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Volume 7. Issue 4. Summer/Autumn 2016

Feeds that Horses Should NOT EAT! NATURAL DISASTERS Helping your horse to SURVIVE! POSTURE and PERFORMANCE A look at Horses Inside Out Transition to BAREFOOT The Riders FEET BRAVE HEART


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From The Editors Welcome to another issue of Equine News, this issue completes Volume 7 which represents seven full years of production and we are chomping at the bit, to present Volume 8 over the coming 12 months. Cycles often run in sevens and with shifts in energy for this new beginning of 2016 we are ready for the exciting and new. It is also the year of the Red Fire Monkey (cheeky and prosperous). If you have picked up a copy of Equine News only on occasion, maybe at an event centre or visiting another town, possibly in a friends tack room, but it is not in your local produce store, just ask them to stock it. It's that easy!

“Tom Thumb” making the most of life at Moonee Beach. Cover Photo by KaPa Photography.

Previous issues of Equine News from 2011-2015 are also online. Go take a look! You'll find the whole library at home page. In this issue another HorseOm Competition is on with a gorgeous print to be won for Mothers Day - see page 23 for details and get in the draw! We are proud to include in this issue, an extract from the stunning New Release book 'Posture and Performance' by Gillian Higgins which showcases some incredible images, and offers a wealth of information, check it out on pages 18 to 21. Our cover image was captured by KaPa Photography and is our beautiful Thoroughbred gelding “Tom Thumb” who never let a chance go by to immerse himself in the cool clean waters when he lived at Moonee Beach. Memmories! The lucky winner of our beautifully embroidered swallow tail saddlecloth from the Spring 2015 issue subscribers draw was Helena Koglin from Victoria. Congrats Helena, we hope you and your horse enjoy using it. Thanks to everyone who supports Equine News!

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DON'T Feed this to your Horse By Larissa Bilston, Nutritionist, Farmalogic Pty Ltd

Ever wondered whether you should really be feeding your......................................................................................... horses kitchen scraps, fruit, molasses, bread and sugary.......................................................................................... treats? Do you know which garden plants and pasture....................................................................................... weeds are dangerous to horses? What are mycotoxins and aflatoxins?.................................................................... Whilst many foodstuffs are safe in moderation, they may contain toxic chemicals, mycotoxins or bacteria or they may be dangerous to horses with metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance. Horses are designed to eat a constant stream of fairly low quality roughage. Their digestive systems are healthiest when provided with a steady intake of grass or hay based forage. Hard working horses and larger or older horses often need an extra source of energy typically provided by a hard feed of grains, oils or 'super fibres.' Hard feeds are best utilised if fed in multiple small feeds rather than one large feed that can cause acidosis and colic. The horse's digestive system relies on help from a microbial population within the hindgut. The species of microbes in the gut adapt to the diet, so that a grain fed horse will have a different colony of microbes to one living on grass alone. For this reason it is best that horses are fed the same diet every day, and any changes to the diet should occur gradually over a period of around two weeks to allow the microbial population time to adapt.



Therefore whilst treats are something we humans find very satisfying to give our horses, it is important that they remain a small part of the diet.

TREATS Kitchen scraps containing the leaves, peel or flesh of tomatoes, avocado, raw potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, raw eggs or shells, capsicum, spinach, onions or garlic should not be fed to horses. Horses should never be fed chocolate, nuts, milk and milk products, coffee grinds, meat or any mouldy feeds. Fruits with large seeds should not be fed due to risk of colic or choke.

Corrects ALL vitamin and mineral deficiencies Balances mineral ratios across the whole diet With probiotics and biotin

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However celery, apples, bananas, carrots, grapes, sweet potato, lettuce, bread, melons including pumpkin and watermelon flesh and rind, citrus and fruit with large pips removed make good treats for most horses when fed in small amounts. A handful of pellets or grain taken out of your horse's hard feed ration will also be appreciated and won't add extra calories to the diet since the treat will reduce the size of dinner!........................................................

If your horse is overweight or suffers from a metabolic condition such as insulin resistance you must avoid any treats high in sugar or starch, including apples, carrots, bread, wheat and muesli based horse treats, molasses, sugar and sugary lollies. Safer treats for these horses include lucerne cubes or pellets, apple peel, watermelon rind or beet pulp treats. Horses with HYPP must avoid excess potassium so avoid feeding these horses bananas. Old horses or those with poor teeth may enjoy a soft treat such as mashed banana or stewed apples without the risk of choke.

Summer/Autumn 2016

Some common garden plants known to be dangerous to horses please note that this list is not all inclusive. These plants should always be removed from horse's reach or at least fenced so that horses cannot reach the plant or fallen leaves or branches.

s Swainsonas/Darling Peas s Mother of millions s Cotton bushes/swan plants s Star of Bethlehem s Blue periwinkle s Oak trees particularly acorns s Night scented jasmine s Onion family including garlic s Oleander s Rubber vine

s Cape tulip s Foxglove s Black locust s Avocado s Broom s Wattles s White cedar s Red maple s Yew s Prunus

PLANT TOXINS There are various poisonous plants and other food toxins that can seriously affect horse health. Some poisons act quickly, others accumulate and cause damage over time. Some will not harm an animal as large as a horse until large amounts have been ingested, others can be deadly when even a small amount is eaten. Poisonous plants may be weeds in the pasture, or ornamentals planted in your garden. As a horse owner it is your responsibility to know whether your horses have access to harmful plants and how you should manage them to minimise the risk. When deciding whether to remove or manage harmful plants it is important to understand which parts of the plant are poisonous and how much a horse would have to consume to suffer ill effects. There is little point in attempting to eliminate a pasture weed overnight if horses avoid eating it and you know they would have to eat large quantities before it became dangerous. However, if previous owners have established a beautiful but highly poisonous ornamental shrub in reach of your horse paddock it would be prudent to prune it beyond reach or remove it immediately.

Your local Department of Agriculture or Natural Resources will be able to offer advice on plant identification as well as weed management strategies. Nurseries and herbariums are another source of assistance with plant identification.

MYCOTOXINS, AFLATOXINS AND ENDOPHYTE FUNGI Poorly stored horse feeds and some varieties of grass can become infested with fungi that produce toxic substances called mycotoxins. Examples of grass related toxicosis includes ryegrass staggers and paspalum staggers. Symptoms include a sudden startle response, head flicking, lack of coordination and collapse. Pregnant mares and young foals are also at risk from the toxic effects of consuming mycotoxins from endophyte infected grass seeds or cereal grains. Symptoms can include extended gestation, foaling difficulties, weak foals and poor milk production. Aflatoxins are a mycotoxin produced by the fungus of the species Aspergillus. These toxins can accumulate in stored feeds, grains and feed additives when feed has been stored in damp conditions with high humidity and warm temperatures that promote the growth of fungus. Processed feeds or cracked grains are more at risk than whole grains because the fungus can not penetrate intact grain. Avoid the risk of aflatoxin contamination by only feeding grains and feeds that have been well stored and discard any damp, stained or smelly feed.

BACTERIAL TOXINS A rare but serious cause of feed-related illness in horses is botulism caused by the spores of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. According to vets at UCDavis in California, most cases of botulism in adult horses result from ingesting pre-formed botulism neurotoxin in wet or spoiled forages or in hay, haylage, or lucerne cubes which have been contaminated by an animal carcass. Continued over....

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Don’t feed this to your horse continued....

Symptoms relating to acute or chronic poisoning may include:

Handy to know Tip: Ensure your horses always have access to at least 1 to 2% of their bodyweight in good quality roughage in other words adequate pasture grasses or grass hay at all times. This is one of the best ways to prevent your horse seeking extra roughage from poisonous plants and is also essential for a healthy digestive system. Tip: Identify all plants in your paddocks and those in gardens nearby that horses can reach over the fence to eat. There is no need to panic and attempt to eradicate small populations of mildly poisonous plants or those where large quantities must be eaten before causing illness but those where even a small quantity can have serious consequences should be removed from reach. Tip: Avoid throwing prunings of toxic plants or kitchen scraps including onions, potatoes and their peel, tomatoes, rhubarb, the seeds of avocados, peaches, cherries or mangos into horse paddocks. Tip: Discard any horse feed or hay contaminated with dead rodents, snakes or rodent faeces. Never feed a horse meat or meat products. IMPORTANT: Contact your vet immediately if you suspect a horse has been poisoned. Timely treatment and supportive care can increase the horse's chance of survival and improve the recovery.

s s s s s

Loss of appetite Food refusal Rapid breathing Low blood pressure Colic

s s s s s

Incontinence Constipation Diarrhoea Muscle contractions Weakness

s Changes in the colouring of the mucous membranes s Uncoordinated gait s Convulsions s Aimless wandering s Head pressing - pushing the head against a wall or tree for example s Death s Abdominal swelling

s s s s s

Salivation Weight loss Photosensitivity Depression Yawning

s Behavioural changes that may include nervousness or excitability s Loss of condition s Secondary photosensitisation - sore, weeping or sunburnt looking skin especially pink skin on face or legs

HANDY REFERENCES Mellisa Offord (2006) Plants Poisonous to Horses An Australian Field Guide, RIRDC. Treats: Which are safe and which are not?? by Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D. Merck Veterinary Manuals Five Key Facts about Equine Botulism by Stephanie Ostrowski, DVM, CAHFS - Davis

About the Author Larissa Bilston, BAgSc (Hons), has worked as a scientific communicator and nutritionist, developing horse feeds, and providing nutritional advice to horse and dairy clients. Larissa is passionate about helping people make good decisions regarding horse feeding and welfare. To find out more, go to:

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Summer/Autumn 2016



Can I ride my Endurance or Trail Horse


Heading Photo: Sue Crockett

According to the rules of the sport,

yes, you can, so long as he passes the vet check. But in reality? It depends! There is a lot more to creating a barefoot endurance horse than just taking the shoes off, or even having a horse that has never been shod. Whether your horse can go the distance without getting sore is determined by quite a few different parameters. These include genetics and upbringing, previous hoof history, environment, diet and conditioning.

Yes, there are people in the endurance world who are competing and even winning on totally barefoot horses - it is possible. However, it takes a lot of time and patience to get a horse's hooves conditioned enough to be successful and competitive without getting sore footed, even for a trail horse. The hoof is a made of smart, adaptive tissue, which means that it will readily adapt to its usual environment. That is, the 24 hours spent daily in a nice, green soft paddock, not the 3 or 4 hours that you ride on gravel on the weekends. Even when your horse lives in a rocky paddock or a paddock paradise track system, they are usually just mooching around grazing. So, the usual state is moving slowly and on the forehand, and not travelling at a constant speed, hopefully with its engine engaged. For endurance, they need to adapt to travelling at speed over varying terrain - and that's not just the hoof, but the whole horse, ie, its tendons, ligaments, bones, muscles and cardiovascular system.

Photo: Jane Clothier

The development of strong hooves starts at birth. During the first 5 years of a horse's life, they are either building an internal hoof structure that's strong enough to dissipate concussion, or a weak and easily damaged one. This is determined primarily by how much the young horse is able to move over varied terrain.

So, when preparing for endurance, if you are starting behind the eight ball on a horse with poorly adapted feet, you will have a more difficult time conditioning them, and they may never be capable of speed and distance without some form of hoof protection. And if you really want a sound and competitive, barefoot endurance horse? If you are serious about it, then be prepared to put in the hard yards. A fully adapted, rock-crunching, mile-covering hoof will take you six to nine months of riding at least five days a week to achieve. Start with a horse who has had the right start and already has decent feet, with a large digital cushion, solid walls and a thick sole. If you have rehab feet, use boots!

8 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Summer/Autumn 2016

be kind and use one of the huge range of options – other than steel shoes – available to protect them. Many people keep their horses barefoot, but train and compete in boots of one sort or another. Some people train bare or in boots, and then use nonsteel shoes for competition. Some people shoe all the time, but in the nonsteel options. Any of these is kinder on your horse's legs than steel. And all the options are kinder than riding a non-adapted horse over rough or gravel terrain, and ending up sore-footed all round. (Many horses will not show that they are sore while riding at an event. Adrenaline is a great painkiller!)

But remember, appearance isn't everything. The test of strong feet is to ride them on varied terrain over distance. Don't be in a hurry! Ride at least five days a week and do very slow distance training. Lots of walking. Then lots more walking. A bit more walking. Put in a day or two in the arena and teach your horse to carry you correctly. After two or three months of walking, add in some trotting. You're still riding five days a week minimum and not much of it is at any kind of speed. But the distances are getting longer. Continue doing a day or two in the arena. Give this two or three months and you can start to add in some canter work. After another two or three months, you should have a well-conditioned, barefoot endurance horse. But you will need to be able to ride two to three hours, five days a week to achieve this. Personally, I believe that any endurance horse, bare or shod, should do this kind of conditioning programme if you want them to achieve longevity in their careers and not break down. Be assured that on a totally barefoot horse, the first thing to go will be the feet, which will tell you that the conditioning was not enough for the work. Remember: you have choices. Your horse doesn't. This is a welfare issue. Most people who choose to go barefoot do so because they believe that is a better option for their horses' wellbeing. And it is, but be aware of what it takes for them to become true barefoot horses. If you really can't manage to spend the necessary time to condition your horse's hooves, then please

If your horse is coming out of shoes, then use boots, at least for a while. If they tiptoe on gravel when being led, don't ride them barefoot to start with. Give them time and some comfort as they adapt. If anyone tells you to just push them through being tender, try using a little empathy. How would you like to run down a gravel road with a heavy backpack with bare feet when Photo Jo Arblaster you always wear shoes?

