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Straight from the Horse’s Mouth Volume 7. Issue 1.

Autumn 2015

FEAR Is it holding you back? The HERD BOUND Horse MINIATURE HORSES



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Australian Champions Fed on Something Original

Photos courtesy of Aussie Platinum Photography.

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From The Editors Well it seems this issue has taken the direction of healing in some form or another and what better way to start a new Volume of Equine News for 2015.

Fear Is it holding you back

The Cover of this issue reflects healing in the sense of horses healing each other within the herd, this photo of 'Holace” grooming was captured by Jo Sheval of Holistic Equitation who has also written an article in this issue of her experiences involving horses healing humans. Read more about this on page 10-12.

How to Help Your................................................ Herd Bound Horse 8-9

On the other side of the coin featured on pages 18 & 19, we have a beautiful article by Julie Abrahams - Reiki for Horses who reminds us of the fact that horses are in need of healing too and it's not just all about us! Another article in this issue written by Annie Sorell of Your Horse Partnership brings the question of fear under the spotlight, offering us ways to recognise and deal with it so we can move forward and experience joy with our horses. In regards to horse health, Jane Clothier of Balanced Horse has contributed her thoughts on keeping your geldings equipment clean, both for his comfort and his well being. Jane reminds us that a 'bean' or as referred to in the article as a “cock rock”, can impair on hind movement due to discomfort (Ouch!!!) Read this article on pages 14-15.


Equine Facilitated Learning


Cleaning Your Geldings Sheath


“Tess” A Brumby Success Story


Healing Horses with Meditation


Miniature Horses


Area Map


Hoping you all enjoy this issue and we look forward to presenting our next Winter issue in June.

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Cover photo 'Mutual Grooming' taken by Jo Sheval -

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Are you passionate about horses? Is fear limiting your horse partnership? “Don't think about it”. “Get back in the saddle”. “Take some deep breaths”.

That's how we're told to deal with our fears. But what if that doesn't work? Annie Sorell from Your Horse Partnership on releasing fear to get the joy you want from your relationship with your horse.

Does any of this sound like you? - You get butterflies in your stomach when you are with your horse - You are anxious when you compete - You've taken time off riding because you're not enjoying it the way you used to - You blame your horse for some of your riding problems - You worry about what would happen to your children if you had an accident

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Fear might be the problem If you underperform in competitions, are unable to enjoy time with your horse or procrastinate about riding, then fear is possibly an underlying factor sabotaging your chance to succeed and enjoy your passion. It is sensible to have some caution around horses. They are large, powerful and sensitive animals. Our fear of falling is an innate, instinctive fear that we are born with. Respect for horses and appreciation of the risks and responsibilities associated with having horses is important. But our level of caution should be appropriate for the situation, the horse and our skill level. Caution enables rational engagement within your and your horse's limitations; fear blinds you and constrains you from enjoyment and success.

The Cost of Fear Fear triggers the flight, fight or freeze response, affecting our breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, makes us sweat, stops hormone secretion and suppresses our immune system and digestion. No wonder our horse senses it! Impact on your horse: fear is contagious and most riders are fully aware that their horse feels their fear and responds accordingly. We can have close, trusting relationships with horses. The problem is when our horse senses we are frightened it tends to trust us that there really is something to be frightened of! This effect, suspected by many for a long time, has now been proved by scientific studies. Competition: it can be frustrating to not perform as well in competition as you know you and your horse are capable of because of performance anxiety. Physical: fear can cause you to procrastinate about being with your horse and control what activities you do, such as not riding in groups, or not alone, or not outside an arena. It can affect catching, groundwork and floating. Emotional: when we feel fear we cannot feel love. Fear stops us having fun, relaxing, feeling free, being creative and feeling the loving, trusting connection with our horse that we want. Financial: sending our horse for training, buying a new horse, new gear, having lessons are ways that we attempt to deal with our fear. They are costly and probably wont work if your fear is a key issue. Personal: when we really love doing something, like horseriding, and are not able to enjoy it fully, our self confidence is undermined, which can have a ripple effect across our life. It can make us feel wrong to be spending time and money on our passion. us f find on facebook

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Autumn 2015

Causes of Fear Fear has a variety of origins. ~

Conscious and subconscious memories of past bad experiences, such as accidents or near accidents to ourselves and/or our horse. Most equestrians have had at least one bad experience at some time and have witnessed many others.


Messages from others at all ages, “You'll fall,” “Riding is dangerous, look what happened to so and so.”


Awareness of other responsibilities such as children to take care of, financial commitments, health and age related issues.


Patterns of feelings of anxiety in various areas of life that seem inevitable when riding.

Resolving fear You may have been told to deal with your fear by “getting back in the saddle,” “don't think about it,” “take some deep breaths.” I think of these as coping mechanisms and they can help. In my experience, what is more effective is to go to the origins, address the causes, release the associated fears and set you and your horse free from the past. Emotions have no sense of time or place. If we still carry the emotions of past traumatic experiences and messages they will be triggered when we are in a similar situation again. This is why our emotional response can seem “over the top.” We are not only feeling the fear of this incidence of the horse bolting, but residual fear from all the other times as well! Talking to emotions and saying “don't be scared” does not work because rational thought is not the language of emotions. A strong emotion will override logic every time. The language of emotions is feeling. Think how much better you feel after a good cry, ie, feeling the sadness. When we release the emotions it clears a space for us to think rationally. There are powerful mind/body techniques that are specifically designed to release the unwanted emotional charge around painful memories of experiences and messages we have received. Then when we are in a potentially frightening situation we only feel the fear of this time, not all the other times as well. Sally had a fear of horses bolting after experiencing it several times. We worked to clear her fears. A few months later she was riding a young horse and he tried to take off with her. She reported that where once she immediately would have been rigid with fear and unable to think, she was able to stay calm, decide how to respond and bring him back under control. She was thrilled with how empowered she felt!

Continued over...


Fear continued...

Fear free fun with your horse

When we have released outdated fears we can be fully present with out horse and what is happening in the moment. We can build a relationship that is based on confidence, calmness and connection.

Image by: Rachel Vercoe

I have seen people find confidence in competing, riding and floating using these techniques. Their horse does not need to be present!

You can expect: Confidence riding in competitions Improved ability of both horse and rider Freedom to do what you want to do with your horse Relaxed and joyful pleasure riding Accurate risk assessment Ability to choose appropriate actions Co-operative training

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You can learn more by visiting or calling Annie Sorell on 0401 977 645 for a free 45 minute consultation to discuss your needs. As well as being a Horse Partnership Mentor Annie has many years experience as a Registered Counsellor, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Horsewoman.

About the Author

Autumn 2015


How to help your herd bound horse Often referred to as being 'barn sour' or rushing home, the herd bound horse just wants to stay near the barn or get home and back to their mates as fast as possible. It can turn into a frustrating if not dangerous situation, especially if you're out on the trail and lose control when you head for home. Some horses display mild issues such as jigging, reefing on the bridle/ head tossing, or just speed up their pace, while others can buck or rear when held back. All they are trying to tell you is they would rather be back home with their friends, especially their best buddy. So aren't you supposed to be one of their best friends? Well, if your horse doesn't see you that way, there are many and varied ways to convince them that you do have their best interests at heart.

Spending more time doing friendly things away from the herd is a good place to start so the horse sees time with you as something special, not always hard work!

It takes a good relationship with your horse to have a relaxed trail ride together away from the herd Take them out for a walk to nibble on nice grass and other plants they don't have access to in their paddock. Catch and saddle them but just go out of sight from the herd and give them their bucket feed instead of riding. Take them to the round yard/arena for some 'treat (clicker) training' and finish with a nice grooming session. When you do go for a ride, stay within the horse's 'comfort zone' and work on gradually expanding that combined with positive reinforcement so your horse can learn to cope with being away from the herd. Remember to include some reward breaks for grazing and resting during your ride to strengthen the bond and trust you have - and to show your horse it’s not all about you - they are considered too! There are so many ways we can give our horses a good reason to enjoy our company, from grooming, to finding their itchy spots, feeding them and taking them out with a mate instead of insisting they go it alone. This is one of my favourite ways of exercising more than one horse at a time - I ride one and lead one. They then don't mind leaving the herd so much as the three of us become the herd that goes out to explore! My horses see going for a ride as a wonderful opportunity to see new places, find things to eat, and get a nice grooming session at the start and finish. It only takes a bit of practice in an enclosed area to teach a horse to lead another, and to get comfortable with the rope, learning to ensure it doesn't get caught up under your horse's tail. Its also helpful to teach the horse being led to keep its head level with your leg, or go behind on a long lead for where there are narrow trails or gates to go through. When starting out with leading like this, select two horses that get along well together and ride the more confident/dominant one - in most cases this works well although sometimes, the dominant horse can be less confident and be better off led!

If its not possible to take another horse out too and you have to go alone, here are some suggestions to help expand your horse's comfort zone so they learn that leaving the herd is not all bad.

“Holiday with your Horse at” Three Waters in the High Country For more details or to make a booking please contact your host Steve Langley.


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Autumn 2015

Deb in the USA sent in this strategy that worked for her 'barn sour' horse: “Today I placed three grain buckets in a triangle in a mile square field, and used the telephone poles to line them up so I could remember where they were. I walked her to the field, then hopped on, and rode her in a straight line towards the first bucket. Since she was walking away from home, it was a hesitant, drunken cowboy kind of walk to the first bucket. It helped me to have the bucket to focus on, so when Eclipse turned her head towards home, my focus stayed in the direction I wanted to go. She was pleasantly surprised to find food sitting in the middle of this field. I headed her to the second bucket, towards home but angled away, and she argued a bit more. Once she got the idea, she started relaxing. By the time I had started the fourth circuit, we were on a casual rein, and she was a million times better than when we started. Tomorrow I will do the same thing, and then gradually move the buckets further away from home, and even start putting the buckets along our usual trail ride. I just want to cruise down the trail and have a casual ride. I don't need all this drama, and I bet she doesn't either. This is a nice, calm way to help a horse through the anxiety of leaving home.” From here you could then carry your treats with you instead of having to continue putting buckets along the trail. A pocketful of 'horse trail mix' (sunflower seeds, oats, chopped carrot) will be a welcome treat when you reach various points along the trail. You can also use the treat rewards on the way home to reinforce good behaviour, and if it all falls apart, you know you've gone a bit too far out of your horse's comfort zone. When their behaviour gets dangerous or you simply don't want to put up with jigging, you can get off and walk if your horse has good ground manners. If your horse keeps walking too fast and passing you, simply yield the hindquarters so they end up behind you again, and keep walking. Pretty soon your horse will find it easier to stay with you, especially if you reward them with a treat for doing so.

Leading a horse out from another is a great way to work with herd-bound horses, and exercises two instead of one There are many more options for helping your herd bound horse - just doing a web search on 'Barn sour horse' or Herd bound Horse' will find thousands of pages and many varied suggestions from trainers worldwide. Some advice is good and some will only reinforce your 'do as I say' attitude (I'd rather a 'would you like to?' attitude), so here are a few I'd recommend for further reading: “Advice from Cheryl Sutor” “Advice from Cherry Hill” By Cynthia Cooper Cynthia Cooper has been around horses for over 45 years and competed in many and varied equestrian disciplines on horses she bred and trained herself. In the early 1990’s she qualified as a Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor, teaching in Australia and South Africa over a period of 10 years. Since leaving the Parelli system, Cynthia has studied with many other top horsemen and women, and explored most of the methods they offer. Now her interests are heading her towards more positive reinforcement methods of training horses.Cynthia has shared her interest and knowledge in all things natural for horses through her website and is now busy marketing her LightRider Bitless Bridle worldwide, along with other unique products in her

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f 9

For several years Holistic Equitation provided a program for the YMCA at one of Victoria's Youth Justice Centres. The program was designed to help the boys at the centre, aged from 18-21, who were in there for various crimes such as break and enter to murder. The aim was to help them become more aware of themselves, work in teams and highlight their leadership skills. However, the benefits became much more than this and was one of the centres most valued programs. Over the years we met many boys and formed a rapport with those who attended the program every time we were there. Most of the boys that we worked with had not even owned a pet cat or dog let alone be around a 550kg flight animal. Despite their mucho appearance many of them were terrified.

Equine Facilitated Learning

The morning usually started with a lot of elbowing, shoving and spitting as they pushed each other around trying to avoid being the first one to interact with the horse. Failing in front of peers was not an option for these tough guys.

“Offer the horse your state of mind and you will find your mirror�

Our first exercise involved simulations of being a horse to warm them up to the ideas and concepts of horse behaviour. This would allow us to watch and observe the personalities of the boys so we could be prepared for how we communicated and taught our instruction one on one.

~ Jo Sheval

The program involved 3 human facilitators and 3-4 equine facilitators which provided a variation in personality and style from us all. With 20 boys to work with over two days it was important to keep them engaged and focussed, easier said than done when dealing with predominant kinesthetic intelligence.

The horses were amazing, reliable teachers. It's important to note that a lot of work and preparation went into the horses before attending the centre to ensure they were ready and prepared. I also would treat the horses before, during and after with homeopathic walnut and rescue remedy to strengthen their energetic fields. Along with our own so we had a bit of extra protection.

Win a HorseOm Mothers Day GIFTPACK!!

The energy in the centre had a strong morphic field that you didn't want to take home with you. Over the years we worked with many boys and it's fair to say that most but not all had had a pretty rough start to life. There were many Maori boys and many who came from extremely low socio economic environments and education, also predominant was their involvement with drugs. What was very pleasing though is that they came to the horse with no expectation and no preconceived ideas about what would happen.

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They were blank canvases. This was perfect.

Autumn 2015

Whilst they started out feeling unsure about their ability by lunch time we always had to be ushering them out of the yard with the horse as they quickly grew in confidence, appreciation and love for our beautiful equine friends. Our different team of horses always attracted a certain type of personality in the boys and we believe that the horses had their own way of helping and working with the boys. Whilst there have been many stories and breakthroughs with the boys there are few stories that really stand out. Many of the boys put on persona's to fit in or find their place in an often hostile environment and this incongruency is something many horses will not tolerate, especially my number one mare “Bonnie” .

