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August 2013




Best of Luck... to the kids, young and old, participating at the local fairs. Don’t forget to view the vegetable exhibits! College football is starting soon. How many over-ranked Big 10 teams will there be this year?


MAYERLANE BROWN COW VIVACIOUS EX-90 4-3 3x 200 17,599 5.3 929 4.0 705 Inc 3-3 3x 324 23,729 5.6 1334 4.0 942 2-1 3x 365 24,360 5.5 1334 4.0 984


Vivacious was Grand Champion at the DCO and also at the Parish 5 Jersey Show! She has daughters by Tequila and Velocity, along with pregnancies by Valentino. Vivacious has exported Valentino and Irwin embryos. Her dam is EX-91 (max 2nd lact) Res Grand Champion Mexican Nat’l Show, then EX-90 35,030 4.4 1548 3.5 1235; 4th dam EX-93.



“Satisfying the World” DON & LIZ MAYER 10803 S Hwy 64 • Bloomer, WI 54724

715-568-3678 (1 mile east of Bloomer on Hwy 64)


to our friends at Scientific Holsteins, Premier Breeder at the prestigous WI State Show!


Results When it Really Matters

We can find one or many. Give us a call!

Kmp Global Sales

Empey Enterprises Ltd.• Kenneth R. Empey, Jr. Box 343, Dorchester, Ont • Canada N0L 1G0 519-280-2615 cell • 519-268-3954 • 519-268-6187 fax • Commercial • Show • Pedigree

WI Red & White Championship Show 2013: 1st 5 Yr Old; Res Sr & Res Grand Champion Jr Show; 2nd 5 Yr Old Open Show. Midwest Red & White Spring Show 2013: 1st 5 Yr Old Jr Show & 2nd Open Show HM Jr All-American R&W Sr 3 Yr Old 2011 She’s an Advent from EX-94 Jordan Snow-Red, Jr AA R&W. 5 more VG/EXs back to 3E-95 GMD Continental Scarlet-Red!

Watch next month’s ad for an exciting sale announcement!

W7175 Mansfield Rd • Lake Mills, WI 53551 920-988-9426 •

DOES RAPID TURNOVER MAKE $’S? LATEST STATS AVE 50% in 1st lact! (takes 2 lacts to pay raising costs) ME basis - 5Y lact (% cows - 5Y?) EXODUS PRAISES EX-91 1 of only 2 sires (in 938 proven sires) +70 lbs Fat +.21% Fat 2.55SCS (the longevity trait!) Only 1 of 2 - dams 3E-93 EX(95)MS 10Y Exodus Summertime EX-91 EX-MS 2nd lact 3E-93 EX(94)MS 12-10Y Same mating as Praises (Mtoto x Prelude 2x) FOR 32-MILLION SPERM/UNIT 3Y 2x 361 32,320 4.3 1385 3.2 1026 PRAISES SEMEN, CALL... 38% over herdmates - SCC 30 Alpha Genetics, Inc. 920-650-1631 • 262-473-6760 fax

563-237-5989 • -6597 fax 319-240-6198 cell 2644 260th St. • Fredericksburg, IA 50630

THE ROCK BOYS 1.I like to listen to the news and markets. 2.My workers all want rock music. 3.I always have to change the station when I get in a vehicle. 4. If you ask them who their senator is, they won’t know. I doubt showing will ever leave the industry, people like the sport of it. FOR SALE: 200 hfrs in Ohio, bred 5 months to sexed semen.


Largest Registered U.S. Heifer Grower ID & Reg Cattle available

The Picture People Kathy DeBruin New Glarus, WI 608-347-5407 Sarah Damrow Juneau, WI 920-296-2835



THE BEST SHADE OF PURPLE. Hoesly Dbnr LAVENDER-Red Intermediate Champ. (Open & Jr.) HM Grand (Open & Jr.) 1st Sr 2 Yr Old Midwest Summer R&W Show, 2013 Sire: Scientific Debonair-Red-ETS Dam: Hoesly Advent Lana-Red EX-91 Nom. Jr. AA R&W Summer Ylg, ‘08 2nd: Hoesly Rubens Lexi-Red-ET (died before classifying) 3rd: Ms Terrylea Leader Lila-RedEX-91 4E 238,630 Lifetime 4th: C Terrylea Insp Lila-Red VG-87 5th & 6th Dams VG (Can) Congratulations Jake on your beautiful, Jr. Bred & Owned cow!

Striving For Superior Type & Longevity Todd, Trish, Jake & Paige 608-558-0739

COAST TO COAST. New Glarus, WI 608-527-5663 • fax 608-527-5676 •

Six semis running full time to deliver your commercial heifers in excellent shape. Troy’s Transport Inc. 920-474-3126

There's Nothing Elementary About

WATSON is the complete package. As Boliver's No. 1 son for TPI, he sires moderate-sized cows, awesome components and great Cheese Merit. WATSON will add height and width to rear udders and his daughters will last lactation after lactation. A Calving Ease sire, WATSON can be used with confidence in your heifer pens and is a great mating on GABOR, MILLION and SANCHEZ bloodlines. Call your Select Sires representative and place your order for WATSON today!

dam: De-Su 199-ET photo: Beth Herges USDA-CDCB gPTA 04/13, Rel 73%


BALISTO B ALISTO Bookem x W Watson atson x O-Man x Rudolph

©2013 ABS Global, Inc.


+2414 GTPISM,+82 +2414 ,+8244 NM$, +1558 M, +1 +175 75 CFP, CFP, 77.1% .1% CE, +2. +2.49 49 PT PTAT, AT, +1.83 UDC, +2.02 FL FLCC




7HO10356 De-Su WATSON (EX-90) Boliver x (VG-87) Shottle x (VG-86-GMD-DOM) O MAN +672M +.17% +68F +.08% +41P +632NM$ +744CM$ 2.57SCS +2.25T +1.76UDC +4.4PL 7.0%CE +2140GTPISM

04/13 Genomic Rel. USDA-CDCB/HA: Yield 92%, Type 90%, NM 86%, PL 80%, SCS 85%, CE 97%. WATSON semen qualifies for export to Canada. ™DIAMOND SELECTion is a trademark of Select Sires Inc. ®FeedPRO is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc. SMTPI is a servicemark of Holstein Association USA. WATSON ranking is based on Holstein Association's High Ranking Sire Report, April, 2013.

Preston Watson 3390-Grade, Adam Preston, Quincy, MI


Telephone: (614) 873-4683 X



August 2013

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Export projects • Expansions • Special loads Contact: Bill Allen 301-514-5334 •

THE HOLSTEIN HISTORY 125TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION RECEIVING RAVE REVIEWS! Two volumes, 1331 pages and 3800 illustrations. Price $129.00 delivered (Buy both The Holstein History and The Chosen Breed and own the complete North American Holstein History at the combined price of $174.00) TO ORDER: Mastercard, Visa or check/money order to E.Y. MORWICK 97 John Street South • Hamilton, ON L8N 2C2 CANADA 905-529-2343 • fax 905-528-0070 • when ordering, please state your telephone number and precise mailing address

PROFESSIONAL RELIEF MILKING 20+ years experience. Large & small herds – Dairy cows & dairy goats. Will travel anywhere! References available. Patricia Nissenbaum • 319-822-7807


Jerseys Breeding-age bulls for sale 2621 K Ave • Toledo, IA 52342 641-484-3129 Joe • 641-484-2299 Eric

Genetic Marketplace • Carol Prelude Mtoto $60 • Romandale Dividend Performer *RC (Dbl. ABC) $35 • Exodus Prase aAa 234 $22 Goldwyn x EX Shottle, rare A2A2

• Kanza Matt Tony


Sire of Charity EX-97 All-American

• • • •

Agro Acres Marquis Ned *RC Golden-Oaks Rocco-P-Red Northwind Prdx Logan-Red Exodus Praises

$39 $20 $25 $30

Health Trait Leader

• Exodus Price Double grson Mtoto $22 Shottle x 2E-93 Mtoto x 3E-93 Mark. +714M +23F +1.67T 84% Rel

• MD-Delight Storm Alanta • Romandale I Ovation

$15 $38

Ivanhoe x Ella Elevation 4E-97 All-Am

• Brogue-Red PC aAa 645213


3 IVF female Atwood embryos x EX Durham x Shoremar S Alicia EX-97 815-848-3048

Need Help Sourcing Heifers?

Custom made ready for Expo. Steel construction, powder-coated paint. Custom orders welcome, call for pricing. NORTH HIGHLAND Lake Mills, WI • 920-648-2036

Lyon Jerseys

Foor He Healtlthyy Cows

For Sale

• Paclamar Ivanhoe Black Eagle $29 • Futuraland Mandel Zoro $15

STILL THE ONE 54H345 EXODUS PRAISES aAa 531426 • Durability, power, health & profits. Outcross! Mtoto x 3E-93 EX(95)MS Prelude x 3E-93 EX(94)MS Chief Mark. (no Shottle, Goldwy, Planet) Only sire +70F +.21%F 2.55SCS with back-to-back 3E-93 dams EX(95)MS & EX(94)MS. Carries A2 gene and 7% CE while supplies last s s succes r a e Call Now 39 y ted to your it comm


Prices subject to change without notice

Alpha Genetics, Inc. 262-473-6291 920-650-1631 fax 262-473-6760

She’s Stardom Bound

SKIN JOY SPRAY / LOTION • New & Improved • The best on edema • Saves you money • Choice of best showmen Alpha Genetics, Inc. 800.876.2500 920.650.1631

KELLER CATTLE SALES The Best of Canadian & US Replacement Hfrs • Registered & Grade • Open & Bred • Fresh 2 Yr Olds Full Vaccination Program


Steve Keller 608.219.6018

Order Dire ect 888-444-2030 or contactt your area reseller


888-444-2030 | |

17,555 4.9 862 3.9 680

Products - from the Smart bac cteria & Nutrition CompanyTM

Brown Swiss RHA: 20,859 3.9 812 3.6 751

We t u m p k a Fa r m

Home of High Octane Milk Producers

Cheryl A. Carlson 1019 Dutch Hill Rd Tully, NY 13159 315-238-7026 315-696-8133

High-Quality Registered JERSEYS For Sale For info and pics contact 207-672-4892 or

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, HOLSTEIN GENETIC SERVICES The Holstein Association USA, Inc., a dynamic, innovative, growing organization is seeking a professional to provide innovation and leadership to the development and administration of the Holstein Genetic Services department. Working out of the organization’s headquarters in scenic Brattleboro, Vermont, this individual will work with and lead a team that provides the dairy industry with programs, products, services, technology, and leadership to enhance the genetics of the Holstein breed and provide valuable information to help Holstein breeders be more successful. This key Executive Director will provide leadership and vision in the development and implementation of all of the Holstein Association’s products and services related to genetics. Additionally, the innovative leader will implement quality control standards and efficient processes to ensure accurate and complete genetic/genomic, type conformation, and production records databases. The Executive Director will initiate new processes and procedures to accommodate database changes in the industry.

Rosedale Stardom Bound EX-92 1st 4 Yr Old, Sr & GRAND CHAMPION, Best Udder & Best B&O of Show WI Dist 5 2013 Goldwyn x EX-93 Lea-Ann x EX-96 Blackrose Stardom Bound calved for the 3rd time this spring and is milking over 130 lbs! This massive-framed cow turns many heads in the barn! My feed nutritionist wanted to know if I was going to send any of my forage samples into the WDE World Forage Analysis Superbowl contest. I said no. It’s a lot like genomics... the really high results ruin good cows.

