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New Breeding, Spelling and Agistment Facility. 4 Stallions Standing

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NEW Generation Horse Block With BIOTIN

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Thoroughbred Gene Pool Enhanced It is a belief of many in the Thoroughbred industry that the Australian gene pool has become too narrow and that Australian breeders should have a wider choice of stallion bloodlines for the benefit of their mares. To address this situation Tanglewood Farm's 2013 stallion offering includes quality stallions each with differing bloodlines for the benefit of broodmares and their owners. Their imported stallion Dixie Prospect (USA) represents a sireline not elsewhere available in Australia. His sire is the highly successful Dixie Union which has a winners/starters statistic of over 70% and stakes winners of 8% and progeny earnings of over $43 million. His grandsire is the famous US sire Dixieland Band. Another son of Dixie Union is Union Rags, the multiple G1 winner earning $1.8 mil at age 3 and retired to Dixie Prospect winning in England stud duties in 2013 covering 135 mares at a fee of $35,000 in Kentucky USA. The stakes winning Dixie Prospect stands at Tanglewood Farm at an introductory fee of $5,000 which represents great value for this famous bloodline. His 2013 foals are displaying great leg and conformation. This is a serious sireline not previously available to Australian breeders and will expand the gene pool for the benefit of breeders. It is also the view of Tanglewood that the quality of broodmares in a sires pedigree is a prerequisite for the success of the sires progeny. In this respect, their stallion Canny Show ticks all the boxes. Canny Show is undoubtedly the best bred son of the Champion 2 year-old and winner of the Golden Slipper, Canny Lad. He is also the full brother to the ill-fated champion dual G1 winner He's No Pie Eater who beat home such notables as Desert War, Mentality, Eremein and Tuesday Joy. Insofar as broodmares, his pedigree contains a number of blue-hen mares such as Show Lady and Dancing Show . In fact Redoute's Choice, Platinum Scissors, Manhatten Rain, Al Maher, Umatilla and Hurricane Sky are all included in the 2013 foal-colt- by Dixie Prospect family of Dancing Show. from Sutton Destiny

Tanglewood's other stallions are Pure Theatre the proven sire with 6 winners in first 2 months of 2013 season and Dane Fever with 4 winners in last 2 weeks of September. Tanglewood Farm also recognises the challenges to breeders and have established a programme whereby all early-bird bookings before 31 October will entitle breeders to agistment for 60 days free of charge. Nestled in the picturesq Cockburn valley in Kootingal, Tanglewood Farm is located 15 minutes from Tamworth and the city's acclaimed Equine Centre. Enquiries can be directed to James Green Tel 0467 388 388.

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EQUITANA SYDNEY 7-10 November 2013, Sydney Showground

THE “BE THE INFLUENCE” EQUESTRIAN GRAND FINAL All INDOORS AT EQUITANA SYDNEY 7-10 NOVEMBER! EQUITANA Australia is proud to once again partner Equestrian Australia in hosting the most exciting equestrian competition in the country. The Equestrian Grand Final presents a trio of finals that sees not only the cream of Australian riders and horses in the disciplines of Dressage, Jumping and Exhibition Eventing come together to compete in one venue, but also delivers the highest prize money in the country for each of the three events (Dressage $26,000, Jumping $26,000 & Exhibition Eventing $20,000)....................................................................................................

Dressage............................................................................................................ CDI-W Grand prix Frid 8th Nov & CDI-W Freestyle Sat 9th Nov............................ Fifteen of the top rider and horse combination in the country will be invited to compete at Equitana. The selection of these combinations will be via a series of five qualifying competitions, which are held Australia-wide..............................................

Jumping World Cup Qualifier.................

Exhibition Eventing...............................................................

Thurs 7th Nov (round 1) & Finals Frid 8th Nov........ Eighteen of Australia's best World Cup Jumping riders and horses will be invited to compete in these finals. .................................................................. The selection of the combinations will be via a series of five qualifying event held around the country...................

Friday 8th Nov......................................................................................................... From two qualifying events, the top four riders will automatically qualify for the finals. Equestrian Australia then awards “wild card” entries for the additional 7 riders. At EQUITANA Sydney this year however, there will be a significant change in the structure of Exhibition Eventing, as we are bringing this action packed contest indoors for your enjoyment.......................................................................................!

Tickets are on sale now – visit



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The device enables you to stimulate the natural internal cognitive physiological response from the foal, thus promoting inhaling and exhaling on its own behalf or until a veterinary professional arrives. Designed and tested in New Zealand, the McCulloch Medical™ Constant Delivery Aspirator /Resuscitator is proven to stimulate breathing with as few as 5 – 10 pumps of this unique piston-action unit. Two plastic cylinders draw air through induction valves at one end and direct it to the foal through a face mask via a bi-directional regulator valve.

The McCulloch Medical Foal Resuscitator is Internationally Acclaimed as a “LIFE SAVER” l l l l l

Controlled displacement safely delivers a constant volume of air. One person can operate the Foal Resuscitator Used by leading studs worldwide. Evaluated by numerous Universities and Veterinary Colleges Comes with a 2 year Warranty.

McCulloch Medical™ The Constant Delivery Resuscitator/Aspirator is compact, lightweight, using a simple push/pull action. Valves at each end do all the work. On the wide end there are two one-way induction valves for aspiration. On the narrow end there is one two-way valve for resuscitation.

EACH KIT CONSISTS OF: ~ Performance-tested resuscitator ~ Aspirator mask The McCulloch Medical™ Constant Delivery Aspirator/ Resuscitator has been tested and proven Globally for over 16 years. This simple-to-use, hand-held device initially clears the respiratory passages (Aspiration) followed by (Resuscitation) which delivers a regulated air supply directly into the struggling newborn foal's lungs. Designed for breeders, veterinarians and farm managers, for when a foal is born with a heartbeat but is not breathing. The McCulloch Medical™ Constant Delivery Aspirator/Resuscitator has saved hundreds of distressed newborn foals since its introduction 16 years ago.

~ Resuscitator mask ~ Oxygen adapter ~ Oxygen recovery mask ~ Carrying case ~ Instructions ~ 2-year warranty ENDORSEMENTS: “Successful resuscitation of the three foals where it has been used. I consider the Foal Resuscitator should be integral part of any foaling emergency kit” B M Drayton B.V.Sc.,D.V.C.S.,M.A.C.V.Sc., Awapuni Veterinary Services (Ltd), Palmerston North, New Zealand. “Both foals experienced a difficult birth, both had a heartbeat however neither were breathing. Today both foals are healthy, normal, weanlings. Thank you for creating such an incredible product” Noelle Serocki, DVM, Illinois Equine Hospital & Clinic, Illinois, USA “I spent 2 weeks in March working with Dr Wendy Vaala in New Jersey and saw the resuscitator used there to great effect during a dystocia delivery of a 304 day foal which subsequently survived. I was impressed!” Madeleine L.H. Campbell, Royal Vet College, UK “The resuscitator should be part of every Stud masters emergency foaling kit” Gerald Fell, Fairdale Stud, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Reproduction Supplies: P Artificial Insemination Equipment P Semen Extender P Breeding Mounts and Artificial Vaginas P Embryo Transfer Equipment

“During the foaling season your product helped save two of the foals that were born. I don't believe either of these foals would be alive without your foal resuscitator being available and handy. I want to thank you for making available such a useful and lifesaving product”. Sharon Wilson, Horizon Farms Inc., Illinois, USA

Diagnostic Equipment: P DVM Rapid Test instrument P IgG and Sperm Concentration Test Kits P Microscopes and Accessories

Foal Resuscitation Kit Free Call 1800 647 860 or 9D Lakewood Boulevard, BRAESIDE VIC 3195

Distributor: Pacific Vet Pty Ltd Toll Free: 1800 647 860 Ph: (03) 9587 7790 Website:



Twin pregnancies in a mare sounds exciting, but in fact is a bad outcome 99 % of the time.

In Mares

The problem is always the result of the mare ovulating (releasing) more than 1 follicle (egg) from the ovary. The stallion has nothing to do with the cause of twins. If he had his way, he would allow all of the millions of sperm that he delivers into the mare's uterus to be fertilised, as it would promote his genetics massively! So because up to 20 % of mares release 2 (or even 3!) eggs at the end of their oestrous (heat) period, the incidence of twin pregnancies can be as high as 20 % (1 in 5 pregnancies) in the general population. Much higher rates on individual farms have also been reported. Now, why is it bad to have twins conceived in the mare? The answer here is that the chance of getting 1 (let alone 2) healthy and good sized foals from twin pregnancies is quite low. The main reason for this is that the mare's uterus really struggles to meet the demands of 2 foetuses growing in it. If she is one of the 10 % (1 in 10) of mares whose uterus can support both foetuses for the full pregnancies, then only 1 in 10 of those twins will see both foals surviving (that equates to 1 % of twin pregnancies!!!) But after the thrill of getting 2 live foals, the reality is that one or both foals will be small and may have abnormalities such as bent legs etc as result of being squashed up in the uterus.

Dr. Oliver Liyou


BVSc (Hons1) MACVSc (Eq Dent) CMAVA

etting your mare in foal is always an exciting time and also a large commitment by any mare owner. The foal is often the result of a lot of planning and hoping that you will breed a foal superior to both your mare and the stallion. But as anyone who has partaken in breeding a mare, there are some potential stumbling blocks that should be avoided if possible. One of these is the mare conceiving twins.

If one of the full term twins dies, the other may be healthy and with good nutrition, it may be able to catch up to reach its full genetic size potential. There are some other scenarios that will affect whether twin conceptions survive. For example, positioning of the twins in the uterus means that 4050 % of twin conceptions will see one of the twins “starve� in the uterus and die. But the other twin will live and make it full term as a healthy foal. The flip side of this is that 40-50 % of twin pregnancies will see BOTH foetuses actually survive over 6 months. But then the uterus fails to meet the nutritional demands of both foetuses. The devastating result of this scenario is the mare aborting both foetuses between 6 and 10 months of pregnancy! These foetuses will be quite well formed and it can be very upsetting to find them in the paddock! So now that we have discussed how wasteful twins can be in a breeding programme, let's look at how we can avoid them.


Equine News Spring 2013

The main key to avoiding twins is through having your mare ultrasounded by an appropriately trained veterinarian. Things to help your vet being able to achieve this successfully is having the mare appropriately confined in a safe crush (Fig 1.) and the scanner screen not being in direct sunlight!.............................................................................................. Scanning mares over a stable door or behind bales of hay increases the chance of twin pregnancies being “missed” by your vet, as well as being quite dangerous at times!

2 This faint line is the partition between the twins. It is very delicate and so squashing twins so close together like this is quite risky.


By using the patented Porta Safe Stocks trailer your Vet can help.

Mares should be scanned initially between 14 and 17 days after ovulation. And because most ovulations occur on the last day or two of a mare going off heat, that is when you can count from (when the mare goes “off heat”)..................................................................................................

Twin pregnancy at 17 days, post ovulation


If twins are detected on ultrasound, then your vet can “squash” one of them. Sometimes this is easy, but other times it can be quite challenging. (Fig 2.). And care needs to be taken to not damage the remaining embryo. Use of a crush, sedating of the mare, relaxing the rectum, and administration of anti-inflammatories (flunixin) prior to squashing can assist in a successful outcome. Checking the remaining twin a few days later is advisable where practical. It is also advisable to have the mare scanned again at 25-30 days post ovulation, just in case the first scan was done quite early 13-14 days post ovulation), and a second conception occurred from an egg that was released 3-5 days later and still fertilised.

Pure Crabbet Stallion


Prince Iqbal Imp UK Prince Sadik x Ismala

At Stud by private treaty

The black circle is a single 14 day pregnancy.

Magnum El Chall (Imp USA) Magnum El Chall (imp USA) is a son of one of the most outstanding show horses of all times and National Champion Stallion in three countries. He is also a double grandson of the world's leading sire...Magnum Psyche. This pure Arabian Stallion will be standing at stud for $800+GST for pure Arabians and $500+GST for all others.


HAVEN LODGE STUD Located at 34 Cannon Creek Road, Milford-Boonah QLD.

For all enquiries please phone 0402 794 244.


Find us on


Jennifer Hawkins New South Wales Mobile: 0427 302 598 Also at Stud Pure Crabbet Sabino Stallion

‘Eliseo SPA’ (Arfaja Sarif X Eveeta) Thus at the first scan, one twin could be 13-14 days old (Fig 3), but the second one was very small due to it only being 9-10 days old. If the first scanning is done after 17 days of pregnancy (=17 days post ovulation), then squashing 1 twin without damaging the other can be more difficult. This is because it will no longer be possible to move the twins apart within the uterus, as at 17 days the embryonic vesicle (bubble of fluid the embryo is living in) will attach to the uterine wall and so no longer moves within the uterus. Thus if the twins happen to be positioned right beside each other, the chance of squashing one without damaging and killing the other is low. However if the twins have positioned themselves far apart on both horns of the uterus, then 1 can be safely squashed in most cases. As with all pregnancies, mares should be scanned again at 42-45 days post ovulation, as this is when the highest risk period of losing a pregnancy is over, and so the pregnancy is quite safe. The chance of losing a pregnancy from here, in normal circumstances (when there is no spread of infectious viruses such as herpes, or access to hairy caterpillars etc) is below 5% in most mares that are healthy and managed well. So good luck with your breeding plans and hopefully you will breed the foal of your dreams!

