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Spring 2015

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Chinese Medicine and The Equine Tongue

Welcome to the Spring 2015 issue of Equine News! All of you who are reading this will hopefully be feeling the Spring buzz in the air with action packed events and clinics scheduled ahead over the coming months. With build up to a huge gathering and excitement of the Equine Lifestyle Festival taking place on the 13th-15th of November at the Hawkesbury Showground. Hope to see you there! In this issue another HorseOm GiftPack is up for grabs and will be drawn in time for Christmas, please see page18 to enter.

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Foaling Complications


Heal First or Heel First


The Riders Arms


Colic Peritonitis and Worms


Craniosacral Aspect of Head Trauma


Choosing a Name for Your Horse Cover Photo: Rain-Maker at 3 days contemplating another drink!


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CHINESE MEDICINE & the EquineTongue Your horse’s tongue can tell you more about his health and well-being than you may think! It is not very often that we get a good look at our horse's tongue. Close examination can be a difficult task as understandably they are very protective and private about this part of their anatomy. But, what's in a tongue anyway? - Lots of blood vessels. And, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it's not just what's in the tongue it's the shape, color, thickness, movement, and coating that tell the story of what's going on inside the horse's body. The complexities of the Chinese medicine art of tongue assessment can be a life-long study. As an assessment tool it's effective in confirming the horse's condition along with other indicators. Let's cover a few of the basics to get a sense of what tongue assessment is about.

In TCM, heart health manifests in the tongue because that’s where you can see the blood vessels being nourished.

By Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis

THE HEART & TONGUE As a whole, the tongue is said to have a special relationship with the Heart. When the Heart is functioning optimally, the blood vessels in the tongue indicate the blood is circulating, that is, the tongue is nice and full and pleasantly pink. In TCM, the health of the Heart manifests in the tongue because that's where you can see the blood vessels being nourished. If the horse's tongue is unusually red, this is interpreted as the animal may be experiencing “Heat Pattern of Disharmony.” For there to be a “pattern” there needs to be a few indicators. The tongue is only one indicator and is usually used to confirm a pattern of disharmony. For instance, if the horse is restless, overly anxious, and his tongue is red, then the TCM practitioner's assessment of the horse's condition is clearly Heat Pattern of Disharmony. Now, if the horse's tongue appears pale, his eyes are dull, and he is lethargic, his condition is said to be a “Cold Pattern of Disharmony.” This pattern of indicators lets the practitioner know the animal is suffering from a lack of healthy blood or chi (life-promoting energy) circulating or both. Chi is responsible to the movement of blood and blood nourishes the vessels. When blood and/or chi are not vital enough, the tongue will be pale which is interpreted as a “Cold” syndrome.

TONGUE COLOUR The red and pale colours are the two most basic observations leading to the evaluation of the horse's health. There are other colours which indicate other health issues. For instance, a purple tongue means that blood is stagnating in the tongue which is related to a Cold syndrome because blood is stuck and not circulating properly. If the tongue has a redder cast to the purple, it indicates Heat stagnation. The stagnation is more extreme when the tongue is grey or black which can indicate the horse is in shock.

SIZE MATTERS The size and thickness of the tongue as a whole is also meaningful. If the tongue is narrow and thin the horse may be dehydrated, which, in TCM terms, he may not have enough yin body fluids and/or the volume of blood he needs. A full, flabby tongue can indicate a stagnation of fluids and not enough Heart and Spleen chi to keep the fluids moving. These are just a few of the examples of how the Chinese medicine practitioner can gain an understanding of what's happening internally. The ancient Chinese Medicine practitioners didn't leave observation of the tongue there. They took it to even a more refined level of detail.

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Spring 2015

TONGUE TOPOGRAPHY After thousands of years of clinical observation the Chinese doctors saw that the tongue is actually a reflection of the trunk of the body. The tip of the tongue corresponds to the upper part of the body which houses the Heart and Lung. In TCM terms, the upper portion of the body is called the “Upper Jiao.” When the tip of the tongue is red and swollen, it most likely indicates the horse is suffering from an Excess Heat Pattern of Disharmony related to the Heart. Another example: the horse has a nasal discharge, his breathing sounds congested, and the next step back from the tip of the tongue appears pale with a white coating, the horse is probably experiencing a Cold Pattern of Disharmony related to the Lung.

Spleen Stomach

The center of the tongue corresponds to the internal organs in the center of the body, also called the “Middle Jiao,” where the Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas reside. If the center of the horse's tongue appears pale purple, for instance, he may be experiencing digestive issues of a cold, stagnant nature. When the sides of the middle section of the tongue are red, there could be Heat Pattern of Disharmony related to the Liver and/or Gall Bladder (Note: though horses to do not have a Gall Bladder the energy of the Gall Bladder still exists in TCM). Other indicators combined with a red colouration on the sides of tongue would lead to the assessment of Liver and/or Gall Bladder not functioning properly. The furthest back section of the tongue is likened to the lower abdomen or Lower Jiao. The health of the Bladder, Kidney, Small and Large Intestine can be seen by observing that portion of the tongue. If the very back of the tongue is red and has a yellow coating, the practitioner will suspect a Heat syndrome related to Kidney and look for other indicators to confirm the suspicion. In other words, the topography of the tongue provides a fairly detailed assessment tool to assist in determining the horse's condition. Trained practitioners become astute at observing the subtle signs of colour variation, shape, coating, and movement of the tongue as part of their assessment process. Chinese medicine uses the assessment tools that were available and still hold true today. The TCM doctors used their finely honed senses of observation, listening, smelling, and touch to evaluate the health of the animal. You can become aware of you horse's health by learning how use Chinese medicine techniques.

About the Authors

L u ng Heart The tongue topography is a reflection of the trunk of the body which houses the internal organs. The tip of the tongue is the upper portion of the trunk where the Heart and Lung reside. The Center of the tongue is like the center of the body where the Stomach and Spleen/Pancrease are located. The sides of the center of the tongue are similar to where Liver and Gall Bladder channels flow on the sides of the horse's trunk. The lower portion of the abdomen is reflected in the furthest back part of the tongue.

Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis are the authors of: Acu-Horse: A Guide to Equine Acupressure, Acu-Dog: A Guide to Canine Acupressure, and Acu-Cat: A Guide to Feline Acupressure. They founded Tallgrass offering books, manuals, DVDs, Apps for mobile devices, and meridian charts. Tallgrass also provides a 300-hour hands-on and online training program worldwide. Tallgrass courses are being taught in Australia - please contact us for further information regarding dates and locations: web: email:

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Foaling complications And the importance of being present at the birth.

Photo courtesy of ‘Arabec Pintos’

Foaling complications occur to 4% of mares in most breeds and can be much higher in crossbreds or smaller breeds. Trauma and death can often be prevented with timely intervention. The key is being present during the birth, to monitor and identify if there is a problem.

Of all domesticated grazing animals, equine parturition is one of the most rapid, mare's contractions are powerful and any dystocia can quickly turn into a life threatening situation. Early discovery of a complication and quick intervention can help prevent losses or at the very least ease suffering. Complications can range from severe dystocia to red bag delivery (when the placenta has detached too early and the foal isn't receiving oxygen) and then complications as simple as the sac not breaking and the foal suffocating. Post-partum complications can be equally risky, prolapse, foal rejection, naval bleeds or just a weaker foal that may have had a difficult birth. The list of complications is long and if left untreated can compound and end in costly and prolonged treatments or fatality. Many studs employ foaling attendants or split the responsibility of foal watch between family members. Sole operators bear the burden on their own which is a difficult task. Round the clock checks are tiring, in most situations mares cannot be visually monitored 24/7 and foals are born unmonitored in between checks.

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Spring 2015


Heal first.... Then Heel-first....may be.... There is a lot of

© Carola Adolf NEP/fSHP

talk about how the horse is placing its hooves

What's first: Toe or heel? Some people are fascinated by the “heel first landing”, and their focus seems to be directed in wanting to “achieve” a “heel-first” landing all the time. And there's the catch. Even if there are no problems in the hoof, a heel first landing is not always possible! It seems to be of greatest importance to some barehoof followers to see and analyze photographs of horses in all sorts of situations and conclude from the assumed footfall how sound the horse might be. Usually there are three categories:

A) B) C)

Those that land heel first, Those that land toe-first and Those that land “flat”

It seems - since the term “heel first landing” became a fashionable slogan amongst barehoof supporters, all horses and their soundness is assessed by the way their hooves meet the ground. Horses without “heel first landing” as the ultimate proof of soundness, are now deemed to have problems or some sort of trouble, discomfort or weakness in their feet. Only those that land heel first, seem to be the horses without issues. (Surprisingly some of these heel first landers have shoes attached !!!)

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The heel-first theory has many flaws and if everything would be this black or white, we would have no trouble when we do a gait assessment and lameness diagnosis. (Note: To make a “diagnosis”, of course is something reserved for the veterinarian…. we non-veterinarians may make “gait assessments” or soundness assessments without actually naming a problem.)

As usual, there is an ideal and there is reality: As long as the foot is attached to the horse, we should not analyze the horse's footfall by isolating the foot from the body and what is happening holistically. And especially not if this analysis is made from a photograph that only captures a millisecond of an incomplete movement! So, be aware when someone “preaches” about the necessity of a heel-first landing without considering everything else, such as:


the emotional state of the horse, the physical condition of the horse the influence of the rider, the influence of the tack and the terrain conditions

All the above can determine how the horse needs to place its hoof on the ground! Let's start at the beginning. When we look at the anatomy, and compare it with ours, we soon find that the horse is the ultimate toe walker anyway, because the hoof is actually the nail of the middle digit (equivalent to out middle finger or toe nail).




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The soft pad of our finger tip would resemble the area of bulbs, digital cushion and frog.

Spring 2015

onto the ground when in motion: The 66 million dollar question is now which part is meant to become weightbearing first? Due to its “open end design”, the back part of the horse's hoof (we call it heel area) is more able to absorb and dissipate impact energy (due to its greater ability to deform) than the front part of the foot. So, it seems logical that the horse should be landing heel first in order to take full advantage of this shock absorbing part of its foot. “Hoofmechanism” (the reversible deformation of the hoofcapsule) however is independent on which area of the foot impacts first, as long as it eventually fully engages and loads, even though expansion should ideally start where the hoofcapsule is the most flexible. (At the rear of the foot). If the horse is in full flight and has freedom of movement (can move its body free from obstructions, such as a blocking rider, ill fitting tack or muscular and emotional tension OR sluggishness), then the footfall should be heel first in all gaits. That's the ideal.

In reality, it looks quite different: To stride forward actively (with a fully extended swing phase) is not always possible or even necessary! A limb cycle may be flatter and shorter for whatever reason, and therefore will result in a not-heel-first landing. (Toe first or flat instead) This however, does not have to be a sign of pathology or compensation to avoid pain in the back of the foot as often suggested! Unfortunately, I do not have many pictures of horses in motion on my computer to share with you, but if you would have a look at the popular HorseDeals magazine for example, and have a browse through all the pictures, you may realize that 90% of all pictures of moving horses are of horses about to land TOE first. That does not mean we have an epidemic of totally unsound horses! And those of you who were led to believe that only horses that land heel first are sound and others aren't, please do not panic! Only those pictures taken of horses in moments of active extended paces seem to have sufficient toe extension to be able to land heel first. Continued over....


Heel First continued....

Let me qualify this type of “collection” first:

When it comes to biomechanics,................................................................. you will realize that it is quite a.............................................................. complex subject, and much more........................................................... than just the hoof itself is involved in its........................................................ journey from and to the ground when the..................................................... horse is in motion........................................................................................

..............................what I mean is "ultimate collection", we .would see in a correctly .........................executed piaffe or passage, where the .......................aim is elevation of the forehand.

Biomechanics is actually a “tough” and rather complex............................... topic to tackle because of all the physics and math involved........................

......Using "biomechanical terms" (like swing phase etc), is important to understand that the limb cycle of a horse in motion is influenced by so many things, such as

But since a horse is not a machine, many other things can influence the footfall: Please be assured that a toe-first landing may only be symptomatic (of problems in the foot, shod, booted or bare) when it occurs

a) b) c) d)

uninfluenced from physical or mental tension without the blocking effect of rider or tack when the horse is moving "forward" actively in all paces, most of the time, when the hoof is becoming weightbearing....


excitement, both physical and mentally (of which “collection” in hand and under saddle is the trained expression!) a restriction that causes resistance and prevents the horse from using its body correctly (rider and/or tack) a body injury (muscles, ligaments tendons, joints pain elsewhere in the body, not the foot) sluggishness (lack of motivation) weakness, exhaustion, illness the degree of athletism and conformation and build

which all are also relevant when we are trying to analyse motion or footfall. As this would indicate compensation and avoidance of discomfort in the foot. Stumbling is often associated with such hoof placement. However, a horse performing high school dressage collection for example, is anatomically and physiologically unable to land heel first, which does not mean it has heel problems!

Shoes or no shoes don't play a great role in the dynamics of heel or toe landing, other than that the action of the landing-stance-and break-over phases are more jerky and concussive and there is an inability of the hoof to deform medial/laterally. According to some barehoof philosophies as well as the Biomechanics “guru” Dr. Hilary Clayton, horses try to place the horizontal surface of their coffin bones flat on the ground. In dressage, the swing phase (forward flight of the limb) is important to the aesthetics of the movement but the leg will be retracted before it reaches the ground. The elbow is the important joint for expression for both protraction (anterior movement) and retraction (posterior movement), coming from the tricep muscle. It is interesting that the elbow is moving a lot more than the shoulder. Horses demonstrating the expressive "toe-flick" in extended paces and a definite heel first landing with almost an over-extension at the knee (some of you may remember “Farbenfroh” at the Sydney Olympics?) experience a “whiplash” effect, because the elbow has reached its maximum protraction and retraction begins.

