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CONNECTIONS October 2013 - Vol. 44, Issue 10


Athena Luncheon


October 10th from 11:30-1:00PM

P2- Article by Pat MulQueeny P2 - Ambassador of the Month P3 - Article By Cathy Haukedahl P4- Article by David Olson

Healthy Body, Healthy Business P5- Article By Laura Meister

Join us for the Chamber’s Annual ATHENA Award Luncheon where we will hear from Amy Nelson, Founder and CEO of Accurate Home Care, Top 50 Most Successful Women Business Owners in Minnesota, nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 and radio show host of the Business Forum; and Kristen Brown, best-selling and award winning author of the “Happy Hour Effect”and radio show host of the Business Forum.

Community Building P6- School District

Networking P7- Keeping up with the Chamber!

The ATHENA Award is presented to a woman or man who is recognized for professional excellence, community service and for actively assisting women in their attainment of professional excellence and leadership skills. The ATHENA Award highlights what recipients have accomplished in addition to paving a path for future successes. LOCATION: Sofitel Minneapolis, 5601 West 78th Street, Bloomington COST: $30 for Members & their guests / $45 for Non-members SPONSORED BY: Suburban Chevrolet

2013 Splash of Blu Gala October 26th @ Radisson Blu, MOA Join us for our 2013 Splash of Blu Gala on October 26th! We have a lot of fun activities going on this year at the Gala! Here are just a few things that will be included: Electronic Bidding, The Parley Lake wine tasting lounge, The Leinie Lodge, Photo Booth with props, Emcee Mike Max from WCCO, 300+ Attendees and more!

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Leadership What Are Your Goals? By: Pat MulQueeny, President Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce

At our August membership luncheon, we featured a program presented by Stevie Ray who taught our members how to network. He gave examples of good elevator speeches, working a room to make solid connections and approaching a networking event or opportunity with goals. Goals are a fundamental must amongst businesses – whether it is for sales, growth or market penetration and networking is no different. The Chamber has a Legacy Committee – a group of volunteers who accompany staff on visits of longer term members that we have not seen at programs lately. On many of these visits we hear some great stories of how a member business meet some of their top clients – in some cases their NUMBER ONE client at a Chamber event. Many were the result of planning – blocking out the time to attend the program, bringing business cards, knowing what to say (elevator speech) and a plan to follow up. The first week of September, one of our members was sharing with me how their organization utilized Chamberfest – the Chamber’s member appreciation event. Their team went to Chamberfest with set goals – number of people to meet and the number of meetings set. It worked – with set goals people will focus on achieving those and work to meet the expectations set. The Chamber is here to help its members achieve their goals. One of the next big events for you to achieve your goals at is the Gala on October 26th. Where else can you meet representatives from Fortune 500 companies, Presidents and Managers of major employers and owners of local companies. Set your plans now and finish 2013 with new clients and contacts!

August 2013 Ambassador of the Month: Valerie Sjoblom Valerie Sjoblom is Beacon Bank's Senior Vice President, Business Development Officer. Valerie joined Beacon Bank in 2006 as Vice President of Retail Banking. In 2013 she was promoted to Business Development Officer. She has over 25 years of diverse banking experience that she employs to serve customers and build new relationships for Beacon Bank. With 3 branches in the southwest metro and 2 branches in Duluth, Beacon Bank focuses on building strong relationships with business customers and partnering with them to grow their businesses. Valerie is proud to be a community banker with flexibility and local decision making while offering leading edge technology and cash management products to allow you to manage your business. Valerie enjoys her role as Ambassador with the Eden Prairie Chamber. Valerie's extensive banking background and knowledge are strengths that she draws on in her role as Ambassador. She feels that the Chamber is a great group of professionals, uniquely focused on supporting the business community and promoting Eden Prairie. Valerie is a student pilot and a fire arms safety instructor. She also enjoys hunting, fishing and competitive marksmanship.


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Leadership Budgets & Forecasting By: Cathy Haukedahl, Board Chair Flagship Bank