The Clown This one boy, a very tall, and thickly set Maori boy name Ted, had been the clown all day, a nice enough “Big Kid” who played the goof. It was Teds go to come in and ask Bonnie to walk beside him and to start some liberty games with Bonnie who in no uncertain terms made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him. I tried all the different physical cues to engage Bonnie with Ted but she would swing her head right around in a fury to face the other way. I could sense that this was triggering some emotions in Ted. I then sent my energetic feelers out to sense what it was that Bonnie was feeling and the images came floating across my mind like watching a movie........................ I saw Ted as a child in the middle of a big family feeling like he was invisible, feeling like he could not get the attention of his parents as there was too much competition........................................................................................ I can't explain why I get these visions, but I have learnt to go with them. I decided to get my daughter, Jessica who was facilitating that day to

entertain the others boys on the outside of the circle with some other ground work games as I worked one on one with Ted. I asked Ted to move away from Bonnie, I then asked him if he was a middle child of a large family and he told me he was. I also asked him if he felt like he was often not seen and the tears were welling up in his eyes as he acknowledged my question. I then explained that Bonnie wants to see the real him and not the clown he has been showing her all day. Ted was in awe, he could not believe that a horse could tell so much about him and so I asked him if he would be willing to do a little experiment to get Bonnie's attention and he agreed............................................................... Bonnie and I have been together for 14 years and I know how much she appreciates a congruent heart centred person. So I explained to Ted that we needed to shed the clown and find Ted.................................................. For such a large lad he was ever so gentle and accommodating. I asked him what his favourite thing was in life, what filled his heart the most with joy and he told me it was football.................................................... So I asked him to close his eyes and visualize himself playing football, I then asked him to feel that joy right through his body and pull it to the centre of his heart. I could see straight away his energy shift and his clown persona disappear. I gently asked him to open his eyes and come back to me. I then asked him to walk over to Bonnie with the intention that you are deserving of her company and with a heart now full of love and joy. He did and she hooked straight on, eager and willing and enthusiastically they both trotted at liberty around the ring, stopping and turning and having an amazing time. There was a polar difference in attitude by the both of them and the Joy on Ted's face was priceless. Continued over...


Equine Facilitated Learning continued... When they came to a halt, Ted came up to me in astonishment. He could not believe what had just happened and could not believe that his thoughts and feelings affect others, especially a horse. He left the ring and walked back to the centre shaking his head in disbelief the entire time.

Bottling Up Emotions Brad was another young man, an introvert that had been through the program over several years and he had a strong attachment to Bonnie. However, this particular day he was working with Tuff. Tuff is a 20 year old, retired camp drafting quarter horse, whose previous owner had drilled. Tuff relished in his EFL work and has been an absolute trooper over the years we have been at the centre. His impeccable attitude and reliability has made him a star member of our team. Brad has been one of our star students at the centre and his relationship with Bonnie was like something out of Romeo and Juliette. He loved her and had developed a beautiful kinship. Brads liberty and dancing skills with Bonnie was always a treat to watch. This one day though, whilst working with Tuff things got what appeared to be a bit hairy, Tuff put the wind up me for a moment and Brad. Brad was gentle, he had feel, sensitivity and timing something many of them lacked and something Tuff dealt with very well. So what happened this day had me asking much deeper questions.

Brad stepped into the ring with Tuff, patted on him, groomed him and made friends. Tuff seemed calm and at ease with Brad. Brad then asked Tuff to move out around him very politely and Tuff let loose double barrelling towards Brad who quickly got out of his way. I was shocked as over the 3 years Tuff had been working at the centre he had never shown such velocity towards anyone. Brad was taken back too as he was one of our more confident and skilled students. I knew that something was not right and I decided to tune into Tuff and ask him to show me what had happened. Straight away I felt that Brad was bottling something up. Emotions surrounding an argument he had had in the last 24 hours. It was recent, it was raw and it was emotionally painful. However, to look at Brad you would think everything was perfectly ok. I approached Brad who was a little shaken and asked him if he was bottling anything up. Was there something he needed to talk about and he said no. But my intuition told me otherwise. I pressed him again and said Brad, something has happened in the last 24 hours that has upset you and Tuff is trying to help you release it. So please think again. He lowered his head and I could feel the emotion welling up. He told me that he had had a big fight with his family the night before on the phone and that it was weighing heavy on his mind. Phew … there it was and there it was gone. I discussed with him that if Tuff really wanted to kick him he would have and what Tuff was really doing was reaching out to him, trying to help him shift that “Shit” out of his head as a gesture of love and kindness. Brad was overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude for Tuff and realized how amazing these horses are as teachers and mirrors of ourselves. Too often we think of a horse's action as negative or inappropriate. But I know Tuff and Tuff does not have a mean bone in his body so his double barrelling action was not an action of aggression, but rather a gesture of love towards Brad. That might be hard for some to swallow, I know, but you had to see it to understand that there was no malice in it and it brought to the surface a very painful and blocked emotion that Brad was hanging on to and was now able to release. It gave Brad a deeper awareness and understanding of himself and the horse and how important authenticity and congruency is in life. Jo and her Team at Holistic Equitation have spent years working with people and horses and have witnessed amazing scenarios of love, leadership and miracles. Horses offer so much more than what most people are willing to see and provide answers and healing to many of our daily challenges. There are many more stories to share but not the space to write them all here.

You can visit our website at

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EQUI MESH THE SAFE ECONOMICAL QUALITY HORSE FENCE u EQUI MESH’S soft steel allows for greater “give”. u EQUI MESH is an affordable fence which offers rigid yet flexible construction that makes it ideal for installation over rolling meadows or hilly terrain. u EQUI MESH’S superior strength and narrow mesh pattern are designed to withstand the most vigorous of equine antics with ease. u EQUI MESH’S heavily galvanized finish ensures long life with virtually no maintenance.

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Cleaning Your Gelding’s

Sheath !

“Check to make sure there are no prospective Boyfriends, elderly neighbours, or Brownie troops with a line of sight to the proceedings. Though of course they’re probably going to turn up unexpectedly ANYWAY once you’re in the middle of things. Prepare a good explanation”. Copyright - P Harris 1999

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The subject of cleaning geldings’ sheaths brings up some strong feelings about what is the right thing to do.


ne school of thought holds that you should never clean a sheath, as you kill ‘friendly’ bacteria in the process. However, look around any horse gathering and you will see that self-cleaning doesn’t always happen, not if the presence of yellowing flakes or, worse, lumps of dark gunk are anything to go by. The smell alone can be enough to convince you that whatever bacteria are present, they’re certainly not friendly . Why does this happen? One answer is that a gelded horse is no longer in its natural condition. Stallions rarely exhibit the same kind of problem, as the act of covering a mare effectively keeps everything clean. Yet it is not only this, as some geldings seem to be more successful in the selfcleaning process than others . If left uncleaned, geldings may get a swollen, infected sheath and need antibiotics to clear the problem up. Many will develop a ‘bean’. This is a pale, kidney shaped accumulation of smegma in a small pouch (the urethra fossa) just inside the urethra. Even regularly cleaned horses may have a hidden bean, so it is always worth checking. If not removed, these can develop to a large size and become painful . Jock Ruddock, founder of the Equine Touch, maintains that some cases of unidentifiable rear lameness can be attributed to a large bean. He even went so far as to remove a ‘cock rock’ (his term) when demonstrating on ahorse in front of an audience at Equitana. He removed another at the Windsor Royal Mews, although not in royal presence. So relax - if your horse has a bean, you’re in the company of some very top draw owners.

So how do you go about cleaning your gelding’s sheath... and what should you use? We can start by ruling out the hosepipe, as that approach is insensitive and unfair. The next thing to remember is that picking dried gunk off delicate skin can be annoying and painful. So warm water and a cleaning product are essential if you want your horse to remain amenable whenever you approach his nether regions. There are a range of products you can you use that will not destroy all the bacteria present or irritate sensitive skin. Check at the saddlery for commercial sheath cleansers. Some vets suggest using a gentle lubricant, which will help to soften and lift the dirt. . The most famous brand of lubricant, normally associated with human activities, comes highly recommended. Aqueous cream, available from most chemists, contains paraffin oil and can be rubbed in. Once it has softened the dirt, it can be rinsed out with (warm) water. Other suggestions are mild face soaps, betadine soap (an antibacterial skin cleanser), olive oil or aloe vera gel. Always rinse out any residue, so that you don’t cause irritation or over-dryness. It’s a good idea to wear latex gloves and use a sponge. This will prevent you from prodding fingers into an area where most males would definitely prefer not to be poked. If not wearing gloves, be careful of your fingernail length. But be warned, this smell clings to the skin, so wearing gloves could save you from odd looks in the supermarket queue. Try to transmit confidence as you work, but always be gentle and unhurried. The best time to do this job is after exercise, when the horse is pleasantly tired and relaxed. Never do it while your horse is waiting to go out or be fed, or while distracting events are happening nearby. A bit of grooming may help your gelding to relax and drop his parts. Sometimes, gently massaging the outside of the sheath can encourage him to let it all hang out, but check which neighbours are watching first. However, if your horse is reluctant to let you touch his equipment, you may need to adapt your approach. Fortunately, you canclean effectively even if the object of interest is withdrawn. Simply reach inside with your sponge and you can reach the worst of the dirt. After a few sessions, your horse will become less concerned by the process......................................................

Autumn 2015

If your gelding is likely to kick, stand well forward of his back legs, close to his body. If your boy is determined not to let you handle his tackle, don’t get into a fight or resort to tricks. This will only make him more distrustful next time. If really cant get near, ask the vet or dentist to do the job for you, while the horse is sedated....................................................................................

Should you notice signs of swelling or abnormal amounts of discharge, or if your horse never fully lowers his parts, always check with your vet, as something maybe badly wrong. An unpleasant discharge that can only be described as being like ‘cream cheese’ may even indicate the presence of tumours higher up, so do not delay.............................................................. As with all aspects of horse care, prevention is better than cure, so if you get into the habit of regularly cleaning your gelding’s sheath there is less likelihood of problems arising. He is going to look a whole lot better when in company too!

About the Author - Jane Clothier Jane Clothier is an equine bodyworker who is based in Armidale, where she is undertaking postgraduate research at the University of New England and CSIRO. Jane provides bodywork services in the Armidale region and in Coffs Harbour. Jane Clothier - Balanced Horse Ph: 0447 672 523

HOW and WHY the WTP Bit works. The jointed snaffle has been around for 5,000 years, and the problem is the centre joint folds to far forward into the tongue causing the nut cracker action and bit pinching. The other issue is at low contact the arms of a snaffle fold downwards, and the centre piece can go into the roof of the mouth causing roof rubbing, which can be painful. The other issue is the outer edges of the horses' tongue is thinner and more sensitive and when the arms of a jointed snaffle fold downwards they can cause the tongue to spread down over the lower bars the bone in front of the bottom teeth causing side pinching. The other issue is with a jointed snaffle the cheek rings fold tight into the lips and cheeks, and a horse does not need cheek pressure when working in a straight line which can aggravate the horse. The WTP bit the centre piece sits 50mm more back on the tongue, and the centre piece is enclosed and only 11mm high therefore, no bit pinching or roof rubbing. The 6.5cm flat service centre area under engineering tests reduces the bit pressure by 85%, and the arms do not fold down and only comes back to a certain point to prevent constant cheek pressure. Now you have the softest and most responsive bit contact in the world. The bit slides back on the tongue and down without any folding within the mouth. If a horse is not comfortable in the mouth, it can affect their whole-body flow movement causing them to sometimes be choppy in their action or not using their shoulders and hindquarters properly or rounding up. Imagine having a tooth ache it is hard to concentrate on your work your body will slump, and you won’t walk the same, and you won’t be happy.

ö Stops the bit pinching the tongue ö Stops the tongue hanging out ö Stops the tongue getting over the bit ö Stops roof rubbing and lip pinching ö Stops headshaking, pulling & bolting

ö Stops hanging, rearing & bucking ö Stops displacement of the soft palate ö Stops mouth opening & respiratory noise ö Amazing soft and responsive bit contact ö Improves performance & stops rein leaning

Further information visit:


From the BUSH of Aspley Gorge to the SHOW RING... Some thirty years later and a fortuitous relocation to Armidale saw a new family home on acreage with established horse facilities. The time and circumstances were right and Debbie got her horse !....................................



Success Story This is a story about one woman's journey with a Brumby horse named Tess When Debbie Barrett was ten years old she immigrated with her family to Australia from England. Debbie always wanted a horse and her father said that they would catch a Brumby in the Blue Mountains ! and in Debbie's words, “ Of course that never happened!”..

Australian Horse Academy Acupressure Workshops with Michael Sekulich Pressure points training....This is THE most natural way of teaching a horse to submit to get ready for a saddle and leg ques. Using pressure points will calm most nervy horses, they will pick their legs up and even place them on a stand for hoof work. It can also teach them to kneel.

Debbie was not terribly knowledgeable about horses at that stage and went to Harlow Park to learn to ride and participated in a Horse Performance Course. Debbie says that she loved this time spent learning and particularly working on the ground with horses............................................................. . 'Save the Brumbies' Rescue Organisation located in the region had just brought up the first mob out of Apsley Gorge. These horses had not been handled when Debbie got her chance to work with a few of the group and it included a filly she called Tess. Debbie loved this work and formed a strong bond with these horses especially Tess. Debbie relates how these Brumbies are not in the least aggressive but they are very wary of humans at first contact. Anxious and scared might be another way to describe their temperament to begin. Debbie and others halter trained this group, familiarising them with people and objects in their new environment and then endeavoured to find suitable new homes for them. There was no doubt that Debbie and Tess would continue their journey together....................................................................................... Debbie was given Tess for the work she had done with “Save The Brumbies and there was a thought that she might be pregnant. If so, at such a young age, the question was, would she indeed survive ?...................................... Whilst Debbie worked hard on groundskills with Tess, she never did have that foal. it was all about the good feed she was eating and a Brumby appetite that had given this illusion. This pony is drought resistant! Tess was a little cow hocked and slightly parrot mouthed but Debbie didn't care, she had found her calling................................................................................... Through regular barefoot trimming, Debbie was able to have some of the faults that appeared in Tess's hooves corrected and she then became very sound. Attending to Tess's teeth each year with regular dental checks has also benefitted her progress........................................................................ After Tess's concentrated groundwork, mouthing her was a simple task according to Debbie, “When I first put a bridle in her mouth I couldn't believe she didn't play up “....................................................................................... In the beginning Debbie tells how Tess would follow but wouldn't let you catch her in the paddock. This took some time to achieve easily. as Debbie says, “we have a lot of trust of each other now.” Debbie was the first to ride her and says, “I was nervous about this stage of Tess's training so we went out the back of the property in quiet surroundings and all went well. I rode a few more times then just let her be.” A year later Debbie had a kind and reputable trainer break her in properly. The guy loved working with her and commented favourably on her willingness to meet any task. Meanwhile, Debbie had been continuing the groundwork and entered her in Led classes at shows. Then one of Debbie's friends offered to train Tess and you could see she tried so hard to please. She went from strength to strength............................................................... Tess's first show was Bellingen and she came home with ribbons in every event. That became the pattern in every show and event that Debbie entered her in............................................................................................. . Someone suggested Debbie enter Tess in a dressage competition and so with only three practice sessions under her belt she did her first dressage test. only Prep B, but came 2nd with a score of 89..................................... From the bush of Apsley Gorge to the show ring, Tess has proven herself a worthy pony and has gone up against some fine horses this year, her first in the ridden classes....................................................................................... She has won Champion and Reserve Champion in Brumby Classes, Reserve Champion and place ribbons in Hunter Classes. she has also placed in every Hack Class and Dressage competition she has entered and even won the Camp Draft at Pony Club. Tess also won “Brumby of the Year 2014.