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Spring 2015

The lower leg however is relaxed and is still moving forward! The “whiplash” results and the visual effect is the upwards “flicking” of the toe. Prof. Pollitt has produced a video some years ago, where this is clearly shown in slow motion in a galloping race horse.

The lower leg is independently relaxed during the swing phase. This is important, as this shows that the lower leg is actually independently relaxed during the swing phase.

You can see that “heel or toe” shoe, boot or bare is not the answer…… nor the question. There are too many variables that can influence the footfall.

Now translate the movement into “elevation” rather than forward thrust as it would happen to a collected horse performing a piaffe or passage for example: The toe will point downwards as it is in a "hanging position" ! There is no muscle or pully system that can pull up the toe so the heel can land first, as the swing phase that bring the toe "up" for a heel first landing does not exist.

But what is almost certain: Upon perceptive observation, you will know if it is a pathology or pain that makes your horse choose to land toe-first, It is too obvious to miss even to the lay person.

In that case, the high degree of collection where elevation is of greater importance than forward thrust of the forehand - (or the swing phase if you wish) is what determines how the hoof is landing. The same horse doing the toe-first collected work, may be perfectly sound, doing a heel-first landing when it powers across the diagonal in an extended trot!

Conclusion: Toe first landing is only symptomatic of problems (pain or discomfort) in the hoof if it occurs in all paces, most of the time, when the hoof is becoming weightbearing.... Saying that: Adrenalin can often override actual pain, as we often see at the race track when the gallopers working in full extension (and heel first landing) around the track, but avoid impact on their heels when moving over the firmer ground of the mounting areas.

Booting and padding may make a difference for a while, but only corrective hoofcare will address the issues that lead to the problem. Cure is always better than masking the problem. Happy toes! Carola

About the Author Carola Adolf, NEP. is a Naturopathic Equine Podiatrist, one of the six qualified "Hufheilpraktiker” in Australia based on the scientific knowledge of Zoology, Anatomy, Physiology, Histology and practical trimming techniques which are applied with extreme care to fit the individual's needs. After graduating in 2003 through the German "Institut für Hufgesungheit und Ganzheitliche Pferdebehandlung" she has been working as professional hoofcare provider ever since, specializing in the holistic rehabilitation of horses, ponies and donkies with severe soundness problems, such as diagnosed navicular disease, laminitis, founder and various hoof deformities. Dedicating a significant part of her practice to the education of horse owners and therefore helping prevent soundness related problems through better awareness and knowledge. ..... the now Australian based school for Hoofnaturopathy



Arms Arms Arms Arms Arms Arms Arms Arms How you hold your arms will affect your whole position. There are many arm positions depending on what you are doing with your horse. I like to teach my students a 'default' position to which they can return after moving their arms elsewhere. This ensures that most of the time when you are on your horse your arms are in balance, are centred with your body, and not causing problems.

To truly ride a horse we must first fit our body to theirs, before we ask them to fit their body to ours.

Arms Arms Arms Arms Arms Arms Arms Arms Position Ideally the arms should just hang easily. The upper arm hangs in a natural position from the shoulder as gravity will take it, with the elbow resting lightly near the hip. Lightly lift your lower arm around 45° so that a straight line runs from your elbow, along the rein and to the ring at the side of the bridle. The arm is lifted straight up so that the insides of both forearms will end up facing each other and there is no twist in the arm anywhere. This is an easy natural position in which your aids will be effective and your arms won't tire. If you stick your arms out in front of your body you will send your whole body balance out of kilter. The seat will lift from the saddle,. the shoulders will come forward, the heels up and a weak rein aid will result. If you hold your arms back such that the elbows are.. poking out behind you, your body you will lean back out of balance, you will pull on the horses head, tense through the legs and push on the stirrups....................................................................................................................................................................... If you bring your arms towards each other with the hands close together, you will tend to lean forward, go concave in your...... chest and use the reins in towards the crutch, which can be dangerous because once your hands reach your crutch where..... can they then go if you need to take more rein? If your arms are in a direct line you can use your elbows to shorten the rein...... quite a lot and then even use the shoulder if you need to................................................................................................................ If you stick your elbows out to the side with hands close you will have 'chicken wings'. Not only will you look silly but you............ will also have broken the straight line of rein to the horses head. A broken line will usually result in you having to use.............. more pressure rather than less. Plus you will feel less secure in the saddle.................................................................................... If you take both arms completely out wide, again you will be breaking the straight line. A straight direct rein is a................. good solid communication with the horse so you don't need to be strong or rough. In some situations riding with open................ arms will be appropriate, e.g. with greenbroke horses or when using an open rein to correct an evasion, but here I................... am focusing on the default position'............................................................................................................................................... The wrist is a tiny, little, weak joint. If you bend your wrist to try and use your reins it will be a weak, ineffective aid that........... can cause you problems any time you need to strengthen your rein aid. It's best to train yourself to always keep a straight.......... wrist, again in that direct line..........................................................................................................................................................

Keeping our arms in a balanced position affects your whole seat and the horses’ ability to move comfortably under you.

Using the Arms..................................................................................... Probably the most important aspect of using the arms is relaxation. If you hold the arms in.................................... a tense, stiff manner it doesn't matter what you do with the reins, it will be less effective than if the.................................... same aid is applied with a soft arm. Before commencing riding I recommend you stretch the arms,........................................ rotate them from the shoulder in both directions and shake the whole arm and hand............................................................. As you ask your horse to move off from the halt it is polite and helpful to allow your arms to move........................................ forward from the elbow as the horse steps off, ensuring there is no pressure felt by the horse on the first step, which if there was would effectively be saying 'stop', which is not what you want....................................................................................... As your horse walks release through the elbows in order to allow your arm to follow the motion of the horses head. If you watch a horse walking you will see the head bobbing with each and every step. If your arms remain immobile while the horse walks they will feel a bang on the head every second step. Again this is saying stop when you actually want the horse to go. As your seat moves forward your hands will be coming back towards your body. If your horse has a big walk and is moving forward strongly you will need to have a big backwards forwards movement to match this. If they are slow or just don't have much head movement then neither do your arms. This concept needs to be understood intellectually but then when riding you need to turn the brain off and just feel it. The movement is dictated by the horse, not you. To truly ride a horse we must first fit our body to theirs, before we ask them to fit their body to ours...............................

b’s o R


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Spring 2015

Arms Arms Arms Arms In the trot we need to keep our hands still as the horse doesn't move its head. Again this is accomplished by the elbows. With a relaxed arm we allow the elbow to open and close as our body goes up and down. This absorbs the motion of the body and allows our hands to be steady. As an experiment, stand up and start bouncing up and down as if you were trotting (either rising or sitting). Place your arms in riding position and tense the muscles in your arms. Your hands will bounce up and down with your body. Now relax your arms and allow the elbows to soften and you will find it's quite easy to keep your hands still. In the canter we again follow the motion of the horses head with our arms. The horses head also has movement here as with the walk. All we need to do is just relax our arms and go with the flow, not grab onto the horse. I hope this has shed some light on how to use your arms while riding. Keeping the arms in a balanced position affects your whole seat and the horses' ability to move comfortably under you. As I said in the introduction, it really is all about relaxation and feeling your horse. Your job is to try and be aware of every part of your body while you are on a horse and to allow your body motion to synchronise completely with theirs.

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Good luck and happy bitless riding, Suzy This is a follow up to my earlier post on 'hands'. For information on the hands please refer to the previous issue of Equine News or on my website:

About the Author Suzy Maloney B.Eq.Sc. has a degree in Equine Science,

Ph: 0401 249 263 E:

has been instructing riding students for 15 years and runs her own business Happy Horses Bitless. Suzy discovered bitless bridles 10 years ago and has now made the promotion of their use her passion. She teaches students exclusively in bitless bridles, gives bitless clinics, writes articles and gives talks on bitless riding and sells bitless bridles through her webpage. Suzy believes we can communicate with horses using gentleness, intuition and an open mind. Her lessons are a combination of classical riding, natural horsemanship and the understanding of equine behaviour.

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An Owners Story Colic, Peritonitis and Worms

What do these conditions have in common? Colic and Peritonitis are both serious issues that require immediate veterinary treatment, and both can be caused by worms! This is something I discovered when my 6yo Arabian stallion Finn, suffered a colic episode that also resulted in hypothermia as he went down on a cold wet day. Thankfully, I went to his paddock again at lunchtime (the boys had been fed at around 9am and he seemed fine) to get the trailer for re-filling with hay, and found him laying down in the rain. When I got closer, I saw he was in a lot of pain so immediately gave him some rescue remedy (always carry some in the car) then raced back home for a warm rug and the stethoscope. I took his heart rate which was up to 48bpm and allowed him to lay down as he was quiet and not wanting to roll. His 3 paddock mates all stood around us looking concerned, with the most senior gelding occasionally trying to chew on Finn to get him up......................................................................

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Finn was lucky to survive peritonitis caused by emerging encysted strongyles.

When there was no noticeable difference in his pain levels, gut sounds or heart rate after 30 mins I called the vet who arrived within half an hour. After checking all his vital signs he administered some painkillers and muscle relaxant then did a rectal exam which confirmed an impaction, so Finn was then stomach tubed with Parrafin oil and Tympanel to help the impaction pass. I was very proud that he handled his first rectal exam and stomach tube without even a twitch! Finn then seemed much better (the drugs were working) so I walked him home on the vet's advice as movement would help the impaction shift, and with his mates following, he strode home and happily tucked into some hay in the barn with access to the yard overnight. The next morning he was quite depressed again and not eating and after I'd fed the others, he was laying down again obviously in pain. Another visit from the vet confirmed a high temperature indicating an infection so he was treated aggressively with antibiotics for peritonitis. He seemed to improve the next day so was moved to fresh pasture, but by the following day he was down again. This time the vet suggested worming him again (he'd been wormed 10 days prior with Panacur) this time with Equest Plus for tapeworm as they have been known to cause an impaction colic.

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ŸR M W i l l i a m s ŸA k u b r a ŸD r i z a —B o n e ŸB i s l e y ŸK i n g G e e ŸH i - V i s W e a r ŸW r a n g l e r ŸT h o m a s C o o k ŸS c h o o l W e a r ŸC o r p o r a t e W e a r

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So we did that immediately and gave more painkillers to keep him comfortable. The next morning he was fine and his manure was already passing a large amount of tiny hair like worms which I believe were small strongyles. The Panacur would have been enough to kill the existing worm burden, but as I hadn't done it for 5 days in a row, the emerging encysted stronglyes caused the peritonitis and subsequent colic symptoms. After passing that burden, he made a complete recovery thankfully - many horses get seriously ill or die if not treated correctly. So many small stongyles in one ball of manure!

Spring 2015

Finn may be one of the 20% of horses that carry 80% of the worms so it's possible he had a large number of encysted stongyles that upon worming with a single dose of Panacur, emerged to take the place of the cleaned out worm population. This mass emergence would have caused both peritonitis and the impaction colic. My intention had been to worm him with Panacur for 5 days in a row to kill any encysted strongyles, but I couldn't get the horses to take it in their feed and dosing four strong and protesting boys with the drench gun every day for 5 days (with limited success on my own - liquid wormers are very easy to spit out), I gave up and decided to just use Equest next time they were due. And that was my mistake as it had been exactly 12 months since they were wormed with Equest so they were overdue. I've since realised I should have been worming twice yearly with Equest for encysted strongyles (Dr Ann Nylands Free E-book - What to Worm Your Horse With Made Easy ) gives good schedules to follow. Web link for E-book: So what are encysted strongyles? They are a 3rd stage larvae of the small strongyle (cyathostomes) that are eaten and go into the lining of the horse's colon and form a cyst. This is why they are called encysted strongyles and the only chemicals that will kill them are moxidectin with a 90% success rate (in Equest/Quest wormer), and Fenbendazole in Panacur 100 if it's used for 5 consecutive days at 10ml per 100kg. No other wormer will be able to kill them.

Encysted stronglyes can stay in a horse for years (or as little as 8 weeks) before they develop into 4th stage larvae and enter the colon.

Study online from home or school, anywhere in Australia, anytime! Courses on offer include = Diploma of Horse Industry Management = Certificate 3 Horse Industry Practice (Performance Horse) = Certificate 3 Horse Breeding = Certificate 2 Rural Operations (Equine Focus) = TVET (HSC) courses See us at the Equine Lifestyle Festival on November 13-15

Full time programs available in some courses (Centrelink approved).

We work one-on-one with you to customise a study program to suit your career requirements.

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Finn feeling better

If there's a huge amount of them, the emerging may kill a horse and I suspect many 'mystery' deaths could be attributed to them. If there are less but a lot emerging, the horse may get colic, and/or scour and/or get edema.

Mid North Coast Equine Reproduction Centre

So it's vital to worm your horse at least twice yearly with Equest/Quest or Panacur (if you can get them to take it effectively) to ensure that the emerging encysted strongyles won't harm your horse.

