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CONNECTION “Connecting Buyers and Sellers Coast to Coast�

Phone: 715-268-6400 Fax: 715-268-6239

Entered as First Class Mail at Shawano, WI 54166

P.O. Box 6400, Amery, WI 54001



April 2013



FREMONT SELLS! April 8 • Fond du Lac, WI

When will Bucky Badger learn that you have to score at least 50 points in order to win the big games?? As we’ve said before, “Bo basketball� is boring basketball!

Bring on America’s Pastime!


563-237-5989 • -6597 fax 319-240-6198 cell

MAYERLANE-EH RASCAL-ET *RC EX EX-MS 3-5 3x 365 36,916 4.9 1799 3.4 1246 By Advent, Rascal was fresh again in January, looks great, and will make another big record! Her dam is 2E-91 Rudolph Randi, then 2E-90, and 3E-94 DOM PALA!

RADICAL-RED, Rascal’s stunning 3/12 Picolo, sells! owned with Eugene Hetebrueg

MAYERLANE HOLSTEINS DON & LIZ MAYER 10803 S Hwy 64 • Bloomer, WI 54724

715-568-3678 (1 mile east of Bloomer on Hwy 64)


4-9 2x 365 34,790 3.8 1325 3.0 1048 A 9th generation EX Elegance! Enough’s big, powerful, silky black SR 2 YR OLD FREMONT sells fresh in February. She already has 1 EX and 2 VG sisters! And, to the

April 8 • Fond du Lac, WI

It’s March Madness!

“Satisfying the World�



Come see Easter egg hunt at Mayerlane! See page 10

Results When it Really Matters

We can find one or many. Give us a call!

Kmp Global Sales

Empey Enterprises Ltd.• Kenneth R. Empey, Jr. Box 343, Dorchester, Ont • Canada N0L 1G0 519-280-2615 cell • 519-268-3954 • 519-268-6187 fax • Commercial • Show • Pedigree


April 13 • Ixonia, WI

A RED DUSK Fall Calf! She’s full aged, fancy, clean cut with show-ring potential! Same family as 4X All-Am R&W Renita Ranger 3E-94!

W7175 Mansfield Rd • Lake Mills, WI 53551 920-988-9426 •

$913/DTR/YR MORE $ test-mating dtr 41 EXODUS PRAISES (EX-91) DTRS than mostly CRI & Select herdmates, 500 cow Cedar Grove Dairy ONE OF ONLY 2 SIRES +.19% +60F 2.54SCC and only one with 2 dams 3E-93 EX(95)MS 3E-93 EX(94)MS Exodus Pryvilage VG-87 VG(89)MS 3Y Calving Ease - only 7% 2Y Herdmate Deviations +3793M +186F +71P FOR 32-MILLION SPERM/UNIT SEMEN, CALL... Alpha Genetics, Inc. 920-650-1631 • 262-473-6760 fax



2644 260th St. • Fredericksburg, IA 50630


The grassland in New Zealand is drying up and this will affect our exports.



Hoesly Talent Rondeau VG-86 2nd lact. 3 Yr Old Mat. sis: Hoesly Dundee Rhianna VG-89. Nom. Jr. AA Sr. 2 Yr Old She’s backed by 6 gens. VG & EX ALL GMD DOM! EX-MS galore in the pedigree!

Sixty 500 lb heifers



Largest Registered U.S. Heifer Grower ID & Reg Cattle available

The Picture People Kathy DeBruin New Glarus, WI 608-347-5407 Sarah Damrow Juneau, WI 920-296-2835

New Glarus, WI 608-527-5663 • fax 608-527-5676 •

A Damion Jr. 2Y due May 9 to FEVER! Her EX (92-MS) Rubens dam is a mat. sis. to Rhianna VG-89. Extremely flashy!

3FEGFTUt4BU"QSJM A RED Advent VG-85 @ 2 yrs Just fresh at sale time. EX-91 Redwood dam, then 4 more gens. VG & EX.

Striving For Superior Type & Longevity Todd - 608-558-0739

COAST TO COAST. Six semis running full time to deliver your commercial heifers in excellent shape. Troy’s Transport Inc. 920-474-3126

Elite Genetics

BI L L I N G S dam: Welcome Jose Pansey-ET VG-86 USDA PTA 12/12, Rel 74% Photo by Cybil Fisher



ARMIT ARMITAGE AGE x Jose x O Man x Aaron

Š 2 0 13 A B S G l o b a l , I n c .


+2347 GTPISM, +762 NM$, +911 CM$, +2.32 PT AT, +2.09 UDC, +2.38 FL PTAT, FLC,C, +1054 M, +89 F, +63P +63P,, +3.5 PL

1 -8 00- A B S -S T U D


w w w . a b s g lob a l . c om

7HO10357 De-Su BILLINGS-ET Bolton x (VG-88-DOM) Shottle x (VG-86-GMD-DOM) O MAN +1,959M +57F +48P +1997GTPISM +2.35T +1.86UDC +2.33FLC

BILLINGS brings an elite combination of production and type traits to the table! A December graduate, this Bolton son boasts nearly a ton of Milk with outstanding Type. A great source for foot and leg improvement, BILLINGS will add height and width to rear udders with snug fore udder attachments. Carrying the FeedPRO and DIAMOND SELECTion designations, his daughters are made for profitability and longevity. Call your Select Sires representative and place your order for BILLINGS today! 12/12 Genomic Rel. USDA 90%, HA 83%. BILLINGS semen qualifies for export to Canada. ™DIAMOND SELECTion is a trademark of Select Sires Inc. ŽFeedPRO is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc. SMTPI is a servicemark of Holstein Association USA.

Scheidairy 188 (GP-80), Scheidairy Farm Inc., Freeport, IL


Telephone: (614) 873-4683 X



April 2013

What is your preference? follow us at:

1H HO09527 O Co-op Co o-op Bosside -ET


Small herd of 15 young Registered Holstein cows All stages of lactation, mostly 1st lact. 1 R&W; Select Sires breeding; 106% BAA; raised in freestalls and housed in tie stalls. Ave 71 lbs, no TMR; SCC ave under 100 last year.

$1925/each Appleton, WI 920-733-5291

SKIN JOY SPRAY / LOTION • Faster results on swollen udders • More rapidly absorbed • Essential udder tool • The best for your best

For He F Fo Healtlthy Cows

Alpha Genetics, Inc. 800.876.2500 920.650.1631

Grand-View Burdette Diamond EX-91

Brown Swiss Semen for Sale

#3 TPISM • #5 LNM$

Bazooka Collection Dominate Ensign Jet Pilot Jamarr Monopoly Premium

+2.07 PTAT • +2.22 U DC

- First 9 generation EX in breed history. World Dairy Expo 2012 - Futurity Winner - 2nd Place Junior Three-Year-Old - HM Intermediate Champion

Pete Rose Patrick President Supreme Starbuck Satellit Tex Zoldo Zeus

Owner: Grand-View Ayrshires-Tim & Katie Busch Users of Showmen’s ChoiceTMM & StartUpTMM Gel

888.333.1783 U S DA/12-12, HA-U SA/12-12, I B-M / U SA/12-12, HA-M / U SA/12-12 ©2013 CR I


WORLD DAIRY EXPO Dairy Cattle Show Manager Position Applications are now being accepted for the position of World Dairy Expo Dairy Cattle Show Manager. Interested individuals are directed to World Dairy Expo’s home page: where you will find a link with all pertinent details. Questions about the position should be directed to: Bob Kaiser • Interim General Manager • 608-224-6455 ext 102

GENOMIC BOMBS Brentwood RENEGADE - Jersey down 41% JPI; EMERGENCY - Swiss down 52% PPR; OUCH! We t u m p k a Fa r m Home of High Octane Milk Producers

Cheryl A. Carlson 1019 Dutch Hill Rd Tully, NY 13159 315-238-7026 315-696-8133

Application deadline April 15, 2013.



Jerseys Breeding-age bulls for sale

Lyon Jerseys


2621 K Ave • Toledo, IA 52342 641-484-3129 Joe • 641-484-2299 Eric

Semen Needed: JERSEY: Navar, Dale, Iatola, Restore, Blair, Rescue, Avery, Mecca, Perimiter, Berreta, Futurity HOLSTEIN: BW Marshall, Boss Iron, Rudolph, Blackstar, Mtoto. FOR SALE: Durham & Lee Call with price and quantity 920-568-0554 320-450-7199 fax

Lucky 13

WA ANTED: Resellers in selected areas. Call for details.

Products - from the Smart bacteria & Nutrition CompanyTM


SEMEN FOR SALE • 3 units Stormatic • 3 units Jasper • 3 units Redman • 5 units Charles • 10 units Linjet • 8 units Integrity • 2 units Champion • 2 units Sept Storm • 3 units Jed • 2 units Shottle

born 3/19/2000

NUMERO UNO AT April 13, 2013 • Syracuse, NY

BEST OFFER: 780-940-6729

STOP USDA FROM CHANGING LEADERSHIP OF USA DAIRY SIRE PROOFS Contact: C. Peter Cole Holstein Assn USA, Inc One Holstein Place Brattleboro, VT 05302-0808 802-451-4127

Redrose 4E-96

Redrose turned 13 this month and is still impressing everyone who comes to visit the massive-framed cow. Her daughters and granddaughters are developing well at Rosedale.

Sponsored by: Alpha Genetics, Inc. 262-473-6291

Your lucky day can be Saturday, May 4, 2013 in Marshfield, WI

• Get 75% or more hfrs from any sire any breed. • Semen additive works on any 1/2 or 1/4 cc straw • Shipped UPS direct to you • Increases conception

LARCREST CHESSA VG-87 Lightning x EX-91 1710F Ramos Crimson. Chessa s fancy 12/12 Numero Uno sells, GTPI +2421 +1160M +83F +53P +771NM! consigned with Galton & Welk


with a touch of Black

April 13 • Ixonia, WI

Too Many Bulls? Rosedale Darling Rose-Red born 3/1/13 sells! A RED Destry x Redrose!

MARK AND NICKY 920-988-3070 cell 608-584-5853 ph/fax 3066 Co G • Oxford, WI 53952

Happy Birthday, Redrose!

800-876-2500 920-650-1631 (mobile)

KULP-TERRA D VELOUR-RED-ET This stunning Destry Sr 2Y sells due 4/20 to Cutter *RC. 11 VG/EX dams from an EX-92 Redman, then WDE Grand Caramac EX-92! consigned with Lemke

DAVID J. & DR ANNE B KULP • KULP GENETICS 938 Power Rd, Manheim, PA 17545 • 717-278-6399 • 717-664-5594 fax • www.holsteinworld/kulp-gen


April 2013



0200HO036 0200HO03648 48


PTAT PT TAT +3.32 3.32 FAT FAT +0.16% +0.16% SCS 2.69 PL +2.7

PPopular opular w worldwide orldwide as a Genomax™ sir sire, e, Chelios is no now w progeny proven siring pr ogeny pr oven and sir ing long-las long-lasting, ting, pr profitable ofitable co cows. ws.

www 800-303-BULL (2855)







Super Cosmo!

• Licensed and fully insured • Milking onboard • ET calves & donor dams OUR SPECIALTY

GLEN A. LONGHORN 712.548.2851

1104 10th St • Hawarden, IA 51023

LARCREST CAKE-ET VG-86 VG-MS 2Y +720NM +3.30T GTPI +2398 2-01 2x 191 15,028 4.0 605 3.7 557 Inc A Super dtr of Larcrest Cosmopolitan, Cake is the epitome of dairy strength. We love her aggressiveness at the feed bunk and outstanding protein test. We have pregnancies by Supersire, Predestine, Jackman, Enforcer, and Man-O-Shan.


1270 Bestul Rd • Scandinavia, WI 54977 Phone 715-345-2921 • Fax 715-342-4270

For Sale

Canadian Quality Dairy Cattle Delivered to Your Door.

s 36 #1 grade hfrs bred 6 to 81⁄2 months. Excellent quality, vacc. s 35 smashing fresh cows. The kind you will love. Vaccinated. s 34 #1 purebred hfrs bred 6 to 7 months. Excellent quality, vaccinated.

s 70 head grade, free-stall herd, AI sired & bred. Good quality, low SCC. s 40 grade open hfrs, 600-800 lbs. Good quality, vaccinated. s We also always have fancy young purebred cows that will make high VG and EX cows. The kind you can take to the shows, at reasonable farmer-breeder prices. satifaction guaranteed! Call today for prices delivered to your door. References available. ONTARIO LIVESTOCK EXCHANGE • Jim Hipel 519-571-4536 cell • 519-648-3318 fax

AESCULAP ECONOM II $549.00 April Special: mention ad for $25 discount towards new Aesculap clippers only


UL MegaTurbo 2500 Dryer $57.00 SC AE Twin Turbo 3200 Dryer $105.89 Tail clamps from Germany! $9.90 each Spring Promo • March 15-May 15: Receive a free extra set of blades with purchase of an Aesculap clipper. CLIPPER PARTS & REPAIR • SINCE 1988 • TIM SOLLMAN

897 23⁄8 St • Clayton, WI 54004 • 715-641-1057 • Parts and service for all makes. Authorized Distributor • Accepting Visa, Mastercard & Discover

His Name Says It All!


No. 1 in the breed for GTPI


7HO11351 Seagull-Bay SUPERSIRE-ET 12/12 GPAs: +2530GTPISM +2,463M +110F +76P +6.7PL +942NM$ +971CM$ +2.74T +2.01UDC +1.82FLC S: Roylane Socra ROBUST-ET (VG-88) D: Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET (VG-87-DOM) 2-1 365d 3X 35,120M 4.1% 1,427F 3.1% 1,079P MGS: Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET (EX-90-GM) MGD: Pine-Tree Martha Sheen-ET (VG-86-DOM) 1-11 365d 3X 31,210M 4.2% 1,305F 3.1% 968P X No. 1 for GTPI with outstanding NM$ - enough said X The dam is one of PLANET's best and a genomic giant X Elite milk and outstanding fat

SU SUPE PERS RSIR IREE export SUPERSIRE semen qualifies for Association USA.

to Canada. 12-12 Genomic Rel:

Type 74%, Production 74%, NM

k of Holstein SM 68%, PL 64%. TPI is a servicemar

There's only one SUPERSIRE and he's at Select Sires! Call your Select Sires representative today and place your order!

YOUR SUCCESSOur Passion. Telephone: (614) 873-4683 X


April 2013


5)"/,:06 5)"/,:0650&7&3:0/&8)0163$)"4&%"/*."-4 "55)&5"(4"-&&7&/5 "/%5)306()0655)&1"45:&"3 5)&#&450'-6$,50:06"-- "/%8&-00,'038"3%508"5$)*/( $0/5*/6&%46$$&448*5):063163$)"4&4

8&"-40/&&%505)"/,5)&&/5*3&.*-,4063$&45"'' '03"--5)&803,165*/50.",*/(5)*4:&"3µ45"(&7&/5"/05)&3(3&"50/& 8&$06-%/µ5%0*58*5)065:0635*3&-&44%&%*$"5*0/

+".*&&/%7*$, (&/&5*$4)&3%."/"(&3]]+&/%7*$,!.*-,4063$&/&5 888.*-,4063$&$0.]+0)/7045&34]+*.04530.



April 2013

2 9H H O1 O 6 603 H o n e ycre s t






Shamrock x Ramos x JET STREAM

2 9H O 1 6 627 M a tcre s t S h a m



Shamrock x Mac x Outside

ABS h as t h e q uali t y a n d va r ie t y o f ge n e t ics t o p r o v i d e b r e e d i n g s o l u t i o n s t o p r o d u ce r s a rou nd t he h glo be. The ABS Primetime etime lineu lineup offers a diverse group of h high igh ranking si sires from the e iindustry’s most sought-after er cow families. GREER and CHA ARLIE are the product of consistent c cow families, milies, and outs outstanding standing type and production pr from their sire, re, Shamrock. Shamrock k. Look to these sire ires and the diversity of ABS BS Primetime bulls b to fulfi fill l any breeding goal anywhere in the world!












22352 352 +7780 391 80 +22391









GREER 2nd dam: Honeycrest JT Gwendolyn-ET VG-85 (photo reversed), CHARLIE dam: Larcrest Constance-ET VG-87 (photos by Beth Herges)


USDA/HA 12/12

©2013 ABS Global, Inc. t 1525 River Road, DeForest, WI, USA (+1) 608.846.3721 t


Stop by and see us at the New York Spring Dairy Carousel April 12-15 in Syracuse, NY!

We are proud to be a sponsor of the Northeast Youth Show Calf Summit on April 5-6 in Derby Line, VT.

ARETHUSA JASPER VELOUR VG-89 Res All-American Jr 3 Yr Old 2012 1st Jr 3 Yr Old International Holstein 2012 1st Jr 3 Yr Old, Res Intermediate & Res Grand Champion Northeast Fall National 2012 Bred & Owned by: Arethusa Farm, Litchfield, CT


737 Isom Rd • San Antonio, TX 78216 • 1-800-458-2302 •




April 2013

Bouquet of Breeds Invitational Bouquet of Breeds Invitational TAG SALE • Manannah-Valley Farm • Eden Valley, MN

TAG SALE • Eden Valley, MN • May 3 ~ May 4, 2013

Begins May 3, 2013 at 10 AM and ends May 4 at 3 PM Ayrshire • Brown Swiss • Guernsey • Holstein Jersey • Milking Shorthorn • Red & White Youth clipping workshop 11 AM on May 4


Res All-American Jr 3 Yr Old 2005 Jewel is the 3rd dam of a +2290 GTPI Lexor that sells. Dam is a Super backed by 10 gens of VG and EX! ~T-Spruce


Selling an *RC Reality-Red heifer carrying an Atwood embryo from Paisen. Paisen’s dam is EX-94 Linjet Pearl with 50,000 and 5th 4 Yr Old WDE ‘09.


2X All-American R&W Selling from the Mandys is a recently fresh VG-87 red Talent. Dam is a 2E-92 Rubens dtr of Mandy. ~Willolea


Milksource Fortun Paisen-ET VG-86 2-7 2x 156 13,400 3.7 496 3.1 415 Inc

Selling 5 #1 Buttercrest Success embryos from Griffen’s Action dtr!

All-American Aged Cow 2008 A full-age, well-grown Winter Calf sells from Jory by Contender! Maternal sis- A stylish Liriano Fall Calf gr’dtr sells ter was Nom All-American R&W 2010. from 4 gens of EX All-American dams. ~Corstar ~Corstar Also: 2X WDE class winner sells fresh • VG Guernsey with tremendous pedigree from Oakley Farms • Fall Yrlg Swiss from Willow Wells • A few elite and embryo consignments will be sold on silent auction!

Contact Sale Hosts for catalogs: Come as a Visitor,

Leave as a Friend

John & Julie Schmitz • Bernie & Aggie Schmitz 58253 360th St • Eden Valley, MN 55329 John 320-420-2432 • Catalog available online!


Llolyn Jude Griffen 3E-95

5-2 365 31,431 5.2 1635 3.6 1127 Grand Champion WDE 2007

SHERDALE FARMS • Dale & Sherri Rupprecht and sons 18141 220th St NE • Thief River Falls, MN 56701 Dale 218-684-1029 • Cole 651-303-8023 • Seth 218-689-7041


a u n n A 51st

Make plans to attend the...

2013 Kentucky National Dairy Show & Sale KY Fair & Expo Center, Pavilion Louisville, KY SHOW & SALE SCHEDULE AYRSHIRE/BROWN SWISS Friday, April 5 Show @ 9 AM Sale @ 11 AM

Reiden Acres Jr Unanimous Junior AA Junior Two Year Old 2012 Bred by John and Elizabeth Neider, Carrollton, OH Owned and Shown by Jr Member Jacob Baker, Homeworth, OH

When looking for a special animal

JERSEY Friday, April 5 Show @ 1 PM Sale @ 3:30 PM

GUERNSEY/MILKING SHORTHORN Friday, April 5 Show @ 11 AM Sale @ 2 PM HOLSTEIN Saturday, April 6 Show @ 9 AM Sale @ 11:30 AM

Please join us for a sale social Friday, April 5 in the Pavilion at 7 PM

for the show ring in 2013, think...


800 Pleasant St • Beloit, WI 53511 608-365-3332 • •

For more information and updates: Katherine Wheatley • Kentucky Dept of Agriculture 502-564-4983 •


April 2013


“Cows respond quicker and better...” — Jeff Beckman

BECKMAN DAIRY — Three generations of the Beckman Family DENNISON, MINNESOTA — 70 Holsteins RHA 25,000 m 3.98 f 3.01 p — SCC: 125 - 150,000 The Beckman family: Larry and Marleen, their son Jeff and his wife Cheryl, and their nine children: Matt, 21; Melissa, 19; Krista, 18; Nathan 16; Anna, 12; twins Jenna and Alisa, 10; Lynnea, 7; and Isaiah, 4.

“We used to run somatic cell counts of 175 to 180,000. Then we started using Udder Comfort™ and it made a significant difference. Our counts today are 125 to 150,000,” says Jeff Beckman of Beckman Dairy, where 3 generations milk 70 cows and farm 500 acres near Dennison, Minn. “We also use the Mas-D-Tec® conductivity meter to monitor fresh animals when they come in, and to check quarters on cows that have SCC over 200,000 on DHI test.” “Udder Comfort is always our first line of defense here. We spray affected quarters twice a day for 5 to 7 days. We also use it routinely on fresh animals. We spray the udders, after milking, for the first 5 to 7 days after calving. Swelling is reduced and they come into production better.

“We like the blue spray to identify what we are spraying, and we like the ease of use. “Cows respond quicker and better to Udder Comfort than to anything else. It certainly pays to see this response: Happier heifers, less mastitis, less use of antibiotics, declining SCC that stays consistently below 150,000. We’re very happy with the results since we switched and started using Udder Comfort.”

Quality Udders Make Quality Milk

Keep the milk in the system 1.888.773.7153 1.613.652.9086 Call to locate a distributor near you. For external application to the udder only after milking, as an essential component of udder management. Always wash and dry teats thoroughly before milking.

The Next Generation of Great photos © Beth Herges - design © 2013


Dam: Regancrest Mac Bikasa VG89 Max 4-09 P195 31938 1473 4.6% 1067 3.3% Sold in the International Intrigue for $75,000 1st Four Yr Old & Grand Champion, Lanark 2012

2nd Dam: Regancrest PR Barbie EX-92

Ms Bikasa Atwood Briley 1st Spring Yearling, Iowa State Fair 2012 1st Spring Calf, Illinois Championship Show 2011 FULL SISTER TO BROKAW

Completes 5 generations of EX Former #1 Type Cow of the Breed! HM All-American Jr. 3-Year-Old 2004 Voted Runner up in HI’s “Global Cow of the Year 2010” Barbie is the dam of 14 EX & 16 VG daughters


I was intrigued with Brokaw’s exceptional type proof, but after seeing his mother is when I knew that Brokaw could be special for making the “SHOW TYPE” cattle. His Mac dam is so large and strong, and looked more like Barbie than any Mac I have seen. Combined with everything that Atwood brings to the table, it is no wonder that some breeders; ourselves included, started using and even flushing with BROKAW. Our oldest calves are still quite young, but they show exceptional stretch and style, and I would not be surprised if we show some BROKAWS’ this summer.” Dan Siemers, Siemers Holsteins

7HO11118 BROKAW - Mr Atwood BROKAW-ET (VG-86) Atwood x (VG-89) MAC x (EX-92 EX-MS GMD DOM) DURHAM RHAM

#3 PTAT BULL IN THE WORLD PTAT +4.62 • UDC +3.76 • FLC +2.93

Phone: (614) 873-4683



April 2013




1-11 2x 365 25,011 4.9 1221 3.6 899 • GTPI +2127 Nominated All-Canadian Milking Yrlg 2011 Locket is due in early April to Windbrook and will show as a Sr 3Yr Old. Her dam is a VG-88 EX-MS Zenith, then 2E-94 Lana Rae, a 7th gen EX Tony Rae Roxy!

3-5 3x 365 31,380 4.6 1439 3.4 1064 3rd World Dairy Expo R&W Futurity 2012 6th Sr 3 Yr Old WDE Int’l R&W Show 2012 Nominated All-American R&W Sr 3 Yr Old 2012 Due to Action in late April, Alexia will show as a 4 Yr Old. Dam EX-94 Sept Storm!

