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Volume 8. Issue 1. Winter 2016

Affects of Poor Posture Warts on Horses Enhancing Equine Digestion Equine Travel Sickness The Riders Legs Help Save our Alpine Brumbies


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Welcome to our Winter 2016 Issue of Equine News And Trade Services Directory.

Equine Travel Sickness


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Warts on Horses


Our Cover photo this issue is of our lovely Guy Fawkes Brumby mare 'Indigo' meeting dear little 'Rose' Miniature x Shetland who we sadly lost last year. RIP sweet girl!

Enhancing Digestion with Acupressure


The Riders Legs


Affects of Poor Posture


Just a few of the highlights: In this issue, we have featured an article on Equine Travel Sickness where Jane Clothier of Balanced Horse talks about ensuring a healthy transport experience for your horse. After recently experiencing equine warts on two members of our own herd, we have asked Dr Oliver Liyou from Equine Veterinary And Dental Services in Grafton to explain a bit about them. The thought of our beautiful wild brumbies dying slowly in pain, including pregnant mares and foals from inaccurate areal shooting proposed for Kosciusko region has prompted us to include information on how you can help to save our Alpine Brumbies.

Heath Ryan and Regardez Moi


Help Save our Alpine Brumbies



Our winning subscriber from Autumn 2016 Issue is Cassane Fletcher from Lismore NSW. Congrats Cassane you are now the proud owner of this gorgeous set of embroidered feeder and matching hay bag. We hope that you and your horse enjoy using them.

‘Indigo’ meets ‘Rose’ We would all like to think that accidents won't happen to us but Photo by Cristiana Damiano because they do and usually when least expected we have three Kelato Emergency First Aid Kits to give away to subscribers from Kerrie & Jo this issue, please see details below.


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Volume 7. Issue 2.

Chinese Medicine And The EQUINE TONGUE HEAL First



Aspect Craniosacral of HEAD TRAUMA


Life After Racingto Saddle From Harness ions Foaling Complicat Horse’s Name Choosing a







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Leg Wrap



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FOR YOUR HORSE It's a part of equine life in Australia, but did you know that long distance travel can seriously endanger your horse's health? Travel sickness is a potentially lethal condition that can affect any horse - during the First World War, it caused three times as many equine fatalities as all other causes combined.

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4 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

It's very likely that a larger percentage of our nation's horses travel long distances than anywhere else in the world, with the exception of the USA. Every day, horse transport trucks are to be seen on the nation's major highways, taking horses on their 2, 3-day or even longer journeys, with overnight stops along the way. . Many horses are travelled over distances to compete in sporting events, and in a land such as Australia, it's not even necessary to travel interstate to stack up hundreds of kilometres. Due to those very distances, many newly purchased horses, selected from Horse Deals or numerous online sites, also travel vast distances before arrival at their new home.

Horses can sometimes arrive at their destination with a condition referred to as ‘travel sickness’ Transporting horses is never without risk. Besides the obvious mishaps that can occur when horses enter and spend time in a confined space, horses can sometimes arrive at their destination with a condition referred to as 'travel sickness' and in need of veterinary attention. The owner may not notice any signs for the first couple of days, until the horse starts to appear lethargic, showing disinterest in food but increased signs of thirst, and looking slightly depressed. It may even have a fever. These are signs of a condition called Pleuropneumonia, which is a viral or, more commonly, a bacterial infection of the lung space. In everyday situations, it can be a consequence of general anaesthesia or over-intense exercise, but for the travelling horse, the main cause is the inability to lower the head, blow out deeply and clear the airways of dust, mucus and debris. With its head restrained in a high position, its pulmonary defence mechanisms are compromised, and it can suffer a bacterial contamination of the lungs and chest cavity around the lungs within just 12 to 24 hours.

With its head restrained in a high position, its pulmonary defence mechanisms are compromised

Winter 2016

Understandably, the affected horse will look anxious and may be reluctant to move or lie down, or even to cough. As the infection progresses over following days, the layers of tissue around the lungs become inflamed, and the horse starts to show the first signs of pleural pain (ie, within the chest cavity), by taking short strides, and standing with an altered posture, with the elbows held wider. Breathing becomes shallow and fast due to the presence of fluid in the lungs, and the horse flinches or grunts when the chest is tapped or thumped, and sometimes even when it walks. These signs are sometimes mistaken for colic.

If left untreated, pleuropneumonia can progress to a number of secondary conditions, including enteritis(diarrhoea) and laminitis Surprisingly, nasal discharge is not always a sign, although the breath may smell off, due to infection and the accumulation of uncleared mucus and inflammatory secretions. If veterinary attention is given in the first 48 hours, usually with a course of antibiotics, the infection can be successfully warded off. In a later stage, when pleuropneumonia is suspected, broadspectrum antibiotics may be needed, along with antiinflammatory medication. Treatment can last several weeks and in severe cases, the horse may spend a long period out of work to ensure its full recovery. If left untreated, pleuropneumonia can progress to a number of secondary conditions, including enteritis (diarrhoea) and laminitis. It may even lead to pulmonary abscessing, which requires surgery if the horse is to survive.

Never travel a horse that already has a low-grade viral respiratory infection, or even that appears ‘a bit off’, as its immune system may already be compromised. The best case scenario is, of course, to prevent the infection altogether. This is possible if care is initially taken over the horse's state of health before travelling, and if the conditions in which the horse will travel are equally well checked. Ensure the horse is well rested before travelling and minimise physical stresses by avoiding strenuous exercise in the preceding days. Never travel a horse that already has a lowgrade viral respiratory infection, or even that appears 'a bit off', as its immune system may already be compromised. If your horse is an edgy traveller and is usually sedated, check with your vet over which sedative to use, as some products slow the movement of mucus and open the way for infection. Incidentally, research has shown that treating with antibiotics before travel does not prevent the condition arising.

Continued over....



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Equine Travel Sickness continued....

The float or truck should be well ventilated, with exhaust fumes directed well away from the horses’ area. Next, look into the actual transport arrangements. These may seem obvious, as they are easy to implement when moving our own horses, but in our deadline and profit-driven world, a less than responsible seller or transport company may not follow best practice. Always check and double check every measure taken by people who are temporarily managing the care of a horse. A responsible company will not mind answering your questions. The float or truck should be well ventilated, with exhaust fumes directed well away from the horses' area. It is not simply uncomfortable temperature levels that are a problem, for much of our region is subject to both heat and humidity, which increase the opportunities for bacterial infection in moist conditions. This also means that manure and soiled bedding should be removed regularly. Dusty feeds should be avoided, with hay soaked if possible and fed below head height.

Long tying, so that the horse may maintain a more natural head position lower than its withers, will allow it to snort and blow out dustfrom its airways and sinuses.

With all this in mind, it is clear that equine transport companies should be selected with care, and that budget should not be your only criteria for choosing one service provider over another. Everybody needs to economise, but the cost of good quality transport should be factored into the overall purchase cost of a horse, if you are buying at a distance. There will always be owners who say that none of their horses have been affected by travel sickness, and that may be the case, but if your horse is affected, the costs can be enormous. If left unchecked, this condition can swiftly prove fatal.

If left unchecked, this condition can swiftly prove fatal.

Horses should be given regular breaks off the float or truck, which means stopping every 6 to 8 hours, with feed and water provided at ground level. Travel plans should allow extra time for this. The horse should be able to lower its head constantly while travelling - research has shown that crosstied horses are more susceptible to infection than those left loose, while intermittent short periods of head lowering do not help it to clear its airways. Long tying, so that the horse may maintain a more natural head position lower than its withers, will allow it to snort and blow out dust from its airways and sinuses. On arrival, the horse's appetite and general demeanour should be monitored, and its temperature taken twice daily for 4 to 5 days. If any of the signs mentioned above are noticed, you should call a vet immediately.

Travel sickness can affect horses travelling by any mode of transport, including road, rail, sea and air. The Department of Primary Industries has published a Code of Practice for the Land Transport of Horses. This outlines the minimum standards of welfare for the transport of horses in Australia, and describes the responsibility of the different parties involved, from owners to drivers to competition officials. It is available as a free download from CSIRO publishing:

About the Author - Jane Clothier Jane Clothier is an equine bodyworker who is based in Armidale, where she is undertaking postgraduate research at the University of New England and CSIRO. Jane provides bodywork services in the Armidale region and in Coffs Harbour. Jane Clothier - Balanced Horse Ph: 0447 672 523



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f Winter 2016


Warts on horses

By Dr Oliver Liyou BVSc (Hons1) MANZCVSC (Eq Dent) Equine Veterinary And Dental Services

Warts on horses are a common condition, and usually appear as greyish to skin.... coloured clusters or single lumps......... varying in size from 2-10 mm...................... diameter. They are usually............................ located on the muzzle,................................., face, lips, eyelids......................................... and front legs................................................

They need to be not confused with the more sinister Sarcoid tumor (pictured right), which will usually not spontaneously resolve over 6-9 months, as warts usually do. A form of sarcoid, which should not be confused with simple warts.

Simple warts are caused by the papilloma virus, and usually affect young horses under 4 years of age, as those horses usually have not been exposed to them before, and so have not developed immunity to them. If a mature horse has never encountered warts before, they may still be susceptible and thus develop warts like a young horse. Should a mature horse get a relapse of warts later in life, it may be from their immune system being compromised by conditions such as Cushing's disease or nutritional deficiencies etc. A different type of Papilloma virus can also infect adult horses and cause the development of aural plaques (pale spots) inside the ears. These may be secondary to insect bites, and usually resolve, but sometimes need to be surgically removed.

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Warts are usually considered trivial, cannot be transferred between horses and people, and secondary complications are not common, but can occur. Complications are usually a result of the warts being knocked or scraped off and bacteria getting deeper into the underlying tissues, leading to infection, swelling and pain. Also, flies may land on the open sores, and can transmit habronema worm larvae into the wound (summer sores) or even lay their own eggs, leading to maggot infestation.

Aural plaques inside ears

A group of dedicated professional Equine Dental Veterinarians Committed to Advancing Horse Health. Over 300 members right here in Australia most of which provide afterhours and emergency care for all equine health issues. FIND an EQUINE DENTAL VET nearest you at

8 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Winter 2016

So warts are mainly a cosmetic problem, but are highly contagious, so should your horse get warts, it is important to not bring it in contact with any horses that may be going to compete or be shown in the next year. Taking a horse with warts to a show or competition is quite irresponsible and should be avoided at all cost! The virus can spread between horses via direct contact, on leads, halters, bridles, brushes, fences, rails, horse floats etc. You can kill the virus on these fomites by applying bleach to the surfaces, but be careful that the bleach doesn't damage the colour of the surface. The virus is quite hardy, and can survive for up to 2 months in the environment. Treatment for warts is usually unnecessary, as the “tincture of time� (5-9 months) will usually see the horse develop its own immunity to them and then they drop off. However, if the time for them to come off needs to be sped up due to the need to take the horse to shows, other treatments that have been used successfully include surgical removal , freezing them off (beware of leaving a white mark), topical application of wart kill (a human preparation), amongst others, depending of course where the warts are situated. Treatments such as squeezing them and traumatising them, or making vaccines out of them, have been suggested, but research trials of these have been disappointing.

If you are unsure of whether the lumps on your horses face are warts, consult your local equine veterinarian. To find an equine veterinarian near you, go to

About the author: Oliver is an equine veterinarian with 22 years of experience. Along with being a vet, he enjoys spending time with family, friends and his horses as seen here with 2 sons of Bromac Aladar.