Also useful to know is that worm counts will not show how infested a horse is with encysted strongyles! There is a lot more in depth info on this in Ann Nylands book which I highly recommend to every horse owner. To sum it up I quote from the book “Research has shown that cyathostomes (small strongyles) have become more and more important as a cause of sickness and death in horses, and today are considered the main reason for worming horses”. If you want to save yourself a huge vet bill, and your horse from all those injections - don't put it off! Equest is available (often at discount prices) in many online stores and is sold by most saddlery stores, rural feed stores and vets.


For more good information about encysted strongyles, read 'The Worm That Kills - And Why Only Two Worming Chemicals Can Stop It'. Web link:

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Cynthia Cooper has been around horses for over 45 years and competed in many and varied equestrian disciplines on horses she bred and trained herself. In the early 1990’s she qualified as a Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor, teaching in Australia and South Africa over a period of 10 years. Since leaving the Parelli system, Cynthia has studied with many other top horsemen and women, and explored most of the methods they offer. Now her interests are heading her towards more positive reinforcement methods of training horses.Cynthia has shared her interest and knowledge in all things natural for horses through her website and is now busy marketing her LightRider Bitless Bridle worldwide, along with other unique products in her

Ê Natural service preparations.

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Cranial Vault Bones

CRANIOSACRAL ASPECT of Head Trauma By Maureen Rogers

Healthy living bone has a natural degree of pliability, and can remodel and regenerate after injury. Bones will even change shape under constant pressure - which is one reason why the effects of head trauma can be lifelong.


Many horses live 'healthy' lives and compete with a huge dent in the head, and they do well, but the question needs to be asked, at what cost to the horse? Even the smallest head injury can have lifelong influences on the horse's behaviour and performance. When head injury occurs the effects can be immediate and life threatening or they can be delayed and not at all obvious. The alarming truth is that every impact on the cranium (head) causes a degree of damage to the bones. This may be greater than the horse owner realises, with injuries written off because the horse got up and walked away, or its performance seems immediately unimpeded. But underlying damage often occurs, and if left untreated the horse can carry the effects for the rest of its life. Not all head traumas are serious, but the position and structure of the bones of the skull can be impacted, affecting the animal's nervous system, sinuses, breathing, co-ordination, behaviour, biomechanics and performance.

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ANATOMY OF THE EQUINE SKULL The horse's skull, or cranium, is like a giant jigsaw puzzle; a complex and intricate weaving of 26 individual plates of bone, each varying in shape and size; its unique and amazing design protects the brain and eyes, houses the teeth and forms the airway and sinuses. Each of these bones is joined together with what are called sutures. Grooving into one another like dovetail joints, sutures are designed to help disperse the impact from any head trauma. Healthy living bone - made up of fatty tissue and with a blood supply, has a natural degree of pliability, and can remodel and regenerate after injury. Bones will even change shape under constant pressure - which is why the effects of head trauma can be lifelong.

2 kg $39.50 RRP

33 average doses

5 kg $89.25 RRP

83 average doses This skull of a young horse clearly shows ‘sutures’ and demonstrates that the bones of the cranium are not fused. When head trauma occurs, the bone plates are jammed into each other, which can have an effect on the horse’s neurological condition.

20 kg $24 4.00 RRP

333 average doses


Visit: to claim

When examining head traumas and injuries, two parts of the equine cranium are considered: the viscerocranium, or facial bones, which form the sinuses, face and house the teeth; and the cranial vault bones, or 'brain box'. Damage to the cranial vault bones, which protect the brain, can cause severe neurological effects and brain damage. In young horses, trauma and injury can be greater because the skull is more vulnerable and still developing.

Custom built goosenecks, floats, trailers. Ph: 02 6778 3301 or 0419 870 060 16 Equine News And Trade Services Directory Spring 2015

In any degree of head trauma, compression can cause bruising and swelling, and displace the organisation and function of the cranial bones, cranial nerves, soft tissue and in severe cases, the brain. A millimetre of displacement causes pressures and stresses, which impact on the horse's inner- and outer perception of its environment. The severity of head trauma depends on where and how the impact occurred. Each bone of the cranium houses various cranial nerves, which can be damaged during the trauma. Any forceful pressure - from trauma or injury - put on the bones around the brain also puts pressure on the brain tissue inside the skull, and the trauma can cause bruising to the brain, bleeding and swelling. Injury to one side of the head can cause more damage to the opposing side of the head and brain. This is called contra coup - where if the horse suffers an impact to the front of its head the resulting compression damages would be greater on the base of its skull than on the impact site. A possible result from such an injury would be an effect on the horse's vision and ability to flex at the poll.

Every impact on the horse’s head causes a degree of damage. This may be greater than the horse owner realises, with injuries written off because the horse got up and walked away, or its performance appeared not to be affected.


AFTER HEAD TRAUMA It is important not to underestimate the possible degree of damage created by a head injury; especially as the effects are often not immediately evident. It's very important to consult a veterinarian, no matter how small the injury appears. If the horse gets up and walks away this DOES NOT MEAN it is OK. The degree of immediate damage may not be life threatening, but leaving the horse disoriented and probably with a 'headache', cuts and bruising, can mask more severe damage inside the skull. Horses that have suffered head trauma can be extremely sensitive to further pressure being placed on the skull. Flicking or shaking the head indicates that internal pressures have become distressingly uncomfortable and are affecting surrounding nerves and tissue. This can occur long after the injury – when dentistry is performed, for instance. An underlying condition can remain dormant until further pressure is added to the skull. The use of bits, ill-fitting bridles, too-tight nosebands and dentistry will often exacerbate boneplate displacement and worsen the effects of pre-existing head trauma. Because of this, signs such as changes in behaviour, spooking, difficulty in loading or nervousness - either immediately or over time – can indicate worsening effects of a past head trauma. Many horses suffer post-trauma 'headaches' but still push through their work. An injury may have occurred many years ago, or was never even noticed. It's common not to connect behavioural problems with head trauma, so noting and following up any symptoms and changes in behaviour, is important.

Many horses can seem 'fine' after a head trauma, but more often than not they are very uncomfortable and suffer from undetected symptoms such as 'headaches' and light sensitivity. An unhappy or dull eye of the horse can indicate possible headaches, and any of the following symptoms can indicate various problems that the horse may be suffering: facial nerve paralysis; problems with vision, balance, sinuses or hearing; headshaking, (immediately or over time); changes in behaviour, personality, action or performance. Other signs are difficulty in turning the head one way or the other; altered breathing or gait movements; sinus infections; a dull eye; lack of interest in the world, or feeling flat in its work.

It's equally important to consult a correctly trained professional to treat the injury. The good news is that with proper treatment the vast majority of problems can be resolved - even years after injury: if the horse has survived, it's never too late for treatment. Damage done to the cranium needs to be addressed for the sake of the horse's comfort, health and performance.

Trauma affecting the bones of the cranial vault area is far more dangerous and requires immediate veterinary attention, as severe bleeding on the brain or fracture to the cranium can be life-threatening. The horse may suffer severe neurological damage such as loss of vision, balance and coordination. A sign of such damage is when the horse staggers as though drunk.

Derived from medically-recognised osteopathy, CranioSacral therapy has been used successfully in the treatment of horses suffering from head trauma. It is the only therapy that addresses the bones of the cranium, the aim being to restore perfect balance to the structure.

CranioSacral Therapy

About The Author Maureen Rogers A pioneer in the field of equine craniosacral work and the founder of the Equine CranioSacral Workshops, Maureen is internationally renowned for her craniosacral work and biomechanics in the performance horse and provides education for horse owners and professionals. A pioneer in the field of equine craniosacral work and the founder of the Equine CranioSacral Workshops, Maureen is internationally renowned for her craniosacral work and biomechanics in the performance horse and provides education for horse owners and professionals. She has recently released her first DVD titled Hope for Headshakers- A CranioSacral Approach to Equine Health. Maureen will be offering workshops in Melbourne in November. For more information phone 0419 894 822 or visit the website:

Giles Penfound Photographier

Photos by Maureen Rogers

Trauma affecting the bones of the cranial vault require immediate veterinary attention. Any injury to the head top left and left (a Polo pony that was struck by a ball), could be connected to behavioural or performance problems.

The one-day Equine Assessment Workshop at Gatton on the 15th November 2015, is designed to help horse owners identify healthy movement in the horse. Clinic participants will learn assessment techniques for postural and biomechanical imbalances. Rogers will also clarify differences between posture and conformation, and address low back problems, hock/stifle problems and ways to keep your horse healthy and sound. For more information about Equine CranioSacral Therapy and upcoming Australian workshops, please visit or call Wendy Palmer on 0413 331 627 or email


HOW and WHY the WTP Bit works. The jointed snaffle has been around for 5,000 years. The problem is that the centre joint folds too far forward into the tongue causing the nut cracker action and bit pinching. Another issue is that at low contact the arms of a snaffle fold downwards, and the centre piece can go into the roof of the mouth causing roof rubbing, which can be painful. Because the outer edges of the horses' tongue are thinner and more sensitive, when the arms of a jointed snaffle fold downwards they can cause the tongue to spread down over the lower bars (the bone in front of the bottom teeth) causing side pinching. Another issue is that with a jointed snaffle the cheek rings fold tight into the lips and cheeks, and a horse does not need cheek pressure when working in a straight line which can aggravate the horse. With the WTP bit the centre piece sits 50mm more, back on the tongue, and the centre piece is enclosed and only 11mm high therefore, no bit pinching or roof rubbing. The 6.5cm flat service centre area under engineering tests reduces the bit pressure by 85%, and the arms do not fold down and only comes back to a certain point to prevent constant cheek pressure. Now you have the softest and most responsive bit contact in the world. The bit slides back on the tongue and down without any folding within the mouth. If a horse is not comfortable in the mouth, it can affect their whole-body flow movement causing them to sometimes be choppy in their action or not using their shoulders and hindquarters properly or rounding up. Imagine having a tooth ache it is hard to concentrate on your work your body will slump, and you won’t walk the same, and you won’t be happy.

ö Stops the bit pinching the tongue ö Stops the tongue hanging out ö Stops the tongue getting over the bit ö Stops roof rubbing and lip pinching ö Stops headshaking, pulling & bolting

ö Stops hanging, rearing & bucking ö Stops displacement of the soft palate ö Stops mouth opening & respiratory noise ö Amazing soft and responsive bit contact ö Improves performance & stops rein leaning

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RELAXING 2 and 3 hour bush and beach rides on the beautiful white sands of Nine Mile Beach.

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f Spring 2015

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hy Handsome rp u M ck Ja ly il B Charlie y l l o M ty is kery Shorty M is h W Ben x o F y l S Alfeet Alex e si o R y l l o H Artax Star IT IR Toby P S it u c is hadofax Seab S m to wnthem? n a n Tofor h o P st g in K rim are getting a new horse, how doWyou ilgyou x go about choosing a name PSo ja A l fu ake Caviar ck la B s u s a g e P is a very important decision, ky Stripe Sil Trojan Selecting a name for your horse ch at P y in T r e k flicowners take very seriously. ttyhorse ch Spothat Sheek Tullosomething

Choosing a Name for Your Horse It can sometimes be difficult to find the right name for your horse. However, you don't need to rush your decision. Take some time to research different names and you will eventually find a name you love.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a name. It should be fairly easy to say and fit your horse based on their appearance and personality. Many owners like to choose a name that reflects their horse's personality, which is often called their 'horsenality'.

If you are not going to show your horse and will ride them for enjoyment then you might want to pick a shorter name that rolls off the tongue easily. You will have to say their name every single day so it needs to be something you can say without too much difficulty.

It's difficult to name your horse before you see them, wait until you bring them home so you can get to know them. It needs to be a name that you personally like and are comfortable saying. A horse's name says a lot about them, which is why it's such a big decision for horse owners.

However, some people don't mind having longer names that are slightly more challenging to say. You can be as creative as you like with your horses name. If you want to go for something unusual then two word names tend to really stand out. Racehorses often have longer and more unusual names. If you own a racehorse you will need to check the RISA horse naming guidelines. There are some strict guidelines for naming your racehorse. For example, the maximum length is 18 characters, including spaces and apostrophes.

Some older horses will already come with a name, but that doesn't mean you can't change it. They need to have a name that you are comfortable with. Your horse will eventually get used to their new name. Some owners that have adopted rescue horses will choose a name based on their story or their previous history.

Before you decide on a name for your horse you may want to try it out a bit. Go out on a ride with them or spend some time with them in the paddock using their name and see if it fits. Remember horses can live for up to around 30 years so you will be stuck with their name for a long time. Try not to pick a name that seems cool at the moment as it could be out of date in a few years, timeless names are best. Here are some methods and ways of selecting names for horses that should help you with your decision.

Popular horse names What are the most popular horse names? Surprisingly a lot of the most popular names for horses are also popular children's names. Here are some very popular horse names to give you some initial ideas:

Ben, Misty, Molly, Charlie, Billy, Jack, Murphy, Toby, Holly, Rosie

Physical characteristics Another way of naming your horse is by using their physical characteristics. Does your horse have any distinctive markings or do they have a very specific build? This can sometimes help you to get inspiration for a fitting name. Here are some examples of names based on physical characteristics:

Spotty, Legs, Tiny, Patch, Silky, Stripe, Star, Shorty, Handsome

Famous horse names A lot of horse owners like to name their horse after famous horses throughout history. Racing horses often have impressive names. Some owners name their horses after famous horses because of their amazing achievements. Choose a famous horse's name that means something to you. Here are a small handful of famous horse's names including some famous Australian racehorses:

Alfeet Alex, Sly Fox, Whiskery, Pilgrim, Phantom, Shadofax, Seabiscuit, Spirit, Artax, Trojan, Pegasus, Black Caviar, Wakeful, Ajax, Kingston Town, Sheek, Tulloch, Carbine Check out the quiz at to help you decide based on some facts about your horse.