MARK AND NICKY 920-988-3070 cell 608-584-5853 ph/fax 3066 Co G • Oxford, WI 53952

NATIONAL RED & WHITE CONVENTION SALE 2013 Thursday, August 15, 2013 • Dunkirk, NY

DIVAS 1ST CHOICE GOLDEN PP-RED SELLS! consigned with Peila Farms


MILKSOURCE CNTNDR DIVA-RED VG-88 VG-MS 1ST LACT 2-8 2x 128 11,369 4.1 476 2.8 318 Inc 1st Jr 3 Yr Old NY Spring R&W Jr Show 2013 Last test 96 lbs with a 5.2%Fat!


The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science/Dairy Science or related agriculture or business curriculum. A minimum of five years of experience working for a national dairy breed, DHIA, AI, or university in the delivery of products and services to enhance profitability of dairymen is very important. A strong understanding of dairy cattle genetics/genomics, breeding, and a good understanding of how dairy herd information is generated and used in the industry is essential. The individual for this position must be a true team player with excellent communications skills and the ability to lead a team. The valued Holstein Association team member will receive an attractive salary and benefit package and work in an exciting environment. If you meet these qualifications, please forward your resume and references to: Human Resources Holstein Association USA, Inc. 1 Holstein Place, PO Box 808 Brattleboro, VT 05302-0808 Equal Opportunity Employer •

BUDJON-NITZY DESTINY-RED EX-94 EEEEE 3X All-American R&W • 5X Nominee 5th gen EX x 4E-96 GMD All-Am & WDE Grand, Desire!

DAVID J. & DR ANNE B KULP • KULP GENETICS 938 Power Rd, Manheim, PA 17545 • 717-278-6399 • 717-664-5594 fax • www.holsteinworld/kulp-gen


August 2013




+2111 GTPI +2.48 PTAT +2.61 UDC +2.45 FLC

+1513 Milk 2.71 SCS +5.6 PL 6% DCE

Source: USDA-CDCB/HAUSA-G 04/13

A high ranking Polled & Red sire, Kanu P Red is also a HealthSmart™ & Robot Ready™ bull siring easy milking and long lasting, trouble-free dairy cows.



Genetics for Life is all about delivering the best possible product to our clients. And Kanu P Red is just that!


800-303-BULL (2855)


eshaun's Grandam Now EX

CC TRUCKING • Licensed and fully insured • Milking onboard • ET calves & donor dams OUR SPECIALTY

GLEN A. LONGHORN 712.548.2851

1104 10th St • Hawarden, IA 51023

SANDY-VALLEY SANDY DAISY-ET EX-90 EX-MS 4Y • GTPI +1992 1-11 2x 365 28,560 3.2 901 3.2 922 Daisy is a Sandy daughter of Sandy-Valley Sht Dalashi EX-94 EX(96)MS in the Dellia family. By way of her recently calved Meteor dtr, she is the grandam of Sandy-Valley SS DESHAUN at Select Sires. This 11/12 Supersire son is GTPI +2548 +73P +3.36 UDC.


1270 Bestul Rd • Scandinavia, WI 54977 Phone 715-345-2921 • Fax 715-342-4270

For Sale

Canadian Quality Dairy Cattle Delivered to Your Door.

s 36 #1 grade hfrs bred 6 to 81⁄2 months. Excellent quality, vacc. s 35 smashing fresh cows. The kind you will love. Vaccinated. s 34 #1 purebred hfrs bred 6 to 7 months. Excellent quality,

AESCULAP ECONOM II $549.00 Special Ends 8/31: Receive $50.00 for your old Andis®, Heiniger®, Oster® or Aesculap® large-animal clipper when you trade it in for a new AESCULAP®. AP UL (clippers need not run, but must be complete). AESC

MegaTurbo 2500 Dryer $57.00 Tail clamps from Germany! $9.90 each Denman black or white bristle topline brush 7 row $7.25 • 9 row $8.25 CLIPPER PARTS & REPAIR • SINCE 1988 • TIM SOLLMAN 897 23⁄8 St • Clayton, WI 54004 • 715-641-1057 • Parts and service for all makes. Authorized Distributor • Accepting Visa, Mastercard & Discover


One of the Breed's Best

7HO11858 Welcome Shamrock WINDSOR-ET 04/13 GPAs: +2433GTPISM +1,467M +75F +61P +6.1PL +841NM$ +932CM$ +2.93T +2.44UDC

No. 11 in the breed for GTPI

tonn alto W Wal

S: Ladys-Manor PL SHAMROCK-ET (VG-85) D: Welcome Man-O-Man Walton (VG-85-DOM) 1-11 365d 3X 28,461M 4.0% 1,125F 3.4% 967P MGS: Long-Langs Oman Oman-ET (VG-86-GM) MGD: Welcome Colby Waltz (VG-88) 3-3 275d 3X 31,650M 3.3% 1,059F 3.0% 943P


s 70 head grade, free-stall herd, AI sired & bred. Good quality, low SCC. s 40 grade open hfrs, 600-800 lbs. Good quality, vaccinated. s We also always have fancy young purebred cows that will make high VG and EX cows. The kind you can take to the shows, at reasonable farmer-breeder prices. satifaction guaranteed! Call today for prices delivered to your door. References available. ONTARIO LIVESTOCK EXCHANGE • Jim Hipel 519-571-4536 cell • 519-648-3318 fax

X Terrific evaluations for NM$, GTPI and Type X Calving ease potential for use in heifer A.I. programs X Heavily used sire father for Select Sires

Call your Select Sires representative and place your order for WINDSOR today! WINDSOR semen qualifies for export to Canada. 04-13 Genomic Rel: USDA-CDCB Yield 71%, Type 71%, NM 67%, PL 64%. SMTPI is a servicemark of Holstein Association USA.


Telephone: (614) 873-4683 X


August 2013



PROFITABILITY CA AN NC CU UN 2 9H O 1 4 615 La rcre s t

Planet x SHOTTLE x Outside x JUROR

ABS h a as t h he e q u a l i t y a n d va r i e t y o off ge n et ics tto prov ovid i eb breeding sol u tions to prod uce rs aro un d t h e world. CANCUN is no stranger to the industry ind i . He e was a popular opular ABS Primetime™ Prime sire due to his elite genom genomic value ues. With daughters now calving, lving, ng, he is surpassin surpassing all expectationss. s CANCUN is the produ uct of the outstanding tran ansmitting ability and nd genetics of Larcrest Larcresst Cosmopolitan; one of the mostt influential cow families in the industry. Watch for CAN CANC CANCUN NC C as one of the most elite proven sire res in August 2013 13 and look to him to fulfill your breeding goals.


22204 204 +1118 25 18 +3.3.25






©2013 ABS Global, Inc. t 1525 River Road, DeForest, WI, USA (+1) 608.846.3721 t

WINNING WITH PERFORMANCE 1st 5 Yr Old , Reserve Senior Champion, HM Grand Champion, Grand Champion Jr Show Central NY Holstein Show 2013

2nd 4 Yr Old All-American Show 2012 Nominated Jr All-American 4 Yr Old 2012 Jr All-NY Sr 3 Yr Old 2011 Nominated Jr All-American Sr 3 Yr Old 2011

WINDEX ROY LIGHTNING EX-93 EX(98)DS EX(95)MS 4-06 2x 316 26,270 3.7 967 2.9 774 3-04 2x 336 27,560 3.5 977 3.0 839 2-02 2x 365 28,950 3.6 1033 3.0 873

Owned by Kayla Windecker • Bred by Windex Farms, Frankfort, NY

WE BUILD HEALTHY COWS ® 737 Isom Rd • San Antonio, TX 78216 • 1-800-458-2302 •

Only the Best

Photos: Universe©Patty Jones; Seisme & Clover©Cybil Fisher; Missy©Vicki Fletcher; Manitoba©Sarah Damrow

Morsan 300,

Eastside Lewisdale EX-95 2 Gold


Sup. Champ. WDE, Madison & 2011 Unanimous All-Can. 2008 & 2011 All-Am. 2008, 2009 & 2011 Many daughters x Braxton, Damion, Earnhardt, Epic, Federal, Hero, Man-O-Man, Mogul, Snowman, Shamrock, Windhammer sell with their daughters from the best sires including a Polled Earnhardt

Valleyville Dolman

Blondin Redman EX-96 2E


Sup. Champ. 2010 3X Gr. Champ. R&W 2010, 2011 & 2012 Gr. Champ. Int’l R&W Show, Madison 2010 & 2012 Her R&W daughter x Gold-N-Oaks Italia due Nov. 2013 & her *RC Destry daughter sell. Also selling from the Supra family, a Braxton & a Hero females

Missy VG-89

Ms Chassity Goldwyn

3-11 365 44,648 4.6% 2075 3.5% 1545 Lbs. Her Bookem, Bradnick & Observer daughters sell Also selling her Gr’daughters x McCutchen, Epic & Bradnick

Liberty PGA Damion th

Lazzie EX-92

4 Jr. 3-Year-Old 2012 Nom. All-Canadian Jr. 3-Year-Old 2012 All-Am. & Res. All-Can. Spring Heifer Calf 2009 She sells as a 4-Year-Old for 2013 fresh since June with June Atwood daughter

Brabantdale EX 2E 49+ Triumphant


Her Man-O-Man Gr’daughter sells with her Mogul daughter Including one with GPA LPI 3305 DGV 3500 GTPI +2467

Sherona-Hill-I KKA Red EX-93


Cash VG-87 2Yr

Fools Gold Red VG-88 1


Ms Chassity Domain

Morsan Miss VG-87 2Yr

4-01 P. 39,857 3.6% 1451 3.0% 1179 Lbs. Dam of “Meridian” at Semex Her Man-O-Shan daughter #1 GTPI Shan in the World, GTPI +2598, GPA LPI 3487 DGV 3712 (07/13) sells!

2-04 P. 23,428 4.6% 1087 3.4% 796 Lbs. Fantastic VG-87 2Yr Alexander from Missy She sells ready for Madison

Chaya VG-88 2Yr

Ms Atlees Goldwyn



Crimson VG-89

Cosmopolitan x Ramos · 6 generations VG or EX Her Gr’daughters x Uno over 2450 GTPI, x Mascalese GTPI +2263, GPA LPI 3258 DGV 3312 & x Let it Snow GTPI +2258, GPA LPI 3114, DGV 3111 sell!!

