Esplanade Association 2020 Annual Report

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2020 Annual Report

In 2020, the Esplanade was more essential than ever before. 2


















CONTENTS 6 Welcome Letter 8 19 Years of Partnership with DCR 9 Enhancing the Esplanade Visitor Experience 10 Restoring the Stoneman Playground 11 Improving Pathway Safety 12 Horticulture 13 EA Staff Planting Day 16 Furthering Our L.E.A.F. Initiative 19 Make Way for Essie 20 Fitness on the Esplanade 22 GroundBeat Music Series 23 Volunteers Made a Difference in the Park 24 A Strong Financial Position 26 A Look Ahead to Our 20th Anniversary Year 28 With Gratitude to Our Donors 36 The Campaign for the Esplanade 37 Staff & Governance



Dear Esplanade Supporters, Public green spaces and parks were indispensable in 2020. For Greater Boston residents and visitors, the Esplanade was essential; providing a tranquil place to reflect and escape the uncertainty we faced when COVID-19 transformed our lives last year. We sincerely hope that the Esplanade served as a place of respite for you during this trying year, and that you and your family have continued to stay safe and healthy. Although 2020 brought many changes to everyday life, the Esplanade was one of the few places in Boston that did not close or change. As we transitioned from winter to spring, the flowering cherry blossoms and golden daffodils brightened up the park, bringing joy to all visitors who passed them by. As we welcomed warmer months, the remarkable trees rooted along the Esplanade’s lagoon transformed into their verdant, luscious canopy, perfect for kayaking, paddle-boarding, walking, and biking under throughout the summer season. We admired the extraordinary fall foliage once autumn arrived and the Owl’s Nest Beer Garden made its return to the Esplanade. Blankets of snow began to cover the 3-mile stretch of the park when winter approached, and the Prudential Center even lit up in honor of the Esplanade one night in December (see photo on page 32). 2020 marked our 19th year of partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), who we work with daily to maintain the Charles River Esplanade and ensure that it is safe, beautiful, and welcoming for its estimated 3 million plus visitors each year. Our horticulture team remained in the park full-time, providing essential work caring for the 64 acres of Esplanade greenspace throughout the pandemic and making sure it was beautiful for all to enjoy year-round. Our typical in-park programming went virtual, where our six GroundBeat Music Series concerts were enjoyed in the comfort of your own homes and our annual Esplanade 5K allowed nearly 300 runners from 13 different states and three countries to engage with the Esplanade. Additionally, we renovated the Stoneman Playground, refurbishing equipment and adding new musical instruments including dance chimes, and we also planted 50 trees as part of our Lasting Esplanade Arbor Fund initiative. We planned for future projects and initiatives in the park including pathway safety, riverfront restoration, our 20th Anniversary celebration, the Esplanade Pavilion Project and more! We would not be able to accomplish any of the achievements written throughout this report without the support from our donors, partners, volunteers, and members, especially during this unprecedented year. You help us make the Esplanade a better, safer, and more beautiful place, and we are grateful for each and every person who contributes in any way!

Michael J. Nichols Executive Director



Alexi Conine Board Chair


Our Mission The Esplanade Association is a nonprofit organization that works to revitalize and enhance the Charles River Esplanade, sustain its natural green space, and build community in the park by providing educational, cultural, and recreational programs for everyone.




19 YEARS OF PUBLIC & PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP The Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR) and the Esplanade Association enjoy a successful partnership with a shared goal: to improve the experiences of the millions of visitors who enjoy Boston’s iconic riverfront park each year. DCR maintains care, custody, and control over the Esplanade and performs the day-to-day services essential to the park’s continued vitality. But the agency has limited resources, which must be spread throughout the statewide park system. This is where its nonprofit partner steps in. The Esplanade Association offers additional support over and above DCR’s capacity to care for the Esplanade through a combined effort to revitalize, maintain, enhance, and program the park each year. Throughout this report are many examples of the continuing successful partnership between the Esplanade Association and DCR. 8


DCR Partnership Matching Funds Program In 2019, the Esplanade Association was awarded tree care project funding through the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Partnership Matching Funds Program. Our awarded funds were used in early 2020 to support our Lasting Esplanade Arbor Fund (L.E.A.F.) initiative. In partnership with DCR, 415 Esplanade trees were pruned and 36 dead and dying trees were removed. In recognition of the success of the 2019 award, the Esplanade Association was again awarded with funding to support tree care through the 2020 Partnership Matching Funds Program. We thank DCR for their support of our L.E.A.F. initiative, which used the latest round of funding in early 2021 to conduct further tree pruning and removals, improving public safety and the health of the Esplanade’s tree canopy.


ENHANCING THE ESPLANADE VISITOR EXPERIENCE Experiencing the Esplanade From Home During the pandemic, the Esplanade remained a beautiful refuge for many visitors while becoming newly inaccessible to those who temporarily moved away or those who felt more comfortable quarantining at home. As a result, our team worked to bring our community together through virtual programming. In 2020, we offered virtual tours, history chats, tree and garden planting time lapse videos, and more! We thank our Director Emeritus Margo Newman for leading several of the history and park tours along with members of the Esplanade staff. Miss out? Many of our virtual offerings are available on our YouTube channel at

Esplanade Usage Survey We created and distributed an Esplanade Usage Survey in fall 2020 to gain a better understanding of how people use and spend time at public parks in downtown Boston, MA. We asked our audience to answer a set of questions to help identify general interest in parks as well as some questions specific to the Esplanade. These were particular to how familiar survey users were with our riverfront park, how often they visit, and their typical reasons for doing so. This initial survey was a vital step in recognizing how we as an organization can enhance and revitalize the Charles River Esplanade in the future.