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We work one-on-one with you to customise a study program to suit your career requirements.

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Watching your horses graze can be mesmerizing. What we don't usually think about in those moments is what an anatomical marvel their digestive systems are! A long evolutionary process created the modern day horse's ability to graze on tough, low- nutrient forage. Grasses are composed of cellulose. The nutrients in cellulose are contained in the walls of the plant cell. The horse's teeth and powerful jaws are capable of grinding tough grasses, an important aspect of his ability to derive nutrients from the grass.

ENHANCE Equine Digestion with Acupressure By Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis The horse's stomach is relatively small for the size of the animal, but the length of the rest of his digestive tract makes up for it. The equine small intestine is approximately 70 feet long. The masticated plant matter is further bathed in enzymes in the cecum, which is the beginning of the large intestine (four feet long). The waste matter then passes on to the large and small colons (20 to 28 feet long combined). The small intestine and cecum are where most of the nutrients are extracted from the roughage the horse has consumed.

Equine digestion In the wild, horses travel anywhere from 20 to 30 miles in a day in search of forage. Physical exercise enhances the motility of the digestive process. Having sufficient water is also critical to the digestive process. The grasses cannot pass through the horse's stomach and intestines without a significant amount of fluid.

As every horse guardian knows, equine digestion can be tricky at times. To further assist in the digestive process and increase bioavailability of nutrients, you can offer your horse an acupressure session with acupoints specifically selected to enhance the balance and flow of energy in the entire gastrointestinal tract. By providing your horse with the acupressure session shown in the chart every five or six days, you are supporting his ability to create absorbable nutrients to nourish his body.

10 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Winter 2016

ENHANCING DIGESTION Acupoints for digestion = Stomach 36 (St 36) is a powerful acupoint known as the Master point for the gastrointestinal system. It helps maintain the balance of energy for digestion.

St 36

CV 12

= Spleen 3 (Sp 3) benefits the Stomach and Spleen and can reduce the possibility of food stagnation along the gastrointestinal tract.

Sp 3

= Conception Vessel 12 (CV12) regulates, strengthens and harmonizes the energy of the Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas.





Point Location St 36 One finger width from the head of the fibula, on the lateral side of the tibia. Sp 3 Medial aspect of hind leg, at thinnest part of hock. CV 12 Found on ventral midline, halfway between xiphoid process and umbilicus. Copyright Tallgrass Publishers, LLC. 2005 - Current. All Rights Reserved.

About the Authors: Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis are the Authors of: Acu-Horse: A Guide to Equine Acupressure, Acu-Dog: A Guide to Canine Acupressure, and Acu-Cat: A Guide to Feline Acupressure. They founded Tallgrass offering books, manuals, DVDs, Apps for mobile devices, and meridian charts. Tallgrass also provides a 300-hour hands-on and online training program worldwide. It is an approved school for the Department of Higher Education Vocational Schools through the State of Colorado, and an approved provider of NCBTMB and NCCAOM Continuing Education. Tallgrass courses are being taught in Australia - please contact us for further information regarding dates and locations: Email:


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In mid-January we found our calf ‘Lilo’ after she had fallen quite ill and had four very swollen knees. She was given a series of antibiotics and anti-imflammatories, which slowly got on top of the infection and the swelling and pain subsided mid-February. However, she was still unable to walk or stand on her front legs, and would ‘crawl’ around on her knees. We were almost at the point of getting her put down until we saw you at Canberra Royal Show and you suggested we try her on your new TuffRock Performance Pro Joint Formula (PJF). She was already on TuffRock GI for her gut and the Poultice for her swelling and with the addition of the PJF she made a huge improvement! Within two weeks her ankle joints had gained strength and with the use of splints she was able to move to water herself, after four weeks on PJF we removed the splints and she was able to bear weight. We are so excited. All our hard work and perseverance on a case which had about 1% chance of success paid off. She did it. She walked and is still walking - nearly getting a trot up now. TuffRock products are great. Thank you!


Photo: Stephen Mowbray

This is the day we found her in her paddock. She was about 6 weeks of age. Got sick very quickly, 24 hours prior she was good.

She had a lot of swelling and couldn’t hold her weight. This was 2 weeks into treatment.

Leg splints allowed her to get up. Then started PJF after Canberra Royal 26/2/16.

This was 23/3/16, 4 weeks after PJF.


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How your legs feel

to the horse has an enormous effect on their behaviour and responses. Tense, stiff legs will create a tense, stiff horse and relaxed, fluid legs will create a relaxed, fluid horse. A helpful way to think of how to have your legs is a gentle 'cuddle'. A gentle contact all along the inner surface of your leg that feels soft and comfortable to the horse.

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Your legs are not for hanging on to the horse, your balance is meant to keep you on the horse. In fact, if your horse shies, takes off or becomes fearful in any way the worse thing you can do is grab or hang on with the legs. The legs need to remain light or even lift them away from the horses sides in these situations. This goes against our survival instinct but is absolutely necessary if you want to calm your horse down.

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To place your legs in a balanced position put both reins in one hand and place the other hand under the outside of your thigh. Lift up the thigh and gently pull upwards and outwards. This will rotate the leg from the hip and bring your inner thigh into an intimate contact with your horse. It will also rotate your lower leg so your foot runs almost parallel with the side of the horse. If you rotate just from the knee the leg will pop out again. The increase in contact you can feel just from doing this one simple thing is amazing, it totally changes your position making you sit deeper and more securely in the saddle. Showing the Leg Position Under the Body.

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You are looking at having the leg under the body in such a position that if a line is dropped from the shoulder it runs through the hip to the back of the ankle. If someone 'poofed' your horse out from under you it should be possible to land squarely and not fall over either forwards or backwards but to be balanced and still upright. This means not carrying the leg too far forward or too far back, but just lightly under the body. Continued over....

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Legs continued....

Once the whole leg has been placed in this position relax and let gravity take your leg down. Allow your heel to softly drop so it's a little lower than the toe. Anytime you feel yourself drawing up your legs and gripping, consciously let go and re-drop them. Taking the feet out of the stirrups at times (when it's safe) can help stretch your leg down. Often after a period of riding without stirrups you'll find you can lengthen your stirrup leathers. Your legs can apply aids together or separately and in multiple positions along the horses side. As a general rule of thumb, when using one leg only, the leg in front of the girth indicates a sideways movement of the forequarters, at the girth a straight sideways yield and behind the girth a yield of the hinds. When asking for a sideways movement, concurrently moving the opposite leg off the horse can help by 'opening the gate' for the horse. Both legs together at the girth indicates forward movement if the hands are giving forward and backward movement if the hands are blocking forward movement. When circling the inside leg is left on the girth to support the horse on the inside and the outside leg behind the girth to flex the hindquarters toward the centre of the circle, creating a slight bow shape in the horse. When turning a corner the inside leg goes behind the girth to yield the hindquarters away while the outside leg goes to the front of the girth to bring the shoulders around and through the turn. To apply a leg-aid, just move the leg/s into the desired position and apply a gentle squeeze. If the horse doesn't respond, repeat and increase the strength. If the horse still doesn't respond, the legs can be lifted slightly from the horses' side and 'bump' rhythmically. The second the horse leans forward or moves forward remove all leg aids and relax into the movement. If you always remove the aid the moment your horse moves forward, they will respond to the leg with less and less pressure until they are going

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f 14 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

from the very first small squeeze. There is no reason why every horse can't respond to a small squeeze if the rider is 100% consistent with removing the aid the moment the horse has a response.

One of the commonest mistakes I see is people hassling the horse continually while they are moving forward. Nothing deadens a horse to leg aids faster. Using your legs again straight after the horse moves forward takes away their 'reward'. If you want to increase your horses pace, wait for them to slow down then repeat the above sequence of aids until they are moving faster then cease your aids immediately. It is the horses job to maintain a gait, not yours. If you don't teach your horse to maintain their gait you will end up working harder than the horse. This method takes patience and consistency but will always result in a horse that responds to a small squeeze and maintains whichever gait you put them into. Some horses have moved in the opposite direction, usually due to being ridden by fearful riders who are afraid to use the leg in case the horse takes off. These horses can become highly sensitized to any pressure from the leg. This can become a big problem for obvious reasons especially when you are using the leg for directional movement sidewards. These horses interpret any leg aid as a signal to increase pace. To correct this again takes some patience. It's easier if you have someone on the ground at the horses head if possible but that is not essential. At the halt start moving one leg back and forward along the horses' side, gradually increasing the amount of surface area you touch and the strength of your touch. This is a brushing feel to the horse, not an inwards squeeze as it would be if you were applying an aid. Repeat with the other leg and once everything is calm swing both legs and then swing larger, brushing the horses sides as you go past. The next step, once your horse is accepting all this is to do it at a walk. If you had someone on the ground then repeat this sequence without them there. The next step is to do it in different environments, out on the trail, with other horses present etc. Because there is such a large surface area of our legs in contact with the horse, their influence can be enormous. The legs need to be relaxed and gentle most of the time we ride, only briefly tensing the muscles when applying an aid. This will help create a calm and responsive horse who maintains their gait and is 'there' for you. Happy horsing and if you have any enquiries about this article please feel free to contact me, Suzy.

About the Author Suzy Maloney B.Eq.Sc. has a degree in Equine Science, has been instructing riding students for 15 years and runs her own business Happy Horses Bitless. Suzy discovered bitless bridles 10 years ago and has now made the promotion of their use her passion. She teaches students exclusively in bitless bridles, gives bitless clinics, writes articles and gives talks on bitless riding and sells bitless bridles through her webpage. Suzy believes we can communicate with horses using gentleness, intuition and an open mind. Her lessons are a combination of classical riding, natural horsemanship and the understanding of equine behaviour.

Ph: 0401 249 263 E:

Winter 2016

Blue Chip feed balancers (Original, Pro and Lami-light) and joint supplement (Dynamic) are added to a horses regular feeding regime. Each sack lasts an average horse 40 days. Added to a horse's feeding regime, replacing part or all of the horse's daily ration depending on workload and can result in reduced feed bills. You should expect to see a difference in your horse within 3 weeks. Blue chip - keeping it simple!


Effects of Poor

Skeleton and bones


Poor posture can lead to mis-alignment of the spine, subject muscles and joints to unnecessary stress, damage the supporting connective tissue and cause long-term pain.

An extract from the New Release Book POSTURE and PERFORMANCE by GILLIAN HIGGINS with Stephanie Martin

Unnatural or uneven concussive forces as a result of poor posture can also precipitate bony or arthritic changes and can turn cartilage to bone. This can be laid down in the form of side bone, spurs or splints.

In this photograph extra bone has developed around the vertebral bodies and facet joints.

Horses that tend to work on the forehand will have increased forces through the forelimb, making bony changes more likely and leading to a reduction in range of movement. See left and above.

What are Kissing Spines? Kissing spines or spinal impingement, is a common cause of back pain. It is often posture-related and most commonly occurs inthe caudal thoracic section of the spine - the area on which we sit. As the spinous processes come closer together the intraspinous ligament is compressed and extra bone is laid down, causing them to fuse or even overlap. Onset is insidious, presenting as deterioration in performance or a progressive unwillingness to work. In some cases the condition is congenital but generally it is seen more in athletic, dressage, event and competition horses. This is possibly as a result of the greater physical demands placed on them. It may go unnoticed in horses used for hacking and low-level work. If kissing spines is suspected this can be verified by X-ray. Depending on the severity, treatment may range from training exercises, to drug therapy or, as a last resort, surgery.