About the Author Megan Matters is a hoof trimmer and equine nutritionist with a strong interest in both rehab and performance horses. she has ridden endurance for many years on both shod (when the rules said they must be) and booted horses. Megan also conducts 1 day seminars throughout Northern New South Wales. Maintenance Trimming for Horse Owners and Healthy Horse Keeping. Facebook Hoof Matters for dates and venues.

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NATURAL DISASTERS HOW HOW YOU YOU CAN CAN HELP HELP YOUR YOUR HORSE HORSE TO TO SURVIVE SURVIVE In recent years the cataclysmic weather events throughout Queensland have caused heartache for many horse owners as they have struggled to come to terms with the devastation that these horrendous floods exerted on their properties & livestock. However there are many things that can be done to minimize the trauma for both you and your horse during natural disasters. However in the southern states the increasing frequency of bushfires magnifies the risk of fire damage to property and consequent burn injuries to horses.

The northern parts of australia are particularly prone to natural disasters such as cyclones and floods.

Whatever the natural disaster, good forward planning will help to minimize the impact and will protect the safety & well-being of your horse. Preparation for these emergency situations should always start well before the emergency exists. Then you will have an action plan that can be put in place immediately to facilitate the best protection possible for both you and your horse. Although the physical outcomes of these disasters are vastly different, a lot of the precautionary principals are the same.

PLANNING FOR NATURAL DISASTERS Have an emergency plan & make sure all members of your household are aware of its existence. The plan should include contact details for all household members, a designated meeting place, emergency contact numbers including police & emergency services, medical & veterinary contacts and relevant health information as well as details of how to shut off electricity, gas & water supplies. Details of your insurance company should also be included. Everyone's situation differs according to the size and nature of their enterprise. Therefore it is important that all horse owners consider their circumstances and develop an individual survival plan, rationally and calmly, before a natural disaster season is imminent. Make sure you have a means of clearly identifying your horse, and include details in the emergency plan. This could be description and / or brands, but a more reliable means is by microchip and having the details of the microchip registered with the National Pet Registry (Phone: 1300734738) or by lodging details of your property and horse registration with your State Department of Primary Industries. Other means of identification for an impending emergency can be as basic as 'painting' your name and phone number on the horse itself, clipping the details in the hair, or painting them on the hoof with permanent markers. Although tags on halters or neckbands can be useful, they may be an impediment to the horse if it becomes entangled in a fence or bushes.



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Summer/Autumn 2016


Establish the area on your property that is most likely to be safe in an emergency. Consult your local council about flood plans. Obviously the safest place in a flood is the highest ground, but it needs to be protected from debris that may be passing at speed in floodwater or high winds. It also needs to be accessible after an extreme event so that help can be obtained. In the case of fire find the largest possible area with the least amount of vegetation, ideally as close to gates as possible and far away from highly flammable eucalypt trees. A low lying / damp area or dam can be useful, or even a large sand mĂŠnage.

Make sure you have an emergency Evacuation kit prepared This should include items for humans as well as horses. - Non-perishable food items & bottled water. - Horse feed & water, buckets, halters & lead ropes. - First aid kit with veterinary, & human medical supplies as well as sanitation items. - Torch & extra batteries. - Battery powered radio & extra batteries. - Communication aids (mobile phone, UHF radio). - Sturdy footwear, warm clothing, waterproofing, hat & gloves. - Woollen blanket & towels. - Wire cutters, plastic sheeting & duct tape, a whistle & utility knife. - Important documents including insurance papers. - A copy of your emergency plan.

DETERMINE THE SAFEST PLACE & MOST APPROPRIATE TIME TO EVACUATE STAY OR GO? This is your decision - but DO NOT stay until the last minute as late evacuation may be a deadly option. Suitable evacuation areas may include local showgrounds, racetrack or saleyards as directed by your local emergency services director; or somewhere safe with family or friends. Whatever place you decide, try to establish several retreat routes from your property in case fire or flood blocks your escape. Make sure vehicles (including floats) are in good working order, ensure that the vehicle has adequate fuel and keep a copy of the emergency plan in the glove box. All horses (even broodmares & foals) should be trained to load in a float so that they can be shifted without delay when a natural disaster does occur. NEVER let horses out on the road, as they not only run a high risk of being injured, but represent a hazard to passing vehicles. If they cause a traffic accident you may be legally responsible.

Continued over...

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Natural Disasters continued...

PRACTICE the plan BEFORE The natural disaster (cyclone / fire / flood) season so that all members of your household are familiar with the role they need to play to keep both people and your horses safe

PREPARING FOR FLOODS & THE AFTERMATH: A flood emergency is generally of reasonably long duration, so plan to have rations and water for both you and your horse for at least 72 hours. All feed and hay should be kept in plastic bags to prevent the possibility of the build up of the botulinum toxin in damp, rotting feed. Botulism is a disease that causes progressive paralysis and can be fatal, but you can protect your horse by vaccination.

DO NOT DRIVE OVER FLOODED ROADS AS YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT MAY BE BELOW THE SURFACE - OR EVEN IF THERE IS A ROAD SURFACE AT ALL! Insect control is a significant issue during floods, as biting insects not only cause severe annoyance to horses, but can be responsible for the spread of diseases such as Ross River Virus in humans or Equine Infectious Anaemia in horses. Make sure that your veterinary / first aid kit includes insect repellant.

As you move to your evacuation area, close stable doors and gates as you leave. This not only secures your property but will prevent the horse from returning to their familiar but unsafe surroundings in the event that the horse breaks free. Feed shortages may occur after fires or floods depending on the magnitude of the disaster, so be prepared to search for available feed and for possible price increases. Remove feed stores to higher ground if floods are expected.

Mud can pose a serious hazard, even to the extent of being responsible for limb fractures when a horse is caught & struggling in deep, sticky mud. However a more common threat is “mud fever” or “greasy heel”, caused by a dermatophilus bacterium. This can invade the skin when the horse is standing for prolonged periods in wet, muddy conditions. Skin around the pastern area becomes inflamed and cracked and the resulting discharge may cause hair matting. Consult your veterinarian for advice on treatment. Rain scald or mycotic dermatitis is another skin condition caused by the Dermatophilus organism and generally appears on the back. It is most common in warm, humid areas and usually appears within 2-5 days of continuous rain. Treatment is similar to greasy heal, but rugging can help to keep the back dry and prevent infection.

Leptospirosis infections also represent a risk after flooding due to the presence of the spores excreted in the urine of infected animals in wet, muddy conditions. Although less common in horses than cattle, it can still occur and will cause a high fever and severe depression and possibly blood in the urine. It may also cause abortion in pregnant mares. A vaccine is available to prevent your horse from contracting this disease. Other health hazards common in flood situations include foot abscesses caused by bacterial infection invading cracks in the hoof wall, pneumonia and generalized skin wounds - particularly on the legs. Always consult your veterinary surgeon for advice - by phone if necessary.

WHEN FIRE THREATENS AND THE AFTERMATH: Fill troughs, baths and water buckets for emergency use. For You - Woollen / cotton fabrics (synthetics may be highly flammable) - Long pants and long button down shirt sleeves or woolen jumper and a wide brimmed hat. - Sturdy leather gloves to protect hands from radiant heat. - Sturdy leather boots with a good tread. - A cotton scarf worn as a face shield - it can be dampened if necessary. Goggles to protect eyes from smoke or burning embers

12 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Summer/Autumn 2016

For Your Horse - Use leather halters & cotton lead ropes. - DO NOT use any synthetic gear (including fly veils). - Remove all equipment from your horse if it remains in the paddock. Rugs can burn and metal buckles can become very hot. - If possible wet manes & tails, or even drench the coat if the horse has to pass through fire as this may help to protect the horse for a short time. - If you are shifting a nervous, fractious horse, a temporary blindfold may help.

DO NOT shut horses in a stable or small yard. If horses are left in a large area they will be able to best position themselves to remain safe. Horses most commonly suffer facial burns if they have to pass through fire. Other problems include lung damage caused by smoke inhalation, coronet damage, swollen eyelids that may reduce vision and lacerations if They happen to run through a fence. The nature and extent of the injuries will determine whether or not first aid will be sufficient, but at all times be guided by advice from your veterinary surgeon. - Care must be taken when re-entering burned areas as hot spots may still flare up, or hot ash pits may be present where root systems have burned. - Fallen power lines may also present a hazard, so consult your electricity provider if you are concerned. - Make sure that fences are secure.

REMEMBER: Whatever the natural disaster, good forward planning will help to minimize the impact and will protect the safety & well-being of your horse. This information was kindly supplied by Equivet Australia.

EQUIVET AUSTRALIA Equine Reproduction & General Practice Wilson's Equine Veterinary Services -are a specialty equine practice located on the Darling Downs in Queensland and operated by Max Wilson & his partner Robyn Woodward. WEVS focuses on equine stud medicine and the veterinarians operate a personalized, high quality mobile veterinary service using the full range of diagnostic equipment & laboratory facilities.

Tel: Anita 0408 920 707

142 Jimna Springs Rd, Southbrook, Qld Ph: 07 4691 0322 Fax: 07 4691 0419


FEET The feet are the base of your position on the horse. Many riders have stiff immobile feet with little movement in the ankle or the arch. This stiffness travels up the body and influences the whole position. Although this article will be about riding with stirrups I recommend taking the stirrups off your saddle or going bareback and riding without stirrups every now and then. This will stop you becoming dependant on the pressure of your feet on the stirrup for your balance and position and will help you relax your feet which will be of enormous benefit when you do have stirrups............................................................................

Work ‘n’ Country Gear

Proper riding boots are recommended because they don't have laces and have smooth soles, enabling the foot to be released by the stirrup in an emergency. The foot is placed in the stirrup so that the stirrup bar runs straight across under the ball of the foot. The foot is held in the stirrup so that the weight on the inside and outside of the foot is equal. Many riders place too much weight on the outside of the foot. This is not good for the riders' ankle joint and gives an insecure, unbalanced position. Ideally the foot will be running parallel to the side of the horse with a little toe out. If the toe is too far out to the side it removes the inside of the leg (above the knee to below the knee) from being in contact with the horse. To correct a poking out toe the leg needs to be rotated from the hip, if you just move it from the knee it will pop straight back out very quickly. Place both reins in one hand and place the free hand under the thigh, picking it up and rotating the whole leg from the hip, repeat the other side. This also helps bring the foot back under the leg if it's heading too far out the front. Looking from the side you want a line to run from your shoulder straight down through the hip then through the middle of the ankle. This places the foot in a balanced position under the body. It's the same position as you'll find in Tai Chi or Yoga. If you're balanced on your horse not only is it less likely you'll fall off but your body will also be free to communicate effectively with your horse plus your horse won't be in the position where it has to compensate for your unbalanced position.

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Looking from the side you want a line to run from your shoulder straight down through the hip then through the middle of the ankle.

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The heel should be lower than the toe. This gives a much more stable position for the foot and leg. If the heel is higher than the toe the rider tends to lean forward in the saddle plus grip with the legs. It sends the whole body out of balance so is quite important to the overall safety of the rider and comfort of the horse. Some people struggle to keep the heel down. Another way to think of it which works for some is to think of lifting the toe instead. Also standing on the edge of a step and sinking the heels down helps to stretch the ligaments at the back of the ankle.

when rising all your weight is in the stirrup, then when you sit just the normal amount again. If you grip with your legs, especially the inside of the knee in the trot, you will have no weight in the stirrup and your feet will come out of the stirrups, plus you will find it very hard to find your balance. In the canter it is the same as walk with a bit more weight than gravity and in the gallop you are standing with all your weight in the stirrup. And above and beyond all this it's important that the foot is relaxed. There needs to be a softness and willingness to allow movement in the ankle, especially at the trot. The foot needs to rest relaxed and comfortably on the stirrup bar. Exercises while mounted such as rotating the foot in both directions and gently swinging the legs can help loosen you up your feet in your warmup. I personally don't use the foot as an aid but prefer to use gentle pressure from the legs and seat. I don't believe in spurs and see no reason for their use. As I said in the opening comments I really recommend riding without stirrups sometimes, there's a lot to be learnt from it. Happy riding

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The heel should be lower than the toe. This gives a much more stable position for the foot and leg. There are many different opinions about how much weight to have in the stirrup. In my experience if there's too much weight you can actually end up with sore balls on your feet and cramping ankles. Pushing hard into the stirrup also often results in the foot moving too far forward. If there's too little weight the foot can easily fall out of the stirrup if there's a sudden or unexpected movement. So play around with different pressures but generally only a little more than gravity is required in the walk. In the trot

Suzy Maloney B.Eq.Sc. has a degree in Equine Science, has been instructing riding students for 15 years and runs her own business Happy Horses Bitless. Suzy discovered bitless bridles 10 years ago and has now made the promotion of their use her passion. She teaches students exclusively in bitless bridles, gives bitless clinics, writes articles and gives talks on bitless riding and sells bitless bridles through her webpage. Suzy believes we can communicate with horses using gentleness, intuition and an open mind. Her lessons are a combination of classical riding, natural horsemanship and the understanding of equine behaviour.