Ph: Michael Sekulich 0401 566 318 16 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Australia's Icon - the Brumby Horse proves it's unlimited potential, versatility and willingness to learn and please once again!!! Find more information on these beautiful creatures at

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Healing Horses with MEDITATION Create harmony and balance in your relationship with your horse through healing, meditation and spiritual connection. If we consider the evolution of the horse and their close association with humans over the centuries we can see that the role of the horse has progressed from work to pleasure and now moving into therapy work with humans. All over the world we are seeing horses coming forward as healers and teachers in various programs that utilise horses that help humans find peace, enhance quality of life, develop abilities, overcome challenges and get back into normal living........................................................................................................... There is little doubt that horses healing humans is a large aspect of where horses are heading. Horses are changing lives. When you consider the nature of the horse, everything we ask them to do for us goes against their very being. Essentially, we are asking them to change who they are, to go against their instincts when we ask them to partner with us in our work, or provide us with pleasure or support us in therapy work. We have taken them out of their natural environment, away from the structure and safety of the herd, housed them in stables, yards or paddocks, sometimes by themselves, we feed them unnatural diets, put saddles on their backs, steel in their mouths, iron on their feet, transport them around in a box, breed them, ride them, use them and move them on when they are no longer useful, and yet, they continue to support us and partner with us in all that we ask of them.

Work ‘n’ Country Gear

So, what are we doing to give back to horses? What are we doing for them to support them so that they can keep supporting us? Just think about it, horses support us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In return they need the same support from us. It's up to us to keep our horses comfortable and to ensure their health and wellbeing. Apart from good nutrition, vet care, dentistry, farrier work and proper saddle fitting, there are many modalities like acupuncture, massage, myofascial release, chiropractic, aromatherapy and energy healing such as Reiki that can support our horse's health and wellbeing. So, how can we make a difference in our world and that of our horse? Let's talk about Reiki.

All your clothing and footwear needs for the person on the land!

ŸR M W i l l i a m s ŸA k u b r a ŸD r i z a —B o n e ŸB i s l e y ŸK i n g G e e ŸH i - V i s W e a r ŸW r a n g l e r ŸT h o m a s C o o k ŸS c h o o l W e a r ŸC o r p o r a t e W e a r

Reiki is an energy healing that helps you and helps your horse. Like us, horses can become ill, injured, emotionally upset, stressed or traumatised, and like us, they can also benefit from Reiki.

Ph/Fax: (02) 6672 6283 74 Main Street, Murwillumbah, NSW 2484

DEAMER HORSE TRANSPORT Caring & Professional ANYWHERE BY ARRANGEMENT Ph: John Deamer 02 4957 4012 Mob: 0414 574 012 18 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

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Reiki is a meditative practise that promotes deep relaxation and supports the process of healing by balancing the energy of the body, mind and spirit. It also helps us to deepen our relationship with horses by creating harmony and balance through healing, meditation and spiritual connection.

It's a beautiful gift that we can give back. So instead of asking your horse what can you do for me today, ask your horse, what can I do for you today?

The nature of Reiki is pure balance. Whatever is out of balance, whether it's physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, Reiki will work to create balance, so when we offer Reiki to horses we don't have to know what's wrong, we don't have to direct the energy anywhere, we are simply there as a channel to facilitate an opportunity for the horse to heal. So in essence, when we offer Reiki to horses we aren't 'doing' the healing, we are creating a healing space for the horse and helping him or her to find healing within themselves. Reiki supports horses in so many ways. It supports them on an emotional, spiritual, mental and physical level. As well as promoting deep relaxation, signs of physical and emotional healing can be seen, behaviours such as cribbing and windsucking can lessen, flexibility can improve and injuries can show signs of improvement. Stress levels are reduced, the mind becomes calm, and, in turn, calms the body. When we offer Reiki to a horse one of the first signs of response will be of relaxation. The horse may lick and chew, you may see a softening of the eye, and he may lower his head, breathe deeply, yawn, or even fall asleep. As we go deeper into our own meditation, our energy becomes more stable and the flow of healing energy becomes stronger. The deeper into relaxation we go, the deeper the horse will go. In this quiet space of meditation, we begin to connect on a much deeper level, we develop a new level of understanding of our relationship and we become more in tune with the needs of our horse, more able to 'listen' to what he or she has to say. Every aspect of our relationship improves as our bond deepens, and we begin to experience a sense of oneness with the horse. Through meditation, we bring a healing of our own mental state. When we invite our horse to share Reiki with us, we bring peace and harmony, healing and balance to our relationship.

Equine Reiki Courses are held throughout the year at the Clarendon Forest Retreat. Nestled between the Manning Valley and Forster in the Kiwarrak State Forest, NSW, this stunning country property is set over 1000 secluded acres offering plenty of space to relax and enjoy the serenity of this magnificent property, it's the perfect location for you to immerse yourself in a very unique and life changing experience, learning to create harmony and balance in your relationship with your horse through healing, meditation and spiritual connection. For course times and information visit Contact Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571 –

SAVE TIME & MONEY With Gutzbusta SLOW FEED HAY NETS Great for managing laminitic or IR horses! þ Simulates grazing þ Reduces choke þ Reduces boredom þ Recommended by vets þ Reduces stable vices þ Reduces hay wastage

Available in mini, small, medium, large and round bales sizes. Slow feeder nets reduce hay wastage from trampling, mud, soiling and being blown away. Able to hang anywhere, safe and durable and easy to fill due to wide opening. Also available from our online store: ThrushEze Hoof Powder, Black Heeler seedy toe treatment, Bellotta rasps and steel brush hoof picks. T

NEW Salt Lick in a net! Himalayan Rock Salt Lick with net, the perfect Hard Rock mineral supplement for horses, designed for easy hanging.


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The Australia - United States Connection

American Miniature Horses No stranger to Australia, the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) has partnered with the Independent Miniature Horse Registry (IMHR) to mutually promote the American Miniature Horse to all Australians. The AMHA and the IMHR are breed society's devoted to the preservation, protection and promotion of the breed. They are each membership organizations, but the Miniature Horse comes first above all other activities and philosophies.

Beside the height restriction, the American Miniature Horse can have the conformation, structure and movement commonly observed in the larger horse breeds. So, it is possible to have an American Miniature Horse that resembles the Arabian, the Morgan and even the Australian Stock Horse.


Variety of Colors

The American Miniature Horses were selectively bred in the United States, the breeders used only animals with the best qualities to produce future generations of the breed. These animals are not dwarfs or other genetically inferior animals, but truly selectively bred horses whose roots can go back to pony breeds and small full size horses.

The American Miniature Horse can be any coat colour, from solid bay and chestnut to leopard and blanket appaloosa, from golden palomino to piebald and skewbald. The wide range of colours adds more owner appeal, as many breeders strive to selectively breed for colour as well as quality conformation.

International Interests The American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) has been registering Miniature Horses for over 35 years and enjoys a global reputation for registering quality horses in over 30 countries. American Miniature Horses can be found in Australia's neighboring country New Zealand. The largest number of members and breeders of the American Miniature Horse Association outside of North America can be found in Australia. And as you might imagine, the population of American Miniature Horses in Australia is only second to those found in North America. The American Miniature Horses imported from the United States have been used effectively with established breeding programs in Australia to improve the domestically bred Miniatures.

Height Breed So, what is a Miniature Horse? It has been defined by the AMHA as a horse in miniature, not exceeding 34 inches in height. Sometimes a Miniature Horse is described as a “big horse in a small package�. The American Miniature Horse has the same qualities of breed type and conformation as found in its larger counterparts.

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With cooperation and support from the Independent Miniature Horse Registry (IMHR), the American Miniature Horse can be seen at select equestrian events and shows all over Australia. The events and shows can be found from Queensland through New South Wales into Victoria and over to South Australia. The American Miniature Horses are exhibited at agricultural shows, state all breed shows, the Royal Shows, and special events like Equitana Sydney and Equitana - Melbourne.

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Purchase Tips‌ 1. Establish that you have the locale to properly care for the animals. 2. Carefully research the uses of Miniature Horses, and how they fit into your life style. 3. Establish a budget for purchasing a Miniature Horse. 4. Recognize there are selling price differences based upon pedigree, level of training, age, reproductive status, show results and overall quality. 5. Don't be afraid to 'shop around' to learn more about the breed and the sellers. 6. Attend Miniature Horse events and shows and observe the activities, engage owners in conversation, and expand your knowledge about the breed. 7. When appropriate seek professional assistance to assess quality in the selection of a Miniature Horse. 8. Consider the advice of a veterinarian to examine the horse for assessment on the Miniature's health status.


Horse Wraps


A revolutionary product to help you to keep your horse or pony cool, they remove the heat from the affected area then cool the horse. Easy to use. No need to freeze, they hold their temperature up to 3 times more than ice or water and all you need is a bucket of water. Kool It Wraps can be used overnight to prevent swelling, often this is a problem for showjumpers and eventers. Convenient, safe and easy to apply. They can be hydrated with both cold and warm water and are fantastic for reducing inflammation and swelling. Handmade in Australia from full 100% cotton drill. Suitable for all horses - custom made to fit with a wide range of colours available. Widely used in all disciplines.

9. When talking with the seller, ask to examine the certificate of registration, verifying the horse is registered in their name. 10. Be sure to obtain a bill of sale at the time of purchase, listing the horse's registered name, registration number, physical description, age and gender.

Don'ts‌ 1. Purchase a horse off the internet without first physically examining the horse, regardless of location. Have a trusted professional examine the horse if you cannot inspect the horse. 2. Expect to return a Miniature Horse once you have completed the purchase.

Always Remember - Buyer Beware

For More Information on How You Can Become an Owner of American Miniature Horses Contact:

American Miniature Horse Association 5601 South Interstate 35W Alvarado, Texas 76009 Ph; 001 817 783 5600 The AMHA office is in the Central Time Zone. 15 hours time difference from Sydney.

Kool it products are available as a Horse Wrap Boot, Horse Head Wrap, Rider Neck Tie, Rider Vest, Rider Number Holder Rider Neck Ties are available in White for Dressage. 121 Henry Street, Greensborough, Vic 3088 Visit us at: or Phone Jill: 0403 273 638



For the Australian Connection Contact:

Independent Miniature Horse Registry 2459 Currawang Road, Currawang New South Wales 2580 Ph: 02 4844 6393 Email: Leanne Williams AMHA Director Australia

Coming Events: Annually in March/April- IMHR Championship Show Tamworth, NSW Annually in September/October

AMHA World Show

l Bandaging is not necessary. l Minimizes scarring and promotes healing in the treatment of cuts and wounds. l Helps protect from gross contamination and invasive dirt from entering the wound. l 2 Year expiry. Available from Produce Stores, Saddleries & Veterinarians Ph: (03) 6356 0170 E: TRADE ENQUIRIES:Animal Supplies - (02) 8868 8600 AIRR - (03) 5821 0922


Using Fat to Fuel Top Line, Condition and Performance. By Dr David T Wood BVSc, MRCVS on behalf of Horsepower Feeds & Supplements

There are three energy sources for mammalian cells; protein, carbohydrates and fats. Of these the most energy dense is fat. Protein can be converted to energy where other sources are deficient which is why we see muscle wastage in cases of starvation, but the process is inefficient. In horses the primary energy source is carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates such as starch and sugars are digested efficiently mainly in the small intestine whilst the more complex ones in fibre are broken down and converted to short chain fatty acids by microbes in the large intestine which, though slightly less efficient, is a major source of the energy supply for horses. Traditionally carbohydrates from forages and grains were the main dietary


ver a decade ago researchers began feeding fat to horses and studying the effects. The results were positive in several respects and fats either in for form of vegetable oils or high fat products like rice bran slipped into common usage as an alternative “cool” energy source. The “cool” concept stems from the fact that fat digestion generates far less waste heat than digestion of carbohydrates, especially fibre and also because it is perceived to have less effect on temperament when compared to grains which are regarded as “heating”. Fat contains around 3 – 3 ½ times as many mega joules of energy per kilo as grains. In moderation fats are well digested and tolerated by the horse's digestive system. However, a period of adjustment by the gut is necessary to adapt and fully utilise the energy from fats and this takes around four weeks, so the results are not instantaneous.

“Lucerne, sunflower and soy are generally used to boost protein quality”

. At a cellular level, fat works by providing energy via a different metabolic pathway from the normal one which uses the energy storage product glycogen in muscle cells. Glycogen is an energy store somewhat like starch. Starch stores energy in plants and seeds, glycogen in mammalian cells, particularly muscle cells. If some energy is being provided by fats then the demand on glycogen to release its energy is reduced. This has two effects, firstly reducing the amount of fatigue generating lactic acid in the muscle, and by helping to preserve some glycogen, enabling a faster recovery from hard work. There is a limit to these beneficial effects and for working horses a good proportion of energy coming from fat seems to be about 10% beyond which the fat is not so well digested or utilised. In racehorses on high grain diets there is a fine line between providing enough energy to fuel muscle development and performance, and overdoing energy intake which can lead to a range of negative effects such as Tying Up, digestive disturbances related to starch overload and insulin resistance. Using fat can reduce the reliance on carbohydrate energy, principally from starch and sugars, and provide some safety margin . Conditioning a horse refers to the process of building body mass, preferably as muscle and requires muscle growth stimulation via stressing through exercise, combined with the provision of energy to support the workload, and protein to enable muscle cell division and growth. The protein needs to be of good quality with adequate amounts of essential amino acids, particularly Lysine the lack of which can limit growth and cell division. Supplementary feeds such as Lucerne, sunflower and soy are generally used to boost protein quality. Fat can play a useful role here by boosting energy intake relatively safely as compared to grain and a variety of high fat manufactured feeds have been developed to fill the niche.

