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2011 Annual Report Erie Family Health Center Centro de Salud Erie

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Imagination — it gives us the ability to look beyond our boundaries and achieve what we thought was impossible. At Erie Family Health Center, our vision goes beyond imagination...

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Erie Family Health Center Centro de Salud Erie

Trust. Heal. Care.

Dear Friends and Supporters of Erie — As I celebrated my 20th anniversary at Erie Family Health Center recently, I reflected upon the amazing contributions made to our health center by Mary Burns, who passed away last year. I consider Ms. Burns to have been one of Erie’s founders. A member of Erie’s original Board of Trustees, Mary served in many ways, including as senior advocate for more than 30 years. She embodied Erie’s values: service, resourcefulness, and sacrifice. She fostered myriad relationships within our communities, nurtured new partnerships and secured significant financial and in-kind support even after she retired. Mary inspired all of us at Erie, and she would be amazed by our most recent accomplishments. By June 2011, the Erie Family Health Center Mary Burns helped found had grown to 11 sites. By adding the school-based health centers at Amundsen and Lake View high schools, we became a leader in adolescent health care in the Chicago area. Our focus on adolescent health began in the 1980s, when we opened Erie Teen Health Center; we now have six sites that cater to adolescents, and I’m proud that we bring our model of care to these hard-to-reach young patients. Last year we held our annual Board of Directors retreat at our original location in the basement of Erie House, just a few blocks away on Erie Street. It was a “back to our roots” experience that Mary Burns knew well. Yet over the years, as needs have changed, we have emphasized adding state-of-the-art, comfortable, and respectful facilities and keeping them up to date. The construction and renovation projects last year at Erie Humboldt Park and Erie West Town were major steps in our ongoing effort to increase patient access to services and create a more fluid patient experience. I would love to show off either facility to any of our friends and supporters. In her work with senior citizens, Mary Burns was all about enhancing patient empowerment. Not only are we seeing more patients than ever before, we’re empowering patients to better their own health, whether through La Vida Sana or our wraparound services for HIV or the orthodontic care that we now provide. Although she was not a health care professional, Mary Burns’s legacy represents a “power to the people” theme in health care; all of these programs honor that legacy by giving patients and clients the tools they need to care for themselves. As a young physician, I learned from watching Mary Burns interact with those she served. She improvised to make do for her patients and may not have had all of the resources she needed in those days. Today, as CEO, I realize how important it is that our staff have all of the support they need to be the best. Erie was named one of the Top 100 Workplaces in Chicago in 2011 by the Chicago Tribune for the second year in a row — compelling evidence that the commitment of our staff to fulfilling our mission is a great part of their job satisfaction. In this Annual Report, you’ll find more detail about our many achievements in this past year, such as our efforts to reduce patient wait time, our partnership with Loyola law students in addressing health-related social and legal issues and our continued emphasis on programs such as Diabetes y Yo (“Diabetes and Me”), which helps diabetes patients manage their chronic illness. Mary Burns’s ideas are still alive and well at Erie. They provide a foundation that continues to propel us forward, and I vow to maintain our commitment to those ideals. Her 30 years at Erie are emblematic of the ultimate contribution one can make to the community: Continuity, to be there day in and day out, and to strive to do better each and every day. Someday, I hope to celebrate my own 30th anniversary at Erie. In the meantime, given the complexities on the healthcare horizon, we continue to need your support and guidance, and for that, our 37,000 patients and 400 staff are extremely grateful.

Lee Francis, MD, MPH President and CEO




“ We must be vigilant in our pursuit of innovative and progressive means of serving our community.

A career of caring for the underserved When Erie’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Buchanan was in his residency at the University of California, San Francisco more than 15 years ago, he biked with a backpack full of medicine, gauze and tongue depressors to Golden Gate Park to bring care to homeless individuals living in the area. This later became part of the curriculum for the school’s third- and fourthyear medical students, giving them practical experience in caring for the homeless.

Dr. David Buchanan Chief Medical Officer


It was also a clear indication of the future course of Dr. Buchanan’s career. After moving to Chicago, Dr. Buchanan, an internist, continued his efforts with residents at what is now John Stroger Hospital. He also led (as a volunteer) an evaluation project for Interfaith House, a 64-bed rehabilitative and housing facility designed to serve homeless

Project targets social barriers to good health

adults released recently from the hospital. Realizing the effect of the Interfaith model in improving health outcomes for patients and reducing overall costs to the health care system, he and other providers in the housing safety-net system developed the Chicago Housing for Health Partnership. This coordinated effort of housing organizations and hospitals to provide short- and long-term housing to homeless former patients proved so effective that the federal government is now replicating it nationally. At Erie, Dr. Buchanan’s leadership has led to dramatically improved health performance measures in areas such as colon cancer, flu vaccination and care of diabetes patients. His work was recognized formally in September 2011, when he was awarded the Advocacy and Community Service Award from the Midwest Society of General Internal Medicine.

