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Straight from the Horse’s Mouth!

Volume 4. Issue 3.

Spring 2012

Inside: Parrot Mouth in Horses Feeding For Fertility Dummy Foals High Heel / Low Heel Part 2 - Correction Stallions Standing





From The Editors As with previous issues of Equine News, we have once again found another little sweetheart for our Front Cover. Her name is “Karishma” and she is just one of the many beautiful horses bred from Shahwan Park Arabians situated near Tamworth NSW. (see Page 22 for details).






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EQUISSAGE - LAMINITIS TREATMENT In this issue we present Part 2 of Dr. Kerry Ridgway's article on High Heel//Low Heel Syndrome, hopefully many of you will find this interesting too.

Cover Girl: Karishma SPA (Arfaja Sarif x Khalia)

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We hope you all enjoy this issue and we will be back soon with our Summer Issue in December. Look out for it at your Local Produce Store or go to to view previous issues and articles or to find a service provider in your area.


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Straight from the Horse’s Mouth! Volume 4. Issue 2.

Winter 2012

Featuring: High Heel / Low Heel Syndrome Part 1 Unrecognized Problems Micro-Managing Growth in Young Horses

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Autumn 2011


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Volume 4.

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INSIDE: Windsucking Treating Cancer

Nutritional Support For Laminitis Baby Joy - Quest’s Miracle Foal Guide to Worming Horses Melanoma in Horses The Mighty Waler

with Ephorbia Peplus

Horses & Emotions Feed Poisoning in Horses The Dangers in Hay Chaffs & Grain








Straight from the Horse’s Mouth! Volume 3.

Issue 4.


Summer 2011


Servicing New South Wales & South East Queensland

Volume 3.

Issue 3.



Spring 2011

Transfer Factor A next step in Immunology

Know your Horse’s Vital Signs Early Trimming of the Foal The Story in a Horse’s Eye The Nosebandwagon

Girth or Cinch Pain Related To Assisted Birth

Equine Biosecurity Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Meet “Bruce” 200kg Rubber Horse

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Tying Horses Up

Autumn 2012



Gymnastic Exercises for Horses

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth!

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Volume 3.



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Dummy Foals By Dr Merrilyn Fitzgerald BVSc. - Pacific Vetcare Equine Reproduction Unit

The term Dummy Foal refers to a condition in newborn foals due to a lack of oxygen to the brain. It is also commonly known as Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome. It occurs due to chronic oxygen deprivation associated with placentitis (infection/inflammation associated with the placenta) or acute oxygen deprivation due to a prolonged or difficult foaling including premature placental separation (red bag delivery) or foals born via caesarean section. Typical signs include depressed appearance, weak, reduced or absence of suckling, loss of mare-foal bond and wandering. These signs may be immediate or develop 24-48 hours after birth. In severe cases there is disruption to the function of the nervous system, digestive system and kidneys which can result in seizures and / or colic. Foals that recover from dummy foal syndrome have no long lasting brain damage and develop into normal functioning horses. Recovery time is variable with some foals needing a day or two of nursing and some needing weeks. Prompt recognition of this condition is vital as supportive treatment should be started as soon as possible. Foals need to be examined by your vet to distinguish dummy foal syndrome from other causes of illness in newborn foals such as septicaemia. The treatment may involve oxygen and placement of a feeding tube so the foal can be fed until it develops a sucking reflex. Foals exhibiting seizures and colic often need to be referred to a specialist foal intensive care unit for treatment which can be very costly. Call your vet immediately if your newborn foal is exhibiting the dummy foal symptoms described above. Prevention of this condition is not always possible but recognition and treatment of placentitis (running milk early and vaginal discharge) and supervising foaling to minimize complications reduces your chance of having a dummy foal.

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Parrot Mouth in Horses By Dr Oliver Liyou BVSc (Hons1) MACVSc (Eq Dent) CMAVA In this article, I will attempt to explain a condition which many horse owners have seen, but few understand well. This is due mainly to the fact that there remain a lot of questions regarding the condition. These questions require sound scientific studies in order to be properly and accurately answered. Parrot mouth has several other names and these include: brachygnathism, overshot maxilla, buck tooth, undershot jaw or overbite.................................................................................................. The definition of a parrot mouth is when the top incisor teeth's front edge is further forward that that of the lower teeth. Obviously there are all different degrees of parrot mouth - minor through to severe. In minor cases, the upper and lower incisors still meet, but are not perfectly aligned and in severe cases, the two do not meet at all.

Raising the head high, or extending the poll joint, will cause the lower jaw (mandible) to slide backwards (caudally) slightly (approx 3 - 12 mm). Conversely, when the head is lowered and the poll flexes, the lower jaw (mandible) slides forward. This also occurs in humans and you can try it yourself!................................................................................................. This backward and forward sliding of the jaw when the head is raised and lowered is known as Rostro-Caudal Movement (RCM). It is a normal process which is required for normal chewing and comfort to the horse when ridden. So even though most of the jaw movement when eating is from side to side (lateral movement), there is also a small amount of backwards and forwards movement of the lower jaw (RCM). Rostro-caudal movement of the jaw: head extended.

Above: minor parrot mouth

Above: severe parrot mouth

It is important that the horse's incisor bite be checked with the head in the normal resting position and not raised up high.

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Rostro-caudal movement of the jaw: head down in normal position.

Parrot mouth may occur in any breed of horse and it has a reported incidence rate of 2-5 %. This is fairly significant when you think that 2-5 out of every 100 horses have parrot mouth to some degree. Parrot mouth in a horse is often not present as a newborn foal, but becomes apparent when the horse is over 1 - 6 months old. The cause of parrot mouth is often not fully clear, but genetics play a large component. Other causes are possible including trauma and illness as a foal near a period of rapid growth. The condition can result from the top jaw (maxilla) developing too long, or the bottom jaw (mandible) developing too short. Usually it is the lower jaw that is too short. But anything which interferes with the match up of the top and bottom jaws can cause a horse to be parrot mouthed. Another possible cause of parrot mouth is when a stocky and short, wide headed stallion is bred to a lean long headed mare. Thus a breeder needs to be careful and considerate even of head type when planning to breed a superior foal.................................................... It is important to remember that malocclusions in horse's teeth (when they are not in the correct positioning and alignment etc) is poorly understood when it comes to how heritable it is, and is often a very complex mismatch of many genes. Thus having a badly conformed mouth in your animal may present a risk in breeding, but doesn't mean that the animal will throw offspring with a similar condition. However, you need to be very careful in breeding from those parents! There have been some stallions reported to have a higher incidence of parrot mouthed foals, and so these may be a risk............................................................. So the breeder needs to consider questions such as: 路 how bad the condition is 路 whether the dam or sire has produced other similarly affected offspring 路 whether the affected animal has thrown foals with a similar problem. These negatives then need to be weighed up against the positive desirable traits of that animal. Whilst it is ideal to not breed any animals with faults, if we all did this, then there would be no foals next year! So with the parrot mouth condition, one strategy could be to not re-mate a mare to a particular stallion if a parrot mouthed foal is produced by that mating...................... In improving a breed, we should always aim to breed animals with similar positives, but different negatives. It always amazes me to watch and see how even severely parrot mouthed horses can eat short grass and do amazingly well in body condition. I know one good horseman who actually believes that parrot mouth horses are usually very athletic! You may not realise but the great galloper Kingston Town had a parrot mouth......................................... So why is parrot mouth undesirable?................................................. The real problems with being parrot mouthed are due to the fact that horses' teeth are hypsodont teeth - that means that they have long crowns up in the bone and continue to erupt or move into the mouth throughout life - up to a point where there is no more tooth left to erupt into the mouth. If they are not opposing another tooth, they continue to erupt into the mouth to a point where they are a problem and dig into the opposite jaw etc.



Right: reserve crown of teeth allows the tooth, once fully formed and grown by around 6 years of age, to move into the mouth as the grinding surfaces of the teeth are worn away.

This produces a rough grinding surface which will effectively crush feed ready for digestion. Smoothing of ALL of the teeth grinding surface in a horse's mouths will often render a horse in pain and unable to chew its food properly for days to weeks - a very disturbing situation - especially for the horse!....................................................

Horses' teeth do not grow indefinitely like rabbits' teeth, but for some time they continue to erupt into the mouth - with the purpose being to replace the tooth which is worn away during the chewing process. Because a paddock grazing horse may on average chew approximately 20 million times per year, the highly repeated grinding of tooth on tooth, or tooth onto fibrous feed material will lead to wearing away of the tooth. Thus new tooth needs to erupt into the mouth to replace the tooth which has been worn away. This tooth eruption process usually continues up until the horse is 15- 20 years of age - but sometimes more and sometimes less.

Unless the tooth is abnormally high or the angle is wrong, the smoothing of a tooth's grinding surface will reduce the life span of that tooth by at least 50 % if this procedure is repeated each year. What I am saying is not to be confused with the fact that the waste tooth e.g. sharp enamel points, tall teeth, hooks, waves, ramps, excessive transverse ridges etc, SHOULD be removed or reduced at a dental visit....................................

So what happens if opposing teeth don't line up properly? The eruption process of teeth works fine if the teeth all line up even and oppose one another. But if they are not matched, then the tooth which is not opposed will continue to erupt into the mouth and become longer and longer.............................................................................................. As the elongating tooth or teeth become more prominent, they may cause the tooth to be moved or forced out of its normal position and they also may restrict the whole jaw's normal RCM (rostro-caudal movement) whilst eating or when ridden................................................. Right: cutaway of horse skull showing teeth Some examples of the secondary effects of parrot mouth are elongated and depth of reserve crowns. lower incisors - where the lowers may cause ulceration of the roof of the mouth's (palate) lining (mucosa). This obviously can be painful to the It is this fact that there is only so much tooth available to be used in a horse and restrict its ability to graze properly. horse's life, that the teeth - if normal height and angle, should NOT have their grinding surfaces ground smooth by an equine dental practitioner. Nature provided the horse with teeth made from three different substances - enamel, dentin and cementum - which all wear away at different rates.

If the tooth is not opposed by another tooth, it will elongate into the mouth.

Parrot mouth horses often, but don't always, have problems back in the cheek teeth occurring as a result of the incisor overbite................. The three most common secondary problems are hooks, excessive transverse ridges (ETR's) and sharp enamel points. You are most welcomed to check out my website and have a wander through my horse world. I am updating the site with more mirror designs and vinyls. If you don't see what you are looking for, just email me to see what we can do.

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Above: lower incisors in a parrot mouthed horse rubbing on palate mucosa

These conditions may all cause major problems to the horse - whilst eating and when ridden - both in the short term and the long term. As you can imagine, with 20 million chews per year, a hook on the upper first cheek tooth could result in that tooth being pushed forward away from the tooth behind it. Thus an abnormal gap in between the teeth would result, and feed becomes trapped in that gap, leading to rotting of the feed and severe gum disease (periodontal disease). Periodontal disease is very common in horses, and needs to be detected early. If left untreated, it becomes irreversible, and often leads to premature loss of that tooth, and/or possible tooth root abscess formation. As those of you who have had meat stuck between your teeth for a few days, periodontal disease produces bad breath (halitosis) and can be quite painful. It may cause a horse to chew slowly, pack feed inside its cheeks (quid), drool saliva and tilt its head when eating etc.



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When being ridden the hooks and ridges restrict the free gliding movement of the jaw (RCM) during flexion and other changes in head position. Thus these affected horses may be not as light in the mouth as they should be during collection, or they may work behind the bit, or they may have a bad head toss at transitions............................ The hooks, ridges and sharp enamel points can result in wide and varied behavioural expression - from nothing at all in some very tolerant and well trained horses, through to lugging, getting the tongue over the bit, chewing the bit, head tossing, bolting, rearing and even bucking in other horses. As with people there is a massive variation amongst horses in tolerance and behavioural response to problems and disease in the mouth.

A diastema gap can be seen where food is packing in between the teeth.

Treatments for Parrot Mouth For mild cases, special performance floating by a qualified, knowledgeable equine dental vet will go a long way to correcting the problem. It may take several treatments but it can be done. Mild cases include those where the incisor teeth (front nippers) are meeting, but not in 100% contact. The floating must be certain to address the associated overgrowths of teeth which arise and encourage the backwards displacement of the Mandible (jaw). These overgrowths include lipping of the incisors, hooks on the cheek teeth and excessive transverse ridges on the cheek teeth. Obviously the sharp enamel points must also be addressed. Above: minor parrot mouth with lipping

Upper Rostral Hook may form in parrot mouth horses.

Sharp enamel points can cause ulceration to the cheeks.

Excessive Transverse Ridges.

Above: areas of potential dental work on the arcades of a parrot mouthed horse

For more severe cases, orthodontic techniques may be considered. But this should not discourage the owner from requesting high quality dentistry to be performed, as major improvements are possible as the horse is growing.

Above Left : severe parrot mouth in a 3 year old thoroughbred prior to having dental care.

Above Right: the same horse, now 5 years old. After 2 years of dental work performed every 6 months - parrot mouth symptoms are significantly alleviated.


It must be noted that these parrot mouthed horses may well be the result For an equine veterinarian in your area who may be able to assist of genetic "mismatching" or heritable disorders, and so breeding from you with your parrot mouthed foal, go online to: them must be considered carefully.......................................................... They have a list of over 300 equine vets, from all states in Australia and NZ, who have a special interest in equine dentistry. This list is growing all the time, as we all recognise the importance of The results of these orthodontic techniques are more functional than good dental care, and regain the enthusiasm and interest in dentistry that cosmetic, and there are possible side effects. The wiring requires many general anaesthetics as the jaw grows, so the was enjoyed before the motor car arrived orthodontic wiring programme becomes quite expensive and will need - when horses reigned supreme! to continue for months to years. It needs to be commenced when the foals are young, but the foal needs to be able to eat creep feeds such as Dr Oliver Liyou About The Author pellets and chaff. (Hons) MACVSc (Eq Dent) It is not surprising that it is uncommon to see badly parrot mouthed horses surviving into their late teens. Without rigid dental care, they " Dr Oliver Liyou is based in struggle to cope in the paddock - year in year out..................................... Grafton and enjoys Artificial Insemination, preg testing, lameness exams, emergencies, surgery as well as equine dentistry. Orthodontic techniques are those which include wiring and/or plating the mouth. These techniques are not simple and so need to be performed by a competent and experienced veterinary surgeon. Also, complete success cannot be guaranteed...............................................................

With restricting growth through wiring of the Maxilla (upper jaw), the Mandible (lower jaw) is allowed to catch up in growth. This technique is expensive and has some possible side effects. The result is functional rather than cosmetic. Above: the wiring of the jaw results in a functional mouth, but it may still not look good in the show ring.