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Bromac Aladar

ASH Reg # C2 - 152985 Born 2000, 15.2 HH

Sire of brilliant temperament and trainability! “Homozygous Black so cannot throw chestnut foals�

His foals - from many different breeds of mares - are starting to grow up and are turning heads!

Bromac Aladar is 15 now and won't be around forever! Breed your favourite mare to produce the foal you have always wanted with temperament to die for! His 2016 season is starting to fill up! Live cover $1100 LFG, chilled semen $880 LFG or frozen $660 LFG available - conditions apply. Ph: 02 66 424 700 Email : Web:

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Study online from home or school, anywhere in Australia, anytime! Courses on offer include = Diploma of Horse Industry Management = Certificate 3 Horse Industry Practice (Performance Horse) = Certificate 3 Horse Breeding = Certificate 2 Rural Operations (Equine Focus) = TVET (HSC) courses Full time programs available in some courses (Centrelink approved).

We work one-on-one with you to customise a study program to suit your career requirements.

For more information contact the Equine Online Team on (02) 6591 3627 or email

Equine Online™ offers you a unique approach to education in the horse industry with the benefit of flexible online study! We here at North Coast TAFE focus on your individual requirements and will work one-on-one with you to devise your individual unique learning program to suit your study and career pathway. We have a range of courses from Statement of Attainment to Diploma as well as HSC applicable courses. Our focus at Equine Online is providing quality, up to date science-based education in a flexible learning environment. If you are new to the industry we cater for you! To support your online learning we provide a couple of hands-on workshops enabling you to build your skills and confidence. The workshops are conducted at our own Taree TAFE Equine Centre. If you are already in the industry then we also cater for you! If you want a qualification for what you already know and do or you want to further advance your existing skills we offer appropriate courses and the option of Recognition of Prior Learning. Experienced students, including those already in the workplace, benefit from a range of practical assessment options without setting foot on campus. Equine Online allows you to study anytime from anywhere. There is no requirement to attend daily/weekly classes as we bring the classroom (and stable) to you! Give us a call today so that we can start working on what will best work for you!



of Posture

Maintaining good posture is an essential part of good horsemanship which will ensure comfort and well-being.

An extract from the New Release Book


Posture is the position in which the body is held. It is a dynamic relationship, maintained through a harmonious muscular and skeletal balance where each joint is correctly aligned and each muscle is working efficiently and correctly. In the moving horse, posture is concerned with self-carriage and optimum balance. Without good balance the horse cannot carry himself comfortably, gracefully and efficiently.


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CHELATED CALCIUM to support bone strength, growth and health with essential bone minerals. Dr Jennifer Stewart's Bone Formula® provides clinically recommended levels of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and folate, plus trace elements and micro-minerals essential for musculoskeletal health. To find your local supplier please contact Furneys Rural NSW - 02 6841 3800 or 02 4932 4455 QLD - 07 4616 1270


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When standing square the weight should be evenly distributed around the centre of mass both from front to back and side to side.

What's so Important about Posture? Good posture is vital for every ridden horse. It can be influenced by training and affects functional health. Maintaining it is an essential part of good horsemanship. It is a contributory factor in ensuring comfort and wellbeing, allows the horse to move with ease, efficiency and energy, puts a 'spring in his step' and extends his working life. Without good posture it is not possible to be truly physically fit and allow the horse to reach his full potential. ...................................................................................

Posture versus conformation Conformation cannot be changed. It is determined by the skeletal structure, the characteristics of breed, genetics and how the horse is put together. If he is born with a long back, a sloping shoulder or short pasterns this will remain so. Conformation may sometimes appear to change; for example if the horse develops more muscle his back or topline may look different but the underlying anatomical structure will always remain the same.

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cumulative effects which, if maintained over long periods, can have a detrimental effect on soft tissue. This can lead to biomechanically inefficient movement where even the most basic movements become tiring and uncomfortable. It can potentially affect demeanour and behaviour, lead to unsatisfactory training sessions, and result in frustration on the part of the rider. Factors that can contribute to poor posture are: Obesity = Poor hoof balance = Dental discomfort = Poorly balanced or unskilled riders = Carrying too heavy a rider for too long = Lack of fitness = Working in an inappropriate outline for the age and stage = Psychological tension, negative tension and resistance = Immobility where horses are stabled for long periods with ....lack of space in which to move = Constantly eating out of a high hay rack = Pain. =

Each discipline has different postural requirements

Each discipline has different postural requirements but irrespective of breed, conformation or type, good posture makes the best of the horse's conformation. It is our responsibility to think of ourselves as personal trainers to our horses. This includes looking after every aspect of their well-being in general and their posture in particular.

Benefits of good posture Good posture suggests good health. Aesthetically it looks pleasing and anatomically it's important for the efficient functioning of the body. It: Keeps bones and joints correctly aligned to enable the correct functioning of the ....musculoskeletal system during all weight-bearing activities = Minimises abnormal wear of joint surfaces that can result in premature degeneration = Decreases stress on ligaments, tendons and fascia = Prevents the back becoming fixed in an over-extended position = Ensures muscles are used efficiently and effectively = Reduces strain and overuse = Allows optimum functioning of the internal organs = Allows nervous system to work at optimal efficiency. =

Poor posture Poor posture can be defined as any alignment that deviates from the ideal. Assuming a stressed position for a brief moment is not in itself a problem. The danger arises from

As soon as a rider sits on the horse’s back, the increase in gravitational force causes the back to extend. This horse is coping with both the weight of the rider from above and over-condition from below. In this case it is vital that the rider does everything in her power to support the spine. Continued over...


Principles of Posture continued...

Spinal Curves One important indicator of posture is spinal curves. These are natural curves within the horse's spine. When referring to the curves, we are referring to the level of vertebral bodies and not the topline which can be influenced by the musculature.

1. The cervical vertebrae create an 'S' shape allowing the neck to protract and retract rather like a telescope. This enables the positioning of the head and neck to influence posture. At the top of the neck the cervical vertebrae curve upwards (dorsally concave). From mid-neck the curve changes direction with a dorsally convex curve. The thoracolumbar section of the spine should be straight or slightly curved upwards (dorsally concave). 2. When the upper curve rounds (flexes) and the lower curve hollows (extends) this shortens the neck. 3. When the neck elongates the upper and lower cervical curves flatten out.



3 The lumbosacral junction

Spinal junctions are key for posture A spinal junction is the joint between the different sections of the spine. Their efficient functioning is fundamental to good posture. At each junction there is a change in the mechanics, anatomical configuration and amount of movement of the vertebrae.

The occipitocervical junction The thoracolumbar junction

The sacrococcygeal junction

Spinal curves are influenced by: = = = = =

Gravity Muscle development, fitness and tone The weight of the rider The weight of the digestive system Age

The cervicothoracic junction

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This horse is illustrating basic good posture with well-positioned spinal curves

The four mechanisms used by the horse to maintain good posture are also applicable to maintaining the optimum position of the spinal curves. One of the most common poor postural positions is extension through the thoraco lumbar region. This detrimental posture, which is so well illustrated in this picture (see below), is coupled with a more extended curve through the base of neck (protraction through the cervicothoracic junction) and a more extended lumbosacral junction.

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This position will be uncomfortable for the horse, put strain through the joints of the spine and hindlimbs and add weight to the forelimb. These effects will be exacerbated in the immature horse where the growth plates of the spine are not yet fully fused.

Summer/Autumn 2016

Posture and Performance Principles of Training Horses from the Anatomical Perspective By Gillian Higgins with Stephanie Martin

Get to know your equine partner inside out with this highly illustrated training guide based on biomechanics. It's like pilates for horse and rider. From leading equine expert and best-selling author Gillian Higgins, comes a unique handbook that gives horse lovers and competitive owners an insight into improving skills and training from an anatomical perspective. This training manual, based on the Horses Inside Out philosophy - “Understanding anatomy improves performance and reduces the risk of injury” - provides various tips and tricks for riders from all equine disciplines to make informed decisions to maximise their own and their horse's potential, gain more enjoyment, satisfaction, and improve their skills. Posture and Performance contains a wealth of practical tips and exercises broken down into easy-to-follow, wellillustrated steps, showing how riders can improve their riding skills and potential. Gillian Higgins suggests ways to improve a horse's physique, posture, flexibility, stability, core strength, performance and how to reduce muscular and movement problems, and reduce the risk of injury, while also providing critical pointers on rider posture and movement. ......................................................................................................................... The book is filled with gorgeous images that have all been crafted by anatomical creations being painted onto the horse by the author, giving the reader a totally unique experience which shows how a horse's anatomy works and why it's important for every rider. Posture and Performance is a truly spectacular book.

Posture and Performance is available from and wherever good books are sold. RRP $34.99

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gillian Higgins is a sports and remedial therapist, equine therapist, rider and BHS senior coach and anatomist. She regularly writes articles for equestrian magazines and is also requested to give quotes as 'ask the expert'. She founded Horses Inside Out, an organisation which gives a fascinating insight into equine locomotion, training and management from an anatomical perspective. Gillian will be touring Australia in 2016. For more information about these clinics visit Horses Inside Out Australia Tour on Facebook or contact Jessica Blackwell on 0407 850 033.

For Course Dates and Venues please see April Coming Events Page 31 - Clinics and Courses.

HOW and WHY the WTP Bit works. The jointed snaffle has been around for 5,000 years. The problem is that the centre joint folds too far forward into the tongue causing the nut cracker action and bit pinching. Another issue is that at low contact the arms of a snaffle fold downwards, and the centre piece can go into the roof of the mouth causing roof rubbing, which can be painful. Because the outer edges of the horses' tongue are thinner and more sensitive, when the arms of a jointed snaffle fold downwards they can cause the tongue to spread down over the lower bars (the bone in front of the bottom teeth) causing side pinching. Another issue is that with a jointed snaffle the cheek rings fold tight into the lips and cheeks, and a horse does not need cheek pressure when working in a straight line which can aggravate the horse. With the WTP bit the centre piece sits 50mm more, back on the tongue, and the centre piece is enclosed and only 11mm high therefore, no bit pinching or roof rubbing. The 6.5cm flat service centre area under engineering tests reduces the bit pressure by 85%, and the arms do not fold down and only comes back to a certain point to prevent constant cheek pressure. Now you have the softest and most responsive bit contact in the world. The bit slides back on the tongue and down without any folding within the mouth. If a horse is not comfortable in the mouth, it can affect their whole-body flow movement causing them to sometimes be choppy in their action or not using their shoulders and hindquarters properly or rounding up. Imagine having a tooth ache it is hard to concentrate on your work your body will slump, and you won’t walk the same, and you won’t be happy.

ö Stops the bit pinching the tongue ö Stops the tongue hanging out ö Stops the tongue getting over the bit ö Stops roof rubbing and lip pinching ö Stops headshaking, pulling & bolting

ö Stops hanging, rearing & bucking ö Stops displacement of the soft palate ö Stops mouth opening & respiratory noise ö Amazing soft and responsive bit contact ö Improves performance & stops rein leaning

Further information visit:


Brave Heart Equine Acupressure & Heart Health By Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis

Throughout literature, the horse's heart is given the distinction of being extraordinary - strong, brave, noble, determined. When we say “a horse has heart” we all know it means the horse will do what's asked of him with fierce determination. Paintings echo this notion of the horse's exalted character and willingness to give his all. We can easily visualize horses racing to a finish line, jumping a course, climbing mountains, and dashing across the plains.

Horses have given us their hearts in so many ways for so many centuries.

Anatomical Marvel The equine cardiovascular system is an anatomical marvel. Proportionally, the equine heart is the largest heart of any other land mammal. The heart of a 1000 pound horse is about the size of an over-sized eggplant and weighs approximately 10 pounds. In its resting state, the equine heart can pump about 40 liters of blood every single minute. When exercising, his heart can pump up to seven times more blood per minute than when at rest.

Equine Heart Rate (Beats Per Minute) Foals: 70 - 120 bpm Yearlings: 45 - 60 bpm 2 years +: 40 - 50 bpm

The anatomical structure of the horse's heart is the same as in all mammals. The heart muscle is unique in the body because it must provide continuous rhythmic contraction. Like other mammals, the equine heart has four compartments and is responsible for constantly circulating oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to all the tissues and organs of the body. It's the generator and power drive that gives the horse his prowess. The strength of the equine heart is also seen in the fact that horses suffer from relatively few cardiac diseases. Cardiac disease or disorders follows third after musculoskeletal and respiratory issues as the most common equine health issue effecting performance. That said, there are heart diseases, both congenital and acquired, which can be attributed to poor performance of horses of any age or breed. Heart issues can appear suddenly or gradually. If your horse is experiencing any of the following it would be wise to contact your holistic veterinarian to have him checked: lethargy, exercise intolerance, loss of conditioning, shortness of breath, weakness, distended veins, chronic edema along the ventral midline and/or lower extremities, or complete collapse.

Traditional Chinese Medicine From a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, the heart is the “Monarch of the Body.” It's the ruler of the physical and emotional kingdom directing resources where and when needed to support bodily functions. As the monarch, the Heart has its own protector, the Pericardium, which is the sheathing surrounding the heart. The Pericardium is responsible for protecting the heart from any insult or excessive demand allowing the Heart can rule judiciously. As poetic as this may sound, this is what the Heart does for a living in the body. Chinese medicine focuses on maintaining heart health. To maintain the strength of a horse's Heart we look to a healthy lifestyle including proper conditioning, quality of feed, appropriate hydration during exertion, social interaction, rest, turn out, and on-going bodywork. When a horse is receiving the care he needs his Heart is strong because chi, life-promoting energy, and blood are flowing harmoniously and nourishing his muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and all the other organs required to sustain optimal life.