Recognizing that social and legal issues can have a significant impact on patient health, Erie Family Health Center partnered with Loyola School of Law’s Health Justice Project on a project in which law students and health care providers work together to identify such problems and find ways to correct them. “Social issues continue to have a devastating effect on patient health,” said Prof. Emily Benfer, Health Justice Project Director. “In [many] cases, medicine alone cannot solve health problems, especially of people who struggle with hunger and safety.” Children with severe respiratory problems caused by moldy apartments, for example, may never find relief unless a landlord is forced to improve their living conditions. Similarly, chronically ill adults may need social and legal support in identifying and accessing sources of nutritious food. The law students, in effect, teach community health care providers how to identify and remove social and legal barriers to well-being among low-income people; the future lawyers, in turn, learn about the impact of social conditions on good health. This medical-legal partnership “allows us to leverage health and legal resources in order to reduce health disparities and create a new standard of care for vulnerable populations,” Benfer said. “In the community health care setting, the Health Justice Project can identify adverse social conditions and address them with legal remedies as a part of care.”




“ “

Quality health care is a right, not a privilege.

Cynthia Campos Patient

Good care points patient toward a career After learning about Erie Family Health Center from a high school classmate, Cynthia Campos arrived at the Erie Teen Health Center with a baby on the way — and some trepidation: She was 18, about to graduate from high school and not sure what would happen to her plan to attend college. She had no idea what a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy and what the potential complications can be. So she started attending Centering Pregnancy classes, which provide an avenue to professional health care and also to peer support and education. The Erie staff not only met Campos’s need for medical care but also motivated her to continue her education and to keep moving toward achieving her goals. She enrolled in the University of Illinois at Chicago, all the


Erie increases prenatal services at Clemente High

while receiving care from Heidi Vyhmeister, a certified nurse midwife. Campos gave birth to a healthy baby boy and received her postpartum care at Erie Teen Health Center. Now, almost five years later, her son still comes to Erie for regular check-ups and Campos is a UIC grad with a bachelor’s in linguistics and a minor in psychology. Campos has taken a position as a nurse assistant at Swedish Covenant Hospital and is a volunteer at the Erie Teen Health Center, further investigating if midwifery is the right path for her. Recalling the care she received from Vyhmeister, she’s considering enrolling in the midwife program at UIC and working toward a master’s degree. And oh, by the way, she’s also expecting her second bundle of joy. “This time,” she says, “I know what to expect.”

Responding to a rising number of positive pregnancy tests at Clemente High School, Erie Family Health Center has added on-site nurse midwifery services, making prenatal care available at the school-based health center. The midwife, Nancy Grady, has a background in adolescent prenatal care and experience in working with young women. Erie has also established a more formal referral relationship and coordinates patient care with the Catholic Charities Arts of Living program, which separately provides services to about 100 pregnant and parenting teens at Clemente. These enhancements mean students receive care in a familiar, supportive setting. Thanks to Erie’s Electronic Health Record System, Clemente patients have access to the full range of backup services so vital to prenatal care, including immediate access to other providers in case someone needs to be seen on a day when the midwife is not present, needs an obstetrician-gynecologist or has a concern or question when school is out.

An increasing focus on adolescent health On acquiring the health centers at Amundsen and Lake View high schools from Advocate Health Systems, Erie Family Health Center increased the number of its schoolbased health centers from three to five. The school centers, combined with the freestanding Teen Health Center make Erie the largest network of adolescent-focused health centers in Chicagoland. The centers generated about 19,000 medical visits in 2011, a number that’s expected to grow significantly in 2012. Plus Erie gave health outreach presentations at 20 schools to foster healthy habits that will help youngsters manage their own wellbeing as they grow older. Health center staff respond to student-generated ideas as well, including a creative initiative that mentors, supports, and provides programs for a group of at-risk adolescent girls at one school who, recognizing the perils and pitfalls of their age and circumstances, dubbed themselves “the young and the restless.” 5

Humboldt Park: Old building, meet modern health care The building that houses Erie Humboldt Park Health Center, like much urban architecture, has a long history that reflects changing community needs. Built in the 1920s as a bank with offices on the second floor, it later became a Walgreens until Erie Family Health Center occupied it in the 1980s. A major renovation about 10 years ago included moving the front entrance and expanding the waiting area. Erie knew, however, that carrying forward its mission of providing accessible, affordable health care to underserved communities would require a major upgrade to the second floor as well. Iliana A. Mora, Erie’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Operations, recognized this need. “The building was built in the 1920s, and some of the infrastructure had not been updated since then,” Mora said. “The building also needed to accommodate Erie’s Family Residency Program and create space for both residents and faculty members.” The Family Residency Program, launched in 2010 as a collaboration among Erie, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Norwegian American Hospital, allows family practice residents to be trained in a community-based primary care setting in addition to a hospital setting. When the renovation was complete and the last bit of sawdust was swept away, Erie had created a building that still retained its historic character but was also better equipped to provide the quality health care for which Erie is known. Mary Sommers, Erie Humboldt Park Site Director, says, “The renovated center now offers a bright and open space.” She adds, “The logical flow and openness that the renovations have created help staff provide more efficient and comfortable services that are in line with the Erie Service Excellence philosophy.” The building now also allows more opportunities for group health sessions and programs such as La Vida Sana, Healthy Kids and Centering Pregnancy. Staff accommodations also were improved by adding a staff lounge, locker rooms, a shower and a bike storage area. Another significant improvement to the second floor — the new patient pharmacy — serves all patients and providers during Health Center hours. Prescriptions entered in electronically are ready for pickup even before the patient leaves the exam room, another aspect of “Erie’s commitment to deliver full service quality health care,” said Hiren Zala, Pharm.D.


