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Katerina Cozias America’s Media Mindset Mentor, TV Host and Media Specialist As America’s Media Mindset Mentor, international media & communication expert, on-camera TV host and best-selling author, my 5-step signature system allows visionaries, creatives and entrepreneurs to gain respect, visibility, influence and national media exposure. Our team of media experts leads entrepreneurial ventures to national levels of success by developing their visionary’s media mindset, communication skills, confidence and charisma in concert with the formulation of strategic media exposure tactics and press outreach. Are you ready to catapult past the competition? Strategic media development is one of the least leveraged, yet most effective entrepreneurial assets. Let’s get you the right skill for your toolbox!

As a member of Women in Film and Television, and with many years of international media under my belt, I have worked with companies in cities including, but not limited to Miami, New York, Hong Kong, Athens, Moscow, Dubai, Cannes, Monte Carlo and The Bahamas. And today, I’m so excited to share these key starter tips with you! Now, let’s make media matter for your business. Because remember, if no one knows you’re in business, you’re not really in business!



- Social media is great, and yes, it has its place, however, to establish true brand authority and influence as an expert in your space, the key is to design a media strategy and exposure plan that sees you exponentially gaining “omni-media” presence. An omni-media strategy is one that includes all four pillars of the media - which are TV, Radio/Podcast, Print and then Digital. - To differentiate yourself from the masses, make sure to identify your business “sound bites”. A powerful sound bite should be unique, captivating, disruptive and re-tweetable! What can you do to stand out from the crowd? Whether on camera of off, use your unique soundbites every time you open your mouth! - The key to tapping into your inner celebrity is simply to finally allow yourself the mental permission to do so! Does Brad Pitt have any more confidence or charisma than you do? NO - he just decided one day to turn his on. Is it time to turn yours on? Heck ya! For more Katerina, visit Katerina360.com