E-1-1 Non-Emergency Feedback System We developed our Esplanade-1-1 (E-1-1) Non-Emergency Feedback System in 2020 to provide Esplanade visitors with an easy and accessible way to share any feedback or concerns they had regarding the Esplanade. At the Esplanade Association, we are dedicated to making the park safer and more welcoming for all and our E-1-1 system furthers this effort by offering a quick and simple communication alternative. Send us your feedback at ESPLANADE ASSOCIATION


RESTORING THE STONEMAN PLAYGROUND The installation of the Miriam & Sidney Stoneman Playground, in 2001, was the first major partnership project between DCR and the Esplanade Association. In a fitting lead-in to our 20th year in 2021, we completed $275,000 in major renovations and improvements to the playground in 2020. These included installing brand-new musical instruments like the all-ages Dance Chimes, refurbishing existing equipment, adding new accessibility paths, and making landscape improvements.



Construction began in March 2020, a time where playgrounds were forced to close in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. By August 2020, the Esplanade Association and DCR completed the renovation project with the installation of 125 cubic yards of safety mulch, making the playground fully ready to reopen for children of all ages and abilities. We thank the Lewis Family Foundation for their generous support in helping us renovate and restore the Stoneman Playground in 2020.

IMPROVING PATHWAY SAFETY In 2019, the Esplanade Association and transportation planning firm Nelson/Nygaard completed a Pathway Safety and Improvement Plan for our 6+ miles of pathways. This plan readies EA with solutions for better separating slower- and higher-speed pathway users, incorporating modern safety messaging, and redesigning high-impact intersections to promote safer shared use of the Esplanade’s pathways.


The Esplanade Association looks forward to partnering with DCR and MassTrails to implement the first set of pathway safety improvements in 2021.




GARDENS & FLOWERS From planting 5,000 daffodils and hundreds of new perennials in the park to growing the Esplanade’s tree canopy by 50 new trees as part of our L.E.A.F. initiative, our horticulture staff provided essential care for the Esplanade in 2020. Our team designs and maintains all 15 ornamental gardens on the Esplanade with an eye toward native plants and multi-season interest. 2020 was the second year our horticulture team initiated seasonal plantings at the Hatch Memorial Shell garden, which included planting hyacinths and daffodils in spring, violas in the summer, and mums in the fall.

RIVERBANK RESTORATION In September 2020, contractors from Groundscapes Express assisted the Esplanade Association in clearing the invasive plant Phragmites australis, or common reed, from the banks of the Charles River on the Esplanade.

Our friends at the Garden Club of the Back Bay breathed new life into an old garden plot near the Storrow Memorial on the Esplanade in October 2020! 12


The Esplanade Association’s Riverbank Restoration project aims to eliminate this aggressive invasive plant species, which crowds out native plants, blocks river views, and provides little nutrition or habitat for the Esplanade’s animals. As riverbank space is reclaimed, the shores will be replanted with native species that better support the Esplanade’s ecosystem. We couldn’t complete this critical work to improve the Esplanade’s biodiversity without support from The Merck Foundation, and we thank DCR for their partnership on this project.

ESPLANADE ASSOCIATION STAFF PLANTING DAY On August 27, 2020, our office staff joined our horticulture department out on the Esplanade for a team-building volunteer project! We planted mums in front of the iconic DCR Hatch Shell, and planted daylilies in a small garden next to the Hatch Shell. We captured a time lapse video of our staff planting day which can be found on our YouTube channel at

EA Staff Planting Day August 2020

Mums in Bloom September 2020 ESPLANADE ASSOCIATION









020 marked our second year of our Lasting Esplanade Arbor Fund (L.E.A.F.) Initiative. We began the year furthering our tree care efforts by pruning and removing trees along the Esplanade through our DCR Partnership Matching Funds Program award. From late January to the end of February, 415 trees on the Esplanade were pruned and 36 trees that were dead, deteriorating and/or a public safety concern were removed. For every tree that is removed as part of the L.E.A.F. initiative, the Esplanade Association will plant a young tree of a native species. In addition to these replanted trees, the Esplanade Association is also planting dozens of trees each year to fill gaps in the Esplanade’s tree canopy and increase its species diversity. The Esplanade’s tree canopy grew by 50 trees in 2020, with two major plantings taking place in the spring and the fall. Over 20 different tree species or cultivars have been planted along the Esplanade as 16


part of the L.E.A.F. initiative with 12 of these species or cultivars new to the Esplanade. These types of trees included Paper Birch, Honeylocust, Crabapple, Red Maple, and many more. To learn more about the Esplanade Association’s tree care efforts and L.E.A.F. initiative, please visit

About the L.E.A.F. Initiative The Esplanade Association launched the Lasting Esplanade Arbor Fund (L.E.A.F.) initiative in fall 2019. L.E.A.F. is the result of a collaborative effort between the Esplanade Association, DCR and Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture. The L.E.A.F. initiative and the Esplanade Association’s tree care management plan help secure the future health of park trees by increasing species diversity, laying guidelines for succession plantings to replace dead and declining trees, and making recommendations for preventative care, such as pruning and air spading.













MAKE WAY FOR ESSIE For much of 2020, Esplanade visitors were delighted to see a domestic Pekin duck in the park, affectionately named Essie in honor of his home! As profiled by the Boston Globe, a family of Canada geese adopted Essie in early June 2020, when he was just a young duckling. Essie and his adoptive family were frequently admired over the summer by visitors who shared their personal encounters of the real life Are You My Mother? tale.


As the weather got colder during the fall, many feared that Essie would be left behind by his Canada geese family when they flew south during the winter months. We worked with the Animal Rescue League of Boston and DCR to safely remove Essie from the park in early November 2020, and shortly after, Essie found a permanent home with five other ducks on a small farm in Central MA.






November Project Frost Fit Attendees

In February and early March of 2020, prior to the pandemic, over 400 people joined us for our third consecutive year of our Frost Fit Winter Fitness Series Presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Our 2020 partners at the November Project and Lynx Fitness Club led hour-long workouts during the heart of winter, motivating our Frost Fit athletes to embrace the cold, bring the heat, and conquer their fitness goals all while enjoying the Esplanade. Although the pandemic prevented us from hosting our final Frost Fit workouts, we were grateful to be joined by so many before our outdoor fitness programs were put on pause for the year.

