windows, much more!



$620,000 1857 Highway 66

$515,000 3011 Fish Creek Rd

320 East Elkhorn Avenue Estes Park, CO


Starting at $3000.

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Looking For New, Forever Homes!

Wyatt is about 10 years old and weighs eight pounds. He is friendly, social, playful and house trained. He is very sweet and loves people and other dogs. He will make a great companion. He is in foster


care but you can call Dr. C's Animal Hospital of the Rockies at (970) 586-4703 to get an appointment to meet him. Faith is a good girl that does well with other dogs and kids, knows some basic commands and is house trained. She is about a year old. She is a good natured, soft hearted, baby. Faith will be happiest spending time doing things with her fam-

Kirk Fisher

Broker Owner CRS, CMAS

970 586-1000

ily. She enjoys daily exercise to be the best dog she can be. Faith is in foster care but you can call Dr. C's Animal Hospital of the Rockies at (970) 5864703 to get an appointment to meet her.


Cheetah is a big brown adorable tabby cat. He is about three years old and is a very friendly, happy boy. Ollie is about one year old. He is quiet, gentle and affectionate. He is good with other cats and has lived with dogs. Cheetah and Ollie are currently living at the Estes Park Pet Lodge at the Ani-

Mountain Brokers

mal Medical Center on Manford Avenue call 586-9282 for more information. Make sure to “Like” and follow the Estes Park Pet Association Facebook page to see other animals that may not be pictured this week. All pets are offered through the Pet Association of Estes Park, a non-profit organization that works to find homes for stray and abandoned pets, control dog and cat populations by funding sterilization programs, educate members of the community, especially young people, about the humane treatment of animals and the responsibilities of pet ownership; and promote community involvement in the use of pets as therapeutic agents (e.g., in nursing homes). The Estes Park Pet Association is your local humane society. You can make a tax-deductible donation to the Pet Association by sending your check to P.O. Box 4342, Estes Park, CO 80517. For more information, contact Carolyn Fairbanks, President of the Pet Association at (970) 586-5121.


1200 Graves Ave. 970-586-5324

RE/MAX Has The Keys to Open The Door To Your Future! UnderContrac t

Peggy Lynch

970 586-1000


New Listing


April Allen Broker


970 231-2989 $299,000 $695,000 $395,000 $1,200,000

• 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1056 sq ft • Open Floor Plan, End Unit Condo • Sunroom/Office, Close to Golf Course

• 3 Bed, 3 Bath, 2400 sq ft • Main Level Living, Vaulted Ceilings • Beautiful Setting, 2 Acres

• Beautiful 10 Acres, Total Privacy • Borders National Forest, Amazing Views • Open Meadows and Rock Outcroppings

• Commercial Building. 5 Bays • 10,803 sg ft .54 Acres • Lifts Included, Many Possibilities!h

Call Kirk or Peggy

Call Kirk or Peggy

Call Kirk or Peggy

Call Kirk or Peggy

Dave Lasota


970 412-7283

Kim Lemirande

Javier Gomez


Broker CMAS, CRS

970 213-8692

Maria Gomez Broker $889,000 $687,000

• 4 Bed, 4 Bath, 4284 sq ft • Gourmet Kitchen, Gorgeous Views • Borders MacGregor Ranch, 2 Workshops

• 3 Bed, 3 Bath, 2421 sq ft • One Level Living, Updated Kitchen • 2.71 Acres, Lg Patio, 5 Car Garage

Call Kirk or Peggy

Call Kirk or Peggy

New Listing

7840 County Rd 43 $92,500 • Commercial lot allows for home or business or both. • Lot with direct access to Devil's Gulch Road • Well on property – .55 Acres- Level Lot

1421 Sunny Mead Lane $1,175,000 • Rare Lg Home Rental Permit for 16 Guests! • 7 Bed, 5 Bath, 5,590 sq. ft. • Mtn. Views, Outdoor Living w/ Deck, Stone Fire Pit • Income Property or Luxurious New Home!

Call Dave Kiser

Call Heidi or Kirk

New Listing

970 481-1880

Heidi Riedesel Broker GRI

970 691-7083

970 213-9479

Renee Hodgden Broker



Dave Kiser

321 Big Horn B-4 $374,900

1942 Jacob Rd $1,050,000

•3 Bdrm, 2.5 Bath, 1,458 SqFt •Living room w/wood burning fireplace • Short walk to downtown • 1 Car Garage

• 2 Bedroom, 3 Bath 2118 sq ft • Gated community, Great Views • 19 Acres, Heated 3 car Garage

Call Gene

Call Javier or Maria

2222 Highway 66 #12 $494,900 • Beautiful Victorian condo in wooded nook • Spacious 3 Bed, 3 Bath, 2154 SQ FT • Just steps to Big Thompson river & 2 miles from RMNP

Call Maria or Javier

909 Whispering Pines Dr $617,000 • 2676 sqft home with great views. • 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom • In-law suite with kitchenette

Call Dave Lasota

Gene Whannel


970 481-7002

Planet Partners Who Recycle


Friday, June 28, 2019 « 37

970-586-2345 ANGE EALTY, LTD. 300 E. Elkhorn Avenue, Estes Park The Oldest Real Estate Company In Estes Park

By: Judi Smith

While you can turn in used printer cartridges when you buy replacements With the assistance of the Recycling from most office supply stores down Committee, Clear Intentions (CI) has along the Front Range, Healing Waters been providing free pickup of our glass Foundation is depending upon us to for four years now. When they found deliver these used items to their local free service to be more demanding than office. The funds achieved from recythey expected, 15 volunteers stepped up cling support the therapy pool program to each pay for one haul of collected here in Estes. glass. This contribution is expected to Springback Colorado recycles matcover one year's service. The county tresses. Their Fort Collins operation reand CI are putting the finishing touches cycled 64 mattresses for Estes Recycles on a contract allowing a CI bin to reside Day. (They also have locations in Denin the Residential Recycling Center ver and Colorado Springs.) They accept (RRC). Once everyone signs, including mattresses and box springs at their ofthe Town and the League of Women fices or will pick them up for an addiVoters of Estes Park (LWVEP), a (much tional fee. Contact them through larger) roll-off will be installed at the to make RRC. CI also provides service to busiarrangements. nesses, not only keeping the glass from mixing with the cardboard, but also If you have old, unusable paint, Bestcoping with lemons and cigarettes way Painting's paint recycling program added to bottles, which means that glass will take it along with empty paint cans stays out of the landfill as well. and supportive paint products. (They also accept usable leftovers.) Contact Both grocery stores recycle plastic for details on what bags. Country Market recycles plastic is and is not acceptable. shopping bags, both grocery and other retail. Safeway also collects and recycles Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center zippable plastic bags and plastic film as will accept a donation of your old, nonwell, meaning that we can deposit shop- drivable vehicle. Recycled metal is a ping bags, dry cleaning bags, plastic very valuable material. Talk to EPNRC wrap, cheese bags, bread bags, bags for for details. freezer food, etc. into their bin by the While we collect scrap metal and elecdoor --- as long as they are clean and tronics at Estes Recycles Day, there is dry. (Clean means rinsed free of food currently no full-time collection in the particles and grease.) Estes Valley. Ecocycle CHaRM in BoulMost merchants would like to forego der will accept them both -- must be the necessity of plastic bags, which clog separated. Most salvage facilities (once not only our oceans, but the trees and called junk yards) will buy both ferrous landscape here, even getting caught in and non-ferrous metal. My household the antlers of our elk. Going beyond takes ours to Andersen Sales and Saltheir recycling program last year, Coun- vage in Greeley, but nearly every city try Market gave away reusable shopping along the Front Range has one. bags in an effort to encourage a more And let's not forget the partnership of responsible practice. Last week for FaEstes Park Power and Communication ther's Day, Mountain Home Cafe also with PRPA and ARCA Utility. Refrigergave away bags, and the LWVEP has ators and freezers (clean and working) plans to pursue a similar endeavor dur- can be recycled here in Estes through ing the summer months. For their con- their program. http://www.efficiencytribution, Village Thrift Shop has a project to provide reusable bags to Crossroads.

ALPINE TRAIL RIDGE INN 927 Moraine Ave Recently renovated Inn with high summer occupancy and yearly returning guests. Great snowcapped mountain views located next to south entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park. Millions of tourist pass by each summer as they enter & exit the park. 49 units plus conference area and friendly front desk help. Experienced management has made this Inn very successful with a great reputation. Open year round.


52 CANYON COVE LN Beautiful Custom Home with moss rock and clear cedar on 1+ acre w/stream & surrounded by National Forest. Enjoy undisturbed privacy. Open design living room with cathedral ceiling & expansive moss rock fireplace. Sunroom W/scenic view. Custom-built sauna. Built-in Entmt. Ctr. W/large-screen TV. Brazillian cherry hardwood floors. Multi-zone radiant floor heating, incl. the garage. Marvelous kitchen with cherry wood cabinets providing enormous storage. Spacious MBR W/Large walk-in closet. $685,000

1721 OLYMPIAN LN Big views of the Continental Divide from this 3 Bedroom 2 Bath 1-level home. Large lot of .72 acres and mostly level land. Good sized garage for a work shop. Priced below appraised value. Easy to show. $450,000

0 CHAR DEL LN ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK IS YOUR BACKYARD. Very nice 1 ac Lot surrounded by the National Park and subdivision Open Space. Lot'sa room to roam. Nicely treed with many different species, and the SEWER TAP FEE IS ALREADY PAID! That saves you about $8000. The west 200' lot line is the common boundary with the Rocky Mountain National Park. North boundary joins Open Space. Directly across the street from property is another Open Space. Fall River Estates off Fall River Rd. $315,000

Ann Racine

Mike Tracy Broker

Broker/Owner, GRI, CRS

(970) 215-3883

(303) 817-5709

Jim Idler Broker

(970) 480-1121

Toll Free 1-888-319-2345

2625 Marys Lake Road 22-B $369,000

7294 County Road 43 $59,500

2 Bedroom/2 Bath Condo With Excellent Mountain Views!

.71 of an acre Bordering National Forest

517 Big Thompson Avenue

#310 (directly across from Safeway)

(970) 586-8300

OPEN HOUSE: Friday, June 28 5–7pm & Saturday, June 29 12–2pm


KKick back and relax in your Promontory Townhome with wonderful views of Marys Lake, Lumpy Ridge w aand the Mummy Range. Just up the hill from Rocky Mountain National Park, this Fully Furnished home M will make a wonderful full time home, weekend w ggetaway or income producing vacation rental. Highlighted by open floor plan with vaulted ceilings, H aand dry-stacked stone fireplace, big unobstructed vviews, nice deck surrounded by Aspen & spacious master suite. Top of the line finishes. Zoned accomm modations. mo m 508 Promontory Drive $615,000

OPEN HOUSE Saturday, June 29th 11 to 1pm

Rare multi multi-family family zoned property by Old Man Mtn Mtn. Upper pe unit offers 3BR/2BA w/2-car w/2 car garage & 1600 SF open floor plan. Lower unit is 2BR/1BA, 1100 SF w/full kitchen & knotty pine interior. Historic location-walk to town & 4 miles to RMNP. Forested acre lot w/abundant wildlife plus storage shed.

