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The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017


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Issue... THE CEO CORNER 10. Feature Eric Lawrence Frazier MBA



14. All you want to know about the 16. 18.

24. 26.

apartment industry in Southern California Employment status of Fairfield Experiences and perspectives of young adult employees The effects of low interest rates Surging stocks and unfazed unemployment

REAL ESTATE 28. 32. 36.

Riverside ranks seventh in nation for fastest-growing rents San Diego, housing trends in 2017 Is real estate a career for women?

LEGAL 46. 50.

Easement and permissive use: how to handle a neighbor using your land What is a client refuses to close a real estate deal?

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017


MORTGAGE 52. Why you should go for FHA loans 56. Possibility of GSE’s becoming

independent again

GREEN 58. Building materials superior to concrete 62. California leads the greening trend

TECHNOLOGY 66. The ultimate time and money saver for


real estate agents: Facebook vide ads The rise of business intelligence in commercial real estate

YOU 72. Tips to avoid regreting your real estate


COMMUNITY 74. Great african american leaders 76. Riverside Public Library, From

Classical to Innovative


From the editor...


o our valued readers:

As we enter February and Black History month, I am filled with pride to have witnessed the presidency of Barack Obama. I think I will look back on his presidency with the same admiration that generations past had for John F.Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., who both had their lives abruptly cut short because of their convictions and their faithful work. So I am thankful that Obama was able to see his presidency through and make the kind of impact that he made in his 8-year term. With his accomplishments such as providing healthcare to millions of American as well as reforms in the military, I believe Obama (our 44th President) will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents of these United States, second only to Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt. His presidential actions are paralleled only by President Lincoln and the courage it took to pass the emancipation proclamation, and Roosevelt and the groundbreaking moves he made to establish social security and federal programs to support homeownership. History will show Barack Obama for the great man he is, and the great father, citizen,

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017


and amazing leader he has become. He set a great example for black men, black families, and black America. Obama represents who we all aspire to be when it comes to hard work, determination, and what it means to be leader. He not only represents the results of overcoming obstacles and perseverance, but also the challenge of growing up black in America and depicting what the American dream is all about regardless of race, color, gender, or religious background. I salute President Barack Obama, and I pray that President Donald Trump will work to follow in his footsteps and to succeed President Obama in keeping America great. Regardless of what some feel, I truly believe we have to give each leader a chance to do his best in making America better than it was before. At The Power Is Now, our mission for 2017 is to inspire, encourage and help in any way we can when it comes to becoming a homeowner. That is our pledge to you. On the cover of this February issue of The TPIN Magazine, we say goodbye to our first family, Barack Obama and his amazing wife Michelle. We shine some light on the apartment industry in southern California, as well as show you the best places to live in Riverside California. We take a peak into the future of eco-friendly real estate and ways to sell to homebuyers. And we have also brought back the “CEO Corner”, a one-on-one with me and what’s going on at the Power Is Now. But we don’t want to give away all the goods–check out the February issue yourself for tons of great information. As always, I like to leave on a positive note and a thank you. I am so excited about what 2017 has in store for us here at The Power Is Now. Coming up on February 10th, you do not want to miss our Real Estate Seminar Series “Close More Deals with Low to No Money Down.” This is a FREE event you will not want to miss. Click here to register now. Thank you for your continued support and readership. Our team is dedicated to you. We want to see you thrive in 2017. Let’s make this year your best year yet. Please take a moment and share this magazine. Knowledge is power, and The Power Is Now.

Eric Lawrence Frazier CEO The Power Is Now Inc.


THE CEO CORNER The CEO Corner is my way of reaching out to my valued readers to give you insight into what is going on at The Power Is Now, Inc. The mission of The Power Is Now, Inc., is to inspire, educate, and empower real estate professionals and consumers to build wealth through real estate with information, services, and support that will give them the power to act now for their future.

Announcements I am excited to announce that the mortgage division of the Power Is Now will be “live� on Facebook every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM CST, answering questions about all aspects of buying a home, such as financing a home, the selection of the home, underwriting criteria and credit restoration. We will be answering any and all questions that a first time homebuyer might have when thinking about purchasing a home. This is a FREE webinar that anyone can join, and you do not have to register or become a member. Please tune in, listen, and ask me any questions via Facebook. I am happy to help you. Regarding the Power Is Now online radio and online TV, we have started a series of interviews with leaders of the California Real Estate Brokers, which is the state chapter of the National Real Estate Brokers. This is the New Year, and that means it is membership drive time. Our goal is to help real estate professionals and consumers understand what the value proposition is for membership in the California Real Estate Brokers. You cannot be a member of the state chapter without being a member of the national chapter. So in essence we will be talking about the value proposition of Narab and encouraging professionals throughout the state of California to join the state association by joining a local chapter.

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017


Community The Power Is Now has a “homebuyer’s” church initiative in which we are reaching out to pastors in African-American communities in California and conducting homebuyer’s workshops at various churches. These homebuyer’s workshops will be dealing with the A-Zs of homeownership, with an emphasis on “no money down”. The reason for this is particularly because in the African-American community, we have challenges with homeownership. The rate of homeownership with African Americans is now 41.7% and falling. We at the Power Is Now want to try to change that by providing minorities with information about “no” down payment assistance or “low” down payment programs to qualify them to getting into a home. Our church initiative started last year, and this year we will be in both northern and southern California. We look forward to speaking with your church and community members and assisting in a home loan for them.

Business Planning I am happy to be alive in 2017 and doing well. The key to our success as a company is having a solid, well-thought-out business plan. There are all kinds of business plans: there are long business plans as well as short ones. The key to a successful business is that you do what’s in it. If you attempt to do what you plan to do, you have to be realistic about what it is that you want to accomplish. I would say that if you want to stay on track for 2017, then drill it down to the top three things you want to accomplish for the year. For us, these are our top three priorities, comprising 90% of our 2017 business plan: 1. The Power Is Now wants to raise our brand recognition and social media presence online. We have hired a social


media manager to assist us in doing just that as well as invested a lot more money in SEO. 2. We are aiming to grow our mortgage production for the Power Is Now. Our strategy to do that is to work through churches, particularly the African American communities in the state of California. In addition to that we are going to be expanding to other states and we are going to carry on and continue that same strategy working with churches. We will be speaking with church groups and non-profit groups talking about homeownership and how to get into a home with no money down. 3. We want to expand our real estate division. The Power Is Now has a real estate division that is focused on buyers. So we are not a traditional listing agency, we are a buyer’s agency. Our mission as a real estate company is to work with first-time homebuyers and assist them with finding properties that are affordable in order to enter into homeownership in a sustainable way. We want our clients to buy right and work in conjunction with The Power Is Now to make sure they have the financing and down payment assistance they need.

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017

So if you are thinking about growing your business and taking it to the next level without experiencing another year of not getting anything done, the key is refine it to your top three things: those three things that will move the needle of your business, things that will add to the level of your profitability, grow your brand, and bring in more customers immediately. I promise you that if you do this, you will not go wrong. You will achieve your goals because less is more. So it does not matter if you are a real estate broker or individual agent, you are running the business and you need to have a plan. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with each and every one of you this year. Let’s make it a year to remember. I am Eric Frazier, and this is The CEO Corner. ** The vision of the Power Is Now is to be a powerful resource for real estate professionals and consumers to buy and/or sell real estate to achieve their personal, family, and business goals to build wealth and leave an inheritance and legacy for their families.






fter the great recession that began in 2008, Americans faced a lot of ups and down, but things are finally trending up again. After close to a decade, the real estate industry is undergoing a phenomenal growth spurt! The state of the apartment industry is changing, and it is all for the better. You can find numerous Concord Condos, Park Places, luxury apartments, and 50 units built all over Southern California.

Real estate development in the apartment sector Growth in the housing industry, especially the demand for apartments, can be witnessed across the state of California. The earthquake caused a major hit, and things are recovering fast since there is a huge demand from a generation that wants to purchase individual apartments before venturing out into buying individual homes. The industry is supposed to cater to people of different demographics, from kids to teens to people in their 20s and over 30. If the existing owner of an apartment faces any issue related to it, you can access Conal McNamara, the director, and he can sort out any issues. Whittier City follows a high

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017

standard for apartment building, and advises apartment owners to build quality flats while, of course, keeping a reasonable share of profit for themselves.