Note: In TCM, the convention is to capitalize the first letter of the organ thus calling attention to the functions of the entire organ system including its energetic channel (aka meridian) and the roles it carries out in the body. Each organ system performs both energetic and biological functions covering a larger scope than in western medicine.

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If your horse is experiencing any of the following it would be wise to contact your holistic veterinarian to have him checked: lethargy, exercise intolerance, loss of conditioning, shortness of breath, weakness, distended veins, chronic edema along the ventral midline and/or lower extremities, or complete collapse.

Answer the Question for your chance to WIN!

Acupressure Session By offering your horse a Heart Health Maintenance Acupressure Session every four or five days you will be providing overall health because of the Heart's role in sustaining the entireanimal's body. The acupressure points selected for the session enhance blood circulation, contribute to the enrichment of blood, and support and strengthen the Heart organ.

Heart issues This gorgeous Limited Edition Print on Canvas (unframed) ‘Eye See You’ by artist Louise McConnell

Drawn for Mothers Day 2016 Q. How much did Phar Lap’s heart weigh? Email: with the Answer. Find the answer on Page 23 of EQ News - Volume 7 Issue 4 Summer/Autumn 2016 Issue - Entries close 1st May 2016

Acupoint & Location Bl 14 Association point of the Pericardium. Located 3 cun lateral to the dorsal midline, in the 9th intercostal space.

us f find on facebook

Bl 17 Found 3 cun lateral to the dorsal midline in the 12th intercostal space. Lu 9 Found between the 1st and 2nd row of the carpal bones just cranial to the accessory carpal bone, medial aspect of foreleg. Ht 7 Found on the caudolateral aspect of the radius, proximal to the accessory carpal bone opposite Pe 7. Copyright Tallgrass Publications Inc. All Rights Reserved 1995-2015 - 303-681-3030 C

Whether you and your horse are galloping toward a finish line or meandering along a scenic trail, your contribution to your horse's heart health will make for many years of happy times together.

About the Authors Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis are the Authors of: Acu-Horse: A Guide to Equine Acupressure, Acu-Dog: A Guide to Canine Acupressure, and Acu-Cat: A Guide to Feline Acupressure. They founded Tallgrass offering books, manuals, DVDs, Apps for mobile devices, and meridian charts. Tallgrass also provides a 300-hour hands-on and online training program worldwide. Tallgrass courses are being taught in Australia - please contact us for further information regarding dates and locations: Email:

INTERESTING FACT Famous Thoroughbred Race Horse ‘Phar Lap’ had a massive heart that weighed 6.2 kg (14lb), almost 50% larger than the average horse’s heart which is approximately 4.5 kg (101b). Phar Lap’s heart at the National Museum of Australia. Photo by : AYArktos

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Located at Hawthorn Park, South Grafton. Monthly All Breed, Performance Shows and training days. Web: Facebook: “Ncwrc Grafton”.


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Hawkesbury NSW, Arctic Cup Twilight Series - Ph: Melanie Kelly 0407 207 649 Jeep Ladies Day at the Polo “International” - Ph: 03 5343 2378 Victorian Polo Club Challenge, 0, 4 & 8 Goal Handicap, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: 03 5343 2378 Ellerston Tournament, NSW - Ph: Melanie Kelly 0407 207 649 Willo Polo season opening tournament, 8, 4 & 0, NSW - Ph: Melanie Kelly 0407 207 649



Seville Pony Club Horse Trials State Qualifier, Wandin Vic - Ph: Dianne Harvey 0407 545 188

13-14 13-14 20-21 26 - - - GVRHA, Qualifier Show, Tatura Park Indoor Arena Tatura Vic - Ph: Wendy Star 0427 801 787 QRHA, QSEC Horse Home Show, QSEC Caboolture Qld - Ph: Lynda Gray 0412 479 340 VRHA, Show Me The Money Reining Horse Show, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Kristy 0423 673 372 Tamworth Reining Horse Association, Training Day, Tamworth NSW - Ph: 0429 035 306






12-14 12-14 13 13-14 13-16 14 20 20-21 20-22 20 24-28 27-28 27-28 27 28

ASH, West Gippsland Branch, Show & Challenge, Trafalgar Vic - Ph: Jennifer 0419 122 085 Big Valley QH Assoc, “A”& “AA” Shows, Benalla Vic - Ph: Kathy Henderson 0427 682 516 The NSW & Act Branch of Dilutes Australia Ltd, Summer Show, Lyneham Act - Ph: Jacqui 0457 747 057 ASH, East Moreton Branch, Emma Hansen Hack Day, S/Gr, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Diane 0427 181 117 2016 Barastoc Horse of the Year, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Yvonne Dinnage 0418 334 312 2016 Aust Miniature Pony Soc Inc, Western Dist Ch/ship Show, Bathurst NSW - Ph: 0458 619 362 ASH, West Moreton Branch, Twilight T-Shirt Open Hack Sh, Sh/Gr, Lowood Qld - Ph: 0417 081 171 Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia, Gatton Indoor Equestrian Centre Qld - Ph: 0428 621 744 Australian Palouse Pony Victorian STATE SHOW, Events Centre, Elmore Vic - Ph: 0427 156 327 Qld RPG Little Red Dragon Show, Showground, Toogoolawah Qld - Ph: Christine 0412 671 412 Goulburn Valley QH Ass, “AA”& “AA” Show, Tatura Vic - Ph: Diane Rose 0428 265 113 Burnett Wide Regional Appaloosa Cl, “AA” Show, Bundaberg Qld - Ph: Melissa 07 4156 1645 Victorian Arabian Horse Association, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Michelle Lando 0425 711 463 Brisbane And Country Champagne Classic Open Show, Open to all Colours Under 14HH Showground, Beaudesert Qld - Ph: 07 5573 1916 - Australian Palouse Pony Assoc. NATIONAL SHOW, Beaudesert Qld - Ph: 07 5573 1916

13-14 20 21 27

Richmond River TRC, NSW, meet 3rd w/end of month Feb to Nov - Ph: 02 6663 7289 02 6686 6276 Maryvale Qld (Warwick Club ), Breast Cancer F20 - Ph: Colleen Shaw 07 4163 1841 Mon-Fri 9am-3pm Logan River Redlands H T R Cl Qld, Come/Try W/end, Logan Horse Hub, Chambers Flat 0416 147 492 Lake Macquarie P & T H R, Belmont South NSW - Ph: Erin Marney 0419 900 898 Southern Peninsula T R Cl, Pig & Wistle Lunch Ride, Boneo Vic - Ph: Janine Gorton 0416 256 447

13 13-14 13-14 21 21 27-28 26-29

North Coast Western Riders Cl meet monthly, Hawthorne Prk, Sth Grafton, NSW - Ph: 0417 488 520 YAWBA, AQHA & PHAA “A” Show (TBC), Young NSW - Ph: Leah 0417 670 078 or Stevie 0413 841 865 DDWPC, AQHA “A” Show, Indoor Arena, Dalby S/ground, Dalby Qld - Ph: Timothy 0435 288 903 Gunalda & DWPC, “A” & “AA” Show, Showgrounds, Nambour Qld - Ph: Angela Warren 07 5447 9742 ECAP& WP Assoc Inc, Show 8am start, Showground, Wauchope NSW - Ph: Jo Fowler 0409 030 663 Burpengary Western Performance Cl, “B” Show, equestrian Centre, Burpengary - Ph: Sue 07 3888 4434 Burnett-Wide Bay RAC, “AA” Show, Recreational Precinct, Bundaberg Qld - E: AQHA, “A”&”B” Show , Gatton Indoor Arena, Gatton Qld - Ph: Trish Wright 0487 719 294 - 0498 997 108

20 27-28

Working Equitation Governing Body - Ph: Conina 0405 979 665 Clarence Valley Working Equitation, Hawthorne Park, South Grafton, NSW - Ph: Chris 0421 358 373 Clarence Valley W Equitation, Clinic, Hawthorne Park, South Grafton, NSW - Ph: Chris 0421 358 373




23 25-28

Also see NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP SECTION Horsemanship Clinic with Dan Steers, Ground Control & Body Control Under Saddle, Woodburn NSW Ph: Janelle Peachy 0497 787 486 or Daz 0429 803 105 - QSEC'S Horse Home Show, Caboolture Qld - 9am-8.30pm, Horsemanship with Dan Steers, Riding, Training &Performing - - Ph: 07 5433 3222 The Big Show Team Roping Championships, AELEC, Tamworth NSW Ph: WAMM Promotions Wayne or Melissa 0409 765 585 King of the Ranges Stockman's Challenge & Bush Festival, Murrurundi NSW Ph: Ray Hynes 0447 800 040

EDMANIA E F Caboolture The ONLY way to KNOW for SURE is by doing a Fecal Eggcount. Samples taken ONSITE - We come to you!

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“Your one stop feed shop” OPEN 7 DAYS

(07) 5495 1961 Shop 1/54 Beerburrum Rd, Caboolture, Qld 4510

us f find on facebook

MARCH All dates are subject to change




5 6 6 13 19 19-20 19-20 26 26-27

Tarcutta, “Lisa Coates Memorial Classic”, Tarcutta NSW - Ph: Stan Coates 02 6928 8225 Moonbi Magic, Divisional, Moonbi NSW - Ph: Jenny 0418 904 788 Gippsland Barrel Racing, Divisional, Nilma North Vic - Ph: Michelle 0428 781 939 Camden Barrel Racing Cl, Divisional, Camden NSW - Ph: ABHA 03 5343 5118 Need for Speed, Gunning NSW - Ph: 0419 434 634 Bingara Divisional Jackpot Barrel Race, Bingara NSW - Ph: 0438 466 722 Cloverleaf Cruisers, Divisional Co Affiliated, Murrurundi NSW - Ph: 0427 165 359 Hunter Barrel Horse Assoc, Divisional, Coorang NSW - Ph: 0413 491 305 NBHA, **Easter Spectacular** Single J/pot & TOP 10 Shootout, Rockin M Arena, Harlin Qld


5 12-13 12 18-20 18-20 19 25-27 25 25-28 26 27 27 27

NSW, Reg Lindsay Cessnock (PR60) Rodeo - Ph: Ros Lindsay 02 4991 1585 NSW, Quirindi Campdraft - Ph: Dianne Biddle 0427 122 135 ACT, Queanbeyan Rodeo - Ph: Christine Corkhill 0433 081 492 NSW, Bundarra Lions Campdraft - Ph: Esme Garrad 02 6723 7384 NSW, Coonamble Challenge & Campdraft - Ph: Andrew Shearer 0400 713 356 NSW, Braidwood Rodeo SZ Finals - Ph: Louise Halligan 0413 465 566 NSW, Macleay Challenge Campdraft - Ph: Michelle Wilson 0427 544 693 NSW, Lightning Ridge (PR50) Rodeo - Ph: Tiarna Britten 0408 093 097 NSW, Geurie Campdraft - Ph: Kristy Wiggins 0429 897 999 NSW, Dungog Rodeo - Ph: Carol-Ann Cummings 0429 182 369 NSW, Woolbrook Campdraft - Ph: Neville Henry 02 6777 5906 NSW, Dungog Round 1 EAST Coast JNR JPOT Rodeo - Ph: Carol-Ann Cummings 0429 182 369 Qld, Einasleigh Rodeo - Ph: Jennifer Wishart 07 4062 5134


5-6 6 12-14 13 26-28

NSW, Ann Synnot Cup, Murrombateman NSW - Ph: Hannah Becchio 0438 880 458 TRHDC Charity Day Mini CDE, Tamworth NSW - Ph: Liz O'Brien 0427 766 726 Victorian State CDE Championships - Koonoomoo Vic - Ph: 03 5873 2191 Range Club, 3 Phase Event, Sh/grounds, Goombungee Qld - Ph: Ian Taylor 07 3289 2509 National CDE Championships, Longwood Vic - Ph: 03 5798 5246

4-6 10-17 19-20 4-6 5 5-6 5-6 11-13 12 12-13 13 16-19 17-19 25 31-2

The Southern Qld C H Assoc, Championship Show, Chinchilla Qld - Ph: Ray 02 6679 3652 NCHA Nat Finals/ Snafflebit Futurity & Breeders Incentive Show AELEC, Tamworth NSW - 02 6765 9356 West Gippsland Q H Assoc, Championship Show, Garfield Vic - Ph: Linda Sutton 03 5998 8402 2016 “Elizabeth Farm” Horse of the Year, SIEC, Horsley Park NSW - Ph: SHNSW - Kerry 0412 062 084 Qld Dressage Series, Medium to Grand Prix, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Leesa 0402 033 706 ACTDC, Canberra Classic, Equestrian Park - Ph: Kathy Dennis 0434 606 216 JurAvon Park Spring Dressage Championships, Kurunjang Vic - Ph: Katrina Brzozek 03 9908 3702 DNSW Event, Clarendon NSW – Ph: Karen Lever 02 4576 7996 WVDC Ddessage Festival & Club Championships, Ballarat Vic - Ph: Marianne 0428 282 789 Dressage Young Rider & Development Squad, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Lole 03 9908 3702 BDDC- Equus Rugs & Accessories Indoor Dressage Comp, Clyde North Vic - Ph: 0407 681 480 “Gallery Equine” Grand National Championships, SIEC, Horsley Park, Sydney - Ph: 02 4311 2859 Dressage Jumping With Stars, Yh Ch, CDI-W, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: 03 9974 0577 Boneo Park autumn Dressage Championships, Boneo Vic - Ph: Liz Schirmer 03 5986 3006 April Victorian Young Rider Dressage Championships, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: 03 9908 3702