About the Author Dr Oliver Liyou is an Equine Veterinarian in Grafton NSW who is passionate and dedicated to improving the lives of all horses through the latest veterinary and dental care techniques. Offering services with mobile crush and Equine Veterinary Dental Tools he is the most qualified and experienced Equine Dental Vet in NSW. Oliver also enjoys breeding and showing Australian Stock Horses and is pictured here riding his stallion Bromac Aladar who is currently standing at stud for 2013 breeding season. (for more details go to Also standing Aladars Tuqiri (featured on page 13).



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HANDY TIPS FOR YOUR HORSE’S LEGS WITH EQUISSAGE The skeletal structure is what gives the horse its size and shape and each horse is made up with approximately 200 bones; comprising of calcium, phosphorous and fibrous protein tissue. But it is the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints that join the bones together and give the skeleton stability................................................................................................................................................................................................... Therefore, high on your propriety list is ensuring these areas on your horse are well cared for, in particular your horses leg Equissage have the Leg and Tendon Boot, which is the most effective way to treat a majority of horse leg and hoof problems............................................................... These problems include pulled ligaments, tendons, swellings due to knocks or inflammation, Equissage circulatory disorders, arthritic conditions, sore shins, capped hocks, laminitis and bruising. Leg & Tendon Boot When using the Equissage Leg and Tendon Boot in conjunction with the Equissage Hand Pack, this will create a very deep circulatory massage to the whole leg. This in turn, will increase local blood and lymphatic circulation, relax muscles and help improve joint mobility. The lymphatic system does not have its own pump, and if you find that your horses gets filling in his/her legs regularly, this is the best way in which to treat this............................................ Use the Leg and Tendon Boot below the knee: for ligament and tendon issues, lower leg swellings, ringbone, windgalls, fetlock and pastern issues and hoof problems. Use the Leg and Tendon Boot above the knee: for knee issues, sore shins, muscle issues and stride enhancements........................................................................................................ You can read more about your horse's health and performance from Equissage's new book, Basic Horse Massage and Equissage written by Jessica Blackwell (BSc, Dip Horse Business Management, Cert Herbal Med, ESMT, EEBW, MFR, ERLT) of Equestricare. To purchase your copy of Basic Horse Massage and Equissage and to find out today why Equissage is such an important factor to your horse's health by visiting For all Equissage enquiries and demonstrations please contact Equissage Head Office 1800 178 528 or



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Lamellar Corium

Laminitis goes together with the reluctance to move, aforementioned body posture, a pounding pulse, and hot (warm) hoof horn.

Laminitis is triggered by: A change in metabolism (a general condition)

Toxins (of unspecified nature) A reaction to multiple vaccinations A reaction to chemical wormers Bedding containing black walnut shavings

Mechanical influences Prolonged transportation Excessive work on hard surfaces Excessive work after not having been worked at all

Dietary problems


Horse professionals and amateurs all over the world use the term “laminitis” for both: Inflammation of the lamellae and position change of the coffin bone (also described as founder) within the hoof capsule interchangeably. But before we look into founder (the position change of the coffin bone within the hoof capsule) let's first look at the term laminitis in its original form. Every term ending in –itis indicates inflammation. Laminitis is the inflammation of the lamellar corium. The lamellar corium is connected to the coffin bone by the periosteum and aids in the connection between the coffin bone and the hoof wall..................................................

There is no room in the hoof capsule other than for the healthy structures of bones, coria, ligaments and tendons. When the lamellar corium gets inflamed, the inflammation causes swelling of the tissue, and as there is no space between the coffin bone and the hoof wall, this inflammation becomes very painful.

High sugar load in spring grass High sugar load in stressed grass High sugar load in mowed grass (stressed) Carbohydrate overload (after a feed room raid) Bacterial upset in hindgut (after sudden feed changes) Excessive weight

Endocrine abnormalities: Cushing's syndrome (hyperadrenocorticism) Insuline resistance (equine metabolic syndrome) Hypothyrodism Administration of glucocorticoid drugs

Renal Problems Immune disorders Respiratory problems What to do: With correct hoof form (low heel, short toe, adequate toe height) laminitis is very painful. Standing the horse in very cold (ice cold) water for about 20 minutes, also known as cryotherapy, helps to cool down the inflammation. This in return makes the horse move and once he can be hand walked, the inflammation gets circulated out of the painful tissue. Pain suppressing drugs are contraindicated, as the horse may not feel the severity of the pain and move more than the fragile, inflamed laminar connection can sustain. It is really important to repeat this cryotherapy until the horse is pain free.

Horse in painful stance typical for laminitis.

The horse walks usually very carefully, pushing the hind feet far under the body to relieve the pressure on the front feet. He also tries not to put any weight onto the toes of the front feet and, if he moves at all, he does so in a hopping fashion, pushing himself off the hind feet and trying to land in the front heel first.

Cryotherapy is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical therapy or the removal of heat from a body part. The term "cryotherapy" comes from the Greek cryo (κρυο) meaning cold and the word therapy (θεραπεια) meaning cure. It has been around since the 1880-1890s. Its goal is to decrease cellular metabolism, increase cellular survival, decrease inflammation, decrease pain and spasm, promote vasoconstriction, and when using extreme temperatures, to destroy cells by crystallizing the cytosol. The most prominent use of the term refers to the surgical treatment, specifically known as cryosurgery. Other therapies that use the term are cryogenic chamber therapy and ice pack therapy.

In a most severe case the lamellae of the corium surrounding the coffin bone will excrete wound serum, which will push the connection between the dermal and epidermal lamellae apart, resulting in a sunk coffin bone. In this case the horse has to be kept quiet until some of the inflammation has subsided. When we are talking about correcting the hoof form, this is especially difficult once the horse is in a full blown laminitis episode. Lifting a hoof to be trimmed is often not possible; trimming while the horse is lying down is often less than optimal. It is also real important to get the hoof not only medio-laterally balanced, but also anterior-posterior.

New EQUINE NEWS AND TRADE SERVICE DIRECTORY Online Directory Straight from the Horse’s Mouth


If you have any imbalance on the hoof, the torque on the laminar attachment puts the horse in even more pain. Trimming with an angle grinder and a flap disc seems for many horses with acute inflammation to be much less painful than balancing the hoof with a rasp.

Most important: Remove the trigger that caused the inflammation in the first place. As a laminitic episode always is combined with inflammation and inflammation goes hand in hand with increased circulation, one will observe a founder ring a few weeks after such laminitic episode. The hoof just produces a lot of horn with the increased inflammation. Increased circulation results in increased horn production.....................................

Ring after laminitic episode, frontal view

Same hoof 5 month later, horse 100% sound

As the hoof capsule grows down this ring will grow out if this is a one-time episode and usually there are no further problems noticeable. Having your horse trimmed by an experienced, trained hoof care professional who knows how to balance a hoof all around is your best bet in helping your horse getting through a laminitic episode without lasting problems. Next time we will be talking about actual founder.

About the Author Claudia Garner has been a professional trainer for over 30 years. More than 10 years ago she changed tracks and became a barefoot hoof care provider. A love for teaching has eventually lead to start the school Equine Soundness. This school is unique in its individualized teaching approach. At Equine Soundness students are taught one-on-one online and in intense practical sessions. To find out more go to:

b’s o R


HORSE FLOAT REPAIRS & RESTORATIONS Agents For Complete Range of Trailers 2000 New & Used Horse Floats ~ Free Quotes

11 Blackwood Rd, Jimboomba, Qld Ph: 07 5547 8336 Mob: 0429 486 655




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To The Memory of The “Boss Horse” “Plunk” - 1979 to 1989 A True “Waler” The Original Australian Stockhorse Breed

“You Never Let Me Down”. I saw him at a horse sale in early '79, I spoke with his owner a lady who said He's too strong to handle to be a horse of mine So I've brought him to auction instead. He'd come in on a truck, She said his name's “Plunk”, Big in the chest, Broad and powerful in the rump. When I queried his name, she said it again, Yes that's it his name is “Plunk”! When his turn came along for the Auctioneers Song, She rode him into the ring. He danced and he pranced every muscle enhanced By the late afternoon sun on his skin. The bidding was slow, it started off low,Few buyers were there on this day. When the hammer came down, I owned that Big Brown And with mixed feelings I led him away. A solid brown horse, a true Waler type, Very proud, character showed in his eye. A roman nose that suited him well His look seemed to say do or die.

On his 20th birthday he was resting For a “Pub Crawl” that was coming along. I looked at him grazing in a paddock And I thought still a horse true and strong.

The track that we galloped wasn't too rough A good trail, we both knew it all. What was it that caused him to stumble? And nearly brought my brave horse to a fall.

The first few times that I rode him I felt his great strength surge throughout. And his spirit gave me the feeling That here was a leader no doubt.

Sometime later I caught and I saddled him That powerful, spirited, brown. C'mon my faithful old beauty “Pub Crawlers” are coming from town.

For breathless moments his fore legs they faltered, Yet he fought himself up from the ground. My heart was racing as the though flashed through me, “Good horse Plunk you've never let me down”.

Over the years we fostered a friendship Through the good years and years of hard luck. Based on trust, respect and understanding He was honest, no kicks, bites or buck.

At “Boolabinda” people were waiting, Riders to horses, with saddles to match. They stood around in eager anticipation Wondering which horse next I would catch.

Then came the feeling of horror, When his gallop had slowed to a halt. A hoof that had snapped at the fetlock, On a horse that had never shown fault.

He stood 15 hands of muscle and bone The leader, Boss Horse of the mob. Yet he did it without fuss or violence Just moved in and got on with the job..

These people had come from all over In answer to ads for our rides. To trek from village to village And climb rugged New England hillsides.

Mud and grass were imbedded in bone, Yet he stayed up on three legs and a stump. That magnificent, tough Old Waler With a heart as big as his rump.

Together we covered much country Seeking, exploring new trails. Working cattle, leading horse treks, doing “Pub Crawls”, Here was a horse without fail.

When the horses were saddled and waiting, And the riders were matched to their mounts. We set off to climb Bullock Mountain For each riders skill to account.

And I knew as I looked at his injury The terrible job that had to be done. And my heart was heavy and aching As I raced for home and a gun.

Never spooked by wire or water, Bush animals or strange sound. He would stride into unknown river crossings And gallop on the roughest of ground.

On that day their skills showed throughout So I led them into a run Not knowing disaster was waiting For the Boss Horse, my faithful old gun.

On my return he was standing quietly waiting. Trying to eat the others had said, Chrissie was holding his leg up, Gerd was holding his head.

A winters day at Cam Creek Crossing, Flood waters came down like a wall. Saved from drowning by mane and a stirrup And his great strength that refused to fall.

At that moment my heart was breaking For the time had come to part, From the mate who had given his all to me And given it with all of his heart.

Oh to ride him was poetry in motion, In the way that he covered the ground His walk would have other horses trotting And his gallop the fastest around.

And as I said farewell to him, He looked at me, then around. And the final words I uttered were “Good On You Old Mate You Never Let Me Down”.

As he aged he seemed not to weary As another horse would with the years, I felt I could not replace him Or to find a horse like him, my fears.

Steve Langley 1989 “Pub Crawls on Horseback” Bullock Mountain, Glen Innes NSW 2370

17 See us at Equitana Sydney Riverina Pavilion Site 506



AGRISORB HORSE BEDDING is produced from the soft core of the hemp plant stem and is the most absorbent bedding material on the market. This unique product features superior qualities to other bedding currently available such as wood or straw. l Low Dust No Chemical Residues l Reduced Ammonia Smells l No Damaging Phenols l 100% Australian l Lasts Longer l High Absorbency l

Ecofibre Industries Limited Call Amy on 0434 686 556 or Jason on 0427 744 002 Fax +61 02 6576 4291 Email

Ecofibre Industries Operations



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Centring or Centering

Centring is the most important thing that I could ever teach anyone about horsemanship. If you have been to any of my clinics you will have heard me talk about it time and time again. Teaching centring is usually the first concept I teach in all my introductory clinics and something that we need to take with us and consciously apply throughout all the rest of our horsemanship activities and in fact it will be extremely helpful in every other facet of our lives.