“Apart from glycogen the main energy store in mammals is fat” Of course, the other side of the energy equation is storage. Apart from glycogen the main energy store in mammals is fat so any surplus energy which is not used for work or glycogen will wind up being deposited in the animals fat stores. Two of these storage sites are on the crest and tail head as well as along the back line. Hence a horse with a well developed “Top Line” has some fat deposits in those areas as well as muscle development. The fat deposits tend to reduce lean muscle definition by rounding out the profile and the appearance “hardens off” as a horse undergoes training, losing fat and building lean muscle. In broodmares it has been known that optimal fertility is gained when the mare is gaining weight and condition at the time of breeding. The use of fat to provide an energy boost in the run up to the breeding season has some merit here too, especially for skinny dry mares and those wet mares which have lost condition during lactation. Again, a conditioning period of 3-4 weeks is needed to reap the full benefits.

“Trainers and vets used anabolic steroids to help promote the development of muscle tissue” In years gone by trainers and vets used anabolic steroids to help promote the development of muscle tissue in equine athletes (as was also done with humans). Undesirable side effects have led to this practice declining and indeed being outlawed, though other alternatives such as peptides and hormones have been substituted to some extent. One naturally occurring plant sterol called Gamma Oryzanol has been used extensively in horses for its lean muscle building properties. Whilst less potent than the old synthetic testosterone based anabolic steroids it does not seem to suffer from their negative side effects . Horsepower has recently combined Gamma Oryzanol with a high fat content extruded supplement in a new product called “Top Up” designed to provide the benefits of both fat and Gamma Oryzanol in safely developing lean muscle mass and condition whenever these effects are needed. Top Up not only provides the fuel but directs it towards where the athletic horse most needs it, developing muscle. Logical really!

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ACDS VIC, State CDE Championships, Victoria Park, Inverleigh - Ph/Fax: Margie Morgan 03 5030 2593 ACDS VIC, Skye Park Rugs Victoria Driven Dressage Championships, Huntly, Vic - Ph: 0403 195 482 ACDS VIC, “Drive / Ride for a Cure”, for Juvenile Diabetes Research - Ph: Sue Healey 0412 798 224 ACDA NSW, Level 3 CDE, Joe Hawkins Cup, Marrar grounds - Ph: Chuckie Radnedge 0413 953 414


13-15 20-22 26-2nd


Wild West Cutters Inc, Derby, Classic & Ch/ship Show, Mudgee, NSW - Ph: 02 6373 6508 Northern Rivers CHC, Championship Show, Killarney Qld - Ph: Sam 0400 494 315 / 02 6664 7253 April National Cutting Horse Assoc National Finals, AELEC, Tamworth, NSW - Ph: 02 6765 9356 Snafflebit / Futurity - NCHA Breeders Incentive Show Equestrian NSW Horse of the Year Show, SIEC, Horsley Park, NSW - Boneo Park Autumn Dressage Championships, Boneo, Vic - Ph: Lizzy Schmirmer 03 5986 3006 Dressage & Jumping with the Stars, WPNEC, Werribee, Vic - Ph: Sue Mon-Thur 03 9013 0707 Ex 100 Show Horse Council Grand National Championships, SIEC, Saxony Road, Horsley Park, NSW Ph: Leonie 0412 570 103 - E: - Show Horse / Showman, Interschools, Pitsworth Showgrounds, Qld - Ph: 07 3891 6611


7 7-9 14-15 22 21-22 21-22

Upper Corindi NSW, Intro to Endurance, 40/20 - Ph: Megan Matters 0427 001 694 Landsborough, Vic, 80/40/20/5km - Ph: Julie Woods 03 5349 2718 Williams Valley NSW, Sat, 10/5 & tie, Sun, 80/40/20/10/5km - Ph: Lyn Dillon 02 4996 5549 Bumbaldry NSW, 80/40/20km - Ph: Linda Jonkers 0407 663 314 Denison Creek,C/Qld, “Our Retreat Ride”, 20/40-60E/80 - Ph: Wendy Eiteneuer 0427 543 509 Buchan Tall Timber, Vic, 100 elevated,40,20km - Ph: Susan Gill 03 5156 8657


7-8 7- 8 7-8 14-15 16-29 21-22 21-22 21-22

Warwick Horse Trails, One Day Event, Morgan Park, Warwick, Qld - Ph: Richard 0429 637 499 Tonimbuk, Vic, One Day Event - Ph: Jacqui Smith 0400 158 230 Scone, NSW, One Day Event, CNC3,CNC2,CNC1,EvA105, EvA95,EvA80,EvNSW60 - Ph: 02 6747 3887 NSW, Wallaby Hill Equestrian Extravaganza - Ph: Vicki Burgess 02 6747 3887 Jumping with the Stars, WPNEC, Werribee, Vic - Ph: Cindy Morrison 0417 527 531 Berrima One Day Event, CIC2,CIC1,EvA105,EvA95,EvA80,EvNSW 60 - Ph: Vicki Burgess 02 6747 3887 Figtree Pocket Equestrian Club One Day Event,CNC2,CNC1,EvA105, EvA95,EvA80 - Ph: 07 3891 6611 Wandin One Day Event, Includes CIC Classes - Ph: Heather Dines 0409 355 304


6-8 21-22 26-28 26-29

Helmet Hiders

Dare to be Different

Designer Silks & Helmet Covers For All Disciplines Also Available From Selected Retail Outlets

Phone: (03) 97567737


Find us on


EVENTS 2 -22



2 -24 13-16 21-22 21-23 27-30

Mel Fleming, Realise the Magic of Horses,4 Week Module (You can do 1,2,3 or ideally all 4 weeks) “Alchemy Place”, Moonbi, NSW - Ph: Mel 02 6760 5519 - 0428 385 745 - Tanja Kraus Horsemanship, Colt/Start Intake - Ph: 0412 592 033 Ken Faulkner Australian Natural Horsemanship, 4 Day Savvy, Tallebudgera, Qld - Ph: 07 5533 8401 Tanja Kraus Horsemanship & Timing, Glenreagh, NSW - Ph: Tanja 0412 592 033 Ken Faulkner, Australian Natural Horsemanship, 3 Day H/manship, Howlong, NSW - Ph: 0427 778 556 Ken Faulkner, Australian Natural Horsemanship, 4 Day Savvy, Narre Warren, Vic - Ph: 0447 656 028


7 14-15 18-22

Ellerston Polo Club J.D. Macleod Cup, NSW - Cont: Sue Finn Millamong Polo Club D.J. Volvo Cup, NSW - The Morton Cup (open handicap) and NSWPA 8,4,0 & sub zero grades -


15 21 21

PCA Qld, Open Pink Ribbon Day, Park Ridge, Qld - Ph:0435 776 116 PCA Qld, Open Showjumping, Caboolture, Qld - Ph: 0497 107 769 PCA Qld, Open Oldies Fun Day, Maroochy, Qld - Ph: 0438 250 079


12-14 21 23-3rd 28

VRHA, Victorian State Championship & Southern Derby, WPNEC, Werribee, Vic - Ph: 0419 139 066 QRHA, Show & Ribbon Day, QSEC, Caboolture, Qld - Ph: Lynda Gray 412 479 340 - April NSWRHA, Third Affiliate Qualifier, Horseworld Stadium, Moralya, NSW - Ph: Tony 0416 279 026 GVRHA, Training & Coaching Day, Tatura, Vic - Ph: Wendy Star 0427 801 787 -

6-8 6-9 11-15

19-21 21

10th Welsh National Show, Tatura Park, Vic - Ph: Janet Evans 03 5766 2283 AQHA State Show, WPNEC, Werribee, Vic - Ph: AQHA 02 6762 6444 - 2015 Independent Miniature Horse Registry (IMHR) National Show, AELEC, Tamworth, NSW Ph: IMHR 02 4844 6393 - Fax: 02 9475 4671 - E: - 2015 Australian Appaloosa Championships Futurity & Classic Event, AELEC, Tamworth, NSW Ph: 02 6765 7969 - - Rug Rack Pony of the Year Show, SIEC, Horsley Park, NSW - Ph: Melissa McVeagh 0414 908 573 2015 National Pony of the Year Show, SIEC, Horsley Park - Ph: 03 5941 3288 - Fax: 03 9541 2248


SEQ Team Penning Ass Inc, Round One McGuire Buckle Series - Ph: Sylvia 07 5464 6177

7 7-9 15 20-22 22

Richmond River Trail Horse Riders Cl meet 3rd W/end of Month Feb to Nov - Ph: Judy 02 6663 7289 Logan River Redlands H T R Cl Inc, Red Rivers Club Ride - Jimboomba Qld - Ph: Tony 0432 401 525 Trail Riders of Victoria, Snake Island 3 Day Ride, Snake Island, Vic - Ph: Athra 0416 147 492 Lake Macquarie Pack & Trail Horse Riders, Neath, NSW - Ph: Erin Marney 0419 900 898 Illawarra H T R Inc, Taralga trail Ride - Ph: Christine 0438 571 280 Dayboro Trail Riders Cl Inc, Ride, Dayboro, Qld - Ph: Graham Bailey 0418 833 110

8-9 15 15 28 28-29

North Coast Western Riders Cl, Hawthorne Pk, Sth Grafton, NSW - Ph: Alison Latter 0417 488 520 Darling Downs Western Performance Cl Inc, “A “Show, Toowoomba, Qld - Ph: Tim 0498 141 313 East Coast Appaloosa, Paint & Western Performance Ass, Show, Wauchope, NSW - Ph: 02 6587 1228 Young A & W B Ass, Magnificent March Show, Young, NSW – Ph: Steve Jackson 0431 841 865 Burpengary Western Performance Cl Inc, Fun Day & “B “Show, Burpengary, Qld - Ph: Sue 07 3888 4434

14-15 15 22 22 29

Clarence Valley Working Equitation Cl, Comp, Hawthorne Prk, Sth Grafton, NSW - Ph: 0421 358 373 Mudgee District Working Equitation, S/GROUND, Mudgee, NSW - Ph: 0427 741549 FEDWEQ, Practice, Evans Prk Equestrian, Freemans Ranch, NSW - Ph: 0405 979 665 Working Equitation Hawkesbury to Hunter, Ourimbah, NSW - Ph: 02 4372 1688 Camden Equitation Inc, Bicentennial Prk, Mulgoa, NSW - Ph: 0407 734 148

7-8 11-12 14-15 14-15 TBC 17-18 21-22 26-27 28-29 24-27 30-31

Double Dan Horsemanship, 2 Day Clinic with Dan Steers, Moulamein, NSW - Ph: Daz 0429 803 105 Double Dan Horsemanship, 2 Day Clinic with Dan Steers, Mt Rowan, (Ballarat) VIC - Ph: 0429 803 105 Double Dan Horsemanship, Ground Control & Ridden Clinic Plus SHOW, Mt Rowan - Ph: 0429 803 105 Mark Langley Equine Ability, RDA, Bathurst, NSW - Ph: 0417 200 411 - Mark Langley Equine Ability, Blue Mountains, NSW - Ph: 0417 200 411- Double Dan Horsemanship, Ground Control & Ridden Clinic, Little River, VIC - Ph: Daz 0429 803 105 Double Dan Horsemanship, Ground Control & Ridden Clinic, Cranbourne South, VIC - 0429 803 105 Double Dan Horsemanship, Ground Control & Ridden Clinic, Boralma, VIC - Ph: Daz 0429 803 105 Double Dan Horsemanship, Ground Control & Ridden Clinic Plus SHOW, Boralma, VIC - 0429 803 105 Equine Reike Level 1, Gatton, Qld - Ph: Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571 - Equine Reiki Level 2, Gatton, Qld - Ph: Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571 -


Grafton Select Campdraft & Horse Sale, South Grafton, NSW - Ph: Ray Donovan 02 6643 4411






Go with the best, go with a heritage brumby. Horses available for adoption. Armidale NSW. Ph: (02) 6655 2224 Email:

North Coast Western Riders Club

The club with something for everyone

Located at Hawthorn Park, South Grafton. Monthly All Breed, Performance Shows and training days. Web: Facebook: “Ncwrc Grafton”.

APRIL All dates are subject to change




NSW - 6 Jerraw, 10-11 Wauchope, 14-15 Kempsey Cnt Nth Coast National, 15-19 Gunnedah, 17-18 Macksville Nambucca 17-19 Bathurst, 17-18 Banalbo, 19 Woodenbong, 21-22 Maclean, 24-25 Moree, 24-26 Hawkesbury Dist. Qld - 10-11 Dalby, 10-11 Nanango, 11 Dirranbandi, 11 Gayndah,11 Baralaba, 17-18 Kilcoy, 18 Mt Perry, 18 Goombungee-Haden, 20-21 Wandoan, 25 Tambo, 26 The Caves, 26-27 Monto. Victoria - 12 Orbost, 29 Wodonga.