Apartment tax world: the latest stories and developments With the current IRC 1031, a properly structured 1031 exchange allows an individual to sell their property and reinvest the amount in buying a new one and defers all capital gain taxes otherwise due. People are leveraging this and are keen on exchanging flats. New York has witnessed a lot of such exchanges recently. The taxmen from the revenue department feel that there is a need of getting rid of 1031 exchange under the name of tax reforms. As mentioned by Phil Atwan, a tax expert related 1030 exchange, 121 primary residence reductions – all these needs to be reformed. With the new administration, a lot more things are going to change in the times to come, and all will happen for the benefits in larger aspect. If one has queries related to the alterations of IRC related to real estate, one can contact Phil Atwan in Oakland. His contact number is 213-479-8800.


and sites can give people the opportunity to avail themselves of discounts on The insurance industry has not come up with mortgages. major modifications. But more replacement cost value-related claims have been submitted lately. Words from the experts in apartment Richard, an insurance expert, advises to update sales the insurance every three years for any particular individual’s portfolio. The right policy keeps In his new book, Bill mentions Lester, who was one protected from inflation. Queries related to turning properties in four years rather than six insurance can be addressed to Richard at (714) years, and ended up with $8,000,000,000 over 24 522-0081. years. The power of compounding is powerful. So,

Apartment Insurance

Loans available in the current economy for buying units Getting creative from an investment point of view is the call of the time. The market is highly volatile, but Eric, a mortgage expert, prefers to stay bullish about acquisitions as interest rates are increasing and it is even better if excellent opportunities are presented to consumers and investors during these times. To get a loan of up to 75% of the total value of the property, no proof of income is needed. Interest rates are also hovering between 7-8%. However, the lack of housing supply is causing four-unit opportunity accusation. To buy a fourunit building, one has to pay only three and a half percent down FHA, and one has to acquire at least one of the four units. As per Eric’s observations, interest rates in the present market are quite low, as 25-30 years ago it was around 17-18%. In the next 24-48 months, interest rates may again go into the double digits. One can get answers related to questions on loan eligibilities and refinancing at (800) 401-8994 extension 703.

he says, to be a true investor one has to know about the options available. His book can be bought from Amazon. Tim, a realtor by profession, comes up with the multi-housing guide every quarter. An investor can obtain information related to the current market from this guidance. Keeping in mind the market scenario to be prevalent in future days due to the witnessing of double-digit interest rates, individuals are keen on buying fourunit buildings with a 20-30% premium payment. It is recommended to people to engage in partial exchange pulling banks of money and having a balanced portfolio. With the remaining cash, one can obtain some shelter from taxes, and use the money to upgrade other properties. In a nutshell, with game-changing tax norms alterations, double-digit interest rates, and an increase in demand from buyers, the apartment industry market is going through major growth and surely is a hot place for investors to stay invested.



by Lynell Holden




Fairfield is a beautiful city of Solano County, California that is filled with opportunities and career growth. According to the Career Search Engine website, Fairfield has a population of about 103,683. The population rate has increased by 7.8% over the last ten years. The cost of living is 143, which is far better than the national average cost of living. Whether you are a businessman looking to invest in Fairfield, an academic who needs social statistics, a worker who is looking for employment opportunities in Fairfield, or are just curious about this bustling Californian city, we have prepared this article about Fairfield’s workforce.

The importance of social data Employment numbers and rates are a vital part of socioeconomic profiles of a certain city or area. Just like age, education, or sex, they show us the structure of a certain population. These facts can help policymakers, investors, and social scientists get a better picture of a certain community. Academics find these useful when writing research papers; policymakers need to know the population structure in order to plan ahead, while investors are mostly concerned with whether or not a certain city will provide a good foundation for a business project. Fairfield’s employment rate has risen considerably in the last ten years, according to ID Community.

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017


According to the Economy Review, Fairfield, CA has a higher percentage of population, aged 25 or higher, who has obtained a college degree than the nationwide average. This is one of the most important factors people consider when deciding to move to a certain place. If the unemployment rate is low and job growth opportunities are high, then people will be more willing to buy a place or live in a particular area. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the unemployment rate in Fairfield, CA is 13.01%, with 46,225 employed workers and 6,015 unemployed persons.

According to City Data, the unemployment rate has decreased over the last few years. The unemployment rate was lowest in 2000 and 2001, and it was highest in 2010. Since 2010, the rate has been decreasing. According to ID Community, in the period between 2010 and 2015, the overall number of employed people has risen. The biggest change has happened in the field of part-time jobs. People are now looking for additional part-time jobs. This may seem promising, but part-time jobs are rarely fulfilling or adequately paid.

Picture sources:

Workforce and Diversity The Economy Review shows the job growth rate in Fairfield, CA is 2.81%. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 40.32%. This employment rate is greater than California’s average of 12.3%.

As the population is ethnically varied, there is a diverse workforce in Fairfield. People coming from different ethnicities can easily integrate with and be accepted into the community.

Top industries for men and women

Employment status for Real Estate Agents

According to Career Overview, the top industries in Fairfield for women are educational services, administration, and healthcare. For men, the top three industries are public administration, healthcare, and construction. There are so many great job opportunities in these industries for both men and women. If we talk about the unemployment rate and educational level relationship in the Fairfield, an about 20% of residents have a bachelor’s degree. This is lower than the state average number, which is why the unemployment rate is greater than California’s average rate.

Fairfield, CA has great opportunities for real estate professionals. Real estate agents should be aware that the real estate business is booming in the county of Solano, of which Fairfield is the county seat, so job hunting is not a problem here.

Improvements in employment

Conclusion If you think that Fairfield, CA is the perfect place for you to look for job opportunities, then you have made the right choice. The city of Fairfield, CA will indeed continue to grow in terms of both population and space. However, there are pressing matters that still need to be addressed, such as the educational and employment structure of the city. 17

for rent $1,900

2 BR/BA upstairs condo in the Willow Brook community. This property features: Vaulted Ceilings, Carpet and newer Paint, Fireplace, Balcony, Storage on Balcony, Dual Pane Windows Open look through kitchen, Dishwasher, Washer & Dryer inside the unit, Built in Microwave, Lots of Closet Space, Master has separate vanity and sink, Detached Garage, Lots of Parking, Fitness room, Pool & Jacuzzi, Landlord Pays: Water & Garbage incl. in the rent.

310 Dursey Drive Pinole, CA. 94564 LYNELL HOLDEN BRE# 01729482 Address: 1652 W. Texas Street #273 Fairfield, CA. 94533 Direct: 707-208-6897 Email: Website:





he most impactful and insightful generation alive today is the young adults–particularly people between the age of 18 and 30. These are the people who have the brightest minds, the greatest amount of opportunities, and the most amount of time in which to achieve what they want to in life. This is also the group of people that will eventually become the leaders of the nation they reside in, which makes it vital to understand their outlook and record their experience during this time of their life. This article gives insight into the mindset and experiences of young adults who are employed in the workforce.

The Link Between Education & Careers in Young Adult Employees

Young adults have proven that getting educational qualifications can reap great benefits for them when entering their career of choice. But the journey towards receiving that certification also has a role to play. The Federal Reserve reports that 45% of employees with post-secondary education have a job or career that is closely related to their desired career path. During high school and throughout college, most students get information about their ideal career paths from their teachers and professors, creating a link Value of Education in Young Adult between the education they received and the career Employees path that they choose. When it comes to looking for jobs, people who were more educationally qualified Most young adults have an understanding or (having a bachelor’s degree as opposed to a high mindset that a certification, degree, or some form school diploma) were more likely to take the upfront of educational qualification is required in order for approach and contact employers directly. This shows them to get the career that they would like to have. that young adults also have the knowledge that not According to Kids Count Data Center, just about half only does postsecondary education provide them with of young adults in the U.S. are enrolled in or have the desired skills to attain the career that they want, already completed postsecondary education. While but that it can also be used as a gateway of sorts to receiving a degree of some sort does not automatically attaining the job that they want. make you a successful and happy person, it reflects the mindset of young adults that were determined to Experiences & Perspectives of Young get what they considered to be a “vital” milestone Adult Employees in achieving the career and life that they wanted for themselves. Almost half of those young adults who The Federal Reserve’s research shows that when have a form of certification or degree believe that they comparing young adults with permanent jobs and now have the qualifications to attain the career that young adults with temporary jobs, those with they desire in five years or so, according to research permanent jobs seem to reap more of a benefit from the Federal Reserve. Young adults believe that financially, socially, and mentally. Most young adults the monetary benefits of achieving certification in an with permanent jobs have a job related to the career educational institution outweigh the costs required to they desired, while most youth with temporary jobs receive that certification. do not have a job in their desired career and use the

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017


money to fund their educational pursuits. Additionally, the Reserve’s research shows a direct correlation between postsecondary education attainment level and the feeling of being overqualified for a job. From this, we learn that there can also be an association between education achievement level and self-belief and confidence in young adults today.

Self-Sufficiency in Young Adult Employees According to FRB’s investigations, more than half of employed young adults are satisfied with the salary and benefits that they receive from their careers. The majority of young adults that are employed can cover their monthly expenses, while a short few are sometimes able to. A very tiny fraction of young adults are not able to cover monthly expenses through their job alone. Those who cannot

simply find other ways to make ends meet, be it by using their savings, borrowing from parents or friends, sharing the bill with someone else in the household, or through other means. Almost half of employed young adults created a new household with their spouse or partner. Twenty percent have formed a household alone with a roommate, and the remainder still live with their families.

Viewpoint of the Future in Young Adult Employees Inquiries by the Federal Reserve Bureau reveal that the higher the education that a young adult receives, the more optimistic they are about their future endeavors, regardless of their current living conditions or their race and ethnicity. Most young adults believe that there is not an ideal amount of time that someone should stay at a job. They also found

that most working young adults cannot compare their own living conditions to the conditions that their parents live in. Young adults with a higher education level than their parents consider themselves to live in better conditions than that of their parents. In conclusion, we see that the attitudes, practices, and desires of most young adults are fixated on their success and the longing for a self-sufficient lifestyle. Their jobs, experiences, and mindset are all correlated to the kind of career they have, as well as the level of education that they have attained. This is important because it helps to understand what drives the young adults to act on their beliefs and to strive for a successful future, in turn allowing them to be assisted and nurtured along the way.




