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CONNECTION “Connecting Buyers and Sellers Coast to Coast”

Phone: 715-268-6400 Fax: 715-268-6239

Entered as First Class Mail at Shawano, WI 54166

P.O. Box 6400, Amery, WI 54001



March 2014


TWO SWEETHEARTS FOR REDFEST! 1) 12/6/13 lovely RED ACME. Dam VG-85 potential 15th gen EX with 2-02 3x 313 24,161 3.6 874 3.1 742. Fresh and rolling on a bigger record this year as a 3 yr old. She will move up in score! 2nd dam Reese 2E-90 36,960 5.4 1981 3.2 1185. 3rd dam EX-92 48,580 4.2 2021 3.0 1468. 4th dam Royal Rosa EX-91 12th gen EX! Also selling 5 Goldsun embryos from Reesa. 2) 6/10/13 beautifully cut AFTERSHOCK with 4 EX, bigrecord dams, the 4th dam being Acme Star Lily EX-94 All-American and All-Canadian. Aftershock, Mich, Durham, Lee, Starbuck for a sire stack... how can she not be fancy? Also selling Attic embryos. Maternal sister is the calf selling.


February and March Address:

Royal Palm Beach Club • St. Maartin 011-721-580-3978


“Satisfying the World” DON & LIZ MAYER 10803 S Hwy 64 • Bloomer, WI 54724

715-568-3678 (1 mile east of Bloomer on Hwy 64)


563-237-5989 • -6597 fax 319-240-6198 cell


2644 260th St. • Fredericksburg, IA 50630

3-08 2x 250 19,556 3.8 719 3.3 584 Inc


Encredible is a Sanchez from Elegant Rose 2E-93, then Elegance 3E-96 GMD DOM, 4 more EX dams!

Let him get a taste of the real world. Let him fight the DNR, EPA, and PETA, drug residues, frozen pipes, 100 hr weeks, no vacations, and have the missus feed a slug of calves in hutches in -50º temps. I’ll bet his kids would live on 5-hour ENERGY.


Saturday, April 12, 2014 • Ixonia, WI


It appears our President does not think we need Congress anymore. He’s going to do it himself through executive orders!! It’s time to wake up, America, before it’s too late! We hope you are enjoying winter as much as we are, and that the snow will be gone when we arrive home for the Yankees’ opening day.

with a touch of Black


Wake Up, America!


Boilermaker Legacy Sale


IT’S COLD! Thank God our buildings are standing and we still have power. Call us for spring embryos.

Looking For the Finest in Canadian Genetics?

Saturday, May 3 • West Lafayette, IN

If you want springers, they aren’t out there!

Empey Enterprises Ltd.• Kenneth R. Empey, Jr. Box 343, Dorchester, Ont • Canada N0L 1G0 519-280-2615 cell • 519-268-3954 • 519-268-6187 fax • Commercial • Show • Pedigree

Largest Registered U.S. Heifer Grower ID & Reg Cattle available

EXODUS PRICE VG 2Y 54HO426 Test-Mating Dtr

We can find those show cows or commercial cows to fill your needs!

Kmp Global Sales


W7175 Mansfield Rd • Lake Mills, WI 53551 920-988-9426 •

Woolview Price Jazz VG-88 3Y CAN

+456 Milk +2.97 Body Depth Dtr Ave Score 82.2 • 94% Reliable Sire- Shottle EX-96 7X #1 TPI Dam- Exodus Priceless 2E-93 DOM 3Y 365 36,790 3.7 1376 3.0 1098 Dev +8088M +327F +116P 2nd dam- Exodus Precise 3E-93 6 dtrs 31-41,000 5 EX 3@93, 1 VG-87 Full sister- Exodus Prise EX EX(91)MS 6Y 316 32,050 4.6 1463 3.2 1041

3Y 358 26,885 4.2 1127 3.2 866 FOR 32 MILLION SPERM/UNIT... BCA +243M +265F +237P Woolview, ON, Canada Alpha Genetics, Inc. 920-650-1631 • 262-473-6760 fax


The Picture People Kathy DeBruin New Glarus, WI 608-347-5407 Sarah Damrow Juneau, WI 920-296-2835



Summer Ylg by FANTASY-RED Dam: Carn-Quest Advent Robin-ET EX-90 2D: Mil-R-Mor Storm Reyfia-ET EX-92 3D: Mil-R-Mor Starbuck Reyna-ET EX-91 2E 4D: Mil-R-Mor Valiant Renata EX-93 2E DOM 5D :Mil-R-Mor Roxette EX-90 GMD DOM 6D: “Roxy” EX-97 4E GMD Winter Calf by REDBURST-RED mat. sis. to Hoesly Hvezda Kiss Me-Red Jr. AA R&W Winter Calf, 2012 Nom. (Open) AA R&W Winter Calf, 2012 now owned by Milksource Genetics

Dam: Hoesly Advent Killean-Red VG-88 Nom. JR AA R&W Fall Calf, 2008 2D: Hoesly Rubens Kiska VG-88 3D: Hoesly Thor Kendra EX-90 3E 4D: Rotate Kizzy Kara EX-93 2E GMD DOM 5D: EX-90 3E GMD DOM +200,000 lifetime.

Striving For Superior Type & Longevity Todd, Trish, Jake & Paige 608-558-0739

COAST TO COAST. New Glarus, WI 608-527-5663 • fax 608-527-5676 •

Six semis running full time to deliver your commercial heifers in excellent shape. Troy’s Transport Inc. 920-474-3126

KINGBOY Now Available

7HO12198 Morningview Mcc KINGBOY-ET SM GPTA (12/13): +2598GTPI +1,988M +72F +64P +5.9PL +839NM$ +878CM$ +4.05T +3.17UDC +2.92FLC S: De-Su Bkm MCCUTCHEN 1174-ET (VG-88) D: Morningview Super Megan-ET (VG-85) 2-8 238d 23,055M 3.7% 864F 3.0% 675P RIP MGS: Charlesdale Superstition-ET (GM) MGD: Morningview Shtle Madilyn (EX-94-2E-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) 4-11 365d 41,330M 4.3% 1,779F 3.0% 1,238P

ilynn adily M Mad

dam: Ladys-Manor Pl Shandra-ET VG-87 (Photo: Billy Heath), USDA-CDCB gPTA/PTA 12/13 Rel. 73%

X At the top of the chart worldwide for GTPI with

GENOMICPOWER 29HO16997 Furnace-Hill M


©2014 ABS Global, Inc.


+2401 GTPI, +804 NM$, +6.2 PL, 2.55 SCS, +115 CFP, +6.9 CE +3.10 TYPE, +3.34 UDC •

demand to match his rank X Covers all bases from high NM$ to breed-leading

Type at over +4.00 X If you're serious about your genomic future,

KINGBOY will lead you to the top

* Retail price for inside the U.S. only. KINGBOY semen qualifies for export to Canada. 12-13 Genomic Rel: USDACDCB/HA Yield 73%, Type 72%, NM 69%, PL 67%. SMTPI is a servicemark of Holstein Association USA.

$200* The wait is over! KINGBOY is available now! Call your Select Sires representative and place your order for KINGBOY today!


Telephone: (614) 873-4683 X



March 2014


www. 800-876-2500


with the Low Somatic Cell count last 2 months SCC 63 We t u m p k a Fa r m

For Sale 17 REG HOLSTEIN COWS 22,000 lbs herd ave • 150 scc 3 due in March • $1600 each 21 HEIFERS • Some short bred Make offer 715-523-9994

Home of High Octane Milk Producers

Cheryl A. Carlson 1019 Dutch Hill Rd Tully, NY 13159 315-238-7026 315-696-8133

Krrull Ad Adv dv vent Smile ley eyy--Re ed--ET 2EE--93

Foor He Healtlthyy Cows For F o Healthy Coows

Co sta of n EZ OPEN – Hold Wide Tape‌Pull Small Tape

To (Pr To (Sa Ba Fu Fu bet He So drie ext Pro Pre col

Sturdy Built Calf Nursery • TurnKey System manufactured by Sturdy Built and ready to assemble; precision-made bolt-together frames Reduce Construction time • Building design features Easy Skidloader Cleanout • Prevents Disease Spread with the non-porous surfaces of the steel frame and poly panel dividers • Pens designed for Calf Comfort feature nipple bottle holders and Divided Entry Gates to prevent calf from mixing dry feed and water • Optional Hover Panels or Hover Curtain for better draft control • Excellent Ventilation Control with Roll & Hide Curtain System

Pr ior ity IAC A the Smart bacteria Company y TM

the P-One Program


| Gold Spike




| Calf C GOLD


| StartUp Gel | Showmen’s Ch hoice



| Chopper’s Choice Inoculants

MARCH Madness 2014 March 15, 2014 • Frederick, MD

U.S. Patent 7,624,783 B2

Call for FREE Equipment Guides on our Complete Line of Galvanized Dairy Equipment


Denver, PA • 1-866-543-5116

Durrell Martin – (315) 374-5457 920-905-2182

Redrose Birthday Party Tag Sale!

Semen for Sale NAAB CODE & NAME

Majority of the cattle at Rosedale trace back to REDROSE, BLACKROSE, PARADISE & IDEAL!

ROSEDALE OPEN HOUSE TAG SALE MARCH 19-22 If you are looking for milking cows, show cattle, or just cake & ice cream, stop by March 19-22. All cattle will be priced except for the birthday girl! Farm open 9 AM on March 19th, prices will be held until noon. Heifers sired by Acme, Armani, Action, Goldwyn, Attitude, Absolute, Redburst, Windbrook and more. Majority of the cows are 1st and 2nd calf and sired by Braxton, Goldwyn Atwood, Perseus, Aftershock & Destry. SALES STAFF Chad Ryan 920-960-1449 Ryan Krohlow 920-639-5500 Les Schmidt 920-428-5200


7HO7872 Advent-Red . . . . . $70 71HO580 Astro Jet . . . . . . . $50 72HO626 Charles . . . . . . . . $20 70HO300 Counselor . . . . . . $40 555HO1517 Dellstar . . . . . . $70 9HO1833 Encore . . . . . . . . . $25 7HO5841 Hi Metro . . . . . . . $30 7HO4213 Integrity . . . . . . . . $20 200HO142 Jasper. . . . . . . . . $80 71HO1547 Laurier . . . . . . . . $20 7HO8425 Mich . . . . . . . . . . . $75 204HO1010 Norman. . . . . . $40 94HO8410 Red Marker . . . . $35 29HO12209 Shottle . . . . . . . $40 73HO2915 Terrason. . . . . . . $20

Free shipping for 30+ unit orders

Allyn Spud Paulson 605-868-9026 Nicky Rueth 920-988-9570 Ron Roskopf 414-587-4402

MARK AND NICKY 920-988-3070 cell 608-584-5853 ph/fax 3066 Co G • Oxford, WI 53952

Watch our Facebook page “Redrose Birthday Party Tag Sale� for updates!

MS APPLES ALEXIS *RC VG-87 VG-MS 2Y 2-3 365 31,102 5.0 1522 3.5 1093 A Shottle from 3E-96 DOM Apple herself, then 2E-95 DOM Altitude. Alexis 1st choice Olympian sells from 10 transfers due in Sept/Oct! Also selling her *RC POLLED 12/13 Golden PP GTPI +1895. owned with Todd Galton

67th Springtime Show Window Sat, April 5, 2014 • Elkhorn, WI

KULP-GEN LEGACY TIARA 2E-93 EX94MS 6-2 365 35,036 4.9 1703 3.5 1224 Res Grand Champion NY Spring Show 2013 Selling her natural calf, a 9/13 Braiden. Next dams are VG-88 EX92MS and 2E-94 Tippy. Look for Tiara this spring on the tanbark.

The bulls that were bred to be cows 22046 Old Forge Rd, Smithsburg, MD 21783


DAVID J. & DR ANNE B KULP • KULP GENETICS 938 Power Rd, Manheim, PA 17545 • 717-278-6399 • 717-664-5594 fax • www.holsteinworld/kulp-gen


March 2014


0200HO02137 02 0 0HO02137



Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss R--CAN VG-88-2YR-CAN Reserve All-Canadian Canadian Jr 2 Yr Old All-American Nominated All-American


Exton Extondale ndale Sid Iams V G-8 G 7-2YR 7 -USA VG-87-2YR-USA Reserve All-Canadian Milking Yr lg Reserve Yrlg Nominnated All-American All-American Nominated

DORIC SID LAURIANNA L AURIANNA Reserve Reser ve All-Canadian Summer Yrlg Yrlg

WINRIGHT SID ELEGANCE ELEGANCE Reserve Reser e ve All-Canadian Winter W inter Yrlg Yrlg

Com Combhaven mbhaven e Sid Monica V G G--86-2YR R--CAN VG-86-2YR-CAN AllCanadian Milking Yr lg All-Canadian Yrlg N minated All-American Nominated om All-American

CLAIRCREST CL AIRCRES C T SID HEECKERS CCHECKERS Nominated Nominatedd All-American All-Amer ican FFall all Calf

BERGEROY BER GEROY SID SSTRANSHOME TRANSHOME SID SKYLAR AMBIO SKYL AR Nominated Nominated N ominated All-American All-Amer ican N ominated All-American All-Amer ican Yrlg Spring Yrlg Summer Yr lg Spr ing Yr lg

Contact nttaact your your Seme Semexx representative reepprreesentativve and join #showtimesid #showtimessid today! todaayy! PHOTO: HAN HOPMAN

800-303-BULL (2855) (28855) m


methyst Now VG-87

CC TRUCKING • Licensed and fully insured • Milking onboard • ET calves & donor dams OUR SPECIALTY

GLEN A. LONGHORN 712.548.2851

1104 10th St • Hawarden, IA 51023

SANDY-VALLEY IO AMETHYST-ET VG-87 VV+EV 2Y • GTPI +2256 2-00 2x 311 23,654 4.0 956 3.4 805 Inc Amethyst is an Iota dtr of VG-87 Planet Sapphire, then EX-92 Bolton Sheila. She is a full sister to Saloon at Semex, with GTPI +2326 +2267M +73P. We are flushing eight dtrs of Amethyst.

March Special: mention ad for $25 discount towards new Aesculap clippers only


UL Tail clamps from Germany! $11.80 each SC AE Ground Down 84AU Blades $35.00 Oster 83 & 84AU Blade Sets $20.25 Andis #50 Ceramic Sets $19.85 2 lbs 220 sharpening grit $14.95 Andis 23 tooth top blades $14.85 CLIPPER PARTS & REPAIR • SINCE 1988 • TIM SOLLMAN

897 23⁄8 St • Clayton, WI 54004 • 715-641-1057 • Parts and service for all makes. Authorized Distributor • Accepting Visa, Mastercard & Discover



7HO10228 De-Su GULF-ET*BY (EX-90) Bolton x (EX-90-EX-MS-DOM) Shottle x (VG-86-GMD-DOM) O MAN +3.62UDC +2.84T +1,283M +106CFP 2.59SCS +3.2PL +2214GTPISM

GULF is the only active sire to rank among the top 10 in the breed for both UDC and GTPI! A Bolton son, he makes the profitable kind dairy producers love to milk. With terrific production, GULF daughters have beautiful mammary systems (+3.62UDC) with tremendous rear udder height and width. He makes a great cross on PLANET, ALEXANDER and MOSCOW daughters. Call your Select Sires representative and place your order for GULF today!


1270 Bestul Rd • Scandinavia, WI 54977 Phone 715-345-2921 • Fax 715-342-4270


2014 NORTHWEST IL SIZZLER SALE Friday, May 16th • 7:30 PM Freeport, IL • Stephenson Co Fairgrounds Fancy show calves and fresh young cows sell! Accepting consignments Sale Sponsored by the: NW IL Holstein Club For Info: Jerry Smith • 815-275-6684 Brett Zimmerman • 815-541-6510


12/13 Genomic Rel. USDA-CDCB/HA: Yield 94%, Type 93%, PL 82%, SCS 89%. GULF semen qualifies for export to Canada. ™DIAMOND SELECTion is a trademark of Select Sires Inc. SMTPI is a servicemark of Holstein Association USA. GULF's ranking is based on the Active A.I. list, December, 2013.

De-Su 377 (VG-85), De-Su Holsteins LLC, New Albin, IA


Telephone: (614) 873-4683 X





3%:30-% 8*$)".1*0/4)*14)08 

5)43130%6$5*0/8*//&3 8*$)".1*0/4)*14)08 

/%43 8*$)".1*0/4)*14)08 

/%433&4*/5&3.&%*"5&$)".1*0/  26&#&$413*/(4)08 

/%43#&45#0 8*%*453*$54)08  458*/5&3:-(+3$)".1*0/ 8*$)".1*0/4)*14)08 

'3&4)*/%&$&.#&3"/% $06-%#&5)&:30-%'035)&413*/(






5):30-% 38'384)08 

(3"/%$)".1*0/ ./45"5&4)08 

45+33&4*/5&3.&%*"5&$)".1*0/ 8*3845"5&4)08 

5):30-% */5µ-384)08 

%6&#"$,4&15&.#&3 5)$"-':30-%'035)&'"--

45+3 &"45&3/413*/(/"5µ-384)08 


/%433&4*/5&3.&%*"5&$)".1*0/  .8413*/(384)08 

/%43 38'384)08  3%43 */5µ-384)08 



/0.""38413*/(:-(  %6&*/."3$)"/%8*--#&3&"%:'035)&4)084

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! FRIDAY, MARCH 28 SALE: 3 - 8 PM | BARBEQUE: 5 - 8 PM SATURDAY, MARCH 29 SALE: 10 AM - 3 PM | JUDGING CONTEST: REGISTRATION AT 10 AM, CONTEST BEGINS AT 11 AM. ALL INQUIRIES AND PRE-REGISTRATION CAN BE EMAILED TO CWANNER@MILKSOURCE.NET '0--08640/'"$&#00,58*55&3'034"-&61%"5&4 '"$&#00,$0..*-,4063$&0358*55&3$0..*-,4063$&."/ 4&&,*/("44*45"/5)&3%4."/°$0/5"$5+".*&&/%7*$,'03.03&*/'03."5*0/

+".*&&/%7*$, (&/&5*$4)&3%."/"(&3 ]+&/%7*$,!.*-,4063$&/&5 +0)/7045&34]+*.04530.



March 2014




2 29HO16909 9H O1 69 0 9 L Larcrest a rc re s t


-ETT -E 99% I

Mogul x Observer x Ramos x SHOTTLE

The A ABS BS B Primetime® lineup off offers ers a div er ers diverse erse rse group of high h ranking sires ffrom rom the indu industry’s u ustry’s ustry sm most soughtafter afte er co cow w ffamilies. amilies. From the w world o orld reno renowned w e co wned wne cow w ffamily, amil mily, The C Cosmopolitans, osmopo p litans, C COMMANDER OMMAND MM ER off offers ffe ff ers the complete plete pack package age ffor o or pro proven ven suc success ccess ess and profitabilit profitability profitability.. Pedigree, P edigree, TPI, NM$, N NM T Type, ype, Prod Production, uction,, Health and Longevity — he has h it all. Look to C COMMANDER OMMAND M ER and the div ersity of ABS BS Primetime b u to ffulfill ulls ulfill breeding diversity bulls g oals l anywhere h iin n the h w orld! ld! goals world! Call y our loc al ABS represe representat ive toda ttoday y to place your local representative your order. your

full sister to dam: Larcrest Cale-ET VG-89 (photo: Beth Herges)

24 22448 48 +78 33.21 77844 +3.21






USD A-CDCB gPT A/PTA 12/13 Rel. 772% USDA-CDCB gPTA/PTA 2%

mgd: Larcrest Crimson-ET EX-92 / 3rd dam: Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87

Road d, DeForest, DeForest, WI, USA ©2014 ABS Global, Inc. • 1525 River Road, 1.800.ABS.STUD •

BALANCED & BEAUTIFUL! 2013 Unanimous All-American Senior 3 Yr Old Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo Reserve All-Canadian Senior 3 Yr Old 2012 Unanimous All-American Senior 2 Yr Old Res Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo All-Canadian Senior 2 Yr Old

BUTZ-BUTLER GOLD BARBARA EX-92 2-6 305 26,192 4.3 1136 3.2 842 3-7 214 26,257 3.6 955 2.6 692 Inc Owned by: Matt Iager DVM, Ernie Kueffner, River Valley Dairy and St. Jacobs


737 Isom Rd • San Antonio, TX 78216 • 1-800-458-2302 •



March 2014

8th Edition

NICC Dairy Club Sale

Selling 75 Holsteins & Jerseys • Sat, March 29, 2014

11:30 AM • Fayette Co Fairgrounds • West Union, IA

Our-Favorite Okiilanee-ET

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy

Scientific Skyler Rae-ET

Henkeseen Whitney-ET

Lar-Lan KK Goldwyn Ann-ET

GP-83 • GTPI +2127





12/13 GTPI +2353 Halogen sells from 36,400M 1530F • 104,000 LT 32,200M 1047F 29,400M 1230F • 172,200 LT 2Y 31,600M 1195F this Man-O-Man’s GTPI +2345 Mogul. Grand & Supreme WDE & RWF 2011 Braxton due to Atwood in Sept sells. Selling her great-gr’dtr by Dolman. Selling her P9 GTPI +2271 Mogul dtr Next dam EX DOM Shottle 38,800M Selling her Sept Atwood gr’dtr. Dam Dam VG-87 30,600M 1600F 158,500 Dam VG-86 EX-MS 27,400M 1000F born 4/13. Also selling her McCutchen 1500F. Select Sires VG-87 EX-MS Aftershock. Farnear LT x Skyler. Prairie Gold/Kaufmann 123,000 LT. Henkeseen Holsteins sister born 8/13. Elsbernd Farms

Corstar Louis Jenga-Red-ET

Hendel-Vatland Sam Tara-ET

Ernest-Anthony SD Tobi-ET

Ms Morningview Annette-ET

Budjon-JK Lee Emotion-ET



3E-96 DOM



3Y 19,800M 910F 37,800M 1540F • 158,900 LT 44,090M 2190F • 151,900 LT 2Y 28,580M 1300F 34,400M 1650F Selling her RED Attitude dtr fresh Selling her Big Time dtr born 5/13. Selling her Fever gr’dtr born 9/13. Dam Selling her Mogul dtr born 6/13. Her Roy gr’dtr sells carrying an 12/13. Gr’dam VG-88 with 22,200 Gr’dam VG GMD Outside 32,300M VG-88 Roy with 3y 25,660M 1048F. Gr’dam VG-87 GMD DOM O-Man Observer female. Dam 7th gen EX 1013F 126,900 LT. Cory Salzl 1470F. Hendel Farm Jim & Janet Kappers with 2Y 34,200M 1610F. Tim Schmitt Elegance. Traeger Dairy • RED Destry fresh Dec. Dam VG • Colt P due 9/14. Dam EX EX-MS • 5/13 Supersire GTPI +2184. Dam a Freddie GTPI +2262 from VG-86 Pronto 37,100 1520F and 2nd dam 25,900 1070F 2Y; 2nd dam EX-90 2Y 38,570 1648F 1327P, 1st Nat’l 2E-93 42,700 2010F 110,000 LT. EX-MS 29,700 1160F 123,400 LT; Protein. Toppy Hill Schutte & Scott 3rd dam 3E-94 1160F; 4th dam 4E 220,000 LT. Henkes/Lands-Brook • Regancrest Colton sells fresh. Dam a • Fresh RED Acme. Dam VG-86 Jasper x EX EX-MS x EX-95 EX-MS VG Design 28,370 1040F, 2nd dam • 11/13 Atwood. Dam EX Outside 27,500 1040F 136,400 LT. Willolea 27,900 1070F. Also a fresh Atwood 30,600 1080F 172,100 LT. and her Bolton dam 29,080 945F. Reinartz Holsteins • 4/13 Observer. Gr’dam VG-86 Canoe Ridge Dairy 29,180 1125F 143,000 LT, 3rd dam • VG-88 Aspen fresh 12/13. Dam VG Avonlea D Jude Karmel EX GMD DOM Mtoto 39,900 Stormatic 27,700 114,700 LT. 3rd • GTPI +2153 10/13 Massey. Dam EX-94 1420F 174,880 LT. Rockstar Genetics VG O-Man GTPI +2054 2Y 34,500 dam VG Mandel 35,780 1234F. 19,730M 847F 1270F; 2nd dam VG 32,600 1250F; • Lambert due July to Big Apple-Red. Alan Dykshorn Selling her 9/13 gr’dtr by Arrival. Dam 3rd dam 2E-92 GMD DOM Shottle Dam VG-88 EX-MS Storm 36,600 • 9/13 Jersey calf. Sire BW Venerable. EX-90. Ashley & Megan Bushman 41,300 1530F; 4th dam VG-85 1660F 104,000 LT. Gr’dam 2E-90 Dam EX-91 23,060 995F. Gr’dam GMD DOM. Tim Schmitt Rubens 26,090 1030F. Joseph Martin EX-94 37,140 1734F. David Allen

Sale hosted by: Dairy Center 1527 Hwy 150 • Calmar, IA 52132

watch for Chairs: Kelsey Ristau-Tienter 507-440-1328 more information Derek Koch 563-422-7712 regarding the Jodi Wolfeknole 563-920-2220 NICC ONLINE Dairy Club Advisor: Dave Lawstuen EMBRYO AUCTION! 563-419-3870 cell • 563-534-9957 x112

Spring for C olors @ Elkhorn

100 Head of the Right Kind Sell! Brown Swiss | R & W | B & W | Guernseys | Jerseys Ayrshires | Milking Shorthorns Sponsored by: Hillpoint Partners • Sunshine Genetics • Elite Dairy

A unique offering of Quality Genetics Deep Cow Family Roots - Genomics - Top Show Type It’s a Mother’s Day Weekend Celebrating Maternalism

Check some of the Early Features: Brown Swiss: “VG89/2y” Power Surge from 5 “Ex” dams including Jetway Toni “4xAA” / Selected calves from the National Champions Molly, Treats, Wammy and Gloria. R&W/B&W: Winning Barbwire granddaughter of Redrose Also a Colt P x Rily x Renita Ranger “4xAA/2x Nat. Champ” Guernseys: Aaron and Fame daughters of Destiny Child “E95” 2x Madison Champ. Next 2 dams “E93” and “E96”. Jerseys: 3/13 Impression x Lisa “E92”, dam of 11 All American Nominees. A 12/12 Topeka x Fizz “E91/2x Ohio winner”. Ayrshires: 4 members of the “D” family including a Dreamer calf from the breed’s only 9th generation “Ex”. Milking Shorthorn: Liriano bred heifer from 2 gen. All Amer A 9/12 Moonshine from Stella “E96”/Madison Champion. THERE’S MUCH MORE TO COME You will like what you see - All Colors for All Tastes. Follow selection progress in the Connection or online: Contact us if you’d like to participate Wayne E. Sliker 937.477.6304 Brian Garrison 614.264.3240

Sale Directed by

MODERN ASSOCIATES 937.477.6304 email:

Norm Peterson, Auctioneer 507-421-3890 Alan Dykshorn, Pedigrees 712-441-0686

• EX-91 EX-MS BWM Leader 36,500 1500F. Lance & Joanna Schutte • Bogart due in July with Emphasis female. Dam VG-86 Outside 34,660 1292F 211,970 LT x GP-83 DOM Rudolph 33,860 1120F 205,200 LT. Reinartz Holsteins • 10/13 Planet. Dam an Alexander from VG-86 Toystory 32,780 1070F. Trail Side Holsteins • Jeeves fresh 1/14. From GP-83 Throne 30,740 1245F x 2E-90 Jolt 27,950 1110F x EX-91 EX-MS 25,490 x 2E-92 Blackstar 35,440 150,000 LT. Daniel & Tim Stender For catalogs & more info contact:

PETE’S AUCTION & PHOTO, Inc. 507-352-4162 •

catalog online after March 19th at AND



PO Box 409 • Eden Valley, MN 55329 608-365-3332 •

Breeding-age bulls for sale


Lyon Jerseys

2621 K Ave • Toledo, IA 52342 641-484-3129 Joe • 641-484-2299 Eric

SEMEN • MISC. IDENTIFY changes in milk conductivity linked to changes in somatic cell counts (SCC). MONITOR suspect individuals and cows freshening between DHIA tests. Easy as 1-2-3! 1. Strip small amount (1 or 2 squirts) of MAS-D-TEC® pre- or post-milk from 1 quarter into the measures conductivity funnel at top of Mas-D-Tec®unit. Wipe - FAST teats before stripping the sample. to identify affected quarters. 2. Wait a few seconds for LED display to light Operates on a 9-volt battery (included).

Why these producers rely on Mas-D-Tec “The Mas-D-Tec® is easy for our milkers to quickly check any cow in the parlor during milking and get an immediate conductivity reading,” says Ryan Shores, milking 400 cows at CR Dairy, Ulster, Pa. “It’s user-friendly. No training required. Just strip a little milk into the cup, and it lights up with a reading right away. This could not be simpler.” Jeff and Adam King of York Springs, Pa. have also relied on their Mas-D-Tec since they bought their first one 12 years ago. They milk 90 cows at Pleasant Acres and now have 2 Mas-D-Tec units to be sure they never are without one. “We use it to test milk on any quarter we have suspicions of subclinical mastitis,” says Adam. “We also use it to check our fresh cows before putting their milk in the tank. This tool identifies issues so we can make decisions.

up. A reading in White: no concern. A reading in Red: suspect mastitis. Repeat previous steps with the next quarter to be checked. 3. The whole process takes 5 seconds per quarter. The introduction of each new milk sample effortlessly purges previous sample.