So what is it? Centring is a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual place to be inside yourself. It is a state of being. Your centre is located in your lower abdominal area and going down into your........................................................................................................ pelvic area. In Aikido, the martial art that I learn, they teach that the centre of your................................................................................................... centre is about four fingers below your navel and about half way between the front of............................................................................................... your body and the back of your body, but closer to the spine than the front of the belly......................................................................................... This area of your body, the belly going down into the pelvic region, is also referred to as the hara in................................................................................ Japanese or the dantian in Chinese. These words translate to mean cinnabar field which is also known as the elixir field. The centre therefore can Be understood as the place in the body where the elixir of life is created and it is the energy centre from where our greatest power can come from which is why it so important in martial arts. Please note that the centre as we are talking about it here is different than your physical centre of mass. When we are centred, we still the mind, calm the emotions and bring our mind, emotions, body and spirit into balance and alignment with each other. When we are operating from our centre, our belly or our gut, I use these terms here because most people have heard the expression “gut feeling or instinct” we are accessing the intuitive aspect of ourselves. Most people know that when they follow their gut feeling or instinct it is always right. ..............................................................................

Figure 1: Sensei Peter Hons explaining and demonstrating centring and some Aikido techniques on how to use energy at the Easter Horsemanship Retreat.


Work ‘n’ Country Gear Figure 2: Here we are in our Aikido class practising being centred as we are throwing each other with multiple attackers.


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When we are centred we are finding, accessing and being our true self, which is not our thoughts or our ego. We are connecting to the purest essence of who we are, our spirit and we are connecting with our higher mind or higher self, which is why we are more intuitive. When we are working from this place we have great insight, wisdom and knowing and this is what makes great leaders.


Figure 3: I like this picture of myself taken during a course I was teaching. I must have been feeling very centred at the time. I can see it in my body posture. Shoulders are completely relaxed, and my centre of gravity is down low, my centre is even positioned forward in my posture. I was probably explaining about how to get your horse to go using energy from your centre. My hands are down in the area of my centre - everything is coming from my centre. There is a feeling of confidence, certainty and leadership and yet softness in this body posture...................................................................................................


When we are centred we become emotionally neutral rather than emotionally volatile, which means that we respond rather than react. When we can respond without an attachment of negatively charged emotion we can always find the solutions to problems sooner and the outcome is always better. When dealing with horses or people for that matter, if we have an attachment of negatively charged emotion behind our actions or communications it brings up emotion, reactiveness or defensiveness in them. It is very instinctive for people to react to the emotions in others. When we are dealing with a horse that is fearful, anxious, angry or resentful and we react to it with underlying negative emotion because it brings up frustration, anger or fear in us, this amplifies the emotion in the horse causing them to become even more defensive, resistant, reactive or uncooperative. However in that same situation if the horse was to feel in us the qualities of being centred, like stillness, calmness, certainty, softness and neutrality which means non-judgement, then this state of being would start to diffuse and dissolve the horses negative emotions. When we are centred we are radiating a very positive, stable and calming energy into our energy fields which then filters out and affects all around us in a positive way. This embodies good leadership.

Sometimes it may seem that when we respond with anger it resolves the situation because the other party backs down or changes their behaviour, because they decide that is their best option in that moment, but usually that emotion is just supressed, held on to and will fester and come out at another time and usually at a very undesirable time, when under pressure or in a crisis.

SELF MASTERY The ability not to react to the reactions of others. - Mel Fleming One of the hardest things in the world to do is to have no reaction to the reactions of others or to stay centred when all those around you are out of their centre. I think this equals self-mastery, the ability not to react to the reactions of others and to stay in your centre when all those around you are losing theirs. This ability exemplifies real leadership, the ability to keep your calm and your cool no matter what. As soon as we allow negative emotion to come up and take over we are demonstrating a clear lack of leadership and proving to the horse that we are not a trustworthy leader that they can depend on to keep them safe and make good judgements and decisions. As soon as negative emotion comes up and takes over, we can feel it in our body as tightness and tension or as heat and our breathing shallows or stops. As we energetically become more aware, we will notice that energetically we have moved up out of our centre. You can literally feel yourself rise out of your centre and as the saying goes “they got a rise out of you”.

4 Figure 4: Here Arumi, my new stallion, is testing my centredness. He has his ears pinned back and was just about to lunge at me quite aggressively because he got confused and felt challenged when I was asking him to canter on line. I just stayed in my centre and redirected his energy and intention with my focus and stick and string. Following in figure 5 you can see him literally just moments later, very happy and in very good posture because he is in a good mental and emotional place as he took no offence to my correction.

This physical tension, resistance and restriction that results from us being out of our centre also prevents us from physically offering a soft smooth feel to the horse and stops us from being free in our bodies and thus able to move in balance and harmony with the horse while riding. This physical resistance or brace in us, which always begins in our minds, results in resistance and brace in the horse. We are the ones that create brace in the horse.

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Equine News Spring 2013 When we still the mind and calm the emotions we can actually focus our attention and we can learn quickly and easily.

5 Figure 5: Here is Arumi, just moments later after he threatened to run at me. He is perfectly happy and see what great lift and suspension he has now. He is really starting to push off his hind legs because he became mentally and emotionally centred, therefore he physically became more centred and balanced.

Being centred is not about never feeling emotion and it is definitely not about supressing it or pretending it is not there when we feel it. In fact it is quite the opposite. It means being more aware sooner when emotion comes up, recognizing it, acknowledging it, accepting it and in that way we can make a choice, asking questions about it and changing things that need to change if necessary and then let the emotion go, which is very different than suppressing it. Feeling emotions is good, they are not a bad thing, they are just feedback, giving us information about what is going on inside us. So it is about learning how to work with emotions and using them for their purpose of gathering information and then releasing them rather than have them start taking control of us. Being centred is also a very physical thing, it causes us to be more physically balanced. When our mind is scattered and our emotions are awry, then our energy is trapped up high in body, for example in the head, throat and chest areas rather than being balanced throughout the body. These areas then become physically tight and tense and this can often be clearly visible through locked jaws, tight throats, high raised up shoulders, and stiff upper bodies and chests. This causes us to become very unbalanced. If you observe a new rider on a horse that is very unconfident on a horse and somewhat fearful, you will most likely see the tight raised up shoulders and their hands holding the reins up high, putting them in a very unbalanced and vulnerable position. To be balanced, we need our body weight, you can think of this as all your muscles, to be relaxed and melting down into our centre. This brings you into balance rather than being top heavy and out of alignment. This downward feeling is counterbalanced by the skeleton and more specifically the spine, being lengthened upward, so that the spine is long, tall, aligned and stretching to open the spaces in between the vertebrae. This prevents our downward bodyweight, that of the muscles melting down, being a hindrance or a block for the horse to move his back and body freely underneath us. It puts us in our own self carriage and when we are in self carriage then our horses can be. Figure 6: This photo shows a good position and balance over a jump. Keeping my centre back over the horse rather than too far forward over the pommel of the saddle which would be putting too much weight on the horse's front end and impede the horse.


When we are centred with a still mind, we are able to give clearer communication and cues to the horse and our thoughts become so clear that horses can start to pick up on them.

When we are still and centred our awareness and perceptiveness of ourselves internally and how we are feeling our own body is greatly heightened. Even better, is that as well as having heightened internal awareness, at the same time we can have a heightened external awareness, being aware of all that is going on outside around us. When we are riding horses, we need to be able to feel and have a great awareness not only of our own bodies, but also our horses bodies and also be aware of all else around us, other people, horses, stock if we are working or moving stock, and or have awareness and focus of the line we are on if we are cantering cross country and negotiating obstacles or riding a showjumping course for example. Riding horses well requires having a very heightened awareness. Better body awareness leads to better body control and coordination and balance. Therefore improving our body awareness is a major key to physically improving our riding and horse handling skills. We need to get into the zone of feeling more than thinking. This means getting out of your head which is more about thinking and down into your body which is more about feeling and it is through being centred that people can develop that ever elusive and yet such important quality of FEEL, which then also gives them timing and balance. 'Feel' is the difference between a true horseman and all the other horse people. Feel is in two categories, physical feel and energetic feel which also includes mental and emotional feel. Centring is the key to developing 'feel'. HOW do we get centred?

CENTRING To centre yourself first of all just take your attention down to the physical area of you centre, the lower abdominal area and heading down towards the pelvis. Just taking your attention down there starts to take your energy there. Relax all of your muscles and allow any tension in the upper body to melt down into your centre.

BREATHING Breathing down into your centre is the next step to getting centred. When we breathe we should expand our belly on the in breath. Most people tend to do the opposite. That is they contract their stomach or draw it in, on the in breath as they are using shallow chest breathing rather than breathing fully and efficiently with abdominal breathing. Shallow chest breathing is a result of states of stress and causes people to stay in a state of stress. Deep abdominal breathing, where we expand the belly on the in breath stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which calms everything down and induces relaxation. Even more that just thinking of expanding the belly forward, I like to think of expanding all of the centre in all directions equally, expanding it to the front, back and sides equally. Deep and full abdominal breathing stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain, our relaxing, imagining, feeling, intuitive and movement side of brain. Other benefits of this centred and full breathing are that when we think of expanding our centre in all directions equally it stabilizes our core which leads to better balance. When riding we need to find a way to stabilise our core that does not involve a tightening, contracting and holding pattern in the muscles. Breathing and expanding the centre and then fully inflating all of the lungs and thus expanding the entire torso puts our body in alignment and thus into balance. Balance comes from correct biomechanical alignment of the body which means that all the muscle tension patterns in the body have to be optimal and counterbalancing each other so that standing, moving, sitting for example feel effortless. When we are holding excess muscle tension patterns in certain parts of the body due to states of mental and emotional stress our skeleton is pulled out of alignment and thus we have compromised balance. Centred breathing relaxes our body and releases these excess muscle tension patterns.

BODY SCANNING The third thing that I think about is body scanning. I continuously have awareness of my body and scan my body for any tension. Any physical tension that I feel in my body tells me that I am not fully relaxed and not fully centred.

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(02) 6760 5519 or 0428 385 745 For a quick check list I check the following:-

21 8

Breathing - Are you breathing ? And if so, are you breathing down into your centre? Jaw - Are your molar teeth touching at the back? That is usually a sign of a clenched jaw. Fingers - Are they clenched or holding the stick, reins or lead rope tighter than necessary? Toes - Are the scrunched up in your boots or softly spread open? Buttocks and tail bone - Are your buttocks clenched or soft and relaxed? Is your coccyx, your tail inside your skin, swinging gently from side to side when you walk?


Figure 7: Alchemist and I. Alchemist is showing very good balance and posture here. Well on the way to collection.

I also scan my horse's body for tension. When I see any signs of tension in my horse's body that is my cue or reminder to centre and breathe, or to centre and breathe more deeply and if I notice tension in a specific part of my horse's body, for example the horses jaw, then I also relax my jaw and the horse will then mirror this. Figure 8 This image shows the rider's centre and the horse's centre. When we are riding, in our minds we mentally want to think about connecting our centre to our horses centre.

Horses need be in their centre too, but this will be a whole other article at some stage. For now we will suffice to say that just as centring is a mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual place to be for the human it is the same for the horse. A horse that is not centred is on their forehand and a horse that is centred will be in some degree of self carriage, engagement or collection. The horse's centre is the same as for us the lower abdominal area, flank area and going back into the pelvis. Again please note that the centre as we are talking about it here, is different to the horse's physical centre of mass which also an important point which we can expand into at another time. As the horse becomes more “centred” in the sense that we are talking about it, their physical centre of mass shifts further back which is what physical collection is about. When we are centred we lead our horse into being centred. So hopefully through reading this article you can see the absolute importance of being centred, it affects everything.

Clinics and courses varying in length from days to weeks are held by Mel at ‘Alchemy Place’ This scenic 100 acre property situated in a beautiful valley at the base of the Moonbi range near Tamworth NSW is set up as a horsemanship facility for developing horses and teaching people. Offering the ultimate escape and perfect surroundings to learn and experience being one with your horse.

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Equine News Spring 2013




ome of the more common paddock injuries are minor scrapes and cuts, these maybe from horse to horse contact such as biting or playing, or they maybe the result of injury. The important point to remember is that even cuts or wounds that appear minor can require rapid veterinary attention. This is because a wound although small maybe deep or close to important structures such as joints or tendons. If these structures are damaged or become infected the result could be permanent loss of a performance horse. So whenever your horse suffers an injury don't be afraid to contact your vet, even if it's just a phone call for some initial advice. Remember however that unless your vet actually examines your horse the advice will be general. Other common injuries are injuries to the eyes, larger wounds especially on legs, stake injuries (the horse has staked itself on a fence post, stick or star picket) and becoming cast or trapped............................... Eyes should ALWAYS be treated as an emergency. DO NOT put anything into eyes without permission from your vet, and only seek advice from a registered veterinary surgeon....................................................................

Unfortunately no matter how careful we are, how much planning we put into the design of our facilities, fences, surfaces and gates accidents can and do still happen. We have all seen that horse living in a paddock with run down barbed wire fencing and full of scrap metal and other junk. While these horses do adapt it is always a good idea to look critically at the surroundings in which you keep your horse (that doesn't mean you have to wrap them in cotton wool).