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The Power Is Now Inc., is a Mortgage Brokerage Licensed by the State of California CALBRE License #1980407 and is not affiliated with any state or federal agency. Go to for verification. The Power Is Now Inc., is also licensed by the NMLS License #1435243. Go to for verification. The Power Is Now Inc., is an equal housing lender. Our corporate office is located at: 379 6th Street Riverside, CA 92501. Telephone and Fax: 800-401-8994. Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA is a California Licensed Loan Originator NMLS# 461807. This is not a commitment to lend or extend credit. Restrictions may apply. Information and/or data is subject to change without notice. All loans are subject to credit approval. Not all loans or products are available in all states.



LOW-INTEREST RATES L ow-interest rates seem to be such a wonderful thing in today’s economy. These low interest rates have supported steady progress towards full employment, meaning that the U.S financial system picked itself up after the crisis and is now in an even better state than before. But have these low rates somehow managed to undermine the stability and functionality of the financial system? Long periods of time with low rates have been shown to put pressure on the business models of financial institutions, as well as to lead to excessive leverage and unsustainable asset prices.

Recession left behind high unemployment rates and below-target inflation, thus calling for highly accommodative monetary policies. While low rates tend to support household and business spending, they can also push households to save more money. Meeting goals such as saving enough for retirement or saving up for college entices people to save more while rates are low. And while accelerator models show that investment has been for the most part consistent with economic growth, these low rates have not caused any “booms� in corporate investment. According to Powell, even though the growth has been slow, more important is the fact Low Rates and Unemployment that it has been consistent and steady, and it has caused employment to rise consistently. Both the financial crisis as well as the Great Because of this, low rates are seen as a very

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017


positive thing in our economy.

Other Benefits of Low Rates Low rates and the financial system are the reasons behind the improved risk management at one of the most important financial institutions (SIFIs). They both are also the reason for stronger regulations made to the core of the system that have made it stronger and more resilient than ever before. Due to the low rates, SIFIs are more stable and guaranteed to fund and can hold more capital and liquidity. Not only are SIFIs celebrating this, but repo markets, central counterparties, and money market funds are also performing well.

Factors Holding Rates Down In addition to low rates, long-term nominal and real estate rates have been declining over the last 30 years. Based on one of the Board’s workhorse structure models, the future has short-term real estate rates, as well as a downward trend of inflation and term premiums in store for us. This downward trend in term premiums reflects lower inflation risk, and nominal bonds have become a good hedge against market risks. This regression of year-term premiums and inflation expectation make companies believe that there will be numerous Treasury returns as well as equity returns; these returns will factor in for a large part of the decline of the term premiums. Due to these predicted numbers and trends, many financial institutions are now required to hold more high-quality liquid assets, which might, in fact, push term premiums down even further. It is not only in the US that we are experiencing this; rates are also low globally, which indicates shifts in savings and investment demand.

us close to full employment, provided us with 2% inflation, and make our financial system stronger and more resilient. But low rates can also bring tradeoffs between macroeconomic objectives and financial stability. While low interest rates encourage some risk-taking, the question at hand is whether they have caused excessive risk-taking? Through buildup of leverage and unsustainably high asset prices, low interest rates may have pushed the boundaries of risk-taking to a new level. Since inflation is currently under control, financial excess has been able to push itself to the surface. There are companies that thrive from uncontrolled inflation, such as life insurers. In the last ten years, life insurers have been underperforming in the broader equity market since investors view this low-rate environment as a drag on profitability. In the nonfinancial sector, people get concerned when leverage is too high, especially that of real estate markets. Luckily, for now, the ratio of mortgage debt to income is below its pre-crisis peak and still declining. With these low rates, corporate sectors have been encouraged to use the corporate debt issuance, while the Volcker rule is discouraging banks from holding and making markets in such debt.


Low interest rates can be considered a blessing on our economy. They have supported economic activity and brought back full employment as well as a 2% rate of inflation. These rates encourage risk-taking and higher leverage in some sectors and have isolated sectors where signs of excess are present. And the new and improved regulations and risk management has minimized tradeoffs between macroeconomic objectives and financial stability. While these are all beneficial things that have greatly What Low Rates Can Mean impacted our economy, low rates over a long period still pose a threat and can be great challenges for Low rates have done incredible things such as bring monetary policy.



SURGING STOCKS AND UNFAZED UNEMPLOYMENT s the New Year dawns on us, so does the term of our new president, Donald Trump. The Federal Reserve assembled for their annual meeting, where a key US interest rate was raised for the first time in a year, signaling a more “aggressive” approach to 2017.


might slow down as it awaits the final verdict. With construction, we also must tie in hospitals and the uncertainty of healthcare policies. Spending on the production of new equipment and clinics will be slowed to a minimal rate until the new Congress comes up with a new healthcare policy.

The new “Dot plot” for 2017 showed three predicted rate hikes, instead of two rate hikes that were drawn prior. Chairwoman Janet Yellen had spoken, and said that the shifts were going to be “Very tiny”, but she also acknowledged that a few Fed officials took Trump’s economic plan into consideration when making their predictions, according to Marketwatch.

But worry not, Chairwoman Yellen has expressed that while the Fed does not expect the labor market to show drastic improvements, they also predict that stimulus will not be necessary. In fact, according to Forbes, the unemployment rate is predicted to stay close to the 4.6% rate that was given in November.

Unemployment and Our Economy One of the major factors impacting these rates are the worries of unemployment that skyrocketed after Trump’s victory. People are concerned that businesses will slow their capital spending due to the uncertainty of their future and their relationships with America, their major concern being changes made to trade policies. According to Forbes Magazine, companies that use imported goods, such as materials from China or items made in Mexico, might slow down expansions and production until they see the result of Trump’s trade negotiations. Some industries are also putting a halt to their business due to the uncertainty of the new immigration policy. Industries such as restaurants, hotels, and construction sites across America use undocumented workers. With the uncertainty hanging over their head, a business

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017

Stock Surprises and Tax Tackles After Trump’s surprise victory, stocks have risen to record highs, and interest rates have also risen. The Wall Street Journal reports that Wall Street is expecting the years’ fiscal policy to be more “simulative.” In addition to this, economists believe that Trump’s promised tax cuts and increased spending plans for his term would trigger a higher inflation rate, which will in turn force central banks to raise rates aggressively.

Three Strikes and You’re Out In an interview, President Patrick Harker went on to predict “three modest hikes…assuming the economy stays on track.” While the average predicted growth is only 2% for the year, it is still slightly higher than the 1.7% from the year prior. Shockingly, though,


the US gross domestic product growth rate was revised to 3.5% in the third quarter; if this were to be accurate, it would be the fastest pace in the last two years. Harker went on to say that “As expectations consolidate around our target rate, it makes it more likely that our target will become a reality.” But the most important thing to keep in mind is that these predictions are just that: predictions. They simply show what officials believe will happen as the economy changes through 2017. Even Chairwoman Yellen states that the Feds right now only have a “wait-and-see” approach to these hikes, as Trump’s plan is still a work in progress and “hazy” at the moment.

The percentage odds of this being accurate rose from 57.7% to 78% after the central bank announcement last Wednesday. Ryan Larson, head of equity trading at the RBC Global Asset Management, told CNBC that June “probably makes sense” because it will take several months for the new administration to finalize actions regarding the fiscal stimulus.


Trump’s victory brings certain changes to our current economy. At the moment, stocks are doing great and setting new records, and unemployment seems like it will remain at a steady 4.6%. And even though three rate hikes are predicted for the rest of 2017, the “wait-and-see” approach that the Feds have So when exactly are these hikes possibly happening? taken does not make anything certain for now. The Currently, the prediction shows an increase of three- best thing we can do right now is waiting for further quarters of a percentage point by the end of 2017. As news from the March Fed meeting. of right now, it is also believed that they will hike rates another quarter point at their March meeting, making it a full 1% by the end of 2017. Traders from the CME Group agree on the probability of June 2017 being the time when the rate hike will occur.




Ranks Seventh in Nation for

Fastest-Growing Rents


inally, 2016 is over and done with, and so is its share of drama in terms of events. Now it is time to analyze just how the year’s ups and downs affected renters across the U.S. In a recent end-of-year report, apartment search website RENTCafé showed how rents varied across the U.S. in 2016: while prices cooled off in some of the largest cities, mid- and small-sized markets saw strong increases. RENTCafé’s research – which is based on apartment data collected by Yardi Matrix covering large-scale buildings of 50 or more units – indicates that the national average apartment rent in 2016 reached $1,210 per month; that is a 4% yearover-year increase.

And while rents in traditionally hot markets like Manhattan, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles and San Diego continued their bull run powered by thriving economies and expanding job markets, rent prices in smaller markets – Riverside among them – saw the sharpest increases last year.

To make things even more interesting, renters in six U.S. cities had to dig deep into their wallets and fork out an entire extra month of rent as compared to the previous year. December 2016 saw a dramatic increase of more than 9% for renters living in Sacramento, Calif.; Stockton, Calif.; Colorado Springs; Colo.; Detroit, Mich.; Mesa, Ariz.; and Riverside saw a whopping 7.9% year-over-year Long Beach, Calif. over the same month in 2015. rent increase – 2% more than the rent gains in The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017


nearby Los Angeles and Anaheim, where yearover-year prices rose by a rather moderate 5.7% and 5.5%, respectively. For the third consecutive year, the Riverside real estate market was fueled by an improved local economy and a robust housing market. Riverside apartments rented for an average of $1,375 per month last year, though the construction sector lagged behind in terms of new rentals, with no new large-scale apartment developments opened in 2016.