He works with Dr Louisa Poutsma who is similarly passionate about helping sick and injured horses. Here, Oliver is pictured with his 2 yo colt by his stallion Bromac Aladar, winning champ led 2 yo at ASH Show." Equine Veterinary And Dental Services



COULD BE YOUR SAVIOUR! In 2012, most of Australia experienced extreme weather with high rainfall. When spring hits, the grass will be ready to grow at full capacity leaving horse owners with one major concern: laminitis. By definition, laminitis in horses is the failure of the attachment between the distal phalanx (coffin bone) and the inner hoof wall. When the lamellae of the inner hoof wall, which normally suspends the distal phalanx from the inner surface of the hoof capsule fails to work, laminitis occurs. The major causative factor is vasoconstriction and inflammation of the soft tissues. Overeating horses or horses on unsuitable diets are most commonly at risk to laminitis. This is because it disrupts hindgut fermentation and releases absorbable toxins or overproduces certain nutrients. Laminitis in horses can sometimes develop after a serious bout of colic, due to the release of endotoxins into the blood stream. Concussive laminitis (road founder) is caused by fast or prolonged work on hard surfaces. The laminitis develops as a result of trauma to the laminae, particularly if their horn quality is poor. If you suspect your horse might have Laminitis, seek veterinary advice and remove highly molassed products, products containing oils such as some high performance feeds, conditioning feeds and showing products, early cut hay, spring and early summer grass, carrots, apples and treats.

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PAGE 12 The same is often said of mares that come into season, colts that have serviced a mare and any horse that has been fed too much lucerne. I have seen enough horses to know that these things are real and people struggle with these issues. But the reason why these problems arise has been a consideration of mine for a long time.


We had a new boarder at the riding school called Beth-Anne. She was in her early thirties and had just got back into riding after a break of several years. Her new horse was a thoroughbred called Diplomacy Ascot or Dipper for short, who had retired from racing only six months earlier. At first he was a bit of a handful for Beth-Anne. He was prone to prancing sideways and would often throw his head up high whenever she lifted the reins. But with the help of a local instructor over several months, Beth-Anne and Dipper began to look more like a team. He was softer in his mind and body and was less prone to getting uptight when other horses came near him or when ridden out of the arena. The progress was looking pretty good and Beth-Anne certainly was pleased.


The riding school was usually pretty busy on a Saturday morning. I remember one Saturday I was walking past a group of boarders that were talking to each other. I heard Beth-Anne telling a few people that Dipper was back to his old tricks again. She said she ridden him in the arena and he was rushing around with his head high and anytime she would ask him to slow up with the reins he would fling his hard as if to try to throw the bridle off. After about twenty minutes of trying to settle him By Ross Jacobs she gave up and got off. The group voiced appropriately consoling t is about this time of year that a lot is heard of the trouble folk have words as I passed to continue on with my duties. with their horses because of spring grass. It seems all that extra sugar and protein in the grass has the ability to turn poor little Dobbin A few days later, I bumped into Beth-Anne and asked her how Dipper into a fire breathing monster whose only purpose in life is to wipe out was going. anyone who comes near him. “Not so good. I took him out for a ride down the laneway yesterday and he tried to buck me off.” I asked her how. “Well, he was jig jogging the whole way as soon as I got on him. As we got past the paddock on the corner the horses in there ran up the fence line and he tried to take off. I pulled on the reins to stop him and that's when he put in an almighty buck. Luckily it was just one because I don't think I could have stayed on if he had put in a second. I don't know what's wrong with him, but he has been a real pain the last few days. I think it must be all the spring grass. He is just so stirred up when I take him out of his paddock.”


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This gave me something to think about. I didn't know anything about spring grass. I was curious to know what was so special about the grass at this time of year that caused horses to go crazy. I asked the boss about “spring grass”. “All the horses gets stirred up when the grass starts growing after winter. Something to do with the sugar or something in it. I dunno really. But ya just need to work them more often and harder and they get over it.” I took this explanation as fairly probable. Something in the grass was causing changes in the horse's brains which then made them go loco. Sounded to me like this spring grass was dangerous and maybe horses should be taken off paddocks and hand fed until the grass became safe again. Now that I was aware of the danger of spring grass, I started to notice other horses also acting a little crazy at times. Not always, but sometimes even the old plodding school horses had a little more zip in their movement than normal. A few days later I saw that Walt and Amos were coming back from a ride up to the quarry. We greeted each other in the usual way. I asked how their ride went and Walt replied that it was a sweet picnic. “Did you have any trouble with the trucks by the quarry?” I asked. “Naw matey, the horses were real steady and the trucks didn't bother 'em at all.” “So Walt, is the spring grass not bothering your horses?

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“No matey, they love it. Why would it? But a horse that might be in the earlier stages of his education might “Well, Beth-Anne reckons her horse is a little nuts because the grass is suffer the effects of ferretitus grassiosis.” making him all hyper. And I see that lots of the boarders are having the same trouble. Even a couple of the school horses are acting differently.” I was to find over the year that Walt was absolutely right. Bad behaviour that coincides with spring grass is often just a sign that the training has “Well, that might be matey. But it probably ain't the grass that is the not yet progressed to the stage we need it to be. Experience has taught problem.” me that this is often true with the effects of oestrus cycles in mares or “Then what is, Walt?” handling stallions or horses on too much grain or lucerne. It's true that “Me dad use to call grass in the spring time, ferret grass, matey.” these factors can alter the way a horse behaves, but it is also true that “Ferret grass! Why ferret grass?” when the training is up to scratch and the human and horse are a unit, that these factors don't really make much impact. I see this even with my “Well matey, ferrets run around finding holes in things. Then they dive own horses. I've owned a couple of mares that would behave like idiots down into them holes and stir up trouble with whatever is in them holes - during spring in the early stages of training. But as the relationship rabbits, snakes, echidnas, even wombats. That's what ferret grass between us grew stronger the effects of spring grass and hormones does. Ya horse eats it and it finds holes in his trainin and his partnership seem to dissolve to such an extent that they were forgotten. with people and when it finds a hole it stirs up a whole lot of trouble.” “I think you have sort of lost me, Walt,” I said. But there is one caveat to all this. There is no doubt that horses can have “When the birds are singin and the sun is shinin and ya horse is feelin ok, allergies to feeds, and mares and colts can have hormonal most people can get along with their horse without too much trouble. But dysfunctions. It is not very common, but occasionally bad behaviour when ya horse starts eatin ferret grass, it gives him a whole lot more relating to spring grass or weeds or reproductive function is not a energy and his mind starts to thinkin about things other than goin along training issue, but can be a physiological problem. Even though the vast with the human. The rider says to walk, but the ferret grass makes the majority of problems are training issues, you should not totally discount horse's mind think about goin faster. The rider says ride away from ya the possibility that some behaviour has an organic base. mates, but the ferret grass says to the horse go back to ya mates. It's a battle between what the rider tells the horse and what the ferret grass tells the horse. Sometimes, the ferret grass wins because the trainin and relationship with the rider is not as strong as the effect of the ferret grass. The ferret grass finds the holes in the trainin and exploits it.” “So Walt are you saying that the only way to overcome the effect of spring grass is better training?” “Always matey, always. The spring grass tells ya how strong is your relationship and where the holes are. As ya trainin gets better, the effect of the ferret grass gets less. Ya don't see me horse Burner bouncing off the walls do ya? He don't have to be lunged for half an hour every spring before I get on him.

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High Heel / Low Heel Syndrome Correction: General Thoughts Kerry J. Ridgway DVM Equine Therapeutic Options 508 Coleman Bridge Rd, Aiken SC, 29805

To achieve desirable results there must be a team effort between the veterinarian/body worker, the farrier and the rider/trainer.


n unacceptable level of heel height asymmetry goes hand in hand with asymmetry and pathology at the level of the topline. Therefore, for the many reasons presented, I feel quite strongly (even in the absence of appropriate body work, etc.) it is inadequate to address the foot without appreciating the consequences on the topside of the horse. We must recognize that without seeking and correcting the root cause(s) any other treatment is only palliative.

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Corrective measures for the High Heel/Low Heel Syndrome THE FARRIERS ROLE: By properly addressing the high heel, low heel syndrome the barefoot trimmer or farrier can be of enormous help to both the rider and the horse. I do not advocate any of the several possible “corrections” such as wedges, lifts, etc. unless I have performed a thorough examination (static and moving) and know the horse's history and way of going indicate that intervention is needed. I evaluate by use of reactive trigger and acupuncture points, evidence of inadequate or inappropriate vertebral segment motion and muscle palpation and recognition of hypertonicity within a muscle or group of muscles. It is also important to palpate for pain or pathology of the tendons and ligaments. The role of the saddle and its proper fit needs to be critically evaluated as it may be a very key link. This is an area where well-educated body workers, chiropractors and acupuncturists can be of great help to the veterinary profession and to the farrier. What is the appropriate shoeing for this condition? I feel that in shod horses it is crititcal to identify which foot or feet are pathologic. Is it the higher heel or the lower heel, or do both need to be addressed? Many times a higher heel is evidence that there is heel pain and that the horse is landing toe first to ameliorate that pain. In these instances, I have found that correct barefoot trimming has frequently addressed the problem better than corrective shoeing. Perhaps the farrier or trimmer has been too aggressive and invaded live tissue. At any rate, even if shoeing is necessary, appropriate trim and balance is critical and the horse can most often be best helped by a period of “going barefoot.” This barefoot period may be assisted by the use of hoof boots during the “rehabilitation” phase. There are many potential causes for posterior heel pain. All lead to further foot pathology; so the need to identify them is imperative. Most commonly, the problem is in the trimming or balancing where too much sole is removed in order to make the foot “look good and be cleaned up.” The same is true regarding significant trimming of the bars or the frogs. There are few if any legitimate reasons to cut/trim into live sole/bar/or frog tissue. Doing so leads to lack of sole depth. Lack of sole depth itself is one of the most important sources of posterior heel pain. Other sources of posterior heel pain that need to be diagnosed or differentiated include thrush that may coincide with contracted heels. When there is a lack of adequate frog pressure from shoeing, the heels will contract. If there are contracted tendons, tendon injuries or joint injuries the horse may not be able to place the heel fully to the ground and consequently they will develop higher heels that again, will contract and be more susceptible to thrush. We all tend to look for a single pathology, but must remember that there may be multiple pathologies occurring simultaneously

A natural holistic approach to horsemanship through understanding their Mind, Emotions, Body & Spirit Courses ~ Lessons ~ Saddle Fitting ~ BALANCE Saddles (02) 6760 5519 0428 385 745 Additional problems are incurred if the heel of a true “clubbed foot” is lowered excessively without the aid of good muscle therapy. Structures in the muscles called spindle cell receptors and receptors in the musculo-tendonous portion called Golgi bodies provide signals from the muscle or tendon to the spinal cord. This data provides information to the central nervous system (CNS) about the tension that exists in the muscles and tendonous structures.

PAGE 15 Again, it is emphasized that this evaluation must be made with the horse standing squarely on a firm level surface and reassessing as earlier described.

Have the horse stand on the trial orthotics (wedges, or a combination of wedges and rim pads) and evaluate for improvement in symmetry. Use the same examination process as previously described. In review, check factors such as the symmetry of the space between the legs, When the heel is lowered on a clubbed foot the receptors in the deep height and angle of the joints, and the height of the styloid processes, flexor tendon are activated and signal the central nervous system (CNS) Note whether the “point” of the shoulder now comes into symmetry with that there is too much stretch in the tendon. The response from the CNS the opposite side. is to issue a signal to shorten the muscle or tendon structures to prevent injury. This response provides one of the reasons why that by the end of Again observe from above and behind to determine the effect on angle a shoeing period, a clubfoot that has had the heel lowered usually looks and symmetry of the two scapulae. Sometimes the changes observed as bad or worse as when originally seen. Lowering the heel on a non- by this procedure are dramatic. In longstanding cases (especially in clubbed foot but one in which the heels have been allowed to be high older horses) the changes are subtle and immediate results are not as must be done in small increments over several shoeings, combined with evident, but will show improvement in symmetry and performance over appropriate bodywork. the course of multiple shoeings. I am a veterinarian and make no claims to be a farrier. However, I have undertaken the study of foot issues, shoeing and podiatry for many years now, because no horse's body issues can be fully corrected if the feet are not reasonably balanced. Simply put, my work will not achieve long-range solution without attention to the feet.

Just shoeing for high heel / low heel syndrome may manage the case, but after years of observation, I am of the opinion that the largest percentage of cases are being managed, but not cured, with shoes. In other words, the horse is rendered ride-able, but is not made sound. The cause must be found and ameliorated or eliminated to have a chance of cure and resolution. An in-depth understanding of the posterior part of My experience, until recently, had lead to the conclusion that the best the foot may, with proper trimming and re-habilitation work (including course of corrective in the shod horse is the use of wedges as orthotic bodywork) may have a better chance of a “cure” through healing the devices applied on the lower heel in order to achieve the same heel structures in the posterior hoof. height and pastern angle as the more upright foot. Pads and wedges certainly can have negative consequences such as crushing the heels. Whether one is working with shoeing or with barefoot methods, without This is especially true if they are improperly applied. Sometimes it has proper attention to break-over and heel support, the overall condition of been necessary to also use a “lift” such as a rim (or full) pad on the same the foot, for example, can be made worse with the use of wedges. How or opposite foot as well in order to create functional leg length symmetry can this be ameliorated? and allow the muscles to adapt. When shoeing with wedges the break-over must be set significantly Selection of wedge height or of a rim pad thickness (on the same or back to approximately 6 mm ahead of the tip of the coffin bone. opposite foot), is best determined after the horse has been trimmed and (Good quality radiographs with the frog apex marked are very helpful.) balanced. (An improved heel support, often achieved by slight lowering of the heel)


should be used to extend the buttress of the heel more rearward. If wedging up the lower heel, the wedge should then extend roughly 1/8 inch beyond the heel of the shoe. If breakover is set as described the lowering will be compensated and pastern axis will remain correct. If necessary a higher degree of “lift” can be utilized after extending the heel by the lowering. The goal is to maintain appropriate pastern axis while giving extended heel support. Just as with shoeing, the barefoot trimmer must pay the same attention to breakover and heel support. Following these precautions helps to prevent the heel from further crushing. If the walls are already rolling under at the heels it is necessary to trim them lower yet to the level where there is sound wall growing in the proper direction and not rolling under. This does not mean cutting into live tissue! It follows that lowering the heel must be followed by using a larger wedge or other means in order to create the appropriate heel height and pastern angle. For most cases, when wedges are used, the author prefers an “open” bar wedge and where indicated, rim pads instead of full pads. Frog supports may be helpful. A technique using an acrylic product such as “Equilox” can be used to build both sole and heel as well as provide an impression material effect to bring the low heel to balance with the high heel and support the digital cushion. Caution should be used not to carry the material forward of the “bridge” of the frog. If there is evidence of a lack of digital cushion development the best course is proper barefoot trimming and maintenance to develop the cushions. If shoeing is the course followed, it may be necessary to use full pads and impression material as well as a frog support. Again, shoeing may manage a situation where the digital cushion has not properly developed. In the long run, however, it will never allow the digital condition to develop. A barefoot approach has a better chance of helping with digital cushion development.