West Town made more efficient, patient-friendly

Mirroring the renovations at Erie Humboldt Park Health Center, the Erie West Town Health Center has also been refurbished to increase patient access to services and to create a more comfortable patient experience. Before remodeling, West Town had almost no room to accommodate a growing patient population. The construction expanded the clinic area and added four new exam rooms for pediatrics and obstetrics for the children and pregnant women who account for the majority of West Town patients. A conference room on the third floor was modified to facilitate group visits for Centering Pregnancy patients, Healthy Women/Healthy Kids participants, and diabetes patient groups. The child playroom area moved to the third floor, giving kids more freedom to play in an inviting and accommodating space. Very few health centers offer a free on-site supervised child playroom, which allows adult patients to come to see a provider without having to hire a babysitter and, most important, allows adult patients to attend to their own health and well-being without interruption. Finally, the third floor changes include a new pediatric Urgent Care Clinic, with three exam rooms to meet patients’ immediate needs while allowing access to electronic health records and reducing expensive utilization of the emergency room for routine illnesses.



inspiration “ Our care goes beyond our facilities, but permeates the community, uplifting and strengthening neighborhoods.

Rachael Godinez Wallace: Not your average nurse Rachael Godinez Wallace began her nursing career more than 30 years ago as a pediatric nurse at Illinois Masonic Hospital. Her life since then has described an inspirational — and international — arc as she works tirelessly on behalf of patients, even taking up the cause of people she hardly knows.

Rachael Godinez Wallace Clinical Educator

At Masonic, Wallace cared for a Honduran girl, Juana, whose debilitating chronic disease threatened her lower limbs. She helped raise funds so Juana could go home to Honduras and then asked her family if she could be Juana’s guardian as Juana would need to return here periodically for medical care. But the story does not end there. Juana and her husband now live in Chicago with their three children, who occupy a place in Wallace’s family as her “grandchildren.” The initial trip to Honduras whetted Wallace’s appetite for international philanthropic work. She also became guardian to a Nicaraguan


About Our Patients Race/Ethnicity Hispanic/Latino: 82%

girl whose face was badly burned by a kerosene lamp. She did clinical work for two years in Sudan. She did an assessment of the medical needs of an Ethiopian village. And more than 10 years ago she started work with DOCARE International, which provides health care to indigent and isolated people in remote areas of the world. Two years ago, while in Guatemala with DOCARE, Wallace took up the cause of a man who had lost both feet in a workrelated accident, even going so far as to take a plastering class to learn how to make prosthetics. The last time she was in Guatemala, she used her new skill and set the mold for his prosthetics, and on her next visit, she presented the man with his new set of legs. Always inspired by her faith, Wallace brings the same passion and pride to her work as Erie’s clinical educator, guiding her patients to better health and inspiring her colleagues to improve their clinical skills with her faith, skill and dedication.

Other: 5% African-American: 9%

Caucasian: 4%

Age 0-15 years: 40% 25-65 years: 39%

16-24 years: 18% over 65 years: 3%

Fast Facts about the people we serve

82% of Erie’s patients are Hispanic 57% are best served in Spanish 67% are female 46% are under the age of 19 24% are school-aged children 33% are uninsured 85% come from households with incomes

that fall below the Federal Poverty Line 11 9



We shall stand as a model of change, inspiration, and commitment to healing communities.

Casual conversation leads to Board membership Jill Simon Svoboda first learned of the work of Erie Family Health Center from a friend who is related to an Erie staff member. At that time, Svoboda was on the board of the Greater Chicago Food Depository and familiar with meeting the profound needs of different Chicago communities. Erie’s focus and mission piqued her interest. A visit to see the daily happenings at Erie Humboldt Park led her to apply for membership on the Board of Directors. She joined the Board 2½ years ago.

Jill Simon Svoboda Board Member


Svoboda says Erie’s many communityfocused initiatives made it easy for her to decide to join the Erie family. She recalls visiting Erie Humboldt Park when its dental clinic was newly opened and being impressed with the quality of care she saw provided by clinicians and staff members alike. “Given the state of the health care landscape and what a wonderfully run organization Erie is with such a marvelous

Erie again in “Top 100 Workplaces” For the second year in a row, Erie Family Health Center was named one of the Top 100 Workplaces in Chicago in 2011 by the Chicago Tribune. Erie ranked 18th among midsize companies, 11 steps up from last year’s 29th-place mention.

reach of services, Erie could easily be a template for a national model of health care,” Svoboda says. “That’s how impressed I was.” Svoboda is now a member of two Board committees: Quality Improvement and Strategy. The Quality Improvement Committee oversees the internal quality assessment plan for both program and patient care management and resolves patient concerns, and the Strategy Committee evaluates strategic opportunities for growth and oversees the strategic planning process. Through her participation, Svoboda has learned to appreciate what a federally qualified health center does, and she is committed to supporting Erie as it continues to provide a continuum of care that will improve the health and well-being of its patients and their community for years to come.