Buoyed by Robust Demand, Riverside’s Rental Market Sees New Highs Riverside’s rental market saw a 0.3% increase in occupancy levels year-over-year, reaching a staggering 97.2% occupancy rate in December 2016. That is mainly the effect of an inadequate supply of apartments for locally employed residents as well as the large part of the population that works in the Los Angeles metro area but prefers to take advantage of the more affordable housing options available in Riverside and other nearby small markets. As expected, location and community amenities are the top factors that dictate what renters shell out for housing every month. Apartment homes at Viano at Riverwalk, for example, come with some amazing amenities – and prices to match. Rents for 2-bedroom apartments at Viano range from $1,640 to $1,745/mo. Driven by the growing demand for apartment living and limited inventory levels, some parts of Riverside are becoming rather pricey for renters. Mission Grove came up as the most expensive neighborhood in Riverside in 2016. On average, renters paid $1,708 for an apartment here – or $186 more than in Canyon Crest, one of the largest and most diverse neighborhoods in the market, where rents commanded $1,522 last year. The University and La Sierra neighborhoods followed closely, with monthly rent averages of $1,473 and $1,443,

respectively. In Arlington, one of Riverside’s oldest residential neighborhoods, apartments rented for $1,229 per month last year, while average rents in Ramona Riverside clocked in at $1,197. Some of the most affordable rents in the region were found in Jurupa Valley ($1,136 per month), Arlanza ($1,160 per month) and Magnolia Center ($1,164 per month). The Inland Empire remains one of the fastest growing markets in terms of rent, ending the year on a high note with a 7.7% increase in December 2016, which is very close to Riverside’s change of 7.9%. In other words, the Inland Empire wrapped up 2016 with an average rent of $1,361, or only $14 less than what the average Riverside renter paid. For the fourth consecutive year, the Inland Empire real estate market was powered by an expanding job market. And as a direct result of population growth, combined with the affordability problem that Southern California has been dealing with, demand for apartments in the region also remained strong in 2016. Go here to see the full report.


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by Lorraine Santirosa


ith its warm, mild climate, proximity to L.A., gorgeous beaches, beautiful scenery, and thriving homemade beer culture, San Diego is a pleasant alternative to L.A.’s wild and unforgiving lifestyle. San Diego currently holds 16th place out of 100 cities analyzed across the US according to Real Estate US News. However, there is one big thing to consider if you are moving to San Diego, and that is housing. Mild optimism In December 2016, the city of San Diego was home to two important conferences that gathered all the local names in a housing market for real estate developers and business experts alike to make their predictions about San Diego real estate development in 2017. The conferences were held by the Institute of Real Estate Management and the Business School of the University of San Diego. First and foremost, big-time renters such as The Irvine Company, a company that owns the second largest number of housing units in San Diego, expressed optimism about their revenues from rent. Irvine Company’s representatives cited high employment and a stable market as the two biggest contributors to rising rent prices, according to San Diego-Union Tribune. This will come as no surprise as the sky-high rents, together with low wages

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017


Past experiences Participants have used the Lilac Hills failed project as their point of reference while discussing new real estate projects. For those of you who are not familiar, Lilac Hills Ranch was an enormous real estate project that was supposed to contain 1700 housing units on a patch of land that was only intended for 110 homes. The plan was turned down in November last year, and according to Voice of San Diego, Accretive Investments, the developer behind Lilac Hills Ranch, had to turn the land over to another company.

Changes in renting With the current rent prices in San Diego, many businesses are forced to become innovative with their office space. Sure, if you want to look professional, you have to spend a little more money for your own headquarters; but what if you are a small start-up that cannot afford it? That’s where We Work comes and a high overall cost of living, are one of the main into play. According to their own website, We Work contributors to San Diego’s population loss, as the is a San Diego real estate company that specializes San Diego Reader reports. in finding a workspace that you can share with other businesses. While this solution is wise and The new president sustainable, in the long run, big-time real estate developers will lose the incentive to do business The recent presidential election has, among many because a middle-man is taking a piece of their cake. other things, made its mark on the housing market. It would be ironic if the President, who himself hails Conclusion from real estate business, would be a detrimental element to new home building. Although President While talking about the future, it is important to Trump has stated that he will cut all the needless note that the 21st century has seen drastic changes in autocracy and regulation regarding real estate building. New technologies such as 3D printing have development, as Fortune magazine reports it may enabled us to build a lot of identical homes in less come as a double-edged sword for those looking to time. According to the L.A. Times, Uber has taken fulfill that old American dream of owning a house. a serious toll on local taxi companies as more and According to Fortune, the regulation cutting could more people use their services. It will be interesting influence interest rates in a way that would make to see how house building will adapt once parking buying a home a very pricey endeavor. spaces are greatly reduced thanks to more and more people using Uber.


NHF Sapphire is a grant


housands of people each year dream of becoming homeowners. The NHF Sapphire Program may help that dream become reality. This homebuyer assistance program currently provides low-to-moderate income families and individuals with a choice of a 3% to 5% Grant* that does not have to be repaid. The grant can be used towards down payment or closing costs. Many times this allows homebuyers to purchase a home much sooner than they thought possible. The NHF Sapphire Program is available for the purchase of an owner-occupied singlefamily residence, approved condominium, or planned unit development located in the state of California. The program is available for purchases of both new and existing homes and is NOT limited to first-time homebuyers.

Program Features at a Glance • • • • • •

Down payment assistance (Currently in the form of a 3% to 5% Grant)* For the purchase of primary residences in California New or existing properties are eligible Program is NOT limited to first-time homebuyers Income limits up to 115% of HUD Area Median Income

*Different rates apply based on percentage of the grant.

Call me for details: ERIC LAWRENCE FRAZIER MBA CA BRE: 01143484 | NMLS 461807 The Power Is Now Inc. CA BRE: 1980407 | NMLS 1435243 Website: Email: Video Chat: Mobile: 714-361-2105 Office: 800-401-8994 ext. 703 Fax: 800-401-8994 The Power Is Now Inc., is a Mortgage Brokerage Licensed by the State of California CALBRE License #1980407 and is not affiliated with any state or federal agency. Go to for verification. The Power Is Now Inc., is also licensed by the NMLS License #1435243. Go to for verification. The Power Is Now Inc., is an equal housing lender. Our corporate office is located at: 379 6th Street Riverside, CA 92501. Telephone and Fax: 800-401-8994. Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA is a California Licensed Loan Originator NMLS# 461807. This is not a commitment to lend or extend credit. Restrictions may apply. Information and/or data is subject to change without notice. All loans are subject to credit approval. Not all loans or products are available in all states.




eal estate did not start out as a woman-friendly industry. Up until the 1980s, women could not even buy real estate without a male cosigner. But now the tables have turned. According to the U. S Bureau of Labor Statistics Overall, America’s workforce is made up of 47% females, and only 53% males. The BLS Research shows in real estate, the numbers are even more drastic. There are more female agents in all states, outnumbering male agents by approximately 50%, putting the ratio of females to males at 2:1. Even though this ratio of females to males seems logical, there are still differences that heavily divide real estate and beg the question: is real estate a career for women?

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017


Local listings While there are more women agents in the field, men are still reported as having more listings available. For example, in North Dakota, the number of listings made by male agents is 129% higher than those made by women. That is the most significant difference throughout the country, while more states are closer in numbers, such as Nevada, where the difference is only 31%, or Arkansas which shows a 29% difference; while these percentages tend to be higher in Midwestern states, the fact still stands that across the board, male agents can show more listings. Breaking down the percentages on a state-bystate basis, we see that for every 25 listings under a male agent, there are 11 listings for his female counterpart.

Quality over quantity

is clothing. Numerous fashion magazines, such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan, release articles geared towards fashion in a workplace. Recently there have even been articles and spreads directed at real estate agents. While men can show off real estate in a simple suit, or a dress-shirt-and-pants combo, women must take into consideration what their fashion will say about them. Shoes should be taken into consideration for distance, and the daily amount of walking. Shirts and blouses should be made of a certain type and thickness of material so as not to be too translucent and not to distract buyers or sellers. Picking out professional attire for female real estate agents is complex, but does typically increase their income.

Coming into commercial One of the major factors keeping women from completely dominating this industry, though, is the residential real estate trap. Many women real estate agents tend to be trapped in this setting and never move up to the commercial sector. The commercial sector remains mostly a maledominated area of real estate due to the mindset of men and the glass ceilings that remain. In Success and Satisfaction of Women in Commercial Real Estate: Retaining Exceptional Leaders, several articles have been written that have found many business owners in commercial real estate still believe that women do not value compensation as much as men and that women tend to take risks less often. These gender bias mindsets are what keep so many women stuck in residential real estate and from moving on into the commercial industry.