RockyMountain Planet

Rama VG 2Yr

GLPI 2924 (04/13) · Dam: Rosylane-LLC Ramos 3562 VG Her daughters x Uno GTPI +2509 & GTPI +2406 & McCutchen sell! Also selling, her Meteor sister with her daughters x Mayfield at +2296 GTPI & Hunter at +2249 GTPI

Sale contacts Morris & Sandra Thalen and Family Box 5, Site 15, RR1, Ponoka (Alberta) Canada T4J 1R1 Phone: 403 783-8712 · Cell.: 403 783-1333

Genetics Manager: Greg Thalen Cell.: 403 783-9870 · Office: 403 783-8784 Fax: 403 783-8733 ·

Pierre Boulet Mark Butz Marc Comtois David Crack Jr Scott Culbertson Tom Cull Tom DeGroot Tyler Doiron Dan Doner

418 234-3407 319 350-1426 819 357-6682 819 352-1670 614 264-5980 920 960-0350 604 819-2879 418 285-9850 905 259-4142

Snow Ball

Snowman from Missy GPA LPI 2761 sells with her daughters x Supersire GPA LPI 3229 DGV 3333 GTPI +2409 & Meridian GPA LPI 3035 DGV 3122


Goldwyn R&W carrier of variant red gene Res. All-American Jr. 2-Yr-Old 2009 Dams: VG 2+ · EX · VG-86 · VG-86 Her daughters x Domain & Snowman sell Her R&W daughters x Headliner, Earnhardt & Also selling, her Gr’daughters Bradnick & her Gr’daughter x Windhammer sell. x Super, Uno & Meridian Also selling , R&W Aftershock from Fools Gold with her Spring Heifer calf Polled x Ladd-P


Morsan Miss

1st Sr. 2-Yr-Old Calgary Dairy Classic Championship 2013 Dam: Chassity, 7th generation VG or EX She sells as Sr. 2-Yr-Old with her Epic daughter

Managed by

Brian Craswell Cell.: 902 628-7537 · Amber Craswell Cell.: 902 393-0888 · Office: 902 963-3515 · Fax: 902 963-3070

Sully Planet GP-83 2Yr


Gr. Champ.BC Spring Show 2013 Res. Intermediate Champ. Int’l R&W Show, Madison 2011 Her *RC daughters x Attic & Destry sell. Also selling, her full sister Sr. 2-Yr-Old fresh May 2013

Dam of Cashcoin & Cashmoney · 8 EX dams Daughters x Mascalese over +2000 GTPI & Shamrock GTPI +2206 sell Also selling, her Gr’daughter x Mogul


September 18th and 19th, 2013 · 10 a.m. at Morsan Farms, Ponoka, Alberta

Ms Atlees Shottle

Aubry EX-91

Dam: Durham Atlee EX-92 6+ All-American Sr. 3-Yr-Old 2005 Her Goldwyn daughter sells with her Mogul & Meridian daughters. Also selling, Aubry’s daughters x Domain & Gold Chip

Ralma-Rh Manoman

Banjo VG-88 2Yr

Her daughters x Bolo GTPI +2026 & Explode GTPI +2059 & July 2013 Galaxy sell Also selling, Cameron daughter GTPI +2179 from this family

Donald Dubois David Dyment Eddie Garcia Éric Hétu Chris Hill Joe Hoffman Yan Jacobs Erik Klugkist Simon Lalande

819 621-9282 905 308-1008 011 52 1442 219 0302 819 795-8249 202 255-7907 951 258-5118 418 520-2674 403 704-0243 514 239-5435

Ray LeBlanc Norm Nabholz Chris Perry Tim Rauen Bloyce Thompson Roger Turner Gary VanderPost Jon Walker Robert Yeoman

802 249-2155 563 590-3204 604 614-4153 563 590-7871 902 629-5176 519 831-4164 905 715-4279 519 521-7729 405 880-2209


August 2013


“... twice a day, 7 to 10 days before calving.” — The Leiding Family

Haely (left) and Kayla Leiding, and parents Todd and Stacy, with VG-88 Junior 3-year-old Shir-Man Sanchez Kit-Kat, All-Minnesota in the state junior show... just four weeks fresh.

SHIR-MAN HOLSTEINS — THE LEIDING FAMILY FOUNTAIN, MINNESOTA — 70 COWS Production: 21,000 lbs (2x) — SCC average: 90,000 “We love Udder Comfort™ for prefresh cows and heifers and for any cow with swelling or signs of mastitis. We also put it on when we milk after showing,” say Haely and Kayla, twin daughters of Todd and Stacy Leiding and fourth generation at Shir-Man Holsteins, Fountain, Minn. “There’s a sense of responsibility on the farm. We get experiences others don’t,” say the girls, who help with milking and calf chores, and wash and walk cows every day. They are avid 4-H and FFA’ers. Their FFA dairy judging team, coached by mom Stacy, won the state title in June and will go to Nationals this fall. Haely’s Junior three-year-old “Kit-Kat,” fresh just 4 weeks, was All-Minnesota in the state junior show recently. “Udder Comfort really helped bring quality to her udder,” Haely reports. “We start putting it on prefresh animals when they start uddering up,” adds her father Todd.

“We put it on twice a day, for the 7 to 10 days before calving. In comparisons, we saw a world of difference, so we’ve made it part of our health regimen to maintain consistently low SCC, which averaged 90,000 last year. We wouldn’t want to be without Udder Comfort.”

Quality Udders Make Quality Milk

Keep the milk in the system 1.888.773.7153 1.613.652.9086 Call to locate a distributor near you. For external application to the udder only after milking, as an essential component of udder management. Always wash and dry teats thoroughly before milking.

INTEGRITY JULIET – Integrity x VG Highlight EX-92 All-American Nominated cow and the matriarch of the Juliet branch in the Macland herd! SEPT JULIET – 2X All-American Nominaton from EX-92 Integrity Juliet. Due next March with a Griggs heifer! She is available for IVF flushing now on a partnership basis. Inquiries welcome! Owned with GoldFawn Farms. ADVENT JULIET – 2X All-American R&W Nomination direct from Sept Juliet! Her gorgeous Destry just fresh and has a +2088 GTPI RED Lovely Man heifer! Advent Juliet also has three Absolute females due in December, Redbursts in March, and embryos available. SHOTTLE JULIET – Her dam is EX-92 Durham Juliet, then EX-92 Integrity Juliet! Shottle Juliet has a VG-86 Atwood Jr. 2, another Atwood just fresh, and she is due in October with a McCutchen heifer! GOLD JULIET – End stall cow from Shottle Juliet. Nominated All-American Spring Yearling, this massive Goldwyn has a September 2012 Sid and is due in October with a Bradnick heifer! Will be flushed constantly next lactation. Inquiries welcome!



August 2013







Sale Host: Like this sale on Facebook!

Gregg, Shelley, & Parker Hardy • 517-431-2478 •


ECUAFARM RANGER SUE-RED VG-88 4-11 2x 305 29,130 3.3 949 3.2 924 Ranger x VG Durham


Only the Best will Sell Contact us to consign!

Sale Management: Jason Lamoreaux 616-822-0101 11628 Old Belding Rd Belding, MI 48809

ECUAFARM announces and invites you to a unique and the largest Red & White cattle dispersal to take place in the USA this coming year. All red breeds will be represented. Here are some of our favorite homebred cows. Sue-Red goes back to the Bootpeg family and has many descendants in the herd! Semen from her Milking Shorthorn son is available!

Sturdy Built Calf Nursery • TurnKey System manufactured by Sturdy Built and ready to assemble; precision-made bolt-together frames Reduce Construction time • Building design features Easy Skidloader Cleanout • Prevents Disease Spread with the non-porous surfaces of the steel frame and poly panel dividers • Pens designed for Calf Comfort feature nipple bottle holders and Divided Entry Gates to prevent calf from mixing dry feed and water • Optional Hover Panels or Hover Curtain for better draft control • Excellent Ventilation Control with Roll & Hide Curtain System

At 11 years, Kallie is due to calve in Sept with her 9th calf! She has been at the Fort Worth Stock Show, and has many family members available!

ECUAFARM ERIC KALLIE EX-90 4-1 3x 311 24,920 3.2 797 3.1 781 Life 177,210 6534F 5780P

MILKING SHORTHORNS Reina has sons in AI, has been shown at World Dairy Expo, and has many family members available. Look for additonal ads with more information regarding this UNIQUE RED & WHITE CATTLE DISPERSAL!

U.S. Patent 7,624,783 B2

Feel free to call, or stop by and visit. We love to talk cows.

Call for FREE Equipment Guides

ECUAFARM ECUAFARM KOYOTE REINA 3E-93 5-8 2x 362 30,730 4.2 1286F 3.4 1059 Life 116,310 4702F 3819P Koyote x Ecuafarm Dusty Glen Royal 2E-90

5620 Woodard Ave • Cleburne, TX 76033 Owner: FABIAN ALMEIDA 817-253-5224 cell Managers: Jelle Zijlstra • Randy Kunde

on our Complete Line of Galvanized Dairy Equipment


Denver, PA • 1-866-543-5116

Durrell Martin – (315) 374-5457


August 2013


Pennsylvania Holstein Association High Quality Registered & Grade Holstein Cattle

Domestic or export sales: Springers • Open heifers Short breds • Whole herds

USDA Approved Quarantine Facilities

Upcoming Sales Sat, Aug 17 Warren County Sale Youngsville, PA

Thur, Aug 22 Mifflin County Summer Event Sale Reedsville, PA

Thur, Aug 29 Milk & More Sale Ronks, PA

Tues, Sept 10 Eastern Elite Sale All-Breeds Edition Harrisburg, PA

Sat, Sept 28 Tioga County Sale

76HO0587 SNOWBALL-P EX-92 Shottle x VG-89 BW Marshall x Priority-Red

Whitneyville, PA

See website for catalogs. PHA can find a great one or a truckload!

+386M +.09%F +3.5PL 2.61SCS +1.77T +2.08FL A Polled Shottle with so much to offer! Daughter photo left:

Coldsprings Snowball-P 4016 GP-83

Call 1-717-329-9202 or

76HO0676 IVAN-PP*RC Colt-P x VG-85 Planet x VG-89 BW Marshall

• • • • • •

POWER PAK PLUS CAPSULES ET enhancement Empowers close & fresh cows Quick cow stress relief In top herds everywhere USA made Low cost

CALL TODAY! Alpha Genetics, Inc. 800.876.2500 920.650.1631

+1,129M +4.9PL 2.82SCS +1.58T +0.5 DPR 7%CE Homozygous Polled, so ALL calves will be polled. Plus he’s Red Carrier! ALSO AVAILABLE ARE THESE POLLED SIRES

76HO0686 LARRY-P-Red - Colt-P x GP-84 Shottle x VG-89 BW Marshall 76HO0683 POINT-P-RED - Savage x VG-85 Lawn Boy x Perk Rae-Red EX-90 76HO0642 FRANK-P - Shottle x OMan x Overtime-P 76HO0636 SYLVESTER-P*RC - Million x GP-84 Shottle x VG-89 BW Marshall 76HO0601 RASPBERRY-P-RED - Lawn Boy x EX-90 Steven x VG-85 4* Renaissance 76HO0586 ICICLE-P*RC Shottle x VG-89 BW Marshall x Burket-Falls Priority-Red 76HO0530 DUCKY-P-RED Talent x VG-86 Manfred x VG-87 Aerostar

U d d e r P ro g r a m

More profit for your herd’s bottom line. “Satisfied my needs for cost savings and benefits. I’ve used all kinds of products and am always looking for cheaper and better. The program has done a tremendous job and lowered our SCC from over 300 to 85 and 74 on our two farms. It has really shut down mastitis, we just aren’t getting new flareups. We like the products.” S c o t t P u r g e t t , P u r g e t t Fa r m s , O w e n , W I SCC 74 SCC 85

Consider this: SCC 200,000 equals about 900 lbs milk loss per cow per year.

AMERICAN MILKING SHORTHORN SOCIETY PO Box 409 • Eden Valley, MN 55329 608-365-3332 •

iowa nationals congratulations to the indiana holstein breeders for hosting a wonderful 2013 National Holstein Convention. we in iowa look forward to your participation in the 2014 National Holstein Convention to be held in Dubuque, Iowa • Wednesday, June 25 - Saturday, June 28, 2014 now’s the time to plan for a consignment to the 2014 IOWA NATIONALS. Contact us!

800-876-2500 or cell 920-650-1631 Seeking distributors in select locations in USA and Canada • Most major credit cards accepted. w w w. a l p h a g e n e t i c s i n c . c o m • s t a f f @ a l p h a g e n e t i c s i n c . c o m

Sale Managed by: SCOTT & AMY COURTNEY 2564 Pole Line Rd • Ridgeway, IA 52165 • 563-387-0035 • -0046 fax • 563-380-1318 cell



August 2013

COMPLETE DISPERSAL • Saturday, August 31, 2013 • 10:30 AM SALE LOCATION: 1406 LAMPETER RD • LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA 17602 A top MAINE herd comes to PENNSYLVANIA to disperse! Androscoggin Holsteins’ owner, Mr. John Nutting, is a very distinguished breeder of Red & White and Black & White cattle, and has chosen us to sell his herd.