“It’s no surprise that Erie was recognized for the empathic work environment created by Erie staff members each day and the high-quality services we provide to a growing patient population,” said Lee Francis, Erie President and Chief Executive Officer. “Erie people are genuinely concerned for one another and have radar that’s tuned to the needs of others. “We are here for those who do not have access to health care resources, striving to meet their needs and make them feel respected and worthwhile. This honor reflects the pride and spirit of our employees and their commitment to providing superb services.”

Feathers in our cap Erie received several honors in 2011: 2011 Illinois Primary Health Care Association Danny K. Davis Achievement Award (the IPHCA’s most prestigious award) to Lee Francis, MD, MPH, Erie President and Chief Executive Officer, for outstanding service to the community health center movement for at least 10 years. George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services Geiger Gibson Emerging Leader Award to Iliana A. Mora, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Operations, for her commitment, motivation, professional achievement and leadership qualities. 2011 Illinois Your Healthcare PlusTM Top Performer Award for excellence in caring for people with diabetes.



the future

Together we can ensure access to quality health care for our community and expand access for underserved populations.

Erie leads the way with residency program Once again leading the way, Erie Family Health Center has partnered with a local hospital and a medical school to establish a family and community medicine residency program that gives new medical school graduates a close-up look at delivering health care to the medically underserved. The program gets rave reviews from participants.

Dorothy Dschida Resident

“The people [and] the high quality care . . . put Erie Family Health Center at the leading edge of primary care,” says Dorothy Dschida, M.D., one of the eight original residents in the program, which started in July 2010. “I am so grateful to be a part of the team.” Erie’s partners in the program are Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Norwegian American Hospital and McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University. Erie is one of only 11 federally qualified health centers participating in a residency program. While residents do hospital rotations at Norwegian and specialty rounds at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago (formerly Children’s Memorial Hospital), Erie


Less waiting can lead to better health

Humboldt Park has been the home for residents to see patients in an urban, community-focused outpatient setting. Maturing into its second year, the program grew to 16 residents and will add another eight residents in July 2012 for a total of 24 new family physicians in training. Dr. Dschida shared how Erie fit perfectly into her vision of what a medical provider’s life would be. But she admits, “I didn’t know how lucky I would be to work at Erie. Erie is an incredibly unique environment. From the clinical staff to the administrative staff, everyone is highly motivated to serve our patients. I see this every day that I am in clinic.” Dr. Dschida says. “Erie and the Erie staff live a commitment every day that I had only talked and dreamed about until this point in my life. ” The program got a boost from recent renovations at Erie Humboldt Park that included new stations in which medical residents can regroup and discuss their experiences with their clinical supervisor without interrupting patient or staff traffic flow. At Erie, Dr. Dschida says, “the ultimate goal is excellent patient satisfaction and access to very high quality care. I am constantly impressed by the quality improvement done at Erie every day. I know this spirit of excellence will help me to become a better doctor and provide outstanding care to my patients.”

Erie Family Health Center recognizes that how long a patient has to wait to see a care provider can have a profound effect on the patient’s health and even on health care costs. An interdisciplinary team has been working to reduce how long it takes a patient to arrive at Erie, see a doctor and leave; the theory is that making it easier for patients to get routine preventive care will lead to better health and less frequent use of expensive and avoidable emergency services. Erie’s team is part of the Dramatic Performance Improvement (DPI) team, a coalition that comprises eight organizations concerned with issues of access to health care in underserved communities. Erie’s DPI team established a pilot site for the project at Helping Hands, its center near Lawrence and Kedzie. Patient wait time there was cut by 24 percent in just seven weeks, and the full DPI team recognized Erie for having the most significant reduction in cycle time and the lowest patient no-show rate.

1,000 healthier, happier women More than a thousand women are now healthier and happier because they have “graduated” from Erie Family Health Center’s La Vida Sana, La Vida Feliz (literally, “the healthy life [is] the happy life”). This bilingual eight-session wellness program for women focuses on nutrition, physical activity, stress management and goal-setting using hands-on activities and practical applications presented by a lay health educator. In addition to — or because of — positive results in these areas, the program has also helped reduce depression among its participants. Erie has made the program available to other agencies and is now offering La Vida Sana for Couples and Pre-Natal La Vida Sana. At year’s end, there were 32 active La Vida Sana groups, reaching a total of 1,045 participants.