Even though female real estate agents do not produce that many listings, it can be said that they produce a higher quality for every listing. A female real estate agent’s listings start at a higher average asking price. Looking at raw numbers, we can see that the difference of starting prices for male real estate agents tends to be $40K lower than for female agents’ listings. While many factors do play into these prices such as location, size, and property type, the numbers still imply that women do not have to sell as many properties as men in order to get the same amount of income. Forty thousand dollars can be up to half the cost of a house in some states. Therefore, this difference in listing price can indicate that every house sold by a female agent is equal to one and Based on the research reported and the numbers a half houses sold by a male agent. that we are given, we can see that since the 1980s the world has been starting to realize the Good shoes take you good places full potential of females in real estate. And while Numbers do not speak for everything, though. traces of real estate being a male-dominated There are still many differences between male industry remain, in a few years it will easily be and female agents. One of the biggest differences seen as a female-lead career.


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Turning Off the Lights: Barack and Michelle Obama


ven though Michelle and Barack Obama have left the White House, they will remain forever in our hearts. They have become role models to the world, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles and greatly improving the reputation of this nation. They have surprised everyone by becoming the first African Americans to ascend to the most powerful position in the world. Barack was always into politics; he became a very effective community organizer and took a major role in the voter registration drive to increase minority turnout for the election. His wife, Michelle, became the first African-American first lady at the age of 45, with an undergraduate degree from Princeton University and a law degree from Harvard Law School. As a new leaf turns over in the political life of America, we can look back at all the amazing accomplishments of our 44th president and our first lady.

On the War Front Two days after taking office, Barack Obama was already making changes for the better. He nullified rulings that allowed detainees to undergo “enhanced� interrogation techniques. These techniques were considered inhumane under the Geneva Conventions. While nullifying these rulings, he also released proof that Bush supported the use of such techniques. In 2011, Obama ordered a Special Forces raid in Pakistan which resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden and the discovery of al-Qaeda documents. He also ended the war in Iraq. December 18th, 2011 was the date that the last troops left Iraq and made it safely back to American soil. In

June of that same year, Obama began to drawdown the war in Afghanistan. There were 101,000 troops there in June of 2011, and by that summer the numbers had decreased to 91,000. This summer, there were only 8,400 troops left in Afghanistan. In 2009, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy.

In our Economy In 2009, Obama signed the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to help stimulate economic growth during the greatest recession since the Great Depression. Within weeks of signing, unemployment began to subside. Within a year of signing, the private sector began producing


Click here for original picture source

more jobs. During his presidency, unemployment dropped from 10.1% in October 2009 to under 5% in early 2016. Not only did unemployment drop dramatically, but over 12 million new jobs were also created. Also, our dependency on other countries for oil dropped. Oil production in the United States reached its highest point under Obama. The United States was producing so much that we even started exporting more oil and gasoline than we imported. These incredible achievements allowed for 78 straight months of economic expansion.

carbon emissions and increased carbon trading in hopes that it will limit global warming to 2ºC above pre-industrial temperatures. Among the countries agreeing to this are China and the U.S–the two largest emitters of greenhouse gasses. The year prior, 2014, Obama spoke about carbon reduction regulations, and in 2015 he enacted the Clean Power Plan. This plan reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 32% since 2005. And if everything goes according to plan, power plants will create 30% more renewable energy generation by the year 2030.

For the Climate

First Lady Accomplishments

During his presidency, Obama led the world in an effort to finalize the International Climate Agreement, which was negotiated in Paris on December 12th, 2015. Countries in this agreement reduced

Michelle Obama was passionate about children and their health, and because of her passion, childhood obesity rates decreased. In 2010, Michelle launched her “Let’s Move!” program in hopes

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017


of solving the nationwide childhood obesity epidemic that had taken over the current generation. “Let’s Move!” not only focuses on children, but also helps parents educate their children and make healthier choices for their kids. Michelle worked with the US Tennis Association to help build over 6,200 kid-sized tennis courts across the nation. With the help of over 12,000 coaches, she got more than 250,000 kids to sign up.

training programs, community colleges, and four-year colleges were part of this initiative by helping students with financial aid, encouraging academic planning, and supporting high school counselors who help students get into college. In 2015, both Barack and Michelle launched Let Girls Learn to help girls around the the world go to school. They called on countries across the world to help Not only was she focused on educate and empower children’s health, but she was young girls. also focused on everyone’s health. Michelle got Darden, As Michelle and Barack the company that own chains and their two daughters such as Olive Garden and leave the White House, Red Lobster, to improve kid’s they will be missed. menus by providing more Barack will always fruits and vegetables with be remembered as every meal. In addition, they the president who got agreed to reduce total calories America back to and sodium by 20% across its feet after the their menus. The American great recession. Beverage Association also And Michelle made an agreement with the will always be first lady to put calorie labels remembered for on the front of their products her devotion to so that consumers would be the youth and more aware of the nutrition in health of this their drinks. country. Though they will not be in In 2014, Michelle launched the White House the Reach Higher Initiative to anymore, they inspire people across America will always be in to complete their education our hearts. past high school. Professional


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How to Handle a Neighbor Using Your Land


or whatever reason, you have decided to let your neighbor use your land: maybe for fishing, for extra space for constructing things, or even to host something like a party or garage sale. You did it to be a good neighbor, and because you thought it would be harmless. But what if your neighbor’s usage of your yard has become unwarranted, or even invasive? If it persists, your property rights and even the worth of your property itself may diminish right in front of you. Have you taken the proper legal actions to prevent any disputes? Knowing what Permissive Use and Easement mean may help save your entitlement as the owner of your property.

What Is an Easement and Why Is It an Issue? When your neighbor has the right to use your land for a particular purpose, it is known as an easement. These can include the right to sell products on your land, the right to set up equipment, or simply the right to travel over your land (also known as the right of way, the most common type of easement). Other common types of easement are constructionoriented, such as installing water pipes or irrigation systems, extending a fence, or building something on your property.

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017

Easements created without physical, contractual evidence can be troublesome and extremely harmful to the value of your property. This is mainly because people who may be interested in purchasing your property would not want to deal with having someone else on their land (some people are not as nice as you are), and more importantly do not want to face any unnecessary lawsuits because the previous owner allowed the neighbor to have access to their land. If the limitations of what your neighbor can and cannot do in your yard are not clearly cited


or written down, the difficulty of revoking access can create major issues in the future. If there is an easement between you and your neighbor regarding the use of your property, the easement is owned by your neighbor–even though you are the owner of the property. That is why it is difficult to get reversed.

How to Protect Your Land with Proper Permissive Use When giving permission to your neighbor to use your land for a particular purpose, it should be done so with agreed-upon rules and regulations. Permissive Use is a properly contracted and agreed-upon easement. It should be done in the presence of or by a Real Estate Attorney. While you are still allowing the use of your property to your neighbor, the purpose is clearly stated in fine print, and necessary restrictions can be added in to concisely specify what your neighbor can and cannot do while using your property. Most

importantly, you can add the right to revoke permissive use whenever you want. The contract, after being agreed upon and signed by both parties, should be kept in a safe place for later use. This is very important to carry out because when settling legal issues, verbal agreements are not very effective; taking these necessary precautions will help cover you if any dispute regarding the permissive use occurs. In conclusion, anyone who treasures the value of their property would do well to take these necessary precautions when allowing their neighbor to use their property for themselves. While it is recommended that you do not allow your neighbors to utilize your land on a daily basis–or even at all–if it is simply unavoidable, then permissive use will allow you to do so without any hectic troubles or disputes.


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WHAT IF A CLIENT REFUSES TO CLOSE A REAL ESTATE DEAL? It is not that unusual for business deals to flop, and the same goes for real estate deals. Reasons for failed deals are numerous, but today’s topic is all about buyer’s breach, and what to do if a client does not want to close on a deal or backs out for any reason. Although, according to PWC, homes have never been more affordable than in the past couple of years, deal breaches by buyers still happen.

among the most vulnerable markets. Since markets are inherently unstable, business deals are there to introduce a level of certainty and security. However, if for whatever reason your client has declined to go through with the deal, there are some legal actions that you can take.

The global economy is a highly unstable and unpredictable juggernaut that changes continuously. Although it may seem distant, it influences and determines local markets, especially real estate markets, because their long-term business strategy places them

The contract that you made with your client will very often contain clauses that give you advice about what to do in the case of a broken deal. According to, you should always take action that is defined by the contract first. If that fails, there are

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017

Consult the contract that you made


other ways you can claim your money. The actions taken most often by the sellers are listed below: 1. The easiest one is, of course, retaining previous payments made by the buyer 2. Suing is another option, but it is rather expensive and takes a lot of time 3. Requesting to settle the deal by specific performance

... if for whatever reason your client has declined to go through with the deal, there are some legal actions that you can take. Expenses incidental to ownership

If the buyer bails out on you before the closing of the contract, you, as a seller, are entitled to expenses A buyer’s ways out incidental to ownership, according to American Bar. Buyers breach the contract for various reasons. Most What this means is that you can demand the amount often, contracts contain special clauses that buyers of money that is equal to the amount spent on the use to back out of the deal. These special clauses are mortgage, homeowners association fees, taxes, etc. called contingencies. Although meant for justifiable Retaining the former payments reasons, according to Investopedia, contingencies are often used by the buyers when they get cold feet You as a seller have the right to retain the buyer’s about the deal. Some of the contingencies used most payments if he has breached the contract; however, according to Legal Wiz, courts sometimes rule in often by the buyer are listed below: favor of buyers because of contingency clauses in 1. Appraisal contingency: buyers demand a lesser the contract. or equal price to the official appraisal price 2. Home inspection contingency: buyers want the real estate to pass the official home inspection criteria; or, if it does not, they demand the seller to lower the price accordingly 3. Sales contingency: buyers can buy the house after they sell the previous one 4. Mortgage contingency: buyers have to get a mortgage loan in a specific period defined by the contract

Taking it to court The last measure is suing the buyer. If you decide on this approach, make sure to consult your attorney before you take any actions, and provide him with a copy of the contract.