16 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Winter 2016

The effect of poor posture on muscles Soft tissue damage is the most common cause of back pain in horses. Poor posture can alter muscle length and tone. This makes some muscles short and tight and others long and weak. Clear neural pathways develop so that the overused muscles are habitually recruited and the underused muscles weakened. This can lead to muscle overdevelopment (hypertrophy), muscle loss (atrophy), altered joint kinematics, faulty movement patterns and a cycle of poor posture and muscular imbalance. Below In this horse the longissimus dorsi, the main back extensor muscle, is short, tight and stiff ; the abdominal muscles have lengthened, weakened and atrophied and the back is poorly supported.

Short, tight muscles

Long, weak muscles

The effect of poor posture on fascia Because of its continuous nature, the fact that the fibres are laid down along the lines of tension and the manner in which it surrounds and permeates the muscles, fascia is influenced by and plays an important role in body positioning and posture. If a muscle is tight the fascia becomes restricted. This interconnectivity can affect the positioning of the muscle chains and even the joints. Once the fascia becomes restricted it can limit range of movement, flexibility and can hold the body in altered postural positions which will, in some cases, become ingrained as the norm. Right An experienced therapist will be able to assess and identify which muscles are long and weak, which are short and tight, perform appropriate myofascial release and soft tissue therapy and suggest a relevant, manageable programme of stretching, suppling and ridden exercises.

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The effect of poor Posture on circulation Tension within muscles can result in reduced blood circulation. This can affect metabolism, the supply of oxygen, the efficient delivery of energy derived from food groups as well as the removal of waste products such as broken cells, toxins and lactic acid. Lack of blood supply can increase the risk of muscle fatigue, microtrauma within the muscle fibres and contribute to delayed onset muscle soreness and the overuse syndrome.

a small hole, the intervertebral foramen, through which the spinal nerves pass. If the spine is over-extended, the diameter of the intervertebral foramen become restricted and it is possible for the spinal nerves to become pinched.

Intervertebral foramen

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: AboveTension within muscles can affect blood circulation.

The effect of poor posture on spinal nerves The nervous system is the complex central computer which controls actions, voluntary and involuntary reactions, reflexes, the senses, feeling, response to the environment, behaviour and movement.

The effect of poor posture on general health In some cases, poor posture can cause constriction and affect the efficient functioning of the internal organs and digestive system. It can also upset the delicate balance of enzymes, nutrients, toxins and level of hydration within tissues at a cellular level. The spinal chord and nerves which relay information between the brain and the rest of the body are housed within the spine. Between each vertebra is

Get to know your equine partner inside out with this highly illustrated training guide based on biomechanics. It's like pilates for horse and rider. From leading equine expert and best-selling author Gillian Higgins, comes a unique handbook that gives horse lovers and competitive owners an insight into improving skills and training from an anatomical perspective. This training manual, based on the Horses Inside Out philosophy “Understanding anatomy improves performance and reduces the risk of injury” - provides various tips and tricks for riders from all equine disciplines to make informed decisions to maximise their own and their horse's potential, gain more enjoyment, satisfaction, and improve their skills.


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FACTORY & SHOWROOM: 2/3 Industrial Drive, Melton, Victoria 1800HORSES T: +61 3 8746 2497 F: +61 3 9746 6313 f Facebook E: W: Find us on

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Gillian Higgins is a sports and remedial therapist, equine therapist, rider and BHS senior coach and anatomist. She regularly writes articles for equestrian magazines and is also requested to give quotes as 'ask the expert'. She founded Horses Inside Out, an organisation which gives a fascinating insight into equine locomotion, training and management from an anatomical perspective. Gillian is also the Author of recently released book ‘Poster and Performance’

Posture and Performance contains a wealth of practical tips and exercises broken down into easy-to-follow, wellillustrated steps, showing how riders can improve their riding skills and potential. Gillian Higgins suggests ways to improve a horse's physique, posture, flexibility, stability, core strength, performance and how to reduce muscular and movement problems, and reduce the risk of injury, while also providing critical pointers on rider posture and movement. The book is filled with gorgeous images that have all been crafted by anatomical creations being painted onto the horse by the author, giving Posture and Performance is available from the reader a totally unique and wherever good books are sold. experience which shows how a RRP $34.99 horse's anatomy works and why it's important for every rider. Posture and Performance is a truly spectacular book.

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After a 21 year partnership Heath Ryan and Regardez Moi are still going strong. Regardez Moi is by far and away Australia's most successful dressage stallion. No one stallion has influenced Australian dressage more, with literally thousands of progeny on the ground. Regardez Moi or Fabio as he is known to the locals is the only stallion to make the top 10 ranking in FEI dressage stallion rankings, being named number 7th in the world in 2009. Bred by the Ryan's in Europe, Regardez Moi made his way to Australia as a young horse and has never looked back, rising up through the grades until becoming the most accomplished dressage stallion Australia has ever seen.

Regardez Moi is the unmistakable beautiful black stallion, the horse that all dressage riders dream about. He is fantastic looking, has amazing movement and incredible trainability. He has been crowned Australian National Dressage Stallion a record 6 times. He is still competing at top level and regularly beats his much younger offspring. Although it is getting harder as Heath Ryan explains. “We are starting to slow down now, both the horse and the rider” laughs a reflective Heath Ryan. “It's been a dream partnership with Fabio; he really has been a great. He starts to run out of steam aerobically towards the end of the tests now. He's still sound and works every day, but we don't push it hard anymore. He struggles to do the big trips now. We just compete locally, so unfortunately the Olympics are out now,” Heath chuckles “ We give him Canterflex for his joints and only work in the indoor arena, which we have only just resurfaced. We obviously have to take good care of him and good joint care is essential.” “When we are coming into the ring to compete these days the crowd know him and cheer and he grows an extra hand and really rises to the occasion. He knows what he's there for and he always gives it his best shot. You know I am really lucky to have such a great horse. It has been an absolute privilege to ride him. We have a fabulous partnership, he really is a once in a lifetime horse.” “I would love to see one of his descendants win a gold medal at the Olympics one day; that would be the ultimate. You know it's not as unlikely as you might think; there are a lot of talented horses and talented riders in Australia now and some of them will make their mark on the world stage. He's got some progeny that are seriously flash, only time will tell if one can go to the absolute top of the sport.” In fact, Ryan's Horses in conjunction with Auction of the Stars Winter Performance Horse Sale are proud to announce they are holding an Olympic Fundraiser Ball on Saturday 30th July 2016 and Canterflex is jumping on board to help with this donating 10% of all website sales of Canterflex Equine and Canine, Cantercal Equine and Motipid for humans. For further details on the Olympic Fundraiser Ball go to and to purchase products to help raise funds go to “As for the future of the Heath Ryan and Regardez Moi combination? Well retirement is a word that gets thrown around a bit now. But neither of us are quite ready yet! He'll let me know when it's time to call it a day.” “We look to the future to see what it brings and we have some young talented horses coming on, we will see if they can live up to the old boy!”

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Help SAVE our ALPINE BRUMBIES It is with dismay and disgust that we read the press release by Minister Mark Speakman in relation to the proposed Draft Plan of Management regarding the Heritage wild horses in the Alpine regions. To consider reducing the number of horses to some 600 will result in inbreeding, a poor quality of horse and the eventual demise of our national icon. What a history does that leave for future generations of Australians ??? Our colonial past, our future, destroyed for the want of sensible management and funding on the part of our Government and NPWS. Yet millions of tax payers' money is spent on protecting bats that kill horses and humans, sharks that eat people and these magnificent horses whose ancestors served us and died for us in both world wars are shot in the name of conservation. Shame Australia, already our nation has a reputation of brutality regarding animal welfare. We well remember the atrocious slaughter of Brumby horses in Guy Fawkes River National Park, conducted just one month following the opening of the Olympic Games in Sydney where our National Icon, the Brumby horse and our Snowy River horsemen were praised the world over. Global condemnation followed the slaughter.

And where is the research on these other factors for a balanced outcome ? Large animals, horses graze in the open daylight, other more destructive species are unseen under cover of night; therefore the horses get the BLAME. The obvious ultimate aim of Government and NPWS is to render the Alpine Brumby horse extinct into the future. This must not be allowed to happen. We encourage all those concerned to access NPWS website and submit their comments on the draft proposal now available for public consultation by NPWS. Access for scientific research papers put forward by independent professors that disclaim much of what is reported by NPWS as to the impact damage of wild horses. Be aware of the true facts; more information can also be obtained from our website:

The assumed, and that's debatable, 6000 horses in the Apline region is sustainable, the horses cover a wide area of the park and are never all together in one specific area. More damage is caused by wild pigs, wombats, digging around water holes and creeks, not to mention feral cats, dogs to name a few. Seeds can be spread by humans, bush walkers, skiers, 4 wheel vehicles, trail bikes yet the horses are blamed for every conceivable environmental concern.

Work ‘n’ Country Gear

STB Adam, Mascot for STB performs his tricks.

STB Ruben gives his new Dad a loving kiss.

We are currently conducting the first trial of fertility control in wild horses at our Armidale NSW Sanctuary; results are proving positive to date. Together with passive trapping and rehoming this will keep numbers to a sustainable level into the future. Natural attrition, i.e., bush fires, droughts, floods must also be taken into account when calculating projected increased numbers of horses. Save the Brumbies Inc. is a tax deductible animal welfare Charity yet we receive no funding from Government, all volunteers who give their time and dedication to preserving our Heritage Brumby horses.

All your clothing and footwear needs for the person on the land!

ŸR M W i l l i a m s ŸA k u b r a ŸD r i z a —B o n e ŸB i s l e y ŸK i n g G e e ŸH i - V i s W e a r ŸW r a n g l e r ŸT h o m a s C o o k ŸS c h o o l W e a r ŸC o r p o r a t e W e a r

Ph/Fax: (02) 6672 6283 74 Main Street, Murwillumbah, NSW 2484 22 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Heritage Brumby horses are tough, strong survivors, excellent riding horses in all equestrian disciplines, they are now a recognised breed competing at shows Australia wide and demand for them as recreational family horses grows yearly as horse lovers become more aware of their qualities, intelligence and trainability yet they are condemned and outlawed by our Government with no allowance made for their invaluable contribution to the development of our nation. Shame. - Jan Carter STB

DRAFT PLAN OF MANAGEMENT RELATING TO THE ALPINE HORSES NOW AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC COMMENT Closing date for submissions has been extended to 19th August 2016 We urge all lovers of horses to access our website for details and links to: 1. Sign the petition of rejection to the proposed slaughter of the Wild horses in the Alpineregion. 2. Register their comments to the Government on the links provided. For written objections: Mark Speakman M.P. NSW Government, Parliament House, Macquarie St. Sydney 2000

Ph: 02 6655 2224 Winter 2016




Also Equi Mesh

The strongest and most durable fence construction for horses Ph: 1300 308 186 Mob: 0439 761 247 Sole agent for Australia, New Zealand and S.E Asia

23 Phone Mark on: 02 6562 7888 Email: AATowbar Towbar designed designed for for Trucks Trucks to to tow tow Caravans, Caravans, Horse Horse Floats, Floats, Trailers Trailers ,etc. ,etc. The The Newest Newest Safest Safest && Smoothest Smoothest towbar towbar on on the the market market

Wayne: Wayne: 0409 0409 477 477 231 231 Rick Rick :: 0447 0447 734 734 199 199

AREA MAP Travelling Throughout VIC, NSW, SA, QLD Local & Interstate Ph: 0422 476 457

RB HORSE TRANSPORT Twice weekly Scone to Sydney Regular trips Local and Interstate Entrust your precious cargo with RB Horse Transport

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SAFE HANDS Based on the Darling Downs Qld. Servicing Southern Qld, NSW and Victoria.