Community-Based sites to serve those most in need ERIE’S HEALTH CARE professionals provided high-quality medical and dental services for more than 37,000 lowincome, uninsured and underinsured Chicagoarea residents at eleven sites during the fiscal year—including five school based health centers, two oral health centers and the state’s only freestanding teen health center. 1 ERIE WEST TOWN HEALTH CENTER

Health Services: 2nd Floor Administrative Offices: 3rd Floor 1701 West Superior Street Chicago, IL 60622 312.666.3494


1st Floor 2750 West North Avenue Chicago, IL 60647 312.666.3494


2nd Floor 2750 West North Avenue Chicago, IL 60647 312.432.4550


4745-47 North Kedzie Avenue Chicago, IL 60625 312.666.3494


5th Floor 1945 West Wilson Avenue Chicago, IL 60640 312.666.3494



at Ryerson Elementary School 646 North Lawndale Avenue Chicago, IL 60624 312.666.3494


Rooms 106 & 107 1326 South Avers Chicago, IL 60623 312.432.8196


4751 North Kedzie Avenue Chicago, IL 60625 312.432.7300


1147 North Western Avenue Chicago, IL 60622 312.432.7475


5110 North Damen Avenue Chicago, IL 60625 312.666.3494


4015 North Ashland Avenue Chicago, IL 60613 phone: 312.666.3494

Operating Financial Statement for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011 FY11 OPERATING REVENUE $27,849,390* Private Grants and Donations 9% State and Local Grants 13%

Federal Grants 19%

Medicaid 52%

Self Pay 4% Private Insurance 2%

Medicare 1%

Assets Cash Certificate of Deposit Patient Accounts Receivable Grants Receivable Prepaid Expenses/Other Assets Total Current Assets

$ 2,368,921 $ 4,420,917 $ 1,708,683 $ 1,993,216 $ 383,053 ______________ $ 10,874,790

Property, Plant and Equipment: Net of Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization Other Assets Total Assets

$ 10,465,581 $ 462,216 ______________ $ 21,802,587 ______________

Liabilities and Net Assets Accounts Payable/Accrued Expenses Accrued Compensation Total Current Liabilities Long-term Liabilities Total Obligations

$ 909,732 $ 1,738,724 ______________ $ 2,648,456 $ 2,448,209 ______________ $ 5,096,665

Commitments and Contingencies Net Assets Unrestricted Temporarily Unrestricted Total Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

$ 16,072,557 $ 633,365 ______________ $ 16,705,922 ______________ $ 21,802,587 ______________


Patient Care 79%

Support Services and Facilities 4% Administration and Fundraising 17% *In addition, Erie recognized $2,452,482 in non-operating revenue in FY11 which supported capital renovation projects at Erie Humboldt Park and Erie West Town.

152,964 Total number of patient visits at Erie Family Health Center 15

The Benefactors Behind Erie’s Mission annual gifts from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011 Government Sources

Chicago Department of Public Health Chicago Public Schools Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Illinois Department of Human Services Illinois Department of Public Health U.S. Department of Health and Human Services- Bureau of Primary Care U.S. Department of Health and Human Services- HIV/AIDS Bureau U.S. Department of Health and Human Services- Maternal and Child Health Bureau

Corporate Grants

BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois Chartis Group, LLC CVS Pharmacy Gilead Sciences, Inc. Northern Trust Bank Peoples Gas Takeda Pharmaceuticals Target

Prince Charitable Trusts Ravenswood Health Care Foundation REAM Foundation S. Downey Fund Sauganash Community Church Sisyphus Supporting Foundation Susan G. Komen for the Cure VNA Foundation W.P. and H.B. White Foundation Washington Square Health Foundation Winnetka Congregational Church

Matching Gifts

AARP AEGON Transamerica Foundation Charter One Bank CME Foundation Deutsche Bank Pepsico Foundation Washington Post Company

Individual Gifts $10,000 and above

Anonymous Michelle Gittler and Lee Francis

Foundations and Organizations

Access Community Health Network Advocate Bethany Hospital Community Health Fund Aetna Foundation Inc. AIDS Foundation of Chicago American Dental Association Arie and Ida Crown Memorial Bears Care Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation Carl R. Hendrickson Family Foundation Chicago Dental Society Foundation D & R Fund Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation Davee Foundation Evanston Community Foundation Field Foundation of Illinois Fourth Presbyterian Church George M. Eisenberg Foundation for Charities GoodSearch Grant Healthcare Foundation Greater Chicago Food Depository Harte-Matlin Fund Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation Lloyd A. Fry Foundation Michael Reese Health Trust Nancy Pick Fund Northwestern Memorial Foundation Northwestern Memorial Hospital Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Norwegian American Hospital Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund Polk Bros. Foundation

$5000 - $9999

Lois and John Sachs Jill Simon Svoboda and John Svoboda $1000-$4999 Anonymous Matt Aaronson Ellen and Michael Alter Bonnie and Michael Balkin Helen and Duane Binns Carol and Saul Cohen Judith Neafsey and Terrence Conway David Cugell Ferdinand DeCrendt Stacy and David Dobreff Anne and Bill Fraumann Steven Geiermann Sara and Laurence Herman Joan and Bill Kistner Catherine Kallal and Maurice Lemon Nancy and Paul Maddrell Michele and Brian Marsella Sarah and Eric Mayeda Jack Murchie Deborah Gillaspie and Frederick Sturm Alice Swider Darryl Tom Anton Valukas Miriah Plawer-Volmerding and Matt Volmerding Mark Waymack Clara Orban and Elliot Weisenberg Jodi and Timothy Zoph


