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Electronic Cigarettes: The Story behind the Great Invention

Would you like to learn more about electronic cigarettes? Are you curious to know about its invention? This text will give you a brief introduction on where the electronic cigarettes came from and who invented them. What is an electronic cigarette? An electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer is also called an e-cigarette. It works as an inhaler that boils a medicated solution and turns it into mist. It works to simulate tobacco smoking, which is why it was once considered as a medicated solution that could cure smoking. In connection with this, the benefits of electronic cigarettes have been a cause for controversy among health organizations as well as professional researchers worldwide. Because of the recent invention of this device, many studies have been conducted to make sure of its safety and credibility to use. This being said, here’s brief information about the history of the electronic cigarettes: History In the year 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert was the first one to invent a device that could be considered as the first smokeless cigarette. This device replaced the burning of tobaccos with warm flavored air. In 1967, Gilbert was approached by many manufacturing companies who were interested in the product. After many years later, Hon Lik, a pharmacist from China, first came up with the idea of having an electronic cigarette. He thought about it in the year 2000. After him, many other scientific experts were able to improve his design. Essentially, Hon Lik was responsible for creating a device that could be used to turn pressurized liquid with nicotine into smoke. This was ultimately the first electronic cigarette. This device was introduced to the Chinese community in the year 2003. Initially, this was used as one of the tools to try and deter the smoking habits of the people.

Conceptually, the manufacturers wanted to have this as a replacement for cigarettes. Shortly after its introduction to the Chinese market, the company that Hon Lik was working for at that time (Dragon Holdings) has changed its name from electronic cigarettes to Ruyan. It means “resembling smoking� in English. After changing its name, Dragon Holdings started exporting electronic cigarettes in 2005. After all this, the second generation of electronic cigarettes has come up. It was introduced into the market by Dr. Yungjang Xiu in the year 2008. He received international patent for the product in the year 2011. The modern version of electronic cigarettes was known as the tankomizer. It refers to a technology that employs a sealed tank and atomizer in one. This specific version was used for pharmaceutical and medical purposes by various device industries. Conclusion That is how the electronic cigarettes have come into fruition. It is something that was made to help smokers to deal with their smoking habit effectively without bringing any harm to the health of their loved ones and themselves. However, this device is still continually evolving so we have not seen the last of the atomic cigarettes just yet!

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Electronic Cigarettes: The Story of Great Invention  

Electronic cigarette has a big demand. Mainly new generation much like it because it is a smart device which helps you to increase your pers...

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