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In younger horses there is a better rate of success in re-directing the hoof wall growth, re-balancing muscle development and maintaining a back that can appropriately accommodate a saddle. Quite a few of such horses may be taken out of all support after a limited number of shoeings. Older horses with very long standing problems and poor quality digital cushion may be kept in the appropriate orthotics on an ongoing basis if, for whatever reason a barefoot approach is deemed to be not feasible. In this case, the owner of the horse should be aware that the case is being managed - not cured. Other options include using a wedge shoe on the low heel side, swedging the heel, or simply leaving more heel on the low heeled side. In our experience, the latter choice is the least desirable because the frog often looses the contact it needs to assist in any possible restoration of the digital cushion and allows the heels to curve inward putting pressure on the navicular area. If making a higher heel is chosen by leaving more, it should be accompanied by impression material and a frog support on the solar surface. In the last three months of 2005 until the present, a superb farrier with whom I work, suggested that we try just turning the last (approximately) one inch of the heels of the shoe down on the affected foot. This can be very simply done without requiring a forge or any elaborate equipment. Moreover, the shoe can be turned down to any required degree to match the degree of lift needed to equal the height of the higher heeled side. Breakover and heel length must still be as needed to create appropriate biomechanics. To date we have had success with a significant number of horses. To date we have not knowingly produced any untoward effects and have seen a fair percentage of cases show a more appropriate angle of heel growth. We have had no problem with keeping these shoes on during the shoeing period. Shoes used have been of both aluminum and or steel. Shoes of both types have been used with glue-on procedures as well as conventional nailing. This is an easy to do procedure that allows the farrier, the rider/trainer to evaluate the results of creating heel height symmetry and the subsequent effect on performance and ability to pick up both leads easily. This idea needs further sturdy and use in different environmental conditions. Muscle Rebalancing: Younger horses may respond to therapy well enough to become fully rebalanced. Older horses may require some form of correction during the remainder of their riding career. In all cases of significant heel height asymmetry, the best results are achieved if the appropriate foot corrections are accompanied by appropriate body/muscle work. For muscle re-balancing to occur following postural correction, the horse must be in work. There is always concern with how much work is acceptable and how soon should work resume after trimming and shoeing corrections have been done. It is, of course, always preferable to err on the conservative side. Work the horse lightly for the first week or ten days. However, I have seen horses remain in athletic competition immediately after the shoeing changes and suffer no apparent negative effects. I have seen large numbers of cases in which good barefoot trimming procedures have corrected the pathologic effects and brought the feet into good balance. Though there are many schools of thought and on barefoot trimming. I have seen the best results from a relatively conservative (not highly invasive type of trimming). For those interested, I would refer you to for more information.

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Since so many riders are themselves imbalanced, proper schooling and riding exercises (beyond the scope of this paper) can also play an important part.

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Conclusion: I very much believe that an interdisciplinary approach to heel / foot asymmetry provides the best case outcomes. Cause, effect, and solution require good detective work. One last point - for those horses where correction has been attempted by orthotic shoeing - if one is not happy with the results it is a simple matter to remove the orthotics or altered shoe at any time. However, I believe that if the farrier considers all the factors and shoes appropriately according to the principles discussed, the results will be positive and the case can be well managed. Today's knowledge and advise is often tomorrow's misinformation‌ Knowledge is always a work in progress! About the Author Dr. Ridgway is a graduate of Colorado State University and operates a holistically based veterinary practice in Aiken, SC After practicing conventional medicine for over 20 years, and as a result of personal health issues that were helped greatly with alternative medicine, Dr. Ridgway decided to direct his focus toward chiropractic and acupuncture, a modality that has a written history of more than 2000 years. His illness set him on the goal of always seeking the root cause and not just treating the symptoms. Because so many of the horse's functional and musculoskeletal problems are associated with issues such as dental problems, improper shoeing or trimming, saddle and tack induced problems, he has developed a deep interest in the integration of these factors as part of a whole horse approach medicine. It is however, Dr Ridgway's philosophy that integrative veterinary medicine combines well with conventional medicine to provide the best of both worlds with regard to health maintenance and peak performance potential. Dr Ridgeway will be visiting Australia to give a speech at Equitana Melbourne 2012. He will also be conducting a Saddle Fitting Seminar in Canberra during December 2012.


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Feeding For Fertility

By Dr Jennifer H Stewart BVSc BSc PhD MRCVS AAIM Equine Veterinarian and Consultant Nutritionist

Even the best formulated feeds can fall victim to poor feeding management, resulting in horses that are too fat, thin, foundered or prone to disorders of the digestive system. Regardless of the diet....


t is necessary to evaluate stallions as individuals. Age, book, behaviour, body condition, general health and amount of exercise determine how a sire should be fed. Some are ridden, trained, travelled and competed during the breeding season; stallions at pasture vary greatly in their activity level; others are confined and sedentary, except for trips to the breeding facility.

During the off season, stallions not being ridden or kept in show condition, can be maintained on good quality hay or pasture - as long as their body condition is acceptable. Improved pasture, grass hay at 1.75 to 2.5% or top-quality lucerne at around 1.5 to 1.75% of body weight will meet protein and energy requirements. To cover all vitamin, mineral and essential amino acid deficiencies, supplements are needed. Stallions being ridden or competing and those that are underweight, should be fed the same as a breeding stallion and need a concentrate in addition to the roughage. The concentrate is usually required at around 0.5% of body weight per day. The stallion is subject to the same seasonal influences as affect the breeding cycles of the mare: his fertility is greatest in summer and least in winter. There is some evidence that improved fertility early in the season may be obtained by following a feeding regime similar to that proposed for mares, in which artificial light and a richer food are provided in late July and August. At no time should the stallion be allowed to fatten and higher fibre, but balanced feeds are sufficient outside the breeding season. Poorer quality hay supplemented with a nutritionally balanced concentrate is suitable in the non-breeding season and will allow the introduction of a rising plane of nutrition as the breeding season approaches. Several months before the season starts better quality hay can be used with the balanced concentrate. Breeding stallions must be well presented and able to complete the season without excessive weight loss. Feed intake may need to be adjusted to maintain bodyweight during the busiest part of the season. Stallions should be managed so that they enter the breeding season in good condition - a body condition score of 3 - 4. (see table). SCORE Condition

0 1 2 3 4 5

Very Poor





Very Fat




Ewe neck vertebrae visible

Pronounced backbone and withers

Deep cavity Prominent with Bone structure under tail, hip skin furrows very prominent bones visible between

Ewe neck vertebrae visible Narrow vertebrae covered

Prominent backbone slight cover

Prominent spine bones Spine processes covered

Cavity under tail, croup visible

Slight depression between ribs

Backbone and withers covered

Spine well covered

Ribs just visible

Firm no crest

Smooth and round

Slight crease

Flat rump Tail head slightly soft Round rump Tail head soft

Crease down back

Well rounded

Ribs well covered, hard to distinguish

Deep gutter

Bulging rump Ribs buried

Wide firm Gutter along slight crest back, fat over withers Marked crest

Not visible


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Bone structure visible, some fat cover

Shoulder not thin blending into body Ribs covered Well covered easily felt with fat can be felt fat cover Fat deposits behind shoulder Bulging fat


During the breeding season, most stallions need a total daily feed of 50 70% roughage and 30-50% concentrate. This will be determined by individual differences, hay or pasture quality and energy density of the concentrate. Almost any concentrate feed will meet the stallions energy requirements, but some would have to be fed in such large quantities that digestive tract wellbeing and health could be compromised. On the other hand, some concentrates are so energy-dense that very small amounts of feed will meet the vitamin, trace mineral and essential amino needs not provided by grazing or hay. The nutrient requirements of the breeding stallion are about 25% greater than during the off season. Breeding activity plus exercise make energy and nutrient requirements comparable to those of a mature horse in light work.



THE EFFECT OF ENERGY DENSITY ON DAILY FEED INTAKE Weight of concentrate needed per day, with 5 kg hay, to meet energy requirements.

Body Weight 400kg 400kg 500kg 500kg 600kg 600kg

Off-season Breeding Off-season Breeding Off-season Breeding

Oates/Pelets (12MJ) Barley (13MJ) Corn (14.5 (MJ) Energy-dense feed (17MJ)*

1.75 2.9 2.8 4.25 3.9 5.6

1.7 2.7 2.6 3.9 3.6 5.1

1.5 2.4 2.3 3.5 3.2 4.6

1.3 2.1 2 3 2.8 3.9

Such feeds are more energy-rich than higher Fibre feed and will maintain body condition with less feed.

Energy (MJ) Protein (grams) Vitamin E (iu/kg of feed)

The exact composition of the diet will be affected by the nutrient content of the hay or pasture and the energy density of the concentrate. Owners and managers should never hesitate to contact the feed manufacturer 500kg for additional nutrition information. Even the best formulated feeds can fall victim to poor feeding management, resulting in horses that are too fat, thin, foundered or 600kg prone to disorders of the digestive system. Regardless of the diet, stallion owners should monitor feed intake carefully. Stallions should be A diet of 0.75 to lkg of concentrate per 100kg of bodyweight, plus hay, fed individually. When daily grain or concentrate intake exceeds 0.5% of will meet all requirements, provided the concentrate is correctly body weight (2kg for a 400kg stallion, 2.5 for 500kg and 3kg for a 600kg formulated. However, the energy density of the feed affects the level of sire) the total daily amount should be divided into 2 or more feeds. feed intake. If a concentrate of low nutrient density is fed, a larger amount is required. Stallions may have difficulty getting enough energy A correctly balanced concentrate will maintain weight and breeding activity and also meet protein, mineral and vitamin requirements. When with low energy-dense feeds. low-protein hays, such as grass or meadow bay, are fed a higher protein Fat-supplemented concentrates can be beneficial for maintaining older stallions that may be thin, those being pasture-bred, stallions in training concentrate or greater quantity of concentrate is required. However, and for extremely active horses - such as those that walk the fence-line. feeding excess protein is not economical. 400kg

Off-season Breeding Off-season Breeding Off-season Breeding

56 70 69 86 82 102

536 670 656 820 776 970

50 80 50 80 50 80

Extruded, fat-supplemented feeds provide even more energy than a traditional concentrate, reducing the weight of feed required per day. Stallions usually do better on a concentrate- containing less than 9% fibre.

The excess protein serves no benefit and will contribute to stable ammonia levels. The ratio of energy to protein is important and if hay or pasture is high in protein, a smaller amount of concentrate should be used to avoid excess protein.


The total protein intake, measured in grams per day is critical. The The horse will lay down cover (fat) instead of building muscle. percent protein is only important in that when multiplied by the weight of feed, it indicates the total grams of protein fed. However, feed digestion must occur in the small intestine where enzymes release individual amino acids for absorption. Feeds not well Body composition is also important. If all essential amino acids and digested pass into the caecum and ferment - proteins are degraded to minerals are not supplied in the diet, then muscle development will be ammonia and the amino acids are lost to the horse. Oats and reduced and horses will have more 'cover', ie. Fat. sunflowers growing in manure show that a large % of raw feed passes Whether muscle or fat is laid down depends on the amino acid through undigested - making for very expensive manure. Raw grains composition of the feed. Each protein in the body has its own recipe of are only 50% digested. Steam-extrusion increases digestion in the amino acids. Think of each amino acid as a wooden slat In an old- small intestine to over 90%. fashioned water barrel. Young stallions are still building and remodelling bone. A balanced concentrate ensures that the young skeleton is not compromised by LEUCINE TRYPTOPHAN dietary mineral and amino acid imbalances. Even in older stallions, skeletal bone density must be maintained. The calcium to phosphorus ISOLEUCINE ratio must be correct. VALINE One of the reasons that calcium must be greater than phosphor-us is ARGININE that calcium is only absorbed in the small intestine. Any calcium not THREONINE absorbed in the small intestine passes out in the manure. Phosphorus is absorbed in both the small and large intestines. To be adequate, concentrates must contain at east 0.45% calcium and 0.35% METHIONINE phosphorus. There are plenty of examples of common feeding practices, which fail to meet horses requirements by providing either deficient amounts of some nutrients, excess of others, or both. Grains contain more phosphorus than calcium, as does bran. This inverted ratio often remains uncorrected. Although lucerne is high in calcium, it cannot be assumed that this will balance the deficiency in grain - the calcium in lucerne is only about 48% available - meaning that over half of the calcium in lucerne cannot be absorbed. The barrel can only hold water to the level of the shortest slat. Similarly, Many pasture grasses contain oxalates which prevent calcium and theamount of protein the body can build is limited by any amino acid phosphorus absorption and if grazing kikuyu and other subtropical deficiencies. grasses, horses may require up to 100grams of calcium per day to Regardless of the % protein in the feed, if there is not enough of each prevent deficiency. amino acid then each particular body protein cannot be made. Protein synthesis is a bit like cooking! There is little evidence to support the use of special supplements to If one ingredient is deficient or missing, the others cannot be used, are enhance fertility. degraded to fat and stored under the skin.


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It is uncertain whether nutrition affects semen quality and quantity. It does affect stallion health and the cost of feeding a correctly balanced feed is often less than feeding incorrectly and attempting to balance the diet with multiple supplements. Contrary to common belief and myths, breeding horses do not require vitamin A beyond recommended levels. Neither does vitamin E have a beneficial effect on libido or sperm quality. Correctly formulated feeds from reputable companies contain required levels of these vitamins. Prepared feeds are usually economical, compared to hand mixing grains and legumes and then adding several different supplements in an effort to meet individual vitamin and mineral requirements.

Grains, chaff, hay and pasture are all deficient in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, so it is necessary to supplement most diets. However, the balance must be correct. Borderline imbalances and deficiencies may not affect overall general health - instead they cause reduced fertility, abnormal growth, failure to reach potential, bone, joint, ligament, tendon and birth weaknesses and defects, poor performance, breakdowns and injuries. When several supplements are used the risk of overlap, excesses, deficiencies and imbalances increases.

Anabolic steroids are sometimes used to gain an advantage in competition or the sale ring. However, reduced growth, altered sexual behaviour, decreased scrotal width, a 40 to 60% reduction in testicular A factor often overlooked when using several different supplements is weight and a fall in sperm motility and numbers have been reported the tendency for minerals and vitamins to interact with each other. The following steroid administration. Anabolic steroids may make stallions eat more and behave aggressively but they reduce fertility. chart shows some known interactions.

MINERAL AND VITAMIN INTERACTIONS Selenium Vitamin B3 Sulphur Calcium Vitamin B12 Zinc Cobalt

Vitamin B1 Iodine Potassium Vitamin B6 Molybdenum Sodium Chromium

Chloride Vitamin D Copper Magnesium

Manganese Vitamin A

ABOUT THE AUTHOR DR. JENNIFER STEWART. Dr Stewart worked at the USA Universities of North Carolina, and Florida with a period in Newmarket and Cambridge, England, before establishing an exclusively equine practice on the Central Coast of NSW and then working as a Consultant Equine Nutritionist for Mitavite. An Official Veterinarian with NSW Thoroughbred Racing and Sydney Turf Club, Jennifer also speaks at racing, breeding and endurance seminars in Australia, the Middle East, South Africa, Philippines, SE Asia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and Turkey.


