Cecília Marques Dalcanale started in the arts after the loss of her mother in 1998. She is the daughter of an artist who claimed to be only painter of porcelain, but left more than 200 works, including porcelains, paintings, ceramic glazings among others and used to make portraits of the closest friends and family as no one else.

Cecilia joined the Pró-Criar, group of the artist Elizabeth Titton. Also did drawing course with Paulo Bastos Dias, woodcut course with Juliano DeBarros, and fusing course with Elvo Benito Damo and Maria Helena Saparolli. She has works in public collections and with collectors from Paraná, Santa Catarina and France.

As a consolation to her father, the three sisters, Cecília, Marilia and Jussara decided to meet once a week in Jussara`s psychology clinic, and thus Cecília discovered the pleasure of sculpting, as the sisters continued with meetings of Art Therapy even after their father’s death.

In these works, the removal from the whole is the procedure utilized. It gives a free way to the imagination, with the exploration of different materials according to their characteristics, seeking for the form simplification. It`s the extroversion revealing the introversion.


I am passionate for shapes. When I see a piece of wood, I wonder what could come out of there. I clean, treat and start the thinning process. I work doing fillings and implants, almost like a dentist. This is the wood.

Girafa Guapuruvú Wood 46x30x12cm 2004

Marta Grevílea Wood 33x100x20cm 2004

Paz? Guapuruvú Wood 29x25x20cm 2004

Cavalo Marinho Wood 23x9x6cm 1999


Guapuruvú Guapuruvú Wood 45x24x22cm 2003

Hipopótamo Grevílea Wood 17x54x31cm 2004

Torso Feminino Wood 71x36x16cm 2006


Martinhas GrevĂ­lea Wood 24x71x14cm 2004

Serelepe Wood 45x20x30cm 2005

Pelicano Wood 65x45x24cm 2007


About the bronze, it is less laborious, because I only make the model in clay, which in itself is very pleasurable. I do this when I cannot go to the studio. After that the mold is created and then the job of casting is done. I have plenty of models waiting. Sculpture is a wonderful and very hard work, cause it requires an appropriate place, but I love what I do.

PĂĄssaro Bronze 9x16x7cm 1998

Peixe Bronze 9x23x9cm 2000

Ă gua, Terra, Fogo e Ar Bronze 28x18x13cm 2002


Peixe Bronze 40x17x7cm 1999

Brasílio Marques Bronze 30x40cm 2005

João Bronze 45x20x23cm 2000


Carinhoso Bronze 10x26x22cm 2003

Bichano Bronze 29x19x15cm 2003

Simpรกtico Bronze 37x25x11cm 2003

Travesso Bronze 15x21x10cm 2003


Chiara Bronze 95x36x38cm 2005


The stone is totally different, I buy or gain it. I spend some time “flirting” and then I decide what it is going to be. Depending on the format something just springs out, or I do a sketch in clay to start. But the stone also has “temper”, sometimes it has failures or crystals that modify the work. That’s interesting, because the result is better.