Living in a northern climate, preparing for the winter season is essential for survival. Our ancestors for generations have created systems and products for extreme cold weather including everything from preservation of food and insulated housing to modified transportation. A large sector of our global population doesn’t have the needs we do as “planners” as their immediate survival needs can often be satisfied in their environments during all seasons. As a generational culture of “preparers”, this time of year is used to forecast and budget what is needed to optimize our business the year to come. Now that we are in the final quarter of 2013, we naturally review this year’s successes then use that information to focus on maximizing our year-end and evaluate what we are seeking to accomplish going forward. With 2014 on the horizon, do your budgets and forecasting include both your business and personal goals? While creating your projections for the upcoming year, how do you take a realistic “inventory” of what worked and didn’t work this year and project it to what you intend to create in the year to come? Does your organization only consider expansion? What changes may be needed in staff, acquisitions, new skill development, physical space, wellness program benefits, healthcare, partnerships, new markets, expanding marketing platforms, philanthropy? How will you lead through this projected growth? Is it time to make some choices about letting go of what no longer serves your optimal business model? Would it be wise to consider dropping or changing product lines, eliminating positions, altering benefits, re-evaluating suppliers/vendors, re-branding, outsourcing what has been traditionally handled inhouse? How will you lead through these changes? In our competitive work environments, what are you doing to thank your employees, clients, and other key collaborators in your business success -- not only for their contributions to the year we are completing, but also as a “way of doing business” in your projections for 2014? How will that help with your retention, expansion and goodwill? At the Eden Prairie Chamber, we are now concentrating on some of these same questions – always seeking to optimize your investment as a member. If you have input on what programming, events, education and other opportunities we can offer you as a business member in our community, please contact the Chamber office within the next few weeks with your suggestions so our Board can review for consideration. Our organization relies heavily on volunteer contributions, and we welcome yours – in all forms. Next month we begin to wrap this year, beginning our country’s traditional “month of gratitude”. Let me be the first to say “thank you” for your contribution to our business community this year.

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Leadership Undo all B2B taxes in the Unsession By David C. Olson, President Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Gov. Mark Dayton has coined the 2014 Legislature as the Unsession, saying he’ll concentrate on ideas to make state government better, faster and simpler. He’s asking Minnesotans to submit ideas to eliminate unnecessary or redundant laws, rules and regulations, and getting rid of anything else that makes state government nearly impossible for people to understand. We respectfully ask that repeal of the sales tax on business-to-business (B2B) services leads the agenda. Businesses should contact the governor and their lawmakers, and ask them to commit now to eliminating all three B2B taxes in the first week of the Legislature, which will convene Feb. 25. In May, the Legislature extended the sales tax to three B2B services: repairs of business equipment and machines, including farm machinery; purchases of telecommunications equipment by telecommunications providers; warehouse and storage services. The first two taxes went into effect July 1; the warehouse tax is scheduled to take effect April 1, 2014. At minimum, B2B taxes create an administrative nightmare and expense for many businesses. At worst, the additional tax burden places Minnesota businesses at a competitive disadvantage with their peers across the nation and world. That’s especially true in the warehouse and storage industry, which already operates at slim margins and is very mobile by its nature. The additional cost is prompting many warehouse managers to talk about moving elsewhere. Together, these taxes take a toll on jobs and the state’s economy. The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and our statewide network of local chamber partners pressed hard for all three B2B taxes to be repealed during the special session in September. Though the governor expressed support for repealing the sales tax on farm equipment repairs, in the end the decision was made to only consider disaster relief. The decision is especially disappointing because DFL leaders acknowledged the taxes were a bad idea. Dayton says repeal of the new B2B taxes should be considered when the Legislature convenes next year. Businesses cannot make decisions based on a promise of what might be done. We’re asking that legislators pledge now to repeal all three B2B taxes. Eliminating the tax on farm repairs is a good start, but it doesn’t go far enough. The repeal should also occur for the thousands of other businesses negatively impacted by these new fixed costs. Dayton demands that the business community show how the state treasury will make up for the lost revenue, if these taxes are scrapped. We put the challenge back in his lap. Policy-makers have options. There is a current budget surplus plus there’s plenty of opportunity to find $310 million of spending efficiencies in a $38 billion budget. Early in the 2013 Legislature, we identified more than $1 billion in spending reductions and forwarded those to the Dayton Administration and legislative leadership. Let’s revisit those suggestions. The new budget increased spending by $1.6 billion, a sizable portion that has not yet taken effect. There’s similar opportunity to scrutinize and pare these expenses. We’re confident that Minnesotans can step to the plate and help state agencies find ways to streamline operations and still deliver necessary services. We’re ready to answer the governor’s call; it’s an excellent starting point to lay out an agenda for the Unsession.