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Bromac Aladar

ASH Reg # C2 - 152985 Born 2000, 15.2 HH

Sire of brilliant temperament and trainability! “Homozygous Black so cannot throw chestnut foals�

His foals - from many different breeds of mares - are starting to grow up and are turning heads!

Bromac Aladar is 15 now and won't be around forever! Breed your favourite mare to produce the foal you have always wanted with temperament to die for! His 2015 season is starting to fill up! Live cover $1100 LFG, chilled semen $880 LFG or frozen $660 LFG available - conditions apply. Ph: 02 66 424 700 Email : Web:


High Street Gypsy Cobs Australia offer you the largest lineup of imported Gypsy Horse Stallions in Australia, from world renowned & champion bloodlines, as well as top shelf Gypsy Cobs for sale to the discerning breeder, families, enthusiasts, show & competition homes.

At High Street Gypsy Cobs, we are totally hands on & this is reflected in the wonderfully affectionate temperaments of our cobs. We only produce the finest Gypsy Cobs & Drum horses that definitely turn heads, keeping true to type with correct conformation, infallible temperaments, & proven bloodlines. We are proud to have some of the finest horses worldwide, with the widest choice of quality bloodlines in Australia. We have hand picked & imported our herd from around the world, carefully selecting only those who have it all. Each year we are producing our own home grown High Street youngsters that possess each of the attributes so sought after in the Gypsy Cob. 0433 453 998 22 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Spring 2015


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Albury Dressage Club Championships, Albury/Wodonga Eq/Ctr - Ph: Barb 0427 540 467 TVEG, THE POWER OF PINK, Murwillumbah NSW - Ph: Keighley 0428 536 868 QLD Dressage Series, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Katie Wilson 0427 120 422 RONALD MCDONALD CHARITY DAY, (main park), QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Kate 0408 730 887 ASPR Open EA Dressage, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Margie Kuiper 0437 245 943 Interschools Horse Extravaganza, AELEC, Tamworth NSW - Ph: Wendy 0422 240 483 National Dressage Ch/ships or NSW State Ch/ships TBC, Dungog TBC, NSW - Ph: 0409 841 089 QLD Police Games, Dressage, Show Horse, Show Jumping, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - 07 3364 3761 Queensland State Pony Dressage Championships S/gr, Toowoomba Qld, - Ph: 07 3891 6611 Grafton Riding Club Spring All Breeds Hack Show, Hawthorne Pk Sth Grafton Ph: 0409 393 839 Dungog Dressage Club Championships, Cresford Showground NSW - Ph: Michelle 0408 498 700 Equestrian NSW, National Dressage Championships, SIEC, Horsley Park NSW - Ph: 02 4576 7996




17-18 17-18 24-25

VIC, Raglan, 100km elevated, 40, 20 - Ph: Bronwyn Cuthbertson 03 5344 0544 - 0400 677 005 QLD, Kilkivan, 5/20/ 40/ 80 - Ph: Susan Sutcliffe 0427 589 424 or 07 4127 5149 NSW, HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nayham Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival FEI 160***/120**/80* - Ph: Tami Parnell 0437 727 907 or Robyn Parnell 0418 248 142 30-1st Nov VIC, Dergholm, 20, 40, 100 km - Ph: 03 4483 3289 or 0458 889 284 10-11 Candleback Horse Trials, Riddells Creek Vic - Ph: Leanne Pearce 0417 358 789 17-18 Lynton ( Goulburn ) NSW , CCI 3* 2* 1* & 1 CIC3, 2, 1, EvA 105 EvA95 - Ph: Toni Venhaus 0418 686 781 24-25 Wingham NSW, CNC1*, EVA105, 95, 80, 60 - Ph: Toni Venhaus 0418 686 781 24-25 Tooradin Horse Trials, Tooradin Vic - Ph: Annie White 0432 077 028 24-25 Kooralbyn Equestrian Group, One Day Event - Ph: Equestrian Qld 07 3891 6611 31-1st Nov Tamborine Equestrian Group, One Day Event - Ph: Equestrian Qld 07 3891 6611 31-1st Nov Tamworth International Eventing (TIE) CNC Event, AELEC, Tamworth NSW - Ph: 02 6760 5554 10-11 19-21 22-24 25 10-11 10-11

CATERING FOR ALL YOUR HORSE NEEDS for the Inverell & Surrounding Districts Equestrian Supplies ~ Rodeo Supplies ~ Hats, Caps Handbags ~ Saddles, Rugs, Tack Stockist of: Cruel Girl ~ Wrangler ~ Ariat ~ Baxter Akubra ~Bullseye ~ Blue Dog ~ Brigalow ~ Eddie Fisher Pam & Jodie Ph:(02) 6722 1229 Email: 141 Byron St, Inverell NSW 2360

Speed2Succeed Makin It Mega Rounds 1&2, Gympie Qld - Ph: Sheree 07 5486 7214 Sue 07 5442 4980 Chiltern Barrels & Buckles Rds 2 & 3, Chiltern Vic - Ph: Debbie 0428 589 998 Barrel Racing, Horse World Stadium, Maraylya NSW - Ph: Catrina 0417 335 502 Moonbi Magic Barrel Racing, Moonbi NSW - Ph: Kimberley 0403 684 770 QBHA Dual Affilated event, Killarney Qld - Ph: Shelly 0414 669 374 QBHA Jackpot, Kalbar, Kalvale Arena, Roadvale Qld - Karen 0419 648 772 Gippsland Barrel Racing, Gippsland Vic - Ph: Michelle 0428 781 939 Central West Barrel Horse Club, Geurie NSW - Ph: Sonia 02 6886 5137 QBHA, Midweek (no points), Rosewood Qld - Ph: Karen 0419 648 772

Lay By’s & Gift Vouchers Welcome

Tanja Kraus Horsemanship Clinic, Foundation, Glenreagh NSW - Ph: 0412 592 033 Mel Fleming Horsemanship, 3 Day Introductory Course, “Banyandah”, Howlong NSW Ph: Mel 0428 385 745 - Mel Fleming Horsemanship, 3 Day Intermediate/Advanced, “Banyandah”, Howlong NSW Ph: Mel 0428 385 745 - Nambucca Horsemanship Cl, Playday, 9am start, S/Gr Macksville NSW - Ph: Arvae 02 6569 9229 Winten Cup 4 goal & JK Mackay Memorial 12 .0 & subzero goal, NSW - Ph: NSW Polo 0409 764 607 Elysian, Sat., 16 & 8 goal Finals, 6 chukkas & Sun., Pink Polo Day, Graded 6 chukkas at Elysian, Qld Ph: Rob Bollard 0407 315 760

Equine Chiropractor

Ben Lockhart Ph: 0428 615 018 Servicing the Mid North Coast & New England Areas ABN: 39 466 829 287

North Coast Western Riders Club

The club with something for everyone

Located at Hawthorn Park, South Grafton. Monthly All Breed, Performance Shows and training days. Web: Facebook: “Ncwrc Grafton”.


17-18 Timor Polo Club Tournament, NSW - Ph: NSW Polo 0409 764 607 17-18 Sydney Polo Gold Cup 12, 4 & 0 goals, NSW - Cont: Tanya Orobello E: 17-25 Garangula & Gundalong Polo Club Tournaments, NSW - E: 24-25 Windsor Spring Tournament 12, 4, 0 subzero grades, NSW - 31- 1st Nov Killarney Polo Club Summer Tournament, 6, 2, 0 & subzero, NSW - Ph: NSW Polo 0409 764 607


10-11 11 17-18 17-18 18 24 28

Mounted Games Championships, Bungandore NSW - Ph: Natalie Smith 02 6238 3980 Open Oldies/ Open Sports Day, Toorbul Qld - Ph: 0418 985 184 Moyhu Dressage & Showjumping NEZ, State Event Qualifier - Ph: PCAV Sue 0408 765 717 ODE Chanpionships, Parks NSW - Ph: Gary Hamer 0429 372 276 Open Sports Day, Rosewood Qld - Ph: 0417 785 698 Smythesdale Gymkhana & Showjumping Day, Inter Club Event - Ph: PCAV Sue 0408 765 717 Zone Teams Dressage at Southport Qld - Ph: 0432 082 440


10 TBC 24-25

VRHA Spring Spin Training Day, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Kristy Hobson 0423 673 372 QRHR & SQRHA Five*Trainer Clinic, Covered Arena, Dalby Qld - Ph: Lynda Gray 0412 479 340 GVRHA, Reining Show, Tatuta Park Indoor Arena Tatura Vic - Ph: Wendy Star 0427 801 787



Australian Miniature Pony Show Inc, NSW Futurity, Pony of the Year & Championship Feature Show - SIEC, Horsley Park NSW - Ph: Liz Nugent 0458 619 362 - 10-11 ASH, NSW Breeders Championships, White Park, Scone NSW - Ph: Louise Best 0409 209 061 11 37 Annual Stud Pony Show, Showground, Manilla NSW - Ph: Secretary 02 8014 5762 11 National Buckskin H Soc Inc, Spring Show, Akoonah Park, Berwick Vic - Ph: 0408 361 668 (before 9pm) 16-18 Welsh Pony & Cob Soc of Australia, NSW, All Welsh Show, SIEC, Horsley Prk NSW - Ph: 0418 484 592 17-18 Victorian Pinto Society State Championships, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: 03 9743 5346 24-25 Inaugural All Breeds Pony Pagent & The Welsh Pony Pagent, Sh/gr, Geelong Vic - 0487 829 587 24-25 ASH, Country of Cumberland Branch Annual Show, Hawkesbury Sh/gr, Clarendon NSW - 0412 483 895 24-25 Arabian Extravaganza Show, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Michelle Lando 0425 711 463 24-25 IMHR, Spring Carnival, Elmore Vic - Ph: Leanne 02 4844 6393 E: 31 Victorian Welsh Feature Show & Yarra Valley RPG Southern Pony Classic, Sh/gr, Aengus 0433 033 648 31 Pony Stud Book Soc, National Show, SIEC, Horsley Park NSW - Ph: Secretary 02 8014 5762 31- 1st Nov ASH, Southern Highlands Branch Show, Gunning NSW - Ph: Sharon Jones 0409 858 076


10-11 17-18 24-25 24-25 23-25 25

Tamworth & Dist TP, Team Penning, Moonbi NSW - Ph: Lisa Wilson 0407 434 361 Peel Valley TP Club Ch/ships Sat, Team Penning & Sun, Arena Sorting, Tamworth NSW - 0409 446 815 Valley TP, Show Ground, Wingen NSW - Ph: 0494 212 862 SEQ TP, Round Four Final McGuire Buckle Series - Ph: Sylvia McGuire 07 5464 6177 - 0413 119 951 Richmond River TRC, NSW, meet 3rd w/end of month Feb to Nov - Ph: 02 6663 7289 - 02 6686 6276 Southern Peninsula TRC, Weekend Away, Tarwin Lower Vic - Ph: 0416 256 447 Dayboro TRC Inc, Club Ride, Qld - Ph: Graham Bailey 0418 833 110


10-11 18 24-25 31

Bundaburg & Dist WPC, “ÄA” Show, Bundaburg Qld - Ph: Deb Davies 0413 589 647 Laidley Walloon QHP Ass, “A” Show, Regency Downs Qld - Ph: Michelle 0409 477 830 Gatton QH & P Ass, Beginners & Show, Gatton Indoor Arena, Gatton Qld - Ph: Trish 0487 719 294 NCEC, Western Performance Show, Hilltop Farm, Nana Glen NSW - Ph: Michelle Muller 02 6654 3106


17 25

Clarence Valley Working Equitation, Hawthorne Park, South Grafton, NSW - Ph: Chris 0421 358 373 Bellingen Working Equitation, Showground, Bellingen NSW -


23-23 , 24-25 23-26

Also see NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP Section Horsemanship Clinic with Dan Steers, Ground Control & Body Control Under Saddle (Ridden), Dubbo NSW - Ph: Karen Manning 0455 455 588 Horsemanship Clinic with Dan Steers, Ground & Body Control Under Saddle (Ridden), Fingal Vic Ph: 03 5988 6755 Horsemanship Clinic with Dan Steers, Ground & Body Control Under Saddle, Little River Vic Ph: Leigh Morcom 0434 730 874 Horsemanship Clinic with Dan Steers, Ground & Body Control Under Saddle, Springfiefd Vic Ph: Michelle Moulden 0437 176 391 Horsemanship Clinic with Dan Steers, Ground & Body Control Under Saddle, Springfiefd Vic Equine Reiki Level One at Byron Hidden Valley Healing - Ph: Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571

22-24 22-24 26 30

CRACKIN CANCER - Three Waters High Country Trail Ride Glen Innes, NSW Ph: 0411 840 797 NORTH COAST NATIONAL, Showground, Lismore NSW - Ph 02 6621 5916 - 0427 213 480 Duri Progress Association Annual Gymkhana, Duri Qld - Ph: Lindsay 0488 466 121 Clarence Valley Country Music Muster, North East of Grafton NSW - Ph: Wendy 02 6644 8012