5 11 12 18 18-19 19

Outback Barrel Horse Circuit, Augethalla Showground, Augethalla, Qld - Ph: Joelene 0428 513 658 Cloverleaf Cruisers Dual Affiliated Event, Vic - Ph: Kate Eather 0427 165 359 Moonbi Magic Barrel Racing, Showground, Moonbi, NSW - Ph: Kimberley 0403 694 770 Gippsland Barrel Racing, Vic - Ph: Michelle Peters 0428 781 939 Outback Barrel Horse Circuit, Longreach Rodeo Grounds, Qld - Ph: Joelene 0428 513 658 Turn & Burn Southern Derby Classic, NSW - Ph: Vicki Schiller 02 6928 4530 - 0429 170 560


3-5 5 5 11 11-12 17-18 18 18-19 25-27

Geurie Golden Bit Campdraft - Ph: Kerin White 0417 280 066 Einasleigh Rodeo, Qld - Ph: Jennifer Wishart 07 4062 5134 Woolbrook Campdraft, Walcha, NSW - Ph: Neville Henry 02 6777 5906 Attunga Rodeo, NSW - Ph: Zoe Fox 02 6760 8020 Walcha Campdrafters Campdraft, Walcha, NSW - Ph: Lacey Latham 0427 482 313 Dungog Campdraft & Rodeo, Dungog, NSW - Ph: Carol-Ann Cummings 0429 182 369 Tumut Rodeo, Tumut, NSW - Ph: Bruce Mc Gruer 0427 449 194 Bingara Care For Kids JNR Campdraft, Bingara, NSW - Ph: Sonia Coombes 6764 7147 Trangie Campdraft, Trangie, NSW - Ph: Fiona Lander 0400 916 820


4-6 11-12 18-19 18-19 25-26

AUSTRALIAN CARRIAGE DRIVING CHAMPIONSHIPS, Greenvale, Vic - Ph: Margie 03 5030 2593 Horse Power weekend, Ariah Park, NSW, Ph: Sharon Beatie 02 6973 1924 Level 3 Combined Driving Event incorporating Level 4, Moonbi, NSW - Ph: Liz O'Brien 0427 766 726 Caboolture Cl, Muster / Training, All ACDS members welcome, Ph: Sherylyn Crisp 07 5497 4588 NSW Anzac CDE Level 3, Bundanoon - Ph: Dot 02 4842 7164 or Chuckie 0413 953 414


3-5 18-19

Peel Valley CC Easter Bonanza - Ph: Nadean McKenna 02 6777 1116 A.H. Capella Cutting Assoc, Show, Bridgerman Park,Undercover Arena, Qld - Ph: 07 4958 8044


3-5 9-12 11-12 12 12 17 19 19 24-26 26

Dressage Unravelled, QSEC, Caboolture, Qld - Ph: Sharon Harvey 0411 836 890 2015 Australian Young Riders Dressage Ch/ships, WPNEC, Werribee, Vic DNSW, Event OC+, P-GP, Clarendon - Ph: Karen Lever 02 4576 7996 - NCEC, Breed & Hack Show, Nana Glen, NSW - Ph: 02 6654 3472 TVEG, Official & Club Event, Prep to Advanced, S/gr Murwillumbah, NSW - E: 2014 QLD STATE DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS (Rescheduled), QSEC, Qld - Ph: 07 3891 6611 Dressage Challenge, WPNEC, Werribee, Vic - Ph: 0488 880 226 AHAA Open Official Dressage Competition, Tatura, Vic - Ph: Pam Edwards 0407 510 489 2015 MASTER GAMES, WPNEC, Werribee, Vic - Ph: 03 9013 0707 - Anzac W/end, Show Horse Hack Show, Beaudesert, Qld - Ph: 07 3891 6611 -

3-5 3-6 3-6 18-19 24-26 4-5 4-5 4-5 11 11-12 18-19 18-19 18-19 25 25

NSW, Homewood Memorial Ride, 160/80/2x40,3x40(mini marathon)/2x20 - Ph: Jennifer 0427 764 107 Qld, FARAWAY EASTER CARNIVAL, 320/ 120 mini/2x80/3x40/20 - Ph: Sue Jones 0411 407 047 Vic, Easter @ Eddington, 160 elevated,100,40, 20km - Ph: David Reeves 03 5583 3289 Qld, Boonah, 20/40/80-100 E - Ph: 0438 467 970 - E: Vic, EMU Cup, Toongabbie, 80,40,20km - Ph: Fiona Prestage 03 5662 3756 Vic, Brigadoon CIC - Ph: 03 9013 0707 - Kooralbyn Equestrian Group, One Day Event - Ph: 07 3891 6611 - Albury, NSW, CIC3* CIC2*, CIV1*,EvA 105, EvA95, EvA80, EvA60 - Ph: Vicki Burgess 02 6747 3887 Queensland Show Jumping Cl, April Gold Cup - Ph: 07 3891 6611 - NSW, Mid Western One Day Event CIC1, EvA105, EvA95, EvA80, EvNSW60 - Ph: Vicki 02 6747 3887 Equestriad CIC3, CIC2, CIC1, EvA105, EvA95, EvA80, EvNSW60-45 - Ph: Vicki Burgess 02 6747 3887 Vic, Camperdown CIC - Ph: 03 9013 0707 - Yepoon Horse & Pony Club One Day Event - Ph: 07 3891 6611 - NSW, Wingham 1 Day Event CNCI, EvA105, EvA95, EvA80, EvNSW60, EvNSW45 - Ph: 02 6747 3887 ANZAC Weekend Country Training & Showjumping, Tamborine, Qld - Ph: 07 3891 6611



2-7 2-6

Co-taught with special guest presenter Sandra Wallin - 3 days of clearing the subconscious beliefs that may be hindering your horsemanship (and your life) followed by 3 days of horsemanship coaching by Mel Fleming - Ph: Mel Fleming 02 6760 5519 - Ken Faulkner, Australian Natural Horsemanship, 5 Day Supercamp, Maldon, Vic - Ph: 03 5439 7397

EGOA Tiny Tots Western Wear Range Sizes 000-1

and the

EGOA Rope Range. All available on our website now!

A natural holistic approach to horsemanship through understanding their Mind, Emotions, Body & Spirit Courses ~ Lessons ~ Saddle Fitting ~ BALANCE Saddles

Ph: 0428 385 745 E:




14-16 24-26 25-27

Tanja Kraus Horsemanship, Kids Clinic, Glenreagh, NSW - Ph: Tanja 0412 592 033 Ken Faulkner, Australian Natural Horsemanship, 3 Day Savvy Course, Geelong, Vic - Ph: 0418 540 770 Tanja Kraus Horsemanship, 3 Day Advanced* Horsemanship, Glenreagh, NSW - Ph: 0412 592 033

3-5 4 11-12 11-12 18-19 26

NSW Polo Assoc, Easter Tournament - NSWPA International vs New Zealand - Sydney Polo Silver Cup 6, 2 & o goals, NSW - Email: Tanya Orobello - Mount William Cup, Vic - Millamolong Ashton Memorial Tournament, NSW - Windsor Annual Polo Tournament, 6,2,0 & sob zero, NSW - www,

10-12 17-19

Australian Junior Classic, Albury, NSW – Ph: PAA 1300 363 722 Warwick Carnival & Barastoc Interstate Polocrosse Series – Ph:


10-13 11-12 18-19

2015 PCAQ State Jumping Equitation & Sh/jumping Champ, Sh/gr, Charters Towers 07 3216 1255 PCANSW State Sporting & Campdraft Champ/ships, Show/gr, Coonamble - Ph: 02 4229 8977 PCANSW State Dressage Championships, (location to be advised) - Ph 02 4229 8977


4-5 11 25 26-27

SQRHA, Club Ribbon Day, Gatton Indoor Eq/Ctr, Gatton, Qld - Ph: Chris 0407 856 786 RRHA, Show, CSU Equine Centre, Wagga Wagga, NSW - Ph: Hayley 0424 055 566 NSWRHA, Reining on the Plains, 4th Affiliate Qualifier, Dubbo, NSW - Ph: Tony Mitchell 0416 279 026 QRHA, Ribbon Show & Clinic - Equestrian Centre, Burpengary, Qld - Ph: Lynda Gray 0412 479 340


1 Miniature Horse Assoc of Aus Inc, 2015 National Show, SIEC, Horsley Park, NSW - 0418 821 100 10-18 AQHA, Q15 National Show, AELEC, Tamworth, NSW - Ph: AQHA 02 6762 67444 17-19 2015 Queensland State All Welsh Show, Sh/ground, Toowoomba, Qld - Ph: Christine 0412 671 412 18 Shire Horse, National Show, SIEC, Horsley Park, NSW - Ph: Peter 03 5627 8350 18 OPOB Open Dressage Ch/ships, WPNEC, Werribee, Vic - Cont: Chris - 25-26 Andalusian Horse Assoc of Australia, National Ch/ships, SIEC, Horsley Park, NSW - 02 4844 7071 25-26 Arabian Gala Event, QSEC, Caboolture, Qld - Ph: Shannon 0422 677 998 - 26-2 May 2015 PHAA National Show, AELEC, Tamworth, NSW - Ph: 02 6884 5513 30-17 May Scone & Upper Hunter Horse Festival -


11-12 12 19


Upper Hunter Team Penning, (Date & Venue TBC), Ph: 0427 289 131 - Tamworth & Dist Team Penning Assoc Inc, Event to be advised - Ph: Lisa 0407 434 361 PVTP, Arena Sorting, Tamworth, NSW - Ph: Debby Stocks 0409 446 815

19 26

Richmond River TRC, NSW, meet 3rd w/end of month Feb to Nov - Ph: Judy 02 6663 7289 Bouldercombe THR Cl, Easter O/night Camp Out, Ubobo, Qld - Ph: Paul 0416 147 493 Lake Macquarie P & THR, Gundy, NSW - Ph: 0419 900 898 - Illawarra HTR Inc, Sussex, NSW, Ride/ Camp - Ph: Christine 0438 571 280 - Kilkivan Great Horse Ride, Kilkivan, Qld - Ph: Cheryl 07 5484 6058 Crackin Cancer Inaugural Event, Dayboro, Qld - Ph: Marshall 0411 840 797 Lake Macquarie P & THR, TBC, NSW - Ph: Erin 0419 900 898 - Dayboro Trail Riders CL Inc, Club Ride - Ph: Graham Bailey 0418 833 110


4-5 5 19 26

North Coast Western Riders Cl meet monthly, Hawthorne Prk, Sth Grafton, NSW - Ph: 0417 488 520 Burpengary WP CL, “A” - “B” Shows, Burpengary, Qld - Ph: Sue Hartshom 07 3888 4434 Central Coast RAC Club Il Cadore Indoor Arena, Somersby, NSW - Ph: Jodie Nicholls 0427 487 944 ECAP&WP, Show, Wauchope, NSW - E: Donna - - Gatton QHP Assoc, “A “ Show, Gatton, Qld - Cont: Trish Wright -


5 18



3-5 3-6 10-12 10-12 11-18

26-27 4-7 11-12 13-15 29 4-6 9-12 10-11

Mudgee Working Equitation, H2H Training Day, Mudgee, NSW - Ph: 02 6374 2957 Clarence Valley Working Equitation, Training Day, Nana Glen, NSW - Ph: Chris Fowles 0421 358 373 or Rosemary Hunter - 0407 918 596 - FEDWEQ, State (TBC), siec, Horsley Park - E: - Mark Langley Horsemanship Clinic, Wauchope, NSW - Ph: 0417 200 411 - Mark Langley Horsemanship Clinic, Bangalow, NSW - Ph: 0417 200 411 - Mark Langley Equine Ability, Private Lessons, Bangalow, NSW - Ph: Jenny 0417 200 411 Introduction to Reiki - 6pm-8pm (free), CWA Hall, Little St, Forster, NSW Ph: Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571 - Dave’s Stampede Horse T/Riding Muster, Mt Colliery - Ph: 0437 720 862 Man From Snowy River Festival, Corryong, Vic - Ph: 02 6076 9922 Toowoomba Challenge & Campdraft 2015 & Yearling & Broodmare Sale - Ph: 07 4637 3000

BALANCE Saddles Allow horses to move with biomechanical correctness and reach their full athletic potential. World renowned for their comfort for horses and riders. Dressage, General Purpose and Jump style saddles are available and they come in many models to accommodate a vast array of horses. English BALANCE saddle The “Xtreme dressage saddle” M: 0428 385 745 E:


“What’s available and Where to get it!”

MAY All dates are subject to change




Online Directory



NSW - 1-2 Grafton Clarence, 1-2 Narrabri, 2-3 Orange, 2-3 Gosford Region, 2 Bourke, 5 Yeoval, 9 Warialda, 8-9 Cobar, 9-10 Bellinger River, 9-10 Walgett, 9 Wellington, 10-11 Nyngan, 12-13 Gilgandra, 15-17 Dubbo, 15-17 Wee Waa,16-17 St Ives - Nth Suburbs, 16-17 Coffs Harbour, 23 Gulargambone, 30-1 May Bulli, 30 Warren. QLD - 1-2 Barcoo, 1-2 Wallumbilla, 1-2 Goondiwindi, 2-3 Eidsvold, 3 Rocklea, 2-3 Sth Burnett (Kingaroy), 3 St George, 4-5 Taroom, 7-9 Roma, 8-9 Barcalding, 8-9 Mundubbera, 8-9 Marburg, 9 Crows Nest, 11-12 Theodore, 11-12 Mitchell, 14-16 Charleville,14-16 Gympie, 15-16 Callide Valley,15-16 Boonah, 17 Biggenden, 17 Brookfield, 17 Ipswich, 19 Miles, 19-20 Alpha, 21-22 Fraser Coast, 22-23 Chinchilla, 22-23 Capella, 22-23 Esk, 23 Cunnamulla, 23 Isis ( Childers), 26-27 Clermont, 27-29 Bundaberg, 29-30 Maleny, 29-30 Lowood, 29-30 Springshaw, 30-31 Gin Gin, 29-31 Hughenden. Australian Barrel Horse Association - - National Barrel Horse Assoc - 2 Mt Garnet Rodeo, Mt Garnet, Qld - Ph: Rachel Strang 07 4097 0056 2-3 Willawarrin Campdraft, Willawarrin, NSW - Ph: Sharon McIver 0429 823 389 8-15 Big River Campdraft, Grafton District, NSW - Ph: Karen McLennan 02 6649 3265 9 Scone Rodeo, Scone, NSW - Ph: Celie Nolan 0400 301 797 9-10 Walgett Show RODEO, Walgett, NSW - Ph: Heidi Mackay 0429 924 560 16-17 Baradine Campdraft, Baradine, NSW - Ph: Emily Tanner 02 6843 6214 16 Branxton Rodeo, Branxston, NSW - Ph: Tracy Moore 0403 595 257 16-17 Macleay Challenge Campdraft, Kempsey, NSW - Ph: Michelle Wilson 0427 544 693 23 Gulargambone Show Draft, Gulargambone, NSW - Ph: Marina Colwell 0428251 463 23 Real Deal Rodeo, Southern Zone, NSW - Ph: Tami Tribe 0412 618 946 2-3 King of the Ranges, Murrurundi, NSW - Ph: Peter Honeyman 02 6767 1555 3 Gold Coast Club, Qld, GCHCC Show featuring Fancy Dress - Ph: Robin Burren 07 5533 8239 9-10 NSW Pleasure Drive Weekend, Glenreagh, NSW - Ph: Rowena Walker 02 6657 1433 10 Range Club, 3 Phase Event, Goombungee Show Grounds, Qld - Ph: Wendy Petrie 07 4630 8792 16-17 Caboolture Club, Qld Dressage Training/ Competition Weekend - Ph: Sherylyn Crisp 07 5497 4588 30-31 NSW, Level 3 CDE, Cones & Dressage, Bundanoon - Ph: Yvonne Wood 02 4883 6859 30-8 June NSW, Gulgong Heritage Drive - Ph: Chris Hills 0428 292 777


