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Melissa Marquardt

We are proud to present the 2015 Equestrian Almanac Those familiar with the 2014 Equine Almanac will love the equestrianenhanced aspects in this new edition. And welcome to our new readers! Designed for the discerning equestrians in Southern California, this edition offers a collection of must-have items, including information on select vendors and businesses, quality editorial pieces, community information, exceptional quality real estate, and so much more. Roblee L. Valentine and Annie Tame joined forces to bring the equestrian community a go-to publication that puts everything equestrian at your fingertips in a stylish coffee-table format.



Bethany Unwin



Steven Hyde


Shelby Funk


Kelly Wislar

Roblee’s family history includes Benjamin Franklin’s original Farmer’s Almanac while Annie comes from generations of publishing expertise. Through her Equestrian Real Estate company, The Ranch EQ based in Rancho Santa Fe, Roblee’s white-glove service has been making clients’ dreams come true for many years.


So it was a natural to combine their collective knowledge with their passion for horses to produce this must-have resource.

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You can pick up the 2015 Equestrian Almanac at fabulous locations throughout Southern California including top equestrian competitions, exclusive show barns, strategically-placed magazine racks, our retail and service partners, luxury events and hotels, and in every Rancho Santa Fe post office box. Enjoy!

Annie Tame

“We love everything equestrian and are excited to bring you a helpful, engaging, and beautiful book honoring our exceptional sport, its enthusiasts, and the horses who make it all possible.”


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Winter / Spring 2015

IN THIS ISSUE TRAINERS. . .................. 23 BOARDING FACILITIES.... 55 ANIMAL CARE. . ............. 67 PROFESSIONALS HOME & BARN............. 85 PERFORMANCE............. 97 & WELLNESS


20 51 94 127



TRANSPORTATION.. ......103 TACK & SADDLERY..... 107 FASHION & BEAUTY. . ....113

Klein to Craig to Gates



Derby Winner California Chrome, Reining Futurity Champion Show Me the Buckles, PCHA Show Jumping Horse of the Year Chello Z, and Amateur Owner Champion Extraordinaire Willow CBF

INSURANCE ..............143 & LAW



Six California equestrian girls that have style in and out of the saddle

REAL ESTATE..............153

760.752.1507 | 2556 Gateway Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92009 |

RANCHO SANTA FE COVENANT “Meanwhile, may all your rides be safe, may your horses never stumble, your friends never grumble and your cinch never bust!” — R A N C H O S A N TA F E T R A I L S & R E C R E AT I O N C O M M I T T E E

RANCHO SANTA FE COVENANT has one of the finest private riding and hiking trail systems in the country. This is one of the main reasons that our area is so special, in that it binds us together as a true community and does much to reinforce the rural character that we all cherish. Rancho Santa Fe Association has approximately 50 miles of interconnecting scenic trails that meander throughout the Covenant. These trails are reserved for the private use of Association members and their accompanied guests and are designed to take advantage of the beauty of the Ranch as well as for ease of access for its residents. Horseback riders, walkers, joggers and walkers with dogs on leashes are welcome to use the trail system. Members are encouraged to pick up a trail map and a copy of the trail rules at the Association office.

TRAIL RULES & ETIQUETTE 1. THE RANCHO SANTA FE (RSF) ASSOCIATION maintains a private trail system for use by RSF Association members only. 2. TYPES OF PERMITTED USE A. Horseback riding B. Pedestrians: 1) Walkers, joggers – permitted, no groups larger than four. 2) Pedestrians with pets on leash only – permitted. 3) Pedestrians with baby joggers and wagons – permitted. 4) Pedestrians with other non-motorized wheeled devices such as scooters, bicycles of any kind, etc. – not permitted. C. Motorized vehicles – generally not permitted: 1) Golf carts – permitted only to travel between home and golf course only. 2) General exception – Authorized fire, emergency, safety, security, maintenance and trail construction vehicles. 3) Motorcycles, mini bikes, dirt bikes and motorized scooters – not permitted.

B. Horses have the right-of-way 1) When approaching from the front: Do not run toward a horse. Stop and step aside in clear view and allow the horse and rider to safely pass. 2) When approaching from behind: Do not run up behind a horse as you may startle it and get kicked. Speak to the rider(s) and let them know you are there so you may pass safely. 3) Horseback riders should always approach other riders and pedestrians at a walk. 4) Riders should maintain a safe distance when passing other horses.

C. Trail users should walk their horses around blind curves until the rider can safely see ahead.

D. Parents should explain theses rules to their children and guests.

E. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the trails.

F. Please do not litter on the trails. Throw away trash in designated receptacles or keep it with you.



A. Trails: 1) Stay on trails at all times. 2) Do not trespass on private property. 3) Respect adjacent private property owners’ rights. Do not pick their fruit, flowers or damage their property in any way.

A. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. (San Diego Animal Control- Section 62.669)

B. Horseback riders with dogs, leashed or unleashed, are NOT permitted.

C. Clean up after your dog. Use plastic bags and place in the trash receptacles.

D. Stop and move your dog to the side of the trail in clear view to let horses pass.

C. Golf Course: The golf course is private property and it is not a part of the trails system. Stay off the golf course at all times.

E. General warning to all trail users – many homeowners have dogs which may come up to the fence or property line and bark as you pass. Be aware of this possibility as you use the trails.

4. SAFETY & ETIQUETTE (COURTESY) A. These trails are on private and Association owned property. Have respect and consideration for the rights and safety of others. Keep your voices low and be courteous to residents, trail users and golfers.


B. Designated Picnic Areas with Corrals: Do not turn horses loose in the corrals or leave them unattended.

A. The trail around the golf course in on RSF Association property. Stay on the trail at all times. Golf course etiquette applies on this trail.

B. Be courteous and keep your voices low at all times.


C. Keep leashed dogs on the trail at all times. The Golf course in not a dog park.


A. For safety reasons, it is highly advised that all trail users carry their cell phones at all times.

B. If you have a medical emergency, call 911. The call goes to the California Highway Patrol. State that you are in Rancho Santa Fe and it is an emergency. The call will be routed to the RSF Fire Department and the RSF Patrol. You can also call the RSF Patrol directly at 858-756-9966 or 858-756-1174.

C. If you see a hazard or other problems on the trail, please call the RSF Association at 858-756-1174.


A. No littering

B. Put trash in appropriate receptacles or take it with you.

C. Clean up after your dog. Use a plastic bag and place it in a trash receptacle.


A. Do not park vehicles on the trail unless authorized by the RSF Association. A parked vehicle on the trail forces trail users into the street, which is very dangerous for them.


A. Parties – parking for large parties should not obstruct trail use.

B. As a courtesy, homeowners should not allow their workers, employees, etc. to block or park on trails.


SAN PASQUAL ACADEMY is a first-in-the-nation Friends of San Pasqual Academy residential education campus designed specifically for

The Friends of San Pasqual Academy is a key contributor

foster teens. The Academy is located in Escondido, CA.

to the wonderful activities and opportunities afforded the

and provides foster teens with a stable, caring home, a

campus youth. The Friends of San Pasqual Academy is a

quality, individualized education and the skills needed

non-profit organization that assists foster teens in their

for independent living.

endeavor to become confident, productive, contributing,

The Academy opened in October 2001 and currently has a bed capacity for 184 teens. The 238-acre campus features individual family-style homes, an on-site, accredited high school, a computer for each youth in the homes, a cafeteria, a technology and career infor-

educated and successful adults. The Friends of San Pasqual Academy are dedicated to providing quality services and programs through resources that improve, empower and enrich the hopeful futures of these very deserving teens.

mation center, an assembly hall, recreation fields, and a swimming pool. Teens live and learn at the Academy as they prepare for college and/or a career path.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Friends of San Pasqual Academy or making a donation to the San Pasqual Academy, please call 858.759.3298

The Ranch EQ Team is a proud sponsor of The Friends of San Pasqual Academy.



kimerlee curyl photography

The Journey Begins


“Art has a voice” By Kelly Wislar

Freedom Vanishing

“The beauty I witness,

devour and soak in while out with these magical creatures is necessary nourishment for my soul

20 | T h e J o u r n e y B e g i n s – 2 0 0 4

Snow White


nter a beautiful paint mare named Sequoia, Kimerlee visits a place called Return to Freedom and life never looked the same again. Begin fullimmersion into photography, horsemanship and studying the social behaviors and dynamics of the wild horse. Loving everything “horse” from the moment she could breath, the unfolding of Kimerlee’s life thus far makes perfect sense. The Hollywood dream moved her west from Minnesota but it was the heart of a horse that changed everything. Having worked on both sides of the camera, Kimerlee has the natural ability of capturing emotion. Her style is her own and it’s that vision that has become increasingly recognizable around the world. She has traveled the globe capturing the essence and spirit of stunning horses. Yet, the allure of raw, wild, untouched beauty, rugged terrain and the elements along with the challenge of finding wild horses and the patience for them to trust her is the oxygen to her soul. Knowing at the heart of these creatures, is our own hearts deepest desires, FREEDOM and GRACE. Her work reflects passion, purpose and is fused with environmental consciousness. Dedicated to the cause since 2004, Kimerlee’s hope is to inspire others, not only to appreciate the beauty of these creatures, but to take an interest in helping preserve their place on this land. Nurture

“It is my hope to not

only celebrate the beauty and magnificence of these creatures but to help them

Kimerlee lives in the beautiful valley of Santa Ynez, CA with two horses, a paint mare named Sequoia and a young newly adopted wild mustang, el Regalo. She is represented by one of the country’s largest fine art publishers, prestigious galleries along with national, international and celebrity collectors. Her work has been used in numerous advertising campaigns and product branding. Most importantly, it has become a voice for those who don’t have one…our remaining wild horses.

{ }

T h e J o u r n e y B e g i n s – 2 0 0 4 | 21

12 | T r a i n e r s


“ There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart...pursue those! ” — H E G E W I S C H S TA B L E S

T r a i n e r s | 12

EVERARDO HEGEWISCH – Hegewisch Stables 14550 El Camino Real | Del Mar, CA 92014 858.699.4301 |

Hegewisch Stables has been operating at Del Mar Horsepark since 1996. Our mission is to guide and educate dedicated students in order to help them achieve both personal and occupational goals. We focus on discipline, horsemanship, respect, appreciation, and an aspiration for furthering knowledge in both the sport and in life. Our business is family-owned and operated, providing a comfortable environment that is both fun and professional. Our three coaches are able to accommodate all levels of show jumping ranging from beginner to Grand Prix. Three languages (English, Spanish, and German) are spoken proficiently amongst our trainers, allowing us to provide services for a wider variety of clientele. This distinction makes us stand apart from other training facilities. Our director, Everardo Hegewisch, is a well-established Grand Prix rider with an extensive amount of experience in the show jumping world. As a former Olympian who has represented the sport in a vast array of international competitions, Everardo is capable of providing a level of education that most trainers are unable to offer. Karla Hegewisch has ridden and competed in many sports throughout her life at junior Olympic and national levels, giving her the skills to effectively teach and coach her students. She has been teaching for 25 years. Having been born into a show jumping family, the son of Karla and Everardo, Iker Hegewisch, has been riding and competing all of his life, which has provided him with a level of knowledge and ability to now be a trainer and professional rider. As a team, our aptitude and skillfulness is reflected in our many years of consistent success and achievement amongst our athletes of all levels throughout our history in the show jumping world.

“ There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart...pursue those! ” 24 | T r a i n e r s

HAP HANSEN STABLES – Hap Hansen Stables 16332 Via de Santa Fe | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 619.540.2622 |

As one of only a handful of riders who have achieved 99 Grand Prix wins in a single career, Hap Hansen has earned a place among the greatest names in show jumping history. Born into a non-equine family, Hansen started riding when he was 10 years old at the Flintridge Riding Club in La Canada, California. He trained under the legendary Jimmy Williams, turning professional in the 1970’s at the Rancho Riding Club. Hansen is the recipient of many prestigious equestrian awards, including the CPHA Lifetime Achievement Award, American Horse Shows Association Hertz Rider of the Year and the Johnny-Walker/AGA Rider of the Year. Hansen now trains and sells the nation’s top Hunter/Jumper horses at his stables in Rancho Santa Fe. In the last five years, Hansen’s students have been crowned champion in numerous Hunter/Jumper divisions as well as qualified for regional and national medal finals. Hansen said confidence is the most important thing he tries to instill in his students. Hansen is looking forward to a successful 2015 show year and getting into the Grand Prix ring once again.

Photo: Tish Quirk

“ Just jump the jump.” T r a i n e r s | 25

WENDY LEE THOMPSON – Coastline Hunters & Jumpers 5720 Old Carmel Valley Road | San Diego, CA 92130 214.505.5546

Wendy has been training horses for the past 26 years and has competed, coached and trained horses and riders all over the United States and Europe. She has recently returned from the 2014 Global Champions Tour in Europe including Chantilly, London, Valkenswaard and the Stephex Masters in Belgium. Prior to this, Wendy was a private coach, rider, and trainer for various families including La Joie Farms, Bo Shin Farms, Cypress Trails Farm and Fleur de Lis Farms training their horses from baby green hunters to grand prix jumpers. She also coached the members of those families from junior and amateur riders preparing them for competition at all levels throughout the United States. In 1997 she opened her business known as “Coastline Hunters and Jumpers” and competed with her Grand Prix Horse “Winstar” on the California Grand Prix Circuit competing in World Cup qualifiers for the “Will to Win” Foundation. Her goal, alongside this foundation was to promote cancer awareness and her quest for the Olympic Games representing American Samoa. This was of great importance to her both professionally and personally, as she is a stage 4 cancer survivor of synovial sarcoma. Her battle with cancer gave her a deeper understanding of health and fitness for herself and her horses. Physical health and a balance of emotional well-being are closely intertwined and are the foundation and success with her training. She believes in order to keep a horse physically and mentally sound for the show ring, lasting results will be achieved through a consistent program based on trust and time for natural progression to develop. Wendy looks forward to starting her business “Coastline” at Sea Breeze Equestrian Center and sharing her knowledge and experience with horses and riders at all levels in Southern California. In addition to this, Wendy will be importing reasonably priced show horses from Europe to be sold or leased.

“ Patience ” 26 | T r a i n e r s

MICHELLE PARKER – Cross Creek West 2075 Marilyn Lane | San Marcos, CA 92069 714.914.3324 |

Michelle Parker started jumping at age 11 in her hometown of Tucson, Arizona. She moved to Southern California to train with Ronnie Freeman her senior year of high school and began riding horses full-time through college. After her first big win at Indio 15 years ago, Parker jump-started her winning Grand Prix career with her horse, Wisby D. In addition to multiple Grand Prix wins and placings, Wisby D and Parker also laid down a memorable four-fault round at the 2000 Spruce Meadows Shell Cup Derby. Parker started Cross Creek West in 2004 where she trains a select client base of A-Circuit Hunter/Jumpers. Parker believes genuine hard work, not a “Rolls Royce” horse, is the key to success and pushes her riders to put in the extra effort. She is consistently ranked in the Top Ten of the Pacific Coast’s Leading Riders and continues to compete at the Grand Prix level. According to Parker, the most rewarding part of her career is bringing along a horse from a young age and seeing them reach their full potential. She also enjoys watching horses she has sold succeed with their new owners. In 2015, Parker is looking forward to moving up some quality young horses to the next difficulty level as they mature.

© Cansport

“ Not all horses can be trained in the same style. It is often important to be able to adapt to your horses’ way of going.” T r a i n e r s | 27


16567 Circa del Norte | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 760.650.6320 | Professional Kim Vanderwood grew up in San Diego and has been a familiar face in the show ring since she was a young girl. She operates her boutique like business, KV Equestrian, at the beautiful Fairbanks Riding Club with an emphasis on hunters and young horses. With her years of experience working at a top-notch breeding farm she enjoys and understands the patience and progression of work that it takes to produce a star. KV Equestrian actively competes on the “A” circuit as well as at the local county shows. She takes pride in the overall care, nutrition, and maintenance of the horses as well as the one-on-one time with the owners and riders. With her “less is more approach” she believes that both the horse and rider should finish each ride on a positive note and that safety and having fun ensure consistency and longevity in the horse and rider.

28 | T r a i n e r s

“ Less is more.”

SUSAN HUTCHISON – Susan Hutchison Stables, Inc. 34520 De Portola Road | Temecula, CA 92592 951.217.3933 |

Susan Hutchison started riding when she was five years old at the Flintridge Riding Club as a pupil of legendary Jimmy Williams. She quickly climbed the ranks, winning Pacific Coast Champion six years in a row with her horse, Best Bet, starting at age 11. Some highlights of Hutchison’s career include placing fourth in Sweden’s 1992 World Cup Finals, riding in the 1994 World Equestrian Games in Holland, and training Olympic competitor, Anne Kursinski. Now with more than 80 Grand Prix wins under her belt, she is among the Top 25 Riders in the United States. Hutchison was partners with her mentor, Williams, for 20 years at the Riding Club before starting her own training business 13 years ago. Hutchison trains around 14 horses a month and offers a competitive show schedule with a variety of horse services available. In 2015, she is looking forward to her young horses stepping up, and her Junior and Amateur riders advancing and meeting their goals.

“ No guts, no glory.” THE ENDICOTT FAMILY – Pegasus Show Stable, Inc.

16220 Via De Santa Fe | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 Christa: 858.354.3654 | Mike: 858.922.7494 | With over 40 Grand Prix wins, Michael Endicott’s successful riding career spans over two decades as one of the West Coast’s leading competitors. In the international arena, Michael has qualified and competed in four World Cup Finals and has twice represented the U.S. as a member of the Nations Cup team at Spruce Meadows Masters in Calgary. Christa Endicott is one of those few riders who excels in the hunter, jumper and equitation arenas. She is an accomplished Grand Prix rider and was short-listed for the Canadian Equestrian Team three years in a row (1992 – 1994). Christa’s impressive show record includes earning over 100 National, Regional and Zone Hunter Championships; over 50 National, Regional and Zone Jumper Championships, and more than 50 National, Regional and Zone Equitation Championships.

“ Dedicated to your horse and your success.”

T r a i n e r s | 29


Post Office Box 231505 | Encinitas, CA 92024 858.354.6062 | Mandy Porter grew up in northern California and has over 23 years of horse training experience. During her junior years, Porter won the NorCal finals, placed second in the CPHA Finals, and rode on the NAYRC 1984 bronze-medal winning team. Porter competed in her first Grand Prix in college, simultaneously working toward her degrees in animal science and agricultural business at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She lived in Europe for seven years, where she participated in numerous international competitions and represented the United States on three Nations Cup Teams. Upon her return to the states, Porter started ACP Enterprises Inc. where she coaches a small number of riders with a select group of horses. Her training is centered around horsemanship and teaching her students the principles of balance and rhythm. Porter said it’s her goal to help every one of her students reach their personal potential. The most rewarding part of Porter’s career is watching the development of horses and riders and helping them realize their maximum potential.

“ Keep it simple.”

PHILIP CILLIS – Highland Farms

2570 Fifth Street | Encinitas, CA 92024 619.540.639 | Philip Cillis is originally from British Columbia and has been a professional horse trainer for over 30 years. He worked with Show Jumping Hall of Fame inductee Hap Hansen for the majority of his career before opening his own stable 10 years ago. Philip has trained champions in both the Hunter and Jumper divisions, as well as produced many top Junior and Amateur riders. He is a seasoned Grand Prix rider and has represented the U.S.A on the Nations Cup Team. Philip caters to clients competing on the A-Show Circuit, actively participating in one or two shows each month. He said his main focus has been on amateurs, but is happy to accommodate riders at any level, no matter what their end goal may be. In 2015, Phillip is looking forward to competing with his new clients and his new and young horses. His favorite part of training is seeing his students ride well and achieve their goals.

“ Use the entire ring.” 30 | T r a i n e r s

MARC GROCK – Highland Farms

2570 Fifth Street | Encinitas, CA 92024 619. 813.8223 | Marc Grock is the owner and lead trainer of Highland Farms in Olivenhain. He offers full training services and runs a sales consignment program for sport horses. Grock developed a passion for equestrian show jumping at a young age and commuted to Southern California during his junior riding career to train with various professionals. As an amateur, he showed in the A/O Hunter and Jumper divisions with the likes of Richard Keller, Joie Gaitlin, and Hap Hansen. Grock has represented the country at the Grand Prix level and has won multiple Horse of the Year honors in both the Hunter and Jumper rings. He has coached his clients to numerous division championships at top-rated horse shows. Grock teaches his students to have patience and compassion when working with horses. He said above all else, he wants his students to do well and have fun doing it. In 2015, Grock is looking forward to seeing his riders and horses progress and enjoy this show season.

“ The secret to success is enthusiasm. ” ALICIA SAXTON – Oceancrest Farms

17575 Rancho la Noria | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 760.809.3781 | Alicia Saxton is the owner and head trainer of Oceancrest Farms based out of picturesque Clear Spring Farm in the heart of the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant. She has been riding professionally for 13 years and has led many of her students to a top national standing. Saxton actively participates in the A-Show Circuit while still maintaining a strong presence at local County Shows. According to Saxton, Oceancrest Farms is all about the right experience centered around safety, good training, and good horsemanship. Saxton strives to maintain a balanced program that allows each horse and rider to reach his or her goals while still retaining their integrity. The most rewarding part of her job is being able to help both horse and rider achieve success through the use of positive training techniques while keeping the horses whole health and wellbeing in the forefront of her mind.

“ It’s your time to shine! ” T r a i n e r s | 31

LEAH VON HENKLE – Von Henkle Industries

18539 Via de las Flores | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 760.310.3552 | Originally from Newport Beach, Leah von Henkle has been in the horse industry for 25 years. Thanks to her equestrian parents, Leah started riding western pleasure at six years old and eventually transitioned into jumping with Bob McDonald. As a young teen, she teamed up with Ronnie Freeman and his assistant, Lynn Obligado, who pushed her to the Grand Prix level. Leah and her mother also ran a lucrative pony sales business from their property where she developed a true talent for pairing horses and riders. She firmly believes that through consistency, hard work, and dedication to the sport one can achieve their goal. Leah keeps it simple with the horses, encouraging them to be forward, elastic, and supple. Leah is looking forward to a fantastic show year with all of her wonderful clients and is looking forward to finding new and successful partnerships for all of her sale horses.

“ It’s all about the love of the horse.” CHANCE ARAKELIAN

Post Office Box 3571 | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.945.4900 | Originally from Del Mar, Chance Arakelian began his riding career at the Fairbanks Riding Club at age 10. He was a student of San Diego legend Hap Hansen for 12 years before starting his own training business. Arakelian and his wife, Joanne, offer top quality instruction and are available on a freelance basis. They also have an on-going import and sales business and are looking forward to importing and producing some of the top hunters in our sport. Arakelian has also officiated all over the country since earning his ‘R’ judging card four years ago. He looks forward to judging at some of the nations top horse shows in 2015. Arakelian said he takes a very systematic approach when it comes to teaching his students. He makes sure his horses have a solid foundation of pace, rhythm, balance, control and track— then it’s up to the horse to teach the rider.

“ It’s all about the details.” 32 | T r a i n e r s


16255 Via de la Valle | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 760.815.0731 | Guillermo Obligado, originally from Argentina, has owned and operated Woodgrove Farm for over 20 years. During his last year in college, Obligado decided to leave law school and move to the United States in pursuit of his passion for horses. In 2004, Obligado attended the Olympic Games in Athens as a reserve rider for Argentina and represented Argentina in the 2006 World Equestrian Games. He has also placed second in the Barcelona Grand Prix and won six stars at the Spruce Meadows Masters. Obligado was out of the ring for a few years due to back surgery, but invested much of his time in teaching, buying and selling horses. At Woodgrove Farm, Obligado welcomes clients from .80 meters up to Grand Prix level. Back in the ring once again, Obligado is looking forward to a happy and successful year competing at the Grand Prix level and is looking forward to helping his students reach their full potential.