“The Mas-D-Tec definitely helped us reduce our SCC and keep it between 150 and 180,000 by identifying quarters with high conductivity before clinical signs,” he adds. Chris and Laura Landis of Worth-The-Wait Farm, Durlach, Pa. rely on their Mas-D-Tec after buying one to work on lowering a high SCC problem 4 years ago. “Our SCC is now consistently around 130,000” they report. At Chapels Creamery Farm near Easton, Md., Eric and Holly Foster make cheese. Farm manager Courtney Biggs focuses on getting high quality milk production from the 60 Jerseys. They use the Mas-D-Tec to identify quarters with subclinical mastitis in cows showing up on the DHIA ‘hot list.’ “The Mas-D-Tec pinpoints problems so we can make decisions and take action,” says Biggs. “We use it to check fresh cows, particularly those that dried off at elevated SCC levels. We would not want to be without this tool.”

Available where Udder Comfort is sold Questions, toll free: 1.888.773.7153 Visit for demonstration videos — Visit for other information

March 2014




March 2014

The Spring Happening Sale

Saturday, March 29, 2014 • 11:00 AM Lismore Dairy • Arkport, NY

Featuring a partial dispersal of the ZiemBarbWay herd and the best that Roll-N-View, Lismore and Oakfield Corners have to offer!

LISMORE LIESEL DIANE Pictured 2 weeks fresh, she’s sired by Penn-England Liesl 628A from an EX Shottle from the Ravens. Diana has 2 Supersires selling: one a 3/1/13 GTPI +2446 +1973M +85F +54P +5.2PL +3.27T; the other GTPI +2304 & both flush age! Their Mogul sister also sells (genomics in March.) Lismore 607-295-8241



6-0 2x 365 36,770 3.4 1265 3.0 1090 3E-95 GMD DOM This branch of the Finesse family is 6-0 2x 365 50,470 3.1 1558 3.5 1774 making its own name. Add Fleurel’s Life 229,970 3.3 7675 3.4 7706 beautiful Atwood Fall Calf to your HM All-American 125,000 lb 2007 string. Oakfield Corners 585-704-2501 3rd 125,000 lb Cow Int’l 2007 Also selling a Hero from Fleurel’s EX 10 EX dtrs & 2 EX granddtrs to date! Goldwyn. Stylish, silky, black Spring Lizzy’s awesome Atwood Fall Calf & Yrlg ready for the tanbark. several more from this family sell. Kevin & Barb Ziemba 315-730-0201 Kevin & Barb Ziemba 315-730-0201




4-0 2x 365 31,402 4.3 1351 3.2 1003 Grand Champ ON Spring Show 2012 2nd Aged Cow Int’l Holstein 2011 Res All-American 2008 & 2010 HM All-Canadian 2008, 2009 & 2010 Her beautiful fresh Sr 2 Yr Old Sid sells. She’ll blow you away! Todd Galton 585-739-9958

4-5 3x 365 29,230 3.4 992 3.1 920 Selling from this Durham is a potential EX Atwood already VG-86 2Y and fresh again! A Sr 3 Yr Old for this year and from the Queen of the Breed finalist Chief Adeen family. Andy Merry 607-382-4154

1-11 2x 173 18,820 4.4 823 3.0 560 Inc This Man-O-Man sells preg to Kingboy and due in Oct! A 9th gen VG/EX Laurie Shiek from a VG-89 1* Shottle and EX-92 Bolton. Her Supersire dtrs ranging from GTPI +2350 to +2432, flush age and stylish, also sell! Ziemba 315-730-0201



LADYHOLM LENORE-ET 2E-92 3-7 3x 305 35,830 3.5 1238 2.9 1036 This amazing 6th gen EX Blitz has a fancy 6/1/13 Shadow that sells! Next dams 2E-94 DOM 207,000 LT, 3E-95 Res All-American Larrisa. Oakfield Corners 585-704-2501

2-4 3x 365 30,020 3.5 1044 2.9 861 Nom All-American R&W 2012 & 2013 Her Numero Uno gr’dtr sells bred 1st Winter Calf & Res Jr Champ 1/11 to Halogen. She’s GTPI +2364 Premier Nat’l Jr R&W Show 2012 +1941M +103F +60P +4.3PL +3.01T! 1st Winter Calf AADS R&W 2012 Robust dam looks the part! Exciting She sells just fresh! From a VG contract family! Lismore 607-295-8241 Rampage x EX-93 GMD R-M Tammy. Todd Galton 585-739-9958



All-Can Mature, Res Grand RWF 2006 6-9 2x 365 33,334 3.9 1303 3.5 1159 Flashy, massive EX-91 EEEVE Damion sells fresh and will show as 5 Yr Old! She made 3-9 3x 365 32,820 4.0 1299 3.8 1238. Her dam is Cristal’s 3E-91 GMD 1448F Rubens, & her 2E-94 GMD DOM sister was Nom Jr All-Am! Big timer! Riverview 607-435-0792

From VG-87 Baxter x VG-89 DOM Shottle WinEmAll. Selling is Wine’s full sister due 9/5/14 to Kingboy; she will be one of the first milking McCutchens in the world! GTPI +2304 +661NM +1490M +60F +46P +3.06T and full sister to Wonka 7H12175 at Select Sires. Kevin & Barb Ziemba 315-730-0201

CARPSVIEW DESTRY EXQUISITE *RC VG-88 EX-MS 2Y 1-11 2x 172 15,620 3.5 554 2.9 488 Inc HHM All-NY Jr 2 Yr Old 2013 3rd Jr 2 Yr Old NY St Fair 2013 She sells due in July to Absolute. 11th gen VG/EX from EX Jeeves. Also selling her show-fancy *RC 6/13 Colt P! Kevin & Barb Ziemba 315-730-0201



4-9 2x 365 33,740 3.9 1299 3.0 1007 All-American 2004 • 2X Res All-Am 2nd calf Atwood bred to Corvette sells, looks to be EX in near future & made 1162F @ 1-10. Dam is Tamara’s VG-86 1150F Dundee. Lismore 607-295-8241

5-10 3x 365 36,850 3.9 1452 3.0 1094 Mark Cookie’s 12/12 Mayfield FANCY. She sells open and ready to flush! Cookie is an Outside x Durham Buttercup 2E-94 DOM, 2nd NY Fall National 125,000 Lb 2008. Andy Merry 607-382-4154 SALE STAFF: Dave Rama . . . . . . . . . . . . . 607-435-0792 Horace Backus. . . . . . . . . . 315-963-7012 Rick Verbeek. . . . . . . . . . . . 614-580-8662 Tom Harkenrider . . . . . . . 607-279-3160 Jamie Black . . . . . . . . . . . . . 518-353-2606 Don Welk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 717-575-4700 Kevin Ziemba. . . . . . . . . . . 315-730-6673 Barclay Phoenix . . . . . . . . 905-431-8340

Flush-age genomics! Show-age heifers and cows! If you want it, we will have it! Mark your calendars now and make space in your show strings! BRIGEEN-HH SEPT ST LULU-RED 2E-91


3-10 2x 365 29,660 4.2 1258 3.2 958 A RED 4/13 Barbwire sells. Mat sister was 1st Milking Yrlg @ Royal! Dam is St Lulu’s EX 1558F Advent! 5 gens of EX Lulu dams! Lismore 607-295-8241

6-02 3x 365 30,560 3.2 989 3.2 991 Her stylish 6/5/13 Goldsun sells! Next dam 2E-92 DOM Storm Bailey 1205F. Oakfield Corners 585-704-2501

CATALOG ONLINE 2 weeks prior to the sale at

Barron Spring Classic

ZBW-FC SAN FIASCO Jr Champ St Lawrence Co Show 2013 5th Winter Yrlg NY State Fair 2013 HHM All-NY Winter Calf 2012 Jr Champion CNY Show 2012 Sanchez x EX-91 Durham, 10th gen Elie Gay! She sells due the end of May to Gold Chip! Kevin & Barb Ziemba 315-730-0201

Sale Host

Managed by/Catalogs:

LISMORE DAIRY Andy Merry 607.382.4154 • 607.295.8241 8969 State Rt 961F Arkport, NY 14807

DAVE & MERRY RAMA • AU-204463-E 4236 Co Hwy 18 • Delhi, NY 13753 • 607-746-2226 • -2911 fax

Sat, April 12, 2014 • 11 AM Barron, WI • Downtown Sale Pavilion More Selling:

Arethusa Mels Mystique VG-89

Hazel-Bush Flap Flower 2E-94

3-10 2x 365 29,950 4.0 1191 3.1 927 Dec Atwood from Mystique sells. Next dam 3X All-American Hillcroft Leader Melanie EX-96. Next dams VG-89, VG-89, and VG. Bremer

4-5 2x 365 59,160 4.2 2471 2.9 1744 182,580 4.1 7560 3.1 5585 LT 1st 125,000 lb Cow Midwest Fall Nat’l ‘12 2nd 150,000 lb Cow Midwest Fall Nat’l ‘13 2011 Star of the Breed • WI Top Performer 4Y Flower’s Sept Goldwyn sells. Beth Nelson

• Fresh Fever milking 100#/day x EX-91 Roy, 8th gen EX Roxy x AA Debutante Rae. Nunes • Sid from EX-90 Willows-Edge Durham Virgo. Next dams: 88, 91, 85, 86, 92 & 86. Beth Nelson & Aaron Johnson • Dec Atwood x VG-85 Dundee with 29,480 3.5 1038 3.2 956. Marshland Farms • RED Sept Redburst x GP-83 Reality-Red. Next dams: 85, 90 Burgundy, & 3 VG dams. Beth Nelson • Sept *RC Apple x VG x EX-90 Durham, 91 Festive, 95 Finesse & 2 more 94 dams. Bremer

Watch for more top consignments in the April issue! Sale Managed by: BARRON COUNTY HOLSTEIN BREEDERS ASSOCIATION Sale Chairman/Catalogs: Bob Lentz 715-764-2446 •

• • • •

POWER PAK PLUS CAPSULES The key to transition cow success Helps reduce costly DAs Time-tested Great for ET, IVF USA made

CALL TODAY! Alpha Genetics, Inc. 800.876.2500 920.650.1631

SEMEN • EMBRYOS • SALES • MISC. Pennsylvania Holstein Association High Quality Registered & Grade Holstein Cattle

Domestic or export sales: Springers • Open heifers Short breds • Whole herds

USDA Approved Quarantine Facilities

Upcoming Sales

Sat, March 1 PA Holstein Conv State College, PA

Sat, March 29 DE Valley College Green & Gold Sale Doylestown, PA

Thurs, April 3 Milk & More Sale Ronks, PA

Sat, April 12 Bradford County Calf & Hfr Sale Troy, PA

Sat, April 26 Central PA Spring Spectacular Sale Centre Hall, PA

See website for catalogs. PHA can find a great one or a truckload!

Call 1-717-329-9202 or

Embryo Recipients Mature virgin heifers tested and vaccinated. Send your embryos to us. Purchase pregnant recips or we can take them to live calf. Experienced. 563-212-1255

March 2014




March 2014

Wed., April 2, 2014 · Sale Starts at 11 a.m. Victoriaville QC

From Lila Z family !!!

Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn EX-95 2E

KHW Regiment Apple EX-96 3E 2+

Robrook Goldwyn Cameron EX-94

Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-94

Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza VG-89 2Yr

All-Canadian & All-American 2010 & 2011 Unanimous All-Am. & All-Can. 2013 All-American Mature Cow 2013 All-Am. Jr. 2-Yr-Old 2006 • Gr. Champ. R&W WDE 2011 All-American & All-Canadian 2011-2012-2013 1st Jr 3-Yr-Old & Inter. Champ. 2011 1st Jr. 2-Yr-Old 2013 Winner People Choice & H.M. All-World Daughter from her maternal sister 1st 4-Yr-Old & Grand Champion 2013 Inter. Champ. & Res. Gr. Champ. WDE, Madison 2011 1st Jr. 2-Yr-Old WDE, Madison 2013 Sup. Champ. & Champ. B&O WDE, Madison 2013 x Colt 45 sells & Sympatico sell H.M. Grand Champion WDE, Madison 2013 Her Dec. 2013 Numero Uno daughter sells with Her daughter, Fall Heifer calf Her fresh daughter, Sr. 2-Yr-Old x Sid sells Her full sister & her mat. sister x Jordan sell Also selling, from her clone sister Apple 3, x Doorman sells Also selling, her Fall Heifer calf x Atwood GPA LPI 3105, DGV 3243 Conf. +20, GTPI 2333 GPTAT 4.06 Grand Champion WDE 2013, a R&W Colt P Polled!!!

MS Elmvue Durham Kara EX-91

Boulet Goldwyn Chalou EX-95 3+

Res. All-Am. & M.H. All-Can. Mature Cow 2012 Dam: Country-Wood Encore Kaley EX-94 H.M. All-Am. Sr. 2-Yr-Old 2003 & All-Am. Sr. 3-Yr-Old 2004 Champ. B&O & H.M. Grand Champ. WDE, Madison 2012 Her full sister’s daughter x Windbrook sells, Dam is EX-92 2E Her Goldwyn daughter, due Sept. 2014, Milking Yearling for 2014

Scientific Gold Dana Rae-ET EX-95 2E

Regancrest Mac Bikasa-ET VG-89 1+

2nd 5-Yr-Old WDE, Madison 2012 8th generation EX from Debutante Rae Her daughter, Fall Heifer calf x Windbrook sells

1st 4-Yr-Old & Grand Champion Lanark 2012 Dam of Brokaw @+18 Conf. Her daughter, full sister to Brokaw sells Amazing Intermediate calf for 2014 !!!

Sale Managers:

Int'I inc.

Simon Lalande 514 239-5435 | Kim Côté 514 730-6362 Office: 450 258-2904 | Fax: 450 258-2913 | Saint-Placide, QC |

Roylane Shot Mindy 2079 VG 2Yr Following by 8 VG or EX dams Her Gr’Daughter by Davinci from a Snowman with GPA LPI 3564, DGV 3645, GTPI 2395 sells Early Davinci!

Wabash-Way-I Shottle Ember VG-86

Photos©Vicki Fletcher; Apple©Cybil Fisher

Pre-Sale brunch at 9:30 a.m. | R&W HO Show 4 p.m. HO QC Spring Show, Thursday, April 3, 8 a.m.

2014 National Spring Sale

Velthuis R Snowman Deluxe VG 2Yr

Dam: Co-Vista Atwood Desire VG-87 2Yr 2-03 365 17,275 kg 3.5% 601 3.3% 566 Brian Craswell 902 628-7537 | US Cell.: 563 568-8933 | Backed by 8 EX from Debutante Rae GLPI 3074 · Dam of Enforcer Amber Craswell 902 393-0888 | Her daus sell : #1 Liquid Gold GPA LPI @3359 Can. · GTPI 2322 (12/13) 11th gen. VG or EX from Elita Office: 902 963-3515 | Fax: 902 963-3070 Hunter River, PEI | & #5 Supersire GPA LPI @3401 Can. · GTPI 2358 (12/13) Choice of heifers x Chevrolet, Jacey, Jerod ou Cashcoin

R obot R eady™ Robot Ready™

O OVER VER R+ +2400 2400 4 G GTPI TPPI

Immunit y+™ Immunity+™

He althSmart™ HealthSmart™








0200HO03950 0200HO03950


2532 2532

3.18 3.18

92 92

2.53 2.53

899 899



0 200HO06540 0200HO06540


2 4 5 46 2465

3 .02 3.02

7 3 73

2.6 9 2.69

825 825



0 0200HO02935 200HO02935


2450 2450

2.70 2.70


2.62 2.62

879 879

7.2 7.2


0200HO07450 0200HO07450


2435 243 4 5




834 834


















































800-303-BULL (2855)




March 2014


moving genetics forward ®

FARNEAR-TBR-BH -ET Observer x Goldwyn | 534HO00010

GTPI +2372 | TYPE +2.72 UDC +2.84 | PL +6.7 | NM$ +827




-ET Observer x Goldwyn | 534HO00009

Colt P x Shottle | 534HO00008

GTPI +2311 | TYPE +2.92 UDC +2.51 | PL +6.6 | NM$ +755

GTPI +2075 | TYPE +3.03 UDC +2.79 | FLC +2.54 | aAa 531

Photos by Beth Herges | USDA/HA/CDN Genomic Evaluation 12/13


March 20, 2014 at 6 p.m. Wine and Cheese previewing at 5 p.m.

RF G RF Go Goldwyn olldw ld dw dwy wyn wy Hailey Hail Hai Ha H ileley eyy EX EXEX-97 X--97 2 2E E

KHW K H HW WR Regiment eggiiim egi ment me nt Apple App Ap ppl plele 3-R --Red-ETN Red--ET TN VG-89 V VG G-89 (MS:91) G(MS: MSS::91)

All-Canadian 2012 & 2013 Grand Champion & Madison 2012

Grand Champion R&W Madison 2013 Unanimous All-American R&W 4-Yr-Old 2013

Her Mat. Sister x Alexander sells fresh

Her R&W Destry daughter sells, Sr. Calf for 2014

Pappys Pa P app ppys ys Goldwyn Go oldw ld dwy wyyn R RaveRave-ET avve--ET T VG-88 VGV G--88 2Yr 2Y Yr 2nd Sr. 2-Yr-Old WDE Madison 2012 All-Canadian 2011& All-American 2011

Her Sid daughter sells, Inter. Calf for 2014

Heritage Park, Chilliwack, BC

The day before BC Spring Show

Poelman Po P oellm man G ma Go Goldwyn oldw ld dw dwy wyn wy Margo Mar Ma M arg rgo go VG-89 VGV G--89 (MS:90) (MS::90)

Tuytel T uyyteel G u Go Gold old Luxury Lux Lu L uxu xur ury ry EX EXEX-94 X--94

Butz-Butler Bu B uttztzz---B B Bu utlleer G Go Gold olld d Barbara Bar Ba arrba bar ara raa--ET ET T EX EXEX-92 X--92

Grand Champion Chilliwack 2013 Grand Champion BC Fall Harvest 2012-13

All-American 2012 & 2013 Res. All-Canadian & Inter. Champion Madison 2013

Her Full Sister sells, Goldwyn Senior Calf for 2014

McCutchen Jr. Yearling @2085 GTPI from her VG-88 2Yr Full Sister sells

RockyMountain R ockyyM Mountaain i Goldwyn Go oldw ld dwy wyyn W Win Winnie in nniee VG-89 V VGG G--89 *RDC *RDC H.M. All-Canadian Jr. 2-Yr-Old 2012 All-Western Jr. 2-Yr-Old 2012

Res. All-Canadian Jr. 3-Yr-Old 2013

Her Mat. Sister x Fever sells, Summer Yearling for 2014

Photos©Cybil Fisher; Luxury©Frank Robinson; Margo©Vicki Fletcher


Miss Mis M isss Paradises Paraadis ise sees Presence-ET Preseence--ET T VG-89 VGV G--89 2Yr 2Y Yr 10 10+

Ms P Pla Planet la anet C Cheri-ET herri-ET i--ET TV VGVG-86 G G--86 2Yr 2Y Yr ((MS:88) MS: S:8 :8 88)

Res. All-Canadian Sr. 2-Yr-Old 2005

2-03 365 15,367 kg 4.4% 678 3.2% 489 GTPI 2124, 10 gen. VG or EX

Her Dec. 2012 Gr’Daughter x Dempsey sells

1st Choice Kahuna calves, sells highest genomic

Her *RC Redburst dtr and her Sept. 2013 Fever Mat. Sister sell




William Wikkerink 250 743-9276 Brian & Amber Craswell 902 628-7537

T&L CATTLE LTD Tom & Laury DeGroot

604 819-2879


USA CONTACTS Tom Cull Chad Griffith Raymond Leblanc Joel Phoenix

Smithden S mitthdeen B Bolton olto ltto on Alexandria Alex leexa xaandria drria VG-86 VG--86 2Yr 2Y Yr

Hartford Ha H arrttfo orrd Colt-P Coltltt--P 315-Red-ET 315--R Red--ET

Bofran B ofra frraan Goldwyn Go oldw ld dwy wyyn R Rosany osany VG-88 VGV G G--88 2Yr 2Y Yr

2-02 365 15,345 kg 4.1% 624 3.5% 531

Polled with GTPI 2144, GPA LPI 2734 (12/13)

Her Uno daughter with GTPI 2237 sells

Her RC Polled ManOShan daughter with GTPI 2185 sells

1st Inter. Yearling Atlantic Championship Show 2013 1st Inter. Calf Atlantic Summer Show 2012

Selling Fresh Dec. 2013, might be the Sr. 2-Yr-Old for 2014!!!

920 960-0350 513 543-2315 802 249-2155 905 852-8062

Hampton Inn Chilliwack 1 604 392-4667 Best rates 2 weeks before with reference code: "TLS"

Catalogue online on www. ww ww w.craasda sd daaleefaarrm


March 2014



mo moving ving g genetics enetics forward forward ®

it’ it’ss

FAMILY F AM AMIL LY TIME all yyear ear rround ound

As the seasons change around around the globe, globe, the dairy indus industry try ccontinues ontinues tto o gr grow ow and ffeed eed the expanding world. While While these changes oc occur, e xpanding populations of the world. cur, one thing remains remains constant constant now Confidence known Cow and that is Family Family Time. We We no w have have more more Confidenc e & Reliability with our kno wn Co w Families embrace Chassity from powerful Regancrest F amilies tto o embr ace the opportunities of S Chas sity EX 92 fr om the po werful Regancr est PR example Jetstream Barbie EX92 ccow ow ffamily. amily. This is just just one e xample of the promise promise of Jets tream Genetics, as the sires COLT CASHCOIN CASHMONEY enhance sir es of COL LT 45, C ASHCOIN and C ASHMONEY will enhanc e yyour our ccow ow ffamily amily fforever. oreverr.

855.453.8787 855.453.8787 w /JetstreamGenetics / JetstreamGenetics @ JetstreamGen

Jets Jetstream tream Genetics semen is pr produced oduced and collected collected at Alt Alta a Genetics

Phot Photos os by Beth Her Herges ges | USD USDA A //CDN CDN / HA GENOMIC EV EVALUATION ALUATION 0 08/2013 8 /2013



March 2014


Owners: Henry & Mary Esh • 717.344.2905 • 2083 Forry Rd • Lancaster, PA 17601 Guest consignors include Golden Rose • Landis-MRK • Greenlea • Brandt-View • Warren Buckman • Ron Statler • New Life

Cedar-Dream Sanchez Lia VG-86

Welk-Crest Talent Carla VG-87

H-Forry Time Carmen GP-84

This stunning young Sanchez from 2 EX This fancy young Talent, 11th gen VG/EX, This potential 12th gen VG/EX sells due dams sells bred to Aftershock, along with sells due in June with a Goldsun female. this fall to Goldwyn, along with her 2 Fall Calves by Gold Chip. Her dtr Carmen (to right) also sells. Durable Fall Calf.

Golden-Rose Shot Rythm VG-85

H-Forry Aberlin Reba-ET

H-Forry Acme Resolution-ET

A potential 17th gen EX dtr of Pronto An early Aberlin from Shottle Rythm and An awesome, potential 18th gen EX dtr Ritzi EX-93 and barn favorite. She sells potential 18th gen EX! She will sell fresh, of Rythm. Already 62” and due March along with many daughters! along with dtrs by Atwood & Gold Chip. 1st, she sells along with dtrs by Sanchez, Aftershock, and Bradnick. The Sanchez Greetings to our will be IVF’d before the sale, which could friends & fellow dairymen! result in the breed’s 1st 20th gen EX! About 2 yrs ago, we started dreaming about selling our milking herd and young Sale managed by: heifers to start back 9 months later. In Feb 2009, we purchased a grade herd, but then decided to work our way into the Registered business. We began to register all our calves as they were born. We also bought into some popular cow families, Ms VisGen Rtly Mistie-Red EX-90 including the Royal Rosas of which we will This beautiful young Reality sells along be selling approximately 15 to 20 offspring. with her VG-87 RED full-blood sister! Please make plans now to join us in March! Same family as Miss Special EX-94; both ~ Henry & Mary Esh bred to Golden PP. Warren Buckman

Thursday, April 3, 2014 • 11 AM CST Elkhart County Fairgrounds • Goshen, IN GENOMICS • POLLED • RED & WHITES SHOW-CALIBER TYPE

- One Fabulous Family -- Two Fabulous Consignments -Gr’dam

Jo-Dee Nora Nillawafer 2E-93

VG-86 2 yr old sired by Trump, and due 8/2014 to Java

Sisters sell from Nillawafer’s EX-91 Power Surge. 3rd dam is Valligrove Jetway Nora 2E-93 All-American & WDE Grand Champion!

Fancy, full-aged Fall Calf sired by Java

67th Springtime Show Window April 5 • Elkhorn, WI March 15 • Brooklyn, WI

Sister Swiss Juda, WI • 608.426.1768 •

MORNINGVIEW SUPER ROXY VG-86 • GTPI +2162 #2 *RC/Red GTPI Cow of Breed One of the world’s highest GTPI PP hfrs sells! Selling high GTPI PP Ladd or Relief from Super Roxy's VG mat sister.

MS BRASILIAS SNOW-BLUE-ET GTPI +1973 BLUE is IMPRESSIVE, ONLY SNOWMAN x BRASILIA & MAT SISTER TO GOLD BARBARA! Blue sells fresh, ready for national shows - her offspring are testing well in Europe.

PINE-TREE 2149ROBST 4846-ET DYMENTHOLM SUNVIEW VG-85 VG-MS • GTPI +2366 SUNDAY-ET GTPI +2246 #4 GTPI Cow of the Breed Sunday is fresh and will be scored and pictured prior to sale. Sunday’s Selling 1st choice Bombero or MAS from 4846’s fancy McCutchen, builtGTPI +2329 Predestine sells. in PA +2434.

Also selling a large number of pedigreed, fresh, fancy young cows and bred hfrs due soon!

ZIMMERVIEW SUPER SIMONE-ET VG-87 VG-MS • GTPI +2300 Super Simone is bred back and a potential EX. 1st choice Capital Gain or Kingboy sells from Simone’s Paradise dtr, Sully GTPI +2469, builtin PA over +2500!

MS APPLES ASHLITA-ET *RC GTPI +2037 Destined from All-American Apple 3E-96. Selling is Ashlita’s 1st choice Kingboy. Also selling 1st choice Capital Gain from *RC GTPI +2129 Supersire from Apple family.

1) Optimizes the breakdown and utilization of both Fiber and Starch. 2) Re-populates the natural rumen microbial flora daily. 3) Contains unique strains and ratios of both fiber and starch digesting bacteria; thus enabling the producer to feed diets that their inventory allows. Maximizing feed efficiency is the primary goal of each dairy operation. Golden Link Microbials enables the nutritionist to formulate a ration utilizing the available feed inventory, while optimizing milk production and herd health. For more information about Golden Link Microbials and our other Golden Link products, feel free to contact us at:

Online Catalog and Updates:



Sale Management: Jason Lamoreaux • 616-822-0101 11628 Old Belding Rd • Belding, MI 48809


732 State Route 89 • Polk, OH 44866


Distributors Wanted for OH, IN, MI, PA & NY


Boilermaker Legacy Sale The future begins here

March 2014



SATURDAY, MAY 3 West Lafayette, IN 1 PM

KHW REGIMENT APPLE-RED-ET 3E-96 DOM A 9/13 McCutchen sells from Apple’s VG GTPI +2252 Goldwyn. Apple Partners

Sunrose Jess *RC EX-94 Jr All-American, Nom All-Amer 5 Yr 2013 Gold Chip Spring Yrlg sells with 8 VG/EX dams. Dam is a VG Braxton from this beautiful Advent. Sunrose Holsteins

Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red-ET EX-90 A POLLED RED Spring Yrlg Colt P sells. Dam EX Mitey P x GP-83 Redliner x Perk Rae, 8th gen EX Roxy. Golden Oaks

Billings Hallmark Melanie EX-93 Her 4 #1 Comerica embryos sell. Next dams EX-93, EX-93, EX-91. Billings Farm

Ratliff F Prize Kay EX-93 Her 5 #1 Verbatim embryos sell. Next dam Avonlea D Jude Karmel EX-94! Krull

Catalog will be online at: • We are still accepting consignments! Sale Chairs: Doug Wicker • 765-561-4186 • Randy McAbee • 260-726-5137 • Craig Shaw • 812-447-2268 • Micah Matlock • 317-468-5103 •

BUDJON REDMARKER DESIRE *RC 4E-96 GMD Her Picolo Winter Calf and Action-Red Summer Yrlg sell. Budjon

TENNESSEE SPRING SPECTACULAR Sat, March 15, 2014 ~ 11:00 AM ~ Lebanon, TN James E. Ward Ag Center at Wilson County Fairgrounds

BUDJON-JK EMILYS EDAIR-ET EX-95 EX(96)MS An Atwood Winter Yrlg sells from this 8th gen EX Elegance. Budjon

MISS HIGHLIGHT TRILLIUM 2E-94 EEVEE Her fresh Advent Jr 3 sells with a Dec Braxton. Next dam 3E-94. Toddsdale

Sale Managed By: TN Holstein Assn • Sale Chairman: Seth Major 615-478-8859 Catalog on • Online bidding at Sale Staff: Lynn Lee, auct....615-390-6312 Ryan Gardner ....931-698-2126 Seth Major ..........615-478-8859 Dee Todd ............931-993-4310

Chuck Patrick ....931-703-6830 Tim Riley ............615-714-8090 Jared Major ........615-210-3207 Larry Kleiner ......217-827-3468



March 2014

67th Springtime Show Window 11:00 AM • Sat, April 5, 2014 • Elkhorn, WI 80 Head • Walworth Co. Fairgrounds • 80 Head

R-WATERLOO COMPLETE REGISTERED HOLSTEIN DISPERSAL TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 2014 • 10:30 AM • GAP, PA Owners: Reuben & Naomi Beiler & Family • 717-368-4292 6133 Old Philadelphia Pike • Gap, PA 17527

220 LOTS! 110 COWS • 110 HEIFERS! Fully vaccinated using Bova-Shield Program! RHA 25,340M 937F 760P

Kulp-Gen Legacy Tiara ET 2E93/94m Res Grand Eastern Show 2013 Her 9/13 Braiden sells! GD V88/92m GGD Tippy 2E94/93m 2X All American

Kulp-Gen Starbuck Shania 4E94/95m 2X All American – A 6th generation EX! Shania has a 9/13 Brookings selling with mat sisters: 2E94-2E93-2E92-2E91-2E91

Outstanding Offerings

Dublin-Hills P Pineapple 3E93/92m All Am Sr 3 & Grand Eastern Nat 2001 Titanium & Bosephus daughters sell from her V87 Bonanza!