475 Fall River Lane $595,000

38 » Friday, June 28, 2019

Estes Village Properties, Ltd.

320 East Elkhorn Ave. Estes Park




OPEN HOUSE Saturday, June 29 12 to 2pm 615 Elkridge Drive Panoramic views grace this beautiful home in the P Retreat. Warm wood accents and view windows R throughout, great room with vaulted ceiling and th wood stove, main floor office, 3 bedrooms and w loft that makes a great bunk room. Spacious lo game room, hot tub and sauna provide great entertaining spaces and let you enjoy this fabulous home year round. $799,000

Estes Park Village Band To Present Patriotic Concert on July 4 The Estes Park Village Band will present its annual Fourth of July Concert at Performance Park, Estes Park’s beautiful

Scott Anderson will be featured as a vocal soloist on “God Bless America,” “This Is My Country,” “Freedom Isn’t

Text 870970 to 970-237-4137

Real Estate Sales V Property Management V Vacation Accommodations

1315 Riverside Lane NEW G L IS T IN

Three bedroom, two bath home. Well cared for home in a quiet neighborhood. Rooftop solar with net metering provides all the power needed to service this property. Double pane windows. Over-sized two car garage, low maintenance deck. Large crawl space for storage. Detached 10 x 16 shed has electricity, can be used for a workshop or additional storage. Gas (propane) grill with two separate hook ups. Moss rock gas fireplace, extensive wood trim in the living/dining areas. Lots of cabinet storage. $442,000

6 LOTS AVAILABLE IN GREY FOX ESTATES a quality subdivision. Secluded and wooded lots with a view. Building envelope for increased privacy. Covenants to ensure quality construction of primary residence & guest house. All utilities in the area. Lots range from $149,000-$195,000. Lots located on Grey Fox Drive and Green Pine Court. Judy Anderson

GRI, MRE, ABR, Broker

Eric Blackhurst Broker Associate


Abbey Pontius

Broker Associate


170 S. St. Vrain, P. O. Box 656, Estes Park, CO 80517

outdoor performance facility located on Free” and will lead the audience in “The Ultimate Patriotic Sing-Along,” as west Elkhorn Avenue. The free concert, arranged by Estes Park resident Jerry featuring patriotic music and marches, Brubaker. will begin at 7:00 p.m. Audience members are encouraged to Michael J. Arnott will bring lawn chairs or be featured as vocal blankets. The concert soloist on “You’ll Never will be performed, rain Walk Alone,” a tribute to or shine, and will conour first responders who clude by 8:30 p.m. so auput their lives on the line dience members can for us every day. Michael travel to their favorite J is a performer and genfireworks-viewing area eral manager of the Lazy before the fireworks B Chuckwagon Dinner show begins at 9:30 p.m. and Show at the Elkhorn Lodge and also performs The band will be perat the Barleens Dinner forming a variety of paShow in Apache Junctriotic selections celetion, AZ. brating America’s history, Michael J. Arnott culture and traditions through music. In In what has become an Estes Park trawhat has become a Village Band tradidition, Johnson will direct the Village tion, American flags will be distributed Band in the performance of a special seto the audience belection, “Armed fore the concert beForces.” This gins. arrangement features the theme This is the band’s songs of the Army, 37th year of performNavy, Coast Guard, ing for the Estes Park Marines and Air community and its Force. Members of visitors. Sharing the the audience who conducting duties for have served or are Saturday’s program currently serving in will be Loren Johnthe Armed Forces, son, Jeff Klintberg and their family and Chuck Varilek. members, will be The concert will beasked to stand and gin as it always does, be recognized with with the “Star Spanapplause during the gled Banner” folperformance of their lowed by “God Bless service theme song. America.” Other pa- Scott Anderson The Estes Park Village Band is a comtriotic songs the audience will hear inmunity band made up of musicians clude “This Is My Country,” “American The Beautiful,” “Freedom Isn’t Free” and from the Estes Park area as well as from surrounding communities. New mem“American Patrol.” bers are always welcome to perform There will be no shortage of marches with the band. Rehearsals are on Tuesperformed at this concert. You can expect to hear Karl King’s “Kentucky Sun- day evenings, starting at 7:30 p.m. in the Estes Park High School bandroom rise,” Samuel Hazo’s “Black Granite,” For more information contact Chuck Henry Fillmore’s “North South College All-Stars March” and John Philip Sousa’s Varilek at 970-227-8704. “The Stars And Stripes Forever.”

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Estes Park Jazz Big Band To Present Concert

The Estes Park Jazz Big Band will pres- Bist du Schon.” McCown Ertl will also ent an evening concert on Wednesday, sing “I Thought About You.” Johnson July 3 starting at 7:00 p.m. The free con- will channel Bobby Darin on “Mack The Knife.” cert will be held at Performance Park, Estes Park’s outdoor perIn addition to the vocal formance facility located selections, the Big Band on west Elkhorn Avenue. will perform big band Audience members are standards including encouraged to bring lawn Duke Ellington’s “Take chairs or blankets. The The A Train,” Neil Hefti’s concert, part of the “Li’l Darlin’,” Glenn Wednesday Night Live Miller’s “A String Of Concert Series, will be Pearls” and “American performed, rain or shine. Patrol” and Tommy Dorsey’s “I’ll Never Smile Chuck Varilek will diAgain.” The band will rect the local jazz band also perform several which is in its 27th year of other songs in a variety providing music for Estes of styles. Park residents and visitors. Jan McCown Ertl The Estes Park Jazz Big Band is made up of muFeatured vocalists for sicians from Estes Park and surrounding this concert will be Jan McCown Ertl, Julie Varilek and Loren Johnson, accom- communities. panied by the Jazz Big Band. For more information about the band Jan McCown Ertl and Julie Varilek will or the concert, please contact Chuck Varilek at 970-227-8704. be featured on a duet singing “Bei Mir

Open House: Saturday Jun 29, 11am-3pm 363 Ute Ln, Estes Park Beautiful home in Arapaho Meadows near Mary’s Lake Walk out basement, 5 bed, 
 5 bath, 3971 sq. ft. home Offered at $895,000 Wisdom Real Estate Jason Kolar, Listing Agent 720-409-2299


3BD/3BA offers highly desired main level living w/ open floor plan. Spacious Master has nicely appointed bath w/ walk in shower & huge closet. Great room w/ FP, built ins & beamed, vaulted ceilings. Enjoy picturesque mountain & golf course views through floor to ceiling windows & from the patio. Loft offers extra living space. All that Estes has to offer just outside your door:abundant wildlife, miles of bike trails, downtown & RMNP! 1600 Wapiti #7, $565,500. Call Mike

New Listing


1 1.38 acres with great views, abundant wildlife and easy access to Estes Park, Lyons, Longmont & Boulder. a Wonderful W rock outcroppings & mature pines on this sloping s lot just off of Highway 36 just a few miles from RMNP. R National forest access nearby providing hiking, mountain m biking, and 4-wheel access. Meadow views overlooking o protected open-space land across the valley. Established covenant-protected neighborhood of full time residents and second home owners.

Julie Varilek

Loren Johnson


Nicely maintained 2 bedroom 1 bath condo in the peaceful complex known as Fall River Condos. Close to town for convenience but yet far away enough from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. Updated with new flooring, the open floor plan has a spacious eat-in kitchen, living room with gas log fireplace and walk out to deck where you will enjoy overlooking the private open space with abundant wildlife, mountain views and distant sound of Fall River. Shared laundry. Call Trisha for an appointment to view 509C Fall River Lane, offered for $259,000.

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Invitation: Burning Issues Program At The "Y": 7/15-8/19 & Free Of Charge For you who are interested in current worldwide geopolitical affairs, please join us in exploring: "The Emerging Naval Competition between The U.S., China, and Russia, Especially in the South China Sea". "Taxes, tariffs, and trade wars; How our Economy is Changing". "Two sides of the coin: The Russians' Point of View" "Report from Europe: Brexit, NATO, and the European Union" "What Will Be the Supreme Court's New Normal?" "Hot Spots around the world." The public - "Y" campers, Estes Park residents, and visitors to RMNP and our Estes Valley - all are invited to the 44th Annual Robert M. Lawrence Burning Issues Lecture Series for 2019, conducted at the "Y," free of charge. The presentations will be every Monday at 7:30 p.m., July 15 August 19, in the Hempel Auditorium. 7/15/19: "The Emerging Naval Competition between The U.S., China, and Rus-

sia, Especially in the South China Sea.” Dan Ward is an emeritus professor of Engineering at Colorado State University. Holding a Ph. D. in Physics from the University of Texas, he first served aboard U.S. Navy submarines before moving to Colorado State University where in taught in the College of Engineering. He will be talking about what some are calling the second Cold War, and how the U.S. and its two potential adversaries are building up their naval forces, and clashing in and above the South China Sea, a vast region claimed by Beijing. 7/22/19: "Taxes, tariffs, and trade wars; How our Economy is Changing." John Olienyk earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Colorado State University where he became Associate Dean in the College of Business after working as a stock broker. The focus of his presentation will be upon the many changes which are impacting the U.S. economy since the 2016 election.