“ Believe in yourself and trust your horse.” EDUARDO MENEZES & ENRIQUE GONZALES – E2 Stables 16795 Caminito de las Palmas | San Diego, CA 92127 760.774.8028 |

At E2 Stables, riding is viewed as a form of art, existing between the horse and rider. Eduardo and Enrique run high-quality show jumping barns in both California and Mexico, where they train and sell young jumper prospects all the way to grand prix jumpers. Eduardo Menezes is originally from Brazil and has always loved horses. In 2013, Eduardo won the Nation’s cup in Arezzo, Italy and the Furusiyya at the Nation’s Cup Finals in Barcelona. Eduardo aspires to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympics and hopefully bring home a gold. Enrique Gonzalez, originally from Mexico, has been in the horse industry for over 30 years. He is one of Mexico’s leading riders and established a name for himself after winning a bronze medal at the Pan American Games and competing for Mexico at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In 2015, he is hoping to make the team to represent Mexico at the Pan American Games once again in Toronto, Canada.

“ Make your horse a friend and not a tool. ” T r a i n e r s | 33

JENNY CARBONARI – Northern Lights Show Jumping 18539 Via de las Flores | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 406.250.1823 |

Grand Prix rider Jenny Carbonari is originally from Pennsylvania, but spent most of her youth in Montana. Carbonari owned and ran a successful barn in Montana from 2000-2010 where she specialized in bringing along young show jumpers and spent much of her time competing in Canada and the Pacific Northwest. In 2011, Carbonari relocated to San Diego with her fiancé, Irish show jumper Damian Gardiner, where they ran Gardiner Show Jumping. In 2013, Gardiner passed away after battling cancer. Carbonari then established Northern Lights Show Jumping, a boutique business that caters to “A” show clientele. Carbonari also works with sale horses and young jumpers in the YJC divisions. Based out of Rancho Santa Fe, Carbonari uses a methodical and positive approach to teaching and training her students and horses. She emphasizes developing a unique and individual program for each horse and rider.

“ Riding is a journey, enjoy the journey. ” HUMBERTO QUIRARTE

14550 El Camino Real | Del Mar, CA 92014 480.227.4755 | Humberto “Tito” Quirarte has a lifetime of experience competing and producing young horses at all levels. He has produced many successful horses in both the hunter and jumper rings from the East Coast to the Southwest and in Mexico. Tito is now based out of Showpark in Del Mar, CA. Showpark is an ideal location for horses in training due to the constant exposure and easy access to horse shows year round. Along with training, Tito’s quarantine services have provided over 35 years of successful importing and exporting of countless sport horse teams and individual horses. Located on both sides of the border at El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico Tito and his seasoned team provide the logistics you can count on to cross and transport your horse back & forth from Mexico, United States, and Canada.

“ Specializing in producing young horses from green-broke to the top level of show jumping sport. ”

34 | T r a i n e r s

PENNY WAHLER – Stone Ridge Farms

3902 Manchester Ave. | Encinitas, CA 92024 831.566.4466 | Penny grew up in Carmel, CA where she found her passion for horses riding in the Pony Club at Pebble Beach Stables. She earned an “A” rating and then turned her interests towards hunters/jumpers/equitation. Shortly after college Penny purchased her own hunter/jumper training barn in Santa Cruz, CA named Loma Alta Farm. She trained and coached numerous Northern California hunter champions and medal final winners. Her junior equitation riders have won the NorCal Medal Finals twice and the NorCal Medal Senior Finals twice as well. She also trained the USEF Adult Medal Regional winner in 2010. Due to traveling frequently to show in Southern California she decided to sell her farm and move to San Diego in 2007. She is now located at Caballos Del Mar riding and training along with the help of Mary Cohen. They specialize in the development of riders and horses at all levels from beginner to advanced in hunters, jumpers, and equitation. Penny is also an “R” rated judge in hunters, jumpers, and equitation.

“ Leg to hand. ” LESLIE STEELE – Acres West

23200 Mulholland Highway | Calabasas, CA 91302 818.519.6190 | Leslie Steele has been a fixture of the West Coast horse industry for over 30 years. She has excelled in all aspects of the hunter/jumper discipline: from her start under Sheri Rose, to her advancement as a noteworthy catch rider and professional equestrienne under Katie Monahan Prudent, to her solidified reputation as a top quality trainer, champion hunter rider, and grand prix show jumper. In the hunter ring, Leslie has won championships in the most prestigious shows on the national circuit, ranging from Madison Square Garden, to the Washington International Horse Show, the Capital Challenge, Harrisburg, and Devon. Her passion however, is for the grand prix jumper events, where she’s successfully competed in divisions ranging from local classes, to the FEI World Cup final in Las Vegas. She bases her operations at Acres West, her farm and animal sanctuary, whose tidy six acres are also home to domestic pigs, goats, koi, turtles, rabbits, various birds, and a plethora of other friendly creatures.

“ Form follows function! ” T r a i n e r s | 35


14550 El Camino Real | Del Mar, CA 92014 858.794.1171 | Del Mar Horsepark is a beautiful, care-free property in the heart of Del Mar. The abundant 65-acre world-class equestrian facility is located approximatley three miles east of the Del Mar Fairgrounds in the San Dieguito River Valley at the corner of Via De La Valle and El Camino Real. Del Mar Horsepark provides a unique, relaxed setting with full-service accommodations for equestrian events of all levels and disciplines. Professional catering is available on-site as well as equipment rental, security, RV hook-ups and easy freeway access. Del Mar Horsepark boasts two grass jumping stadiums with seating for 1,320, covered and lighted arena, four show rings, 400 permanent show stalls, a dressage ring, and four training rings. Professional training is available year round from beginning to Olympic level riding. Listed below are trainers and their discipline available at Del Mar Horse Park:

n LIZA APPLEBAUM – Full Circle Farms | Hunter/Jumper | 619.417.7317

n LYNNE BOLLINGER – LB Hunters | Hunter/Jumper | 760.855.4515

n MARK CONLEY – Concord Equestrian Center | Hunter/Jumper | 858.259.1148

n JENNIFER DURAN – Across The Rails | Hunter/Jumper | 858.504.0050

n EMILY ESAU – Ee Show Stables Inc | Hunter/Jumper | 760.518.5393

n PAUL HAUNERT – Tri Star | Hunter/Jumper | 858.735.8882

n EVERARDO HEGEWISCH –Hegewisch Stables | Hunter/Jumper | 858.699.4301

n ANGELA PALTRAM – AP Dressage | Dressage | 619.322.7433

n BETTINA LOY – Del Mar Dressage | Dressage | 619.871.2795

n ANDREA SIMPSON – Fairbanks Riding | Hunter/Jumper | 858.775.2778

n JASMIN STAIR – Jasmin Stair Stables | Hunter/Jumper | 619.992.0689

“ We provide a safe and enjoyable facility for all levels of equestrians. ” 36 | T r a i n e r s


31878 Del Obispo #118 PMB 313 | San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 949.443.9452 | | Revolution Farms’ mission is two-fold. Although we aim to train and teach our students to be competitive at the top levels of show jumping competition, we also find it essential to instill and nurture a genuine love and respect for our horses and the sport of show jumping. One of the things I’m looking forward to in 2015 is the growth and development of Revolution Farms and the achievement of all our wonderful clientele’s goals for the year. As a rider, I look forward to learning more about our sport and improving my abilities. I always want the very best care for my horses, which is possible thanks to incredible support and product from my sponsors. Lastly, I am eager to continue doing something I love alongside a husband I love. Together, we’ve built a great business and I look forward to continued success through 2015 and on!

“ Create a good corner, get a good jump. ” ARCHIE COX – Brookway Stables

11700 Little Tujunga Canyon Road | Sylmar, CA 91342 818.897.3376 | Archie Cox found his love for horses at a young age. His grandmother shared with him her love of horses and at age 7 Archie and his sister Suzie convinced their parents to get a horse. Archie was a determined young rider and set his sights on the equitation ring, showing in the Maclay and USET Show Jumping Talent Search (which he brought home a gold in). Archie would later make his way west and work for Karen Healey for eight and a half years. He was able to take a lot away from his experience with Healey which set him up to successfully begin Brookway Stables where his students have taken home more than 40 national titles. The foundation of Archie’s program is building confidence in his students by focusing on the basics. With an innate ability to pair horse and rider and as his student’s biggest fan, he is able to bring out the best in his horses and riders and allow them to reach their full potential. © Al Cook

“ Focus on the basics. ” T r a i n e r s | 37

JOHN FRENCH – Waldenbrook

11700 Little Tujunga Canyon Road | Sylmar, CA 91342 650.867.9504 | John French began riding in Baltimore, Maryland where his mother was a riding instructor. Now one of the biggest names in our sport, John French has gone on to take himself, his students, and his horses to win and compete at some of the biggest shows in the US. French, known for his riding style and his relaxed yet consciences attitude has competed successfully at the top level of the hunters and jumpers. Winner of the $100,000 ASG Software Solutions/ USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals in Kentucky aboard his special mount Rumba, and as a World Cup Finals qualifier, French is one of the most qualified riders and teachers in our sport. French focuses on the purchase, development, and sales of quality show horses and teaches a handful of students who compete on the ‘A’ circuit. French teaches at his stable Waldenbrook, a full-service hunter jumper facility with locations in Woodside, Salinas, and Gilroy, California.

“ Don’t doubt yourself – believe in the ride. ” NATHALIE MANNING – Acorn Farm

28650 Ortega Highway | San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 401.743.1265 | Nathalie (Cooper) Manning has riding in her blood. Starting at the tender age of 3 under the guidance of her grandfather, USEF Hall of Fame inductee Morton “Cappy” Smith, and Nathalie trained with him and many of the East Coast’s most renowned trainers. During her time on the east coast she also successfully competed in all the big Junior Equitation Medal finals. Nathalie moved to California in 2007, continuing her development as a rider while training at her family’s West Coast facility, The Oaks. In 2009, she followed in her family’s tradition when she turned her passion into a profession and opened Acorn Farm. Acorn Farm has had tremendous success in the equitation and hunters with numerous championship titles to show for it, and most recently Nathalie has been competing with several new mounts in the upper level jumpers and Grand Prixs with great success. Nathalie’s goal is to allow each rider’s true talent to shine through while excelling in horsemanship and mastering the art of riding.

“ Acorn Farm, where little Acorns’ become great Oaks.”

38 | T r a i n e r s

HILLARY RIDLAND – Equi Sports, Inc. 28 Windflower | Irvine, CA 92603 949.633.4040 |

Hillary’s international experience began while still a teenager. At the age of 19, she was among the riders at the American Invitational Grand Prix in Tampa and the very next year became one of the youngest riders ever to represent the United States Equestrian Team in an International Nations Cup event. Hillary went on to win many Grand Prix events in the United States, and still remains one of only a few riders to go double-clean in the International Jumping Derby held annually at Spruce Meadows in Calgary, Alberta. Throughout her career she has trained with a host of legendary trainers including Judy Martin, Rodney Jenkins, Buddy Brown, and Leslie Burr Howard. Following her spectacular grand prix debut, Hillary was a partner in forming South West Show Jumping (SWSJ) which immediately became the prime importer of European horses to the West Coast. Currently Hillary owns and runs Equi Sports Inc. in San Juan Capistrano, an exclusive jumper training stable specializing in young horses and promising young jumper and equitation riders.

“ There is always ‘ Plan B.’i” MICKEY HAYDEN – Hayden Show Jumping & Riding School

25202 Nellie Gail Road | Laguna Hills, CA 92653 949.448.0823 | | Mickey Hayden, Head Trainer at Hayden Show Jumping & Riding School, has over 30 years experience developing champions. He is known for his honesty, integrity, ability to motivate, and eye for horses. In 2013, he was honored with the PCHA Mark Mullen Horsemanship Award for his dedication and contribution to the sport. Lane Clarke joined HSJ in 2002 and won his first Grand Prix in 2003 at age 17. In 2009 and 2010, he was ranked among the top ten West Coast riders in the FEI World Cup standings. In 2014, Lane received the CPHA Special Achievement Award for his outstanding success including six Grand Prix wins that year. HSJ clients inevitably reach the top of their divisions including recent North American Junior and Young Rider Championships and USHJA Regional Children’s Championships. We are the exclusive Hunter/Jumper trainers at the Nellie Gail Equestrian Center located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego just off the 5 Freeway.

“ Remember why you do this.”

T r a i n e r s | 39


11700 Little Tujunga Canyon Road | Lake View Terrace, CA 91342 818.897.4029 Middle Ranch is 650 acres of lush green grass and plentiful trees. It is located only two minutes from the 210 freeway and is close to many major cities in the LA area. Middle Ranch consists of two working ranches, the Main Ranch, and the North Ranch, both of which have staff on-site 24 hours a day and are completey fenced and gated. The Main Ranch is largely dedicated to those interested in training and showing their horses while the North Ranch has a more relaxed atmosphere. Middle Ranch has a total of 12 riding arenas with top of the line footing designed to best suit each specialty of riding. Both barns also have access to miles and miles of trails throughout the Angeles National forest which borders three sides of the ranch. To top it off, the ranch also has a clubhouse with offices, lounge areas, a kitchen, men’s and women’s locker rooms, and a pool, spa, and tennis court.

n ARCHIE COX – Brookway Stables | Hunter/Jumper | 818. 897.3376

n DICK AND FRANCIE CARVIN – Meadow Grove Farms | Hunter/Jumper | 818.890.6099

n JEFF KATZ AND BUD WOLF – Bay Ridge Farms | Hunter/Jumper | 818.834.3699

n LISA STROWAY – Freeway Farms | Hunter/Jumper | 818.834.2577

n CHRIS PRATT – Epic Stables | Hunter/Jumper | 818.834.4737 | 661.857.4554

n SANTIAGO AND ERIKA RICKARD – SR Training Stables | Hunter/Jumper | 818.834.4737 | 661.857.4554

n HOPE SRICKLAND – Pacific Cove Stables | Hunter/Jumper | 818.644.3323

n LARS HOLMBERG & ULF WADEBORN – Holmberd Wadeborn Dressage | Dressage | 818.744.0647 | 818.919.2810

n SUSANN REGALMUTO – Regal Equestrian | Dressage | 951.515.7133

n SHIRIN AMIERN – Story Teller Farms | Dressage | 805.208.3138

n TRICIA HAMILTON – Hamilton Equestrian | Dressage | 818.897.8888

n BILLY CAMARILLO – Billy Camarillo Cutting Horses | Western | 818.834.6414

n STACIE WIGHT – SS Performance Horses | Western | 805.732.3113

“ You never lose, you either win or learn. ” 40 | T r a i n e r s


28411 San Juan Creek Roadc | San Juan Capistrano, CA 949.315.5132 | Tar Farms is located in the heart of the Equestrian Capitol of the West Coast, beautiful San Juan Capistrano, and offers horse-lovers a unique, relaxed setting within this historic community. The spacious 23 acre tree-lined property is framed by picturesque country hillsides, open blue skies, San Juan Creek, and exquisite neighborhoods. At Tar Farms we know how valuable visits are for both you and your horse. So over the years we’ve cultivated an excellent management team and staff, and have limited the number of boarders to ensure a hassle-free facility with ample space for EVERYONE. This philosophy creates an “Old California” style intimacy and privacy unique to Tar Farms. That’s one reason why our boarders think we far outshine the others. For those interested in disciplined riding, Tar Farms offers western, reining, working cows, hunter/jumper, and dressage regimens. Our reputable professionals offer their training services to all levels and ages and periodically host free or low cost seminars and clinics for those who wish to continue their equine education.

n MARY MORRISON – Ivy Gate Farm | Hunter/Jumper | 949.443.1903

n ERIN HEINTEL – Erin Heintel Dressage | Dressage | 949.412.4469

n SANDRA HANSEN – Den Equus | Dressage | 949.246.1561

n BECKY HOLMAN – Black Diamond Performance Horses | Western/Reining | 949.661.4905

n ASHLEY COOK – Basic Western | 949.330.9363

n ASHLEE AVERILL – Ashle Averill Performance Horses Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Horsemanship, Trail | 949.291.0797

“ We may ride in different saddles but we both get on from the same side. ” T r a i n e r s | 41

CHRISTINE TRAURIG – Christine Traurig Dressage 16003 Via de Santa Fe | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 760.310.3599 |

Born and raised on a farm in Germany, Christine Traurig began riding before she could walk. She attended the National Riding School at Hoya, eventually riding and training for the Hanoverian Elite Auction in Verden. In 1982, she moved to the United States with her former husband, Bernie, to assist with his import and sales business. With her long-time partner Etienne, Traurig was selected to represent the United States Dressage Team at the Sydney Olympics, and attended the German National Championships for young horses on Limited Edition, placing in the final top eight each year. Traurig has been operating her training business from Albert Court in Rancho Santa Fe since 2005. The heart of Traurig’s training philosophy is rooted in the classical, systematic development of the horse, encompassing a broad understanding of biomechanics to maximize a horse’s potential. In 2015, Traurig is looking forward to the U.S. Dressage Team winning a Gold medal at the Pan American Games!

“ Think forward – nothing has ever been accomplished by moving backward ” BIRTHE LAUFER – Birthe Laufer Dressage 3902 Manchester Rd. | Encinitas, CA 92024 858.204.0220 |

German born Birthe Laufer is a licensed Bereiter F.N., successful FEI competitor, trainer, and coach. Her background in horsemanship is grounded in the German classical principles of riding. Throughout her career, she has worked with top-notch dressage professionals and is currently training regularly with Olympian Christine Traurig. She successfully uses this knowledge on every horse and rider in her care. Birthe trains out of Caballos Del Mar, a luxurious facility in Encinitas, CA. She is looking forward to a successful 2015 show season with a group of motivated clients and horses and enjoys being able to turn horses and riders into better athletes.

“ In training we must be encouraged to first establish the principles and only then to tackle the details”


42 | T r a i n e r s

MARIE MEDOSI – Marie Medosi Dressage

13872 Old El Camino Real | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92130 808.227.5668 | Marie Medosi is originally from Hawaii and started riding at the age of nine. When Medosi was 16, the Hawaii Dressage Association and her supporter, Pam Jones, paid expenses for her to attend the International Riding Academy in Germany. After graduation, Medosi studied under several professionals in Canada, eventually seizing the opportunity become a working student for Sue Blinks in San Diego. She went on to become a working student and assistant for Christine Traurig. Medosi ventured on her own in January 2013 to start training dressage horses. She believes it’s important for riders to work on themselves before their horses and strives to maintain that in her own riding. She said her niche is in dealing with young horses and she enjoys a challenging ride. Medosi hopes to someday have a FEI horse and make it to the Olympics. She believes it’s important to keep learning and continues her training with Guenter Seidel.

“ Work on yourself – the horse will follow.” LENA NORDLOF-DAVIS – Lena Nordlof-Davis Dressage 16255 Via de la Valle | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 760.822.7483 |

Lena Nordlof-Davis, originally from Sweden, is a USDF gold, silver and bronze medalist, an “L” program graduate, and has trained many horses to FEI success. During her childhood she worked as a groom in trade for riding lessons, eventually earning enough trust from owners to let her ride their horses. Lena came to the U.S. in 1982 to pursue her passion and began giving riding lessons, and has since helped clients reach goals at every level, including several California Dressage Society High Point awards and USDF bronze and silver medals. She welcomes riders with any goals and of all abilities; ultimately hoping her students will form a true and lasting relationship with their horses. In 2015, Lena is looking forward to working and showing her lovely horse, Stanley, and is excited to see what 2015 holds for him. The most rewarding part of being a trainer for Lena is seeing a rider, or horse, finally understand a concept and reach the next level.

“ Enjoy the journey.” T r a i n e r s | 43

DAVID BLAKE – David Blake Dressage Training 7070 Black Mountain Road | San Diego, CA 92130 310.435.2204 |

Born in Paris, France, David Blake started riding when he was four years old. He moved to America to begin his career as a jumper, switching to Dressage at 14 and earning his USDF bronze medal within two years. Soon after, he was chosen to train in the U.S. Equestrian Federation’s Young Horse Program where he honed his skills as a young horse trainer. Blake was reserve champion in Gladstone and has won several CDI Grand Prixs in California. He has also brought along a six-year-old FEI champion, represented the U.S. with his five-year-old FEI Young Horse in Verden and successfully competed in the CDI small tour and Grand Prix. In 2004, Blake opened his own business in Los Angeles, eventually moving to Arroyo Del Mar to train with Steffen and Shannon Peters. He said no matter what his clients goals are, he wants them to have fun more than anything. Blake currently hopes to find a new Grand Prix horse to show internationally.

“ Don’t panic, just try again.” REBECCA RIGDON – Rebecca Rigdon Dressage 7070 Black Mountain Road | San Diego, CA 92130 758.550.7329 |

Originally from Kansas City, Rebecca Rigdon has been riding competitively for the past 26 years, running her own training business for 18 of those years. She has earned her USDF bronze, silver, and gold medals on horses she’s trained. She is a former USEF judge, bringing her students not only the trainers view, but also the judges. Rigdon has trained extensively with some of the nation’s top dressage trainers, including Conrad Schumacher, Christine Traurig, Steffen Peters, and Guenter Seidel. She also worked in Germany for the Holsteiner Verband as an auction rider and trainer, assisted with sales, and trained their young stallions. To date, Rigdon has trained 38 horses through Third Level, 12 through Prix St. George, and 4 through Grand Prix all from 3-4 years old. In 2015, she is looking forward to trying to qualify for the Young Horse Championships in Verden, Germany with the incredible mare, La Fariah.

“ I am the most satisfied when my horses and riders reach their goals.”

44 | T r a i n e r s

LYNN DEVENPORT – San Pasqual Valley Ranch 2460 Cloverdale Road | Escondido, CA 92027 760.743.2377 |

Lynn Devenport said he doesn’t have a single memory without horses. Growing up in a ranching family, Devenport started riding when he was two years old and continued rodeoing throughout high school and college in his home state of New Mexico. After school, Devenport rodeoed professionally for 10 years and went into the training business in 1980. He trained at Rawhide Ranch in Bonsall, CA for six years before opening San Pasqual Valley Ranch with his wife, Delia. The Devenports offer a full slate of training, ranging from starting colts to barrel horses, and welcomes horses from all riding disciplines. Lynn and Delia have trained a number of youth riders who have gone on to qualify for, and place in, the California and Pacific National Junior Rodeo Finals and National High School Rodeo Association Finals. Three daughters who also share the same passion for riding, Mindy, Destri, and Macy, San Pasqual Valley Ranch is, and always will be, a family business centered around a shared love for animals. His daughters had a very successful show season in 2014, with his daughter, Destri, being named the 2014 National Barrel Horse Association World Champion and all three of his daughters taking home the All-Girl Reno Invitational Team Roping Championship. Devenport said the most rewarding part of his career is taking beginner riders and watching them excel and learn and compete in the sport of their choice.

“ From beginners to winners.” T r a i n e r s | 45

GLEN ASPINALL – Glen Aspinall Performance Horses 34520 De Portola Road | Temecula, CA 92592 951.552.5253 |

Glen Aspinall got his start in the horse world as a kid, thanks to his father and a couple of well-know Australian riders. Aspinall rode competitively as a teenager in Australia for many years, representing Queensland in the under 21 polocrosse division and leading the team to victory for the first time in 12 years against New South. He moved to the United States 13 years ago, qualifying for the Snaffle Bit Futurity Finals on two different horses. Aspinall worked for accomplished horsemen such as John Ward and Bob Avila before starting his own training business. Aspinall specializes in cow horses, cutting, and reigning. He offers professional training for beginners up to the Open Futurity level. He said he tries to teach his students how to do things in a traditional horsemanship manner. Aspinall hopes to someday have enough horsepower to qualify for the Snaffle Bit Futurity Finals in three different events—all in the same year.

“ If you can’t explain, they won’t obtain.” CLAY MACLEOD – Highland Farms

Post Office Box 337 | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.354.4069 | Born and raised in Pasadena, CA., Clay Macleod has ridden and shown horses since he was a child. Macleod turned professional in 1982 and opened his own farm. At Highland Farm, Clay actively trains a select group of A-Circuit show clients, specializing in Western Pleasure, Trail and Western Riding for AQHA approved shows. Highland Farm has limited boarding facilities that include care, stall, and pasture turn-outs for clients in training, or for lay-up and retired horses. Clay’s riding philosophy is to not only teach his students the principles of good riding and horsemanship, but also how to have fun. Since becoming an international AQHA judge in 1984, he now travels 10 to 12 times a year to judge shows all over the world. Clay has paneled five World Championships as well as the Australian and New Zealand Championships. The most rewarding part of his job is being able to be outdoors doing what he loves, working with horses.

