Tulip August Issue 2021

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Strip lights used in the skirting area or some shelf lights can create drama and are used to create a look that feels modern.


Reflective or glossy tiles also help the lights brighten up the area, helps the kitchen area look lit up, and gives a luxurious touch to space. Tips for Countertops and Storage from Varsha Prabhu Architect & Director, Urbanshaastra Smart Build Pvt. ltd. Instagram: @varshaprabhudotcom

Kitchens are the most used part of our homes and the most used area in the kitchen is of course the countertop. What’s the most important thing about a kitchen countertop?


The kitchen countertop height is one of the most important and heavily ignored aspects of designing a kitchen. What’s a beautiful kitchen for if it gives you a sore back after cooking your favourite meal? The height we usually see in the Indian market is 800mm or 2’8” measured from the finished floor level. So, get the measuring tapes out, and start measuring the ideal countertop height, stand straight, bend your arms at the elbow and measure the height from your elbow to the floor. The ideal height for you would be a measurement 4inches less than what you just measured.


The next important detail for countertops is the material of the slab. The criteria while selecting your countertop material should be durability. Quartz is a wonderful material that gives you the best of both worlds – function and aesthetic. The variety available to suit your design aesthetic is incredible. Apart from that, we have our very own Indian Natural granite stone which is economical, functional, aesthetic and super easy to maintain.


Open shelves are great options to store and display items you use regularly. In Indian households, which aren’t centrally air-conditioned, dust always accumulates. Open shelves are notorious for all the dust and grime. I always suggest my clients minimize the open shelves in kitchens from the hygiene perspective. Glass shutters with different finishes like clear glass, frosted glass or some beautiful etching do a great job to create a hide and seek effect with what is stored in your kitchen cabinets. Few important factors to look at: • Carefully choose the counter material to suit your cooking needs. The priority should always be in the order – Durability, Maintenance and Cost • The colour and finish of your countertop should be decided to compliment the colours and finishes of your kitchen cabinets. • The edge detail on the countertop is essential for both functionality and appearance. Remember edges need detailing both on the top and the bottom of the countertop slab. • Use the open kitchen shelves to add personality to your kitchen by using quirky storage boxes or displaying items from your crockery collection. • For open shelves, go for opaque materials like wood and stone rather than glass. 70 AUGUST, 2021 TULIP

-By Umera Riyaz