If your horse suffers a large wound, becomes cast or stakes itself this can be very confronting for you. the first thing to try to remember is try to stay calm. The next thing to do is call your vet. having their contact numbers in the house, stable, float or truck and in your phone can make it easier and quicker in an emergency. If your away from home such as travelling to or from an event has a very useful horse vet finder. A good basic first aid kit on hand is an excellent idea as is knowing how to use it. Although its an emotional time try very hard to assess the safety of situations before approaching your horse, hard as it may be to do you might need to seek help from others before intervening. Ask your vet if there is anything they want you to do until they arrive (for example cold hosing of the injury) and learn how to take your horses heart rate, temperature etc. A horse that is stressed or in a great deal of pain will often react quite differently to how you might expect so when your vet arrives try to answer their questions directly (ie don't waffle on about things they didn't ask you) and listen carefully to their instructions or advice........................... If you are dispensed medications make sure your very clear on how to give them, when to give them, what dose to give and for how long, also what signs to look out for if there is a problem....................................................... If your vet dispenses antibiotics make sure your horse finishes the entire course, don't stop just because they start to look better, that is how antibiotic resistance occurs........................................................................ Sometimes sad as it is, no matter what steps we take, the injury will be too serious and it will be necessary to end any further suffering. This is always difficult and if it looks like it might happen its a good idea to have some friends or family on hand to help you. If the horse is insured then the insurance company will often need to be notified before the animal is put to sleep..................................................................................................... If the horse is euthanised via injection it's very important to make sure that dogs cannot access the body. This is because the solution used will still be present in the tissue and if dogs consume it they can become very sick and even die......................................................................................................

So when it comes to paddock injuries - clean up around your property - use good practice when moving or introducing new horses - have your vets phone numbers and a good first aid kit that you know how to use learn to take heart rate, temperature etc - try not to panic. Editors Note: Equine News contains a list of Veterinary Contacts so ALWAYS keep a copy in your stable/tack shed, glove box or float. Print off the article "Know Your Horses Vital Signs" at and pin it up on your feedroom wall.

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SQRHA Ribbon Show,Gatton Indoor Equestrian Centre, Gatton Qld - Ph: Kyley 0458 812 309 VRHA Spring Spin, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Sandy Dodds 0418 321 289 - Riverina H Association. Open pen &Ribbon Day Show - E: VRHA Training Day & Ribbon Show, TBA - contact as above GVRHA End of year Reining Show, Hi Point Awards Presentation & AGM, Tatura Park I/Arena, Tatura Vic - Ph: Wendy Star 0427 801 787 - E: b -


12 - 13 18 - 20 18 - 20 19 - 20 20 20 20 21 26 26 - 27 26 - 27

ASHS NSW Breeders Championships, White Park, Scone NSW - Ph: Louise Best 0409 209 061 Welsh Pony & Cob Soc of Aust, All Welsh Show, SIEC, Horsley Park - Ph: Helen 0418 484 592 Rivenlee 2013 NSW Horse of the Year Show,Hawkesbury S/gr, Clarendon Ph: Leonie 0412 507 103 IMHR NSW State Show, EPIC, Canberra - Cont: Leanne - E: ASHS Gloucester Led & Performance Show,Sgrounds, Gloucester NSW - Ph: Tina 02 6558 1866 2nd National Dilute Championships WA State Eq Centre, Brigadoon Ph: Gail (07) 3282 8858 Brumbies Spring Celebration Open Day New England Sanctuary Armidale - Ph: Jan (02) 6655 2224 2013 Royal Melbourne Horse Show in Action - Ph:Bonnie 03 9281 7437 - AWHA QLD Branch, Mare Classification Day, QSEC, Caboolture - Ph: Claudette 0407 375 870 Yarra Valley Arabian Showcase, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: 03 9739 1882 BACH RPG Victorian Feature Show & Pony Pageant 2013 - Ph: Chris Gray 03 5569 2001


12 - 13 T&D TPA The 10th Annual NSW Team Penning Ch/ships, Moonbi NSW - Ph: Lisa 0407 434 361 27 Clarence Valley TP, Couts Crossing S/P Ground - E: 31 - 3 Nov 2013 Team Penning Australian Nationals, AELEC Tamworth - Ph: Suellen Guest 0457 460 559 4-7 26

Richmond River Trail Horse Riders meet the 3rd weekend of months Feb - Nov - Ph: 02 6686 6276 LMP&THR, Jerrys Plains - Ph: Jackie 0438 574 356 - Dayboro Trail R.C. 15th Annual 'Big October Ride' - Ph: Bob 3425 1651


13 20 20

NCWRC, Show Day, Hawthorn Park, South Grafton NSW - Ph: Alison Latter 0427 488 520 ECAPWP Assoc, Show, Wauchope S/gr., Wauchope NSW - Ph: 02 65871228 - SQHA, “A” Class Show, Sugarloaf Eq/Ctr - Ph: Pam Martin 02 9606 6791 -


Dressage with Blas Lago every 2nd week of the month - Ph: Bibi 0408 177 611 - 5-6 Steve Brady Horsemanship, “The B B Ranch”, Mudgee NSW - Ph: Bibi 0408 177 611 10 - 13 Equine Ability,Mark Langley 4 Day Horsemanship Clinic, Glen Innes NSW - Ph: Jenny 0417 200 411 19 - 20 Sonja Bollnow, Equine Reiki for Horse Lovers & Horse Professionals Paterson NSW - 02 4938 5756


11 - 14 17 - 19 17 - 19 25 - 27 27 26


2013 Dog Agility Association of Austrralia Grand Prix, AELEC, Tamworth NSW - Ph: 0423 138 914 North Coast National Show, Lismore S/ground NSW - Ph: 02 6621 5916 Dan Steers Entertainment & Education, Mildura Show VIC - Ph: 02 9643 1017 Dan Steers Entertainment & Education, Warrnabool Show Vic - Ph: 02 9643 1017 Duri Progress Association Ghymkhana Qld - Ph: Loretta 0427 311 819 2013 Australian Horseball Championships, AELEC, Tamworth NSW - Ph: Grant Biffin 0438 936 781

Lite Haul Floats

Rose’s Deals on Wheels Lite Haul Horse Floats & Goosenecks AUSTRALIAN MADE 607 Summerland Way, Grafton NSW

Leanne Rose Ph: (02) 6643 1972 Mob: 0427 431 973

Lite Haul Basic

Lite Haul Standard

Lite Haul Supreme

Northern Trophies & Gift Ware For all your Equine Awards, Trophies, Ribbons, Rosettes, Glass Awards and much more! Ph: 0409 202 698 E:


6 - 11

All dates are subject to change

1-3 Inverell NSW, Junior Campdraft & Junior Rodeo - Ph: Jillian Oakenfull 0428 224 867 1-3 Tubbel NSW, Campdraft, NSW - Ph: Pam Hart 02 6347 5335 1-3 Wingham NSW, Campdraft - Ph: Raelene Marshall 0408 458 879 2 Jacaranda Bull (30%) & Steer Rodeo - Ph: Sue Patricks 0488 243 387 2 Real Deal Rodeo, Horseworld Stadium, Moraylya NSW - Ph: Tami Tribe 0412 618 946 2-3 Gundy NSW, Campdraft - Charlotte Gulley 0458 620 693 8 - 10 Orange NSW, Campdraft - Ph: Lara Garlick 02 6365 6118 9 - 10 Bunnan NSW, Campdraft - Tanyia Gillis 0400 633 949 9 - 10 Ebor NSW, Campdraft - Ph: Lorraine Menser 02 6574 7274 16 - 17 Armidale NSW, Rodeo & JNR Rodeo - Ph: Ann Hone 02 6772 1708 16 - 17 Oberon NSW, Campdraft - Ph: Karen Bailey 0427 485 150 23 - 24 Ellerston NSW, Campdraft - Ph: Leanne Shorten 02 6546 5282 23 - 24 Geurie NSW, Rodeo & JNR Rodeo & Training Rodeo - Ph: Ros Press 0427 704 457 30 - 1 Dec Comboyne NSW, Campdraft - Ph: Vicki Fisher 02 6550 4237 7 - 10 Equitana Sydney, Wayne Armstrong with Trooper “Rescue the Waler” 16 - 17 ACDS VIC CDE Level 2 @ Longwood Vic - Ph: Jenny Martin 03 5798 5246 23 - 24 ACDS VIC State Driving Championships, Details TBC - 30 Vic Dressage Qualifier & Cones, Inverleigh Vic – Ph: Christa Jones 03 5265 6126 30 - 1 Dec ACDS WA NATIONAL Show Driving Championships - for details Ph: Margaret 0418 902 036





2-3 3 3 4-5 9 - 10 10 11 - 14 15 - 17 15 - 17 23 - 24 23 - 24 28 - 1

EQUITANA AUSTRALIAN OPEN 10 November 2pm, ABHA, Sydney S/grounds - Ph: 03 5343 5118

SHCQ Horse of the Year, QSEC Caboolture Qld - Ph: Julie Pearson 0402 714 802 GRC Inc, T Shirt Training Dressage Comp, Hawthorne Prk, Sth Grafton - Ph: 0409 994 666 Grafton Riding Cl Inc, T Shirt Training Dressage Comp, Hawthorne Prk, Sth Grafton Ph: 0407 918 594 EV Showhorse, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Equestrian Vic 03 9013 0707 EV Dressage Squad, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Equestrian Vic 03 9013 0707 North Coast Eq/Ctre, T Shirt Dressage, Nana Glen EQ/Grds, Morrows Rd - Ph: 02 6654 3990 (AH) RDAA Championships, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Equestrian Vic 03 9013 0707 New Eng & N/West S/Horse Assoc, “Horseland” Ctry Hack Champs, AELEC - Ph: 0427 671 043 TTT Dressage, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Equestrian Vic 03 9013 0707 ASPR - 2013 National Open Challenge, Albury/Wodonga Equestrian Ctre - Ph: Margie 0437 245 943 SHCV - WPNEC, Werribee - Ph: Equestrian Vic 03 9013 0707 Saddleworld Dressage Festival,WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Equestrian Vic 03 9013 0707

1-3 2-3 9 - 10 22 - 23

VERA State Championships at Dergholm, 160, 80, 40 & 23 - Ph: Trish Reeves 03 5583 3289 QLD Brooklyn, 80, 40, 20, & Harness - Ph: 0427 589 424 - E: NSW Sassafras, 80/40/20 - Ph: Alan Marshall 02 4422 8818 Mackinda Endurance 2013 Australian FEI Championships, Hosted by Glen Innes Endurance Club, Red Range Sports Gr, Vincent St, Red Range - Ph: Tami 0437 727 907 - Robyn 0418 248 142 23 - 24 GERZ Championships at Toongabbie, 100 Elevated - Ph: Ellen Preston 03 5662 3756 - 0422 806 604


2-3 NCHTA Canberra, CNC*, EvA 105, 95, 80, 60 - E: Kate Mackenzie 2-3 EV Eventing, WPNEC Werribee Vic - Ph: Annie White 0432 077 028 3 Tamborine Qld, Show Jumping,150 Creamer Rd, Tamborine Q - Cont: Steve 5 Pakenham SJ Championships - Ph: Annie 0432 077 028 - E: 9 - 10 Colac Horse Trials, Colac Pony Club Grounds Vic - Ph: Judy Slater 0409 551 361 9 - 10 Silver Hills, CNC**,*, EvA-105, 95, 80, 60 - E: Bronwyn Doong - 14 - 17 2013 Australian International 3 Day Event - S.A - Ph: 08 9296 1200 16 Peter Haynes Cross Country Clinic, Berrima Dist Pony Club Grds, Burradoo, NSW - Ph: 0432 157 406 16 - 17 Wingham Eventing CNC 1 Day Event, Bellview Park - Ph: Belinda Bailey 0412 770 992 23 - 24 Friends of Woady Horse Trials, Woady Yaloak Eq/Ctre - Ph: Liz Sayers 0408 589 919 23 - 24 Hidden Valley, EvA- 105 ,95 ,80 ,60 ,45 - Ph: Sylvia Gordon 02 4362 3211 - 30 - 1 Dec Berrima Cnc* EvA-105, 95, 80, 60 - E: Tina Stafford


2-4 7 - 10 9 - 10 15 15 - 18

Mel Fleming, Intro Course, Connecting, Communicating & Intro to Riding, Moonbi NSW 02 6760 5519 ANH Ken Faulkner, Equitana Sydney Showgrounds - Ph: Kathy Stewart 0427 732 394 Mel Fleming, Focus on Riding Course, Riding skills, Balance & Feel, Moonbi NSW Ph: as above ANH Ken Faulkner, Young Horse Starting and Horsemanship Demo, Camden NSW Ph: 02 4654 5907 ANH Ken Faulkner, 4 Day Savvy W/end, Camden NSW - Ph: Sandra Ragazzi 02 4654 5907

Saddles and Saddle fitting. Northern NSW and South East QLD

Specialising in the performance horse, customised European and English saddles. l


P: (02) 6752 3888 M: 0488 125 069 F: (02) 6752 3867

Contact Kathryn Sullivan-Butt, Internationally trained & ASFA qualified saddle fitter, EA Dressage Coach.