ILLINOIS PDCA SALE • Urbana, IL • April 13 • 3/12 BRAXTON from an EX-90 Dundee • 10/12 AFTERSHOCK from an EX-90 Goldwyn x EX-92 Outside. • 9/12 BROKAW out of an EX-92 Shottle x EX-90 Magical back to Patron Allie • 12/11 Braxton x VG-85 Sanchez x EX-93 Champ Rae Tom Patterson, President • Ethan Heinzmann, Herdsman • Gary Janssen, Dairy Development PO Box 37 • Wauconda, IL 60084 • Farm 847-526-6644 • fax -3437 • Gary cell 847-224-7857 • Ethan cell 847-224-7861 •

Illinois PDCA Presents . . . 65th Calf Sale - April 13, 2013

12:30 p.m. at the Round Barns on St. Marys Rd. - University of Illinois Campus, Urbana, Illinois Selling: Brown Swiss, Jerseys, Ayrshires and Holsteins! 3rd Dam:


Bluff-Ridge Encore Butercup “3E94” 12/1/12 Sid. Dam Goldwyn 23,400m 883f 731p at 2/02. “G+84/VGMS” @ 3/03. Grandam “Ex91” has 25,830m 1088f 829p. Then “91, 92, 91” on next 3 dams. Sarah Butler, Arrowsmith

Ban-View Durham Angel ET “E90” 9/6/12 Gold Chip. Angel w/ 33,410m 1106f 1021p. “3E92/ExMS” grandam w/ 27,830m 928f 794p. 3rd dam “3E92” w/ 28,350m. 1049f. Kaide Zoelzer, Moro

Grandam of Two

3rd Dam:


Clover-Mist Alisha-ET “3E93 GMD DOM 6/20/12 RED POLLED Rocco. “VG88/ExMS” Debonair dam. At 2/03 she has 22,970m 1069f 742p Next 5 dams “Ex”! Alisha w/ 34,670m 1654f 1154p. Robert Miller, Orangeville


Lystel Lornie Skychief “2E in Canada” 12/15/12 Chip. Sept Storm “VG85” dam w/ 26,210m 907f 770p. Grandam w/ 37,608m 1367f 1118p. 3rd dam “VG86” (C) w/ 37,472m 1609f 1151p. R-Way Holsteins, Heyworth


Old Mill E Snickerdoodle “4E94/97MS” 1/6/12 Vigor. Dam “VG89” Jet Pilot with 26,570m 1085f 907p (3x). Grandam: Snickerdoodle with 33,590m 1418f 1193p, 8x All American, Supreme at Madison. Bill Schaufelberger, Greenville

Grandam AYRSHIRES CHOICE - 12/23/12 or 12/15/12 heifer. Both sired by Double-A Sonny Z 2nd. 2y dams. One grandam with 14,210m 613f 473p at 2y. The other grandam “VG85” with 22,890m 1020f 728p. Doug and Jane Murray, Toulon 6/7/12 Palmyra Tri-Star Reality daughter. Sara Haag, Cullom

Luck-E Gold Kitten “E93” 12/14/12 RED Acme. 2y “VG85/VGMS” Advent dam. Grandam w/ 32,910m 1372f 1178p. 3rd Dam “3E95/ExMS” with 2 records over 40,000m. ALSO: 12/1/12 Ross. 2y Dam just scored “VG85”. Matt Engel, Hampshire JERSEYS 9/19/12 Governor. Dam 81% @ 2/04 Action with 3/02 305d 15,442m 679f 507p. Grandam has 289d 17,307m 713f 613p (RIP) Ray Ropp, Normal 6/24/12 Graybill Jade Carlos-ET. Elliotts Renaissance Deluxe dam. Grandam 91% with 18,860m 816f 694p. Samantha Ropp, Strawn 3/19/12 Freeman Blackstone Shine-ET. Rendition dam 83% with 19,350m 804f 642p. Grandam had 12,620m 683f 486p. ALSO 10/23/11 Freeman Blackstone Shoal-ET. Dam 86% Blackstone. 2/02 17,820m 816f 627p. Grandam 86% with 13,720m 646f 493p Kristen Jordan, Moweaqua HOLSTEINS 3/13 Fever. Dam “Ex91/ExMS” Durham with 28,250m 1228f 1099p. Grandam “3E95/ExMS” Aeroline with 45,360m 1747f 1591p. Matt Engel, Hampshire 12/12/12 Bradnick. 2y Chapter dam had 62# 3.6%f 3.2%p last test. Grandam “V86/VGMS” with 32,633m 1287f 996p in 350d at 4/00. Next 4 dams “Ex” with 4th dam over 40,000m 1800f, then the next dam 39,160m 1837f. Car-Mer Farm, Galena 12/11/12 RED Demello. Dam “VG85/86MS” with 23,170m 816f 714p, last test over 100#.

Shore-Mar S Alicia “3E97” 9/8/12 Sid. 2y Atwood Dam. “Ex91/ExMS” grandam with 22,830m 879f 811p. Shoremar S Alicia has 38,250m 1650f 1198p 3rd dam. 4th dam “2E94 with 30,060m 1043f 992p. Fighting Illini Partnership, Fithian

Astrahoe LJ Rosa Royalty “2E93” 9/18/12 Mitch. Stormatic dam “VG87” with 18,470m 723f 580p. Grandam “2E93/ExMS”. 36,880m 1386f 1199p (3x). 3rd-14th dams all “Ex”, back to Audrey Posch. Springbook Farms, Marshall, IN

Grandam “2Ex92/ExMS” with 35,060m 1326f 1093p. 3rd Dam “E90”, 2-2 365d 28,520m 1300f 839p. 4th dam: “E91” with 30,920m 1442f 944p. Darren Gueldener, Moro

9/30/12 Shameless. Mac Dam “VG85 /VGMS” with 27,550m 1056f 845p @ 1/11. Grandam: “VG86/VGMS” with 34,320m 1165f 1233p. 3rd and 4th dams “VG88/VGMS - GMD - over 33,000m”. Dolls Dairy, Pocahontas

12/2/12 Butz-Butler Atwood Brady. Dam: “VG86” w/ 21,610m 807f 674p. 4/09 1st test: 80# 4.8%f. Grandam “2E93/ExMS” w/31,400m 1269f 978p. 3rd dam “VG86”, then next 4 dams multiple “Ex”. Bob Miller, Orangeville 10/12/12 Exacter. 2y dam “G+81” by Rockford. Grandam “VG88” with 20,670m 726f 592p. 3rd and 4th dams “2E91” with over 27,500m. Blukel Holsteins 10/5/12 Aftershock. “Ex90/ExMS” Goldwyn dam with 29,010m 1160f 900p. Grandam “2E92/ ExMS” with 39,860m 1968f 1252p. “Ex90/ExMS” 3rd dam has 25,820m 1097f 847p. Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda 10/5/12 Goldsun. Dam “VG85/VMS” @ 2/10. 1/11 365d 21,580m 883f 725p Grandam: “VG85/VMS” with 27,650m 1144f 824p (3x). 9 out of next 10 dams “Ex”. Bill Olbrich, Harvard 10/3/12 Alexander. Dam “VG85” @ 2/11. Grandam: Hedge-Row Leadman Abby “5E94”/ExMS”. 11-5 47,420m 2202f 1639p. Lifetime: 302,920m 10,908f. Next 3 dams “4E91 - 6E93 - 3E90. Brian and Mark Olbrich, Harvard

9/20/12 Dempsey RC. Dam “VG85/VGMS” Red Contender. Grandam “VG86” with 20,760m 609f 677p. 3rd Dam: “VG85” with 27,490m 1187f 940p. 4th dam: “VG86/VGMS” with 33,580m. Matt Engel, Hampshire 9/16/12 Bradnick. 2y Pontiac Dam. Grandam “VG85/VGMS” with 32,040m 1231f 987p. 3rd dam “VG86” with 24,860m 1115f 728p. then “4E93” and “Ex90” with 35,570m and 30,060m, respectively. Boyd Schaufelberger, Greenville 9/5/12 Hero 9701. Dam 34,150m 1082f 1008p “VG85/VGMS” Baxter. Grandam 42,440m 1400f 1167p, “VG87/VGMS”. 3rd and 4th dams both “Ex92/ExMS”, 3rd dam w/ 41,510m 1504f 1226p. Steve & Emily Laesch & Jason Oertel Greenville 9/2/12 Gabor. 2y Shottle Dam just scored “GP81”. Grandam “G+83” with 20,620m 838f 641p @ 1/11. 3rd Dam: JB-JV Gibson DaintyET “2E93/ExMS” with 33,790m 1320f 941p. Then “VG88” with 2 records over 40,000m. Ryan Graham, Brighton 9/1/12 Bradnick. Durham dam. Grandam “Ex94/ExMS” Dundee has 39,160m 1542f 1342p. 3rd dam “2E93” with 33,970m 1363f

Neu-Way Patron Allie “VG87” GMD DOM 9/6/12 Brokaw. Dam “E92/ExMS” Shottle 34,890m 1378f 1089p. Grandam: “E90/93MS” with 35,640m 1306f 1128p. From the Patron Allie family. Golden Oaks, Wauconda 1087p. Next 3 dams “VG”. Joe and Patricia Schluter, Milan 6/1/12 Sid. “Ex91/ExMS” Shottle dam. 19,420m 670f 622p at 2/02. Grandam: MS Kingstead Chief Adeen “2E94/ExMS” 30,180m 1209f 1020p. 3rd dam “2E94” All American with 30,060m 1043f 992p. D. Ludwig Farms, LLC, Fithian 4/15/12 RED Picolo. Dam “VG87/VGMS” Advent. At 2/01 23,790m 907f 719p. Next two dams “VG86/VGMS”. Grandam with 16,950m 742f 518p; 3rd Dam two records over 30,000m. Then 3 more dams “Ex” and include Blackrose. Brian Woker, Greenville 3/1/12 Braxton. Dam “Ex90/ExMS” Dundee with 29,550m 1218f 969p (3x). Grandam has 33,700m 1291f 1095p and scored “G+83” @ 2/02. Lifetime 157,930m 6063f 5116p. Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda 3/1/12 Redliner. Dam a “VG87/VGMS” Fortune. 1st Spring Calf, IL State Fair, 100th National Cattle Congress. 17,270m 658f 591p at 1/11 304d. Grandam “VG86/VGMS” with 24,050m 860f 722p. 3rd dam “VG85/VGMS”. Valerie Greco and Ron Mikulice, Orangeville 12/18/11 Braxton. 2y dam scored “VG85” and All Illinois as a calf. Grandam: Champ Rae “2E93/ExMS” with 41,590m 1714f 1240p (3x). 7 “Ex” dams beyond that including Roxy. Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda

BROWN SWISS 9/2/12 Blessing Jetway Noah. Dam “VG87” Vision with 23,746m 978f 762p at 2y. Next dam Sun-Made Jetway Taps “2E92/90MS” with 43,270m 1676f 1322p. From the Tammy family. ALSO 3/1/12 Grandslam. From a Premium with 27,885m 1140f 904p. Grandam: Taps. Samuel & Cassie Vonderheide, Stewardson 7/4/12 Wonderment. Dam fresh 2y Agenda. 3x All American Grandam Sunnyisle Colby Twilite ET “2E93/94MS” with 34,990m 1505f 1172p. Also from the Tammy family. Matthew & Myriah Klug, Spring Grove, MN Contacts: Gene McCoy 217/840-0157 (all breeds) Doug Murray 309/525-5520 (Ayrshire • Steve Fluty 309/261-4318 Bill Nolan 815/848-2222 (Brown Swiss) • Ray Ropp 309/454-1760 and Ted Dement 217/725-2432 (Jersey) • Bob Miller 815/819-7282, Larry Kleiner 217/8273468 and Lee Oltmann 217/254-2697 (Holstein).

Sale order: Brown Swiss, Jersey, Ayrshire and Holstein. To order a catalog, contact: Evonne Hausman - 217/333-2624 Illinois PDCA Online Catalog Dairy Agenda Today under featured sales or More info on Brown Swiss at

Sale managed by Illinois PDCA


April 2013


Pennsylvania Holstein Association High Quality Registered & Grade Holstein Cattle Domestic or export sales: Springers • Open heifers Short breds • Whole herds

USDA Approved Quarantine Facilities

Upcoming Sales Sat, April 6 DE Valley College Green & Gold Sale Doylestown, PA

Thur, April 11 Wil-Aire Farm Milking Herd DIspersal Saegertown, PA

Fri, April 12 Spring Promise Calf Sale Lebanon, PA

Sat, April 13 Bradford County Calf & Hfr Sale Troy, PA

Tues, April 23 Pondlea Holsteins Complete Dispersal New Holland, PA

Sat, April 27 NW PA Spring Fever Meadville, PA

See website for catalog. PHA can find a great one or a truckload!

Call 1-717-329-9202 or

KELLER CATTLE SALES The Best of Canadian & US Replacement Hfrs • Registered & Grade • Open & Bred • Fresh 2 Yr Olds Full Vaccination Program


Steve Keller 608.219.6018


U d d e r P ro g r a m The time-tested products that top USA and Canadian herds have relied on for over 30 years. From All-American, world-record producers, to “all-barn” cows. Get on the Udder Program and improve your herd’s health and profitability. OUR 39TH YEAR!

MS SHOWSTINE ASTEROID WEDGE Due mid July to Braxton and sired by Kingsmill Asteroid. Dam is a VG-86 40,000M Champion from the 3E-93 GMD DOM 267,000 LT Nu-Wing Commander Wimpy family. Wedge is 63 inches tall and still growing... ADD HER TO YOUR SHOW STRING! GIVE ME A CALL!

JIM WEBER W4259 Capital Rd Loyal, WI 54446 715-429-0672

Call today for a free personalized consultation:

800-876-2500 or cell 920-650-1631 Seeking distributors in select locations in USA and Canada • Most major credit cards accepted. w w w. a l p h a g e n e t i c s i n c . c o m • s t a f f @ a l p h a g e n e t i c s i n c . c o m Healthier cows = more quality milk and profits • Expect Amazing Every Day!



April 2013

Breeding made EASY... use great sires on great cow families



2-2 3x 365 38,619 4.6 1763 3.0 1140 Due again in Sept, this Shottle has 3 of 4 EX dams back to Pala EX-94! PRISM has embryos by Hero, Goldsun and Windbrook. Her EX-93 Roy sister has embryos by Mich, Alexander, Guthrie, Damion, Goldwyn and Aftershock. $600-1000

6-10 3x 365 35,027 3.5 1237 3.0 1061 This 4th gen EX Rudolph also goes back to Ultimate Pala! RANDI has embryos by Goldwyn, Fever, Boss Iron, Damion and Stanley Cup. Her EX Advent on our front-page ad will start on a flush program, also. RED Palas! $250-600

MAYERLANE LIPSTICK EX-93 4-11 3x 365 40,140 3.6 1432 3.1 1225 A Durham from an EX Lee, then the one-and-only Acme Star Lily EX-94, Supreme Champion WDE & 3X Grand at the Royal! From LIPSTICK and her EX sisters we have embryos by Mich, Atwood, Goldwyn, Fever and Skychief! $400-$600




3-2 3x 365 37,493 4.3 1599 3.1 1146 This new arrival is fresh in Feb and has sons in AI. She is a 5th gen EX, all with EX-MS. She has an outcross pedigree, with Ramos, Rolex, Aaron, Elton as her sire stack; best of all, her 4th dam is the dam of O-Man. All this type and O-Man’s maternal line, we are excited! SADIE will be scored in April, watch for updates!

After a very successful 2012 show season and a very productive winter of flushing, Devil will be ready for the summer show season. By Destry, she is from EX-94 Destiny, the 3X All-American R&W by Advent, and her 2nd dam is Redmarker Desire, WDE Grand Champion! DEVILS has pregnancies by Absolute, Acme and Sympatico. Without a doubt, the most exciting heifer ever at Mayerlane!

3-0 2x 365 36,900 4.0 1468 3.1 1134 This beautiful Goldwyn is from Red-Marker Trilogy EX-94, then Milan Tina EX-92 and Inspiration Tina 2E-95, 2X Res All-American. She also has an EX-93 full sister at Indianhead. TRIPOLY has embryos by Baltimor, Aftershock and Absolute. $400

MAYERLANE HOLSTEINS • DON & LIZ MAYER 10803 S Hwy 64 • Bloomer, WI 54724 • (1 mile east of Bloomer on Hwy 64) • 715-568-3678 • “Satisfying the World” • Home of PRUDENCE


April 2013

#+-  &)0 )*  .&&,  ')(-#, )+ )& + -   ' +             





 ( +-$)(, & , -# 01 0$-#

).- )! -#  )*  .&&, )+( $( ( #-3, +$"#-   #1 ()- -+.,- 1).+ !.-.+ -) -# '+% - &  +2 ( +-$)(,



000 &" ()'

$-$)(& $(!)+'-$)( )(-- / ,-'(  &&     / " ( +/-$)(,)' 000" ( +/-$)(,)'


BUTTKE DAIRY ENTERPRISES Complete Milking Herd and Springing Heifer Dispersal Wednesday, April 17, 2013 • 9:30 AM • Sophia, North Carolina

508 Head Sell!

398 Milking and Dry Cows: 260 in 1st lactation • 102 in 2nd lactation • 36 in 3rd lactation or more

150 top-pedigreed animals • 358 grade & ID

RHA 2x 24,061 3.9 874F • no bST • herd ave 77.5#/day • SCC 200,000 140 fresh • 160 milking pregnant, all bred to AI 61 milking on service or ready to breed • 37 dry cows

They will be sold in their working clothes and fast!

106 springing hfrs due through June (30 bred to sexed semen) 4 breeding-age bulls

Family Members Sell from these Brood Cows:

Ever-Green-View Elsa-ET Pinehurst Royal Rosa Krull Broker Elegance Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen Ernest-Anthony SD Tobi VG-89 GMD DOM 2E-91 EEEEE 3E-96 GMD DOM 2E-94 DOM 3E-96 DOM 2-6 3x 365 46,880 4.4 2067 3.5 1628 3-10 3x 365 41,400 3.3 1358 3.0 1223 183,710 LT 3-5 310 30,180 4.0 1209 3.4 1020 6-0 2x 365 44,090 5.0 2191 3.4 1506 Next dams 2E-92, 2E-90, 2E-91, all 12th gen EX! The one-and-only. 2X All-American Produce Member All-Can, Res All-American, from • Atwood fresh Sept, bred to Shottle, • EX VVEEE 3Y Baxter fresh in Feb 3rd • VG Dundee due in Sept to Atwood, 2X Res AA 2E-95 GMD DOM Tina. GMD DOM and over 48,000M! 3rd lact. VG-89 & 2E-91 dams, then Adeen & 2E-94 DOM Ada. Minister due 2nd lact in June to Levi. Dam is the VG Dundee. Aftershock just fresh in Feb! From VG-87 Pronto, 2E-93 Durham, 2E-91 Storm, then Adeen. VG *RC Advent from Adeen herself and bred to Allen. Shottle due 2nd lact in May to Atwood, also from Adeen. VG-86 VG-MS 2Y Shottle due in July to Shamrock 2nd lact. Potential 6th gen EX from EX-93 Toystory.

• GP-82 2Y Sanchez fresh in Feb 2nd lact, milking 119#. Big time! From Tobi’s EX-94 GMD DOM 42,180 4.6F 3.6P sister, Tyra. • GP-83 2Y RED Delta due Aug to Defiant 2nd lact. 5 VG/EX Tobi dams. • GP 2Y Jasper due in July to Shottle 2nd lact. Dam 2E-94 44,010 2114 1493 Allen x Storm Tobiana 3E-94 GMD DOM x Tobi. • Shottle due before the sale 2nd lact. Dam is Tobi’s 2E-94 43,850 2006 1481 Durham.

Tri-Day Ashlyn Stookey Elm Park Savage-Leigh Bellwood Bar-Lee Marker Mandy-Red 2E-96 GMD DOM Blackrose 3E-96 GMD Linda 2E-92 GMD DOM 3E-94 EEEEE 4-9 2x 365 43,090 4.8 2079 3.5 1503 5-3 2x 365 42,230 4.6 1939 3.4 1432 2-10 2x 365 40,240 5.8 2349 3.6 1434 6-8 2x 365 25,810 3.8 974 3.3 840 2X All-American, All-Canadian 2X All-American! Nom Global Cow of the Year 2005. 2X All-American R&W

Hillcroft Leader Melanie 3E-96 EEEEE 8-4 2x 365 46,890 4.7 2192 3.1 1471 3X All-American

• Braxton fresh before the sale, from VG 34,000 Baxter, VG-87 GMD DOM 41,000 O-Man, then Elsa. • GP Shottle sister to the Braxton, due in Sept to Atwood. • Alexander fresh in Dec, bred to Atwood; two EX dams, then Elsa. • Alexander fresh in Jan, bred to Atwood; 6 VG/EX dams.

14 EX dams. VG-86 Pronto due in Oct to Atwood. Shottle due July to Atwood 2nd lact. Ernesto fresh in Jan. VG-86 VG-MS Baxter fresh in June. GP-82 Finest due in Oct to Shottle, from Rosa’s 2E-91 Gibson. • VG-86 2Y Sanchez due in Sept to Atwood. Big and fancy! • *RC Advent fresh in Sept and due back in Sept to Debonair. • GP-83 Roy due in July to Shottle. • VG-87 VG-MS 2Y Advent due Sept to Dusk; from Rosa’s 2E-92 2021F Linjet. • VG-86 VG-MS 2Y Atwood bred to Acme. 15 EX dams: 91-94-93 & Rosa! • • • • •

• • • • • •

lact. Dam VG-87 Dundee, then EX Skychief Easter x Elegance. Gabor due in Aug to Defiant 2nd lact. From EX EX-MS Baxter x the Easter branch of Elegances. Alexander fresh in Dec x Eileen branch. VG-88 VVVVV 2Y Atwood, will be fresh 2nd lact. Potential 8th gen EX from EX-92 Gibson Eclipse. VG-86 VG-MS Durham fresh 2nd lact. Also from Eclipse. Knowledge due 2nd lact to Atwood in July. Dam Eclipse. Shot Al fresh in Feb, contracted! Dams 2E-91, 2E-93.

• • • • •

• Her Fremont dtr fresh in Feb. • VG VG-MS 2Y Onward fresh again • Big, black Super fresh in March • *RC Sanchez due Sept to Rudolph- • A Jasper sells due in August to • Sterling hfr due before for the sale. in Dec milking 126 lbs! from EX-92 GMD DOM 51,220 2179 Red 2nd lact, from 2X AA R&W Atwood 2nd lact. Dam is Melanie’s Dam VG-89 VEEVE 1st lact Goldwyn • VG Shottle due in August to Atwood 1693 Licorice, then Linda! Ruben Marla 2E-94 x EX-93 Storm 2E-93 2144F Sept Storm. 2nd lact. From two EX-91 dams, • 1st lact Super due in Oct to Shan x Maggie x Mandy. x 3E-95 GMD 2X Res AA Ambrosia then Blackrose. VG-88 Toystory 38,420 1615 1170 x • *RC Rubens due in Oct to Durham x Ashlyn. Licorice. 2nd lact, from Mandy herself! • GP-83 VG-MS 2Y Sanchez from • *RC Secure fresh in Feb from 2E-94 Ambrosia’s EX-91 EX-MS Toystory. 47,050 1980F Lavish x Licorice. • VG VG-MS 2Y Stormatic fresh Jan, 123 lbs! From Ashlyn’s EX Mason.

More Selling: • 9/10 Elite due in July to Shamrock 2nd lact. Dam 3E-93 GMD DOM Amel Patty with 256,000 LT.

• *RC GP-82 Advent fresh in Feb, milking 96 lbs. Dam 4E-94 Pinehurst Fife, 5th gen EX. 1st 3 all EX-94 and ave 301,457 LT!

• VG VG-MS 2Y Goldwyn milking 125# and bred to Atwood. 9th gen VG/EX from a 2E-94 42,750 Red-Marker, 2E-92 GMD DOM 41,110, and 2E-93 GMD DOM 184,000 LT.