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Healthy Body, Healthy Business Healthy Food Choices For Your Crazy Wild Life By: Laura Meister Safire Nutrition, Independent Herbalife Distributor How many of these quotes have you heard? “Garbage in, garbage out,” “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” “Food is fuel.” These are common sayings we’ve heard. Do you really know what the sayings mean, let alone what to do about it? In a high paced, high productivity world self-care, particularly with food, falls to the way-side. Does this sound familiar? You wake up, run around frantically, make coffee while getting dressed. You run out the door without giving a thought to eating anything before you leave.We have heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, we missed the class where “they” taught us what this means. “Breakfast” literally means to break the fast. You haven’t eaten since the night before and your body needs a little fuel in order to have a rock star day. The best thing to eat for breakfast will have: Approximately 25-30 grams of protein and some fruit or vegetables. A good example includes: 7 egg white omelet, or a chicken breast with cheese and tomatoes, or if you don’t have a lot of time, a high quality meal replacement smoothie. Are you subject to the “3pm crash”? Did you know that eating every 2.5 - 3 hours a day helps you keep your energy up, your metabolism kicking, and your mood in check? Hence the saying “food is fuel”. The best thing for AM and PM snack time will have: 15-20 grams of protein paired with a fruit or veggie. A good example of this includes: Greek Yogurt, Beef Jerky, or string cheese with deli meat Keep the metabolic fire burning! Lunch and Dinner should mimic your breakfast when it comes to protein grams. A lean protein like chicken or fish, or red meat a few times a week, if that’s what floats your boat. Along with your lean protein, work in fruits and veggies. It will help keep you full, get fiber for digestion and gives your body some serious nutrition. If you need to eat on the go, a high quality meal replacement shake could be used for one of these meals as well. Feeling under the weather? If you haven’t been feeling well lately, ask yourself “What have I been eating?” Your body is made up of trillions of cells that are created from what you eat. If it’s a high fat, fake food diet, it’s no wonder that your body is at the point of breaking down and not feeling well. It has no other choice! Garbage in = garbage out. Baby step your way to optimal health The sure fire way to success is not set your self up for failure. Putting 8 things on the “to-do list” when it comes to health improvement often overwhelms us and blows up in our face. Now that you have a better understanding of how to eat through the day, start to notice where you can make improvements. Start small by taking one to two things that you want to change and focus on those. After you get those items under your belt, add in one or two more. Good Luck! For more information please contact: Laura Meister Safire Nutrition (612) 222-5323 11455 Viking Dr. #270, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 • Ph: 952-944-2830 • Fax: 952-944-0229 •


Community Building Update from the Eden Prairie School District By Eden Prairie Schools The excitement and enthusiasm of another school year can be felt throughout our district. Your schools welcomed over 9,100 students on Tuesday, September 3. It was a great start to the school year with many exciting things in place for this fall and throughout the school year. The district is also working to share information with the community about the referendum proposals that will be on the ballot on Tuesday, November 5. More detailed information about the referendum proposals is available on the district’s website at, but here are few quick facts: The two questions on the November 5 ballot will be: •Question #1 – Revoke the existing operating levy of $1,306 per pupil unit and replace it with a levy for $2,269 per pupil unit each for the next 10 years beginning with the 2014-2015 school year •Question #2 – Renew the existing technology/capital projects levy at a 6.52845 percent tax rate for the next 10 years beginning with the 2015-2016 school year Operating Levy •The new operating levy would increase the district’s levy funding from about $13 million per year to about $23 million. •The new operating levy is an opportunity for Eden Prairie residents to invest in our community’s schools at the level our neighboring districts have invested for many years. •Neighboring districts – Edina, Hopkins, Minnetonka and Wayzata – currently have levies $400-$600 per pupil more than Eden Prairie.

•The district has not conducted a referendum election for additional funding since 2004 and has made significant budget adjustments rather than seeking more funding from residents. •The new levy will stabilize the district’s financial outlook for the next 10 years, reduce the need for reductions in educational opportunities and programs for our students, and provide flexibility to meet the needs of students. •The tax impact of the new operating levy would be about $29 per month or about $357 per year on a house valued at $300,000, which is a median valued house in Eden Prairie. •If the operating levy is not approved, the district expects to see a budget gap of about $4 million for 2014-2015 school year. To close the gap, budget reductions would be needed. Technology/capital projects levy •The district is asking residents to renew the existing technology/capital projects levy, which currently generates about $5.7 million per year. •The levy renewal would maintain the district’s current investment in technology equipment, infrastructure and staff support, including the ongoing investment in the i-Learn@EP initiative. •Neighboring districts have recently passed, renewed or are seeking to increase technology/capital projects levies to invest in digital learning for students. •Because residents are being asked to renew the existing technology/capital projects levy, there will be no increase in taxes if the renewal is approved. Residents will continue to pay what they currently pay to fund the technology/capital projects levy. •The current levy does not expire until after the 2014-2015 school year. If the technology/capital projects levy renewal is not approved, it will be necessary to conduct another election to renew the current levy in November 2014 or before. Without the funding from the technology/capital projects levy, the district’s entire technology budget would be eliminated.


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7:30AM - Business Development Meeting

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11:30AM - Gala Meeting





7:30-10:30AM- Trade/Export Summit Set

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7:30AM - Board Meeting


11:30-1PM - Athena Luncheon




7:30AM - Government Committee Meeting

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8:00AM - Gala Meeteing

3:30-5PM- Fusion Meeting with Student Members






7:30- 8:30 AM, Business@ Breakfast at The Colony Don’t forget the Gala on October 26th!





7:30- 8:30 AM, Business@ Breakfast at The Colony

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