2 From Snickerdoodle 5E94/97m 10/12 Bonanza x Snicker Time E92 10/12 Blue Chip x Snicklicious E91 6/13 Teaton x Ryleen E92 All Am

* 3/13 Total from 5 EX dams. The Vixie family! * V86 2y Trump. Dams E91, 2E93, Nora 2E93 * 3/12 Tanbark. Dam 2E90/91m. GGD Bouquet 3E94 * Fresh Farve 3y. Dam 2E90/90m. Direct to Jinx 3E * Fresh Dillinger Jr 2. Dam E90. GD AA Shirlan 3E93 * Fresh Alloy Sr 2. Dam 2E90. GD 2E91/93m * 6/13 Tanbark. GD V88 27736. GGD Flyhi 2E93/94 * 12/13 Tanbark. GD Butterfly 3E94/95m All Am * E90/90m Plural due 4/20. Dam V with 29,740 * Fresh Grandslam Sr 2. Dam 2E92/92m. GD 2E90 * 12/12 Dally. Dam 2E91. GD 3E94 Dixie All Am! * 12/13 Brookings. Dam E91/92m 33,920 1171p * Springing Koors. Dam E90. GD Coll Party 2E93. * Supreme Sr 3, super udder. Great cow family * Jr 2 by Viceroy. Dam 2E91/91m. GD E90 33,110 * Fancy 4Y Agenda fresh, 2 VG dams. Must see!

Add Milk to Your List

•12 young cows from Double W Dairy, CO: * V86 2y Driver with 30,940 +510NM$. Dam 3E91 BROWN SWISS SALE SERVICE LLC * V86 Driver with 28,610 4.2f 3.8p - Sells fresh Norman C. Magnussen * V88/90m Ransom sells fresh. GD 3E90/91m PO Box 146 • Lake Mills, WI 53551 •Dennis Roloff, WI sends 6 with full pedigrees: * V87 Pudding 36,040 & her E90 daughter! 920-648-2428 • cell 414-916-2428 * V87 Billijo 29,470 & her Wonderment Jr 2! online catalog: * V86/88m Pet & her 6/12 Grandslam!

R-Waterloo Advent Lavina VG-87

R-Waterloo Redliner Norway

1-11 365 25,157 3.6 907 3.0 751 Lavina sells due in June to Pure-Gold. Should be an easy EX with 2nd calf! Dam is a VG-87 Damion with 24,000 4.0F!

This fancy Redliner sells fresh in Dec and off to a great start. Her POLLED Colt P Dec calf also sells.

R-Waterloo Shottle Vanessa GP-84 VG-MS

R-Waterloo Tribute Virginia VG-88 EX-MS

Proj to 23,000 950F, she sells due back in Aug to Goldstar. Dam a VG-86 Advent with 28,000 1000F, 2nd dam VG-88 246,000 LT.

3-0 365 31,791 3.2 1021 2.9 926 This young Tribute will be EX next score! She has two VG-88 dams with loads of milk. She sells with her Durable dtr bred to Freeze!

R-Waterloo Supreme Veronico EX-90

Hill-Over Potter Bain 2E-92

3-1 348 31,531 3.9 1216 3.1 977 This EX Supreme sells making a big record & due back early fall. 2 dtrs sell by Damion & Pure Gold.

5-2 351 29,587 4.1 1211 3.2 957 Bain already over 100,000 & still going strong! She is safe to Shottle due in Aug. Dtrs sell by Damion & Lightning!

R-Waterloo Cnten Ginger-Red

R-Waterloo Dusk Lacey

Ginger is just one of many Contenders to sell! Due in May to Colt P. Also, her POLLED Lawn Boy sister sells.

Lacey is due in May to Aftershock, from 2 VG dams! She is an example of the over 100 wellgrown & fancy heifers to sell at R-Waterloo!

SALE MANAGER’S NOTE: A tremendous opportunity presents itself on March 25th for all dairymen who love great cows, great cow families, and great people! After 24 years of farming and developing an exceptional herd of cows, Reuben & Naomi & family have decided to disperse their herd in order to pursue a dream and calling to work in the Mission Field in the Ukraine.

THIS IS A TRUE BREEDER’S HERD. Everything is home bred, with a strong emphasis on type, managing for production, and developing deep cow families. We wish the Beilers the best as they leave in early April.They would like to invite everyone to be a part of their dispersal on March 25th in Gap, PA, Lancaster County.

Clinton County Classic


Sat, March 29, 2014 • 11:00 AM • Clinton County Fairgrounds • Carlyle, IL


• 50 miles east of St Louis

BUDJON REDMARKER DESIRE ROLLING-SPRING G ESCENCE RI-VAL-RE ADV SULLY-RED BUDJON-JK STORM EMILY-ET BVK ATWOOD ABRIANNA EX-92 4E-96 Nom All-American Jr 3 Yr Old 2013 2E-95 EX-92 2E-92 255,630 4.0 10,213 2.8 7204 LT 2nd Jr 3 Yr Old WDE 2013 4th gen All-American Nominee 5-3 365 35,058 3.8 1326 3.1 1093 4-8 365 41,090 3.7 1514 3.2 1329 All-American & Grand WDE 2005 Her Advent Spring Yrlg sells. Budjon-JK Int & Grand IL State Show & Fair ‘13 Her fresh Goldwyn 2 yr old dtr and Res All-American Sr 2 Yr Old 2005 Her Goldwyn Sept Calf sells. Butlerview Her *RC Action-Red Summer Yrlg sells. fresh Atwood 2 yr old gr’dtr sell. Her Gold Chip Fall Calf sells. Budjon-JK Budjon-JK Gueldner

K-LANE GIVENCY KALIE EX-92 3-1 365 34,755 4.1 1448 3.4 1082 Grand Champion IL State Fair 2009 Int Champion Southern Nat’l 2009 Her Windbrook gr’dtr sells. B-J-Grove Also a Braxton yrlg due after the sale from Kalie’s EX sister. K-Lane

BLUFF-RIDGE BONES DOLCE EX-90 BUDJON-JK DURHAM EMBRACE 2-2 305 18,190 4.0 721 3.6 651 2E-95 Nom Jr All-American Jr 3 Yr Old 2013 5-10 365 50,710 4.4 2207 3.2 1611 Res All-IL Jr 3 Yr Old 2013 Res All-American 4 Yr Old 2008 Res Int Champ Grand Nat’l Jr Show Nom All-American 5 Yr Old 2009 Atwood choice sells from her EX-92 Her Atwood Winter Yrlg sells. dam. Bluff-Ridge Budjon-JK

WILRA RAMOS 598-ET EX-90 4-10 305 33,700 4.1 1393 2.9 979 Her fresh Shamrock gr’dtr GTPI +2274 is selling choice of flush by Montrofs. Wilra has 3 dtrs over +2400 GTPI and 5 offspring to date over +2400 and up to +2529. Wilra

KHW REGIMENT APPLE-RED 3E-96 All-American Jr 2 Yr Old 2006 HHM All-American Jr 3 Yr Old 2007 Res Grand R&W WDE 2013 Selling a GTPI +2144 Numero Uno. Dams VG-87 Super x EX Stormatic x Apple. Erbsen

ALLYNDALE-I GOLDWYN AVERY VG-87 2-4 305 22,010 5.0 1100 3.3 737 Her dam is All-American Durham Atlee EX-92. Selling from Avery’s Domain dtr is a Mogul with a +2498G brother at Select. Claytoncrest

MS DUNDEE BELINDA EX-95 1-11 344 27,294 5.5 1493 3.1 842 Nom All-American Jr 2 & Jr 3 ‘09, ‘10 3rd 5 Yr Old WDE 2012 Full sister, Banner, was last year’s top seller. Banner’s 1st choice Goldwyn sells. Oertl

GOLDEN-OAKS CHAMP RAE 3E-93 6-4 365 41,590 4.1 1714 3.0 1240 Champ Rae’s VG-87 Aftershock has a Windbrook due 4/15/14 that sells. Heinzman, Oertl, Twenhafel Also a Bradnick Jr 2 due in June, gr’dtr of Champ Rae. Golden Oaks

RDF-CRAWF OUTSIDE RACHEL ERNEST-ANTHONY DURHAM CAMEO EX-91 EX-90 4-8 365 29,660 3.9 1156 3.1 929 5-2 365 32,280 4.3 1402 3.2 1044 Next dam R-Sapphire Charo 4E-94. 5th gen EX. Selling her fresh Damion. Heinzman Selling an EX Jasper from Cameo’s EX Gibson. Also selling a fresh Damion 2 embryo pkgs from Rachel: 5 Atwood from the Jasper. Woker and 5 Alexander. Oakfield

GOLDEN-OAKS MARK PRUDENCE BKB DURHAM ADRIANNA EX-91 MS MIRACLE ASTRO DAZZLE ERBACRES CONSTANTINE 3E-92 WESEMANN BEST VELOCITY 2E-92 149,560 Lifetime 3-4 365 27,774 4.4 1218 3.3 921 5E-95 GMD DOM • 350,800 Life 3-2 305 25,120 4.1 1021 3.2 816 2E-92 Selling an EX-90 Alexander with her From AA/AC 3E-97 Shoremar S Alicia. Selling her VG-87 Dundee gr’dtr. Dams Next dam EX-91 Skychief, then Linjet Nom Jr All-American Sr 3 Yr Old 2009 Jr All-IL Sr 3 Yr Old 2009 Bradnick Dec calf. An 11th gen EX Adrianna’s VG-87 Goldwyn dtr and her are VG x EX-92 x EX-94 x EX-93 x EX-90 Murphy EX-96. Dazzle’s VG-85 Sanchez Ludwig x EX-91. Kevin Erbsen 2 yr old sells. Wendling Her Atwood Fall Calf sells. Telgmann Prudence. B-Will 6/13 Dundee gr’dtr sell.

SAVAGE-LEIGH JASPER LEAH-ET EX-91 All-Indiana Sr 2 Yr Old 2011 Res Jr All-Indiana 4 Yr Old 2013 Selling her Goldsun Spring Yrlg. Gingerich

BAN-VIEW DURHAM ANGEL-ET WINDSOR-MANOR REVA-RED SCIENTIFIC DELUXE RAE-ET EX-91 PENN-GATE FESTIVE 2E-91 2E-94 EX-90 3-8 365 39,480 4.1 1635 3.3 1290 3-11 305 29,830 3.8 1142 3.2 952 4-6 365 33,410 3.3 1106 3.1 1021 Next dam Skychief Finesse EX-95, then 6-2 365 37,860 3.7 1406 3.3 1239 8th gen EX Roxy from EX-92 Debutante. Selling two June Headliners +2203 and Her Gold Chip sells just fresh. Also a two more EX-94. Selling 9/13 Atwood Selling 2nd choice Golden PP x Reva Goldwyn Sept Calf sells from the same choice from Festive’s VG-87 Goldwyn. from 5 hfrs born 12/13, all POLLED and +2111 from Deluxe’s Atwood. Claytoncrest family. Moroville Do-Del RED. Golden Oaks

MORE HIGHLIGHTS: • +2084 GTPI POLLED RED calf sells with a +1868 GTPI *PP full sister. No Lawn Boy. ...................................... ..................Weaver • RED Clover Spring Yrlg x VG-87 Goldwyn Jr Champ IL State show, back to Dellia. .............................................. ..........John Erbsen • Fresh Lavaman and VG-86 Talent go back to Ernlo Sheena Lynn EX-91 ..............................................................................Olbrich SALE COMMITTEE: Lucas Clanton . . . .618-322-3523 Bob Fruend . . . . . .618-920-5375 Larry Kleiner . . . . .217-827-3468

• Braxton yrlg due sale time x 9 gens EX. ................Rolling Lawns • Lucky-Red from 3 gens EX Ashlyns. ........................Schumacher • Fever Dec Calf x VG-86 Aftershock x Rubens Marla. ............Reed • Atwood Dec calf x EX-92 Dundee. ................................Zehrview • Fresh Braxton x Mohrfield Leduc Amy EX-92. ................Schluter

Ron Debatin . . . . .618-669-2833 Josh Huelsmann . .618-541-1326 Harvey Harpstrite . .618-224-9513

SALE CATALOGS: Lucas Clanton . . .618-322-3523 Kate Geppert . . .573-814-3148 Catalog Online at

• 6/13 Windbrook x EX-92 x 6 more VG/EX +100,000. Mil-R-Mor • 9/13 Fever x EX-93 x VG-86 x EX-90.................................Vercler • Dickey bred hfr and fresh Sanchez x the Rhineland Durham Amy family. ......................................................................Claytoncrest • Destry Jr 2 back to Rubens Marlene. ......................Claytoncrest

SALES FORCE: Scott Courtney . . .563-380-1318 Larry Kleiner . . . .217-827-3468 Dallas Burton . . . .785-806-9774

Kenneth Hall . . . .501-940-9711 Bruce Gingerich . .574-536-3061 Brian Olbrich . . . .815-482-7426

Saturday March 15, 2014, 12 Noon WFA Auction Facility, Brooklyn WI Hosted by the Green & Rock County Holstein Breeder Associations




Expression’s 2 Yr dtr by GOLDWYN sells Champion B&O, Grand Nat’l Jr. Show, 2005 & 2006. just fresh. 3rd dam EX-96 Elegance, making this one a Chloe’s spring ylg by DUSK sells! Mat. sisters: EX-93 Jr AA Fall potential 8th gen EX! Gruenenfelder/608-214-2842 Ylg in Milk, ‘10; EX-92 HHM Jr AA Winter Ylg, ‘10; & EX-90 Nom. Jr AA Jr 2, ‘06 Lee/DeBruin/716-939-0818

2 Yr AFTERSHOCK fresh end of Jan. out of Topaz’s EX-90 mat. sis. sells. From the Tate family. Dam is also mat. sis. to Artes w/5 more EX sisters. Jeffrey-Way/608-424-6382

Nillawafer’s Sept. g’dtr by JAVA sells! Dam is E91 by Power Surge, then Nillawafer, then AA Jetway Nora 2E-E93! Sister-Swiss/608-426-1768






RED Summer Ylg by FANTASY-RED from Reyfia’s EX Advent daughter. 8 EX dams, straight back to ROXY! Tall, Fancy & RED! Jake & Paige Hoesly/608-558-0739

1-11 3x 32,940M 3.6% 1,187F 3.2% 1,054P Fresh again 1-11-14 making 140#/day! Dam is an 86pt Duplex and G’Dam is Outside Barbie EX-90 2E GMD DOM, then EX-90 Lindy. Rieder/608-214-3390

Top 10,000 cow, Comet’s 2 full sisters by LIQUID GOLD, born in Nov. sell! 2nd dam is Cosmopolitan. A GTPI powerhouse family! McDonah/608-385-1592

A pair of g’dtrs sell. A spring ylg by ACME, +2192 GTPI and a fall calf by RELIEF, +2045 GTPI. Your chance to get in on this proven genomic family! Peck/608-444-8863

MORNINGVIEW SHTL LUCY-ET EX-90 DOM USDA Elite Cow, Locator List Cow, Top 10000 Cow Selling is Lucy’s NUMERO UNO April ylg. Schmitt/563-542-5590

HERITAGE-E GHETTO GAL This fancy Bolton, born 1/6/2013 sells. Dam is EX-91, next dam Narfa Sweet Rhyme Gal EX-92, HM AA Sr 3, 2008 & 1st 4 Yr Old, MW Spring Show 2009 Nick Sarbacker/608-698-2855

CALVES JAN. ATWOOD from 6 gens VG & EX! Teemar Holsteins/920-845-9054 DEC. DOORMAN sister to Scottmore Moregold (Select). One of the highest genomic Type calves in the breed at +4.22. Her full sis. sells on the Nat’l Sale.

Kathleen Scott & Reuter Dairy/ 563-590-3957 DEC. REDBURST Sister to Jr. AA R&W Hoesly Hvezda Kiss Me-Red. 5 gens VG & EX and she’s RED! Hoesly/608-558-0739 DEC. Show calf. 2 Yr old dam will be scored before sale, then 5 gens VG & EX!

Rock-I Holsteins/815-821-1909 DEC. Rickland PREDESTINE. Dam is USDA Elite cow, 2nd dam is genomic giant, Planet Silk EX-90! Dion/715-435-3379 DEC. GOLDSUN from a VG-86 Dundee. Next 2 dams are EX-90 Gibson & EX-90 Terrason. Reed/608-449-3146 DEC. ATWOOD from EX-93 Durham. Post/605-690-6393 DEC. Rose-Lyn Morty CRAFTSMAN. Dam is a VG-86 Stormatic with 37,000 4.3% 1609F 3.0% 1095P. 2nd Dam EX-92. Bur-Wall/608-279-4243 NOV. WILLPOWER. 2nd dam is Planet Silk EX-90 Josey 101 LLC/608-835-1592 SEPT. COSMOPOLITAN Dam is VG-86. 2nd dam is EX-91 DOM Goldwyn sister to Apple! Peck/608-444-8863 SEPT. PALERMO Dam is VG Arraid with EX-MS. Next 2 dams EX-91 & EX-92 2E.

Fischerdale/608-444-8905 SEPT. GOLDSUN Mat. sis. to Timlyn Champion Bobbie EX-91. Full sis. is EX-91 2E. Dam is EX! Smith/608-214-4730 SEPT. ASTEROID with VG-86 Astronomical dam. Meyer/262-724-3773 SEPT. LOU-P a Red Carrier from VG-86 Max dam. Next dam is Outside Barbie EX-92 2E GMD DOM. Arn/608-214-2643 SEPT. ATWOOD GP dam. 2nd dam VG-85, then Cousteau Indy. EX-93 3E.

Ourway Holsteins/608-220-5931 SEPT. by Mr. Apple’s ACTION-Red. A fancy RED calf for the shows!

Cleland/608-751-1542 SEPT. A RED calf by Daniel.with 4 VG dams, then EX-94 Renita Ranger-RED!

Amanda Janes/608-882-6134 SEPT. GOLD CHIP Dams are EX-91, EX-91 3E GMD, EX-90 GMD DOM & EX-92! SEPT. DUDE (Atwood son) Dam is VG-85.

Clearfield Farm/815-275-6684 Reed/608-449-3146




Passion’s fall calf by GOLDCHIP sells. 2nd dam EX-93, 3rd EX-93 $th EX-92 Res. All-American & All-Canadian Jr. 2, 1993. Post/605-690-6393

Nominated JR AA R&W Spring Ylg, 2012 Priscilla’s RED, 3/4 sister, Dec. calf by Durable sells. From the Pepperdine family! Steiner/608-934-5012

NUMERO UNO SUMMER YLG Dam has over 27,000 @ 2-02 rip. 2nd dam is Goldwyn Lauramie EX-95. Schmitt/563-542-5590 SUMMER YLG by SYMPATICO +2222G. From the EX-92 3E GMD DOM Missy family!

Peck & Garrison/608-444-8863 WINDBROOK SUMMER YLG g’dtr of Alicia EX-97. Dam is 87pts @ 2Yrs.

Post/605-690-6393 McCUTCHEN SUMMER YLG Genomic Locator List. Dams GP Palermo, VG Atlas & EX Terrason. Amundson/608-732-1641 LADD-P SUMMER YLG *RC out of the EX-90 Sun-Rae family.

Peck/608-444-8863 WINDBROOK SUMMER YLG w/88pt dam. Then EX-91 4E & EX-92.

Schultz/815-819-7282 POLLED HILTON July ylg +2146 GTPI Arn & Keehn/608-214-2643 MERIDIAN August ylg +2036 GTPI. Multiple sons in AI from this family.

Peck/608-444-8863 SANCHEZ SPRING YLG ready for the 2014 shows! 4th dam is EX-96 GMD DOM LULU! Milksource Genetics/608-566-9096 WINDBROOK SPRING YLG Dams: EX-90, EX-90, VG-85.

Golden Oaks/847-526-6644 METEOR WINTER YLG w/2 VG-85 dams. K,J & N Broege/608-289-6113 BRAXTON FALL YLG Bred to sexed Atlantic. Endres/608-444-0608 DESTRY FALL YLG Dam EX-93, next dam VG-89. From the BC Susan EX-90 famly.


Cramer/608-934-1040 2 Yr HVEZDA RED fresh 11-2-13. Same family as Gibson & Cousteau.

Kamps/608-330-1008 2 Yr BOGART fresh Nov. making 93#, 4.3F & 3.3P w/ 25 SCC. Dams EX-90, VG-88, VG-85 & EX-90, then Saturday! Opsal/608-438-5416 2 Yr FEVER Fresh 9-1-13. Dam is Encore Pansy EX-91. next is El-Dor Saber Pansy EX-95 GMD DOM! Bred to Braxton & due in August. Spoerry/608-558-0414 2 Yr ASSEMBLY due 3-5 with a Million heifer calf. She sells with her calf.

Amanda Janes/608-882-6134 3 Yr ELEGANT Fresh Nov. milking 90#, 41 SCC. EX-91 Dam w/38,240. G’dam EX-90 sis. to FINLEY! Opsal/608-438-5416 3 Yr DUSK fresh 12-15-13 from the world famous “T” family. A potential 8th gen. EX! Jeffrey-Way/608-424-6382 3 Yr MITEY-P Dam VG-87 then VG-88 DOM, EX-90 DOM, EX-93 DOM & VG-87.

Teemar Holsteins/920-845-9054 3 Yr NIAGRA Top 10,000 cow out of the EX-91 DOM Tricia family. Fresh in Dec. w/5 gens VG&EX dams! Larson Acres/608-882-6662 3 Yr FREMONT 2nd Dam EX-92 Grand Champ., WI District 6, 2011. 4th dam Elegance EX-96! Me-Do-NMS/608-558-5100 3 Yr SANCHEZ Just fresh 2nd lactation. 85pt Durham dam.Dammen/608-293-1844 3 Yr BAMBAM fresh 12-1-13. Dams VG-88, VG-88 & EX-91.

Post/605-690-6393 SEAVER due 4-1 with 3 VG dams. Gruenenfelder/608-214-3555 SECURE due July 1 to Mr. Apples Ability. She’s an *RC w/4 EX dams. 4th dam Derrwyn Miss Special-RED EX-94 DOM. Golden Oaks/847-526-6644 SANCHEZ due 6-21 with Timber heifer. Dam EX-93 by Durham.

John Sarbacker/608-335-2577

COWS 2 Yr PALERMO just fresh. Dam is EX-93 Shakira, Futurity & Res. Int. Champion, WI District 6, 2010. Glenn-Ann/608-279-2016 2 Yr BRETT fresh 11-10-13 milking 65#/day 60 SCC. Cleland/608-751-1542 2 Yr MARCONI fresh 11-15-13 from the Pepperdine family.


Oellerich & Dinderman/815-821-2066 3 Yr SANCHEZ fresh 12-17-13. Dam is EX-91 Setp Storm Hattie, then EX-95 Altitude

Rosedale Genetics & High Altitude Syndicate/6-8-279-9379 3 Yr MONUMENT VG-85 @ 2 yrs. Fresh early Feb. 2 VG dams.

Trent-Way/608-295-0895 4 Yr SHOTGUN fresh 12-13-2013. Dan Janes/608-882-6134 4 Yr PETRO VG-85 fresh 12-18-13. Dam is VG-85, then EX-90 Integrity, EX-92 Raider.

Bur-Wall/608-279-4243 5 Yr ALEXANDER VG-85 fresh 1-23-14. Dam is VG-85 Dolman, then EX-90 Finley.


EMBRYOS 4 - #1s by ATWOOD. Dam is VG-87. Then EX-93 & VG-86.

Ourway Holsteins/608-220-5931 Hass/608-295-8504 Hass/608-295-8504

2 Yr REDLINER just fresh. From the Devalda Crystal Raider family EX-91.


RED SUMMER YLG by ABSOLUTE Dam by Destry is a sister to 2013 AA R&W Aged cow & Res. Sup. Champion (Jr Show) WDE, 2013 Advent Korie-RED EX-94!

2 Yr FEVER fresh 1-17. EX-93 Mat Sis by Durham. 3rd dam is Elegance EX-96!

2 Yr ALEXANDER fresh in October. Dam is VG-86 by Laurin.

Mueller/785-366-6744 2 Yr WINDBROOK fresh 12-9-13, making 82#/day 4.1%F 2.9%P & 17 SCC. 4 VG & EX dams. Rock-N-Hill II/608-214-9742

4 - #1s by JACEY 3rd dam is EX-92 DOM Brocade. 6 - #1s by ANAHEIM Out of the same family as Atwood.

COLORED BREEDS JERSEY 2 Yr Sells just fresh. From the EX-97 Nadine family!


WISCONSIN FARM AUCTION (WFA) W2248 Hwy 92, Brooklyn, WI 53521 | 608-424-3748 (5 miles west of Hwy 14 on Hwy 92) Auctioneer: Pedigrees:

Creighton Barker/815-541-2717 Brian Behnke/608-279-2016

Clerking: Sale Day Phone: Cattle Preparation: Ringmen:

Wisconsin Farm Auctions/Tom Reilly 608-516-9096 Joel Kietzman/608-289-0096 Mike McCullough/608-426-2723 Dan Janes/608-490-0174

Catalogs: Sale Chairmen: Lunch Stand:

Kathie McCullough/608-214-9743 Kurt McCullough/608-558-7071 Dan Dewitt/608-290-9265 Rock County Jr. Holstein Association


March 2014



Wednesday, April 2nd 11:00 a.m. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Rotesown Bova Amy EX-94 4E GMD DOM

Rotesown Gibson Adarra EX-91 2E

Rotesown Durham Atara EX-94 2E

Rosiers Braban Triumphant EX-93 2E 1*

7-00 365 37,130 2.9 1085 2.8 1032

4-01 365 25,280 3.8 954 3.6 900

3-08 365 41,210 4.0 1664 3.2 1331

3-04 365 31,751 3.9 1226 3.2 1023

She’s the anchor of a tremendous family at Rotesown!! A 26,480 Damion sells from 3 EX, 30,000 lb. Amys; a VG-87 Damion has Bradnick & Aftershock dtrs selling; and a stunning Braxton 2 yr old from 3 EX, 1000F Amys sells!

One of many Rotesown success stories ... Adarra was purchased as a bred heifer & developed into a 91 pt. cow with 4 EX & VG dtrs! Her GP-83 20,770 Damion gr’dtr is fresh & looks like more points! She sells with her Guthrie Sr. 2 just fresh!

Purchased by Arethusa Farm as a 2 yr old, Atara already has 4 EX dtrs! You can buy the next Atara on April 2nd! Look for the VG 31,960 Goldwyn due to Aftershock and the VG-86 & GP-83 Sanchez 3 yr olds from the Amy family!

Her VG-88 Goldwyn has a VG-88 Jasper that makes it 6 gens. EX & VG! The Jasper’s exciting Sanchez 3 yr old sells due to Aftershock plus her Sid Jr 2 due to Atwood!

All Canadian Sr. 3 Year Old 2007

Carrousel Durham Edie EX-93

Rotesown Leader Marlene EX-93 3E

Wilstar-RS Finley Golden-ET VG-88 DOM

Rotesown Highlight Jen EX-94 4E

Her dam VG-86, then 2 dams at EX-95!!! Edie has been very influential at Rotesown! Two special show prospects selling are the Fever Sr. 2 from Edie’s EX-92 32,410 Blitz and the RED Debonair winter yrlg from a VG-88 Advent X VG Outside X EX-93 Edie! These 2 are pretty special!!!

2-04 365 33,410 3.8 1264 2.9 980

4-03 365 37,790 3.3 1260 3.1 1168

8-07 365 31,830 3.3 1043 2.9 935

8 gens. EX & VG! A lovely uddered Bolton sells from her VG-87 1135F Pronto, a beautiful Braxton bred to Alexander from her VG Goldwyn plus an EX 29,970 Stormatic, EX 21,290 Lou and Atwood, Gold Chip & Planet heifers from this family!

Golden’s EX-91 31,290 Pontiac has 3 dtrs selling: a VG-87 26,170 Alexander & her Atwood summer yrlg; a VG Sanchez due in June to Brokaw and a Fever Jr 2 due in June to Planet! 10 gens. EX & VG from a contract cow family!