Vitamin E

Vitamin B2 Iron

Because of the variables, stallion owners are challenged to provide a diet with balanced mineral composition.

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New bloodline and free spelling available for Thoroughbred breeders. Andrew Bell, Studmaster at Red Gums, has announced the arrival from USA of "Dixie Prospect" to stand his first season at Red Gums. Dixie Prospect will spearhead the studs roster of five stallions for 2012. He represents a quality bloodline of speed and stamina not previously available to Australian breeders. His racing was all on turf and mainly in England where he won 2 from only 5 starts, including the prestigious King Charles 11 Stakes LR at Newmarket, before his career was cut short by injury. He is by the successful US Sire, Dixie Union, whose yearlings have average sale price of $115,000. In fact, in August a Dixie Union colt was sold for $410,000 at the Select Yearling sale at Saratoga. Two of his progeny have won legs of 2012 Triple Crowns in USA and Canada. Union Rags won the 3rd leg of the USA Triple Crown and has amassed $1.8 mil at age 3. Dixie Strike won the 2nd leg of the Canadian Triple Crown and has amassed $900,000 at age 3. Their speed/stamina is indicative of their sire and also of their famous grandsire Dixieland Band which is a member of the "100 club" of sires and has a winners/starters success of 76%, with 8% stakes winners. Dixie Prospect winning in England Andrew Bell, Studmaster of Red Gums said "High racetrack success is the aim of all breeders and Dixie Prospect will certainly compliment mares from bloodlines of Danehill, Mr Propector and Royal Academy. This is a serious horse. It is exciting to know that Dixie Prospect is the only stallion standing in Australia which is from the legendary bloodlines of Dixieland Band". Their other freshman sire is Canny Show being the best bred son of Canny Lad. He is an imposing 16.3 hh and is the unraced own/full brother of He's No Pie Eater. From the blue-hen damline that produced Champions such as Redoute's Choice, Platinum Scissors, Manhatten Rain and Al Maher, Canny Show is assured of producing progeny with speed and racetrack success.

Andrew added "We are mindful of the challenges faced by breeders and to assist them we are providing free transport to and from the stud and 60 days spelling free of charge for mares being bred to any of our 5 stallions in 2012".

Red Gums Thoroughbreds...Stallions of Quality 2012 DIXIE PROSPECT Dixieland Band (USA)

USA Bay 2006 16.1hh

DIXIE UNION 1997 She’s Tops

Northern Dancer


Missippi aMud


FEE $6,000 incl GST DENMARKET AUS Ch 2002 16hh

Danehill (USA)




Jesmond Lass

She’s a Talent

Danzig Razyana

Bletchingly BUSINESS BABE 1984

FEE $3,000 incl GST



AUS Bay 2002 16hh

Danehill (USA)


Coogee (GB)

FEE $3,000 incl GST

Red Gums Thoroughbreds Stallion Station

Danzig Razyana

Canny Lad Samantha’s Choice Dancing Show (USA)

----------------Ack Ack Broad Brush (USA) Hay Patcher A GOODLOOKIN BROAD (USA) 1992 Majestic Light Aromalight (USA) Aromanite

Bambee T.T.

Best in Show



Sir Ivor

Show Lady

Nearctic Northern Dancer (USA) Natalma NUREYEV (USA) 1977 Forli Special (USA) Thong


Haulpak Enterprising Miss Beyond Praise




Beautiful Dreamer

Ascot Knight (CAN)

AUS Br 1998 16hh

Valid Appeal Dream Appeal (USA) Cam Shift

Lunchtime (GB)


Woodman (USA)


Coogee (GB)





AUS Br 2008 16.3hh



Alleged (USA) La PAPAYA 1993

Hoist the Flag Princess Pout

La Papagena (GB)

FEE $3,000 incl GST

Habitat Magic Flute

Studmaster: Andrew Bell 0409 155 394

62 Walmar Road, Kootingal

Nominations: James Green 0403 098 738

Andrew Bell 0409 155 394



l Removes Flaky Patches l Soothes Irritated Skin Repels Biting Insects l Chemical Free l pH Balanced l Moisturising Effect Phone: Elsa on 0415 749 617

Australian Owned, Hand Made and Distributed By House of de Carteret

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"The Power of Pink Dressage & Show jumping Spectacular" It's time again for Tweed Valley Equestrian Group's now famous Breast Cancer Fundraiser!!

6th & 7th of October 2012 at the Murwillumbah Showgrounds.

Go to

OCTOBER 2012 COMING All dates are subject to change


6-7 7 14 14 27 28

NBHA Caboolture QLD Ph: Linda Graham 0457 783 802 ABHA Goulburn NSW - Divisional - Rodeo Grounds - Ph: Bette 0403 192 221 ABHA Bacchus Marsh Vic - Divisional - Racecourse - Ph: Holly 0438 530 280 ABHA Cobbity NSW - Divisional - Run the Drums - Sugarloaf Eq/Cnt - Ph: Catrina 0427 802 641 NBHA Glamorgan Vale - Double Jackpots & Series Presentation - Ph: Linda 0457 783 802 ABHA Dubbo NSW - Divisional - Guerie Sports Ground - Ph: Alana 0428 564 729


5-6 7 6-7 7 13 13 - 14 13 - 14 18 - 21 18 - 21 20 - 21 22 - 28 27

ACA - Boonah QLD - Campdraft - Showgrounds - Ph: Margaret 07 5463 5228 ABCRA - DIAMOND D JACKPOT TEAM ROPING - Ph: David Hallam 0417 651 534 ACA - Yetman NSW - Campdraft - Ph: Rebecca 07 4676 2172 ACA - UKI NSW - Twin Maiden - Ph: Jennifer Kearney 0411 404 218 ABCRA Gundai-Bidgee Open Campdraft & Rodeo - Ph: Katrina Nichols 0438 645 463 ABCRA Wingen NSW - Campdraft - Ph: Hayley Taylor 02 6545 0371 ABCRA Molong NSW - Campdraft - Ph: Rebecca Brazier 0428 210 027 ACA - Chinchilla QLD - Campdraft - Ph: Ursula Keating 0477 930 371 NRA - Lowood QLD - Pts Award/Wildside - Ph: 07 5495 8668 ABCRA Musswellbrook NSW - Campdraft & Rodeo - Ph: Brad Singleton 0408 885 997 WARWICK QLD - BLACK TOYOTA GOLD CUP - Ph: Bronie Keen 07 4661 9060 ABCRA Uralla NSW - Thunderbolt Rodeo - Ph: David Mailler 0487 765 229


6 7 7 13 20 - 21

ACDS - QB Maryborough Cl - Queensland Show Driving Champ/ships - Ph: Marilyn 07 3289 2509 ACDS - QB Maryborough Cl - Horse Drawn Vehicle Carnival, S/Grounds - Ph: Marilyn as above CDNSW Tamworth Club - Harness Gymkhana, Attunga - Ph: Elizabeth O'Brien 0427 766 726 CDNSW Bungendore - Graded Dressage & Munro Cup - Ph: Dot Wilcoxson 02 4842 7164 CDNSW Canberra Club - Level 3 CDE, Jugiong NSW - Ph: Penny Jacobs 02 6943 2667


National Cutting Horse Association - Ph: 02 6765 9356 19 - 21 Peel Valley Cutting Cl, Armidale - Details TBA - Ph: Nadean 02 6777 1116 or 0428 772 034


6-7 7 12 - 14 13 - 14 14 25 - 28

TVEG - Power of Pink Dressage & Showjumping Spectacular, Murwillumbah S/G 0428 536 868 EA-VB Westernport Dressage Cl Premier Cup - Werribee Prk Eq/Cnt Vic Ph: Robyn 0402 845 953 Queensland State Equestrian Championships - QSEC, Caboolture QLD - Ph: Leasa 0412 753 512 NSW Dressage Pony Championships, SIEC Horsley Park Sydney - Ph: Kelly 0419 435 767 CDHC Q-Unofficial Dressage Comp, Prep to Medium, Cl grounds Currumbin, National Dressage Ch/ships, Novice to Grand Prix-SIEC, Horsley Prk NSW Ph: Toni 0418 686 781

7 14 19 - 21 27 - 28 27 - 28 28 5-7 13 - 14 18 - 20 20 - 21 21 25 - 28 25 - 28 27 - 28 27 - 28

NSWERA - Q 60 Bahrain Challenge - 100/40/20-FEI* 80 - Ph: Greg More 0419 692 070 NSWERA - Snowy Zone Championships, The Rock, 12/80/40/20, TDB - Ph: Noni 02 6239 2129 VERA - State Championships @ Red Lion - 160/80/40kms - Ph: Pauline Wallace 03 5464 7213 AERA - Fernvale Oz Endurance, 20/40/80/120 - Ph: 07 5484 1111 QLDERA - Kiwarrak NSW Ride Dual affiliated - 20/40/80 - Ph: 075484 1111 NSWERA - Kiwarrak Cup, 80/40/20, TBD - Ph: Abby McMurrich 02 6550 6337 E AUST - ACT Showjumping Cup - Equest Park, Cotter Rd, Curtin, ACT - Ph: Peter 02 6273 7290 Toowoomba Qld CNC - 2*, to EvA.60 - Ph: 07 3891 6611 NC National - Showjumping, Lismore S/G Ph: Janelle 02 6621 5916 Jumping with the Wallabies - Robertson NSW Jane Email: Port Phillip SJC - Future Stars Show, Lang Lang Vic - Email: NSW Indoor Show Jumping Championships, AELEC Tamworth - Ph: Wendy Emery 02 6765 4111 E AUST- Aust Showjumping Championships - CDI-W-SIEC, Horsley Park - Ph: Vicki 02 6741 3887 Canberra CIC - 3*, 2*, 1*, CNC - EvA105, EvA95 - Ph: Vicki 02 6741 3887 E Vic - Tooradin Horse Trials, Tooradin ST, Hopetoun Rd, Tooradin - Ph: Joan 03 5979 2576

6 - 10 6 - 14 12 - 15 13 - 14 22 - 26 27 - 28

Mel Fleming, Introductory & Intermediate, ”Banyanda” Howlong NSW/VIC Ph: Mel 02 6760 5519 Monty Roberts Introductory Courses with Lynn Mitchell, Allora Qld - Ph: 0433 239 617 Ken Faulkner, 4 day Savvy Weekend, Bendigo Vic - Ph: Agnes McCormack 03 5439 7397 Carmen Smith, Parelli, Wilton NSW, TBC - Ph: 1800 460 988 Parelli Aust, Positive, Progressive & Natural Freestyle - Ph: 1800 460 988 Steve Brady Horsemanship, Caboolture Qld - Ph: David Forspointer 0408 001 962





6-7 QPA -The Jeep AUSTRALIAN OPEN, Doomben - Ph: Damien Johnston 0418 551 237 13 - 14 NSW Polo Ass. The Morton Cup NSW 4 Goal Ch/ships 4, 2 & 0 goal Richmond Ph: 0432 668 885 21 Polocrosse Vic - Sale Club, Open Practice Day, Sale - Ph: Michael Galvin 0439 838 000 2/11 Durrington Street, 156 Miller Street, Armidale NSW 2350 Murwillumbah, Phone: (02) 6772 6816 NSW 2484

Mathew Cribb Covering the North West & New England Discounts for multiple bookings

Fax: (02) 6772 7518 A/H (02) 6775 2534 Mobile: 0400 684 799 0448 797 586 Email: WE WASH HORSE RUGS AND SADDLE BLANKETS TOO!!

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North Coast National Exhibition: 18th- 20th October 2012 Working Dog Trials: 18th Team Penning: 19th Showjumping: 18th- 20th Three days of competition, fun & entertainment for all the family. Horse Events run over three days, Horse schedule is available from our website Lismore Showground. See you at the Show!


6-7 19 - 21 20 - 21 27 27 - 28

PCANSW - 2012 Ranvet State ODE, Albury Wodonga Eq/Ctr, Thurgoona - Ph: 02 4229 8977 PCAQ - Zone Teams Challenge, Caboolture Showground - Ph: 07 3289 9089 Colac Horse Trials, Colac Pony Club Grounds - Email: PCVIC - State Training Workshop - Ph: 03 8605 8925 PCAQ - Zone Teams Dressage Challenge, Southport Ph: 07 5573 4936 or 0416 013 081


6-7 7 7 10 - 13

SQRHA - Qualifier Show, Ph: Lynda Gray from 3pm to 9pm 0412 479 340 VRHA Club Show, Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre, K Rd - Ph: Peter 0418 321 289 VRHA Reining Clinic - WPNEC - Ph: Sandy Dodds 0418 321 289 Reining Australia National Futurity & Continental Affilitate Championships, AELEC Tamworth

5-6 12 - 13 13 13 - 14 13 - 14

NSW 02 9879 6777 Kyogle 18 - 20 Lismore Leeton & The NC National Casino 20 Cootamundra Taree 26 - 27 Alstonville Picton 27 Junee


VIC 03 9281 7467 5 Swan Hill 5 Yarrawonga 6 Seymour 6 Sunbury 8 Kerang

12 13 18 18 19 20

Wangaratta 26 - 2 Bendigo Camperdown 26 Warnambool Mildura 27 Stawell Royal Geelong 27 - 28 Cobram Mt Gambier 28 Ararat Kyabram

6-7 6-7 14 19 - 21 20 27 27 - 28 28

NSW Andalusian Ass - NSW Championships, SIEC Horsley Prk - Ph: Kylie Hill 02 4573 2521 NSW ASH Breeders Championships, Guernsey St, White Prk, Scone - Ph: Louise 0409 209 061 NBS Spring Show, Akoonah Park, Berwick Vic - Ph: Mary Riley 03 4774 8094 NSW All Welch Show, SIEC Horsley Park - Ph: Helen 0418 484 592 Aust Warmblood Horse Ass, Dressage Day, Werribee Prk Eq/Ctr Vic - Ph: Barbara 03 9882 5280 QLD Br. AWHA Mare Assessments, QSEC, Caboolture - Ph: Claudette Johnson 07 5544 9241 Top of the Range Arabian Event, RASQ S/gr, Glenvale Rd Toowoomba - Ph: Tracey 0403 837 375 Friesian Pure & Part Breed Show, Burpengary Equest/ Ctr. Qld - Ph: Melody Paes 0402 716 682

6-7 13 - 14 18 - 20 27 - 28

Mid North Coast Team Penning, Macksville S/gr - Ph: Deb McLaughlin 02 6569 0125 Grafton Team Penning, Hawthorne Park, Gwyder Hwy, Ryan St, Sth Grafton - Ph: 0438 762 674 The 9th Annual “Penrose Prime Meats Championships” - Ph: Lisa Wilson 0407 434 361 North Coast National Team Penning - Ph: Janelle 02 6621 5916 Team Penning Australia, Merriwa NSW - Ph: Jackie McFarlane 0418 986 060