Contact Rowan for a quote. Ph: 0459 561 959

Providing caring and professional transport for your horse. We service SE QLD, NSW and VIC with nationwide connections

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Horse hospitality for travelling people with horses.

‘Horse Hotel’

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Bespoke luggage made in Australia built tough! Our ‘Mini Chopper’ Comes in a range of colours to suites your style!

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SADDLERY SUPPLIES Offering a great range including Myler Bits, Zilco - Nungar Knots Toowoomba Saddlery range, Plus many great range products from many Wholesalers Shop 2, 36 Wood Street, Warwick, Qld 4370



Happy Horses Bitless Natural Horsemanship

Suzy Maloney B.Eq.Sc. 0401 249 263

‘Control with Kindness’

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Hay / Chaff Stockfeeds Saddlery

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Mt Tarampa

Training Stables OPEN 7 DAYS

Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.30pm Sat 7.30am-4.30pm Sun 7.30am-1.00pm

Rugs R Us

Rugs - Combos - Saddle Pads

Offering an honest and solid start for all disciplines Dave Tucker P: 07 5427 9225 M: 0418 722 430

Kempsey Produce & Saddlery “Your first choice for all things rural, pet and vet supplies”

Large Range of other Horse Accessories P: Lorna 02 6632 3335 M: 0416 268 586 E: 7 Stratheden St, Kyogle NSW 2474

FIONA WILKS Australian & World Champion Whipcracker Custom Whip Makers All Round Leather Work Belts, Bridles, Hat Bands etc PO Box 426 Wingham NSW 2429 Phone: 0409 536 188 Email:

P: 02 6562 3969 E: Find us on 16-18 Verge St, Kempsey NSW Facebook


Scott Reynolds EQUINE DENTIST C.E.D UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE Servicing the Mid North Coast, North West Slopes and Plains and the Upper Hunter PHONE:

0428 937 308

Entertainment with a TWIST! ‘Crank’ up your next event.

JUMP, BUCK‘N’ FUN Mechanical Bull FOR HIRE Jumping Castle

Has Wheels - Will Travel! Parties - Events - Celebrations

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Which Breed of Mare do I put to Bromac Aladar this year to get my “forever horse?” Hybrid Vigor is when 2 different breeds of animal are mated to produce a superior offspring. This has been done successfully many times with Bromac Aladar to produce nearly 200 foals out of mares of many different breeds, with them ALL having calm, trainable and “hard to offend” temperaments, competing successfully across many disciplines! So, if you have a great mare that you want to produce a foal with impeccable temperament, then consider Bromac Aladar ASH Reg #C2 - 152985 , Born in 2000 , 15.2HH.

Bromac Aladar He’s Homozygous Black so can’t throw chestnut foals + will always get a black foal if bred to a black mare. Bromac Aladar has his own facebook page - Equine Veterinary & Dental Services - Bromac Aladar ALL with LFG, he can do: Live Cover $1100 Chilled Semen $880 Frozen Semen $660 (for 3 mare doses). Ph: 02 6642 4700 Email: f Facebook Find us on

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Mid North Coast Equine Reproduction Centre

EQUINE REPRODUCTION SERVICES Ê Chilled and Frozen AI. Ê Embryo Transfer Programs. Ê Natural service preparations. Ê Stallion Collection and Management.

Andrew Bennett BVSc Kempsey NSW.


Ph: 0429 329 097


FoalGuard offers a range of products to help you be there and monitor the health and wellbeing of your mare and foal before, during and after birth. FOALGUARD FOALING ALARM & Mobile Phone Dialler



Visit Ph: (03) 5342 2206 or email: FoalGuard, PO Box 554 Smythesdale, Vic 3351



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QLD Ph: 07 3277 7747 3-4 Winton, 3-4 Toogoolawah, 3-5 Caboolture, 4 Landsborough (Muttaburra), 10-11 Lowood, 10-12 Cloncurry, 10-12 Sunshine Coast (Nambour), 11-16 Yeppoon, 11 Tee Bar, 15-16 Rockhampton, 17-18 Mt Isa, 17-18 Woodford, 17-18 Kalbar, 19 Pioneer Valley (Finch Hatton), 21-23 Mackay, 24-25 Proserpine, 24-26 Redcliffe, 24-26 Mudgeeraba, 24-26 Rosewood, 25-26 Mt Larcom, 28 Bowen, 29-30 Burdekin (Ayr)

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HOW and WHY the WTP Bit works. The jointed snaffle has been around for 5,000 years. The problem is that the centre joint folds too far forward into the tongue causing the nut cracker action and bit pinching. Another issue is that at low contact the arms of a snaffle fold downwards, and the centre piece can go into the roof of the mouth causing roof rubbing, which can be painful. Because the outer edges of the horses' tongue are thinner and more sensitive, when the arms of a jointed snaffle fold downwards they can cause the tongue to spread down over the lower bars (the bone in front of the bottom teeth) causing side pinching. Another issue is that with a jointed snaffle the cheek rings fold tight into the lips and cheeks, and a horse does not need cheek pressure when working in a straight line which can aggravate the horse. With the WTP bit the centre piece sits 50mm more, back on the tongue, and the centre piece is enclosed and only 11mm high therefore, no bit pinching or roof rubbing. The 6.5cm flat service centre area under engineering tests reduces the bit pressure by 85%, and the arms do not fold down and only comes back to a certain point to prevent constant cheek pressure. Now you have the softest and most responsive bit contact in the world. The bit slides back on the tongue and down without any folding within the mouth. If a horse is not comfortable in the mouth, it can affect their whole-body flow movement causing them to sometimes be choppy in their action or not using their shoulders and hindquarters properly or rounding up. Imagine having a tooth ache it is hard to concentrate on your work your body will slump, and you won’t walk the same, and you won’t be happy.

Further information visit:

AUGUST 2016 NSW- 02 9879 6777 6-7 Mungindi, 12-13 Tullamore, 16-17 Trundle, 20 Bedgerabong, 20 Gunmain, 21 Weethalle, 23-24 Peak Hill, 26-27 Condobolin, 27 Barellan, 27-28 Penrith, 27-28 Wentworth, 29-31 Parkes.

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ö Stops the bit pinching the tongue ö Stops the tongue hanging out ö Stops the tongue getting over the bit ö Stops roof rubbing and lip pinching ö Stops headshaking, pulling & bolting

ö Stops hanging, rearing & bucking ö Stops displacement of the soft palate ö Stops mouth opening & respiratory noise ö Amazing soft and responsive bit contact ö Improves performance & stops rein leaning

QLD - 07 3277 7747 2 - 3 Beaudesert, 9-10 Noosa, 9-10 Beenleigh, 10 Giru, 10 Quilpie, 17-18 Comet River, 17 Kenitworth, 24 Eumundi

BALANCE Saddles Allow horses to move with biomechanical correctness and reach their full athletic potential. World renowned for their comfort for horses and riders. Dressage, General Purpose and Jump style saddles are available and they come in many models to accommodate a vast array of horses. English BALANCE saddle The “Xtreme dressage saddle” M: 0428 385 745 E:

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Darling Downs Cutting Cl F, Showgrounds, Toowoomba Qld - Ph: Bob 0417 072 770 Gold City Cutters, Jackpot Show, Lyrion, Charters Towers Qld - Ph: Kinsey 0414 455 976 West Gippsland QH Assoc, Monthly Jackpot Cutting, Garfield North - Ph: Linda Sutton 03 5998 8402 Comet Cutting Cl Futurity, Comet Qld - Ph: 07 4987 5121 - 0429 055 866


1-3 2-3 9-10 9-10 14-17 16-17 22-24 23-24 23-24 23-24 30-31 31

Australian Youth Dressage Championships, SIEC, Horsley Park NSW - Ph: Jo Gunn 0414 416 362 Grafton Riding CI, Dressage Championships, Hawthorne Prk, Sth Grafton NSW - Ph: 0457 526 790 Riding For The Disabled Qld State Championships, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: 07 3888 5277 NSW, Dressage Event, Hawkesbury Sh/gr, Clarendon NSW - Ph: Karen Lever 02 4576 7996 2016 Saddleworld Brisbane CDI-W, CDI-Y, QSEC, Caboolture, Qld - Ph: Lisa Murray 0402 033 716 Upper Hunter Dressage Championships, Scone NSW - Ph: Julee Gilmore 0417 409 359 SHCQ, Qld Country Hack Championships Show Grounds, Maryborough Qld - Ph: 0417 425 881 Pony Festival, Showgrounds, Toowoomba Qld - Ph: Lisa Murray 0402 033 716 Interschool Qld, IQ State Championships, Equestrian Centre, Burpengary Qld - Ph: 0402 033 716 Boneo Park, Dressage Competition, 312 Boneo Rd, Boneo Vic - Ph: Liz Schirmer 03 5986 3006 Summerland Dressage Group, Far North Coast Champ/ships, Bangalow NSW - Ph: Lisa 0402 033 716 WPVDC - Winter Series 3, Yarrambat Park, Yarrambat Vic - Ph: Jan Donald 0413 380 083


3 9 -10 16-17 16-17 23-24 23-24 30-31

NSW, (Zone1) St Albans Ride & Zone1 Championships - Ph: Jo-Anne Bailey 0419 478 422 Qld /NSW, Upper Corindi NSW, 20/40/80 - Ph: Megan Matters 02 6649 2836 NSW, Bago Bush Ride, Sat 10km Sun 20/40/60/80/100km - Ph: Sean Pollard 0417 426 768 Qld, Imbil, FEI 18 2* 3* AERA160 - Ph: Bob Sample 0408 983 207 Qld, Greg Willoughby Memorial, 2x20/40/60E/100E - Ph: Wendy Eiteneuer 0427 543 509 Qld, Kilkivan, 5/20/40/80 - Ph: Deanne Berry 07 5484 1627 Qld/NSW. New Italy, 40/80 - Ph: Julie Haigh 02 6688 8276

2-3 7-11 9-10 9-10 23-24 23-24 29-31 30-31 30-31 July

Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club, Eventing, Brisbane Qld - Ph: 07 3891 6611 NNWSJC Winter Show Jumping Championships, AELEC, Tamworth NSW - Ph: Wendy 0437 656 453 Quirindi CCI, One Day Event - Ph: Toni Venhaus 0418 686 781 - Vicki Burgess 02 6747 3887 Warwick Horse Trials, Eventing, Morgan Park, Warwick Qld - Ph: 07 3891 6611 - 02 8762 7777 Interschool Qld State Eventing Championships - Ph: Equestrian Qld 07 3891 6611 YR training & YR Show, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: 03 9013 0707 - Gatton World Cup, Jumping, Show Grounds, Gatton Qld - Ph: 07 3891 6611 - 02 8762 7777 Frazer Coast Horse Trials, Showgrounds, Maryborough Qld - Ph: 07 3891 6611 - 02 8762 7777 Warrumbungle NSW One Day Event - Ph: Toni Venhaus 0418 686 781 - Vicki Burgess 02 6747 3887 Tanja Kraus Horsemanship, Horse Starting, Glenreagh NSW - Ph: 0412 592 033