Rosalie Alicea Tony Belcore Lisa Kearney and Richard Bolliger Ana Maria Soto and Gerardo Cardenas Michael Cole Theresa and Phillip Cothern Ann and Theodore Doege Sara and James Downey Ruth Gorton Maura and James Hagestad Carol and Robert Hirschtick Louise Berner-Holmberg and Michael Holmberg Luz and Ed Jimenez Sherry and Alan Koppel Michael Leopardo Stacy and Peter Lindau Sara Segal Loevy and Steven Loevy Antonia Contro and George Marquisos Jeanette Sublett and Langdon Neal Andrew Nussbaum Katie and John Palmer Susan Swider and John Rogers Mardge Cohen and Gordon Schiff Susan and Dwight Sipprelle Chris and Eric Strobel Mary Ittelson and Rick Tuttle Mala and Sudesh Vohra Julie and Mark Zerwic $250-$499 Ann and David Baker Daniel Battista Carol Becker Beth and Jim Benson Elle and Tim Bruno Lacinda Hummel and David Buchanan V. Carnes Ronda and Alan Channing Anne and Robert Clancy Melvyn Cohen Jill Corcoran Kristi Kirschner and Raymond Curry Linda Cushman Elizabeth Lynn Gordon and Kevin Dunphy Nancy and James Foody Jason Grinter Linda and Robert Hauser Therese Fafard and Nathan Heilman Iliana Mora and Bodee Kittikamron Beth and Jeffrey Kopin Susan Koralik Gloria Kot Daniel Krause Keith Kudla Jill and Lewis Landsberg Deborah Lanzty Talpos Esther and Carlos Leal Luis Leon James Lifton

1.9 MILLION Estimated number of Chicago area residents under 65 who do not have health care 16

Blaz Lucas Peter Mayock Roberta Strickler and David Meyers Alissa Mitchell John Moyer Shannon and John O’Brien Darin O’Connor Harnisch Lisa Paccione Barbara and Benjamin Parker Marcia Powers Celena Roldan Garrick Smothers Teresa and Ghassan Souri Paul Stieber Paul Svoboda Elizabeth Tisdahl Daniel Tounsel Milona and Kevin Van Kanegan Carol Waugh Sabrina Woods Rebecca Wurtz Georgi and Charles Yost $100-$249 Anonymous (2) James Alexander Stephanie and Andy Andrews Juana Ballesteros Christina Banzon Karen Batia Ben Belcore Emily Benfer Benjamin Berk David Berkey Micah Berry Stacy Bilharz Barbara Blaine Nancy Bock Roberta and John Buchanan John Burke Celeste Castillo Courtney and Frank Castillo Diane Cesarone Carolyn and Robert Clarick Julie Weber-Coffman and Amos Coffman Matt Cohlmia Jeffrey Coney Johanna Dalton Larry Damron Daniel Derman Ariel and Steven Derringer Reshma Dhake Jennifier Dienes Vera Rigolin and Keith Dunn Ian Elliott Andrew Epstein Ricardo Estrada Arlene Grosvenor-Evans and Caswell Evans Janet Ferguson Mary Flynn Jane Perrin and Steven Fox Justin Funk Shirley George Erin Gidcumb Carol and Marvin Gittler Shari and John Glynn Chris and Scott Gordon Adina and Kevin Greenberg

Barbara and Richard Greenberg Susan Greene Dorothy Greiner Michael Gustafson Caroline Hall Yolanda Hendrix Flavia Hernandez Richard Holba Timothy Johnson Geralynn Kahn Kamala Krakover Brian Lambert Lewis Lampiris Victor Lang Kathy and Bill Langley David Le Breton Rose Navarro and Ronald Leahy Elizabeth Lippitt Jose Lopez Maria del Mar Puentes and Andres Mafla Ruth Mandel Keri and Dean Manheimer Frank Marchiori Marisol Martinez Suzanne and Jon Mayeda Leonard Messner Jean and Bob Meyers Dawn Miller Alejandro Molina Luz and Julio Mora Laura and Robert Murphy Tom Murray Sara and Edward Naureckas Christina O’Connor Kathleen and Stephen O’Loughlin Cybele Ghossein and Rod Passman Gail Patrick Amy and Paul Pedersen Victoria and Joseph Persky Kate Maehr and Samuel Pickering Betsey and Dale Pinkert Norma Polanco-Boyd Scott Powrie Toni Preckwinkle Teresa Ramos Lily Rose Joe Sampson Dawn Sanks Ed Sarden Jeanne and John Scanlan Angel Scheider Jacqueline and Joe Shubitowski James Smith Gerri Smothers Mary Sommers Gregg Stauber Amy Stewart-Smith Janina Levy and James Strait Kathryn Sullivan Cathy and Christopher Swider Lee Tockman Mark Upton Janice Valukas Arvydas Vanagunas Judith Haasis Velcich and Bruno Velcich Elizabeth Westhoff Tina Wheat Steve Whitman