7 - 21 20 -2 1 20 27

Athra Events - Clarence Valley TR Inc, BNT Kunderang Ride, Mooraback to Styx River - Ph: 02 6649 4336 Lake Macquarie Pack & Trail Horse Riders, Wollombi NSW - Ph: Jackie 0438 574 356 Ride with Pride, (Charity Ride), Tugalong Station, Canyonleigh NSW - Ph: Juliette 02 4998 3356 Dayboro Trail Riders Cl Big October Ride - Ph: Debbie Kirkwood 07 3425 2991 - 0438 763 312


13 - 14 14 14 14 21 27 - 28

NCWRC, Hawthorne Park Sth Grafton NSW - Ph: Ann Mionoway 02 6642 1871 Burpengary WPCl, A Class Show, Burpengary Qld - Ph: Joan Leon 0414 880 547 Ballarat & Dist QHA, AQH & PHAAA Class Show, Ballarat Indoor, Mt Rowen Vic Ph: 0409 504 860 CWPHC Dubbo NSW, Show - Ph: Bette Thatcher 02 6889 5568 ECAPWPA,Double Judge Show, AAA & PHAA Approved, S/ground Wauchope - Ph:02 6587 1228 Big Valley QHA, AA Class Show, Benalla West Vic - Ph: Annette Boyd 0427 682 516





Steve Brady Horsemanship Clinics - Listed under Natural Horsemanship Section TBA Jane Clothier, Bodywork Basics, Ballina - Ph: Jane 0447672 523 12 - 14 Blas Lago Clinic - Bibi Ranch, Mudgee NSW - Ph: 02 6373 3770 - 0408 177 611 12 - 13 New South Wales Horse fo the Year, Hawksbury S/G Clarendon NSW Ph: Leonie 0412 570 103 13 - 14 Horse Welfare Inc 2 Day awareness course with Rebecca Gimenez of Glen Oak School of Arts hall - Contact Jo Briggs Email: 13 - 14 Boot Camp For Broncs, Byron Bay Equestrian Centre NSW 18 - 20 North Coast National Show, Lismore Showground Ph: Janelle Hancock 02 6621 5916 - 0427 213 460 20 - 21 Sapphire City Heavy Horse Field Day, Inverell Eq/Ctr Inverell - Ph: Barry 02 6775 2168 20 - 21 Australian Horseball Championships - AELEC Tamworth NSW Email: 20 - 21 SHCQ Horse of The Year, QSEC Caboolture Qld - Ph: Julie 0402 714 80 27 - 28 The Gordon TAFE 2 day awareness course with Rebecca Gimenez, Geelong Vic, contact Margaret Anderson Email:

EDMANIA E F Caboolture “Your one stop feed shop” OPEN 7 DAYS

(07) 5495 1961

B-Sharpe Blades & Scissors Clipper Blades & Scissors Professionally Sharpened We cater for: Dog Grooming ~ Veterinarian Practices ~ Boarding Kennels ~ Animal Breeders ~ Show Horse / Sport Horse Industry


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Servicing the Mid North Coast Bettina Pitman Phone/Fax: (02) 6656 9089 & New England Areas Shop 1/54 Beerburrum Rd, Caboolture, Qld 4510 Mob: 0412 553 469 P.O Box 236 Nana Glen NSW 2450 ABN: 39 466 829 287

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NOVEMBER 2012 COMING All dates are subject to change


17 18 18 25

ABHA VIC - Equitana Australian Open, Equitana Melbourne - Ph: Michelle O'Neill 0413 609 880 ABHA VIC - Barrel Racing Vic, Div, Baccus Marsh R/course, Marsh/Balliang Rd - Ph: 0438 530 280 ABHA NSW - Run the Drums, Divisional, Sugarloaf Equest Cnt Cobbity - Ph: Catrina 0429 653 750 ABHA NSW - Central West BHC Inc Dubbo, Divisional, Guerie Sp/ground - Ph: Alana 0428 564 729

3 3 3-4 3-4 9 - 11 10 - 11 17 - 18 17 - 18 23 - 25 23 - 25 24


ABCRA NSW - Grafton Jacaranda Rodeo - Ph: Sue Patricks 0488 243 387 ABCRA NSW - Real Deal Rodeo, Horse World Sportsworld Stadium - Ph: Tami Tribe 0412 618 946 ABCRA NSW - Wingham Campdraft - Ph: Brian Moore 0427 570 229 ABCRA NSW - Inverell Junior Campdraft & Rodeo - Ph: Julian Oakenfull 0428 224 4867 ABCRA NSW - Orange Campdraft - Ph: Lara Garlick 02 6365 6118 ACA QLD - Cambooya (including Black Toyota Series) - Ph: Nicole Haywood 0407 591 788 ABCRA NSW - Oberon Campdraft - Ph: Kare Bailey 02 6335 8176 ABCRA NSW - Armidale Rodeo & Junior Rodeo - Ph: Yvonne Rice 0429 819 52 ABCRA NSW - Scone Campdraft - Ph: Celia Nolan 0400 301 797 ACA NSW - Guyra Timepiece - Ph: Donna Davidson 02 6779 2748 Professional Bull Riders Tamworth Invitational, AELEC Tamworth NSW tickets on sale now - Ph: 02 6767 5658 30 - 2 Nov ABCRA NSW - Tumut Camprdaft - Ph: Bruce McGruer 02 6944 9194


3-4 16 15 - 18 24 - 25 24 - 25


2-4 Wodonga/Albury Cl, Buckle Bonanza Show, Albury/Wodonga Eq/Ct Thurgoona - Ph:02 6072 5292 15 - 18 2012 Equitana Australia, Australian Open/Open Non Pro Cutting Ch/ships - Ph: 02 6765 9356 30 - 2 Dec Central Hope Cutters, Venue “Red Dirt Run” TBA, Championship Show - Ph: Toni 0427 211 688

ACDS - VB NSW Combined Driv Ch/ships & CDE Level 4, Witwood, NSW - Ph: Dot 02 4842 7164 ACDS - VIB Top Score Stakes, Jump & Drive, Melbourne S/grounds - ACDS VB Equitana, Melbourne Showgrounds - AUSTRALIAN Carriage Driving Classic, Longwood Vic - E: ACDS - NSW NSW Show Driving Ch/ships at Cresford - Ph: Elizabeth O'Brien 0427 766 726

11 TBD 11


CDHC Unofficial Dressage Comp, Prep to Med. Currumbin Grds Qld - Entries CDHC Spring Hack Show, Currumbin Grounds Qld - or SSHOA Club Championships, Preparatory Training Canter to Intermediate 1, Open Freestyle, Carina Bay Reserve, Tivoli Esplanade. Como - Ph: Joy Charlton 02 4653 1532 - 0419 441 881 15 - 18 EA - 2012 Equestrian Grand Final, Equatana, Melbourne Sh/grounds Vic - 30 1 Dec Eq. Australia Show Horse & Rider Ch/ships, Werribee Park Equestrian Ctr Vic - Ph: 03 9013 0707


3-4 11 23 - 25 24 - 26

Dergholm - 80,40,20,5kms.80&40 km Harness.(Duel Aff .SA) - Ph: Trish Reeves 03 5583 3289 Sussex Inlet Zone 5 Championships, 100,- 80/40/25k Ph: Wendy 02 4423 0552 or 02 4422 6335 Gippsland Zone Championships-100 Elevated,40,20 kms-P:Ellen Prestage 03 5662 3756 2012 NSW FEI Endurance Champ/ships,4-160***,120**,& 90* Senior & Youth Divisions Red Range NSW Ph: Tami Parnell 026734 2253 - 0437 727 902


2-4 10 10 15 - 18 17 22 23 - 25 24 - 25

NNSWSJC, Spring Show Jumping Championships, AELEC Tamworth NSW - Ph: 02 6765 4111 Wingham Eventing CNC ODE, Belview Park, Wingham NSW - Ph: Belinda 0412 770 992 CSI-W Shepperton, Int. Event, WB Hunter Res., Shepperton, Vic - E: Philippa CSI-W Equitana, Jumping, International Event - Cont: Marketa Mensikova CSI-W Wodonga, Vic, Jumping International Event - Contact Kelly lees Australian International 3 Day Event, Victoria Park ,EAST Parklands SA - “The Elms”2012 Spring Jumping Classic World Cup Qual, Sale S/grounds,Vic - Ph: 0418 517 423 CSI-W Sale. Jumping, International Event, Contact Gavin Chester www.saleshow.comjumping


3-9 ANH, Ken Faulkner, 7 Day Super Camp, Esk Qld - Ph: Kathy Stewart 0427 732 394 10 - 11 Parelli Aust, Online Freestyle Riding & Puzzle Solving - Ph: Kiley Tolson 0428 591 601 15 - 18 Parreli Booth, Equitana Melbourne Vic - Ph: 1800 460 988 15 - 18 ANHM, Ken Faulkner,Equitana Melbourne Vic - Ph: Kathy Stewart 0427 732 394 30 - 2 Dec Mel Fleming, Intermediate &Secondary 3 Day Course ,Warncoort Vic - Ph: Mel 02 6760 5519


8-1 3-4 3-4 17 - 18 24 - 25

The Hector King Cup (8 goal,4,2,0) & Riverlands Ladies Int., Richmond - Ph: 0412 297 678 Pan Pacific Masters Polocrosse Games - Gold Coast Qld - Ph: 1300 883 339 Sale Club -Spring Tournament, Sale Vic - Ph: Anne-Maree Jolly 03 5342 4464 Trafalgar Club Spring Tournament, Trafalgar Vic - Ph: Anne-Maree Jolly as above Sale Club Spring Tournament, Sale Vic - Ph: Anne-Maree Jolly as above

Designer Silks & Helmet Covers For: Cross Country, Eventing, Pony Club, Polocrosse, Carriage Driving, Harness Racing. Phone: (03) 97567737


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Dare to be Different

See us at EQUITANA MELBOURNE 2012 Grand Hall, Stand #273

Helmet Hiders Now Available At Horseland Toowoomba, North West Saddlery Inverell, Husband´s Saddlery Mudgee





15th - 18th November 2012 Melbourne Showgrounds


10 11 24 25

PC - Vic Bealiba Dressage Jackpot & Showjumping Championships Midland - Ph: 03 8605 8925 PC - Vic Whittlesea Presidents Cup Qualifiers & Showjumping Day CZ - Ph: 03 8605 8925 PC - Vic SMZ Show Jumping & Dressage State Qualifier - Ph: 03 8605 8925 PC - Vic State Show Jumping & Dressage Qualifier - Ph: 03 8605 8925


9 - 11 10 - 11 16 23 - 24

GVRHA Ride & Slide to Equitana - Ph: Lynda Gray 0412 479 340 QRHA Club Day@ Maryborough Showground - Ph: Lynda Gray 0412 479 340 Open Reining Championships, Equitana Melbourne S/ground Vic - VRHA Reining Show WPIEC - Ph: Peter 0418 321 289


NSW - 02 9879 6777 2 - 3 Murwillumbah 2 - 4 Albury 3 - 4 French's Forest 9 - 10 Dungog 10 Holbrook


10 - 11 10 - 11 11 11 13 15 - 18 18 22 - 25 23 - 25 25


3-4 UHTP - Merriwa NSW - Ph: Kellie Porter 0432 109 760 24 - 25 Team Penning Aust Inc, Merriwa NSW - Ph: Jackie McFarlane 0418 968 060


10 - 11 Minto 10 - 11 Queanbeyan 10 - 11 Mullumbimby 16 - 17 Bangalow 16 - 17 Bulahdelah 24 - 25 Dorrigo & Guy Fawkes

10 Dandenong VIC - 03 9281 7467 2 Castlemain & District 10 Echuca - Moama & District 2 - 3 Colac & District 16 Kyneton 2 - 3 Sale 17 Lilydale 2 Bairnsdale 17 Yarram 3 Whittlesea 30 Taralgon & Dist. 9 Ballarat IMHR Victorian Titles, For details Ph: Leonie Boehme 02 4829 2209 Northern NSW RPG Welsh Pony Show - AELEC Tamworth NSW - Ph: 02 6767 5300 IMHR 2012 Spring Carnival,Taree S/ground NSW - Ph: Leonie Boehme 02 4829 2209 MHAA Central Dist. Regional Championships A Class Show - Ph: Colin Lawson 02 6358 8422 MHAA A Class, Ballarat Showground - Ph: 03 5338 1877 National Arabian Stud Horse Show, SIEC Horsley Park - Ph: 0408 232 162 IMHR “Mini Tana”, Equitana, Melbourne S/Ground - Ph: Leonie Boehme 02 4829 2209 AQHA ”AAA ”State Show, Tatura Vic - Ph: Carol Ricketts 02 67626 444 Dilutes Aust Ltd NSW & ACT, 2012 National Capital Horse Show, Ex/Park Can - Ph: 07 3282 8858 VPS Showcase Pinto of the Year Show, WPIEC Vic - Ph: Frieda 03 5166 1993

4 - 11 Charity Ride for Cancer, Toongabbie Vic - Ph: Dave Smith 03 5148 9344 11 Lake Macquarie P&THR, Belmont South - Ph: Jackie 0438 574 356 10 Shaatri Fast Pace T/Ride, Klerks Drive, Glendale - Ph: Joan Hart 0400 342 345 24 - 25 Cowra & Dist THRCl, Roseberg Trail Ride & Camp over - Ph: Rachel Meek 02 6345 1251 30 - 2 Dec Lake Macquarie P & THR, Stroud - Ph: Jackie 0438 574 356 10 - 11 NCWRC Hawthorne Park Sth Grafton - Ph: Ann Mionoway 02 6642 1871 10 - 11 Northern Victorian QHA,”AA” Show, Pyramid Hill, Vic - Ph: Carlie Turnbul 0438 347 071 11 Central Western PH& ACl Inc., CLINIC WITH PAULINE STUART-FOX - Ph: Bette 02 6889 5568 17 - 18 Bendigo RA,”AA “Show, Tatura Vic - Ph: Kathie Henderson 0419 382 725 24 New England QHA, Moonbi S/grounds ,Moonbi NSW - Ph: Amanda Maxwell 0427 005 721 3-4


Qld H/ Council 2 day operations l/course with Rebecca Gimenez, Gatton – Email: 3-4 Steve Brady Horsemanship, Wagga Wagga NSW - Ph: Nicky Bland 02 6922 7102 9 - 11 Blas Lago Clinic, BIBI Ranch, Mudgee NSW - Ph: 02 6373 3770 - 0408 177 611 10 - 11 & 12 -13 Steve Brady Horsemanship, Cobbitty NSW - Ph: Jan Roppolo 02 4659 6490 17 Matt Ryan 2 Day Cross Country Clinic, Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Ctr - Ph: 07 3378 0494 17 - 18 Steve Brady Horsemanship, Gosford NSW - Ph: Alan Harrison 0418 277 787 20 - 22 Steve Brady Horsemanship, Temora NSW - Ph: Corrine NcCauley 02 6977 2880 28 - 29 Steve Brady Horsemanship, Whittlesea Vic - Ph: Carol Amoretty 03 9716 2239 3-4 4 13


NSW Country Show Horse Ch/ships 2012, Dubbo S/G Ph: Samantha 0421 368 799 Wangalea Stockmans Challenge Open, Intermediate, Beginners Ph: Kerry 07 4665 7568 Horse SA, Tab Corp Park, 2 Ferris Rd, Melton Vic Book online - 14 Horseyard info evening with Rebecca Gimenez, Pakenham Racing Club Vic Book As Above 15 - 18 Equitana Melbourne - Large Animal Rescue by Rebecca Gimenez 17 Eurobodalla Hack & Stock Horse Show, Moruya S/G Ph: Leonie 0412 570 103 22 - 25 Aust International Horse Trials, East Parkland, Adelaide - Email: 31 - 1 Dec Aust Show Horse& Rider Championships, Werribee Prk Vic - Ph: Katie McMahon 03 9013 0707

Finally there is a Safe Sparkling “Bling” we can share with our horses for that FUN weekend or that extra touch for the Show to make you and your horse really stand out.