Photo: Visual Photography

“ Western pleasure should be just that – pleasure and fun.” 46 | T r a i n e r s

NICOLE JOHNSON – Premier West Stables 1562 Chatsworth Blvd | San Diego, CA 92107 619.857.0942 |

Nicole Johnson starting riding horses at the age of four. She started showing at the local and national level at age 13, qualifying for the Appaloosa World and the Arabian Nationals, as well as winning multiple rodeo queen pageants in her twenties. In her last year of assisting Anne Speck, they took eight horses to nationals, returning home with six world titles. Now as an established trainer, Johnson revels in the successes of her students—some of who have gone on to win big-time national and world titles. Johnson offers riding instruction and training in saddle seat and western, specializing in the American Morgan Horse with lessons available for all levels. Her primary goal is to create a foundation for her students and facilitate their ambitions, no matter if they decide to pursue riding seriously or for pleasure. She is looking forward to some new teams in 2015 and the launch of their hunter/jumper program.

“ Believe in what you want to happen. ” DONNIE BRICKER – Donnie Bricker Performance Horses 36925 Avenida Madera | Temecula, CA 92592 909.374.2776 |

Donnie Bricker started training horses on his own 17 years ago in Pennsylvania. Bricker Ranch, home of Donnie and Laurie Bricker, has been familyowned since 2001. The ranch is nestled in the rolling foothills of Riverside County, located in Temecula, California. Bricker’s facility sits among rolling hills, and is surrounded by irrigated pastures on 10 acres. The facility features a large riding arena (150’ x 310’) main arena, (120x120) cutting arena, round and square pens, a sliding track, electronic cow cuttin critter, turn out pastures, 2 wash racks, tack rooms, grain rooms, covered hay storage, 22 stalls, main barn and 6 stall separate barn with adequate turnouts. The ranch is a full service training facility offering training for Pleasure and Show horses, riding lessons for all ages, Summer Horse Camps for adults and youth, Stallion Services and Horses for Sale. World Champion Performance Horses we are specialized in Reining, Working Cow Horse, and Calf-Roping, Team Roping, NRHA, AQHA, NRCHA, CRHA.

“ Bricker Ranch provides a serene atmosphere for both the horse and rider.” T r a i n e r s | 47

MIKE AND KRISTI BERG – Berg Performance Horses

37715 Spring Valley Road | Temecula, CA 92592 Mike: 951.265.6158 | Kristi: 951.318.2174 | Mike and Kristi have both been around horses their entire lives. Kristi Berg’s mother was a trainer in Southern California and Mike Berg grew up with horses with his family in Montana. Mike and Kristi both tried pursuing other interests but were always drawn back to horses and both had a knack for training. They both worked as assistants for several years before starting Berg Performance Horses in 2002. Since then, they have become some of the most reputable trainers in Southern California. They are open to working with all levels of students and horses. From rookie to Open Horses, they are happy to help you reach your goals. They show in NRHA, AQHA, and NRCHA shows. Built on a passion for horses and the sport the most rewarding part of training for them is helping individuals and horses reach their full potential. In 2015 they are looking forward to reaching goals but most of all looking forward to having a fun year with their great group of clients.

“ Come ride and have fun.” BECKY HOLMAN – Black Diamond Performance Horses 28411 San Juan Creek Road | San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 949.661.4905 |

The foundation for Black Diamond Performance Horses is Becky Holman’s passion for horses. By providing a challenging environment that is conducive to continuous improvement and learning, she is able to share her passion for horses with others. Becky focuses on a customized training program that is unique for each individual rider and horse. Whether you want to experience the unique rewards of reining or reined cow horses, the excitement of competition, or the challenge of becoming a better rider, Becky will have a program that is right for you. Becky’s 27 years of experience allows her to understand the intricacies of the relationship between horse and rider and allows her to ensure a holistic and fulfilling equine experience. Becky enjoys seeing her clients set goals for themselves and being there to help them fulfill those goals. Through open communication, integrity, and respect, Becky creates a vital, healthy, and supportive team atmosphere.

“A training program based on open communication, integrity, and respect.” 48 | T r a i n e r s

HAWLEY AWAD – Hawley Bennett Eventing

43240 Los Corralitos Road | Temecula, CA 92592 951.852.8556 | Growing up on a hobby farm in British Columbia, Hawley Bennett started riding at a young age. In 1998, she began eventing with a horse named Livingston, moving up through the levels of Pony Club with him. Following a fourth place finish at the North American Young Rider’s Championship, Bennet was named to the Canadian Eventing Team Long List. They were two-time members of the Silver Medal Team at the Pan American Eventing Championships and have represented the Canadian Equestrian Team in the Olympics twice. Bennett, now located at Kings Way Farm in Temecula, is fully established as one of the top upper-level riders and trainers in Southern California. She accepts students of all riding levels and aspirations into her program—as long as riders are willing to try to the best of their abilities, she’s willing to teach. Bennett said the most rewarding part of her job is watching her students grow and seeing their hard work pay off.

“ Hard work pays off and gets noticed. ” T r a i n e r s | 49


760.207.4887 | Tish Quirk offers a full-service breeding, foaling, development, and training program in Rancho Santa Fe. Tish and her husband, John, published HORSES magazine with subscriptions in 50 states and 39 countries. Their European imports include numerous amateur and junior Hunter/Jumpers that represented the U.S.A. internationally, as well as “Best of Luck”, the foundation of the current breeding program. John drew on their European friendships and experiences to bring the World Cup Finals of Show jumping to Del Mar in 1992 and then Las Vegas. It will be returning to Las Vegas once again in 2015. Tish and John were inducted into the Spruce Meadows Hall of Fame in 2006. More recently, Tish received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the CPHA, and has been Leading Handler at both the International Hunter Furturity and the Sallie B.Wheeler/USEF National Breeding Championship. Her stallions, “Just The Best,” and “More Than Luck,” have earned the Leading Sire award three times and her young horses have been named Best Young Horse twice and are consistent champions. This year Tish was honored to receive the USEF Ellen Scripps Davis Memorial Breeders’ Cup Award, which recognizes an individual or breeding enterprise who consistently breeds outstanding performance, and show horses. The award honors the role that good breeding plays in the development and improvement of performance and show horses. From conception to champions for 30 years sums up her current role of consistently producing horses of great quality, conformation, temperament and athletic ability. The most rewarding part of Tish’s job is the fact that this magnificent bloodline continues to produce Just The Best takes More Than Luck...and produces the Best of Luck.

“ Breeding Just the Best.” 50 | T r a i n e r s

The Story of a Ranch KLEIN TO CRAIG TO GATES

by Jackie McFarland & Pam Maley

Throughout several decades, Rancho Paseana was home to outstanding Thoroughbreds, famous and successful racehorses at the top of their game. However, the beginning of a new equestrian era for this recently purchased Ranch appears to be underway.

T h e S t o r y o f a R a n c h | 51

IN THE BEGINNING: GENE KLEIN Developed in 1982 as Rancho Del Rayo by business powerhouse and San Diego Chargers owner Gene Klein along with Hall of Fame trainer D. Wayne Lukas, the expansive property has a six-furlong training track and stall space for 140 horses, not to mention an olive orchard. It nestles into a gorgeous valley in Rancho Santa Fe, encompasses 229 acres, and is just minutes from the Del Mar Race Track. Among many famous equines that called Rancho Del Rayo home was the vibrant Winning Colors, who captivated the nation in 1988 by becoming only the third filly to win the Kentucky Derby. Soon after, Klein’s health declined. He sold his 146 horses and retired from racing just a few months before he died.

52 | T h e S t o r y o f a R a n c h

In the mid-1980s Klein also developed two luxury residential projects near his stables, Del Rayo Estates and Del Rayo Downs. Over two decades later their 92067 zip codes earned a Forbes ranking among the most elite in the nation. Now the story takes a strange twist. Three months after Klein’s death, the ranch was purchased for $27 million by Jean-Laurent Andreani, a Frenchman who was attempting to build a Thoroughbred enterprise. The plan fell apart, Andreani defaulted, was forced to sell off his racing stock, and the bank took ownership of the ranch.

HERE COME THE CRAIGS Five years later, in 1995, the property was becoming an eyesore, with the track and pastures overgrown, and the barns abandoned. Enter Sid and Jenny Craig, who paid the $6 million price set by the bank, and set about returning the property to its glory. Owners of the weight-loss empire that bears her name, the Craigs, like Klein before them, had a serious interest in Thoroughbred racing. When the renovations were done and the stalls ready for horses again, the Craigs christened their new home Rancho Paseana after their acclaimed race filly. They acquired the filly Paseana, now in the Hall of Fame, in 1992, the same year that Jenny bought Dr Devious for $2.5 million as a sixtieth-birthday present for Sid. Dr Devious went on to win England’s cherished Epsom Derby. As the owner of the winning horse, Sid was presented with great pomp and circumstance to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. Custom dictated that Sid present the Queen a share in the Derby winner’s future at stud. At that point in the ceremony, as reported by Jay Hovday in the Daily Racing Form, Craig announced, “Your Majesty, instead of one share in Dr Devious, I would like to give you two.”

In 2003, the Craigs acquired another of their big names, Candy Ride. The young colt went on to win the Pacific Classic at Del Mar Racetrack, a particularly sweet victory close to home. Candy Ride now stands at stud at Lane’s End Farm in Lexington, Kentucky. Sadly Sid Craig, well-liked and respected by all in the Thoroughbred industry, died of cancer in 2008 at age seventy-six. Jenny, having lost her partner and soulmate, stayed in the business for a bit, but in 2010, she put the ranch on the market for $30 million. For years, the Craigs had run Rancho Paseana not only as a magnificent home for their own horses, but additionally as a popular lay-up and training center used to prepare horses for racing in Southern California. Yet in 2013 Jenny closed its doors, took it off the public listings, and had it quietly shopped off-market. There was a lot of interest in the property from developers, but to her great credit, Jenny was determined to wait for a buyer that would preserve the property intact as a place for horses.

T h e S t o r y o f a R a n c h | 53

WHAT WILL THE GATES OPEN? Now enter the Gates family. Bill and Melinda Gates, who own a house in nearby Del Mar Country Club, bought the ranch for $18 million, closing the deal in September 2014. The Gates’ teenage daughter Jennifer has a passion for and successfully competes in the discipline of show jumping. The family plans to turn the property into a grand prix venue for the sport, assuring that it will remain an equestrian facility. A ripple of quiet applause could be heard all around Rancho Santa Fe as the news became public. The purchase will bring Rancho Paseana, which had been vacant since Jenny closed it, beautifully back to life. Maintaining the character and charm of the property as well as fulfilling Jenny Craig’s hope that it will remain a home for world-class horses, the new chapter for this gorgeous piece of property is a win for the Gates family, for Jenny Craig, and most of all for Rancho Paseana and its neighbors.

54 | T h e S t o r y o f a R a n c h

The purchase will bring Rancho Paseana, which had been vacant since Jenny closed it, beautifully back to life.”


“ A boarding program that meets the diverse goals of our clients combined with quality equine care and management.” — W I L D F L OW E R R A N C H


3211 Wildflower Valley | Encinitas, CA 92024 760.310.4330 | Wildflower Ranch is located in Encinitas, CA just inside the gated community of Wildflower Estates. It is a 7.66 acre, meticulously-maintained ranch that has access to miles and miles of manicured trails. It has 60 stalls in total with a combination of both in-and-outs and box stalls and boasts two large arenas and a 90 foot round pen. With some of the top US show jumpers currently boarding here, you can be sure your horses will be happy and healthy. The ranch also has grass pastures, a hot walker, hay storage, caretaker facility, cross-ties, wash racks, numerous tack rooms, and also has a well. It also comes with a lot to build a dream home above a dream barn. The pride of ownership is obvious no matter where you go at this facility. From the landscaping, to the Olympic quality footing in every arena and round pen, it is obvious that no detail has been overlooked. Once you step foot onto the property you will immediately be able to escape your day-to-day life and take in your beautiful surroundings. With a meandering creek running through the property, white fencing against the green grass and tall weeping willows, the pop of color from the bougainvillea and seasonal flowers, and the cape cod style barn, you will be able to leave your worries at the door and be able to truly enjoy your horse. Stop by today and see for yourself the dream barn that awaits! Wildflower offers care, boarding, and training programs for riders of all levels; from the novice to the Grand Prix competitor, we will have a program that is right for you. Also, look at our website for our sale horses. In collaboration with La Silla, Simon Nizri has turned out some of our nations top horses including the winner of the 2014 AIG $1 Million Grand Prix, Chela LS (now ridden and owned by Ashlee Bond Clarke).

“ A boarding program that meets the diverse goals of our clients combined with quality equine care and management.� 56 | B o a r d i n g F a c i l i t i e s


16332 Via de Santa Fe | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.756.1174 The Osuna Ranch is a 25-acre gated facility in the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant. The Ranch is privately owned and managed by the Rancho Santa Fe Association and is home to Hap Hansen, one of the greatest names in show jumping history. Hap Hansen Stables trains some of the nation’s top hunter-jumpers and Grand Prix horses and riders. Rancho Santa Fe Covenant residents are given priority for stalls and paddocks but all horses must be in training and/or care with Hap Hansen Stables. The ranch also has a limited number of retirement options for older horses. The facility has large paddocks both with and without shelters. Boarding includes grazing privileges in 13 large grass-pastures and Bermuda and Alfalfa fed three times a day. (Timothy is available at an extra charge.) All stalls and paddocks are highly coveted and typically require being placed on a wait list through Ranch Manager Daria Quay at the Rancho Santa Fe Association. The Osuna Ranch is also home to the 1831 Osuna Adobe. The adobe sits in the middle of the property and is a reminder of the Ranch’s early history and currently serves as an educational tool and resource. Maurice Roy Photography

“ A haven for the most discriminating horse.” B o a r d i n g F a c i l i t i e s | 57


Post Office Box 8046 | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.756.0321 Tucked behind the gated Fairbanks Ranch grounds, the Equestrian Center is one of the premiere public boarding stables in Rancho Santa Fe. A more peaceful and tranquil place to enjoy time with our equestrian partners is truly difficult to find. Fairbanks has an ideal location and a beautiful Spanish style facility that is host to two extremely accomplished and reputable trainers, Kim Vanderwood and Nicole Johnson. Fairbanks offers Hunter/Jumper, Saddleseat and Western training and a lesson program for all ages and from beginners to advanced riders. Fairbanks residents and non-residents are welcome.

© Bethany Unwin Photography

*Residents receive a discounted boarding fee and priority for available stalls. All horses must be in training and/or in care. Non-residents are also welcome to board and take lessons.

“ A hidden gem in Fairbanks Ranch. ” 58 | B o a r d i n g F a c i l i t i e s


16924 Ramblas de Las Flores | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.756.2923 The Rancho Riding Club was founded in 1946 and is located on 11 acres in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe. Sixty-five years later, the club is still going strong with 140 members and stables filled with 110 horses. Competitive Hunter/Jumper training is available from Wanda Weldy, Dressage from Tina Caldwell and Western/ horsemanship from Debbie Rocha. The entire family is invited to ride at this private facility, with lessons in a variety of disciplines available from the club instructors. Members benefit from social activities and horse shows, and can enjoy access to 40 miles of groomed trails.

“ An enjoyable atmosphere for families and their horses.” SEABREEZE FARMS EQUESTRIAN CENTER

5720 Old Carmel Valley Road | San Diego, CA 92130 858.481.2626 Carol and David Goodell made sure to keep Seabreeze’s standards high when building the farm. Located on 39 acres in Carmel Valley, Seabreeze has two barns with a total of 84 stalls and five different stall sizes to choose from. The staff at Seabreeze is dedicated to keeping its horses as well-fed and comfortable as possible, providing four types of hay, automatic water systems and high-quality shavings. Riders can also rest comfortably in the barn area’s large tacks rooms or hangout in the clubhouse, stocked with drinks and snacks, to finish homework before lessons.

“ Just learn.” B o a r d i n g F a c i l i t i e s | 59


2570 Fifth Street | Encinitas, CA 92024 619.813.8223 | Marc’s beautiful farm in Olivenhain occasionally has room in his grass pastures for retirement or lay-ups that include twice daily feeding, weekly inspections, grooming and routine management of vet and farrier services. Full-time grooms live on-site and are available to check on horses throughout the night for any medical emergencies that may occur. Additional levels of service and training are also offered on an individual basis.

“ Have fun and ride what you see.” DOVE HOLLOW DRESSAGE CENTER

1084 Double LL Ranch | Olivenhain, CA 92024 858.759.7880 | Dove Hollow Dressage Center is a full-service equestrian facility dedicated to providing its customers with unparalleled care and service. Originally a mixed-training facility, Flo Brown purchased the 4.5 acre stable in the fall of 2006. In 2007, Flo embarked upon a complete remodel transforming the facility into the premier Dressage training center it is today. Training and instruction offered up to Grand Prix by ‘R’ Judge/ International Competitor Laurie Falvo Doyle and World-ranked FEI competitor, Michelle Reilly.

“ Come join our friendly family.” 60 | B o a r d i n g F a c i l i t i e s


3049 Camino Del Rancho | Encinitas, CA 92024 858.756.6937 Willow Creek Stables is a premiere Hunter/Jumper training barn in Olivenhain. Whether you are just starting out or want to compete in national competitions, the stable’s experienced staff can help you achieve your goals. We have a comprehensive Hunter/Jumper lesson program for all ages and levels. We have multiple trainers to accommodate your schedule headed by 30-year teaching veteran, Lisa Halterman. All horses must be in training and/or in care with Haven Farms. We also offer guided trail rides. For our guests, we have a large rec room with kitchen, TV, outdoor BBQ and patio. Free Wi-fi and high-speed Internet is available.

“ A friendly place.” DEL MAR HORSEPARK

14550 El Camino Real | Del Mar, CA 92014 858.794.1171 | Del Mar Horsepark is a 65-acre world-class equestrian facility located about three miles east of the Del Mar Fairgrounds, at the corner of El Camino Real and Via de la Valle. The facility features professional on-site catering, equipment rental, RV hook-ups, plenty of parking and freeway access. Permanent box and pipe stalls are available for year-round boarding, as well as qualified, professional training from beginning to Olympian levels. The Del Mar Horsepark is a long-term boarding facility for riders in the training program only. Spectators are also welcome to visit the facility to watch lessons and local competitions.

“ We provide a safe and enjoyable facility for all levels of equestrians.” B o a r d i n g F a c i l i t i e s | 61

CHERRY HILL – Retirement & Lay-up

760.207.2680 | Cherry Hill Farm is a secluded and restful retreat for you and your horse. Nestled on 600 acres of private, family-owned land in Santa Ysabel, California, our farm boasts private wooded trails and sweeping vistas from its elevated location. Owner Jamie Lund ensures that the horses have exactly what they need every day to be happy and healthy. Jamie treats each horse as an individual and provides care as such, so that each horse, with its unique needs, gets everything that it requires while in her care. Horses that need a little extra help or less pressure in their lives thrive at Cherry Hill Farm. Whether a horse needs a couple of months off from the hustle and bustle of the show ring, a long-term lay-up, rehabilitation from an injury, or if it’s mares foaling out, Cherry Hill Farm has a lot to offer. Jamie works closely with her clients to provide both owner and horse with any and all their needs.

“ The best thing for the inside of man is the outside of a horse.” HIGHLAND FARM – Retirement & Lay-up Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.354.4069

Highland Farm is located adjacent to the riding trail along Lago Lindo in Rancho Santa Fe. The facility is a picturesque farm with a limited number of boarding facilities that include care, stall and pasture turnouts for clients in training or for lay-up and retired horses.

“ Love means attention. Which means looking after the things we love. We call this stable management.”


62 | B o a r d i n g F a c i l i t i e s

ollo w Dov eH

Wil dflo wer

Ran ch Osu na Ran ch Ran cho Rid ing Clu b Fair ban ks R idin gC lub Wil ow Cre ek Stab les Del Ma rH ors epa rk Sea bre eze


Must be in training to board at facility Yes








In In and Out

40 16

17 16

58 n/a

36 n/a

26 8

155 n/a

80 n/a

31 9

Covered Uncovered Partially Covered

n/a n/a 8

5 10 53

n/a n/a n/a

20 n/a n/a

22 n/a n/a

78 n/a 4

n/a n/a n/a

n/a n/a n/a

Yes Yes Yes No No 3x

Yes Yes Yes No No 3x

Yes Yes Yes Yes No 3x

No Yes Yes No No 3x

Yes Yes No No No Unknown

Yes Yes Yes Yes No 3x

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 3x

Yes No No

Yes No No

Yes No No

Yes No No

Yes No No

Yes No No

Yes No No

n/a n/a n/a









Yes-2 Yes-1 n/a Yes

Yes-1 n/a n/a Yes-1

Yes-2 Yes-1 Yes-2 Yes-1

Yes-1 Yes-1 Yes-1 Yes-2

Yes-2 No No Yes

Yes-5 Yes-1 No Yes

Yes-2 Yes-1 No Yes

3 No No Yes









15 n/a 5

9 4 1

32 n/a Yes

19 6 n/a

17 2 3

Yes Yes No

n/a n/a 19

Yes-All n/a 12

1 4 2

n/a 13 1

6 n/a n/a

6 n/a n/a

5 n/a n/a

2 n/a n/a



unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown

Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes

Yes unknown Yes



Hay Alfalfa Yes Bermuda Yes Timothy (extra $) No Orchard (extra $) Yes 3-way Unknown Fed x times per day 3x Grain Supplied by trainer Supplied and fed by owner Supplied by owner, fed by facility Trail Access Arenas Hunter/Jumper Riding Arena Dressage Riding Arena Western Riding Arena Lunging Arena Hot Walker Cross Ties Covered Wash Racks - Cold Water Wash Racks - Hot & Cold Water Turn-Outs Sand Grass Retired Grass Stallion Stall

Unknown Unknown No Unknown No Unknown

Security Fenced Gated Night Check *For retirement only

Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes

**Membership Required

B o a r d i n g F a c i l i t i e s | 63

WHERE WE WERE. WHERE WE ARE. WHERE WE’RE GOING. It’s been an outstanding first year for Thrive Animal Rescue, and we’ve only just begun. Founded in April of 2014, what was once just an idea for Cece Bloum and Georgia Spogli has not only turned into a reality, but a thriving non-profit rescue organization. Just 11 months in, Thrive Animal Rescue has placed nearly 100 dogs. We have been granted 501c3 status and are entirely donation based. We have a Forever Foster program for senior dogs and dogs needing long-term medical care and we have innovative educational programs in the works. We have cultivated a network of volunteers who give selflessly of their time and resources and most importantly, we have developed relationships with the people who work in the shelters; the people who go to work every day knowing that difficult choices will need to be made to make room for more homeless dogs. Because of the generosity of our Thrive supporters, we are able to act quickly and help save dogs who may otherwise not have made it out.

The 2015 horse show season is upon us, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone at our first adoption event at Blenheim Equisports. We have been successful in raising community awareness to the plight of homeless dogs. Our goal is to spread the message that a large percentage of the dogs who wind up abandoned in a shelter are there through no fault of their own; dogs without behavioral or health issues, who are just waiting to be a part of someone’s family again. So please consider adoption. The life you save may be your own… Check out our website for dogs, donations, Thrive gear and volunteer opportunities. Give us a “Like” or a follow and share the love on social media. It’s a great way to help! Facebook: Instagram: @thriveanimalrescue Twitter: @thrivedogrescue


Serving San Diego County since 1880, San Diego Humane Society’s scope of social responsibility goes beyond adopting animals. San Diego Humane Society offers San Diegans a wide range of programs and services that strengthen the human-animal bond, prevent cruelty/neglect, provide medical care, educate the community on the humane treatment of animals and provide safety net services for all pet families needing assistance with keeping their pets. The organization rescues homeless animals, or animals from situations of abuse or neglect, and places them into new homes – dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds and all other domestic animals receive a second chance at San Diego Humane Society! As one of San Diego’s oldest nonprofit organizations, San Diego Humane Society has campuses located in Escondido, Oceanside, and San Diego as well as adoption centers inside Petco stores throughout San Diego County. San Diego Humane Society is supported solely through contributions, grants, bequests, investments, proceeds from the Muttique retail store and small fees for services. For more information or to view our current animals available for adoption; please visit

SAN DIEGO HUMANE SOCIETY 619.299.7012 • 5500 Gaines • Street San Diego, CA 92110


“ Caring, compassionate and dedicated – your BFF’s Best Friends.”