BAA 109.4 • SCC 58,000

Deep pedigrees, high production, show cattle, Polled, Red & White, Black & White, classified cattle that will add a special dimension to your Herd!


VT-POND-VIEW AD ALI-ET VG-87 scored 6 days fresh




2X All-American R&W Apple's VG-88 2Y Shottle sister sells with 3 fancy calves, including a 6/13 Redburst, a Gold Chris and an *RC Larson that sells with AI contracts and Ducati-RED embryos!

A touch of RED from the Atlees! This beautiful Advent sells with $7500 AI contract, along with her fancy, RED Redburst calf. Ali's dam is an EX-92 2nd calf Gibson, then Durham Atlee EX-92 All-American. Atwood's family!

Former #1 GTPI R&W Cow Family members sell including Regal's Larson yrlg and Regal's Lion King full sister that is a VG-87 1st calf GTPI +1897 and sells with 5 #1 DucatiRED embryos. The Roxys!

3-4 365 25,520 3.2 828 3.3 850 Allison is a 2nd generation EX-93. You can buy her VG-88 EX-MS Alexander dtr that sells with Sterling embryos. She is 63" tall, due 9/5/13 with an Atwood heifer, and will show!

Life 152,950 3.5 5292 3.0 4662 4X Maine State Show winner! Jaye is another high EX bred by the Nuttings. Three dtrs sell: a VG-88 Goldwyn with Guthrie hfr, and two Roys scored 85 & 84.



4-01 324 26,471 3.3 873 3.3 869 An 8th gen VG or EX. Selling her beautiful 62" Sanchez sister fresh in July. Dam a 2E-92 Storm. Same mat line as Nom All-Am Winter Yrlg 2011.

2-10 365 39,773 6.3 1442 3.3 1302 Ann's RED July Redburst granddtr sells. Dam is red VG-88 1st calf Reality that was 1st Sr 2Y R&W Northeast Fall Nat'l 2012. RED full sister also sells just fresh.

SALE MANAGED BY/CATALOGS: DAVE & MERRY RAMA 607-746-2226 • -2911 fax 4236 Co Hwy 18 • Delhi, NY 13753


ASSISTED BY: CHUCK WILL and DON WELK catalog online at

JOHNBELLE REALY ANDROSCOGGIN ADNT CASHING-RED VG-87 1st calf COLBY-RED EX-92 3Y MAX Recently fresh again, Cashing-RED Colby-RED is special and in Pierre SELLS and looks spectacular! She’s a 10th gen VG/EX from a VG-86 Deuce, then VG-88 39,030 Bacculum, back through Burket-Falls Elevation Sophia 4E-93 GMD DOM.

SALE STAFF: Dave Rama ..........................607-435-0792 Chuck Will ..........................218-731-9536 Don Welk ............................717-575-4700 Ray LeBlanc ........................802-249-2155 Normen Peterson ................507-352-4162 Kenn Mueller ......................612-731-6725


BROWN SWISS AUCTIONS September 10 The Eastern Elite Sale

 All Breeds Edition  Selling a dozen top shelf Brown Swiss Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the PA All American Dairy Show

September 21 Nierman’s Fall Harvest Sale Roger & Brian Nierman Families Long Lane Farm, Brownstown, Indiana 120 head sell picked from the top of this leading farmer breeder herd and the 2013 Active Master Breeder as honored by the Brown Swiss Historical Society. Profitable production, long lasting cattle, show-type and genomic gems ... you’ll find it all here!

October 19 Eastern Breeders’ Sale Cobleskill, NY The Brown Swiss Marketplace for the Northeast We’re back at Cobleskill with another high quality event. MODERN ASSOCIATES Wayne E. Sliker 8409 Runkle Rd. St. Paris, OH 43072

For more information on consigning or for catalogs email: Call: 937.477.6304

Boulet's show barn! Selling is Colby’s RED Audacity dtr scored VG-87 EX-MS as a just-fresh 2 yr old! Also selling is Colby's just-fresh VG-86 RED Reality sister. Next 2 dams are EX-91 & EX-93.

MS MITZI SHNDY MERYL-RED 2E-91 Life 138,780 4.2 5830 3.6 5019 Selling is Meryl's EX-90 EX-MS RED Audacity dtr that is due with 3rd calf and has points! Also selling her 6/12 RED Gold Chris that could show and is a potential 11th gen VG/EX back to Nom All-Can Mellow Breeze Giselle.

OWNERS: 79 Campbell Rd Leeds, ME 04263 John & Sandy Nutting 207-524-3941 • Jay & Amy Nutting 207-622-4465

Full-time Bovine Advanced Reproduction Service Specialist/Export Coordinator needed for our progressive and rapidly gorwing practice. Duties include: phone communications, data entry, compiling official paperwork, computerized scheduling, and coordinating all aspects of domestic and international exports with clients, veterinarians and the USDA. There is potential for assisting veterinarians with cow-side procedures or working with calves and donor animals for the right candidate. Successful candidate must have excellent client service skills, computer knowledge, be team oriented, and extremely organized. Knowledge of the bovine registered industry required. Send resume to Lodi Veterinary Care • Attn: Camille • 705 N Main Street • Lodi, WI 53555


Cara ~ Erin • 715-268-6400




513HO00010 (Observer x Mitey-PRC)

GTPI +2192 GPTAT +3.02

GTPI +2109 +1354 Milk +53F +49P +859NM$ +5.7PL

Best Breed Combination GTPI/GPTAT for Polled ! No Colt-P, Planet or O-Man in his pedigree

#1 NM$ Red Carrier Polled bull in the breed! No Lawn Boy in pedigree From the Splendor family



August 2013


dtr: Greenlane Destry Laurel, VG-88, Westcoast Holsteins, Chilliwack, BC dtr: Morningview Destry Lani-ET VG-88, Nabholz Farm, West Union, IA 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Int. Champion & HM Grand Champion BC Spring Show 2013 1st Senior 2-Year-Old & Res Intermediate Champion IA State Holstein Show 2013 Unanimous All-American R&W Fall Yearling in Milk 2012 1st Milking Yearling & Reserve Int. Champion Int’l R&W Show WDE 2012 All-American R&W Fall Calf 2011 Junior Champion Int’l R&W Show WDE 2011

94HO13666 Scientific



{Goldwyn x Durham x Jubilant x Mars}

Join the winner’s circle today!

dtr: Ms Angel Abra VG-86, Todd Galton, Nunda, NY This *RC Destry is from a Damion dtr of EX-95 All-American Apple


Trademark of breed-leading Type


Outstanding udders and incredible style


High TPI from a tremendous cow family, the Roxy Family


Also available in ABS Sexation® sorted semen The summer buzz is all about DESTRY*RC daughters. Watch for great results from the summer and fall shows in the heifer and cow classes. Call now to get in on the hottest type bull of the breed today!

St. Jacobs Animal Breeding Corp. t Fairfield, VT USA t t 1-802-527-9683 ABS Global, Inc. t DeForest, WI USA t t 1-800-ABS-STUD


Bjorn Dtr: JSN Bjorn Cali

Barbwire Dtr: Mil-R-Mor Desire-Red-Tw

566HO1186 Pine-Tree Ohio OUT DONE-ET

566HO185 Hendel BJORN-ET


100% RHA-NA • *PO *RC Reg #71178756 • Born 4/04/12 aAa: 132546 • DMS: 135,561

100% RHA-NA • *TY *TV *TL *TD Reg #65283041 • Born 11/29/07 aAa: 432516 • DMS: 456

100% RHA-NA • Can Reg #9748330 aAa: 312456 • DMS: 234,123

Alchemy *RC x VG-85 Significant x VG-86 Goldwyn x VG-88 Paradox x EX-90 Bosco

Bolton x VG-86 O-Man x VG-88 Aaron x VG-88 Elton x EX-90 Thor x VG-87 x VG-85


NO COLT P or LAWN BOY IN PEDIGREE. We are often asked what bulls are being used for ET work today. These three bulls are active on this list.

Seeking Distributors Select Locations

GTPI +2096 Milk +1871 82%R Fat -.04% +57 Protein +.05% +70 Type +1.84 77%R Udder Comp +1.60 Foot & Leg Comp +1.85 NM$512 DPR -0.5 PL +1.4 SCS 2.86 CE 8% BJORN has no Shottle, BW Marshall, Planet, Goldwyn, Durham, or Jocko Besne in his pedigree.

Deslacs Shaquille x EX-95 Rainyridge Talent Barbara x EX-95 Outside x EX-90 Milan x EX Rainyridge Tony Beauty x VG-85

Recent show-winning daughters: MIL-R-MOR DESIRE-RED-TW 1st Fall Calf Midwest Spring R&W Show 2013 1st Fall Calf Western Spring National 2013 Bred by Bob Miller, Orangeville, IL Exhibited by Westcoast Holsteins, Canada

SUNREST BARBWIRE HAYLEY Jr Champ QC Spring R&W Show 2013 Bred & Exhibited by Suncrest Holsteins, Canada

Please visit to view photos. We can deliver anywhere in the world!

PO Box 157 • Rock Springs, WI 53961 800-542-7593 • Fax 608-524-6935 • •


August 2013


Genomic Poetry in Motion +2431 GTPI ▼ +3.35 Type ▼ +2.91 UDC ▼ +2.67 FLC




This early Epic son is from a world renowned chart-topping family with nine generations of EX or VG dams and loads of Gold Medals. You can expect lots of Milk from phenomenal udders which add up to high Productive Life and low Somatic Cell Scores. Write a new chapter in your herd with Shakespeare.

Photo © Billy Heath

LADYS MANOR RUBY D SHAWN EX-90 EX-MS GMD DOM 4-04 2x 365 37920 4.8 1,808 3.2 1208

proof data 4/13

{ Epic x EX-90 GMD DOM Shottle x EX-90 GMD DOM Debut x EX-94 GMD DOM Rudolph }



DON'T JUST DABBLE - DIVE IN 7HO9107 Ronelee SS DURABLE (EX-90-GM) (September Storm x Dabble) +.10%F +49F +2.21T +3.02FLC 6.8%CE +2.2SCR 2.59SCS +1.9PL +1871GTPISM


Excellent calving ease with high Fat Fertility without compromise, great SCR, Type and SCS A Red Carrier customer satisfaction sire

Photo: Goff Durable 38621, Goff Dairy, Hobbs, NM Rel. %: Yield 95, Type 91, SCS 89, PL 85, CE 99.

7HO9446 Ronelee RSVP DREAMER-ET (EX-90) (RSVP x Dabble) +1,593M +55F +49P +2.1SCR +1.89T +1.77FLC +1915GTPI Ronelee Outside Dabble-ET (EX-91-2E-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) X X X

Great source for high milk yield A rare RSVP son with outstanding fertility Over 100 lbs. of Combined Fat and Protein (CFP)

Photo: Ronelee Dreamer Lindsey (VG-85), Sherman Polinder, Lynden, WA Rel. %: Yield 92, Type 90, SCR 99.

7HO10406 Ronelee Boliver DASHAWN-ET (EX-90) (Boliver x Dabble) +976M +521CM$ +2.65T +1.85UDC +3.9PL 2.77SCS +2026GTPI


Superior fitness traits plus top-notch production Sires dairy cows with high, wide rear udders FeedPRO sire for efficient cows

Photo: Hilmar Dashawn 4411 (VG-86), Hilmar Holsteins, Hilmar, CA Rel. %: Yield 89, Type 83, PL 79, SCS 82.