A VG 27,720 Pronto sells from a VG-86 36,950 Talent from Jen’s VG-86 Durham. Also selling from Jen’s VG-86 27,260 James gr’dtr is a fancy Atlantic due to Braxton!

rotesown has a rich tradition in breeding the right kind ~ 86 excellents bred at rotesown! R.H.A.: 21,240 3.7% 781 3.0% 637 Classification BAA: 109.2 SCC Avg: 178 • Raised in freestalls

Buy with confidence at Rotesown! These cattle are not pushed, but are well bred with great type, the breed’s best sires & solid cow families that have stood the test of time! Rotesown cattle have continually exceeded the expectations of their new owners! The herd is filled with lovely uddered young cows and a fancy group of heifers that are sure to please! Owners:

Sale Staff:

Rick Bovre 920.960.0487 • Chris Hill 202.255.7907 Perry Phend 715.533.0608 • Mike Holschbach 608.963.2003 Chad Ryan 920.960.1449 • Brandon Ferry 608.335.8861

Sale Managed by :

Rotesown Holsteins Brian & Lori Rote 4419 W. Orangeville Rd., McConnell, IL 61050 Phone: 815-541-6445

• Semen, Embryo, Livestock Transit Insurance • Livestock Mortality Insurance • Superior Rates and Service TROY ALEXANDER • 217-899-3426 •

Delaware Valley College Presents...

Herd will be classified prior to the sale! Watch for new scores & new pictures!

GREAT NORTHERN W4226 SR 23 E, Fond du Lac, WI 54937 • PH: 920.923.6991 • Click on newsletters tab for free download or call 1-800-876-2500

15th Annual Green & Gold Spring Spectacular

Saturday, March 29, 2014 ~ 11 AM ~ Doylestown PA • On the campus of Delaware Valley College at the Equestrian Center 75 Lots of Stellar Show Prospects, Milky Young Cows & Impressive Bred Heifers, plus Select Colored Breeds

C-COVE-NV ATLANTIC LYDIA-ET EX-90 3Y Lydia was Res Int Champ 2013 Central PA Show & is an 8th gen EX! Her dam is Reflect Lexus 3E-94 2X Grand @ Central PA & 3X Res All-PA Aged Cow! Lydia’s amazing Absolute Summer Yrlg sells to win! C-Cove

GOLDEN-ROSE ATWOOD RITZI-ET EX-90 EX-MS 3Y The breed’s very 1st & only 17th gen EX in the Audrey Posch line! An astounding 9/13 Atwood sells from a 14th gen EX Fortune, then 2E-93 Linjet Rosa Royalty in the same line! This calf will tear it up! McWilliams

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS • Sensational RED Contender Summer Yrlg x Greenlea Advent Miami EX x SS Mia EX-92 x Mae Distrig 2E-94 2X All-Am! Wea-Land • Sharp 9/13 Day x beautiful Braxton 2Y x VG-86 Pronto x EX Durham x 4 EX-94, Trinas! Statler • 6/13 Zegaldis x NC Fever x VG-88 Durham x Reflect Lexus 3E-94, 7th gen EX! Marburger • Fresh Windbrook Sr 2 x VG-88 Black Ice! Showtime! Luders

SANTEE-ACRES BRAXTON PLUM Plum sells to be a dominant Sr 2 in 2014! She is due 4/4/14 to Durable & hails from the Pala family, which had the 1st three-gen EX-95 or higher! Plum’s dam is a VG Aspen with 28,850 1202F! PHA

• 9/13 Acme x EX-93 Roy, Res Grand MW Fall Nat’l 2011 and 8th gen EX of Olmar breeding! Pavany • EX Aspen 5 yr old due mid-May to Chelios. 7th gen VG/EX, a great Jr show candidate! D. Good • O-Style due 4/9 to sexed Shot x EX-91 Pronto x VG-87 Goldwyn x PR Barbie EX-92, 4 more EX! Marburger • 6/13 RED Redliner x 3 VG x 7 EX dams, most RED, back to Sky-Hi Mars Helen! PHA

WELK-SHADE SANCHEZ KATE-ET Kate was Res All-American Summer Yrlg 2012! Her dam is VG-87 Goldwyn x EX-91 Triumphant x 2E-93 Charles x 3E-94 Sterling! Kate’s 12/13 Aftershock sister sells. Welk-Shade Also a dynamite Damion Winter Calf x VG-86 Dundee x 2E-93 Astre sister to Kate’s grandam! Holly-Brooks

These are simply the highlights... Countless more to come! See the full catalog and other info at Co-Managed with: PA

Holstein Association

State College, PA • Director of Sales, David J. Lentz 717-329-9202 •

KINGSMILL ASHLYNS ARDICE-ET EX-91 This Durham is one of a plethora of EX offspring of 2E-96 Ashlyn! Two sell: gorgeous Goldwyn Spring Yrlg x Ardice and a sweet Sanchez Winter Calf x Ardice’s Goldwyn Jr 2! Golddigger Dempsey Jr 2 prospect x GP-83 Gibson x Ashlyn’s EX-92 full sis! Himmy

Sale Sponsor:

DVC Dairy Society Student Chairs:

Clint Lutz 607-267-3061 Greyson Smith 717-203-2224





2-02 2x 365 26,290 4.6 1206 3.1 821 RES ALL-AMERICAN JR 3 YR OLD 2004 INT CHAMP MID-EAST SPRING NAT’l 2004 Her family makes up a very large part of the sale. Stacey completes 12 generations of a great cow family.

2-06 2x 261 19,338 3.6 703 3.3 811 Inc Due Oct 6 to Beaver. Her dam EX-91 Aspen Sandy, sister to Gib Stacey; 2nd dam EX-92. Several Shottles and an Alexander dtr sell.

6-07 3x 365 36,000 4.1 1477 2.8 1004 ALL-AMERICAN FALL CALF 2004 Another large family selling with daughters of Fever, Durham, Advent & Alexander.

10-00 2x 365 33,740 4.8 1618 3.0 1013 2X ALL-AMERICAN • All-CANADIAN A large family sells, beginning with her VG-88 3Y granddaughter by Damion and extending with more family members by Shottle along with several Atwoods.





4-08 2x 300 24,110 3.8 929 3.1 759 Inc An Excellent Outside that you’ll love. Dam is an EX-90 Gibson from the heart of the Stacey family.

2-08 2x 132 7,967 3.5 279 3.1 260 Inc Due Sept 26 to Fever. Dam is VG Jasper with over 25,000. Another strong branch of the Staceys.

2-03 2x 259 19,203 3.2 617 3.1 597 Inc Due Aug 26 to Equation and sells with her yrlg Windbrook daughter. Dam EX-96 Topaz. 2nd Dam is EX-96 Tobi, next dam EX-95.

4-08 2x 127 11,759 2.8 334 3.1 360 Inc Murphy’s VG-88 & VG-86 Damion sisters both have daughters selling; and her VG-88 Affirmed daughter has daughters selling.

Springbrook Complete Dispersal ERNEST-ANTHONY TOPAZ-ET 2E-94 4-10 2x 365 43,850 4.6 2006 3.2 1398 Her Goldwyn fresh 3 yr daughter sells, part of another large family from the Tobis.

MIKE JONES & FAMILY • MARSHALL, INDIANA SATURDAY, APRIL 5, 2014 • 10:00 AM Springbrook Farm • 760 E 450 N • Marshall, IN 47859 Farm office 765-597-2058 • Mike Jones 765-592-0644 • Todd Jones 765-562-2955

KINGSMILL TALENT ANGEL-ET VG-88 3-03 2x 344 26,920 3.7 989 2.9 781 Several daughters by Advent-Red, Goldwyn, Shaquille, Sanchez and Picolo-Red sell, plus several granddaughters.





6-11 2x 365 42,080 4.1 1730 3.0 1274 Well-known Rubens from Adeen herself! Daughter by Alexander, granddaughters by Aftershock, and 2 more daughters of Alicia.

4-09 2x 365 43,090 4.8 2079 3.3 1422 Large family selling sired by Goldwyn, Windbrook, Durham & Advent.

3-09 2x 365 34,120 3.8 1290 3.0 1028 Many daughters sell sired by Alexander (2), Braxton (2), Jordan and more. She’s a 7th gen EX from EX-96 Eileen and EX-96 Elegance.

5-06 2x 365 42,580 4.0 1694 2.9 1228 Her daughter by Atwood VG-87 GTPI +2155 fresh with 3rd calf milking 98 lbs sells. Her daughter by Mayfield sells as a bred heifer.




5-03 2x 305 33,150 4.0 1338 3.1 1034 Her VG Shottle daughter sells making a big record and due in Sept to Let It Snow.

3-03 2x 365 33,750 3.6 1215 2.9 977 Fresh in March, Sara is an own daughter of Stacey and sells with her two Sid daughters.

2-01 2x 365 23,855 3.6 857 2.8 668 Fresh again in January, Chelsea is EXTRA FANCY. She sells along with dtrs by Windbrook, Atwood (2) and Parker (2). EX-93 Champ Rae is her 8th gen EX Roxy dam!


DIRECTIONS: Sale held at the farm in heated tent. At intersection of US 36 & US 41 in Rockville, Indiana, go 4.5 miles north on US 41, then east on CR 450N 1 mile to farm. SALE HEADQUARTERS: Econo Lodge • 765-569-3430 1659 East US Hwy 36, Rockville, IN Ask for Springbrook Farm rate: $64.99 + tax

2-03 2x 365 40,670 4.1 1673 2.8 1125 Her VG-88 Pronto sells due in Sept to Atwood. The 2nd dam is EX-93 Charles Janelle.

SALE STAFF: Dallas Burton. . . . . . . . . . . 785-806-9774 Ray LeBlanc . . . . . . . . . . . . 802-249-2155 Merv Leffler AU01016000. . 765-661-5903 Marvin McIntyre . . . . . . . . 765-376-7487 Robert Yeoman . . . . . . . . . 405-880-2209 Brian Garrison . . . . . . . . . . 614-264-3240

Nick Raggi . . . . . . . . . . . . . 443-762-8338 Troy Yoder. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 478-244-2172 Bruce Gingerich . . . . . . . . 574-536-3061 Jim Hoskens. . . . . . . . . . . . 920-366-7153 Chad Griffith . . . . . . . . . . . 513-543-2315 Todd Searles . . . . . . . . . . . 507-208-1333

Sale managed by:

BC urton &



Dallas Burton • 785-806-9774 cell PO Box 7 • Berryton, KS 66409

TAG's semen : FERTILITY at its best ! Bull Name De-Su Dee-Su RANSOM Ronelee Dorcy DELIGENT BY Shema Jeev Jeeves es CAMERON Seagull-Bay ay SARGEANT Seagull-Ba Ronelee Shmrkk DETERMINE Filiale Omann SPIDERMAN + Ronelee Toystory Toysttory DOMAIN + Ronelee Ronele ee DAYBREAK


147HO02431 147HO024266 147HO024200 147HO024244 147HO02441 147HO023733 147HO01231 147HO012300






0,8 2,2 3,2 1,6 2,2 1,4 3,1 1,5

10224 1024 1208 120 08 121 10 1210 183 31 1831 195 52 1952 6551 651 9006 906 4999 499

71 37 41 62 51 40 8 43

2,755 2,733 2,61 2,777 2,855 2,788 2,899 3,055

807 684 621 664 619 522 308 154

83 64 94 87 62 68 98 82

2380 2277 2209 2204 2184 2108 1858 1606

51 46 21 55 49 38 23 15

5,9 5,9 5,4 4,6 5,7 3,1 3,6 0,9

907 1,6 2,36 740 0,7 2,89 585 2 2,94 684 1,1 1,97 593 0 2,79 609 1,1 2,43 300 -0,7 2,52 154 -0,9 1,45



342165 153426 351462 534162 324165 462135 315246 243

246126 135345 345 561 234123 126246 345135 123234

PhotoŠPatty Jones .6RXUFHV86'$ &'&%} 



Ms Chassity Domain Chaya VG-88 2Yr

1 450 771-6444

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The Iowa Spring Extravaganza Sat, March 22, 2014 • 11:00 AM • West Union, IA • Fayette County Fairgrounds


STEAM-VALLEY WILTON MAGIC BRI 2E-94 2X Grand Champion RWF Grand Champion WDE Her Remington Fall Calf sells.

HURONIA CENTURION VERONICA 20J EX-97 Choice of 3 Fall Calves by Impression; sweet Excitation, Valentine and Tequila gr’dtrs also sell.

LANDS-BROOK CHRISTINA-EXP 4E-96 EX(95)MS Grand Champion WDE 2013 • 4X Reserve Her Nitro Summer Yrlg sells. A chance of a lifetime!!

FOUR WINDS DESTINYS CHILD EX-95 5X All-American • 2X National Grand Champ 3rd gen Unanimous AA back to Tom Dee! Her Aaron Spring Yrlg sells. Full sister Nom All-American Spring Calf 2013.

STORA OF OBLONG VALLEY EX-94 Her Sr 3 Yr Old Governor will sell fresh, looks to follow in Mom’s footsteps.

SHARWARDS CALIMERO MEGAN 2E-94 3X All-American • Res All-American Her Remington Fall Calf and Volvo gr’dtr sell.

VALEVUE BBK MINERVA 2E-96 5X All-American 3X Grand Champion WDE Her 4 yr old Captain dtr sells

HALPINS MONA II EX-94 Potential 4X National Grand Champion! Her Mudslinger Fall Calf sells!

ARETHUSA ACTION VARSITY VG-89 2Y 2nd WDE Futurity • 5th Jr 3 Yr Old WDE SHE SELLS! A BIG-time 4 Yr Old, ready to flush/IVF. Imagine the marketing potential! Dam EX-97 Veronica.

AVONLEA BC KEPT SECRET All-American Summer Yrlg 2013 SHE SELLS, possibly the best Jr 2 prospect to sell in 2014. Dam EX-92, gr’dam EX-92, great-gr’dam EX-94.

TOWNSIDE FEVER BRIDGET EX-91 MAX SCORE SHE SELLS with an incredible udder! Due in June to Tequila, this 4 Yr Old will compete at any level. Backed by EX-94 Nom AA dam.

DO-N-JOY REAGAN EBONY SHE SELLS! A Fall Calf sired by Rapid-Bay Reagan. Dam VG-86. She’s got the style to be a contender all the way to the fall shows!

EDGEBROOK REMMINGTON ALBANY 1st Winter Yrlg NAILE, 3rd WDE 2013 SHE SELLS! THE Sr 2 for 2014, due after the sale and looks amazing. Dam EX-94.

COVEY FARMS FOREVER JADE 2E-93 Dam of 2 All-Americans in 2013 Selling her Tri-Star Summer Yrlg and Reality Dec Calf.

RIGHT ANGLE T HARLEY EX-94 3X Res All-American • 5X Nominated 1st-time offerings: choice of Realitys due Dec, & her fantastic uddered Senator 5 yr old sell.

DE LA PLAINE CALIMERO KISS VG-89 All-Canadian Jr 2 Yr Old All-American Jr 3 Yr Old Her Megatron Summer Yrlg sells.

COULEE CREST CHALL JEANIE VG-87 2X WDE Jr Champion • 2X All-American Two mat sisters Nom All-American 2013. Her Summer Yrlg Top Notch sister sells.

RATLIFF PRICE ALICIA EX-95 3X National Grand Champion Her Summer Yrlg Governor gr’dtr sells, from the same mold as Alicia.

PALMYRA RIGGINS T GRETCHEN VG-86 SHE SELLS with multiple contracts. 2-4 ME 26,525 4.2 3.0 SCC 85, carrying female Lochinvar. 9/13 Baltimore dtr also sells.

HEAVENLY BETTY EX-90 SHE SELLS! a 4 Yr Old for 2014, one of the most exciting consignments of the year, extreme potential!

JERSEY GENOMICS THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! • 1st choice x 2 POLLED Critic-P full sisters, • A chance to own one of the first Ballistics. #6 & #17 polled hfrs in the world. Being GJPI +236 JUI+6.44, out of an EX-92 22,000 flushed to some of the earliest semen from lb dam, gr’dam EX-94 31,000 lb. several elite sires. Sky-high potential! • From the world-famous V family comes a • The highest GJPI Pharoah daughter in the world at +221! A rare opportunity! • GJPI +223 CM$607 JUI+5.89 Sampson.

GJPI +214 Perform out of a Cherry Champ dam with 82 lbs/day. Gr’dam 24,300 2Y, next 27,000. Sells with multiple AI contracts.

Many more photos, details and updates on our Facebook page: iowaspringextravaganzasale Hotel Information: Ask for Spring Extravaganza Rate Best Rest Inn • West Union • 563-422-3537 Borders Inn • Fayette • 563-425-0214

Sale Contacts: Jason Steinlage ...................319-596-5663 Kurt Wolf............................563-543-2986 Katie Stoll ..........................319-480-4700 Dave Koss ..........................563-543-0440 Jody Nus.............................563-608-3727 Tom Kruse..........................563-920-4901

ONLINE HEIFER SALE | MARCH 7-21 Shauna, Shay and Silk Š Beth Herges; Beth Š Patty Jones

Elite Genomic Heifers, Choices, Red, Polled and a few Flush Cows

$00213($&+(<6+$81$  VG-87-USA DOM | GTPI+2166 The No 2 GTPI Red Female in the U.S (12/13) sells and from the same family as Planet Shauna! Selling is a 8/13 Sympatico from a +2071G Colt P, granddam is Pine-Tree Zenith Sheen! +2300G +3.26T POLLED early Liquid Gold

PINE-TREE OHIO LADD 5289 *PO B/R GTPI+2167 +3.10T +3.03UDC +2.28FLC Unique polled Liquid Gold with +2300G. Dam by Ladd P is a sister to Overtime, Ohare, Ohio Style! 5HG6HFXUH)DOO&DOIIRUWKH6KRZV      

GREENLEA RUB MARLENE-RED EX-94 3E 5x Red and White All-American Nominee For the show enthusiasts, a fancy RED Secure fall calf direct from All-American Rubens Marlene!

   /$'<60$125058%<'6+$<   9*<586$_*73, Flush-age Headliner daughter sells from Man-O-Man Shay and Ruby D Shawn! Headliner has a RZG of +156 and GTPI+2364. Fantastic offering and already contract interest!

   '(6<*(13/$1(76,/. 5& EX-90-USA | GTPI+2101 +2.02T Exciting offering from the dam of *RC Sympatico, Stoic and Seneca and huge RZG testing family... results back in March and highest GTPI RED granddaughter by Ducati-Red or Golden PP sells!

Early Choice Bombero x +156RZG Mogul


(;0DVVH\3RPSH\    )/86+&2:  

REGANCREST M BENISHA VG-87 DOM GTPI+2074 +3.04T +3.29UDC +2.54FLC 2/13 Numero Uno with a +2415G and +3.21T from Mac Benisha and a granddaughter of Barbie!

5,&+021')'3203(<(;'20    GTPI +2247 +1184M +72F +46P +2.15T One of the best Masseyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in the breed and already DSURYHQEURRGFRZ3RPSH\VHOOVUHDG\WRĂ XVK        



EDG CHRISTA MOGUL 2080 RZG+156 GTPI+2442 +1224M +56F +2.84T Fantastic EARLY Bombero First Choice from the +156RZG, +2442G Mogul and the Jurors Faiths! $FPH:LQWHU&DOIIURP$OO$PHULFDQ/HWD     

GREENLEA ADVENT LETA-RED EX-94 HM All-American 125,000 lb. Cow 2013 Leta has produced numerous All-American daughters... donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss your chance at this fancy Acme!


DUBEAU DUNDEE HEZBOLLAH EX-92 Intermediate Champion, World Dairy Expo 2009 Direct from the show-winning Dundee Hezbollah, her already VG-86 *RC Destry daughter sells!

Steve Mower +1 240-520-5906 | Jennifer Dingbaum +1 320-250-2412 | Additional sale staff and catalog online at or available by request

   5$,1<5,'*(683(5%(7+ 5&    9*<5&$1_*73,7 Unique, high type Alta5G First Choice Offering from Super Beth *RC and All-American Talent Barbara EX-95. Beth already has multiple daughters among the top *RC in the breed!

VANDE LOLITA-RED Selling a rare RED Doorman GPA-LPI+2920 from the just fresh red Man-O-Man Lolita (will be scored and pictured), granddam VG-88 by Shottle!

TRANSPORT: All auction sales and transport will be handled         WKURXJK$06*HQHWLFV,QWHUQDWLRQDOXQWLO\RXUĂ&#x20AC;QDOGHVWLQDWLRQ For foreign buyers, we can arrange housing possibilities. BIDDING: Bidding is safe and easy to do. Log on to and register to bid or phone one of the listed contacts. LOG ON: Auction closes beginning at 4:00 p.m. on March 21.



March 2014

ADDICTION-P-RED – You Can’t Stop Using Him! 94HO0895 Mr Ansly

ADDICTION-P-RED {Lad d P-Red x Goldwyn x Regiment-Red x Durham}

Bred by: Michael Heath, Richie Heida & TJR Genetics, Westminster, MD Acquired from: Michael Heath, Richie Heida & TJR Genetics, Westminster, MD


• Top gTPI R&W Polled Bull in the Business


• Extreme Type and Udder Composite


MS APPLES AINSLEY-ET*RC VG-86 Sired by Braedale Goldwyn GM 2-04 2x 180d 14,680 4.5% 667 3.0% 443 lbs inc


KHW REGIMENT APPLE-RED-ET EX-96 3E DOM Sired by Carrousel Regiment-Red-ET 4-01 2x 365d 35,750 4.7% 1,682 3.5% 1,247 lbs Lifetime: 1972d 158,680 4.8% 7,683 3.6% 5,735 lbs Res. Grand Champion Grand International R&W Show 2013 Grand Champion Grand International R&W Show 2011 All-American R&W Aged Cow 2011 Unanimous All-American Junior 2-Yr-Old 2006 All-American R&W Jr 2-Yr-Old 2006 HHM All-American Jr 3-Yr-Old 2007 Nom All-American R&W 5-Yr-Old 2009 Res. Grand Champion Royal R&W Show 2009

• Polled Apple Genetics

The wait is over. Finally, a bull that has competitive numbers in black and white and gives you the Red and White and polled genes. ADDICTION-P-RED is the #1 gTPI Polled, Red and White bull available in the business today. He is at the top of the list for gTPI, Type, UDC and CM$. Call your local ABS representative today to get in early on one of the most unique bulls in the business. USDA-CDCB gPTA/PTA 12/13 Rel. 72%

MGD: KHW REGIMENT APPLE-RED-ET EX-96 3E DOM St. Jacobs Animal Breeding Corp. • Franklin, VT USA • • 1-802-527-9683 ABS Global, Inc. • DeForest, WI USA • • 1-800-ABS-STUD

Breed-Leading December Results High GTPI Polled Bull

Top 100 GTPI Young Sire

566HO1205 All-Riehl CLOUD NINE-ET

566HO1198 Cava-Lanes Numero DOLLARS

100% RHA-NA • *PO *RC *TV Reg #64010330 • Born 10/3/12 aAa: 216345 • DMS: 246,234 • GTPI +2148 +793M +.00% +29F +.05% +35P 73% Rel +3.10 Type 72% Rel +2.58UDC +1.85FLC +526NM$ +1.1DPR +4.7PL 2.71SCS

100% RHA-NA Reg #72182338 • Born 12/24/12 aAa: 324156 • DMS: 234,123 • GTPI +2378 +709M +.17% +71F +.06% +36P 73% Rel +2.55 Type 74% Rel +2.73UDC +2.08FLC +823NM$ +2.2DPR +6.8PL 2.59SCS

Sire: Dam: MGS: MGD:

3rd 4th 5th 6th

Tiger-Lily Ladd P-Red Trulea Super Charity7296 VG-88 DOM Charlesdale Superstition-ET Goldcrest Shottle Cutie-ET EX-94 2E, DOM 4-03 3x 305 45,210 4.1 1839 3.1 1388 3rd NY MILK dam: Hol-Star Durham Cora EX-94 2E, DOM 3-06 3x 365 34,800 3.4 1187 2.8 989 dam: Hol-Star Lartist Corky EX-90 5-09 3x 365 35,150 2.6 909 2.7 932 dam: Hol-Star Sebastian Corky GP-81 5-08 2x 305 28,690 3.2 909 2.6 750 dam: Hol-Star Concourse Corky VG-85 4-02 2x 305 22,080 3.1 688 2.7 600

Sire: Amighetti Numero Uno-ET Dam: Cava-Lanes Merlin Dolly-ET VG-88 2-03 2x 322 22,920 3.7 854 2.9 672 MGS: Melarry Zenith Merlin-ET MGD: Ms-Cava-Lanes Gold Debra-ET VG-88 DOM 3-11 2x 365 30,410 3.6 1088 2.8 862 3rd dam: Regancrest-Jdv Doree VG-85 2-04 2x 305 36,960 4.2 1548 2.9 1073 4th dam: Long-Haven Rudolph Dee-ET EX-90 2E GMD, DOM 2-11 2x 365 32,720 4.8 1565 3.6 1190 5th dam: Regancrest Elton Disrael-ET VG-88 GMD DOM 2-04 2x 365 33,617 4.5 1499 3.3 1105 6th dam: Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95 2E GMD, DOM 6-00 2x 365 35,230 4.0 1425 3.0 1049

GTPI +2102

Bjorn dtr 566HO1185 Hendel BJORN-ET 100% RHA-NA • *TY *TV *TL *TD Reg #65283041 • Born 11/29/07 aAa: 432516 • DMS: 456 • GTPI +2102 +1861M -.03% +59F +.05% +69P 84% Rel +1.84 Type 83% Rel +1.70UDC +1.52FLC +518NM$ -.04DPR +1.7PL 2.91SCS 8.3%CE Sire: Sandy-Valley Bolton-ET Dam: Glen-D-Haven Oman Biffy-ET VG-86 DOM 2-07 2x 365 34,320 3.4 1165 3.6 1233 MGS: O-Bee Manfred Justice-ET MGD: Glen-D-Haven Aaron Bambi-ET VG-88 GMD DOM 2-02 2x 365 31,860 4.1 1301 3.1 997 3rd dam: Glen-D-Haven Elton Billy-ET VG-88 GMD DOM 3-08 2x 365 36,590 4.4 1593 3.4 1229 4th dam: Glen-D-Haven Thor Jamie EX-90 GMD DOM 6-01 2x 365d 36,310 3.8 1366 3.1 1142 5th and 6th dams: VG-87 DOM & VG-85 DOM BJORN has No Shottle, BW Marshall, Planet, Goldwyn, Durham, or Jocko Besne in his pedigree.

Please visit to view photos. We can deliver anywhere in the world!

22 Years in Business

PO Box 157 • Rock Springs, WI 53961 800-542-7593 • Fax 608-524-6935 • •


March 2014


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


St-Jacob Atwood Adria-ET, junior All-American winter yearling, 2013, Andrew & Mackenzie Reynolds, Corfu, NY



Jacobs Sanchez Blacky-ET (VG-87), junior All-American sr. 2-year-old, 2013, Jacob Dueppengiesser, Perry, NY



Hoosier-Star Lady, junior All-American spring calf, 2013, Kelsay Schilling, Boggstown, IN

Bella-Ridge Go For Broke-ET (VG-86), reserve junior All-American fall yearling in milk, 2013, Kayla Krueger, Marion, WI



Siemers Bradnk Haya-Love-ET, HHM junior All-American summer yearling, 2013, C., J., J., J., C., & L. Siemers, Newton, WI


Pineland Chip Pacey, nominated junior All-American spring yearling, 2013, Andrew & Mackenzie Reynolds, Corfu, NY

ooking for your next nomination? Look no further than our Showcase Selections lineup. These bulls are getting the job done in the ring and have sired winners for youth in the U.S. and Canada. Call your Select Sires representative today for your own Showcase Selections success!

All bulls listed on this page qualify for semen export to Canada. ™Showcase Selections is a trademark of Select Sires Inc.


Devans Remark Dempsey, All-Canadian 4-H intermediate calf & honorable mention All-Canadian intermediate calf, 2013, Robert D. & Bethany MacDonald, Dalkeith, ON

YOUR SUCCESSOur Passion. Telephone: (614) 873-4683 X


March 2014


March 25, 2014, 10:30 a.m.