Personal Training ale!

One hour free when you purchase a four-hour training package Hurry! ffer valid July 1 - 7 only!

eep your tness reworks alive. Book your sessions today.

Call 970-586-8191 for more info. *Valid on purchases from July 1 - 7. Limit two packages per customer.

on the Supreme Court for the past 47 years. While living in the Washington D.C. area, Mr. Waples and his students met with various Supreme Court justices and sat in on many cases. His presentation focus will be upon how the recent addition of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh affect 7/29/19: “Two Sides of the Coin: The personal alliances, methods of constituRussian’s Point of View.” Dr. Milt Garrett tional interpretation and case outcomes. is an internationally known consultant He will explore these questions in the and executive coach to CEOs and public context of end-of-term Court decisions officials. The owner and CEO of Garrett involving the census, gerrymandering, Group International has had clients in the Peace Corps and other significant seven countries. His major contribuconstitutional issues. tions, beginning in 1999, focused on 8/19/19: "Hot Spots around the world." Russia’s economic recovery. For the past John Roberts is a retired U.S. State De20 years, Garrett has worked across Ruspartment officer. His service spanned sia’s 11-time zones with clients in 226 deployments to U.S. outposts from the cites. This coming September, in Russia Middle East to Asia, including Vietnam. he will spend five days with Mikhail After retirement he taught in the InterGorbachev and Vladimir Posner on citinational Affairs Department at Colorado zen diplomacy opportunities. For BurnState University. Based upon his overing Issues he will share some points of seas experience, he will discuss the many view and perspectives of Russians from areas where the U.S. finds itself involved. his staff, many interpreters, ambassador Directions: In Estes Park US 36 besources, his family (as a God-Father) in comes Elkhorn St. Follow "US 36" and Perm, his university English students, Ave and turn "RMNP" signs to Moraine and other current sources. left. In two miles, cross the intersection at 8/5/19: "Report from Europe: Brexit, Mary's Lake Rd., move to the left lane for NATO, and the European Union." Henry 1/4 mi. County "66", plus "YMCA" signs Weisser is a emeritus professor of History at Colorado State University. After take you left onto Tunnel Rd./66. (US 36 continues west into Rocky Mountain Naearning his Ph.D from Columbia University Professor Weisser taught History tional Park.) In 2.5 mi the YMCA entrance is on the for 39 years. The focus of his talk will be upon the current economic and military right. From Tunnel Rd./66 to the "Y camnd changes occurring with America's basic pus" is Association Drive. At the 2 stop sign turn right into the parking lot and allies. find a spot. The building on that right 8/12/19: "What Will Be the Supreme corner is Hempel Auditorium. The sign Court's New Normal?" Eric Waples, foron Hempel faces Association Dr. and is mer Headmaster of Fountain Valley not prominently visible - dark green letSchools of Colorado and Chair of Histering on the dark brown wall is partially tory and Government of the Potomac obscured by evergreen trees. School in McLean, VA, he taught courses Please join us.

Quaker/Unitarians Meeting The Quaker/ Unitarian group meets each Sunday morning at the US Bank meeting room (363 East Elkhorn Ave.). Quaker silence is from 10-10:30. Social time is from 10:30-11. Presentation and discussion is from 11-noon. This week, the discussion will be led by Linda Bensy and Robert Johnson, co-

leaders of Estes Park Patriots for Peace. They will talk about the history and mission of that group; and some of the programs in support of it’s mission, which is to create a culture of peace all levels of society. All are welcome. Please join us. If questions, please call Randy Maharry 515-229-8299.

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Land Of The Lost By: Robert N. Ruesch

Everyone loses something; many will leave a particular, sometimes a very precious item when on vacation. That is where Colleen Minard, from Estes Park Center YMCA, the Lost and Found Taking one phone call after another is all part of the job for Coordinator comes Colleen Minard – Lost & Found Coordinator. in. Colleen has been finding, cataloging, returning items left behind for over three years. Her work is done with an investigative passion as she attempts to locate the owner of things forgotten, left behind, inadvertently dropped on the YMCA prop- Waiting for its owner to contact, another stuffed animal sits among several items also yet to be claimed. erty. “This is a full-time be able to return a child’s favorite stuffed job,” Colleen states, as a housekeeping animal or special blanket.” A while back, employee brings in another lost item. that request was filled, but with style. Colleen logs when and where an item Colleen located the child’s missing aniwas left. There are Lost and Found bins mal, and here is where the story shows in many of the public buildings of which the compassion of going beyond just reshe collects and catalogs by date found turning the item. Colleen asked the an item description. name of the animal and sent a note with Each year hundreds of items are “Frankie” stating he had fun in Colbrought to “The Cage” as her workspace orado but was glad to be home. is fondly named. There are three walls of Estes Park Center Director, Dave shelves that are packed with the many DeLuca, states, “Colleen’s work here is items that have found their way to their so closely connected to our mission of temporary home. “Water bottles are alservice. She cares deeply about what she ways in abundance, along with phone or does and every guest she interacts with tablet power cords,” she states. “I love to feels this completely. I receive so many compliments about Colleen’s work and her character.” Colleen is a long time member of the Estes Park Center staff from working in the kitchen, housekeeping, and in the Program Department. “I worked for Cowboy Brad in the year 2000,” she stated. “I like knowing the bigger picture and helping people getting their possessions back.” Neal Webster, Head of Housekeeping, states, “Colleen is a tremendous asset to our Housekeeping Team at the Estes Park Center. As our Lost and Found Coordinator, she works diligently and tirelessly to reconnect precious items with their owners. Colleen is uniquely suited to her role, and we would be lost without her (pun intended)!” When young people’s jackets are not able to be returned to their owner, Each item is tagged, with a description of Colleen keeps them so she can give what it is, where it located, and other infor- clothing to the Outdoor Education promation needed to keep track of calls and gram for kids that did not bring suffiwhen it was returned. cient wear for cold weather. Prescription

glasses are donated to a service club for re-use, unclaimed clothing is given to various missions in the area. “I love it when I can connect an item with its owner; I am kind of a sleuth that way, I want the item given back to its rightful owner,” she states. When questioned about what was the most valuable item she has responsibility for, Colleen states, “a hearing aid, but just one – I think it was worth about three thousand dollars. No one claimed it.” Asked how many lost items are processed each month, she thinks for a moment, consults the many record binders within an arms reach and states, that in May, a slow month about 50 items were logged in, pausing and saying the summer will be busy. When staying at Estes Park Center, this author managed to leave a hanging bag of his favorite shirts. A call to Lost and Found was made, and the items were found, secured, and kept safe until I could retrieve them. Most items are mailed back to the owner, but I wanted to meet Colleen and thank her personally for taking care of my lost and found. As we were talking, the phone rings and another person is calling asking if

Not everyone has an office with several shelves of lost and found items. “I wish I had a window, but I get out when I am retrieving something a guest has left behind, and that is a good thing” states Colleen.

their lost item is found. Colleen takes the information, logs it in and now is on the hunt to retrieve the article, and get it back to the owner. Just another day in a lost and found sleuth’s day. Robert N. Ruesch is the author of two books about the YMCA of the Rockies, (available at Macdonald Book Shop) he grew up in Estes Park and now resides in a small hamlet in the foothills, of Colorado called EverAs the summer progresses, these shelves continue to fill up green where he conwith more items that are left behind by guests. “Youth groups tinues to write. tend to leave more than families” states Colleen.

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Highland Brass To Present Concert July 10

Sure, We Check Out Books. And Telescopes Too! into beautiful pages with the Scrapbooking Discovery Kit. Maybe you’d like to take better pictures I’m happy to be joining the library with your cell phone. The Cell Phone team as the new Program & Outreach Librarian. In this new role, my focus will Photography Kit contains a tabletop tent with lights, a lens kit, a selfie stick, and be on Lifelong Learning programs. I’ll more. help coordinate the popular Workshop, Summer is a great time to explore the Maker and Tech programs that you’ve outdoors. Did you know our library is asked the library for—all to help you, part of a statewide program called our community, prepare for critical life “Check Out Colorado’s State Parks?” choices while also finding fulfillment This takes the form of a Discovery Kit through curiosity and discovery. that includes a free entry pass into any Programs are just one of the ways the of Colorado’s 42 state parks, including library has been making these things nearby ones like Lory, Boyd Lake, and possible. Another way: the collections. The library checks out tens of thousands Eldorado Canyon. (Note: passes are not valid at National Parks like Rocky). of books, DVDs, music CDs and audioIt’s also a great season for home projbooks—not to mention digital books ects. Have you wondered about the enand downloadable audio. ergy efficiency of your home appliBut did you know the library checks out telescopes, sewing machines, African ances? Borrow a “Watts Up?” watt meter drums, scrapbooking kits, and Colorado to discover whether your refrigerator or washer is watt-frugal or watt-wasting. State Parks passes? We’ve also got African drums, harOur library has an ever-growing collecmonicas, and sewing kits ready to take tion of Discovery Kits. These are items home. designed to help you pursue a new Borrowing a Discovery Kit is as easy as hobby, learn a new skill, or tackle a life one-two-three. First, choose your kit. goal. Here are some of the kits awaiting you: Second, sign the simple User Responsibility Form. Three, take your kit home New this season is the Telescope Disfor three weeks. If a kit is currently covery Kit. It comes with an Orion SkyScanner tabletop telescope and a copy of checked out, we’ll place you on hold. As with anything in the collection, if we get “Nightwatch: a practical guide to viewlots of holds, we’ll order more. ing the universe.” This kit is perfectly We’ll add new Discovery Kits each seatimed for “A Universe of Stories,” the son, with an ear toward your feedback. space theme of this year’s Summer ReadLook for new items announced quaring Program for all ages. terly in the Library’s Programs & ServDiscovery Kits can help you organize ices Guide. Give one of these kits a try, your life and kickstart a new hobby. Do and you’ll be on the path toward happy you have shoeboxes of clippings, photos learning and inspiration. See the full list and mementos you’ve been meaning to of Discovery Kits at sort out? Transform those memories By: Karen Randinitis, Program & Outreach Librarian

The Highland Brass, Estes Park’s own brass quintet, will present a concert on Wednesday, July 10 at Performance Park, Estes Park’s outdoor concert facility on west Elkhorn Ave., starting at 7:00 p.m. The free performance is part of the Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park’s Wednesday Night Live concert series. Audience members are encouraged to bring blankets or lawn chairs. The concert will be performed, rain or shine. The brass group will perform a wide variety of music including marches, ragtime and jazz. Selections to be performed include “You’re A Grand Old Flag,” “Get Me To The Church On

Time,” “Bill Bailey,” “This Is My Country,” “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” and “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” Members of the Highland Brass are: Loren Johnson, trumpet and flugelhorn; Dave Scott, trumpet and flugelhorn; Jerry Brubaker, horn; Curtis Fox, trombone; and Chuck Varilek, bass. Members of the group also perform with the Estes Park Jazz Big Band as well as the Estes Park Village Band. The Highland Brass performs for concerts and special events in Estes Park as well as in surrounding communities. For more information about the band or the concert, please contact Chuck Varilek at 970-227-8704.