Sparkling Glittering

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NBHA QLD, Rosewood Jackpot - Ph: Lynda Graham 0457 783 802 ABHA NSW, Moonbi Magic, Divisional, Moonbi S/ground - Ph: Susie Coombes 0401 017 983 ABHA NSW, CWHHA Dubbo, Divisional, Guerie Sp/grounds - Ph: Alana Porter 0428 564 729

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ABCRA NSW, Branxton Junior Campdraft - Ph: Lorraine Menser 02 6574 7274 ABCRA NSW, Oberon Rodeo - Ph: Bree Rowlandson 0427 885 592 ACA Qld, Darling Downs ASHS Campdraft - Ph: Berie Deane 0429 696 654 ABCRA NSW, Comboyne Campdraft - Ph: Vicki Fisher 02 6550 4237 ABCRA NSW, Diamond D Jackpot Team Roping - Ph: David Hallam 0417 651 534 ACA NSW, Glen Innes Campdraft - Ph: Suellen Guest 02 6732 1744 ABCRA NSW, Yarrowich Campdraft - Ph: Tracey Tape 02 6777 7490 ACA NSW, Red Range Campdraft - Ph: Joyce Barker 02 6734 2333 ABCRA NSW, Lawrence Rodeo - Ph: Tracey Marsden 0418 477 461 ABCRA NSW, Nowra Rodeo - Ph: Jenna Spackman 0401 355 017 ABCRA NSW, Bingara Rodeo - Ph: Stuart Dixon 0428 600 863 ABCRA NSW, Upper Horton Campdraft & Rodeo - Ph: Peter Kelly 02 6782 7240 ABCRA NSW Nowendoc Campdraft - Ph: Nola Nicholson 02 6782 7240

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ACDS VB, Dressage & Cones, Inverleigh Vic - Ph: 03 5264 5235 ACDS QB, TBC Valley and Rim Cl, Historical Drive - Ph: Rex Walker 03 5462 4523 ACDS VB, Victorian Show Driving Championships, Bendigo Vic - Ph: 0438 272 861 ACDS NSW, NCCC Fun Weekend/Xmas dinner, Social - Ph: Echah 02 6654 2557 ACDS VB, State Young Driver Camp ,Crib Point - Ph: 03 5629 4414

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National Cutting Horse Association, Tamworth NSW - Ph: 02 6765 9356 Lone Hill Cutting Cl. Inc, Buckles Series, Kings Park, Seymour Vic - Ph: Kerry 03 5786 5980 EA VB, Tatura Summer Showcase & 2YH Qualifiers, Tatura Events Complex ,Dhurringile Vic Ph: Sue Terry 03 5826 6221 2012 Saddleworld Dressage Festival - Equestrian Victoria Presents VICTORIAN STATE DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS, Incorporating the Pacific League World Cup Finals, Marcus Oldham Aachen Challenge, Cobcroft Rising Star Novice Pony Final & Cobcroft FEI Pony Final @ Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre, 170 K Rd Werribee, Victoria Bryony Giusti - Event Director: 0425 499 477 - Adele McCormack - Event Secretary: 0411 201 459 NADEC Summer Ser, Prelim - FEI, Mudgeeraba Showgrounds Email: Gay Blums CDHC T'Shirt Dressage Competition, Currumbin Grds, Currumbin Qld E:



VERA, Hart Xmas Marathon @ Tonimbuc Vic, 240km (80km x 3)Marathon - Mini Marathon Plus 80km individual rides each day - Ph: Julie Woods 03 5349 7218


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Jumping NSW, Sydney Showjumping Ch/ships, SIEC Horsley Park - Ph: Tina 02 4868 2482 Tonimbuk World Cup Show, Tominbuc Equestrian Centre, Bunyip North Vic - Ph: 03 5629 5457 EA VB, Camperdown Vic, CCI-3*,2*,1*.J1* CIC-3* - Ph: Annie White (Mon, Tues) 03 9013 0707 EA VB, Berrima, CNC-1*, EvA105, EvA95, EvA80, EvA60 - Ph: Annie (Mon, Tues) 03 9013 0707 Jumping NSW, Summer Showjumping Classic, SIEC Horsley Park - Ph: Tina 02 4868 2482 Tonimbuc Eq/Cl., Christmas Ho Ho Show, Tominbuc E/ctr Bunyip Nth Vic - Ph: 03 5629 54529 Jumping NSW, Bega Showjumping Cup - E:


30 Nov - 2 Dec Mel Fleming, Intermediate & Secondary 3 Day Course, Warncoort Vic - Ph: 02 6760 5519 1-2 Carmen Smith, Parelli, Armidale NSW, Online & Freestyle, Puzzle Solving - Ph: 1800 460 988 1-3 Steve Brady Horsemanship, Jindabyne NSW - Ph: Linda Brady 02 6550 2229 8-9 Steve Brady Horsemanship, Wauchope NSW - Ph: Robyn Coombes 02 6585 6761


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Victorian Polo Cl Open Invitation - D Grade,0,4 and 8 G Handicap, WPNEC - Ph: Sam (below) Wednesday Night Chuckers/Mid Week League, WPNEC - Ph: Sam Kennedy 0419 100 990 Victorian Polo Cl Open Invitation - 0, 4 and 8 G Handicap, WPNEC - Ph: Sam 0419 100 990 Wednesday Night Chuckers/Mid Week League, WPNEC - Ph: Sam Kennedy 0419 100 990 Melbourne Polo Cl Tournament-to be played at Yaloak - Ph: 0419 577 582 Wednesday Night Chuckers/Mid Week League - WPNEC - Ph: Sam Kennedy 0419 100 990

Funky fashions for horse lovers

Ph: 07 5470 2772

ALLSPORTS TROPHIES Ribbons, Rosettes, Honour Boards, Medals and MORE!! ORDER NOW for your next event. Engraved & Delivered ALL AREAS

Ph: (08) 8445 9898 Fax: (08) 8243 0084


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PCA Vic, North East Zone Dressage & Showjumping Qualifiers NEZ - Ph: Issie Hill 03 5762 8169 PCA Vic, Sale Gymkhana EGZ *Date Change* - Ph: 03 5146 8366 PCA Vic, Summer Showjumping Series Midland - Ph: 03 5448 4737 PCA Vic, Showjumping & Dressage State Qualifiers 2013 WZ.- Ph: Julie Houlihan 03 5565 8757 PCA Vic, Showjumping & Dressage Championships CZ, State Qualifier Ph: Lucinda Marciniak 0431 708188


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VRHA, AGM & Hi Points Awards Night, Kilmore Racing Cl, Kilmore Vic - Ph: Sandy 0418 321 289 VRHA, WPIEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Peter 0418 321 289 NSWRHA Open Pen & Xmas Party - Ph: Lisa Lawson 0447 229 194


VIC - 03 9281 7467 1 Penthurst

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1 Kilmore 8 Maryborough & Dist

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NBS State Championships, & NBS All Breeds Show, Bendigo - Ph: Jane Newton 02 4579 6827 Australian Palouse Pony Championships, Beaudesert Qld - Ph: 0429 063 671 NSW All Breeds Young Stock & Newcomer Show, Clarendon - Ph: Helen 0418 484 592 MHAA, (Barastoc) Ayre Hill, Berwick - Ph: Shirley Smith (National Secretary) 08 8388 7098 Pinto Championships, WPNEC, WERRIBEE Vic - Ph: Frieda Boyle 03 5166 1993 35th Victorian All Welsh Show, Tatura Park - Ph: Sharon 03 5483 7589 - Wesley 03 5795 2070



The Mid North Team Penning Ass. meets once a month, Macksville S/gr - Ph: Deb 02 6569 0125 Upper Hunter Team Penning, Annual Pointscore Presentation, Aberdeen - Ph: 0427 289 131


15 ATHRA, Fast Pace Trail Ride, Glendale Qld - Ph: Joan Hart 0400 342 345 26 - 2 Jan Lake Macquarie Pack & Trail Horse Riders; Barrington NSW - Ph: Jackie Mann 0438 574 356


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30 Nov - 2 Dec Mel Fleming, Intermediate & Secondary 3 Day Course, Warncoort Vic - Ph: 02 6760 5519 1-2 Carmen Smith, Parelli, Armidale NSW, Online & Freestyle, Puzzle Solving - Ph: 1800 460 988 1-3 Steve Brady Horsemanship, Jindabyne NSW - Ph: Linda Brady 02 6550 2229 8-9 Steve Brady Horsemanship, Wauchope NSW - Ph: Robyn Coombes 02 6585 6761


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Sydney QHA, Sugarloaf Equestrian Centre, Cobbitty NSW - Ph: Pam Martin 02 9606 6791 Central Coast QHA, IL Cadore Indoor Arena, Somersby NSW - Ph: Emma Crowfoot 0488 648 050 Pioneer Country QHA,”AA”, Swan Hill Vic - Ph: Tina Ritchie 0427 292645 CWPH&ACI Inc. Clinic with Pauline Stuart - Fox - Dubbo NSW - Ph: Bette Thatcher 02 6889 5568 BVQHA,” AA” Show, Benalla Vic - Ph: Annette Boyd 0427 682 516 NCWP Cl. Show, Hawthorne Park Sth Grafton NSW-Contact Ann - E: Sydney QHA, Sugarloaf Equestrian Centre, Cobbitty NSW - Ph: Pam Martin 02 9606 6791

January 2013, Walcha Golden Gate Rodeo - Neville Henry 02 6777 5813 January 2013, ABCRA National Final - AELEC, Tamworth NSW January 2013, Royal Melbourne Horse Show, Victoria - Ph: Jackie Hoysted 03 9281 7469 January 2013, National Mounted Games - Prince Phillip Games SA - Ph: 08 8212 0583 February 2013, VPS Post Summer Show, Akoonah Park, Berwick Ph; Frieda Boyle 03 5166 1993


Ph: (02) 6653 6403 0422 235 933

Have your SPECIAL EVENTS listed here FREE!! Manufacturers of Quality Horse Transport 3 Orion Street, Cnr Yass Valley Way Yass NSW 2582 Ph: (02) 6226 4767


A Hit With Overseas Audiences!

Ken Faulkner

EQUITANA Australia and Frazzica Productions, the broadcast production partner for The Way of the Horse - Australian Horsemanship Challenge (TWOTH), are proud to announce that the challenge has now reached overseas audiences, who love it as much as Australian horse fans! In March this year, TWOTH 2010 was aired by Horse & Country TV, which has an audience of around 250,000 viewers weekly in the UK. The network also airs in the Netherlands, France, Ireland and Malta and the Sky Cable Network, giving it an overall reach of almost 12 million potential viewers. TWOTH reached the number one spot on Horse & Country TV in the first week of July 2012 and the network and producers are delighted with this outcome (results supplied by BARB data in the UK) and are looking forward to airing the 2011 contest in October. During the TWOTH 3-day challenge, three of Australia's leading horse trainers demonstrate their highly personal and specialised methods of connecting with an unbroken horse. In Melbourne this year, the Trainers vying for the title of champion are Paul Clarkson (NT), Ken Falkner (QLD) and Naish Hogan (QLD).

Paul Clarkson

Naish Hogan

Although from diverse backgrounds and favouring different methods of training, Paul, Ken and Naish have one very important thing in common; they are united in their effort to change the “traditional� mindsets regarding starting and training a young horse, with one that creates a willing and happy riding partnership. We are very proud of our achievement as the only Australian program on the network and we are looking forward to a long relationship with both EQUITANA Australia and Horse & Country TV. We have always believed in TWOTH! - Joe Frazzica, Executive Producer, Frazzica Productions. This is not only great news for the EQUITANA team, which has worked on the development of the contest since 2006, but also for Australian Trainers and the country's Horse Industry. This year we are working to expand the airing of TWOTH onto Australian television stations and also into the USA, reaching millions more with the message of caring horsemanship. - Rod Lockwood, Director, EQUITANA Australia. The Way Of The Horse 2011 Sydney DVD is now available from For more information on The Way Of The Horse 2012 Challenge visit



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Saturday 27 October, 2012

$40 visitors or $30 members Covers your camping fees, Insurance, morning tea & lunch. Licenced bar Friday & Saturday night with dinner around the camp fire. Friday night is $6 steak burger night & only $3 desserts with coffee or tea.

1x3hr or 1x7hr trail Riding throughout the beautiful Dayboro Valley....... but that's not all!! They've got yummy bickies & fruit for morning tea, hot burgers for lunch, refreshing cuppas, cold drinks. Bugger the carrots!!

Rides begin & return to the Dayboro Showgrounds, Mount Mee Rd, Dayboro. Camping facilities available. Power, hot showers, limited catering. Strictly no stallions, rigs or dogs. Fees apply - based on insurance obligations.

Enquiries to (07) 34251651, 0438 763 312 or (07) 34253428. Visit the website: The Dayboro Trailriders will be running their 14th annual horse trail riding event the 'Big October Ride' on Saturday 27th. 2011 saw 214 horse and riders take part in a great day's trail riding and evening of entertainment. On offer is a 1 x 3hr ride or 1 x 7hr ride. It was an all new 7hr ride last year that headed out toward Lacey's Creek. This ride turned out to be so popular that it will be run again. Changes this year will be the Friday & Saturday evening format. With permission from the Rural Fireys both evenings will be casual and relaxed around the campfire. A licenced bar will be operating both nights. Friday night is $6.00 steak burger night with desserts at $3.00 a serve. Saturday evening live entertainment kicks off at 8pm until midnight with local talent Sharryn Bell. Ride fees are $40 for visitors or $30 for TRA members. Fees cover your camping fees, insurance, morning tea and lunch as well as Saturday night's live entertainment. If you don't ride but wish to be part of the evening it's not a problem. $10.00 at the door will get you in. The Dayboro Venturer Scouts are planning to be on hand at morning tea and lunch (long ride) to provide drinks and refreshments. Both rides are non-competitive and leisurely paced. Participants need to bring their own horse and riding gear. There is no age limit on either riders or horses; however both will need to be fit enough and competent to take part.