10-11 17-18




EDMANIA E F Caboolture “Your one stop feed shop” OPEN 7 DAYS

(07) 5495 1961 Shop 1/54 Beerburrum Rd, Caboolture, Qld 4510

Valley Country Australian countr y lifestyle

Saddler y & Countr y Clothing Outfitters

For all of your Equestrian needs from Pony Club, Showing to Racing 02 6643 2311

100 Queen St Grafton NSW 2460



See more Coming Events

NOVEMBER 2015 COMING All dates are subject to change

6-7 7 7-8 8 14-15 14-15 21 21 21-22 25 28

Qld Barrel Racing Assoc., Finals, Indoor Arena, Dalby Qld - Ph: Shelly 0414 669 314 Gippsland Barrel Racing Cl, Gippsland Vic - Ph: Michelle Peters 0428 781 939 Need for Speed Barrel Racing, Gunning NSW - Ph: Andrew Hennell 0419 434 63 Barrel Racing, Horseworld Sportsworld Equestrian Stadium, Maraylya NSW - Ph: 0417 335 502 Chiltern Barrels & Buckles Rds 5 & 6, Chiltern Vic - Ph: Debbie Atkins 0428 589 998 Cloverleaf Cruisers Dual Affiliate Event, Rosedale Complex, Murrurundi NSW - Ph: Kate 0427 165 359 Moonbi Magic, Showground, Moonbi NSW - Ph: Kimberley Greenwood 0403 694 770 Gippsland Barrel Racing Cl, Gippsland Vic - Ph: Michelle Peters 0428 781 939 Cooma Rodeo Cl, Barrel Racing, Cooma NSW - Ph: Michelle O' Neill 0413 609 880 QBHA, Midweek no points, Rosewood Showgrounds, Rosewood Qld - Ph: Karen Roberts 0419 648 772 Central West Barrel Horse Cl, Barrel Racing, Geururie NSW - Ph: Sonia Roberts-Wiseman 02 6886 5137


6-7 6-7 6-8 6-8 7-8 7-8 7 13-15 14-15 14 21 28-29 28-29 28-29

Bunnan Campdraft, Ph: Tanyia Gillis 02 6545 4180 Inverell JNR Campdraft & JNR Rodeo - Ph: Jillian Oakenfull 0428 224 867 Tubull Campdraft - Ph: Melissa Webb 02 6382 6574 Wingham Campdraft - Ph: Raelene Marshall 0408 458 879 Coonabarabran Campdraft - Ph: Amanda Young 0428 248 384 Ebor Campdraft - Ph: Lorraine or Menser 02 6574 7274 Reids Flat Rodeo & Gymkhana Rodeo - Ph: Barbara Chown 02 6345 2271 Orange Campdraft - Ph: Lara Garlick 02 6365 6118 Dungog Show Campdraft - Ph: Owen Nicholson 02 4995 3214 Yass Rodeo - Ph: Trudy Polsen 02 6227 5455 Armidale Rodeo - Ph: Ann Hone 02 6772 1708 Comboyne Campdraft - Ph: Vicki Fisher 02 6550 4237 Guerie Rodeo & JNR Rodeo - Ph: Ros Press 0427 704 457 Uralla Campdraft - Ph: Stephanie Wooldridge 02 6778 4631


31 Oct-1st Nov NSW Driven Championships & Obsterthon, Mar Mar - Ph: Mal Walsh 02 6922 6308 14-15 L2 Skye Park Australian Carriage Driving Classic 2015, Longwood Vic - Ph: 03 5789 5246 14-15 NCCC, Pleasure Weekend Equestrian Grounds, Nana Glen NSW - Ph: Echah 02 6654 2557 15 Dressage Trieseries, Sutton Park Cottage, Laggan NSW - Ph: Cathy or John 02 4837 3023 15 Samford Qld, Club Muster - Ph: Tania Ball 07 3385 5256 29 2015 ACDS NSW Show Driving Championships, Gunning NSW - Ph: Amanda 02 4845 8293


15 22

West Gippsland Quarter Horse Assoc, Championship, Garfield Vic - Ph: Linda Sutton 03 5998 8402 Lone Tree Hill C Cl, Jackpot Show, Kings Park, Seymour Vic - Ph: Mark McMahon 0488 031 707

6-7 8 13-14 13 15 13-15 15 21 21-22 27-29 28 28 29 29

The Dancing Horse Spring Dressage Competition, Boneo Park, Vic - Ph: Liz Schirmer 03 5986 3006 SHCV, 2015 Southern Stars, Showground, Whittlesea Vic - Ph: Nicole Morrison 0488 791 060 The Ultimate Victorian Dressage EXPO, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: 03 9013 0707 2015 Omega Feeds NSW, Country Show Horse Champ/ships, ALEC, Tamworth - Ph: 02 4311 2854 Equestrian Grand Final, During The Equine Lifestyle Festival, Hawkenbury Sh/gr - 02 8762 7777 BDDC,The Dancing Horse Spring Dressage Competition, Treehaven Eq/C, Somerville Vic - 0407 681 480 Equestrian, Vaulting Christmas Competition NSW, Robertson - Kerri Wilson 0427 232 648 Valley Equestrian Cl (Kempsey NSW), Dressage & Breed & Hack Show - Ph: 0434 598 532 SHCV, 2015 All States Showdown, WPNEC - Ph: Nicole Morrison 0488 791 060 - SHCV, 2015 Debutante Horse of the Year Show, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: 0488 791 060 as above WPVDC, Spring Dressage & Young Horse Competition, Echo Park, Lara Vic - Ph: 0418 524 343 SHCV, 2015 Classic Show, Venue TBA - Ph: Nicole Morrison 0488 791 060 - WPVDC, Spring Dressage & Young Horse Competition,Yarrambat Prk, Yarrambut VIC - 0413 380 083


7-8 8 14-15 28-28

QERA, Sparkler, 40/80 - Ph: Sue Jones 0411 407 049 NSWERA, Neville Endurance, 80/40/20km - Ph: Marjorie Trudgett 0499 549 877 VERA, Bright Country Endurance - 80/40/15km - Ph: Mel Williams 0407 539 246 VERA, Buchan Tall Timber, 100km elevated,40/20km - Ph: Susan Gill 0428 568 657


7-8 14-15 19-22 21-22 21-22 26-29 28-29 28-29

NSW, Silver Hills, One Day Event, Oakdale - Ph: Vicki Burgess 02 6747 3887 VIC, Boneo Park Monthly Jumping Championships - Ph: 03 5986 3006 Australia's International Three Day Event, Adelaide Parklands - NSW, NEGS, One Day Event, Armidale - Ph: Vicki Burgess 02 6747 3887 Vic, Boneo Grand Prix, Boneo Park - Ph: 03 5986 3006 The Elms Grand Prix, Sale Vic - Ph: Matt Wade 0427 456 618 NSW, Berrima Horse Trials, One Day Event - Ph: Tina Stafford 02 4868 2482 - 0408 869 230 Eventing Qld, The Weekend of Exxellence, Kooralbyn Qld - Ph: 07 3891 6611




7-8 7-13 21-22 27-30 28-29

Tanja Kraus Horsemanship, Accuracy & Respect, Tallebudgera Qld - Ph: Tanja 0412 502 033 Ken Faulkner, Australian Horsemanship, 7 Day Supercamp, Esk Qld - Ph: Kathy 0427 732 394 Tanja Kraus Horsemanship, Transitions & Balance, Glenreagh NSW - Ph: Tanja 0412 502 033 Ken Faulkner, Australian Horsemanship, 7 Day Savvy W/end, Narre Warren Vic - Ph: 0447 656 028 Tanja Kraus Horsemanship, Transitions & Balance, Wauchope NSW - Ph: Tanja 0412 502 033


7-8 14-15 21-22 28-29

NSW, Windsor Summer Tournament, 6, 2, 0 subzero grades - NSW, Willo Polo Summer Tournament, 6, 2, 0 subzero grades - E: NSW, Riverlands Ladies Tournament - Ph: 0409 764 607 - NSW, Folly Lodge Chukkas - Ph: 0409 764 607 -


8 14 14 15

PCAQ, Ned Twohill Teams Challenge at Southport - Ph: 0416 013 081 Colac Pony Club - EA & PCAV Horse Trials 2015, Colac Pony Cl grounds - Southport Pony & Hack Cl Celebrating 60 Years, A race day & Gold Coast Turf Club - Ph: 0414 863 662 PCAQ, Zone Teams Sporting Challenge at Hendra - Ph: 0411 418 349

1-2 6 7-8





SQRHA AGM Hi Point BBC Open Pen - Ph: Chris Wales 0407 856 786 - VRHA Blue Ribbon Reining professional training package, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: 0423 673 372 VRHA Spring Rein Finals Jackpot Double High Points Show, Southern Starters Buckle Series Final WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Kristy Hobson 0423 673 372 - E: GVRHA Club Show Christmas Party High Point Presentation & AGM - Ph: Wendy 0427 801 787

1 1 2 7-8 7-8 13-15 14-15 19-22 20-23 21-22 27-29 29 7-8 14 14 28-29

SWA & ABP, Nareeb Intermediate Celebration Show, Sh/gr, Grenfell, NSW - Ph: 02 6978 1629 Queensland State Riding Pony Show, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Sally 0419 783 070 Yarra Valley APSB PG All Breeds Youngstock Show, Gladysvale Vic - Ph: Ashlea 0402 873 200 ASH, NSW South Coast Br, Sh/gr, Milton NSW - Ph: Deborah Morley 0408 021 009 IMHR, NSW Spring Show, Sh/gr, Taree NSW - Ph: Leanne 02 4844 6393 - IMHR, Feature Show @ Equine Lifestyle Festival, Hawkesbury Sh/gr, Clarendon NSW - as above ASH, Northern Br Annual Show, Sh/gr, Gunnedah NSW - Ph: Tania Alderton 0429 772 746 NSW Arabian Horse Assoc, National Championships, SIEC, Horsley Park - Ph: 02 9620 2698 ASPB, 50TH Birthday Stud Show, WPNEC & 2015 Hoty, Werribee Vic - Ph: Edwina 0497 677 961 ASH, Western Victoria Br Show, Eq/Ctr, Hexham Vic - Ph: Anne McLean 0427 364 057 Pinto Horse Assoc, Annual Show, Horseworld Stadium, Maraylya NSW - Ph: 0417 335 502 AMPS, 2015 NSW Southern Districts Championship Show, Bundanoon - Ph: 0422 362 176 Tamworth & Dist TPA, Team Sorting, Sh/gr, Moonbi NSW - Ph: Lisa Wilson 0407 434 361 Peel Valley TP, Team Penning& Xmas Party with Mystery Draw, Tamworth - Ph: 0409 446 815 SEQ TP, Christmas Party Wild Card Comp - Ph: Sylvia 07 5464 6177 - Valley TP, Gresford Xmas Party - Ph: 0499212 862 -

8 22-23

Richmond River TRC, NSW, meet 3rd w/end of month Feb to Nov - Ph: Judy 02 6663 7289 Boolarra & Dist Horse & Trail Riding Cl, McGauran's Beach - Ph: Mick 0421 323 407 Dayboro Trail Riders Club, Ride & Meeting - Ph: Graham Bailey 0418 833 110


North Coast WRC, Meet Monthly, Hawthorne Prk, Sth Grafton, NSW - Ph: Allison Latter 0417 488 520 Young Appaloosa & Western Breeds Assoc - Ph: Stevie Jackson 0431 841 865 - South Western A & A Breeds P CInc, Grenfell, NSW - Ph: Jenny McCue 02 6343 2927 Burpengary WPCI, Training Day & Fun Day, Burpengary, Qld - Ph: Sue Hartshom 07 3888 4434


Clarence Valley Working Equitation, Hawthorne Park, South Grafton, NSW - Ph: Chris 0421 358 373 9 -12


15 23-24


Also see Natural Horsemanship Section Equine Reiki Level 1, Clarendon Forest Retreat, Mid North Coast - Ph: Julie 0404 470 571 E: - Equine Assessment Workshop with Maureen Rogers, Gatton Equestrian Indoor Arena, Gatton Qld Ph: Wendy Palmer 0413 331 627 - - Equine Reiki Level 2, Clarendon Forest Retreat, Mid North Coast - Ph: Julie 0404 470 571


EQUINE LIFESTYLE FESTIVAL, Hawkesbury Showground, Clarendon NSW Ph: 03 8698 2000 - E:


The Spirit Lives On, The Hundred Year Anniversary, 1st World War Lockyer Light Horse Troop, RSL & Laidley Pioneer Village, A Day of Historic Activities, Equestrian Centre, Lockyer Qld

BALANCE Saddles Allow horses to move with biomechanical correctness and reach their full athletic potential. World renowned for their comfort for horses and riders. Dressage, General Purpose and Jump style saddles are available and they come in many models to accommodate a vast array of horses. English BALANCE saddle The “Xtreme dressage saddle” M: 0428 385 745 E:

A natural holistic approach to horsemanship through understanding their Mind, Emotions, Body & Spirit Courses ~ Lessons ~ Saddle Fitting ~ BALANCE Saddles

Ph: 0428 385 745 E:

DECEMBER 2015 COMING EVENTS All dates are subject to change

4-5 5-6 12

Cloverleaf Cruisers Dual Affiliated Event, Murrurundi NSW - Ph: Kate Eather 0427 165 359 Chiltern Barrels & Buckles Series Rds 7 & 8, Chiltern Vic - Ph: Debbie Atkins 0428 589 998 Gippsland Barrel Racing Club, Nilma North Vic - Ph: Michelle Peters 0428 781 039

4 27 28 28 29-31 31 31-1st

Tumut Campdraft - Ph: Bruce McGruer - 0427 449 194 Lawrence Rodeo - Ph: Wendy Feneley 0407 053 141 Bingara Rodeo - Ph: Helen Nicolle 02 6783 2265 Jindabyne Rodeo - Ph: Allan Rowson 0408 484 905 Upper Horton Campdraft, Rodeo & Jnr Novice Rodeo - Ph: Peter Kelly 02 6782 7240 Mogumber Rodeo - Ph: Pauline Carr 0416 131 837 Nowendoc Campdraft - Ph: Nola Nicholson 02 6777 0966


5-6 5-6 12-13 20

Level 3 CDE, Jugiong NSW - Ph: Hannah Becchio 0438 880 458 Graded Driven Dressage, Iverleigh Vic - Ph: Gail Hoiles 03 5236 3311 Pleasure weekend, Eq/gr, Nana Glen NSW - Ph: Echaha Wright 02 6654 2557 West Gippsland QHAss Championship Show, Garfield Vic- Ph: Linda 03 5998 8402


1-6 4 6 10-13

National Show Horse Championships, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Leonie Roberts 0412 570 103 Boneo Park Equestrian Centre, Boneo Park Vic - Ph: Lizzy Schirmer 03 5986 3006 NCEC, Xmas Hack Show, Nana Glen NSW - Ph: Kathy 02 6654 3990 Saddleworld Dressage Festival, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Allan Bruno 0438 557 720


5-6 10-13 12-13 4-7 8-10 11-13

Wallaby Hill, CCI****** EvA105 EvA95 - Ph: Vicki Burgess 02 6747 3887 Summer Showjumping Classic, SIEC, Horsley Park NSW - Ph: Toni Venhaus 0418 686 781 VIC, Lakes & Craters CCI, TBC - Ph: Gillian Bone 0427 818 378 Ken Faulkner Australian Horsemanship, 4 Day Savvy W/end, Esk Qld - Ph: Kathy 0427 732 394 Mel Fleming Horsemanship, Introductory, Intermediate/Advanced, Bathurst NSW - Ph: 0428 385 745 Mel Fleming Horsemanship, Intermediate/Advanced, Bathurst NSW - Ph:0428 385 745

5-6 5-6 12-13 13 4-6 12-13

NSWPCA, Showriding Championships, Parkes NSW - Ph: 02 4229 8977 PCAVIC, North East Zone Final 2015, Bright Vic - Ph: Sue 0408 765 717 PCAVIC, NEZ Dressage & Showjumping Qualifiers, Tatura Vic - Sue 0408 765 717 PCAVIC, Drysdale/Leopold Open Show, Drysdale Vic - Ph: 0408 461 088 Victorian All Welsh Show, Tatura Events Centre, Tatura VIC - Ph: Darryl King 0400 667 527 Shetland Annual Show, Rec/Reserve, Neerim Vic - Ph: Anne Paynter 03 5663 1604




AGRICULTURAL SHOWS OCTOBER - NSW - Ph: 02 6879 6777 16-17 Casino, 16-17 Cootamundra, 16-17 Barham Koondrook, 17 The Rock, 17 Tooraweenah, 22- 24 Lismore, 24 Junee, 30-1st Nov Albury, 30-31 Alstonville, 31 Carcoar, 31-1st Nov French's Forest. 22-24 NORTH COAST NATIONAL, Showground, Lismore NSW - Ph 02 6621 5916 - 0427 213 480 OCTOBER - Vic - Ph: 03 5441 5555 13 Rainbow, 15 Nhill, 15 Royal Geelong, 15-17 Mildura Dist, 16-17 Barham-Koondrook, 16-17 Benalla, 16-17 Wandin Silvan Field Days, 17 Charlton, 17 Dimboola, 17 Kyabram, 17-18 Naracoort, 18 Jeparit, 18 Lancefield, 18-19 Maldon & Baringhup, 18 Ruthergien, 21 Numurkah, 21 Wycheproof, 23-24 Mt Gambier, 23-24 Bendigo, 23-24 Maffra, 24-25 Cobram, 24-26 Euroa, 24 Myrtleford, 24 Stawel, 25 Ararat, 25 Croydon, 30-31 Castlemaine & Dist, 31 Dookie, 31-1st Nov Sale & Dist, 30-1st Nov Warrnambool. 15-18 NADAC Dog Agility Nationals, Indoor Arena, WPNEC Vic - Ph: 03 9741 7672 - NOVEMBER - VIC: Ph: 03 5441 5555 3 Balnarring, 3 Heathcote, 6-8 Colac & Dist, 6-7 Echuca / Moama Dist, 7 Port Fairy, 7-8 Whittlesea, 7-8 Bairnsdale & Dist, 7 Coleraine, 13-15 Ballarat, 14 Alexandra, 14-15 Dandenong, 14 Casterton, 14 Koroit, 14 Omeo Dist, 20-21 Kyneton, 21 Clunes Dist, 21-22 Edenhope, 21-22 Lilydale, 21 Mansfield, 21 Noorat & Dist, 21, Yarram, 22 Beaufort, 27-28 Taralgon & Dist, 28 Daylesford & Dist, 28 Yea, 28 Yullecart. Special Event - 13-15 EQUINE LIFESTYLE FESTIVAL, Hawkesbury Showground, Clarendon - Ph: 03 8698 2000 E: DECEMBER 2015 Victoria - Ph: 03 5441 5555 5 Dartmoor & Dist, 5-6 Kilmore, 5 Penshurst, 6 Kingston


8-9 14-15 15-17 16 22-25

VASL, Saddle Horse Championships - Ph: 03 5441 5555 2016 Western Spectacular All Breeds Show & NSW Appaloosa Championships, SIEC, Horsley Park NSW - Ph: Tamara 0415 222 403 SHCV Masters Horse of the Year, WPNEC, Werribee, Vic - Ph: Leonie Roberts 0412 570 103 Dan Steers Horsemanship, 2 Day Ground Control & Body Control, Boneo Park Vic - Ph: 03 5986 3006 Summer Horse Show, Melbourne Showground, Ascot Vale Vic - Ph: 03 9281 7469

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Harness Education & Re-homing Opportunities Villagem

Franco Heir

Two former track stars are fronting a new Harness Racing Victoria initiative which will deliver unprecedented life after racing opportunities for retired Standardbreds. Villagem, a winner of 25 races and $626,000 in prizemoney and Franco Heir NZ, who won 18 races and $392,000, are the equine ambassadors for Harness Education & Rehoming Opportunities. The high profile duo, aged 10 and 18 respectively, are both saddle broken and were gifted to HERO by their owners after long and successful pacing careers..................................................................... They boast five Group One wins collectively and will attend significant industry and community events to promote the many great attributes of Standardbreds as riding and pleasure horses..................................... HERO is a joint initiative of HRV and the State Government via the Victorian Racing Industry Fund.............................................................

Villagem (Tas) ridden by Nikkiema Salathiel.


The program follows closely in the footsteps of Racing Victoria's Off The Track project and GRV's Greyhound Adoption Program, and brings the State's already extensive Standardbred reeducation and rehoming activities together under a common umbrella.

EQUINE TRANSPORT Right: Franco Heir (Tanya McDermott riding). First ride after 10 years.

HERO's key components include:—Owner and trainer education, highlighting the options which are available to Standardbreds outside racing. —Development of a central register of Standardbreds seeking a pleasure home.

Specialising in Interstate Horse Transport

—Development of a register of Standardbred retrainers with the appropriate skills and knowledge to re-educate retired horses for a riding and/or pleasure driving career.

MLT Equine Transport provides the following services: —Weekly service from Melbourne to the Hunter Valley and surrounding locations —Reliable connections - Australia wide —NEW Purpose Built 12 Horse Trailer —Large Roomy Individual Horse Bays —Integrated video surveillance system —On-board water system for extreme heat conditions —Superior Ventilation —Fully insured

—Development of on line resources which address common challenges encountered when working with ridden Standardbreds.

M: 0419 115 026 P: 02 6926 3250


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—Training days to upskill those working with off the track Standardbreds. Nicole Tassone, who has been Victoria's premier Standardbred retrainer for the past six years through her Raising The Standards program, will partner with HERO to lead the training program.

—Financial support to assist in offsetting the costs incurred by retrainers as Standardbreds transition from racing to riding/pleasure driving. —Sponsorship to support organisations which offer competitions and events catering to retired Standardbreds. These groups will include the Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of Victoria.

NAL L, REGIO e. A C O L r u Yo STATE guid and INTER s AUSTRALIA wide! Businesse Servicing Spring 2015

HERO is managed by Tanya McDermott, a harness racing journalist for 25 years who previously worked for 10 years as Country Marketing Executive for HRV. She has a vast industry network and a passionate interest in Standardbred welfare - she has been rehoming and reeducating retired pacers and trotters for more than a decade. Tanya is already the “go to” person for many of the State's owners and trainers who have retired Standardbreds seeking life after racing homes, and has directly or indirectly assisted in the placement of some 50 horses in the past two years alone. Currently, seven retired Standardbreds are in her personal care including Villagem and Franco Heir as well as Youranut (14 wins, $140,000) and Kyvalley Mac (12 wins, $142,000). Tanya was a founding member of the Northern Standardbred Riding Group Inc. and in 2008 she received the Pearl Kelly Award recognising the notable and sustained contribution by a woman to the harness racing industry in Victoria. “Standardbreds make the most fantastic pleasure horses,” she said. “Thanks largely to the efforts of accomplished equestrienne Kathleen Mullan and MF Hollywood (who contested the 2014 Garryowen), ridden Standardbreds are more accepted in Victoria than ever before. “Nonetheless, there is still some work to be done to break down traditional biases and through HERO I hope to be able to more extensively educate the wider horse world about this incredibly consistent, level headed, trainable and loyal breed.” HRV General Manager - Operations Vaughn Lynch said through the development of HERO, it had been noted that there was already significant work being undertaken in the Standardbred re-education and rehoming field within the Victorian harness racing industry. “What has been lacking is central co-ordination of the many initiatives already in place, and wide spread promotion of the fantastic stories which are evolving, up until this point largely behind the scenes,” he revealed. “There are some incredibly talented, dedicated and passionate people working very hard to secure positive outcomes for Standardbred which, for a myriad of different reasons, are not suitable for racing. “HERO will both acknowledge and support these people, and provide the information and resources to generate increased opportunities for a greater number of retired horses to find a purposeful, long-term future in retirement.”

Youranut, pictured with his former trainer/driver Greg Sugars and Tanya McDermott.

For more information about HERO, email, phone 0407 413 156 or follow HRVHERO on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

MultiCube Tired of watching your hay get wasted? stockfeeds

Ph: 03 5744 1200 or Cameron 0408 449 369


Try Try our our range range of of compressed compressed Hay Hay Cubes Cubes An An Economical Economical & & Convenient Convenient way way to to feed feed hay! hay! Excellent Digestibility Reduced Waste Excellent Digestibility - Reduced Waste 33


TEAM DIATOM Have you got movement problems? Do you need a better coat? Has your horse's feet got problems? How can I improve my horses' performance? How do others keep their horses competitive? Have you ever used a supplement that enables you to actually SEE results? Richelle Byers

The Diatom story begins……..

Early in 2012 discussions were initiated by Warren Byers of WRB Training Stables as to what supplement could be found to assist horses in all equine pursuits one that would demonstrate a visual improvement in all of these horses' health and well-being. Warren, who has had extensive experience in preparing and showing a large range of horses in various disciplines, researched all around the world and finally found the answer in the USA and Europe. The result was silica, silica, silica! This set Warren on a mission to develop a product that was high in silica, a product that was easily fed and also easily digested by horses that fitted the Australian market. After a long period of testing and refining, Equine Diatom resulted and was introduced into the Australian market in late 2013. Since then, sales of Equine Diatom have gone from strength to strength as it has proven to be a very cost effective product, that by working from the inside out, has shown significant visual results for those horses on the Equine Diatom regime. Equine Diatom is an all-natural product that repairs and improves muscle, elasticity in joint, damaged cartilage, the digestive system, teeth and gums, eyes, ligaments, tendons as well as mane, tails, feet and coat. In 2014, Equine Diatom commenced a program called 'Team Diatom' which involved seeking leaders in various horse pursuits and providing these leaders with the opportunity to utilise Equine Diatom to improve their horses' performance in their chosen field. To date members of Team Diatom include leaders who own and show horses in timed events, western, endurance and breeding. (Some of our Team Diatom members are pictured in this article)

The members of Team Diatom include: ŸSally Cole and Prettyvale Puff'n'Stuff numerous Sydney Royal Ribbons ŸBellevale Bliss - numerous Sydney Royal Champions & Supreme Champion ŸWRB Training Stables - Warren, Richelle, Chelsey & Brooke Byers specialising in western performance and time event Horses ŸEmma Taylor & Matt Headland - time event specialists ŸTodd Hensley - campdrafting specialist and farrier ŸJustin Potter - announcer and calf roper ŸSteve, Michelle Bush, Josh & Jayden Bush - time event Specialists ŸNiomi & Sophie Crawley - barrel racing specialists ŸPaul Parker - Team roper ŸMiddle L Appaloosa Stud - Western performance events

Chelsey Byers

Emma Taylor

Warren Byers

ŸGeorgia Curry - Endurance ŸLaxton Performance Horses - Ed Laxton reining and Western Performance specialist ŸTroy O'Neill - Racing Industry ŸDressage - TBA ŸCarriage Driving - TBA

Josh Bush

Prettyvale Puff N’ Stuff

Georgia Curry

The success of the members of the team have been supported by their use of Equine Diatom and its properties of improving and repairing a horses' body from the inside out.