5-3 3X 365d 44,530M 3.6% 1,612F 2.9% 1,313P S: Comestar Outside-ET (EX-95-GM) D: Ronelee Rudolph Dimple (EX-93-2E-EX-MS-DOM) 5-8 3X 365d 45,920M 3.7% 1,713F 2.9% 1,341P

abble's genetics are more in demand than ever before. Her three active sons on Select's lineup, DURABLE, DREAMER and DASHAWN, offer unique genetics and are perfect for PLANET, O MAN, Goldwyn and Shottle bloodlines. From three different sires, this trio presents dynamic options for high milk, great type and outstanding fitness. Do more than just Dabble in this family - dive in to it! Call your Select Sires representative and place your order today!

YOUR SUCCESSOur Passion. Telephone: (614) 873-4683 X

04/13 USDA-CDCB/HA data. All three bulls qualify for semen export to Canada. SMTPI is a servicemark of Holstein Association USA. ™Superior Settler, HealthMark, gender SELECTed and DIAMOND SELECTion are trademarks of Select Sires Inc. ®FeedPRO is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc.



August 2013

2013 Virginia Sale of Stars

★ ★

REMINDER! 110 EXCITING LOTS SELL! Friday, August 2, 2013 • 5:00 PM

★ ★

Rockingham County Fairgrounds • 4808 S Valley Pike • Harrisonburg, VA

Check out details in the July Cattle CONNECTION, and VIEW CATALOG ONLINE AT

Friday evening, Sept 20, 2013 • Dodge Co Fairgrounds • Beaver Dam, WI Managed and sponsored by the Dodge County Holstein Breeders This is a breeder’s sale, featuring 75 of the finest young milking cows, bred heifers, calves, and a few choices from breeders in Dodge County and across WI, as well as a few neighbors. Selling a number of fancy young cows with deep pedigrees, as well as springing cows and heifers!

SALE CO-MANAGED BY: VIRGINIA HOLSTEIN ASSN PO Box 340 • Midland, VA 22728 540-439-2980 phone/fax 540-878-1659 cell


167 Valley Lane Annville, PA 17003 717-821-1238 717-867-5493 fax

More complete listings and photos will be available at /Dodgeramma. Also find us on Facebook!

Red Destry Sells at the

Virginia ★ Sale of Stars ★

Catalog will be online at or order from:

Friday, August 2 • Harrisonburg, VA Selling a fancy VG-86 VG-MS 2Y Red Destry fresh in April 2nd calf and bred back to Reality! Dam is a VG-88 VVEVV Redliner from Lucy!

PETE’S AUCTION &  PHOTO, Inc. For all your auction & photography needs!!!

Small Herds Available Private Treaty

Lucy is a maternal sister to Dyks Kite Linda 2E-95 EEEEE. Dam is a 4E-94 EEEEE Rubens Nom All-Canadian!

4-9 2x 305 37,856 3.9 1600 3.5 1228 Inc 10th 4 Yr Old WDE 2012 • Res Grand NAILE 2012 Int Champ Midwest Spring Show 2011 Selling the 1st offering from this beautiful Talent: 1st choice of 3 Atwood hfrs due in Sept! Next dam is an EX Morty.

SALE CHAIRMAN: Travis Smith • 920-988-2443 • ASSISTED BY: Kranzdale Sales • Dale Kranz • 920-960-2566 •

Watch for our other consignments as well!

Dyks Advent Lucy-Red-ET 2E-93 EEEEE 3-9 334 28,530 3.7 1056 3.5 993 Nom All-American R&W Sr 2 Yr Old 2008


Early Colt 45! NATIONAL RED & WHITE CONVENTION SALE 2013 Thursday, August 15, 2013 • Dunkirk, NY


5004 White Rd • Union Springs, NY 13160 Genetics: Sam Potter • 315-729-5378 • 315-252-2043 fax •

Cows & heifers always for sale. Normen Peterson & Brad Peterson 25664 Co Rd 5 • Wykoff, MN 55990 507-352-4162/4160 • fax -5981 507-273-2710 Brad cell

EasternElite Sale

ALL-BREEDS EDITION • TUESDAY, Sept 10, 2013 • 5:30 PM • Harrisburg, PA Held during the All-American Dairy Show Featuring the Most ELITE of All-Breeds to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the All-American Dairy Show

Millerville Adv Ann-Red EX-90 EVVVE 3Y 4-3 2x 149 14,370 3.6 518 3.0 432 Inc Ann is an Advent from an EX Rubens with 33,900. Selling from Ann is her 1st choice Colt 45 from 5 IVF pregs due in December! Colt 45 is an *RC POLLED Colt P son of Chassity with GTPI +2123 +3.20T +2.90UDC +2.76FLC +1338M +484NM

Early ELITE Offerings

Valley-Pride Holsteins • Eric Hess 717-372-3353 • 13655 Dream Hwy • Newburg, PA 17240 Ladys-Manor S Dahlia-ET Dahlia is one sensational Shamrock! Her dtr just topped the charts GTPI +2591 on the 7/13 genomic release! She is backed by an All-American pedigree; EX-92 Goldwyn, 2E-95 Allen, 2E-95 Durham, VG-89, last 3 were All-Am in milking form! Dahlia sells fresh as the total package!! EDG

Regancrest S Chassity-ET EX-92 GMD DOM Chassity is a 7th gen EX & brood cow extraordinaire! Her super-cute 12/12 Uno gr’dtr sells GTPI +2422 CFP +136 +773NM +3.14T & contract interest from GenElite among others! The Uno’s Observer dam topped the 2011 EES & is fresh & stunning. Marfady

Huronia Centurion Veronica 20J EX-97 Veronica has done it all: countless AllAmerican honors, Grand & Supreme Champion at WDE & the PA AllAmerican, 20 EX dtrs to date & 15 sons in AI! 1st choice Impression from 5 female pregs x Veronica sells! Bigtime opportunity! Arethusa

Excited to offer 2 great consignments to the 2013 National RWDCA Convention Sale on August 15th in Dunkirk, NY.

Top Acres Pilot Gaiety OCS-ET 2E-92 1 of 6 EX full sisters, 4 of which were nom All-American! Gaiety made 2 records above 32,000 to boot! Dam is the immortal Gredel 5E-94, 5X AllAmerican, then Gretchen 2E-93, nom All-American! Gaiety’s phenomenal Wonderment Spring Calf sells!! Rucks

Gold Mine Poppy’s OT Kay 2E-95 Poppy is the world milk record holder with 46,666 & 2X All-American Aged Cow in 2005 & 2007! She has dtrs that have earned All-American honors as well! Get your own Poppy: a 3/13 Prince of Diamond dtr sells! Spungold

Keep your eyes open for countless more to come! This sale is loaded with the most ELITE cattle each breed has to offer!

Plum-Bottom Trident’s Paris 4E-95 Paris was the Unanimous AllAmerican Aged Cow in 2005 along with 2 other All-American honors while producing over 156,000 LT! Her dynamite 6/13 Dazzle gr’dtr sells from her VG-88 dtr! Mowry-Homestead

Managed by: PENNSYLVANIA HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION State College, PA • 814-234-0364 David J. Lentz • 717-329-9202 •

Rollin-Huels MISTY P-RED; +1990 GTPI A polled Colt P daughter from a VG Buckeye, MISTY hails directly from the maternal line of Mit P and sells bred to Earnhardt P, due in January, for an AI contract.

Ja-Bob STAR Dancer P-Red; +1785 GTPI She sells at 13 months of age, open, and with embryos by Ohare P. The work is done, she’s ready to make profit!

Contact information: Ed Peck · 608.444.8863 E: Facebook: April-Day


August 2013


NOW N OW AVAILABLE AVAIL A LABLE ABL A Don’t Don ’t miss out on tthis his Genomax™ international int ernational sensation! TTop op o Sellers Sellers

$400,000 $400,000 for for o Larcrest Lar L crest Cardigan Cardigan - #2 G GTPI TPI female fema eemale $265,000 for for o RockyMountain RockyMountain Uno Uno Cheyanne Cheyanne - +2603 +2603 GTPI GTPI $265,000

Dominating Dominating tthe he TTop op o Genomic Lis Listt for foor April April 2013 2013

330% 0% of the the top top 200 200 genomic genomic females feemales are are sired sired by by Numero Numero Uno Uno


Int Internationally ernationall nallly Recognized Recognized USDA-CDCB/HAUSA-G USDA-CDCB/HAUSA-G 04/13 04/13


part of the the absolute ““Numero Numerro Uno Uno iss a true trruue super star star and part absolutte front frroont li off the line the h genomic genomic omic revolution. revolut o ion. i ”-H Hols l tein International International Holstein

02 0200HO07450 0 0HO0745 0


GTPI GTPI +2456 +2456 800-303-BULL (2855) www 888.333.1783 HA-U SA/04-13

©2013 CR I

A-05634-13 Click on newsletters tab for free download or call 1-800-876-2500

• Semen, Embryo, Livestock Transit Insurance • Livestock Mortality Insurance • Superior Rates and Service TROY ALEXANDER • 217-899-3426 •

NATIONAL RED & WHITE CONVENTION SALE 2013 Thursday, August 15, 2013 • 10:30 am • Chautauqua County Fairgrounds • Dunkirk, NY Free live feed with online bidding at Held in conjunction with the RWDCA National Convention (see for details)



All-American R&W 4 Yr Old 2012 1st 5Y, Res Grand Champion~ WI R&W Championship Show 2013 8th gen EX from Apple! Selling a RED 6/1/13 Sympatico GTPI +2225 from Candy Apple’s GTPI +2012 Colt P dtr. Elite Dairy Genomics 217-341-2437

+2130M +84F +71P +710NM Selling her 5/13 RED *PC Special Effect GTPI +2180 +681NM +4.7PL, the #4 GTPI polled red hfr of the breed! Next dam VG-87 Planet Silk, 11th gen VG/EX Splendor! Sebastien Dion 519-320-0656

RI-VAL-RE BOOKEM RS-SILVERSHADE RM SUPREM ROSEY-P-ET *RC GTPI +2130 2E-91 EX-MS Selling a 6/13 RED *PP Special Effect GTPI +1956, one of the top 5 red homozygous hfrs in the breed! Also selling a 5/13 RED *PO Showdown GTPI +2021. Both are sisters to Rosey, from a GP-83 Lawn Boy, VG & VG-88 GMD DOM. Ri-Val-Re 517-712-0359

Her 12/11 RED Advent sells due in Jan to Ladd P as a potential 5th gen EX! Full sister is VG-87 2Y. Suprem is a 30,000 Red-Marker from a 4E-94 DOM 225,000 LT x 2E-92 DOM x 3E-91 GMD x 4 more VG and EX! Wall Street Dairy LLC 908-872-2682

M-RIVERVIEW AUDRA-RED EX-91 EX(92)MS 3Y This Contender SELLS fresh in June with 132# 1st test! Dam is an EX-91 Advent, then EX, EX-92 GMD DOM Durham Atlee, VG-88 DOM Storm, and 2E-94 DOM Adeen and 2E-94 DOM Ada! Cessna & Hill 814-767-9698





2X Nom R&W All-American 5th gen EX from 2E-92 Dory, who is also a 2X R&W nominee and sister to All-Am R&W Dis Della. Cory’s RED Attitude sells due in March to Absolute! Conrad & Hamner 417-962-5941

Jr All-American R&W Aged Cow 2011 Her 1/13 RED POLLED Colt P sells! Jane is a 7th gen EX, with 8 VG/EX dams all over 100,000 LT, including 4E-92 GMD DOM 235,000 LT Mars Helen. Emily McBath 518-695-4099

Res Int Champ Central NY Jr Show 2013 Jr All-Am R&W Summer Yrlg 2011 This big-time Jr 3 sells! Dam is a VG-88 Advent, then 2E-91, and 3E-94 full sister to Ashlyn. Cooper Galton 585-468-5206


MD - HILLBROOK Chris & Jennifer Hill

8517 Orndorff Rd • Thurmont, MD 21788 202-255-7907 Chris • 301-606-2269 Jen 301-447-5854 fax •

Reminder: Any animal purchased by a RWDCA Junior can be exhibited in R&W Nat’l Jr shows this year.