EDMANIA E F Caboolture “Your one stop feed shop” OPEN 7 DAYS

(07) 5495 1961 Shop 1/54 Beerburrum Rd, Caboolture, Qld 4510

Equine Chiropractor

Ben Lockhart Ph: 0428 615 018 Servicing the Mid North Coast & New England Areas ABN: 39 466 829 287

A natural holistic approach to horsemanship through understanding their Mind, Emotions, Body & Spirit Courses ~ Lessons ~ Saddle Fitting ~ BALANCE Saddles

Ph: 0428 385 745 E:




2-3 9 -11 23-25

Ken Faulkner Australian Horsemanship, 2 Day Cowboy Dressage Clinic, Esk Qld - Ph: 07 5533 8401 Mel Fleming Horsemanship, Introductory C & Gr/skills Course, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Mel 0428 385 745 Mel Fleming Horsemanship, Introductory C & Gr/skills Course, Central Coast NSW - Ph: 0428 385 745

2-3 2-3 4-5 9-10 18-19 23-24 30-31 2-6 2-10 9-10 17 29-31 30-31

SHE at Swan Hill - Ph: Sam Beer 0419 960 639 NSW, Quambone (Multihorse) - Ph: Narelle Spinks 0439 550 577 QLD Zone Championships, St George - Ph: 07 4638 5632 NSW, Coffs Harbour - Ph: Jess Creed 0427 258 234 QLD, QPA Ladies Competition, Chinchilla - Ph: 07 4638 5632 NSW, SWS Zone - Ph: Sara Grills 02 6036 9215 NSW, Warren (Multihorse) - Ph: Narelle Spinks 0439 550 577 PCAQ, State Dressage, Combined Training & Horse Trials, Maryborough Qld - Ph: 07 3216 1255 PCA NSW, State Showjumping, Show Riding, Jumping Equitation, Dressage, Combined Training & One Day Event Championships, Camden NSW - Ph: Leanne 02 4229 8977 PCAQ, Jumping Equitation & Official Showjumping, Beaudesert Ph: Janelle Hunkin 0408 764 586 PCAQ, Dressage & Combined Training Championships, Mudgeeraba Qld - Ph: 0408 764 586 PCA NSW, Zone ODE, Equestrian Grounds, Nana Glen NSW - Ph: Leanne Haines 02 4229 8977 PCAQ, Showjumping & Jumping Equitation Championships, Dalby QLD - Ph: PCAQ 07 3216 1255


2-3 11-17 16 16

SQRHA, Winter Ribbon Show, Gatton Qld - Ph: Chris Wales 0407 856 786 - NSWRHA, Futurity and State Show, SIEC, Horsley Park NSW - Ph: Natasha Daly 0418 427 252 GVRHA, Training Day & Green Rider Mini Show, Tatura Park Indoor Arena, Tatura Vic - Ph: 0427 801 787 QRHA, Clinic & Presentation Show, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Lynda Gray 0412 479 340 -


2 19 19-24 26 29-31

IMHR NSW Northern Youngstock Show, Showgrounds, Taree - Ph: Leanne 02 4844 6393 Australian Crabbet Arabian Assoc Inc, Unofficial Dressage Day, Elcho Park Eq/Centre - Ph: 0410 424 979 South East Qld Paint Horse Club State Championships, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: 07 3888 5277 NSW Arabian Horse Assoc Inc, Youngstock Show, Hawkesbury Showground - IMHR QLD State Show, Showground, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Leanne 02 4844 6393 -


3-4 10 17 23-24 23-24

Upper Hunter Team Penning, Wingen NSW - Ph: 0427 289 131 - Tamworth & Dist Team Penning, Penning, Moonbi NSW - Ph: Lisa 0407 434 361 Peel Valley Team Penning, Tamworth NSW - Ph: Susan 0400 948 339 SEQ Team Penning Assoc Inc, Round Three Stamanol Buckle Series, Rosewood Qld - Ph: 07 5464 6177 Valley Team Penning, Sh/Ground, Gresford NSW - Ph: 0499 212 862 -

2 8-10 16-17 23-24 23-24 24

Richmond River TRC, NSW, meet 3rd w/end of month Feb to Nov - Ph: Judy 02 6663 7289 Tinderry THR Inc, Act, Red Hill Circuit - Ph: Hillery Gunn 02 6238 2682 Blackbutt Pony Express Inc, Qld, Blackbutt S/gr Camp - Ph: Tony Nash 0432 401 525 Lake Macquarie P & T H R, Xmas in July, Martinville NSW - Ph: Erin Marney 0419 900 898 South Coast Assoc of THR, NSW, Wadbilliga/Yowie event - Ph: Sue Cliffton 02 4478 1029 Bouldercombe ,Qld, W/end Ride & Camp, Mia Mia State Forest - Ph: Allison Skewes 0411 294 675 Dayboro Trail Riders Club Inc, Trail Ride, Dayboro Qld - Ph: Lisa 07 3425 1643

9-10 16-17 17

North Coast Western Riders Cl meet monthly, Hawthorne Prk, Sth Grafton, NSW - Ph: 0417 488 520 Darling Downs WPC Inc - Ph: Timothy McIntyre 0435 288 903 Burpengarry WP Ll Inc, Training & “B” Show, Eq/Centre, Burpengary Qld - Ph: Sue 07 3888 4434 Sydney QHA, “A” Show, S/gr Grenfell NSW - Ph: Linda Patterson 0407 258 859






9-10 2 23


24 27-28

Working Equitation Governing Body - Ph: Corina 0405 979 665 Bellingen Working Equitation, Bellingen NSW - Clarence Valley Working Equitation, Championship HOTY & Ch/ships, Hawthorne Prk, Sth Grafton, NSW Ph: Chris Fowles 0421 358 373 - Also see NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP SECTION Horsemanship Clinic with Dan Steers, Ground Control & Body Control Under Saddle, Tamworth NSW Daz 0429 803 105 - QSEC'S RODEO ROUND-UP, Caboolture Qld - Ph: 07 5433 3222 For more information - Mid North Coast Alpaca Show, Sh/gr Kempsey NSW Ph: Lindy Brown 0458 031 White Ribbon Sports Day, Torbanlea Raceway (near Hervey Bay/Maryborough Qld Ph: Natasha 0438 781 574 Valley E Cl, Horses in Harness & Stallion Parade, S/gr, Kempsey NSW Ph: Jenni Johansson 0427 174 493 Station Mats - for dogs or cats. Outdoor rated materials, Best quality fill. Non slip base. Retains shape and lays flat. Available in five sizes



For all your home, paddock and travel needs

Unique, Durable and Affordable

Huge range of colours and styles: Rope Halters/Leads Hay Travel Bags - Horse Rugs - Storage Bags Jump Covers/ Sleeves - Collapsible Hay Feeder Bags Float Boots. Plus much much more!!


Shop Online Now at

Custom Design Canvas & Horse Gear

In house Embroidery (Custom logo conversion)

Phone Loretta on 0438 985 967 to customise your order


Find Find us us on on


Come and Celebrate the HORSES BIRTHDAY 7th August 2016 - The Australiana Pioneer Village - Rose Street, Wilberforce NSW Light Horse Brigade - Horse Rescue - Heavy Horse - Mini Ponies Dressage & Pony Club Demonstrations - Natural Horsemanship Display and much more!! Open 10am - 4pm Adults $5 - Children $3 Ph: 02 4575 1777

AUGUST 2016 COMING All dates are subject to change

6 7 13-14 13-14 21 27

QBHA, ( Dual affiliated ABHA Barrel Race ), Divisional Barrel Race, Dalby Qld - Ph: Shelly 0414 669 374 Moonbi Magic, Moonbi NSW - Ph: Jenny Shean 0418 904 788 Cloverleaf Cruisers BRC, Divisional Barrel Race, AELEC, Tamworth NSW - Ph: Leanne 0428 657 095 NBHA, Single Jackpot & Novelt, Caboolture Undercover Arena - E: Lower Hunter Sports Assoc, Rodeo Grounds, Branxton NSW - Ph: Louisa Roberts 0413 491 305 Cooma Rodeo-Divisional Barrel Race, Cooma Sh/gr Rodeo Arena, NSW - Ph: Michelle 0413 609 880

6-7 6-7 6 12-14 13 13 19-21 20-21 20-21 24 26-28 26-28 26-27 27 27-28

NSW, Gunnedah Campdraft - Ph: Mick McLoughlin 0414 837 508 NSW, Hunter Valley Campdraft - Ph: Rebecca Howard 0429 456 309 QLD, Eureka Creek Bull Ride Rodeo - Ph: Megan Miller 07 4093 6078 NSW, Scone Campdraft - Ph: Celie Nolan 0400 301 797 QLD, Collinsville Rodeo - Ph: Noeleen Birchel 0427 127 043 NSW, Real Deal Rodeo - Ph: Tami Tribe 0412 618 946 NSW, County of Cumberland Campdraft - Ph: Jodie Sharpe 0422 913 833 NSW, Manning JNR Team Penning - Ph: Diana Brown 0427 535 093 NSW, Walgett BC Campdraft & BC Rodeo & BC JNR Rodeo - Ph: Ashley Barry 0438 281 690 NSW, Gunnedah AGQUIP Rodeo - Ph: Brian Henderson 0428 420 939 NSW, Wingen Campdraft - Ph: Emma Sharpe 0417 921 704 NSW, Warren Campdraft - Ph: Robyn Hardie 02 6833 5471 NSW, Gresford Campdraft, Rodeo & JNR Rodeo - Ph: Tracy Merchant 0471 658 307 NSW, Pioneer Ranch Sorting - Ph: Rebekah Norman 0407 263 249 NSW, WEE Waa Rodeo & Campdraft - Ph: Peta Miguel 0418 905 613


7 7 13 13-14 14 20-21 21 28

Tamworth Cl, Harness Gymkhana, Attunga NSW - Ph: Liz O'Brien 0427 766 726 Gold Coast Club, Cones Competition, Schuster Park, Tallebudgera Qld - Ph: Robin 07 5533 8239 Cooloola Club, Dressage & Cones, Kia Ora Pony Club Grounds, Qld - Ph: Bronwyn 0427 838 007 VIC, Indoor Series Qualifier, Tyntynder Indoor Arena (near Swan Hill) - Ph: 03 5030 2593 NSW, Hills Club, Rossmore - Ph: Janet Muspratt 02 9606 6085 Mike Thill, Training & Activities, Oxley Vic – Ph: Bev 03 5766 2257 - 0427 308 913 QLD State Dressage Championships, QSEC, Caboolture - Ph: Helen Baskerville 07 5483 5121 Riverina Stockfeeds Winter Series Event 3, Strongfield Stud, Southbrook Qld - Ph: 07 4691 0402


6-7 13-14 19-21 21 27-28 29- 4th

Burdekin Quarter Horse & Cutting Assoc, Show, Mio College, Qld - Ph: Anne Becke 07 4782 6777 Dorrigo Silverspurs Campdraft & Cutting Club, Dorrigo NSW - Ph: 02 6657 5123 Nebo Cutting Club, Show, Indoor Arena, Showgrounds, Nebo Qld - Ph: 0411 720 654 W/Gippsland QH Assoc, Jackpot Show, Canibal Crk Reserve, Garfield North Vic - Ph: 0411 950 816 Gold City Cutters, Jackpot Show, Lyrion Charters Towers Qld - Ph: Kinsey Pattison 0414 455 976 Sept - Cotton Country Cutting Club Futurity, Goondiwindi Qld - Ph: 0427 691 934