21st Annual Thursday Night Live Plus Now through August 22, 2019 21st Annual Thursday Night Live Plus at Performance Park, 435 West Elkhorn Avenue. Sponsored by the Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park and Coldwell Banker – Estes Village Properties. Concerts begin at 7 p.m., weather permitting. Bring a blanket or a chair. For more information, call 970-402-7348. June: 27 – Jeff Van Devender 28 – Laurie Dameron July: 11 – Cowboy Brad Fitch

12 – Brett Wilson and Friends 24 – Great Blue 25 – Elk Hollow 31 – Riverside Ramblers August: 1 – Brett Wilson 8- Beverly Sencenbaugh and Friends 15 – Tribute to Folk Singers 16 – Willie Thomas 21 - Denver MountainAires Barbershop 22 - Matthew Gurnsey – The Kilted Man

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What’s Happening At The Estes Valley Library LIBRARY HOURS Library Closed on July 4 The Library will be closed all day on Thursday, July 4 for Independence Day. Regular summer hours are Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and Sunday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. SUMMER READING PROGRAM 2019: UNIVERSE OF STORIES This summer, every minute counts. Readers of all ages are encouraged to log their reading minutes, now through August 3, to help reach a lofty reading goal: 238,900 total reading minutes (that’s the distance to the Moon in miles). So far, 126,057 minutes have already been recorded. Participants can earn prizes along the way. Space themes are inspiring this year’s program, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Record your reading minutes at ADULTS & TEENS: Middle School Book Club Thursday, July 11, 7-8:30 p.m., Hondius Room Middle school students are invited to discuss the book “When You Reach Me.” Part sci-fi and

part mystery, this Newberry Award winner by Rebecca Stead has been called “smart and mesmerizing.” Register at and pick up a copy of the book. Astrophotography Monday, July 15, 6-10 p.m., Hondius Room Professional photographer Dawn Wilson leads this hands-on class on camera settings and dark-sky subjects. The programs begins with a 90-minute indoor workshop, then participants will venture outdoors. Bring your camera, or share the library’s camera. Register at Under the Stars: Night Birding Wednesday, July 17, 6-8 p.m., Hondius Room Bird specialist Jeff Maugans explains the nocturnal birds found in our area. Participants will then head outside to look and listen for species. Register at Uncovering a Mystery at the Solar System’s Edge Thursday, July 18, 5:30-7 p.m., Estes Valley Memorial Observatory NASA scientists have found the shadow of a strange object beyond Pluto. What could it be? Aerospace engineer Mike Grusin offers insights, explaining how the New Horizons spacecraft flew by this object in January. Register at

Bringing Safe Drinking Water To Peru, India, Rwanda

“Our Wonderful World” continues its 13th season of armchair travel-adventures this Tuesday, July 2 with a presentation by Roger Cabbage, an avid hiker and mountain climber who has journeyed to bring safe drinking water to communities around the globe. The free program takes place at 7 p.m. at this year’s location: the lower level of the Estes Valley Community Center at 660 Community Drive. The series is co-

sponsored by the Community Center and the Estes Valley Library. Roger Cabbage’s travels have taken him to some of the most remote places in the world. He will share stories and images from his recent trips and adventures to the Amazon region of Peru, the hills of Rwanda, the slums of Calcutta in India, and the villages of Nepal. While exploring these areas, Cabbage has also been working to bring access to safe drinking water to people who desperately need it. Cabbage is the founder of the nonprofit organization Global Access 2030. As part of the presentation, he will demonstrate the GA 2030 Filter system, which is a 0.1-micron membrane hollow fiber filter that removes all bacteria and parasites from source water. Attendees are encouraged to register in advance at so the program team can save everyone a seat. For more information about this summer’s full Our Wonderful World schedule, visit A full roster of the series is also available in print and online inside the summer edition of the Library’s Programs & Services Guide.

KIDS: Constellations: Stories in the Stars

Thursday, July 11, 2-3 p.m., Hondius Room Science meets art, as kids entering grades 1 through 6 learn about the night skies and how they have inspired both ancient and modern people. Participants will take home a constellation flashlight. Register at Star Bright Craft Thursday, July 18, 2-3 p.m., Hondius Room Star light, star bright: kids entering grades 1 through 6 will make illuminated stars and constellation art using metallic markers and moon quotes. Register at Kids’ Book Club: “How Do You Burp in Space? ” Friday, July 19, 2 - 3:30 p.m., Hondius Room KIds entering grades 1 through 6 will discuss the book that’s been called “a nonfiction guide to space tourism.” Participants may pick up a complimentary copy of the book to read beforehand, then attend on July 19 and enjoy snacks and activities. Register at OUR WONDERFUL WORLD Our Wonderful World: Peru, Rwanda, India Tuesday, July 2, 7 p.m., Estes Valley Community Center Hiker and mountain climber Roger Cabbage shares stories and images of

helping to bring safe drinking water to some of the world’s most remote villages. Register in advance at KIDS Once Upon a Cuento: Bilingual Storytime Wednesday, July 17, 3:30 to 4 p.m., Estes Valley Community Center Once Upon a Cuento takes place in the Party Room at the Community Center (No Community Center pass is required to attend). Children ages 0 to 6 and their parents and caregivers will participate in English and Spanish learning activities, with books, puppets, music and movement. FRIENDS & FOUNDATION Cliffhanger Used Bookstore:

Open Daily Cliffhanger Used Books, operated by the Library Friends & Foundation, is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The store is located at 191 W. Riverside Drive. Look for special bargains every Wednesday, when three genre categories will be specially priced at $1 plus tax per book. Shoppers who purchase a Library Friends & Foundation annual membership may browse each week’s new arrivals before the general public (shelves are restocked every Sunday after closing). The next preview sale is Monday, July 1 from 8 to 10 a.m.

Photo by Robert Burns

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Tennis Anyone? Residents and summer visitors are invited to join the Estes Park tennis community. We play at the courts in Stanley Park, near the high school. Men’s and women’s doubles on weekday mornings – mixed doubles on Sunday

evenings, followed by dinner at a local restaurant for those wanting to participate. We would love to see you out on the courts. For more information, call Sally at 970-577-9752.

Estes Park Women's Golf Association Results - Tuesday, June 25 We played an ABCD team game, where everyone is paired by handicap within a team, called "1-2-3 Waltz." In this game, the best net ball on the 1st hole is counted, two net balls are counted on the 2nd hole and three best net balls count on hole #3; then the cycle repeats itself until all 18 holes have been played. Congratulations to the

winning teams! 1st place, tie: Holly Deem, Judi Cunningham, Claudia Irwin and Kay Tritico Marianne Casey, Bonnie Rumsey, Diane Butler, and Karyn Saucier 3rd place: Carla Spreng-Webb, Carrie Logan, Dot Dorman and Carol Arnold.

This July, It’s Game On With EVRPD

Summer is here, which means it’s time to get your game on. This July, discover the power of play with Estes Valley Recreation and Park District (EVRPD) as we celebrate Park and Recreation Month. A variety of fun activities are planned for residents of all ages and abilities—including a dive-in movie at the Estes Valley Community Center, Ice Cream Day, free family and social events, and a photo contest. EVRPD is celebrating Park and Recreation Month, an initiative started by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) in 1985, and all the ways parks and recreation has the power to transform our daily lives. From providing us places to play, get fit and stay healthy to fostering new relationships and forging a connection with nature, our close-to-home community park and recreation facilities provide essential services and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors of Estes Park. “Estes Park is a mecca for recreation any time of the year,” said Tom Carosello, Executive Director for Estes Valley Recreation and Park District. “But summertime is especially busy in Estes Park. We are thrilled that we can provide such a variety of recreation opportunities while having a positive impact on the community.” EVRPD will celebrate Park and Recreation Month with activities throughout the month on the mild side of recreation. In addition to the activities we will coordinate, EVRPD has a complete list of ideas for daily outdoor recreation on our website, including a kayak ride on Lake Estes, a bike ride along the Lake Estes Trail, and a picnic at Cherokee Draw. For the first week of the

month, we will launch the activities with the weekly photo contest starting off with a Fourth of July theme. This contest is a great way to show off your talents while helping EVRPD celebrate the month and encouraging people to show how they play around Estes Park. A winner will be selected for each theme from each week’s submissions. One overall grand prize winner will receive a 20-punch pass to the new Estes Valley Community Center and their winning photo will hang in the Estes Valley Community Center for 2020. Visit for more information about how to participate. Entries can be submitted via the hashtag #PlayOnEstesPark on our Facebook page at In addition to the photo contest, the first week also features the recommendation of working out with a personal trainer. It is a great week to keep or get your fitness regimen going with our semi-annual personal training sale. Check out info about our trainers and the package options at Other suggested activities for the first week of Park and Recreation Month include the family play group time at the Estes Valley Community Center—a free hour of games and swimming for kids ages 0 to 5 on Wednesday, July 3—and public shooting day at the Common Point Shooting Range on Saturday, July 6. For everything related to Park and Recreation Month and to obtain location information for Park and Rec Month activities, visit