Lynx Fitness Club Frost Fit Attendees 20




ESPLANADE VIRTUAL 5K In June 2020, we converted our annual Esplanade 5K run to a two-week Virtual Esplanade 5K Presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. This gave runners and walkers the opportunity to complete the Esplanade 5K on their own time, and along their most convenient and preferred route. While we were saddened to not be able to host this annual event that brings nearly 1,000 runners together on the Esplanade, we were grateful to attract participants from all over the country and beyond. Nearly 300 runners participated across 13 different states and in three countries during our two-week-long virtual 5K event.

Although the in-person 124th Boston Marathon was cancelled due to the pandemic in April 2020, we are thrilled to share that six members of our 2020 Official Boston Marathon Charity Team, TEAM ESPLANADE, completed the 124th Boston Marathon Virtual Experience in September 2020. TEAM ESPLANADE runners A.J. Hernandez, Junil Kwun, Bryan Natale, Christine Rhea, Lisa Taffe, and Alvaro Razuk ran 26.2 miles in support of the Esplanade Association! Though not all our runners were able to participate in the virtual race, we want to thank every member of TEAM ESPLANADE in 2020 for their tremendous support, raising a total of $122,682 for the Esplanade Association during a year where the Esplanade was more essential than ever before. Thank you to the Boston Athletic Association for having the Esplanade Association as part of their Official Charity Program in 2020!








Tim Hall



Shane Dähler

Valerie Stephens

Vance Gilbert


Guyclaude Lacossade

George Russell III

GROUNDBEAT MOVED TO A VIRTUAL STAGE Our GroundBeat Music Series moved from the Hatch Shell stage to a virtual venue in late summer 2020. GroundBeat is the Esplanade’s FREE Riverfront Music Series that aims to increase opportunities to perform on the Esplanade for producers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs of color from across Greater Boston. With six different virtual GroundBeat concerts which included 10 total artists and groups from different music backgrounds and styles, we were grateful to present an extraordinary GroundBeat lineup. The series received a Boston Music Award nomination for Live Music Stream of the Year. We want to extend a special thank you to our partners at BAMS Fest and AfroDesiaCity who curated incredible artists and groups from the Greater Boston area to perform for our Virtual GroundBeat Music Series. Additionally, we’d like to thank The Loop Lab, a BIPOC-led nonprofit enterprise specializing in media arts internships and digital storytelling, who helped us present our GroundBeat virtual concerts each week via Zoom. Rewatch 2020 GroundBeat performances at or EsplanadeAssociation. 22


Oompa performing for GroundBeat at the Dorchester Art Project in 2020.

Vance Gilbert performing his acoustic set for GroundBeat in 2020.





Days before we were to start our 2020 volunteer program in March, the pandemic hit and we were forced to postpone all of our volunteer opportunities. We were grateful to have so many individual volunteers and corporate groups reach out with excitement and enthusiasm during those uncertain times to voice their support for our volunteer program and inquire about its return.   This past fall we were once again able to accommodate these wonderful supporters. Starting in September, small groups could come together and help our horticulture staff in the park. During a short three-month window, volunteers removed 118 trash bags of park and shoreline litter, planted 1,500 bulbs, painted 65 park benches, raked 10 cubic yards of leaves, and generated positive energy on the Esplanade that inspired other park visitors to join our volunteer program. These 188 individuals contributed 376 hours of community service on the Esplanade, and we are so thankful to those who helped make the park we all love more beautiful. If you’re interested in bringing a group to volunteer on the Esplanade in 2021, visit to learn more. ESPLANADE ASSOCIATION


A STRONG FINANCIAL POSITION 2020 was a year unlike any other – for all of us and for the finances of the Esplanade Association. We are proud to share that our organization emerges from the year in an even stronger position than we started thanks to the management of our staff, board and our many incredible supporters. We moved quickly in April to realign our budget for 2020, focusing on several considerations: securing the long-term financial health of the organization, continuing our in-park horticultural care throughout the pandemic, maintaining our first-rate staff, and following through on our commitments to EA’s partners. Despite the cancellation of our four biggest fundraisers of the year, the $2.59M we raised through your support in 2020 allowed us to accomplish these goals while maintaining our focus on how to care for and support the park and all those who visit the Esplanade. Fundraising attributed to ‘Gala & Events’ in 2020 came from our wonderful extended Esplanade family who in other years might have joined us for our annual Moondance Gala, but instead stood with us from afar in 2020 without getting to gather for an evening under the stars (see page 25 for 2020 Revenue Chart). We thank you all for your support.

allowed us to maintain each member of our staff employed with us as of March 2020. By the end of the year, EA had completed all necessary steps to convert the PPP loan to a grant. Total operating expenses in 2020 totaled $1.60M with an additional operating transfer of $987,879 for the completion of future-year capital projects, including the capital campaign donations discussed above. The Future Year Transfer also includes approximately $200,000 as the first donation from Rob Gronkowski and the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation to support the full-scale renovation of the Charlesbank Playground on the Esplanade announced in spring 2021. Other future year projects identified by EA donors in 2020 included support for the Lasting Esplanade Arbor Fund (L.E.A.F.) tree planting initiative and construction of various pathway safety enhancements to improve the experience of using the park’s popular trails and pathways. Without fundraising events in 2020, development expenses were reduced to just 10% of the budget while core programmatic and project expenses rose to 67.7% of in-year operational spending for FY20. This represents 42% of total spending when accounting for future year transfers.

We continued to receive pledge payments as well as new commitments for the Esplanade Association’s first capital campaign – The Campaign for the Esplanade: Connection. Enrichment. Nature. This campaign is designed to support future capital priorities of the organization and to establish endowed funds for general operations, tree care, and to secure the leadership of the organization in perpetuity.