REGANCREST S CHASSITY EX-92 8+ Dam of Colt 45 Her Earnhardt P daughter sells

GLPI 3137 GTPI 2189 (12/13) From the Faith & Fudge family Her Colt 45 daughter with GPA LPI 3041 DGV 3144 GTPI 2273 (01/14)


Brubacher Sales Arena, Guelph, ON


*RC Polled Snowman fresh Feb. 2014 Fresh Jan. 2014, R&W & Polled Mat. sister to Golden PP Dam of Calbrett Bennett, She sells with her Jabir daughter #1 Homozygous Sire in the World!!! She sells with her daughters x 2 Earnhardt (Full Sisters to Bennett, one is homozygous) and Liquid Gold

Photos: Bambi, Marshmellow & Sunshine©Patty Jones; Chassity & Snow Gold©Beth Herges; Banjo©Vicki Fletcher




GTPI 2108 R&W Homozygous 1st choice Polled x Capital Gain sells 1st choice Homozygous STBD

#1 Ladd P in Can (12/13) GPA LPI 3117 DGV 3281 GTPI 2361 From the Splendor family 1st choice Modern P Homozygous sells 1st choice Main Event Polled sells




Snowman x Missy fresh Sept. 2013 She sells with her daughters x McCutchen & Supersire Also selling, her full sister fresh Dec. 2013, with her McCutchen daughter & Sid embryos

Colt P x EX Perk-Red x Scientific Beauty Rae EX Following by 6 EX dams from the Roxys Her Jabir P, Enforcer P, Earnhardt P Homozygous & Aikman *RC P daughters with over 2600 GPA LPI sell

Planet from Martha Sheen VG-86 Her Polled Colt 45 daughter with GTPI 2214 & her Massey sister sell


7th gen. VG or EX . Her VG-86 2Yr Gold Chip & VG-86 2Yr Windbrook daughters sell Also selling, her Gr’daughter x Jordan from a VG-89 Bolton



Goldwyn R&W carrier of variant red gene Dams: VG 2+ · EX · VG-86 · VG-86 Her EffectP daughter, Polled, *RC, *VRC GTPI 2005 sells

GTPI 2188 · GLPI 3205 (12/13) Her Willpower daughter with GPA LPI 3158 GTPI 2263 and Liquid Gold GPA LPI 3279 GTPI 2219 sell

ormdale Genetics



DES-Y-GEN PLANET SILK EX 11th gen. VG or EX from the Splendor family Her Chipper-P Gr’Daughter from a Snowman Dam, Intermediate calf with GPA LPI 2877 DGV 2937 GTPI 2093 sells

Albert Cormier Cell.: 905 691-0740 Fax: 705 277-1223

Simon Lalande & Kim Côté 514 239-5435 Int'I inc. Office: 450 258-2904 Fax: 450 258-2913

Brian & Amber Craswell 902 628-7537 | Office: 902 963-3515 Fax: 902 963-3070 | Hunter River, PEI Catalogue online &

90 Head Sell!

Iowa Spring Sale

90 Head Sell!

Saturday, march 15, 2014 • 11:30 AM • Fayette Co Fairgrounds • West Union, Ia

Scottmore Atwood Daphne EX-90 EX-MS 1-11 2x 308 23,610 3.5 825 3.2 757 Res Jr All-American Jr 3 Yr Old 2013 Selling is her fancy Bradnick Sr Calf prospect. Daphne’s dam is an EX-93 Roy with 38,600M 1383F. The next dam is a VG-87 Jolt with 215,000 LT. Scottmore

Le-O-La Attitude Mia-Red Nom All-American R&W Winter Calf 2012 This fancy Winter Yrlg from an EX-91 Rubens dam has a maternal sister that sells, an Absolute Winter Calf that looks great. Demmer

Linerway G Chip Cocopuff-ET This fancy Gold Chip heifer sells due in May with sexed McCutchen. She’ll be a Jr 2 Yr Old and is a potential 12th gen VG/EX. Eldo Pries

KHW Goldwyn Aiko-ET EX-91 EX-MS 5-07 2x 365 29,150 5.1 1500 3.8 1104 Selling is an early Shotglass GTPI +2501, along with a 9/13 Uno, bth from Aiko’s GTPI +2455 Shamrock. TJR, Vail, and Price

Morningview Freddie Mimi-ET VG-87 VG-MS 2-09 2x 168 15,210 4.2 635 3.3 501 Inc Selling is Mimi’s 6/13 Uno dtr GTPI +2349. Next dam EX Shottle Maui, then Finley Mikki EX, back to the Lead Maes. Morningview

MS Angelinas Super Ava-ET VG-87 VG-MS 2-01 2x 365 27,400 4.4 1199 3.3 897 This fancy Super is a gr’dtr of Apple herself. Selling is her 1/13 Uno, ready to take home and flush. Angelina Associates

Playball Mnom Bounty-ET VG-86 VG-MS 2-03 2x 365 34,560 4.2 1440 3.2 1106 Bounty’s Supersire daughter sells over +2000M GTPI +2292. The gr’dam is a VG-87 Mac, then back to the Juror Faith family. Schmitt

Larcrest Comet-ETS VG-87 VG-MS DOM 2-02 2x 305 28,190 4.3 1205 3.1 868 Comet is a Planet from Cosmopolitan herself. Selling is her 10/13 Predestine GTPI +2280. McDonah

Vieuxsaule Destry Dreamy VG-87 CAN 2-02 2x 365 32,174 4.2 1362 3.4 1098 From a Bolton and then an EX-94 Allen. Selling is her *RC Uno dtr GTPI +2323, short bred to Doorman and ready to IVF. Barry/Widholm

BVK Sanchez Abbie-ET VG-87 VG-MS 2-07 2x 365 25,110 3.7 923 3.3 836 This Sanchez was 4th Sr 2 Yr Old at Iowa State Show in 2012. Her dam is Chief Adeen 2E-94. Selling is Abbie’s Atwood Fall Calf. Farnear

Budjon-Nitzy Destiny-Red-ET 2E-94 EX-MS 4-03 2x 365 36,080 3.3 1202 3.1 1124 Destiny’s Destry daughter sells recently fresh and looking great! Also selling is an Absolute Fall Calf sister to Destiny, from Redmarker Desire 4E-96. Chapman/Budjon-Vail

Eskdale Stormatic Legend-ET 2E-95 EX-MS 106,120 3.7 3944 3.0 3189 Lifetime Legend has been a crowd favorite, and what a better cross than her special Atwood daughter that sells due in June to sexed Bradnick. Hovden

Santschi Leduc Victoria 3E-94 EEEEE 6-02 2x 365 42,230 5.2 2175 3.3 1379 Selling is a fancy Goldsun gr’dtr of this Res AllAmerican Sr 3 Yr Old 2004. She’s a Spring Yrlg with an EX-90 Stormatic dam. Norton

Henkeseen Dur Harley-ET 3E-92 EX-MS 225,300 3.9 8852 3.3 7332 Lifetime Harley’s daughter by Sanchez sells with a great udder and had 93#/day on her 1st test. The grandam is EX-94 Hillary. Henkes

Wilstar-RS TLT Limited-Red 2E-94 EX-MS 3-07 2x 37,420 4.1 1519 3.3 1221 Nom All-American R&W 4 Yr Old 2009 Limited's name says it all; selling is her maternal sister by Colt-P due after the sale. Also selling is a Barbwire from Limited's maternal sister by Reality. Kaufmann

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy 2E-95 EX-MS 5-00 2x 315 36,479 4.2 1532 3.0 1095 Grand & Supreme WDE and RWF 2011 Selling Missy's Atwood gr’dtr, a Sr calf for 2014. Dam is a VG-87 Aftershock. Also selling a Gold Chip bred hfr from a VG Man-O-Man gr’dtr of Missy. Simon/Butz

More Highlights: • GTPI +2344 AltaJackman x Shamrock. Menne

• Lheros fresh and milking well x 4 EX dams with high components. Moon

• Gold Chip Summer Yrlg x Storm Emily EX-92 x Linjet Eileen 4E-96. Elegance Futures

• Recently fresh Sherac x 3 EX dams.

• Just-fresh Bookem with a great udder from a VG-88 dam x EX-92 Shottle. Wessel

• Very correct Seaver x 7 VG/EX dams. Hamlett

• Windbrook Fall Calf from EX-94 Freelance x VG-87 Linjet. Pries

• Very fancy Lewis bred heifer due after the sale x five EX dams from Shottle Pandora. Dee • Fancy Windhammer Summer Yrlg, gr’dtr of EX-95 Jaguar Sean. Cannon • Colt-P bred heifer due in April x EX-91 Kite x EX-91 Rubens. Kaufmann

Sales Force: Scott Courtney ......563-380-1318 Roger Turner ........608-770-0012 Bill Rauen..............569-607-0694

• Observer 2 yr old from an EX-90 Damion that extends back to Dellia 2E-95. Rediske • Durham-Red 2 yr old with 83#/day on 1st test x EX-90 Talent dam. Lyons • RED POLLED choice of two Golden PP dtrs x VG-86 Lawn Boy, back to Terry Tory EX-93. Kaufmann

Tim Rauen ............563-451-0794 Jim Vierhout..........712-470-1202 Ron Roskopf..........414-587-4402 Jason Danhof ........715-305-0522

• Extra-fancy Guthrie bred heifer due after the sale to sexed McCutchen. Knudtson • Milking Gold Chip x EX-90 dam with 46,000. Schutte • Big, fancy bred hfr Aftershock due in early April to Palermo. Ehrlich


• Windbrook Sr Calf x EX-94 Freelance x extremely high component family. Pries • Shotglass Summer Yrlg GTPI +2262 from a VG-85 Observer dam. Kerndt • Just fresh Guthrie from a VG-85 Dundee dam. Henderson Also Selling: 30 good young milk cows • 15 bred heifers A great selection of show-age calves

Sale Managed By: SCOTT & AMY COURTNEY 2564 Pole Line Rd • Ridgeway, IA 52165 563-387-0035 • -0046 fax • 563-380-1318 cell




7th WDE Futurity 2012 This Iatola sells due in June to Legion and will be a 5 Yr Old to contend with! Next two dams EX in Billings Farm, VT Canada.

1st Jr 3 Yr Old Southern National 2013 Selling due in May to Impression, she’ll be ready for the 4 Yr Old class. She’s finishing over 21,000 Cobb, OK as a Jr 3.

5th Jr 2 Yr Old RWF 2012 This beautiful 4 Yr Old sells due in May to Comerica, and is backed by 8 EX dams! Pleasant Nook, ON

1st 4 Yr Old & Grand WDE & RWF 2012 1st choice Impression from three female pregs due in March. Next dam EX-97 Veronica! Arethusa, CT





5th Winter Yrlg NAILE 2013 7th Winter Yrlg WDE 2013 She sells fresh, and is from two EX-91 dams! Demmer, MN

This fancy 3/13 Spring Yrlg by Hired Gun sells from 6 VG/EX dams! Dam was 3rd at Eastern States. Tierney, NY

Nom All-Canadian Summer Yrlg 2013 1st Summer Yrlg Stratford Show 2013 She sells due 9/1/14 to Bridon Grand. Dam is EX92 All-Canadian Jr 3 2006. Bridon, ON

Res Grand RWF 2013 1st Jr 3 Yr Old WDE 2010 2nd 5 Yr Old WDE 2012 Her Indiana Winter Yrlg sells! Billings, VT





Sale managed by/catalogs by request: GREG & OLE NELSON FAMILIES • 320-583-7450 Greg • 320-212-5321 Ole • RATLIFF PRICE ALICIA EX-95 FOUR ALICIAS




3X National Grand Champion Impression Winter Yrlg, VG 4Y Sambo, and 9/13 Ratliff, KS Sambo dtrs sell. 3/13 Governor gr’dtr. Nelson & Steinlage, MN

Res Grand NY Spring 2012 Choice of three Excitation dtrs due in June. Also her major-league 4Y Tequila dtr. Next dam EX-97 Prokop, NY Veronica!

Grand Champion RWF 2010 All-American 5 Yr Old 2011 Dam of Res All-American Produce 2013 Another Furor dtr of EX-97 Veronica! Her Sr 2 Reagan sells fresh in Jan. Kueffner, MD

2nd Milking Yrlg WDE 2007 Her beautiful Verbatim Sr 2 sells fresh in Jan. Next Townside, WI dam 6E-97 Patrick Nadine!



Grand Champion WI State Jr Show 2012 1st Jr 3 WI Spring Spectacular & Her Tequila Summer Yrlg sells. NY Spring 2012 Avon Road, WI From EX-94 Stora herself! Selling 1st choice Premier from 4 females due 6/14. Kamm, WI




10th Jr 2 Yr Old WDE 2011 4th 5 Yr Old WDE 2006 3rd Sr 2 Yr Old NAILE 2008 One of 10 EX dtrs of EX-95 Godiva, dam Her beautiful Comerica Winter Yrlg sells. Her Sambo Fall Yrlg sells due Sept 5th, a of the ABA All-American Produce! Next dam Premonition Grace EX-95 2X full sister to Dream and Demi. Her Larry Duvall, OH Impression Winter Yrlg also sells. Delight’s fresh Jr 3 Tequila sells! A 1st All-Canadian! Woodmohr, WI Ratliff, KS time offering!




Int Champion WDE 2005 Int Champion IA State Fair 2013 1st 5 Yr Old Western QC Show 2012 3X All-Canadian Mature Cow Res Grand Quinte Champ Show 2006 Selling her Hired Gun Spring Yrlg. Her gorgeous Tequila Spring Yrlg sells. Her deep-bodied, beautiful Connection A fresh VG Connection sells from 156,000 Life to date! Her Tequila Sr 2 Stranshome, MN Next dams Dolce Vita and Veronica! Spring Yrlg sells! Bois, ON Nadine’s EX-92 Sparkler. Paullor, ON sells fresh Jan 1. Enniskillen, ON Schulte, IA

MORE HIGHLIGHTS: • Excitation Sr 3 x Virginia family. She will scare ANY 3 yr old class! Genesis, ON • Velocity Sept Calf that will steal your heart! ................................Edgebrook, IA • Justice 3 Yr Old for the spring shows. She’s special! ......Steinridge & Volker, IA • Exciting Vivitar Sr 3 from......................................................Maker Jerseys, ON SALE STAFF: Ron Mosser ..................614-264-0142 Ron Ratliff ..................785-448-8200 Christy Ratliff................785-448-8201 Andrew VanderMeulen ....613-968-1599

Abe Cobb......................918-728-1093 Joe Stanek ....................608-524-0168 Pat Elmore ..................270-766-8872 Kelli Cull ......................920-960-1484

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! HIGH-PROFILE SHOW CATTLE, PRODUCTION, AND PROJECT CALVES! INCLUDING 35 LOTS FROM ONTARIO! We are proud to bring this group to you and proud to have a sale that has stood the test of time! This only happens because of great consignors, as well as happy purchasers. If you want one or two for your showstring, I promise it will be worth the trip to Rochester on March 29, 2014! Dan Weness..................507-250-0265 Blake Schmitt ..............320-444-7740 Tony Kohls ....................612-226-4180 Phil Suess ......................507-251-2773 Jason Steinlage ..............319-596-5663

Pat Heeren ....................507-273-2412 Adam Breakell ..............612-787-6771 Jason Johnson................802-291-0544 John Schmidt ................920-428-2583 Tony Galgowski ..............715-307-1914

Tom Kipp ....................262-226-9820 Phil Gordon ..................574-361-7214 Randy Kath ..................701-429-8894 Lynn Lee, auctioneer........615-390-6312 Dan Bauer, peds............608-338-8210


March 2014


The Best of Billings! Garhaven I Dream of the Splash EX-92

2-11 305 ME 20,348 5.2 1067 3.7 748 2X WDE Top 10 Finisher Sells due to Legion early June, a 5 Yr Old for 2014! She is a stylish, dairy Iatola with a massive rear udder. Midwest Spring Special March 29 • Rochester, MN

RJF Jamaica Rockstar EX-95

4-3 305 19,935 4.5 899 3.6 719 Res Grand RWF, All-Can Mature 2013 3X All-American Nominee Her 12/12 Indiana sells! Rockstar is the complete package: pedigree, showwinner, production, and now brood cow! Midwest Spring Special March 29 • Rochester, MN

Billings Remake Bounty EX-93

5-6 305 20,155 6.2 1251 4.3 873 Res All-American NAILE 2008 1st choice Incentive sells from five 9/14 female pregs. Incentive is the hot new Tequila brother to Impression. Bounty is an extreme component cow! Midwest Spring Special March 29 • Rochester, MN

Milo Vindication Season EX-94

4-6 2x 305 20,610 6.2 1269 3.6 735 All-American & All-Canadian Aged ‘12 Selling a full-aged, fancy, black Deacon Fall Calf from a 2Y Vincent x an EX First Prize sister to Season. Next dam Bri-Lin Rens Sofie EX! Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale March 22 • West Springfield, MA

Homeridge FP Lisa 2 EX-92

3-1 2x 338 16,599 5.4 899 4.3 710 1st Jr 3 & BU WDE 2004 Selling a Tequila Spring Yrlg from Lisa’s VG-86 Governor proj to 16,000 2Y, already a show winner at the NY Carousel, and sisters Nom AllAmerican. Iowa Spring Extravaganza March 22 • West Union, IA

We hope you’ll consider our offerings at these six great consignment sales! Huronia SD Natasha 4E-92

7-5 365 21,674 5.2 1124 3.5 761 A VG-86 Grand Prix sells due in May to Laser and can be your Jr 3 Yr Old! From the Nan family, dams are VG-87 Saber, Natasha, EX Imperial, then EX 3* Nan herself. NE Jersey Classic & Breeders Sale May 3 • Rutland, VT

Billings Kaptain Makita VG-88

Milo Centurion Sadie EX-93

Billings Hallmark Melanie EX-93

9-7 305 20,741 5.3 1091 3.6 751 2-7 334 17,108 5.3 921 3.6 629 5-10 305 19,420 4.7 916 3.5 682 Her VG-87 Deacon sells bred to Grand & HM Supreme Fryburg Fair ‘10 Melanie’s 4 #1 Comerica embryos Rapid-Bay Gentry. 2nd dam EX-93 Sadie’s full-aged, fancy Verbatim sell. Next dams EX-93 View, EX-93 Berretta Mocha. A beautiful young Summer Yrlg sells! Sadie is a sister to Berretta, EX-91 Master Marnie! Purdue Boilermaker Legacy Sale cow, and already has an EX sister. Season, above. May 3 • West Lafayette, IN NE Jersey Classic & Breeders Sale Kentucky National Sale May 3 • Rutland, VT April 5 • Louisville, KY

Jason Johnson, Farm Manager • Rte 12 • PO Box 489 • Woodstock, VT 05091 802-291-0544 Jason cell • • 802-457-2355 x28 • -8104 fax •

DREAM-PRAIRIE COMPLETE DISPERSAL 250 HEAD SELLING • Friday, April 4, 2014 • 10:00 AM • Westby, WI These All Sell!

Dream-Prairie Bethel-ET VG-86 VG-MS 2-00 2x 365 24,580 4.9 1209 3.7 907 Sired by Big Time, Bethel sells with daughters by Man-OMan, Supersire, Headliner, Shan, and four McCutchens, one with show-winning credits. Two Supersire granddaughters sell that are 184 and 178 combined fat and protein also have a GTPI 2326. .

Dream-Prairie RV Beeswax-ET NC 2-08 2x 32 2,820 5.4 152 3.4 97 Inc This fancy young cow had 100 lbs/day 1st test. A maternal sister to Bethel; their dam is VG-86 @ 2Y and the next dam is Boxer’s EX-90 Goldwyn dam; the pedigree extends back to Barbie.

Dream-Prairie RV Babette-ET VG-85 VG-MS 1-11 2x 323 22,266 3.9 877 3.3 732 Sired by Ravish, with a full brother at Semex. Babette sells and is a full sister to Beeswax. These full sisters are 10th generation VG/EXs. Bethel, Babette, and Beeswax represent Barbie on both sides of the pedigree.

Dream-Prairie Windbrok Blue NC 1-10 2x 125 12,451 3.5 435 2.9 364 Inc Blue is from one of the foundation families that started Dream-Prairie. Watch for her new classification score; she sells PG to Acme carrying a heifer and milking right at 100#/day.

Tande Damion Cassi 2E-91 EEEEV 5-06 2x 365 25,520 3.4 878 3.0 771 This Damion is from an EX-94 dam with over 160,000 LT and 2X All-MN. Cassi sells and is a 6th gen VG/EX.

Dream-Prairie Shottl Sylvia GP-84 VG-MS 2-4 2x 113 8,850 3.2 283 3.0 263 Inc Sylvia is from a VG-88 Mr Sam with 42,000 of milk and then an EX-90 Kenneth. Milking well and bred back; sells along with her Fall Calf that is sired by Big Gun.

Dream-Prairie Curio Dee VG-86 VG-MS 2-01 2x 365 29,850 3.7 1093 3.1 911 Dee is sired by Dundee and was the 1st Sr 2 Yr Old and HM Intermediate Champion at the WI District 2 Show in 2013. Backed by 7 gens of VG/EX; she sells with her Windbrook yrlg.

Dream-Prairie AD Clover-Red VG-88 EX-MS 2-05 2x 365 26,560 4.3 1152 3.3 888 Advent Clover is recently fresh and looks great milking 149 pounds a day. From the same family as Curio Dee, left. Her dam is a VG-85 Talent, then EX-92 Encore Clover, then a EX-93 Benchmark.

Dream-Prairie Recipe-Red-ET VG-88 EX-MS at 3-01 2-05 2x 365 33,490 3.7 1254 3.1 1027 Sells with two 9/13 Doorman calves. Recipe is one of four full sisters by Reality-Red, all with Acme daughters selling. Her dam is an EX-92 Mr Burns who sells, along with daughters by Durable, Sympatico & Acme.

Class-E Atwood Christa-ET VG-85 VG-MS 2-00 2x 216 16,610 3.4 563 3.0 498 Inc This fancy Atwood is milking 80lbs/day, looks great, and is bred back. Also selling is her VG-86 full sister; both have Acme Summer Yrlgs selling with them. Their dam is an EX-91 Champion x Encore Celene EX-90 x EX Charles.

Class-E Fever Colleen-ET GP-82 2-0 2x 129 10,488 3.4 361 3.1 325 Inc Sired by Fever and awaiting her new classification score. Colleen is a maternal sister to Christa at left. Colleen will be a Sr 2 Yr Old; this is high-component family that has 32 head selling.

Dream-Prairie PS Cheetah-TW EX-90 EX(92)MS 2-02 2x 365 27,800 3.6 994 3.1 851 This 4th generation EX Shottle sells from an EX-91 Durham that is a maternal sister to the dam of Christa and Colleen, followed by the EX-90 Encore Celene. Also selling are six number one Atwood embryos from sexed semen x Cheetah.

DREAM-PRAIRIE COMPLETE DISPERSAL 250 HEAD SELLING • Friday, April 4, 2014 • 10:00 AM • Westby, WI These All Sell!

Dream-Prairie Atwood Ashlyn VG-85 VG-MS 2-2 2x 350 23,290 4.4 1018 3.2 751 Yes, she is the great-gr’dtr of Tri-Day Ashlyn 2E-96 herself. This young cow is all quality and recently fresh in her second lactation, milking over 100#/day. Her grandam by Skychief is EX-92 and her dam is by Dundee.

Dream-Prairie FGG Atlee-ET NC 2-02 2x 23 1,341 3.7 44 3.6 42 Inc Pictured just one month fresh, she sells sired by Guthrie. A young cow with huge promise; her dam is a VG-87 Mac (at right) that sells, along with her milking full sister and a Windbrook sister.

MS Regancrest Andrah-ET VG-87 VG-MS 3-03 2x 364 27,800 3.7 1014 3.3 927 This Mac is recently fresh and is becoming a proven brood cow. Her dam is a VG-86 Adam from All-American Durham Atlee EX-92, Storm Amberlee VG-88 and Chief Adeen 2E-94.

Dream-Prairie Gold Banjo-ET VG-87 VG-MS 3-01 2x 365 33,190 3.5 1159 3.1 1038 This big strong Goldwyn looks great and sells from a deep pedigree. Her dam is a VG-85 Shottle from EX-93 Durham Brazil. Also selling is her VG-88 Die-Hard sister.

Budjon-JK Goldwyn Elaine-ET EX-90 EX-MS 4-00 2x 335 35,090 3.5 1221 3.2 1135 Elaine sells along with her Sid daughter that is a Spring Yearling. Elaine’s dam is a VG-87 Encore and then Elegance herself.

Kingsmill Hi Metro Razzle-ET VG-87 EX-MS 4-01 2x 365 37,840 5.2 1977 3.5 1341 Razzle sells recently fresh and backed by 12 EX dams back to Audrey Posch. Also selling are her two Guthrie dtrs and a Dundee. She already has two EX and six VG dtrs!

De-Su 8375-ET GP-84 2-04 2x 365 37,400 4.2 1582 3.4 1257 This Boliver is a dtr of De-Su Oman 6121 VG-86 GMD DOM. She sells with her dtrs: 7 Hills that are all milking with beautiful udders; 2 VG 2Y Destrys; 2 Shamrocks; and a Bookem that has a GTPI +2404 Jabir dtr that also sells.

Dream–Prairie Hill Hayle-ET NC 1-11 2x 106 7,750 4.1 315 3.3 254 Inc Hayle is one of six milking Hill daughters of 8375, left. This family leaves its mark with great udders and will to milk; she had 82#/day on last test.

Dream-Prairie Season-ET NC 1-10 2x 91 7,901 4.1 322 3.2 250 Inc Season is a Shamrock daughter from 8375, and has two full sisters also selling. Season also has three Enforcers and a Jabir daughter selling. 20 head from this family sell.

• 140 MILKING • 80 1st LACTation • 35 2nd LACTation • 50 BRED HEIFERS • 60 SHOW-AGE • HIGH GENOMIC and POLLED Hfrs

• RHA 12/13 137 cows 25,739M 4.1 1047F 3.2 827P • Current bulk tank SCC 53,000 • BAA 108.7 • Cows housed in sand-bedded freestall & tie-stall herd with outside feeding daily. Watch for the new classification scores in April Cattle Connection Sale Headquarters: Old Town Motel ..................................................608-634-2111

A-Mason Shottle Tamara-ET GP-82 3-9 2x 20 1,859 4.9 91 3.2 60 Inc From a calling-card pedigree; her dam is an EX-92 Eland and the next dam is Tamara EX-97, the All-American 125,000 Lb Cow 2004. Shottle Tamara sells recently fresh with her Mr Metal daughter. Tamara anxiously awaits the classifer.

directions: From US 14 in Westby, on the south edge of town go east on east Tri-State road 1/4 mile; then left on Coon Prairie Rd.

Sale Managed By: SCOTT & AMY COURTNEY 2564 Pole Line Rd • Ridgeway, IA 52165 563-387-0035 • -0046 fax • 563-380-1318 cell

sales Force: Scott Courtney......................................................563-380-1318 Chris Hill..............................................................202-255-7907 Norm Nabholz......................................................563-590-3204 Ron Roskopf ........................................................414-587-4402 Lynn Harbaugh ....................................................920-420-1524 Jim Vierhout ........................................................712-470-1202 Ed Mielke ............................................................715-574-2931


Cary and Joy Moser & Family 264 Coon Prairie Rd • Westby, WI 54667 608-634-3803 • 608-632-1401 Cary cell



March 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014 11 AM EST


MSU Pavilion East Lansing, MI

Mor-Yet Goldwyn 682-ET Gloryland Lolita Rae-ET EX-93 2E-94 8th gen EX Roxy! A very special Dempsy sells fresh with a beautiful udder, from Completes 8 gens EX. Her extra fancy Lolita’s VG Pronto. Eric Sneller 3/12 Shamrock sells due to Jabir. A VG Atlantic sells due before sale. Her Van Haitsma VG Jet-Red dam is from 9 EX Roxys. Tait and Bennett

Budjon Redmarker Desire 4E-96 GMD Desire has done it all, from the show ring to brood-cow extraodinaire. Selling are her RED 12/13 Picolo and *RC 9/13 Absolute-Red dtrs. Budjon

Lylehaven Lila Z EX-94 17* Lila Z’s beautiful Armitage gr’dtr sells fresh and ready to build from. Dam is an EX Shottle. Westendorp Also selling a fresh Red Aaron from a VG-87 2Y Destry. Next dam EX, then Lila Z. Baker/Lettinga

Greenlea Advent Leta-Red Round-Hill Aspen Frisco Shoremar S Alicia 2E-94 EX-90 3E-97 Nom All-Canadian Milking Yrlg 2010 Leta’s special RED 9/13 Artie-Red dtr 2X All-American • 6X Nominee Alicia’s 6/13 gr’dtr by Goldsun sells! Selling is Frisco’s very fancy 12/13 sells. Next dam EX-94, 3rd dam VG-87. Duckett Declan. Next dam 2E-93. Tumbleweed Her dam is an EX-90 Aftershock. Lucas Moser

Long-Haven Gold Rochelle EX-92 All-American & All Canadian Jr 2 ‘09 Completes 12 gens EX. Selling is a 9/13 Redman-Red from Rochelle’s VG-87 Long-Haven Talent sister!

Cherry Crest Lyster Golden 3E-95 No stranger to the show ring, Golden is now showing her brood transmitting ability. Her 3/13 Alexander sells and could be your Golden opportunity! MilkSource

Budjon-JK Durham Embrace-ET Sandy-Valley Gold Tangia Windy-Knoll-View Chantel-ET 2E-95 2E-94 VG-88 Chantel has produced many show win- Selling Tangia’s fancy 9/13 Sid. Next Her 12/12 Goldsun sells with 7 EX ning dtrs in the last 2 years, including a dam EX-91 GMD, 3rd dam EX-93 GMD, dams! Next dam 2E-95 GMD, 3rd dam Budjon Duckett Elegance 3E-96 GMD. Nom All-American Fall Yrlg and last 4th EX-92 GMD. year’s 4th place Winter Calf at Madison! Chantel’s 6/13 Sid and 9/13 Dempsey Special Mentions: Oakfield Corners dtrs both sell. • Jr 2 Gold Chip fresh before sale, from 2 EX dams. ........................Tri-Koebel • Sr 2Y Attic fresh before sale from VG-87 Affirmed. ........................Paul Farms Sales Force: Matt Lawrence AU-005453 724-971-3010 • 3/13 Advent from Goldwyn Escence 2E-95. ..........................................Budjon

BVK Atwood Abrianna-ET Krull Encore Elsie-ET EX-92 2E-94 Selling is a RED Colt P due after sale to Perhaps Atwood’s greatest dtr to date. Durable. 2E-91 dam is an 8th gen EX Next dam Adeen 2E-94. Abrianna’s J.D. Wicker 9/13 Goldwyn can be your foundation Elegance, then Elsie. Butlerview block on March 21.

