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What is

, and how can I use it to create a survey? Form Builder is an application on iCreate (our website developer) that allows staff to easily create accessible and responsive forms, including surveys!

Form Builder is an excellent alternative to Survey Monkey because: • It’s free! There’s no need to buy a “Premium” account • The survey will be branded as “”, so it will look more professional and reliable • It draws users to Kawartha Lakes’ website, where they can view more information about the project or department • We have a dedicated surveys page ( so users can choose to participate in other surveys as well • It’s easy to use • There’s no need to use a third party application, which can run the risk of security and privacy issues • All forms are accessible from municipal websites • It easily converts your survey to PDF for hard copies • The Communications, Advertising and Marketing division is able to assist you in developing and executing your survey through Form Builder

What are Form Builder’s main features? • • • • •

You can have a “Welcome” page and a “Thank You” page You can download your responses quickly and easily into a Microsoft Excel sheet It’s easily editable through iCreate There can be multiple pages to a survey for ease of reading for the user There are many different types of question options such as: o Multiple Choice o Radio buttons o Check boxes o Panels o Presentation Elements (you can add images or text into your survey!) o Date and time fields o Text areas and text fields o Dropdown list

• You can have question conditions, so that a user only has to answer a specific question if they answered a specific answer above o i.e. “If you said “yes” to the above, please explain why.” • Questions can have a “help” icon to assist users in understanding a question • You can copy existing questions to save time • You can have warning messages (i.e. “You have to answer this question!” when a user forgets to submit their answer) • You can “turn off” and “turn on” the form so it’s only available when you want it to be • You can set response limits (for example, you can have each user only able to participate in the survey once) • You can set up message screens such as “Thanks for your input” or “This survey is no longer available”

How do I use Form Builder? • To use Form Builder, log onto iCreate • In the top menu, click “More+”

• Click “Form Builder” from the drop down list

• Locate the folder you’d like to create your survey in (i.e. ‘Housing Help’)

• Click “Add form”

• Create your form • iCreate has an online manual which explains how to use Form Builder. Feel free to review it!

How do I get trained in Form Builder? The Communications, Advertising and Marketing division will hold sessions to train staff on iCreate modules such as Form Builder. To inquire about the next Form Builder training, email

Who in my department is already trained in Form Builder? The following staff members are website Content Contributors, so they are also trained on Form Builder: Corporate Services • Cheri Davidson • Ashley Locke • Hannah Scott • Maria Evans • Sarah O'Connell • Darlene Harris • Diane Harper • Ashley Wykes

• Jennifer Morris • Norma Fraser • Miranda Warren • Melissa Macdonald • Jayne Bircher Fire Rescue Service • Kevin Meijerink Public Works • Julie Henry • Patricia Wykes • Kristy Manuel • Louise Harrison • Karen Brown • LeAnn Donnelly • Shelley Durham • Shelley Clark Social Services • Janice Balfour • Michelle Corley • Leslie Novis Community Services • Courtney Boyd • Meaghan McGowan Development Services • Wendy Ellis • Susanne Murchison CAO • Christine Oliver • Laura Carnochan • Aaron Sloan View the Employee Website to see a list of website Content Contributors. They may be able to help as well!

Want to see an example? Would you like to view an example of a survey made through iCreate? • Housing and Homelessness Plan Survey • Early Years Programs and Services Survey


New surveys that wish to be posted on the City website must be submitted to Communications, Advertising and Marketing for approval. Please allow five to seven business days.

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