12-13 19-20 25-28 25-28

Catani Challenge, 83/38/19 km, Vic - Ph: Bronwyn Cuthbertson 0400 677 005 Zone 4, Bumbaldry NSW - Ph: Sonya Ruprect 02 6553 9532 Faraway Easter Carnival, 320/12o & mini/2x80/3x40/20/5, Imbil Qld - Ph: 0411 407 047 Eddington, 160/80/40/25/5km, Vic - Ph: Bronwyn Cuthbertson 0400 677 005


4 5-6 5-6 11-12 12 12 12-13 19-20 19-20 26-27

2016 NNWSJC Indoor Show Jumping Championships, AELEC, Tamworth NSW - Ph: 0437 656 453 BPC Muster Matt Ryan / SEQAC, Equestrian Centre, Burpengary Qld - Ph: 0414 017 285 Scone NSW, One Day Event - Ph: Vicki Burgess 02 6747 3887 2016 Tallangatta Show Jumping Show - Ph: Jumping Victoria 03 9013 0707 Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club, CNC28 - EvA80, Brisbane Qld - Ph: 07 3891 6611 Tonimbuk International Horse Trials, Equestrian Centre, Tonimbuk Vic - Ph: 03 9013 0707 Canberra ACT, One Day Event - Jumping Victoria 03 9013 0707 Wandin Horse Trials 2016, Wandin North Vic - Ph: Jumping Victoria 03 9013 0707 Berrima NSW, One Day Event - Ph: Vicki Burgess 02 6747 3887 Quirindi NSW, One Day Event Ph: Vicki Burgess 02 6747 3887


9 -11 12-14

Mel Fleming Horsemanship, Introductory Course, Sydney Area - Ph: Mel 0428 385 745 Mel Fleming Horsemanship, Intermediate Course, Sydney Area - Ph: Mel 0428 385 745


North Coast Tack Shop

Follow on Facebook: North Coast Tack Shop

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Valley Country

P: 0419 374 623 Nabiac St Opposite Pool

Australian countr y lifestyle


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For all of your Equestrian needs from Pony Club, Showing to Racing 02 6643 2311

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18-20 21-23 24-28 25-29

Mel Fleming H/manship, Intro Course, Ground, “Alchemy Place”, Moonbi NSW - Ph: 0428 385 745 Mel Fleming H/manship, Intro Course, Riding, “Alchemy Place”, Moonbi NSW - Ph: 0428 385 745 Ken Faulkner, Australian Horsemanship, 5 Day Super Camp, Maldon Vic - Ph: 02 5439 7397 Mel Fleming Horsemanship, Intermediate Course,“Alchemy Place”, Moonbi NSW - Ph: 0428 385 745

12-20 26-27 26-27

NSW Hector King (8goal) and Sydney Polo League (4 & 0 goal) - Ph: Suzie Ruse 0409 764 607 NSW Morton Cup (open Handicap) and NSWPA 8, 4 & 0 goal - Ph: Suzie Ruse 0409 764 607 Victorian Polo Club Challenge, 0,4 & 6 Goal Handicap at WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: 03 5343 2378

12-13 19-20 19-20 26-27

NSW, Braidwood, Southern Highlands - Ph: Rachael Hughes 0404 942 710 NSW, Walcha, New England - Ph: Jess Creed 0427 258 234 NSW, Lake George, Southern Highlands - Ph: Rachael Hughes 0404 942 710 NSW, Eurocoast, Southern Highlands - Ph: Rachael Hughes 0404 942 710


12-13 31-3

Midland Zone, Stardust Stockfeed Vic Pony Cl Team Ch/ships, S/gr, Bendigo Vic - 03 5447 8285 April State Jumping Equitation & Showjumping - Toowoomba/Gatton, S/gr, Qld - 07 4630 7056


4-6 12-13 12-13 22-26 23-26

SQRHA, Slide N Spin Jackpot Qualifier Show - Ph: Chris Wales 0407 856 786 NSWRHA Qualifier Show, SIEC, Horsley Park NSW - Ph: Natasha Daly 0418 427 252 QRHA Ribbon Show & Clinic, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Lynda Gray 0412 479 340 VRHA State Ch/ships & Southern Open Derby Spectacular, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: 0423 673 372 ARBC Derby & Stockmans Challenge, Dalby Qld - Ph: Lynda Gray 0412 479 340


4-7 Victorian Quarter Horse State Championships, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: 03 9741 7672 5-6 ASH, East Gippsland Br, Show & Challenge, Bairnsdale Vic - Ph: Kim Fullgrabe 0409 953 233 5-6 ASH, Hunter Br, Annual Show & Campdraft, Scone NSW - Ph: Sharleen Flanagan 0447 349 007 11-13 National Pony of the Year Show, SIEC, Horsley Park NSW - Ph: Show Sec 0414 908 573 ah 12 Welsh Pony & cob Dressage Classes, Events Complex, Tatura Park Vic - Ph: 0433 033 648 12-13 ASH, Far Nth Coast Br, Annual Show & Futurities, Hawthorne Park, Sth Grafton - Ph: 0427 493 276 19-20 The Victorian ASHS State Championships Vic Management Council, Ballarat Vic - Ph: 0409 322 851 20 2016 Australian Appaloosa Association National Show, AELEC, Tamworth NSW - Ph: 02 6765 7969 24-27 Miniature Horse Assoc of Australia, 2016 National Show, SIEC, Horsley Park - Ph: 08 8384 6446 26-27 Border Branch ASHS Challenge, Delungra NSW - Ph: Jill Brown 0428 457 958 30 2016 Independent Miniature Horse Register (IMHR), AELEC, Tamworth NSW - Ph: 02 4844 6393 31-3 April Arabian Horse Society of Australia, Australian Arabian National Championships SIEC, Horsley Park NSW - Ph: AHSA Office 02 4577 5366 -


5-6 6 20 25-27

Upper Hunter Team Penning, Aberdeen NSW - Ph: 0427 289 131 - Tamworth & Dist Team Penning, Sorting, Moonbi NSW - Ph: Lisa 0407 434 361 Peel Valley T P, Team Penning Event, Tamworth NSW - Ph: 0400 948 339 Valley Team Penning, Show Ground, Singleton NSW - Ph: 0499 212 862


25-28 25-28 25-28

Qld, Dayboro Trail Riders Cl Inc, Easter Camp - Ph: Lisa Schuhmann 07 3425 1643 NSW, Lake Macquarie P & T Horse Riders, Easter Camp, Venue TBA - Ph: Erin Marney 0419 900 898 Vic, Riddells Creek Trail Horse Riding Cl Inc, 2016 Easter Camp, Glenlyon - Ph: Brenda 03 5428 2626


11-13 12-13 25-28 25-28

Qld All Breeds Western Performance “AA” Show, Sh/gr, Nambour Qld - Ph: 0427 836 620 Darling Downs WPCl Inc, Showgrounds, Dalby Qld - Ph: Timothy McIntyre 0435 288 903 Gatton Quarter Horse Performance Assoc, Easter Extravaganza, Eq/ Ctr, Gatton Qld - Ph: 0498 997 108 Burpengary WPCI, Autumn Youth Camp “B” Show, Burpengary, Qld - Ph: Sue Hartshom 07 3888 4434



Clarence Valley Working Equitation, Hawthorne Park, South Grafton, NSW - Ph: Chris 0421 358 373

2-4 5-6 5-8 7-11 14-17 19-20 21-24

Also see Natural Horsemanship Section Double Dan H/manship, Cattle Working Clinic with Dan Steers, Toowoomba - 0414 871 281 Double Dan H/manship, Cattle Working Clinic with Dan Steers, Toowoomba - 0414 871 281 Equine Reiki Level 1, Clarendon Forest Retreat, Mid N/th Coast - Ph: Julie 0404 470 571 Double Dan H/manship, 5 Day Colt Starting Clinic, Woodford Qld - Ph: 0483 983 889 Equine Reiki Level 2, Gatton Qld - Ph: Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571 - Double Dan H/manship, Ground Control & Ridden Cl, 2 Instructors, Dubbo - 0455 455 588 Equine Reiki Level 2, Clarendon Forest Retreat, Mid N/th Coast - Ph: Julie 0404 470 571



31- 3 April The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival, Corryong Vic Ph: 02 6076 1992 -

A natural holistic approach to horsemanship through understanding their Mind, Emotions, Body & Spirit Courses ~ Lessons ~ Saddle Fitting ~ BALANCE Saddles

Ph: 0428 385 745 E:

APRIL All dates are subject to change




16 16-17 17 23 23 24 30


2 NSW, Coffs Harbour, Bulls & Barrels - Ph: Margo Caba 02 6651 1245 2 Qld, Charters Towers Dust & Gold Rodeo - Ph: Fay Staub 0417 784 833 2-3 NSW, Dorrigo Rodeo - Ph: Laurie Darby 02 6657 5123 8 -10 NSW, Gulargambone Campdraft - Ph: Marina Colwell 0428 251 463 9 NSW, Attunga Rodeo - Ph: Mary Morgan 0428 424 929 9 NSW, Forbes Rodeo - Ph: Donna Molloy 0422 395 030 9 Qld, Clermont Rodeo (CRCA Dual) - Ph: Lana Doring 0419 787 183 9 -10 NSW, Walcha CDERS Campdraft - Ph: Laura Macintosh 0448 665 374 16-17 NSW, Elerston Campdraft - Ph: Leanne Shorten 02 6546 5282 16-17 NSW, Delungra Campdraft - Ph: Sharon Edwards 0429 623 233 16 NSW, Singleton Rodeo - Ph: Roslyn Eherer 02 6572 2039 23 NSW, Tumut Rodeo - Ph: Karen Baker 0429 167 391 23-25 NSW, Trangie Campdraft - Ph: Fiona Lander 0400 916 820 29-1st May NSW, Cassilis Campdraft - Ph: Zoe Nairne 0400 782 111


3 Caboolture Club, Dressage/Cones Event, QSEC Grounds, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Helen 07 5483 5121 3 Gold Coast Cl, Dressage 10 am, Schuster Park, Tallebudgera - Ph: Robyn 07 5533 8239 9 -10 Lessons-Mike Thill / mini CDE/Activities, Oxley Vic - Ph: Bev 03 5766 2257 - 0427 308 913 9-10 NSW, Horse Power Area Park (Riverena Cl) - Ph: Sue Fraser 02 6920 2330 14-15 NSW CDE Level 3 Joe Hawkins Cup at Marmar - (Riverena Cl) - Ph: Sue Fraser 02 6920 2330 16-17 Level 3 CDE Bungendore Club - Ph: Dot Willcoxson 02 4827 7164 17 Qld, Range Cl, Inter Club Challenge, Lowood Showground - Ph: Lisa 07 3542 2770 23-24 Graded Driven Dressage, Huntly Vic - Ph: 0408 334 279 1st May NSW Show Driving Championships, Hawkesbury Hills Club - Ph: Jan Muspratt 02 9606 6085




NBHA, Double Jackpot (2 Runs only), Arena TBC - Email: Cloverleaf Cruisers, Murrurundi NSW - Ph: 0427 165 359 Barrel Racing Victoria, Bacchus Marsh Vic - Ph: 03 5343 2321 - 0409 528 150 Cloverleaf Cruisers, Murrurundi NSW - Ph: 0427 165 359 Hunter Barrel Horse Assoc, Coorang NSW - Ph: Tracey 0428 505 579 Turn & Burn Southern Derby, Grong Grong NSW - Ph: Vicki 02 6928 4530 Moonbi Magic *** Classic***, Moonbi NSW - Ph: Jenny 0418 904 788

8-10 9 -10 15-17 17 22-24 22-24 22-24 30

Southern Qld CHA, Championship Show, Kilcoy Qld - Ph: Ray Cooper 02 6679 3652 Lone Tree Hill C.Cl, Jackpot Show, Seymour Vic - Ph: Mark McMahon 0488 031 707 Capella Indoor C, Assoc, Show, U/Cover Arena, Capella Qld - Cont: Janette E: West Gippsland QHA, Jackpot Show, Garfield Vic - Ph: Linda Sutton 03 5998 8402 Hunter Valley CHCl, Championship Show, White Park, Scone NSW - Ph: 0407 050 780 Ah 02 6545 8032 Wildhorse Cutting Inc, Championship Show, Sportsground, Rolleston Qld - Ph: Angie Innes 0428 087 617 Pioneer Country QHA, Championship Show, Tyntynder NSW - Ph: Gayle Gillespie 0429 852 313 Big River Cutting C Inc, Championship Show, Hawthorne Park, Grafton NSW - Ph: Alan 02 6649 3135