RODRIGO VAZQUEZ, DVM - Helen Woodward Equine Hospital 6525 Helen Woodward Way | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.756.8809 |

Rodrigo Vazquez has been an equine veterinarian for 27 years. He earned his masters at UC Davis and completed his internal medicine and equine surgical residencies there as well. He stayed on campus for a year as a faculty surgeon and then moved to a private practice in the Bay Area where he was the only surgeon on staff for two years. He moved down to San Diego 14 years ago during which time he started his own practice at Helen Woodward Equine Hospital. Vazquez’s practice is dedicated to sports medicine mostly in the Hunter/Jumper and Dressage disciplines. His surgical practice expands from colic surgeries to orthopedics. He works both in the field and at the hospital during the day and is on call for emergencies at night. When taking new clients, Vazquez offers them his whole heart, intellect and dedication. According to Vazquez, the most important thing to do for our horses health is get them regular wellness exams.

“ If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it. ” 68 | A n i m a l C a r e P r o f e s s i o n a l s


6461 El Apajo Road | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 Emergencies: 858.756.4117 x8 | 858.756.4117 x325 Helen Woodward Animal Center is a private, non-profit organization in San Diego County that, for over 40 years, has been committed to the philosophy of people helping animals and animals helping people. The nationally recognized center provides a variety of services that benefit the community through educational and therapeutic programs for people, and humane care and adoption for animals. The Equine Hospital at the Helen Woodward Animal Center is an exceptional facility for the use of accredited veterinarians, enabling them to provide high-quality veterinary care for the health and welfare of the community horse population. The hospital is equipped to perform a wide variety of medical procedures and services such as colic surgery, endoscopy, arthroscopy, dental repair, laparoscopy, and more. With new, state-of-the-art technology, the hospital also has the capability to repair leg fractures. The Equine Hospital grants privileges to many large animal veterinarians in San Diego County. Most of its patients are either race or show horses, but they treat horses of all ages and disciplines.

“ People helping animals, animals helping people.� A n i m a l C a r e P r o f e s s i o n a l s | 69

SAN LUIS REY EQUINE HOSPITAL 4211 Holly Lane | Bonsall, CA 92003 760.726.4566 |

Established in 1971, San Luis Rey Equine Hospital has earned a strong national and international reputation as a distinguished equine hospital. The facility has pioneered advances in equine abdominal surgery, advanced imaging, and lameness diagnostics, as well as developed innovative surgical techniques. A full-service facility, the hospital provides advanced diagnostics to horses from around the country 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The hospital is entrusted with the care of thousands of horses each year, and prides itself on developing positive working relationships with clients and their local veterinarians. The hospital staff is composed of board-certified veterinary surgeons and internists, veterinary interns, technicians and specialist consultants. The team at SLREH is under the direction of husband and wife team, Dr. Nick Huggons and Dr. Korin Potenza, whose interests lie in sports medicine, lameness and rehabilitation. SLREH’s sports medicine team combine extensive specialized training and personal experience to become part of your sport horse’s support team.

“Advancing equine veterinary services that benefit the equine athlete and community.” SAN DIEGUITO EQUINE GROUP

1288 Calle Maria | San Marcos, CA 92069 760.591.9952 | San Dieguito Equine Group, Inc. (SDEG) is a group veterinary practice nestled in San Marcos, CA. located in North County San Diego. Equipped with the latest technology and diagnostic tools, San Dieguito Equine Group provides ambulatory veterinary services, as well as on-site evaluation in their state-of-the art diagnostic facility. Patient wellness programs and preventative medicine are a top priority for the veterinarians on staff. The group believes in a thorough and systematic approach to lameness and other performance-limiting conditions in sport horses in order to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Treatments and management strategies are then used to keep our equine athletes successfully competing. Attending clinicians often collaborate with specialists and referring clinicians, when necessary, in order to provide the best possible outcome in each case. The team at San Dieguito Equine Group’s Imaging Center is committed to making a difference for our patients, their owners, and the veterinary community.

“ Providing equine veterinary medicine and surgery that makes a difference. ” 70 | A n i m a l C a r e P r o f e s s i o n a l s

MARK SILVERMAN, DVM – Sporthorse Veterinary Services 7103 Via Del Charro | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 760.798.4850 |

Mark Silverman has pursued knowledge and understanding of the equine foot for over 40 years. His graduate studies in Sports Biomechanics resulted in an internship at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs working with elite human athletes, though his personal work involved the study of the relationship between shoeing and the function of the equine foot. Mark has enjoyed a multifaceted career in the equine industry, including bio-mechanical analysis of equine gait, along with training and competing of Dressage horses and stable management. In 1994, Mark received his veterinary degree from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. His current Sporthorse practice is heavily focused on the treatment of lameness and conditions of the equine foot. Mark has over 20 years experience in the use of composites for hoof reconstruction and was involved in the evolution of adhesive shoe technology. He also helped in bringing the first standing MRI into the country and is now developing a new business in advanced high-intensity laser therapy. Mark believes in innovation based in good horsemanship and is fully invested in the well-being of his horses.

“ Balancing the needs of horse and rider. ” LINDSEY LEWIS, DVM

858.461.4408 | Lindsey Lewis is a 2008 graduate of Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine. She completed a B.S. in Biology/Neurology from UC Davis in 2002. She has a strong interest in Equine Lameness and Medicine as well as emergency work. Lindsey grew up in Del Mar and began riding Hunt-Seat when she was eight years old. Lindsey loves the sports medicine aspect of equine veterinary practice because she is involved in the maintenance and enhancement of the horse’s level of performance, as well as the maintenance of their health and well-being. From the backyard pony to the highly-competitive performance horse, Lindsey believes all horses deserve high-quality care and compassion. Lindsey enjoys doing relief work for local veterinarians as well as maintaining her own veterinary practice. She currently owns an off-the-track Thoroughbred rescue named “Payton.” She is also an avid runner and loves spending time at Dog Beach with her Boston Terrier “Quincy.”

“ Lots of people talk to animals. Not very many listen, though. That’s the problem.”


A n i m a l C a r e P r o f e s s i o n a l s | 71

MICHAEL MULVANY, DVM – All Creatures Hospital 3665 Via de la Valle | Del Mar, CA 92014 858.481.7992

Dr. Michael H. Mulvany has worked at All Creatures Hospital for the past 30 years as the hospital’s Medical Director and Practice Manager. He has been the sole owner of the hospital since 1997. An animal lover since childhood, Dr. Mulvany began volunteering at a veterinary clinic in Point Loma when he was in high school. He received advanced degrees from the University of California, Davis – BS in Animal Science; MS in Systemic Physiology; and DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). After graduating from veterinary school, Dr. Mulvany and his family moved to Santa Cruz for a one-year intensive medical and surgical internship at a large referral hospital. His goal is to provide the best care possible and vows to treat each patient the same way he would treat his own. Dr. Mulvany said the most rewarding part of his job is being able to treat ill or injured pets and send them home to live a nice, healthy life with their owners.

“ I treat all my patients as if they were my own. ” 72 | A n i m a l C a r e P r o f e s s i o n a l s


3665 Via de la Valle | Del Mar, CA 92014 858.481.7992 | All Creatures Hospital is a family-owned veterinary hospital. The hospital is open every day of the year and staffed 24/7 for patients needing 24 hour hospital care. The hospital offers preventative care programs including vaccinations, dental care, nutritional consulting as well as routine and specialist surgeries, emergency and critical care, radiology and ultrasound, and oncology. The healthcare team has a strong background in traditional medicine in addition to alternative and holistic care. The hospital doctors, Dr. Laura Greenlee, Dr. Dana Tashjian, Dr. Seth Wegner and Dr. Jenna Fransioli, are highly trained; have advanced training in specialized areas; and attend CE meetings every year. The hospital has access to board certified specialists who will treat patients on-site or refer patients to local referral hospitals on a case-by-case basis. Hospital Manager Jean Hamilton said the most rewarding part of the job is watching clients come in with new four-legged family members and being able to embark on the next adventure with them.

Photo: Paige Nelson Photography

“ Your pets are part of our family.� A n i m a l C a r e P r o f e s s i o n a l s | 73

SUE REDPATH, DVM – Seaside Veterinary Care Post Office Box 983 | Cardiff, CA 92007 760.632.9444 |

Seaside Veterinary Care, a practice owned by Dr. Sue Redpath, is a convenient in-home veterinary service for cats and dogs. Dr. Redpath received her Bachelor’s and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University. Before opening her own practice in 1998, Dr. Redpath worked at Cardiff Animal Hospital for eight years and at Colina Veterinary Hospital, a 24-hour emergency clinic, for four years. Dr. Redpath is skilled in consultation and treatment for dermatology, behavioral and metabolic disorders, as well as home hospice management and end of life care. She is knowledgeable of the local veterinary community and is able to refer cases as needed to appropriate local hospitals or the best specialists in the area. Dr. Redpath is licensed to practice in California and Florida, and will travel to homes within a 10-mile radius of Cardiff.

“ Small animal veterinary care in the comfort and convenience of your home.” DOROTA PEARSON, DVM – Pearson Animal Hospital 1903 W. San Marcos Blvd | San Marcos, CA 92069 760.598.2512 |

Originally from a small town in Poland, Dr. Pearson has been an animal lover since she was a child. Dr. Pearson said she can’t imagine doing anything else with her life and loves waking up to do her dream job every morning. She has a special interest in reproduction and brachiocephalic breeds such as Bulldogs. Dr. Pearson’s Animal Hospital is a full-service hospital providing treatment for pets from the basics of preventative care and vaccinations, to surgical procedures and emergencies. Dr. Pearson and her associate veterinarian, Dr. Jaroslaw Wypart, are experienced and committed to educating clients on how to keep their pets healthy year round with good nutrition and exercise, and are committed to giving the best care possible. Pearson Animal Hospital stays on top of the latest advances in veterinary medicine and most of all, remembers that all animals and pets need to be treated with loving care in every check-up, procedure, or surgery. Dr. Pearson is available to clients on her cell phone 24 hours a day.

“ We treat your pets like the valued family members they are.” 74 | A n i m a l C a r e P r o f e s s i o n a l s

PATRICIA CARTER, DVM – Helen Woodward Small Animal Hospital 6461 El Apajo Road | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.756.4469 |

Helen Woodward Animal Center is a private, non-profit organization in San Diego County that, for over 40 years, has been committed to the philosophy of people helping animals and animals helping people. Located on 12 acres in Rancho Santa Fe, the nationally-recognized center provides a variety of services that benefit the community through educational and therapeutic programs for people, and humane care and adoption for animals. The Companion Animal Hospital is run by Chief of Staff, Dr. Patricia Carter. She has been a small animal and exotic animal veterinarian for over 21 years. Dr. Carter heads the animal hospital along with her continued duties overseeing the care of the adoptable pets in the Helen Woodward Animal Center Adoptions Department. The center has always been committed to providing the community with the best care for their pets. The center continually seeks the newest advances in pet boarding, pet training, and pet medical care, and is delighted to continue that tradition in a modern, cutting-edge small animal hospital.

“ People helping animals, animals helping people.” CALIFORNIA VETERINARY SPECIALISTS

2310 Faraday Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92008 | 760.431.2273 39809 Avendia Acacias, Suite E Murrieta, CA 92563 | 951.600.9803 Founded in 2000, California Veterinary Specialists (CVS) is one of the nation’s leading providers of advanced veterinary services for pets in need of critical emergency care and treatment of serious, acute and chronic illnesses, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its innovative team of multidisciplinary specialists provides Southern California with a network of specialty and critical care hospitals in Carlsbad, Murrieta and Ontario. The experienced team of specialists at CVS works together as one unit to provide the best integrated veterinary care available. CVS offers cardiology, dermatology, dentistry, internal medicine, behavior medicine, emergency and critical care, oncology, and radiation oncology. CVS’ approach to patient care and healing is a collaboration of its award-winning, board-certified doctors and medical staff, and their clients and referring primary-care veterinarians. Most patients are referred to CVS by their primary-care doctor for advanced diagnostics, intensive care, or specialty procedures. CVS also offers advanced therapeutic techniques such as chemotherapy, Cyberknife, ventilation therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

“ Special care from the heart.” A n i m a l C a r e P r o f e s s i o n a l s | 75


2055 Monteil Road #104, San Marcos, CA 92069 | 760.466.0600 10435 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121 | 858.875.7500 Veterinary Specialty Hospital (VSH) is the leader in specialty and emergency care in San Diego County. VSH focuses on providing the ultimate client experience to every customer, every time. Open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, VSH offers state-of-the-art technology and exceptional patient care. With locations in Sorrento Valley and San Marcos, VSH has some of the most advanced equipment for pets found anywhere in the country. The doctors rank among the most highly skilled and distinguished in the nation, assisted by top-notch licensed veterinary technicians who are trained in emergency and critical care, surgical assistance, anesthesia, internal medicine and imaging. VSH works closely with family veterinarians to provide comprehensive care for its patients and has the latest equipment, including MRI, CT scan, radiation therapy, digital radiography, a state-of-the-art intensive care unit, ultramodern surgical suites, endoscopy, ultrasound, and much more.

“ We treat them like family, because they are.” DANA NIGUEL VETERINARY HOSPITAL

34249 Pacific Coast Highway | Dana Point, CA 92629 949.661.6375 Dr. Gary Johnson is an experienced veterinarian who enjoys treating cats and dogs. Dana Niguel Veterinary Hospital is an AAHA accredited full service animal hospital and will take both emergency cases as well as less urgent medical, surgical, and dental issues. Gary Johnson is experienced in all types of conditions and treatments. The hospital features advanced treatments such as Diagnostics, Digital Radiographs, Digital Dental Radiographs, Ultrasound, Orthopedic Surgery, Stem Cell Treatment, and so much more. Our services include Boarding, Dentistry, Vaccinations, Micro-chipping, Bathing, Preventive Healthcare, Spaying and Neutering, General Surgery, and Physical Exams to name a few. Beyond first rate pet care, we make our clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, and a very calm environment. We encourage you to visit our website We have a number of resources for you to learn about how to take better care of your pets.

“ Compassionate care of the highest quality.” 76 | A n i m a l C a r e P r o f e s s i o n a l s

JIM AND JAMES CARR – James Carr Jr. Quality Horseshoeing 760.803.9180 |

Born and raised in California, Jim Carr first thought of becoming a farrier while working on a ranch in Santa Barbara. The hardworking farrier he watched everyday at the ranch inspired him to enroll in school and make the leap into the profession. He has apprenticed with some of the most reputable farriers around and has since been serving the Rancho Santa Fe community for over 40 years. Jim said he is proud to have his son, James, pick up the reigns and continue the family tradition. James began working after he graduated in 2001 and started his own business 10 years ago. Jim and James work with separate clientele, but on the same high caliber of horses. The everyday grind may be tough, but James said the most rewarding part of the job is helping a horse in pain get back on its feet. The horse may not be able to say thank you, but he’s sure they remember and that makes it all worthwhile.

Photo Paige Nelson Photography

“ Family First.” | “ No hoof, no horse.” DARREN SHAFFER – Darren Shaffer Farrier 760.533.3257

Darren Shaffer got his start in the farrier industry in high school after moving to Temecula from Downey, CA. He was first introduced to horse shoeing by his friend’s dad and eventually became an apprentice for Jim Carr for three years starting in 1995. Darren has since been serving the Greater San Diego area, including Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Orange County and occasionally Los Angeles, for the past 20 years. The profession initially appealed to Darren because of his love for horses and being in the outdoors. He said he enjoys the competitive feel of working hard so the horses can excel in competition. Darren said above everything else, he is in it for the horse and always puts his best effort into his work. Photo: Paige Nelson Photography

“ Whatever you are, be a good one.”


A n i m a l C a r e P r o f e s s i o n a l s | 77

JOEL GONZALEZ – Joel Gonzalez Farrier Services 760.594.7624

Joel Gonzalez is originally from Mexico and grew up around horses. Seeking independence after high school, Gonzalez got his start in the equestrian business as a groom. He started with Jumpers and later moved to Dressage, working on horses for riding legend Guenter Siedel for five years before becoming an apprentice to Jim Carr in 2007. Gonzalez’s knowledge of and background with horses set him up to be a natural in the farrier industry. Gonzalez is now an associate to Carr, working with him on a daily basis. He travels with Carr to assist him with out-of-state and international events and shows. He said being a farrier is an art of it’s own kind—it takes a lot of hard work and time to master the skills required for the job. Gonzalez said everyday is a new learning experience and the job never fails to keep him on his toes.

Photo: Paige Nelson Photography

“ Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”— A B R A H A M L I N C O L N ROBERT GREENWOOD – Greenwood Horseshoeing 760.505.7774 |

When you love your horse you want the best for it. When you hire Rob to shoe your horse you expect the best, and that is what you will get. Rob has over 20 years of experience in the art and science of horseshoeing. He stays current in his field, attending clinics and reading and studying the most current publications applicable to his trade. Rob is happy to shoe your retired backyard horse with soundness issues to the heavily campaigned Grand Prix horse. Gaited, western, trail, dressage, hunter, jumper, pleasure, reining, roping, chronic lameness, and other specialty horses are all shod by Rob. He also stands by as a farrier on call for horseshows when needed. Honesty, ability to answer questions, working on vet consults, curing whitelines disease, quarter crack patching, and helping unsound horses find comfort and often times recovery are all in a day’s work. Give Rob a call and give your horse a chance to be pampered.

“There’s nothing wrong in change if it is in the right direction.”


78 | A n i m a l C a r e P r o f e s s i o n a l s


760.579.8667 | Born and raised in San Diego, Ernest Woodward has been working in the farrier industry for 18 years. After attending college as a physics major, he fell into the shoeing profession and has been fascinated with it ever since. Woodward and his team of associates, including Steve Conibear, Nate Zacharias, and Pete Van Rossum, are based in Encinitas, serving the Greater San Diego area and beyond. Though his main business focus is Dressage shoeing, Woodward is experienced with Hunter/Jumpers and also offers barefoot services. He is co-owner of the Southern California Equine Podiatry Center as well as a Chairman for the California Dressage Society. Woodward prides himself on his careful attention to detail and always works hard to come up with innovative solutions to problem projects. Woodward said it’s the horses that drive him to come to work each day and keep him honest.

Photo: Paige Nelson Photography

“ Taking your horse to the next level.” ZACH HOWARD – Howard Horse Shoeing 760.533.9014

A horse lover since childhood, Zach Howard grew up riding with equestrian parents. He became interested in horseshoeing after observing the farriers who came to their property to work on their horses. Zach apprenticed with James Carr for several years and has worked and traveled internationally to assist his father, Jim. Throughout the years, he has worked for other accomplished farriers including Josh Powell, the official horse shoer for Blenheim EquiSports. For the past four years, Zach has been expanding his own business, Howard Horse Shoeing, and serves equestrian communities all over San Diego County. Zach works on horses of all disciplines, but enjoys Hunter/Jumper and Dressage horses the most. While some farriers today might try to “muscle” through a job to finish it quickly, Zach believes in being patient with the horses and taking extra time to do it right. The most rewarding part of the job for him is being able to make a horse in pain and discomfort feel better and be able to perform.

Photo: HRH Photography

“ Care for every horse as if it is your own.” A n i m a l C a r e P r o f e s s i o n a l s | 79

CHAD EVANS – Chad Evans Farrier Services 619.733.1665

Chad Evans decided to become a farrier thanks to the favorable impression of an outstanding shoer. He attended farrier school in 2000, apprenticing for more than five years before venturing out on his own. He credits his success in the industry to the many different farriers he apprenticed with and the lessons he learned along the way. Chad services all disciplines of horses in the east county area, including Ramona, Alpine, Descanso, Jamul, Poway and Rancho Penasquitos. Chad said it’s the most exciting job he’s ever had—even horses he’s been shoeing for years still never fail to surprise him. For the past couple years, he has attended farrier clinics and hands-on events to continue learning as much as he can about the trade. Chad said he is open to innovation and will work collaboratively with equine veterinarians to help come up with solutions to complications that may arise. He loves the challenge of bettering himself and his horses everyday.

“ Never stop learning.” SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA EQUINE PODIATRY CENTER 7103 Via Del Charro | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 619.857.1164 | 760.579.8667

Mark Silverman and Ernest Woodward have worked together to develop the Southern California Equine Podiatry Center for three years now and serve the Rancho Santa Fe, Orange County, and Greater San Diego communities. Silverman and Woodward decided to team up when they discovered their combined expertise in equine physiology and shoeing solutions worked better together than independently to better serve the horse. As a vet, Silverman has avoided stepping into the nail-on-metal shoe aspect of podiatry, but working with Woodward has allowed him to address a broader spectrum of problems. With the ability to make direct modifications to their design applications, the two are able to come up with innovative solutions to problems and deliver a more specific treatment protocol on the horse. Silverman and Woodward have been involved in developing several new shoe designs and have worked for companies in modifying and developing prototypes for their solutions to foot problems. They have also presented nationally and have received national recognition for new shoeing concepts and approaches to shoeing.

“ Providing innovative hoof care solutions.”

80 | A n i m a l C a r e P r o f e s s i o n a l s


Photo courtesy of Churchill Downs / Reed Palmer Photography

Photo: Jamie Rhodes, Reuters



Horses, like their riders, thrive in the legendary California sunshine. The sunny state was in the forefront of the news many times over last year, most notably with the media darling California Chrome. Other disciplines, while less nationally publicized, had shining stars as well. In addition to Chrome, featured here are Reining Futurity Champion Show Me the Buckles, PCHA Show Jumping Horse of the Year Chello Z, and Amateur Owner Champion Extraordinaire Willow CBF. We asked their owners to share some of their most memorable moments with these exceptional horses.

The fairytale horse that captured the heart of a nation, this good-natured chestnut colt with lots of white (called ‘Chrome’ by insiders) recently received the most coveted award in Thoroughbred Racing, the Eclipse Award for Horse of the Year. Rising from humble beginnings, he entered the history books as only the fourth California horse ever to win the Kentucky Derby. To the delight of his legions of fans, his owners plan to continue to race him, rather than retiring him immediately to stud. Chrome is expected to make his next start in the $10 million Dubai World Cup on March 28th, and his California posse will be cheering him on! His effusive and loquacious co-owner Steve Coburn said, “You can have all the money in the world to buy every single grain of sand on a beach, but you can’t buy this story. I’m a man that loves his horse and believes in the fairytale.” Famous for his bravado, this is a man that says a prayer to his late sister Brenda who shares a birthday with Chrome, before every race, asking her to “keep Chrome safe.”

NAME: California Chrome OWNERS: Steve and Carolyn Coburn with Perry

and Denise Martin BARN OR PET NAME: Known to most of his fans

as Chrome, his fans are ‘Chromies’ YEAR OF BIRTH: 2011 BREED: Thoroughbred SIRE AND DAM: Lucky Pulpit out of Love the Chase BIRTHPLACE: Harris Farm, Coalinga, California FIRST WIN: A maiden race at Hollywood Park

in April 2013 MOST MEMORABLE WIN: The 2014 Kentucky

Derby! FAVORITE TREAT OR TRICK: A playful colt, Chrome

likes to take his trainer’s hat off.