• VG VG-MS 2Y Dorcy GTPI +2026, milking 96 lbs 1st lact and bred to Rudolph-Red. Her 7/12 Observer also sells GTPI +2222. • Super sells springing to sexed Bowser. Dam EX-91 46,260 Goldwyn x 2E-95 DOM Integrit Robin, the Roxys!

• VG VG-MS 2Y Dorcy GTPI +2140 sells due in Aug to Shotglass 2nd lact and contracted. Dam a VG-86 O-Man dtr of 4E-95 GMD DOM 203,000 LT Rud Zip! Her 8/12 Airnet also sells GTPI +2225. • Shottle sells fresh. Three EX-95 dams ave over 200,000 LT. The Ridgedale Estels. • GP-83 VG-MS 2Y RED Reality sells fresh in Feb. Dam 2E-93 40,900 dtr of 2X AA R&W Morrill RMRK Scarlet-Red 2E-94. • GP-82 *RC Mr Burns sells due in July to Atwood 3rd lact. ME to 42,049 2nd lact.

• Atwood sells bred to Shottle, milking 103 lbs. Dam 3E-94 GMD DOM Ked Duster Julienna 286,000 LT, then VG-88 GMD DOM 323,000 LT. • Super sells due in Sept to Shotglass 2nd lact. Dam VG-87 GMD DOM Morty Calina, 6th gen VG/EX from VG-88 GMD DOM Calico with 52,970 2132 1825, back to Mark Celeste 4E-91 358,000 LT. • VG-86 VG-MS *RC Sept Storm milking 119 lbs 3rd lact, due Aug to Defiant. Dam 2E-93 RM Sarah 33,080 1266F, then 3E-95 Logic Sammy 36,010 1155 1022.

Sales Staff:

Sale Managed by:

View/Bid in Real Time at:

WALNUT GROVE AUCTION & REALTY PO Box 226 • Roebuck, SC 29376 • 864-576-9244 Lewis Harrison 864-316-1056 Wendell Christopher NCAL #222

Sale Site: 3562 Plainfield Rd • Sophia, NC From I-85 at High Point, NC, take exit #111. Go south on 311 nine miles, turn right on Plainfield Rd, go three miles, farm is on left.

Lewis Harrison........864-316-1056 Daniel Brandt..........717-821-1238 Don Welk ................717-575-4700 Nick Raggi ..............443-762-8338 Les Terpstra ............920-450-8532 Dave Rama ..............607-435-0792 Dallas Burton ..........785-806-9774 Ray LeBlanc ............802-249-2155 Irvin Yoder ..............478-244-0282


BUTTKE DAIRY ENTERPRISES Arlin Buttke 336-495-1393 office 336-963-1181 Arlin cell Dave Barn, Herd Manager: 276-782-5648

CATTLE • SEMEN • SALES • MISC. 11th Annual

Boilermaker Heifer Sale

GBM Shottle Africa EX-90 Potential 8th gen EX calf from the high-genomic Africa. Embryo package by Man-O-Shan or Predestine sells. Greg and Kim Moret 608-326-2668


Debello-Hills Chardonnay 2E-92 EEEEE 6-7 3x 365 36,000 4.1 1477 3.0 1072 Chardonnay’s Stylish Atwood Spring Yrlg sells. David Clayton and Marcus Troyer 260-609-5141

Catalog will be online at:

Need Help Sourcing Heifers? Export projects • Expansions • Special loads Contact: Bill Allen 301-514-5334 •


Scottmore Damion Mikki-ET EEEVE EX-90 3Y

3-3 2x 240 23,766 3.9 925 3.0 721 Inc Mikki is +3.95T (#17 in the breed) and is the dam of three of the top 20 GPTAT heifers in the breed! We have six #1 Doorman x Mikki embryos available, contact us!

• Romandale I Ovation


Ivanhoe x Ella Elevation 4E-97 All-Am

• • • • •

Agro Acres Marquis Ned *RC Golden-Oaks Rocco-P-Red Northwind Prdx Logan-Red To-Mar Horton Exodus Price Double grson Mtoto

$39 $20 $25 $19 $22

Shottle x 2E-93 Mtoto x 3E-93 Mark. +714M +23F +1.67T 84% Rel

• MD-Delight Storm Alanta • Kanza Matt Tony

• Tri-Day Adolph aAa 624 • Futuraland Mandel Zoro

STILL THE ONE 54H345 EXODUS PRAISES aAa 531426 • Durability, power, health & profits Mtoto x 3E-93 EX(95)MS Prelude x 3E-93 EX(94)MS Chief Mark.

Only sire +60F +.19%F 2.54SCS with back-to-back 3E-93 dams EX(95)MS & EX(94)MS. Carries A2 gene and 7% CE while supplies last




Prices subject • Paclamar Ivanhoe Black Eagle $29 to change without notice

reliance on computers, magic formulas and strategies and easy answers are just as dangerous in the cattle breeding business as they were in the stock market.” - John Tenneson Skagvale Holsteins June 1991

301-491-3154 Lowell Martin 301-491-4645 Jared Martin


H O L S T E I N S Westgate, IA • milk strong • live long

563-920-4005 • 563-920-7791

Alpha Genetics, Inc. 262-473-6291 920-650-1631 fax 262-473-6760

“My friends,

April 6 • Freeport, IL



Health Trait Leader

Golden Opportunity


$25 $15

$15 uccess s $32 39 year your s Call Now ted to

Sire of Charity EX-97 All-American

• Exodus Praises

Mikki’s GOLD CHIP son, Scottmore MOREGOLD, is +4.47T GTPI +2188, and soon to be released by Select Sires. HIS SPRING YRLG FULL SISTER, SCOTTMORE GC MARITIME, IS +3.88T AND SELLS AT THE

SHF Renaissance Faline EX-95 7-03 359 28,487 1217 969 Fancy Action Sept Calf out of Faline sells. Wicker Farms 765-561-4186

Genetic Marketplace • Romandale Dividend Performer *RC $35 • Pawnee Farm Reflection Admiral $39 • Brogue-Red PC aAa 645213 $20 • Exodus Prase aAa 234 $22 Goldwyn x EX Shottle, rare A2A2


Scenic-Edge Joyful-Red EX-92 Supreme Champion WDE Jr Show ‘08 Maternal sister to dam of a potential Reality Jr 2 for the show season. Dutchman Farms 812-985-2975

Ridgedale-L Anneka EX-91 EX(93)MS 4-4 231 22,989 4.4 1003 3.0 684 Her Sanchez Spring Yrlg sells out of the Shoremar S Alicia family. Sunrose Holsteins 574-536-3061

Show calves, embryo packages, bred heifers and young cows of all breeds sell! Chairman: Doug Wicker • 765-561-4186 • Co-Chairs: Randy McAbee • 260-726-5137 • Micah Matlock • 317-468-5103 •


SATURDAY APRIL 27, 2013 • 1:00 PM Purdue Machinery Shed • West Lafayette, IN 11am-1pm Complimentary Lunch and Cattle Viewing

The legacy starts here

Bar-Mik Goldwyn Hope EX-90 EX(92)MS 3-03 309 26,142 4.3 1123 3.2 849 5 #1 Doorman embryos from this Snow-N-Denises Dellia descendant sell. Lookwell Farm 574-238-7971

April 2013

22046 Old Forge Rd •Smithsburg, MD 21783

The bulls that were bred to be cows


Golden Opportunity sale

Saturday, April 6th • 11:00 AM Stephenson County Fairgrounds, Freeport, IL

85 Exceptional Registered Holsteins Sell Sale Staff

Live Internet Bidding at

John Hager..........................563.568.4765 Check Norman Nabholz................563.590.3204 for updates and to watch the sale live! Scott Courtney....................563.380.1318 View/Bid Online in Real Time! Larry Kleiner......................217.827.3468 Questions call: Perry Phend........................715.533.0608 Aaron 336.363.4639 or Jamie 336.978.5027 Joel Kietzman......................608.289.0096 Jim Vierhout.......................712.470.1202 John Erbsen, Chr.................815.275.4990 Kevin Wendling,Chr............217.240.6196 Gary Janssen.......................847.224.7857

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EX-92 -ET EX-92 Brookvilla Jasper Regancrest S 3-05 276 30,450 3.4 1029 3.1 938 3-10 365 42,280 4.3 1798 2.7 1150 The GMD DOM dam of the #1 RC Polled bull, Colt 45! All-Am. & All-Can. Jr 3 Yr Old 2008 Aka’s Atwood Sr. 2 selling is the real deal!!! Chassity’s Mogul dtr sells GTPI +2086! Legendholm Holsteins 715.299.4651 Chassity Synd. 217.341.2437


-ET EX-90 Scottmore Damion 3-03 240 23,766 3.9 925 3.0 721 RIP Jr. All-Iowa Jr 2 Yr Old 2011 and the #17 PTAT Cow of the breed +3.95T! Mikki’s Gold Chip spring yrlg sells backed by 12 EX & VG dams -- a full bro. is +4.45T! Scottmore Holsteins 563.637.2386


-ET VG-87 DOM Harvue Planet 2-02 305 24,170 4.2 1022 3.2 775 GTPI +2185 and backed by an EX Shottle with 31,440 then a VG-GMD Marshall with 36,790M. Evie’s Numero Uno sells with GTPI +2293 +773NM +6.1PL and a GLPI of +2913. Elite Dairy Genomics 217.341.2437

Cattle Preview Friday evening 7:00 p.m. Catered Dinner sponsored by Prairie State/Select Sires


Ralma Mac -ET VG-87 DOM 2-05 365 29,790 4.1 1213 3.2 963 Beauty has several sons in AI & completes 6 gens. EX & VG. Her Armitage dtr sells with contracts, her GTPI +2196 +2.6DPR. Tim Schmitt 563.744.9022


Tom-Anna Shottle -ET VG-86 2-02 3x 365 33,850 3.8 1285 2.9 987 Her VG 31,820 full sister has a GTPI +2045 Nifty who’s Polled Transformer sells with GTPI +1830. A full brother to this calf is headed to AI! Greg Johnson 810.441.9905

See Last Month’s Connection for Additional Consignment Information



April 2013

Premier All-Breeds Sale Featuring Holsteins, Jerseys, Brown Swiss, Ayrshires, Milking Shorthorns, and Guernseys. Featuring lots & lots of milk!! Fresh heifers & young cows from breed-leading cow families. Show-age calves & cows that will get you noticed, high-genomic individuals with contract potential. Jerseys:


Brown Swiss:

Hillacres Sheilas Shweetie EX-95

Wincrest Vayette Grace EX-95

Little Hill Zeus Loveable EX-90 3Y

Shweetie’s maternal sister is Underground Alis Julie EX-92, 2nd dam EX. Julie’s Iotola dtr sells fresh. Underground Genetics • Potential 9th gen EX, a smashing Rapid-Bay Reagan Spring Yrlg from VG-87 2Y, then 7 EX from the same family as Sneakers 2011 NYSF Grand Champion. Cowbell Acres • A fresh VG-86 2Y Tequila from 2 EX91 dams with big records. Doug Evan Approximately 20 Top Jerseys sell

4-01 365 41,420 4.7 1961 3.2 1305 All-American, 2X Res AA & HM AA Selling is a Jr 2 Yr Old due sale time by Coulee Crest Luxury Skipper. Dam is the EX-92 Land of Living P Genuine, 3rd dam Gracious EX-91. 5 gens ave 91 points and nearly 1300F. Craig Moor 8 Nice Guernseys Sell Outstanding Quality

PA Jr 2 Yr Old Bell Ringer 2010 Dam of Wondermint 2 yr old due in March to Goldwyn (sexed), if heifer she will sell too. Osborn Bros • Summer Yrlg and Springing 3Y from the 5E-93 Whizzbangs. Empire Farm • Sensational show prospect for the Fall Calf class, dam is Bo-Joy Emory Topper 2E-91! Bo-Joy • Int Calf by Supreme. Dam 2E-92 Futurity Winner at WDE, 2nd dam 3E-90. Laurie Beggs 10 Brown Swiss sell!

Kings-Ransom Shot Onyx-ET EX-91

Mactalla Leader Ida EX-94

Penn-Gate RMarker



R&W Holsteins:

Cowbell Pandalaro Sierra

Maple-Dream Rub Blossom-Red 2E-93 EX-MS

1st & BU Jr 3 Yr Old NYS Fair 2012 Her Sharwards Admission dtr sells due in Sept. Cowbell Acres • A fresh 4 yr old Bonnie Brae Nolan ready for Spring Show, she was nom All-American Spring Yrlg in 2010. Cowbell Acres • Summer Yrlg that will knock your socks off, sired by Lochinvar with 2 VG dams. Haynes Farm 3 Ayrshires Sell

Ziems Stardust Lotus 4E-94

Grand Champion Jr Show WDE Her GP 2Y gr’dtr by Mac sells fresh Ferggy-ET 2E-93 Selling a VG-86 Durham, fresh with a From 3E-94 Penn-Gate Skychief and looking for the classifier. 4-00 365 28,730 1154 951 Marshman Farms Selling her Epic calf GTPI +2006 heifer by Fever. Dam is EX-91 by Finesse. Ferggy’s *RC Big Apple-Red Talent, 3rd dam Ida. Forever Hopeful dtr sells due in May to Clark. +3.74T, potential 6th gen EX. Mark Pernat Moloko Dairy

More Selling: •Ronelee Super Dean sells with GTPI +2177 +628NM, dam VG-85 Peckenstein Form Bret, 2nd dam Kings-Ransom DB Digital 2E-92. Mark Pernat •Great Sanchez 2 yr old milking 98# from the Dutchoe Bell family.

•Comestar Lauthority Summer Yrlg GTPI +1924. Dam VG-87 Shottle, 2nd dam VG-86, 4th dam Dellia. Cha-Liz Farm •Aftershock hfr due in June to Goldsun. Dam VG86 Goldwyn, next dam 2E-92 from the great Elegance family. Her Demello yrlg sister sells, also.

Barn Crew: Sale held at Hoskings:

Jordan Thomas ......315-404-5056 Jason Thomas ........315-408-1128 Tom Hosking Jr ....607-972-7808 Peter Hawks

30 miles south of Utica or 6 miles north of New Berlin on Hwy 8.







Carlow Leader 174 3E-96

Shaun Merrill, peds ......315-246-1636 Denny Ferguson..........607-844-4473 Nate Osborn ..............315-224-2772 Brad Ainslie ..................315-822-6087 Daniel Z. Stoltzfus ......717-283-7282

Diamond-Oak Diamo ond-Oak nd Oak Holstein H D Dispersal

Diamond-Oak Alex Ann

Her Amighetti Numero Uno dtr sells GTPI +2247 +716NM, born 11/29/12. 2nd dam Lynch GP-83, 3rd dam Kings-Ransom DB Digital 2E-92. Outcross pedigree. Mark Pernat

Sale Staff:



Wind-N-Tail Dorcy Diva-ET GP-82

•Damion due sale time from a VG-88 Talent, next dam VG-88 Cousteau, then Elegance. •Domain heifer, dam 2E-93 Durham, many gens EX from the Loyal-Haven P family. Pricestead •3 yrlg service bulls sell, 2 R&W from the Lulu family. Tiger-Lily

Sale Location/Managed By: Tom & Brenda Hosking • 607-699-3637 cells 607-972-1770 or -1771 6096 State Hwy 8 • New Berlin, NY 13411

6-09 365 39,500 1424 1220 Her fresh 2 yr old dtr by Reality-Red sells. Moloko Dairy • Sensational red cow entered in the Spring Carousel after winning Res Grand at 2 shows in 2012. She sells fresh with Debonair hfr calf and Lawn Boy yrlg. Fantasy Found Holsteins • Other sensational R&Ws from Morrill Dairy, Marshman Farms, Locust-Vale


Her Durham gr’dtr sells fresh. Dam is a VG-87 Outside. Howe Farms

Catalog online:



GREAT NORTHERN ZŝĐŬΘWĂƵůĂŽǀƌĞ͕ŵŐƌƐ͘ͻtϰϮϮϲ t ^ZϮϯ͕&ŽŶĚĚƵ>ĂĐ͕t/ϱϰϰϵϯϳ W,͗ϵϮϬ͘ϵϮϯ͘ϲϵϵϵϭͻ&y͗ϵϮϬ͘ϵϮϭ͘ϱϲϳϴ ŐƌŶŽƌƚŚΛĚŝƐŚŵĂŝů͘ŶĞƚǁǁǁ͘ŐƌĞĂƚŶŽƌƚŚĞƌŶƐĂůĞƐĂƌĞŶĂ͘Đ ǁ ĐŽŵ














Diamond-Oak Mac Anita-ET Diamond-Oak Mac Amber-ET Diamond-Oak S Belinda-ET






Schugs Jacky Lee





Woodmansee Holsteins & Friends Select Sale

100 Lots • Friday, April 26, 2013 • 1:00 PM • Chatham, NY • Columbia County Fairgrounds • 100 Lots One of the Greatest Breeder Offerings of All-Time! The families of All-American Hazel 2E-96; All-American Ashlyn 2E-96 GMD DOM; All-American Dur Chan 2E-95; All-American Linjet Eileen 4E-96; All-American Debutante Rae EX-92 GMD; Hezbollah EX-92; Abby 3E-95 DOM; Linda-Red 2E-95; Dundee Sindy 2E-94 & much, much more!






4-09 2x 365 43,090 4.8 2079 3.5 1503 2X All-American & regarded as one of the greatest brood cows in breed history. We are selling her Stormatic bred heifer; her Freemont Jr 2 Yr Old due in June; plus a Heztry gr’dtr sells from a VG-86 dam! They are all special!

5-01 2x 305 33,830 4.5 1533 3.1 1059 2X All-American & a fan favorite for years. Hazel’s Sid dtr sells born 3/8/12 & she can show! Hazel’s milking dtrs are looking awesome & she will have a major impact on the breed!

5-06 2x 365 44,700 3.7 1647 3.3 1467 All-American 2004 & Res All-American 2005. Her fancy Durham 2 yr old sells fresh in December & bred to Fever! Next dam 3E-96 GMD DOM Elegance with 1550F! The family that stamps out nominations!

6-04 2x 365 41,850 4.3 1784 3.3 1371 All-American 4 Yr Old 2004. Her VG-87 Alexander 2 yr old dtr sells fresh in January & looks stunning! Next dam VG-89 with 1230F.

4-04 2x 345 39,270 4.1 1606 3.1 1228 From the Res All-American 5 Yr Old 2012 and 8th gen EX Roxy, we are offering her fresh Damion dtr! Next dam Debutante Rae EX-92 GMD DOM & AllAmerican 4 Yr Old 2005 with 1440F!






4-03 2x 365 42,050 4.4 1859 3.3 1378 This Res All-American 2011 has a really stylish Durchan Destin dtr that sells fresh at 2Y! Next dam EX-90 with 1230F.

4-06 2x 305 33,030 4.1 1360 3.5 1154 This major show winner has 3 Goldwyn dtrs selling born 12/12 & they look sensational! Next dam 2E-93 Stormatic with 1827F & 3rd dam EX James Supra! Also a 3/12 Sid gr’dtr sells from a VG-88 Goldwyn dtr of Sindy!

2-03 2x 350 27,912 3.2 906 3.0 837 Res Grand 2011 Eastern National as Jr 3 Yr Old. Her 3 Heztry dtrs sell born 12/12 & look the part! Next dam VG-88 with 1269F & 3rd dam VG-88 with 1285F!




3-08 2x 365 43,480 4.8 2083 3.0 1294 Her VG 2 yr old by Domain sells & will be bred to Numero Uno! Dam is a proven show winner & gr’dam VG-88 with 1493F! The Domain’s dtr also sells by AltaOrlan!

4-03 2x 365 35,300 4.1 1430 3.6 1271 Awesome Abby has a gr’dtr selling by Goldwyn that was fresh in January! Dam of heifer is a VG-87 Shottle with 1116F!



2-11 2x 305 25,840 4.2 1077 3.4 877 5-01 2x 365 35,610 3.5 1238 3.3 1184 Tremendous show winner backed by the From this highly regarded type family, 2E-95 Kite Linda-Red with 1562F & a her flashy Goldwyn dtr sells born R&W annual show winner! Lisa’s fancy 3/6/12! Next dam VG with 1382F! Destry dtr sells born March 2012!


2-03 2x 314 19,300 4.3 832 3.6 699 4-0 2x 365 34,920 3.8 1326 3.2 1114 This incredible Jasper will sell fresh & Grand NY Spring Show 2010 ready for the summer & fall shows! Dam Her 10/12 Goldsun sells! Wedding is VG-89 in Canada with 1358F, gr’dam from EX Stardust Windy 35,743 1369 VG-89 with 1054F, 3rd dam EX! 1122, then 3E-94 Winnie of Budjon with 31,020 1284 1040, then two more VG.


6-10 3x 365 26,200 4.3 1124 3.1 801 3-01 2x 365 29,660 4.2 1258 3.4 1014 3-05 2x 365 41,590 4.0 1682 3.2 1335 Her flashy Fever gr’dtr sells due 8/13 to Her *RC Fever dtr sells due 5/26! Next Her Lauthority dtr sells due 8/26 to Aftershock! Dam of the heifer selling is dam EX with 1696F, then 3E-94 GMD Aftershock! Gr’dam 2E-91 DOM with 2E-90 Durham with 1076F! The Adeens! DOM Sheik Lulu with 1484F, EX-96 GMD 1694F & next 6 dams all EX! DOM Threat Lulu & 5th dam EX!

BUDJON-JK STRMTC EMELINE EX-93 3-07 2x 305 29,280 4.6 1360 2.8 834 Always in the hunt at the major shows. Emeline’s fancy Atwood dtr born 6/18/12 sells! Next dam VG-87 with 1078F & pedigree to burn!



2-04 2x 365 23,325 3.8 884 3.1 730 This great Stormatic & her fancy Gold Chip dtr born 3/2/12 sell! Next dam EX94 with 1046 then 2E-92, 4E-94, 2E-92, EX GMD DOM, Roxy 4E-97-GMD! Potential 9th gen EX!

4-03 2x 305 26,940 5.0 1357 3.4 927 Gr’dam of a RED Secure dtr that sells due 8/14/13 to Attitude-Red! Dam is a VG-86 Advent! Red Roxy & Rhonda is 3rd dam of the Gold Chip that sells!

Make plans to attend immediately! Complimentary meal & refreshments immediately after sale, followed by The Elite Brown Swiss sale the following day. SALE MANAGER’S NOTE: In addition to the above, there will be a number of fresh young cows & straight bred heifers, all freestall trained! Few farms in the area & this will be a buyer’s paradise! We repeat, buyers will be rewarded for being here!

HOSTED BY: Clark & Lois Woodmansee 319 Route 165 Preston, CT 06365 860-887-8079



Holiday Inn Express Rensselaer, NY 518-286-1011 Holiday Inn Express West Coxsackie, NY 518-719-1999 (Mention the sales for special rates)

Dave Rama . . . . . . . . . . . 607-435-0792 Tim Abbott . . . . . . . . . . . 802-238-1142 Don Welk . . . . . . . . . . . . 717-575-4700 Bob Fitzsimmons . . . . . . 802-249-0868 Brian Garrison . . . . . . . . 614-264-3240 Dan Brandt . . . . . . . . . . . 717-821-1238 Larry Hill . . . . . . . . . . . . . 716-680-5116

SALE MANAGED BY/CATALOGS: DAVE & MERRY RAMA 4236 Co Hwy 18 • Delhi, NY 13753 607-746-2226 • -2911 fax


April 2013


PERKING with possibilities! Buying, selling, or promoting your business. There are lots of

possibilities with the... Cara ~ Erin 715-268-6400 •


WE WANT YOUR BULLS!!! Breed-leading high GTPI & Type bulls Black & White • Red & White • *RC • Polled or Homozygous Polled

marketing & promotional assistance for elite pedigreed males

The Game is changing April 1st!!! When you get your genomic results… make us your first call!! Let Butler-Fellers assist you in maximizing the profitability of your superior, high ranking males & provide optimum market opportunities! Option 1: We can negotiate a GREAT open-end AI lease contract on your behalf with our expertise & experience. We’ll help you maximize every dollar for your bull. Option 2: We can offer cash for your bull! One big, lump sum well into the six figure range if warranted! Option 3: We can negotiate a combination “cash up front” and “open-end AI lease” contract on your behalf! Bulls must pass physical examination, AI qualifications & health requirements.


marketing & promotional assistance for elite pedigreed males

ED FELLERS • 913-484-4121 • JEFF BUTLER • 217-341-2437 •

April 2013


11 a.m. on April 27, 2013 Columbia County Fairgrounds


(40 miles southeast of Albany)


Ken Main & Peter Vail P.O. Box 193 | Copake, NY 12516 Peter: 518.755.0307 | Ken: 518.929.1527 Herdsman: Steve Vail

Daughters Sell from each of these Madison Champions

Old Mill E Snickerdoodle “4E94” Supreme Champion Primetime dtr. sells!