Riders 16 years & under will require a responsible adult or guardian. Riders 18 years & under must wear an approved riding helmet. Strictly no stallions, rigs or dogs. Catering is definitely available across the weekend but only guaranteed if you pre book. Pre nominations are preferred. This event has become avidly looked forward to, each year, by riders locally and further a field. Previously we've been host to riders from the Brisbane suburbs, Ipswich; Toowoomba; Yarraman; Gympie; Maryborough; Gold Coast and New South Wales. We look forward to seeing you all again & if you haven't been before come along and see what all the fuss is about! Visit us at or 'Big October Ride' on facebook. For further info contact (07) 3425 1651, 0438 763 312 or (07) 3425 3248. Look forward to seeing you there!! Happy Trails


CREDIT SUISSE, SUPPORTING AUSTRALIAN RIDERS FOR THE FOURTH YEAR! In exciting news for the Australian Dressage Community, Credit Suisse Private Banking has renewed its partnership with Boneo Park for the fourth year, to jointly host the Credit Suisse Boneo Park CDI*** from 24 January to 27 January 2013. Credit Suisse Private Banking has long been renowned as one of the world’s leading financial institutions and strongly supports Boneo Park and their annual CDI*** event. Stefan Edselius, Director, Credit Suisse Private Banking, says: “We are pleased to once again support the Festival and in turn contribute to the development of young and talented riders, encouraging their access to international quality events in Australia.” Fiona McNaught from Boneo Park said they were thrilled with the long-term partnership with Credit Suisse. Boneo Park, the 850 acre property, located on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula provides one of the best and most comprehensive equestrian facilities in Victoria, attracting many riders and spectators from across the country. Over the 2013 Australia Day weekend, a great team of sponsors have joined Credit Suisse and Boneo Park to create the perfect equestrian setting. As per the 2012 event program, Boneo Park will host the Priefert Advanced Championship, Rowville Horse Trailers Novice Championship and for the third year, Peter Horobin will be sponsoring the Big Tour Championship. Equestrian Performance Surfaces and John Walker & Associates Veterinary Practice head up the Young Horse championships for 2013. Across the three days of competition, spectators will have the opportunity to view some of Australia’s most elite dressage riders who will be assessed by some of the world’s best judges.

Event: Credit Suisse Boneo Park CDI*** Date: 24 - 27 January 2013 Where: Boneo Park, Victoria Tickets can be purchased from the Boneo Park website from September. For ticket and general enquiries please contact: Boneo Park (03) 5986 3006 or For event and media enquires please contact: Elle Roux

"The Power of Pink Dressage & Show jumping Spectacular" 6th & 7th of October 2012 at the Murwillumbah Showgrounds. It's time again for Tweed Valley Equestrian Group's now famous Breast Cancer Fundraiser!! Earlier this year we attended Tweed Shire Councils Australia Day Awards where our event was presented with "Community Event of The Year"! We were so excited but it didn't end there! We then attended Equestrian Queenslands pretigious Awards Evening being nominated in "Event of The Year", where we were a finalist. But the most successful part of the event was donating just over six thousand dollars to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Our goal this year is to raise ten thousand dollars for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I know we can do it! Hope to see you there!

Enquiries contact: Keighley Leeson 0428 536 868 Email: Or go to


Sparkling Glittering Finally there is a Safe Sparkling “Bling� we can share with our horses for that FUN weekend or that extra touch for the Show to make you and your horse really stand out. The product is Show Gloss Diamonds and part of the Worlds Best Hoof Oil family of quality safe products and just as their best selling Show Gloss Black and Clear products Diamonds is water based, has no spirits or acetates and is Safe for both the Horse and the User and that will delight many parents for the pony club days as unlike other products of that type it is not classified as dangerous goods. The colour range is full of WOW, that Sparkle and Glitter and will not dull as the flakes are made in the USA by the worlds leading and most respected cosmetic glitter manufacturer. The RRP is only $19.95 with a brush and one jar will be enough for around 10 horses of average hoof size. Colours are - Silver Stars - Gold - Gold Dazzle Hot Pink - Orange - Gem Purple - Midnight Special Kelly Green - Royal Blue - Marigold - Fire Glow Peacock and Fire Red. Show Gloss Diamonds is available at most good Saddlery stores or at the World Best Hoof Oil website with full instructions for the product. See Diamonds also at Booth 578 at EQUITANA.

Graphic Design Specialist Business Cards - Flyers / Brochures Magazines / News Papers - Any Print Media


Phone:(02) 6651 2332


World patent Sets a new standard of Animal welfare. The conductive rubber fence preventing fatal injuries to horses is now available. The Danish inventor, Simon Thorkelin, has after several years of development started production of the conductive rubber fence. This is good news for all horse owners. The debilitating leg injuries to horses when they come into close contact with the traditional electric fences - or foals who are seriously injured when they are entangled in the wire - can now be avoided. This new conductive rubber fence gives among other things easily in to pressure. Simon Thorkelin is continually searching for methods to increase the welfare of horses. Therefore it has been obvious to him to use his patented rubber product to develop an entirely new type of electric fence. The electric rubber wire is constructed so that it does not cut into the animals when they run into the wire. By heavy pressure against the wire it is broken and it can easily be put together again. Thorkelin got the idea of conducting rubber in 2009 when he invented the kick plate “Kick-Stop”, which is now sold worldwide. The conductive rubber is a revolutionary invention which Quiet Stable A/S has world patented. Pinaldo Rubber Fence consists of a conductive rubber thread with a core of tinned copper. The wire is constructed such that the core at load breaks before the rubber thread and therefore cannot penetrate through the conductive rubber. The worldwide business NKT (Nordic Cable and Wire) produces the conductive rubber fence, and the fence is tested by the Danish Technological Institute. The obvious advantages of Pinaldo conductive rubber wire are many: First and foremost it is good animal welfare. There will no more be serious and fatal injuries caused by contact with the electrical wire. = The wire is easy to install on existing fence posts and bells = Rubber electric wire can be reused again and again. = It is easy to roll up and can thus be easily moved. = The conductivity is not diminished significantly by contact with grass, twigs and other vegetation that may come in contact with the fence. = Blackouts and irritating temporary power interruptions in the fence are therefore minimized. = Loss of voltage - even over very long distances - is minimal. = The material is UV resistant as well as environmentally friendly. Both the packaging and the product are 100% recyclable. = With a durability of 4 - 5 times longer than traditional fencing of nylon or steel the Pinaldo Rubber Fencing is over time the cheapest solution on the market. Colour Black: Metres on spool 250 Diameter 4,3 mm Resistance in kernel thread per metre 0,017 ohm/m

Breaking strength 400 N / 40 kp Max. voltage 7000 volt CONTACT OUR DISTRIBUTOR IN AUSTRALIA

Barclay Collars

53 School Road, Ferny Creek Victoria 3786 Australia Ph: (03) 9755 1539 Email:

Brighter Future On Horizon for “Lollipop” After massive 4 inch tooth removed!! Thanks to caring Northern Rivers community, Dr Oliver Liyou of Equine Veterinary And Dental Services, ( pictured with Lollipop after surgery)

and the determination of Patricia Lambert who took on the responsibility to give “Lollipop”a chance at new life after the 5 year old mare, desperate, starving and in pain , broke through a fence to fatefully land in her care. It seems “Lollipop” had lived without proper care and love for approximately one year and is assumed that she had been dumped in the nearby State Forest. In the attempt to help “Lollipop” return to better health, a dental visit was booked with Dr Oliver Liyou. During the examination it was discovered that the poor little mare was suffering severe dental issues with two abnormal teeth restricting her from chewing, one of which was growing through her tongue. To save the mare any further pain and suffering, Dr Oliver Liyou performed the operation in advance of the continued fund raising. After extraction of the massive FOUR INCH tooth, “Lollipop” is now on her way to good health and a happy, healthy new life. Tooth growing into tongue

Raffles are still being run in aid of “Lollipop”s” surgery, please make Enquiries to Patricia on 02 66 449383 or email It seems animals have the ability to seek out kind souls in their efforts to survive And this is the perfect example of such.


School gave 'great grounding', says Olympian She is just back from competing in the London Olympics, but showjumper Julia Hargreaves remembers when she was not good enough to be selected for the Coonabarabran Horse Expo. Returning on Tuesday (September 11) to the New England Girls' School where she spent five years, Ms Hargreaves told the school assembly the knockback was one of several that made her even more determined to succeed.

Julia Hargreaves signs an autograph for Laura Strelitz.

Her first failed attempt at a World Cup showjumping class at Sydney Royal was another reality check. “IF there's one message to share is that you do not have to be naturally gifted or talented to be up there with the best. Don't let those around you who seem to just win without trying make you think you aren't good enough. Keep fighting, because although I had moments of self doubt, I still managed to make my dreams happen - and at 26, sooner in life than I had imagined.” Earlier that morning she watched kindy kids put hobby horses through their paces, and finished the day passing on showjumping tips to senior girls in the school's new indoor arena. She said her former riding “When I was here only a dozen or so girls were selected for Coona, and teacher Mrs Robin Cameron was a mentor who has had an ongoing for the first two years I was just not good enough. I worked away at my influence in her life. weaknesses, and watched and learnt from those who had got in. And when I found out I finally got in, my smile was the same size as I wore “NEGS gave me a fantastic start to my professional riding career and earlier this year when I found out I'd gotten on to the team for the gave me a wonderful grounding in many ways, and I'm really grateful for that,” she said. Olympics,” she said. Alison Cala, Shaina Barry, Raquel Frogley, Skye Ramsay and Vic Farr (standing) got tips from Julia Hargreaves.

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Equine Chiropractics And Deep Muscle Therapy

DIVINE LOVE REIKI Would you like your horse to feel great again? Is your horse in pain, stressed, injured or unwell? Why not give your horse a relaxing and healing Reiki


Ray Bové

Wendy Cussen

13 Years Experience Professional And Reliable

Reiki Master

Phone: 0416 031 670 Mobile service available Brisbane North area

Ph: 0427 647 530 or (02) 6564 7530

Theresa Rickuss Equine Muscle Therapist

Deep Muscle Manipulative Therapy Pre & Post Competition Massage - Photonic Therapy Rehabilitation - Muscular Re-alignment Soft Tissue & Fascia Massage Pressure Point & Neural Release

Phone: 0439 507 781 Kilcoy Massage Clinic Remedial/Sports Massage Therapist Smart Bowen Therapist Qualified Sports First-Aider for Your Event Pain Relief for You and Your Animals

All Creatures Great & Small Ken Bradley Ph: (07) 5497 2188 Mob: 0418 397 833 3/24 William St, Kilcoy Qld 4515


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Michael Bekker - Barefoot Trimmer

“Far more than just a Hoof Dressing”

FREE Master/Correctional Farrier HELP 24/7

Ph:(02) 6655 0222 or Mobile: 0411 502 984 Email: A Natural Approach to Soundness Kempsey to Coffs Harbour

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New England Natural Hoof Care Bruadair Farming Paul Macari Equine Hoof Practitioner Barehoof Specialist Trimming Using Professor R.Bowker & Andrew Bowe Principles M: 0425 865 181 Ph: 02 6767 0288

Holistic HOOVES

barefoot trimming correcting physiologies ¢ addressing abnormalities ¢

¢ ¢

nsw - mid north coast ¢ other areas for group bookings ¢ ¢ Qualified Diploma of Equine Soundness ¢ Taking Balance To Another Level!

James Cassel (02) 6564 2149 or 0409 666 339

HORSE TRANSPORT Weekly Services Bris - Syd - Melb


Greg 0412 233 083

Now Servicing the New England Area

Peter J Kearney 0428 349 554 Email: PO Box 3 Wallabadah NSW 2343 A/H Ph: 02 6747 1452


Hunter Natural Fertilisers Improving our soils - Naturally Do you have stable bedding and manure? Turn your waste into quality organic fertiliser using our worm farm or cmc compost technology We also supply natural organic fertiliser and soil conditioners For details contact David

Ph: (02) 6546 1158 Email:

IVERSON FENCING Bobcat & Tipper Hire

All Aspects of Rural Fencing Roundyards Shelters Boundary Fences

Phone: Tyler 0438 899 438 A/H: (02) 6686 2554

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For all your Produce, Animal Health And Rural Needs. Servicing all surrounding areas! 49 - 55 Dyraaba St, Casino, NSW 2470

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THE GLEN STABLES PRODUCE STORE Suppliers of quality stock feeds Pets accessories and much much more! For all your animals needs come in say G’day.

132 Ferguson St, Glen Innes NSW 2370 Ph: 02 6732 3010 Fax: 02 6732 3059 AH: 02 6732 6887 Email:

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Town & Country Supplies

One Step Ahead Farm & Animal Supplies FREE Local Feed Deliveries Every Tuesday & Thursday Hay/Chaff, Grain & Produce, Petfood, Fertilizer, Saddlery, General Fencing & Electric Fencing, Irrigation (Davey Master Dealer), John Deere Ride-on Mowers, Stihl Outdoor Power Equipment, Honda Outdoor Power Equipment, Generators Push Mowers & Crossfire ATV & Dirtbikes

178 Tweed Valley Way, Murwillumbah 2484 Ph: (02) 6672 1313 Fax: (02) 6672 6808


E.M. REDMOND & CO. (GATTON) PTY LTD All Types of Produce and Grain Merchants

Audrey Schulz (Proprietor) Tim Schulz (Manager) Crescent Street, Gatton Qld 4343

Ph: (07) 5462 1139 (07) 5462 1371 Fax: (07) 5462 3226 Mob: 0408 621 239




Bandaging is not necessary.

Minimizes scarring and promotes healing in the treatment of cuts and wounds. l Helps protect from gross contamination and invasive dirt from entering the wound.



2 Year expiry.

Available from Produce Stores, Saddleries & Veterinarians

Phone: (03) 6356 0170 Email: TRADE ENQUIRIES: Animal Supplies - (02) 8868 8600 AIRR - (03) 5821 0922

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BUSINESS HOURS Mon - Fri 7am - 5pm Sat 8am - 12pm

Feed & Stock Supplements - Grain & Produce - Pet Food & Supplies - Fencing Supplies & Gates Electric Fences - Concrete Products - Garden Equipment & Supplies - Organic Supplies & Produce - Vegie Seeds

Also offering a quality range of products for horse and rider. Stockists of: ZILCO - SHOO TAG - TEKNA Synthetic Saddles - WILD HORSE Australia Insect Repellent Rugs

26 June Street (Behind Bailey Centre) Coffs Harbour P: (02) 6652 2599 F: (02) 6652 8328 E:


Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm Saturday: 9am-1pm Sunday: 9am-12noon


Expert hoof care advice, huge range of products for all animals 3/19 Abundance Rd Medowie, NSW 2318 Ph: (02) 4981 7282


Paul Hassab

Stockists of: PRYDES - HORSEPOWER - MITAVITE - RIVERINA HYGAIN - NORCO - CASTLEREAGH - COPRICE RIDLEY - GRENFELL COMODITIES Fencing Supplies - Electric Fencing PHONE / FAX: (02) 6581 0643 MOBILE: 0407 810 643 78 - 82 John Oxley Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

124 Mitchell Ave Kurri Kurri 2327 Ph/Fax 4937 1692 t Stock Feed t Hay t Bird Seed t Pet Food & Accessories t Equine Supplies t Saddlery t Fertiliser t Garden Products t Poly Water Tanks

Ask at your nearest Produce Store or go to: Email: Phone: 0419 638 984

Bone Formula


FORTIFIED CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT FOR HORSES 20kg nett for administration in feed - for animal treatment only. Feed supplement specifically formulated with CHELATED CALCIUM to support bone strength, growth and health with essential bone minerals. Dr Jennifer Stewart’s Bone Formula provides clinically recommended levels of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and folate, plus trace elements and microminerals essential for musculoskeletal health.