S h i n i n g E q u i n e S t a r s o f 2 0 1 4 | 81


All photos John Brasseaux

Sporting a dazzling white four-foot mane that ripples with his every move, the stallion known as Show Me the Buckles has made a name for himself in the Reining world. As owner Rebeca Martin explains, “From the moment he was born I knew he was destined to be different. He was born ripped!” Affectionate, kind and gentle at home, Buckles becomes all business once he enters the arena. He is a solid competitor, missing reserve champion honors only twice in his career, while being shown by accomplished professionals Andrea Fappani, Jordan Larson, and Arno Honstetter. He qualified for the National Reining Breeders’ Cup, and with Fappani in the saddle, Buckles recently won the Go Round at the National Reining Horse Association Derby. “His mane grows about a foot a year,” says Martin, “And I love caring for it!” Now standing at stud through, Buckles’ first foal crop will hit the ground this season, and as we go to press, Martin welcomed his first offspring, a beautiful buckskin colt born at her Rancho de Sueños on February 9th, 2015.

NAME: Show Me the Buckles OWNER: Rebeca Martin BARN OR PET NAME: Buckles YEAR OF BIRTH: 2008 BREED: Quarter Horse SIRE AND DAM: Wimpy’s Little Step x Sunset Whiz BIRTHPLACE: Rancho de Sueños, Ione, California WHEN PURCHASED: Before he was born FIRST WIN: Co-Reserve Champion 2011 NRHA Futurity MOST MEMORABLE WIN: Of course the Futurity,

definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Also, the Run Off at the 2014 Cactus Classic, which RFDTV called the most exciting in many years! FAVORITE TREAT AND/OR TRICK: Absolute most

favorite treat is Gummy Bears – he LOVES them!

82 | S h i n i n g E q u i n e S t a r s o f 2 0 1 4

Photo: Hannah Brown/EqSol



Photo: Flying Horse Photography

According to the Chinese calendar, 2014 was the Year of the Horse, and it certainly was for Chello. He won six Grand Prix’s and had multiple top placings. Owner Josephina Nor Lantzman explains, “Our season began with a win at Thermal, where we had the only clean first round, and won without a jump-off. A great start to the year. Then we won the grand prix on Fathers’ Day and on my sixth wedding anniversary. There was a joke in our family that if it was a holiday we would do well. ”

NAME: Chello Z

Together since 2005, Phina and Chello have a great connection. “It’s genuinely rewarding when your horse knows he did well. I’m convinced he knows when he jumps double clean. He hears the crowd after his performance, perks up, bucks a little, and has a big smile on his face. That’s what it’s about – the sheer love and enjoyment of the sport. That’s what we continue to strive for, more fast double clean rounds, and more love and joy!”


The beginning of his tenth show season started off well, Chello went double clear in his first grand prix at HITS Thermal and picked up third. At press time he is on his way back to the desert with an eye on the AIG $1Million Grand Prix in mid-March.

OWNER: Phina Nor Lantzman BARN OR PET NAME: Champ, Chello YEAR OF BIRTH: 2000 BREED: Zangersheide SIRE AND DAM: Chellano Z out of Daphnee De Frely

WHEN PURCHASED: 2005 FIRST WIN: First win was when he was a 6 year old, first grand prix win was in 2011 MOST MEMORABLE WIN: The FEI Grand Prix on my wedding anniversary in 2014, and the FEI Del Mar Pacific Grand Prix in October of 2014 – another show in my hometown FAVORITE TREAT AND/OR TRICK: Apples, bananas,

and dandelion

S h i n i n g E q u i n e S t a r s o f 2 0 1 4 | 83



Photo: Albby Jorgensen

Willow was pursuing a career as a dressage horse when her owner, Julie Hancock, and trainer, Philip Cillis, discovered her. “She just moved really well. We had seen her free jump, and it was so soft and nice. She has a great temperament, and the best brain,” Cillis remarked when she won the 2013 Future Hunters Mare Division at Capital Challenge. Racking up honors from coast to coast, this California horse is an Amateur Owner sensation. She was the 2014 WCHR Zone Champion A/O Hunter 36 & over, 2014 USEF Reserve Zone Champion A/O Hunter and First Year Green Hunter; she was the 2014 Circuit Champion at Thermal in the A/O Hunter 36 & over and Reserve Circuit Champion in the First Year Green Hunters; she was Champion A/O Hunter 36 & over at Menlo and also won the PCHA Horse of the Year for A/O Hunters at Menlo. Plus she was the American Hanoverian Society Champion Horse of the Year for the A/O Hunter 36 & over. Willow started the 2015 show season with a bang by earning the Champion honors in the A/O Hunter 36 & over division, and winning the $10,000 Devocoux Hunter Prix at HITS Thermal Week III. Clearly a girl on the move!

84 | S h i n i n g E q u i n e S t a r s o f 2 0 1 4

Photo: Jackie McFarland/EqSol

NAME: Willow CBF OWNER: Julie Hancock BARN OR PET NAME: Willow YEAR OF BIRTH:PHOTO: JACKIE MCFARLAND/ EQSOL2008 BREED: American-bred Hanoverian SIRE AND DAM: ES Widmark x EM Cassie BIRTHPLACE: Lawrenceberg, Indiana WHEN PURCHASED: October 31, 2012 as a 4-year-

old. She was bred to be a dressage horse and had never jumped. Philip Cillis recognized her talent and trained her to the shining star she is today! FIRST WIN: Blenheim Spring Classic in April of 2013. She won the Low Working Hunters out of 45 entries and was Show Champion. We knew then we had something special. MOST MEMORABLE WIN: Champion Future Mares

at The Capital Challenge FAVORITE TREAT AND/OR TRICK: She doesn’t love apples or carrots but prefers peppermints and candy of any kind…I am afraid I will make her diabetic from all the candy treats we feed her!


“ At Le Dimora, we believe it’s all about the experience! ” — M A R I A B A R RY

T r a i n e r s | 12


16089 San Dieguito Road, Ste H103 | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.759.2709 | Le Dimora, is located in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe in the Del Rayo Shopping Center. The 15,000 square foot interior design and home furnishings showroom showcases the finest display of furniture, accessories, area carpets, draperies, giftware, and much more. Owners Maria Barry and Cindy Cerenzie shop the finest markets to present an incredible display of unique and one of a kind treasures. Full interior design services are available from a staff of friendly and talented designers. Our award winning staff will greet you with a low key approach and guarantees an enjoyable and pleasant experience to all. Whether you are purchasing a single accessory or entire room, the experience will be memorable. Le Dimora introduced “Le Dimora Alfesco” last year featuring a complete assortment of the finest outdoor living furniture and accessories. Outdoor area carpets, dishware, pillows and art, are all creatively displayed in a spacious setting. Visit the showroom at 16089 San Dieguito Road in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe and experience it for yourself.

“ At Le Dimora, we believe it’s all about the experience! ” 86 | H o m e & B a r n


301 N. Highway 101 | Solana Beach, CA 92075 858.792.1668 | Rosemarie Houston acquired Bon Bon over ten years ago and has built it into one of the premier San Diego shopping destinations. Her store specializes in one of a kind furniture and accessories sourced from all over the world. Bon Bon also enjoys showcasing exclusive pieces from local artists and craftsman. Remodeled from a 1937 auto shop you will experience a visually stimulating event browsing through what appears to be an unlimited selection of items. Almost like a treasure hunt, you casually stroll through the stores vast collection of items looking for that one perfect home accessory. Rosemarie’s expertise, warehouse inventory and personal sensitivity makes styling homes a natural fit. Her sense of style and understanding of what makes a home feel like you want to live there, helps our homes sell in record time. Make your day fun, stop by Bon Bon and see if there isn’t something special for you and your home.

“ Welcome to my crazy world. ” H o m e & B a r n | 87

TIM HOLCOMBE – Holcombe Homes

Post Office Box 9061 | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.756.2690 | Holcombe Homes has been building beautiful custom homes in the Southern California area since 1972. They specialize in architecture from the early days and his homes are regularly featured in Ranch & Coast, San Diego Home & Garden, and Veranda. Holcombe Homes has also been voted the best homebuilder/architect by Ranch & Coast readers in 2010 and 2011. Holcombe Homes also received the Lilly Award from the Rancho Santa Fe Association in 1998, 2004, and 2007. The Lilly Award is bestowed each year for architecture and land improvements which exemplify the high artistic result decreed by The Covenant. Tim always works closely with his clients. He uses their input to bring to life the vision of their perfect home, and each home is built fully unique bringing to life his clients dreams.

“ From concept to design, construction to completion, we will build you a one-of-a-kind historically accurate and contemporary home.” FERGUSON CONSTRUCTION

1925 Glasgow Avenue | Cardiff, CA 92007 760.310.6267 | Your home reflects who you are - your lifestyle, tastes, and personality. It’s as unique as your fingerprint. That’s why people choose to go with custom construction. To get away from the cookie-cutter houses and build the home of their dreams. Ferguson Construction specializes in home remodeling and custom home building. Since 1981, they have been providing their clients in coastal North San Diego County with excellent service and quality. After serving his country in the Navy in Vietnam, Bill Ferguson went on to study and develop his love for Architecture and later open Ferguson Construction. From planning and permits to final construction, they have the vision and means to make your dreams a reality. Dedicated to providing their clients with the highest quality services at competitive prices, Ferguson Construction hopes to help you with your next project and become your builder for life.

“ What ever good things we build end up building us.” 88 | H o m e & B a r n


Post Office Box 3008 | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.756.3508 | Jose Castro, who moved here in 1974, grew up working on his grandfather’s farm. His grandfather shaped much of his childhood, teaching him how to plant, care for, and harvest vegetables, something that instilled a strong work ethic and attention to detail at a young age. His grandfather was also a mason, something young Castro took a liking too. They spent as much time together as they could, and Castro learned how to work with adobe and cantera to build and install fireplaces. Today, Castro has built on his grandfather’s many teachings bringing his customers front and back yards to life. With his high attention to detail and artistic eye, he is able to use the correct materials, textures and colors to transform open spaces into places that people will want to be for years to come. He has furthered his knowledge by traveling to places such as Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, and Mexico to master antiquing techniques and nuances. Castro is looking forward to working with new clients in 2015 and can’t wait to see what opportunities his new customers bring him.

“Artistic achievements that reflect bold originality, innovation, and creative excellence.” GABES’ ELECTRICAL & HOME APPLIANCE REPAIR 2863 Via De La Valle, Suite G704 | Del Mar, CA 92014 310.926.2146

A third generation Angeleno, currently residing in San Diego, Gabe Castro began his career in residential construction in 1994. Since then, he earned an A.S. degree in heating, ventilation and air conditioning installation, as well as certified as an electrician and appliance technician. Masterful in the art of troubleshooting electrical and mechanical issues, Gabe has repaired hundreds of home and barn appliances. He is skilled in main panel electrical upgrades, dedicated branch circuits, and lighting design and installation…both in the home or in the barn. Gabe is experienced and knowledgeable in the National Electrical Code, as well as with local city codes in the San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz & San Francisco areas. Gabe is also passionate about energy conservation, efficiency and renewal. Since 2004, he has installed over 100 kilowatts of Solar energy in California, assisting his clients in receiving up to 35% back in rebates within 90 days of Solar install and a 5 year return on their investment.

“ Professional workmanship, competitive pricing and personalized service! ” H o m e & B a r n | 89


3675 Via de la Valle | Del Mar, CA 92014 858.755.2015 | Mary’s Tack and Feed was started in 1963 in Del Mar by Mary Hammond. Mike Mosley purchased the building in 1976 and built the, now iconic, large wooden building. Mike moved the store across the street to its present day location. Mary’s is presently 12,000 square feet packed with products to outfit riders, horses, dog and cat lovers…even chicken owners. For more than 50 years, Mary’s has been supplying horses and their owners with feed and hay, shavings and stall bedding, poultry feed and supplies, as well as livestock feeds. The sales associates at Mary’s continuously train with vendor representatives to keep up with the “latest and greatest.” Mary’s offers customers a wide selection of feed and bedding listed at competitive pricing and delivers daily to local ranches and barns. The company contributes to the local equestrian community through donations and sponsorships for clubs, shows and events. Mary’s also sells to customers throughout the United States and Canada.

“ If you have a horse, then you HAVE to come to Mary’s! ” CARTER’S HAY AND GRAIN

1985 Olivenhain Road | Encinitas, CA 92024 760.436.4738 | Established in the 1950’s, Carter’s Hay and Grain has been a family owned and operated business since back when John Carter drove around a hay truck for deliveries. In 1981, John’s son, Mike, became the store’s hay broker and continued his father’s legacy. Mike set the standard in the industry for the quality of hay he delivered. After more than 60 years in business, Carter’s is still going strong, thanks to the staff’s knowledge and unyielding passion for animals. In April 1998, Mike opened a second feed store inside a big, red barn in Encinitas. Mary, the manager at the Encinitas location, has been helping North County customers out for decades. The managers at Carter’s are an important part of the legacy of Carter’s Hay and Grain and help ensure all of their customers receive the dependable and friendly customer service Carter’s built its name on. Carter’s carries not only horse feed and hay, but also high-quality cat and dog food, and all barn animal supplies and feed.

“A family business.” 90 | H o m e & B a r n

Photo: Paige Nelson Photography


14277 Garden Road, Poway, CA 92064 | 858.513.1495 2220 Main Street, Ramona, CA 92065 | 760.789.5020 Elston Hay and Grain, Inc. opened in 1969 as an extension of its wholesale hay sales. The Poway store location eventually opened in 1997 to meet the growing demand for product delivery in the Poway area. Hay has always been a large part of Elston’s sales, both wholesale (truckloads) and retail. Over the years, Elston’s has expanded its inventory far beyond hay and grain to become a complete animal supply center to meet the ever-growing needs of its customers. From chew bones to saddlery, Elston Hay and Grain has everything you need for your animals. The Elston family has always been involved in farming and ranching and their kids are also very involved in Junior Rodeo, High School Rodeo and 4-H. The Elstons got into the horse industry because they genuinely enjoy working with equestrian and livestock people. Their business is their way of life—the Elstons always strive to offer exceptional customer service at their stores with help from their dedicated staff of employees.

“ Horses are our way of life.” GERMAN GEO TEXTILE FOOTING

915 Mount Pleasant Road | Spartanburg, SC 29307 864.804.0011 | For over 20 years, GGT-Footing has supplied horse arena builders worldwide with their specialty arena footing solutions. GGT-Footing is used at international horse show facilities including FEI World Cup and Olympic level Jumping and Dressage events. The company continually strives to improve its products by utilizing customer feedback to create new and better additives. All riding disciplines can benefit from the Butterfly Matting System, GGT-Footing additives and GGT Groomer products. All products are made with similar techniques, using cut Geo-textile fabric mixed with Polyester fibers to deliver higher slide strength without making the footing too soft for the horse. The signature “Geo” footing utilizes synthetic fiber felt that delivers intermediate shear resistance, stores water to reduce dust and improves overall drainage. By stabilizing sand particles, the products serve to deliver high elasticity and are resistant to compacting. With its neutral materials, GGT-Footing is safe for humans and animals, easy to care for and durable for up to 10 years.

“ World class footing at a price you can afford.” H o m e & B a r n | 91

CALIFORNIA CUSTOM ARENAS (BLT GRADING) 7711 Camino Serrano | Escondido, CA 92029 760.809.5805 |

BLT Grading is a family-owned business, managed by Todd Freistat and his sons, Brandon and Lars. The Freistats have a combined 30 years of experience in residential and commercial contracting and six years experience in habitat restoration projects. BLT Grading is based in Southern California and offers a variety of services from custom home pads to environmental grading and excavation. BLT Grading works with large general contractors on building sites including the Del Mar Heights Shopping Center as well as arenas for world-renowned horse trainers like Hap Hansen. The Freistats have focused on expanding their business to include more horse arena projects for all riding disciplines. Todd said he enjoys working with top-level trainers to find the perfect footing or sand for their arenas. The Freistats make safety a priority and ensure their equipment is well maintained and inspected daily. Using the latest laser technology to make grade, no project is too big or complicated for BLT Grading to tackle.

Photo: Paige Nelson Photography

“ No one has a greater asset for his business than a man’s pride in his work.” — H O S E A B A L O U WALTER NAVAS EQUESTRIAN ARENA FOOTING SPECIALIST Post Office Box 2225 | Carlsbad, CA 92018 760.889.8420 |

Walter Navas is an Equestrian Arena and Turf Footing Specialist for all horse disciplines with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Originally from El Salvador and raised in Carlsbad, Walter serves the Greater San Diego area in Southern California. He offers consulting, rock removal, construction of new arenas, and a special blend of synthetic fiber footing. Throughout the years, he has been involved in putting together arenas for some of the most reputable equestrians in the industry. Walter is a dedicated, responsible professional who respects all of his clients and their individual needs. He aims to provide all his clients with the best footing in the region and takes extra safety precautions, for the sake of the horse and rider, when working on arena footing projects. Walter believes there is always room for improvement and future growth. According to Navas, the best way to maintain footing is to get education about the footing you have and know the facts.

“ A world of difference, arena surfaces that are easy to maintain.” 92 | H o m e & B a r n


1015 Linda Vista Drive | San Marcos, CA 92078 760.594.1385 | If managed wisely and well, pasture will be an economical source of highquality feed as well as a healthy place for horses to exercise. If managed poorly or ignored, pasture can soon become nothing more than an overgrazed weed patch that not only has little nutritional value, but may even contribute to horse health problems. Crop Production Services Professional Products can provide you with the professional products and services to meet your needs. We service several of the local ranches in Rancho Santa Fe for their agronomic needs... always keeping equine safety at the top of the list! We are uniquely positioned with all major manufacturers of chemicals, fertilizers, seed and related products, allowing us to bring you a broad range of quality products. In addition, we have created our own exclusive line of premium products, many recognized as top performers in the business. Chris Bunnell is knowledgeable about products for local Southern California pastures and able to provide solid advice and accurate answers to your questions.

“ Tomorrow to fresh woods, and pastures new.”

— J O H N M I LT O N


1446 Winterwarm Drive | Fallbrook, CA 92028 760.715.5148 | From a young age, Robert Derian has had a love for cars and mechanics. Using his father’s tools, he would work on cars for people in the neighborhood where he grew up in Carlsbad, CA. At the end of 1999 Robert started working at a local John Deere Dealership and soon found that he had a knack for working on equipment as well. After several years of being a mechanic for the dealership, he became a working shop foreman. For the last two years with John Deere he was the service manager, until leaving at the end of 2007 to start his own company, Derian Equipment Repair. Derian Equipment Repair is a mobile repair service specializing in repairs on tractors and utility vehicles such as, John Deere, Kubota, New Holland, Massy Ferguson, Bobcat and many more. Most work is done on site, with some exceptions on larger jobs which can be done at his shop facility in San Marcos, CA.

“ Shop quality repairs at lower prices.” H o m e & B a r n | 93


209.785.4175 | Braly Woodworking is a family owned and operated boutique and artisan wood shop run by a husband and wife team, Hugh and Mary Braly. Specializing in the art of fine woodworking for almost two decades, we cater to equestrian clientele that desires the very best. From custom tack trunks, to complete tack room interiors, we are dedicated to creating products of superior quality, beauty, and longevity. Customer satisfaction is always our first priority. If you’re tired of the mass produced throw away world and desire something more, then look no further.

“Every project we take on whether it’s a complete interior or a single piece, is treated like it’s being made for family.” That’s why the most frequent comment we hear from our clients is, “It’s more then we ever dreamed of!” 94 | H o m e & B a r n

T r a i n e r s | 12

12 | T r a i n e r s


“A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care. Put your hand on your horse and your heart in your hand.” — PA T PA R E L L I

T r a i n e r s | 12


9863 Pacific Heights Boulevard, Suite D | San Diego, CA 92121 858.457.8520 | Adeptus founder and CEO, Dr. Colleen Wilson, holds a PhD in Nutrition and Physiology and has many years of formulary experience. Dr. Wilson is also a life-long avid equestrian, pet owner, and health/fitness enthusiast. Consequently, Dr. Wilson formulated her Adeptus product offering to provide practical solutions to common nutritional needs with advanced, scientifically based products. Dr. Wilson avails herself to consult with customers on the most effective use of the Adeptus products. Adeptus products are formulated with principles of sound nutrition with no fad or filler ingredients or additives. In addition to offering quality formulas, Adeptus products are also competitively priced, benefiting the consumer with great value on these premium products. Our goal is to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements for horses, pets and humans at affordable prices.

Siegel Thurston Photography

“ Take time to feed your animals and yourselves healthy nutritional supplements! ” MARCELLA SMIT

858.444.7607 | Marcella Smit has had horses in her blood since she was 12, when she began riding and showing in Holland. Horses became a fast love of Smit. Her first career with horses began as a teacher, teaching dressage and lunge line seat lessons and working with “problem” horses. Smit realized quickly that many of these “problems” she saw were not due to the horses just wanting to be bad, but due to pain. She began her career as an Equine Bodyworker in 1999, and also became a human CMT specializing in ortho/med massage. As a trained and skilled professional, Smit can help detect and address early and longstanding chronic issues. Smit greatly enjoys working with horses and says that there is no better feeling than knowing that she has helped a horse feel better, and perform better because of it. She works on horses of all disciplines, from top-level performers to the backyard trail horse.

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”


98 | P e r f o r m a n c e & W e l l n e s s


631.924.4000 | Adequan i.m. (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan) is the only product approved by the FDA for the intramuscular treatment of non-infectious degenerative and/or traumatic joint dysfunction and associated lameness in the carpal and hock joints in horses. The recommended dose of Adequan® i.m. in horses is 500 mg every 4 days for 28 days intramuscularly. Adequan also has a line for dogs, Adequan® Canine. Adequan® Canine is a prescription, water-based, intramuscular, polysulfated glycosaminoglycan that helps prevent the cartilage in your dog’s joint from wearing away. It helps keep the cartilage healthy and intact, so that the bone in the joint cannot touch other bones. No other drug for arthritis can do that. Adequan® Canine is administered two times a week for four weeks. It goes to work in the joint in about two hours and stays in the joint for about three days. You should see signs of improvement within four weeks. Your dog may begin to act like the playful, active dog you remember!

“The difference between feeling better and getting better.” EQUIFIT, INC.

297 High Street | Dedham, MA 02026 877.437.8434 | A genuine commitment to horses and riders drives EquiFit to seek new and better ways to help them perform, recover, be comfortable and succeed at all levels. Their state-ofthe-art products and materials go back to basics when it comes to elegant design and craftsmanship. Each product piece is hand sewn, individually molded and lined with the highest quality materials. EquiFit is dedicated to providing environmentally-kind solutions; whether by eliminating packaging where possible or using natural antimicrobial elements such as silver in their products instead of harsh, synthetic chemicals. Equi Fit’s products and materials also keep jobs in the USA and ensure labor standards are met with oversight and care. The one exception is their line of leather products, manufactured in France by a leading sellier. EquiFit continues to raise expectations by pairing innovative designs with highly advanced materials. Top riders, trainers and barn managers work with us to test and refine each new product.

“ Distinctive products for high performance both in and out of the ring.” P e r f o r m a n c e & W e l l n e s s | 99


862.404.5118 Legend Injectable Solution is indicated in the treatment of joint dysfunction of the carpus or fetlock in horses due to non-infectious synovitis associated with equine osteoarthritis. The primary objective of equine joint therapy should be to block the further release of inflammatory mediators while decreasing the effect of the mediators already released. In field studies, overall clinical improvement was judged to be excellent or good in 90% of the cases treated intravenously with Legend and 96% of those treated intra-articularly with Legend. By decreasing the production and release of inflammatory mediators, Legend helps reduce joint inflammation and the resulting pain and lameness.

“ Legend delivers proven efficacy.” CAVALOR

3529 Corporate Drive | Dalton, GA 30721 706.278.1277 | Cavalor® FiberForce is a high-fiber, low-starch feed suitable for horses prone to gastrointestinal disturbances such as colic or ulcers. Cavalor® FiberForce contains a unique mix of fiber sources and specially designed extruded fiber pellets containing vitamins and minerals. This feed is extremely low in sugar (3%) and starch (5%) making it one of the most appropriate feeds for metabolically sensitive horses on the market. Cavalor® FiberForce also contains DIGEST CONTROL to support and promote healing of a damaged gastrointestinal tract. Due to the low-starch, high-fiber and high-fat content, Cavalor® FiberForce is also beneficial for horses prone to muscle issues such as tying up.