Dublin Hills Treats “3E94” Madison Champion, 2011 Supreme & Power Surge daughters sell

Valligrove Jetway Nora “2E93” Sunnyisle Colby Twilite ET “2E93” Mort Tower Frisky “3E94” Madison Champion, 2008 Madison Champion, 2006 Madison Champion, 2001 “VG89/2y” Wonderment sells “VG85/2y” Wonderment “E91” Starbuck sells with (pictured below) daughter sells Wonderment & Jetway dtrs


120 Brown Swiss Sell!


FAIRDALE ELITE DEBRA Jr. Champion, NY Spring Show; Res. Jr. Champion Eastern National, Royal and NY State Fair; 1st Madison. All American Spring Calf, 2011 A Total x “E91” All American Dam

Jo-Dee Wonderment Nuclear ET “VG89/90MS/2y” 2-4 273d 18,369m 3.7 690f 3.5 643p rip A Wonderment x Nora “2E93” (above), Nuclear was nominated AA Sr. 2 for 2012 after winning at The Royal and N.Y. She sells with an A.I. contract and due in July. Her fancy 6/12 Bonanza daughter also sells.

This accomplished pair of heifers were undefeated at 7 shows for 8 months under a wide variety of judges. They calved in March and are ready for 2013. This is an unprecedented opportunity to pick from the very best. Go ahead - the choice is yours - you be the judge!

CUTTING EDGE P SHERRY Jr. Champion, Madison, The Royal and NY State Fair; Res. Jr. Champion, NY Spring Show. Nominated All American Winter Calf, 2011 Purist x 8 “Ex” Dams from the Vixie Family

Cutting Edge Wonderment Star “VG88/90MS/2y” 2-5 294d 19,130m 3.0 557f 3.1 594p 7 generations of “Ex” Snowstorm dams back this fine uddered young cow selling fresh with her 3/13 Bonanza heifer calf. BUY and BREED from the best. She was 2nd at The Royal and Eastern National, 2012.

Jerland Starbuck Fargo ET “E91/91MS” 3-3 365d 21,680m 3.8 827f 3.4 746p This 6th generation “Ex” is from the “3E94/NTP” Frisky (above), WDE Grand in 2001. Fargo sells due in August to Cutting Edge Thunder and also has special daughters selling by Wonderment and Jetway.

Old Mill Snicker Time ET “E92” 4-7 365d 44,130m 5.3 2355f 3.6 1580p Full sister to Supreme Snickerdoodle’s highest daughter sells ready to flush. What an opportunity to make your own Snicks. Also selling Snicker Time daughters by Vigor and Bonanza.

Top Acres Jetway Prize ET “2E93/94MS” 4-7 329d 26,430m 4.7 1253f 3.5 937p Full sister to Jet Pilot Prize is fresh and ready for ET work. Her dam is Price “5E94” and a 4th generation “Ex-Superior Brood Cow” from the “P’s”. Keep your eyes on the Prize!

120 BROWN SWISS SELL FROM THE TOP SHELF! 45 Cows - 75 Heifers and Show Calves HIGH PRODUCTION Loads of MIlk WITH COMPONENTS Individual records to 44,130m 50 from Dams over 30,000m TYPE 25 “Excellent - 15 VG” Young Cows - More to Come SHOW INFLUENCE 12 AA Nominees sell - 50 from Nominated Dams Daughters of 5 different Madison Champions selling Treats - Twilite - Snickerdoodle - Frisky - Nora MARK YOUR CALENDAR April 26 - Woodmansee & Friends Holstein Sale April 26 - Evening - Eastern New York Hospitality Cows - Chow - Variety of Beverages April 27 - Elite Spring Selections II

Chatham, NY - the place to be April 26 & 27 Spring Selections II managed by:

• THE HEIFER PENS • This will be one of the most attractive and full pedigreed group of heifers ever offered. Daughters sell from All Americans, production leaders, genomic gems and the leading sires from every list. As a sample - make sure to check a 6/12 “summer hummer” that is halter ready and a potential 15th generation “Ex” simply amazing in person and on paper!!

SALE ASSOCIATES Darrell Worden . . 715.571.0833 Wayne E. Sliker . 937.477.6304 Brian Garrison . . 614.264.3240 Lee Barber . . . . . 563.271.3781

David Wallace . . . 908.268-0199 T. Barker Coon . . . 845.518.4886 Gordon DeMay . . . 315.945.0040 Dale Bendig . . . . . 717.891.0825




April 2013

A Whole Whole New New World World W With ith AALADDIN LADDIN

94HO16724 Mr Morningview ALADDIN*RC cv

dam: MS Apples Alexis*RC VG-87

2nd dam: KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-95 2E DOM Grand Champion Grand International R&W Show 2011 All-American R&W Aged Cow 2011 Unanimous All-American Junior 2-Yr-Old 2006 All-American R&W Jr 2-Yr-Old 2006 HHM All-American Jr 3-Yr-Old 2007 Nom All-American R&W 5-Yr-Old 2009


Contact your ABS representative to add prince ALADDIN to your breeding program today!

94HO16724 Mr Morningview



{ S h a m r o c k x S H OT T L E x R e g i m e n t - R e d x D u r h a m }

We’ve got your choices covered!

USDA PTA 12/12, Rel 74%

St. Jacobs Animal Breeding Corp. t Fairfield, VT USA t t 1-802-527-9683 ABS Global, Inc. t DeForest, WI USA t t 1-800-ABS-STUD

Elite Genomic Young Sires 566HO1181 Mr Lookout Psc FB ENIGMA-ET

54HO712 Rollin-Huels CALL ME-RED-ET *PO

54HO567 Bryersquart Shot of JIMBEAM *RC *PO

6HO1166 Willows-Edge FULL GO-ET

100% RHA *TV *TL *TD Reg #71302826 aAa: 243516 • DMS: 234,246

100% RHA • Reg #69253027 aAa: 321456 • DMS: 561,126

100% RHA • Reg #69820028 aAa: 135246 • DMS: 126,246

100% RHA *BY • Reg #141413877 aAa: 324516 • DMS: 234,246

ENIGMA is the #1 MILK Genomic Young Sire according to the Dec 2012 Red Book/Genomic Young Sire Section. +2492 Milk, and +180 lbs of combined Fat and Protein. Sire: Marbri Facebook Dam: Wabash-Way-I Shottle Ember VG-85 MGS: Picston Shottle MGD: Crockett-Acres Elita VG-87 GMD DOM 2-2 2x 365 39,010 3.8 1480 3.4 1309 3rd: Crockett-Acres Mtot Elly EX GMD DOM 2-4 2x 321 38,840 3.3 1286 3.2 1229 4th: Wauregan Rudolph Ellymae EX-90 4-6 3x 365 40,210 3.6 1455 3.2 1299 5th: Whittier-Farms Lead Mae EX-95 GMD DOM 8-7 3x 357 41,270 4.8 1962 3.3 1362

Seeking Distributors Select Locations

RED & POLLED Sire: Sandy-Valley Colt P-Red Dam: Arron Doon Buckeye Chic P *RC VG-85 2-3 2x 365 27,720 3.6 1009 3.1 859 MGS: R-E-W Buckeye MGD: West Port Arron Doon Mit P-Red VG-85 2-11 2x 365 34,219 4.9 1688 3.1 1054 3rd: West Port Arron Doon May P-Red VG-88 5-9 2x 365 39,767 4.0 1592 3.3 1305


FULL GO offers the total package of milk, components, type traits, and management traits from 9 gens of EX or VG dams.

Sire: End-Road Beacon Sire: Picston Shottle-ET Dam: Willows-Edge Bolton Flicker EX-91 Dam: Bryersquart L Jade P-Red-ET 2-4 2x 365 29,200 4.4 1277 3.1 906 *PO VG-85 MGS: Sandy-Valley Bolton 2-1 2x 365 28,666 4.1 1182 3.1 891 MGD: Willows-Edge Out Freckle 2E-92 MGS: Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red *PO 5-2 2x 365 40,420 3.4 1389 2.6 1062 MGD: Bryersquart Rube Jordon-Red 3rd: Elgindale-CL Frosty 3E-92 GMD DOM VG-88 *PO 7-6 2x 365 37,310 4.8 1803 2.9 1078 3-3 2x 365 36,740 3.5 1304 3.0 1090 Lifetime: 227,870 4.2 9664 3.1 7055 3rd: Bryersquart Rubens Tess-Red 4th: Elgindale-CL B Honey 3E-92 GMD DOM VG-86 5-10 2x 365 28,170 4.1 1160 3.0 833 2-0 2x 320 23,120 3.7 857 2.8 646 5th: Elgindale Heidi VG-87 GMD DOM 6th: Elgindale Chairman Happy VG-87 GMD 7th: Rorae Future-Perfect Hoppie EX GMD 8th: Schruppdale Astro Hoppie EX GMD 9th: Dingley-Dell Roburke Amy VG-87

Please visit to view photos. We can deliver anywhere in the world!

PO Box 157 • Rock Springs, WI 53961 800-542-7593 • Fax 608-524-6935 • •



T A e z e e r B Canyon-


April 2013


ATWOOD X EX-90 SHOTTLE X VG-85 MORTY • #1 Type! (+4.70 PTAT) • #1 Feet & Legs! (+4.57 FLC) • From the well-known Canyon-Breeze Abigail family!

A i r l i f t ’s D a m

Canyon-Breeze S Auburn-ET EX-90, Dam of Merit

800.451.9275 | www |

Airlift Photo ©Lea McCullough. Source: 12/12. HA/USDA Genomic.


7HO11118 Mr Atwood BROKAW-ET (VG-86) X


No. 5 proven sire for Type

No. 2 genomic young sire for Type

7HO10999 Regancrest-GV S BRADNICK-ET (EX-91) X

No. 4 genomic young sire for Type

Luck-E Braxton Maeve (VG-89-EX-MS), Dalton Engel, Hampshire, IL

The Barbie family strikes again! First it was BRAXTON, with his outstanding genomic data. Then his daughters confirmed what genomics said - fancy cows with beautiful udders. Now, BROKAW and BRADNICK continue the traditon of this family's tremendous transmitting ability for breed-leading type. With their elite rankings in the breed for Type and a maternal line that rarely misses, you can use them in your breeding program with confidence! Contact your representative today to infuse your herd with world-class Barbie genetics you can only get from Select Sires! 12/12 USDA/HA Genomic Evaluation Reliabilities: BRADNICK Yield 78, Type 78, SCR 97; BROKAW Type 78, Yield 77, SCR 89; BRAXTON Type 94, Yield 97. All sires listed on this page qualify for export to Canada. SMGTPI is a servicemark of Holstein Association USA, Inc. ™gender SELECTed and Showcase Selections are trademarks of Select Sires, Inc. Barbie photo by Herges.

YOUR SUCCESSOur Passion. Telephone: (614) 873-4683 X



April 2013



5HJDQ$/+3ODQHW'HORULD(79* [G What an opportunity! A +2469 GTPI, 10 7  3 0RJXO GDXJKWHU IURP 'HORULD VHOOV 7KH QH[W GDP LV the VG-87 Oman Destiny and then it â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the world famous EX-92 Markwell Durham Daisy. World-class genomics from a worldclass family all in one package! This is an H[WUHPHO\FRQWUDFWDEOHKHLIHU ~Robert Eustice (507) 775-2211

/DUFUHVW&RVPRSROLWDQ9**0''20 9LVLRQ*HQ6+)UG$(79* [G Selling is a January +2241 GTPI Mogul calf *73,)DFHERRN\HDUOLQJUHDG\WRIOXVK [ )HGGLH $ 9* 7KH ERWWRP VLGH for contracts. She sells with two $17,000 bull of this pedigree has NO Shottle, Goldwyn, FRQWUDFWV +HU GDP LV 9* 3ODQHW &KLPD [ Bolton, Planet or BWM!! This is an out(;&ULPVRQ[9*&RVPRSROLWDQ cross opportunity from the globally popular ~Larcrest Holsteins (507) 852-2273 and A.I. successful Converse Judy family. $IDQF\*7388QR[3ODQHW&RPHW*3 This Mogul calf is +673NM$, +1.1 DPR,  [ &RVPRSROLWDQ VHOOV ZLWK $, ,QWHUHVW 6KH 37$78'&) /DQGD LV37$0)310DQG potential 10th generation of VG or EX! +2.40 PTTAT. ~Neil McDonah (608) 385-1592 ~Elite Dairy Genomics LLC (217) 341-2437

*LO*DU6HEDVVWWLDQ(DVOH(7*3 [GLQF Big time money maker here! A rare Tape a daughter sells ready to flush! She sells with 4 A.I. contracts! Her dam, above, fresh Sebastian recently scored GP-84, then VG-86 Shottle Easy. Thee Taape is +2283 GTPI and almost $800NM. Taake her home and add to your bottom line! a6WHOOLQJ)DUPV  


0RUQLQJYLHZ6KWO/XF\(7 (;('20 [G $Q HDUO\  *73, 3HWURQH [ MXVW IUHVK 3DGG\ZKRDOVRVHOOV[(;JHQRPLFJLDQW Shottle Lucy cyy, EX-90 GMD! At over 720 NM$, this straight lined, fancy calf will sell bulls to A .I.! Bid last on this genomic herd builder to improve your bottom line! ~T-Spruce Holsteins (320) 453-7322 Online and Onsite Silentt Embryo Auction to be held in conjunction with the MN Spring Special Sale.

Catalogs available at: Sale managed by:

3LQH6KHOWHU/XFLQD)DUJR(;('20 [G 3LQH6KHOWHU )DUPV LV RXU IHDWXUHG KHUG IRU the 2012 MN Spring Special Sale. Selling from the herd include numerous offspring tracing back to Lucy! Including a GP-83 Sanchez daughter from Licorice EX-90. a3LQH6KHOWHU)DUPV   Featured Herd! Pine Shelter Farms

'D6R%XUQ0WRWR%ULWDQ\ ((;;*0''20 [G +2362 GTPI Lithium fall calf with all the right numbers! Her dam, GP-82 Shottle with almost 1300 #â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of fat as a two-year-old! The grand dam a VG Goldwyn, then VG-86 Oman by EX-90 Mtoto! Taake the genomic leap on this silky black calf! ~Brad DeBoer (605) 949-0382

0DFODQG$WZRRG6WDFLH9* %UHPHU$FWLYH&KDUP(79* $OO01-U<U2OG [G Taall, long, deep and ready to roll in the Spring Crossing the shavings in Rochester will be an Yeearling Class! Maternal sister to the 2012 All early Super Large heifer @ +2254 GTP State winning Jrr. 2-yr-old and futurity win- with +1391 PTTAAM, +2.66 SCS, +2.96 nerr, above. This March 2012 Shot daughter 37$7  8'& DQG  ) / +HU GDP KDVDQ(;+L0HWURGDP[(;'XUKDP LV 9* $FWLYH [ 9* IXOO VLVWHU WR &ROE\ [(;((PRU\6WDFLH5LJKWIURPWKHWRS [ 9* 5XGROSK [ (; &RQTXHVW [ (; of Maclandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s herd to yours! %HOO 5H[ $GG WKLV %ROWRQ *ROGZ\Q DQG 3ODQH  ~Macland Holsteins (507) 272-4197 free pedigree to your summer flush program program. ~Bremer Holsteins (715) 314-0375

0,11(627$+2/67(,1$662&,$7,21 411 28th Ave S, Waite Park, MN Â&#x2021;)D[ Email

on o n l i n e c ata a t al lo o g avai a v ai a l ab able le a at t www.mnh o lste m


Ri-Val-Re MOM Elegance-ET *TV

GTPI +2143 +65P +2.15T

VG-85 2Y â&#x20AC;˘ GTPI +2238 +68P +2.79T

Rosey-P will sell with 20-30 pregs by Shan, Cashcoin, Earnhardt-P, Golden-PP-Red, Chipper-P, and Colt-45.

1-11 2x 203 16,249 3.9 628 3.2 528 Inc Elegance will sell as a package with pregs by Jerod, Donatello, and Golden-PP-Red.

Sonray-Acres Socrts Obsvr VI

Ri-Val-Re Obsrvr Nikki-ET

GTPI +2385 +8.0PL +2.84T +827NM Dtrs sell by McCutchen and Earnhardt-P.

GTPI +2276 +67P +3.02T Dtrs sell by McCutchen, Supersire, and Lithium.

Saturday, June 15, 2013 Webberville, MI Aaron, Robin, Julie, & Jerry Jorgensen 4765 Moyer Road â&#x20AC;˘ Webberville, MI 48892 517-712-0359 Jerry â&#x20AC;˘

Jason Lamoreaux 616.822.0101 11628 Old Belding Rd WWW.BOVINEBID.COM INFO@BOVINEBID.COM Belding, MI 48809

Ri-Val-Re LB Rose-P-Red-ET

Ri-Val-Re Adv Win-Go-Red-ET

GP-83 â&#x20AC;˘ GTPI +1870 +35P +3.6PL

EX-90 EEVVE â&#x20AC;˘ GTPI +1797 +55P +2.82T

Polled dtrs sell by Bookem, Earnhardt-P, and Relief-P.

2-3 2x 365 27,620 4.2 1151 3.6 982 Dtrs sell by McCutchen and Relief-P. Grâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;dtrs sell by Effect-P, Relief-P, and Earnhardt-P.


April 2013


T&L HAVEN COMPLETE DISPERSAL Saturday, April 27, 2013 • 11 AM • Denmark, WI

90 Registered Holsteins RHA 27,124 3.7 1009 3.1 838 • BAA 110.6 (12 EX, 2 @ 94)


Lot 1

LE ADING G ENETI C S Ranks #2 for PTAT at +4.59 Among the elite improvers for UDC at +3.66 GTPI +2439 From 8 generations of VG dams

T&L-Haven Goldwyn Tipper 2E-92 EEEEE 4-5 2x 365 34,000 3.9 1320 3.3 1117 Tipper is a 4th gen homebred EX, all over 30,000! She has a son at Accelerated, a Numero Uno calf born 3/11/13, a GTPI +2079 Shamrock calf, and a sensational Windhammer bred heifer.

USDA-G & HA-G / 12-12


T&L Haven Pagewire Brooks VG-88 3-3 2x 365 32,230 4.4 1408 3.3 1050 By Braedale Pagewire, from an EX Allen, and a VG-88 GMD Rudolph. Due in June. T&L-Haven Laramie Heidi VG-88 3-2 2x 287 24,824 3.4 847 3.0 743 Inc Back-to-back VG dams over 1000F, EX-MS and due May 1st! Chapa-Way Aftershock Jacey GP-81 1-10 2x 177 12,936 3.7 478 2.9 379 Inc Back-to-back VG dams, both over 1000F and due in August. Still over 80 lbs!


Genomax™ sires are the youngest and brightest sires that are available globally in the dairy industry.


Stylish Damion Fall Calf Sells!

Never Rest Farms

Showgirl Dam AMAZING • born 9/13/12 sells

Complete Herd Dispersal Auction Thursday, April 11, 2013 • 11 AM EDT

al MN Spring Speci

1911 Harper Rd • Mason, MI Red & Whites, Polled, and Reg Holsteins



Info at (special sales)

T&L-Haven Lightning Shania VG-85 2-1 2x 153 12,072 4.0 477 3.2 387 Inc Milking 77 lbs SCC 15 and from an EX Goldwyn with 35,000 1307F.

T&L-Haven Goldwyn Savanna EX-90 EX-MS 4-6 2x 365 35,880 3.6 1307 3.2 1145 Fresh 12/1/12 • 130 lbs/day • SCC 5 T&L-Haven Jasper Tulsa 2E-91 EX-MS 6-4 2x 306 29,190 3.8 1120 3.0 878 98 lbs/day • SCC 31 • VG-87 & VG-88 dams T&L-Haven Dawstn Teralyn 2E-94 EEEEE 6-3 2x 365 34,080 3.4 1167 32.8 944 93 lbs/day • Back-to-back EX dams, both over 1200F. T&L-Haven Allen Jada 2E-94 EEVEE 6-4 2x 352 30,401 3.6 1105 2.9 893 Due June 1st • Another 3rd generation EX, all homebred! T&L-Haven Manat Fanmail 3E-93 EX-MS 9-1 2x 365 32,600 3.8 1248 3.1 1011 Fresh 12/3 • 96 lbs/day • 7 records +1000F • EX-91 Outside dam. T&L-Haven Mr Sam Fonda EX-91 EX-MS 4-1 2x 337 30,900 3.6 1106 2.9 891 Fresh 2/6/13 • 150 lbs/day 4.8F • EX Jasper dam. Mic-Mon-Dou Laurin Delara EX-91 EX-MS 3-2 2x 361 31,860 3.9 1236 Fresh 8/29/12 • 106 lbs/day 4.2F SCC 76. Dams GP-84 Durham, EX-92 Outside, 8 more Dellias! Owners: TOM, LINDA & CHAD PAIDER E652 Langes Corners Rd • Denmark, WI 54208 • 920-857-4085 • 920-863-6542

6(//,1*$35,/$77+( 6(//,1*$35,/$77+( :,6&216,1635,1*63(&7$&8/$56$/( :,6&216,1635,1*63(&7$&8/$56$/(


4‐11 2x 305 22,300 3.9 862 3.0 676 Backed by a VG‐87 Outside, EX‐90 and 2 more VGs.

Katie Peper 1679 160th St • Centuria, WI 54824 • 715‐491‐1605 cell

uin • Design Kristy

Jennelane Aspen Avery EX‐90 EEEVE


A 3-year-old from our farm’s most spectacular cow family. Due May 5 to Verbatim.

Parte Kathy DeBr

T&L-Haven Atwood Tootsie GP-83 2-0 2x 143 11,433 4.0 462 2.9 335 Inc 89 lbs 4.6F SCC 10. Tootsie has a VG-87 Shottle dam and a VG-87 Rubens 2nd dam with 4 records over 1000F.

614-296-5038 • 517-294-3484

Parker’s dam & grandam both have over 130,000 lbs. milk lifetime.



EX-91 5-1 304 17,567 6.6% 1152 3.4% 603 Res. Sr. Champion 2005 Iowa State Fair Parker’s full sister is EX-92!

DOUG & SANDY SCHOOF & FAMILY 6173 390th St. | Primghar, Iowa 51245 | 712-757-0721 |

CYYCCCLLE LY BBIIOCY uctsts bbuutt,t, ONLY duc odu r ro p r a la i m i im s d e ie r t e v We hhaavve ““W HIEEVVVEE A HEELLPPEEDD US ACC HAS A LA L U M RM O FO E SE S AS C CA SSHHOW CCESSSS.” AZIINNG SSUUCC MAZ AAM



No other product on the market contains these special Lactobacilli!


The Bill

STADE AUCTION CO. De Pere, WI • 920-366-7153 Sharon, WI • 262-736-4141 Reg Auction Co 94-053 Catalog online at


Our Passion. YOUR SUCCESS ‹



April 2013

STAR VALLEY HOLSTEIN DISPERSAL WED, APRIL 17, 2013 • 11:30 AM • WEYERHAEUSER, WI Location: 14 miles west of Ladysmith, WI, or 17 miles east of Cameron, WI, on US Hwy 8 to Kief Rd, then 2 miles north on Kief Rd to farm.

SELLING 78 REGISTERED HOLSTEINS 60 Reg Holstein Cows, 18 Reg Holstein Springing & Bred Heifers

STAR-VALLEY LHEROS MARLEE VG-87 3‐10 341 29,146 3.9 1153F

STAR-VALLEY SANCHEZ MARGOT GP-82 Dam is from an EX‐91, then 85, 83, 87, 84, 87.