• 8th gen EX RED Advent from a 3E-93 Rubens sister to Debutante! Thomas & Liddle 518-361-9946 • RED Advent due 9/13 to Ladd P from an EX Mr Burns. Also a 10/12 RED Alchemy from a VG dtr of the Mr Burns. Lemke & Lemke/Wendorf 920-371-7738 • Just-fresh RED VG-85 VG-MS 2Y Absolute x EX-91 Advent x EX x EX. Crowell & Eccles 716-988-3209 • RED Reality springing to sexed Ladd P. Dam a 5th gen EX Advent, 3rd is 3E-94 GMD Tattoo 2269F! Saxton 716-595-3341 • 9/12 RED Reality from an EX-93 Advent Nom AA R&W Jr 3Y 2011 x 2E-93 HM AA R&W 4Y 2011 x EX-91 AA R&W Jr 2Y. The Selsys. Ryan Morrill 603-753-4849

Catalogs by email request only. Catalog online at

SALE STAFF: Chris Hill ..............202-255-7907 Jennifer Hill ..........301-606-2269 Norm Nabholz ......563-590-3204

Brian Garrison ......614-264-3240 Chad Ryan ............920-960-1449 Ray LeBlanc ..........802-249-2155

• 10/12 RED Colt P from EX-93 Silvermine Adv Tally, All-American R&W Sr 2 & Sr 3, then 2E-93 GMD. MilkSource 920-766-5335 • 12/12 RED Heztry from an EX-91 Advent, 10th gen EX Roxy! Peachey 717-899-7765 • 3/13 RED Destry x VG-88 EX-MS Advent x 2E-93 RMarker Ferggy x 3E-95 Finesse x 3E-95 x 5E-94. Kleiner / Mil-R-Mor 515-290-0453 • RED Debonair sells fresh with her 3/13 Heztry. Dam 3E-94 195,000 LT Rubens x 3E-94 x 5 VG/EX. Wall Bros Dairy 540-320-5312 • *RC Mitey P carrying female Armani from EX-91 Arsenio Allie, 6X AA R&W nominee from the 3E-94 GMD Enhancer Alicias. Mark Olbrich 815-943-5512



Buffalo NY • 50 Miles North Erie, PA • 50 Miles South

Comfort Inn • 716-672-4450 Clarion Hotel • 716-366-8350

Nick Raggi ............443-672-8338 David Lentz ..........717-329-9202 Jamie Black ............518-353-2602

Paul Trapp ............608-332-0079 Mike Heath ..........443-375-8048 Darren Carlstrom ..716-450-1658

There’s Only One A SNEAK PREVIEW OF THE 25th Anniversary Edition! World Dairy Expo Madison, WI

Friday Evening, October 4th 7:00 pm




5-0 2x 365 40,483 4.2 1711 3.2 1314 Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo & RAWF 2011 3X All-American & 2X All-Canadian in Milking Form Missy is fresh again and ready to defend her title! Her Epic sells! Missy Syndicate 403.783.8784

4-4 2x 345 39,270 4.1 1606 3.1 1228 Res All-American 5 Yr Old 2012 Dana Rae is fresh and ready again to take on the world! Choose from her 5 Absolute females to be born in Sept! 8 gens EX Roxys! Budjon, Kietzman & Woodmansee 920.960.0350

All-Canadian & Unanimous All-American Sr 2 Yr Old 2012 Barbara is fresh again and ready to roll! Her fancy April Atwood sells! Craswell, Walker & Tuytel 902.628.7537




Unanimous All-American R&W Aged Cow 2011 Grand Champion International R&W Show 2011 4-1 2x 365 35,750 4.7 1682 3.7 1314 GTPI +2246 +3.39T GLPI +2889 DGV +3053 RED Sympatico sells from Apple’s EX-91 Talent, 8th gen EX. ALHGenetics 608.588.7701 A GTPI +2198 +3.86T +3.50UDC RED Dakker sells with contracts. Dam VG-85 VG-MS 2Y Destry from Apple’s EX-92 Talent. Boschma 715.223.0534 *RC *TV flush-age Uno sells. GTPI +2187 +3.51T +3.11UDC from Apple herself! Craswell 902.628.7537

2-08 2x 166 15,307 3.7 565 3.3 507 Inc Backed by 8 VG/EX dams, Opine’s breed leading HOMOZYGOUS POLLED Parker born 4/13 sells with GTPI +2113, gRZG +138. Housed in Europe, she sells absentee, and ready to fill worldwide markets. Dr. Hubertus Diers

1-11 3x 275 22,377 4.0 897 3.3 738 Inc Walton’s POLLED GTPI +2316 +732NM GLPI +2834 DGV +2951 Parker sells born 5/13. She has 9 VG dams, grandam a VG-88 Colby. One of the highest polled heifers to sell in 2013! Welcome Stock 518.424.6770




Savana’s very early, in-demand Donatello sells born 4/13! GTPI +2505 +1908M +109F +75P +859NM, GLPI +3419 DGV +3585. No Shottle or Goldwyn in her pedigree. Next dams VG-87 Bolton, EX-90 DOM Boss Iron, 2E-90, VG-88 GMD, 2E-90 DOM, 2E-90 GMD DOM, EX GMD. Jenniton Holsteins 608.924.8182

A very early Predestine sells born 5/13, with GTPI +2553 +2355M +82F +77P +930NM! Dam is the Snowman pictured, then GP-83 2Y DOM Planet Manitoba, and 10th gen VG/EX Shottle May! Sells with multiple contracts, an easy moneymaker here! Stelling Farms 507.951.0268

This flush-age Alchemy sells as a package with Malone-Red embryos; dam is a VG-85 VG-MS 2Y Pembroke from Goldwyn ATM EX-92 DOM! Elm Park 920.893.8844

Plan now to be with us for the

Check out the rest of the lineup in next month’s Cattle Connection

25th Anniversary Edition of the World Classic! A few openings still available! Contact us if you have a potential World Classic consignment.

Tom Morris Ltd.

Catalog will be online at 329 S. Keller Ave • PO Box 6400 • Amery, WI 54001 715-268-2629 • fax -6239 •

Sale Manager




2366 GTPI GTPI +2366

00200HO03883 200HO03883

++2.8 2.8 PL +1.2 +1.2 DPR 2.69 2.69 SCS SCS




0200HO03876 0200HO03876

+4 1.6 DPR 2.79 2.79 SCS SCS +4.4.4 PL ++1.6

DISEASE RESISTANT DISEASE RESISTA ANT GENETICS GENETIC S Semex's patented ented Immunity+ sires sires have have a naturally naturally Seme x's pat high immune rresponse, esponse, and bbyy using tthem hem yyou ou can improve our her herd's d's ooverall verall healt healthh and longevity. longevity. im prove yyour The benefits of a high immune responder responder (HIR) is a healt healthier hier dair dairyy animal with with : • Less disease • Greater Greater response response ttoo vvaccines accines • Higher quality quality colos colostrum trum Bes Bestt of all, all, immune response response is highly highl hlly heritable her itable and Immunity+ sires sires pass on ttheir heir natural natural defense defense to to ttheir heir daughters daughters and future future generations! generations!


EESCALADE SCALADE 2260 2260 GTPI GTPI 0200HO02825 0200HO02825

++5+5.0.0 PL +1.8 +1.8 DPR 2.62 2.62 SCS SCS RROBUST OBUST X SHO TTLE SHOTTLE



0200HO06320 0200HO06320

+5.8.8 PL +1.7 +5 +1.7 DPR 2.76 2.76 SCS SCS


SHOWDOWN*RC HO00200HO02731 WDO WN*R C 200HO02731 2167 GTPI GTPI +2167

+6. +2.3 DPR 2.66 SCS SCS +6.00 PL +2.3


800-303-BULL (2855) www


August 2013




Selling Mopsy’s 1st choice MIDNIGHT or

CHEVROLET! Choose from 27 SSI Epic Midnight implants on 6/14/13, plus her next flush to Vekis Chevrolet on 8/16/13!

BRANDT-VIEW MCTCHN MOPSY-ET +1115M +71F +38P GTPI +2380 +709NM +5.0PL +3.18T +3.47UDC

An outcross maternal line, Mopsy is one of the older McCutchens, and these are very early Midnight pregs!


2013 Wed, August 28 Celebrate Summer Futures Sale

BRANDT-VIEW COLBY KIMBER-ET VG-85 VG-MS DOM • GTPI +2167 2-3 3x 364 42,720 3.6 1541 3.2 1375

Next dam a VG-87 DOM Potter with 46,630 1761 1437, then 6 more gens of VG and EX dams! Mopsy owned with Greg Crouse

DR. PATRICK COMYN, DVM PO Box 555 • Madison, VA 22727 • 540-948-5238 office • -3564 fax 540-829-3625 cell • •


Celebrate These 8!

Leaderwin Domain Miracle-et

Claytoncrest Epic Amy-et

VG-87 VG(87)MS 2Y GTPI +2230 +3.82T +3.30UDC A 6th gen VG/EX from 2E-92 DOM Shottle May. Miracle is the #1 Type cow of the top 70 GTPI cows, and the #15 GTPI cow scored at or above VG-87. Miracle is currently being flushed. Three dtrs sell: 2/13 McCutchen GTPI +2476, 3/13 *PC early Earnhart GTPI +2168, and 12/12 Snowman GTPI +2240. Don’t miss these three Miracles!

GTPI +2260 +1262M +563NM +4.7PL +3.59T This 8/5/12 Epic is from a GP-84 VG-MS 2Y Domain dtr of VG-87 Goldwyn Avery, full sister to Atwood! Next dams Atlee, Adeen, Ada. Amy sells!

David Clayton Family

51167 High Meadow • Granger, IN 46530 574-277-0882 • 574-315-3927 cell

August 2013


Wednesday, August 28 • 6 PM Celebrate Summer Futures Sale Thursday, August 29 • 11 AM Celebrate Summer Sale

Claytoncrest Amelia-et GTPI +2053 +1619M +47F +42P An 8/9/12 full sister to Amy. Amelia sells!

Broeks Betty-et

Farnear Brocades P Bella-et

VG-88 2Y NLD • GTPI +2197 +589NM +2.81T Two Sept Gold Chip dtrs sell: GTPI +2247 +636NM and GTPI +2162 +559NM +3.15T.

GTPI +2032 A Planet x EX-92 Brocade, 6th gen EX Goldwyn x Barbie! Her GTPI +2374 +794NM +6.1PL Uno sells. Born 5/12, she’s open and ready to flush!

Wednesday, August 28 • 6 PM Celebrate Summer Futures Sale Thursday, August 29 • 11 AM Celebrate Summer Sale

HOSTED BY: Tim & Sandy


Fantastic Genomic, Polled, and Type Offerings from Leading Cow Families


2917 104th Ave Allegan, MI 49010 269-217-6076 cell 269-673-4886 ph/fax

SONRAY-ACRES SOC OBERVER VI GTPI +2416 Vi is fresh and looks incredible, watch for new photo! Selling three 1st choice male and female Golden PP, earliest Golden PP calves in world, along with Vi’s GTPI +2477 Sympatico.