Folha Soapstone 20x30x20cm 1999

Cabeça de Mulher Carrara Marble 56x20x25cm 2001


Pássaro Carrara Marble 24x14x6cm 2002

Peixe Carrara Marble 18x23x7cm 2001

Pássaro Carrara Marble 26x16x10cm 2001

Cacatua Carrara Marble and Bronze 50x40x23cm 2000

Lírio da Paz Carrara Marble 28x9x7cm 2002

Gaivota Carrara Marble 33x26x11cm 2002 Outono Carrara Marble 20x10x5cm 2002

Família Carrara Marble 50x13x13cm 2001

Pica-Pau Espírito Santo Marble 13x12x6cm 2004

Amigo Travertine Marble 34x45x15cm 2002

Sob as Ondas Marble 40x58x14cm 2002


Torso Carrara Marble 43x24x17cm 2002

Pampo Carrara Marble 13x14x5cm 2002

Garรงa Carrara Marble 26x12x6cm 2002


Baleia Branca Carrara Marble 23x17x6cm 2002

Pedra Lascada Carrara Marble 12x12x6cm 2002

Fenda Nero Marquina Marble 34x23x8cm 2003

Ambíguo Espírito Santo Marble 30x29x15cm 2004

Piu Piu Carrara Marble 9x9x9cm 2002

Sem Título Marble 15x55x15cm 2007

Félix Nero Marquina Marble 31x35x14cm 2003

Antúrio Marble 37x30x30cm 2006

Ursinho Espírito Santo Marble 13x8x7cm 2004

Amigo Marble 20x45x22cm 2003

Sem Título Blue Quartz 20x15x8cm

Torso Nero Marquina Marble 43x25x16cm 2003


Gordinho Carrara Marble 15x11x5cm 2004

Dança no Mar Espírito Santo Marble 15x24x10cm 2004

Sem Título Marble 20x40x10cm

Paz Espírito Santo Marble 56x25x10cm 2000

Liberdade Marble 25x14x11cm 2004

Sem Título Marble 59x41x25cm 2006

Memória do Mar Soapstone 38x25x11cm 2003


Sem Título Marble 22x7x7cm 2004

Sem Título Marble 46x16x16cm 2006

Sem Título Marble 55x36x20cm 2006


2004 - Exhibition at Carrousel du Louvre (12/16 to 12/20). 2004 - Selected for the “Salon d’ Automne” in Paris (11/13 to 11/25). 2012 - Mosaic workshop with professor Antonella Galenda 2004 - Collective Exhibition at Mokiti Okada gallery from Orsoni, Venice. (November and December). 2011 - Supervision and classes at the studio of 2004 - Collective Exhibition at Pró-Criar. Marcia de Bernardo. 2010 - 2008 - Sculpture history course, with William Machado. 2004 - Collective Exhibition at Ordem Rosa Cruz (07/05 to 08/20). 2007 - Lithography workshop at Solar do Barão 2004 - Collective Exhibition of APAP in the with Denise Roman. Salão Osmar Chromiec (11/01 to 22/01). 2006 - Ceramic course with Patricia Tristão. 2004 - Collective Exhibition at APAP 2004 in 2004 - Glass course with Elvo Benito Damo and Solar do Rosário (June and July). Maria Helena Saparolli. 2003 - Published in the Yearbook Arte e Artista Brasil. 2002 - Woodcut course with Juliano DeBarros. 2003 - Works exhibited in Artefacto Curitiba 2001 - Workshop with Sergio Romagnolo. (January to March). 1999 - Drawing course with Paulo Bastos Dias. 2003 - Works exposed at Casa Cor Paraná. 1998 - 2011 - Art Therapy at Jussara Marques dos Santos 2003 - Participation in XVIII Exposição Nacional de Artes psychology clinic. da Aspar (11/07 to 11/09). 1998 - 2004 - Sculpture in marble, bronze and wood with 2003 - Participation in the XIV Salão de Artes do Elizabeth Titton (Pró-Criar). Clube Curitibano (12/09 to 02/19). 2002 - 1998 - Collective Exhibition at Pró-Criar. Exhibitions 2013 - Exhibition “Quando se Olha” with Grupo Cyan at Mokiti Okada gallery (from 10/08 to 11/02). 2012 - Group exhibition with Grupo Cyan in Castro at Casa da Praça (from 03/03 to 04/01). 2008 - Exhibition at X Mostra de Artes Plásticas in the City Hall of Curitiba. 2007 - Exhibition at the Military School of Curitiba. 2006 - Collective Exhibition with Arte 6 (08/14 to 08/17). 2005 - Collective Exhibition at Pró-Criar (12/20 to 12/23). 2005 - Collective Exhibition at APAP (09/30 to 11/10). 2005 - Collective Exhibition with Arte 5 (15/08 to 18/08). 2005 - 116 Salon des Artistes Independants in Paris (04/22 to 05/01). 2005 - Salon International du Monde et des Arts “MCA” in Cannes (03/21 to 03/28).

Awards 2005 - Gold Medal at the Salon International Du Monde et des Arts “MCA” in Cannes. 2003 - Acquisition Prize at Salão de Artes do Clube Curitibano. 2003 - Silver Medal at the XVIII Exposição de Artes da Aspar. 1999 - 1st place of sculpture in the Collective Exhibition of Pró-Criar. Cecília has works in public collections and with collectors from Paraná, Santa Catarina and France.



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Cecília Dalcanale - Escultura - Catalogue 2014 EN  
Cecília Dalcanale - Escultura - Catalogue 2014 EN  

Catalogue that shows a little bit of the amazing sculpture work of the artist Cecília Dalcanale.