Theresa Wilhelm Linda and R. Stephen Willding Stephanie Willding Betty Williams and Carrie Jo Williams Jill Garling and Thomas Wilson Deborah Wright-Powell Mohammed Zaffarkhan Anaadriana Zakarrija Maria Mora and Carlos Zambrano James Zimmerman Up to $100 Anonymous (8) Antonio Acuna Bruce Agin Shubha Ahya Julie and Brian Alcala Miriam Al-Shawaf Nancy Armour Matt Arnoldy Taryn and Daniel Aronson Katherine Ashley Beth Valukas and Peter Barash Lauren Barone Kim Bartolomucci Ethel Battle Karen Berenson Angela and Roy Bliley Kimberley Bolden Anna Brown Elizabeth Bruno Sarah Burke Hannah Burley D. Craig Cathcart Jacqueline Cervantes Lauren Chrisman Cigdem Cicekoglu Tom Cohlmia Valerie and Kevin Comprelli Marissa Conrad Kamala and William Cotts Janet Silverberg Dale and Foster Dale Charese David Sandra Destefaro Pamela Bondy and Yonah Dokarker Chad Donaubauer Susan Becker Doroshow Nancy Drew Rachel Dziallo Mina Escutia Jasmine Filca Jeff Fitzer Noel Frank David Frankel Mary and Tom Frech Vasiliki Friga Caryn Gernes Mildred Goldstein Pilar Gonzalez Steve Gorodetskiy Rian Hacker Anita Halvorsen Ellis Handford Kimberly Haumann Junia Gratiot Hedberg and C. Anderson Hedberg Josephine Hernandez Katie Hill

21,838 Number of women’s health visits to Erie Family Health Center last year 17

Arthur Hoffman Holly Hudson Juan Fernando Jauregui Claudia Jimenez Betsy Johnson Michele and Eric Johnson Tim Jones Hajin Kim Dana Kolton Ben Kutylo Andrienne Lange Jill Laskowski Tom Levin Jolynne Litzenberger Susana and John Lopatka Brian Lum Erin MacPhee Catherine Malva Roger Martin Gloria and Glen Mazade Donald McBride Kathryn and Bruce Miller Christine Misiak Proco Joe Moreno Cecilia Mowatt Jean Navarro Katherine Nelson Lora Oldham Bridget O’Neill Mary Painder Miguel Palacio Jeff Panzer Jennie Pinkwater Christy Prahl Roberta Rakove Adam Rehmer Pamela Rhoades Betsy Ringham Roz Roberts Mary Rodino JoAnn and Terry Rogers Madeline Roman-Vargas Amy Salasche Amelia Madrigal and Roberto Saldana Margaret and James Schlegel Jen Schneider Amy Schroeder Olga Shudra Janece Simmons Sharon Simon Emily Smith James Snyder Dore and Robert Sobel Hilmon Sorey Rebekah Stevens Mary and Ray Swider Mary Szczepanski Elizabeth Tarabour Michael Telesky Antoinette and Alexander Thiele June Thomas Maria Fernanda Torres Socorro Torres Sandra Traback Beth Truett Haagen Margaret Trufant Humberto Uribe Antonio Vargas John Vazquez Andrea Velardo Ana Lilia Vivar Tom Wiffler Catherine Yehle Robert Zak John Zielinski 18

Staff Gifts

Marisol Abarca Yvette Adorno Rosa Alejandre Pricilla Alvarado Rosa Alvarado Elizabeth Alvear Carleen Amarillo Mario Andrade Cynthia Arce Adriana Arroyo Mara Arroyo Zizi Atia Nahiris Bahamon Kate Balsley Joanna Bauer Marysol Berrios Lillian Bevis Marilyn Bonilla Gloria Bordoy Claudia Burchinal Marian Byrd Jasmine Cadiz Henry Castro Veronica Castro Ana Cesan Maria Christina Chavez Jeanette Clayton Matt Cohen Grace Corral Alejandro Cruz Lizette Davila Megan DePumpo Adriana Diaz Monica Diaz Oscar Diaz Patricia Diaz Adrian Duarte Deborah Edberg Nancy B. Edwards Leonor Espadas Sonia Esparza Victoria Fernandez Rocio Fierro Shirley Fitzgerald Sheila Fleming Hugo Flores Sara Flores Naomi Franklin Dayana Garcia Diana Garcia Rachael Godinez Wallace Miguel Gomez Erika Gonzalez Iliana Gonzalez Iris Gonzalez Johanna Gonzalez Tiosha Goss Liliana Grisales Yesenia Gutierrez Zandra Gutierrez Alma D. Herrera Norma Herrera Rosaura Herrera Yammily Hidalgo Angelica Irigoyen Timikia Jones Claribel Landeros Iris Lopez Kenia Lopez Lizette Lopez Susana Lopez Julia Lukomnik Lula Lynn-Aladuge