“Listen to your horse’s gut.” 100 | P e r f o r m a n c e & W e l l n e s s


105 Campus Plaza Drive | Edison, NJ 08837 732.417.0050 | For over thirty years, Centurion Systems has been the name to turn to for superior, durable Veterinarian Therapy equipment. Their equipment includes Respiratory Therapy, Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy and Laser Therapy for both Equine and small animals. At the heart of every product is a passion and commitment to excellence. Centurion Systems also offers a full line of therapy products for the professional practitioner and personal user. All their products are designed to be intuitive and streamlined to fit into your lifestyle. They are committed to finding the best product for your needs.

“ The therapy specialists.” BACK ON TRACK

350 Circle of Progress Drive | Pottstown, PA 19464 888.758.9836 | By combining modern textile technology and traditional Chinese medicine which is supported by scientific studies, Back on Track creates products that help people, horses and dogs achieve a more active and comfortable life. Back on Track’s joint and muscle support are all made of functional textiles with heat reflective properties. The textile is a synergy of ancient Chinese experience and modern scientific textile technology. During the manufacturing of polyester- or polyester fibers, the ceramic particles are fused into the fibers. When heated, the ceramic particles radiate heat back towards the body. This reflected heat is long-wave heat radiation, which is also known as long wave infrared radiation. Since the ceramic particles are melted into the threads they can never wash out, and the products will always be effective.

“ Because comfort makes a difference.” P e r f o r m a n c e & W e l l n e s s | 101


760.715.4922 | Andrea Castro, Holistic Health Coach at Oasis of Life, received her training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners Holistic Health Coach. She has also obtained continuing education units at California State University Long Beach. Castro’s areas of expertise are counseling, nutrition, developing programs, and mentoring. She uses a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means she looks at how all aspects of your life are connected to best suit your needs. She works with her clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun, and rewarding. Castro works with her clients to realize their health goals in areas such as optimizing weight, reducing food cravings, and maximizing energy. As you work together, you will develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you in order to implement lasting change.

“ Food changes everything.” FARM VET

1254 Old Hillsboro Road | Franklin, TN 37069 888.837.3626 | is your premier source for animal health products and supplies. We offer the highest level of customer service at a great value on a vast number of products to meet your needs. We have access to over 50,000 products so remember if you don’t find what you are looking for online give us a call 888-837-3626. The FarmVet web site is complete with in-depth product information and features safe, easy online ordering and order tracking. The FarmVet catalog showcases many products with photos, detailed information, and relevant links. FarmVet’s secure online ordering utilizes the latest encryption standards and secure payment protocols to ensure your safety. FarmVet delivers from our warehouse located in Franklin, Tennessee so most UPS shipments are delivered within 3 business days!

“ Your source for quality animal health products and supplies.”

102 | P e r f o r m a n c e & W e l l n e s s


“ Horse transportation at its finest.” — JOHN MCANDREWS

T r a i n e r s | 12


Post Office Box 1898 | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.864.8550 | John McAndrews started Stateside Farms, Inc. in 1996. Stateside Farms, Inc. is based out of Rancho Santa Fe, CA. As a lifelong horsemen himself, John understands the unique care that each individual horse needs. No detail is overlooked when it comes to the safety of the horses he transports. John and his entire team are experienced horsemen who care for each horse as if it were his own. Between John and his team, they have over 75 years of experience as professional haulers. Stateside Farms has a newly renovated and flexible fleet that can accommodate any request whether your horse needs to go to a horse show, the airport, or a clinic, Stateside can get your horse where he needs to go. Stateside can be your one stop shop for air transport as well. John will set up the whole trip from picking your horse up, taking him to the airport, setting up the air transport, and setting up the transportation on the other side. Stateside has been providing professional equine transport services throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico for over 16 years. All rigs carry insurance and are equipped with cameras, air ride suspension, bedding, and hay. Stateside Farms, Inc. takes their business very seriously and understands the responsibility of shipping such precious cargo.

“ Horse transportation at its finest. � 104 | T r a n s p o r t a t i o n


3730 South Riverside Avenue | Colton, CA 92324 951.369.3770 | Bob Hubbard Horse Transportation, Inc. (BHHT) is recognized nationwide for its tradition of superior horse transportation services spanning more than 40 years. As one of the industry’s largest horse transportation fleets, with terminals in California, Florida, Washington and Kentucky, the company is linked to nearly every major center of horse activity in the nation. The company operates more than 30 tractor-trailer vans and 15 additional support units that cross the nation weekly under the management of professionals with decades of experience in every aspect of horse transportation. BHHT’s long history of excellence and dedication to the horse world is why leading owners, breeders and sports organizations trust BHHT with the safe delivery of their horses. BHHT served as the official horse transportation provider for the XXIII Olympiad as well as provided all ground transportation for the 2010 World Equestrian Games. Among the famous-name horses it has transported are the legendary Black Stallion, Cigar, Point Given and the Budweiser Clydesdales.

“ We take your horse as seriously as you do.” LAND ROVER OF SAN DIEGO

9455 Clayton Drive | San Diego, CA 92126 858.693.1400 Your Experience is What Matters Most When you think of Land Rover San Diego, we want you to remember the extraordinary service, vehicle selection and personal attention you received while visiting our dealership. We don’t strive for satisfaction, our goal is to exceed your expectations and make this THE best car buying or service experience you’ve ever had. Here are just a few reasons to select Land Rover San Diego as your dealership of choice. Our complimentary services include fluid top offs with every visit, interior and exterior car washes with every service, Land Rover loaner vehicles with a scheduled service appointment, pick up and delivery for service, and airport shuttle service within San Diego Metro area. Our technicians have over 6 decades of combined service experience and we employ the highest percentages of factor trained master technicians in the country.”

“ Great champions breed ultimate success.” T r a n s p o r t a t i o n | 105


16404 Sultus Street | Canyon County, CA 91387 805.501.0193 | Bruno DeBerdt has been shipping horses domestically and overseas for over 20 years and has also operated a bloodstock consultancy for 26 years. Bruno was concerned about the standard of care and level of service provided by shipping companies and recognized an urgent need to improve on all aspects of the services being offered to his Thoroughbred clients. Bruno oversees all aspects of the transport process and ensures that his client’s horses will arrive safely and healthy at their destinations. Equi Air is conveniently located 40 miles northeast of the Los Angeles International Airport in smog-free Canyon Country. Since 1986, Equi Air Shipping Services has expanded their operations to also include an isolation facility. The isolation facility includes a USDA approved barn, ten 24’ x 16’ spacious shaded sand pens and an exercise arena. The facility is also staffed 24/7. Since every horse is unique and every transport is unique, the best thing to do to prepare your horse for his next transport is call Equi Air!

“ Whether we’re shipping a million dollar racehorse, or your child’s first pony, you will receive the same high quality, personal service.” CHAD FRANKLIN TRANSPORTATION 858.922.2490

Chad Franklin grew up in a small town in northern Pennsylvania. He grew up with several breeds of horses including Quarter horses, Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Appaloosas, and Paints. Chad loves his job because it allows him to be outside and work with animals. He wanted to work in an environment that gave him flexibility and the satisfaction of helping both people and animals. Chad is highly dedicated to his clients and will work with them and get their animals where they need to go. He has been hauling horses and other livestock for over 20 years and has been hauling professionally for three years. Chad is available to take your horses to shows, vet visits, or take them to their new home. Chad specializes in small, personal transportation and his truck can fit most anywhere as opposed to the big semi trucks with long trailers. Chad looks forward to working with his current clients in 2015 as well as meeting new clients.

“ We take your horse as seriously as you do.” 106 | T r a n s p o r t a t i o n


“ It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” — JOHN WOODEN

T r a i n e r s | 12


3675 Via de la Valle | Del Mar, CA 92014 858.755.2015 | Mary’s Tack and Feed was started in 1963 in Del Mar by Mary Hammond. Mike Mosley purchased the small building in 1976, built a now iconic large wooden building and moved Mary’s across the street to its present day location. Mary’s is presently 12,000 square feet packed with products to outfit riders, horses, dog and cat lovers…even chicken owners. Mary’s team of buyers work directly with manufacturers in the United States and around the world to obtain the newest quality products, as well as the tried-and-true brands everyone knows. The sales associates at Mary’s continuously train with vendor representatives to keep up with the “latest and greatest.” Mary’s offers customers a full selection of high-quality tack listed at competitive pricing, with the best customer service experience. The store carries popular riding apparel, from paddock boots to cowboy boots and breeches, as well as various equestrian-themed gifts and home décor. The company contributes to the local equestrian community through donations and sponsorships for clubs, shows and events.

“ If you have a horse, then you HAVE to come to Mary’s! ” EQU LIFESTYLE BOUTIQUE

2683 Via de la Valle, Suite G | Del Mar, CA 92014 619.851.4301 | Equ Lifestyle Boutique opened its doors in 2011 and offers luxury equestrian clothing, lifestyle wear, and horse products. No stranger to the equestrian world, owner and active equestrian Monica Ward knows the importance of always staying on top of the latest and greatest equestrian styles. Monica works closely with American Designers to better the quality and relevance of their products and also imports many of her products from Europe. Monica also offers custom, semi-custom, and off-the-rack hunt coats. Equ Lifestyle Boutique is on the road 44 weeks out of the year and travels to horse shows throughout Southern California, Mexico, and Canada. Monica takes a lot of pride in the brands she carries and loves to see the look on her customer’s faces when they are happy with a purchase. It will be obvious when you step foot in her boutique that Monica takes customer service to another level and always puts her customers first.

“ We make customer service our priority.” 108 | T a c k & S a d d l e r y


310.701.8556 | Owned and operated by Alejandro Meeks, Soleá Equestrian launched at Thermal Hits horseshow in January of 2013. Meeks has been in the industry for a number of years and always strives to carry quality products with attention to craftsmanship. Soleá carries products that are sought after by the show jumping community and works with some of the most respected and innovative companies in the industry. In addition to horse supplements, Soleá offers the best equestrian riding boots and clothing, protective gear, accessories, as well as boot repair services at affordable prices. Soleá carries hundreds of popular brand name products, including beautiful Parlanti boots, custom sized to ensure you have everything you and your family needs to enjoy your equestrian lifestyle.

“ Delivering the highest quality accessories is what I strive to do everyday.” CWD

Chemin Fontaine de Fanny | 24300 Nontron France 206.883.7125 | CWD’s CEO Laurent Duray believes that CWD’s biggest asset is their “knowhow.” Their craftsmen pass on their savoir faire with the same passion for work well-done as their predecessors. Every day, their saddlers repeat the same gestures, patiently and with great precision. The sleight of hand remains the most dependable tool for manufacturing our saddles and the rest of our equipment. Nonetheless, perpetuating this know-how also means living in harmony with one’s era and knowing how and when to be innovative. As the saddler’s profession evolves, so CWD’s technology workshop turns to novel techniques and quality materials like composite. Every day the craftsman is faced with problems that require handmade solutions in order to realize the designer’s dreams. Today, the age-old profession is made up of leather engineers, couturiers, craftsmen...all of whose trades we take time to embrace, recruiting the very best workers within each field. CWD insists on the very best quality all the way down the line using materially that corresponds to the high standard of its products.

“ Success depends first and foremost upon perfectly mastered savoir faire.”

T a c k & S a d d l e r y | 109


3782 NW 124th Avenue, Suite #208 | Coral Springs, FL 33065 845.875.4438 Voltaire Design is the first environmentally friendly saddler, and the first saddle company to pair with the fashion industry to add some extra flair to our equine world. At Voltaire, the goal is not only to sell high-end products to their customers, but also to work with each rider to help craft them a product that will help improve their riding. They work closely with suppliers not only telling them what they need, but working closely with their suppliers to receive unparalleled service and products. As horse enthusiasts as well, the designers and employees at Voltaire know the importance of a well fitting and balanced saddle and share the same passion for the sport and horses as we do. Innovation is the daily motivation at Voltaire. Voltaire stays true to the time-trusted French tradition of saddle making but also seeks to constantly improve upon their products. Voltaire Design is the saddle of choice for many great riders including Beezie Madden, Bernie Traurig, Ashlee Bond and many more.

“The Voltaire Design mission is to help everyone fulfill their full potential.” DEVOUCOUX CUSTOM SADDLERY

545 Fenimore Road | Mamaroneck, NY, 10548 800.847.7785 | Devoucoux is wholeheartedly dedicated to the partnership between horse and rider, and has been working to promote it since 1985. Constantly evolving savoir-faire that gives our models elegance, expertise and comfort. At Devoucoux, Made in France is very much part of our concern for maintaining quality. With Biarritz, Chiberta and Makila, Devoucoux introduced a Basque note to the riding world. Our high standards and know-how are recognized throughout the world. Our saddles and accessories have become icons, thriving on elegance, accuracy and comfort. Innovative by nature, we have no qualms about pairing up the latest technology with craftsmanship. Whether for D3D panels or vegetal leather, we are constantly investing so that our leading world products remain so and our novelties become so. This is our way of making passion last. The know-how is constantly evolving, incorporating new technologies to produce outstanding craftsmanship that knows no equal. We celebrate this year our 30 years old, 30 years made of French know-how which is inseparable from our values and a guarantee of quality recognized throughout the world.

“ Dedicated to the partnership between horse and rider.”

110 | T a c k & S a d d l e r y


858.999.7469 | Mother and daughter duo, Rosemary and KC Cunningham, have been lifelong active members of the equestrian community as competitors and enthusiasts. Recognizing the rising costs of equestrian equipment at a time where most families’ “horse budgets” were shrinking, in April 2011, KC opened The Show Trunk—a mobile consignment and retail outlet store specializing in premium Hunter/Jumper show equipment. The ladies at The Show Trunk strive to help customers satisfy their equipment needs at affordable prices as well as provide a convenient way for customers to recoup their investments in equestrian equipment. The Show Trunk is open at most GSDHJA, OCHSA, and USEF rated Hunter/ Jumper shows throughout San Diego and Orange County. The store carries primarily show quality equipment, including saddles, bridles, and riding apparel. Through its online channel, The Show Trunk also provides nonlocal and out of state residents access to the premium saddles typically only available on the A-Show Circuit.

“ Keep your sense of humor.” ANTHONY’S SHOE REPAIR

12873 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130 | 858.350.7506 671 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA 92075 | 858.259.2023 11885 Carmel Mountain Road, San Diego, CA 92128 | 858.673.7207 Anthony’s Shoe Repair opened in San Diego County in 1989, but Anthony’s skills were learned much earlier. He began working at his fathers shoe repair shop, Fred’s Shoe Repair, in Peoria, Ill. at 16 years old. Anthony’s father, Fred, learned shoe design and repair in Beirut, Lebanon before moving to the United States in 1955. In 1985, Anthony opened his first shop, also named Fred’s Shoe Repair, in Peoria. Soon thereafter, Anthony decided to move his craft and business to San Diego. Anthony’s Shoe Repair opened its doors in Solana Beach in 1989 and expanded to other locations throughout the San Diego area, including Carmel Mountain (opened 1992) and Del Mar (opened 2002). Meanwhile, the family business is still thriving in Peoria.

“ The shoe and leather business is in my DNA.” T a c k & S a d d l e r y | 111

workout. hangout. |

Showroom by appointment only: 949.241.5965 17442 Via de Fortuna, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067


“ In a world of things so alike one must make a statement.”


T r a i n e r s | 12


2869 Via de la Valle, Suite F | Del Mar, CA 92014 858.523.0693 | For the past 15 years, Matti d, located in beautiful Del Mar, has been the go-to place for fashion. Creative director and owner, Marie Ferris, has always believed people express who they are with their signature of colors, accessories and shoes that they wear. It is an unspoken language that has gone on through time. Matti d dresses clients to find a style of their own according to their personality, taste and way of life. All accessories are playful, artful and one-of-a-kind. Matti d offers a great selection of jewelry, handbags and belts, mixing timeless and trendy pieces effortlessly. Style expresses the inner self; to wear clothes is to be oneself. Matti d is visually merchandised with an eclectic feel for a wide variety and age range. Stylists are available to provide knowledge on product and silhouette, with a simple sophisticated understated chic!

“ Take possession of ones body and soul with fashion.� 114 | F a s h i o n & B e a u t y


2556 Gateway Road | Carlsbad, CA 92009 760.752.1507 Alp-n-Rock is a global, premium Sport-Fashion brand rooted in the belief that the greatest luxury is the ability to give back. Alp-n-Rock donates up to 10% of profits to fund scholarships for girls in developing countries, providing the lifelong gift of an education. Alp-n-Rock provides unique life-style fashion for those who seek high quality and embrace an active outdoor life. Our pieces will take you from barn to city with ease and function as the perfect travel wardrobe, wherever your active life may take you. We strive at Alp-n-Rock to create one-of-a-kind timeless clothing that combines fashion and functionality, each design is a work of art that captures our passion for riding and the equestrian lifestyle. The Alp-n-Rock collection includes tops, made from our exclusive cotton/ modal fabric, as well as, pants, vests, down jackets and accessories. Available at fine retailers and at

“ The greatest luxury is the ability to give back ”


F a s h i o n & B e a u t y | 115


619.737.7278 | was born in San Diego, out of necessity. Swimwear shopping has been, for most women, a traumatic experience that is usually avoided until it is absolutely necessary. Take that shopping online to avoid the bad fluorescent lighting with a 3 way mirror trauma and it becomes an even bigger problem due to lack of size chart reliability. For Beach Communities like San Diego, we are fortunate enough to have swimwear shops we can walk into, but I found the sales people knew very little about body type compatibility. At we offer ways to determine your body type 1st, then shop in the category that will at least be in the ball park of what may work for you.

Detailed video reviews on fit, form, construction, function and sizing tips are about 5 to 10 minutes long to give all the info necessay before making a purchase. We have about 100 pieces with detailed video reviews out of the over 200 pieces on our site. Our goal is to have every piece with a video review done this year. is a problem solver for women who need guidance and hand holding thru the daunting task of swimwear choice and fit with the goal of looking and feeling good while exposing 80% of your body to the public.

“ Taking the trauma out of swimsuit shopping. � 116 | F a s h i o n & B e a u t y


303.931.3493 | Exceptional Equestrian is an online shopping site as well as a mobile boutique that travels to horse shows west of the Mississippi. As an active equestrian herself, Cindy Lay knows the importance of having stylish and innovative equestrian gear and features beautifully tailored shirts from Italy and high-quality garments for in or out of the ring. As equestrian fashion continues to evolve, Cindy makes sure to stay up on the latest fashions and trends and recognizes the versatility of riding gear as not only something to wear to the barn or show, but also as something that is acceptable at dinner or the office. Exceptional Equestrian is looking forward to going to new shows in 2015. The World Cup in Las Vegas, the International in Omaha, and EquiCenter’s new shows in Santa Fe, NM to name a few. Exceptional Equestrian also offers a registry as well as gift cards. So keep them in mind to make the next celebration for the Equestrian in your life exceptional!

“ Specializing in absolutely nothing you need, just everything you want.” POPPY BOUTIQUE

16087 San Dieguito Road, Suite D2 | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.756.5528 Poppy Boutique is a well curated collection of womens contemporary fashions, jewelry and gifts. Owned by local RSF resident Heather Hunter, Poppy is located in the Del Rayo shopping center. Hunter does all the buying and focuses on feminine and refined pieces that are always on trend but still classic enough for years of wear. Poppy is known for a diverse selection of highly sought-after designers such as - Diane von Furstenberg, Elizabeth & James, Autumn Cashmere, Frame Denim, Velvet, Rails, A.L.C., Haute Hippie. Vince, Amanda Uprichard, 360Sweater, Paige Denim, Trina Turk, Ella Moss, James Perse, DL1961, Spanx and more. There are always plenty of everyday casual looks such as tees, denim and sweaters - as well as great finds for a night on the town with dresses and silk tops. Flip flops, beach bags and sun hats are always year round staples. Poppy also carries a varied selection of gift items such as baby blankets, candles, soaps, and books.

“ I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.”

F a s h i o n & B e a u t y | 117


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w w w. s h o w p a r k . c o m 12 | T r a i n e r s

Wish We All Could Be

{and RIDE like}

These California Girls By Jackie McFarland, Pam Maley & Alexis Meadows


have a panache all their own. Although the stereotype may be all surf and sand, the girls featured in this issue of the Equestrian Almanac spend a majority of their time in the saddle. They share a passion for horses and competing, and know what it takes to win. They each have their own unique yet interestingly similar stories. Spending their time in the CA sun, not on the beach but at the barn, Ashlee, Lucy, Hope, Jamie, Jenny and Lauren have all achieved measurable success in the show ring. These six California girls are equestrian stars that have style in and out of the saddle. Each has spent countless hours devoted to the sport, with numerous early mornings and late nights at the barn. They have each dealt with the agony of defeat and the thrill of victory. Driven, devoted and hard working, when these California girls enter the ring, they are calm, cool, collected and competitive. We asked each of them to share memories of their ‘firsts’ – first horse, first fall as well as their top equestrian memories from last year, and a bit about their favorite horses.

W e W i s h W e C o u l d A l l B e | 123


sports are a family affair - mother Beth and sister Katie are also avid equestrians. Her dad played hockey for the LA Kings.

Photo: Kate


Houlihan Ph


time would be a pony ride in Tarzana. Actual lessons started at Far West Farms in Calabasas, CA. DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST HORSE? My first horse

was named Crocodile Dundee, we called him Jozef. He had a lot of conformation issues but was such an amazing teacher. He took me from riding and competing at 2’6 to the 3’3 with plenty of success along the way. DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST FALL? I do! I was riding a school horse, I thought he was very tall. In hindsight he was probably 16.3, but I’m pretty sure he looked about 20h tall at the time. I was just learning to jump, the crossrail was probably 1’ high. He tripped over it and I got popped out of the saddle. I remember hanging with my arms wrapped around his neck with him just standing there, I finally let go and dropped to my feet. As far as falls go it’s probably the easiest one I’ve had, I’ve definitely made up for it in the years since.

YOUR BEST MEMORY OF 2014. It’s a toss up, my young horse made some huge strides last year, which was really rewarding. That is one of the greatest rewards of riding, bringing horses along and feeling them realize their potential. I was also very honored to ride Willow CBF at Harrisburg and Washington International Horse Show, she was a star and we ended up with some nice ribbons. YOUR GOALS IN 2015. To keep improving with my young jumper. And who knows, after all these years maybe this is the year I will finally get my heels down and shorten my reins! YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT HORSES. Getting to know

their personalities. I enjoy the bonding and love when there is enough time to accomplish that. I find it helps me when in the show ring when I really know them inside and out. YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT COMPETING. Well I’m a competitive person by nature so I always enjoy going in to win. With the younger or greener show horses the ‘winning’ is to see their improvement from show to show, not always a blue ribbon but still a win.

YOUR FIRST HORSE SHOW. I remember my first horse show. Every year a big group of us would go to the Santa Barbara Turkey Show. My trainer would invite all the kids to stay in one hotel room with her – 8-10 kids and 2 adults! I remember the fun more than the winning. They had a big Thanksgiving dinner at the show, great prizes and giant ribbons. Photo: Flying Horse Photography

124 | W e W i s h W e C o u l d A l l B e

ASHLEE BOND: Show Jumper


competing, but when George Morris asked her to put it up in her hat, and gave her a wild card bid to represent the US in Argentina it has stayed up in her hat ever since. Photo: Sp

ruce Mea

dows M


WHERE WERE YOU BORN? I was born in Hollywood!

YOUR FIRST HORSE SHOW. One of my first shows was at


Santa Barbara National. I remember being in a flat class and smiling and waving as I passed by the judge.

I rode was at a small barn in Hidden Hills where Melissa was my trainer. My dad is a great horseman and he was also a big part of my early riding career. DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST FALL? I don’t know

about remembering my very first fall as I was really tiny when I started. At six months old I was in the saddle and jumping by three years old! The first one I remember vividly is when I was at Bakersfield on one of my ponies; it had just rained and we slipped around a corner and both fell down. I believe that was also my first concussion. Maybe that is why I remember it! DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST HORSE? My first pony was named Patches and all I remember is that he had a little pocket inside his cheek where he would store food so he could eat it later - like a chipmunk.

