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lines to a wastewater treatment plant, and within the plant to move sewage through the treatment process. However, they are also suited for storm water management in both the public and private sectors. The 60 horsepower model has the capability to move up to 9,900 litres per minute, with up to 54 metres of lift, which is typically sufficient to manage the rain that would fall in a 100-year storm. These complex systems require constant oversight, but that doesn’t mean staff watching 24-7. Customized supervisory control systems can be designed to automatically manage a complex system of pumps, reservoirs and holding areas where rising waters can be diverted to protect populated and settled areas from the ravaging effects of flood waters. Also, the entire array can be protected within an aluminum kiosk to protect against humidity, rain, heat, snow or cold. The kiosk by Tulsar Canada, a subsidiary of Zoeller, is equipped with heaters and fans to keep the panel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It features an optional uninterruptable power supply to maintain power to the kiosk, with redundant back-ups to ensure the panel is continuously operating at all times. The panel monitors a series of floats and tracks water levels to trigger water diversion measures when levels begin to rise while simultaneously alerting operators to the pending problem. These panels also track and record data, that is used to effectively and accurately predict future flooding events. Flood events can be horrific for a community. But modern stormwater management systems, pumps and control panels, are self-sufficient and reliable to not only predict the rising risk of flood, but to also enact mitigations that will limit the damage caused by rising waters. Similar applications are seen in the private sector. Shopping malls and sporting venues, in particular, often have large parking lots associated with them. Similar to a downtown streetscape, all that asphalt doesn’t absorb the rain that falls. Rather, it collects in a private sewer system where it has to be moved to either a stormwater retention pond or a treatment plant. This can’t always be done by gravity, @ESEMAG

which means a pump is needed in the George Micevski is the President of holding tank to keep the water moving Zoeller Canada and Tulsar Canada. and preventing the holding tank from Email: overflowing and flooding the parking lot When planning for storm and wastewater management, whether in the private or public sector, it’s important to ensure your system has the right capacity; too little, and the risk of damage from flooding becomes a very real possibility.

Concrete Waterproofing by Crystallization

Xypex Crystalline Technology waterproofs and protects concrete in water and wastewater facilities from harsh chemical attack. For new and rehabilitated structures, Xypex Crystalline Technology is an effective and permanent solution, significantly extending the service life of concrete.

Concrete (Untreated)

Xypex Crystallization (Initiated)

Xypex Crystallization (Mature)

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