STAR-VALLEY PRONTO RHEA Sells recently fresh.

HERD FACTS: • Current DHIA RHA 20,506 3.7 759 3.1 624 • SCC in the 150‐175,000 range. • Top sires used; dtrs of Aftershock, Sanchez, Pronto, Talent, Dundee, Lheros, Bolton, Mr Sam, & Blitz selling. • Exceptionally young herd with 43 cows in their 1st or 2nd lactation. • Herd is housed in tie stalls, left outside daily, and accustomed to rotational grazing. INDIVIDUALS SELLING INCLUDE: • DUSK: GP 2Y Durham backed by 13th gen EX Astrahoe RM Rae‐Lyn EX‐90; sells due 8/5 to Windy‐Knoll‐View Phoenix; excellent opportunity to buy into this well‐known family. • MCFLURRY: VG‐88 Blitz with 4‐07 339 31,984 980F sells due 8‐16 to Gillette Stanley Cup. • AWARE: GP‐82 Advent 3 yr old backed by EX‐94 Tri‐Day Delectable Adeen; she sells due 8/26 to Calvary Larry Boy. • POLARI: GP‐82 Sanchez, just fresh 3Y backed by VG‐87 +200,000 LT Rudolph dam. • MARSHA: VG‐85 4 yr old Pronto backed by 4 gens of EX & VG dams. More photos can also be seen on Facebook @ Star Valley Holsteins Owners: STAR VALLEY LTD RICHARD & CAROLYN SNYDER • RICK & KRIS SNYDER 715‐415‐5114 • 715‐651‐0974 • N4749 Kief Rd • Weyerhaeuser, WI 54895 Sale Manager: CHRISTENSEN SALES CORP Abbotsford, WI • 715‐223‐6345 • Reg WI Auction Co #33 • Financing available Contact sale manager for a catalog or view online at Auctioneer: TIM SCHINDLER • Reg WI Auctioneer #191 • Curtiss, WI • 715‐223‐4014

To the 66th Springtime Show Window Sale Saturday, April 6, 2013 • Elkhorn, WI

Your Next Excellent!

7th Edition

NICC Dairy Club Sale

Selling 80 Holsteins, Jerseys & Brown Swiss

Sat, April 6, 2013 • 11:30 AM • Fayette Co Fairgrounds • West Union, IA


Sipka TDA Sophia-ET 3E-93

Gordies Hi-Metro Lucille 3E-93

32,500M 1280F • Life: 126,350 Selling her 9/12 Goldwyn dtr. Gr’dam VG-89 EX-MS. Post

25,000M 1040F • Life: 118,000 Selling 9/12 Goldwyn dtr. Next dam VG-85, 153,000 LT. Kasper

Wilstar-RS Kite Lover-Red 2E-91

Butler-Butz Sam Anna-ET EX-91 EX-MS

Sunnyisle PS Tori ET VG-87 2-04 2x 365 24,605 4.3 1068 3.4 835

Fresh again, milking over 100 lbs a day! Tori’s dam: Sunnyisle Legacy Thyme ET VG-89 2Y Nom All-American Sr 3 Yr Old • All-American Fall Yrlg • Full sister to Total 2nd dam: Sunnyisle Colby Twilite ET 2E-93 3X All-American • WDE Grand Champion 2006 3rd dam: Tanya 4E-94 SBC • 4th dam: Tammy 3E SBC Awesome young cow, great pedigree, with good embryo history! Tori is owned with Jeff & Brittany Boldt

Bred in Whitewater • Bred for the World

Dan Hornickel, DVM • Chris Keim, DVM W7782 Hwy 12 • Whitewater, WI 53190 • 262-473-8905 • -3660 fax •

41,700M 1625F RED 12/12 Redburst dtr. Gr’dam 2E-91 EX-MS 40,900M 1530F 135,000 LT. 3rd dam 2E-91 119,000 LT. Kaufmann

37,500M 1880F • Life: 107,000 Selling her 4/11 Super GTPI +1920 due 6/13 to Guthrie. Gr’dam 3E-96 41,300M 1740F 174,000 LT, then Ashlyn 2E-96 43,000M 2070F. Traeger

Elite Sires Represented: Goldwyn, Shottle, Mogul, Highway, AltaKool, Epic, Atwood, Fever, Atlantic, Big Apple-Red, Barbwire-Red, Super, Aftershock, Braxton, Shot Al, Alexander, Damion. Consignments from IA, MN, WI, SD & NE. See 3/13 Connection, page 18, for more consignments.

Sale hosted by:

For catalogs & more info contact:


Norm Peterson • 507-352-4162 • Dairy Center catalog online at 1527 Hwy 150 • Calmar, IA 52132 Sale Chairmen: Rachel Scott • Kelsey Ristau-Tienter Norm Peterson, Auctioneer ..507-421-3890 Alan Dykshorn, Pedigrees ....712-441-0686 Jake Mills • Aaron Lien • Andrew Hornberg Dairy Club Advisor: Dave Lawstuen • 563-534-9957 x112 • 563-419-3870 cell




















































6DOH0DQDJHG%\&RXUWQH\6DOHV//&      2564 Pole Line Rd, Ridgeway, Iowa 52165   VHFRXUWQH\#KRWHPDLOFRPÂ&#x2021;FHOO

)$51($5+2/67(,16  10476 Cemetary Road, Farley, Iowa 52046 Tom Simon: 563-599-9183 | Rick Simon: 563-744-3541 | Tim Rauen: 563-590-7871 | Bill Rauen: 563-607-0694 |



April 2013


Friday, April 12th • Noon • Stillwater, OK • Payne County Expo Center • 75 head sell • Pre-Sale Luncheon 11 AM Goldwyn Dtr Sells

Barbara’s Full Sister Sells

Destry Spring Yrlg Sister Sells

VG Full Sister Sells

Gold Chip from the Barbies

KY BLUE RUBEN RAINYRIDGE TALENT KHW REGIMENT APPLE-RED PO-LIN-MAX DIR REGANCREST TS BRITNEE-ET MARLA-RED-ET 2E-94 BARBARA EX-95 EX-95 DOM ANGIE-RED-ET VG-88 EX-91 5-8 2x 365 39,430 3.7 1447 3.1 1206 3-4 2x 365 34,465 3.6 1277 3.3 1133 4-1 2x 365 35,754 4.8 1682 3.5 1247 Grand Mideast R&W Jr Fall Nat’l ‘12 4-2 305 2x 32,280 3.5 1139 2.9 945 All-American R&W 5Y & Sr 3Y All-American 5 Yr Old 2010 Grand Champion R&W WDE 2011 From the EX-94 Aspen-Reds, her VG A Summer Yrlg Gold Chip sells from Her fancy Goldwyn dtr sells due in Her 12/12 full sister sells. She’s cut Fancy 3/12 Destry sister sells ready full sister sells due in June to Perseus. Barbie’s Toystory dtr. June to Redburst. just like Barbara! to compete. Buessing & Leach, 913-723-3472 Kevin Winter, 620-947-3429 Devon Benfer, 785-243-4766 Mason Dairy Farm, 405-408-8941 High Altitude Synd, 608-444-6297 Braxton Gr’dtr Sells

Fancy Aftershock Fall Calf

LINDALE ELAND FRISKY KINGSMILL ASHLYN 2E-95 AZARI-ET VG-86 6-6 2x 365 38,050 3.2 1218 2.8 1051 2-0 2x 122 10,156 3.5 352 2.8 285 Inc Grand Champion Mideast Fall Nat’l ‘09 Her fancy Sept Aftershock sells. Next Illinois Cow of the Year 2009 dam is Ashlyn 2E-96 GMD DOM. From her VG Goldwyn dtr, a 6/12 Andrew Deters, 913-382-6885 Braxton sells. Drendel, 815-766-0326 OKLAHOMA HOLSTEIN ASSN, SPONSOR Catalogs: Bruce Tencleve, 501-519-3856 • Angie Meyer, 405-298-0082 Sales Staff: Gary Estes . . . . . . . . . .417-830-0051 Bob Griggs . . . . . . . . .405–880–2213 Alan Dykshorn . . . . . .712-441-0686 Norman Bayless . . . . .580-334-5289 John Erbsen . . . . . . . . .815-275-4990

Scott Culbertson . . . .614-264-5980 David Jones . . . . . . . . .405-880-5194 Nate Goldenberg, . . . .254-717-7910 Dallas Burton . . . . . . .785-806-9774 Kenneth Hall . . . . . . . .501-940-9711

Redburst Sister Sells

Early Dempsey Sells

Alexander Dtr Sells

WILSTAR-RS TLT LIMITED MISS RACHEL RAY-ET MS SAVAGE-LEIGH PARTY-ET RED-ET EX-94 EX-91 EX-90 3-7 2x 365 37,420 4.1 1519 3.5 1292 3-2 2x 365 32,130 3.6 1164 3.2 1023 3-2 2x 305 21,540 4.5 962 2.9 633 Int Champion Mideast Spring Nat’l ‘10 Res Grand Champion R&W WDE 2011 HHM Jr All-American Sr 3 Yr Old ‘11 Her 12/12 Redburst sister sells. From From her VG Sanchez dtr, an April Her 11/12 Alexander dtr sells. She’s the Lulu family, their dam is a 2E-91 2012 Dempsey sells and she is fancy. from the Paradise family! Anna & Emma Culbertson, Larry & Jodi Wright, 417-743-2921 Kite with over 41,000M. 614-264-5980 Dan Kaufmann, 605-335-1857 SOUTHERN SPRING NATIONAL SCHEDULE: Junior Holstein & Jersey • 10:00 AM • April 11 • Judge: Jeff Brown Bruce Tencleve . . . . . .501-519-3856 Open Holstein & Jersey • 8:00 AM • April 13 • Judge: Molly Sloan Henry Zapalac . . . . . .903-521-7912 Animals purchased in the OK State Sale will be allowed to show Jeff Brown . . . . . . . . . .419-295-5088 in the Southern Spring National the following day. Ryan Bodenhausen . . .785-221-3284 For Southern Spring National late entries, Ken Janes . . . . . . . . . . .330-464-4134 contact David Jones, 405-880-5194 Jason Lamoreux . . . . .616-822-0101

Saturday, May 4, 2013 11 AM Marshfield Fairgrounds 513 E 17th St Marshfield, WI 54449 Harvue Roy Frosty-4-ETN

Motels: Marshfield, WI Holiday Inn Express ....715-486-1500 Baymont Inn & Suites ..715-384-5240

VG-86 2Y She sells fresh in January, awaiting the classifier, and can be YOUR 4 Yr Old! Frosty’s clone, and is she ever!!!

Duckett-SA Jordan Fila

Jordan x Frosty, this Jr 2 for the fall sells due in early September with a female Man-O-Shan.

Md-Dun-Loafin Lauthority Ellie-ET

Duckett-SA Fumiko

Bradnick x Frosty, this fancy Fall Calf sells!

Duckett Sid Mia

Duckett-SA A Fritzi

By Alexander from Frosty, this Sr 2 sells due in June!

Duckett Dusk Lexus-ET

KHW Regiment Apple-Red

2E-95 DOM Grand Champion R&W WDE 2011 A 7th gen EX herself, Apple’s own 12/12 *RC Gold Chip dtr sells!

Harvue Dundee Foxy

EX-91 2nd lact Dundee x Frosty. Three gr’dtrs sell: 12/12 Windhammer x VG-87 2Y Goldwyn and 9/12 Braxton x a VG-88 2Y Atwood. Harvue Also a Windbrook x VG-87 2Y Goldwyn. Woker

Duckett Letas Love-Red-ET

All-American & All-Canadian Fall Calf 2012 From 8 EX Elegance dams. 1st choice sells from 3 female Acmes! Stone-Ridge

Sired by Sid from an EX-92 Goldwyn and an EX Outside. Mia sells due in July to Windbrook and will be a Milking Fall Yrlg for fall!

This 6/12 Dusk sells from EX-93 Greenlea Advent Leta. Maternal sister to Lucy, Jr Champ R&W WDE 2012.

A 6/12 Greenlea Artie from Advent Leta. Maternal sister to Lucy, All-American R&W and Res All-American B&W Spring Yrlg 2012.

Blondin Redman Seisme EX-96 Grand Champion WDE & RWF R&W 2012 All-World R&W Cow Selling a fancy 12/12 Redburst from her VG full sister. Mark Moreland

Duckett FBI Twizzler

EX-92 3Y An FBI from EX-95 Treasure! Two dtrs sell: a 6/12 Fever and a 9/12 Federal!

Rob-Cri Durham Trendy

EX-91 A full sister to EX-95 EX(99)MS Treasure! Trendy’s 1st choice Goldwyn sells from 7 female pregs due 9/13. Bob Bardin

Sandy-Valley Gold Tangia-ET

EX-94 A 4th gen EX from the Ricecrest Terry Tory family. Tangia’s two 12/12 Acme dtrs sell, one is *RC!

Coldsprings Planet 3818

MD-Maple-Dell Roy Image

Budjon-JK Durham Embrace-ET

Larcrest Cosmopolitan

VG-86 VG-MS 2Y • GTPI +2187 2-4 212 18,961 4.0 763 3.0 578 Inc 1st choice sells from 2 AltaOak females due 10/5/13 and 3 Larcrest Casual transfers due 2/7/13. Matt Hoff

EX-95 Res All-American Jr 3 Yr Old 2006 Nom All-American Jr 2 Yr Old 2005 Her fancy Braxton Jr Yrlg sells. 2nd dam 2E-95! Me-Do

2E-95 EEEEE Res All-American 4 Yr Old 2008 Her stylish Braxton Winter Yrlg sells. 2nd dam Encore Electra! Elegance Futures

VG-87 • GTPI +2139 1st choice female sells, sire TBA, from her GTPI +2266 Hero dtr! Jeremiah Hagen

Sale Staff: Chris Hill ............................202-255-7907 Norm Nabholz ....................563-590-3204 Raymond LeBlanc ................802-249-2155 Mike Heath ..........................443-375-8048

George Morasci ....................209-652-7151 Jeff Stephens ........................905-317-8252 Kevin Jorgensen ....................920-210-3992 Paul Trapp ..........................608-332-0079 Robert Yeoman ....................405-880-2209

Chad Ryan ..........................920-960-1449 Jim Hoskens ........................920-366-7153 Andrew Denhaan ..................705-440-6010 Tom Cull ..............................920-960-0350 Lynn Harbaugh ....................920-420-1524

Cattle Prep: Evan Creek & Assoc ..............301-514-4213 Sale Clerk: Jennifer Hill ........................301-606-2269


MD - HILLBROOK Chris & Jennifer Hill

8517 Orndorff Rd • Thurmont, MD 21788 202-255-7907 Chris • 301-606-2269 Jen 301-447-5854 fax •

MIKE & JULIE DUCKETT 7285 Cty Rd S • Rudolph, WI 54475 715-459-6480 Mike • 715-459-6481 Julie



April 2013


Quest was a Success! SALE HOSTS Ryans & Harbaughs

THANK YOU to the many attendees!

HIGH SELLER at $51,000: Lot 2 L-L-M Dairy SS Phawn-ET Consigned by L-L-M Dairy, Ringle, WI Purchased by Siemers Holsteins, Newton, WI From left: Chad & Amy Ryan, Lynn & Sara Harbaugh, Katie Olson on the halter, Kevin Jorgensen representing buyer, and Chris Hill, auctioneer

Quest for Success

A huge THANK YOU to all involved in the ! We averaged $9017 on 108 lots, with cattle selling to 11 states and Canada. To the consignors, buyers, sales staff, fitting crew, family and friends who helped make the day an amazing, memorable experience, THANK YOU! We are proud and excited to be involved in this business.

LYNN & SARA HARBAUGH Jacob • Logan • Madison N11912 Graetz Rd | Marion, WI 54950 920-420-1524 Lynn cell • Click on Udder Program and expect amazing! or call 1-800-876-2500

MARK & MARY RYAN & FAMILY CHAD & AMY RYAN & FAMILY N3934 Hwy 175 • Fond du Lac, WI 54937 ph/fax 920-923-3528 • Chad 920-960-1449

Announcing... Bryersquart Door to Success Sale Saturday, June 1, 2013 • Forestville, WI • Door County, WI Selling over 80 high-profile Holsteins, Jerseys, & Brown Swiss, including 40 high-genomic, polled individuals! Mark your calendars now for this must-attend event!

Langford Farms Two-Day Sale! 800 head sell! MAY 10 & 11, 2013 • SPARTA, TN 300 Head Sell on FRIDAY, MAY 10 • 10 AM CDT Franchers Mill Rd • Sparta, TN 38583 220 Milking Cows • 80 Dry Cows • Cows average over 60 lbs in the tank Herd consists of 95% Holsteins and a few Jersey and Jersey crosses Milking equipment to sell at this dairy includes: 16 BouMatic pulsators • 3” DeLaval Low Line • 16 BouMatic take-offs • Surge Pre Cooler • BouMatic Oil-less vacuum pump.

500 Head Sell on SATURDAY, MAY 11 • 9 AM CDT

BRYERSQUART BO JAYDEN-ET *RC *TY *PO EX EX(91)MS 2-0 2x 365 35,170 4.0 1392 3.0 1056 Her 1st choice sells!

BRYERSQUART RUBE JORDONRED *PO VG-88 EX(91)MS GMD 3-3 2x 365 36,740 3.5 1304 3.2 1159 Foundation cow of our polled herd!


BRYERSQUART PMONT PATZY-ET EX-94 Sells with dtrs and gr’dtrs!

459 Langford Rd • Sparta, TN 38583

• 325 Milking • 60 Dry Cows • 75 springers • 90 short-bred All hfrs bred to sexed semen Herd consists of 95% Holsteins and a few Jersey and Jersey crosses EQUIPMENT TO SELL FIRST INCLUDES MILKING EQUIPMENT: • 4000 gallon bulk tank 4 yrs old • 2 oil-less BouMatic vacuum pumps • 2 Extra Universal vacuum pumps • DeLaval double 8 stalls with rapid exit • 16 Roka automatic take-offs • 3” DeLaval Low Line • 16 BouMatic pulsators • 16 Germania stainless steel weigh jars • Milk-warming vat for calf milk • 16 Surge meters • 4 foot baths • 2 calf warmers • 2 100-gallon commercial gas water heaters • 2 10HP Ingersoll Rand air compressors • extra wash vat Kuhn 4142 truck-mounted auger mixer mounted on 1992 Volvo truck, Caterpillar motor, Allison transmission, excellent condition! Kuhn 5144 Vertical Maxx truck-mounted mixer mounted on 1997 Mack with Allison transmission, excellent condition! Two 6640 Gehl Skid Steer loaders, good condition Skid Steer attachments: 2 silage defacers, 2 rubber tire scrapers, 2 material buckets Dayton 25 KW Generator.

Murfreesboro, TN • 615-869-0029 WWW.TRADITIONAUCTIONS.COM

Watch for more next month! For questions or more info contact: Bob Morton 931-842-1234 Lynn Lee 615-390-6312 Firm License #5762

BRYERSQUART JUST IN-RED-ET *PO GTPI +2126 +670NM #1 NM polled red heifer of the breed, #2 NM of all R&W! A package sells from this incredible calf! Owners: BRYERSQUART HOLSTEINS Edward & Kay Jeanquart • Scott & Stacie Jeanquart & Bryan 249 Co Rd XC • Forestville, WI 54213 920-495-1885 Scott cell • Like Bryersquart Farm on Facebook! Jason Lamoreaux • • 616-822-0101 • 11628 Old Belding Rd • Belding, MI 48809


AIKMAN x Dymentholm Sunnview Silken *RC COLT 45 x Dym mentholm Sunview Sirn-Red

COLT 45 x Morsan Miss Congeniaality


Aikman RC embryos from the #4 # GTPI *RRC feemale HUGE RED OFFEERING... Colt 45 RC *PO PO embryos EARL E Y Colt 45s from the beautiful VG--86-2YR-CAN FIRST EVER OFFERING... Redbursts from the 2012 +2381 and outcrross! o from the +2241G 1G RED Alchemy daughter off Silk! Man-O-Man daughter off Grand Champion MISSY! All-American Sr 2-Yrr--Old, -Ol Debonair Hint VG-87-2YR. (12/12), Lobster Silken *RC GTPI+2381 LET IT SNOW x Comestar Lilaca Shottle

MCCUTCHEN x Benner Snowman Basanti

SHANOSBER x Cherry Crest Black Heat *RC PREDESTINE x Leaderwin Iota Monday

Let it Snow embryos from the fanntastic young VG 86 McCutchen embrryos from the fancy GPPA LPI+2706 Shanosber S PO RC embryos frroom the EXX 91 CAN RC Prreedestines frroom the +22285G Iota daughter off Shot 2YR-CAN Shottle daughter dirrect e ffrom Goldwyn Lilac! Snowman daughter hter off Baxter Bethany then BOMBI! Goldwyn daughterr.... beautiful polled RED calves! tle May EX-92 DOM... huge genomic producing family! 


AIKMAN x RockyMountain Gold Wiggle

OOD D x Ms GA-IL Picolo Plum-Red

TALENT x Wilstar-RS Kite Lover-Red

SHOW CALVESS.... sexed Guthries from a young Brax- Aikman RC from m the VG-87 Goldwyn full sister to Watch a for Plum-Red in the fall yearling classs, she is Red Proven Show Tyype.... embryos will be a full siston x VGG-88 Sanchez (above) x EX-92 Gold Dior Rae! 2012 HM All-Canadian nadian Winniee, next dam Wilhelmina! fancy and backed by an All-American family! ter to Res Grand Champion, pion, Wilstarr-RS - Tllt LImited! DOORMAN x BKB Mac Alea

COLT 45 x Mis Misty sty Springs Shottle Breeze

DIAMOND x GBM Shottle Africa

GOLDWYN x Markwell Durham Francie

Tyype from a proven brood cow familyy... . Doorrm mans EARLY Colt 45 IVF embryos frroom the VGG-87-2YR Fantastic Mating... Diamonds from thee EX-90 DOM SHOW CALVES from a prroven sire stack and familyy... . from the VGG-86-2YR Mac daughtter off Alicia! Shottle granddaughter ughter off Baler Tw wine with +2032G! Shottle Africa, granddaughter just tested +2508G! Goldwyns from the EX-94 94 GMD Durham Francie!