BRANDT-VIEW MCTCHN MOPSY-ET GTPI +2380 Huge health traits, unique offering of 1st choice of 12 early Midnight pregs or Chevrolet flush from Mopsy. Also, 1st choice Halogen from her dam, VG VG-MS GTPI +2167 Colby Kimber.

COMYN PBCD SPLENDID-ET VG-85 VG-MS • GTPI +1979 Special lots sell from this outcross pedigree, huge components, selling from Splendid’s Observer dtrs GTPI +2441 Day, +2328 Lithium, early Shotglass genomics in Aug. Splendid’s Earnhardt, Mayfield, Meridian, and Ladd P sell.

PINE-TREE 2149ROBST 4846-ET GTPI +2405 The Best of the Missy Family, 4846’s McCutchen sells GTPI +2383.

LEADERWIN DOMAIN MIRACLE-ET VG-87 VG-MS • GTPI +2230 Next dam 2E-92 EEEEE Shottle May. Selling Amazing’s +2464 GTPI McCutchen, 153 points over PA.

GLORYLAND-LB LINETTE RAE-ET EX-91 EX-MS • GTPI +2132 Linette Rae’s impressive Supersire sells GTPI +2411, one of the highest type and genomic pedigrees in the breed!

RI-VAL-RE SHTLE CARALIE-ET VG-86 VG-MS 1st choice Halogen or MAS from Caralie’s +2147 GTPI RED Ladd P gr’tr. Full sis to Ladd P along with *RC Iota dam.

*RC sells *PO sells

VER-HAGES TNT SABLE-ET *RC GTPI +2226 Sable SELLS bred. This high-ranking GTPI *RC Shamrock from Saschae has embryos exported. Also selling her 1st choice female.

RI-VAL-RE GOLDWYN NADINE VG-87 VG-MS • GTPI +1978 2 EXCITING HIGH RANKING *PO RELIEF SELL, GTPI +2296 & +2291 from Obsrvr Noel from Nadine. Also selling 1st choice Tango from Nadine’s GTPI +2290 Petrone along with gr’dtrs by Supersire and Dolo.

VER-HAGES VV SASCHAE-RED-ET VG-87 EX-MS • GTPI +1874 Saschae SELLS bred and due, potential for high classification! Also selling *RC *PO McCutchen, *RC *PO Layne, two *RC *PO Mogul, two *PO *RC Relief, *RC Shotglass from Saschae’s VG VG-MS full sister.

VER-HAGES VV SASHIRA-RED-ET *PO VG-87 EX-MS • GTPI +1815 One of the fanciest young red *PO cows of the breed! Sashira SELLS open and ready to flush along with 1st choice female! Sashira’s *RC Crown dtr & *PO Ladd P sister sell.

LARCREST COMET-ETS VG-85 GTPI +2248 Cosmopolitan family! Selling Comet’s fancy GTPI +2259 Uno.

FARNEAR BROCADES P BELLA-ET GTPI +2032 Bella's GTPI +2374 Numero Uno sells ready to flush.

BOSSIDE O-STYLE DHARMA-ET VG-86 VG-MS • GTPI +2042 Dharma SELLS open and ready to flush along with 1st choice female by Jabir or Halogen.

KULP-DALE ADV ROMOMA-RED-ET VG-88 EX-MS Romoma’s *PO RED GTPI +2083 Ladd P sells!

DES-Y-GEN PLANET SILK-ET VG-87 VG-MS • GTPI +2168 Selling Silk’s GTPI +2175 *RC Day and GTPI +2050 *PO *RC Effect!

Sale Management: Jason Lamoreaux 616-822-0101 11628 Old Belding Rd Belding, MI 48809

Online Catalog and Updates:


BALISTO x Larcrest Cree

BALISTO x Ms P-Chassity Caroline

PLA ATINUM T x Farnear Freedom Adeen

TANGO x Passion Laadd Darquise P

EARLY Balisto (+2414G) from the t +2298G Lewis HUGE OFFERINGG... Balisto embryos from the Extr E eme Health Traits... Platinums from m the Freddie INDEX, OUTTCCROSS and POOLLEDD... . Taangos from the RC daughter off Planet Chenoa followed by CRIMSON! +2244G Numero Uno granddaughter off Chassity! daughter (5 sons over +900NM$) and the Atlees! polled Ladd P +2585 GPPAA-LPI and Durham Daisys! LIQUID GOLD x Dymentholm Sunview Sienna OAK x Pine-Tree 1937 Osty 5249

LONG-P x Ri-V Val-R a e Supersonic Ruby-P *RC

OVERBAY x EDG Glisten Glist Glory

LIQUID GOLD embryos from thee +2078G RC Lar OUTCROSS RUDY MISSYYS.. Oaks from the +2309G LLong P RC embryos from the early RC POLLED EARLY Overbay embryos o (+159RZGG, +2417G) from son daughter off the No. 1 Planet Silk! O-Style daughter er off Mint Sharla, dam off Shine! Supersonic +2066G and the Redwing family! the +2249G Epic and the Honeycrest Kaathryns! WINDBROOK x Ms Lotto Alex Lacey

GOLDDUST x Savage-Leigh Shottle Leony

GOLDDUST x Co-Vista Atwood Desire

DOORMAN x VT-Pond-View Jasp Lilac

SHOW TYPE... Windbrooks from the VGG-86-2YR-CAN LICORICE SHOW TYPE... Golddust (+4.58T) from the HHUGE TYPE OFFERINGG... . Golddust embryyos frrom o the EXTREME TYPE... Doorrma man embryos from the VG-89Alexander daughter off Grand Champion LOTTO! EX-90 Shottle daughter aughter off LEONNA EX-96! #2 PTTAT Cow on the Locator List, Desire +4.12T! 2YR Jasper Lilacc, next two dams EX-93 and EX-95! 6(;('026(6[2DNĂ€HOG5HD+ROLGD\5HG

OD x SRF-ZBW SRF ZBW Storm S Legacy L

SEXED Moses-Red embryos (PTTA TAT+3.72) from the SEXED ATWOODss from an EX-90 Storrmatic m followed VG-88 Reality granddaughter off Storrmi m Hazel! by an EX-95 All-American nominated Durham!

CHEN x Tramilda Cameron Bella COLT P x Miss Ad GB GBM BM Mayday

SSexed McCutchen embryos from the +2137G + and Colt P RC embryos from o the 2013 HM All-Wiscon+3.03T Cameron daughter and the Oman Biffys! sin Aged Cow, Advent Mayday *RC EX-93!

CONT ONTAACCCTT INFORRMA RM MAAT ATTION ION: Steve Mo Steve Mower wer +1 240-520-5906 | ste JJennifer ennifer Dingbaum +1 320-250-2412 | jennif

visit www for more details

SHIPPING:: All auction sales and export export shipping will be handled through AMS Genetics International, International, the trusted industry leader. leaderr. through fe and easy to do. do. Log Log on to www.holsteinwww w.holstein . BIDDING:: Bidding is saf safe register to bid or phone ne one off the listed contacts. contacts. and register LOG ON: Auction Auction closes be ginning at 4:00 pp.m. .m. (EST) on the TThurshur h rsLOG beginning popcorn bidding/5-minute rule system. day off closing using the popcorn



August 2013

The Best of Bella-View

Scientific’s Banner Day Premier Breeder WI Championship Show 2013

WI Holstein News

Thank you for your help, we couldn't have done it without you! L to R: Shawn Styer, Jon Schmidt, Mandy Nunes, Tracy Nelson, Paige Nelson, Julia Nunes holding Diondra, Katrina Nunes holding Decadent, Matt Nunes holding Darla, Hannah Nelson, Geneva Nunes & Dakota Bowe. Thanks to Chris Lentz for getting the cattle to and from the show safely.

WI Champ Show Summer Yrlg Class AND 1st Jr Best 3 Females 1st and 1st Jr Bella-View Alex Ashanti-ET owned by Paige Vossekuil 2nd and 1st B&O Bella-View Angels Apple-ET owned with Cory & Cara Biely 3rd Bella-View Goldwyn Julip-ET owned with Kurt & Sarah Loehr

Wisconsin Championship Show Results SCIENTIFIC S DIONDRA RAE-ET VG-88 3rd Sr 2 Yr Old Sanchez x EX-92 Goldwyn Dior x Debutante SCIENTIFIC DONATELLA RAE-ET 10th Sr 2 Yr Old Just-fresh Braxton x EX-92 Goldwyn Dior x Debutante SCIENTIFIC SAN DODIE RAE-ET VG-86 9th Jr 3 Yr Old Sanchez x VG-87 Goldwyn Doll x Debutante SCIENTIFIC DECADENT RAE-ET VG-88 3rd & 1st B&O Sr 3 Yr Old Sanchez fresh 4 weeks x EX-92 Goldwyn Dior x Debutante SCIENTIFIC DARLA RAE-ET EX-93 3rd 5 Yr Old Shottle x Debutante ALL-WISCONSIN BEST 3 FEMALES Diondra, Decadent, Darla ALL-WISCONSIN PRODUCE OF DAM Diondra & Decadent PREMIER BREEDER Scientific Holsteins

Bella-View Alex Ashanti-ET 1st Summer Yrlg, Jr Champion Jr Show, & Res Jr Champion Open Show WI Champ Show 2013 Congrats to Paige Vossekuil

And the Girls’ Cows!

Both Ashanti & Go For Broke were purchased in our Quest for Success Sale! Watch our website for several other Success stories!

ROSEDALE FANCYPANTS D HONEY VG-86 5th Jr 2 Yr Old & 1st Jr Scientific Destry x Blackrose family owned by Julia Nunes

Thank you to all of our partners for their confidence in us, and congrats to Hammertime Holsteins on a great WI Championship show!

Wisconsin Red & White Show Results FANCYPANTS HOPEFUL RAE-RED VG-85 Scientific Director x VG Sept Storm KATRINAS DEBONAIR ALLIE-RED VG-87 Scientific Debonair x VG SS Deuce SCIENTIFIC DIAMOND-RED EX-92 Advent from the Tony Rae family

Bella-Ridge Go For Broke-ET 2nd Fall Yrlg, 1st Jr, & Jr Champion Jr Show Midwest Spring Nat’l 2013 Congrats to Kayla Krueger

1st, BU & B&O Sr 2 Yr Old B&O by Julia Nunes 4th Sr 2 Yr Old B&O by Katrina Nunes 1st 150,000 Lb Cow owned by Geneva Nunes


Thursday, August 15, 2013 • Dunkirk, NY

A fancy 7/12 RED Destry sells from a VG-86 VVVVV Advent. Next dams are Rub Marlene and Broker Mandy, both 3E-94 EEEEE and 2X All-American R&W! consigned with Kurt & Sarah Loehr

Scientific Holsteins Matt and Mandy Nunes and family • 11812 120th Ave • Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 715-288-5838 • 715-226-0329 cell • •

LYNN & SARA HARBAUGH • Jacob • Logan • Madison 920-420-1524 Lynn cell • N11912 Graetz Rd | Marion, WI 54950 •

OPPORTUNITIES IN THE SPOTLIGHT! • Saturday, September 7, 2013 • Sanborn, MN


One of the most FUTURISTIC opportunities of 2013! Dennis & Gloria have spent a lifetime building a quality herd of dairy cattle along with their youngstock. Their focus has been breeding Red & *RC using outcross sires with unique pedigrees... then adding in the POLLED gene... and making that SPECIAL one!