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Things To Do With Estes Valley Recreation And Park District All programs are at the Estes Valley Community Center unless otherwise noted. This list only covers a small portion of the wide variety of EVRPD programming. For a complete list of classes, programs, events and activities, including the new summer fitness schedule, visit *Please note that on the 4th of July, the Estes Valley Community Center will have reduced holiday hours from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. DANCE Intro to Line Dancing and Line Dance Party Weekly on Sundays, 1-1:50 p.m. (Intro to Line Dancing), 2-2:50 p.m. (Line Dance Party) $5 drop-in or $7 for Intro to Line Dancing and Line Dance Party taken together. Bollywood Dance

Weekly on Thursdays, July 18 to August 15 from 4-5:15 p.m. $30-four week session, $10 drop-in. Register by July 5. TRAVEL Day Trip to Colorado Rockies vs. San Francisco Giants

Wednesday, July 17, 10:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. (ages 16+) FULL Day Trip to Colorado Rockies vs. Arizona Diamondbacks Wednesday, August 14, 10:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. (ages 16+) $45 includes reserved seat ticket, round-trip transportation and parking; register by July 31. HEALTH AND WELLNESS Tools for Life from Yoga and Ayurveda Saturday, July 13, 11 a.m.-5:30 p.m. (ages 16+) $75; registration required. FIRST FRIDAY: CULTIVATING WELL-BEING Friday, July 5, 10 – 11:30 a.m. (ages 18+) Free; drop-in. LIFELONG LEARNING The Supreme Court and the American Society Weekly on Tuesdays, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m. (ages 18+) Free; drop-in. OUR WONDERFUL WORLD SUMMER TRAVEL SERIES Bringing Safe Water to Peru, India

and Rwanda with Roger Cabbage Tuesday, June 25, 7-8:30 p.m. Free; registration required, register at The Great Courses® Lecture Series Museum Masterpieces: The Louvre Mondays, July 1-August 5, 10-11:30 a.m. (ages 18+) Free; drop-in. The Poetry of Robert Frost Tuesdays, July 2-30, 9-10:30 a.m. (all ages) $55; registration required. RECREATION Drop-in Outdoor Pickleball Mondays to Saturdays, 8-11 a.m. (all ages) Stanley Park pickleball courts; free; drop-in. Drop-in Ping Pong Thursdays, 4-9 p.m. (all ages) Lower level; included with daily admission or membership; drop-in. Cheerleading Camp

Family Playgroup Wednesdays, 10-11 a.m. (ages 0-5) Free and open to the public; drop-in. Community Bridge Thursdays, Lessons: 11:15 a.m.; Games: 12:30-4 p.m. (ages 18+) Call Lloyd Parker for info or to play; 970-581-3505. Free and open to the public; drop-in. Drop-in Cribbage Thursdays, 2-4 p.m. (ages 18+) Free and open to the public; drop-in. Drop-in Chess Thursdays, 3:30-4:30 p.m. (ages 18+) Free and open to the public; drop-in. AQUATICS Work for EVRPD Aquatics Flexible schedule - Wear flip-flops to work - Free use of Aqua Climb For more info, call 970-480-1308. Swim Lessons Mondays to Thursdays, July 8-July 18 (ages 3 months+) $48; registration required. Shadow a Lifeguard Any Tuesday, July 2-August 13, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. (ages 11-14) Free; registration required; call 970480-1308. BOCA Yoga Tuesdays, July 16 to August 20, 6 – 6:50 p.m. (ages 14+) $40 for six-week series; registration required.

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, July 15-26, 8:30-10:30 a.m. (ages 7-12) $60; registration required. Registration deadline July 1. Tennis Camp

Monday thru Friday, July 22-26, 10 a.m.-12 p.m. (ages 7-12) $60; registration required; camp held at Stanley Park tennis courts. Tumbling Classes Level 1: Mondays, July 8 – 29, 4 – 4:30 p.m. (ages 3-5) $32; registration required. Registration deadline 7/5 Level 2: Mondays, July 8 – 29, 4:30 – 5:15 p.m. (ages 6 – 9) $35; registration required. Registration deadline 7/5 SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Palette Pals Open Art Studio Mondays, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. (ages 18+) Free and open to the public; drop-in. Bring your own materials and projects. Rocky Rollers Wii Bowling Mondays, 10-11 a.m. (ages 18+) Lower level; free; drop-in. Drop-in Mahjong Mondays and Fridays, 12:30-4 p.m. (ages 18+) Free and open to the public; drop-in.

MARINA Lake Estes Marina Store and Docks Store open daily, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more info, call 970-586-2011. GOLF AND DISC GOLF Lake Estes 9-Hole Golf Course Course now open daily at 7 a.m. For more info, call 970-586-8176. Estes Park 18-Hole Golf Course Course now open daily at 7:30 a.m. For more info, call 970-586-8146. Ladies Princess Golf League Tuesdays, 9:30 a.m. (ages 18+) Estes Park 18-Hole Golf Course; register by emailing Lynn Stepaniak at or Jeanne Harms at Thursday Ladies Golf League Thursdays, 8 a.m. (ages 18+) Lake Estes 9-Hole Golf Course; register by emailing Lynn Stepaniak at or Jeanne Harms at Disc Golf Course Course now open daily at noon at the Lake Estes 9-Hole Golf Course $5 per player all you can play, tee-times not required; visit or call 970-586-8176. REGISTRATION To register for these programs or for more information about the new recreation center, visit or call 970586-8191. You can also register in person by visiting the recreation center at 660 Community Drive.

The Largest Carnivore Sanctuary In TheWorld, Designed And Built Like No Other In Existence


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Lyons 43rd Annual Good Old Days Museum Honors And History Program

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of the Lyons Redstone Museum and to celebrate being rooted in Lyons, the Town of Lyons 43rd annual Good Old Day celebration will take place this Saturday, June 29 at the Museum and the Lyons Elementary School grounds, High Street and 4th Avenue. All events are free. 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. - Lyons Redstone Museum. Museum Honors Program: The museum will honor pioneers, high school graduates and reunions, Mr. & Mrs. Good Old Days, and government officials, which will be followed by cake and music, and an open house and tour of the new 40th anniversary exhibit and other museum exhibits. www. Lyons Redstone Lyons Car Show The Lyons Good Old Days Car Show is in Sandstone Park, 4th and Broadway Streets, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is free to attend, but donations welcome, and will all go to Habitat for Humanity of St. Vrain Valley. There will be street rods, muscle cars, antiques, trucks, custom cars, and more. Sponsors Lyons Auto-

motive and Napa University Auto Parts states that there will also be tons of food, prizes, games, and goodie bags. Spectators are encouraged to vote for their favorite car. Kid's Activities In front of the school playground, the Town of Lyons kids' events, including bouncy tent and Dizzy's Fun Center, will be open from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. From 2 to 4 p.m. enjoy fundraiser root beer floats, sponsored by the Lyons Community Foundation, and kids' games, face painting and music. 50 Year Reunion Picnic At 5 p.m. Lyons High School Class of 1969 Reunion Pot Luck/Picnic. Note, no alcohol allowed; the picnic is located in "Quarry, 1st Shelter." Residents can get a free parking pass from the Town, with ID, during regular business hours. The Lyons Chamber of Commerce will not put on a music or beer garden event this year, but instead are encouraging people to support local businesses by enjoying the music in local restaurants and bars that evening.

Bluegrass Favorite Chain Station To Appear At Red, White & Bluegrass In Allenspark Do you love bluegrass music, Italian food and dancing? The Old Gallery in Allenspark is the place to be on Sunday, June 30 at 6 p.m. The nonprofit center for community, the arts and visitors is presenting the inaugural Red, White & Bluegrass and it’s sure to be a sell-out. “We’re excited to bring Chain Station to Allenspark, ” said The Old Gallery Events and Operations Manager Peggy Mauerman. “They’ve just released their third album called Backroads, produced by Nashville-based music producer Kyle Tuttle of the Jeff Austin Band. And it’s fantastic.” The band is excited about playing at the inaugural Red, White & Bluegrass at The Old Gallery. Chain Station vocalist and upright and electric bassist Jon Pickett said, “This is the first time we've had the privilege to play at this unique and beautiful venue! Allenspark is right down the street from Estes Park, where the band was born. This is our mountain-backyard and we're really looking forward to this! ” Estes Park favorite The Dunraven Inn will provide an Italian feast at the event and there’s a cash bar. Admission to Red, White & Bluegrass is $35 in advance and $40 at the door, subject to availability. Tickets are available at www.the- and a sell-out is expected. The event starts at 6. m. and is sponsored by Left Hand Brewery and The Estes Park Thrift Store. Other music events scheduled at The Old Gallery include Hogabluesa Blues, BBQ & Brews featuring Mojomama and catering by Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ. It takes place on Saturday, July 27 at 6 p.m. Advance tickets are $40 or $45 at the door, subject to availability. Limited tickets available and it’s a sell-out every year. The famed Takács String Quartet will also be performing at The Old Gallery on Saturday, Sept 14 at 4:30 p.m. Advance tickets are $50 and it’s always a sell-out. The Old Gallery is home to 20+ accomplished artists who display and sell their works of art. The center also provides entertainment, educational lectures, classes and social services to the Peak to Peak mountain communities. The Rocky Mountain Conservancy Nature store is also operating at The Old Gallery through mid-October. The Old Gallery is located at 14863 Colorado Highway 7 in Allenspark, just 20 minutes south of Estes Park. To view a complete list of all events, visit