National Cutting Horse Association - 26-7 June NCHA Futurity, AELEC, Tamworth, NSW - Ph: 02 6765 9356 - E:


3 7-9 16 17 21-24 - - SHCAust Inc, Gosford Show, Horse Program, Gosford, NSW - SYDNEY CDI * * *, SIEC, Horsley Park - Ph: Krystyna Pollard 0406 693 735 - EV Show Horse, Indoor 2, WPNEC, Werribee Vic - Ph: Katie McMahon 03 9013 0707 Ext 108 VDC Dressage, WPNEC, Werribee, Vic - Northern NSW Hack Championships, Lismore, NSW - Ph: Libby Went 02 6628 0262

2-3 8-10 9-10 16-17 23-24 30-31

QERA/NRZ, Tenterfield, 1x40, 80-100E - Ph: Caroline Windle 02 6736 4612 Vic, Moyston CFA, 120 Elevated,80, 40, 20 - Ph: Sioux Reid 0418 563 294 Qld, Rockybar (Eidsvold), 20, 40, 80-120E - Ph: Peter Williams 07 4165 0858 NSW, Mudgee, Ray Gooley Memorial Ride, 80, 40, 20 - Ph: Mette Sutton 0400 308 626 Vic, Mirboo North, 20, 40, 80km - Ph: Fiona Passarin 03 5672 2788 Qld, Blackbutt, 40, 80 - Ph: Colleen Shaw 0438 467 970

2-3 7-9 9-10 9-10 16-17 16-17 22-24 23-24 23-24 23-24 30-31

Toowoomba ODE - Cont: Janet - E: SYDNEY CIC/CCI, SIEC, Horsley Park - Ph: Toni Venhaus 0418 686 781 - Friends of Ballarat Horse Trials, Vic - Ph: Viv Stephens 0448 313 429 - REA Wagga NSW - Ph: Toni Venhaus 0418 686 781 Naracoote Horse Trials - Ph: Melissa Richardson 02 9391 4000 - Quirindi NSW - Ph: Toni Venhaus 0418 686 781 NCEC, ODE, Nana Glen, NSW - Silver Hills, NSW - Ph: Toni Venhaus 0418 686 781 EV Show Jumping Y/R, Sh/Jumping Arena, WPNEC, Werribee, Vic - Ph: Annie (Mon/Tues) 03 9013 0707 Woady Yaloak Horse Trials -Ph: Liz Sayers 0408 585 919 - Burpengary ODE -Ph: Gary Bryce 07 3888 3761 -

9-3 9 9 -10 23-24

Mel Fleming Horsemanship, 5 Day Course Intermediate/ Advanced, Nana Glen, NSW - Ph: 02 6760 5519 Ken Faulkner, Australian Natural Horsemanship, 14 Day Supercamp, Esk Qld - Ph: 0427 732 394 Tanja Kraus Horsemanship Clinic, Confidence, Tallebudgera, Ph: Tanja 0412 592 033 Tanja Kraus Horsemanship Clinic, Liberty, Glenreagh, NSW - Ph: Tanja 0412 592 033




EDMANIA E F Caboolture

“Your one stop feed shop” OPEN 7 DAYS

(07) 5495 1961

Equine Phone: (02) 6772 6816 Fax: (02) 6772 7518 Chiropractor A/H (02) 6775 2534 Mobile: 0400 684 799 0448 797 586 Ph: 0428 615 018 Email: Servicing the Mid North Coast 156 Miller Street, Armidale NSW 2350

WE WASH HORSE RUGS AND SADDLE BLANKETS TOO!! Shop 1/54 Beerburrum Rd, Caboolture, Qld 4510 Your Complete Laundry and Linen Hire Service

Ben Lockhart

& New England Areas ABN: 39 466 829 287

Over 30 Categories



EGIONAL R , L A C O e. Your L STATE guid IA wide! R E T N I d n L a STRA inesses AU s u B g in ic Serv

Ph: (02) 6653 6403 Mob: 0422 235 933



23-25 26-28 30-31

Mel Fleming Horsemanship, Introductory 3 Day Workshop, Bathurst, NSW - Ph: 02 6760 5519 Mel Fleming Horsemanship, Intermediate 3 Day Workshop, Bathurst, NSW - Ph: 02 6760 5519 Tanja Kraus Horsemanship Clinic, Feel & Timing, Wauchope, NSW - Ph: Tanja 0412 592 033

2-3 9-10 16-17 23-24

NSW, Arunga Polo Club Tournament,6, 2 & 0 goals - E: Adam Tolhurst - NSW, Muswellbrook Cup at Scone Polo Club - NSW, Hector King 8 goal & Windsor Autumn 4 & 0 goal - NSW, Riverlands Ladies Tournament -

2 9-10

NSW, Inverell Carnival - Victoria, State Championships, Casterton, Vic - Ph: 1300 363 722 -

2 2-3 3 9-10 16-17 23-24

PCANSW, Regional Showjumping, Young, NSW - Ph: 02 4229 8977 - PCVIC, Horseland State Dressage & Showjumping Championships, Rosedale Racecourse Res Ph: Val Armstrong 03 8628 7777 - - PCAQ, Teams Sporting Challenge - Zone 1, Hendra, Qld - Ph: 0411 418 349 - PCANSW, Regional Equitation, Location TBC - Ph: 02 4229 8977 - PCANSW State Jumping Equitation Ch/ships, Hawkesbury S/GR, Clarendon, NSW - 02 4229 8977 PCANSW, Regional Dressage, Location TBC - Ph: 02 4229 8977 -


2 5 9-10 9-10 16 30

GVRHA, Show, Tatura Park In/Arena, Tatura, Vic - Ph: Wendy 0427 801 787 - NSWRHA, Affiliate Qualifier, Horseworld, Marayla , NSW - Ph: Tony 0416 279 026 - SQRHA, Club Ribbon Show, Gatton Indoor Eq/Ctr, Gatton, Qld - Ph: Chris 0407 856 786 QRHA, Qualifier Show, QSEC, Caboolture, Qld - ph: Lynda Gray - 0412 479 340 - RRHA, Show, CSU Equine Centre - Ph: Hayley Crossingham 0424 055 566 - VRHA Autumn Rein & Shine Reining Show, WPNEC, Werribee, Viv - Ph: Lyndon Hale 0415 545 567


26 April - 2 May The 2015 PHAA National Championship Show, AELEC, Tamworth, NSW Ph: 02 6884 5513 - E: - 30 April - 17 May Scone & Upper Hunter Horse Festival, NSW - 2-3 Clydesdale & Heavy Horse Field Days, Showground, Gatton, Qld - Ph: Dianne 07 5465 8857 3 SWAAPC “A” QH & APP Show, S/gr, Grenfell, NSW - Ph: Jenny 02 6978 1629 3 Australian Pony SB Soc Western Pr/Group Foal Show, Ballarat, Vic - Ph: Kylie 0429 353 567 8-16 2015 Australian Stock Horse Society National Show & 2015 Fountain of Youth Sale, AELEC Tamworth, NSW - Ph: 02 6545 1122 - - Ph: Landmark 02 6765 5211 10 Australian Pony SB Soc Regional Pr/Group Foal Show, Warragul, Vic - Ph: Anne 03 5633 1604 17 Australian Pony SB Soc N/East Pr/Group Foal Show, S/gr, Wangaratta, Vic - Ph: 0400 403 607


2-3 10 16-17 23 23-24

Upper Hunter TP, White Park, Scone, NSW - Ph: Kellie 0427 289 131 - Tamworth & Dist TP Assoc Inc, Moonbi, NSW - Ph: Lisa 0407 434 361 PVTP, 2 Day Social / Charity Event, Tamworth, NSW - Ph: 0409 446 815 SEQ TP Assoc Inc, Round Two McGuire Buckle Series - Rosewood, Qld - Ph: Sylvia 07 5464 6177 Valley TP, Branxton Rodeo Grounds, Branxton, NSW - Ph: 0499 212 862

1-3 2-3 15-17

Richmond River TRC, NSW, meet 3rd w/end of month Feb to Nov - Ph: Judy 02 6663 7289 Maryville Saddle Tramps Inc, Ralph Wait Memorial Ride, Maryville, Vic - Ph: Jamie 0447 608 899 Bouldercombe THRC, W/end Ride & Camp, Hanrahan's Crossing, Wycarbah, Qld - Ph: 0411 294 975 Illawarra HTR Inc, Marulan, NSW - Ph: Christine 0438 571 280


3 10 16-17

North Coast WRC, Meet Monthly, Hawthorne Prk, Sth Grafton, NSW - Ph: Allison Latter 0417 488 520 South Western A & A Breeds PC Inc, “A” QH &A PP Show, Grenfell, NSW - Ph: Jenny 02 6343 2927 Burpengary WPCI, “B”, Burpengary, Qld - Ph: Sue Hartshom 07 3888 4434 - Darling Downs WPCI, “A” Show - 2x”A” Show (Possible AA) - Ph: Tim McIntyre 0498 141 313



Clarence Valley W/ Equitation. Training, Eq/Ctr, Nana Glen, NSW - Ph: Chris Fowles 0421 358 373


2-3 TBC 4-7 14-15

Mark Langley Horsemanship Clinic, Hunter Valley Eq/Ctre, NSW - Ph: Jenny 0417 200 411 Mark Langley Horsemanship Clinic, Glenworth Valley - Ph: Jenny 0417 200 411 Equine Reiki level 1, Clarendon Forest Retreat, Forster, NSW - Ph: Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571 Equine Reiki level 2, Clarendon Forest Retreat, Forster, NSW - Ph: Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571


Scone & Upper Hunter Horse Festival Charity Rodeo, White Park, Scone, NSW - Ph: Jade 0429720 092

9 -10

Scone & Upper Hunter Horse Festival, Equestrian Vaulting Competition, Scone, NSW - Ph: 0429 947 015





Valley Country Australian countr y lifestyle

CATERING FOR ALL YOUR HORSE NEEDS for the Inverell & Surrounding Districts

Lay By’s & Gift Vouchers Welcome

Pam & Jodie Ph:(02) 6722 1229 Email: 141 Byron St, Inverell NSW 2360

Saddler y & Countr y Clothing Outfitters

For all of your Equestrian needs from Pony Club, Showing to Racing 02 6643 2311

100 Queen St Grafton NSW 2460


7-9 May 2015 Sydney International Equestrian Centre, Horsley Park

THE SYDNEY CDI Australia’s Premier Dressage Event Ryan seeking historic seventh win at Sydney CDI***

“Certainly there is a group of Australians now that can seriously claim to be able to train horses to Grand Prix and ride a Grand Prix test without a mistake,” he said. “That’s a big benchmark to have met.” “The CDI is the most likely event in Australia to have foresight in terms of bringing the most influential judges and officials to bear. “That’s really critical, especially bearing in mind that the sport tends to be so subjective. We have to be exposed to the best operators in the world, digest what those people have to say about our performances and use that information to guide our progress.” “It is an accuracy game at the top, and the Sydney CDI brings the most accurate information we get all year to the competition arena, and as top competitors the accuracy of that information is critical.”

Heath Ryan will be looking to secure an historic seventh win in the Grand Prix Freestyle event at this year’s prestigious Sydney CDI***. More than 200 competitors from around the country and overseas are expected to travel to the Sydney International Equestrian Centre at Horsley Park from May 7 to 9 for Australia’s premier dressage event, vying for $44,000 in prize money................................................................................ The Sydney CDI is one of the few events in Australia that features an international ground jury from Prix St George level right through to Grand Prix, and the feature event – Saturday night’s Grand Prix Freestyle to Music – is shaping up to be a sell-out yet again.

But the event isn’t just about the old hands, with Australia’s future equestrian stars competing in the CDI-Y, or Under 21 Grand Prix competition.” Riders under 25 will compete against each other in the Under 25 Tour, and the NSW Young Horse Championships will also be held over two days culminating in an exciting final on Saturday. Jumping will also be held on Saturday, with Young Horse Jumping competitions for four, five, six and seven-year-olds outdoors during the day, and a knock-out accumulator stakes held in the indoor on Saturday night before the Grand Prix Freestyle. The Sydney CDI will once again feature a popular shopping area with a wide range of products from arena equipment, arts and crafts, and accessories to the best in tack and riding apparel.

Ryan has confirmed he will compete his magnificent black stallion, Regardez Moi, in the Grand Prix Freestyle event, defending the title the combination took out in 2014.

School Tours are offered on Thursday and Friday, where school children get to go behind the scenes, visit the stables and riders and learn about the sport. . Passes are available for the entire event, and local pony clubs and adult riding clubs are most welcome to enquire about group bookings.

Ryan has lifted the Grand Prix Freestyle trophy six times - more than any other rider in the event’s 22year history – with four of those wins achieved on board Regardez Moi.

The entire event will conclude with the everpopular Sydney CDI Apres Party in the indoor arena, where all are welcome to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of Australia’s elite equestrian scene.

“Regardez Moi is getting older and it’s only a matter of time before he has to retire, but in the meantime he is getting better and better and winning more than he’s ever won in his whole life,” Ryan said of the 19-year-old.

The Sydney CDI is renowned for its hospitality in the Top Spot Marquee, where patrons can enjoy the event in style.

“He’s won over 50 Grand Prix, and I think that’s the most winning Grand Prix horse ever in Australian history.

VIP tickets are available daily, and on Saturday night tickets are available for the popular evening dinner where patrons get to watch the jumping and the Grand Prix Freestyle while enjoying a fantastic three course meal with Wild Oats wine.

“But it’s always about doing better than what you’ve done before. So for me it’s really exciting but it’s a race against time, and I think everyone else is just wondering when will it end?” Eight judges will travel from Germany, the USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Belgium, South Africa and France to assist their Australian counterparts during the competition, which Ryan said was Heath Ryan and Regardez Moi following their record win in the important for local riders to gauge how they are Sydney CDI Grand Prix Freestyle to Music in 2014. The progressing in terms of global standards. combination will defend their title in May.