Despite the overall reduction in revenue discussed above, Programs & Projects spending rose from $0.94M in FY19 to $1.1M in FY20, a strong sign that the organization prioritized the in-park visitor experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. This spending also included maintaining our commitments to several long-standing partners, including the producers, performers, and creative entrepreneurs in our GroundBeat Music Series.

New in 2020, the Esplanade Association like many peers in the park and non-profit management space received critical funds from the federal government through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). These funds reduced our yearover-year revenue reduction from 21% to 16% and

For a year with much volatility, EA is appreciative for the support of so many in ensuring we ended the year on a financially sustainable foundation as we look to complete exciting new capital projects and expand our programming in 2021 and for many years to come.




































A LOOK AHEAD TO OUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR We were thrilled to celebrate our 20th anniversary as an organization on Saturday, February 20, 2021 on one of the final nights of Hatched: Breaking through the Silence. We commissioned the multisensory illumination experience at the DCR Hatch Shell to mark our 20th year of public-private partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). Since our founding in 2001, we have worked to revitalize and enhance the Charles River Esplanade, sustain its natural green space, and build community in the park by providing educational, cultural, and recreational programs for everyone. Major accomplishments achieved by the Esplanade Association throughout the past 20 years have included building the Stoneman Playground in 2001 and returning to complete major renovations in 2020, completing the Esplanade’s first tree inventory in 2004 and launching our Lasting Esplanade Arbor Fund (L.E.A.F.) initiative in 2019, 26


partnering with the Red Sox Foundation and Hill House to break ground on Teddy Ebersol’s Red Sox Fields in 2005, restoring the Hatch Shell Oval Lawn in 2015, transforming three pumphouse structures into curated art murals in 2019, and much more. As we look ahead to our 20th anniversary year, we invite you to join us in celebrating our beloved beautiful riverfront park. From enjoying a stroll with friends and family, stopping to admire one of the four public art murals, enjoying a sunny afternoon at one of three playgrounds with your children or relaxing on the docks, your presence in the park matters to us and we hope you enjoy every moment you experience on the Esplanade. Please consider supporting the Esplanade Association in honor of our 20th anniversary by making a donation to our 2021 Annual Fund today at








$100,000 and above Anonymous (3) Alexi and Steven Conine Audrey and Jim Foster Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Hope Sidman and Steve Wymer with Lori and Matthew Sidman

$50,000 to $99,999 Brenda and Stéphane Bancel

$25,000 to $49,999 Anonymous (2) Algorand, Inc. The Beker Foundation Constance Bacon and James Bevilacqua The Boston Foundation City of Boston, Community Preservation Office Claire and Adam Forkner Beth Johnson Ailene E. Robinson and Thomas Lewis Jennifer A. Nassour Robert Small and Christine Olsen Annie and Alex Sacerdote Jill and Niraj Shah Emi and Bill Winterer

$10,000 to $24,999 Amy and David Abrams Patricia and Jon Baker Gagan Banga The Biber Foundation Bill and Joan Alfond Foundation


Boston University The Boston Bruins Germaine and Michael Choe Jose Dima Satria Melissa and David Druley Sandy and Paul Edgerley Barbara and Michael Eisenson Negin and Oliver Ewald Maggie Moore and Michael Fleisher John Foster Alex Hastings and Tom Frank Diane Gipson William Grabe Barbara and Amos Hostetter Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson Heather and Robert Keane Beth and Seth Klarman Lisa and Greg LeBlanc Lisa and Jeff Leiden Carolina Säve Natale and Bryan Natale Margo and Fred Newman Joanna and Jonathan Jacobson Jeryl and Steve Oristaglio Oristaglio Family Foundation Kelly and Frank Panayotou Creelea Henderson and Tony Pangaro Joan and Joseph Patton Cynthia and John Reed REI Co-op Clare and Gerard Richer Mary Lou and Marc Seidner Stephanie and Brian Spector Sandy Steele and Paul Greenfield Judi Rotenberg and Ed Zuker


$5,000 to $9,999 1156 Foundation Cathy and Jack Brennan Debra and William Bulkeley Paul Carey Amy McCarthy and Drew Carlson Anastasia and Frank Catrickes Angela and Michael Cirami City of Boston’s Boston Cultural Council Comcast Randi and Joel Cutler Carol Deane Mather Fund and James D. Ireland IV Susie and Matthew Fontaine Garden Club of the Back Bay Birgit Girshick Clarissa and Walter Hunnewell, Jr. Elizabeth and Solomon Kumin Mary Ann and Peter Mattoon Yvette Lowenthal-Mulderry and Peter Mulderry Night Shift Brewing, Inc. The Morgan Palmer Foundation Julie and Jeffrey Parker Shattuck-Plimpton Fund REI Foundation Dorothy and John Remondi Audrey and Steven Reny Wellington Management

$1,000 to $4,999 AIG Michelle Atchinson

Athletic Brewing Company Pam and Jesse Baker William Barbo Debbie and Randy Barker Barr Foundation Beacon Hill Garden Club Fiona and James Benenson II Rev. Dr. Katharine Black Jeanne and John Blasberg Craig and Maureen Boyce David Breaux Carol Bresler and Carolyn Billinghurst The Bresler Foundation Whitney Brunet John Caffrey James Canales and James McCann Susan Ashbrook and Fritz Casselman Chadwick-Loher Foundation Jane Gorham Connolly and Jim Connolly Miguel Rosales and John Corey Mrs. and Dr. Rory J. Cowan Cybereason, Inc. Elizabeth and Gonzague de Montrichard Deborah and David Douglas Michelle and Jim Duane Fred Ehrsam Ess Group, Inc. Estate of Lotta Crabtree Everquote Karen and Gian Fabbri Grace and Ted Fey Nina and David Fialkow Susan and William Fink First Republic Bank Jessica and Greg Fisher