6 6-7 7 7 13-14 13-14 13-14 14 20 20-21 20-21 26 26-28

Frazer Coast Dressage Championships, Showgrounds, Maryborough QLD - Ph: EFA Qld 07 3891 6611 TVEG Dressage Championships, Showground, Murwillumbah NSW - Ph: 0428 536 422 NSW Andalusian Horse Association, Dressage Day, SIEC, Horsley Park - Ph: Helen 02 6844 7171 VEIS Grand Final Dressage, Qualifying Round 8 for VEIS 2016 - Ph: Allan Bruno 0438 557 720 Tatura Dressage Classic 2 Day Championship & Protocol Day, Tatura Vic - Ph: Allan 0438 557 720 NSW Riding for The Disabled, NSW Championships, SIEC, Horsley Park - Ph: RDA NSW 02 8736 1256 DNSW Event, Hawkesbury showground, Clarendon NSW - Ph; Karen Lever 02 4576 7996 TARA Anglican School for Girls, Equestrian Carnival, SIEC, Horsley Park - Ph: 02 9630 6655 QLD Dressage Series, Medium to Grand Prix Official Dressage, QSEC, Caboolture - Ph: 0433 447 692 GRC All Breeds Hack Show, Hawthorne Park, Sth Grafton NSW - Ph: Janine Woods 02 6649 3438 The Riders Series, Event 2 of 3, SIEC, Horsley Park - Ph: 0418 422 998 Boneo Park August Dressage Championships, Boneo Park Vic - Ph: Lizzy 03 5986 3006 QLD STATE DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Anita Barton 0433 447 697


13-14 20-21 22-26

QERA, Murrumba, 40 / 100E - Ph: Debbie Edwards 07 5498 5505 QERA, Euri Gold, 2x20 / 2x40 / 80 + Harness - Ph: Deborah Graham 07 4786 1310 NSWERA, Shahzada, 400km / 120km - Ph: Sue Todd 02 6379 7218


5-6 6 6-7 6-7 6-7 6-7 13-14

Caboolture Indoor Showjumping Championships, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: EFA Qld 07 3891 6611 VEIS Grand Final, Show Jumping, Qualifying Round 7 & Fr VEIS 2016 - Ph: Karen Amore 03 9908 3703 NNWSJC, Winter Height Competition, Tamworth NSW - Ph: Wendy Emery 0437 656 453 Tamborine Equestrian Group, One Day Event & Come and Try - Ph: EFA Qld 07 3891 6611 NCEC, One Day Event, Equestrian Grounds, Nana Glen NSW - Ph: Sarah Flowers 0422 707 724 Harden, One Day Event, Harden NSW - Ph: Vicki Burgess 026747 3887 Toowoomba Jump Club, Classes, Dressage & Hunter Trial - Ph: EFA Qld 07 3891 6611




EVENTS AUGUST 2016 20-21 20-21 20-21 20-21 25-28 26-28 27-28 6-8 9-11 12-14 19-23 27-28

Jumping YR Squad, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Karen 03 9908 3703 or Jumping Vic 03 9013 0707 BDSJC Grand Prix - Albury/ Wodonga - Ph: Sally Harding 0414 302 306 Peninsula SJ Club Show - Ph: Jumping Victoria 03 9013 0707 TIE Tamworth International One Day Event AELEC, Tamworth NSW - Ph: Vicki Burgess 026747 3887 2016 NSW Jumping Championships, SIEC, Horsley Park NSW - Ph: Edwina Mitchell 0419 642 053 Tatura SJ Championships, Tatura Vic - Ph: Jumping Victoria 03 9013 0707 Noosa Equestrian Centre, One Day Event & Come and Try - Ph: EFA Qld 07 3891 6611 Mel Fleming Horsemanship, Introductory Groundskills, Wilton (via Sydney) - Ph: Mel 0428 385 745 Mel Fleming Horsemanship, Introductory & Intermediate 1 Riding, Wilton (via Sydney - Ph: 0428 385 745 Mel Fleming Horsemanship, Intermediate Groundskills & Riding, Wilton (via Sydney) - Ph: 0428 385 745 Ken Faulkner Horsemanship, 5 Day Horsemanship & Cow Course, Howlong NSW - Ph: 0427 778 555 Ken Faulkner Horsemanship, 2 Day Cowboy Dressage Clinic, Tamworth NSW - Ph: 0488 958 669

6-7 13-14 27-28

SEQP, Carder Cup, Alsace QLD - Ph: Sandra Carder 0418 222 257 GCPC, Huntwood Cup, Gold Coast Qld - Ph: SEQP 0418 733 077 SEQP, Mercedes Benz, Alsace Qld - Ph: SEQP 0418 733 077

13-14 13-14 21-23 2 21 28

Galloping Gully, NW Plains, NSW - Ph: Kristy Bullen 0429 922 252 SWR Zone, Riverina, NSW - Ph: Sam Beer 0419 960 639 Warwick Rosebowl Qld - Ph: Kylie McMahon 07 4661 9610 - 07 4632 3045 Qld, Open Showjumping, Park Ridge Pony Club - Ph: PCAQ 07 3216 1255 Vic, Mini Mornington Horse Trials SMZ Grade 5, Mornington - Ph: Sue 0408 765 717 Qld, Open Team Penning, Kilcoy Pony Club - Ph: PCAQ 07 3216 1255


3-7 6-7 13-14 20 26-27

QRHA QLD State Championship Show, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Lynda Gray 0412 479 340 GVRHA, Qualifier Show, Tatura Park, Tatura VIC - Ph; Natalie 0439 305 026 - Sara 0458 316 059 SQRHA, August Rein - Gatton Qld - Ph: Chris Wales 0407 856 786 NSW Reining Horse Assoc, Qualifier Show, SIEC, Horsley Park - Ph: Natasha Daly 0418 427 252 SNSWRHA, Slide to the Nationals at Ranch Arena, Mount Hunter NSW - Ph: Jacqui Foster 0428 826 372



2016 Qld STATE RPSBS, Main Arena, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Eleanor Gerry 07 5524 1263


6-7 14 20-21 21

Upper Hunter Team Penning, Scone NSW - Ph: 0427 289 131 Tamworth & Dist Team Penning, Penning, Moonbi NSW - Ph: Lisa Wilson 0407 434 361 SEQ Team Penning Assoc Inc, Round 4 Stamanol Buckle Series, Rosewood Qld - Ph: 0427 093 929 Peel Valley Team Penning, Tamworth NSW - Ph: Susan Ring 0400 948 339


13 21 20-21 25

Kin Kin Horse Ride 2016, Kin Kin region & The Noosa Trail - Lake Macquarie P & THR, Cedar Creek (near Cessnock), NSW - Ph: Erin Marney 0419 900 898 Casterton & Dist Trail Riders Cl In, Grubbed Road, Strathdownie Vic - Ph: Moira Young 03 5581 2266 Dayboro Trail Riders Cl Inc, Graham Court Memorial Ride, Dayboro Qld - Ph: Lisa 07 3425 1643


North Coast Western Riders Cl, Monthly All Breed, Performance Shows & Training days, Hawthorne Pk, South Grafton, NSW - Ph: 0417 488 520 BPC , Training & “A” Show, Equestrian Centre, Burpengary Qld - Ph: Sue Hartshorn 07 3888 4434



Clarence Valley Working Equitation Cl, Hawthorne Park, Sth Grafton, NSW – Ph: Chris 0421 358 373


7-10 22-26

Equine Reiki Level 1, Hidden Valley Healing, Byron Bay NSW - Ph: Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571 Equine Reiki Level 2, Hidden Valley Healing, Byron Bay NSW - Ph: Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571

7 13 20

2016 Horses Birthday, The Australiana Pioneer Village, Wilberforce NSW - Ph: 02 4575 1777 QSEC'S Performance Horse & Pony Sale & variety of breeds, QSEC Caboolture Qld Ph: 07 5433 3222 2016 Beerwah Charity Sports & Spring Carnival, Fund Raiser Cancer Council Qld Ph: 07 5494 9557

3 SEPT 3-4 4-6 5-14 7-11 8-11 9-11 11-12 11-18 24-25

North East & Border RPG Performance Show, Sh/gr, Oxley NSW - Ph: Fiona Forge 02 6062 0612 (ah) Qld Pinto Horse Assoc Inc, Equestrian Centre, Burpengary Qld - Ph: Kerry Higham 07 5498 6815 Qld Polocrosse State Championships - Cunningham - Ph: Queensland Polocrosse Assoc. 07 4632 3045 Oct - Mel Fleming Horsemanship, 1-6 week modules, ”Achemy Place” Moonbi NSW - Ph: 0428 385 745 2016 Australian Barrel Horse Assoc, National Finals, AELEC, Tamworth NSW - Ph: ABHA 03 5343 5118 DNSW Championships including CDI-W and comps for Ponies and Para Equestrian - Ph: 0414 416 262 VIC State Eventing Championships, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Allan Bruno 0438 557 720 QLD Young Rider State Dressage Championships, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Anita 0433 447 697 Australian Show Jumping Championships, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Anne White 0432 077 028 Total Equine Qld HORSE EXPO 2016, Sh/gr Toowoomba -





Total Equine Queensland Horse Expo 2016 Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September, Toowoomba Showgrounds

Equine Shopping Galore with over 100 equine exhibitors Breed Display - Discipline & Horsemanship Demonstrations - Horse Health & Education

For more information please visit

Total Equine Queensland Horse Expo 2016 Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September, 2016 Toowoomba Showgrounds A highlight on Australia’s Equine Calendar: Attracting horse enthusiasts from the Darling Downs, wider Queensland and Australia to enjoy great shopping, new products and services, horse health and education, and benefit from the many equine disciplines on show. An Event NOT to be MISSED!! Now in its 3rd year, the team at Total Equine Queensland would like to invite you to the 2016 TEQ Horse Expo, held at the Toowoomba Showgrounds. This premier horse expo, will showcase the best of pleasure and performance disciplines, from Dressage to Western. This unique two-day expo is jam packed with entertainment, education, horse health, breeds display and offers an opportunity for all equine enthusiastic to explore new products from saddles, floats, clothing and tack – You will find it all at this year's TEQ Horse Expo. TEQ are committed to presenting to you the latest up-to-date advice from some of the Australia's leading equine educators and trainers. Don't miss a special one off opportunity to see America's Most Trusted Horseman – John Lyon's!!! John Lyon's will be presenting alongside David & Sandi Simons in the main arena plus our many more exciting presenters such as; Dan Steers from Double Dan Horsemanship, Ian Francis, Ken Faulkner, Tor Van Den Berge, David Grace, Outback Equines, Tanja Mitton and Mattea Davidson. With the addition of two educational areas' you will be able to look, listen and learn from show prepping with well renowned Paul Austin who will share his knowledge and skills to give you that winning edge in the show ring and learn how to fit that perfect saddle or listen to expert veterinarians talk about your horse's health and wellbeing, hoof care, dentistry and much more…… Don't miss the exciting new addition at this year's expo, the all new TEQ Trainer's Challenge is your opportunity to watch three talented trainers demonstrate their skills with young horses. This competition will be judged by some of the best horsemen in Australia with 2014 Way of the Horse Champion Bruce O'Dell, Ian Leighton and rotating judge Dan Steers of Double Dan Horsemanship, legendary Ian Francis and 2012 Way of the Horse Winner Ken Faulkner. This is one challenge you don't want to miss. For full details please visit Don't Miss this horse lovers weekend Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September, Toowoomba Showgrounds.