YOUR BEST MEMORY OF 2014. I would definitely go with

winning the HITS $1 Million Grand Prix in Thermal as being my best memory of 2014. YOUR GOALS IN 2015. I think being in Europe has taught

me a lot. I’m looking forward to coming home to CA and getting into a routine. I’m really focused on bringing my horses along and getting super consistent with them. YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT HORSES. Horses have

always been in my blood, they are a big part of who I am and I owe them everything. My favorite part about horses is to connect with them. To go out into the show ring and tune everything and everyone else out and just be one with your horse. They fight for you and give you everything they have. YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT COMPETING. I love that

feeling of being out there, where nothing else matters except for you and your horse. No politics. No BS. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a bad day; once you are in that ring with your horse everything else fades away. For those few minutes it’s so incredibly intense yet peaceful. Actually it’s really hard to put into words, but everyone who competes with horses, regardless of discipline, knows that feeling. It’s probably a bit different for each person but it drives us all.

Photo: Cheval Photos

W e W i s h W e C o u l d A l l B e | 125

LUCY DAVIS: Show Jumper


majoring in Architecture at Stanford, she has managed to win globally, represent our country and keep up her studies in CA.

Photo: C

heval Pho




I don’t remember my first fall but the first I remember was when I went riding in Aspen, CO as a child. The poor horse had had enough of packing around kids all day and I was collateral damage - he bucked me off and I got a serious concussion. DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST HORSE? My first pony was named Biscuits and Gravy (Biscuit). He was an old gray pony who somehow loved to carry me around all day.


times hate) that horses have a mind of their own and distinct personalities. Every day they keep you on your toes so you never get bored. YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT COMPETING. I like the

pressure and adrenaline competition brings. There is a two-minute bubble where you are in the arena and live entirely in the present. There is nothing else occupying your mind except the task in front of you, and those are moments that you don’t often get in the distracted lives we lead. Just you, your horse and the course.

YOUR FIRST HORSE SHOW. I took Biscuit to the Santa

Barbara National. I went in every single class I could looking for a blue ribbon, and in the end, I think the judges felt bad and finally gave me a blue in the last flat class! YOUR BEST MEMORY OF 2014. Going double clear with

Barron in Aachen (Germany). To ride in that stadium was absolutely unbelievable. The competition, the crowd, the classy horses–it’s the quintessence of why we do this sport and one of the best nights of my life. YOUR GOALS IN 2015. I am aiming towards the World Cup

Final in Las Vegas this spring and would also like to jump the Nations Cup Final this summer in Barcelona.

Photo: Jennifer Wood Media

126 | W e W i s h W e C o u l d A l l B e


Hope’s daughter Avery is following in her footsteps looking stylish and winning in the pony ring. Her husband Ned also rides and trains.

Photo: Gail



YOUR BEST MEMORY OF 2014 . Getting fourth in the Derby

Finals and winning the WCHR West Coast Spectacular.

REMEMBER YOUR FIRST HORSE? In our backyard, on a

YOUR GOALS IN 2015. Compete in the $100,000 WCHR Peter

pony named Sugar that we bought out of a field. We thought she was fat and a month later she gave birth to a colt!

Wetherill Cup on a catch ride.


my worst fall when I was 16. The horse flipped on me, broke my arm and my femur, I had a fatty embolism and went into a coma. That was a bad one. But I couldn’t wait to recover and get back in the saddle. YOUR FIRST HORSE SHOW. I did 15 lead lines in my first

year of showing when I was 5. I rode Western and my mom and I had matching outfits.

YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT HORSES. I love horses as much today as I did when I was a kid. They are honest with amazing hearts. They have a ton of personality and are such giving creatures. And I get to work with them every day. YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT COMPETING. When I

compete, I am in a zone where it’s just the horse and me. I don’t worry about anything else when I am competing, just the moment. That is as close to meditation as I get. And I love it.

Photo: Shawn McMillen

W e W i s h W e C o u l d A l l B e | 127


the Karazissis clan is well known in SoCal equestrian circles – Jenny’s husband Kosti, his brother Nick, and their kids all call horse shows home.

Photo: Anne



babysitter’s horse that she kept in a neighbor’s backyard. She was not a trainer at the time. Her name is Shari Rose Lowe. DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST FALL? I don’t remember

the first time I fell off but I do remember getting thrown from my pony on a daily basis. DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST HORSE? My first horse

didn’t really belong to me but he was the horse I learned to ride on. His name was Boy, show name “Just Because”. He was too big for me but I remember him being very kind.

YOUR GOALS IN 2015. I have a few goals for 2015. I would

love to be able to compete in the International Hunter Derby Finals in Lexington, the $500K Hunter Prix Final in Saugerties and I hope to try for a three peat at Franktown Meadows with Undeniable! YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT HORSES. I love how noble

they are and even though they outweigh us by quit a bit they are so gentle. I can’t imagine life without them! YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT COMPETING. I love competing! It gives me incentive to work harder so I can achieve my goals. There is nothing more gratifying than having a Zen round.

YOUR FIRST HORSE SHOW. My first show was at Trancas

Riders and Ropers in Malibu, CA. I still have the trophy I won. I remember it like it was yesterday. YOUR BEST MEMORY OF 2014. My best memory from

2014 was at Franktown Meadows when I repeated my wins from 2013 in the USHJA National and International Hunter Derbies on Undeniable. What made it especially sweet was having my mom and sister there to watch.

Photo: Shawn McMillen

128 | W e W i s h W e C o u l d A l l B e



named the NRHA Silver Spurs Rookie of the Year, and still managed to graduate Summa Cum Laude from Fresno State University.


parents had a breeding operation of cutting horses, so there were plenty of horses for my brother and me to brush and play with. Finally, our grandparents put us on one and that was it; we were hooked. DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST FALL? I had been riding about a year, and one day, bareback at a walk, I suddenly lost my balance and started slipping off the side. I landed somewhat gracefully on my feet, had my parents give me a boost back up, and kept on riding. DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST HORSE? My first horse

was a white pinto gelding named Mr. Whisper Wizard, the best first horse you could ask for. He loved his bath but even more, he loved to roll in the mud immediately afterwards. We should have bought stock in the Cowboy Magic Green Remover given the amount we used on him! Gentle and willing, he was truly one of the biggest blessings in my horse career because of the confidence that he gave me as a rider.


competition was in May 2013 at the WCRHA Rein for the Roses show. I had bought my Reiner, Rebas Best Step Yet, two weeks prior, so I was just hoping to stay on pattern. We ended up with a win the Rookie class, and already hooked on reining, I was even more so. He was such an honest horse; you could really push him and you knew he would be there for you. YOUR BEST MEMORY OF 2014. In 2014 I had the opportuni-

ty to show my first futurity horse, three-year-old Check Your Gun Lad. There was something special about him; he was so athletic and dynamic in all of his maneuvers. I worked with him all year to prepare for the NRHA Futurity, and he showed so well for me that we made the finals in all four levels of the Non Pro. YOUR GOALS FOR 2015. I will continue showing Check Your

Gun Lad in the Derbies this year. My goal is to continue to build his reputation as a Derby horse and to grow as a horsewoman throughout the year. YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT COMPETING. Reining is an

art form that requires finesse and subtle communication. The bond that is required between you and your horse in order to be successful is what keeps me coming back. The people in this industry are so genuine; it makes being at the shows a pleasure. YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT HORSES. I love the elegance

and athleticism that is perfectly combined in horses. They have so much power and strength, yet they are some of the gentlest animals who are always willing to please. The bond that you create with horses is unlike anything else. W e W i s h W e C o u l d A l l B e | 129

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“ You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation.”

— P L AT O

T r a i n e r s | 12


5951 Linea Del Cielo | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 Reservations: 800.843.4661 | 858.756.1131 | Set on a sprawling 22-acres of landscaped grounds of flowering gardens, the Inn offers 80 rooms in 17 cottages tucked away in the heart of the village of Rancho Santa Fe. It is a luxe countryside retreat that favors rustic elegance and an unhurried sense of time. Here, the legacy of a rich past meets modern day sophistication and authentic hospitality. The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe recently finished a comprehensive $12 million renovation. All guest rooms, public areas, meeting facilities, pool cabanas, gardens, outdoor function spaces, grounds and landscaping have been fully upgraded. In addition The Inn has unveiled a new restaurant and spa for guests to enjoy. Guests now enjoy the rare opportunity to access the world class Rancho Santa Fe Golf and Tennis Clubs. A first class experience in a relaxed setting that is in keeping with the rich tradition and ambiance of the equestrian countryside. Membership in the Clubs are traditionally available exclusively to members of the Rancho Santa Fe Association.

“A unique atmosphere of charm and tranquility.” RANCHO VALENCIA RESORT & SPA

5921 Valencia Circle | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 Reservations: 866.233.6708 | 858.756.1123 | The award-winning Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa—Southern California’s only Relais & Châteaux property—has garnered a reputation as one of Southern California’s most sought after luxury resorts. Spanning 45 lush acres of gardens, trails, olive groves, casitas and more, this Mediterranean inspired, all-suite property offers the finest accommodations. Among the property’s offerings are 49 luxuriously appointed guest casitas with private patios, a world-class spa, fine dining and an award-winning tennis program. The property reopened in October 2012 after undergoing a $30 million resort-wide renovation, adding two new restaurants, a brand new Serenity Yoga Pavilion, a spa program featuring organic skincare line, Amala, and an expanded fitness center. January 2014 marked the official re-launch of Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa with the completion of its award-winning tennis facilities including a brand new pro shop, the final leg of the propertywide renovation. Rancho Valencia offers tennis and wellness retreats, a wide variety of daily fitness classes and more.

“ A truly world class resort.”

132 | L o d g i n g & D i n i n g


1540 Camino Del Mar | Del Mar, CA 92014 Reservations: 800.245.9757 | 858.259.1515 | This seaside resort sets a new standard in Southern California coastal hospitality. Reminiscent of a private, coastal estate, the resort’s mantra “relaxing by day and spirited by night” encapsulates the experience. L’Auberge Del Mar is located in the heart of Southern California’s most picturesque coastal village of Del Mar. The dog-friendly hotel is situated on 5.2 acres of gracefully landscaped grounds with a private pathway to one of the best beaches in Southern California. L’Auberge’s award-winning, signature restaurant KITCHEN 1540 blends energy and intrigue with a fresh, lively atmosphere. The design is modern and feeling comfortable, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. The full-service European spa was named 8th by Condé Nast Traveler for “The Top 25 Spas in the United States.” Offering massages, facials, body treatments, manicures and pedicures, Spa L’Auberge uses a unique collection of organic and vegan product lines as well as its own custom line of spa products.Clubs are traditionally available exclusively to members of the Rancho Santa Fe Association.

“ Relaxing by day, spirited by night.” GRAND DEL MAR

5300 Grand Del Mar Court | San Diego, CA 92130 Reservations: 855.314.2030 Basking in San Diego’s endless sunshine, The Grand Del Mar welcomes guests to a warm Mediterranean estate, replete with signature charm and Southern California style. Unrivaled by San Diego hotels, Five-Star/Five Diamond service delivers every indulgence, including a championship Tom Fazio golf course, Five-Star spa, and exquisite dining. Lauded as TripAdvisor’s #1 Luxury Hotel in California and #4 Hotel in the United States, The Grand Del Mar garners praise from the most revered critics around the world. Forbes Travel Guide, AAA, Relais & Châteaux, Travel + Leisure and TripAdvisor have all bestowed high honors, but the reviews we treasure most come from you. The Grand Del Mar’s signature restaurant, Addison, features Relais & Châteaux Grand Chef William Bradley’s artisanal approach to cooking. A seasonal menu offers an inspired evening of culinary expertise at Southern California’s only Five-Star/Five Diamond restaurant. Visit the spa at The Grand Del Mar and you’ll understand just why it is one of only 24 Five-Star spas in the United States.

“ Live The Grand life.” L o d g i n g & D i n i n g | 133


550 Via de la Valle | Solana Beach, CA 92075 858.755.6600 Family-owned and operated, Red Tracton’s is an east-coast style steak house and supper club located across from the Del Mar Racetrack. Red Tracton’s has been in it’s present location in Solana Beach for over 25 years, with other locations on La Cinega and Encino. Winner of three prestigious Critic Choice Awards for “San Diego’s Finest Steak House”, Red Tracton’s is also considered the number one place to be (and be seen) after the races. For more than 55 years, Red Tracton’s Restaurants have been synonymous with excellence. Guests have the option to dine in the main dining room, enjoy live entertainment in the piano bar or lounge in the newly renovated “Triple Crown Room.” Red Tracton’s is famous for its Sunday Southern Fried Chicken dinner with all the fixings. Other signature dishes include the Prime Rib, Colossal Baked Potato, Green Goddess Salad, and of course, its gigantic portions of the finest eastern “prime” beef and seafood. The restaurant also offers a NFL special brunch menu, served 10 a.m.-2 p.m. during football season, as well as nightly specials.

“ Reminiscent of days gone by.” 134 | L o d g i n g & D i n i n g


6027 Paseo Delicias, Suite F, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 | 858.759.1940 16079 San Dieguito Rd, Ste A-1, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 | 858.756.1921 Coffee roaster Tim Cusac has been serving his craft-roasted fancy grade coffees, espresso drinks and freshly baked pastries to customers in the Ranch since 2005. Capturing the look and bustle of an Italian espresso bar, both locations speed customers on their way with friendly service from skilled baristas and offer patio seating in a sun-dappled courtyard within the village. Caffe Positano’s customers come from all points in San Diego county to buy the single-origin, specialty-grade coffees Tim offers in one-and-half-pound bags. “Plus, I’ve been known to sing to my customers,” Tim says with a smile, “and I have the pleasure of working with terrific people.” Segueing from a 20-year career in financial and technology companies, the opportunity to reinvent Caffe Positano, which originally opened in 2002, was a welcome “next act” for Tim, who supports the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant with his long-standing active participation in the local school and community organizations and events.

“ Be good to people and select terrific green coffee, then roast it the way it wants to be roasted.” LOCKWOOD TABLE CAFÉ

346-B South Cedros Avenue | Solana Beach, CA 92075 858.794.4919 Noted by the Los Angeles Times as “one of the best places to stop while visiting Cedros,” Lockwood Table is a neighborhood eatery cafe tucked away in the Cedros Avenue Design District in Solana Beach. Alicia Lockwood opened the restaurant in 2009 when she discovered there was a need for a “niche” café where customers could go to relax and be comfortable. Lockwood Table is comfortable and chic, with an open, airy outdoor patio Inspired by her friends and the food she ate growing up, Alicia created a menu full of thoughtful, well-prepared foods that are fresh, never frozen, and emphasize clean eating. Some of the most popular dishes at the café include the walnut butter, specialty sandwiches, quinoa bowls and soufflé. The restaurant offers vegan and gluten free options, and is also dog friendly. Alicia is currently working on building a full retail line of specialty items such as walnut butter, pesto and vinaigrettes, as well as a cookbook.

Photo: Paige Nelson Photography

“ The tasty local.” L o d g i n g & D i n i n g | 135


16236 San Dieguito Road, Suite 2-14 | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.759.0747 067 Eatery is a family-owned neighborhood restaurant located in the Fairbanks Village Plaza. Opened in November 2012, owners Bill and Chase Baker hope to offer diners inexpensive food and drink options in a comfortable and laidback atmosphere. Bill has over 30 years of experience in the industry, previously owning a restaurant in Bird Rock, La Jolla. Chase, on the other hand, mastered the art of fine dining while working at the Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara for five years. 067 Eatery’s menu offers simplicity in its dishes without sacrificing the quality of the ingredients. Dishes range from hand carved, anti-biotic free deli meats to tall-grass-fed beef and locally baked breads. The restaurant, designed by Bill’s company Sterling Interiors and Design, doubles as a showroom with price tags on nearly every piece of furniture. In the back is an outfitted dining room, available for private events or meetings. The Bakers invite local artists to showcase their work inside the restaurant to add to the modern décor.

Photo: Paige Nelson Photography

“ Stuff you can make at home when you don’t feel like it.” THYME IN THE RANCH

16236 San Dieguito Road, Suite 2-14 | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.759.0747 Tucked in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe, Thyme in The Ranch has been described as quaint and cottage-like. The restaurant has become a popular go-to spot for locals looking for delicious homemade food at affordable prices. The interior of the café is cozy and comfortable, with alternating chic and elegant décor. The nick-nacks and charming trinkets dispersed throughout the restaurant are all for sale and rotated frequently. Furry companions are also welcome to join customers while they dine in the outdoor seating areas. The in-house bakery makes all of its pastries, cookies and bread fresh from scratch daily. The restaurant is especially infamous for its muffins, which disappear rapidly in the morning hours. Some other popular dishes on the menu include the Cobb Salad, Tarragon Chicken Salad and wide assortment of specialty sandwiches and soups. Thyme in The Ranch has many seasonal menu items and also offers made-to-order homemade pies around the holidays. The restaurant is cash or check only.

“A special kind of café.” 136 | L o d g i n g & D i n i n g


16089 San Dieguito Road | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.465.6666 | Inspired by the culinary arts of the Mediterranean shores and California coast. We at TREO3 invite you to experience our globally inspired and locally prepared cuisine. Created with a balance of exotic and local, it is truly American cuisine. Our concept is built around a TREO3 of verticals that embody dining in, dining out or enjoying a drink at our “white bar”. Our ambience is only surpassed by the loyalty of our patrons who we affectionately regard as our neighbors. Executive Chef Nicholas Garcia was lured into the culinary world when his passion for food was recognized at an early age. Nicholas went on to study at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco where he learned to develop his own unique style and flair. Nicholas’ philosophy for food is a simple, but well executed, approach using proper technique and the best ingredients he can find.

“ Working with neighboring farmers to seek out the finest local product bringing both the comfortable and familiar taste of home with a modern approach.” DOLCE PANE E VINO

16081 San Dieguito Road | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.832.1518 | Dolce Pane e Vino arrived on the scene in Rancho Santa Fe three years ago with a delicious recipe for creating a cozy neighborhood hot spot. Along the way we’ve become the go-to place for regulars to unwind for cocktails, deal-making, friendly gatherings for wine tasting, and some serious woodfired cuisine. The inspiration behind Dolce is to provide high quality with ease in all we do. From our fine wines and full bar, fabulous small dishes and entrees, exquisite meats and cheeses, to our artisan furnishings, our sweet and knowledgeable team strives to provide the ultimate dining and wine experience in a warm and whimsical environment. Lunch, dinner, and brunch—local seasonal, farm-to-table ingredients are pure inspiration for our California-Italian menu. An expansive wine list [also available as retail] and full bar are as carefully crafted as our menu and offer the perfect accompaniment.

“ Nothing tastes
sweeter than the pleasures of fine wine and cuisine
enjoyed in the company of your favorite people.” L o d g i n g & D i n i n g | 137


3702 Via de la Valle | Del Mar, CA 92014 858.523.0007 Chef/Owner Carl Schroeder’s Market Restaurant + Bar opened in 2006. His passion for locally sourced ingredients and hyper-seasonal cuisine are on display for dinner every evening. His passion for perfection and the spontaneous nature of what is available to us are showcased in our daily changing menu. We pour ourselves into every aspect of Market to insure a unique dining experience. Our craft cocktail menu changes daily to accent local fruit and herbs. Our award winning wine list has a worldwide selection of boutique wineries whose obsession with quality mirrors our own. Schroeder has been a three-time semi-finalist for the James Beard Foundation Best Chef Pacific. He was also honored to receive 29/30 points for food from Zagat Guide 2011/2012. He has been featured in Bon Appétit, Gourmet, Art Culinaire, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego Magazine and Riviera amongst others.

“ An ever-changing menu with the freshest ingredients.” CUCINA ENOTECA

2730 Via de la Valle | Del Mar, CA 92014 858.704.4500 | Restauranteur and designer Tracy Borkum opened the first CUCINA enoteca in the Irvine Spectrum in December 2011. At the Del Mar location, Borkum created an “ode to the equestrian” in the form of more than 400 collectible toy horses which serve as a principal focal point of the restaurant. The modern Italian kitchenmeets-rustic-farmhouse concept presents guests with the same highly curated “restaurant to retail” environment found in Borkum’s other existing locations. CUCINA enoteca Del Mar features a dedicated wine shop where guests can purchase hand-selected wines at retail prices to enjoy with their meal or take to go. Executive Chef Joe Magnanelli and Chef de Cuisine Andrew Bachelier collaborated to create a menu that combines the flavors of Italy with the organic freshness of California. Featured is an ambitious in-house cheese program, house made charcuterie and sausage, hand crafted confections, and a selection of artisanal breads. The menu caters to guests with vegetarian and gluten-free dietary restrictions. Popular dishes include the short rib pappardelle and stuffed fried squash blossoms.

“ Modern Italian kitchen meets rustic farmhouse.” 138 | L o d g i n g & D i n i n g


1555 Camino Del Mar, Suite 301 | Del Mar, CA 92014 858.755.8876 Step inside Il Fornaio Del Mar, and take an award winning culinary journey through Italy. Il Fornaio (America) Corp. owns and operates 21 full-service restaurants serving creatively prepared, premium-quality Italian cuisine based on authentic regional Italian recipes. Il Fornaio’s stunning panoramic views make it the perfect location for any special event, business function or just an evening out. In conjunction with the restaurant, Il Fornaio also operates catering facilities at prestigious locations such as The Hotel St. Claire and The Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto. Il Fornaio Executive Chef Maurizio Mazzon travels throughout Italy’s 20 regions annually to experience the sounds, aromas and flavors of Italian trattorias and bring those experiences home to share at the table with customers. Specialties include house-made pastas, wood-fired pizza, grilled fish, authentic risotto and rotisserie meats. Fresh pastas are made daily. Each month a special menu from a different region of Italy is featured offering dishes unique to the area.

“ When the stomach is full, the heart is happy.” FIRENZE TRATTORIA

162 S. Rancho Santa Fe Road | Encinitas, CA 92024 760.944.9000 | Buongiorno! Firenze Trattoria is an authentic Italian restaurant located in Encinitas, CA. Once you walk into Firenze, you will feel like you have just stepped thousands of miles away into the Hill Country of Italy’s Tuscany. Firenze offers one of the most romantic Tuscan atmospheres in San Diego County, pair this with its amazing food, and you have a date night! Firenze offers both indoor seating and a Tuscan villa inspired patio that is perfect for our San Diego summer evenings. Firenze can accommodate people coming by themselves, or it can accommodate larger groups in a private or public setting. Next time you are wondering where to go for lunch or dinner, try Firenze! We promise you’ll be back.

“ Dine in Tuscany tonight.” L o d g i n g & D i n i n g | 139


5951 Linea Del Cielo | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.381.8289 | Morada restaurant takes its name from Lilian Rice’s 1923 moniker for The Inn, meaning “house of many rooms.” Locally sourced California cuisine and a comfortable sophistication carry on the feel, welcoming locals and guests to gather, share old stories and feel at home while enjoying the menu’s fresh selections. Morada is inspired by the property’s storied past, showcasing Rancho Santa Fe’s rich history by incorporating natural materials and equestrian elements that elude to the eucalyptus groves and the carefree elegance of the California ranch lifestyle. Morada’s constantly evolving California inspired menu incorporates only the freshest locally sourced ingredients, which Chef Allison obtains from local farms. He spotlights the unique flavor profiles of his fresh ingredients and experiments, laying his personal twist and touch on the traditional. At Morada, you will be greeted with a welcoming, open-armed spirit which makes you feel at home.

“ Come as you are, stay as long as you like and settle back.” DONOVAN’S

1250 Prospect St., La Jolla, CA 92037 | 570 K Street, San Diego, CA 92101 877.698.6666 | Donovan’s sets the standard of fine dining excellence. A classic steakhouse. A stylish, lively atmosphere. Cordially friendly. We like to think of Donovan’s as your own special place. A place where you can celebrate with friends, family and associates. Martini Hour is time to unwind from a hectic day. Gather-up your friends for specially priced signature cocktails and heavy pour martinis, bar appetizers and complimentary prime steak sandwiches. This is the perfect time to continue those business meetings in a casual relaxing atmosphere. USDA Prime Steaks reign supreme. Delectable market seafood for those non-steak moments. Mouth-watering steakhouse fare. A depth of wine variety that has earned the prestigious Best of Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator. Uniquely designed private dining rooms for business events and personal celebrations. Sit-down dining or cocktail gatherings with delightful appetizers. Your personal host will help you plan a most memorable occasion.