4-8 6-9 8 10 17 16 22-24 24 24 30 30 30

2016 Interschool Victoria, State Championships, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Karen Amore 03 9908 3703 Sydney CDI, NSW Young Horse Championships, SIEC, Horsley Park, Sydney NSW - Ph: 0418 686 781 Randall Park Official EA Dressage Jackpot, Vic - Ph: 03 5943 2444 or Stephanie 0407 507 897 TVE Group, Competive & Prepatroy to PSG, S/gr, Murwillumbah NSW - Ph: 0428 536 422 AHAA Open, Official Dressage Competition, Events Complex, Tatura Vic - Ph: Tess 0400 769 074 APOB Open Pony Dressage Championships, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Katrina Brzozek 03 9908 3702 Young Dressage Assoc Championships RDF, Bendick Murell NSW - Ph: Maryann Schiller 0428 632 494 Thoroughbred Riding Club, Dressage Challenge, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Allan Bruno 0438 557 720 Young Rider High Performance Camp, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: 07 3891 6611 Dressage Young Rider & Development Squad, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Jan Smith 0417 527 412 Boneo Park Dressage Competition, Boneo Park Vic - Ph: Lizzy 03 5986 3006 - Qld Dressage Series, Medium to Grand Prix Official Dressage, QSEC, Caboolture - Ph: 0402 033 716

2 NSW (Zone 4) Ride for Pegasus - Ph: Roz Edmunds 0403 150 476 16-17 NSW (Zone 2) Tooraweenah - Ph: Sonia Bronham 02 6848 5345 16-17 Killarney Qld (Warwick Club), 40, 80 - Ph: Colleen Shaw 07 4163 1841 9am-3pm Mon-Fri 24 NSW (Zone 4) Gundagai - Ph: Sonya Ruprecht 0409 539 523 30-1st May Tenterfield NSW, 2X20, 2X40, 80-100 elev - Ph: Carole Dixon 02 6684 0403 2-3 Frazer Coast Horse Trials, Showgrounds, Maryborough Qld - Ph: 07 2891 6611 9 -10 Randall Park Showjumping - Ph: Karen Amore 03 9908 3703 or Jumping Vic 03 9013 0707 9-10 Warwick Horse Trials, Morgan Park, Warwick Qld - E: 16-17 Camperdown Horse Trials - Ph: Karen Amore 03 9908 3703 or Jumping Vic 03 9013 0707

BALANCE Saddles Allow horses to move with biomechanical correctness and reach their full athletic potential. World renowned for their comfort for horses and riders. Dressage, General Purpose and Jump style saddles are available and they come in many models to accommodate a vast array of horses. English BALANCE saddle The “Xtreme dressage saddle” M: 0428 385 745 E:





16-17 Heystbury Horse Trials 2016 - Ph: Karen Amore 03 9908 3703 or Jumping Vic 03 9013 0707 23-24 EV Masters Games 2016 - Ph: Katrina Brzozek 03 9908 3702 29-1st May Sydney International Horse Trials, SIEC, Horsley Park - Ph: Tina Stafford 0408 896 230


1 -6 8 -11

Ken Faulkner Horsemanship, 4 Day Cowboy Dressage, Narre Warren Vic - Ph: Dave 0447 656 028 Ken Faulkner Horsemanship, 4 Day Savvy W/end, Allora Qld - Ph: Belinda Gregson 0488 958 669

2-3 Victorian Polo Cl, 0, 4 7 6 Goal Handicap, WPNEC, Werribee - Ph: 03 5343 2378 2-3 Dudley Cup (Open Handicap) & NSWPA 8, 4 & 0 goal - Ph: Suzie Ruse 0409 764 607 9-10 Mount William Cup, Vic - Ph: 03 5343 2378 9-10 Sydney Polo Silver Cup (8, 4 & o goal) - Ph: Suzie Ruse 0409 764 607 16-17 Killarney Autumn Tournament, Qld, (8, 4 & 0 goal) - Ph: Peita Bliim 0458 772 753 23-24 Windsor Annual Tournament, 8, 4 & o goal) - Ph: Suzie Ruse 0409 764 607 30-1st May J H Priesley Cup at Scone NSW -


9 -10 10-12 18-24

NSW SH Zone (Multihorse) - Ph: 0407 297 649 Australian Junior Classic, Albury NSW - Ph: 0407 297 649 2016 Australian National Championships, Albury NSW - Ph: 0407 297 649

10 -17

PCA NSW State Sporting Championships, Quirindi NSW - Ph: PCA NSW - 02 4229 8966 Campdrafting, Mounted Games, Sporting & Polocrosse 30- 1st May Horseland PCAV State Horse Trials 2016, Equestrian Park at Gladysdale Vic - Ph: 03 9561 6727


2-3 SQRHA, Rein Ribbon Show, Gatton Qld - Ph: Chris Wales 0407 856 786 17 Tamworth Reining Horse Assoc, Ribbon Show, Tamworth NSW - Ph: 0429 035 306 23 GVRHA, Training Day & Mini Green Rider Show, Tatura Park - Ph: Wendy Star 0427 801 787 23-24 QRHA, Qualifier Show, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Lynda Gray 0412 479 340 30- 1st May, NSW Qualifier Show, Cobbity NSW - Ph: Natasha Daly 0418 427 256


1-3 3 7-18 9 10 10 16-17 22-24 23-24

Australian Appaloosa Assoc, 40th VIC State Show, Tatura Vic - Ph: Conny Barry 03 5828 3439 ASH, Central Tablelands Br, Show, S/gr, Gulgong NSW - Ph: Joe Best 0409 209 061 2016 Aust Quarter Horse Assoc (AQHA), National Championships Q16, AELEC, Tamworth NSW Ph: 02 6762 6444 - 2016 Paint Horse Assoc of Australia (PHAA), Nat Show, AELEC, Tamworth NSW - Ph: 02 6884 5513 AWHA, Gala Day, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Julane Bowen 02 4636 2571 NCEC, All Breeds Show, Nana Glen NSW - Ph: Kathy 02 6654 3990 ASH, Riverina Br, Show & Campdraft, West Wyalong NSW - Ph: Rebecca Stewart 02 6976 4224 Qld All Welsh Show 2016, Toowoomba Sh/grounds, Glenvale RD, Glenvale Qld - Ph: 07 3289 5794 WOOBACK Yass Heritage Horse Assoc, Cooma Cottage, Yass NSW - Ph: Chris 0412 644 230


2-3 10 17 23-24

Qld Working Cow Horse Cl, Team Penning, Eq/Ctr, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Kristy 0427 093 929 Tamworth & Dist Team Penning, Penning, Moonbi NSW - Ph: Lisa Wilson 0407 434 361 Peel Valley Team Penning, Tamworth NSW - Ph: Susan RING 0400 948 339 Valley Team Penning, Show Ground, Dungog NSW - Ph: Kathryn Marquet 0499 212 862


10 16-17 17 24

NSW, Illawarra THR Inc, Carrington Falls Trail Ride - Vic, Castleton & Dist THR Cl Inc, April Ride - NSW Lake Macquarie P & THR, Little Mountain, NSW - Ph: Erin Marney 0419 900 898 Dayboro Trail Riders Cl Inc - Ph: Lisa Schuhmann 07 3425 1643


2-3 21-23

North Coast Western Riders Club, Monthly All Breed, Performance Shows & Training days, Hawthorne Pk,South Grafton, NSW - Ph: Alison Latter 0417 488 520 BPC ,Muster & Members Comp, Equestrian Centre, Burpengary Qld - Ph: 07 3888 4434 Halter Breaders Group Australia, (“AA”) Show, EELEC Tamworth NSW - Ph: Greg Dengate 0428 858 007



Clarence Valley Working Equitation Cl, Hawthorne Prk, Sth Grafton, NSW - Ph: Chris 0421 358 373

2 -6 12-13

Equine Reiki Level 1, Hidden Valley Healing, Byron Bay NSW - Ph: Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571 Gillian Higgins, Horses Inside Out, 2 Day Applied Anatomy & Biomechanics Workshop at Avoca Park Clydesdale Performance Horses, Macclesfield Vic - Ph: Jessica Blackwell 0407 850 033 Gillian Higgins, Horses Inside Out, CPD Course for Professional Therapists - Venue & Contact as above Gillian Higgins, Horses Inside Out, Evening Extravaganza, Venue & Contact as above Equine Reiki Level 2, Hidden Valley Healing, Byron Bay NSW - Ph: Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571



15 16 18-22 14-15

2016 Victorian Police & Emergency Services Games, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: VPA 03 9566 9477

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AGRICULTURAL SHOWS FEBRUARY 2016 NSW - Ph: 02 6879 6777 5-7Manilla, 5-6 Nowra, 5-6Tenterfield, 6-7 Crookwell, 6 Ninnitabel, 6 Tenterfield, 6 Rydal, 6 Uralla, 12-13 Dunedoo, 12-14 Glen Innes, 12-13 Kangaroo Valley 13-14 Cobargo, 13 Henty, 19-21 Bega, 19-20 Gulgong,19-20 Gundagai, 19-20 Guyra, 19-21 Maitland, 19-20 Robertson, 20-21 Ashford, 20-21 Comboyne 20-21 Luddenham, 20 Oberon, 20 Gunning, 26-27 Armidale & The New England, 26-28 Barraba, 26-27 Binnaway, 26-28 CANBERRA ROYAL 26-27 Cessnock, 26-27 Rylstone-Kanndos, 27 Blaney, 27 Wallamba, 28 Sofala. QLD - Ph: 07 3277 7747 5-6 Allora, 12-14 Clifton, 19-20 Killarney, 20 Cooyar 27-28 Bell, 27-28 Millmerran

Vic - Ph: 03 5441 5555 6-7 Yarra Glen, 10-12 Sungold Field Days, 13-14 Tyrendarra, 14-15 Korumburra, 26-27 Rochester, 27-28 Berwick, 27 Foster & Dist.

MARCH 2016 NSW - Ph: 02 9879 6777 3-5 Inverell, 4-6 Castle Hill, 4-5 Deniliquin, 4-5 Milton, 4-6 Moss Vale, 4-5 Mudgee, 4-6 Newcastle, 4-6 Tamworth, 4-6 Wingham, 5 Boorowa, 5 Braidwood 5 Cumnock, 5 Delegate, 5 Tumut, 6 Dalgety, 6 Jingellic, 6 Koorawatha, 10-12 Coonabarabran, 11-13 Bingara, 11-12 Camden, 11-12 Gloucester 11-12 Gresford, 11-13 Lithgow, 11-12 Muswellbrook, 11-12 Walcha, 12-13 Adelong, 12 Cooma, 12-13 Taralga, 12 Wakool, 13 Bemboka, 13 Tarago 17-30 Sydney Royal Easter Show, 19 Baradine, 19 Bombala Exhibition, 19 Tumbarumba, 28 Jerrawa. VIC - Ph: 03 5441 5555 1- 3 Wimmera Machinery Field Days, 4-5 Warragul & W/Gippsland 5 Corryong & Upper Murray, 5 Heytesbury, 5-6 Deniliquin, 7 Orbost 11-12 Tallengatta, 12-13 Wakool & Dist, 13 Bellarine, 19-20 Cohuna, 19 Balmoral 19 Pakenham & Dist, 19 Apollo Bay/Otway Dist, 19 Wadonga, 26 Natimuk.

QLD - Ph: 07 3277 7747 4-5 Pittsworth, 4-5 Proston, 5 Tar, 11-12 Inglewood, 11-12 Murgon, 12 Oakey, 19 Tamborine Mountain 18-19 Goomeri 18-20 Warwick, 19 Jandowae.

APRIL 2016 NSW - 02 9879 6777 1-2 Gilgandra, 1-2 Stroud, 1-2 Wauchope, 2 Batlow, 2-3 Blacktown City Show, 5-6 Kempsey, 8-10 Bathurst Royal Show, 8-9 Bonalbo, 8-9 Macksville 9 Mendooran, 9-10 Yass, 10 Woodenbong, 12-13 Maclean, 15-16 Grafton, 15-17 Gunnedah, 15-17 Hawkesbury, 16 Bourke, 16-17 Orange, 19 Yeoval 23-23 Cobar, 22-23 Coffs Harbour, 22-23 Moree, 23 Wellington, 29-1st May Dubbo, 30-1st May Bellinger River 30-1st May Gosford Regional Show, 30-1st May Narrabri. QLD - 07 3277 7747 2 Dirranbandi, 7-9 Toowoomba, 9 Gayndah, 15-16 Dalby, 15-16 Kilcoy, 16 Mt Perry, 16 Marlborough, 22-23 Nanango, 22-23 Wandoan, 22-24 Monto 23 Tambo, 23 Goombungee-Haden, 24 The Caves, 29-30 Barcoo (Blackall), 29-30 Goondiwindi, 29-30 Wallumbilla, 30-1st May South Burnett (Kingaroy), 30-1st May Rocklea. Vic - Ph: 03 5441 5555 7-10 Lardner Park Events / Ag Machine Field Days, 29-30 East Gippsland Field Days.

NEW Luxline 8


Portable Portable Hot Hot Water Water System System

Highest Highest pressure pressure Portable Portable heater heater in in Australia. Australia.

The only one on the Australian market that puts out 480L per hour. A cut above all other makes with high quality chrome 1.8m shower lead and shower head, quality 12v pump for times when there is no mains pressure. Easy to read instruction manual. Easy to set up.


Good pressure for hosing horses and washing pets or for personal shower. The Luxline Portable 8 Hot Water System comes with a 2 year warranty (parts and labour) (These specifications comply with Australian Standard AS 2658).