For more information about the event and ticketing visit the website:

New EQUINE NEWS AND TRADE SERVICE DIRECTORY Online Directory Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

32 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Autumn 2015


Horse & Country TV Goes Live in Australia! Horse & Country TV, the award winning international TV channel devoted to equestrian sports and lifestyle, has now gone live in Australia. The network offers a lively mix of top international sport, behind the scenes shows with leading trainers and personalities from the equestrian sector, and compelling documentaries on travel and adventure, food, farming and country living. The channel is presently available on Fetch TV for Optus, Dodo, iiNet and SlimTel customers, where it is being offered as an à la carte option for $7.95 (AU) per month. The Channel will also be rolling out on other Fetch TV partner networks in the coming weeks and is actively pursuing other distribution opportunities. Further announcements in this regard will be made in the future. H&C TV CEO, Ms. Heather Killen, says that H&C TV is working to broaden the platforms on which the channel will be offered, to make it accessible over the internet and on mobile devices as well. The Company also plans to make the channel available through mainstream television platforms in the future. The dynamic team at H&C TV (UK) has been busy putting together an amazing schedule of programs for Australian audiences. The line-up includes: FEI World Cup Jumping, Dressage and Driving series, FEI Nations Cup Showjumping competition series and FEI Equestrian World magazine series, The Global Champions Tour, At Home with Carl Hester, Carl & Charlotte: Dressage Superstars, Extended coverage of Badminton Horse Trials 2015, Backstage Pass with Monty Roberts, Parelli Horsemanship's Amazing Grace, Chris Cox Horsemanship, Yard Talk and H&C Masterclass featuring equestrian stars such as Boyd Exell and Sam Griffiths, and Vet Essentials. There will also be special features such as: Inside the Spanish Riding School, Rudall's Round-Up: Shire Horses, Wild Horses in the Canadian Rockies, Equitrekking and the Kentucky Derby Diaries. Other titles include: Around the Dog World, Farming Sunday and Drive Thru Australia. In addition to its international content, H&C TV plans to develop and acquire local programming and will produce an Australian version of its successful equestrian magazine show format. They have engaged Frazzica Productions Pty. Ltd. (Melbourne), to be their Agents for the new Australian channel. CEO Ms Killen, says “it makes sense to be working with an Australian based team who know the market and have far reaching contacts within the country's equine sector. This will ensure that the channel maximises communication around the channel and obtains the best spread of local content”.

For more information and to follow H&C TV (Aus) news visit:- The Australian website The Australian Facebook page

Coomera Romeo’s Reflection 15HH HH Liver Chestnut ASH Reg # C2-153570 Great Grandson of Warrenbri Romeo. Out of Abdul. AQHA Registration pending.

Service Fee $750.00

eflection foals at 2 m o’s R ont e m hs Ro

+ Agistment & Vet

Michael Sekulich 0401 566 318 34 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Autumn 2015

Condamine Rivoli Glen Great temperament great conformation Champion working horse Rivoli Glen has been shown successfully in led, ridden and working classes, having won the Novice Working Horse at the ASH National Show at Albury in 2002. He has had a remarkable campdrafting career placing in a Maiden, Novice, Open and Ladies Draft all on th same weekend. Progeny winning futurities - winning & placing in campdrafting.

Son of Yallatup Rivoli Rex Yallatup Rivoli Rex won l 42 open campdrafts l 25 working classes l Multiple Supreme Champions at Sydney Royal.

Service Fee $880 (inc GST) LFG

Bookings: Northern NSW Contact DJ Hendren: 0407 473 600 Bookings: Victoria Contact Mat Holz - 0417 409 029 or Tristan Holz - 0400 816 072 Australian Livestock Artificial Breeders, 105 Chambers Rd, Modella Victoria 3816. Email:


CRACKIN' CANCER AT DAYBORO TRAIL RIDE 11th - 18th April From 2015, Crackin' Cancer will be expanding its number of annual weeklong horse trail rides from two, to three, the extra one being at Dayboro, QLD. There is no doubting the fact that cancer is becoming more and more prevalent. Most families in this country have felt the devastating effects of cancer, first hand, so much so, that we now find ourselves with our backs to the wall. It seems as though we have arrived at a point where we each have a moral obligation to participate in the war against this disgusting, debilitating disease.

DATES: Official dates for this ride will be - Arrival Saturday, April 11th and the departure date, Saturday, April 18th. Rides will take place on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be a “lay day”.

Thankfully, medical researchers are making inroads into earlier diagnosis, improved treatments and cures, however they are in desperate need of more funding in some important areas.

RIDES: The rides will average around twenty five kilometres. They will traverse the scenic countryside to the north west of the township. Some of the beautiful scenery encountered on the rides, will no doubt be appreciated by the riders.

Crackin' Cancer stages events to raise much needed funds that will allow those medical researchers to go on cracking more of those elusive cancer codes.

WATER AND SUPPLIES: There is plenty of water on site. Arrangements for the provision and purchase of hay are in place.

Crackin' Cancer has a well established working relationship with the Cancer Council and directs funds from our trail rides, into cancer research, via the Cancer Council.

SELF CATERING: Apart from a free “Welcome Dinner” on the night of Saturday, April 11 and a free “Goodbye Dinner” on the night of Friday, April 17, it will be a “self catering event”.

Crackin' Cancer's motto is “Research Is The Answer - Funding Is The Key”. How true that is. The two annual weeklong horse trail rides to date, have been the Cumberland HTRC/Crackin' Cancer ride, which was held at Scone, but has since been relocated to the Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains and the Three Waters High Country Holidays ride at Glen Innes which is in October. WHERE IS DAYBORO? Dayboro sits up in the coastal hinterland, just north of Brisbane. Dayboro is a pleasant town. It somehow resembles those beautiful country towns of a bygone era. This event is based out of the Memorial Showgrounds, 3512 Mt Mee Road, Dayboro, QLD 4521. CAMPING AND FACILITIES: The headquarters for the ride will be the Dayboro Showgrounds. There are showers and toilets, kitchen facilities, ample powered camp sites and plenty of yards. Showers and toilets available.

COSTS: There will be a ride cost of $200. Out of that $200, you will receive a "Welcome Dinner" on Saturday night, April 11 and a "Goodbye Dinner" on Friday night, April 17. Apart from that, individual riders will be responsible for their own supplies and cooking. Volunteers will make daily runs into Dayboro to pick up supplies for riders. Camping fees per vehicle/float per night, is $10. There is plenty of water on site. Arrangements for the provision and purchase of hay are in place. Insurance: For insurance purposes, riders will need to become members of Trail Riding Australia. Trail Riding Australia will cover both the Dayboro ride in April 2015 and the Three Waters ride at Glen Innes, in October 2015.

To Contact Trail Riding Australia: phone Jill Batty, Secretary: 0437 237 969 - or - email:

Phone: President, Marshall Fittler on: 0411 840 797 Secretary, Bev Stanton on: 0433 960 332 Email: Email:

Pee Wee Bit

Sales and trade enquiries phone: 0407 852 910

The most comfortable and responsive bit you will ever put in a horse’s mouth Find us on Facebook f

36 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Autumn 2015

GET READY FOR THE ENDURANCE SEASON! Upper Corindi 40km Training Ride and 20km Social Ride Saturday March 7 2015

Come to our 40km training and 20km social ride and enjoy an amazing variety of stunning terrain. Get your horses fit for the season ahead! Upper Corindi is a scenic ride through hilly terrain with State Forest and private property, spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and offshore islands. It's the perfect start to your endurance year. The training and social rides will be held at our usual camp base at 287 Featherstones Road in Upper Corindi, just north of Coffs Harbour. There is plenty of room and lots of shady campsites on a very scenic working cattle property. There will be plenty of horse water available (you'll need to bring human drinking water) both in camp and on track. You'll need to bring your own horse yards, and if you bring your dogs they must be on a lead at all times - this will be strictly enforced as we don't want to risk upsetting any cattle. There will be a basic canteen operating all day from 8am and bush toilets on site. The 40km training ride will start at 11am and there will be a maximum of 6 hours riding time. The 20km social ride will start at 1pm and there will be a maximum of 4 hours riding time. There will also be a talk on 'Introduction to Endurance Riding' for the social riders, this will start about 10.45pm. The office will be open for registrations from 8am on Saturday March 7 and entry fees are $55 for the training ride and $35 for the social ride. Successful finishers of the 40km training ride will receive a medallion and successful finishers of the 20km training ride will receive a completion ribbon.

Pre-nomination is by February 20, 2015 we look forward to seeing you there!

For nominations or more information Please contact Malcolm or Megan Matters Tel: 02 6649 2836 Email: We look forward to seeing you at our Training and Social Ride day!



Agents For Complete Range of Trailers 2000 New & Used Horse Floats ~ Free Quotes

11 Blackwood Rd, Jimboomba, Qld Ph: 07 5547 8336 Mob: 0429 486 655


After 37

Are you riding at home and wondering whether your saddle fits but you don't know where to start? The 9 point checklist is the ideal starting point to see whether your saddle is fitting correctly. Saddle fit is so important to equine back health, I always recommend to start with the saddle fit first and then once the saddle fit is correct then move onto other areas of the horse. The reason for this is, if you pay to have equine professionals to work on your horse of course it can be beneficial however if the saddle is not fitting correctly then it can slow down the healing or correction process and you won't get maximum results from the treatment. If your saddle fits correctly, your horse will feel better, move better and you will ride better. If you answer NO to any of the tick boxes as part of your own saddle assessment, give us a call on (03) 59751055 and one of the PHS team will be able to help you take action for a correct saddle fit. - Peter Horobin 38 Equine News And Trade Services Directory

Autumn 2015

North Coast Western Riders Club Inc. The club with something for everyone! Located in South Grafton on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, North Coast Western Riders Club Inc. caters to meet the interests of all equine enthusiasts. Not only does the club's show program offer an extensive western program, but it also caters for a range of other disciplines including; English, Hack, Stock Horse, Sporting and a vast array of in hand breeds classes................. Whether you are a seasoned rider, a complete beginner or somewhere in between, the North Coast Western Riders Club Inc. has something to offer you............................................................................................................................. North Coast Western Riders Club Inc. holds monthly All Breed Performance and Hack Shows, as well as monthly training days, Western Dressage Training days and soon to be competitions............................................................ North Coast Western Riders Club Inc. is based at Hawthorn Park, South Grafton. These grounds offer exceptional A1 equine and camping facilities, including; powered camp sites, clean bathroom facilities, hot showers, yards, stables, stallion boxes, wash bays, and a number of different sized arenas................................................................................ With a new committee made up of friendly, dedicated horse lovers and enthusiasts taking over the “reins” of the club for 2015, North Coast Western Riders Club Inc. looks forward to welcoming many new members, and inviting back all original members . Throughout the new year the committee looks forward to seeing the club grow for a prosperous 2015 show season, filled with the building of new relationships, and lots of fun while working with our beautiful equine companions. For further information, 2015 calendar, show program and contact details: find us online: or find us on Facebook: “Ncwrc Grafton”.

Remedial Massage for Horses. Now available in e-book form! Hi everyone, My book on ‘Remedial Massage for Horses’ in print and bound form is available on request, and now I am proud to release my ebooks at They are a series of e-books called “Remedial Massage for Horses. A Photographic and Illustrative Anatomical Insight into the Horse”. They are a great reference for anyone applying massage therapy to Horses, wanting to improve condition and performance and beat muscle injuries. It is my story about how it all happened for me, and I explain everything I have learnt from my experiences and how to apply my methods. I do a lot of connective tissue release (fascia), which is responsible for my success with the treatments I apply. I have worked on over 5000 horses and trained students from Australia and overseas in the 15 years of pursuing this as my career and vocation. All my treatments are very thorough and I like to go over the whole horse. These e-books have over 350 high Resolution photos, 40 hand drawn illustrations, and has easy to read and understand text with over 40 topics covered. My website is and there is a link to the e-book page The 312 page printed and bound copy of my book is available for $75 plus postage.

Raymond Bové DRM Mid North Coast NSW

I hope I am able to help all those interested to learn more, understand horses better and apply a great massage leaving the horses more relaxed, alert, and happy in body and mind.


Service Directory


HEALTH & WELLBEING Does your horse have poor flexion?

Equine Chiropractics And Deep Muscle Therapy

Ray Bové

Does your horse struggle maintaining gaits or the correct leads?

16 Years Experience Professional And Reliable Ph: 0427 647 530 or (02) 6564 7530

Is your horse constantly sore or not performing as well as it could?

COOTES EQUINE THERAPY Equine muscular and skeletal re-alignment therapy may be the solution. Anthony Cootes is an experienced and fully certified practitioner servicing Brisbane and South East QLD. Promote a softer, smoother and resistance free ride. Maximise your horse's potential, and feel the difference.

P: 0431 630 187 E:

Equine Acupuncture Specialising in Performance Horses Servicing, the Clarence Valley and other areas for group bookings. Free travel!

Phone For A Quote I Horses - Cattle - Dogs - Cats

Brooke Tillman Dip Eq Acu Ph: 0429 006 114

Your Horse Partnership Annie Sorell Clear your Fear

Equestrian Mentor

Enjoy your Horse

Ph: 0401 977 645

Equine Reiki Courses What would it mean for you to be more spiritually connected with your horse? If you are a person who would like: • a deeper, more spiritual connection with your horse • balance and harmony in your partnership • a better understanding of your relationship with your horse • the ability to truly listen to what your horse has to say • a natural approach to improving health and wellbeing for you and your horse

Then look no further as our courses were created just for you.

For course dates and venues contact Julie Abrahams 0404 470 571

Find us on Facebook


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Good to Go Hoof Thrush Treatment Hoof thrush is no joke! It can be a painful, irritating, debilitating condition, that can cause serious lameness symptoms like navicular syndrome.

Find us on

Good to Go is in an easy-to-use, dust-on container. Good to Go is made from locally sourced, natural products that are safe to handle and won't damage you horse's skin or frog tissue. Made in Australia by a hoofcare practitioner. And the packaging comes from an Australian, carbon neutral manufacturer.


Good to Go is available in individual bottles, or wholesale boxes of 20. Does hoof thrush treatment get any easier than this?


You can help to treat hoof thrush with Good to Go! Safe, cost-effective and easy to use.

Ph: 0412 295 275 I I

Herbal Horse Anita Brojatsch Ph: 0408 896 041 E:


Find us on


Online Store:

A FIX FOR WINDSUCKING Barclays Collar breaks the habit Help Your Horses Achieve Their Potential


?Safe ?Reliable $157.00 incl. delivery ?No batteries required ?Tough nylon construction ?Lightweight ?Weatherproof



A major breakthrough in the fight against windsucking. The first truly modern & humane treatment.