CONT ONTAACCCTT INFORRMA RM MAAT ATTION ION: Steve Mo Steve Mower wer +1 240-520-5906 | ste JJennifer ennifer Dingbaum +1 320-250-2412 | jennif

visit www for more details

SHIPPING:: All auction sales and export export shipping will be handled through AMS Genetics International, International, the trusted industry leader. leaderr. through saffe and easy to do. do. Log Log on to www.holsteinwww w..holsteinBIDDING:: Bidding is safe register to bid or phone ne one off the listed contacts. contacts. and register LOG ON: Auction Auction closes beginning beginning at 4:00 p.m. p.m. (EST) on the ThursThhurrsLOG popcorn bidding/5-minute rule system. day off closing using the popcorn


with a touch of Black Saturday, April 13, 2013 • 11:00 AM Crescentmead Holsteins • Ixonia, WI

BOSSIR ABSOLUTE STAR-RED-ET Nom Jr All-American R&W Fall Calf 2012 Big-time Fall Yrlg, STAR SELLS! Her dam now fresh and sure to be a 7th gen EX. Dawson & Kylie Nickels 920-262-9563

DES-Y-GEN PLANET SILK-ET *RC VG-87 • GTPI +2158 2-2 2x 365 29,990 4.5 1351 3.0 904 #1 Genomic Red or *RC in Milk Silk’s 2/13 *RC Minnigan-Hills Day dtr sells at GTPI +2233. What a great opportunity to buy into this cow family. Josey 101 LLC 608-385-1592

VANDE WIND LADY LUCK-RED-ET MS APPLES ALEXIS *RC THIS RED WINDBROOK SELLS! At GTPI VG-87 2Y • GTPI +2024 +1866, imagine the possibilities with this heifer in 2-3 2x 365 31,010 4.9 1518 3.5 1090 the red breed. Her dam VG-88 red Shottle Selling 5 #1 Golden PP-Red embryos; that means Lottery, next 3 dams VG. everthing born will be POLLED. 2nd dam Apple Bruce Vande Zande 920-960-4153 2E-95 Grand Champion R&W WDE 2011. Need we say more? Kulp & Galton 717-664-3175

MER-GOLD ADVENT MS MEG-RED EX-92 6-2 2x 365 36,940 4.8 1788 3.1 1149 Meg’s 1st choice of 4 Ladd-P female pregs due 3/28/13 sells, guarantee one to be polled! 2nd dam Miss Special EX-94 4X All-American R&W. Justin & Bruce Hinz 585-689-0251

EN-MAR SABRE JAZZMINE-RED 2E-92 2-8 2x 365 29,410 3.5 1035 3.1 915 Nom Jr All-American R&W 2008 Jazzmine’s fresh 2 Yr Old Contender sells! She’s fancy and from 7 gens of VG or EX dams. Erin Marotz 402-480-1461

FROZENES DURHAM BELLA EX-93 3-2 2x 365 40,240 1613 2.9 1147 Big-time Summer Yrlg Goldsun sells. Dam a 2Y Damion sure to go VG, then an EX Allen dtr of Bella. 4th and 5th dams EX-94 and EX-93. Dave & Nina Schmocker 920-723-1557

STARMARK SHOTTLE ROSE-ET *RC VG-85 2-3 3x 365 34,948 3.6 1251 3.0 1063 ROSE SELLS fresh with her red dtrs by Acme, Secure, and Redliner. Her dam is VG-88, then Supreme Champion EX-96 Redrose. All-World Synd 715-456-8718

KULP-TERRA D VELOUR-RED-ET VELOUR SELLS, a big-time Sr 2 for 2013! This Destry is made right and is due 10 days after the sale to Cutter *RC. Her dam is EX-92, then Caramac EX-92, Grand Champ R&W WDE. Kulp & Lemke 717-664-3175

SELLCREST LB MIATA-RED MILGENE ROCO JELLY-P-RED VG-86 • GTPI +1843 VG-88 1-11 2x 365 25,960 4.4 1143 3.2 837 2-1 2x 365 21,470 4.0 865 3.0 652 MIATA SELLS fresh with 113# 1st test and looks JELLY SELLS! This fancy uddered cow is from an great. Also selling her red 2/13 Absolute. Miata is EX-93 Durham that was Nom Jr All-American 5 a Sr 3 Lawn Boy; Advent dam is EX, then EX-92 Yr Old. Next 7 dams VG/EX, Special Missy. Grady Wendorf 920-371-0540 Brett Hildebrandt 920-285-7275

L-MAPLES IRM SALLY-RED-ET EX-90 2-2 2x 365 28,520 4.6 1300 2.9 839 Sally’s smashing-good red 3/12 Perseus-Red gr’dtr sells. Dam VG-88, then 5 more VG and EX. Bewley & Prairie Gold 570-756-2256

KAMPS-HOLLOW ALTITUDE-ET 2E-95 DOM 7-0 2x 365 39,690 4.7 1849 3.3 1310 A Sr 2 for 2013, Altitude’s Shadow Boxer sells with her 12/12 Hero calf, a potential 7th gen EX. High Altitude Synd 608-444-6297

C-COVE-NV REFLECT LEXUS-ET 3E-94 7-6 2x 365 31,390 3.6 1124 3.1 987 A fancy 12/11 Windbrook sells. Dam is Lexus’ VG-87 Goldwyn sure to go EX, with 33,750 4.5 1508 3.3 1097. Cow-A-Holics Assoc 913-961-6666

ROLLING SPRING G ESCENCE-ET EX-95 4-3 2x 365 38,160 4.1 1547 3.1 1177 Nom All-American 4 Yr Old 2010 A stylish 4/12 Braxton gr’dtr sells. Dam EX-91 with 32,190 1338 986, 8th gen EX Elegance. Tim Natzke 920-979-0611

GOLDEN-OAKS PERK RAE-RED-ET EX-90 *PO 1-11 3x 365 31,030 3.7 1161 3.2 983 Polled red 12/12 Redburst sells GTPI +1878. Dam a VG-88 polled Advent x VG-88 Redman x 8th gen EX Perk Rae. Casey Olson 920-538-5115 9/12 polled red Redburst GTPI +1843. Dam VG87 Shaquille x Perk. Golden Oaks 847-526-6644

RUEGRUET MR SAM ADONIA VG-86 2Y 2-0 2x 305 18,942 4.9 935 3.6 690 Supreme Champion Zentralschweizer Elite Schau Ruswill 2008 Adonia’s fancy 3 yr old Goldwyn sells due in June to Avatar. 2nd dam VG-87, then VG-89. Mike Deaver & Lady Luck 608-207-0342

SCIENTIFIC DEBUTANTE RAE-ET EX-92 GMD DOM 2-2 2x 365 32,930 4.4 1440 3.4 1132 All-American 4 Yr Old 2005 A potential 9th gen EX red 6/12 Attitude-Red sells. Dam an EX Advent, then EX-92 Raes Hope, a maternal sister to Debutante. Matt Nunes 715-288-5838

SCIENTIFIC GOLD DANA RAE-ET EX-95 4-4 2x 345 39,270 4.1 1606 3.1 1228 Res All-American 4 Yr Old 2012 Dana Rae’s 8th gen EX full sister, Demi Rae, has an *RC Numero Uno dtr selling at GTPI +2199. Next dam EX-92 Debutante Rae. Neil McDonah 608-385-1592

KHW GOLDWYN AIKO-ET *RC EX-91 5-7 2x 365 29,150 5.1 1500 3.8 1104 Aiko’s 12/12 *RC Mogul sells GTPI +2236. 2nd dam EX-95 Altitude, dam of Apple. One of Mogul’s highest genomic *RC. What an opportunity. High Altitude Synd, 608-444-6297


with a touch of Black Saturday, April 13, 2013 • 11:00 AM Crescentmead Holsteins • Ixonia, WI

EO-SIEMERS ASHLYNS ANGEL-ET 2E-96 GMD 4-3 2x 365 41,370 4.2 1749 3.1 1277 All-American 2005 • Res All-American 2006 Angel’s Stormatic full sister, Audrey EX-92 nom All-American, has an awesome Fever Fall Yrlg selling. Next dam 2E-96 Ashlyn WDE Supreme Champ. Joe O’Callaghan 403-783-8784

SHOREMAR S ALICIA-ET 3E-97 8-10 2x 365 38,250 4.3 1650 3.3 1270 2X All-American A VG-87 red Contender Sr 3 Yr Old sells fresh. Dam an EX Advent with 43,230 1587. 2nd dam EX-93, 3rd dam EX-91, then Alicia. A potential 6th gen EX. MilkSource 920-766-5335

CARROUSEL RBN RAQUEL-RED 2E-93 5-9 2x 365 53,060 3.9 2091 2.9 1565 Fancy, fresh 2 yr old Sept Storm sells. Dam VG-86 26,580 1002F. 3rd dam Renita Ranger 4E-94 4X All-American R&W. Walk-Era 608-697-2922 Also a red Perseus Fall Yrlg. 3rd dam Renita. Joe Gibbs 563-543-0113

MS KINGSTEAD CHIEF ADEEN-ET QUALITY-RIDGE LARTIST MINIE 2E-94 DOM EX-92 3-5 2x 310 30,180 4.0 1209 3.4 1020 5-10 3x 365 30,350 3.1 955 2.7 817 2X Nom All-American Nom All-American Best 3 Females Minie’s fresh Jr 2 Sanchez gr’dtr sells. Dam VG Selling from Adeen’s EX Durham with 50,060 with 36,100 1287 1113. Next 6 dams VG and EX. 1949 1686 are 5 #1 Scientific B Defiant embryos. Stephen Langmaid 903-440-3260 Rick Henderson 319-435-2062

HOLBRIC ADVENTURE-RED EX-91 2-1 2x 359 24,750 4.4 1078 3.1 763 Res All-American R&W Jr 2 Yr Old 2010 Adventure’s red Advent full sister sells, a sharp 12/12 calf. Dam VG, then EX-93 and 3 more EX. Brian & Mark Olbrich 815-943-5512

MS KEN-DREN SANCHEZ FEATHER VG-89 2Y 2-3 2x 269 19,814 3.6 718 3.2 638 Inc 3rd Jr 2 Yr Old WDE 2012 Feather’s sweet 6/12 Lavanguard sells with 7 VG/EX dams back to EX-94 Chief Faith. Lemke & Crescentmead 920-988-3323

DUN-DID ASTRO SAMORE 4E-95 5-4 2x 365 40,440 3.8 1534 3.0 1217 Samore’s 6/12 Durham gr’dtr may be the best show hfr on the sale! Dam is a VG 2Y Contender. Don’t miss this heifer! Ocean-View Genetics 707-756-2651

MISS MARK MAUI EX-95 GMD 5-11 2x365 53,590 4.1 2222 2.9 1567 A 9/12 Sid from an EX-91 Drake and a 12/12 Fortune from two EX-91 dams sell. Both go back to Maui, great opportunity! Kietzman & Oehmichen 715-316-1216

AL-SHAR SDG EVONNA-RED-ET VG-88 3-8 2x 356 26,540 4.4 1175 3.4 893 Evonna’s red 9/12 Destry and 10/12 Redliner sell. Dam to go EX in May or you get 25% back. 2nd dam EX, then 6 more VG/EX. Zoellner & Vierhout 605-380-8193

RYAN-VU LOU ELLA VG-88 2-1 2x 305 33,310 3.3 1085 2.8 948 Res All-American Winter Calf 2009 Lou Ella’s super fancy 12/12 Goldroy gr’dtr sells. Dam is a fresh 2Y Damion sure to go VG. Great State Fair calf! Nicole Ballweg 608-849-5279

STONEDEN FOOLS GOLD-RED VG-88 4-3 2x 343 48,424 3.8 1863 2.9 1384 Red 9/12 Siemers Hero sells. Dam is a VG 2Y red Pronto from Fools Gold. Unique opportunity! Morsan 403-783-8784

QUALITY-RIDGE FINAL MAGPIE VG-88 2Y 2-5 2x 365 27,420 3.9 1071 3.0 810 All-IA & BU Jr 3 Yr Old 2010 A fancy, fresh Domain sells from this 9th gen VG/EX. Rick Henderson 319-430-2062

BLONDIN JASPER BLACK BEAUTY-ET EX-92 2-8 2x 355 25,598 4.7 1196 3.3 853 Beauty’s flawless 4/12 Goldwyn dtr sells. She’ll make a perfect WI Jr State Fair hfr. 2nd dam is EX-91, then VG-87. Tony Kohls 612-226-4180

LA PRESENTATION STAR JENNIFER-RED EX-90 4-1 2x 365 50,100 3.0 1514 2.9 1475 Jennifer’s polled red gr’dtr by Hybrid-P-Red sells. Dam VG with over 30,000, then 5 more VG and EX over 30,000. Stransky & Crack 507-444-0071

MARKWELL BSTAR E RAVEN-ET 3E-95 GMD DOM 4-9 2x 365 36,610 4.3 1580 3.2 1185 Queen of the Breed II Finalist From the Ravens comes a fancy *RC Aftershock Sept Calf. Dam is an EX-91 Advent x EX Rubens x Raven. Jake Kruschke 715-220-5364

BUDJON-JK ENCORE ELECTRA-ET EX-95 GMD DOM 6-4 2x 365 46,830 4.0 1866 2.8 1294 VG 2Y Durham sells from Electra’s EX Terrason, 7th gen EX! Elegance Futures 920-488-4129 Also selling 8 Windbrook embryos from Electra’s EX maternal sister. David Kulp 717-664-3175

HILROSE RUBENS PATSY 3E-93 GMD 4-9 2x 365 45,970 3.8 1761 3.1 1432 Patsy’s EX full sister, Paradise, has a smashing 3/12 Barbwire dtr selling. 2nd dam EX-93 with 3 records over 50,000M. Next 4 dams all VG. Jeff Brantmeier 920-989-1167

SKAGVALE COUNTRY ELIE GAY EX-95 5-3 3x 365 34,240 3.7 1283 3.3 1142 From the Gays comes a 12/12 Stanley Cup. Dam a fresh Atwood x EX-94 Lee x Elie Gay x 6 more EX. Brian & Koral Harbaugh 563-423-7160

HARVUE ROY FROSTY 2E-97 GMD 5-7 2x 365 44,713 5.0 2222 2.8 1248 2X Supreme Champion WDE Frosty’s stunning 7/12 Damion sells, a beautiful, open-ribbed, silky hided calf. We got our pick of her only 3 Damions, you’ll love her as much as we do.Duckett, Armbrust, Junemann 715-459-6480




April 2013

RedFest MI-RO-ZE POTTER PEBBLES-ET *RC EX-90 4-7 2x 365 34,420 3.3 1152 2.8 968 Pebbles’ 9/12 red Alchemy gr’dtr sells with a GTPI +1818. Her dam VG-86, next 2 dams VG/EX. David Kulp 717-664-3175

BUDJON-JK STORM EMILY-ET EX-92 DOM 4-8 2x 365 41,040 3.7 1514 3.0 1251 Emily’s fancy Braxton Winter Yrlg sells with 7 EX Elegance dams. Elegance Futures 920-488-4129

MORE SELLING: B&W • Stylish 3/12 Destry x EX-93 32,500 1286F. Post • Awesome Braxton Fall Yrlg x VG-88 x EX-91 x many more EX, August family. Benfer • VG 2Y Damion sells as a Jr 3. Dam VG. Wessel • Tall, eye-catching 6/12 Baltimor x VG-87 2Y Sept Storm x VG-88 Dundee. Hagen • Stylish 9/12 Windhammer x VG 2Y Shottle x VG-88 All-OR. Miranda • Fresh Dusk Sr 2Y, went VG-86 2 weeks fresh x VG-86. Real deal! Lemke • Big-time Sr 3Y Outside due in May x VG-86 LInjet x VG-86. Great Jr cow. Ehrlich • Just-fresh Sr 3 James x EX-94 GMD DOM x 6 VG/EX. Great Jr cow. Deaver & Turner • Sweet 6/12 Goldwyn x VG-86 Dundee x three EX-95 dams! Stuewe • Great Fall Calf Destry x EX-93 x VG-89. Post

MORE SELLING: R&W • Fanciest 2 yr old in the sale? Red Destry & her 3/13 Absolute. Dam VG x VG-88 x EX. Patterson • Awesome red 12/12 Acme x VG x EX-91 x many more VG/EX of Heavenly Joy family. Nehls • Fancy red 10/12 Attitude, perfect for State Fair. Dam GP-83 2Y x VG-86 x 6 EX. Seeman • Stylish red 4/12 Reality x EX-92, 5th gen EX. VandeZande • Awesome red Jr 2 Redman x VG-88 with 31,680 971F. Howe Holsteins • 10/12 fancy red Barbwire, perfect for State Fair. Dam VG-86 x 4 more VG/EX. Sarbacker

Saturday, April 13, 2013 • 11:00 AM Crescentmead Holsteins • Ixonia, WI

STUEWES CHAMPION DANNI 2E-93 4-3 2x 365 49,060 3.6 1787 3.2 1544 Danni’s fancy 6/12 Goldwyn sells. 2nd dam EX with 40,000. Andrew Stuewe 651-353-2275

GBM SHOTTLE AFRICA-ET EX-90 DOM 2-4 2x 365 40,420 4.5 1824 2.9 1160 Show time! A 6/12 Atwood sells from Africa’s VG 2Y full sister. Next 6 dams EX. Greg Moret 608-326-2668

• Fancy 3/12 red Barbwire x VG-88 x EX-93 Nom R&W AA x EX-94. Norton • Fresh red Sr 2 Contender with her red 3/13 Twizzler x 5 gens EX. Lemke • Eye-catching 12/12 red Fantasy-Red x GP 2Y x two VGs. Cleland • 9/12 red Attitude, the blue-ribbon kind. Dam fresh Advent x 4 EX. Nicholas • Fancy uddered fresh red Lou x GP Advent x 5 EX. Hughes & Rose • Barbwire red Fall Calf x VG-89 2Y Reality x EX Advent x 7 VG/EX. Miller

• Sweet 6/12 red Picolo-Red x GP 2Y x 7 VG/EX. McDermott • Tall, stretchy red Redliner Fall Calf x EX-91 26,550 Nom Jr AA R&W. Van Dyk • VG 2Y red Advent, fresh as Sr 3 x EX 32,240 1261F x VG x EX. Hoesly • Fancy 1/12 red Contender x 7 VG/EX. Stender • Fresh red Atwood Sr 2 x VG-86 29,780 x 9 VG/EX. Rote • Very fancy red Debonair Summer Yrlg x 2 GP dams. Melius

• 6/12 red Sterling x fresh 2 yr old x 4 VG/EX. Ehrlich

Sale Staff: Tom Morris . . . . . . . . . .320-267-8795 Video online on Friday afternoon, Todd Wendorf . . . . . . . .920-988-3323 April 12, at Hosted by: Kevin Jorgensen . . . . . . .920-210-3992 Catalog online at Niles Wendorf . . . . . . . .920-474-4284 • Joel Kietzman . . . . . . . . .608-289-0096 Sale managed by/catalogs: Robert Yeoman . . . . . . .405-880-2209 TODD WENDORF Ron Roskopf . . . . . . . . .414-587-4402 920-988-3323 • Chad Ryan . . . . . . . . . . .920-960-1449 Todd, Christa, Landon & Mylie Wendorf Directions: From I-94 exit 282, go north on Hwy 67 for Lynn Harbaugh . . . . . . . .920-420-1524 W2444 Evergreen Rd • Ixonia,WI 53036 8 miles to Evergreen Rd. Go west 1/4 mile to farm on right. Dale Kranz . . . . . . . . . . .920-960-2566 Great group of cows and show heifers!


catalog online at Assisted by: 715-268-2629 • fax -6239

with a touch of Black


Tom Morris Ltd.

Excellent-93 5 Year Old Selling

Excellent-92 Goldwyn Selling

KNONAUDALE DOLMAN ELIZA EX-93 EX-MS 3-00 357d 31,760 3.5 1122 3.3 1042 Eliza gained another point in the past month! You have to admire her massive frame and extremely high rear udder! If you are looking for that cow to put your Junior in the winner’s circle, check out Eliza! She Milk Source 608-566-9096 knows what winning is all about!

Monday, April 8th • 11:00 AM Great Northern Sales Arena, Fond du Lac, WI

85 of Wisconsin’s Finest Registered Holsteins Sell

GATEWAY-ACRES GOLD IDELLA EX-92 (94-MS) 3-07 365d 35,540 3.8 1351 3.1 1111 Loaded with quality, this Goldwyn has a simply fabulous udder! Just raised to 92 while milking over 130 lbs, she’s impressive to say the least! Idella completes 5 gens. EX & VG filled with prolific brood cows! Bob & Sherry Gates, 920-229-6385

Sanchez Winter Yearling Selling

This 91 pt. Drake Sells!

Atwood 2 Year Old from 6 EX Dams

Her Pedigree is Filled with All-Americans!

DKC-DEWITT SANCHEZ BELLA What a beautiful winter yearling for 2013! This Sanchez is clean cut, well balanced and has tons of rib! Her pedigree says she should be a winner! Her VG-86 Durham dam was the Jr All-American Fall Calf 2010 and her EX-96 3E 9* gr’dam was Res. All-American 5 Year Old 2004! Cal DeWitt 608-752-1857

MILGENE DRAKE BROOKE EX-91 EX-MS 4-08 365 26,510 3.6 947 3.1 822 An impressive Drake fresh in December and milking 120 lbs. 4.4%f last test! Her VG-86 dam 34,980, next 2 dams EX and over 30,000. The Hildebrandts are offering one of their best! Brooke can grace the end stall in any barn! Alvin & Roger Hildebrandt 920-349-3075

WALK-ERA ATW DELUXE-ET Only 45 days fresh when pictured this Atwood Sr 2 is sure to please! She’s backed by 6 EX dams including the All-Canadian, Citation Rosetta EX-21*. Six more EX & VG dams complete the pedigree! Walk-Era is well known for breeding the right kind & Deluxe comes from one of their deepest, most influential cow families! Walk-Era 608-697-2922

BELLA-RIDGE MARIACHI-RED-ET This Barbwire summer yrlg combines Talent Barbara EX-95 on the top side with Rub Marlene EX-94 on the bottom side! Mariachi’s dam is a VG-86 Advent from the 3X All-American Marlene, then the 3E-94 All-American Marker Mandy, EX-92 All-American Marcy and EX-91 Res. All-American Mali! Bella-Ridge 920-420-1524

Sale Sponsored by: Wisconsin Holstein Association 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 1-800-223-4269 Catalog Online at Complimentary Continental Breakfast 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. prior to sale

Sale Contacts Kevin Jorgensen..........................920.210.3992 Dan Cnossen................................715.302.1327 Tom Morris..................................320.267.8795 Lynn Harbaugh............................920.420.1524 Chad Ryan...................................920.960.1449 Chris McCullough.........................608.214.9742 Paul Trapp....................................608.332.0079 Jay Jauquet..................................608.279.3222 Rick Bovre....................................920.960.0487 Paula Bovre.................................920.960.0655

A Tremendous Group of Young Cows, Show Prospects, Red & Whites and High Genomics! All with Superb Pedigrees! See Last Month’s Connection for More Details! •7 Excellent Cows Sell! Many more Potential Excellents sell! •42 Sell from Excellent dams with 8 from 95 or 96 pt. dams! •The Dams Average 89 pts, while the Gr’Dams avg. 90 pts! •All Dams Average 33,103M 1303F 1053P We hope you will be able to join us on April 8th in Fond du Lac as we showcase some of Wisconsin’s best. There is certainly something for every dairyman, every breeding program! You won’t be disappointed!


April 2013



2 POLLED sisters selling with no Lawn Boy P, Magna P or Mitey P in the pedigree!



with a touch of Black Monday, April 8 • Fond du Lac, WI

12/12 *RC POLLED GTPI +1941 Mayfield!

Saturday, April 13, 2013 • Ixonia, WI

12/12 RED POLLED GTPI +1878 Redburst made extra fancy!



Walk-Era Atw


Atwood x 2E-92 Dundee x 3E-90 Kite x 3E-91 GMD Mandingo Rose x 9 more VG/EX dams. This very promising, sweet Sr 2 Yr Old has 6 EX dams and will develop into a fine young cow. Make yours a Deluxe at the Showcase! April 8 Fond du Lac, WI

Walk-Era Dundee

Dorit a-ET

2E-92 4-2 365 26,754 4.2 1214 3.4 914

Kulp-Dale Adv Romoma-Red-ET *PO VG-88 VVVVE 3Y GTPI +1757 +3.03T +2.77UDC 2-2 2x 365 24,270 4.8 1154 3.8 911 3-4 2x 164 16,140 4.9 795 3.5 566 Inc

WALK-ERA SS R SPECKLE sells, a recently fresh Sr 2 Yr Old milking 80 lbs with a super nice udder. September Storm x Kite Rae VG-86 x Rubens Raquel 2E-93 x Renita Ranger 2E-94.

Romoma is one of the hottest polled outcross cows of the breed. An Advent from a VG-88 Redman from 8th gen EX Perk Rae! She completes 11 gens of VG & EX Roxys!


with a touch of Black April 13, 2013 • Ixonia, WI

THE MAUIS, KNOWN FOR M-AZING TYPE, PRODUCTION & LONGEVITY! 5-2 2x 357 35,749 3.9 1386 3.1 1123 Inc M-AZMENT is an 8th generation VG/EX M-AZING Maui. Her VG-88 dam is from 3E-94 Lee Marieka with 216,000 LT, EX-91 GMD DOM Mason Melody 219,000 LT, then the M-AZING Miss Mark Maui 2E-95 GMD DOM, All-American Jr 2 Yr Old 1994 with 252,400 LT. Maui’s dams are 2E-93 GMD DOM 191,000 LT and 3E-91 GMD 219,000 LT!

OEH-MY SID MADELIA-ET A 9/3/12 Sid Fall Calf from M-Azment sells!