Breach of contract happens all the time, and it is not the end of the world. Sometimes buyers are within Seller’s options after the breach their legal boundaries, but if you sense just a hint of So your client has backed out on you, and now you foul play, consult your lawyer and present him with need to either close the deal or at least get some your case. He will help you resolve this manner in compensation for the time spent on it. We have the best way possible. gathered some advice for those instances when buyers get cold feet.






he desire to own a home is one that so many people have in their lives. This goal is certainly attainable. The interest rate, however, is something to consider because determines whether or not owning a home is affordable. Various changes have taken place in the mortgage industry, and before financing your home, one should be privy to these changes and how to capitalize on them. The interest rates hit a roof, and are now at 4% for a 30-year fixed mortgage immediately following the elections. The Federal Reserve made things worse by tightening its monetary policy in December 2015. This makes the interest rate range between 4-4.5% depending on your source of credit, financial stability, and loan repayment program.

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017

According to FHA, reducing the mortgage premium will significantly increase access to credit for the over one million households who are trying to purchase a home or those who are seeking to refinance their mortgages. According to Golding, many middle-class Americans build wealth for themselves and their families by homeownership. The reduction on premiums will be a boost to help them attain this dream. Before the cut, however, the agency will consider the state of the economy, the implication of the cut, and whether or not it is the right time to make that cut. The timing may not have been right in November, but it certainly is now, and FHA announced a reduction in its premium for the second time in two years.


Benefits of reduced FHA mortgage rates

According to Tim Pascarella, the assistant vice president of Ross Mortgage Corporation in Royal Oak, Michigan, FHA loans will allow a seller to pay up to 6% of the total loan amount to cover the buyer’s closing cost. This is a significant benefit to home buyers because most buyers, especially firsttime home buyers, will save enough money to make a down payment. These loans also allow sellers to contribute more to closing costs.

Apart from offering many aspiring homeowners the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, FHA loans are more affordable and the credit and down payment requirements for these loans are much lower. These loans are also assumable, making them more attractive to many borrowers. According to Clara Blair Gambling, a home loan consultant for Veterans United Home Loans in Columbia, Missouri, FHA loans have marked their place in the market and are Who is eligible for FHA loans? there to stay whether their cost rises or falls. FHA loans are available to any individual. To be Some of the advantages of FHA loans are: eligible for these loans you have to have:

They are assumable These loans can be passed from the seller to the buyer during a sale. A buyer does not have to take a new mortgage–instead, he can continue paying the existing mortgage at its current. According to Dan Green, a loan officer in Cincinnati and author for, assumable loans are advantageous to sellers because they give them an upper hand over their neighbors in an environment of rising interest rates.

• A steady source of income A constant source of revenue is a prerequisite for you to get these loans. Your employment history and tax returns have to be verified. At the time of application, you have to provide a history of your work which should be consistent for at least two years. Other sources of income also have to be verified. Individuals with low employment or inconsistent employment history are not candidates for these loans.

They require a lower down payment and a lower credit score

• A good credit history

FHA loan borrowers can qualify for a loan with a credit score of 580 and a down payment of just 3.5%, according to HDU. This will make it easy for many people to take out these loans to fulfill their dream of owning their own home.

FHA loans are meant for people who are creditworthy. The borrower must show that he can repay his loan by showing other successful loan repayments from other institutions. You must not have been proven credit unworthy by other financial institutions.

FHA loans are affordable. They have made it possible for aspiring home owners to fulfill their dreams. The mortgage rates for FHA loans are lower than These loans require very small down payments and those of similar loans. Bair Gamblian asserts that a lower credit score. Their interest rates are much borrowers of FHA loans with credit scores of 660 lower when compared to other conventional loans. will in most cases qualify for the same interest rate Any individual can take out one these loans as long as current borrowers who have a credit score of 740. as they meet the established criteria. Lower closing costs.

Lowered interest rates


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POSSIBILITY OF GSE’S BECO Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Given the Authorization to Invest in LIHTC

How the ‘Duty to Serve’ Law Allows Them to Invest

The Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) have both been given the go-ahead to begin investing in dollar-for-dollar tax credits for subsidized housing. They have not had the permission to do so since just before they went into conservatorship in 2008. This is important, positive news, as in recent years, these two GovernmentSponsored Enterprises (or GSEs, for short) were restricted to buying arrears within business ventures that were financially supported by said tax credits. They are now able to buy LIHTC (low-income housing tax credit) for subsidized housing, but only for places in the countryside for the time being. Despite not being able to financially interact with urban area housing yet, this is still a small step for the former “Mortgage Empires” in possibly being taken out of conservatorship and once again becoming independent enterprises.

The Law that has created this opportunity for the GSEs is known as ‘Duty to Serve.’ According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), this law requires Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to provide leadership to facilitate a secondary market for lowincome family housing. The Statute specifies that they must make these provisions in the markets of rural housing, manufactured housing, and affordable house preservation. Both GSEs gave documents to the FHFA, expressing the desire to meet the goals of the Duty to Serve Statute by fairly investing in LIHTC. Both enterprises have been given a system where, according to Nareb Realist, they create threeyear plans that will outline their strategies in the aforementioned underserved markets. Every year, their strategies will be properly evaluated by their regulator, the FHFA.

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017


OMING INDEPENDENT AGAIN Additionally, the Duty to Serve Statute allows Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to launch new programs to buy “Chattel Loans,� where money is borrowed to purchase personal property that can be relocated. Chattel Loans are the most frequently used loans to buy manufactured homes, mainly because they are supported by the house itself as opposed to the property. Once the GSEs get their feet wet in the programs, it may be possible to establish a proper bond market for these types of loans, increasing the availability and affordability for loan borrowers. However, one of the enterprises, Freddie Mac, has expressed no interest in starting these Chattel Loan programs; which can pose a problem seeing that both GSEs will need to work hand-in-hand until they can function as a separate entity, as they had been before entering conservatorship.

How will GSE Participation Affect the Current Market? While it may seem great that the two mortgage

enterprises that were so heavily relied on by millions of Americans are one step closer to being taken out of conservatorship, a good number of other companies have opposed the Duty to Serve Law. To be more specific, they are two big enterprises suddenly being thrown into rural housing, where they will wipe away the competition and possibly financially damage the market in underserved areas. The worst thing that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can do is cause the prices to increase, as this was the greatest fear that the FHFA had that led them to make the decision to place them under conservatorship in the first place. Additionally, the well-being of the LIHTC market may still be in jeopardy from the likes of our recently sworn-in President, Donald Trump. For now, the only thing that can be done is to monitor the three underserved markets in question and see how the GSEs will fare.





espite its low sustainability ratings, concrete remains the most commonly used material in the construction industry. Made of cement, it is an environmentally hazardous material both during construction and throughout a building’s life. According to data released by the Sustainable Development Commission, building materials based on cement account for as much as 5%-10% of all carbon dioxide emissions. For comparison, CO2 emissions originating from the aviation industry constitute barely 4%. Finding a greener alternative to this useful but harmfully polluting material has been the focus of much industry research in recent years, and the findings offer a bright outlook for the future of sustainable construction. The building materials listed below are just some of the alternatives which can successfully replace concrete.

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017

Limestone Obtained through mining, limestone is used for the production of a whole range of building materials. Lime-based cement is the main alternative to traditional cement due to the abundance of this natural resource throughout the world. The material is durable, breathable, and its production process non-intensive.

Wool Bricks Wool bricks are created by simply adding wool and natural polymers obtained from seaweed to a traditional brick clay. The advantages of this alternative are improved strength, non-toxicity, and higher resistance to cold and water. On top of that, wool bricks do not require firing like traditional bricks.


Bamboo One of the most sustainable building materials available, bamboo is characterized by remarkable strength for its weight. It can find a variety of applications both in structural construction and as a finishing material. Bamboo grows very fast in certain climates, which adds to its advantages as an alternative to concrete.

Improved wood Used in construction for centuries, wood as a building material has many advantages – its flexibility under loads and extreme strength when compressed are just two of them. Researchers have now come to a better understanding of the molecular structure of wood. This enables them to improve it as a building material which will find new applications in construction.

Aircrete This outstandingly light and strong material with high thermal insulation is made by blending various materials such as sand, lime, aluminum powder, fuel ash cement, and water. Aircrete is used to manufacture blocks which can be used to build walls and floors.

Dupe Made of sand and urea as basic ingredients, dupe’s structure is practically as strong as that of concrete, and has no greenhouse gas emissions.

Fly Ash Fly ash is the waste ash from coal combustion used to enrich concrete. It adds to concrete’s durability and balances the CO2 cost of cement production at the same time. CO2 Structure Manufactured by injecting CO2 into a mixture of sand and quartz, it makes a remarkably strong, fast-drying, and carbonnegative material. According to CNN reports, the material was first developed by the Japanese as a quick emergency rebuilding alternative to concrete in the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami.


Hemp Combining hemp and clay into hemp bricks decreases CO2 emission as the plant absorbs the gas. Mixed with lime, it is already widely used as a walling material with remarkable thermal isolation.