Pine-Tree 2149Robst 4846-ET VG-85 VG-MS 2Y One of the hottest outcross cows! Her 2/13 McCutchen GTPI +2392 sells ready to flush with many markets awaiting! Straight from the Rudy Missy family, 4846 will be pictured in milking form before sale. Country Dairy

Roger Turner, peds ........608-770-0012 David J. Lentz ................717-329-9202 Max Dunseth ..................269-251-0232 Sales Chairs: Randy Lettinga................616-437-2005 Ike Hunt ........................989-307-0987 Eric Westendorp ............269-838-9975 Moss McCauley ..............616-446-2670

Catalog online at:

• Fresh Planet, Phoenix yrlg, and a springing Emerald. ..............Green Meadow • Final Cut due to Atwood; 3rd Fall Yrlg IN State Fair 2013. ....................Wicker • Fresh Hill 2 yr old, dam EX Goldwyn x Royal Rosas. ......................Nick Clark

Sale Managed & Sponsored By:



March 2014


Butlerview Tag Sale

H1– C R A M S AT, 2014 , 3 H C AR MON, M , IL E S N A B CHE

Also selling large group of GENOMIC heifers ranging between +2200 and +2500 GTPI Photos Fletcher



HM All-American Milking Yearling 2013 HM All-Canadian Milking Yearling 2013 2nd Milking Yearling Royal Winter Fair 2013 3rd Milking Yearling International Holstein Show 2013 First offering from Adrenaline, her Gold Chip daughter sells!

3-3 2x 365 32,269 4.1 1327 3.6 1160 All-Canadian & All-American Jr 3 Yr Old 2011 Intermediate & Res Grand Champion International Holstein Show 2011 Intermediate Champion Royal Winter Fair 2011 All-Canadian & All-American Jr 2 Yr Old 2010 Selling daughters by Goldwyn & Brokaw!



2nd Jr 3 Yr Old International Holstein Show 2013 Int & Grand Champ IL Champ Show & IL St Fr 2013 Nom All-American Jr 3 Yr Old 2013 Full sister to Arianna All-American & All-Canadian 2012! Selling daughters by Gold Chip & Goldwyn!

1st 5 Yr Old IL Champ Show & IL State Fair 2013 Nom All-Am & Nom All-Can Sr 3 Yr Old 2011 Selling daughters by Atwood & Gold Chip!

SALE HEADQUARTERS: Hilton Garden Inn • Kankakee, IL 815-932-4444 • special rate $89 • 6 miles to Butlerview


REGANCREST S CHASSITY EX-92 DOM 3-10 365 42,280 4.3 1798 2.7 1150 Global Cow of the Year 2011 Dam of Gold Chip & Mr Chassity Colt 45 *RC *PO! Selling her POLLED Earnhardt daughter.

SATURDAY, MARCH 1ST 8:00 AM ~ Tag Sale begins with coffee, milk, rolls, and donuts! 12:00 PM ~ Burgers, brats, and ribeyes on the grill! 4:00-7:00 PM ~ Happy hour/hospitality SUNDAY, MARCH 2ND Open house and more Butlerview hospitality! MONDAY, MARCH 3RD Final day of bidding! Sale ends at 5:00 PM!

JEFF BUTLER, Sale manager 217-341-2437 ED FELLERS, Assisting 913-484-4121 •

Butler Fellers Auctions Inc, an assumed name of Butler Auctions Inc, an Illinois corporation owned solely by Jeff Butler

Where are you going to be on Friday, March 7, 2014? 11 AM • Waddington, NY

BOISBLANC JASPER CRISTALA VG-89 2Y 2-4 2x 365 30,762 4.5 1380 3.3 1101 1st Sr 2 Yr Old IL Champ Show 2012 3rd Sr 2 Yr Old Quebec Spring Show 2012 Selling daughters by Atwood & Gold Chip!

SALE STAFF: Jeff Butler ..............217-341-2437 Ed Fellers ..............913-484-4121 Declan Patten ........815-370-9544 Raymond LeBlanc ..802-249-2155 Brian Carscadden ..519-546-1194 Roger Turner..........608-770-0012 Lloyd Simon ..........715-803-5696 Norm Nabholz ........563-590-3204 Brian Craswell........902-628-7537

Tom DeGroot..........604-819-2879 George Morasci......209-652-7151 Troy Yoder..............478-244-2172 Bill Rauen ..............563-607-0694 Les Terpstra............920-903-2315 Joe Price ................765-618-5479 Tom Cull ................920-960-0350 Michael Heath ........443-375-8048 Alan Bryson............450-601-8142

1710 BE 7750 S Rd • Chebanse, IL 60922 Jeff Butler: 217-341-2437 • Jim Butler: 847-987-5813 Joe Price, Herd Manager: 765-618-5479 • Declan Patten, Marketing: 815-370-9544 •


Pride of the Plains Sale

Friday, June 6, 2014 • Swiftel Center • BROOKINGS, SD

Selling 100 head of fancy show-age heifers, young cows, & high GTPI contract individuals. 20+ Goldwyns! FAMILY MEMBERS SELL FROM THESE FAVORITES: APPLE, HEZ, CHASSITY, HAZEL, ENYA, BEAUTY, ALICIA, SILK GRASSHOPPER, 2ND WIND, SPOTTIE, HOTSTUFF, CHERRY COKE

Brad DeBoer, Sale Chair • 605-949-0382 Mike Snyder, Sale Coordinator • 608-963-9308 If selling or buying high quality cows or heifers contact Brad or Mike. Held in conjunction with

The Central Plains Holstein Show Judge: Chad Ryan, Fond du Lac, WI Show Judge Saturday, June 7, 2014 • Swiftel Center • BROOKINGS, SD

Find updates on Facebook!


David King • 315-212-0032 cell • 69 Halfway House Rd • Waddington, NY 13694 Less than one hr from Ottawa • Less than 2 hrs from Montreal • Two hrs from Syracuse Held in conjunction with the Spring-Loaded Tag Sale • March 4-9 • Canton, NY

OPPORTUNITY GENETICS Jamie Black • 518-353-2602

DAVE & MERRY RAMA • 607-746-2226 • -2911 fax 4236 Co Hwy 18 • Delhi, NY 13753 • AU-204463-E Real-time bidding and catalog online at •

For more information and entries: Chris Thue, SDHA Secretary • 605-360-3385 • Randy K. Gross, Show Chair • 605-862-1422

Dairy Fest ,

a celebration of the Dairy Industry will be held for the public on June 6 & 7 at the Swiftel Center. Tours, contests, education and fantastic dairy foods!



March 2014


Held at Lookout Holsteins and Jerseys 35, Minton Hill Rd, Canton de Hatley, QC J0B 2C0


(at 20 minutes of Holstein Canada 2014 Convention)

Offering 60 head of great individuals from some of the best cow families in North America

March 29th to April 5th, 2014

Something for everyone!!! 10 special Jersey Consignments offered


Sale 2014 Edition

2:30 - March 27 Spring Dairy Expo

Catalogs from sale managers.

Ohio State Fairgrounds

Columbus, Ohio 60 Lots of

Quality Loaded Brown Swiss

MODERN ASSOCIATES 937.477.6304 email:

Photos©Vicki Fletcher

These Two 2013 All American Competitors Sell!

Elysa Goldwyn Ladygaga VG-88 Grand Champion Brome & Richmond 2013 7th Jr. 3-Yr-Old 2013 Due in June 2014 to McCutchen Dams: EX 8+ · EX-92 4E 9+ · EX 2E 11+ then 4 more VG 4-Yr-Old for 2014

R Hart Explorer 905 Nominated All American Fall Calf A Madison winner ready to go again. 2 “Ex” dams from the Christines. Topp View

Blessing Osborn WD Josie ET Nominated All American Winter Yearling Wonderment due for the shows. Dam “2E94/ Res. AA/4x over 30,000m Blessing Farms

National Champion Dams

Dortholme Goldwyn Alexis

Intense Lauthority Royal

Res. All-Canadian Jr Yearling 2013 2nd Junior Yearling 2013 · Will be fresh March 2014 Dams: EX-91 Jasper, EX-91 2+ Stormatic Nom All-Can. 2005 Jr. 2-Yr-Old for 2014

4th Junior Calf EIHQ, Trois-Rivieres & Victoriaville 2013 10 gen. VG or EX with 45+ Spring Yearling for 2014

Lookout Elmbridge Lil Red 1st Summer Yearling EIHQ & R&W 2013 Due in August 2014 to Absolute Dam: Elmbridge Lookout Lady In Red EX-93 Grand Champion R&W 2013 2nd Dam: Loveable EX-94 3E 2+ · Grand Champion R&W 2009 She sells! From the family that breeds Royal Champions!

CO-MANAGED WITH HANOVERHILL SALES AND MARKETING INC. Callum McKinven 819 437-7552 Barclay Phoenix 905 431-8340

USA CONTACTS Aaron Eaton Mike Heath Rick Allyn George Morasci Abe Light

315 857-8303 443 375-8048 860 248-0361 209 652-7151 208 590-1254

Forest Lawn Whistler Molly “2E94” 27,647m/3x All American/Madison Champ Check out Molly’s 12/13 Supreme . Renegade Swiss

Kulp-Gen Starbuck Shania “3E94” 2x All American/2x 30,000m/6th gen. “Ex” Shania’s 6/13 Ensign sells Dan Chard

MILK - SHOW - DEEP PEDIGREES - ALL AT THE REVUE • An “Excellent” selection of young milk cows including perhaps the surprise “Dark Horse of the Year”. She’s the Real Deal!! • A pleasing group of show-type calves of all ages and for all levels of competition. • Several head sell from 4-5-6 and up to 8 generations of “Ex” dams. • Interesting Embryos and hard-to-find semen sells. Bring your tank! Catalogs online after March 14 at

52nd Kentucky National Show & Sale THURSDAY, APRIL 3, 2014 • Louisville, Kentucky • KY Fair & Exposition Center Show 10:00 AM EDT • Sale 12:30 PM EDT

Thiersant Lili Starbuck-ET 5E-94 EEVEE

Gloryland Lana Rae 2E-94 EEEEE DOM

Mohrfield Durham Adora 2E-93 EEEEE

BVK Outside Diana-ET 2E-92 EEEVE DOM

Lifetime 238,806 4.7 11,291 3.4 8124 The dam of 3E-94 Lassie, 3E-94 GMD Form Laura, and 12 more EX dtrs. Selling Lili’s Jordan dtr, black, silky, and due in March! Terry & John Atkins, 270-537-3352

5-6 365 29,011 4.0 1159 3.2 938 Dam of 17 EX EX-MS dtrs, including 3E-95 DOM Liberty Rae. Selling a fancy Sept Barbwire from Lana’s EX-91 Lee. Braxton Co, 859-583-2945 Fancy *RC Apple due in June x VG-87 Durham x EX-91 x Lana. Kelsey Trowbridge, 270-563-3247

4-11 2x 356 28,660 3.6 1026 3.1 880 From 3E-94 Devastatin Adeen, a full sister to Ashlyn. Selling a Sanchez due in April to Damion from Adora’s EX Lee dtr. Rex Rubble, 937-695-0759

5-1 2x 365 31,920 3.5 1129 3.2 1034 From 2E-94 DOM Chief Adeen herself. Diana has 9 EX dtrs. Selling Diana’s two 6/13 Atwood and two 9/13 Goldwyn dtrs. KY Bluegrass & Dr. Stan Carnes, 502-379-2757

Mactalla Marker Molly *RC 2E-95 EEEEE

Windyhill Ar Renie-Red-ET

Stan-Mar-Dale Veronique EX-91

KY-Blue Ruben Marla-Red-ET 2E-94 EEEEE

A Champion x EX-93, EX-93, EX GMD DOM dams. Selling an extremely fancy Spring Yrlg Ace gr’dtr. Dam VG. Stan-Mar-Dale, 937-653-7096

5-8 2x 365 39,429 3.7 1446 3.2 1281 Grand Champ R&W WDE 2009 • 2X AA R&W Dams EX-93, 3E-94 Marker Mandy, EX-92, EX-91. Selling a Shaquille due in April to Ducati. Brie & Mallory Russell, 270-565-3640 Fancy Dec Redliner x VG-86 Advent x Marla. Also a 12/13 Aaron x VG-87 Talent x Marla. Gibson, Rustler, Stump, 502-379-2757

7-8 2x 365 37,790 3.9 1476 3.4 1273 Jr All-American & Nom AA Aged Cow 2008 Selling a fancy Sr Yrlg Braxton from Molly’s EX-93 Goldwyn. Hayley Mitchell, 423-562-0168 SALE MANAGED BY/CATALOGS:

KY Holstein Cattle Club Jeremy Kinslow, chair • 270-646-0697

EX-91 A 10th gen VG/EX Roxy. Selling her 6/13 Kite! Cameron Ridge, 606-308-1382

Sale Staff: Lynn Lee..........................615-390-6312 Donald Yoder..................478-278-2084 Chad Griffith ..................513-543-2315

Dale Turner ....................859-583-1695 Lisa Gibson ....................502-379-2757 Jeff Gibson ......................502-379-2756

Where will YOU be? Friday, May 2, 2014

Fasig-Tipton Sales Pavilion 2400 Newtown Pike • Lexington, KY

KHW REGIMENT APPLE-RED 3E-96 EEEEE DOM 4-1 2x 365 35,750 4.7 1682 3.7 1314 Res Grand Champ Int’l R&W Show 2013 Grand Champ Int’l R&W Show 2011 1st choice of 13 Atwood females due 9/1/14 sells!

BUTZ-BUTLER GOLD BARBARA EX-92 Unanimous All-American Sr 3 Yr Old 2013 All-Can & Unan All-American Sr 2 Yr Old 2012 Choice of her 2 Sept ‘13 fancy McCutchens with high genomics sells. Also a choice of 2 lovely Dec ‘13 Doormans with high type & genomics.

COOKVIEW GOLDWYN MONIQUE EX-95 All-American 4 Yr Old 2013 Res All-Canadian 4 Yr Old 2013 All-American & All-Can Sr 3 Yr Old 2012 1st choice MAS sells for 3/1/15 calves, plus a lovely 12/13 Atwood dtr.

MORNINGVIEW DESTRY LANI VG-88 2-5 308 25,473 3.9 982 3.4 866 Inc Selling 1st choice MAS, guarantee at least 2 hfrs. Lani a 12th gen VG/EX from Shottle Lucy 2E-90. Same family as KINGBOY GTPI +2598! Also selling Lucy’s Uno dtr GTPI +2563 +952NM +2.70T +3.1DPR.

MISS CALIFORNIA-RED VG-89 EEEEE 2Y HM Int Champ RAWF 2012 Destry from Apple 2-Red-ETN 2E-93 DOM, who is a clone sister to Apple 3-Red-ETN, Grand Champion Int’l R&W 2013! California SELLS fresh in March. Her 4 show-age dtrs by Sympatico, Seven P, & Redburst also sell!

WILLOW-MARSH SUNDANCE-RED Unanimous All-American R&W Milking Yrlg ‘13 2 EX dams! Sundance SELLS and will be fresh mid March! Huge, massive frame and looks gorgeous underneath. She can compete with the blacks!

BVK ATWOOD ARIANNA VG-89 EX(91)MS 2Y Nominated All-American Jr 3 Yr Old 2013 Unan All-American & All-Can Jr 2 Yr Old 2012 1st choice MAS sells for 3/1/15 calves. Arianna is fresh and ready to roll for this year’s show season. 2E-94 DOM dams are Chief Adeen and Ada!

TAYLOR-MADE MINISTER FARRAH VG-89 2Y 2-0 305 13,888 4.4 614 3.5 488 Res Int Champ NY Spring Show 2013 This Jr 3 Yr Old SELLS fresh and ready for 2014! Dams VG-88 Justice x VG-86 Whistler x EX-92 Sambo x EX-92 Grove.

RANDOM-LUCK K HONESTY EX-94 5-3 2x 285 18,520 5.1 946 3.6 668 1st Aged Cow, Sr, Grand & Supreme Champion WI State Fair 2012 Her Tequila Jr 2 Yr Old will be fresh in April and sells. Backed by 9 VG/EX dams.

QUIET-BROOK-D SH BABYLIEBE EX-90 10/13 AltaJackman grandtr sells GTPI +2504 +871NM +65P +2.98T. Dam to Jackman is VG-87 2Y, 6th gen VG/EX, and breed’s #2 GTPI Bookem with more points & show-cow frame and cut!

CLEAR-ECHO M-O-M 2213 VG-86 2Y WHITTIER-CF ATWOOD LOVE VG-88 2Y CALBRETT GOLDWYN LAYLA EX-95 GTPI +2210, 4th gen VG/EX. Selling 1st 4-7 2x 365 33,660 3.8 1285 3.4 1135 GTPI +2007 +3.98T choice of 2 highest Tango full sisters Res All-Can Mature Cow 2013 1-11 3x 365 30,930 3.2 995 3.3 1016 1st Mature Cow RAWF 2013 born 11/13: GTPI +2477 +2222M Her 10/13 Doorman sells GTPI +2293 +80F +70P, & GTPI +2458 +1917M +4.24T. Love is from a 2E-94 Shottle from A 4/13 McCutchen sells from Layla’s VG 2Y Snowman. Next dam Lila Z EX-94 17*. +82F +77P. Look for them to go up in Dec. the Bellwood Lindas!

RUSTOWIL RDBR SESLYN-RED COMESTAR LAMADONA DOORMAN COMESTAR LAUTALVA MUNITION This great Fall Yrlg SELLS. Dam a VG full GLPI +3179 +13Conf GTPI +2176 GLPI +3441 +13Conf DGV +3566 sister to 2X RWF & WDE Champion Seisme This June Doorman SELLS. Dams VG-87 GTPI +2446 EX-96! Next dams Supra VG-89 9* plus 6 Man O Man GLPI +3382 x Goldwyn VG-88 This June Munition SELLS. Dams VG-87 2* x 5 more gens VG/EX with 91* Snowman GLPI +3140 x Bolton VG-87 3* x more VG or EX dams & 41*. 5 more gens VG/EX with 91*.

BIG-LEAGUE SR 2 YR OLD SELLS! Desnette Breille Lauthority VG-88 VG(89)MS 2Y, 7th gen VG/EX Fresh and looks fantastic! Jr Champion Victoriaville 2013.

GTPI +2610 HEIFER SELLS! #13 GTPI HEIFER IN THE BREED! 12/13 AltaOak +910NM +3.65T Dam is a promising Shamrock due June 2014.

WINDY-KNOLL-VIEW PRINCESS GTPI +2352 1st choice MAS sells from 2 flushes to high-genomic sires. This Supersire is from a VG-85 2Y Super dtr of 3E-95 GMD DOM Pledge, then 2E-95 GMD DOM Promis & 3E-94 DOM Pala.

HOTEL INFORMATION: Four Points by Sheraton 1938 Stanton Way • Lexington, KY • 888-627-8157 $139/night – Butler-Fellers Sales room block

CO-OP BOSSIDE YELONDA GP-84 DOM Full sister to Co-op Bosside Massey. Her 1/14 Liquid Gold great-granddtr sells GTPI +2508 +889NM +2234M +105F +88P. Believed to be the breed’s #3 Protein female! Outcross pedigree & could jump 100 GTPI points in Dec. This calf’s GTPI +2385 Epic dam also sells.

Clarion Hotel 1950 Newtown Pike • Lexington, KY • 859-233-0512 $89/night – Butler-Fellers Sales room block


SALE MANAGED BY: Jeff Butler • 217-341-2437 • Norm Nabholz • 563-590-3204 • Ernie Kueffner • 301-639-2924 • JEFF BUTLER, Sale manager 217-341-2437 ED FELLERS, Assisting 913-484-4121 •

Butler Fellers Auctions Inc, an assumed name of Butler Auctions Inc, an Illinois corporation owned solely by Jeff Butler

SATURDAY, MAY 3rd FRIDAY, MAY 2nd • Fasig Tipton Sales Pavilion Two options to shape your Derby Day experience: 10:00am - 2:00pm - Thoroughbred Horse Farm Tour 1) Attend the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs! 3:00pm - 5:00pm - Pre-Sale Cattle Viewing / Social A bus for our group will be leaving Lexington on Saturday 5:00PM - DAY AT THE DERBY SALE morning to attend 'The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports!" 8:00pm - KY Derby Horse Auction & Kentucky Hospitality at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY. The bus will return to (Bid & buy your Derby favorite -- Win, Place & Show Lexington that evening. For details call Kathleen O'Keefe at owners all receive a percentage of the pool!) 715-563-1869! 2) Watch the Derby at Keeneland Racecourse! If you want the festive Derby atmosphere but prefer to relax in Lexington CATALOG ONLINE AT: for the day, join another group who will be watching the race at beautiful Keeneland Racecourse - home base to some of the world's finest racing stables! The Derby Day races will be simulcast at the track with easily accessible betting and dining opportunities.



March 2014

Purple Ribbon Classic

Hard Core Tag Sale

Sat, March 22, 2014 • 11:30 AM Central Wisconsin State Fairgrounds

April 18-19, 2014 • at the farm • New Enterprise, PA

Offering 40 Milking Shorthorns and 14 Jerseys. Show-age calves, milk cows of all ages, and potential All-Americans. All cattle are 4 years of age and younger.

Innisfail BDC Stella 905

East 14th Street off State Hwy 13 in

JAS-K GUTHRIE THEA-RED GP-84 Thea’s GTPI +2111 9/13 Transformer P sells. Next dam VG-VG-87 Shot TiffanyRed x VG-88 Mutant Logan. Matt & Ben Dorshorst

4E-96 Life to date: 209,683 3.9 8264 3.0 6289 2X WDE Champion Several family members selling.

Hearts Desire Hermitage Fantasia

EK-OSEEANA ASHLYNS ALLURE EX-91 6-4 2x 305 31,520 4.0 1260 2.8 891 Fall Yrlg Goldsun sells pregnant to sexed Atwood. Dam Allure, then 2E-96 Ashlyn! Zachary Lemke

EX-95 147,440 5.0 7334 3.6 5313 LT Grand Champ PA Farm Show 2003 Selling a VG-85 Primetime Sr 3 due in June, 3rd Sr 2 Yr Old NY Spring Show 2013.

Hard Core Farm

THE FISHER FAMILY Keith cell 814-932-3524 • 295 Barley Church Rd • New Enterprise, PA 16664

catalogs available by request or online at

KRULL OUTSIDE ELITE EX-90 3-7 2x 365 27,620 3.3 904 2.8 786 7th gen EX Elegance. Oct Aftershock sells from Elite’s GP-83 Laurin. Dean & Nancy Kruger Sept Daniel also from Elite’s family. Dam 2Y Fever x GP-83 Shottle x EX Elite Fudge x Elite.W. David & Dawn Windle

70th Iowa State Sale 11:30 a.m., Saturday, March 8 West Union, Iowa

Oak Forest Premium Flora “2E91” 3-6 365d 2x 34,030m 1684f 1133p Selling her March 2013 Golden Boy daughter who is #39 on the 12/13 Genomic heifer list.

RNR Formula Peanut “4E93/93MS”” 3-9 365d 2x 31,690m 1170f 1084p Selling is her July 2013 Temtation granddaughter. Her dam is “2E90/90MS” with 5-5 361d 3x 32,050m 1588f 1081p. October Vintage. “Ex90” Wonderment dam with 4-3 365d 24,420m 901f 816p. 2nd dam “2E92/92MS” with 6-10 365d 31,840m 1178f 1006p. From the same family a Wonderment fresh 12/13. Dam “2E92/92MS” with 31,840m. A Wonderment making a nice 2 year old record - +4027m +162f +141p over herdmates. Bred 10/28 to Jongleur. “VG85” dam with 3-0 305d 21,000m 875m 711p. A Chilli Pepper. Bred 9/16 to Faust. Vigor dam has 2-0 365d 3x 29,880m 1199f 1028p. Next dam “VG85” with 3-6 305d 3x 30,790m 1229f 974p.

Oak Forest Future Jem “2E90” 7-3 365d 2x 35,870m 1440f 1185p Selling her 12/13 Tanbark granddaughter. A Wallstreet bred 6/24 to Durham. “Ex” Beamer dam with 5-3 365d 25,200m 1154f 914p. 2nd Dam “2Ex90” with 4-6 312d 24,590m 1106f 840p. Also . . . A September Brookings. “G+” dam at 4-3 365d 25,980m 1289f 1014p. Lifetime: 2047d 135,160m 6493f 5195p. Two from the Viola family - A Vigor bred 8/8/13 to Prize. Jolt dam with 3-5 365d 31,810m 1250f 1171p. 2nd dam “2E91” with 6-6 365d 3x 38,190m 1651f 1283p. And October Durango. Alloy dam “G+84/V89MS” 1-11 365d 26,580m 1056f 898p. 2nd dam “VG88” with 5-3 365d 29,130m 1286f 1046p. A September Faust. Dam is milking senior year-

ling Brookings. 2nd dam “VG85” with 3-11 365d 26,910m 1128f 874p. 3rd dam “VG88” with 6-8 365d 41,890m 1696f 1200p. A Jacoby with 22,450m at 2y sells fresh. Dam “VG87” with 30,580m 5.6 1723f 3.6 1107p (3x). Grandam “2E91” with 25,490m 4.3 1098f 3.4 873p (3x).