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Michael Rambeau Michael Rambeau, Mr. “Rock-n Roll,” was born June 12, 1944, to Ruth and Harold Rambeau in Oak Park, Illinois. Michael crossed the finish line of life, receiving his checkered flag on June 20, 2019. Raised in Forest Park, Mike did well in school, excelled at and enjoyed playing basketball as one of the team’s star players. In his teens, he worked in a neighborhood grocery store, Calcagno’s, for several years which kept him busy and taught him his incredible work ethic. His parents would vacation in Estes Park, which would eventually become a dream come true for Mike and his family. Mike moved his family to Estes Park in 1975 after a tragic fire burned the truck and truck yard where he was a professional driver. The fire left him unemployed, but free to follow his dream of living in Estes Park where he and his first wife, Diane, bought a liquor store. They owned Mike’s Rocky Mountain Discount Liquor for 10 years. When not at the store, he loved to restore old cars. He brought a ‘55 Chevy, a ‘57 Chevy, a ‘50 Ford and a ‘61 Impala back to life. You could find Mike at a race track on weekends or whenever possible, as close to the dirt, dust, and noise as he could get. He loved sharing his race car stories with all who would listen. For Mike, a fast car was the best car. Mike also managed several RV campgrounds, his favorite being in Dolores, Colorado at Priest Gulch Campground where he made many lifelong friends

who share his love of the outdoors and exploring every inch of it. One of his favorite places to sit was at Trout Lake, just enjoying the beauty and the quiet. He enjoyed an awesome 15 years driving tour buses at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. He loved chatting with travelers who made a friend by the time they stepped off his bus. He always had a joke or a fun story to tell and loved sharing his quick wit and humor, with a laugh you’d never forget. Mike’s passions included “Chasin Racin,” NASCAR, NHRA, car shows and any type of short track racing. He enjoyed listening to all types of music, but was hopelessly “Lost in the 50s.” A favorite daily chore of his was spending time outside cleaning and detailing his cars. Mike was preceded in death by his parents, younger brother Scott and son-in-law, Nicholas Kane. He is survived by his wife Celeste of Saint George, Utah, daughter Kim Kane, son Matt (Cristie), daughter Michele York (Wayne) all of Estes Park. He is survived by his grandchildren; Alyssa Kane, Brad Kane, Laeticia Rambeau, Maddy Rambeau, Gunnar Lordemann, Luke Lordemann, and one great-grandson, Preston Kane. He is also survived by three stepchildren; Stephen Cox, Chris Cox, and Tiffany Pagone along with eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Mike will be deeply missed by his family, friends and all who knew him.

Ken Cole Estes Park resident Ken Cole passed away peacefully at his home on Sunday, March 17, 2019. A memorial service will be held to celebrate Ken’s life on June 29, 11:00 a.m. at the Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO. In memory and honor of Ken, donations may be made to The Rotary Club Foundation of Estes Park, The Parkinson’s Foundation, or the Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies, all in care of Allnutt Funeral Service at 1302 Graves Avenue, Estes Park, CO 80517. Please visit to see the full obituary and leave a message to the family.

Gary Trunnell Celebration Of Life Picnic Gary Trunnell Celebration Of Life Picnic this Saturday, June 29th, 1:004:00 p.m. Stanley Park Large Pavilion. Join us for a picnic celebrating the life the Gary Trunnell. The food and ice cream truck will be there for all to enjoy! Come by and stay as long as you're able. Please bring a camp chair and your favorite memories of Gary. For more information and to RSVP

Ask the Expert— Planning Ahead

Bill Smith, General Manager,

Allnutt Funeral Service - Estes Park Chapel

Q: What’s the best advice you would give someone about funerals? A: Very simply: be prepared. I

don’t mean merely to expect to have a funeral or mention your nal wishes to your spouse, but to plan every detail with the help of a professional. The most dif cult thing we see is families who are not prepared for the loss of a loved one. A plan can help your loved ones to better cope with the loss, allowing them to focus on what’s most important. And, you can feel comfortable in knowing that your personal wishes are known.

Q: Is it really possible to plan my own life’s celebration? A: Yes! By making your

arrangements in advance, you can plan a service or memorial of your choosing. And whether that means special music and owers or a grandiose catered event with a string quartet, it’s all up to you. We help individuals create celebrations that truly re ect their personality

Sign up for FREE Emergency Notifications at

and passions. The result is a beautiful and memorable event that allows family and friends to say goodbye in a unique way and know that they have carried out their loved one’s wishes. If you have additional questions, visit your local licensed funeral provider. They are a good source of information for funeral, cremation and cemetery options.

Since 1986, Bill Smith has been the General Manager at Allnutt Funeral Service - Estes Park Chapel, a member of the Dignity Memorial® network serving the Estes Park community and families nationwide. He has been a member of The Rotary Club of Estes Park for 32 years, a member of the Sons Of The American Legion, Friends of the Estes Park Museum, The Art Center of Estes Park, The Estes Valley Land Trust, The Fine Arts Guild and a past member of several community boards. For more information, contact Bill at or 970-586-3101.

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Rebecca Roberts Cunningham Rebecca Roberts Cunningham died on May 19, 2019, in Phoenix, AZ, at 88 years old. She was born in 1931 in Almo, KY, in Calloway County, to the late Carlos and Lucille Hargrove Roberts. Rebecca graduated as Valedictorian of Almo H.S. in 1948. She continued her education, where she earned a BS from Murray State University in 1952. After two years of teaching, she moved to Louisville, KY to attend Carver School of Missions and Social Work, earning her first Masters degree in Social Work in 1956. While a student at Carver, she met her life’s great love, Richard, whom she married in 1957. Married for 62 years, they had three children. They lived in Crothersville, Indiana, then Albuquerque, NM, before settling in Mill Valley, CA, from 1967 - 1976. They then lived in Louisville, KY from 1976, until retiring in 1999. Rebecca was a homemaker, mother, part-time teacher, and active faculty wife at Golden Gate Baptist Seminary in Mill Valley, before returning to fulltime work in 1977. Rebecca had a 20 year career as an adult educator at the Kentucky State Reformatory, a men’s

correctional facility in La Grange, KY, until 1999. In 1987, Rebecca earned a second Masters degree, in Education, from the University of Louisville. Upon retiring, Rebecca and her husband, Richard, lived in Hong Kong, from 1999 – 2001, working at Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary. They fully retired to Estes Park, CO in 2001, until 2015, when they moved to Phoenix, AZ. Rebecca is survived by her husband, Richard, of Phoenix, AZ; her three children - Rick, of Los Angeles, CA; Cathy, of Phoenix, AZ; and Rob, and his wife Helen, of Thousand Oaks, CA. She also leaves behind 4 grandchildren, and 19 nieces and nephews, as well as many great, and great-great, nieces and nephews. The youngest of five siblings, Rebecca was the remaining Roberts, preceded in death by four siblings, Dot, Margaret, James and Mark. A Memorial Service was held on Saturday, June 8, in Peoria, AZ. Expressions of sympathy may take the form of donations in memory of Rebecca Cunningham to for Amyloidosis research.

Shirley Tallman Shirley B. Makinster Tallman, 87 of Pawnee City passed away on Friday, June 14, 2019. She was born October 6, 1931, at her family's home in Lamar, Nebraska, to William and Nellie (Edwards) Makinster. Shirley grew up in the rural farming community of Lamar. She attended Lamar Grade School, and Chase County High School in Imperial. She graduated in 1950. Shirley went to church, and trusted Jesus Christ as her Savior at church camp when she was 10 years old. She married family friend, Ray Sidney Tallman, in 1950. While Sid was away in the Army serving in Korea, she worked with her father on the farm. Shirley and Sid had four children, Cyndie, Rock, Ronnie and Robin. On Sid's return from the military, they moved several times, and in 1957, moved to Estes Park, Colorado. In Estes, Shirley was trained in a local clinic, first as a x-ray technician, then as a lab technician, and finally as a nurse. She worked in nursing for 20 years. She enjoyed hosting friends at home parties, and being active as a room mother, and attending her chil-

dren's activities. Later, her health declined, and Shirley and Sid moved to the lower altitude of Pawnee City to be near their daughter Cyndie and her family. Her health diagnosis was not good, but she outlived that by over 35 years. She enjoyed friends and activities in Pawnee, like selling Avon and participating in the women's history club. Soon she and Sid bought an RV and were spending many winters doing volunteer missions in Florida, Texas and Arizona. They took a summer-long trip to Alaska in 2004. Shirley took care of Sid in his declining years and after his death, she moved to Humboldt at assisted living and then to the nursing home. She was also preceeded in death by her parents, siblings and her daughter Ronnie. She is survived by daughter Cyndie and husband Paul Rohrbaugh of Steinauer, Rock and wife Becky Tallman of Glen Haven, Colorado, son-in-law Dave Smith of Colorado, and daughter Robin and husband Roy Varner of Kansas. She is also survived by twelve grandchildren and seventeen greatgrandchildren.

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Marshall Painting is looking for a Prep Person What does a prep person do? They caulk cracks and also doors, windows, etc., move ladders, tape windows up for spray paint.

$14 hour. Cleaning People Needed Immediately!

Join Mountain Maid Concierge & Cleaning Services in Estes Park 10am - 3pm. Flexible hours, different environment every day. All products are furnished. Call or text 719-240-3180

What do I supply? All tools (brushes, tape, etc.)

Good wages, friendly atmosphere. Must be on time, have vehicle, experience not necessary. We’ll show you how to do all prep needed to be able to catch on quickly. Phone: 970-430-8335

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Full Time, Year-Round, BeneďŹ ts


Friday, June 28, 2019 ÂŤ 49

L ane Guest Ranch 12 miles South of Estes Park

Wanted: Waitstaff Housekeeping Kids Counselors Hiking/ Fishing Guide Salary: $1500 per month plus accommodations & meals

Call 303-747-2176

Apply online at:

Join Our Team LIVING CENTER CNA – Full Time

555 Prospect Ave. Estes Park, CO 80517 970-577-4458

Sign on Bonus Available CNA Part Time CNA - PRN LPN – Full Time Sign on Bonus Available RN – Full Time Sign on Bonus Available RN - PRN

Silver Saddle Inn Now hiring: • Housekeepers • Laundry • Maintenance • Front Desk Agent

(970) 577-4458 555 Prospect Ave. Estes Park, CO 80517

Apply online at

Must be a non-smoker. Good wages. Apply in person or email resume 1260 Big Thompson Avenue No calls

Painters full and part time positions available. 970-518-4001 Dental Hygienist wanted       


Help us Help Others Become a CAREGiver

$100 Bonus - Call and ask us how! Starting at $13 per hour No Medical Background required Flexible Schedule Training and Local Support provided

Apply online at or call for more information 970-494-0289

Rams Horn Village Resort has year round full time and part time positions

Guest Services/Housekeeping Department:

Competitive pay based on experience, plus a great summer bonus program! Benefits package for full time employees. Great working environment in Estes Park’s only Gold Crown Resort. Our business stays busy year round and 40 hours per week are available through the winter. We are looking for energetic, dependable people who are able to perform physical labor and who have strong customer service skills. Fridays and Saturdays are required. Fill out an application at Rams Horn Village Resort, 1565 Colo. Hwy 66. EEOE

Carpenter Needed Framing, Siding, and Finish Carpenter Competitive Pay Holiday/Vacation/Retirement or call (970)685-0877

Looking for a full time as well as a part time employee for dog daycare/boarding business.