“Far more than just a Hoof Dressing”

FREE Master/Correctional Farrier HELP 24/7

Find out more & order on line at


www ww w.barclayscolla


Rose’s Deals on Wheels Lite Haul Horse Floats & Goosenecks Designed by Horseman AUSTRALIAN MADE 607 Summerland Way, Grafton NSW

Leanne Rose Ph: (02) 6643 1972 Mob: 0427 431 973 Open Hours: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm Saturday - 9am - 12 noon

HORSE FLOAT REPAIRS & RESTORATIONS Repair Rust ~ Floor & Tailgate Rubber Repaints ~ Upholstery ~ Floor & Kick Boards Windows ~ Fibreglass ~ Spare Parts Agents For Complete Range of Trailers 2000 Trailers New & Used Horse Floats ~ Free Quotes


11 Blackwood Rd, Jimboomba, Qld

Ph: (07) 5547 8336 Mob: 0429 486 655

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Service Directory HORSE TRANSPORT

RB HORSE TRANSPORT Twice weekly Scone to Sydney Regular trips Local and Interstate Entrust your precious cargo with RB Horse Transport

Reliable and Professional PH:02 6545 9680 FAX: 02 6545 9783

For all your Local & Interstate Equine Travel Requirements Call Today for a Free Quote

Ph: 03 5996 6281 Weekly Services Bris - Syd - Melb

Call John or Judy 0412 233 083

Now Servicing the New England Area

Travelling Throughout VIC, NSW, SA, QLD Local & Interstate Stud farm drop offs & pick ups Fortnightly runs to Adelaide Discount for multiple horses

Ph: 0422 476 457


IVERSON FENCING Bobcat & Tipper Hire

All Aspects of Rural Fencing Roundyards Shelters Boundary Fences

Phone: Tyler 0438 899 438 A/H: (02) 6686 2554

LEAF, TWIG & STICK RAKE For Ride on Mowers Clean up for Autumn

1800 819 493

QUALITY TIMBER PRODUCTS Built To Last RURAL FENCING Phone Mark on: 02 6562 7888 Email:



LAWRENCE WILLIAMS FENCING CONTRACTOR Ph: (02) 6664 7322 or 0413 877 026 Lic: 5219XC

Find us on Facebook


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PRODUCE - RURAL SUPPLIES - SADDLERY Ask at your nearest Produce Store or go to: Email: Phone: 0419 638 984

Bone Formula


FORTIFIED CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT FOR HORSES 20kg nett for administration in feed - for animal treatment only. Feed supplement specifically formulated with CHELATED CALCIUM to support bone strength, growth and health with essential bone minerals. Dr Jennifer Stewart’s Bone Formula provides clinically recommended levels of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and folate, plus trace elements and microminerals essential for musculoskeletal health.

FORTIFIED CALCIUM BLOCK FOR HORSES 20kg nett for self-administering block formulation. Specifically formulated with CHELATED CALCIUM to provide bone minerals for horses and ponies grazing pasture, kikuyu, setaria, buffel and other sub-tropical grasses. Calsorb provides clinically recommended levels of calcium and phosphorus (plus a trace element pre-mix) in a palatable, self-administering lick-block.




(GATTON) PTY LTD All Types of Produce and Grain Merchants

Audrey Schulz (Proprietor) Tim Schulz (Manager) Crescent Street, Gatton Qld 4343

Ph: (07) 5462 1139 (07) 5462 1371 Fax: (07) 5462 3226 Mob: 0408 621 239


Paul Hassab

Stockists of: PRYDES - HORSEPOWER - MITAVITE - RIVERINA HYGAIN - NORCO - CASTLEREAGH - COPRICE RIDLEY - GRENFELL COMODITIES Fencing Supplies - Electric Fencing PHONE / FAX: (02) 6581 0643 MOBILE: 0407 810 643 78 - 82 John Oxley Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

COFFS HARBOUR PRODUCE Feed & Stock Supplements - Grain & Produce - Pet Food & Supplies Fencing Supplies & Gates - Electric Fences - Concrete Products Garden Equipment & Supplies - Organic Supplies & Produce - Vegie Seeds FREE DELIVERY OR DRIVE THROUGH - BUSINESS HOURS: Mon - Fri 7am - 5pm Sat 8am - 12pm

26 June Street (Behind Bailey Centre) Coffs Harbour P: (02) 6652 2599 F: (02) 6652 8328 E:

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Saturday: 9am-1pm Sunday: 9am-12noon


“Under New Ownership” HORSE FEED ~ FULL SADDLERY ~ VETERINARY SUPPLIES ~ JEWELLERY Stock Feeds - Pet Foods & Accessories - Shoeing Supplies Fencing Supplies - Fertilisers - Animal Cages - Pest Products


76a Carrington Street, West Wallsend NSW 2286 Mitchell Phone/Fax: (02) 4953 1558

BEDWELLS FEED BARN & SADDLERY Seed and Produce Merchants

Stockists of: Hygain, Riverina, Prydes & Mitavite

Expert hoof care advice, huge range of products for all animals 21 Abundance Rd Medowie, NSW 2318 Ph: (02) 4981 7282

Valley Stockfeed Now in two locations Horse Feed - Cattle Feed Dog & Cat Food Wormers - Tick Control Oxenford Qld Vet Supplies Shop 1/141, Old Pacific Hwy Ph: (07) 5573 1273

11 Keppel St, Bathurst 2795 Ph: (02) 6331 2844 Fax: (02) 6331 4232 Lot 42 Unit 7 Main St, Wallerawang 2845 Ph: (02) 6355 7531 Fax: (02) 6355 1466

Huge Range of Clothing Including Designer Brands

Vet Supplies Farrier Equipment Quality Repairs

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm

For all your stock & pet supplies. We Deliver!

8am-5pm Mon-Fri 8am-12noon Sat

Mt Nathan Qld Ph: (07) 5514 6033



Town & Country Supplies

One Step Ahead Farm & Animal Supplies FREE Local Feed Deliveries Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

‘Your Family Saddlery’ Phone: 02 6722 3599 Email: 45-47 Vivian Street, Inverell NSW 2360

Hay/Chaff, Grain & Produce, Petfood, Fertilizer, Saddlery, General Fencing & Electric Fencing, Irrigation (Davey Master Dealer), John Deere Ride-on Mowers, Stihl Outdoor Power Equipment, Honda Outdoor Power Equipment, Generators, Push Mowers

178 Tweed Valley Way, Murwillumbah 2484 Ph: (02) 6672 1313 Fax: (02) 6672 6808

Northern Trophies & Giftware SPECIALISING IN RESIN EQUINE TROPHIES AND FIGURINES Ph: 0409 202 698 E:

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CLOTHING - SADDLERY - EQUIPMENT Embroidered Saddlecloths

ClubColoursDirect The Colour Specialists Braided Rope Reins P.O. Box 5216 East Lismore, NSW 2480 Phone:(02) 6622 5002 Fax:(02) 6622 5009

For all information please visit our website at

10% off R.M. Williams R/R Prices

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Ph: (02) 6662 2131 82 Walker Street, Casino E:

We manufacture quality embroidered saddlecloths for Clubs, Schools, Studs and Shows. ~ Huge range of colours in quality fabrics and trims. ~ Special prices for Clubs ~ Digitising of logos ~ High density foam inners ~ Any size, any shape ~ Delivered Australia-wide


CATERING FOR ALL YOUR HORSE NEEDS for the Inverell & Surrounding Districts Equestrian Supplies ~ Rodeo Supplies ~ Hats, Caps Handbags ~ Saddles, Rugs, Tack Stockist of: Cruel Girl ~ Wrangler ~ Ariat ~ Baxter Akubra ~Bullseye ~ Blue Dog ~ Brigalow ~ Eddie Fisher Pam & Jodie Ph:(02) 6722 1229 Email: 141 Byron St, Inverell NSW 2360

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A group of dedicated professional Equine Dental Veterinarians Committed to Advancing Horse Health. Over 300 members right here in Australia most of which provide afterhours and emergency care for all equine health issues. FIND an EQUINE DENTAL VET nearest you at

EQUIVET AUSTRALIA Equine Reproduction & General Practice Reproduction: Embryo Collection & Transfer & Artificial Insemination using

Chilled & Frozen semen. Live in Veterinarians provide 24hr Foaling supervision.

Stallion Station: Semen collection, evaluation, freezing, storage & distribution. Registered Quarantine Facility: AQIS approved centre for exporting horses and/or semen. General Practice: Lameness diagnosis & management using digital Radiography & Ultrasonography - Chiropractic manipulation - Laboratory facilities - Equine dentistry - Video endoscopy.

Max Wilson BVSc (Hons) MACSc Robyn Woodward BVSc MVSc Celia Dodd BSc BVSc (Hons) Susanne Brundell BVSc (Hons) Angie Doudle BVSc Francois Viljoen BVSc

142 Jimna Springs Rd Southbrook, Qld P: 07 4691 0322 F: 07 4691 0419

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PACIFIC VETCARE Coffs Harbour 320 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour Ph:6652 3455 Fax:6652 8187

Equine Medicine & Surgery Digital Radiography New Equine Surgery - Specialist Surgeon Endoscopy - Diagnostics Vaccinations - Ultrasound Reproduction - AI - Dentistry

Dr. David Johnson Dr. Stephen Deist Dr. Allan Hudson Dr. Adam Gerhardt Dr. Mathew Grabovszky Dr. Kelly Griffin Dr. Merrilyn Fitzgerald Dr. Amanda Johnson Dr. Chelsea Kramer Dr. Julia Etel Dr. Amber Aspinall

Inverell Vet Clinic Offering routine equine services including: Endoscopy, Dentistry & Reproduction

NOW LOCATED at 32 Sweaney Street, Inverell (Behind McDonalds)

For all your large and small animal veterinary needs both in-clinic and on-farm.

Phone: (02) 6721 0266

After Hours Emergency 0427 456 616

Member of Australian Veterinary Association

Tamworth Veterinary Hospital Dr Greg Ireland Veterinary Surgeon & Physician 106 Brisbane Street Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph: (02) 6766 3988 Fax: (02) 6766 4259 Web: Greg Ireland BSc., BVSc. Alison Neef BSc(Vet)., BVSc. Michelle Tolhurst BA., BVSc. Yvette Crowe BVSc. Paul Jenkins BVSc.

Dr Chris Livingston


And Associates

Complete Veterinary Services including Equine Power Float Dentistry Tru DR Digital Radiography 159 Gordon St, Port Macquarie

Ph: (02) 6583 1611



Ambulatory Equine Veterinarian based in Murwillumbah and providing all your veterinary needs including:

· Digital radiography (x-rays) · Digital ultrasonography · Endoscopy VETERINARY SERVICES · Lameness evaluation and diagnosis DR GREG BALDWIN BSc BVSc MPhil · Pre-purchase examinations EQUINE VETERINARIAN · Medical investigations DR Georgina Johnston BVetMed EQUINE VETERINARIAN · Routine surgery · Reproduction · Dentistry (power tools) P 02 6672 3898 · Hendra Virus vaccinations E

Equine Veterinary And Dental Services V D S

Dr. Oliver Liyou BVSc (Hons1) MACVSc (Eq Dent) CMAVA “Helping you to help your horse” The most qualified and experienced Equine Dental Vet in NSW.

Dentistry, Vaccinations inc Hendra, Freeze Brand, Microchipping, Stud Work, Foot problems, Castrations, Skin problems and anything equine that is not an emergency.

Call us about our dental parties, where you can receive massive savings. P: (02) 6642 4700 Now accepting referrals of difficult dental cases from Port Macquarie to SE Qld. M: 0428 515 650 As the designer of the porta safe stocks mobile crush, Oliver has the latest model E: to keep your horse safe and secure, and will be weighed on scales, and geldings get a free sheath clean. W:

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Natural Mobility Nutritional marine extract for both human and animal wellbeing

Barney was lame and virtually finished till Jodie found

Frenchs Rodeo Photos

Well I have owned Barney (Bills Candy Bar) since he was a 3 year old, and after being broken in and turned out he was always lame on and off for approx the next 4 years, even after a small amount of riding. After having him vet checked and apart from a slight clouding in his knee joints, they could not pin point a certain problem. I was informed of a product called Technyflex and pointed in your direction by Professional Bull-rider Ben Jones. After about a month of Barney being on Technyflex as well as Kalsytech I could notice an improvement in Barney’s length of stride and he was no longer stiff or lame. I was able to rope calves in the practice pen at least 3 times a week without him going sore. Then we started competing at jackpots and roping events, the travelling didn’t worry him either, stepping out of the trailer fine. After 12 months of him being on the product, I am able to compete on him at rodeo’s and roping jackpots and travel NSW. I am so grateful that I gave Technyflex a try and I’m able to give Barney a job to do (which he loves) rather than being out in the paddock going to waste.

Ph: Ashley (02) 4988 6015 or 0437 473 756


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Bromac Aladar The sire of great temperament over mares of all breeds! ASH Reg # C2 - 152985 Born 2000, 15.2 HH By Yarranoo Stroller who was by Star Black Minstril. Out of a Peppys Doc Bar Mare who goes back to Dell Mingo and Dickie Bar Joe. Peppys Doc Bar parents were BOTH American Cutting Horse Hall of Fame horses.

l Homozygous black, so can NEVER throw a chestnut foal, and will always get a black foal if bred to black mare. l Over 180 foals on the ground from mares of ALL breeds.

l Progeny with very quiet, trainable temperaments and athleticism on top! l Great feet, leg, back and mouth conformation. l Not competed due to paddock injury.

Some of Bromac Aladar’s Progeny

Missy 5yo mare out of Riding Pony ridden by 9yo.

Cookie 5yo mare out of QH mare.

Typical temperament of foals.

Mares can be hand served or paddock.

Aladars Silhoette at 3yo out of TB mare.

Lightning Ridge 5yo stallion by Bromac Aladar.

"We have had many of Bromac Aladar’s progeny come to our clinics. They consistently show easy going natures and unflappable temperaments, making them suitable for novice and weekend riders. But their trainability and athleticism can allow them to make it to higher level competition too! " - Dan Steers - Double Dan Horsemanship.

Stud Fee: $1100 including GST, LFG. Preparation of the mare for service including follicle test and scan after service to check the sperm arrived in uterus and again the next day to ensure the uterus is clean. Can serve by hand, in paddock, AI, chilled or frozen. Mares agisted safely in individual yards at vet clinic where vet lives. Chilled semen available for $770 including GST and 1st collection fee. (Plus freight).

Enquiries / Bookings: Phone Oliver at EVDS (02) 6642 4700

Equine news and trade services directory volume 7 issue 1 autumn 2015  

EQUINE NEWS And Trade Services Directory is a quarterly hard copy magazine available free from produce stores and saddleries throughout NSW...