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1. WHAT IS A VIP AGENT? • The VIP Agent program is an exclusive marketing opportunity for Real Estate professionals and is by invitation only. • A VIP Agent is a trusted real estate professional who is endorsed and promoted by Eric L. Frazier, MBA Host & Executive Producer on the Power Is Now Online Radio. • VIP agents are also promoted on the Power Is Now Newsletter, and the Power Is Now Magazine. The newsletter and magazine is schedule for release in July of 2013. • VIP Agents are by invitation only and the advertising and promotion they receive is free. Admission into the VIP agent program is formal recognition of the Agent’s great reputation and service they provide to their clients. VIP Agent’s have years of experience, education, credentials and certifi cations and have been vetted by the Power Is Now.

The Power Is Now Radio wants to make sure that listeners have access to the very best agents in their market place. • VIP Agents have a minimum of 10 years or more of experience in selling real estate and offering other real estate related services. They have a perfect record with the department of real estate and/or other regulatory agencies in their state and a track record of successfully closed transactions that have been verifi ed. • VIP agents also have certifications and designations in most aspects of selling real estate and representing buyers. Most importantly VIP Agents have received the VIP Agent certifi cation and are known and personally endorsed by Eric Frazier.


VIP Agent Program objective is to expose the Power Is Now Radio audience with seasoned real estate professionals to help our listeners achieve their real estate and fi nancial goals. • The Power is Now VIP Agent objective is to add value to the VIP Agent’s brand and to help them build their businesses through promotion on the Power Is Now Radio, Magazine, andNewsletter. • The VIP Agent’s will also work with Eric Frazier as a mortgage banking professional to assist their clients with their lending needs.


3. VIP AGENT CERTIFICATION VIP Agents are by invitation only and each Agent is vetted and certifi ed by the Power Is Now Team. Admission into the VIP agent program is the formal recognition of the Agent’s great reputation and service they provide to their clients. The Power Is Now Team verifi es the Agents experience, education, credentials, certifi cations and customer service. The Power Is Now Radio wants to make sure that our listeners have access to the very best agents in their market. VIP AGENT CERTIFICATION PROCESS • • • • • •

Verifi cation of License status within their state. Criminal & Civil background check. Verifi cation of their standing in their local board. Verifi cation of real estate experience by verifying the number of closed transactions. Verifi cation of service level by references from closed transactions. Acceptance of the Power Is Now Code of Ethics &Core Values.

4. VIP AGENT BENEFITS The VIP eBook will provide all the details about the VIP Agent program. Below is a quick summary of the benefits of becoming a VIP agent: 1. The endorsement of the Power Is Now Radio - A National real estate Radio show unlike any other real estate radio show on the planet. 2. A 15 to 20 minute infomercial/interview about your career in real estate and how you serve your clients to buy, sell or invest in real estate; a very powerful third party endorsement that will differentiate you and your company in your market. 3. Your picture, logo and contact information on the VIP agent website and a link to your infomercial. 4. Your picture, logo and contact information on the Power Is Now website show page that will archive your infomercial for anyone to listen. 5. The broadcast and promotion of your infomercial on website with multiple replays at least 5 times per week for the fi rst 30 days. 6. Placement of your picture, logo, and company information in the weekly Power Is Now Radio Guide that promote the Power Is Now Radio shows. 7. Placement of your picture, logo and company information in every issue of the Power Is Now Quarterly Magazine. 8. Invitation to private teleconferences with Industry leaders and rain makers. 9. Special discounts to real estate conferences and events 10. Invitation to be a co-host with me on specials shows with industry leaders and rain makers. 11. Buyer and Listing leads from the Power Is Now listeners in your area. 12. Personal introductions to decision makers in banking and asset management that I know. 13. Invitation to special mixers at real estate conferences and much more.