Tickets are now ON SALE!!!! For further expo information and ticket details, please visit Thank you to our valued sponsors




34 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Winter 2016

Breed Display

Equine Shopping Galore with over 100 equine exhibitors

Total Equine Queensland Horse Expo 2016

Discipline & Horsemanship Demonstrations Horse Health & Education

24th & 25th September Toowoomba Showgrounds

John Lyons

New & Exciting presenters including International guest presenter John Lyons “America's most trusted horseman.�


Sandi & David Simons

Dan Steers Double Dan Horsemanship

Ian Francis

Mattea Davidson

David Grace

Ken Faulkner

Outback Equines

Tor Van Den Berge

Tanja Mitton

Introducing our NEW - TEQ Trainer's Challenge

Tickets on SALE NOW!!

The Challenge will include 3 Trainers, 3 Horses, 3 Judges and 1 Round Yard For more information visit 35

HORSE & COUNTRY TV AUSTRALIA NOW AVAILABLE ON APP! Horse & Country TV is excited to announce that the channel is now available to Australian audiences through the new APP, “H&C PLAY�. We have listened to our Australian fans who are having trouble getting the channel through the pay TV options and have designed an APP that allows you to get on board to watch the fantastic programs available on the channel for only $7.95 per month; that's only $2 per week and with no package costs!........................................................................................... H&C Play is the online, OTT subscription service for Horse & Country TV, enabling subscribers to watch the channel via their laptops, tablets or mobile devices through apps for Android or iOS. Subscribing to H&C Play offers this exciting new way of viewing Horse & Country TV: l Watch H&C's TV channel live online with 30 hours of new programming each month l More free-to-watch content, with over 60 hours of programming available from the archives, magazine shows and more l There is a 10-day catch up content, so you never miss your favourite show l Free H&C App for iOS and Android l Ability to watch programming on three different devices per account l High quality adaptive streaming suitable for Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G l No contract - cancel at any time

36 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Program Features coming up: Horse & Country TV is excited to announce that it will feature extensive Badminton coverage, including all of the cross country on H&C Play. Other great features include: Rolex GP Wellington, Argentine Open Polo 2015, Yard Talk with Alex Hua Tian, Carl & Charlotte: Dressage Superstars, FEI Nations Cup Showjumping: Rome, Rudall's Round-Up: Royal Windsor Horse Show, Blue Chip All Star Academy brand new competition reality series searching for new vloggers, CL 2016: Cannes & GCT 2016: Cannes - Highlights from the Global Champions League and the Global Champions Tour, international showjumping series from Cannes, France. How to get H&C Play? Anyone can access H&C Play via the Horse & Country TV website, where you can register to become a subscriber and get instant access to the channel and program. Alternatively, if you have a mobile device or tablet, you can go to the Google Play or the Apple App Store and download the app free of charge.

FOR SIGN UP AND MORE INFORMATION GO TO: H&C Australia Website H&C Australia Facebook page

Winter 2016



The annual Beerwah Charity Sports day is on again this year,

Saturday 20th August at the Beerwah Sports Ground.

This annual sports day in aid of Cancer Council Queensland has been running for forty-five years; and over the years it has become a popular community project which brings the whole district together in a major fund-raising effort.

A Great Day Out For The Whole Family! In 2015 the Committee were delighted to present $27,600 to CCQ, which will go directly towards research and support for cancer patients. The main focus of the day is an extensive program of horse sports, featuring over 200 events. There are also athletics and novelties, Strong Man and Woman events, arts and craft displays and stalls, Scarecrow Competition, vintage vehicles on display, a Show & Shine for cars and utes, photography competition, and musical entertainment – a great family day out!

Enquiries to Bruce Page (07) 5494 9557 And watch our Facebook page “Beerwah Charity Sports Day” for updates in the coming weeks.

us f find on facebook


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Equine Reiki Courses What would it mean for you to be more spiritually connected with your horse? If you are a person who would like: • a deeper, more spiritual connection with your horse • balance and harmony in your partnership • a better understanding of your relationship with your horse • the ability to truly listen to what your horse has to say • a natural approach to improving health and wellbeing for you and your horse

Then look no further as our courses were created just for you.

For course dates and venues contact Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571

A FIX FOR WINDSUCKING Barclays Collar breaks the habit Help Your Horses Achieve Their Potential

?Safe ?Reliable $157.00 incl. delivery ?No batteries required ?Tough nylon construction ?Lightweight ?Weatherproof




A major breakthrough in the fight against windsucking. The first truly modern & humane treatment. Find out more & order on line at

www ww w.barclayscolla email:

Are you WORMING EFFECTIVELY? The ONLY way to KNOW for SURE is by doing a Fecal Eggcount. Samples taken ONSITE - We come to you!

Affordable & Necessary $15 per horse. STOP Wondering and ACT NOW! Phone Sharleyne 0487 931 521


Michael Bekker - Barefoot Trimmer A Natural Approach to Soundness

Ph: 0411 502 984 Servicing Kempsey - Woolgoolga Mid North Coast NSW f

ONE DAY SEMINARS - NORTHERN NEW SOUTH WALES * Maintenance Trimming for Horse Owners Evolution and anatomy of the equine hoof trimming and balancing to optimize hoof health.

* Healthy Horse Keeping on the Mid North Coast

Details posted on Hoof Matters Facebook page

Ways of keeping your horse healthy to promote maximum hoof growth and integrity. Correcting mineral imbalances by addressing too much iron, copper deficient soils and swampy areas all compromising your horses potential, health and performance.

Interested in Hosting a Seminar - Contact Megan Matters Ph: 0427 001 694

Find us on Facebook


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HEALTH & WELLBEING Does your horse have poor flexion?

Equine and Canine Therapeutic Acupuncture

Does your horse struggle maintaining gaits or the correct leads? Is your horse constantly sore or not performing as well as it could?


COOTES EQUINE THERAPY Mary Malouf Mob: 0417 941 545 E:

Equine muscular and skeletal re-alignment therapy may be the solution. Anthony Cootes is an experienced and fully certified practitioner servicing Brisbane and South East QLD. Promote a softer, smoother and resistance free ride. Maximise your horse's potential, and feel the difference.

Servicing the Mid North Coast - other areas for group bookings.

P: 0431 630 187 E:

Your Horse Partnership Annie Sorell

Equestrian Mentor

Clear your Fear

Enjoy your Horse

Ph: 0401 977 645

Equine Chiropractics And Deep Muscle Therapy

Ray Bové “Far more than just a Hoof Dressing”

17 Years Experience Professional And Reliable

FREE Master/Correctional Farrier HELP 24/7

Ph: 0427 647 530 or (02) 6564 7530 HORSE FLOATS - FLOAT REPAIRS

Rose’s Deals on Wheels Protect your best friend. Have your float checked annually by fully qualified tradesmen. Horse Float restorations and Repairs Annual float servicing = Rust & Structural repairs New floors & tailgates = New rubber = Paint Float spares = Rego inspections Brakes, wheel bearings, Electrical, suspensions New tyres = New Lite Haul horse floats

607 Summerland Way, Grafton NSW Ph: (02) 6643 1972 Mob: 0427 431 973 MVRL10015 Colin Jeffery Rose



Repair Rust ~ Floor & Tailgate Rubber Repaints ~ Upholstery ~ Floor & Kick Boards Windows ~ Fibreglass ~ Spare Parts Agents For Complete Range of Trailers 2000 Trailers New & Used Horse Floats ~ Free Quotes



11 Blackwood Rd, Jimboomba, Qld

Ph: (07) 5547 8336 Mob: 0429 486 655

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*Can be made in different lengths

RUBBER HORSE TIE DOWN Overall length: 80 CM


Phone : 03 9720 3222 Fax : 03 9720 6534



Improve your horses performance with A.E.W 4 or 6 Horse Walkers. Phone Barry 0407 721 762



LAWRENCE WILLIAMS FENCING CONTRACTOR Ph: (02) 6664 7322 or 0413 877 026 Lic: 5219XC

LEAF, TWIG & STICK RAKE For Ride on Mowers Clean up NOW! before the next Fire Season

1800 819 493

Suppliers of:

Horse Feed Supplements Quality Stock Food Gas Refills Electric Fence Energizers Hay & Chaff Pet Food Garden Supplies Bird Seeds Day Old Chicks Point of Lay Hens

COFFS HARBOUR PRODUCE Feed & Stock Supplements - Grain & Produce - Pet Food & Supplies Fencing Supplies & Gates - Electric Fences - Concrete Products Garden Equipment & Supplies - Organic Supplies & Produce - Vegie Seeds FREE DELIVERY OR DRIVE THROUGH - BUSINESS HOURS: Mon - Fri 7am - 5pm Sat 8am - 12pm

26 June Street (Behind Bailey Centre) Coffs Harbour P: (02) 6652 2599 F: (02) 6652 8328 E:

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Available from a Produce Store near you!

Available in three varieties, in addition to a custom option, our feed blocks are formulated to meet the dietary and nutrition requirements of your animals. Multiblock is a rich source of:

Energy - Protein - Vitamins - Minerals - Electrolytes P: 02 6779 2232 E:


MOLASSES (small qty & bulk)

Farm implements, Slashers, Bale Grabs Grain Feeders, Round Bale Feeders, Fencing Supplies and Much More! Ph: 02 6642 2200 E: f M: 0428 666 782 9 Butterfactory Lane, Grafton NSW

E.M. REDMOND & CO. (GATTON) PTY LTD All Types of Produce and Grain Merchants

Audrey Schulz (Proprietor) Tim Schulz (Manager) Crescent Street, Gatton Qld 4343

Ph: (07) 5462 1139 (07) 5462 1371 Fax: (07) 5462 3226 Mob: 0408 621 239

Valley Stockfeed Now in two locations Horse Feed - Cattle Feed Dog & Cat Food Wormers - Tick Control Oxenford Qld Vet Supplies Shop 1/141, Old Pacific Hwy Ph: (07) 5573 1273

For all your stock & pet supplies. We Deliver! 8am-5pm Mon-Fri 8am-12noon Sat

Mt Nathan Qld Ph: (07) 5514 6033



Town & Country Supplies

One Step Ahead Farm & Animal Supplies FREE Local Feed Deliveries Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Hay/Chaff, Grain & Produce, Petfood, Fertilizer, Saddlery, General Fencing & Electric Fencing, Irrigation (Davey Master Dealer), Rover & Cub Cadet Mowers, Stihl Outdoor Power Equipment, Honda Outdoor Power Equipment, Generators, Push Mowers

178 Tweed Valley Way, Murwillumbah 2484 Ph: (02) 6672 1313 Fax: (02) 6672 6808

Ask at your nearest Produce Store or go to: Email: Phone: 0419 638 984

Bone Formula


FORTIFIED CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT FOR HORSES 20kg nett for administration in feed - for animal treatment only. Feed supplement specifically formulated with CHELATED CALCIUM to support bone strength, growth and health with essential bone minerals. Dr Jennifer Stewart’s Bone Formula provides clinically recommended levels of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and folate, plus trace elements and microminerals essential for musculoskeletal health.