Mycelium Successfully used for binding organic materials together, mycelium comes from the roots of a mushroom, and is expected to become a widely used material for building blocks.

Straw Bales Straw is making a return to construction as both an insulating and structural material. It is highly sustainable and has negative CO2 production.

Cob Cob is a blend of clay, sand, straw, and earth. Combined with mud, it constitutes an attractive, sustainable alternative to concrete for small building construction.

Enviroblocks and Durisol The use of recycled materials in building blocks is becoming an increasingly popular construction solution. In Enviroblocks, recycled waste materials make 70% of a block, while Durisol is made from 80% recycled wood chips and 20% steel.

Ziegel Blocks These clay blocks have already been in use for a long time, but they are now becoming increasingly popular due to substantially lower CO2 emissions and good insulation allowing for lowering a building’s energy costs. As illustrated by the above variety of materials avaialble, some innovative and traditional yet improved building materials that are way better than concrete are available to the construction industry. These materials prove to be not only environmentally friendly but most often also stronger, more flexible, and more durable. As the field constantly rapidly developing, it is only a matter of time before these alternatives are perfected and their use becomes a common practice in the construction industry.

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017





alifornia’s ambitious plans for addressing the problem of climate change supported by aggressive policies in recent years have made the state one of the global leaders in a commitment to efficiency and renewable energy. Substantial economic progress accompanied the state’s comprehensive environmental efforts, with an emphasis on carbon reduction. According to the latest International Monetary Fund data, the Californian market surpassed France’s ranking as the sixth largest economy in the world last year. The state was ranked eighth only two years before, so the pace of growth has been remarkable. The connection between the strong economic performance and outstanding green initiatives of the United States’ most populous state cannot be denied. Advocating for sustainability and

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017

green technologies as vital for the future of California’s economy was one of the most-emphasized points of the California Energy Commission’s 2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report. California already achieved the goals stated by the state’s authorities just a few years ago, and it does not intend to slow down. Instead, the state aims to reinforce its green leadership using a comprehensive framework of legislation supported by solid action to meet bold new targets.

Comprehensive advocacy for sustainable growth California’s leading of the greening trend has solid roots in the state’s regulations. While many across the globe talk about the environment, Californian authorities assume a proactive approach with legislative acts such as the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015. On


top of the legislation, the state’s government works hand in hand with utility companies with programs like the Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) aimed at increasing the percentage of renewable energy from different sources in the state’s electricity mix to 50% by 2030. These efforts set a good example that is followed by Californian enterprises, which benefit from implementing energy-efficient solutions encouraged by the state. This in turn increases their market value and makes a positive contribution to their perception by potential customers. This topdown approach from the state’s government to the average Californian consumer serves as a solid foundation for California’s greening success.

in many regions across the US has yet to address these numbers, green building has long been part of California’s wide range of aggressive energy policies. In this respect, the state once again sets an example for the market to follow, with over 50 state-owned LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings. Across California, there are more than 3,500 LEED-certified green buildings, and the state’s top-down approach once again proves that it works all the way to the bottom. According to The Huffington Post, the green label continues to sell at increasingly high prices, with people paying on average 9% more for environmentally sustainable houses. The value of a home in California is reported to have gone up by an average of $34,800, and the reasons for this trend cannot be brought down solely by the increasing cost of keeping homes cool in the hot climate. The prices of green homes are on the rise because of the increasing awareness of the green ideology across the state.

California’s progress towards a cleaner energy future The state does not intend to slow down in its effort towards a greener future. On top of the RPS program mentioned above, some bold targets have been set. In September 2016, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 32, putting into law a statewide goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. Work on zero-emission vehicles is in progress. The state also aims to install 12,000 MW California stands at the forefront of energy efficiency of renewable distributed generation and bring coal- not only in the USA but also worldwide, and a fired energy imports to zero by the end of 2025. large portion of this success can be attributed to the state’s regulatory lead. Nevertheless, California’s Real estate reflects green leadership green success would not be possible without the cooperation of utility companies and businesses. A According to a recent UNEP report, buildings resultant of these combined comprehensive efforts account for approximately 40% of worldwide remarkably contributes to the increase of the quality energy consumption and produce 21% of of life of Californian citizens and is an exemplary all carbon emissions. While case of proactive approach towards environmental real estate protection.


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REAL ESTATE AGENTS: FACEBOOK VIDEO ADS Whether you have just recently begun your career as a Real Estate Agent, or have been in the business for a good amount of time, it is rare and often unheard-of for you to have just a 40-hour work-week. Most agents still have deals and the like to deal with on the weekends, late nights at home, and some work to do on their days off. An agent such as yourself does not–and probably cannot–take the burden of having to spend hours creating advertisements to promote your deals and properties on Facebook. However, you know that in our modern society, those that capitalize on social media to market effectively are the real moneymakers. So what is the solution to your problem? Well, you do not have to get rid of ads altogether; you simply have to change the kind of advertisements you create. This is where Facebook Video Ads come into play. Let’s look at why you should drop the seizure-inducing advertisements and start engaging with your audience through videos.

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017

It Is Less Time Consuming As the saying goes, “Time is money.” This is especially true for real estate agents, as the amount of money that they make is not just linked to the hours that they work, but also linked to the hours spent in specific areas of their job. An agent spending all day doing paperwork could be earning money closing deals outside of the office, or losing money by not spending enough time attracting an audience on social media. Nearly half of all real estate agents work more than 40 hours per week, as Plaster reports. Half of those agents say that their current work hours are longer than when they first started. Would you not want to spend more of that time opening deals and closing them just as quickly? Video advertisements, as opposed to the traditional ads, grant you that kind of time. Think about how long it takes to: • Design a banner • Find phrases that are effective and can fit on that banner


• Keep banner information up-to-date • Optimize it for best viewer results Compare that to an effective 15-30 second video that contains enough info to cover the main ideas of what you are promoting, and is far more engaging than an ad simply because it is an actual person speaking to instead of the people the viewer. that were selling the properties. Interaction is what all audiences desire. Would you prefer an ad You Save Tons of Hard-Earned Money of an inanimate person gesturing towards a house or So for those that are thinking “I don’t need to worry a video of a well-dressed agent giving a video tour of about doing all of that. I can pay someone to do it the house that you were interested in? Viewers will for me”–do you really want to spend that kind of feel a connection to the agent selling the property money? While hiring someone to do an ad for you is and will create the idea that they are actually at the less time-consuming, you are paying an unnecessary site of the property, being given a tour. This is the amount of money for a picture. A research study key aspect of video ads that a banner image can done performed by Double Click found that people never provide for your audience. are three times more likely to click the play button on a video ad than to click on an image advertisement. In any business, it is important to go all the way when To make matters worse, when you pay for someone it comes to making use of online resources. At the to create an advertisement, you are only getting the end of the day, image ads on social media have the image. You still have to post the ad yourself, which same effect as handing out flyers in the street. You requires you to understand Facebook’s advertisement pitch it to them without any interaction; you force it platform, as well as how to choose the right audience on them, and they end up not being interested. Real to view your advertisement. Video ads are much estate agents should drop their ineffective banner ads and stay ahead of the game by promoting their cheaper, and the audience comes to you. properties with video advertisements, effectively showcasing their houses and other properties. You Promote Yourself Better Imagine if your real estate’s Facebook page was nothing but ads showing pictures of houses and rates,



The Rise of Business Intelligence

in Commercial Real Estate


ot long ago, commercial real estate, or even any kind of business, kept data and information stocked in mountains of paper, and while there was always some type of organization, it was an extremely time-consuming activity to retrieve important files needed to move on with a deal. This is why the rise of business intelligence was such an important moment. Even after technology evolved and digitally storing data became possible, communication between different types of information and the ability to see it all as a

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017

whole was impossible, which caused brokers, landlords, and everyone else involved to waste hours searching through multiple platforms to get the necessary information. According to Nick Romito, CEO and Co-founder of VTS, commercial real estate has always used traditional ways of data analysis and quick decision making. With people wanting results immediately, a new kind of intelligence arose. Business intelligence is defined by Dedić and Stanier (2016) as “the strategies, processes, applications, data, products, technologies and


technical architectures used to support the collection, analysis, presentation and dissemination of business information.� The last part is important: it lets us analyze everything and present it instantly, so our work is not prolonged.

Everything in One Place It provides a view of the entire portfolio, granting us more perspective to make better decisions. The strength of Business Intelligence relies on the ability to sync different sources of data and present them in the most understandable way possible. This makes one step of commercial real estate quicker and automatic, giving time for more important things. It also lets the consumer receive feedback at a faster pace, resulting in a smoother experience, contributing to retention of clients. These new technologies are always evolving to remain competitive because commercial real estate now knows what is possible to achieve, so it desires more and better outcomes. We are becoming a culture where only the fastest survive, so the business tools keep growing to meet expectations, creating a vicious cycle.

properties without any delay. At the same time, it permits them to start acting immediately with the help of the data they can access at any given time, noticing patterns more quickly. The better business intelligence platforms are those capable of showing the information to their users in a simple way, without being too complicated to understand, and thus reducing mistakes. This data is also available through mobile apps, so agents or landlords can review information anywhere they are by just checking their mobile devices. The use of data is now a business, a competitive side of the commercial real estate, because if it is not mastered it can make it difficult to retain clients.