5. NATIONAL ONLINE MARKETING SESSION • The Power Is Now Online Radio is an Online National Marketing Session for Real Estate. • This program is only available to listing and buyer agents who are members of The Power Is Now VIP Agent program. • The National Online Marketing Session will be conducted on Thursdays and alternate between the North, South, East and West Coast properties. • The deadline to submit pictures of your property is every Tuesday of each week to provide time to prepare for the live show. • Immediately following the live show the information and the replay will be available on Blogtalkradio. The show will be played as a live show over the next 30 days or until all the properties presented on the show are sold. • The Power Is Now National Marketing Session is a great advertising opportunity for VIP listing agents and their sellers to optimize the marketing of the properties they have for sale to a national audience. • The marketing session will be available to download and embed on the listing agents website. The hyperlink to the show can be forwarded to other agents, prospective buyers, or uploaded on any social media site for additional marketing. • Listing agents will also be able to give the hyperlink to their sellers who will be able to send out the hyperlink to their neighbors, friends, and family to also post it on their social media accounts. • This is an exciting time for the Power Is Now Online Radio. • This program is especially important to listing agents who are looking for ways to improve • Today’s sellers want to know about every strategy a listing agent intends to employ to market and sell their property. • The Power Is Now Online Radio National Marketing Session is another tool that listing agents can talk about with their seller as another strategy and allow their sellers to be directly involved in the live show to talk about their property if they are interested. • The Power Is Now Online Radio National Marketing Session webpage is capable of video or PowerPoint slides to show the property. Most importantly the opportunity to talk about the property and answer anticipated questions is the real value of this marketing session. • The Power Is Now Online Radio National Marketing Sessions are for VIP Agents only. To participate become a VIP agent today. Contact Eric Frazier at 800-401-8994 x 703 for more information.

For more information contact Eric Frazier at 800-401-8994- x 703 or Jessie Lee at x 708.



• The Power Is Now Foundation is a Nonprofi t corporation. The Mission of the Power Is Now Foundation is to fund programs and charities that are meeting the spiritual, educational, social and welfare needs of all people. • All donations are made directly to the borrower’s 501c3 charity of their choice and in the name of borrower, the VIP Agent and The Power Is Now Foundation. As a community leader, volunteer and business owner Eric L. Frazier is committed to volunteerism and giving back to the community. • The Power Is Now Foundation is a 501 c 6 nonprofit that is funded by Eric L. Frazier, President and CEO. The Foundation is donating from $250.00 to $500.00 dollars on all purchase transactions referred by VIP Agents within 30 days of the close of escrow. The exact amount of the donation will be determine at the time of funding and will depend on the final funded loan amount. • VIP Agents are encouraged to match the donation from the Power Is Now Foundation as part of their commitment to community programs that help improve the lives of people. • The amount of the donation may vary depending on the funded loan amount. On funded loans that are less than 417,000 the borrower’s 501 c3 organization will receive a $250 dollar donation. On loans greater than 417,000 the borrower’s 501 c3 organization will receive the maximum donation of $500.00. The Power Is Now Foundation is completely funded by Eric Frazier and the Power Is Now, Inc. and does not accept any outside donations.



• The VIP Agent Program is designed to promote real estate professionals, who work with Eric L. Frazier almost exclusively as their lender, to promote their business. • The Power Is Now is seeking mutually benefi cial partnerships with established real estate professionals to work with Eric Frazier to serve his clients and the listeners of the Power Is Now Online Radio. To be a Agent VIP you must: • • • • •

Pass the Power Is Now VIP Agent certifi cation. Be a full time Real Estate Agent. Maintain high ethical standards and a great reputation in your market. Represent buyers and sellers. Be a high producing and successful agent in your area.Give Eric Frazier the fi rst opportunity on loans whenever possible. • Promote the Power Is Now Radio to other agents and your clients. • Promote the Power Is Now Foundation Charity giving program to your clients as a fund raiser for their charities. • Attend special Power Is Now teleconferences for VIP Agents only.

THE VIP AGENT SET UP FEE The Setup Fee is: $1497.00 Please note that the setup fee is not an advertising fee. Nor does the fee cover all the cost involved in the program. • The setup pays for the reference check, background check, website page setup, blogtalkradio page setup, press release, creation and editing of commercial and the social media marketing. • The ongoing marketing and promotion on the Power Is Now Radio, Magazine and Newsletter is free for life. • Invoice will be sent upon acceptance in the program. • Payment of set up fee is paid in advance. Financing is avalable at 50% down and the balance paid over 12 months.

For questions and answers contact: Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA President 800-401-8994 x 703 Jessie Lee, Marketing Manager 800-401-8994 x 708



VIP Agent Program TM



1. VIP AGENT members must be a member of NAR and/or NAREB and adhere to the NAR or NAREB code of ethics and behave in a professional and courteous manner at all times. 2. VIP AGENT members agree to operate their business & life within the CORE Values of The Power Is Now at all times. 3. VIP AGENT members agree to deal openly, fairly, and honestly with all buyers and sellers and to seek out other VIP Agents for collaboration. 4. VIP AGENT members agree to maintain a professional decorum at all events and conferences and to make every effort to demonstrate the Power Is Now Core Values. 5. VIP AGENT members shall remain properly licensed and insured in their respective locations at all times. 6. VIP AGENT members are strictly prohibited from sharing, republishing in any format, or otherwise disseminating any information provided in the VIP AGENT Program to anyone other than a fellow VIP AGENT member in good standing.