Ph: 02 6672 8988

Hobby Farm Feed Chicken Feed Horse Feed Vet Lines Rural Supplies Saddlery Supplies Dog & Cat Supplies 1/19 Villiers Dr, Currumbin Waters, Qld 4223 Ph: 07 5534 7020 Fax: 07 5534 7019


Miniature Horses



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16 - 18 Mel Fleming, Intermediate course, “Melrose Park”, Bathurst NSW - Ph: Mel 02 6760 5519 22 - 25 ANH Ken Faulkner, 4 Day Savvy W/end, Macksville NSW - Ph: Kathy Stewart 0427 732 394 25 - 29 Mel Fleming, Inter/ Adv/ 5 day course, “Alchemy Place “, Moonbi NSW - Ph: 02 6760 5519


Polo lessons in Vic - Cont: The Victorian Polo Academy E: 23 - 24 Riverlands Ladies International at Windsor Polo Club, Richmond NSW - Ph: 02 9388 9593


2-3 3 9 - 10 24

PCAQ Ned Twohill Teams Eventing, Southport - Ph: 07 5573 1334 PCVIC Mooroolbark Derby Day MNZ, Mooroobark Vic - Ph: Jim Page 03 9726 5801 PCVIC Kergunyah Dressage & Showjumping Championships NEZ - PCVIC Meeniyan PC Showjumping Ch/ships WGZ, Stony Crk Rec Reserve - Ph: 03 5664 7292


2-3 7 -10 22 - 24 23

SQRHA Clinic Hi Point BBQ Open Pen, Gatton Indoor Eq/centre - Ph: Janine Hage 0408 340 230 Equitana Sydney Showgrounds, Horsley Park - Ph: Lynda Gray 0412 479 340 VRHA, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Sandy Dodds 0418 321 289 - VRHA Year End Finals, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Sandy Dodds 0418 321 289 -

1-3 8 9 9 9 10 13 - 17 16 22 - 24 22 - 24 22 - 24 23 23 - 24 24

Australian Pony Stud Book Society National Show, SIEC Hosley Park - Ph: 02 4774 8573 AH Australasian Breeders Cup - Equitana Sydney 2013, S/ground,Sydney NSW - Ph: 0429 871 115 Yarra Valley RPG Southern Pony Clasic Show, Lloyd Park, Belgrave South Vic - Ph: 0409 171 975 12TH NSW Welsh Show, AELEC, Tamworth NSW - Ph: Ruth Anderson 02 6782 1721 Equitana (7-10th Nov) featuring “Mini-Tana” - Sydney Showground - Ph: Leanne 02 4844 6393 NEB RPG Annual All Breeds Show, Albury Eq/Centre, Corry's Rd, Thurgoona - Ph: 0408 482 870 National Arabian Stud Horse Show, SIEC Hosley Park - Ph: 0408 232 162 DPG Farmcraft Native Pony Show, Boonah S/gr ,Boonah Qld - E: 2013 National Capital Horse Show, EPIC, Flemington Rd, Mitchell Act 2013 Southern Reg Dilute Ch/ship Show, EPIC, Flemington Rd, Mitchell ACT - Ph: 02 6238 0436 Pinto Horse Assoc of NSW State Titles, Horseworld Stadium, Maraylya NSW - Ph: 02 4995 6224 SNSW RPG Pony Classic Show, Moss Vale Sh/grounds, Moss Vale NSW - Ph: 0419 603 528 IMHR Spring Carnival, Taree S/gr, Taree NSW - Ph: Leanne 02 4884 6393 - Dilute Championship Show, Exhibition Park, Flemington Rd, Mitchell ACT - Ph: (02) 6238 0436


2-3 8-9 9 - 10 17 24 30

Mid North Coast TP, Macksville NSW, Program TBA - Ph: Phil Grace 0458 250 669 Central West TP, Arena Sorting & Team Penning, Canowindra NSW - Ph: Michael 0427 441 241 Tamworth & Dist TP, Arena Sorting & Xmas Party, Moonbi S/gr, Moonbi NSW - Ph: 0407 434 361 Peel Valley TP, Team Penning, Tamworth NSW - Ph: Debbie 446 815 0409 Glen Innes Dist TP, Team Penning or Arena Sorting TBA - Ph: Suellen Guest 0458 342 399 Upper Hunter TP, Annual point score Pres / Xmas Break up, Aberdeen NSW - Ph: 0427 289 131


17 Lake Macquarie PTHR, Little Mountain (near Raymond Terrace NSW) - Ph: Jackie 0438 574 356 24 Dayboro TRC Inc, Day Ride (Qld ) - Ph: Bob 07 3425 1651 - 29 - 1 Dec Lake Macquarie PTHR, Congewai NSW - Ph: 0438 574 356


3 9 - 10 10 17 17


Also see Natural Horsemanship Section Int Large Animal Rescue Conf, Uni of Adelaide, Roseworth Campus SA E: Dressage with Blas Lago, 2nd w/kend of each month, “The B B Ranch” Mudgee - Ph: 0408 177 611 7 - 10 Equine Ability - Mark Langley, Horsemanship Clinic, Glen Innes NSW - Ph: Jenny 0417 200 411 14 - 17 Equine Ability - Mark Langley, Horsemanship Clinic, Glen Innes NSW - Ph: Jenny 0417 200 411 16 - 18 Double Dan Horsemanship with Dan & Pia Steers, Ground Control, Long Reining & Ridden Raymond Terrace NSW - Ph: 02 9643 1017 - 23 - 24 Double Dan Horsemanship with Dan & Pia Steers, Gr/Control, Mudgee NSW - Ph: 02 9643 1017 30 - 1 Double Dan Horsemanship with Dan & Pia Steers, Gr/Control L2 & Ridden, Belford NSW Ph: above


Central Coast QH Ass, IL Cadore I/Arena, Somersby NSW - E: NCWRC Training Day (Sat ), Show Day (Sun) Hawthorne Park, Sth Grafton - Ph: 0427 488 521 Maryborough & DWPCl, Maryborough Prk Eq/Ctre, S/grounds, Maryborough Qld Ph: 07 5447 9899 Sydney QHA, Beg Classic show, & “AA” Sydney Classic, Suggarloaf, Cobbity Ph: 02 9606 6791 ECWPC, Show, Wauchope S/gr, Wauchope NSW -




7 - 10 23




Bill & Elaine Hando

(07) 5543 1460

Plaiting, Bullock Whip & NSW Whipcracking Championships, Stewarts Coach Ctr, Glen Innes NSW - Ph: Jim Wilks 07 5547 7017 Equitana Sydney NSW - With Dan Steers & Dan James Entertainment & Education Professional Bull Riders Australian Cup, AELEC Tamworth NSW - Ph: Troy & Jackie 07 4945 4450


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Hay / Chaff Mon-Fri 6:30am - 5:30pm Stockfeeds Sat 7am - 2pm Sun & Public Hols 8am - 12 noon Saddlery Unit 39, 30 Mudgeeraba Rd, Mudgeeraba Qld 4213 6457 Mt. Lindesay highway, Gleneagle Qld 4285

Ph: 07 5530 5245 Fax: 07 5530 7900

EDMANIA E F Caboolture “Your one stop feed shop” OPEN 7 DAYS

(07) 5495 1961 Shop 1/54 Beerburrum Rd, Caboolture, Qld 4510

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ABRA Chiltern Rodeo Cl, Chiltern Barrels & Buckles Series, R/crse/Rodeo Gr,Chiltern, Vic Ph: Debbie Atkins 03 5726 1927 - M: 0428 589 998 - CAMPDRAFT & RODEO


1 6-8 7-8 7 7 7-8 8 28 28 29 - 1 30 31 31

ABCRA DATES Griffith NSW, Rodeo (60%), Ph: Matt Darmody 0431 757 996 Tumut NSW, Campdraft, Ph: Bruce Mc Gruer 02 6944 9194 County of Cumberland NSW, Campdraft Training Days - Ph: Vanessa Crump 0418 615 520 Hunter Valley NSW Campdraft Training Day - Ph: Melissa Copelin 0431 956 206 Moss Vale NSW, Rodeo - Ph: Anna Ash 0411 266 921 Yarrowitch NSW, Campdraft - Ph: Belinda Colwell 02 6777 7512 Mtns NSW, Training - Ph: Leonie Rouse 02 4977 3775 Jindabyne NSW, Rodeo ( 60% ) - Ph: Cameron Golby 0415 284 269 Lawrence NSW, Rodeo - Ph: Bruce Green 02 6647 7341 Upper Horton NSW, Campdraft - Ph: Peter Kelly 02 6782 7240 Upper Horton NSW, Jnr/Novice Rodeo - Ph: Peter Kelly 02 6782 7240 Nowendoc NSW, Campdraft - Ph: Nola Nicholson 02 6777 0966 Upper Horton NSW, Rodeo - Ph: Peter Kelly 02 6782 7240


1 1 1 1 7-8 12

ACDSQLD, VARCA Cl, Christmas Muster/Party - Ph: Rex Walker 07 5462 4523 ACDS, VIC Dressage Qualifier at Cones at Inverleigh - Ph: Bellarine Club 03 5265 6126 CDNSW, Bungendore Cl, Graded Dressage at Witwood - Ph: Dot Wilcoxon 02 4842 7164 CDNSW, SHCC, Activity Day - President's Cup -Ph: Debbie Davis 02 4443 5139 ACDS, VIC Equestrian Expo at Tonimbuk Vic Ph: Gipsland Club 03 5942 8485 CDNSW, Bungendore Cl, One Hour CDE at Witwood - Ph: Dot Wilcoxton 02 4842 7164


National Cutting Horse Association,Tamworth NSW -Ph 02 6765 9356 - Lone Tree Hill CCI, Jackpot Show, Kings Park, Seymour, Vic -Ph: Gail Kubiel 0488 031 707

All dates are subject to change


5-8 6-8



Saddleworld Dressage Festival, WPNEC, Werribee Vic -Ph: Bryony Giusti 03 9013 0707 National Showhorse Australasian Show Horse & Rider Championships, WPNEC, Werribee Vic Ph: Lole Brzozek 03 9908 3702 E: DQJSC Young Horse education Seminar, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - Ph: Lesley 0412 896 360 Young Horse Qualifier, Hawkesbury S/gr, Clarendon NSW - Ph: Karen lever 02 4576 7996 Y H Official & Assoc Comp Prep - GP, Equestrian Park ACT - Ph: Anwen 0418 284 169 CDHS Dressage Competition, Currumbin Waters Qld - E: DQJSC Freestyle Seminar, QSEC, Caboolture Qld - PH: Lesley 0412 896 360

7 7 8 8 14 5-8 5-8 7 8 13 - 15 14 - 15 2-8 4-8

Sydney Summer Jumping Classic CSI - W, SIEC, Horsley Park - P: Jane Frankum 02 4653 1063 Lakes & Craters CCI, CCI3*, CIC3*, CCI2*, CCI*, CCIJ*, Camperdown Vic - Ph: Barry 03 5592 5335 Bates Equestrian T/Series Clinic 3, Willow Park, Wilberforce NSW - Ph: Liz 0408 585 919 Bates Equestrian Pty Ltd Presents Round 4 (Championships) - Ph: Christine 0413 046 041 EV SJ YR , WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Annie White (Mon -Tues) 03 9013 0707 Mirrabooka CNC**, 1*, EvA - 105, 95, 80, 60, 45, TBC - Ph: Roger Whyte 0409 605 001 ANH Ken Faulkner, 7 Day Super Camp, Esk Qld - Ph: Kathy Stewart 0427 732 394 Mel Fleming, 5 Day Introductory course, “Banyandah” Howlong NSW & Vic border Ph: Mel 02 6760 5519 - 0428 385 745 - E: - 7-8 Quantum Savvy Horsemanship, Confidence Building, Gold Coast Qld - Ph: 0423 746 951 11 - 17 Mel Fleming, 7 Days Intermediate/Advanced Course, “Banyandah”, Howlong - Ph: 0428 385 745 7-8 7-8


PCV, NEZ Dressage & Showjumping Championships, Shepparton Vic - Ph: 03 8685 8925 PCNSW, 2013 Bungendore Community Bank State Show Riding Championships Bungendore S/gr, Bungendore NSW - Ph: 02 4229 8977 - 8 Drysdale Leopold Open Show BZ - Ph: 02 4229 8977 - 15 PCV, Wannon Zone Dressage & Showjumping Championships WZ - Ph: 03 8685 8925 28 - 30 PCV, Emu Creek Showjumping Championships WZ - E: Jane Gough - 1 6-7