Per Hour

In stock NOW at Rose’s Deals On Wheels

Digital Display


12V Pump

Specialising in Interstate Horse Transport MLT Equine Transport provides the following services: —Weekly service from Melbourne to the Hunter Valley and surrounding locations —Reliable connections - Australia wide —NEW Purpose Built 12 Horse Trailer —Large Roomy Individual Horse Bays —Integrated video surveillance system —On-board water system for extreme heat conditions —Superior Ventilation —Fully insured

607 Summerland Way, Grafton NSW.

Ph: 02 6643 1972 32 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

M: 0419 115 026 P: 02 6926 3250 Summer/Autumn 2016


NEW PJF ! ct u d o Pr TuffRock Performance Pro Joint Formulae



Is the world’s first

Cade Hunter, pictured winning the 2015 C&M Memorial Junior Grand Prix at the Australian Showjumping Championships in Werribee riding Kelstar who loves his PJF !!

energised ancient volcanic minerals bio-available for joints, GI health and collagen generation for horses and dogs... pure organic minerals...

100% Australian


Photo: Stephen Mowbray

C+ (Conditioner Plus)

GI (Gastro Intestinal)

EJF (Equine Joint Formulae)

Show condition inside out + feed conversion

Stress support + travel calm

Everyday natural freedom of movement + calcium


Stable Plus


Show Tack must have!

Bedding Additive No smell sand

G.I and Collagen foal support

One Sweet Cherry

Adelaide Hill

Paulgren Park


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KNK Stashed My Spots E: T: (02) 4936 1899

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—Easy on easy off —Will not get soggy, heavy or wet when riding through muddy and wet terrain —Superb strength over all types of terrain —No cables or Velcro —Lightweight - only 250g (8 ounces) a boot —Excellent drainage —Easy to clean —Does not turn on the hoof —Will fit hooves securely throughout a whole trimming cycle —Great ventilation and breathability for hot climate riding — Unparalleled in security and traction

P: 0407 852 910

34 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Summer/Autumn 2016

Does fear stop you enjoying your horse? Fear of horse riding is something that most riders experience at some time. How do you know you have fear? A primary indicator is procrastinating, making excuses for not riding: time, the weather, not having someone to ride with or thinking of giving up. It can be the reason you choose not to compete, or do not perform well in competition. Another sign is your physical response: increased heart rate, rapid breathing, feeling nauseous. It is valuable to identify the cause of your fear. It can occur because your riding ability is not equal to your horse's performance. Or it can be the result of post traumatic stress arising from accidents you have experienced or witnessed. Or it can be that you are naturally nervous about many things in your life. Fear is more common in adults, for as you mature you lose some of the childhood innocence and optimism and become more aware of what can go wrong, as well as the responsibilities you have that require you to be fit and healthy. Fear of horses when you are also passionate about them is frustrating and disheartening. However it is possible to gain or regain horse riding confidence. Fear triggers the Fight/Flight/Freeze response. The logical thinking part of our brain is overridden (!) by this powerful response and as anyone who has experienced fear knows, it cannot easily be rationalized away. There are powerful energy psychology techniques that can be used to clear the fears so that they no longer interfere with your riding experience. It has been my privilege to see nervous and traumatised riders regain their confidence and their joy in riding through using these methods. Equestrians find immediate relief from these techniques. They are thrilled to experience the respectful, trusting and harmonious relationship with their horse that they desire. Whatever discipline you aspire to, from dressage to camp drafting to endurance, eventing or trail riding, it is possible for your fear to be cleared. When you are a confident rider you can much more readily build a confident, trusting partnership with your horse. Annie works with equestrians by phone or by Skype to make changes that are intrinsic to you (your horse does not need to be on the call). You will be a different equestrian next time you approach your horse and your horse will appreciate you for it.

You can email Annie at: or phone: 0401 977 645.

“Far more than just a Hoof Dressing� FREE Master/Correctional Farrier HELP 24/7



In the past 30 years there has been a massive increase in human obesity levels. We read almost daily how processed food and high sugar intake has led to a dramatic increase in Metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes raising the risks of heart disease, Cancer, nerve and kidney damage and many other modern day illnesses. Metabolic issues are not beyond our control and we can minimise the risks by making the right choices when it comes to our nutrition. So what does this have to do with our horses? Well, in the past 30 years I have noted an alarming trend of increased occurrences of metabolic issues in equines - notably laminitis, insulin resistance (the equine equivalent of Type 2 diabetes), Cushings, EMS, etc. Once the domain of the more overweight, elderly pony, these potentially life-threatening problems are now seen in not just ponies, but horses too and at a much younger age. So what is going on? We all know that the horse has evolved over millions of years as a fibre digester and a hind gut fermenter, but this simple fact seems to have been swallowed up in the marketing hype of the perpetuated myth that horses and ponies need cereals in their diet the moment we place a saddle on their backs. And it's not just cereal grains that are a problem in the diet, there is another - sugar, usually in the form of molasses added to feed for palatability and suppressing dust levels in least cost formulated products. And there's no getting away from it - we are confronted with an endless array of feeds which lead us to inadvertently make poor choices - the bottom line is horses did not evolve to digest sugar and carbohydrates and to persist in this practice will lead to negative side-effects in the horse's health ultimately reducing health and longevity. So where do we go from here? Reading labels and familiarising yourself with product ingredients is key to making good choices. Searching for those with high functionality, seeking out whole cereal free and molasses free formulations is a great start in the quest for diet nirvana for our horses. Every discerning horse owner wants the best for their beloved equines...... and with countless forums rammed with questions asking about................ what to feed when there are metabolic problems, it's easy to.................. Become even more confused than ever. We need to get our....................... horses and ponies back to optimum health for those................................. already afflicted and for those that have thus far..................................... managed to remain in good health - prevention....................................... is better than cure....................................................................................... We have been made aware that keeping the............................................ diet for the metabolically-challenged horse............................................ free from grains/sugars is vital along with low............................................ NSC value forage, and in this regard we need........................................... to find a good hay supplier who can provide the......................................... nutritional specifications of his hay products to......................................... enable low energy feed management protocols........................................ to be implemented. When you find this supplier -....................................... make him your best friend and have him on...................................... Speed Dial if necessary!!........................................................................... Keeping your horse's diet as close to nature intended then is the ideal, but is it possible for a performance horse that is metabolically challenged to succeed on a fibre only diet? Where will his energy come from? Every horse is an individual of course, and there are some horses and instances where concentrates may be required, which is why body condition scoring should be monitored regularly as a means to ensure that the nutrient quote is being fulfilled for the level of the horse's energy demands. However, many horses can get sufficient energy from quality fibre sources as long as their essential nutrient quota is being met. For example, fibre feeding is ideal for the endurance horse where water binds with fibre in the hindgut and is released slowly thereby helping the horse to stay cool and hydrated. On another scale, it has been proven by Dr Brian Nielson, a licensed racehorse trainer and professor of Equine Physiology in Michigan, USA who is a keen advocate of forage only feeding and practices what he preaches by training his successful racing Quarter horses on a forage only diet and 24/7 pasture turnout, that this can work providing the nutrient demands are met and where forage is of exceptional quality. Hay takes longer to digest than grains and therefore blood glucose does not rise as quickly so the resulting insulin increase is lower. For the owner of a metabolically challenged performance horse this is certainly food for thought!......................................................................................................

36 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

The Blue Chip Feeding Systems came into being 20 years ago with an empathetic approach to feeding horses, focussing on this fundamental requirement for fibre feeding but at the same time appreciating that fibre nutrient composition fluctuates from season to season and region to region, and different horses will require additional supplementation............ By specialising in tailor-made balancers, scientifically researched and carefully formulated to provide horses and ponies with the daily essential nutrients they need for their energy demands and to complement a high fibre diet, and by ensuring all the ingredients are from natural and organic sources and that the formulations are whole cereal free and molasses free, these boutique, high end balancers promote optimum health and wellbeing enabling our horses and ponies to live more productive and happier lives, from a foal through to the golden years. With a strong focus on digestive health, Blue Chip formulates with prime ingredients proven to have the highest functionality in their categories that will double fibre digestibility and improve and maintain optimum function of the digestive ..............processes. Innovative ingredients such as nucleotides provide a ...................unique medium for improved nutrient absorption, improved .......................immunity and cell replication which can in turn promote ............................stamina and performance. This means that making the ....................................right choices has become far easier since the ..........................................inception of the Blue Chip Feeding systems. .........................................In essence, we need to respect the dietary ..........................................requisites of our equines and provide them with ...........................................the means to function in the peak of health and .............................................eliminate the modern day scourge of .............................................metabolic diseases which means not feeding .............................................them from our perspective and emotional ..........................................desires, but feed them according to their .......................................desires and basic requirements - as Nature .............................. intended! ................................................

The Quality of their lives is literally in our hands! For more information on how..... a Blue Chip Feeding system...... can be incorporated into...... your horse's diet please...... contact Anita, Equine.... Nutrition consultant for..... Blue Chip Feed Australia:.......... 0408 920707 or visit our website and go on to our diet review.

Summer/Autumn 2016

Blue Chip feed balancers (Original, Pro and Lami-light) and joint supplement (Dynamic) are added to a horses regular feeding regime. Each sack lasts an average horse 40 days. Added to a horse's feeding regime, replacing part or all of the horse's daily ration depending on workload and can result in reduced feed bills. You should expect to see a difference in your horse within 3 weeks. Blue chip - keeping it simple!



Service Directory HEALTH & WELLBEING EQUISCAN or (D.I.T.I) The best method available for the early detection of muscular-skeletal soft tissue and neurological injuries.

Specialising in Nonspecific lameness Back problems & saddle fitting - Hoof problems Dental & sinus problems - Monitoring of competition horses Pre-purchase & selling inspections Mobile Service - Victoria

Your Horse Partnership Annie Sorell Clear your Fear

Jane McGaw ACCT Veterinary Thermographer P: 0406 725 998 E:

Equestrian Mentor

Enjoy your Horse

Ph: 0401 977 645

Equine and Canine Therapeutic Acupuncture


Mary Malouf Mob: 0417 941 545 E: Servicing the Mid North Coast - other areas for group bookings.

Herbal Horse Anita Brojatsch Ph: 0408 896 041 E:


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Online Store:

Equine Reiki Courses What would it mean for you to be more spiritually connected with your horse? If you are a person who would like: • a deeper, more spiritual connection with your horse • balance and harmony in your partnership • a better understanding of your relationship with your horse • the ability to truly listen to what your horse has to say • a natural approach to improving health and wellbeing for you and your horse

Then look no further as our courses were created just for you.

For course dates and venues contact Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571

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Equine Chiropractics And Deep Muscle Therapy

Ray BovĂŠ 17 Years Experience Professional And Reliable Ph: 0427 647 530 or (02) 6564 7530

A FIX FOR WINDSUCKING Barclays Collar breaks the habit Help Your Horses Achieve Their Potential


?Safe ?Reliable $157.00 incl. delivery ?No batteries required ?Tough nylon construction ?Lightweight ?Weatherproof



A major breakthrough in the fight against windsucking. The first truly modern & humane treatment. Find out more & order on line at

www ww w.barclayscolla email:

Does your horse have poor flexion? Does your horse struggle maintaining gaits or the correct leads? The ONLY way to KNOW for SURE is by doing a Fecal Eggcount. Samples taken ONSITE - We come to you!

Affordable & Necessary $15 per horse. STOP Wondering and ACT NOW! Phone Sharleyne 0487 931 521

Is your horse constantly sore or not performing as well as it could?

COOTES EQUINE THERAPY Equine muscular and skeletal re-alignment therapy may be the solution. Anthony Cootes is an experienced and fully certified practitioner servicing Brisbane and South East QLD. Promote a softer, smoother and resistance free ride. Maximise your horse's potential, and feel the difference.

P: 0431 630 187 E:


Michael Bekker - Barefoot Trimmer A Natural Approach to Soundness

Ph: 0411 502 984 Servicing Kempsey - Woolgoolga Mid North Coast NSW f

ONE DAY SEMINARS - NORTHERN NEW SOUTH WALES * Maintenance Trimming for Horse Owners Evolution and anatomy of the equine hoof trimming and balancing to optimize hoof health.

* Healthy Horse Keeping on the North Coast

Details posted on Hoof Matters Facebook page

Ways of keeping your horse healthy to promote maximum hoof growth and integrity. Correcting mineral imbalances by addressing too much iron, copper deficient soils and swampy areas all compromising your horses potential, health and performance.

Interested in Hosting a Seminar - Contact Megan Matters Ph: 0427 001 694

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’s Rob

Rose’s Deals on Wheels


Protect your best friend.