Equine Diatom is a very easy supplement to feed and is added to the horses' feed once per day. It comes in 1.8kg, 3.8kg & 7.5kg buckets. It is available to purchase through CRSF Western Store and a number of stockists throughout NSW and Qld, we will also be looking for distributors in Victoria and South Australia in the very near future. Please contact us on 0439 043 310 or email to inquire about the product. Equine Diatom also has a webpage If you are at a competition please feel free to introduce yourself to a member of our team.

CRSF WESTERN STORE'S new Ferrini Boots now in stock! Beautiful boots in all sizes Men's, Women's & Kids now available. Phone: (02) 9606 7477 or go to Camden Rossmore Stockfeeds Facebook page to order.

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Spring 2015



BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION (NBCF) is renowned for funding high quality research and supporting a generation of significant milestones in breast cancer knowledge. There are two unique aspects to the funding of research by the NBCF. 1. We are the only national community funded organisation that awards funds specifically for research across the continuum of breast cancer - from genetics to treatment, support and palliative care. 2. Funds are directed to the best research in Australia - we are not limited by state boundaries or institutional policies and we have no vested interest other than progressing knowledge about breast cancer. NBCF began funding research in 1995 with $500,000 for 11 equipment grants. Considerable growth in our success as a fundraising organisation has resulted in a significant increase in funds available for research in the past 20 years.

NBCF is now Australia's leading not-for-profit organisation promoting and supporting breast cancer research nationally. Achievements in breast cancer research: learning from the past, informing the future grew out of internal research as NBCF audited the range of research projects we had supported, and sought comment from funded researchers as to the value of our support, where their research had led them and what benefits the research had created for breast cancer patients, the research community and the wider society.

Still Free Photography has created a beautiful new range of fine art prints. Great for your home or office or as a present For that someone special. These works are printed on to the beautiful "Optica One" 100% Cotton 300 gsm smooth fine art paper. This paper has a completely matte finish and delivers an amazing depth and crispness to the image. Beautiful for both black and white or colour.

Thanks to fundraising efforts like The Power of Pink the National Breast Cancer Foundation has awarded more than 97 million dollars to fund over 340 breast cancer research projects since 1994.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation has an inspirational goal of zero deaths from Breast Cancer by 2030. Worldwide, more than one million new cases of female breast cancer are diagnosed each year, making it the most common female cancer and the leading cause of cancer related death among women. Each year, breast cancer is responsible for the deaths of about 548,000 women. Globally, a case of breast cancer is diagnosed every 29 seconds and a woman dies from breast cancer every 75 seconds . In Australia, more than 13,000 women and about 100 men will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer - that's 36 women every day. The number of Australian diagnoses has doubled in the past 20 years. Each year, more than 2,600 Australian women die from breast cancer - an average of seven women lose their lives every day . These sobering statistics enforce that we need to accelerate our understanding of the complexities of the causes of the disease, as well as how we can better treat and ultimately prevent it.

An Australian woman's lifetime risk for developing breast cancer is now 1 in 8. Of the top 10 cancers in Australia breast cancer is the third most common, accounting for 12.8% of cases. WWW.NBCF.ORG.AU

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Offering two already matted sizes (Large 20"x 30" Mat) image size(16"x 24") and (Medium 16"x 24"Mat) Image size 12"x 18" These are fairly standard sizes for framing and you should be able to buy pre-made frames to suit. If not you can get a frame of your choice made to show case your beautiful image. Other sizes are available by special request. Mat colours are available in either White (preferred) or Black. For further information about these Fine Art Prints and to view more from my collection please contact Ellen

Spring 2015

“ The diary you always wanted, be sure to place your orders early ” on sale Nov 1st. Wise Woman Moon Diary

The diary was created with intention to guide us within, deep into the soul essence of who we are, to honour, nurture and strengthen our connection with self as we harmonise with natural rhythms and cycles of the cosmos and earth. We consciously align with the wisdom of our inner knowing that will lead us with clarity and certainty to reclaim our power, our sacred medicine.

- Beautifully illustrated we begin each month lead by a virtue of the noble horse directing us on a path of inner inquiry in which we awaken virtues within. - We stretch our awareness and perception past our physical body to perceive what lays beyond the 5 senses, consciously delving into the realm of feel, intuition, inner knowing, qualities that transcend species barriers in a language the horse knows and can understand. In doing so we are deepening our awareness of self to bring a new level of freedom in being with our horse. - We follow the waxing and waning of the lunar phase, her times of transits through the zodiac and the moods of their influences. - Times of ' void of moon ' phases - a time to pause, reflect, wait. - We harmonise with the rhythm of the seasons as we journey with the path of the sun, creating ritual in celebration of the solstices and equinoxes. - Exact times of lunar and solar eclipses and the influences they carry. - 14.8 x 10.5 cm spiral bound daily planner diary. - 2 days per page with blank pages for reflection. - Full explanations and key points are given for clear understanding.

Taking the Horses lead


An Intuitive Connection

- We path solid ground for the sentient qualities and aspects of life to be present in the everyday, and our everyday to reflect our structural foundation in the spiritual. Creative thinking and action to heightened views and perception has taken place. From here innately we bring our life skills together with our horsemanship skill to partner up in new ways with our horse. For order enquiries go to: or phone: $1 from every Diary sold will go to Save A Horse Australia

0427 612 420

Breast Cancer Fund Raiser’s back! For a number of years Tweed Valley Equestrian Group has banded together to run a dressage and show jumping competition weekend to raise funds for Breast Cancer. You don't need a horse, just dress in pink, support the Canteen run by the Dragons Abreast Mt Warning ladies, always yummy food and friendly faces.

On Oct 10 and 11 at the Murwillumbah Showgrounds. 2015 is the 7th year TVEG will run this event. In 2011 Tweed Shire Council awarded this event “Community Event of the Year” and over $38,000 has been raised so far for Breast Cancer. Sadly breast cancer will touch many of our lives through family and friends. Dressage is dominated by women and it seemed appropriate to partner this event with such a worthy cause and raise awareness of Breast Cancer Research. Last year we saw over 100 riders coming from Port Macquarie to Brisbane. Prizes are awarded to all winners and then there are the “Fun” divisions - Pinkest horse, this takes a lot of food colouring!!!, Pinkest rider and Pretty in Pink for the best dressed combination. Join in and be part of this weekend, go to the Tweed Valley Equestrian Group Facebook page to be part of an online auction - here you can browse through a wide variety of vouchers and products generously donated to us. Sponsors will be advertised on the programme, website, Facebook and over the PA on the weekend. We would be happy to promote special offers for sponsors. We also welcome trade stalls for sponsors to display merchandise over the weekend. For more information contact Keighley Leeson: 0428 536 868 Email: or go to A number of Sponsors are already on board. THANK You to Madura Tea, Buddha Gardens Day Spa in Byron, Nicole Browne Equestrian, Cabarita Meats, Dragons Abreast Mt Warning, NRG, Norco, Natural Equipment, Murwillumbah Cellars, Olssons, Club Colours Direct, Equine News, Aitkens Saddlery, Equilibrium, TuffRock, North Coast Tack Shop, Bunnings with the list growing each week.


After The Vet


Nursing the equine is inherently difficult as you may find your horse no longer is able to move well and may not even be able to stand on one leg for more than a few seconds to have the hooves dressed. Easycare Inc. have recently released through Easycare Down Under in Australia an excellent new therapy boot specifically for laminitis and hoof injuries in horses called The Cloud Boot.

After the vet climbs into his car and disappears into the distance you slowly realize that now the ongoing care for your injured or laminitic horse is totally up to you. This can be a daunting prospect for those who have often never done more than pick the dirt out of their horse's hooves. Many horse owners do not have facilities to bring a horse indoors for months of ongoing care so just keeping injuries clean is a problem. There are solutions now to help horse owners through these difficult times. Firstly you need to know exactly what you are dealing with. The vet I am sure did his best to give you an idea of the inside of the hoof and what difficulties laminitis brings, but often when you are stressed and feeling overwhelmed his quick anatomy lesson is not enough. Plus most of what you have read about laminitis on forums etc. is often incorrect and even the traditional texts on this condition were written many years ago and do not show the latest and most successful rehab strategies.‌.so arm yourself with the latest knowledge. There are several good texts available on dealing with the laminitic hoof with natural hoof care therapies and one that I recommend to everyone (as I feel it covers every aspect of this nasty condition) and helps the horse owner and the farrier dealing with its future hoof care deliver a successful outcome, it is called "The Pony that Didn't Die" by Andrew Bowe. It is a step by step log of detailed information on rehab trimming, diet and future care. Armed with information, you, your vet and your farrier can all have a clear idea of the direction you are all heading for the horse's complete recovery. In the meantime how to help your lovely horse, now so frightened of hoof pain, that it will not take a step unless forced to do so. What you need now: 1. A way to provide instant comfort and a covering for all the sterile bandaging and medication that you need to apply and remove several times a day. Many horse owners will not have ideal yarding or clean stabling so often a solution is needed quickly indeed. To solve this problem many owners and vets are turning to Therapy Hoof Boots.



(A) The Cloud Therapy Boot opens right up for easy access, has velcroe like fastenings that can be done up instantly, can be used over bandaging (often disposable nappies are used) and provides comfort and a clean environment, and is washable. The back of the boot folds completely out of the way. The inside of the boot is padded soft and smooth. (B) Closed-cell EVA technology pads comes standard in every Easyboot Cloud. Injection molded, these pads retain their shape and form much longer than any open-cell comfort pad on the market today

What you need later when the horse can move a little better: 2. As the horse improves you will need a boot strong enough to allow the horse some quiet turn out time. The Cloud Boot can do this too. Turn out aids in their recovery both mentally and physically. Gentle movement at their own pace also stimulates circulation that brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells and helps clear away the toxins and cellular debris from abscessing that accumulate in laminitic horses. The Cloud Boot allows for this type of movement in a small turnout area. The equine industry has some great therapy boots on the market but Easycare believe theirs brings therapy rehab. to a whole new level. They say the Cloud fits better, is less likely to rub, is lighter weight, has a better pad system, is more adaptable and is more affordable. The form fitting therapy boot gives horses relief without adding a clunky, heavy boot. "These horses are already suffering and don't need an extra ball and chain that compromises movement."

The Easycare line of boots & therapy boots are available in Australia through Easycare Down Under and Hoof Boots Australia

Comfort Pad conforms to the hoof and provides additional comfort and support to the sole.

Supportive Tread reduces loading of the peripheral hoof wall, spreading weight across the entire solar area.

Secure Fit allows for light turn-out. May also be used with the EasyCare Therapy Click System.

First Aid for the hoof! Instant protection & comfort for Laminitis & Hoof Wounds

Hoof Boots Australia Ph: 02 4457 3022

Easyboot ZIP

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HEALTH & WELLBEING Does your horse have poor flexion?

EQUISCAN or (D.I.T.I) The best method available for the early detection of muscular-skeletal soft tissue and neurological injuries.

Specialising in Nonspecific lameness Back problems & saddle fitting - Hoof problems Dental & sinus problems - Monitoring of competition horses Pre-purchase & selling inspections Mobile Service - Victoria Jane McGaw ACCT Veterinary Thermographer P: 0406 725 998 E:

Is your horse constantly sore or not performing as well as it could?

COOTES EQUINE THERAPY Equine muscular and skeletal re-alignment therapy may be the solution. Anthony Cootes is an experienced and fully certified practitioner servicing Brisbane and South East QLD. Promote a softer, smoother and resistance free ride. Maximise your horse's potential, and feel the difference.

P: 0431 630 187 E:

Equine Chiropractics And Deep Muscle Therapy

Ray Bové

Does your horse struggle maintaining gaits or the correct leads?

Your Horse Partnership Annie Sorell

Equestrian Mentor

16 Years Experience Professional And Reliable Clear your Fear

Enjoy your Horse

Ph: 0427 647 530 or (02) 6564 7530

Ph: 0401 977 645

Equine Reiki Courses What would it mean for you to be more spiritually connected with your horse? If you are a person who would like: • a deeper, more spiritual connection with your horse • balance and harmony in your partnership • a better understanding of your relationship with your horse • the ability to truly listen to what your horse has to say • a natural approach to improving health and wellbeing for you and your horse

Then look no further as our courses were created just for you.

For course dates and venues contact Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571

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Equine Acupuncture Servicing, the Clarence Valley and other areas for group bookings. Free travel!

Phone For A Quote I Horses - Cattle - Dogs - Cats

Brooke Tillman Dip Eq Acu Ph: 0429 006 114 Become a Hoofnaturopath Holistic Barefoot Care Education —Diploma Level —Certificate Level —Continued Education —Workshops and Seminars Vocational learning with a difference: No classes, self paced study, individual attention and mentoring.