Cindy Rubens Allison Ryder and David Jones Noah Schlesinger Kate Enroth and Dana Schmaltz Kathy and Gary Sharpless Stephanie Spellers Victoria and Matthew Sutton Joyce and Brian TallentKlock Suzie Tapson and Gordon Burnes Tetra Tech The Consolidated Lodge, A.F. & A.M. Tufts Health Plan UpperEdge, LLC Westminster Barrington Foundation Anne Lovett and Steve Woodsum


Laura Iannetta and Doug Fisher Sherley Smith and Fred Gardner Jody and Tom Gill Allison and Edward Gordon Donnalee Guerin Annie Hollingsworth and Harry Hanson HarbourVest Partners Havas Media Alex Hernandez Michael Hines Barry Hoffman Sara and Andy Hunter Cheryl and Stephen Jonas Tara and Reid Jordan Dr. William Kaelin, Jr. Namrita Kapur and Tom DeWinter Veronica Keaveney Teresa Koster and Errin Siagel Maria and Wesley Kussmaul Lynne Levine Young Nancy and Richard Lubin Meghan Jasani and Adam Margolin Massachusetts Cultural Council Dr. Sarah Myers McGinty Brian McManus Heidi Lehner and Paul Milbury Therese Minton Kathryn Moran Collins Anthony and Susan Morris Mimi Murphy Donna Natale National Construction Rentals Inc. Ofer and Shelly Nemirovsky Michael Nichols Gretchen and Michael Novak Novartis Institutes For Biomedical Research Robert O’Block Janet and David Offensend Susie and Satu Parikh The Paul and Edith Babson Foundation Margaret and Gene Pokorny Kathleen and Whit Porter Ann Beha and Rob Radloff Ronald Raikula Deborah and Howard Reef Repsly Christine Coffield Rhea and Collin Rhea Rocket Innovations Marta Bergamaschi and Alessandro Rollo Marisa Roman Susan and David Rosen

$500 to $999 Anonymous (3) Laura Tomasetti and David Beardsley Thomas Bogan William Caci Marshall Caldera Nancy and Chris Coburn Katherine Collins Commonly Rare Wilkie and Tim Cook Gloria Coolidge Definitive Healthcare, LLC Courtney Doyle Janet Dracksdorf and Stephen Mills James Fairweather Linda Shannon and Jim Fitzgerald Gerturde and Robert Fondren Stephanie and Tom Greene Eloise and Arthur Hodges Constance Coburn and James Houghton Insurance Auto Auctions Pam and Michael Jackson Marcia and Louis Kamentsky Debbie and Peter Knight Junil Kwun Naomi Aberly and Larry Lebowitz Rich and Georgia Lee George Lewis, Jr. Gerald Litwin Sharon and Brad Malt The Merck Foundation Douglas Milvaney Scott Moskol Janine Mudge-Mullen and David Mullen



Just want to say THANK YOU for keeping the Esplanade so pretty and clean! It has been my #1 respite throughout quarantine. I saw your team planting flowers while I was jogging this morning and it made my day. - @_madeline.marie_ on Instagram

Kerry Nelson Connie Newton Tim Ritchie Karen and Michael Rotenberg Ann and Tony Ryan Norman Stanoski Peter Säve Peter Schliemann Linda Shaffer Union Boat Club Ann Fowler Wallace and Brad Wallace Kendra Stern Walton and Nate Walton Wellesley Bank Charitable Foundation Inc.

$100 to $499 Anonymous Ali Alavi Thomas Stocker and James Alexander Michael Armstrong Patricia Arroyo Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Austen Bahar Ayasli Gregory van Boven and David Beck Sarah and Jeffrey Beir Andrew Bell Nancy Benchoff Suzanne and John Besser Margaret Blood Carol Bloomberg Leni and Stan Bloomenthal Michael Bojanowski Boston Athletic Association Kevin Botelho Kristan Boutwell Robyn Boyd Jen Brountas Roger Burton Anamaria Camargo Jennifer and Steve Cardillo Joan and Michael Carragher John Carucci


Ashley and David Casavant Harvey Chafitz Pamela R. Chang Willy Charleton David Chattman and Alex Adam Chilton Club William Chin John Coburn Cecily and Oliver Colburn Breana and Benjamin Cole Nichola and John Collins Thomas Connolly Claire Corcoran and William Murphy Linda Cox Marcia Coyle Marc Crowley Ellen Deane Cummins Kirsten Dawson Jim and Regina Diverio Ellen Donovan Michele Dow Christian Draz Susan and Lawrence Driscoll Frances Early* Eight Eleven Group Florence and John Faro Ann Fenno Susana Fernandez Lynn and Steven Finn Joan Doucette and Harry Fisher Jerrold Fleisher Stephanie and Thomas Fletcher Jessie Franco and Marc Savatsky Karen French Riordan and Laura Frost Jack Fultz Jessica Fye Hilary and Chris Gabrielli Leslie and Michael Gaffin Peg and Tom Gaillard Marcia and Harry Garvey Amelia Gerner Frances Godine


Ernest Godshalk Ashley Goode Neil Leonard and Henry Goodrow Greg Gordon Erika Gorman Diana and Joe Govern Gerry Gray Ashley Griffin Jacqueline Hampton John Harding Amanda Harless and Gabriel Belosevic Baron Hartley Elizabeth Hartnick Sue and C. Michael Hazard Christopher Heller Tori Hernandez William Horn Liz and Dan Hostetter Anonymous Kyle Huard Samantha Hughes William and Barbara Hunter Catherine Iacobo Cecilia Idman-Rait Paul Iribe H. Parker James and Randall Albright Eliza Hatch and Ian Jessen Cindy Joyce Clare and David Kaplan Christopher Kelley Mark Kiefer Michele Kielinen Duncan Kirby and Ale Jochum Lisa Kobran Dorene Kocis Mark Koeck Elaine and Tomas Kohn Stephen Kosack Mimi and Paul La Camera David Lank Patricia Lanzillotti