“ You and your guests are always VIP.” 140 | D i n i n g


31105 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite C-7 | San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 949.481.9596 | Justin C. Davis is Chef/Owner of South Coast Kitchen, a bistro and catering company. Chef Justin’s focus is modern California cuisine with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal and responsibly sourced ingredients. All offerings are prepared by hand using a blend of traditional and contemporary culinary techniques. The chef puts approachable twists on classic flavor combinations from France, Italy, Asia and the Pacific Northwest. A graduate of the Oregon Culinary Institute (with honors), Justin has honed his palate and skills in the kitchens of award winning Chef’s such as Richard Sandoval (Raya – Ritz Carlton), Michael Mina (Stonehill Tavern – St Regis) and Carl Shroeder (Market Restaurant + Bar) well as heading the kitchens of notable catering operations in the Portland and Orange County regions. South Coast Kitchen Bistro features a varied menu of small bites, sharable selections, and seasonal dishes. Where you will be able to experience a tempting array of Chef’s delicious and beautifully presented creations.

“ Food that pleases your palette, the eye, and your sense of adventure.” HAP HANSEN STABLES VINE – Osuna Ranch

16332 211 N.Via El de Camino Santa Real Fe | Rancho | San Clemente, Santa Fe,CACA92672 92067 619.540.2622 949.361.2079 | VINE is an all-encompassing Wine Country dining experience, featuring a Wine Bar, Open Kitchen, and a Semi-Private Dining table in our Wine Room. It offers South Orange County residents a fine dining night out with a complete food and wine experience. VINE has an excellent wine menu and a food menu to match. Once people go to VINE, it is a place they want to visit again and again. Their menu features seasonal ingredients of the highest quality and are prepared daily from scratch. Menu selections include exceptional meats, flavorful seafood, handpicked produce from their garden, and diverse beverage selections ranging from 8 craft beers on tap, signature craft cocktails, and over 25 wines by the glass. VINE is a Wine Country Cuisine influenced by the Napa Valley and other wine producing regions. In addition, the wine selection includes more than 100 bottles with many being available by glass. VINE is also a 2015 OpenTable Diner’s Choice winner.

“ Your all encompassing Wine Country dining experience by the ocean.”

D i n i n g | 141


Karla Hegewisch Solloa 142 | D i n i n g instagram - @khegsdesign 33-35-37-78-22-87


“ Our goal is protection for your horses at all stages of life for your peace of mind.”


T r a i n e r s | 12

144 | I n s u r a n c e & L a w


10116 Wheatland Avenue | Sunland, CA 91040 818.613.5382 | Taylor Harris Insurance Services, Ltd., (THIS) was founded in 1987 by Michael Taylor to provide specialized insurance for all types of equine risk. Al Schlom, one of the most revered insurance agents in the US, joined Taylor Harris in 2013. A native Californian with a lifelong hobby of riding and training horses, Al has an unprecedented background in equine and personal lines insurance. It was while teaching his daughter Candice to ride that he realized the show world presented him an opportunity to pursue his passion and he became an equine insurance agent thereafter. THIS places its policies with the highest rated and most secure carriers. As horsemen themselves, the directors, staff and agents have experience in all facets of the horse industry and understands its risks. THIS has expanded their insurance services to include Property & Casualty Insurance to enable agents to provide seamless coverage for not only their client’s horses, but also their properties, equestrian businesses and homes. THIS is a prominent sponsor of equine events throughout the United States.

“ Our goal is protection for your horses at all stages of life for your peace of mind.” MOMENTOUS INSURANCE BROKERAGE, INC.

5990 Sepulveda Boulevard, #550 | Van Nuys, CA 91411 818.933.2700 | Momentous Insurance Brokerage, Inc. is a top 100, full-service company dedicated to providing the highest caliber of insurance and risk management consultation. Momentous provides specialty practices in restaurants, nightlife, equine insurance, as well as special program for Quinceañera insurance, featuring bilingual insurance experts. Momentous also designs a variety of insurance programs including high-net worth individuals, film and TV productions, music and touring companies, professional or amateur athletes, and more. Momentous is the largest independent Personal Lines Brokerage on the West Coast and can service clients on a national basis. The company is highly invested and committed to technology, as exemplified by their off-site data storage, disaster recovery, mobile office solutions, paperless environment and ability to develop custom software solutions for clients. The company utilizes a team approach to client services to help foster an environment of cooperation and opportunity. Also active philanthropists, the Momentous team regularly donates to more than 25 charities.

“ We take care of your insurance so that you can focus on what you do best.” I n s u r a n c e & L a w | 145


1330 Camino Del Mar | Del Mar, CA 92014 858.259.7540 | Bing Bush, Jr. has tried numerous cases, mostly in California, Arizona & Kentucky, winning nearly every trial. Bing recently obtained a national record recovery for his clients in a wrongful death lawsuit in a difficult case against a national corporation. Although Bing’s strongest areas of expertise are personal injury and business transactional and litigation matters, he is very highly regarded in equine law with a life-long attachment to the horse industry from his Lexington, Kentucky equine roots. Bing also has extensive experience in wills, estate management, and is certified in family law. Since 1998, Bing has passionately handled personal injury cases, business and equine affairs of people, literally from overseas royalty to local impoverished, at a large firm level with a personal touch. With a unique depth and breadth of experience, Bing has acted as an arbitrator or mediator in many cases helping others to avoid litigation by helping each side evaluate their case, likely scenarios and advisability of resolution through settlement.

“ Experience, integrity, and passion=results.” SCAPA LAW GROUP

21700 Oxnard Street #670 | Woodland Hills, CA 91367 818.710.1881 | Originally from Newport, R.I., Robert Scapa traveled and lived on three different continents as a boy while his father served as a Captain in the U.S. Navy. Robert began riding horses during their time in Ecuador. He graduated from Cal State Northridge in 1973, and moved on to law school in 1976. At Scapa Law Group, Robert maintains a small, boutique atmosphere, allowing him to give close personal attention to his clients. Robert predominantly handles civil, business and criminal litigation for a diverse group of clients from all over the state. As an active polo player himself, Robert combines his interest in law with his passion for horses. He has worked on cases for some of the best-known riders in the world and represented clients before the USEF. Robert has also handled all legal aspects of setting up equestrian facilities and has actively been involved in equine contractual, insurance and veterinarian malpractice claims, bringing over 50 jury trials to verdict.

“ You’re only as happy as you allow yourself to be.” 146 | I n s u r a n c e & L a w


“ Ethics and equity and the principles of justice do not change with the calendar.”

— D . H . L AW R E N C E

T r a i n e r s | 12 Photo: Dominick Lemarie


14550 El Camino Real | Del Mar, CA 92014 949.443.1841 |

BLENHEIM EQUISPORTS 2015 SCHEDULE Blenheim Spring Fling March 18 - 22 Blenheim Spring Classic I $40,000 Grand Prix USHJA National Derby March 25 - 29 Blenheim Spring Classic II $40,000 Grand Prix & WCHR March 31 - April 4 Blenheim Spring Classic III $25,000 & $50,000 Grand Prix USHJA Hunter Derby April 8 - 12 FEI World Cup Final April 16 - 19 SP Country 1 April 18 - 19 Showpark Spring Festival April 23 - 26 Showpark Ranch & Coast Classic $25,000 & $60,000 Grand Prix WCHR & USHJA Hunter Derby May 5 - 10 SP County 2 May 23 - 24 Showpark June Jamboree Festival May 28 - 31

Blenheim June Classic I $25,000 & $30,000 Grand Prix WCHR & Zone 10 Young Rider Final Trials June 3 - 7 Blenheim June Classic II $30,000 Grand Prix & USHJA Hunter Derby June 10 - 14 Blenheim June Classic III $30,000 Grand Prix June 17 - 21 Blenheim Red, White & Blue Classic $30,000 Grand Prix June 24 - 28 Showpark Summer Festival $25,000 & $30,000 Grand Prix July 15 - 19 West Coast Junior Hunter Finals (Showpark) July 20 - 21 Showpark Racing Festival $40,000 Grand Prix USHJA Hunter Derby July 22 - 26 Showpark August Festival $25,000 Grand Prix & $10,000 Youngster Cup July 29 - August 2 Blenheim Summer Classic $35,000 Grand Prix & CPHA Finals August 12 - 16

148 | C a l e n d a r

Showpark Summer Classic $25,000 & $40,000 Grand Prix CPHA Foundation Finals August 19 - 23 Showpark All Seasons Summer Tournament FEI - $35,000 & $60,000 Grand Prix & Young Jumper Championships August 26 - 30 SP County 5 September 5 - 6 Blenheim Fall Tournament $30,000 Grand Prix & BES Young Horse Finals ASPCA Regionals & IJF Finals Children’s and Adult Juniper Regional Championship September 9 - 13 International Jumping Festival Blenheim $30,000 Grand Prix Blenheim Four Year Old Championships September 17 - 21 Showpark Fall Festival October 9 - 12 The Las Vegas National FEI - $35,000 & $60,000 Grand Prix November 11 - 16


2683 Via de la Valle, Suite G-717 | Del Mar, CA 92014 818.987.3336

WEST PALMS EVENT MANAGEMENT 2015 SCHEDULE Flintridge Spring Classic La Cañada Flintridge, CA April 16-19

Huntington Beach Surf Classic Huntington Beach, CA July 1-4

Del Mar International Welcome Week Del Mar, CA Oct 7-11

94th Annual Flintridge Horse Show La Cañada Flintridge, CA April 23-26

Huntington Beach Summer Classic Huntington Beach, CA August 6-9

Del Mar International World Cup Week Del Mar, CA October 14-18

Del Mar National Horse Show Del Mar, CA April 28-May 3

Flintridge Autumn Classic La Cañada Flintridge, CA September 24-27

Central California Fall Classic Paso Robles, CA October 28-November 1

Central California Memorial Day Classic Paso Robles, CA May 20-24

Sacramento International Horse Show Sacramento, CA September 22-27

Central California Oak Tree Classic Paso Robles, CA November 4-8

Central California Classic Paso Robles, CA May 27-31

Longines Los Angeles Masters* Los Angeles Convention Center October, 1-4

* In conjunction with EEM World, West Palms Events manages the prestigious LA Masters.

C a l e n d a r | 149


2260 Jimmy Durante Boulevard | Del Mar, CA 92014 858.755.1141 |

DEL MAR THOROUGHBRED 2015 RACE SCHEDULE Summer Season July 16 - September 7 Bing Crosby Season October 29 - November 29 Photo: Ernie Anderson


14555 El Camino Real | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.481.9217

SAN DIEGO POLO CLUB 2015 SCHEDULE Opening Day May 31 Rancho Santa Fe Cup June 4 - 7 Fairbanks Classic June 11 - 21 Pan American Cup June 25 - July 5 Pacific Polo Classic July 9 - 19 150 | C a l e n d a r

Summer Break Field Closed July 20 - August 11 Willis Allen Memorial Cup August 12 - 23 USPA Rossmore Cup August 27 - September 6 USPA Spreckles Cup September 10 - 27

CALIFORNIA DRESSAGE SOCIETY – SAN DIEGO CHAPTER Post Office Box 231773 | Encinitas, CA 92023-1173




Creek Hollow, Ramona February 21

Dressage Affair, Del Mar Horsepark March 6 - 8

PVRA, Poway March 15

Capistrano International, San Juan Capistrano March 20 - 22

PVRA, Poway May 24

April Madness, Galway Downs April 11 - 12

Creek Hollow, Ramona June 27

Dressage in the Ranch (Creek Hollow Ranch, Ramona)                           *CDS SD Chapter Show=Double Points* June 6 - 7

PVRA, Poway July 19 Creek Hollow, Ramona August 22

Star Spangled Dressage, San Juan Capistrano June 26 - 28 Fall Chapter Show, Del Mar Horsepark                                                   *CDS SD Chapter Show=Double Points* August 8 - 9 TEV Summer Spectacular, Galway Downs August 15 - 16 Dressage International, Del Mar Racetrack September 11 -13 C a l e n d a r | 151

152 | C a l e n d a r


© Bethany Unwin Photography

“ If you can dream it, you can do it.”


T r a i n e r s | 12

OFFERING THE BEST ROBLEE L. VALENTINE PRESIDENT EQUESTRIAN & REAL ESTATE EXPERT My passion for Real Estate represents my respect for tradition and family. Homes, farms, ranches and investment properties represent our personality,individuality and are where memories and legacies are created. The Ranch EQ understands the spirit of those who discover Rancho Santa Fe with it’s beauty, grandeur and strong sense of community with all the benefits of the San Diego lifestyle. The EQ has earned a reputation as the trusted full service boutique real estate firm, bringing buyers and sellers together in a positive, confidential and caring manner. Our success is based on yours and we understand every aspect of the Residential and Commercial real estate market.

© Bethany Unwin Photography

We thrive on our dedication to surpass our clients expectations with attention to every detail and the unparalleled personalized service you deserve. This year has been an incredible journey, I would like to thank my team and our clients who have made our work a pleasure. The hallmark of respect and devotion inspires us to assist our clients as beautifully as possible.

© Bethany Unwin Photography

During the year we have traveled to Lexington, Kentucky and Denver, Colorado in search of new and better ways to serve our clients and we have the honor of celebrating two new partnerships.

“ Dedicated to Making Dreams Come True.” 154 | R e a l E s t a t e


© Bethany Unwin Photography

Annie brings three generations of publishing expertise to the 2015 Equestrian Almanac, formerly of Riviera Magazine and Equ Lifestyle, we are very excited about her re-design of the Almanac . Her efforts have allowed us to attract world class advertising clientele while continuing to produce a resource guide for the equestrian community. Her fresh ideas and enthusiasm combined with a larger circulation and unique distribution provide an exclusive opportunity not found in any coffee table caliber publication.

“ Joining strengths to create a publication unlike any other.” BILLY LONG THE RANCH EQ EXCLUSIVE RANCH MARKETING ASSOCIATES AFFILIATE IN SAN DIEGO COUNTY In today’s competitive real estate market, the sales objective is simple: capture the highest price, in the shortest amount of time, using the most efficient processes to achieve results. Selling a ranch or recreation property is no different – the product is just more variable – requiring marketing skills and strategies that maximize exposure of your property to the broadest range of qualified prospects possible. Ranch Marketing Associates transcends traditional ranch marketing firms – providing our clients with unequaled representation in every step of the ranch real estate transaction. Our success is built on work ethic and thorough knowledge of the product along with the latest in marketing, advertising technology tools and talent that attracts national and global attention to the uniqueness of each property.

“ The More Unique the Property, the More Important the Broker.” R e a l E s t a t e | 155

This remarkable ranch onced owned by Ronald and Nancy Reagan when he was Governor of California. Not to be confused with his ranch in Santa Barbara, this picturesque site is in the magnificent Tenaja Valley. Known as “The Meet” to Mr. Reagan’s riding friends, they would trailer in from all over Southern California and meet at the horseshoe shaped island surrounded by the beautiful 4 acre spring fed Meadow Lake. Riding by day and story telling by night. The Reagan Ranch sits at a mild 2,350 elevation with ocean breezes just 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean,with an average annual temperature of 73 degrees. Comprised of one 20.18 acre parcel and two adjoining 5.01 acre parcels, the ranch also features a regulation polo field,

a single engine air strip built back in the day by Franklin Roosevelt’s post-war work program, a cozy lakeside bunkhouse, large wood barn, zoning for 50 horses, a 5/8 mile oval race track and high producing well with a 1.5” city water meter.

REAGAN’S PRIVATE PLAYGROUND Originally $6,950,000 reduced to $3,900,000



La Bella Vida The Perfect West Side Covenant Location, Impossible to Replace

Your own private resort. Stunning Mediterranean hacienda style home rebuilt in 2009. Located in the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant on the very west edge of Del Mar. Over 6,000 square feet on an extremely private 3.2 acres that feels more like 20 acres without a neighbor in sight. Spacious Master Suite with beautiful beehive fireplace, living area, Ralph Lauren inspired closets, his and her shower, water closets, vanities, professional makeup and hair station, private coffee bar and desk area. Two additional en-suite bedrooms and detached Guest Casita with full bath and sauna. Central great room, open dining room, Rumford fireplace, chef’s kitchen, library style pantry, and full size pizza oven. Expansive family room with large media wall, full bar with dishwasher,

half bath, french doors throughout, entertaining cabana with beautiful flowering arbor, fireplace and outdoor kitchen. Abundant outdoor living areas that surround the hand painted tile pool and spa by world famous artist, Sergio Funari. Parklike lower backyard with new tennis court, perfect for large parties, entertaining and weddings. Large horse pasture, handy barn, dog yard with large kennel.

LA BELLA VIDA $4,950,000 ~ $5,150,000



Tari Farms

Kentucky style ranch conveniently located in Peach Valley, world-class amenities and airports of Aspen and Vail are within one hour of the property. The 1909 historic 2,700 sq.ft., two-story brick farmhouse with veranda porches was completely renovated to include four bedrooms and two baths with in-floor radiant heating that keeps the home comfortable in the winter months. The entire property including a classic red barn with loft, a guest house and manager’s home with office, and a new 10-stall metal barn with turnouts, are all perfectly surrounded by white panel fencing that shows off the lush green pastures. Abundant irrigation storage give this property vibrant vegetation all year-round and support the bountiful gardens and 100-year-old trees that grace the farm house.

Welcome Home Perfect for Family, Friends and Grandchildren

Make the most of the precious time you have worked so hard for... TIME TO MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE

TARI FARMS $1,495,000



In and out of the saddle, Ranch Marketing Associates (RMA) possesses an unparalleled understanding of the character of the land and the American West, providing clients with unequaled representation in every ranch transaction. Made of the same leather and living the life of ranchers, our seasoned brokers are knowledgeable and conversant in all aspects of ranch sales – offering complete recreational, investment and sporting ranch services. With integrity, honesty and individuality at the core of our binding principles, RMA customizes individual and impactful marketing strategies for each listing; networks and creates strategic professional affiliations to expand reach. As ranchers and business executives, RMA brokers use their extensive experience and proficiency in real estate, negotiation, land use, real estate law and marketing to provide each client with extraordinary client service, unsurpassed knowledge of the marketplace and global reach.

Benefits of working with Ranch Marketing Associates • The complete resource for ranch, recreation and sporting properties throughout the west. • Expansive buyer and seller relationships from local ranchers to international business executives. • Thorough knowledge sales, ranch and resource management, wildlife enhancement and habitat maintenance. • Advanced local and national marketing and advertising strategies using competitive e-communication tools and talent. • Personalized attention with detailed focus and follow through being paramount to the process. • Smart, insightful, passionate and dedicated with an average of 20 years of ranch real estate experience per broker. • Reach and connection to business and entertainment industry clients with significant referral business and long-lasting professional relationships.

PO Box 1970, Basalt, CO 81621 970.948.1333 | RMABROKERS.COM

BONSALL FARM Bonsall, California

Located in the middle of one of the best-known equestrian areas in Southern California and adjacent to San Luis Rey Downs training track, this working farm offers sophisticated living with easy access to the major metropolitan areas of San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties. Bonsall Farm consists of approximately 140 acres of citrus and avocado groves, alfalfa fields, pastures, ponds and paddocks surrounding two charming Spanish-style 3-bedroom homes (one with a private pool), ancillary living quarters, barns and workshops. Secure and replete with privacy, character and country beauty, Bonsall Farm offers magnificent vistas of surrounding mountains, valleys, orchards and ponds with easy access to San Luis Rey Downs, Joe Herrick Thoroughbred Racing Stable,

PO Box 1970, Basalt, CO 81621 | 970.948.1333 | RMABROKERS.COM

Kimberly Monk Dressage Training and Fallbrook Equestrian Center. Private airport facilities are nearby at Palomar Airport, and Amtrak commuter rail stations in Oceanside and Carlsbad provide alternative transportation options within easy reach.

140 Acres | $11,950,000

BILLY LONG Ranch Marketing Associates

970.948.1333 RMABROKERS.COM CRE #01096823

LAVA LAKES RANCH Montague, California

Located in the presence of 14,000 foot Mt. Shasta in northern California’s Shasta Valley, Steven Seagal’s 5,329-acre Lava Lakes Nature Preserve is a hidden and private paradise. Its seven beautiful lakes are home to numerous species of waterfowl, deer, bass and upland birds that thrive year-round in the safety and privacy of the ranch. The acreage is a mix of lush irrigated meadows, wild wooded uplands and spectacular rock formations. The massive 14,063 sq.ft. Tennessee white pine square log residence overlooks Barton Lake and has imposing views of Mt. Shasta. The impressive gated estate contains 9 bedrooms and 10 baths, an extensive water system and a backup generator for off-the-grid dependability. There is an additional 4,200 sq. ft. 3-bedroom, 3-bath home nearby with 2-bedroom, 2-bath guest

PO Box 1970, Basalt, CO 81621 | 970.948.1333 | RMABROKERS.COM

house, barns and corrals. Lava Lakes Ranch is currently operating as a nature preserve and working cattle ranch that supports 200+ pairs year-round. The nearby town of Mt. Shasta offers excellent cuisine, art galleries, golf and the hospitality of one of the nicest resort towns in the West.

5,329 Acres | $12,000,000

BILLY LONG Ranch Marketing Associates

970.948.1333 RMABROKERS.COM CRE #01096823

INYANGA RANCH Glenwood Springs, Colorado

PRISTINE. PRIVATE. PERFECT. A sublime parcel of the American West, Inyanga Ranch consists of over 530 acres of beautiful river frontage, ponds, meadows and historic cabins at the end of a box canyon, protected by steep granite cliffs that rise up to the Flat Tops Wilderness in western Colorado. Named after a national park in the owner’s native Zimbabwe, the ranch is bordered on three sides by national forest and BLM, and accessed by a narrow road for maximum privacy, tranquility and security. At its center, a jewel box of a house by award-winning Colorado architect Jack Snow is carefully crafted in a simple palette of metal, cut granite and cedar to echo the surrounding cliffs and blend into the environment. Two miles of Canyon Creek flow through the ranch providing abundant

PO Box 1970, Basalt, CO 81621 | 970.948.1333 | RMABROKERS.COM

source water for nine acres of spring-fed ponds teeming with three species of trout. Inyanga Ranch epitomizes the pursuit of perfection—the ultimate gentleman’s recreation ranch in one of the most stunning locations in the West.

BILLY LONG Ranch Marketing Associates

970.948.1333 RMABROKERS.COM CRE #01096823

530 Acres | $29,000,000

GET QUALIFIED TO BUY A NEW HOME OR INVESTMENT PROPERTY As a leading lender, we service the needs of homeowners and homebuyers. I have the experience and knowledge to help provide you with a mortgage solution for your financial needs.

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DEDICATED TO MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE ROBLEE L. VALENTINE Founder, CEO | Residential and Equestrian Expert 858.437.4778 Roblee@The | CalBRE #01915178

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”


DANIELLE COTNER Equestrian Expert 480.231.2214 CalBRE #01965377

“ I love helping people discover what they love.” MELISSA MARQUARDT Real Estate Agent 760.809.5995 Melissa@The RanchEQ CalBRE #01970400

“ Take full advantage of the treasures life has to offer.” KELLY WISLAR Office Manager, Sales Assistant 858.243.0904

“ Live your dream, create your life. Lead with intention.” SHELBY FUNK Almanac Ambassador 760.814.0351

“A smile is always appreciated. ”

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BRIANT HOWES Beloved Son, Brother, Friend and Colleague

“ What’s Your Next Move? ”

Happy Trails to you B, until we ride again. God Bless. Del Rayo Plaza, 16087 San Dieguito Road, D3 | Post Office Box 9885 | Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858.756.8737 Del Rayo Plaza 16087 San Dieguito Road, Suite D3 Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 CalBRE #01182632

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EQ Almanac 2015 Spring Summer  

Trusted resource that connects equestrians, including directory of businesses and services.

EQ Almanac 2015 Spring Summer  

Trusted resource that connects equestrians, including directory of businesses and services.

Profile for eqalmanac