FORTIFIED CALCIUM BLOCK FOR HORSES 20kg nett for self-administering block formulation. Specifically formulated with CHELATED CALCIUM to provide bone minerals for horses and ponies grazing pasture, kikuyu, setaria, buffel and other sub-tropical grasses. Calsorb provides clinically recommended levels of calcium and phosphorus (plus a trace element pre-mix) in a palatable, self-administering lick-block.



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Clothing & Saddlery

Servicing All Areas of Sydney

ELT Paris, Ariat, Horze, Blue Dog, Akubra, Brigalow, Bullzye, Zilco and many more. Trading Hours Monday - Friday 8am - 5:30pm Saturday 8am - 5pm Sunday 9am - 2pm

Our Online Store is coming soon! 7-9 Hill St, Camden NSW 2570 Ph: (02) 4655 3567 Fax: (02) 4655 1884 Email:

BEDWELLS FEED BARN & SADDLERY Seed and Produce Merchants

Stockists of: Hygain, Riverina, Prydes & Mitavite 11 Keppel St, Bathurst 2795 Ph: (02) 6331 2844 Fax: (02) 6331 4232 Lot 42 Unit 7 Main St, Wallerawang 2845 Ph: (02) 6355 7531 Fax: (02) 6355 1466

Peter Britt Saddlery Pty Ltd Quality Equine canvas and leather products for the wholesale and retail trade. Peter & Melinda Britt Ph/Fax: 02 6545 2543 Mob: 0427 374 706 Email: Located at the rear of 128 Kelly Street, Scone

Pee Wee Bit The most comfortable and responsive bit you will ever put in a horse’s mouth Sales and trade enquiries phone: 0407 852 910

Your Horse Knows if there’s a GelPad on!


INTERNATIONAL 1300 GelPad (1300 435 723)

Embroidered Saddlecloths

ClubColoursDirect The Colour Specialists Braided Rope Reins P.O. Box 5216 East Lismore, NSW 2480 Phone:(02) 6624 8454 Fax:(02) 6624 8541

For all information please visit our website at

We manufacture quality embroidered saddlecloths for Clubs, Schools, Studs and Shows. ~ Huge range of colours in quality fabrics and trims. ~ Special prices for Clubs ~ Digitising of logos ~ High density foam inners ~ Any size, any shape ~ Delivered Australia-wide


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Kmac Equestrian CATERING FOR ALL YOUR HORSE NEEDS for the Inverell & Surrounding Districts Equestrian Supplies ~ Rodeo Supplies ~ Hats, Caps Handbags ~ Saddles, Rugs, Tack Stockist of: Cruel Girl ~ Wrangler ~ Ariat ~ Baxter Akubra ~Bullseye ~ Blue Dog ~ Brigalow ~ Eddie Fisher Pam & Jodie Ph:(02) 6722 1229 Email: 141 Byron St, Inverell NSW 2360

Lay By’s & Gift Vouchers Welcome

& Country Clothing Equestrian Shirts, Vests & Ties Are My Specialty Also Producing Country Shirts & Assorted Material Printed Bags For All Purposes Ph:(07) 4665 7568 Mob: 0447 745 107 “Wangalea” 175 Len Middletons Rd, Brigalow Qld 4412

“We Seam To Have It All Sewn Up”

TRAINING & TUITION 3 Re X A in us Ch ing tra am Fu lian pi turi on ty

WOODSTOCK TRAINING Handling, Breaking and Re-Educating Horses for Kids, Competitors & Leisure

Starting young horses for all Disciplines l Re-education for all disciplines l Reining Performance Training & Showing l

Proudly sponsored by

l Lessons & Clinics Beginners to Advanced Suitable for all Disciplines

Enquiries or to book in your area Phone: 0402 420 658 Website: Facebook: John Wicks Training Stables


Located in Numinbah Valley Contact Paul Woods on 0428 739 577 or (07) 5533 4183

Bayside Equestrian Breaking In Educating Pre-Training All Disciplines Situated near Tamworth Tel: 02 6769 0223 Mob: 0411 529 219

Barry Munt Training Stables

Nathan & Natalie Johnston

Ph:0410 575 807 141 Kennedy’s Lane Tyagarah NSW 2481 Training & Re-education ~ Specialising in Show Jumping & Show Horses Lessons Available for all Disciplines QUALITY PERFORMANCE HORSES FOR SALE


Equestrian Centre

Brisbane’s oldest established riding school. 3666 Moggill Road, Moggill. Qld. Phone: (07) 3202 6526

Riverside Equestrian Centre specialises in lessons for all age groups, with private, group and casual sessions available, as well as fun holiday programs. Our Qualified instructors and quality school horses offer a riding experience to suit all levels, from beginner to advanced riders, in a fun family environment.

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EQUIVET AUSTRALIA Equine Reproduction & General Practice Reproduction: Embryo Collection & Transfer & Artificial Insemination using

Chilled & Frozen semen. Live in Veterinarians provide 24hr Foaling supervision. Stallion Station: Semen collection, evaluation, freezing, storage & distribution. Registered Quarantine Facility: AQIS approved centre for exporting horses and/or semen. General Practice: Lameness diagnosis & management using digital Radiography & Ultrasonography - Chiropractic manipulation - Laboratory facilities - Equine dentistry - Video endoscopy.

Max Wilson BVSc (Hons) MACSc Robyn Woodward BVSc MVSc Celia Dodd BSc BVSc (Hons) Susanne Brundell BVSc (Hons) Angie Doudle BVSc Graeme McLeod BVSc B Ag Sc (Hons)

142 Jimna Springs Rd Southbrook, Qld P: 07 4691 0322 F: 07 4691 0419

PACIFIC VETCARE Coffs Harbour 320 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour Ph:6652 3455 Fax:6652 8187

Equine Medicine & Surgery Digital Radiography New Equine Surgery - Specialist Surgeon Endoscopy - Diagnostics Vaccinations - Ultrasound Reproduction - AI - Dentistry

Dr. David Johnson Dr. Stephen Deist Dr. Allan Hudson Dr. Kelly Griffin Dr. Merrilyn Fitzgerald Dr. Amanda Johnson Dr. Blair Kennedy Dr. Adam Gerhardt Dr. Mathew Grabovszky

FREESTONE EQUINE VET FARM VETERINARY MOBILE SERVICE Dr Monika Baffy DVM - A vet who really cares for your horses 24 Hours Equine Vet care including: Ambulatory Services and Examinations at Farm Wound Management - Dentistry - Equine Reproduction - AI - Freeze Branding Microchipping - Spelling - Agistment -Rehabilitation under Vet care on clean, safe paddocks - Book in your: Yearling, Racehorse, Mare (Dry /Wet)

Phone: 0422 474 324


37 Watts Rd, Freestone Qld 4370

Equine Veterinary And Dental Services “Helping you to help your horse”

Dr. Oliver Liyou BVSc (Hons1) MACVSc (Eq Dent) CMAVA

Now offering an emergency service for existing clients between Coffs Harbour & Yamba Performance Dentistry Stud work - semen, scans & AI Castrations & Surgery

Digital X-Ray - Ultrasound Freeze Branding - Scoping Feet & Lameness Problems

Dr. Louisa Poutsma BVSc (Hons1) CMAVA

Ph: (02) 6642 4700 24 Hr Emergency Ph: 0429 515 250 Email: Web:

Dental Group Bookings in Any Town! With a dental, your horse is weighed on electronic scales and geldings get a sheath clean FREE!

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Tamworth Veterinary Hospital Dr Greg Ireland Veterinary Surgeon & Physician

Inverell Vet Clinic Offering routine equine services including: Endoscopy, Dentistry & Reproduction

NOW LOCATED at 32 Sweaney Street, Inverell (Behind McDonalds)

106 Brisbane Street Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph: (02) 6766 3988 Fax: (02) 6766 4259 Web:

For all your large and small animal veterinary needs both in-clinic and on-farm.

Phone: (02) 6721 0266

Greg Ireland BSc., BVSc. Alison Neef BSc(Vet)., BVSc. Michelle Tolhurst BA., BVSc. Yvette Crowe BVSc. Paul Jenkins BVSc.

After Hours Emergency 0427 456 616

Member of Australian Veterinary Association

KYOGLE VETERINARY CLINIC 24 HOUR EMERGENCY Ph: (02) 6632 1349 ¯ On Farm or on Vet Centre Services Offered ¯ ¯ Equine & Bovine Reproduction ¯ ¯ Embryo Transfer & AI Services ¯ ¯ Digital X-Ray & Ultrasonography ¯ 81 Summerland Way New Park, Kyogle (Just past the Showground) 59 Doohans Road, Boorabee Park (Equine Centre) Email:

Tenterfield Vet Clinic Pip Bacon

With Mobile Equine Crush Equine Dentistry, Reproduction and Routine Services Phone:(02) 6736 2233 Mobile:0428 669 022 8 Clarence St, Tenterfield NSW Dr Pip Bacon (B.V.Sc) Dr John Brown (B.V.Sc) Dr Sue White (B.V.Sc) Dr Matthew Verri (B.V.Sc)

Dr Chris Livingston

Complete Veterinary Services including Equine Power Float Dentistry

And Associates

159 Gordon St, Port Macquarie

BVSc (Hons), DVCS

Ph: (02) 6583 1611


Equine Reproduction Centre KEMPSEY, NSW

For all equine reproductive services Mare Reproductive Preparation For Natural Service Or Insemination Agistment Under Veterinary Supervision Reproductive “Problem Mares” - Artificial Insemination Semen Collection - Perinatal Agistment CONTACT: Andrew Bennett B.V.Sc. Mitchell Edwards B.V.Sc. Shae Sullivan B.V.Sc. Kate Sollars B.V.Sc. BUSINESS HOURS Tom Graham B.V.Sc. Margaret Taylor B.V.Sc. Greg Dale B.V.Sc.

(02) 6562 7391

Australia is on fire with Large Animal Rescue presentations, information evenings and training courses scheduled until late November.

See Coming Events for dates through October and November or more details on their website







15th - 18th November 2012 Melbourne Showgrounds At its heart are astonishing life-size puppets, created by South Africa's Handspring Puppet Company, who will bring breathing, galloping, fullscale horses to life on the stage. WAR HORSE will have great resonance with Australians, not only because of Australia's connection to World War I, but also because the themes of land, loss and the ultimate triumph of friendship have always had a special place in the Australian psyche. At EQUITANA Melbourne, audiences will have the chance to see one of EQUITANA Australia is excited to announce that the stars of the the main characters of the show, “Joey”, the beloved horse of a boy amazing cast of performers and puppets of WAR HORSE will make an called Albert, who is sold to the cavalry at the outbreak of World War I appearance at the Melbourne event this year. and shipped to France. Joey is soon caught up in enemy fire, and fate takes him on an extraordinary odyssey, serving on both sides before The National Theatre of Great Britain and Global Creatures are thrilled finding himself alone in no man's land. But Albert cannot forget Joey to be bringing War Horse to Australia and the production will have its and, though still not old enough to enlist, he embarks on a treacherous Australian Premiere at the Arts Centre in December 2012. mission to find him and bring him home. Since opening in 2007, War Horse has gone on to win numerous prestigious awards including two Olivier Awards, five Tony Awards and Joey and Albert and the talented Puppeteers who animate the amazing four Outer Critics' Circle Awards and has been seen by over 2 million WAR HORSE character, can be seen on Saturday 17th of November as people worldwide. part of the Dressage Freestyle evening entertainment and also on War Horse is a remarkable tale of courage, loyalty and friendship. The Sunday 18th of November in the Family Entertainment Showcase. exhilarating story of a young man's journey to find his beloved horse Joey, against the backdrop of World War I, is an incredibly powerful So don't miss this incredible experience - tickets are selling fast! spectacle you need to see to believe. For more information visit

Bromac Aladar


Temperament - Excellent - Very Quiet and Cool yet very responsive under saddle Conformation - Excellent 15.2 HH -, a great looking horse from all aspects Movement - Extremely Agile Horse with Great Movement and Athleticism Progeny - Over 100 foals on the ground, all with looks and temperament like Dad

Breeding - By Yarranoo Stroller (deceased) by Star Black Minstril Out of Bromac Ebony by Peppys Doc Bar Q-59705

Peppy’s Doc Bar’s sire, Peppy San, and dam, Fizzabar, were both inducted into US Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame. Bromac Ebony’s maternal grandsire Bar Joe was by Dickie Bar Joe out of a Dell Mingo Mare.

Stud Fee: $880 including GST, LFG. Preparation of the mare for service including follicle test and scan after service to check the sperm arrived in uterus and again the next day to ensure the uterus is clean. Chilled semen available for $550 including GST. Plus shipping costs.

Enquiries / Bookings: Phone Oliver at EVDS (02) 6642 4700


High Street Gypsy Cobs Australia offer you the largest lineup of imported Gypsy Horse Stallions in Australia, from world renowned & champion bloodlines, as well as top shelf Gypsy Cobs for sale to the discerning breeder, families, enthusiasts, show & competition homes.

At High Street Gypsy Cobs, we are totally hands on & this is reflected in the wonderfully affectionate temperaments of our cobs. We only produce the finest Gypsy Cobs & Drum horses that definitely turn heads, keeping true to type with correct conformation, infallible temperaments, & proven bloodlines. We are proud to have some of the finest horses worldwide, with the widest choice of quality bloodlines in Australia. We have hand picked & imported our herd from around the world, carefully selecting only those who have it all. Each year we are producing our own home grown High Street youngsters that posses each of the attributes so sought after in the Gypsy Cob. 0433 453 998

Red Gums Thoroughbreds Stallion Station Special Breeders benefits for 2012 season include: Pick up and return of broodmares *Free *Free of Charge* Charge* Spelling for 60 days *Free *Free of Charge* Charge*



Canny Show


Redoute’s Show

Dixie Prospect

Stallions of Quality

Pure Theatre

2012 Fee


(Dixie Union - Tabheej)

$6,000 incl GST


(Canny Lad - Ladies’ Day)

$5,000 incl GST


(Lord Dane - Business Babe)

$3,000 incl GST


(Nureyev - A Goodlookin Broad)

$3,000 incl GST


(Redoute’s Choice - La Papaya)

$3,000 incl GST

Studmaster: Andrew Bell 0409 155 394

62 Walmar Road, Kootingal

Nominations: James Green 0403 098 738

Andrew Bell 0409 155 394

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