April 13 • Ixonia, WI

We’ve Got ‘Em Our pens are full and we have many more on the way! We’re making a group of cows and calves available for purchase. WE HAVE ALL KINDS: red ones, black ones, project calves, young cows, old cows, pretty cows, ugly cows... something for everyone! Give us a call if you’d like to come and take a look.


with a touch of Black Saturday, April 13, 2013 • Ixonia, WI

Two fancy heifers sell:


with a touch of Black

N9036 Lewiston Station Rd • Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 Tim 608-697-2922 • John 608-432-3113 •

Casey & Billie Olson • 920-538-5115 W9217 Schweitzer Road • New London, WI 54961



• RED ATTITUDE born June 2012, from 8 EX Roxys! • *RC SHAMROCK born May 2012, from Apple family!

Scientific Holsteins Matt and Mandy Nunes and family • 11812 120th Ave • Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 715-288-5838 • 715-226-0329 cell • •

Showcase Substitution • •


April 8 Fond du Lac, WI

A 12/7/12 Fortune Winter Calf from Morning sells! Margo is owned with Joel Kietzman 608-289-0096 and Joe Sigwarth. Our sincere thanks to both of them for all the M-AZING opportunities and guidance!

MMISS LYSTER MORNING EX-91 EEEEE 3Y 2-11 2x 365 25,210 3.7 941 3.4 846 A 5th gen EX from an EX-91 EEEEE Stardust, then Maui!

Oeh-My Farm THE OEHMICHENS • Christy cell 715-316-1216 N14350 Badger Ave • Abbotsford, WI 54405 •

• • • •

2nd-Look Durham Juba 3433-ET 2E-95 GMD

7-4 2x 365 47,400 3.6 1734 2.8 1318 All-WI 125,000 Cow 2008 Res Grand Champ WI Dist 7 Show 2005 & 2008 Juba's Winter Yrlg Guthrie gr’dtr takes her VG-86 2Y Sanchez dam's place (just not on the money). Look for Guthrie Jingle and put her in your 1st string! Willis & Carla Gunst, Cathryn & Christopher N4389 St. Hwy 49 • Poy Sippi, WI 54967 Willis cell 920-858-9367 W I L S TA R HOLSTEINS Jingle is owned with Ke-Jo Holsteins 920-210-3998

POWER PAK PLUS CAPSULES ET enhancement Empowers close & fresh cows Quick cow stress relief In top herds everywhere USA made Low cost

CALL TODAY! Alpha Genetics, Inc. 800.876.2500 920.650.1631

New York Spring Holstein Sale Saturday, April 13, 2013 • Syracuse, NY • 4 PM • NY State Fairgrounds Tremendous show individuals! Contract heifers with Huge GTPIs! The sale that offers the best of all worlds!




Her dtr, the #1 McCutchen, GTPI +2435 +2185M +92F +75P +742NM +3.15T +3.5PL +.2DPR, sells born 1/16/13 with so many contracts you’ll need 2 wheelbarrows for the paperwork! The Iota is due this fall, looks stunning; & gr’dam Colby Taya VG-87 DOM pictured on next page & this family is on fire! David King, 315-212-0032

This great Bowser dtr sold for $130,000 in 2011 & a dtr by Epic sold for $27,000! Selling her fancy Equinox dtr born 10/28/12 GTPI +2297 +712NM +47F +54P +2.13T! Gr’dam is VG-86 DOM 1242F! TGR Genetics, 563-590-7871 Also selling her 12/1/12 Mayfield GTPI +2338 +1601M +40F +44P +671NM +3.32T! Elite Dairy, 217-341-2437

GTPI +2379 +1039M +81F +45P +739NM +3.76T +2.68UDC +.3DPR A first-time offering from this heavily contracted Shamrock, we are are selling 1st choice female by AltaOak with implants on 1/18 & 2/21! Bronte’s dam is VG Goldwyn 1241F, gr’dam EX-92 GMD 1439F & gens of EX dams from amazing Hidden-View Brooke family! Markland, 315-986-9672



This stunning Lightning dtr of EX-91 Crimson with 1710F, has a Numero Uno dtr that sells GTPI +2421 +1160M +83F +53P +771NM +4.9PL +.6DPR +2.57T! Outcross pedigree and contracts forever! Kulp, Galton, Welk, 717-664-3175

2-02 365 31,060 4.8 1482 3.3 1032 Her 10/12 Regancrest Paradise sells GTPI +2291 +1228M +113F +47P +762NM +4.4PL +2.14T. Next dam VG Boliver with 1469F 1277P. Huge contract family! Welcome Stock & Chlus, 518-695-3375






Line breeding all the way, we are selling 1st choice female by the #1 homozygous polled red bull of breed, Goldwyn PP, from a red Colt P dtr of Riana GTPI +1870! Next dam VG-88 1255F! WOW! Todd Galton, 585-468-5206

From this heavily contracted Super dtr we are selling choice of 2 smashing Man-O-Shans born 11/12 GTPIs to +2319 +715NM +68F +55P +3.3T! Next dam EX-92 DOM 1780F, 3rd dam EX-95 Allen & 4th EX-95 Dur Chan! Ladys Manor, 443-417-5900

2-02 305 28,730 4.4 1263 3.5 1018 Her 12/22/12 gr’dtr by O-Cosmopolitan sells GTPI +2310 +727NM +1809M +81F +67P +2.89T +4.6PL. Very high GTPI family & very early Cosmo! Dam by Bookem will be fresh before sale, looks great! Select Sires, 614-873-4683

3-1 3x 365 38,430 4.2 1614 3.4 1320 Perhaps Bolton’s greatest dtr. Her amazing Numero Uno dtr sells GTPI +2312 +729NM +104F +53P +2.82T, ranking her one of the highest in the world! Next dam VG-88 Rolex 1043F. Bacon Hill Gang, 518-695-3375

2-04 3x 365 28,770 3.9 1119 3.2 927 This sensational Shottle dtr of 3E-95 GMD Ambrosia could be the next 96 in the family! Selling her flashy 9/10/12 Goldwyn Clark dtr that will show big time! 3rd dam of calf the legendary Ashlyn. Joleanna, 607-369-2251






2-1 3x 365 34,650 3.4 1174 3.3 1135 Her Numero Uno dtr sells GTPI +2435 +796NM +76F +47P +3.67T born 10/29/12! Huge contracts & way above PA! Marshman Farms, 607-843-5881

2-1 2x 365 31,670 3.8 1195 3.3 1046 Her Lexor gr’dtr sells born 12/26/12 GTPI +2314 +671NM +72F +57P! Dam of Lexor is a Super with contracts! Calf selling is way above PA! Higher Ransom, 518-753-9951

Making a great 2 yr old record, this Destry from the great EX-95 Talent Barbara, All-American 5 Yr Old 2011, has a fancy Real Fantasy heifer selling that is *RC & born 12/3/12! The best of Barbara! Mike Maloney, 518-569-5289

Due in June & looks sensational. Her Mogul dtr sold for $27,000 last month and we are selling her Numero Uno dtr GTPI +2209 +785NM +87F +38P! Gr’dam is VG-87 with 1301F! Elite Dairy, 217-341-2437

Mark her fresh & fancy & we are selling her Petron dtr born 10/20/12 GTPI +2302 +787NM +51F +41P +6.8PL! Gr’dam is VG-86 Brett 1147F. Welcome Stock Farm, 518-424-6770






2-00 3x 323 20,700 4.0 833 3.4 699 This awesome Reality-Red sells entered in the Spring R&W Show & was Res Grand NY State Fair R&W Show 2011! Dam EX-92, gr’dam EX-91 & back to Lana Rae! Ru-Barb Holsteins, 315-730-0201

Her POLLED RED Balti dtr sells GTPI +1951 +403NM +2.33T +31P! Next dam VG-87 Lawn Boy 1084F! Family heavily contracted, polled & red! Also selling her *RC Numero Uno dtr GTPI +2114 +541NM +64F +44P +2.32T! Liz Partners, 607-426-4094

2-0 2x 69 5,203 6.4 331 2.7 139 Inc This awesome Freddie dtr has an early Mayfield born 10/15/12 that sells GTPI +2262 +56F +48P +611NM +3.63T! Grdam VG DOM. Woodcrest Dairy, 315-730-0201

4-3 3x 305 45,210 4.1 1839 3.3 1473 One of, if not Shottle’s greatest, dtr. Her *RC gr’dtr by Ladd P sells GTPI +2162! Dam of heifer selling is a VG-86 Super that just sold for $15,500 carrying major AI contracts! Riehl, 607-243-5351

5-05 2x 365 36,770 4.2 1556 3.3 1225 2X Nom All-American. Her RED Advent gr’dtr sells born 12/1/11 with embryo package & bred to sexed Colt P, due 10/21! Dam is a VG-89 Sept Storm with 1541F! Ziemba & Westbrook, 315-730-0201

Sale Staff: Dave Rama ....................607-435-0792 Don Welk ......................717-575-4700 Rick Verbeek ................614-580-8662 Tom Harkenrider ..........607-279-3160

Patsy Gifford ..................607-316-0867 Horace Backus ..............315-963-7012 Ray LeBlanc ..................802-249-2155 Bob Landis ....................717-413-1232

GENESEE-HILL PLANET MAGI VG-85 2-11 3x 352 36,630 3.7 1338 3.3 1213 Her Snowman dtr sells ready to flush, born 4/26/12 GTPI +2258 +1795M +72F +54P +689NM +4.9PL +2.44T! Generations of proven sires and contract dams! Next dam VG-86 Shottle 1428F! Mulligan Farm, 585-226-3780

The sale will be broadcast live with real-time bidding via the Holstein World c/o Randy Blodgett! You must be pre-registered/approved to bid online!

New York Spring Holstein Sale Held in conjunction with the great All-Breeds Dairy Shows The most respected maternal lines of the breed will be well represented! Red & Whites!






2-0 365 33,860 3.3 1125 3.1 1048 Perhaps the hottest family in captivity, we are selling her 10/12 Shamrock dtr GTPI +2494 +971NM +7.9PL +1.8DPR +1963M +81F +63P +2.24T! Brothers at top of GTPI charts! Next dam VG Ramos with 1332F! Perhaps the most valuable female to sell in 2013! She is +184 over PA on GTPI! Coyne Farms 585-226-3508

2-0 3x 278 28,990 5.5 1526 3.4 983 Inc The most heavily contracted cow ever at Cookiecutter, words cannot describe how good she is! Selling her 3/28/12 Supersonic GTPI +2332 +89F +51P +662NM +3.43T! Maternal sister sold for $120,000 & another @ $92,000! Next dam VG-88 Goldwyn 1410F! Cookiecutter, 518-858-6156

Sheen is the gr’dam of the #1 GTPI Massey dtr in the world GTPI +2402 +802NM +1333M +88F +61P +4.0PL +2.76T +.8DPR +2.38UDC. Dam is Bookem due in May, looks great, and loaded with contracts! Shauna’s family and world-wide appeal! Ranks in top 20 of breed for GTPI by proven sire! Daddy mat sister also sells GTPI +2311 +635NM +1455M +55F +44P. Ammon, 717-248-2408

1-10 3x 365 41,240 3.3 1357 3.2 1333 1st choice female sells from her gr’dtr, the #1 Peoti in country, GTPI +2448 +71F +64P +764NM, from AltaOak & Liquid Gold implants! Dam of Peoti is GP-82 Super 40,000 2Y. Carlton Bull, 518-493-7390 Also selling Taya’s heavily contracted 12/14/12 Supersire GTPI +2449 +2508M +78F +73P +803NM +2.68T +1.87UDC +2.37FLC! Peck & Vail, 518-695-3375

2-02 2x 305 20,820 4.6 954 3.5 731 Alda has two Freddie dtrs & from one we are selling a Cameron GTPI +2447 +845NM +82F +38P +3.08T +6.7PL! Vision Gen, 267-446-6231 Also selling from VG Freddie a Numero Uno GTPI +2378 +770NM +75F +52P +5.5PL +2.59T! Family throws high GTPIs & great cattle! Sam Potter, 315-729-5378






6-4 2x 365 28,693 3.8 1105 3.1 891 HM All-Can Sr 2 Yr Old ’07. Her EX-90 Dundee dtr sells due 3/15 to Fever & if heifer that will also sell! Next dam is EX-91 1012F, then EX-96 Linjet Murphy. Adam Liddle, 518-361-9946

6-0 2x 365 39,810 3.1 1238 3.0 1203 All-Am ’04 & 2X Res AA. Her incredible December Fever dtr sells & she can show with the best! Numerous EX sisters with proven show records! Oakfield Corners, 585-704-2501

3-10 2x 365 37,630 4.9 1848 3.4 1294 Her fresh Man-O-Man gr’dtr sells with 1st son heading to AI & she carries GTPI +2167 +616NM +4.0PL +57F +57P +2.02T! Dam is VG-85 Ramos 1000F! Tons of AI interest, Alchemy’s family! Raggi & Russ George, 443-762-8338

3-9 3x 365 30,420 3.9 1179 3.3 1018 Her gr’dtr by Heztry born 9/1/12 sells! Dam of heifer is EX-91 Advent 1082F! A pedigree & show-winning family! Anthony Liddle, 518-361-9946

6-8 2x 365 43,510 4.0 1723 3.0 1301 From the family of Lila Z, we are selling her Goldwyn dtr born 9/11/12 and she is really fancy! Next dam 3E-94 GMD DOM Form Laura 1529F! Lylehaven, 802-229-5929






4-01 2x 358 31,600 4.2 1321 3.6 1122 This fabulous Shottle has a smashing Windhammer selling born 12/17/12! Next dam 2E-92 /1175F! The Roxys & generations of EX dams! c/o John Emerling, 585-237-2548

6-2 3x 365 32,830 4.3 1408 3.4 1111 Selling her Super Layne gr’dtr born 7/29/12 GTPI +2241 +741NM +7.5PL +2.25T +1731M! Dam of the heifer is a VG-85 Planet making 35,000 1200F this year! King & Holtz, 607-844-3649

2-09 2x 305 19,590 3.9 768 3.5 690 Her Mitch dtr sells GTPI +2170 +584NM +2.91T, born 9/19/12! Next dam VG-87 1364F & right from Pala family! Chlus & Witter, 315-823-7694






5-06 3x 365 37,310 3.6 1357 3.2 1196 The family of popular sires Morgan & Mano, her Supersire gr’dtr sells GTPI +2369 +67F +54P +779NM +1.0DPR +5.9PL +2.67T loaded with contracts! Dam just scored VG 2Y & making huge record! Heifer is +150 over PA on GTPI! Fieldstone Farm 607-435-0792

4-6 2x 365 44,080 4.3 1916 3.5 1543 Res All-Am Sr 2 Yr Old! Two sell from the family: 1st choice from 3 Goldsun females due 9/13 from Episode’s stunning EX-91 Jasper making 1150F 4Y; plus 1st choice female from 6 Chelios implants out of Episode herself! Next dam EX-93 GMD, then 2E-95 GMD DOM, from the family that makes AllAmerican nominations yearly. Ridge Haven Holsteins, 717-768-0045

6-2 2x 365 36,940 4.8 1788 3.3 1219 Her *RC Destry dtr sells fresh 2nd calf after making 1030F 2Y. Also selling the Destry’s RED Picolo born 9/12. Next dam 4E-94 DOM Miss Special 1834F. Russ George 716-496-5716 RED VG-85 Mr Burns also sells from family. Dam VG-89! She-Ken, 570-549-2944

All-American R&W Jr 2 Yr Old 2008 and from a family that makes All-Americans on a regular basis. We are selling a smashing, tall, balanced, square RED Redliner born 9/17/12 from Ruby’s VG full sister! Next dam VG-88 1051F. Same family as Res All-American and AllCanadian Rokette EX and Res AllAmerican Ruby Real! Justine Kelsey, 315-697-3724

3-03 3x 305 22,400 3.8 857 3.5 788 This incredible national show winner has a beautiful Atwood dtr selling born 12/4/12! Next dam VG-87 1309F. Lyuba has been Grand @ NC State Fair & 2nd at Eastern National! Maple View & Thomas, 919-929-6397

Due in June & heavily contracted, this SUNBURST-RED EX-90 Gold Digger has a special Cosmopolitan 3-05 2x 305 18,090 4.6 836 3.4 617 dtr selling GTPI +2193 +85F +52P This family is stamping out the All+602NM +2.91T! Next dam VG-86 Americans! Selling her RED Secure dtr DOM 1348F & then generations of EX! born 3/9/12! Next dam 2E-90 1049F! Elite Dairy LLC, 217-341-2437 Willow-Marsh, 518-885-8731

Sale Managed by/Catalogs: Sale hosted by: New York Holstein Assn Patricia Gifford, Executive Manager 957 Mitchell St • Ithaca, NY 14850 607-273-7591 •

DAVE & MERRY RAMA 4236 Co Hwy 18 • Delhi, NY 13753 • 607-746-2226 • -2911 fax •



April 2013

Four Appealing Heifers sell! Kelsey’s 12/12 Uno sisters sell!

Appealing Uno Kassidy-ET GTPI +2430 (252 points over PA) +5.9PL +818NM

April 13, 2013 • Syracuse, NY

Also selling your choice of Kassidy’s full sisters! • Uno Kaleesi-ET GTPI +2263 +6.4PL +679NM • Uno Kayli-ET GTPI +2255 +5.0PL +677NM

Appealing Shottle Kelsey-ET EX-91 EEEEE DOM 4-00 2x 365 47,901 4.1 1942 3.0 1444 Kelsey is contracted with sons in AI and embryos exported. Her 7 dams have between 147,000 and 207,000 LT, and 6 of the 7 are VG/EX. Her VG-89 high producing Goldwyn dam has 44,770 1942 1475 and 182,175 LTD.

April 6 Doylestown, PA

Holly’s 11/12 Mogul sisters sell!

Appealing Mogul Hacienda-ET GTPI +2135 +1411M +531NM

April 13, 2013 • Syracuse, NY

Appealing Active Holly-ET

Appealing Mogul Hosana-ET

EX-90 EX(91)MS

GTPI +2129 +1129M +571NM

1-11 365 36,310 4.0 1451 2.9 1057 3-09 161 18,512 4.1 762 2.8 512 Inc Her dam is Shottle Hannah VG-86 GMD DOM with 45,980 and 150,000 to date, sons in AI, heavily contracted family. A 9th gen VG/EX, Holly has EX & VG-87 Planet sisters!

A p p e a l i n g H o l ste i n s Scott & April Cooper

SEMEN FOR SALE Goldwyn Damion Snowman Duplex Finley Titanic Mtoto BW Marshall Allen James Talent Sorted Sanchez Atwood Jasper Stormatic Durham Advent-Red Redman-Red Redliner Outside Roy Raider

JEREMY SCHAFER AUCTIONEERING 651-380-2968 • Lake City, MN We'll put it all together!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

call call call $80 $40 $100 $30 $40 $100 $50 $80 $75 $40 $100 $150 $150 $50 $35 $35 $50 $40 $50

MILKING SHORTHORN Othello Red Robin Red Ruben Megadeth Mudslinger Oconnor Dr Jekyl Presto Patriot

call $call $35 $call $20 $20 $20 $15 $15

North Stars Genetics call 612.390.1616 A 3/12 *RC SEPT STORM sells from Ashlyn’s VG-87 2Y Jasper!

Tri-Day ASHLYN 2E-96 GMD DOM All-American • All-Canadian

Several sizes. All well maintained. Ready to deliver anywhere in the USA

Trace-View Dairy

Call 800-876-2500

AMMON-PEACHEY B MISCHIEF-ET • GTPI +2376 Bookem x Martha Sheen, due in May, looks sensational!

HER DTR, #1 MASSEY OF THE BREED, SELLS! AMMON-PEACHEY MSY MIFF-ET • GTPI +2402 +802NM +2.76T +2.37UDC +1.40FLC +1333M +.15% +88F +.07% +61P +4.0PL 2.58SCS 0.8DPR • born 1/20/13

Dam of Sheena

PINE-TREE MARTHA SHEEN-ET VG-86 VG-MS DOM • GTPI +2199 1-11 3x 365 31,210 4.2 1305 3.3 1027 Shottle x VG-86 O-Man x Rudy Missy 3E-92 GMD DOM!

HER O-DADDY DTR SELLS, COMBINING 2 BREED MATRIARCHS, MARTHA SHEEN AND OUTSIDE DABBLE! AMMON-PEACHEY OD SHEENA-ET • GTPI +2311 +635NM +3.92T +2.97UDC +2.24FLC +5.0PL +1455M +59F +44P 2.6SCS -.3DPR • born 11/26/12 consigned with Blessed Acres G. Sheldon Peachey & Family Belleville, PA • 717-935-5550

April 6 • Doylestown, PA

Lowell Martin • 301-491-3154 •


Dam of Miff

In the end, great sires don’t cost, they pay!

Upcoming 2013 Sales:

• Norm and Kathy Waldschmidt Complete Dispersal • March 28 Great Northern Sales Arena • Fond du Lac, WI • NICC Dairy Club Sale, 7th Edition April 6 • West Union, IA • MN Spring Special • April 13 • Rochester, MN • Dennis Gransee Dispersal • Sept 7 • Sanborn, MN • Just named 2013 WI Novice Champion Auctioneer! • 2011 MN State Champion Rookie Auctioneer • New upcoming auctioneer to the sale industry • Knowledgeable and hard working! • Here to work for YOU!! • References available

April 13, 2013 Syracuse, NY


April 6 Doylestown, PA

311 Flintville Rd • Delta, PA 17314 717-456-5484 • 717-817-4962 cell

New York State of Mind!

Mike, Jill, & Clay Ammon 131 Three Locks Rd • Lewistown, PA 17044 • 717-248-2408 •

Pondlea Holsteins Complete Dispersal April 23, 2013 • 11 AM • New Holland, PA • 130 Head Sell True Breeding/Deep Pedigrees/ Plenty of Red & Whites


Owner Jerry Gardner • 5524 Leipers Creek Rd • Santa Fe, TN 38482 From I-65 take Exit 46 to Hwy 99 approx 8.5 miles to right on Hwy 7, go 14 miles to left on Leipers Creek Rd, sale is on left. From I-40 take Exit 172 Hwy 46 S, go 6 miles, road turns into Hwy 7 S, proceed 11.8 miles to right on Leipers Creek Rd, sale is on left, look for signs.

180 Sire Identified and Registered Holsteins SELL! Herd Average 24,943 • 80 milking • 78 lb ave 3.9F 3.0P • SSC 300,000 7 dry cows due by 5/29/13 • 11 springers due between now and 5/25/13 10 due in August and Sept • 9 short-bred • 13 ready to breed (14 mo old) 10 13 months old • 14 yrlgs • 25 calves Sept-March Cows Sired By: Mr Sam, Pronto, Sanchez, Alexander, Marc, and Mac. Heifers Sired By: Braxton, Dempsey, Contact, Dundee, Kite, and Talent. Service Sires: Planet, Durable, Topside, Seaver, Dom, Observer, Saloon, Mr Metal. Auctioneer’s Note: Jerry has outgrown his facilities and has decided to sell instead of expand. This is your chance to buy in on an awesome herd of cows. Something for everyone. Many years of AI breeding to top bulls. Some of the animals are registered. Terms: cash or cashier’s check, personal or company check with bank letter. For questions or more info contact: Ryan Gardner 931-698-2126 Bob Morton 931-842-1234 Lynn Lee 615-390-6312 Murfreesboro, TN • 615-869-0029 Firm License #5762 WWW.TRADITIONAUCTIONS.COM



This tremendous brood cow has nearly 20 off- Reva is a Talent from the legendary Ruby-Red spring selling! Davina is a 6th gen EX, back to 3E-94! Reva’s VG-87 full sister has a VG-88 3E-96 Rinehart Apollo Dawfin. Her VG-87 *RC Advent dtr with 2 dtrs selling! One is a sharp Talent sells with 4 dtrs, 2 VG by Advent and RED Sr 2 Big Apple that is showy, plus her 1/13 Rampage, a RED Wilonna Redbull Winter Calf, Thunder dtr. The other is a GP-83 RED Dagger and a Sr 2 Aftershock due in Aug to Furious. Sr 3 just fresh and looks to go up in score! Also a promising Sr 2 RED Jet-Red with showring appeal! ALSO SELLING: • Chief Adeens: VG Dundee x Stormatic Destiny VG-87 x Adeen, plus a GP Dundee full sister and her 3 dtrs! Both Dundees will score higher! • Impressive 4Y Dundee x GP-84 Astre, 2 records over 27,000 x 3E-90 Leader. The Dundee’s 2 dtrs also sell: Finest due 8/12 to Liam (Lauthority x Windsor-Manor Z Shadow) and a Cupid Fall Calf. • VG-87 Bolton due 4/27 to Furious and her GP-84 Shaquille milking 135 lbs x 10 VG and EX. Shaquille’s Asteroid sells due in Oct to Shottle! Catalog online at Owners: John S. Stoltzfus & Family 881 Peters Rd • New Holland, PA 717-354-9492

Managed By: PA Holstein Association State College, PA • David J. Lentz • 717-329-9202 catalogs: 814-234-0364 •

Delaware Valley College Presents...