Sponsored by Iowa Brown Swiss Association For catalogs: Lee Barber, chairman. 3348 235th St., DeWitt, IA 52742 Ph. (563) 659-5356; (563) 271-3781 email: or online at:

GBM SHOTTLE ASIA 2E-92 GMD DOM • GTPI +1994 2-1 3x 365 41,500 4.2 1736 3.2 1312 Dec GTPI +2143 Lingo sells from Asia, 7th gen EX Annabell! Royal Vista

ABOVE-PAR FINLEY PATTY EX-91 DOM 3-08 3x 365 30,800 3.7 1153 3.2 980 2nd dam of the Dec Sid selling from the Pala family. Dam is a VG-87 Jasper with 29,050. Wayne Blaser

MATT-DARI ELEGANT DOLLY EX-90 4-3 2x 365 34,690 4.2 1473 2.8 986 Dolly’s Sept McCutchen GTPI +2104, mat sister to Ostyle Dharma, with 5 EX Daisy dams! John & Tineke Boschma

Marshfield, WI

Lots of Opportunity! • July Man-O-Shan GTPI +2198 from Pine-Tree family. Toubib dam backed by VG-89 Jinx, EX-92, EX-92 Rudy Missy, EX-90 & 3 VGs. Donald Cunningham • Dec Gold Chip sister to 3E-96 Vangoh Durham Treasure! EX-90 Linjet dam, 7th gen VG/EX. Barden • June Braxton from the Ashlyns. VG-86 Alexander dam from Ashlyn’s Goldwyn. Lynn & Sara Harbaugh • June Alexander from VG-85 Damion. Next dams EX Durham, EX-96 Angel, & 2E-96 Ashlyn! Borchert • June GTPI +2017 Shamrock from VG Outside from Rudolph Pilgrim, 2 more VG! L-L-M Dairy • Red Daniel bred to sexed Miami from 3 VG Ri-ValRe dams. Gary Gehrke • Sept Guthrie from a Damion! T. Joe Hughes • June Fever from VG Champion! Fischerdale Synd • Sept GTPI +2166 AltaJackman from Frosty EX-97! Junemann, Duckett & Armbrust • Sept Goldwyn from EX-95 Durham Lizzy. J. Lemke • June Sid from EX-90 Shotte & VG-87 Storm dams. Jack & Karen Vanderwerff • March Braxton from the deep EX-95 Mark Mauis! Chase & Willow Oehmichen • March GTPI +2293 McCutchen from VG-87 Observer and 7 more VG/EX Barbies. Sandy-Valley • Sept Red Arudolf, dam VG-86 Miami from EX Oside Brianna! 6 more VG/EX dams. Hank Boschma • GTPI +1825 RED Alchemy, backed by 4 VG/EX dams! Douglas Lemke • Dec McCutchen from Snowman dam, Fudge/Juror Faith family! Michael Hughes • Oct RED Magenta from Redrose family! 9 VG/EX dams! John & Tineke Boschma • March Dempsy 2Y from 6 EX dams! Doug Lemke • Dec Dorcy from 2 EX dams! Squires Farm • Sept Aftershock x VG-86 Samuelo! L & O Pfaff • June Laurier from VG-86 Redliner, VG-87, EX-92. Chris Van Dyk • Sept Absolute from VG-87 Lheros! Next dams EX-91, 3E, EX-90 & VG. Thomas Horstmann Mayerlane • Sept Clark from 4 EX Durham Maes! • Dec Braxton from VG-86 Talent. Next dams 2E-91, 3 VG, EX-95, 2 more VG! Neil Ledden • Sept Goldsun from the Dellias! Nova Holsteins • Sept RED Barbwire from a Picolo x VG-87 x EX-92 Debutante Rae! Matthew Nunes • March Atwood Yrlg from 2E-94 GMD Outside Tana, EX-94, EX-92! Kestell • June Goldstar from 3E-91 GMD Rubens Glorious, EX, EX, VG, EX, VG! Amanda Schultz • Dec Acme from Isy dam. Next dams VG-88, VG-87, EX-93 Rudy, 3 VG & EX-90! Bremer • *RC Oct Larson from Special family! EX-92 Talent dam, then VG-87 dtr of EX-94 Miss Special-Red. 6 more VG/EX dams. Golden Oaks • 4 Srock Mack embryos from Atwood Barbie VG-86 GTPI +1921 32,585 4.0 1292 3.4 1097. Next dams VG-87, EX-90, VG-89, 4 EX dams Briana family! Castleberg Bros • GTPI +2305 Diamond from Armitage due in April. Next 8 dams VG/EX from the Sweet family. Danhof • 9/13 Atwood, VG dam from the Roxys! Long Haven & Golden Oaks • 12/13 Doorman from Fruity, Frosty’s highest genomic Shamrock! Dyment & Dion • 12/13 AltaOak from GTPI +2242 Shamrock x Golden Erin! Natzke • GTPI +2208 Liquid Gold x VG-87 Planet x Cosmpolitan! McDonah • 9/13 Defiant x 9 VG/EX dams! Nehls • 12/13 Lauthority x VG x 3E-94 Jill! Danhof

Hosted and managed by

For info & catalogs contact:

Wood Area

Co-chairs: Paul Lippert 715-459-4735 Jordan Freund 715-897-5389 Gary Gehrke 715-305-0530

Holstein Breeders

WINDBROOK WINDBROOK x RRosedale osedale Le Lexington x xington

GOLDWYN GOLD WYN x Allyndale-I A Sanchez Angelica

CCOMMANDER x Speek-NJ Uno De Decklyn ecklyn

BOMBERO BOMBER O x Ms Emily Emiily Emarion

HUGE OFFERING ... Windbr Windbrooks ookks direct direct from from the IVF Gold Goldwyn wyn em embryos mbryos from from the beautiful VG-88VG-88G EEARLYY Commander embryos EARL embryos from frrom o the +2336G + Uno Early Bomber Bomberoo embryos embryos o from from the +2301G 2301G SuperSuperr-5-YYear e r--Old, Lexington Le L xington EX-94! Anngelica, daughter off Shottle Aubry! Aubry! daughter d Durhham Daisys! sire sire daughter with huge huge health traits traits from from EMILY! EMILY! 2013 All-American 5-Year-Old, CAN Sanchez Angelica, off Planet Deloria and the Durham RACER RA CER x MD-Maple-Lawn Uno U Chance


BBOMBERO BOMBER O x Speek-NJ Cheddar Cheese Cheese

BOMBERO BOMBER O x EDG Ch Christa hrista HL 2066

RRacers acers from from the +2234G Num Numero mero Uno daughter Montross Montross embryos embryyos from from the +2318G Day daughter BBombero Bombero embryos embryos from from the highest GTPI GTP TPI (+2317G) Bombero Bombero embryos embryos from from o the +2338G Headliner sire stack and deep deeep pedigree! pedigree! huge producing produciing Planet Silk and the Splendors! Splendors! Fernand Feerrnnand daughter off Larcrest Larcrest Freddie Freddie Credit Crredit VG-85! VG-85! daughter and a fantastic fantastiic line back to JJuror uror Faith! Faith! with a unique sire off huge SEXED MEGASIRE x EDG Do Dominique ominique 2173

SEXED AACME CME x Milksource Shoc Shockk Affair

I Goldwyn x Lindlaur Gabor An IVF Annette nnette

AltaKADO x Pine-T Pine-Tree reee 4890 Casta 5660 *PO

EARLYY SEXED Megasires EARL Megasires (+2512G) (+2512GG) from frroom the +2273G TTremendous remendous type... typpe... Sexed Sexed Acmes from from the VG-87VG-87- IIVF FFemale emale e Gold Goldwyn wyn embry embryos os from from the thhe EX-90-2YR EARLY EARLY AltaKados AltaKKados a from from the No. No. 12 Polled Polled Female Female in granddaughter off Allanas Dora! Dora! Aftershock granddaughter g anddaughter off Chieff Adeen! gr s w-winning Gabor... sho Gaborr... . Outcross Outcross and Show Shhow Type! Tyype! U.S . . with a GTPI off +2315 and by by Castaway! Castaway! +3.50T Domain granddaughter 2YR Aftershock show-winning the U.S. ABSOL ABSOLUTE-RED UTE RED x BKB Durh UTE-RED D Durham h Amelia ham A li

ARMANI *R *RCC x Elm-Mound El M d Advnt Ad RRein-Red ein-R i Redd


CERTIFY CERTIFY x Regancrest Regancreest S Liz Lizett Li ett

SHOW SHO W CAL CALVES... VES... Absolute-Red Absolute-Red embryos embryos from from the Ar Armani rm mani *RC RC embryos embbryos from frrom o the EX-90 Ad Advent vent grandgrand- HHUGE TYPE... Corv Corvette ette (+4.11T) embry embryos yos from from the Larcrest Larcrest Certify embry embryos o frfrom os om the EX-90 DOM Shot Shot-direct from frf om Alicia! Renitita Ranger... Rangerr.... RED show show calves! calves! E Stormatic Storrm matic and EX-95 50,000 lb. lb. Durham! D Lizett and a fantastic fantastiic maternal materrnal n line! EX-93 Durham daughter direct daughter off Renita EX-90 tle Lizett

CCONTACT ONT ONTAACCCTT INFORMATION: INFORRMA RM MAAT ATTION ION: Steve Steve Mower Mower +1 240-520 240-520-5906 0-5906 | ste JJennifer ennifer Dingbaum +1 320-250-2412 3 | jennif

visit www fo for or more details

SHIPPING:: All auction sales and export export x shipping will be handled through AMS Genetics International, International, the trusted industry leader. leaderr. through fe and easy to do Log on to www.holsteinwww w.holstein . BIDDING:: Bidding is saf safe do.. Log register to bid or phone phonne one off the listed contacts. contacts. and register .m. (EST) on the TThurshhurrsLOG ON: Auction Auction closes be ginning at 4:00 pp.m. LOG beginning popcorn bidding/5-minute biddding/5-minute rule system. day off closing using the popcorn


March 2014

2014 SOUTHERN SPRING NATIONAL EXPOSITION April 7-12 • Stillwater, OK April 10 • Southern Spring National Jr Holstein & Jr Jersey Shows Judge: Jeff Brown, OH Showmanship Contest & Junior Social April 11 • Oklahoma State Sale • Featuring 100 top young cows, bred hfrs & fancy show calves NEW this year! Youth Judging Contest April 12 • Southern Spring National Holstein & Jersey Shows • Judge: Chad Ryan, WI NEW this year! Unfresh 2 Yr Old class in both shows OKLAHOMA HOLSTEIN ASSN, SPONSOR Contact David Jones • 405-880-5194 for entry info Contact Bruce Tencleve • 501-519-3856 for catalogs


Genetic Marketplace • Exodus Prase aAa 234


• Romandale Dividend Performer *RC (Dbl. ABC) $35

• Exodus Price Double grson Mtoto $22

WORLD RENOWNED 54H345 EXODUS PRAISES aAa 531426 • Durability, power, health & profits. Outcross! Mtoto x 3E-93 EX(95)MS Prelude x 3E-93 EX(94)MS Chief Mark. (no Shottle, Goldwyn, Planet) Only sire +70F +.22%F 2.56SCS with back-to-back 3E-93 dams EX(95)MS & EX(94)MS. Carries A2 gene and 7% CE while supplies last 40 years Call Now committed to your 800.876.2500 success Alpha Genetics, Inc.

Goldwyn x EX Shottle, rare A2A2 Shottle x 2E-93 Mtoto x 3E-93 Mark. +473M +18F +1.68T 93%R Buy 2 canes get 1 cane free!

• Warrencrest Jack-P-Red $20 • Aggravation Hardwood-Red *PC $25 aAa 462531 +3.1DPR +5PL 2.7SCC

• Buckhorn Ritzy-Red


2X August EX-96

• Exodus Praises


Health Component Champion

• Northwind Prdx Logan-Red • Plushanski Fargo • Briar Radius Martin-Red aAa 264 • Citation R *RC • W-V NJ Ritzee-Red Double gr’son of Citation R

$25 $35 $35

$35 $10 Prices subject

to change without notice

262-473-6291 920-650-1631 fax 262-473-6760

Here She Is... Sells!

MARCH Madness March 15 Frederick, MD Her EX-92 45,700M Goldwyn dam was pictured in our last month’s ad. Next dam 2E-96 Ashlyn!

Rose-Vue Atwood Adell 9/13 Atwood x Goldwyn x Ashlyn!

Nelson Dairy

Chris & Joyce Nelson BAA 110.7

937-653-8041 1751 S. Dugan Rd • Urbana, OH 43078


March 2014


Last MARCH Madness 2014 Call!

Saturday, March 15, 2014 • 11 AM • Frederick, MD • Fairgrounds Join us for the 10th Anniversary! Make your plans today for this great event!

T-Triple-T Gold Prize 2E-94

Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah

Rolling-Spring G Escence-ET 2E-95 EEEEE

Nom All-American 5 Yr Old 2013 EX-92 EEEEE Unanimous All-American 4 Yr Old 2012 Res All-American 4 Yr Old 2011 Jr Champion WDE & RWF 2009 Intermediate Champion WDE 2009 Her 9/13 Aftershock sells. Next dams All-Am & All-Can Sr 2 Yr Old 2009 2E-96 Dundee Paige, 2E-91 Linjet, 4E- Her 9/13 Goldwyn dtr sells! 95 GMD DOM Prudence 301,000 LT.


Quen-View Lee Candi 4E-95 EEEEE GMD

BVK Atwood Arianna VG-89 VEEVE 2Y

Nom All-American 4 Yr Old 2010 Nom All-American 5 Yr Old 2007 Unanimous All-American Jr 2Y 2012 Nom All-American Produce 2012 Candi has 221,000 LT! Selling her All-Canadian Jr 2 Yr Old 2012 Member Nom All-Amer Produce 2008 12/13 Atwood! Her 9/13 Doorman sells +4.75T! A 3/13 *RC Advent sells from this 8th Arianna is from 2E-94 DOM Chief gen EX Elegance! Adeen herself.


Ms Tara Gold Chip Tahiti-ET All-NY Spring Calf 2013 She sells! Dam is an EX-93 Goldwyn, Nom All-American and Nom AllCanadian 5 Yr Old 2011!

Scientific Debutante Rae-ET EX-92 EEEEE GMD DOM All-American 4 Yr Old 2005 Selling a 12/12 *RC Hero, potential 9th gen EX Roxy, from Debutante’s 2E-90 Talent dtr!

Ms Deb GC Dala

MD-Dun-Loafin Lauth Elli-ET

C-Cove Fever Pitch

Ludwigs-DG Goldwyn Ella-ET

This 6/13 Gold Chip sells from EX-92 Nom All-American Fall Yrlg 2013 Res All-American Fall Yrlg 2013 EX-93 EX(95)MS Gold Deb Res All-American and Res Her 12/13 Durham sister sells with 6 Unan All-Am & All-Can Fall Calf ‘12 HM All-American Jr 3 2012 All-Canadian Milking Yrlg 2011. Next VG/EX dams. Dam is a VG-87 Her 9/13 full sister sells, along with The Elegances! Full sisters Ella & Ellie dam 2E-95 Astronomical. Alliance. 9/12 *RC Contender and 9/13 RED EX-92 were AA Produce 2012. A 9/12 Armani sisters! Dam is a 2E-90 EX-MS full sister and Ellie’s 3/13 Jasper sell. Rubens and 7th gen EX Elegance.

Palmyra M-O-M Manhattan *RC Ms Apples Alexis *RC Woodcrest Obser Lucinda-ET VG-85 VG-MS 2Y • GTPI +2097 VG-87 VG-MS 2Y • GTPI +2026 VG-86 VG-MS 2Y • GTPI +2125 Two dtrs sell: 11/13 *RC Cash Coin GTPI +2330 +997M +64F +43P +773NM +6.4PL +2.5 DPR; and a 12/13 RED Colt 45 GTPI +2201 +969M +43F +38P +548NM +3.11T. 7 VG/EX dams.

Her 12/13 POLLED *RC Golden PP sells GTPI +1895. Also her 1st choice Olympian from 10 transfers due Sept/Oct. Next dam All-American 3E96 DOM Apple!

Ammon Peachey Shauna-ET VG-87 VG-MS 2Y DOM GTPI +2166

A 7th gen VG/EX from the 2E-92 GMD DOM Bellwood Linda family! Selling her 9/13 Latimer GTPI +2281 Selling 1st choice EARLY Capital Gain +1450M +56F +53P +696NM. Shauna from 12 transfers. is an 8th gen VG/EX from the 2E-92 GMD DOM Rudy Missy family.

See the Jan and Feb Cattle Connection ads for more 1st rounders!

CATALOG ONLINE NOW • Mailed by request only Online bidding at • Subscription required Sale Staff:


Chris Hill ................202-255-7907 Windy-Knoll-View Convey-ET Norman Nabholz ....563-590-3204 Chad Umbel............240-674-0154 EX-92 EEEVE 3Y Jennifer Hill ............301-606-2269 1st Jr 3 Yr Old Eastern Nat’l 2012 Selling her 9/13 Goldwyn, a potential Chad Ryan ..............920-960-1449 11th gen EX! 2nd dam 3E-94 HHM Brian Garrison ........614-264-3240 All-American Jr 3Y 2006 Chanel. Raymond LeBlanc ..802-249-2155

David Lentz ............717-329-9202 Nick Raggi ..............443-762-8338 George Morasci ......209-652-7151 Tim Abbott ............802-238-1142 Rick VerBeek ..........614-580-8662 Robert Yoeman........405-880-2209 Mike Heath ............443-375-8048

Perry Phend ............715-533-0608 Troy Yoder ..............478-244-2172 Jamie Black ............518-353-2602 Pat Conroy ..............260-402-4494 Buck Cessna ............814-494-1848 Gerald Coughlin ....705-740-6761 Tom Cull ................920-960-0350

MD - HILLBROOK Chris & Jennifer Hill

8517 Orndorff Rd • Thurmont, MD 21788 202-255-7907 Chris • 301-606-2269 Jen 301-447-5854 fax •





1st Jr 3 Yr Old & HM Int Champion Midwest Spring Nat’l 2012 Member Res All-Am Sr Best 3 2012

HHM All-American Jr 3 Yr Old 2012 Member All-American Produce 2012 Member Res All-Am Sr Best 3 2012

Nom All-American Jr 2 Yr Old 2011 1st Jr 3 & Res Int Champ IL Champ 2012 Member All-American Produce 2012 Member Res All-Am Sr Best 3 2012

Selling a Fall Yrlg full sister to these three beautiful Goldwyns! They are from a VG-87 EVVVV dtr of a 6th gen EX Elegance!

Dave Ludwig • Fithian IL • Sam Mackinson • Farm Manager • 815-674-1575 •

BVK SHOTTLE ANNA EX-91 EEEVE 3Y 3-6 2x 365 40,516 3.2 1293 3.1 1275 From Chief Adeen 2E-94, she’s a maternal sister to Abrianna EX-92 & Arianna VG-89 2Y! Selling Anna’s 1st choice Atwood from 3 ultrasounded females due 9/1/14.

MARCH Madness March 15, 2014 • Frederick, MD



March 2014


with a touch of Black

Saturday, April 12, 2014 • 11:30 AM Crescentmead Holsteins • Ixonia, WI

MS CANDY APPLE-RED EX-94 2X All-American R&W • Res Grand RWF 2013 Grand QC Int’l R&W • HM Grand WDE 2013 Selling is her stunning RED POLLED 9/13 Colt 45. Next dam 3E-96 Apple. Unlimited potential. Borba & Borba

SCIENTIFIC GOLD DANA RAE 2E-95 Res All-American 5 Yr Old 2012 Selling Dana Rae’s silky, black, stylish 9/13 Fever. It’s show time! 2nd dam EX-92 AllAmerican Debutante Rae. Budjon, Kietzman, Woodmansee

GREENLEA ADVENT LETA-RED EX-94 4X Nom All-American R&W Total Performance R&W WDE 2013 Selling Leta’s big-time Fall Calf by Greenlea Artie. She may follow in her sisters’ footsteps, many have been nom All-American. Duckett

SCIENTIFIC DBONAIR HINT-RED VG-87 All-American R&W Sr 2 Yr Old 2012 1st Sr 2 yr Old WDE R&W 2012 Hint’s fancy 12/13 Redburst sells, showtime! Next dam a VG-88 maternal sister to EX-95 Hotstuff, then 7 EXs. Matt Nunes

BUDJON-JK EMILYS EDAIR EX-95 Res All-American & Res All-Canadian Jr 3 Yr Old 2010 Edair’s 6/13 Gold Chip sells. 2nd dam EX-92 Res All-American Storm Emily, whose 9/13 Gold Chip also sells. Next dams 4E-96 Eileen and 3E-96 Elegance. Budjon-JK

MER-GOLD ADVENT MS MEG-RED EX-92 6-2 2x 365 36,940 4.8 1788 3.1 1149 Meg’s sweet 12/13 red Absolute sells. 2nd dam EX-94 4X All-American R&W & Global Cow of the year, Miss Special, then 2E-94 HM AllAmerican R&W. Justin & Bruce Hintz

CHERRY CREST LYSTER GOLDEN 2E-95 7-4 2x 365 43,610 4.6 2013 2.9 1284 Nom All-American & All-Canadian 5 Yr Old 2009 Golden’s 3/13 Alexander sells, was 3rd Spring Calf WI Jr State Fair 2013. Looks incredible for this year! Ben Powers

COLDSPRINGS DUR CHAN 109-ET 2E-95 DOM 6-4 2x 365 41,850 4.3 1784 3.1 1292 All-American 4 Yr ‘04 • Res All-American Aged ‘07 Selling from Dur Chan is her 9/13 Guthrie gr’dtr from an EX-92 max score Sanchez making over 38,000. Crescentmead & Marsh-Vue

CHERRIE-KREEK BONNIE-RED EX-94 6-1 2x 365 42,820 4.3 1827 3.0 1277 All-American R&W Aged Cow 2010 Selling your choice of three 11/13 Atwood dtrs from Bonnie. They are fancy and potential 9th gen EXs. Jake Vande Zande

CASTLEHOLM GOLDWYN ROSE-ET EX-90 2-4 2x 342 25,020 3.7 914 3.0 757 Selling a potential 16th gen EX, Rose’s 12/13 Aftershock. A Durham 3Y sister who sold through Redfest in 2012 is now a 16th gen EX. Elmo Wendorf Jr & Mike Hellenbrand

EN-MAR SABRE JAZZMINE-RED EX-92 2-8 2x 365 29,410 3.5 1035 3.1 914 Nom All-American R&W 2008 Selling Jazzmine’s just-fresh Sr 2 Yr Old by Rascal-Red and she has what it takes! Next dam EX, then 7 VGs. Joe Gibbs

SOLITAIRE JORDAN KYLIE-RED EX-94 HHM All-American R&W 5 Yr Old 2010 Selling Kylie’s sweet 12/13 Absolute, she’s sure to turn a few heads! MilkSource

GREAT STATE FAIR PROJECTS: • 9/13 RED Absolute. Dam VG-86 maternal sister to All-American R&W Joyful. Sarbacker • Fancy RED 9/13 Armani. Dam sure to go VG this spring. Next dam EX. Elmlo Holsteins • Big-time RED 4 Yr Old by Wisconsin-Red, just fresh and sure to go EX. Also her 12/13 Heztry sister. Dam EX Kite. Showtime! Al Ballweg


Catalog online at and Mailed by request only

Sale managed by: TODD WENDORF 920-988-3323 • Hosted by:


Norm Nabholz . . . . . . . .563-590-3204 Roger Turner . . . . . . . . .608-770-0012 Todd Wendorf . . . . . . . .920-988-3323 Niles Wendorf . . . . . . . .920-342-9482 Joel Kietzman . . . . . . . . .608-289-0096

Robert Yeoman . . . . . . .405-880-2209 Ron Roskopf . . . . . . . . .414-587-4400 Dale Kranz . . . . . . . . . . .920-960-2566 Paul Trapp . . . . . . . . . . . .608-322-0079 Chad Ryan . . . . . . . . . . .920-960-1449 Chris McCullough . . . . .608-214-9742

Scientific Spring Raes will Shine!

Steve Keller 608.219.6018

Too Many Bulls? • Get 80% or more hfrs from any sire any breed. • Semen additive works on any 1/2 or 1/4 cc straw • Shipped UPS direct to you • Increases conception

800-876-2500 920-650-1631

Todd, Christa, Landon & Mylie Wendorf W2444 Evergreen Rd • Ixonia,WI 53036 UWRF FALCON PREMIER March 1, 2014 • River Falls, WI

The Best of Canadian & US Replacement Hfrs • Registered & Grade • Open & Bred • Fresh 2 Yr Olds Full Vaccination Program



• 9/28/13 Bradnick from EX-92 Gold Dior. She’s a sister to Decadent Rae! • 6/13 Dempsey x VG Atwood x VG Shottle x Debutante.

MARCH Madness SCIENTIFIC ROY DELICATE-ET *RC *CV EX-91 Roy x EX-92 All-American Debutante Her 2 fresh *RC Fever dtrs and a 12/13 Airlift grand’dtr sell, along with a 6/13 *RC Acme from a VG Shottle x Debutante. They go to... March 22 Fond du Lac, WI

SCIENTIFIC DBONAIR HINT-RED SCIENTIFIC DECADENT RAE VG-87 *RC *TV EX-92 All-American R&W Sr 2 Yr Old 2012 Sanchez x EX-92 Gold Dior x Debutante Hint’s 12/13 Redburst sells! What a Our BEST hfr sells, a 3/13 Sid from calf! Mandy says she doesn’t stop eating! Decadent. What were we thinking? Moral of the story - don’t let Micheal She goes to RedFest along with: 10/13 *RC Doorman GTPI +2196 Heath and Nathan Thomas walk +4.12T x Decadent Rae’s Colt P dtr. through your pens with a blank piece of paper. It will be a punch in the gut to see this one leave. She goes to...


April 12, 2014 • Ixonia, WI

March 15, 2014 • Frederick, MD • 6/13 RED Defiant from VG Advent x 5 gens EX! • *RC Hero Winter Yrlg from Debutante’s EX Talent. 8 EX Roxy dams!

March 27 • Columbus, OH

Scientific Holsteins Matt and Mandy Nunes and family 11812 120th Ave • Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 • 715-288-5838 • 715-226-0329 cell • •


March 2014


The HARVUE Select Sale

• Monday, March 31, 2014 • 10:30 AM • At the farm • Berryville, VA 100 head sell from the very top of the herd • 75 young cows • 12 fancy bred hfrs • 13 show-age calves & heifers The Can’t-Miss Breeders’ Sale of the Spring! Make plans to attend, you’ll be glad you did! AN EXAMPLE OF THE BEAUTIFUL, FRESH YOUNG COWS SELLING

Herd will be rescored prior to the sale. 1. Harvue 2. Harvue 3. Harvue 4. Harvue

Atwood Ritz VG-86 A Jr 3 Yr Old due in June! Destry Ginnie GP-83 Fresh 2nd calf with 90 lbs! Atwood Vidi VG-87 Fresh 2nd calf, 124 lbs! Ransom Lead GP-83 Fresh 2nd calf, 101 lbs!

Harvue Roy Frosty 3E-97 GMD 5-7 365 44,710 5.6 2222 3.0 1332 2X Grand & Supreme WDE ‘09 & ‘10 Int & Res Grand WDE ‘07 10 family members sell!

Ms Wm King Mort Winnie-ET 2E-94

Harvue Goldwyn Foxy Lady VG-87

Harvue Contender Beauty-Red

Harvue Chesapeake Raven

Harvue Atwood Fox-ET VG-88

Harvue Braxton Falyn-ET From Fox, this Fall Yrlg sells!

Her Damion, Shottle & Windhammer Atwood sister to Foxy Lady. Dtrs sell by dtrs sell. Foxy Lady is from an EX-92 Damion and Braxton (right). Dundee x 3E-97 GMD Frosty x 3E-93.

Harvue Atwood Vida VG-87

Harvue Juror Emily

A great one in the making, Beauty sells! 3E-94 2E-94 DOM Her full sister is Britta, EX-91 5-1 365 41,740 3.8 1602 3.0 1239 4-8 365 32,020 4.0 1267 3.2 1026 Unanimous All-American R&W Jr 3Y A true brood cow and herd favorite! Emily’s VG-87 Atwood gr’dtr sells fresh 2013! Dam 2E-90 40,510 Advent. Many family members sell, including a in Jan 2nd calf. Other family members VG-88 Damion, VG-86 Atwood, VG sell by Atwood, Frost, Edison, & more! Destry, and fancy, just-fresh 1st calf heifers by Federal and Braxton.

Harvue Royal Sandie

Harvue Roy Divine EX-91 Her super Atwood Jr 3 sells! Next dam EX.

Harvue Planet Edie

Harvue Planet Evie-ET

This beautiful Atwood sells, milking Born 6/1/13, here’s your Summer Yrlg! EX-91 EX-MS 2nd calf VG-87 • GTPI +2083 120 lbs and pregnant to Acme, due in Dam is EX-90 EX-MS Aspen, then an 5-5 365 41,010 3.4 1401 2.8 1141 2-4 365 33,020 3.2 1069 2.9 960 2-2 305 24,170 4.2 1022 3.0 730 EX-92 Roy. Sandie’s VG maternal sister A full sister to Evie, right, they are from Evie’s fresh Iota sells GTPI +2153 Winnie’s Damion dtr sells just fresh as the fall. From several VG dams. also sells fresh in Feb with 2nd calf. a Sr 2 Yr Old! She’s a looker! a 2E-90 Shottle, then VG. Edie’s GTPI +1391M +68F +47P. Jeeves sisters to +2276 Mogul dtr sells ready to flush! Evie & Edie also sell, milking 90 lbs and potential VG 1st score! A fresh Herd Facts: More Selling: Windbrook also sells from a VG sister. • Herd average on 370 cows: 25,704 895F 790P • VG-87 Atwood fresh Feb 2nd calf x EX Shottle x EX-91 Titanic. Sale Staff: • SCC 100,000 on the entire herd! • VG Atwood x VG Dundee x VG-88 Stormatic. Due in April to Hero 2nd calf. Norman Nabholz, pedigrees ....563-590-3204 • VG Monument x EX Elmo x EX-92 Highlight. Fresh Jan milking over 100 lbs. • Fifteen 300,000 lb cows to date! David Lentz ............................717-329-9202 • VG Ransom x EX-94 Emory. Milking 103 lbs 2nd calf. • Last classification 97 EX 192 VG 87 GP Nick Raggi ..............................443-762-8338 • VG-86 Ransom x EX-91 Dundee x VG-88. Milking 104 lbs 2nd calf. • 288 EX cows bred by Harvue to date! Troy Yoder ..............................478-244-2172 • Fancy Atwood due 3/7/14 1st calf. Dam VG-88 x EX-92. Major-league potential here! • Catalog will be online 2 weeks prior at Ron Roskopf............................414-587-4401 • 1st calf Super milking 98 lbs x VG-87 Blitz x VG-87 Morty. Bob Landis ..............................717-413-1232 • VG-86 Toystory fresh 3/1/14 2nd calf x VG-87 Roy x EX-91 Elmo. Sale Hosts/Co-Managed By: Co-Managed By/Catalogs by request only: • VG-86 Destry fresh 2/22 2nd calf x VG x EX-91 x EX-92 x EX-94 x EX-95. • VG Atlas fresh 12/13 2nd calf x VG-87 x EX-91. THE HARDESTY FAMILY • 1st calf Atwood fresh in Nov milking 81 lbs x VG x VG-88. Chris & Jennifer Hill • VG RED Destry x 2 VG dams, due in mid May to Acme with 2nd calf. • Damion bred hfr due 6/11/14 to Atwood x 2 EX dams. 8517 Orndorff Rd • Thurmont, MD 21788 • 1st calf Blitz milking 87 lbs x VG-88 EX-MS Lee x VG-86. 202-255-7907 Chris • 301-606-2269 Jen • Damion bred hfr x EX Drake x VG-87 Titanic. Due 6/1/14 to Golden Dreams. 301-447-5854 fax • 540-533-6075 David • 540-514-1538 Matt • Big-time Gold Chip Fall Calf x VG-88 Dundee x EX-92 Roy. 2308 Longmarsh Rd • Berryville, VA 22611


Central PA Spring Spectacular

Catch a RED-Hot Fever!

Sat, April 26, 2014 • 10:30 am Grange Fairgrounds • Centre Hall, PA • 70 Head Sell

Selling Tiffany’s 11/13

Something for everyone: Fancy, full-aged show calves, high genomics, awesome bred heifers! There will also be a few head of top-notch colored breeds to choose from! Complimentary barbeque and Youth Benefit Auction the night before the sale and a complimentary breakfast sale morning. Early Headliners:

C-Cove-NV Reflect Lexus-ET 3E-94

Nipponia EDR RD Grace-ET 2E-94

3X Res All-PA & 7th gen EX from the Lou Anns. Three show-age descendants sell.

Dundee x 2E-96 2X All-Canadian Georgette! Selling Grace’s awesome Goldsun Fall Calf!

Sale co-managed by: HUNTINGDON & CENTRE/CLINTON CO HOLSTEIN CLUBS Co-Chairs: Eric Smith 814-883-2489 • Aaron Cornman 717-448-1707 and: PENNSYLVANIA HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION • David Lentz 717-329-9202



Tiffany-Red-ET VG-87

March 22 Fond du Lac, WI

2-5 365 25,601 4.1 1039 3.1 806

Tiffany is a Shottle from Vande Mutant Logan-Red VG-88 EEVVV, Jr All-Am R&W!