Rob Larsen Patricia Lassiter Siu Fu Lau Barbara Lazaris Jim Lerner Amelia Leutz Taryn Lewis Peter Longo Christopher and Julie Lovell Duane Lucia Lou Macinanti Ethel Macleod Kristen and Thomas Madonna Maddie and Sam Mangone Mark Manning David Marx Karen Mauney-Brodek Alan Mayer Shannon and Aengus McAllister Meghan McClafferty Ann McClenahan Terri-Lynn McCormick Karen and Warren McFarlan Alison McRae and Douglas Badrigian Lauren Medeiros Lana Hyland and Linda Miller Lynn Mitchell Catherine T. Morris Shelli Morton Sharon Mujica Rebecca Mulzer Charles Murphy Daniel J Murphy IV Dr. Alice Murphy Jeanine Murphy Beatrice and Peter Nessen Leigh Netcoh Michelle Neuerman Elyse Newman Kim-Lesley Nichols Atheline W. Nixon

© CHRIS MCINTOSH *deceased


Kate O’Bannon Nicholas Oliver David Carl Olson Nancy Olson Robert Oppenheim Matthew Lane Ostrow Roberta and Stephen Paris Kristin Patterson Leah Perkinson Anonymous David Plastino Barbara Pike Deborah Plunkett Maggie Popeo Valerie and Larry Post Jennifer Poveromo Kelsey and Michal Pramik Brandon Praznik Dennis Quilty Warren Radtke Hugh Ragsdale James Read Sam Renshaw Andrew and Kriss Resmini Gordon and Susan Richardson Robin Richardson Susan Richardson Cathy Rickerby Timothy Riffin Seth Robbins Diane Robbins Christopher Rodday Pauly Rodney Carla Rogg Anthony Rossetti Jessica Roy Robert Russell Trudi and Richard Sacks

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Alicia Towns Franken and Michael Franken Mary Fran and Thomas Townsend Jay Tracy Claire Trainor Anne Truesdale Wan Tu Meredith Twigg Nancy Tye Jennifer Ughetta David Uhrenholdt Nicole Uvino Nwakaego Uzoh Bill and Alison Vareika Robert Veneziano Mary Ritter Verville and Robert Verville Nancy and Darren Walters Rachel Walters

Claire Walton and Eve Waterfall Martha Walton Kristina Watts Susan and Kyle Weaver Robin and William Weeks Susan Weiler Robin Weinberger Elizabeth and Philip Weinstein Mary Thomsen and Harold Weintraub Ronney and Peter Weiss Thea Weitz Catherine and Craig Weston Nannie and Frank Wezniak Cesarina Templeton Wheeler and Bruce Wheeler

Our team loved volunteering with the Esplanade Association! They were informative, personable, and helped us understand the project. I felt they went above and beyond to connect with us and make the experience feel exciting.We will certainly be back to volunteer again! - Kristen Petersen, Volunteer with UpperEdge ESPLANADE ASSOCIATION

” 31


Debra Wiess Christopher Wilkins Geoffrey Willison Deanna and Sidney Wolk Kathleen and Stephen Young

$50 to $99 Ethan Abernathey Meredith Adamczyk Amy Almeida Michael Andreasen Jessica Arbogast Kevin Arritt Alan Auger Casey Baines Cecilia and Richard Baldwin Alistair Barter Nicole Bartolotta John Bates Beacon Hill Pub Stephanie and Steven Bernstein Katherine Bickford Amanda Blagg-Valencia Eric Boole Sara Boyle Allison Braly Kara Brennan Matt Buckley Carmine Capasso Elias Carlston Martha Childs Joan and Frank ChristisonLagay Jane and Cornelius Coleman Sergio Coronado Lindsay Cronin Sophia D’Angelo Denise Dorgan and Richard Diephuis Robin Doroff Sandra Drubner Alexandra Edwards Jaclyn Epstein Carlisle Ettenborough Lauren Fellion Abigail Fischer Maryann and Bobby Fischer Tori Frappolli Kim Freedman Sarah Freeman Kathleen Gallery The Nature Conservancy Elizabeth Green Dianne Griffiths Kelsey Gross Lee Guertin Andrew Guyer Terry Hannum Ellen Havlicek Bonnie Heiple Caroline Holland Susan Hurley



On December 21, 2020, the Prudential Center lit blue and green in honor of the Esplanade Association as part of the Prudential Center’s annual holiday tradition of 31 Nights of Light. Alex and Stela Johnson Erin Kane Jane Kelley Hilary Kelly Anthony Keneborus Susan Kohn and Phil Markell Nova Komorous Garabed Koosherian Jean Krasnow Jo Hanna Kurth Brian Levin Nick and Sylvia Lococo Laura Lynch Cassie Marantz Molly Marsh Adele Masci Alethea McCormick Brian McCormick The McKennas Sulo Musyaju NetBlazr Christine Ngo Jessica O’Brien Jack Palley John Paolini Laura Parrott Margaret Peery Ashley Perkins Sally Perryman Ms. Loumona Petroff Joel Pierce Rory Polera Dianne Powers Morgan Prudden Jennifer Rand Daniel and Mindy Rauch Jim and Gail Rennie

Kendra Rickerby Michael Robertson Massimiliano Rolandi Erica Rondeau Janet Rosenblatt Sue Rudd Kate Rushford Benjamin Sands Vance Sarbaugh Julia Schniewind Jack Selmecki Jill and Donald Shulman Michael Simons Robert Smith Tony Smith Nancy and Byron Stutzman Elsa Surgenor Howard Susser Lauren Tefft Kate Rushford Louise Thomas Camei and Cliff Thompson Elizabeth Thurston Pat Torpie Sara Torres Ryan Travis Corey Walsh Emily and Bryce Weinberg Harry Weinberg Jane and Robert Weiss Mary Whittemore Cara Wolahan Lauren Wolahan Steven Wolf Janet Wu Joshua Wu Holly Young