14th Annual Green & Gold Spring Spectacular

Saturday, April 6, 2013 ~ 11 AM ~ Doylestown PA • On the campus of Delaware Valley College at the Equestrian Center

DUBEAU DUNDEE HEZBOLLAH EX-92 Res All-American 4Y ‘11 • Int Champ WDE ‘09 Selling pick of 2 March Goldwyns from Hezbollah’s 1st VG dtr by Sanchez. Green & Gold Syndicate

HARVUE ROY FROSTY 2E-97 Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo 2009 & 2010 The one and only! Selling Frosty’s flush-age Super dtr! Duckett

AMMON FARMS BLTON SHAYLA-ET VG-85 *TY Selling a 12/12 Numero Uno gr’dtr GTPI +2342 +722NM CFP +117 +2.88T. The Uno’s Trigger dam is fresh & looks fantastic! Umble

APPEALING SHOTTLE KELSEY EX-91 Embryos exported to Japan, AI contracts. A pick of Kelsey’s 2 maternal sisters, both Dec Numero Uno calves, GTPIs of +2263 & +2255. Cooper

GREENLEA REAL AB-RED-ET VG-88 2Y Nom All-American R&W Sr 2 Yr Old ‘12 Jr All-American R&W Sr 2 Yr Old ‘12 Selling her RED Barbwire Summer Yrlg! Real AB is a potential 10th gen EX! Schirmer

PINE-TREE MARTHA SHEEN-ET VG-86 Countless sons in AI & embryos exported everywhere! 2 sell from Martha Sheen: 8/12 Hero dtr +3.77T GTPI + 2081; and a 9/12 Mogul gr’dtr GTPI +2059 & CFP +94. Both are fancy! Ammon

WINDSOR-MANOR RUD ZIP EX-95 13 EX offspring. Two Zips sell: 11/12 Mogul GTPI +2064 x Sanchez x VG-86 Z Orchid x Zip! Myers & Burall RED 12/12 Debonair x 2E-91 Advent x 2E-91 Garter x Zip. Lynncrest

WALNUT-STUFF PEPSI-ET 3E-94 Res All-PA 125,000 lb Cow 2011 Two EX full sisters & two EX maternal sisters. Her 12/12 Goldwyn calf sells! Smith & Ziegler A 6/12 Gold Chris, also from the Promis family! McWilliams

FIVE-FORKS DURHAM JADA-ET EX-92 Res All-American Sr 3 Yr Old 2008 Selling her gorgeous Dec Goldsun calf. Next dams are 3E-94 & 3E-93! Dunns-Pride

QUALITY-RIDGE STORMI HAZEL-ET 2E-96 2X All-American • 7X Nom in Milking Form Selling two from her VG-86 Jasper sister: Jordan Fall Yrlg and an amazing Atwood Fall Calf! MD-Hillbrook

STAR-ROCK ROY 2134 2E-93 This Roy had 184,400 LT! Her Fever Spring Yrlg gr’dtr sells with style! The Fever’s dam is an EX 3Y Atlas, plus the Roy’s gr’dam is a 4E-94 Airliner! Star Rock

DUCKETT ASPEN DAISY EX-90 EX-MS Res All-PA Spring Yrlg 2010 Her Goldwyn Winter Calf sells with the CUT & is a potential 11th gen EX! Hlavaty, Hoover, et al

JASPAR RENAISSANCE EVENING 3E-91 3X All-Canadian Made 23,000 6.0F. Selling a Supreme Sept Calf from her EX-90 full sister! Peter Kennett

LYLEHAVEN ADVENT LYNDI-ET EX-92 MAX Selling a Summer Yrlg *RC Barbwire from Lyndi’s VG-87 2Y *RC Picolo! Lyndi is Lila Z’s sister! Lee Emerson

TRI-DAY ASHLYN-ET 2E-96 2X All-American • Supreme Champ WDE Selling *RC Sept Storm Spring Yrlg from Ashlyn’s VG-87 2Y Jasper! Lowell Martin

MS ROSEYS RAZZBERRY-RED-ET VG-87 2Y 1st 3 dams Nom All-American R&W as milking cows. Selling her Redburst dtr born 9/20/12. Whittier, Hill, & Hawbaker

MILLERVILLE ADV ANN-RED EX EX-MS 3Y She sells bred Feb 9 to Barbwire. She made 25,800 & has an EX Rubens dam! Eric Hess

HOODSTEAD VIGOR PERFECTA VG-86 MD Futurity Winner 2012 Res Grand Premier National Jr Show 2012 Selling from same family, a 6/24/2011 Denver due in July to Total. Nicole Hood

ARRON DOON REMEMBER LU-RED-ET 2E-90 A 6th gen VG/EX, with 115,381 LT 4918F. Selling Lu’s POLLED Jack P, fresh 2nd calf milking 94#, with her RED & POLLED Ladd calf. PHA

WINTERFIELD DUNDEE ROSALIE EX EX-MS Selling her dynamite Dec Goldsun dtr! Rosalie is a 9th gen VG/EX! Stone-Haus

• 5 #1 Hero & 5 #1 Sid embryos from RDC-Crawl Outside Rachel, 5th gen EX! Racha • RED March Redburst calves: pick from 3 x EX-91 30,000 4.7F Sept Storm x Evans-H Advent Jessica EX-92! King-Lane • 6/12 *RC Destry x 2 VG dams x Miss Leader Redrose EX. Justa-Beauty

• 4 #1 Sympatico embryos x Milkshake Adv Indiana-Red VG-86 2Y, 8th gen VG/EX. Puskas • 11/12 Mogul GTPI +2129 (over PA) x VG-86 Appealing Shottle Hannah, big-league genomic family! Cooper

• Short-bred Palermo x VG-87 EX-MS Toystory x VG-86 Durham x 2E-91 Storm x two 3E-95 Ridgedale dams! D-V-C • Sanchez Jr 2 due late May to Dempsey x VG-88 Durham full sis to EX-92 Wegnerlann Gabriella, 2X Jr All-Am! Pas

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS • 10/12 Numero Uno GTPI +2211 x GP-83 2Y Bowser x Bucknell Shottle Sherry EX. L. Martin • 3/13 *RC Lancelot x RED Secure x M-Riverview Delilah-Red, 5th gen EX! Worthington

SALE STAFF: Chris Hill Auct # AU005197 ..............202-255-7907 Matt Lawrence Auct # AU005453 ......724-971-3010 David J. Lentz................................717-329-9202 Nick Raggi ....................................443-762-8338 David Bitler ..................................610-780-6667 Josh Sanders ............................732-406-4949

Co-Managed with:

Sale Sponsor:

PA Holstein Association State College, PA • David J. Lentz 717-329-9202 • Ken Raney 814-234-0364

DVC Dairy Society

Student Chairs:

Clint Lutz 607-267-3061 Destinee Horning 717-824-5876 Nicole Hood 301-639-5299



April 2013


Saturday, July 13, 2013 at the farm • Brighton, Ontario Selling 100 top-notch Jerseys from across North America!! Top Genomic Individuals Show Type Breed-Leading Cow Families

HEARTLAND NATHAN TEXAS EX-95 5-01 305 25,940 4.6 1185 3.7 963 Ranks on the top 1.5% GLPI Cow List at +170 Dam of the popular Select Sires bull TOPEKA • Her FASTRACK dtr sells +226 GJPI • Look to future Cattle Connection ads for more highlights. • Follow us on Facebook: "Avonlea Summer Splash"

Miss Elegant Delight-ET

Saturday, May 18, 2013 Sale starts at 11 AM Sale Preview: Friday, May 17 at 6 PM

Arethusa Aspen Sheridan-ET EX-91 EEEVE 2nd lact 3-9 2x 350 27,900 4.5 1250 3.2 912 Selling her 12/11 Sid. Next dam 3E-95 LL Sammy, then 2E-93 Hygerian and 3E-95 Astro.

Early features:

BUDJON-VAIL SAMBO GLENNA-ET VG-87 All-American Sr 2 Yr Old 2012 Entered in both the Nat’l Jersey Jug & WDE Futurities 2013 Daughter of one-and-only EX-95 Griffen. • Fresh in May, GLENNA sells!!

Andrew & Jennifer Vander Meulen Avonlea 1925 County Rd 26 • Brighton, ON K0K 1H0 Genetics Inc. 613-475-2627 • -2623 fax Two time Master Breeder Herd

Farnear Brocade P Brissa-ET

VG-88 EX-MS 2Y DOM VG-85 VG-MS 2Y DOM GTPI +2008 GTPI +2151 2-2 3x 305 27,850 3.4 958 2.9 803 2-3 2x 364 19,037 4.1 783 3.5 661 Delight’s +1952 GTPI RED Detour Brissa’s 5/12 GTPI +2348 Cameron calf sells, as well as her 7/11 GTPI sells. Next dam is EX-92 Goldwyn +2311 Shamrock and 6/12 GTPI Brocade, then EX-92 Barbie. +2342 Mogul dtrs. Delight’s dam is 2E-93 Z-Delight, then 4E-95 Rud Zip.

Penn-Gate RMarker Ferggy-ET *RC 2E-93 EEEEE

Danville-ML Margaux-ET

EX-94 EEEEE 5-11 2x 365 26,780 4.2 1133 3.1 851 5-0 2x 365 30,560 3.6 1093 3.1 951 Ferggy’s RED 12/12 Barbwire sells. A selection of Margaux’s dtrs sell Next 3 dams are 3E-95, 2E-94, and including 6/11 Fever, 12/11 Lauthority, 3/12 Guthrie, 6/12 Admiral, and 9/12 4E-94. Goldwyn. Margaux is an 8th gen EX from the Hiawatha family.

Oakfield Corners Dairy/Lamb Farms Inc. 6880 Albion Rd • Oakfield, NY 14125 • • cell 585-704-2501 • fax 583-343-4226

Hendel Planet Aloha-ET

Ladyholm Lenore-ET

VG-86 VG-MS 2Y • GTPI +2163 2E-92 EEVVE 2-5 3x 305 26,470 3.5 929 2.8 745 5-11 3x 365 28,516 3.3 952 2.7 762 9/12 GTPI +2370 Numero Uno sells 12/11 Palermo and Sid dtrs sell from from Aloha. Next dam is EX-93 this Blitz. Lenore’s dam is 2E-94 Jolt, Shottle Asia, then 9 more VG or EX then 3E-95 Ladyholm Larissa. dams.

Castleholm Dund Rhapsody-ET

Oakfield Durham Brina-ET

EX-90 VEVVE 3Y 3-3 2x 365 27,790 3.0 832 2.8 784 Potential 16th gen EX dtrs from Rhapsody include 9/11 Brett due to calve in August, 3/12 Dempsey, and 6/12 Reginald. Rhapsody’s dam is EX91 Stormatic Radiant.

2E-90 EEVVE 6-2 3x 365 30,557 3.2 989 3.1 933 3/12 Reginald and Goldwyn dtrs sell. A sister to 2E-92 Outside Brynn, next dam is 2E-92 Storm Bailey, then 2E-91 Brooke.

Sale Managed By/Catalogs:

Sale Hosted By:

Jonathan & Alicia Lamb

SLEEGERHOLM CONNECTED TONUGGY EX-95 3-08 305 18,373 4.5 827 4.0 734 2X All-Canadian (Winter Calf & Yrlg) 2X Res All-Canadian (Sr 2 & Sr 3) Backed by 4 EX dams! • Her GRAND PRIX Jr 2 dtr sells!!

Sale at Lamb Farms #2: 3962 Batavia-Elba Townline Rd • Oakfield, NY Facebook page: Spring Sensation Sale Twitter: @OakfieldCorners

DAVE & MERRY RAMA 4236 Co Hwy 18 • Delhi, NY 13753 • 607-435-0792 cell 607-746-2226 • -2911 fax •


Freurehaven Labelle

P-ZBW Sanchez Triumph VG-88 2Y

By Man-O-Man, Labelle sold in the ZBW Special Edition Sale for $27,000. From a VG-89 (max) Shottle x VG-88 Bolton, followed by 6 more VG/EX Laurie Sheiks. LABELLE’S 12/25/12 SUPERSIRE SELLS: GTPI +2382 +1806M +69F +62P +5.8PL 2.58SCS +2.72T +2.33UDC +2.17FLC. TASTE OF ONTARIO April 10 • Ancaster, ON

From an EX-91 Durham x EX-92 Eland x 3E-97 Tamara. TRIUMPH’S 9/9/12 AVERY DTR SELLS: A beautiful Fall Calf ready for the show ring, from a family of show winners! PAST, PRESENT, FUTURES April 5 • Intercourse, PA

Owners: Dr Robert Cruikshank & Peter Braun Barb Ziemba, Marketing/Genetics Manager 315-730-0201 322 Wood Rd • Lisbon, NY 13658 • Find us on Facebook!

Vision-Gen Sh Frd A12304 VG-85 2Y

This Freddie sold in Destination Naples for $200,000 as a package. Dam Applouis Jet Stream Alda VG-85 DOM. A12304’S 10/15/12 MAYFIELD DTR SELLS: GTPI +2262 +1664M +56F +48P +4.5PL +3.63T +2.62UDC +2.56FLC. Sisters sold for $60,000 in the Parade of Perfection. Highly contracted family in the spotlight! High type, high components. Beautiful, well-balanced hfr! NY SPRING SALE April 13 • Syracuse, NY Mark your calendars: June 8th • Woodcrest Bridge to Excellence Sale!

Ste-Pen Baxter Winona VG-87 2Y DOM From VG-89 Shottle WinEmAll x 2E-90 GMD DOM Oman Winsome back to Henkeseen M Hillary 3E-94. Two special dtrs sell in NY & PA: HER 9/12/12 MCCUTCHEN GTPI +2061 +1098M +30P +3.6PL +.2DPR +2.68T +2.37UDC +3.5FLC. 2 full brothers at Select! NY SPRING SALE April 13 • Syracuse, NY HER 8/24/12 LITHIUM GTPI +2367 +1254M +81F +44P +764NM +6.6PL 2.59SCS +3.13T +2.71UDC +2.63FLC. PAST, PRESENT, FUTURES April 5 • Intercourse, PA

CATTLE • SEMEN • EMBRYOS • SALES • MISC. Announcing the...

2013 Badger Dairy Camp Dates! June 9-11 • UW-Madison Campus - Madison, WI

TRUCKING Serving the Midwest, with regular runs out East 26’ x 8’ gooseneck OR 53’ ground-load, airride trailer

Youth between the ages of 12-18 can apply to attend this exciting 3-day program:

Chris Lentz • 715-641-0470


Cybil Fisher 920-737-3050 Associate Photographers

Lea McCullough 608-214-1845

Jenny Thomas 614-395-9823


For reprints contact the office 920-465-3880

Learn from outstanding instructors...

Free downloads

1609 Redstone Trail, Green Bay, WI 54313

Sessions are taught by UW-Madison Dairy Science faculty, staff, and students, along with UW Vet school students, UW Extension team members, and prominent dairy industy professionals.


• Build award-winning judging, fitting and showing strategies. • Participate in hands-on Dairy Science workshops. • Take home life lessons, self confidence, teamwork and sportsmanship. • Test your skills in camp showmanship and judging contests.

UW-Madison Dept. of Dairy Science Attn: Beth Heinze 1675 Observatory Drive • Madison, WI 53706 608-263-9409 •

RED LAURIE SHEIK LIZA has a beautiful POLLED RED Colt P natural calf. Next dams: EX-90 Talent, VG-87 21*, VG-89 22*, LINERWAY ADVENT LIZA-ET *RC 2E-91 EEEVE VG-87 5*, VG-88 23* 4-8 3x 319 35,320 5.1 1786 3.4 1185 Laurie Sheik, 6-1 3x 115 13,224 4.7 625 3.1 400 Inc & EX 15*! 105# 5.9F 3.4P last test • Liza is being flushed!

Gary Housner & Family

S1054 Farra Road • Elroy, Wisconsin 53929 608-341-8983 • •

Wisconsin Ayrshire Spring Sale


1. 2. 3. 4.

High indexing CTPI or PTPI cows/High PTPI heifers Deep pedigree cows with good production & type Show cows or dams of show winning offspring Cows with nice CTPI’s


Pedigrees with complete production, classification and records in progress. Also send inventory of embryos in stock that qualify for export. Please keep us updated on stock changes and availability! Also looking for sexed Holstein and Brown Swiss embryos.

HILROSE DUNDEE DRAMA-ET *RC EX-91 EEEVE 3-10 365 40,530 4.7 1902 3.5 1421 Dam is 3E-94 GMD DOM Canyon Dazzle with 42,720 4.8 2037 3.5P, then Farmdale Integrity Dixie 3E-94 38,220 and 179,970 LT, Nom Jr All-American 5 Yr Old 2002. Drama’s Mr Burns dtr is VG-86 VG-MS with 26,209 4.2 1100 3.5 924 1st lact, is *RC, and sells fresh in March, milking over 100 lbs a day, a sure bet to go EX!


Joe & Chris, Jeff & Bonnie, Andy & Ashley Brantmeier Sherwood, WI 54169 • 920-989-1019/1167 • RHA 30,182 3.9 3.0 • BAA 111.7% • ‘08-‘12 HERD OF EXCELLENCE


Rodney Hetts 705 Cherokee Lane • Ft. Atkinson, WI 53538-3000 fax 920.563.5711 • cell 920.723.2595 •


Saturday, April 13, 2013 • 11:00 AM Clark County Fairgrounds • Neillsville, WI 50 HEAD SELLING COWS, SPRINGERS, PROJECT CALVES, 2 BULLS Watch for the catalog online • WISCONSIN AYRSHIRE BREEDERS ASSOCIATION Steve Schneider, Sale Manager 920-948-8310 •

Productive & Profitable

Sharwards Normandin APPLE VG-88 4-3 3x 286 24,309 3.7 900 2.9 702 5-2 3x 105 9,635 3.5 339 3.0 289 Inc Last three tests 93, 101, & 107 lbs, SCC under 20. APPLE thrives in our 230-cow commercial Holstein herd! She is a modern cow that combines everything we're looking for: wonderful conformation, great production, excellent reproduction, healthy and trouble free. She is the complete commercial cow! APPLE completes 6 generations of VG and EX dams with lifetimes from 122,000 to 176,000!

Watch for APPLE’S long & fancy P9 BURDETTE Fall Calf selling at the WISCONSIN AYRSHIRE SPRING SALE Neillsville, WI • April 13


Richard Franta • Spring Valley, WI 715-307-0537 •


SHOWCASING DRAMA April 8 • Fond du Lac, WI

FOR SALE Registered heifers due to sexed semen. From herds with RHAs of 28,000 to 32,000M! 270-670-6036

April 2013

Lance & Ryan Kamm 1710 190th St. New Richmond, WI 54017 715.760.0055 Lance 715.760.0051 Ryan

EMBRYOS FOR SALE! Call for inventory; package rates available. Embryos from the Eroy family, and others from the Roxys, Elegances, and Tiaras. Sires include Shottle, Goldwyn, Stormatic, Atwood, Mayfield, Uno, Supersire, Jasper, & Fever.

April Brings Spring Sales...Watch for Budjon Beauties Sells!


Avonlea Int’l Dare to Dream VG-89 2Y

10th Jr 2 Yr Old International Jersey 2012 1st Summer Yrlg & Jr Champion WI Spring Show 2011 1st Summer Yrlg New York Spring Show 2011 Due in April with a Tequila heifer, Dream sells in the MIDWEST JERSEY SPRING SPECIAL April 6, Rochester, MN. Here’s the full package... Get yourself a heifer calf, a Jr 3 show cow for the year, Expo Futurity & Jersey Jug entry, and an amazing pedigree with an EX-91 Comerica dam, then Veronica! owned with Peter Vail

Storas Sultan Sultry VG-89 3Y

8th Jr 3 Yr Old International Jersey 2012 1st Jr 3 Yr & HM Int Champion WI Spring Show 2012 1st Jr 3 Yr Old New York Spring Show 2012 An easy EX, fresh in March, Sultry sells in the WISCONSIN SPRING SPECTACULAR April 26, Viroqua, WI. Sultry looks great and will be ready to walk in the ring the following day at Spring Show! owned with Peter Vail

Linjet Eileen 4E-96 EEEEE GMD DOM

All-American 5 Yr Old 2004 5-6 2x 365 44,703 3.7 1647 3.3 1467 WISCONSIN SHOWCASE April 8, Fond du Lac, WI: • Eileen’s Durham due the end of June. REDFEST WITH A TOUCH OF BLACK April 13, Ixonia, WI: • Eileen’s fresh Durham with a fabulous udder • Eileen’s Goldwyn due in May 2nd calf • Winter Yrlg Braxton x 2E-92 Storm Emily x Eileen • Sid Fall Calf x EX-91 EEVEE 3Y Goldwyn x Eileen

Dana Rae 2E-95 EEEEE

Res All-American 5 Yr Old 2012 4-4 365 39,265 4.1 1606 3.1 1228 8th gen EX Roxy, Goldwyn x Debutante! Her Aftershock Fall Calf sells CANADIAN NATIONAL CONVENTION SALE April 10, Ancaster, ON Can. owned with Woodmansee

Encore Electra


6X All-American Nominee A VG-86 2Y Durham sells from Electra’s EX Terrason, on April 13, Ixonia WI, at REDFEST WITH A TOUCH OF BLACK.

Cattle CONNECTION 329 S. Keller Ave. PO Box 6400 Amery, WI 54001

Phone: 715-268-6400 • Fax: 715-268-6239 email:

MAIL OR FAX YOUR AD TODAY! Please enclose your ad copy with this order form. Ad for month(s) of ______________________ ______ column inches x $25.00 = $ ________ Name __________________________________ Address __________________________________ City ________________State ___ Zip ________ Phone ______________Fax ________________ Payment must accompany ad. Check is enclosed o Please charge my ad to: o VISA o MC o Discover Card # ________________________________ Exp. Date ______________________VIN_____ Signature ______________________________

66th Springtime Show Window

Full Sister Sells!

Peach & Pocket are backed by 5 EX dams, the Pollys!

Bred in Whitewater • Bred for the World

The ad deadline for the


issue of the Cattle CONNECTION is Monday, April 15th. Email, Mail, or Fax Your Ad Today!! The Cattle CONNECTION is a division of Tom Morris Ltd. Contact us by: Mail: PO Box 6400 Amery, WI 54001

Erin Kamm

Business Manager Sandy Morris

Sun-Made KB Vigor Peach VG-86 2-5 2x 365 23,118 4.4 1025 3.6 831 Peach was purchased by the Korth family in a previous Harvest Royal sale. Dan Hornickel, DVM • Chris Keim, DVM W7782 Hwy 12 • Whitewater, WI 53190 • 262-473-8905 -3660 fax •

CONNECTION “Connecting Buyers and Sellers Coast to Coast”

Phone: 715-268-6400 Fax: 715-268-6239

Volume 24

The Cattle CONNECTION is a monthly publication and will be mailed First Class from Shawano, Wisconsin prior to the first day of every month. This publication has been carefully edited; however, neither the Cattle CONNECTION nor Tom Morris Ltd. assumes any liability for errors and does not accept responsibility for the animals, products and services advertised.

Entered as First Class Mail at Shawano, WI 54166

April 2013


Phone: 715-268-6400 Fax: 715-268-6239 Website:



Fedex/UPS/Courier 329 S. Keller Ave. Amery, WI 54001

Editors Cara Dueholm

April 6 Elkhorn, WI

Sun-Made Vigor Pocket born 6/1/12 sells! She’s big, she’s good, she’s ready!

Spring is Here!

P.O. Box 6400 Amery, WI 54001


Number 4

April 2013 Cattle Connection  

Connecting buyers and sellers coast to coast.

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