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The Smokeless Cigarette, for Distinguished Smokers Everywhere

A lot of hype surrounds the use of Smokeless cigarettes or e-cigs in place of traditional tobacco. Around for several years and growing in popularity, e-cigarettes run on an often rechargeable battery, a small nicotine cartridge, and water vapor. They provide the same sensation and buzz of smoking a tobacco cigarette, without most of the harmful chemicals or the problems associated with secondhand smoke. As a result, e-cigs can be used inside of places where cigarettes are banned, like restaurants and other public places. Though smokeless cigarettes are extremely popular, frequently advertised and enjoyed by a number of celebrities including Britney Spears, Johnny Depp, and Paris Hilton, they are not the only option when it comes to electronic smoking. Cigar smokers also have a cleaner, more sociable option for enjoying their favorite vice, in the form of the e-cigar. Smokeless cigarettes frequently look like regular cigars. Some even come in a cigar box, featuring multiple disposable options for sharing or personal enjoyment. The e-cigar has some weight, making it feel like a real cigar. They also come in a variety of potencies and flavors, to meet every smoker’s needs. They are widely available in shops where traditional tobacco products are sold, as well as online. The difference between smokeless cigarettes and regular cigars is that they do not produce the same degree of harmful, secondary smoke that negatively affects passersby. In fact, they do not produce smoke at all. As the user exhales following a puff, the only thing emitted is a light mist of clean, water vapor. However, when the smoker inhales, they are still getting the flavor and nicotine that they have come to enjoy. These are not a replacement or cessation tool; they are simply an alternative, cleaner method for getting one’s nicotine fix. Though some consumers do use e-cigar or Smokeless cigarette as a means of smoking cessation, they are meant not as a replacement, but simply an alternative. Sure, e-cigs are safer than regular cigarettes for users as well as their surrounding environment, they still contain nicotine. They are also still flavored

in a manner resembling of a traditional smoke. Though most users still get the same kick from smoking an e-cigar, they can do it in places where smoking is not traditionally acceptable. E-cigs allow new fathers to have a puff in the waiting room of the hospital with friends, completely legally and without emitting secondhand smoke. They can also be enjoyed over a meal at a restaurant, where traditional smoke is banned. These are only some of the multiple possibilities available to cigar smokers who opt

for the cleaner, e-cigar alternative. Like Smokeless Cigarette, e cigars come in starter kits featuring rechargeable and refillable cigars. However, since cigar smoking is traditionally a habit of casual, social smokers, the option ofa disposable box of cigars is often the more popular choice. With a disposable e-cigar, the user gets at least as much value as they would from a traditional cigar, sometimes even more. The price is comparable or less and the enjoyment is equal or better‌Read more

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The Smokeless Cigarette, for Distinguished Smokers Everywhere  

As you know Electronic cigarette starter kit is cheaper as compared to traditional cigarette. You can give it to your friend or relative who...