Repair Rust ~ Floor & Tailgate Rubber Repaints ~ Upholstery ~ Floor & Kick Boards Windows ~ Fibreglass ~ Spare Parts Agents For Complete Range of Trailers 2000 Trailers New & Used Horse Floats ~ Free Quotes


Have your float checked annually by fully qualified tradesmen. Horse Float restorations and Repairs Annual float servicing = Rust & Structural repairs New floors & tailgates = New rubber = Paint Float spares = Rego inspections Brakes, wheel bearings, Electrical, suspensions New tyres = New Lite Haul horse floats


11 Blackwood Rd, Jimboomba, Qld

607 Summerland Way, Grafton NSW Ph: (02) 6643 1972 Mob: 0427 431 973 MVRL10015 Colin Jeffery Rose

Ph: (07) 5547 8336 Mob: 0429 486 655

HORSE TRANSPORT Weekly Services Bris - Syd - Melb

Call John or Judy 0412 233 083

Now Servicing the New England Area

Travelling Throughout VIC, NSW, SA, QLD Local & Interstate Stud farm drop offs & pick ups Fortnightly runs to Adelaide Discount for multiple horses

Ph: 0422 476 457

Quality - Safety - Reliable Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne Air bag suspension - Angle load - Eftpos facility Overnight stabling - Family owned business

For all your Local & Interstate Equine Travel Requirements Call Today for a Free Quote

Lachlan Manuel: 0408 537 904

Ph: 03 5996 6281


LEAF, TWIG & STICK RAKE For Ride on Mowers Clean up NOW! before the next Fire Season

1800 819 493



Improve your horses performance with A.E.W 4 or 6 Horse Walkers. Phone Barry 0407 721 762

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IVERSON FENCING Bobcat & Tipper Hire

All Aspects of Rural Fencing Roundyards Shelters Boundary Fences

Phone: Tyler 0438 899 438 A/H: (02) 6686 2554 8am-5pm Mon-Fri 8am-12noon Sat





LAWRENCE WILLIAMS FENCING CONTRACTOR Ph: (02) 6664 7322 or 0413 877 026 Lic: 5219XC Town & Country Supplies

PIGTAIL POST HORSE DOUBLE Overall length: 131 CM Above ground length: 108 CM

*Can be made in different lengths

One Step Ahead Farm & Animal Supplies FREE Local Feed Deliveries Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Hay/Chaff, Grain & Produce, Petfood, Fertilizer, Saddlery, General Fencing & Electric Fencing, Irrigation (Davey Master Dealer), Rover & Cub Cadet Mowers, Stihl Outdoor Power Equipment, Honda Outdoor Power Equipment, Generators, Push Mowers

178 Tweed Valley Way, Murwillumbah 2484 Ph: (02) 6672 1313 Fax: (02) 6672 6808


MOLASSES (small qty & bulk)

Farm implements, Slashers, Bale Grabs Grain Feeders, Round Bale Feeders, Fencing Supplies and Much More! Ph: 02 6642 2200 E: f M: 0428 666 782 9 Butterfactory Lane, Grafton NSW

RUBBER HORSE TIE DOWN Overall length: 80 CM


Phone : 03 9720 3222 Fax : 03 9720 6534

Valley Stockfeed Now in two locations Horse Feed - Cattle Feed Dog & Cat Food Wormers - Tick Control Oxenford Qld Vet Supplies Shop 1/141, Old Pacific Hwy Ph: (07) 5573 1273

For all your stock & pet supplies. We Deliver!

Mt Nathan Qld Ph: (07) 5514 6033

COFFS HARBOUR PRODUCE Feed & Stock Supplements - Grain & Produce - Pet Food & Supplies Fencing Supplies & Gates - Electric Fences - Concrete Products Garden Equipment & Supplies - Organic Supplies & Produce - Vegie Seeds FREE DELIVERY OR DRIVE THROUGH - BUSINESS HOURS: Mon - Fri 7am - 5pm Sat 8am - 12pm

26 June Street (Behind Bailey Centre) Coffs Harbour P: (02) 6652 2599 F: (02) 6652 8328 E:

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E.M. REDMOND & CO. Available from a Produce Store near you!

Available in three varieties, in addition to a custom option, our feed blocks are formulated to meet the dietary and nutrition requirements of your animals. Multiblock is a rich source of:

Energy - Protein - Vitamins - Minerals - Electrolytes P: 02 6779 2232 E:


(GATTON) PTY LTD All Types of Produce and Grain Merchants

Audrey Schulz (Proprietor) Tim Schulz (Manager) Crescent Street, Gatton Qld 4343

Ph: (07) 5462 1139 (07) 5462 1371 Fax: (07) 5462 3226 Mob: 0408 621 239

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm Saturday: 9am-1pm Sunday: 9am-12noon

~ Equine nutritional advice ~ Expert hoof care advice ~ Huge range of products for all animals 21 Abundance Rd Medowie, NSW 2318

Ph: (02) 4981 7282 f

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BEDWELLS FEED BARN & SADDLERY Seed and Produce Merchants

Stockists of: Hygain, Riverina, Prydes & Mitavite 11 Keppel St, Bathurst 2795 Ph: (02) 6331 2844 Fax: (02) 6331 4232 Lot 42 Unit 7 Main St, Wallerawang 2845 Ph: (02) 6355 7531 Fax: (02) 6355 1466

CATERING FOR ALL YOUR HORSE NEEDS for the Inverell & Surrounding Districts Equestrian Supplies ~ Rodeo Supplies ~ Hats, Caps Handbags ~ Saddles, Rugs, Tack Stockist of: Cruel Girl ~ Wrangler ~ Ariat ~ Baxter Akubra ~Bullseye ~ Blue Dog ~ Brigalow ~ Eddie Fisher Pam & Jodie Ph:(02) 6722 1229 Email: 141 Byron St, Inverell NSW 2360

Lay By’s & Gift Vouchers Welcome

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Servicing the equine and canine industries of Australasia with the most extensive range of...

Huge Range of Clothing Including Designer Brands

1200D / 600D Winter Turnout Rugs and Combos 180g or 300g Fill

Vet Supplies Farrier Equipment Quality Repairs Love Your Horse Like We Do

‘Your Family Saddlery’ Phone: 02 6722 3599 Email: 45-47 Vivian Street, Inverell NSW 2360

0429 372 383


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Northern Trophies & Giftware

Ph: (02) 6662 2131 E: 82 Walker Street, Casino


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Embroidered Saddlecloths

ClubColoursDirect The Colour Specialists Braided Rope Reins P.O. Box 5216 East Lismore, NSW 2480 Phone:(02) 6622 5002 Fax:(02) 6622 5009

For all information please visit our website at

We manufacture quality embroidered saddlecloths for Clubs, Schools, Studs and Shows. ~ Huge range of colours in quality fabrics and trims. ~ Special prices for Clubs ~ Digitising of logos ~ High density foam inners ~ Any size, any shape ~ Delivered Australia-wide

Email: Find us on Facebook



Service Directory SPELLING & AGISTMENT

Quality Agistment in good pastures and safe environment Property of 110 acres, 2km of riverfront, nestled at base of the Moonbi Ranges Facilities include: * Secure paddocks * Supplementary Feed * Daily inspections * Foaling-down of mares * Horse Education * Sales preparation * Long-term & Short-term agistment & spelling from $50 per week. Include Supplementary feed from $12 + gst per day * Breeding for Thoroughbreds and Quarterhorses

“Tanglewood Farm“ 388 Limbri Road, KOOTINGAL, via Tamworth NSW Located only 15 minutes from Australian Equine Centre at Tamworth. ENQUIRIES - Tel 0467 388 388



03) 9331 6964



(02) 4588 5200




(02) 6772 1686




(02) 6724 1000



(02) 6752 1444



(02) 6672 3898




(02) 6543 2000





(02) 6568 6666





(02) 6792 4388






(07) 5463 1339

0478 838 511 (02) 6662 2488 041 1 716 932 (02) 6652 3455


0409 509 687






(07) 5462 1343


(02) 6583 1611



(02) 6732 1988



(02) 6746 2088







(02) 6558 1504



(02) 6545 1333



(07) 4671 3688



(07) 4691 0322 (07) 4681 1523













(02) 6766 3988





(02) 6552 2633



(02) 6562 7391



(02) 6736 2233


(07) 4664 1344



(07) 4633 1999


(02) 6642 4700

(02) 6721 0266



(02) 6632 1349





(02) 6622 0033



(02) 6655 5299 (02) 6729 1015



(02) 6568 1252





(02) 4934 3044



(07) 4661 1105



(02) 6785 1955



(02) 6557 0000

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PACIFIC VETCARE Coffs Harbour 320 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour Ph:6652 3455 Fax:6652 8187

Equine Medicine & Surgery Digital Radiography New Equine Surgery - Specialist Surgeon Endoscopy - Diagnostics Vaccinations - Ultrasound Reproduction - AI - Dentistry

Dr. David Johnson Dr. Stephen Deist Dr. Allan Hudson Dr. Adam Gerhardt Dr. Mathew Grabovszky Dr. Kelly Griffin Dr. Merrilyn Fitzgerald Dr. Amanda Johnson Dr. Chelsea Kramer Dr. Julia Etel Dr. Amber Aspinall


EQUINE Dr Chris Livingston


And Associates

Complete Veterinary Services including Equine Power Float Dentistry Tru DR Digital Radiography 159 Gordon St, Port Macquarie



Ph: (02) 6583 1611

P 02 6672 3898


Inverell Vet Clinic Offering routine equine services including: Endoscopy, Dentistry & Reproduction

NOW LOCATED at 32 Sweaney Street, Inverell

ABN 65 329 185 067

Kevin Squire

0478 838 511

For all your large and small animal veterinary needs both in-clinic and on-farm. After Hours Emergency 0427 456 616

· Digital radiography (x-rays) · Digital ultrasonography · Endoscopy · Lameness evaluation and diagnosis · Pre-purchase examinations · Medical investigations · Routine surgery · Reproduction · Dentistry (power tools) · Hendra Virus vaccinations

Byron Bay Equine Veterinary Practice

(Behind McDonalds)

Phone: (02) 6721 0266

Ambulatory Equine Veterinarian based in Murwillumbah and providing all your veterinary needs including:

Member of Australian Veterinary Association

PO Box 86, New Brighton, NSW 2483

Email: Web:

Office: 0413 414 534

EQUIVET AUSTRALIA Equine Reproduction & General Practice Reproduction: Embryo Collection & Transfer & Artificial Insemination using

Chilled & Frozen semen. Live in Veterinarians provide 24hr Foaling supervision. Stallion Station: Semen collection, evaluation, freezing, storage & distribution. Registered Quarantine Facility: AQIS approved centre for exporting horses and/or semen. General Practice: Lameness diagnosis & management using digital Radiography & Ultrasonography - Chiropractic manipulation - Laboratory facilities - Equine dentistry - Video endoscopy.

Max Wilson BVSc (Hons) MACVS Robyn Woodward BVSC MVSc Susanne Brundell BVSc (Hons) Francois Viljoen BVSc (Hons) Jane Groenendyk BVSc (Hons)

142 Jimna Springs Rd Southbrook, Qld P: 07 4691 0322 F: 07 4691 0419

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Service Directory



FULL AMBULATORY VETERINARY SERVICES ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANY JOB... North QLD I South East QLD I Gold Coast Northern Rivers I Melbourne I Bendigo I Ballarat Melton I Geelong - and all surrounding areas -

Utilising The Latest Technology And Techniques WITH 100% CARE AND PROFESSIONALISM Providing the highest quality of equine veterinary dental care. Servicing Sydney and Melbourne.

Dr Shannon Lee B.V.Sc M.A.N.Z.C.V.Sc Eqd M.I.C.E.V.O E.Ds

Ph: 0418 598 621 E:

Tamworth Veterinary Hospital Dr Greg Ireland Veterinary Surgeon & Physician 106 Brisbane Street Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph: (02) 6766 3988 Fax: (02) 6766 4259 Web: Greg Ireland BSc., BVSc. Alison Neef BSc(Vet)., BVSc. Michelle Tolhurst BA., BVSc. Yvette Crowe BVSc. Paul Jenkins BVSc.

Tweed Byron Equine Dentistry A group of dedicated professional Equine Dental Veterinarians Committed to Advancing Horse Health. Over 300 members right here in Australia most of which provide afterhours and emergency care for all equine health issues. FIND an EQUINE DENTAL VET nearest you at

ABN 65 329 185 067

Kevin Squire

0478 838 511 PO Box 86, New Brighton, NSW 2483 Email: Web:

Office: 0413 414 534

Equine Veterinary And Dental Services V D S

Dr. Oliver Liyou BVSc (Hons1) MACVSc (Eq Dent) CMAVA “Helping you to help your horse” The most qualified and experienced Equine Dental Vet in NSW.

Dentistry, Vaccinations inc Hendra, Freeze Brand, Microchipping, Stud Work, Foot problems, Castrations, Skin problems and anything equine that is not an emergency.

Call us about our dental parties, where you can receive massive savings. P: (02) 6642 4700 Now accepting referrals of difficult dental cases from Port Macquarie to SE Qld. M: 0428 515 650 As the designer of the porta safe stocks mobile crush, Oliver has the latest model E: to keep your horse safe and secure, and will be weighed on scales, and geldings get a free sheath clean. W:

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Also Equi Mesh

The strongest and most durable fence construction for horses Ph: 1300 308 186 Mob: 0439 761 247 Sole agent for Australia, New Zealand and S.E Asia

Servicing the equine and canine industries of Australasia with the most extensive range of...

North QLD I South East QLD I Gold Coast I Northern Rivers Melbourne I Bendigo I Ballarat I Melton I Geelong - and all surrounding areas -

Issue 27 web  

EQUINE NEWS And Trade Services Directory Volume 7 Issue 4 Summer/Autumn 2016

Issue 27 web  

EQUINE NEWS And Trade Services Directory Volume 7 Issue 4 Summer/Autumn 2016