$49 and below Anonymous Michael Robertson Samir Abou Nassif Matthew Abraham Accenture Tara Adyanthaya Leah Anderson Stefany Araujo Laura Arico Alex Arifi Regina Azuma Jenny Babon Philip Barash Vinicius Barbosa de Oliveira Brittany Barfield Travis Barfield Sean Barker Robert Barnes Micaela Basilici Rachel Bater Samara Bell Viviana Benitez Dmitriy Berkolayko Catherine Betts Kelsey Bilodeau Carissa Black Erin Blanchfield David Boudreau Kathleen Bowe Carolyn Bowes Valentina Bozzetti John Caccavaro Tyler Calder Erin Carreiro Josh Chang Rebecca Chen

Christopher Christopher Christina Cia Kim Clapp Benjamin Clark Alexandra Coakley Community Boating, Inc. Kara Conway Sean Cooke Lawrence Cornelius Armando Corral Krista Cosgrove Melanie Crocini Kristin Crowe Michael Daszkiewicz Thomas Davis Kristen Dawson Vanessa Decembre Zenaida Desiderio Jane Dimitry Nita Diverio Mike Donahue Pon Donesasorith Erica Driver Bill Duncan Andrew Dunfer Taylor Dunn Ramya Elangovan Johnette Ellis Marilyn Escobar Max Ettenborough Katherine Evans Mark Evans Katherine Fearey Emma Feeney Whitney Fitzpatrick Sarah Forman Lola Frazier Remy Frisch

Larry Gable Justin Gallo Courtney Galvin Amy Gannon Jeanne Garcia Sara Goldman Alysha Griffiths Anne Hager Mitch Halpert Rajat Handa Larry Hardesty Katherine Herzig Trista Hicks Emily Holland Katharine Howard Katherine Howland William Hrycay Daniel Im Stefanie Iovanna Susanna Jacobus Yael Jaffe Bethany Jameson Laura Jasinski Christy Jolie Elisabeth Anne and Anthony Jones Danielle Kaplan Mark Kates Caroline Keenan Barlow and Ellis Keener Sara Kinslow Shai Kivity Sevrine Knuchel Velina Kozareva Patricia Krol Andrew Kuo Terry Kwan Jose Larkin © PAUL BASKETT

I have lived in the Back Bay for the past three years and utilize the Esplanade almost every day. The Esplanade has brought so much light to my days and I can’t imagine not having it again!

- Jennie Kush, Back Bay Resident Cassandra Larrabee Bonnie Lau Candice Lavien Leticia Lee Helenn Lemaistre Rebecca Lemaitre Tessa Little Roberta Lockhart Robert Lucas Kimberly Lund Betsy Lusa Eileen Mackey Courtney Marsolais Jennifer McCaffrey Nancy McConnell Kathleen and Paul McCormack Connor McLane Eleanor Mears Lauren Mednick Sarah Mernin Patricia Meyer Jill Meyerdierks Lea and Andrew Migliazza Michelle Miller Emily Mitchell Catherine “Kay” Mixon Jeanne Monaghan Rachel Moore Jenna Moulton Geraldine Muir Maura Mullarkey Susan Myers Andrea Mygrant Jyothi Prasad Nama Mahesh Janelle Nanos Corinne Nawn Phillip Nelson Molly Nelson-Regan Jimmy Nguyen David Niquille Karla Noboa Sarah Norman Regan O’Malley Elizabeth O’Neill Tamar Ozery David Parkinson Meredith Parmalee Lena Pearl

Charlotte Pelz Yomayra Perez Ander Perez Orive Laura Perras Paula Petschek Tuan Pham Valerie Photos Ted Pietras Kevin Quinlan Kari Radoff Varsha Ramesh Phil Reisman Lisa Rhoades Robin Ries Walker Robins Rebecca Roth Angela Rowan Karen Rowe Anthony Rufo Caro Ruiz Ava Russell Geoffrey Ryan Anna Sajina Keri Savoy Katrina Saylor Jonah Schey Hannah Schur Andrea Schweitzer Alan Segal Jonathan Segal Gayle Shanks Sumita Sharma Hannah Shin Megan Silk Christine Siska Josh Slater Alison Smith Conor Smith Owen Smith Shareef Smith Linda Stanger Adina Steen Charles Steinhauser William Sterritt Aubrey Stoll Melissa Sullivan Lisa and Patrick Taffe Kalpana Thakur Lynn Thompson Shane Tibbits




Martha Walton Kendra Stern Walton and Nate Walton Mother of Nancy McConnell Nancy McConnell Sandra Steele Dr. Sarah Myers McGinty Subhadra Musyaju Sulo Musyaju

In Memory Of Rebecca Tiler Duong Tran Emma Troller Herve Troujman Maria Tulois-Kozak Jackson Ulrich Catie Valzania Jennifer Vasterling Shobha Vasudevan Daniela Vecchio Nicole Waddell Julie Wallerce Steven Wardell Amira Weeks Sapir Weizman Preston Wessells Greg White Juie White Jen Whitman Molly and Covey Wienberg Stephanie Williams Amy Winslow Shawn Witt Katina Wolfe Geoff Wong Jackson Yager

Pixie Robinson and Tom Lewis Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Whitney Hotel

In Kind

Stephanie Frost Riordan and Laura Frost

Alicia Towns Franken and Michael Franken Athletic Brewing Company Berenson Photography Bully Boy Distillers Coolidge Corner Theater Foundation Daniel Coffey Encore Resort HIMS Jeryl and Steve Oristaglio jetBlue Jim Doyle Joan and Joseph Patton Lynx Fitness Club Margaret and Gene Pokorny Melissa and David Druley Olson’s Greenhouses


Tribute Gifts For Derry Schwantner Pixie Robinson and Tom Lewis Lizzie Lueder Lindsay Cronin Mark Davison Lindsay Cronin Mike Scally Regan O’Malley Morgan Prudden Audrey and Jim Foster Pat Hopkins Lindsay Cronin