Prior work experience with dogs in some capacity preferred for this position. Flexible hours plus bonus package and partial benefits included for full time position. Job includes supervising dogs during play, cleaning and customer service skills. Please call Linda at 586-0340 to set up an interview.

SPUR LIQUOR ~ Help Wanted ~

Seasonal Clerk/Stock Person

Inquire within at 900 Moraine Ave.

FULL AND PART-TIME POSTIONS AVAILABLE Apply in person at True Value 461 E Wonderview Avenue Upper Stanley Village


Customer Service. Proficancy in English. Year round attendant position. Some weekend and evening shifts will be required. Send your resume today to: 172-174 S. St. Vrain Ave. Estes Park, CO 80517

We’re gearing up for the spring and summer season and hiring for the following positions starting at $13.80/hr.: • Checker • Courtesy Clerk • Day-Stocker • Overnight Stocker • Bakery Clerk • Deli Clerk • Produce Clerk • Seafood Clerk • Cake Decorator • Meat Cutter Get your application at: After your application has been completed, please call our hiring manager Ann at 970.586.4447.

50 Âť Friday, June 28, 2019

EMPLOYMENT  Place and View Ads at  EMPLOYMENT Chipper’s Lanes in Estes Park is hiring:

Growing Adventure Tour Company has immediate openings to expand our Current Office Staff

• Part Time and Full Time Positions

• Seasonal, with Year-round potential If you like the idea of working in a fun environment contact: Kelli or Kimberly at 970-586-8687 or stop by our downtown location at 212 E. Elkhorn Ave.

Silver Saddle Inn

COME JOIN OUR ROCKY MOUNTAIN RESORTS TEAM! FIELD MAINTENANCE MANAGER Full-time position. Experience in electrical, plumbing, drywall, and hot tubs preferred. HOUSEKEEPING Full-time, part-time and seasonal positions available. Experience preferred. MAINTENANCE Full-time, part-time and seasonal positions available. Experience in electrical, plumbing, drywall, and hot tubs preferred. Apply at, mail or email resume to: Fawn Valley Inn, 2760 Fall River Road, Estes Park, CO 80517 Email:

Front Desk Agent

6235981'95583,7351976583,861 73,922'1"9009.21454231968-468952. 325/*9/-152)869186(4/891'4001973, 5*897&4045+9529*80.9/68758979$-3973, 681.8/5$-0983(4623)8359$2692-6 /-152)861"9$9435868158,9.08718 152.9&+973,9$40092-597397..04/75423975 92-5*95"96743"


Estes Park School District R-3 is accepting applications for one full-time, year-round General Maintenance worker. Salary range is $17.89 to $20.24 per hour depending on experience, with benefits. The successful candidate must be able to pass a drug test, background check, and physical demands/lift test. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, eligible to work in the U.S., and possess a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent vocational school certificate. Apply online at Only online applications are accepted. Position open until filled. Contact Dave Coleson with questions: 970-577-0211, ext 3401.

Earn up to $15.00 per hour (including bonuses)!!

If providing great customer service and sales describes your skill set then you are the person for this job.

Estes Park School District R-3 Is An Equal Opportunity Employer

Our Front Desk staff is on duty between the hours of 6:00am and 11:00pm. Each work week has varied shifts. Multi-tasking is a key talent of a successful Front Desk Agent. Silver Saddle Inn is a smoke free workplace.


Customer Service. Proficancy in English. Year round attendant position. Some weekend and evening shifts will be required. Send your resume today to: 172-174 S. St. Vrain Ave. Estes Park, CO 80517

Interested in joining our team? Send resume to

Check Out Our Current Openings... • Senior Living Housekeeping Assistant $13.50 per hour

• Part-Time Dining Assistant $13.50 per hour

• Senior Living Medication Aide (Resident Care Specialist) Starting wage 13.50 per hour + Differential Sign on bonus available! inquire at starting 6/24/19. Please apply on line at

Year Round. Full-Time positions qualify for benefits which include health, dental, vision, life, short-term disability and paid time off.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.


Estes Park School District R-3 is accepting applications for one full-time, year-round CUSTODIAL position. Salary range is $14.17 to $16.02 per hour, with single benefits. The successful candidate must be able to pass a drug test, background check, and physical demands/lift test. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, eligible to work in the U.S., and possess a high school diploma or GED. Apply online at Only online applications are accepted. Position open until filled. Contact Dave Coleson with questions: 970577-0211, ext 3401. Estes Park School District R-3 Is An Equal Opportunity Employer

746&73'19 /7(75423941 188'43#979$6483,0+973,98 .86483/8, Dump Truck Driver & Heavy Equipment Hauler 529.07+979(45709620894392-69/2).73+" -4.)8359.867526979.0-1" %920267,29907119964(8619 4/83189!45*979/08739 %99+876198 .86483/8917$80+9 2.867543#979*87(+9269567/52656740869 56-/'9!45*97469&67'81973,979 /7.7/45+92$962-#*0+99 .2-3,19 %99+87698 .86483/89027,43#973,9 -3027,43#9*87(+98-4.)835 %9-159&8979587).07+869!45*979 15623#9!26'985*4/" Heavy Equipment Operator %99+876198 .86483/8 %9964(86194/8318 %9&089529,4#96814,835470973, /2))86/470 %9-159&897&089529,2912)8907&26869 !26' General Laborer %9-159*7(898 .86483/89762-3,9 *87(+98-4.)8359 9&4#956-/'1 009.214542319! 9838$451 087189/7009

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Looking to earn some extra cash but not regular full time employment? These positions are for “as needed� or “seasonal temporary�. NON-CLINICAL POSITIONS Patient Access Representative Food Service Worker Environmental Services Technician CERTIFIED NURSING ASSITANTS CNA – Living Center NURSES RN - L&D RN – ED RN/LPN – Living Center Case Manager

ALLIED HEATLH Physical Therapist Occupational Therapist Speech Language Pathologist MRI Technologist CT Technologist Paramedic EMT-B-IV Phlebotomist

(970) 577-4458 555 Prospect Ave. Estes Park, CO 80517

Apply online at

Estes Valley Recreation and Park District

Pool Supervisor Year-round, benefitted full-time position. We are looking for someone with a passion for Aquatics who is self-directed, people oriented and creative. Use your leadership skills to manage the day-to-day operations of the pool at the Community Recreation Center.

Landscaping Worker Seasonal full-time or part-time through the end of November. Work outdoors by Mary’s Lake keeping landscape areas groomed and assisting with light construction tasks.

Custodian Part-time evenings/weekends at the Community Center. Help keep the facility clean and in working order for our members and guests. Apply on-line at Competitive wages and district discounts available.

EVRPD is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Kennel Assistant Part-time

Call 970-586-4703 with any questions. Must be available weekends and able to lift at least 50 pounds. Receptionists Skills. Animal Hospital of the Rockies LLC. 453 Pine River Ln

Customer Service Agent for Upscale Resort Full and Part Time hours available. Wage depends on experience.

Housekeeping Part Time.

Sign-on Bonus Available for all positions.

Pick up applications at front desk, ask for Kay. 1885 Sketchbox Ln. or email resume to

Join Our Team BIRTH CENTER Registered Nurse – Full Time DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING CT Technologist – Full Time

ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Environmental Services Tech – Full Time **Sign on Bonus Available**

LABORATORY Medical Technologist or MLT – Full Time LIVING CENTER RN/LPN – Full Time **Sign on Bonus Available** CertiďŹ ed Nursing Assistant – Full Time **Sign on Bonus Available** CertiďŹ ed Nursing Assistant - Part Time PATIENT FINANCIAL SERVICES Patient Access Representative – FT QUALITY DEPARTMENT Director, Quality Management REHABILITATION SERVICES Physical Therapist – Part Time

SURGICAL SERVICES RN – Full Time **Sign on Bonus Available** CertiďŹ ed Surgical Technologist - FT


The Town of Estes Park is accepting applications for Code Enforcement Officer Police Dept. Hiring Range $24.58 – $28.89/hour Non-Exempt Position Close Date: Open until filled

Apply online at

Events Maintenance Worker I/II Visitor Serv. Div./Community Serv Dept. Hourly Rate $16.99 - $22.94/hour Non-Exempt Position Close Date: Open until filled. (first review 06/26/2019) Human Resources Manager Administrative Services Dept. Hiring Range $62,000 $76,000/year Exempt Position Close Date: Open until filled

Meter Reader (FT Limited Term thru Dec 31, 2019) Utilities Dept./P&C Div. Hourly Rate $18.69/hour Non-Exempt Position Close Date: July 8, 2019 Planner II Community Development Dept. Hiring Range $55,510 – $68,000/year Exempt Position Close Date: Open until filled (first review 07/01/2019) Police Officer Police Dept. Hiring Range $27.92 – $30.71/hour Non-Exempt Position Close Date: Open until filled

Records Technician (PT Limited Term thru Dec 31, 2019) Police Dept. Hourly Rate $15.62/hour Non-Exempt Position Close Date: Open until filled

Streets Maintenance Worker (FT Limited Term thru Dec 13, 2019) Public Works Dept./Streets Div. Hiring Range $16.99-$19.97/hour (DOE) Non-Exempt Position Closing Date: Open until Filled

Visitor Information Assistant I (Part time) Visitor Serv. Div./Community Serv Dept. Hourly Rate $13.00 - $14.00/hour Non-Exempt Position Close Date: Open until filled. Seasonal Positions

Events Maintenance Worker Community Services Dept./Special Events Division Hiring Range $13.00-$16.00/hour (DOE) Seasonal Position (Summer 2019) Closing Date: July 15, 2019 Estes Park Board of Appeals Plumbing Experience Close Date: Open until Filled

Estes Park Board of Adjustment Close Date: Open Until Filled

Estes Valley Planning Commission Close Date: Open Until Filled (Committee application required)

Applications are available at: Town Hall 170 MacGregor Ave. Room 130 (Mon-Fri 8 am – 5 pm) or jobs

Seasonal Front Desk Agent May - Oct

No Phone calls. Apply In person at: 1450 Big Thompson Avenue

Estes Park Central Maintenance is hiring a YEAR-ROUND HANDYMAN POSITION $25/hour. Need a broad base of experience. Estes Park Central. 970-577-0087

Equipment Operator I/II Public Works Dept./Streets Div. Hourly Rate $18.69-$21.97/hour Non-Exempt Position Close Date: Open until filled.