NSW All Breeds Youngstock & Newcomer Ridden Show, Hawkesbury S/gr, Clarendon - 0418 484 592 37th All Welsh Show, Tatura Events Complex, Hastie St, Tatura Vic - Ph: Sharon 03 5483 7589 M: 0457 837 589 - E: - 7 National Buckskin Society's 39th Victorian Titles, Prince of Wales S/gd, Bendigo Vic - 0417 156 702 14 - 15 ASHS East Gippsland Branch Show & Challenge, Barnsdale Viv - Ph: Kate Hunter 0427 836 274 14 - 15 Arabian Classic, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: 03 5269 5208 - 0417 533 743 - E:

Valley Country B-Sharpe Blades & Scissors Australian countr y lifestyle

Saddler y & Countr y Clothing Outfitters

For all of your Equestrian needs from Pony Club, Showing to Racing 02 6643 2311

100 Queen St Grafton NSW 2460


Clipper Blades & Scissors Professionally Sharpened

We cater for: Dog Grooming ~ Veterinarian Practices ~ Boarding Kennels ~ Animal Breeders~ Show Horse / Sport Horse Industry


Equine Chiropractor

Ben Lockhart Ph: 0428 615 018

Servicing the Mid North Coast Bettina Pitman Phone/Fax: (02) 6656 9089 & New England Areas Mob: 0412 553 469 P.O Box 236 Nana Glen NSW 2450 ABN: 39 466 829 287

Designer Embroidered Equipment to suit all occasions. MADE TO ORDER


7 MNCTP, Macksville NSW, Twilight Team Penning, Macksville S/gr - Ph: Phil 0458 250 669 14 - 15 PVTP Tamworth NSW, Xmas Party - Ph: Debbie 0409 446 815 -


Clarence Valley TR Inc, Grafton NSW - Ph: Cherie Davies 02 6649 4336 8 DTRC Inc , Dayboro Qld, Xmas Party - Ph: Bob 07 3425 1651 - Graham& Lorraine 07 3425 3248 26 - 2 Jan Lake Macquarie P& THR, Skibo Downs (near Gloucester) - Ph: Jackie Mann 0438 574 356


1 7-8 8 12


Also see Natural Horsemanship section 27 - 28 Mark Langley Horsemanship Clinic, Oakdale NSW - Ph: Jenny 0417 200 Innate Healing for Horses - Ph: Pete Esdaile 0428 210 911 6-7 Dan & Pia Steers, Gr Control, Intro to Long Reining & Ridden Brookleigh WA - Daz 08 9643 1017 14 - 16 Dan & Pia Steers, Gr Control, Long Reining & Ridden, Dardenup WA - Ph: Daz 08 9643 1017


11 - 14 Dan & Pia Steers, 4 Day Clinic, Northern Rivers Eq/Ctre Woodburn NSW - Ph: Daz 08 9643 1017 - (see details on page 37) 11 - 15 Mel Fleming, Group Workshop, “Alchemy Place”, Moonbi NSW Ph: Mel 02 6760 5519 - 17 - 19 Jan 2014 NSW Appaloosa Championships at Western Breeds Show SIEC Horsley Park 24 - 26 Boneo Park CDI, Boneo Park VIC - Ph: 03 5986 3006 -

CCQH Ass, Show, Il Cadore Indoor Arena, Somersby NSW - 0402 096 940 - BWPC, No Show Just Training, Burpengary Eq/Ctr Burpengary Qld - Ph: Kirra 0422 338 915 M&DWPC Inc,TBA, Maryborough Prk Eq/Ctr, Maryborough Qld - Ph: 07 5447 9899 - 0427 270 940 CCQH Ass, TBA, Il Cadore Indoor Arena, Somersby NSW - 0402 096 940 -

Agricultural Shows 2013 All dates are subject to change

e OCTOBER f NSW: (02) 9879 6777

3-4 Wagga Wagga 5 Culcairn 5 Bribbaree 6 Berrigan 6-7 Griffith 7 Morongla 7 Walbundrie 11-13 Taree Manning River 11-12 Leeton 12 Illabo 12 Casino 12 Trunkey Creek 12-13 Picton 13 Corowa 14 Norfolk Island (Royal) 17-19 Lismore 18-19 Barham Koondrook 19 Cootamundra 19 The Rock 19 Tooraweenah 25-26 Alstonville 26 Carcoar 26 Junee

VIC: (03) 9281 7467 1-3 Elmore 1-3 Horsham 4 Murtoa 4-5 Swan Hill 4-5 Yarrawonga 5 Goroke 5 Nathalia 5 Seymour 5-6 St. Arnaud 6 Berrigan 7-8 Kerang 9 Rupanyup 10 Warracknabeal 11-12 Donald 11-12 Shepparton 11-12 Wandin 11-12 Wangaratta 12 Boort 12 Camperdown 12 Sunbury Kaniva date TBC 13 Corowa Hopetoun date TBC 15 Rainbow Wycheproof date TBC 17 Nhill 17-20 Mildura 17-20 Royal Geelong 18-20 Barham/Koondrook 18-20 Benalla 19 Charlton 19 Dimboola 19 Kyabram 19-21 Naracoorte Jeparit date TBC 20 Lancefield Maldon & Baringhup date TBC 20 Rutherglen 23 Numurkah 25-26 Maffra 25-26 Mt Gambier 25-27 Bendigo 25-27 Warrnambool 26-27 Cobram 26-27 Euroa 26 Myrtleford 26 Stawell 27 Ararat Croydon date TBC

QLD: (07) 3252 1630 -

e NOVEMBER f NSW: (02) 9879 6777 1-2 Murwillumbah 1-3 Albury 2-3 French's Forest 8-9 Dungog 9 Holbrook 9-10 Queanbeyan 9-10 Mullumbimby 9-10 Minto 9 Neville 15-16 Bangalow 15-16 Bulahdelah 23-24 Dorrigo & Guy Fawkes

VIC: (03) 9281 7467 Castlemaine date TBC 1-3 Colac 1-3 Sale 2 Dookie 2 Port Fairy 2-3 Whittlesea 5 Heathcote 8-10 Ballarat 8-10 Echuca/Moama 9 Alexandra 9-10 Bairnsdale 9 Coleraine 9-10 Dandenong 9 Koroit 15-16 Kyneton 16 Casterton 16 Clunes 16-17 Lilydale 16 Mansfield date TBC 16 Noorat 16 Omeo 17 Beaufort 23 Daylesford 23 Edenhope 23 Yarram 23 Yea 29-30 Traralgon 30 Yulecart

e DECEMBER f VIC: (03) 9281 7467 1 Kingston 7 Dartmoor 7 Kilmore Penshurst date TBC 7 Maryborough

ope h c u a W

156 Miller Street, Armidale NSW 2350

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Pam & Jodie Ph:(02) 6722 1229 Email: Ph (02) 6585 3722 Fax (02) 6585 2242 WE WASH HORSE RUGS AND SADDLE BLANKETS TOO!! 141 Byron St, Inverell NSW 2360 Your Complete Laundry and Linen Hire Service


Equine News Spring 2013

Disasters, Road Crashes, Event Incidents and Rescue Scenarios affecting Large Animals a Focus Point for International Conference

Photo: Geelong Advertiser

Experts in large animal rescue from the UK, USA, NZ, Australia and Thailand are gathering at the University of Adelaide, Roseworthy Campus on the 2nd & 3rd November 2013 for the International Large Animal Rescue Conference.

This is the first time this event has been held in the Southern Hemisphere, bringing new skills & knowledge related to this important emerging field which combines incident management, workplace safety and animal welfare. Four themes are set being Rescue, Animals in Disaster, Livestock Transport and Event Incidents. Jim Green (UK), Dr Rebecca Gimenez (USA), Dr Ian Dacre (TH) are the three keynote speakers with an extensive list of experienced supporting presenters including Professor Josh Slater (UK via Skype), Professor Christopher Riley & Hayley Squance (NZ) Dr Christine Smith, Dr Chris Heislers, Dr Peter Horridge, Dr Mark Peters, Dr Kirrilly Thompson, Anthony Hatch, Maryanne Leighton, David King and Raylene Garwood provide the Australian viewpoint. Large Animal Emergency Rescue is the response phase of a natural or man-made disaster, or accident, where specialized training and equipment are required to rescue a large animal such as a horse, alpaca or cow. When an animal is trapped in a hole, by wire, in a road crash or mud – it can easily revert to the inbuilt “fight or flight” responses regardless of the age, training or breed. This especially applies to horses. Without the skills and knowledge associated with Large Animal Rescue techniques, the animal is likely to become more injured during the rescue than the initial accident caused in the first place. The people rescuing the animal often put themselves at great risk injury or worse, often without realising it. The conference will feature presentations and demonstrations, some involving a life size fully articulated horse recently imported from the UK, affectionately called “Riley”. Light Regional Council, Resquip and Safety Access & Training Australia are major sponsors. A media kit can be downloaded from Organised by Horse SA, a not for profit community group working for all horse owners. Conference registrations are now open.

Further information and registration forms can be found on Enquiries: Julie Fiedler 0402 488 306 Email:

“MINIMISE the risk of Hendra Virus... FEED UNDER COVER!!”

From conception to completion, The Horse Shed Shop offers property solutions for the safety and comfort of your horses. For our full range of products & services please visit our website or for enquiries phone us on (03) 8746 2497 or 1800 HORSE SHED. Email:



Could this be the world’s best premium joint supplement and all natural anti inflammatory? We ask the question because there have been some stunning results in many inflammatory ailments in Equines and Canines alike with Technyflex . In Equines in particular we have had success stories

about horses with Laminitis, Arthritis, Muscle soreness, tendon and ligament injuries and many other ailments that befall our equine friends. The results with this product usually become apparent around day 4 to 10 of ingestion with most animals showing a big improvement around day 4. Twice daily dosing is advised for the first 10 days then once daily thereafter.

The Stallion in the photo is a 22 year old Warmblood who has arthritis in his near side knee. Without Technyflex he struggles to get about. On Technyflex he is so comfortable almost to the point of being sound and has no trouble serving his mares. On approaching his mares he becomes very proud and shows nil signs of lameness. How could this be possible with such an obviously arthritic knee? We only know what we see and it is truly amazing. There are of course other results with this product showing wonderful management of healthy joints as well, so it begs the question of protection for those without problems. Could it be that if all our good comp horses were on this natural product these problems may never arise in the first place. So whether you have an old arthritic pal in the paddock, or a sound equine competitor, rest assured you are doing the best you can for their joint health when they receive their daily dose of Technyflex.

For more information phone (02) 4988 6015 or 0437 473 756 or visit the website.


Equine News Spring 2013

Go, Go, and grow another successful Crackin' Cancer Horse trail ride. There are many worthwhile charitable causes to do a fundraising horse ride for and the one that is dear to my heart is this one, the Crackin' Cancer ride through the magnificent high ranges and river country of the New England. This is a horse ride over a five day period designed to raise the much needed funds to supplement the research into Crackin' the codes of the various insidious cancers. Who in this wonderful lucky country of ours does not know of someone, personal, family or friends who are not affected in some way by this cruel and often terminal disease which must be defeated? The growing popularity of this horse trail ride signifies the willingness of the horse riding fraternity to help beat it, and what better way than to bring your horse into the excellent Three Waters campsites on the lower flanks of Bullock Mountain (alt.1,175 metre) and ride out each day into totally different surrounding country side. It is a richness of land comprising of thousands of hectares of river bank riding and river crossings, rugged timber clad hills, open sheep and cattle country, historic old sapphire mining sites and all at an altitude of over a thousand metres. Remembering the start of first Crackin' Cancer ride held in April 2011 with seventeen riders, plus Trail leader and Trail Marshalls on it, it was wonderful and encouraging to see thirty three keen riders come along for the second Crackin' Cancer ride in 2012 and this year our 2013 ride in April saw us reach the cut off point of fifty riders. Although now I guess I could say I am semi retired from professional long distance horse trekking, each year this ride takes place, I consider it an honour and a privilege to be nominated trail leader and to be able to show you just some of the incredibly varied and beautiful country I have had the pleasure of riding these past thirty six years. Each day of the ride is an average twenty five kilometres with a couple of thirty plus kilometre days with the last day being a ride, part on a stock route to the town of Glen Innes and into my favourite Pub the Railway Tavern for the best pizzas and burgers you could eat.

A Cure For

This high country ride is made even better by the huge effort put into its organisation by the organisers and volunteer crew. Marshall Fittler and Laurie Cooper organisers for the Cancer Council helped by my gorgeous hardworking partner Kerry, our two adventurous German Wwoofers Feli and Lotti and niece Debbie worked tirelessly to keep things going smooth. The mid week rest day is further complemented by Mark Langley and his outstanding demonstration on how to handle horses and associated problems. Mark is a professional horse breaker and trainer and holds regular and well attended horsemanship and horse handling clinics throughout NSW ans QLD..

r H o o d te l u T 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Windsucking Turn a windsucker into a winner

Photos: courtesy of Jackie Mann

Also available in stainless steel with protective leather cover wings

Barclay’s Anti-Cribbing collar is a major breakthrough in the fight against windsucking. It is the world’s first truly modern and humane treatment. It is not a constriction collar. Fitted correctly it does not interfere with breathing, eating or drinking.