D&D F Gate Ottawa Casey P-Red VG-87

Mi-Ro-Ze Potter Pebbles *RC 2E-90 EEEVE

D&D Potter Jeeves Pearl *RC GP-84 VG-MS 2Y

Sandman LD Pebbles P-Red-ET  50% Red & White and over 90% GTPI +1990

4-4 356 26,720 4.4 1172 3.5 938 Ottawa x VG Frontgate x VG-88 Perk. Selling from the ever-popular POLLED Casey family is her POLLED GP-82 *RC Beacon dtr along with her POLLED Mogul dtr. Casey's GTPI +1997 & +1912 Bama gr’dtrs sell. Their dam, also by Beacon, is #6 on the RWDCA Elite Cow List. Casey's grandson, CAL-P at Accelerated, is +1075M +40F +39P GTPI +2078 +667NM, making him one of the TOP POLLED bulls of today...Semen available soon! His RED & POLLED Colt P sister SELLS with GTPI +1851, along with 2 McCutchen pregs that will be *RC & POLLED, as well as a POLLED Bama sister.

4-7 365 34,420 3.3 1152 2.8 968 Potter x VG-87 GMD DOM Rudolph. Pebbles is an example of the outcross kind of pedigrees Dennis likes to work with. Her *RC Rudolph dam was a tremendous brood cow for Ziegs. Dennis purchased Pebbles at Mike & Rosie's dispersal and took her to new heights. Pebble's *RC Jeeves dtr (right) sells, as well as 3 Arrow dtrs: 1 VG-85, 1 GP-84 (Red) & 1 GP-83, and a GP-80 *RC Reality dtr. There will be several gr’dtrs selling, too!

2-1 348 25,945 3.3 867 3.0 777 Jeeves x EX Potter Pebbles (left). She SELLS recently fresh, with more points in her future! Her dtrs by Colt P, Bama & Dancer P also sell, with several of these dtrs coming in over +1900 GTPI. There is AI interest on Pearl, with future interest in her dtrs!

Red Carrier Many sisters of Pebbles P will sell! Pearl's sister by Ladd P, from the great  9 POLLED cows sell, along with Pebbles line of breeding! She could be numerous POLLED heifers. Most one of the next great descendants of of these have NO LAWN BOY in this family to write contracts. Her yrlg their pedigree! sister by Dakker sells at GTPI +1949!  D&D Holsteins has put sons in AI

Catalog will be available at: Managed By: ALAN & BARB DYKSHORN 1117 Eastside Dr • Sioux Center, IA office 712-722-0442 • fax -0887 • cell 712-441-0686 •

 1 EX, 11 VG, 28 GP & 15 G on 6/13 classification  6/13 RHA 24,029 3.8 900 3.2 778


Dennis & Gloria Gransee 47130 210th St • Sanborn, MN 56083 701-412-5738 •


TRUCKING • 53’ air-ride spread-axle double-decker with self-contained ramp • 53’ air-ride, ground-load • 26’x8’ gooseneck • Onboard choring: milking, feeding calves, etc • Call us for one or many!



Chris Lentz • 715-641-0470 Mike McConnell • 608-642-0640

Upcoming Sales: • DENNIS GRANSEE DISPERSAL Sanborn, MN • Sept 7, 2013 120 Head Selling • MINNESOTA FALL HARVEST Hutchinson, MN • Nov 23, 2013 Featuring 100 high-quality lots from top breeders in the Midwest! • Special thanks to Ron and Ava Christians of Kenneth, MN. It was a great pleasure working with you on your dispersal! Thanks to buyers who came to support Ron and Ava at their sale! They are truly assets to the industry! JEREMY SCHAFER AUCTIONEERING 651-380-2968 • Lake City, MN

We'll put it all together!

Call today! 715.268.6400

www. 800-876-2500

COMPLETE DAIRY DISPERSAL AUCTION TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2013 • 11 AM 13025 390th Street • EAGLE BEND, MN 2 miles north of Eagle Bend on US Hwy 71 and 2.5 miles west on 390th St.

70 Head 100% Registered, Official DHIA Holsteins • 3rd generation herd of Registered Holsteins established in the 1940’s • Official DHIA 19,000 700 F 570P. Current 70# tank ave, no bST, no TMR. • Very good udders • Excellent herd health program. All calfhood vaccinated • Very functional herd that will fit any program • Sale held under cover. • They all sell: 35 mature females, year-round freshening; 7 bred hfrs; 24 fancy open hfrs by leading sires, babies through breeding age. • Sires and service sires include: Aftershock, Chelios, Goldroy, Damion, Stormin Norman, and Ryker, among others. • Highlights include: #168 Lynn, a VG-87 Ryker due to Chelios in Dec, and her 9/12 dtr by Palermo. A beautiful Shottle short bred to Goldroy, her dam and gr’dam both VG. She is sure to please the classifier. • Also selling bulk tank, hay, straw, select farm machinery. CATALOG: 320-352-3803 • Owners: CONRAD & DIANE STOTERAU • 218-738-4386 Sale Manager: MID-AMERICAN AUCTION CO INC Sales force: Al Wessel • Auction Lic #77-60 • 320-547-2206 Kevin Winter • Auction Lic # 77-18 • 320-760-1593 Steve Peterson • Holstein USA • 218-849-2238

THE ONE AND ONLYS NEW KIND OF EMBRYO/LIVE ANIMAL SALE This means the SELLERS are offering a calf that is ONE of a KIND. Or they are OFFERING... embryos that will be the only mating from this donor. The BUYER has the right to buy all the embryos made from the flush. The BREEDER cannot sell to anyone else embryos not purchased. The BREEDER can implant his own embryos that he doesn’t sell, of course. But the DONOR cannot ever be flushed to this bull again, until calves are born from the mating sold in this sale. We are limiting the number of LOTS being offered. Sale will be online and by telephone Sept 4-6. Owning the ONLY ONE is where the real value is! To learn more: HolsteinStore on Facebook or 920-342-1767

August 2013

FOR SALE Registered heifers due to sexed semen. From herds with RHAs of 28,000 to 32,000M! 270-670-6036

OUR HERO Photographer

Cybil Fisher

Too Many Bulls?


• Get 80% or more hfrs from any sire any breed. • Semen additive works on any 1/2 or 1/4 cc straw • Shipped UPS direct to you • Increases conception

Associate Photographers

800-876-2500 920-650-1631 (mobile)

Lea McCullough 608-214-1845

Jenny Thomas 614-395-9823 For reprints contact the office 920-465-3880 1609 Redstone Trail, Green Bay, WI 54313


1. 2. 3. 4.


High indexing CTPI or PTPI cows/High PTPI heifers Deep pedigree cows with good production & type Show cows or dams of show winning offspring Cows with nice CTPI’s


Pedigrees with complete production, classification and records in progress. Also send inventory of embryos in stock that qualify for export. Please keep us updated on stock changes and availability! Also looking for sexed Holstein and Brown Swiss embryos.

Rodney Hetts 705 Cherokee Lane • Ft. Atkinson, WI 53538-3000 fax 920.563.5711 • cell 920.723.2595 •

HILROSE HERO RAELYNN 1st Fall Calf Wisconsin Championship Show 2013 Our Hero is from Hilrose Goldwyn Reece VG-88 41,509 4.0 1647. 2nd dam is Bur-Rodz Encore Rebecca EX-93 GMD 47,220 and 279,900 LT. 3rd dam is a VG-85 Highlight 128,570 LT, with her 9th dam being St Croixco Lad Nina 4E-94 GMD 216,000 LT. RaeLynn has a just-fresh Braxton sister.


Joe & Chris, Jeff & Bonnie, Andy & Ashley Brantmeier Sherwood, WI 54169 • 920-989-1019/1167 • RHA 30,182 3.9 3.0 • BAA 111.7% • ‘08-‘13 HERD OF EXCELLENCE

OCD LADD DOGMA P *RC New #1 PTAT & #4 GTPI polled bull. Limited release. Guaranteed flush results. Call for details.


1-855-222-2013 •

CONGRATULATIONS... to Matt and Mandy Nunes of Scientific Holsteins on being named Premier Breeder of the 2013 WI Championship Show! Thank you for making several of your super Roxy herd members available to us on which to build a foundation. SCIENTIFIC DUCHESS RAE-ET VG-88 Shottle x Debutante Fresh with a 6/13 Atwood hfr, she will be flushed.

Lance & Ryan Kamm 1710 190th St. New Richmond, WI 54017 715.760.0055 Lance 715.760.0051 Ryan

SCIENTIFIC MAC TANNA RAE-ET EX-92 Mac x VG-87 Talent x Debutante Fever embryos available; has a very nice Shottle Yrlg. JERLAND TALENT GLAMOUR-ET *RC EX-91 Talent x EX Kite Gladys-Red x EX-91 Scientific Grace Advent embryos available from this 10th gen EX Roxy.

Wonderful Cows + Great Crew = An Amazing WI Champ Show!

Ehrhardt Gold Beauty EX-91

Robrook Goldwyn Cameron EX-92

All-Wisconsin Jr 3 Yr Old Intermediate & Reserve Grand Champion WI Champ Show 2013 Grand Champion WI District 8 Show 2013 Goldwyn x 2E-94 Starbuck Brea x 5E-EX 9* Rainyridge Tony Beauty. Owned by Budjon & Vail

All-Wisconsin 4 Yr Old and Senior & Grand Champion WI Champ Show 2013 Fresh 15 days at the show with her third calf, Cameron continues to WOW us as she progresses into her lactation. We have daughters coming by Atwood and sons by Gold Chip & Aftershock. Look for a Cameron consignment in the World Classic! Thank you to Gen-Com for making Cameron available! Owned by Abbott, Budjon, Vail & Woodmansee More Results: Arcroix Goldwyn Jamaique ~ Res All-WI Sr 2 Yr Old Budjon & Vail Benrise Goldwyn JoJo ~ Res All-WI 4 Yr Old & Res Sr Champion Budjon & Vail Budjon Dundee Azalea ~ All-WI Aged Cow Trevor Tuman & Chandler Bening Budjon-JK Emilys Edair ~ Res All-WI Aged Cow Elegance Futures Reserve All-WI Best Three Females Elegance Futures

Budjon Boarding Results: Budjon-Vail Damaris-Red ~ All-WI R&W Fall Yrlg & Res Jr Champ Frank & Diane Borba Ms Candy Apple-Red ~ All-WI R&W 5 Yr Old & Res Grand Champ F&D, F&C Borba Stranshome Sid Skylar ~ 3rd Spring Yrlg Yoder & Swartzentruber Budjon-JK-Glaz-Way Erin ~ Res All-WI Winter Yrlg Glaser, F&D Borba & Budjon Kingsmill Atwood Taffy ~ 3rd Jr 2 Yr Old Conroy Budjon-Vail Gold Dreams ~ All-WI Sr 3 & HM Intermediate Jordan & Whitney Ebert Tomalynn Goldwyn Melanie ~ 5th Sr 3 Yr Old Galton Car-Bon Goldwyn Angela ~ 4th 4 Yr Old Dueppengiesser Kingsmill Ashlyn Audrey ~ All-WI 5 Yr Old Hezbollah Syndicate

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Over the Past 30 Years Sunshine Genetics has had the opportunity to work with influential bull mothers, national show champions, and our breeders’ best! It has been a pleasure to have a small part in helping our US and International clients develop the next generation of exciting genetics through embryo technology. Call us to discuss your IVF and ET needs.

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August Cattle Connection  

Connecting Buyers and Sellers Coast to Coast

August Cattle Connection  

Connecting Buyers and Sellers Coast to Coast