1. Violation of the Code of Ethics, NAREB’s or NAR’s Code of Ethics will result in suspension of membership. 2. Membership shall be for life, subject to re-verifi cation of your status as a full time agent, reputation in the industry and the community. Conditions for membership and renewal of membership: • You must be a full time agent/broker • You must be a buyer’s agent and listing agent • You must make an honest effort to refer buyers to Eric Frazier to be pre-approved and/ or obtain their funded. • You must pass the background and reference check • Make every effort to attend special teleconferences for VIP Agents only. • The VIP AGENT Program setup fee is a onetime set up fee for life and is not refundable. • VIP AGENT members are encourage to cooperate with one another in the pursuit and promotion of business opportunities, referrals and the open sharing of information between members is strongly encouraged at all times.


• Any and all information provided to members by the VIP AGENT Program shall remain the exclusive property of the VIP AGENT Program and is deemed by respective copyright laws to be such. • VIP AGENT members are encouraged to participate in all Power Is Now events, radio programming, and special conference calls for VIP Agents only. They are also encourage to be co-host with Eric Frazier on the Power Is Now Online radio. • Membership in the Power Is Now VIP Agent Program is voluntary and can be canceled at any time by the VIP Agent. Membership in the Power Is Now VIP Agent Program is also at the sole discretion of the Power Is Now Inc. Management and can be can be terminated at any time with or without cause. • The VIP Agent Setup Fee is not refundable. All VIP Agents memberships expire on 12/31 of each year and will be automatically renewed subject to membership qualifi cation verification. • Changes to your VIP Agent, commercial, profi le picture, address or contact information at any time or upon renewal may results in additional fees to be assessed at that time. • VIP AGENT members are free to state their membership affiliation and to use the VIP AGENT trademarks & logo in their marketing materials. All copyright laws apply and this privilege may be rescinded at any time.


• Core values that are based on biblical principles provide direction in life. If we want our success in business, family and community to be sustainable we must recognize the need for balance in our lives. We must understand that God and people are very important to living a value driven and successful life. We know how to approach people and the changing circumstances that life sometime presents us because we know that God is active in our lives. We live our lives according to the values we have adopted from our family and our faith. It is our values that drive our aspirations and our behavior in everything we do and in all of our associations. • The Power Is Now Core Values represents real estate professionals who recognize the priorities of God, Family, Business and Community in their life. It is this like-mindedness that unites us as children of God and as a passionate community of professionals. Our values are the foundation for our success in the present and the future. Adopting the Core Values of the Power Is Now Radio is essential to our mutual success. By becoming a business partner with the Power Is Now, Inc. you support the Core Values of the Power Is Now Inc.


GOD AND FAMILY • We value faith in God and believe that God is the foundation of our family and all that we do. • We value the American Dream of home ownership and the stability it brings to families. • We value the family and the home as the foundation to society. • We value balance in our lives with God, Family, Business and Community for all people. DIVERSITY & COMMUNITY • value the economic empowerment of all people • We value the economic empowerment of all people. • We value diversity and defi ne diversity as the mosaic of people who bring a variety of backgrounds, experiences, styles, perspectives, values, and beliefs. • We believe we must build a business culture that successfully motivates and generates the highest productivity of all real estate professional, across lines including race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, age, political affi liation, and disability. • We value giving generously and sacrifi cially of our time and resources to the community. • We value the emotional and physical well-being of all people. • We value the welfare of senior citizens. EDUCATION • We value leadership development of men and women. • We value the banking industry and the affordable fi nancial products that help make Home ownership possible. • We value professional real estate trade association that seek to educate and inspire real estate agents. • We value continuing education and certifi cation to improve our skills as real estate specialist. • We value distress homeowners who are now underwater or have an inability to continue with their mortgage obligation and that they have a full grasp and understanding of all of the options available to them. • We value fi rst time home buyer education and the 8 hour HUD approved First Time Home Buyer Certification provided by non-profi t organizations. PROFESSIONALISM • We value professionalism in business and excellence in every area of life. • We value the Real Estate Industry and the jobs, careers and business opportunities it affords all people • We value professional communication and decorum in conducting business and our lives. • We value professional and appropriate attire because fi rst impressions are everything. • We value and respect all people regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and religion.