Conclusion In conclusion, Business Intelligence platforms have increasingly become a necessity in commercial real estate as they allow users to study and utilize data in an easy way to make better decisions from the data storage they offer. Smarter business decisions come when the presentation of the data is understandable, concise, and presents a new perspective of the facts. Implementing newer technologies in our work environment is everything, but it is hard. We only need to ensure we get the best out of it.

Finding the right Business Intelligence is not to be taken lightly; aid from an expert is vital to get the one that will help you the most, will train you and others, and will keep the system working.

Presentation Perhaps the most important aspect is the visual presentation–one that is accessible to all users in realtime. The landlord can now learn about what happens at one of their


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Tips to Avoid Regretting Your Real Estate Decision


he most popular investment in the last 50 years or so has been real estate. Over the years, people have invested in properties to secure their financial future. It is worth learning the ropes of the real estate business before making an investment. Worth noting is that investing in this sector will not always bring positive returns quickly, and one needs to be patient. To avoid regretting your real estate decision, there are some things y o u will need to know:

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017

Don’t skip your homework It is always advised to study the current pricing trends in the sector and area you wish to invest in. Such information is vital for helping one make an informed decision; visit mortgage insurers, realtors, and estate agents to know what is worth investing in at the given time. Get to know the growth potential of the area you are looking to invest in. The growth forecast is a predominant factor to know before choosing to invest. The town hall will be a good place to find out if the area you are


choosing has any growth potential by getting to know area. Know the pricing in the area for comparisons if there is any infrastructure slated for construction, to help you make the right decision before putting as it will boost value in the area. Know the dos and your money into it. don’ts of the sector before rushing to invest family savings. Understand market dynamics

Don’t plan as you go

Different areas have different dynamics. The demographics within an environment may dictate Always work forward, not backward. Get to know the kind of investment you wish to do. If the area what you want in the industry, and make a plan is characterized by schools and family amenities, a on how you intend to go about it. Reference the family home with a backyard will be ideal. An area homework you have done to contribute to making with colleges will be perfect for investing in housing plans and strategy. Know the plan you wish to for students. deploy: do you want to buy or rent? Buy, hold, then sell? Buy, hold, then rent? Your strategy should Move right ahead and reference to this list to be inform your plan. You should have a budget that you able to make the right decision before investing in wish to work with as you move forward and stick to real estate. Do not let your decision be regrettable the scheme, strategy, and budget. Always factor in by doing a risk-return analysis. Real estate business the expenses that you are likely to encounter such is risky, and one should trade with caution. Do as mortgage, insurance, taxes, and homeowner’s your homework, and know everything that needs association fees. to be known before investing in this sector. Market dynamics are crucial because they will help you set Don’t go it alone your prices and know the kind of venture to get into. By doing research on the kind of area you are about Others have gone before you in the field; it is to invest in, you will find the areas that are growing important to form links with them so that you can and those in which your property value is likely to have firsthand experience with the dos and don’ts. appreciate. Building relationships with the principal sector players such as home inspectors, agents, and Relationships are crucial in this industry. Get the appraisers, will help you to know what you should right connections, and you will not regret it. They do before investing. Property owners in your area will propel you to greater heights in this sector. Know will help you understand the area markets, associated what clients are looking for, and strive to fulfill that. costs, and what to avoid. Build relationships with This will make you prosper in this industry. Real residents in the area to know what needs they are estate is an investment that, if done properly, will looking for before purchasing or renting a house. make you great returns.

Making the wrong choice on property and pricing Many people have fallen victims of making the wrong decision on property and pricing. Know the location you are looking to invest in, and the pricing in the





ebruary is now known as Black History Month in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. When it was first celebrated in 1926, it was referred to as “Negro History Week” and was the week that celebrated Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (February 12th) and Frederick Douglass’ birthday (February 14th). At first, “Negro History Week” was agreed upon by the Department of Education as a week that would be dedicated to teaching about the struggles and achievements of African Americans. In 1969, it was proposed at Kent State University to expand from Black History Week to Black History Month, and in 1970 Kent State celebrated its first Black History Month. In 1976, President Gerald Ford told the citizens of this nation to “Seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area”–and thus Black History Month was celebrated throughout the United States of America. Let’s discuss a few great African American leaders. American figures that are left in the shadows. Starting back in While schools tend to focus on 1863, William H. Carney paved the remembering the proud fighters in way for many African-American the civil war, as well as the famous soldiers by being the first African figures such as Rosa Parks, Harriet American to be awarded the Medal Tubman, and Marin Luther King of Honor for his gallantry during Jr., there are plenty of African the Battle of Fort Wagner. His courageous actions led him to be awarded this medal, yet he is often forgotten about in our textbooks.

William H. Carney

Jesse Owen Other impressive medals won were the four track and field medals earned by Jesse Owens. He won all four medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. It was extremely dangerous to appear there at that time–especially as a man of color– but Jesse Owens pushed to pursue

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017


around competition. That year she became the first American gymnast to win gold in both the individual and team all-around competitions. She has become an inspiration for many young girls, especially after the movies and dolls that have been made in her honor.

Wing Leader Bessie Coleman

his passion, and even managed to embarrass Adolf Hitler by winning. While he is an inspiration for many young athletes today, he is often ignored in books, being shut out by NFL or NBA players.

Gabby Douglas

Another impressive feat was that of Bessie Coleman. At a time when American flight schools did not admit women or black people, Bessie Coleman proved to the world that she could fly. She defied every obstacle set against her, and in 1921 she was the first African American and Native American women to receive an international piloting license. She is an inspiration for many young girls around the world because she followed her passion and earned her wings.

Writing Warrior James Baldwin While the school does teach students awareness of people that have taken actions against the In the Olympics, there was recently another government, usually we are only taught those amazing win. In the 2015 Summer Olympics, who took a physical stance. Many educational the world watched as Gabby Douglas became programs do not teach about African American the first woman of color to win gold in the all- artists and writers. James Baldwin was not


only African American; he was also gay. He was a novelist, essayist, playwright, and poet. Most of his works focus on taboos of racial, sexual, and class distinctions in Western societies, especially that of mid-20th-century America. Luckily, his works are now getting more recognition in college and university classrooms.

Power in Politics: Barack Obama

Ralph Bunche was a political scientist, academic, and diplomat. In his lifetime, he was awarded two major prizes: the Nobel Peace Prize and the Medal of Freedom. In 1950, Ralph became the first African American and person of Non-European descent to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, for meditations in Israel; and in 1963, he was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Kennedy for his involvement in the formation of the United Nations.

Arthur W. Mitchell and Thurgood Marshall

With relatively recent events, such as Barack Obama becoming the first African-American president of the United States, showing that race should never be a factor that determines what you can achieve in life, more and more attention is going towards the political participants of this country.

Ralph Bunche

The idea of African Americans in politics can be traced back to Arthur W. Mitchell, who in 1934 became the first African American congressmen in the Democratic Party. He was followed by Thurgood Marshall, who is best known for his victory in Brown V. Board of Education, which helped desegregate public schools. In 1967, Thurgood Marshall became the first African-American justice of the Supreme Court. Today we see that Black History Month has helped so many African American learn to accept themselves and not fear being rejected based on their skin color. What started out as part of a weeklong teaching curriculum has now grown into one of the most respected parts of this country’s education system. Black History Month has served this nation as an example of how to educate people about minorities and the importance that this education will have on the next generation.

The PIN Magazine | Februar y 2017



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Home Ownership Home ownership brings stability to individuals and families who have never had a dwelling place that they could call their own. There is something special about owning real estate that is unlike anything else on earth you can own. Real Estate you own is not like cars that decay over time and you have to replace them. Real Estate you own is not like clothes that go out of style and you have to buy new ones. Real Estate you own is not like expensive vacations or experiences that only last a moment in time. Real Estate you own is not like an apartment where the landlord may increase the rent until it’s no longer affordable. Real Estate you own is not like staying at your parents house where you know can’t stay forever. Home ownership is the beginning of wealth that increases over time and becomes your estate & legacy Home ownership is the pride of a mother nurturer and the kitchen her domain Home ownership is the pride of a father provider and protector of his territory and family. Home ownership is the foundation of permanence and the place where life happens, birthdays celebrated, deaths mourned. Home ownership is the place you build memories that can never be taken from you. Memories etched in walls and concrete, experienced in rooms and floors, Memories living in trees and shrubs planted by your hand. Howe ownership is the manifestation of you - your style, your colors, your smell, your stuff, your junk, your memories, your yard and your spaces, your life. It’s the height markers on your first child’s bedroom wall. It’s the hearts drawn in the concrete slabs when you pour your patio floor It’s the birthday parties, and anniversaries in the living room and kitchen. It’s the back yard barbecue with friends, neighbors and family contentions it’s the high school and college graduation, and wedding receptions Its’ the family nights and block parties and the fellowship of family connections Home ownership It’s more than real estate. Land, brick and mortar, wood frame construction and chicken wire. It’s more than money saved, gifts recieved and grants obtained It’s more than the debt you incur to buy it. It’s more than the payments you make to own it. It’s more than the appreciation that comes with keeping it over time. It’s memories, it’s family, and it’s life that can happen in one place Until you say it’s time to move.

By Eric Lawrence Frazier MBA CA BRE 01143484 | NMLS 461807

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