Emily MacDonald Andrea’ Mackey Pat Maier Dalines Marrero Maria Matias-Areizaga Yenny Mazon Gabriela Medina Ivette Medina Jacqueline Medina Yamile Mendez Deborah E. Midgley Glenda Monterroso Esther Morales Cindy Nguyen Sonia Nieves Karla I. Ortiz Monica Ortiz Heidi Ortolaza Adelaeda Pagan Maritza Pantoja Sandra Pena Diana Perez Maria Perez Patricia Perez Erica Plaisier Sara Polonsky Joyce Quezada Rosita Ramirez Teresa Ramirez Josette Ramos Lauren Ranalli Jessica Renteria Dulce Roberson Maria Rocha Camila Rodriguez Carmen Rodriguez Marcelina Rodriguez Margarita Rosado Angkana Roy Araceli Rueda Almudena Ruiz Jessica N. Sance Angelica Sanchez Nori Santiago Maribel Schmidt Ramos Cristine Serrano Erika Serrano Jaclyn Sharratt-Smith Michele Shubitowski Ana R. Sigda Ivonne Silva Soleak Sim Joann Simmons Sandra Small Iliana Solorzano Catherine Stewart Lynette Suarez Amaryllis Torres Sandra Torres Idamaris Valcarcel Eduardo Valentin-Perez Amy Valukas Robert VanTreeck Lisbeth Varela Beatriz Vargas Rocio Vargas-Garica Michelle Vazquez Dia Velasquez-Pescetto David Velez Vanessa Vera Amy Vree Jamie Zalkus Claudia Zuber

In-Kind Contributions

Akira Art and Science Salon Bears Care Best Western Plus Hawthorne Terrace Bradford Renaissance Portraits Broadway in Chicago Elizabeth Bruno Lacinda Hummel and David Buchanan Claudia Burchinal Cabot Creamery Cooperative Casamar Suites Chicago Cubs Chicago Red Stars Chicago Sky Comfort Inn CorePower Yoga Bucktown CorePower Yoga South Loop Linda Cushman Dana Hotel and Spa daVinci Group Drake Hotel Gymboree Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Imagetec LP Intermix JW Marriott Chicago Hotel Kafka Designs, Inc. Kelly Cardenas Salon Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants Brian P. and Michele Marsella Maria Matias-Areizaga

Eric J. and Sarah Mayeda Murphy Packaging, Inc. Gail Patrick Peninsula Chicago Preventacare Abby Provus PRP Wine International Radio Flyer, Inc. Red 7 Salon Renaissance Hotel Neeta Rochlani Sam’s Club Debbie Sharpe Jill Simon and John Svoboda Paul Underwood Stephanie Willding

Corporate Sponsors Salud in the City

Golden Toothbrush Awards

American Dental Association Aon Foundation Steven Geiermann Krause Construction Leal and Associates, Inc. Leopardo Companies MetLife Northern Trust Bank Radio Flyer, Inc. Ungarretti & Harris UnitedHealthcare UNUM Urban Partnership Bank

Ice Miller, LLP Jewel-Osco One Equity Partners Charlotte and Richard Smith


Erie Family Health Center Centro de Salud Erie

Trust. Heal. Care. Erie Family Health Center Board of Directors Fiscal Year 2011

Brian P. Marsella, Chair Ana Maria Soto, Vice Chair Eric Mayeda, Treasurer Deborah B. Wright-Powell, Secretary Matthew Aaronson The Boston Consulting Group Rosalie Alicea Reyes Holdings, LLC Celeste Castillo Jacqueline Cervantes Sears Holding Corporation Michael Cole UnitedHealthcare of Illinois Linda Cushman Pilar Gonzalez

Maria L. Hernandez

Ana Maria Soto

Juan Fernando Jauregui

Jill Simon Svoboda

William G. Kistner Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Darryl Tom Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A.

Luis Leon Hyatt Regency McCormick Place

Daniel J. Tounsel III Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Amelia Madrigal Brian P. Marsella Aetna, Inc. Eric Mayeda The Chartis Group Michael J. O’Connor Aon Corporation Rev. Ed Sarden Christian Church Center

Humberto Uribe City Colleges of Chicago Ana Lilia Vivar Katherine Wilson Deborah B. Wright-Powell Hinsdale Central High School Julie Zerwic University of Illinois at Chicago

Erie Family Health Center Junior Board Fiscal Year 2011 ElleBruno Matt Cohlmia Doug Henning


Jesse McEwen Kelly Scott-Flood Luis Leon

Mary Beth Murphy Emily Smith

On behalf of the 37,000 low-income, uninsured and underinsured Chicagoans who found a medical and dental home at Erie in FY11, we thank you for your continued commitment and support.

Erie Family Health Center Centro de Salud Erie

Trust. Heal. Care.



Erie Family Health Center Centro de Salud Erie

Trust. Heal. Care.



CARE At Erie Family Health Center, we believe health care is a right, not a privilege. Our mission is to provide accessible, affordable and high quality health care for those in need.

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2011 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report  
2011 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report  

2011 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report