Volunteer/Committee Board Positions

(970) 577-4458 555 Prospect Ave. Estes Park, CO 80517

Friday, June 28, 2019 ÂŤ 51


Return Application to: Town of Estes Park, Attn: HR; by mail to PO Box 1200, Estes Park, CO 80517; or via Email to or via Fax to (970) 577-4770. The status of applications will be communicated via e-mail. By choice, the Town of Estes Park is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

PART-TIME CLEANERS WANTED for vacation rental cleaning in Estes Park. Must have good references. $15.00 hr. start. Hours are usually 10 am to 3 or 4 pm. Call Michael 816-260-0941.

Full-Time Treatment Plant Operator/Trainee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




Commercial Rentals

Condo-3 BD, 2 BA, 2 Car. Close to town. WD & FP. Pets OK. 1yr or longer @ $2000 mo. 281-989-4661

Office Space for Rent 1191 Woodstock Dr. 465 sq. ft. w/ great parking. Near Hwy 7 & Fairgrounds. Call 970-420-4388

Cabins One BR efficiency cabin for rent on Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lake Rd. One year lease. First, last and damage deposit up front. NO PETS ! NO SMOKERS ! NON-NEGOTIABLE ! $ 800.00 per month plus utilities- water, electric, gas. Call-(303) 747-2211

Class A Office 2014 Construction, Full Service, Furnished or Unfurnished offices in Downtown location, Near Town Hall. $450 to $550 per month. All internet options including Fiber available. Includes Conference Room, Handicap Restrooms, Copy and Scanning Facility, Coffee Room. RV Storage Call Thom at Verus Commercial, Inc. RV Storage Lots for rent. 970-586-2448 $70/mo. 970-214-5713

RENTALS EXECUTIVE OFFICE available for $350.00 a month at Graves Ave. Plaza. Includes all utilities (including internet),trash, taxes and insurance. Access to kitchen and conference room. Call Peggy 970-232-5588 Commercial Rental Space for rent on Bond Park. 900 SF or 1800 SF. parking. available now. Call 970-586-3913

Room/Roommate Private bedroom/bath in home for rent, month to month $650.00 includes utilities. 970-586-5068.

Furnished King Bedrm $750/mo(2 ppl-$850) +dep +util. Close dwntwn, shared lg bath, W/D, Great Views. NO pets/smoking. Year long not monthly 970-690-3444

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Storage Units

Piano Tuning


Outside Storage Boats, cars, pickups, and trailers. Call 970-586-3224

Susan Novy, local piano tuner. Call for appt. 577-1755 www.estesparkpiano

SERVICES Home Repair/Service

HOLMES LOG WORKS 970-586-9168 Log & Metal Railing, Deck Additions, Log Benches, Gates Mantels & Stairs

Been in Estes working hard trying to get ahead but feeling owning your own place may be out of reach ? First time home buyer ? Young family ? You are just the buyer I am MISCELLANEOUS looking for. June completion of brand new 2-3 bedroom Townhomes starting Household at 315k. 260 Stanley Avenue. Bernini 840 sewing ma- Great loan programs available and Down payment chine with table and 50 assistance up to 10k . extra feet. $400. 913-433Only 3 left. Let’s find out 3634 what’s possible Firearms Email,

Land to Hunt: My son and I drew Unit #20 Muzzleloader Bull Elk tags. Looking for drop camp opportunities or private land to hunt. Call or

Or leave voice or text message for Mike at 970-214-8844

REAL ESTATE Commercial Spaces for sale and lease. Call Eric. Anderson Realty. 586-2950

INSTRUCTION Weight Loss Dr. Anna V. Copeland Pastoral Counselor Certified Health Coach Call 303-747-0342

text: 605-695-8664.

SALES Garage Sales SAT 8-2 Follow Grn & Org Signs to 2837 Eagle Cliff Rd. Furniture, Hiking Packs, Beautiful Antique Pieces from France, Books, Cradle, Patio Table, Ladder, Antique Fireplace Screens & more Rain or Shine! Moving Sale! Fri & Sat 8-1. 261 Lott St. Butcher Block Island, Designer Clothes, Furniture, Jewelry, lots of Misc.

Huge multiple storage unit sale! Sat, June 29. 8:00 am. 517 Pine River Ln. Several units+ sellers! Furniture, decor, vintage, tools, and more! Great stuff, Good prices! Garage Sale Fri, June 28: 8a - 12p Sat, June 29: 8a - 10a 138 Courtney Lane household items, couches, table & chairs, small gas stove, cocktail table & chairs, other furniture.

SALES Community Yard Sale Saturday - June 29th: 8 a.m until 12 p.m Estes Park Masonic Lodge 1820 S. St. Vrain Ave Seller spaces available for $20.00. For Info call Mike Wold @ 577-8585

Big Sale! Sat June 29 from 8am- Noon at 1735 Gray Hawk Ct. Recliner lift chair, new wheel chair, music keyboard with stand, bread maker and much more! NO early birds! Items priced to go!

Attention Early Birds! 800 Bailey Lane Hwy.7-Morgan-Bailey 7AM - noon June 29 & 30

7 AM to 12 June 29 & 30 800 Bailey Lane - Craft Supplies-Garden-Misc

Estate Sales ESTATE/GARAGE SALE; Need to have one, but seems overwhelming. We do the work, you make the $. Local, Affordable, References. CALL NOW 970-215-5548






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Maintenance- Housekeeping LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED 970-586-2557

Property Maintenance

Vacation Rental Cleaning

Call or Text 970.342.5684

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â&#x20AC;¢ EXCAVATION AND SEPTIC INSTALLS â&#x20AC;¢ INTERIOR TRIM â&#x20AC;¢ STRUCTURAL FRAMING â&#x20AC;¢ COMPLETE HOME RENOVATIONS â&#x20AC;¢ WE PROVIDE SUB-CONTRACTING SERVICES TO GENERAL CONTRACTORS Licensed and insured. NAWT certified, Boulder County Public Health license number A-082-16. General Contractor License Number CON-16-0212






25 YEARS 1993-2018

Design | Build | Remodel General Contractors | Timber Frame & Log Homes Serving the Colorado Northwest Mountains since 1993

970-586-7711 |


Window Coverings & Draperies Counter Tops â&#x20AC;¢ Flooring â&#x20AC;¢ Professional Interior Design


431 B.West Elkhorn ~ 970-577-7755

Mon-Fri 9am - 5 pm Saturday by appointment

970-586-1685 Custom Homes, Additions, Kitchens, Baths, Historic Renovations, Remodels and Design Work


Charles Santagati



1191 Graves Ave



Full service general contracting since 1998

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LANDSCAPING Cory D. Workman, Au.D. Phone: 970-586-5255 â&#x20AC;¢ Hearing Aids / New & Repair â&#x20AC;¢ Hearing Evaluations â&#x20AC;¢ Hearing Protection â&#x20AC;¢ Ear Care / Wax Removal â&#x20AC;¢ Dizziness / Balance

1186 Graves Ave., Ste. B Estes Park, CO 80517 Fax: 970-577-7260

Sustainable SoluÆ&#x;ons Landscaping â&#x20AC;¢ Planting â&#x20AC;¢ Stonework â&#x20AC;¢ Maintenance Jeff Schmitt Owner


â&#x20AC;¢ Tree Care â&#x20AC;¢ Fencing â&#x20AC;¢ Irrigation 20 Years Experience Horticulture Background Licensed and Insured Locally Owned and Operated





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Call us for all of your painting or staining needs!

â&#x20AC;¢ Residential/Commercial â&#x20AC;¢ Log Homes/Decks â&#x20AC;¢ Free Estimates â&#x20AC;¢ 4 Year Warranty

â&#x20AC;¢ Interior/Exterior â&#x20AC;¢ Power Washing â&#x20AC;¢ Local References â&#x20AC;¢ Licensed & Insured

Tim Stolz, Owner â&#x20AC;¢ 970-518-4001â&#x20AC;¢ 26 Years Experience e-mail: â&#x20AC;¢















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508 Promontory Drive



529 Skyline Dr~4.92 Acres

$49,800 175 Curry Dr~1.05 Acres

1550 Raven Cir Unit I

OPEN HOUSE Sat. 11am-2pm




OPEN HOUSE Sat. 11am-1pm

Carriage Dr~1.22 Acres



Kerr Road~45 Acres

475 Fall River Ln


$550,000 Deer Path Ct~1.2 Acres

433 Rock Ridge Rd

$109,000 890 West Elkhorn Ave


$670,000 2770 Ypsilon Circle

$369,000 2085 Windcliff Dr


Call us to use our FREE Moving Truck.


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Estes Park News, June 28, 2019  

News and information about Estes Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park News, June 28, 2019  

News and information about Estes Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park