The Place That Makes You Feel Good

A Warm, Friendly Environment 7 Days A Week Accommodation - Sportsman’s Bar Ground Floor Bistro - Rooftop BBQ Area Alfresco Dining

Save your horses, your fences and your sanity ?Safe ?Reliable ?Lightweight ?Weatherproof ?No batteries required ?Tough nylon construction

BREAKFAST: 7am - 11am LUNCH: 11:30am - 2:30pm DINNER: 6pm - 9pm

Find out more & order online at:

Steak Specials $10.90

Ph: (02) 6766 2930

Email: Ph: 03 9755 1539

Chicken Schnitzel $11.90

300gram Rump

327 Peel St, Tamworth NSW 2340


Mark charges $10 per head for this mini clinic and donates the money back to the Cancer Council of NSW. The evening's entertainment provided By Leigh Warren our “Outlaw” country western singer, sees our 'Gunyah' recreation room rock each night to the fabulous music by a man who lost his father to Cancer and volunteers each year to entertain us, with a few teary eyes as he sings the Crackin' Cancer song he composed.

Riding under the umbrella and insurances of Trail Riding Australia Inc, our Trail Marshalls Graeme Sleeman, Bob Ebert, Peter Rudd and Amy Hanson a trained medic, do an excellent job of keeping the ride together and helping wherever needed , and I give personal thanks to Bob for his nimble getting off and on his horse for the occasional difficult gate. Bob rides alongside me as deputy trail leader and gate opener and keeps me entertained with his many yarns. Good onya mate. Everyone arrives to a welcoming sausage sizzle night and the ride ends with a whole pig on a spit or butts of pork and beef on the spit. Remember; if you are considering doing the ride in March 2014 make contact early. This growing in popularity ride has a cut off point of fifty riders.

For further details contact Marshall Fittler 02 6624 4879 M: 0411 840 799. Laurie Cooper 02 6629 5453 M: 0429 626 912 E: Steve Langley Three Waters High Country Holidays 02 6732 4863 M: 0417452649

“Holiday with your Horse at” Three Waters in the High Country For more details or to make a booking please contact your host Steve Langley.

Offering accommodation “for you and your horse”! Cabins, yards & water available. Horses also available for hire.

A Genuine “Aussie Bush Experience” Phone: (02) 6732 4863 Mobile: 0417 452 649


Equine News Spring 2013

Tweed Valley Equestrian Group is holding a Breast Cancer Fundraiser this year

"The Power of Pink Dressage & Show jumping Spectacular" 5th & 6th of October Murwillumbah Showgrounds. The event now in its fifth year was awarded “Community Event of the Year� by Tweed Shire Council in 2011. So far we have raised just over seventeen thousand dollars for Breast Cancer Research. All funds raised are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. There were over 125 entries with riders coming from Port Macquarie to Brisbane entering last year's event. There was also a large division of junior riders (all girls) and we hope that from a young age we can help them understand the importance of being aware of this disease that affects so many women. Dressage is often a very serious sport, so to see every rider with a splash of pink or more somewhere was fantastic..................................

Breast Cancer will touch so may of our lives, family and friends and as dressage being mainly dominated by women; we thought this event is a perfect way to raise awareness and a fun way to raise money for such a worthy cause...................................................... With excitement building for this year's event already, we're aiming for ten thousands dollars to donate. Help us achieve our goal!................................................................ This year we have introduced a Junior and Senior costume class. The class is for a freestyle dressage test where riders design their test at any level and music which has a time limit of five minutes, riders and horses dress up. Riders also have the option of riding the test in a quadrille, Pas De Deux or individually.............................................................. We have prizes galore with Pinkest Show jumper and Pinkest rider, pinkest horse and Pinkest Dressage horse being awarded. Sunday we will draw the monster raffle with thousands of dollars of prizes up for grabs.......................................................................

Contact Keighley Leeson 0428 536 868 Email: or go to


This clinic will be split into groups according to ability and focus. The Program will be structured such that it can be modified to focus in groups for what you are specifically interested in. This may include, but is not limited to ground control with a focus on liberty work, long reining, body control under saddle and/or mechanical cow work. The first two days of the clinic will include a non-riding group suitable for horses which are not under saddle. Bookings Essential For details email call Daz on 08 9643 1017 or go to:


This 4 day clinic is based on Ground Control, Long Reining & Body Control Under Saddle DVDs which are available for discount purchase as a SET of 3 thru our on line shop - and will be available for sale at the clinic. Our new line of DVD's will also be released by that time also (see pictured below). We have broken down our training methods even further in the new series - clearly defining the levels of progression in your training regime (to be released at Equitana Sydney Nov 7th-10th 2013). Double Dan Horsemanship introduces revolutionary horse training clinics that change relationships between horses and handlers. From the ground you will learn the foundation techniques of all Double Dan Horsemanship's remarkable liberty acts. Boost confidence on the ground with easy to follow ground control methods. Give your horse a relaxed softness in halter, lateral flexion, side passing and introduce cues. Long reining is a valuable tool for all horses. It can be used in a variety of purposes, from mouthing the young horse to teaching a horse to move forward into the contact, re-educating horses with behavioural and training issues as well as further educating the older horse and building strength and flexibility. Whether working with a young horse, refining an older horse or improving a riders understanding and control, Body Control Basics Under Saddle takes you through the fundamentals to achieve flexibility and softness. Beautiful circles, lead departures and changes, roll backs and more are dependent on body control and by following the Double Dan Horsemanship techniques you will become a better rider and develop a more supple horse with a willing attitude.

If there are particular problems you would like to address in the clinic make Dan & Pia aware of them at the commencement of the day and they will be sure to go through them with you. Dan Steers will have his horses with him and will be giving demonstrations throughout the 4 day clinic. Equipment to bring for Clinic = Rope Halter & lead rope = Driving or lunging whip = Roller, Long reins = Saddle & Bridle

All equipment will be available for purchase at the clinic. Or can be pre-purchased from our online store Costs: Participants with their horse: $400 for the 2 days Participants with their horse: $750 for the 4 days Camping & horse yards are available at no extra charge. There is Student accommodation available for a fee - arrangements to be made with the venue. Accommodation includes power, fridge, micro wave, jug, toaster, oven, beds and mattresses, and all cutlery and crockery. Contact: Joan Peachy - 0427 793 601 E: Fence sitters welcome $40 per day / $70 for 2 days / $100 for 3 days / $120 for 4 days VENUE: Northern Rivers Equestrian Estate 975 Swan Bay New Italy Rd, Woodburn, NSW, 2472 Bring your own food and drinks - Clinic Times: 9am - 4pm each day NO PHOTOGRAPHING OR VIDEOING IS PERMITTED AT THE CLINIC.

Limited numbers so BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment Payment plans are available with 20% deposit Email:


Equine News Spring 2013

h t r o n Specialising in Equine & Lifestyle Photography

Services Include v Horse Events & Shows v Stud & Stallion Shoots v Horse & Rider Portraits At Still Free Photography I offer a friendly and reliable photographic service. Based in Coffs Harbour but will travel to other areas by arrangement.

t s a co


r aree c a n ted i ses? s pus e r m r e a t o C n h I with h Taree

e wit Study online from home or school, n i l n o anywhere in Australia. Courses range from y d Certificate 1 (beginners) to Diploma in Performance Stu Horse Management. Get a leg up in your career by upgrading your skills and qualifications at your own pace.

Full time programs available in some courses (Centrelink approved). Equine Online students are employed on breeding farms, spelling and agistment establishments, and in training centres.

For more information contact the Equine Online Team on (02) 6591 3627 or email Come and talk to us at Equitana. Riverina Pavillion Stand 516 Equine Online North Coast TAFE.

Themed Portrait Shoots v Horse based Weddings v Engagements v Couples v Bride & Horse v Glamour v Boudoir v Romantic v Maternity v Families on the farm

1300 628 233

Horse Rescue Stories Wanted Stories of rescue horses and how they changed their person's life are wanted for a new non-fiction book, to be published by a large publisher in Australia and New Zealand.

Horse Events v Dressage v Show Jumping v Eventing v Polocrosse v Campdrafting v Western v Cutting v Endurance

Photographing our Brumbies Photographing Brumbies is a personal interest of mine. Over time I would love to put together a collection of images highlighting their beauty and that of the country they live in. To view more of my work please come and visit me on Facebook or have a look around my website. For all enquiries contact:

Ellen Keidge

P: 0429 191 224


The premise of the book is to profile a horse/s and the person/people whose life they changed. It is a dual focus: both the horse's and the person's journey will be discussed.

How did your rescue horse change your life? Did they bring about a new career? A change in family situation? Cure an illness? Open your heart to more love? Become your greatest teacher? Reveal spiritual insights? If you can talk about your story, would like to be profiled in a chapter in the book, and would like more information, please email Fifteen people and their horses will be interviewed profiled in-depth for inclusion in the book. Please share a bit about both your rescue horse and how the horse has changed you in your initial email.

Luxury 3 HAL Gold This Luxury 3 Horse Angle Load Float equipped with TV, microwave, fridge and shower. Also has tack box, rug rack and awning. Excellent float with you all you could need...


QRM We specialise in a quality range of horse float, truck, stall and stable floor and wall rubber. Hammergroove - 12mtr roll or by the metre. 2mtrs x 12mm & 15mm, with a cloth insertion layer for added strength. Ideal for floats, trucks & stables

Cupboard in the front of trailer - Full padded horse protection frame Four horse rings - 18mm rubber matting for ramp door 10mm rubber matting for floor - 6mm rubber matting for inner side panel 18mm hardwood plywood floor & ramp door - Side rug rack Saddle rack in saddle box - Saddle box/tack box 1500 height for 3 saddles 15'aluminium alloy rims - two special trailer axles Roll rocker tandem spring suspension 8 plates - double axle electric brake 3 vertical open and 3 sliding windows


FROM $21,500 Inspect at: Unit 1/1 Wheeler Cres Currumbin Qld

(07) 5534 5706

17mm mats in a variety of profiles

30mm EVA Stall Mats

Interlocking drainage mats. Great for wash down bays

Horse Float Insert .. A super ’grippy’ cloth insertion rubber comes in 6, 8, 10mm and 1.65 to 2mtr widths. Ideal for non-slip and anti-fatigue flooring. Available in 12mtr rolls or by the metre. A Division of Bio-Til Pty Ltd ABN 68 114 319 836

FREECALL 1300 149 040 Email :


Equine News Spring 2013

Stretching Muscles For Strength And Balance.

Stretching techniques are always done at the end of the Remedial Massage Treatment, and you will never get a better stretch than a controlled stretch, after extensive and correctly applied muscle and joint release. Muscles have had a chance to relax, blood circulation is a lot better throughout the horse's body, oxygenation and nutrition to muscle tissues has increased and there is an improved elasticity in muscles, tendons and ligaments.

By Ray Bové - Equine Chiropractics and Deep Muscle Therapy

Stretching or rolling upwards of the upper lip. They love it! The same for the bottom lip and you can give the tissue under the lip a good squeeze.


orses stretch naturally by themselves, quite often as well stretching muscles that need to be stretched. It is an instinctive thing for them to do as a result of whatever sort of environment they are in at the time. Whether they are sporting horses, or horses in the paddock at home, they stretch spontaneously to maintain a better balance and awareness of where they are at the time. Remember horses are creatures of flight, and it is important to them from a survival point of view to be feeling good with their balance, and being alert in case of any situation that causes them to protect themselves by running away from the danger.

Flexibility is enhanced with less stress and tension in the muscles. Muscle re-education and restoration of balance allows much better extension of muscles, tendons and ligaments aiding in free flowing joint movement or better tractability. After the myofascia release and massage techniques to muscle groups, stretching the shoulder or hip joints for example is easy, as the joints “letgo” with the freedom of being able to stretch out again. With this “Joint Release” comes better tractability or co-ordination, improved gait, quicker reflexes and a willingness or spirit that before may have been lacking, with the improved state of mind. With the routine horses have, and it may be the same day-to-day, to enhance the horses spirit is to give it new energy levels. .

These tails stretches take a lot of pressure off the tailbone and sacroiliac.

Only 5

9 $89. ostage

des p inclu

Stretching will improve the tone of all the muscle fibres, tendons, ligaments and joint capsules. Even more so, when all is good, including good blood supply and joint movement, the consistency of the synovial fluid inside the joint capsule will be at its optimum level. Stretching strengthens all of the above and is the most practical way to finish off any massage or remedial massage session. After all the deep muscle work and connective tissue release, the feeling of well-being having had balance restored, has a huge impact of the functioning of the horses Nervous System. Rejuvenation of all soft tissues has a remarkable effect on the functioning of all the body systems of the horse. Stretching has a great impact on the balance of the framework (skeleton). Joint flexibility and rotation provide balance in most situations, whether it becomes a mild or extreme exertion of energy levels. An in depth view of this subject and full stretching regime with images is contained in the soon to be released book pictured. For more information contact Ray Bové .