In Honor Of Alicia Towns Franken Alexi and Steven Conine Jennifer Kilbury Vance Sarbaugh Megan Leigh McNeil Michele Kielinen Miles Walton Birthday Ellen Havlicek Stefanie Iovanna Alethea McCormick Molly Nelson-Regan Walter and Mimi Stern


Frances Early Patricia Meyer Robin Richardson Elizabeth and Philip Weinstein Roger Burton Ms. Ellen Deane Cummins Lee Guertin Kristin Patterson Sharon Mujica Julia Schniewind Gerry Gray Robert Smith David Carl Olson Alice Smyth Ann McClenahan Catherine Kay Mixon Terry Kwan Hugh Ragsdale Margaret Blood Lucille Sutton Linda Shaffer Pat Torpie Elizabeth Green Carol Bloomberg Kendra Rickerby Karen and Warren McFarlan Connie Newton Cathy Rickerby

Warren Radtke Kathleen Gallery Tony Smith Alan Mayer Ann Fenno Priscilla Smith Anne Skae Molly Marsh Mary Whittemore Gordon and Susan Richardson Amelia Gerner Adelaide Smith Elizabeth Hartnick Mary Lyons Scott Marcia Coyle Stephanie Spellers Sally Perryman Frances Godine Janet A. Greehan The Nature Conservancy Judy and Doreen Susie and Matthew Fontaine June Sullivan and Heidi MV Sullivan Kerry Nelson

If we have made a mistake in listing your name, or have not included your name, please call Jim Diverio at 617-227-0365 Ext. 502 or email and we will correct the report. Thank you for your support!

The Lasting Esplanade Arbor Fund (L.E.A.F.) initiative is made possible with support from: •

Anonymous (2)

Boston Athletic Association

The Biber Foundation

City of Boston, Community Preservation Office

Beacon Hill Garden Club

Karen and Brian Conway

The Garden Club of the Back Bay

Diane Gipson

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR)

Volunteer Photographer Program

A majority of the photos in this report have been provided thanks to the hard work of a dedicated group of Volunteer Photographers. We are so grateful to them for their support!




Volunteer Photographers Patricia Arroyo Paul Baskett Debra Bulkeley Kyle Cormier Robert Davies Susan Driscoll Taiana Emmanuel Sebastian Gonzalez Quintero Francisco Guzman Brandon Hulings Heather Kang Kristina Lauer Catherine LeComte Samuel Lee Janelle Leroux Christina Maiorano Erika McCarthy

Suzanne Merritt Sasi Siddharth Muthurajan Michelle Parkos Nhat Pham Isaac Phelps Melissa Rorech Marissa Russo Victoria Samples Carol Simpson Jessica Speece Pam Steel Anna Travers Svetlana Vinogradova Michela ‘Mickey’ West Ke Zhang Jie Zhao





THE CAMPAIGN FOR THE ESPLANADE Securing Our Future: the Campaign for the Esplanade continues to build momentum. The primary goals of this comprehensive campaign are to raise capital funds to build the new Pavilion in the park and secure endowment funds for the long-term care of the park. State Senator Sal DiDomenico and State Representative Jay Livingstone have submitted legislation requesting approval for the new Pavilion at the site of the former Lee Pool (rendering above). We are confident that, with the support of the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), approval to move forward will be granted in 2021. Final construction plans and groundbreaking will be completed soon thereafter. To the right are all the supporters who have already committed to the comprehensive campaign with gifts and pledges toward the building and various critically important endowment funds.

All renderings by Maryann Thompson Architects



Early Supporters Lianne and T.K. Ankner Patricia and Jon Baker The Beker Foundation Bill & Joan Alfond Foundation Susan Ashbrook and Fritz Casselman Alexi and Steven Conine Karen and Brian Conway Susan and George Domolky Melissa and David Druley Barbara and Michael Eisenson Bridgitt and Bruce Evans Adam and Claire Forkner Audrey and Jim Foster John Foster Jen and Andrew Harris Christie and Robert Hedges Lisa and Greg LeBlanc Ailene E. Robinson and Thomas Lewis Martin and Tristin Mannion Jennifer A. Nassour Carolina Säve Natale and Bryan Natale Margo and Fred Newman Michael Nichols Jeryl and Steve Oristaglio Oristaglio Family Foundation Kelly and Frank Panayotou Creelea Henderson and Tony Pangaro

Julie and Jeffrey Parker Joan and Joseph Patton Margaret and Gene Pokorny Clare and Gerard Richer Lisa and David Solomon Sandy Steele and Paul Greenfield Susan Whitehead William and Emi Winterer Hope Sidman and Steve Wymer with Lori and Matthew Sidman Judi Rotenberg and Ed Zuker


STAFF & GOVERNANCE Staff Michael Nichols Executive Director Joshua Begin Horticulturist

Lisa LeBlanc Special Programs Manager Liz Lewis Horticulturist

Jim Diverio Director of Development Jim Doyle Horticulture Manager Emma Feeney Marketing & Events Coordinator

Alison McRae Capital Projects Manager Sulo Musyaju Finance Manager Kelsey Pramik Chief of Staff

Allison Godfrey Office Admin Alysha Griffiths Development Assistant & Database Manager

Board of Directors Chair Alexi Conine Vice Chair Frank Panayotou Treasurer Harvey Beker Secretary Emi Winterer Members Casey Baines Missy Druley Adam Forkner Audrey Foster James Foster Montez Haywood Bob Hedges Tom Lewis Gonzague de Montrichard

Catherine T. Morris Jennifer A. Nassour Jeryl Oristaglio Matthew Lane Ostrow Tony Pangaro Joan Patton Clare Richer Ben Rosenblum (Ex-Officio) Carolina Säve-Natale Alicia Towns Franken Ed Zuker Directors Emeritus T.K. Ankner Dan Capobianco Fritz Casselman Chris Egan Margo Newman Margaret Pokorny David Solomon Sandy Steele




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