JAS-K HOLSTEINS • JASON KEARNS • 21542 Thistle Lane • Gays Mills, WI 54631 • 608-306-2201



Saturday, March 22nd • 11:00 a.m. • Fond du Lac, WI Morningview Shttl

Mikki-ET EX-91 2E

6-00 365 41,080 3.8 1562 3.1 1283

Embrace-ET 2E-95

4th gen. AA nominee in milking form - all EX over 40,000M AND 2 dtrs. nom. AA in 2013! 4 awesome dtrs sell: Absolute fall calf, Advent spr. yrlg, Dundee winter yrlg & VG-86 Braxton Jr. 3! Elegance Futures 920.960.0350



Ashlyn-ET 2E-96 GMD DOM

Winterbay Goldwyn

Escence-ET EX-95 2E

5-06 365 40,500 4.1 1646 3.2 1307

Tremendous Individuals, Superb Pedigrees

An A.I. contracted, +2459G Mogul sells ready to flush! Her dam a fresh, +2191G Iota, then the 2E-90 DOM 33,700 full sister to Mikki who completes 11 gens EX & VG Lead Maes! Tom Schmitt 563.552.2172

Budjon-JK Durham

Rolling-Spring G

120 Lots Sell with Something for Everyone!

Lotto EX-95

GBM Valiant Starbuck

Janice 4E-94 GMD

5-10 365 50,710 4.4 2207 3.4 1707 Reserve All-American 4 Year Old 2008

4-09 365 43,090 4.8 2079 3.5 1503 All-Time All-American 4 Year Old

4-06 365 36,620 4.1 1499 3.6 1318 All-American 4 Year Old 2010

11-8 305 32,770 4.8 1564 3.3 1083 2nd 125,000 lb. Cow Midwest Fall Nat’l 2005

Her Atwood winter yrlg & VG Sid Sr. 2 are incredible! You’ll be impressed! Cull & Kietzman 920.960.0350

Ashlyn’s Brokaw spr. yrlg has “nomination” written on her! She’s big time! Siemers Holsteins 920.948.0123

Lotto’s Atwood Sr. 2 looks phenomenal! Tall front ended & the udder looks fantastic! Peter Vail 518.755.0307

A super Braxton Sr. 2 for the junior shows! She’s a 7th gen. EX or VG at 86! Eric & Brandy Westphal 920.210.5337

Dana Rae-ET

Scientific Gold EX-95 2E

Res. All-American 5 Year Old 2012


Scientific Roy EX-91

4-03 365 38,640 4.5 1741 3.5 1340


BKB Sanchez VG-88

2-06 365 24,093 3.8 924 3.2 775

Regel Shottle S VG-86


2-11 305 32,198 3.4 1095 3.2 1030


Melvale Lheros EX-94 2E

Res. Int. Champ. Quebec Spring Show 2009

Her Dundee fall calf is all style! She’s ready Dana Rae’s sister with 2 fantastic Fevers sell- An own dtr of Shoremar Alicia! This Sanchez is She needs to see the classifier! With that big, Justine has a beautiful uddered Sid Sr. 2 sellfor the big time & backed by 8 EX dams! ing - a super Sr 2 & a Jr 3 selling with her 12/13 just fresh & looks like a sure bet for EX! wide rear udder she’ll turn some heads on ing! An exciting young cow from 5 gens EX & Budjon, Kietzman & Woodmansee 920.960.0350 Airlift hfr calf! Katrina Nunes 715.288.5838 Greg Lambert 920.904.3655 the tanbark! Krohlow & Knaup 920.639.5500 VG! Milk Source LLC 608.566.9096


Divine Aftershock VG-88

2-08 249 17,970 4.2 664 3.2 524 RIP


Kings-Ransom Baxter VG-85 DOM GTPI +2036


Ammon-Peachey -ET VG-87 DOM GTPI +2166

2-00 3x 365 22,510 3.8 845 3.1 708 2-01 3x 365 35,120 4.1 1427 3.3 1145

This exciting Sr. 3 sells due this summer with 11 gens. EX & VG high demand contract Shauna’s VG Robust (a full sister to SuperChelios hfrs! 9 gens EX & VG adorned with cows! Dolly’s early Grafeeti has a +2464G sire) has a +2364G *RC Long P and +2286G blue ribbons! Casper & Gus-Wind 920.948.1572 +847NM Miles selling! T-Spruce 320.493.9703 Altaembassy selling! Alta Genetics | Tactex Gen

Show Me

Indianhead -ET EX-91 EX-MS GTPI +2002


Erbacres Lyster EX-93 2E

3-03 3x 365 38,560 3.9 1513 3.2 1253

3-06 365 32,570 3.5 1142 3.3 1064

91, 94, 93 & 95 point dams from the renowned Lead Maes back her splendid 10/13 Windbrook dtr! Endless opportunities here!

Her dam the EX-91 Skychief sister to Damion! Doriah’s fancy Goldsun summer yrlg sells plus a lovely uddered Guthrie Sr. 2 from Doriah’s EX-92 Aspen! Connor Erbsen 815.275.4990

Hi-Rev Genetics 920.758.2182


Regancrest -ET EX-92 GMD DOM


Hilrose Dolman EX-92 EEEEE

5-00 365 34,220 4.1 1418 3.1 1074 4-02 365 35,790 4.0 1439 3.4 1214 1st Sr. 3 Yr Old Midwest Spr. Nat’l 2007 5 EX dams back her special Braxton 2 yr old

Her EX Sanchez gr’dtr has a Shamrock selling selling! Next dam EX-94 3E 43,700 4.3 1879 due to Baltimore! Luke Popp 902.948.5554 & 306,750M lft! Hilrose Dairy 920.989.1167

Budjon-JK Goldwyn EX-90


4-05 338 27,380 4.4 1207 3.4 940


Miss Bookem -ET GTPI +2251 GP-82 just fresh A different sire stack with world wide appeal in Marly’s +2374G Shan dtr selling! Next dam a VG-86 Megaman, then an EX-92 2E Shottle! T-Spruce 320.493.9703


Budjon-JK DD -ET *RC EX-92 EEEEE 2-02 3x 352 26,000 3.8 989 3.2 820

A full sister to the 95 pt. Escence! Eirene’s Red factor & 7 gens EX ... Ebony’s *RC Goldbeautiful Bradnick fall yrlg sells! A Jr. Cham- wyn winter yrlg is cut right, bred right & will pion in 2013, she’s got her eye on the purple make a high scoring young cow as well! ribbon again! Greg Letter 920.495.1136 Ryan-Vu & Bella-View 920.960.1449


Lylehaven Advent -ET *RC EX-92 EEEEE



Larcrest -ETS VG-87 DOM GTPI +2229 2-04 365 35,930 4.1 1487 3.5 1259

Chenoa’s +2362G +807NM Predestine sells with contract interest! She’s a mat. sister to Chevrolet +2358! Larcrest 507.402.7276


Budjon-JK Emilys EX-94 EEEEE

Res. All-American Jr. 3 Yr Old 2010

The magic cross, Gold Chip X Edair! Wait till you see her spring & summer yrlgs selling! A gorgeous 9/13 Gold Chip sister to Edair sells too! Elegance Futures 920.960.0350


Wilstar Durham -ET Melarry Goldwyn -ET EX-91 2E VG-88 EX-MS DOM 2-00 365 25,380 4.1 1053 3.2 817 8 EX & VG dams! Lynn’s potential VG Tal- 2-02 365 34,420 3.7 1259 3.4 1158 The Lilis continue to shine in the show ring & ent sells and the best heifer ever sold from 6 gens EX & VG ~ Fate’s super uddered Hero beyond! Lyndi’s 6/13 Bradnick & 9/13 Atwood Wilstar ... a 6/13 Atwood from this family! 2y sells plus an Epic due to Observer & fancy are incredible! Oakfield Corners 585.704.2501 Robert Gates 920.229.6385/Wilstar 920.858.9367 6/13 Braxton! Mystic Valley & Kejo 608.963.6819

Check our February ad for More Consignments! Whatever Your Preference, You’ll Find Cattle You Like in this Line-Up!


Budjon-Vail VG-87

All-American R&W Fall Calf 2012

Carrying on the winning traditions of her dam, Desire EX-96 4E! Deidra has 2 special dtrs selling: a 12/13 Colt 45 and a 9/13 Action! Mike & Laura Rammer 920.980.3417


Mi-Lor-Enda Des -Red This big, tall Destry spring yrlg sells and is entered for Spring Show! This family has produced several blue ribbon winners and Jangles looks to follow in those footsteps! Joe Casper & Gus-Wind 920.948.1572


Danville-ML EX-94 EEEEE

Desire *RC

Budjon Redmarker EX-96 4E GMD

Grand Champion Int’l Holstein Show 2005


Jerland Tal -Red-ET EX-92 EEEEE Grand Champion Midwest Spring R&W Show 2013

Desire’s Red Picolo winter calf & Absolute fall Selling from her VG-86 Atwood sister is a calf are cut like winners! You’ll love the Fever fabulous Red Advent Jr 2 due with a Talent hfr spring yrlg from her EX-91 Durham as well! calf! 8 gens EX Roxys plus show winners & Budjon & Vail 920.960.0350 longevity! Bella-View Holsteins 920.420.1524


Golden-Oaks C -Red-ET *PP Homozygous polled & backed by the 8th gen EX, Perk Rae -- the polled star of the Roxy family! Selling choice of Posie’s Doormans due in May! Golden Oaks Farm 847.526.6644


Car-Bon Goldwyn EX-92 EX-MS


Jas-K Guthrie -Red-ET VG-86 VG-MS GTPI +1951 Tart’s dam is the VG-87 Tiffany pictured right. 5 VG dams behind her RED Day hfr. calf selling! A rare, red Day with the variant red gene! Genomics in March. Dorsland Farms 715.204.9574



Scenic-Edge EX-92


Yursden Kite EX-92 2*

All-American R&W Sr. 2 Yr Old 2008

Grand Champ. Grand Int’l R&W Show 2006

Joyful’s mat. sister sells ... a VG Director due before the sale with an Absolute hfr calf plus her Barbwire spring yrlg sells! A very special young cow! Scenic-Edge 920.918.1948

2 Caramac dtrs sell: a tremendous Sr. 2 Advent and a sweet Absolute fall calf! Also selling is a perfect Red Heztry winter yrlg from her 2E-92 Redman! Green & Garst | Lemke


Vande Shot -Red-ET VG-87 2-06 365 25,601 4.1 1039 3.1 806


KHW Rampage VG-87

4-02 365 32,070 3.5 1138 3.3 1047

A carrier of the Red variant gene, a show A mat. sister to the EX-96 Apple! 6 EX dams winner & more! Tiffany’s extra special RED complete the pedigree of her exciting Red 4 Fever hfr calf sells! Jason Kearns 608.306.2201 yr old selling! High Altitude Synd. 608.444.6297



Greenlea Rub EX-94 3E

Golden-Oaks RMN -Red-ET *PO VG-89 EX-MS

Turtle-Rock -Red-ET EX-93 4E

3-07 365 35,390 4.0 1410 3.3 1175

4-08 365 28,390 4.4 1255 3.6 1019

Res. Jr. All-American R&W Aged Cow 2009

3-07 365 31,500 4.1 1277 3.4 1071

1st 4 Yr Old & HM Grand NY Spr. Show 2013

8 EX dams behind her Guthrie Jr 2 due to sexed Atwood, her 6/13 Sid & 9/13 Lauthority! Doug Lemke | Oakfield Corners Dairy

5 gens EX-92 or higher! Choice of 6 Atwoods 3x All-American R&W 9 gens EX...this family produced Golden PP- Minnie transmits fancy that is just what her or Gold Chips due in March sells from Angela’s 3 EX All-Americans back her remarkable Se- Red! Rae 2 has a polled Redburst selling plus Debonair winter calf is! 6 EX & VG dams from EX-92 Durham dam! Greg Letter 920.495.1136 cure fall calf! Green & Garst 302.378.2742 an Alchemy fall yrlg! Doug Lemke 920.371.7738 the Selsy family! Ashley Seeman 815.848.3048


Walk-Era Dundee EX-90 EX-MS



2-02 365 29,240 3.9 1144 3.3 967

The dam of high type expert, Brokaw! Bikasa’s lovely uddered Observer 2y sells! The best of the Barbies! Luke Popp 920.948.5554


Rabur Goldwyn VG-87

2-03 350 24,160 4.5 1093 3.3 807

Kulp-Dale Wndbrok



Heritage-E Debbies A phenomenal Jr 2 Domain due to Attitude2-04 365 23,044 4.8 1091 3.4 803 3-05 337 30,850 3.5 1085 3.3 1008 Ellie is due in May to sexed Gold Chip & looks Red from the EX-90, All-American GW DebAn AA nominee, her full sister a nat’l show A 2x Jr AA nominee & 10th gen EX or VG! sensational underneath! Windbrook on the bie! Next dam an EX-92 Outside followed by winner & now you can own their stunning Charo’s stylish Goldsun summer yrlg sells! top with 6 EX dams on the bottom make her Chief Adeen & Starbuck Ada at EX-94! Sarbacker & Evangelo 608.698.2855 6/13 Goldsun sister! Walk-Era 608.697.2922 Krohlow & Culbertson 920.639.5500 extra special! Lemke & Mullikin 920.371.7738

Regancrest Mac VG-87 GMD

Jergiese Jasper EX-90 EX-MS

HHM Jr All-American Fall Yrlg 2013

Westphalia Durham EX-94 2E


3-07 365 36,230 3.0 1089 3.3 1191


Astrahoe LJ Rosa EX-93 2E

3-08 3x 365 36,880 3.8 1386 3.4 1269


DKC-Dewitt Bradnick This spring yrlg is bred to be a winner! Her EX-91 Durham dam is a 2x Nat’l show winner and Jr All-American winner! 2nd dam EX-96 9* and Res. All-American 5 Yr Old 2004! Cal DeWitt 608.290.9265


2nd-Look Durhm 3433-ET EX-95 2E GMD 7-04 365 47,400 3.7 1734 3.0 1408

Next 6 dams EX, over 31,000M from the Beth’s VG Shottle completes 9 gens EX & VG. Her EX, 30,420 Mr Sam has a VG-86 Lyster From Juba’s EX 43,780 Mich comes a 31,651 highly regarded Pandora family! Pillar’s Her Fever summer yrlg can compete with the selling fresh with 107 lbs. first test! A poten- Sanchez 3y & a Sid 2y sells from Juba’s VG-88 lovely Sid 2y sells! Paul Buhr 608.606.3480 best! Westphalia 920.210.5337 tial 15th gen EX! Hannah Ullom 715.568.3678 EX-MS gr’dtr! Mystic Valley & Kejo | 2nd-Look

A Winning Combination: Exceptional Individuals, the Best Cow Families & Top Sires! Buy with Confidence! High Producing, Good Looking Young Cows • A Stunning Group of Red & Whites • High End Genomics Choice of Flushes, Embryo Packages and Show Prospects -- All Ages for All Levels of Competition! We’ve Got Just What You are Looking For!

Sales Team:


Green-Corner Laurn EX-92 EEEEE

3-05 3x 365 38,750 4.2 1645 3.6 1401

4 EX Lead Maes back Marva’s VG 31,770 Damion fresh with 2nd calf & looking superb! Breunig, Jorgensen, Olstad & Sarbacker 920.210.3992

Catalog online at:

Rick Bovre................................920.960.0487 Chris Hill...................................202.255.7907 Kevin Jorgensen.......................920.210.3992 Scott Culbertson.......................614.264.5980 Tom Cull....................................920.960.0350 Cody Schultz .............................920.209.6789 Travis Krohlow ..........................920.639.5353 Nicholas Schuster......................920.979.7757

Contact Sale Management for a Sale Catalog Chad Ryan.................................920.960.1449 Bob Sabo...................................920.366.7145 Brandon Ferry...........................608.335.8861 Ryan Krohlow............................920.639.5500 Neal Laneville...........................919.444.5904 Garrett Schmidt........................608.865.0266 Ryan Lauber..............................262.902.3153 Kyle Natzke...............................920.979.0593

Selections by Rick Bovre, Chad Ryan, Lynn Harbaugh, Chris Hill, Kevin Jorgensen & Scott Culbertson


Rick & Paula Bovre, mgrs. W4226 SR 23 E, Fond du Lac, WI 54937 PH: 920.923.6991 • FAX: 920.921.5678 • Sale Headquarters: Comfort Inn, Fond du Lac, WI PH: 920.921.4000



March 2014


Saturday, April 5, 2014 • 11:00 AM Cobleskill, NY SUNY Cobleskill Hangar Stable “Where Quality Cattle Are Always In Style!” The country’s longest-running college dairy sale!

Dairy Fashions Sale





3-4 2x 365 34,465 3.6 1257 3.1 1068 All-American 5 Yr Old 2011 A 12/12 Heztry from Barbara’s VG-87 2Y Destry sells and will be bred by sale day. Michael Maloney, NY

6-2 2x 365 32,791 3.8 1239 3.1 1003 Pam is an All-Canadian nominee with 235,000 LT. Her GP-83 2Y dtr by Quality Frantabulos will sell fresh. Quality Holsteins, ON

5-0 2x 365 34,923 5.1 1781 3.2 1131 5X All-Canadian • 2X Grand RWF Selling a VG-85 Ross that will be fresh. Dam is a VG Dundee x a VG-88 4* Gibson dtr of Frantisco. Quality Holsteins, ON

8-6 2x 365 32,024 4.2 1340 3.1 994 An 8th gen VG/EX and All-American R&W. Selling her 9/13 Armani dtr. Also selling a 9/13 Aikman from Jodie’s VG-86 Goldwyn dtr. Fradon, ON





4-6 2x 365 30,330 3.8 1158 3.1 949 Next dams are 2E-93, EX-93 GMD DOM, EX-96 GMD DOM Lulu, and 2E-90 GMD. Selling a 6/13 Dempsey from Lue’s VG-88 Sanchez, and a 9/13 Guthrie from her GP-84 Drake. Ovaltop, NY

3-8 2x 365 34,250 3.9 1337 3.4 1180 A 9th gen EX Roxy from Perk Rae. Selling her 8/13 Destry dtr! McClure, NY

6-9 2x 365 35,570 4.2 1474 3.4 1193 2X All-American Her 6/3/13 Ensign sells with 6 EX dams. Dan Chard, NJ

Sale Host:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. John Tryon 518-332-0458 Sale Chair: Marybeth Shults 315-717-6320 Check us out on FACEBOOK! catalog online:

Your Chance! to invest in an up-and-coming cow family. Pricila’s fancy RED Barbwire-Red daughter, due May 7th to Aikman, sells! March 22 • Fond du Lac

6-3 2x 365 28,796 4.6 1315 3.8 1104 All-American Aged Cow 2007 A 4th gen EX. Selling a 9/13 Kingpin x 2Y Teaton x VG 2Y Wonderment x Butterfly. Elite Dairy, NY

Sale Managed by/Catalogs:

DAVE & MERRY RAMA • 4236 Co Hwy 18 • Delhi, NY 13753 607-746-2226 • -2911 fax • • AU-204463-E

WI Ayrshire Spring Sale Saturday, April 19, 2014 • 11 AM • Neillsville, WI Show prospects, fresh cows and heifers, bred heifers Covey Farms Forever Jade 2E-93 3-5 365 31,380 3.3 1038 2.9 909

2X Res All-American Selling a Tristar Fall Calf and a Reality Winter Calf. Jade has 8 All-American or Jr All-American daughters to date! Next dam VG.

Sharwards Normandin Apple VG-88 5-2 3x 365 25,220 3.6 906 3.1 785

A 6th gen VG or EX, many over 150,000 LT. Selling choice of her two 12/1/13 Burdette calves, we’ll leave the decision up to you!

Jo-Clar Sept Pricila-Red-ET EX-91 EEEEE 4-4 2x 365 38,430 3.6 1401 3.1 1200 A 6th generation Excellent Patsy! This family has it all–pedigree, type, components, and high genomic numbers. Pricila had embryos exported to Japan and was the high selling Holstein at the Great Northern’s 25th Anniversary sale at $30,000. Pricila’s 7 #1 Golden PP-Red embryos are available. Poppy-P-Red, Pricila’s Secure gr’dtr, is GTPI +1946, VG-86 2Y, and a 10th gen VG/EX. Her polled *RC Mogul son GTPI +2225 +3.5UDC is contracted to Genex. Poppy-P-Red’s 7 #1 Halogen embryos are available. Interested in these embryos? contact us!

Buckhorn Acres Dairy

• Ed & Lynn Heeringa N10870 Buckhorn Rd • Fox Lake, WI 53933 920-324-8991 • 920-210-9829 cell •

Van-De Orkko Caitlin Corky EX-90 4Y 4-3 2x 305 26,990 3.9 1055 3.4 908 2nd Jr 2 Yr Old Int’l 2010 Nom All-American Jr 2 Yr Old 2010

#6 on the Elite Cow list. VG-87 dtr is #1 on Ayr Elite list. Sister has son going to AI. Corky’s 6/13 Reality P9 dtr sells, CPI +496. She’s the highest PTI Reality of the breed! Contacts: Damian Ullmer 920-639-2375 • Steve Schneider 920-948-8310 Still accepting consignments! See our Facebook page: Wisconsin Ayrshire Spring Sale WI Ayrshire Breeders • 920-639-2397 •




Call for one or many!


Fashionable Ladies to the

March 22 Fond du Lac, WI


Alpha Genetics, Inc. 800.876.2500 920.650.1631


Cybil Fisher 920-737-3050 Associate Photographers

Lea McCullough 608-214-1845

Jenny Thomas 614-395-9823

For reprints contact the office 920-465-3880 1609 Redstone Trail, Green Bay, WI 54313

EMBRYOS WANTED for EXPORT Gus-Wind Divine Aftershock VG-88 2-8 280 20,047 3.7 751 3.0 593 Inc • SCC 38 Sells due in June with Chelios females! Dam: Gus-Wind Dundee Dana EX-91 2-6 297 25,090 4.0 1002 3.0 744 Sisters to Dundee Dana: Gus-Wind Encore Dandelion EX Nom All-Am & All-Can Fall Calf 2000 Nom All-American Fall Yrlg 2001 Gus-Wind Leduc Dana VG-89 3rd Jr 2 Yr Old WDE & Nom All-Am 2005 Gus-Wind Terrason Daisy VG-88 Jr Champion WI State Show 2005 Nom All-American Winter Calf 2005 Gr’dam: Kingsway Skychief Daisy EX-90 4-5 365 42,960 3.6 1541 3.0 1292 Nom Jr All-American Jr 2 Yr Old 1997 AWESOME SPRING YRLG!

Mi-Lor-Enda Destry Jangles-Red She sells entered in the Midwest Spring Show! Dam: GP Rampage • 4-0 305 22,120 4.1 916 3.1 681 2nd: GP Starbuck • 3-4 305 22,790 3.9 890 3.1 709 3rd: EX-91 Charles • 4-6 365 31,290 4.2 1328 3.1 980 Same family as Mel-Rob Sanchez Milly VG-89 2ND CALF MAX CAN, 8th Jr 2 WDE & RWF 2012.

These fashionable ladies both sell! JOE CASPER • New Holstein, WI • 920-948-1572 GUS-WIND HOLSTEINS • Plymouth, WI

DAIRY PRODUCT MANAGER OPPORTUNITY At ACCELERATED GENETICS, where our focus is on People, Products and Pride, we are looking for a sales team member to handle product planning and execution throughout the product life cycle, including gathering and prioritizing product, inventory and customer requirements. Key responsibilities include defining strategy and the roadmap of product, developing core positioning, messaging and pricing to meet revenue and profitability, as well as developing sales tools and training our sales force. You will also forecast and manage inventory for production and distribution. Our preferred candidate has a BS degree in Agribusiness or related area with an emphasis on dairy. Must have dairy experience; strength in presentation skills, written and verbal communications, and computer experience (specifically Excel) are required.

Please visit our website to learn more about the role


1. 2. 3. 4.



FOR SALE Registered heifers due to sexed semen. From herds with RHAs of 28,000 to 32,000M! 270-670-6036

• New Formula • Great on edema • The best for your $$ • Preferred by top showmen *USA Made


March 2014

High indexing CTPI or PTPI cows/High PTPI heifers Deep pedigree cows with good production & type Show cows or dams of show winning offspring Cows with nice CTPI’s


Pedigrees with complete production, classification and records in progress. Also send inventory of embryos in stock that qualify for export. Please keep us updated on stock changes and availability!

HILROSE DOLMAN ASTONISH EX-92 3-01 342 37,710 3.7 1408 3.2 1201 Dams are Golden-Oaks Lee April 3E-94 306,750 LT, EX-91 Nitro 161,280 LT, 3E-93 131,790 LT, and 3E-90 125,345 LT. Astonish's Braxton sells fresh in Fond du Lac, WI, March 22 at SPRING FASHIONS AT THE NORTHERN! A tall, stylish, deep-pedigreed Sanchez Fall Calf sells on March 15 in Weyauwega, WI at the

Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale



Joe & Chris, Jeff & Bonnie, Andy & Ashley Brantmeier Sherwood, WI 54169 • 920-989-1019/1167 • RHA 30,182 3.9 3.0 • BAA 111.7% • ‘08-‘13 HERD OF EXCELLENCE


Also looking for sexed Holstein and Brown Swiss embryos.

Rodney Hetts 705 Cherokee Lane • Ft. Atkinson, WI 53538-3000 fax 920.563.5711 • cell 920.723.2595 •


1-855-222-2013 •

Lance & Ryan Kamm



STORAS SULTAN SULTRY EX-90 1st Jr 3 WI Spring Spectacular & NY Spring 2012 From EX-94 Stora herself! Selling 1st choice PREMIER from 4 females due 6/14.

1710 190th St. Recent Jersey classification: Sultan Firebell EX-92 New Richmond, WI 54017 Extreme Sample EX-92 • JT Mamie EX-90 • Iatola Cider EX-90 Mamie Indiana VG-88 2Y • Action Violin VG-85 2Y 715.760.0055 Lance 715.760.0051 Ryan Tequila Emmy VG-85 2Y • Action Mystic VG-85 2Y

Stop By the Farm For A Sneak Peek! DAUGHTERS SELL FROM THESE FAMOUS SHOW-WINNING DAMS! Sired by Absolute-Red, Action-Red, Advent-Red, Attic, Atwood, Dundee, Gold Chip, Picolo-Red, & Windbrook

















Look for them in these Spring Sales Mar 1 Mar 4-Mar 9 Mar 15 Mar 15 Mar 15 Mar 21

River Falls, WI Canton, NY Frederick, MD Lebanon, TN West Union, IA East Lansing, MI

UW-River Falls Falcon Premier Spring-Loaded Tag Sale March Madness Tennessee Spring Spectacular Iowa Spring Sale Great Lakes Spring Foundation Sale

Mar 22 Mar 27 Mar 29 Apr 2 Apr 11 Apr 12

Fond du Lac, WI Columbus, OH Carlyle, IL Victoriaville, QC Stillwater, OK Ixonia, WI

Spring Fashions at the Northern The Best of Triple-T and Heath 40th Clinton County Classic Canada Vente Nationale Oklahoma State Sale Redfest with a Touch of Black

MAYBE THE GREATEST GROUP OF HEIFERS WE HAVE EVER OFFERED! They would agree, Chad Ryan, Mike Heath, Nathan Thomas, Chris Hill, Brian Craswell, Simon Lalande, Pat Conroy! Call us to find out more!

Cattle CONNECTION 329 S. Keller Ave. PO Box 6400 Amery, WI 54001 Phone: 715-268-6400 • Fax: 715-268-6239 email:

MAIL OR FAX YOUR AD TODAY! Please enclose your ad copy with this order form. Ad for month(s) of ______________________ ______ column inches x $25.00 = $ ________ Name __________________________________ Address __________________________________ City ________________State ___ Zip ________ Phone ______________Fax ________________ Payment must accompany ad. Check is enclosed o Please charge my ad to: o VISA o MC o Discover Card # ________________________________ Exp. Date ______________________VIN_____ Signature ______________________________

Looking... Assistant herdsperson position available at Sunshine Genetics. Please email the office for more details: Best wishes to Dan Weidner developing his new business. W7782 Hwy. 12 Whitewater, WI 53190 262-473-8905 • Fax -3660 •

Spring into High Gear! The ad deadline for the


issue of the Cattle CONNECTION is Monday, March 17th. Email, Mail, or Fax Your Ad Today!! The Cattle CONNECTION is a division of Tom Morris Ltd. Contact us by: Mail: PO Box 6400 Amery, WI 54001 Fedex/UPS/Courier 329 S. Keller Ave. Amery, WI 54001 Phone: 715-268-6400 Fax: 715-268-6239 Website:

Editors Cara Dueholm

P.O. Box 6400 Amery, WI 54001



CONNECTION “Connecting Buyers and Sellers Coast to Coast”

Phone: 715-268-6400 Fax: 715-268-6239

Volume 25

Entered as First Class Mail at Shawano, WI 54166

March 2014



Erin Kamm

Rush to:

Business Manager Sandy Morris The Cattle CONNECTION is a monthly publication and will be mailed First Class from Shawano, Wisconsin prior to the first day of every month. This publication has been carefully edited; however, neither the Cattle CONNECTION nor Tom Morris Ltd. assumes any liability for errors and does not accept responsibility for the animals, products and services advertised.

Number 3

March 2014 Cattle Connection  

Connecting Buyers and Sellers Coast to Coast

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