FORTIFIED CALCIUM BLOCK FOR HORSES 20kg nett for self-administering block formulation. Specifically formulated with CHELATED CALCIUM to provide bone minerals for horses and ponies grazing pasture, kikuyu, setaria, buffel and other sub-tropical grasses. Calsorb provides clinically recommended levels of calcium and phosphorus (plus a trace element pre-mix) in a palatable, self-administering lick-block.



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PRODUCE - SADDLERY - CLOTHING - EQUIPMENT OPEN SEVEN DAYS Monday - Friday Huge Range of 8.30am - 5.30pm

Saturday: 9am-1pm Sunday: 9am-12noon

Clothing Including Designer Brands

~ Equine nutritional advice ~ Expert hoof care advice ~ Huge range of products for all animals

‘Your Family Saddlery’

21 Abundance Rd Medowie, NSW 2318

Ph: (02) 4981 7282 f

Vet Supplies Farrier Equipment Quality Repairs

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Phone: 02 6722 3599 Email: 45-47 Vivian Street, Inverell NSW 2360



BEDWELLS FEED BARN & SADDLERY Seed and Produce Merchants

Stockists of: Hygain, Riverina, Prydes & Mitavite 11 Keppel St, Bathurst 2795 Ph: (02) 6331 2844 Fax: (02) 6331 4232 Lot 42 Unit 7 Main St, Wallerawang 2845 Ph: (02) 6355 7531 Fax: (02) 6355 1466

CATERING FOR ALL YOUR HORSE NEEDS for the Inverell & Surrounding Districts Equestrian Supplies ~ Rodeo Supplies ~ Hats, Caps Handbags ~ Saddles, Rugs, Tack Stockist of: Cruel Girl ~ Wrangler ~ Ariat ~ Baxter Akubra ~Bullseye ~ Blue Dog ~ Brigalow ~ Eddie Fisher Pam & Jodie Ph:(02) 6722 1229 Email: 141 Byron St, Inverell NSW 2360

Lay By’s & Gift Vouchers Welcome

1200D / 600D Winter Turnout Rugs and Combos 180g or 300g Fill

Love Your Horse Like We Do

OPEN 7 DAYS 0429 372 383

Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.30pm Sat 7.30am-4.30pm Sun 7.30am-1.00pm


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SADDLERY - CLOTHING - EQUIPMENT Embroidered Saddlecloths

ClubColoursDirect The Colour Specialists Braided Rope Reins P.O. Box 5216 East Lismore, NSW 2480 Phone:(02) 6622 5002 Fax:(02) 6622 5009

For all information please visit our website at

Northern Trophies & Giftware SPECIALISING IN RESIN EQUINE TROPHIES AND FIGURINES Ph: 0409 202 698 E:

We manufacture quality embroidered saddlecloths for Clubs, Schools, Studs and Shows. ~ Huge range of colours in quality fabrics and trims. ~ Special prices for Clubs ~ Digitising of logos ~ High density foam inners ~ Any size, any shape ~ Delivered Australia-wide



Horsewear House

Mention this ad to receive a further Geraldine Lalor P: 07 4613 5599 10% discount on any non sale items! F: 07 4613 5500 E: W: 528 Alderley St, Toowoomba Q 4350

Offering a huge range of stunning choices in Riding Apparel Show Rug Sets Rugs - Saddlecloths Embroidered Polos Ph: (02) 6662 2131 E: 82 Walker Street, Casino


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Full Embroidery Service See us at your next Jenny Pryor 0407 665 165 event! f Facebook Find us on

Servicing the equine and canine industries of Australasia with the most extensive range of...

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HORSE TRANSPORT Weekly Services Bris - Syd - Melb

Call John or Judy 0412 233 083

Now Servicing the New England Area

Travelling Throughout VIC, NSW, SA, QLD Local & Interstate Stud farm drop offs & pick ups Fortnightly runs to Adelaide Discount for multiple horses

Ph: 0422 476 457

Quality - Safety - Reliable Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne Air bag suspension - Angle load - Eftpos facility Overnight stabling - Family owned business

Lachlan Manuel: 0408 537 904

For all your Local & Interstate Equine Travel Requirements Call Today for a Free Quote

Ph: 03 5996 6281


Quality Agistment in good pastures and safe environment Property of 110 acres, 2km of riverfront, nestled at base of the Moonbi Ranges Facilities include: * Secure paddocks * Supplementary Feed * Daily inspections * Foaling-down of mares * Horse Education * Sales preparation * Long-term & Short-term agistment & spelling from $50 per week. Include Supplementary feed from $12 + gst per day * Breeding for Thoroughbreds and Quarterhorses

“Tanglewood Farm“ 388 Limbri Road, KOOTINGAL, via Tamworth NSW Located only 15 minutes from Australian Equine Centre at Tamworth. ENQUIRIES - Tel 0467 388 388

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FULL AMBULATORY VETERINARY SERVICES ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANY JOB... North QLD I South East QLD I Gold Coast Northern Rivers I Melbourne I Bendigo I Ballarat Melton I Geelong - and all surrounding areas -

Utilising The Latest Technology And Techniques WITH 100% CARE AND PROFESSIONALISM Providing the highest quality of equine veterinary dental care. Servicing Sydney and Melbourne.

Dr Shannon Lee B.V.Sc M.A.N.Z.C.V.Sc Eqd M.I.C.E.V.O E.Ds

Ph: 0418 598 621 E:

Tenterfield Veterinary Clinic Servicing Tenterfield, Texas, Deepwater & Casino Areas

With A Mobile Equine Crush Performing all your Equine Dentistry, Reproduction & Routine Service needs

Tamworth Veterinary Hospital Dr Greg Ireland Veterinary Surgeon & Physician 106 Brisbane Street Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph: (02) 6766 3988 Fax: (02) 6766 4259 Web: Greg Ireland BSc., BVSc. Alison Neef BSc(Vet)., BVSc. Michelle Tolhurst BA., BVSc. Yvette Crowe BVSc. Paul Jenkins BVSc.

Tweed Byron Equine Dentistry

Kevin Squire

0478 838 511

Dr Pip Johnston (B.V.Sc) Dr John Brown (B.V.Sc) Dr Kate Wilson (B.V.Sc) Dr Tamara Birrer (B.V.Sc)

8 Clarence Street, Tenterfield NSW

Ph: 02 6736 2233 Mob: 0428 669 022 Email:

ABN 65 329 185 067

PO Box 86, New Brighton, NSW 2483 Email: Web:

Office: 0413 414 534

Equine Veterinary And Dental Services V D S

Dr. Oliver Liyou BVSc (Hons1) MACVSc (Eq Dent) CMAVA “Helping you to help your horse” The most qualified and experienced Equine Dental Vet in NSW.

Dentistry, Vaccinations inc Hendra, Freeze Brand, Microchipping, Stud Work, Foot problems, Castrations, Skin problems and anything equine that is not an emergency.

Call us about our dental parties, where you can receive massive savings. P: (02) 6642 4700 Now accepting referrals of difficult dental cases from Port Macquarie to SE Qld. M: 0428 515 650 As the designer of the porta safe stocks mobile crush, Oliver has the latest model E: to keep your horse safe and secure, and will be weighed on scales, and geldings get a free sheath clean. W:

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PACIFIC VETCARE Coffs Harbour 320 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour Ph:6652 3455 Fax:6652 8187

Equine Medicine & Surgery Digital Radiography New Equine Surgery - Specialist Surgeon Endoscopy - Diagnostics Vaccinations - Ultrasound Reproduction - AI - Dentistry

Dr. David Johnson Dr. Stephen Deist Dr. Allan Hudson Dr. Adam Gerhardt Dr. Mathew Grabovszky Dr. Kelly Griffin Dr. Merrilyn Fitzgerald Dr. Amanda Johnson Dr. Chelsea Kramer Dr. Julia Etel Dr. Amber Aspinall


EQUINE Dr Chris Livingston


And Associates

Complete Veterinary Services including Equine Power Float Dentistry Tru DR Digital Radiography 159 Gordon St, Port Macquarie

Ph: (02) 6583 1611

In-Clinic & On-Farm = Endoscopy = Imaging = Dentistry = Reproduction



P 02 6672 3898




VET CLINIC Member of Australian Veterinary Association

· Digital radiography (x-rays) · Digital ultrasonography · Endoscopy · Lameness evaluation and diagnosis · Pre-purchase examinations · Medical investigations · Routine surgery · Reproduction · Dentistry (power tools) · Hendra Virus vaccinations

Byron Bay Equine Veterinary Practice

ABN 65 329 185 067

Kevin Squire

0478 838 511

OPEN 7 DAYS Ph: (02) 6721 0266

Ambulatory Equine Veterinarian based in Murwillumbah and providing all your veterinary needs including:

32 Sweaney Street

PO Box 86, New Brighton, NSW 2483

Email: Web:

Office: 0413 414 534

EQUIVET AUSTRALIA Equine Reproduction & General Practice Reproduction: Embryo Collection & Transfer & Artificial Insemination using

Chilled & Frozen semen. Live in Veterinarians provide 24hr Foaling supervision. Stallion Station: Semen collection, evaluation, freezing, storage & distribution. Registered Quarantine Facility: AQIS approved centre for exporting horses and/or semen. General Practice: Lameness diagnosis & management using digital Radiography & Ultrasonography - Chiropractic manipulation - Laboratory facilities - Equine dentistry - Video endoscopy.

Max Wilson BVSc (Hons) MACVS Robyn Woodward BVSC MVSc Susanne Brundell BVSc (Hons) Francois Viljoen BVSc (Hons) Jane Groenendyk BVSc (Hons)

142 Jimna Springs Rd Southbrook, Qld P: 07 4691 0322 F: 07 4691 0419

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Natural anti-inflammatory NZ premium green lipped mussel powder formula which may assist with

joint pain ligament & tendon injuries muscular pain stiff & immobile joints coat condition No matter their age, breed or size, doesn’t your dog deserve a premium green lipped mussel powder to keep him mobile and happy well into his golden years.

Giving them back their mobility naturally with “Joint Care” For more information contact Ashley (02) 4988 6015 or 0413 484 243

The word is out!

“21 year old Teddy has severe ringbone in both hinds. He has been on another well known green lipped mussell brand for many years however still had to have extra pain relief. I switched to Natural Mobility Joint Care and the Marine Calcium and I cannot believe the significant difference in his mobility and no more extra pain relief. This new product is truely amazing and I find it definitely more effective than others I have tried.” Melyssa MacCready This stuff is absolutely amazing, completely changed my horses’ life who was riddled with arthritis! Have all my horses on it now as it’s a fantastic natural preventive treatment too.” Shonna Gorman

Order online or call Ashley (02) 4988 6015

Servicing the equine and canine industries of Australasia with the most extensive range of...

North QLD I South East QLD I Gold Coast I Northern Rivers Melbourne I Bendigo I Ballarat I Melton I Geelong - and all surrounding areas -

EQUINE NEWS And Trade Services Directory Volume 8 Issue 1 WINTER 2016 No 28  

Equine News is a free hard copy publication distributed quarterly throughout NSW QLD VIC. Available to all from their local horsey outlet an...

EQUINE NEWS And Trade Services Directory Volume 8 Issue 1 WINTER 2016 No 28  

Equine News is a free hard copy publication distributed quarterly throughout NSW QLD VIC. Available to all from their local horsey outlet an...