(02) 6564 7530 or 0427 647 530 email:

Remedial Massage For Horses

A Photographic and Illustrative Anatomical insight into horses and more.


Raymond Bové DRM

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Equine Chiropractics And Deep Muscle Therapy

Ray Bové 14 Years Experience Professional And Reliable Ph: 0427 647 530 or (02) 6564 7530

Herbal Horse Anita Brojatsch Ph: (02) 6736 4466 Fax: (02) 6736 4455


Find us on


Online Store:

DIVINE LOVE REIKI Is your horse stressed, in pain or injured? Does your horse deserve a treat? Why not give your horse a relaxing and healing Reiki

Experience Wendy Cussen Reiki Master

Phone: 0416 031 670 Mobile service available Brisbane North area


¢ ¢

correcting physiologies ¢ addressing abnormalities ¢ nsw - mid north coast ¢ other areas for group bookings ¢ ¢ Qualified Diploma of Equine Soundness ¢ Taking Balance To Another Level!

James Cassel (02) 6564 2149 or 0409 666 339

HORSE TRANSPORT Weekly Services Bris - Syd - Melb

Call John or Yvette 0412 233 083

Now Servicing the New England Area

Travelling Throughout VIC, NSW, SA, QLD Local & Interstate Stud farm drop offs & pick ups Fortnightly runs to Adelaide Discount for multiple horses

Ph: 0422 476 457

Find us on Facebook


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THE STABLE GUY KEEPING HORSES HAPPY Protect your horses from the Hendra virus Keep warm & dry with custom Shelters & Stables built to your needs

Qualified Carpenter DSA Lic No: 1114588


LAWRENCE WILLIAMS FENCING CONTRACTOR Ph: (02) 6664 7322 or 0413 877 026 Lic: 5219XC

~ Stables & Shelters ~ ~ Renovations & Refurbishments ~ ~ Property Maintenance ~ ~ All your Carpentry needs ~ ~ Hobby Farms ~

Phone: 0432 381 771 Tweed - Gold Coast - Brisbane Areas


Hunter Natural Fertilisers Improving our soils - Naturally Do you have stable bedding and manure? Turn your waste into quality organic fertiliser using our worm farm or cmc compost technology

Bobcat & Tipper Hire

We also supply natural organic fertiliser and soil conditioners For details contact David

All Aspects of Rural Fencing Roundyards Shelters Boundary Fences

Phone: Tyler 0438 899 438 A/H: (02) 6686 2554

Ph: (02) 6546 1158 Email:



Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm

Valley Stockfeed

Saturday: 9am-1pm Sunday: 9am-12noon


Expert hoof care advice, huge range of products for all animals 3/19 Abundance Rd Medowie, NSW 2318 Ph: (02) 4981 7282

Horse Feed - Cattle Feed - Dog & Cat Food Wormers - Tick Control - Vet Supplies Ph: (07) 5573 1273 Fax: (07) 5573 7477 Shop 1/141, Old Pacific Hwy, Oxenford Qld 4210 For all your stock & pet supplies. We Deliver!


Feed & Stock Supplements - Grain & Produce - Pet Food & Supplies Fencing Supplies & Gates - Electric Fences - Concrete Products Garden Equipment & Supplies - Organic Supplies & Produce - Vegie Seeds Also offering a quality range of products for horse and rider. Stockists of: ZILCO - SHOO TAG - TEKNA Synthetic Saddles WILD HORSE Australia Insect Repellent Rugs 26 June Street (Behind Bailey Centre) Coffs Harbour P: (02) 6652 2599 F: (02) 6652 8328 E:

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(GATTON) PTY LTD All Types of Produce and Grain Merchants

Audrey Schulz (Proprietor) Tim Schulz (Manager) Crescent Street, Gatton Qld 4343 8am-5pm Mon-Fri 8am-12noon Sat

Suppliers of quality stock feeds Pets accessories and much much more! For all your animals needs come in say G’day.

Ph: (07) 5462 1139 (07) 5462 1371 Fax: (07) 5462 3226 Mob: 0408 621 239

132 Ferguson St, Glen Innes NSW 2370 Ph: 02 6732 3010 Fax: 02 6732 3059 AH: 02 6732 6887 Email:

Town & Country Supplies




One Step Ahead

Seed and Produce Merchants

Farm & Animal Supplies FREE Local Feed Deliveries Every Tuesday & Thursday Hay/Chaff, Grain & Produce, Petfood, Fertilizer, Saddlery, General Fencing & Electric Fencing, Irrigation (Davey Master Dealer), John Deere Ride-on Mowers, Stihl Outdoor Power Equipment, Honda Outdoor Power Equipment, Generators Push Mowers & Crossfire ATV & Dirtbikes

Stockists of: Hygain, Riverina, Prydes & Mitavite

178 Tweed Valley Way, Murwillumbah 2484

11 Keppel St, Bathurst 2795 Ph: (02) 6331 2844 Fax: (02) 6331 4232

Ph: (02) 6672 1313 Fax: (02) 6672 6808

Lot 42 Unit 7 Main St, Wallerawang 2845 Ph: (02) 6355 7531 Fax: (02) 6355 1466

OPEN 7 DAYS 10% Discount off all items - conditions apply. We deliver to most areas - from Woodburn NSW in the South, to Caloundra QLD in the North and Beaudesert, Ipswich and Samford in the West.

Check out our website and order on-line:






Gold Coast (07) 5539 9971 31 Upton St Bundall, Qld

Don’t forget your pet supplies! Premium Dog / Cat Food Flea & Worm Treatments Bird Seed.

Brisbane (07) 3868 4912 1 Hampden St, Doomben Qld

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PRODUCE - SADDLERY - CLOTHING Embroidered Saddlecloths

ClubColoursDirect The Colour Specialists Braided Rope Reins P.O. Box 5216 East Lismore, NSW 2480 Phone:(02) 6622 5002 Fax:(02) 6622 5009

For all information please visit our website at

We manufacture quality embroidered saddlecloths for Clubs, Schools, Studs and Shows. ~ Huge range of colours in quality fabrics and trims. ~ Special prices for Clubs ~ Digitising of logos ~ High density foam inners ~ Any size, any shape ~ Delivered Australia-wide




Bayside Equestrian CATERING FOR ALL YOUR HORSE NEEDS for the Inverell & Surrounding Districts Equestrian Supplies ~ Rodeo Supplies ~ Hats, Caps Handbags ~ Saddles, Rugs, Tack Stockist of: Cruel Girl ~ Wrangler ~ Ariat ~ Baxter Akubra ~Bullseye ~ Blue Dog ~ Brigalow ~ Eddie Fisher Pam & Jodie Ph:(02) 6722 1229 Email: 141 Byron St, Inverell NSW 2360


Lay By’s & Gift Vouchers Welcome


Foal, Yearling & Sale Preparation Breaking In, Training, Showing Lessons. All Breeds Tom Skinner & Disciplines

0438 292 120

Nathan & Natalie Johnston

Ph:0410 575 807 141 Kennedy’s Lane Tyagarah NSW 2481 Training & Re-education ~ Specialising in Show Jumping & Show Horses Lessons Available for all Disciplines QUALITY PERFORMANCE HORSES FOR SALE

Breaking In Educating Pre-Training All Disciplines Situated near Tamworth Tel: 02 6769 0223 Mob: 0411 529 219

Barry Munt Training Stables Find us on Facebook


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(02) 4588 5200



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0418 194 842

PACIFIC VETCARE Coffs Harbour 320 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour Ph:6652 3455 Fax:6652 8187

Equine Medicine & Surgery Digital Radiography New Equine Surgery - Specialist Surgeon Endoscopy - Diagnostics Vaccinations - Ultrasound Reproduction - AI - Dentistry

Dr. David Johnson Dr. Stephen Deist Dr. Allan Hudson Dr. Kelly Griffin Dr. Merrilyn Fitzgerald Dr. Amanda Johnson Dr. Chelsea Kramer Dr. Adam Gerhardt Dr. Mathew Grabovszky

EQUIVET AUSTRALIA Equine Reproduction & General Practice Reproduction: Embryo Collection & Transfer & Artificial Insemination using

Chilled & Frozen semen. Live in Veterinarians provide 24hr Foaling supervision.

Stallion Station: Semen collection, evaluation, freezing, storage & distribution. Registered Quarantine Facility: AQIS approved centre for exporting horses and/or semen. General Practice: Lameness diagnosis & management using digital Radiography & Ultrasonography - Chiropractic manipulation - Laboratory facilities - Equine dentistry - Video endoscopy.

Max Wilson BVSc (Hons) MACSc Robyn Woodward BVSc MVSc Celia Dodd BSc BVSc (Hons) Susanne Brundell BVSc (Hons) Angie Doudle BVSc Francois Viljoen BVSc

142 Jimna Springs Rd Southbrook, Qld P: 07 4691 0322 F: 07 4691 0419

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Equine Veterinary And Dental Services V D S

Dr. Oliver Liyou BVSc (Hons1) MACVSc (Eq Dent) CMAVA “Helping you to help your horse” The most qualified and experienced Equine Dental Vet in NSW.

Dentistry, Vaccinations inc Hendra, Freeze Brand, Microchipping, Stud Work, Foot problems, Castrations, Skin problems and anything equine that is not an emergency.

Call us about our dental parties, where you can receive massive savings. P: (02) 6642 4700 Now accepting referrals of difficult dental cases from Port Macquarie to SE Qld. M: 0428 515 650 As the designer of the porta safe stocks mobile crush, Oliver has the latest model E: to keep your horse safe and secure, and will be weighed on scales, and geldings get a free sheath clean. W:

Inverell Vet Clinic Offering routine equine services including: Endoscopy, Dentistry & Reproduction

Dr Chris Livingston

Complete Veterinary Services including Equine Power Float Dentistry

And Associates

159 Gordon St, Port Macquarie

BVSc (Hons), DVCS

Ph: (02) 6583 1611



Ambulatory Equine Veterinarian based in Murwillumbah and providing all your veterinary needs including:

· Digital radiography (x-rays) · Digital ultrasonography · Endoscopy VETERINARY SERVICES · Lameness evaluation and diagnosis · Pre-purchase examinations DR GREG BALDWIN BSc BVSc · Medical investigations EQUINE VETERINARIAN · Routine surgery · Reproduction M 0427 139 154 · Dentistry (power tools) E · Hendra Virus vaccinations

NOW LOCATED at 32 Sweaney Street, Inverell (Behind McDonalds)

For all your large and small animal veterinary needs both in-clinic and on-farm.

Phone: (02) 6721 0266

After Hours Emergency 0427 456 616

Member of Australian Veterinary Association

Tamworth Veterinary Hospital Dr Greg Ireland Veterinary Surgeon & Physician 106 Brisbane Street Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph: (02) 6766 3988 Fax: (02) 6766 4259 Web: Greg Ireland BSc., BVSc. Alison Neef BSc(Vet)., BVSc. Michelle Tolhurst BA., BVSc. Yvette Crowe BVSc. Paul Jenkins BVSc.

Utilising The Latest Technology And Techniques A group of dedicated professional Equine Dental Veterinarians Committed to Advancing Horse Health. Over 300 members right here in Australia most of which provide afterhours and emergency care for all equine health issues. FIND an EQUINE DENTAL VET nearest you at

WITH 100% CARE AND PROFESSIONALISM Providing the highest quality of equine veterinary dental care. Servicing Sydney and Melbourne.

Dr Shannon Lee B.V.Sc M.A.N.Z.C.V.Sc Eqd M.I.C.E.V.O E.Ds

Ph: 0418 598 621 E:

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Tanglewood Farm Thoroughbred Breeding Facility Foaling of Broodmares Spelling and Agistment for All Types of Horses

Canny Show AUS Br 2008 16.3hh SIRE: CANNY LAD 1990 DAM: LADIES’ DAY (CAN) 1987

FREE 60 DAY AGISTMENT for mares booked before 31st October 2013

FEE $5,000 incl GST

Dixie Prospect USA Bay 2006 16.1hh SIRE: DIXIE UNION 1997 DAM: TABHEEJ 1997

FEE $5,000 incl GST

Pure Theatre AUS Br 1998 16hh SIRE: NUREYEV (USA) 1977 DAM: A GOODLOOKIN BROAD (USA) 1992

FEE $3,000 incl GST

Dane Fever AUS Bay 2000 16.1hh SIRE: DANEHILL (USA) 1986 DAM: CAMPBELL FEVER (AUS) 1989

Tanglewood Farm

FEE $3,000 incl GST

Thoroughbred Stallion Station 388 Limbri Rd, Kootingal NSW (via Tamworth) Ph: 0467 388 388 Email:

EQUINE NEWS And Trade Services Directory Volume 5 Issue 3 SPRING 2013  
EQUINE NEWS And Trade Services Directory Volume 5 Issue 3 SPRING 2013  

Equine News And Trade Services Directory is a free hard copy quarterly magazine enjoyed by all disciplines. Offering a directory of services...