Name: Aaron Zapata Website: Email: Phone number: 562-903-0088 x 112 Cellphone: 7149047877 Address: Zapata Realty, Inc PO Box 624 Yorba Linda, CA 92885

Name: Kiby Pearson Website: Email: Phone number: 773-325-2800 x 101 Cellphone: 312-805-0005 Fax: 3126409647 Address: 1000 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60642 Chicago, Illinois 60642 United States

Name: Jonathan Anozie Email: Phone number: 310-216-9077 Cellphone: 310-678-8138 Address: 1620 Centinela Avenue, Suite 203, Inglewood, California 90302

Name: Lynetta Cornelius Email: Phone number: 925-759-8606 Address: 111 Deerwood Road, Suite #200, San Ramon, CA 94583

Name: Jonathan Burgess Website: Email: Phone number: 916-455-5225 Ext. 6 Cellphone: 916-296-3645 Address: 11801 Pierce St. Ste. 200 Riverside, CA 92505

Name: Mickelin Burnes-Browne Phone number: (424) 212-6718 Email: Phone number: 408-272-7645 Cellphone: 408-569-0978 Fax: 408-273-6470 Address: 2894 Mabury Court San Jose, CA 95133


Name: Nancy Braun Email: Phone number: 704-997-3794 Address: 1430 S. Mint Street, Suite 106 Charlotte, NC 28203

Name: Zoritha Thompson Email: Phone number: 916-870-4765 Address: 8211 Bruceville Rd. Suite 145, Sacramento, CA 95822

Name:Ivery Summers Email: Phone number: 310-649-2711 Cellphone: 310-920-3455 Address: 8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Ste. 261 Los Angeles, CA 90045-3944 USA

Name:Justin Potier Website:http://www. justin@ Phone number: (562) 424-0333 Cellphone: (562) 480-0684 Fax: (562) 513-1006 Address: 3948 Atlantic Avenue Long Beach, CA 90807

Name: Angelica Suarez Website: Email: Phone number: (310) 802-2444 Cellphone: (310) 261-7700 Address: RE/MAX Estate Properties 23740 Hawthorne Blvd Torrance, CA 90505


Name: Jill Rand Website: Email: Phone number: 661-510-2112 Fax: 661-284-7544 Address: 27201 Tourney Road, Suite 200E Valencia, CA 91355

Name: Glenda Brass Website: Email: Phone number: 310-590-1235 Cellphone: 310-345-9707 Fax: 310-590-1320

Name: Dianne Langston Email: Phone number: 707-580-1585 Address: 432 Jackson St. Fairfield, CA 94533

Name: Reggie Woodgett Email: Phone number: (614) 400-4173 Cellphone: (615) 562-1766

Name: Raquel Anders Email: Phone number:(714) 969-6100 Cellphone: (714) 414-2885

Name:Raul Villacis Website: Phone number: (203) 964-3000 Cellphone:(203)249-1248 Address: 482 Summer Street, Stamford, CT 06901


Name: Glenda Brass, MBA Email: Phone number: (310) 590-1235 Cellphone: (310) 345-9707 Fax: (310) 590-1320

Name: Wayne Wyatt Email: Phone number: 909-945-0679 Cellphone: 323-445-6993 Office: 909-945-0600 Address: 8250 White Oak Ave. No.102 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Name: Arnold Ver Website: Email: Phone number: 626-905-0919 Fax: 626-810-7620 Address: 1221 S. Hacienda Bl. Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 17843 Colima Road, Rowland Heighs, CA 91748

Name: Kennedy Akinlosotu Email: Office: 253-945-0808 Direct: 206-423-9999 Fax: 253-945-0809 Address: 24860 Pacific Hwy S Kent, WA 98032

Name: Marguerite Crespillo Office: 916-580-0808 Address: 535 Menlo Dr., Ste. A Rocklin, CA 95765


Name: Ruby Frazier, President /EO Address: 3739 6th street Riverside, CA 92501 email: Office: 951-686-5261 Cell: 951-202-9075

Name: Briana Frazier Cannon, MBA Broker/COO Address: 3739 6th street Riverside, CA 92501 email: Office: 951-686-5261 Cell: 951-809-9077

Name: Serina Lowden Realtor, Serina Lowden Real Estate email: Office: 916-405-5739 Address: 9250 Laguna springs dr #100. Elk Grove.

Name: Alisha Chen Broker/Owner Address: 5400 Trabuco Rd. #130, Irvine, CA 92620 14271 Fern Ave. #28, Chino, CA 91710 Telephone: (949) 385-1588 direct (949) 3135038 fax email:

Name: Donell Spivey, President NAREB email:



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