“Uno Alla Volta” Now based in Australia

“Far more than just a Hoof Dressing”

Barclays Collar breaks the habit Help Your Horses Achieve Their Potential

Specialising in Performance Horses

Equine Soundness Inc


?Safe ?Reliable $157.00 incl. delivery ?No batteries required ?Tough nylon construction ?Lightweight ?Weatherproof



A major breakthrough in the fight against windsucking. The first truly modern & humane treatment. Find out more & order on line at

www ww w.barclayscolla email:

Herbal Horse Anita Brojatsch Ph: 0408 896 041 E:


Find us on


Online Store:

FREE Master/Correctional Farrier HELP 24/7

Good to Go Hoof Thrush Treatment Hoof thrush is no joke! It can be a painful, irritating, debilitating condition, that can cause serious lameness symptoms like navicular syndrome.


Good to Go is available in individual bottles, or wholesale boxes of 20. Does hoof thrush treatment get any easier than this?


Good to Go is in an easy-to-use, dust-on container. Good to Go is made from locally sourced, natural products that are safe to handle and won't damage you horse's skin or frog tissue. Made in Australia by a hoofcare practitioner. And the packaging comes from an Australian, carbon neutral manufacturer.

Find us on

You can help to treat hoof thrush with Good to Go! Safe, cost-effective and easy to use.

Ph: 0412 295 275 I I

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HORSE TRANSPORT Weekly Services Bris - Syd - Melb

Call John or Judy 0412 233 083

Now Servicing the New England Area

Travelling Throughout VIC, NSW, SA, QLD Local & Interstate Stud farm drop offs & pick ups Fortnightly runs to Adelaide Discount for multiple horses

Ph: 0422 476 457


Servicing Wollongong to Brisbane Cowra - Bathurst - Dubbo - Tamworth P: 0413 065 126 E:

For all your Local & Interstate Equine Travel Requirements Call Today for a Free Quote

Ph: 03 5996 6281

Rose’s Deals on Wheels Lite Haul Horse Floats & Goosenecks Designed by Horseman AUSTRALIAN MADE 607 Summerland Way, Grafton NSW

Leanne Rose Ph: (02) 6643 1972 Mob: 0427 431 973 Open Hours: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm Saturday - 9am - 12 noon


Repair Rust ~ Floor & Tailgate Rubber Repaints ~ Upholstery ~ Floor & Kick Boards Windows ~ Fibreglass ~ Spare Parts Agents For Complete Range of Trailers 2000 Trailers New & Used Horse Floats ~ Free Quotes



11 Blackwood Rd, Jimboomba, Qld

Ph: (07) 5547 8336 Mob: 0429 486 655


LEAF, TWIG & STICK RAKE For Ride on Mowers Clean up NOW! before the next Fire Season

1800 819 493 Phone Mark on: 02 6562 7888 Email:

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IVERSON FENCING Bobcat & Tipper Hire

All Aspects of Rural Fencing Roundyards Shelters Boundary Fences

Phone: Tyler 0438 899 438 A/H: (02) 6686 2554



LAWRENCE WILLIAMS FENCING CONTRACTOR Ph: (02) 6664 7322 or 0413 877 026 Lic: 5219XC


BEDWELLS FEED BARN & SADDLERY Seed and Produce Merchants

Stockists of: Hygain, Riverina, Prydes & Mitavite

Available from a Produce Store near you!

Available in three varieties, in addition to a custom option, our feed blocks are formulated to meet the dietary and nutrition requirements of your animals. Multiblock is a rich source of:

11 Keppel St, Bathurst 2795 Ph: (02) 6331 2844 Fax: (02) 6331 4232

Energy - Protein - Vitamins - Minerals - Electrolytes

Lot 42 Unit 7 Main St, Wallerawang 2845 Ph: (02) 6355 7531 Fax: (02) 6355 1466

P: 02 6779 2232 E:


MOLASSES (small qty & bulk)

Farm implements, Slashers, Bale Grabs Grain Feeders, Round Bale Feeders, Fencing Supplies and Much More! Ph: 02 6642 2200 E: f M: 0428 666 782 9 Butterfactory Lane, Grafton NSW


Paul Hassab

Stockists of: PRYDES - HORSEPOWER - MITAVITE - RIVERINA HYGAIN - NORCO - CASTLEREAGH - COPRICE RIDLEY - GRENFELL COMODITIES Fencing Supplies - Electric Fencing PHONE / FAX: (02) 6581 0643 MOBILE: 0407 810 643 78 - 82 John Oxley Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

COFFS HARBOUR PRODUCE Feed & Stock Supplements - Grain & Produce - Pet Food & Supplies Fencing Supplies & Gates - Electric Fences - Concrete Products Garden Equipment & Supplies - Organic Supplies & Produce - Vegie Seeds FREE DELIVERY OR DRIVE THROUGH - BUSINESS HOURS: Mon - Fri 7am - 5pm Sat 8am - 12pm

26 June Street (Behind Bailey Centre) Coffs Harbour P: (02) 6652 2599 F: (02) 6652 8328 E:

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Valley Stockfeed Now in two locations Horse Feed - Cattle Feed Dog & Cat Food Wormers - Tick Control Oxenford Qld Vet Supplies Shop 1/141, Old Pacific Hwy Ph: (07) 5573 1273

For all your stock & pet supplies. We Deliver!

Mt Nathan Qld Ph: (07) 5514 6033

8am-5pm Mon-Fri 8am-12noon Sat



Town & Country Supplies

One Step Ahead Farm & Animal Supplies FREE Local Feed Deliveries Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Hay/Chaff, Grain & Produce, Petfood, Fertilizer, Saddlery, General Fencing & Electric Fencing, Irrigation (Davey Master Dealer), John Deere Ride-on Mowers, Stihl Outdoor Power Equipment, Honda Outdoor Power Equipment, Generators, Push Mowers

178 Tweed Valley Way, Murwillumbah 2484 Ph: (02) 6672 1313 Fax: (02) 6672 6808

E.M. REDMOND & CO. (GATTON) PTY LTD All Types of Produce and Grain Merchants

Audrey Schulz (Proprietor) Tim Schulz (Manager) Crescent Street, Gatton Qld 4343

Ph: (07) 5462 1139 (07) 5462 1371 Fax: (07) 5462 3226 Mob: 0408 621 239 Ask at your nearest Produce Store or go to: Email: Phone: 0419 638 984

Bone Formula


FORTIFIED CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT FOR HORSES 20kg nett for administration in feed - for animal treatment only. Feed supplement specifically formulated with CHELATED CALCIUM to support bone strength, growth and health with essential bone minerals. Dr Jennifer Stewart’s Bone Formula provides clinically recommended levels of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and folate, plus trace elements and microminerals essential for musculoskeletal health.

FORTIFIED CALCIUM BLOCK FOR HORSES 20kg nett for self-administering block formulation. Specifically formulated with CHELATED CALCIUM to provide bone minerals for horses and ponies grazing pasture, kikuyu, setaria, buffel and other sub-tropical grasses. Calsorb provides clinically recommended levels of calcium and phosphorus (plus a trace element pre-mix) in a palatable, self-administering lick-block.



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CATERING FOR ALL YOUR HORSE NEEDS for the Inverell & Surrounding Districts Equestrian Supplies ~ Rodeo Supplies ~ Hats, Caps Handbags ~ Saddles, Rugs, Tack Stockist of: Cruel Girl ~ Wrangler ~ Ariat ~ Baxter Akubra ~Bullseye ~ Blue Dog ~ Brigalow ~ Eddie Fisher Pam & Jodie Ph:(02) 6722 1229 Email: 141 Byron St, Inverell NSW 2360

Lay By’s & Gift Vouchers Welcome

Northern Trophies & Giftware SPECIALISING IN RESIN EQUINE TROPHIES AND FIGURINES Ph: 0409 202 698 E:

Huge Range of Clothing Including Designer Brands

10% off R.M. Williams R/R Prices

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Ph: (02) 6662 2131 82 Walker Street, Casino E:

Vet Supplies Farrier Equipment Quality Repairs

‘Your Family Saddlery’ Phone: 02 6722 3599 Email: 45-47 Vivian Street, Inverell NSW 2360

Embroidered Saddlecloths

ClubColoursDirect The Colour Specialists Braided Rope Reins P.O. Box 5216 East Lismore, NSW 2480 Phone:(02) 6622 5002 Fax:(02) 6622 5009

For all information please visit our website at

We manufacture quality embroidered saddlecloths for Clubs, Schools, Studs and Shows. ~ Huge range of colours in quality fabrics and trims. ~ Special prices for Clubs ~ Digitising of logos ~ High density foam inners ~ Any size, any shape ~ Delivered Australia-wide

Email: Find us on Facebook


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(02) 4588 5200



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0413 414 534



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(02) 6662 2162 0411 716 932





0409 509 687 (02) 4927 6135


(02) 6652 3455


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(02) 6545 1333



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(02) 6736 2233

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(07) 4633 1999



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(02) 4934 3044



(07) 4661 1105 (02) 6557 0000 0418 194 842

PACIFIC VETCARE Coffs Harbour 320 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour Ph:6652 3455 Fax:6652 8187

Equine Medicine & Surgery Digital Radiography New Equine Surgery - Specialist Surgeon Endoscopy - Diagnostics Vaccinations - Ultrasound Reproduction - AI - Dentistry

Dr. David Johnson Dr. Stephen Deist Dr. Allan Hudson Dr. Adam Gerhardt Dr. Mathew Grabovszky Dr. Kelly Griffin Dr. Merrilyn Fitzgerald Dr. Amanda Johnson Dr. Chelsea Kramer Dr. Julia Etel Dr. Amber Aspinall

EQUIVET AUSTRALIA Equine Reproduction & General Practice Reproduction: Embryo Collection & Transfer & Artificial Insemination using

Chilled & Frozen semen. Live in Veterinarians provide 24hr Foaling supervision. Stallion Station: Semen collection, evaluation, freezing, storage & distribution. Registered Quarantine Facility: AQIS approved centre for exporting horses and/or semen. General Practice: Lameness diagnosis & management using digital Radiography & Ultrasonography - Chiropractic manipulation - Laboratory facilities - Equine dentistry - Video endoscopy.

Max Wilson BVSc (Hons) MACSc Robyn Woodward BVSc MVSc Celia Dodd BSc BVSc (Hons) Susanne Brundell BVSc (Hons) Angie Doudle BVSc Francois Viljoen BVSc

142 Jimna Springs Rd Southbrook, Qld P: 07 4691 0322 F: 07 4691 0419

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EQUINE Dr Chris Livingston


and Associates


Complete Veterinary Services Equine Power Float Dentistry Tru DR Digital Radiography


DR Georgina Johnston BVetMed

159 Gordon St, Port Macquarie


Ph: (02) 6583 1611

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Inverell Vet Clinic

Ambulatory Equine Veterinarian based in Murwillumbah and providing all your veterinary needs including: · Digital radiography (x-rays) · Digital ultrasonography · Endoscopy · Lameness evaluation and diagnosis · Pre-purchase examinations · Medical investigations · Routine surgery · Reproduction · Dentistry (power tools) · Hendra Virus vaccinations

Tamworth Veterinary Hospital

Offering routine equine services including: Endoscopy, Dentistry & Reproduction

Dr Greg Ireland Veterinary Surgeon & Physician

NOW LOCATED at 32 Sweaney Street, Inverell (Behind McDonalds)

For all your large and small animal veterinary needs both in-clinic and on-farm.

Phone: (02) 6721 0266

After Hours Emergency 0427 456 616

Member of Australian Veterinary Association

106 Brisbane Street Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph: (02) 6766 3988 Fax: (02) 6766 4259 Web: Greg Ireland BSc., BVSc. Alison Neef BSc(Vet)., BVSc. Michelle Tolhurst BA., BVSc. Yvette Crowe BVSc. Paul Jenkins BVSc.

Utilising The Latest Technology And Techniques WITH 100% CARE AND PROFESSIONALISM Providing the highest quality of equine veterinary dental care. Servicing Sydney and Melbourne.

Dr Shannon Lee B.V.Sc M.A.N.Z.C.V.Sc Eqd M.I.C.E.V.O E.Ds

Ph: 0418 598 621 E:

Equine Veterinary And Dental Services V D S

Dr. Oliver Liyou BVSc (Hons1) MACVSc (Eq Dent) CMAVA “Helping you to help your horse” The most qualified and experienced Equine Dental Vet in NSW.

Dentistry, Vaccinations inc Hendra, Freeze Brand, Microchipping, Stud Work, Foot problems, Castrations, Skin problems and anything equine that is not an emergency.

Call us about our dental parties, where you can receive massive savings. P: (02) 6642 4700 Now accepting referrals of difficult dental cases from Port Macquarie to SE Qld. M: 0428 515 650 As the designer of the porta safe stocks mobile crush, Oliver has the latest model E: to keep your horse safe and secure, and will be weighed on scales, and geldings get a free sheath clean. W:

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Also Equi Mesh

The strongest and most durable fence construction for horses Ph: 1300 308 186 Mob: 0439 761 247 Sole agent for Australia, New Zealand and S.E Asia

EQUINE NEWS And Trade Services Directory Volume 7 Issue 3 SPRING 2015 No 26  

A free quarterly equine magazine available from produce stores and saddleries throughout NSW QLD VIC. Offering information on what's availab...

EQUINE NEWS And Trade Services Directory Volume 7 Issue 3 SPRING 2015 No 26  

A free quarterly equine magazine available from produce stores and saddleries throughout NSW QLD VIC. Offering information on what's availab...