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The Newsletter of RPM Foundation • Fueling the Future 2017

Message from the President RPM Foundation does much, much more than providing services, sharing resources and awarding grants. RPM not only supports the existing restoration educational programs and their students, but we are changing the landscape of the education-to-shop pipeline, influencing the growth of restoration curriculum at the high school level, mentoring students and teachers, and collaborating with shops. We’re helping to pave the pathway to careers in restoration and preservation! With the help of 8 Board Members, 2 staff, 11 volunteers and countless donors and friends, RPM is making a difference. In 2016, we impacted the lives of 973 young people, exceeding our goal of 350-450 students touched by RPM, and cultivated relationships with “auto hot spots” in new locations, including Tennessee and Maryland. We traveled 90,000 miles to 18 States, attended 15 Concours and 26 car events searching for schools, students, teachers, guidance counselors and shops, spreading the word about RPM and careers in automotive restoration and preservation and connecting with RPM supporters. While hosting seminars and discussion panels, presenting at meetings, providing content for publications, and participating in events, we engaged – and continue to engage – meaningfully with national and regional collectors and car clubs. Also, RPM was nominated for Industry Supporter of the Year award at the International Historic Motoring Awards in London! One of RPM’s key roles is to bridge the gap between car-loving students and shops with job opportunities. In December 2016, RPM hosted Shop Hop Chicago where students from seven local high schools and colleges visited classic car collections and shops. This job-fair-on-wheels program resulted in four students getting hired for summer 2017 internships at two of the shops! Shop Hop Scottsdale is scheduled for April 2017. What we do is important work for young people and old cars. RPM is introducing a new program called Off to the Races With RPM, jumpstarting RPM’s “Racing Program Series,” which will engage restoration & preservation students in the vintage racing world at Road America (WI), Indianapolis (IN) and Watkins Glen (NY). Between shops and race tracks, RPM has got it covered! Join us for the ride and see you along the way,

Diane Fitzgerald, President

2702 East D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421 Toll Free: 855.537.4579 Email: Website:

RPM Foundation is an entity of America's Automotive Trust.

WHO WE ARE + WHAT WE DO RPM Foundation is a service-providing, resource-sharing, grant-giving organization that accelerates the growth of the next generation of automotive Restoration and Preservation craftsmen and artisans though formal training and Mentorship. Founded through the vision of Hagerty in 2005, RPM Foundation is the educational arm of America’s Automotive Trust. Together, these organizations work to secure and preserve America’s automotive heritage. RPM is based in Tacoma, WA with offices in Chicago and ambassadors in 10 States and Germany.

RPM’s MISSION RPM Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that the critical skills necessary to preserve and restore collector vehicles are not lost, by providing scholarships and educational grants to students and organizations committed to hands-on training of future craftsmen. RPM works closely with educational institutions advising them on the curricula necessary for training of professional craftsmen, as well as helping them identify the proficiencies needed for success in the field. RPM facilitates student scholarships, internships and full-time apprenticeships to ensure students receive the necessary formal education, knowledge and hands-on training to enter the profession successfully.

RPM’s goals are to: • Preserve and promote America’s automotive treasures. •C  ultivate a new generation of craftsmen skilled in the art of automotive and marine restoration and preservation. •P  romote the importance of the skilled trades and the many career opportunities within the industry. •C  reate opportunities for young people who have an interest in vehicles to learn from professional educators, Master Craftsmen and industry leaders. •D  evelop partnerships with a wide-spectrum of the collector hobby and industry, including shows, Concours, clubs and businesses to promote the education of necessary skills to secure America’s automotive heritage and culture.


Every Donation Has Impact! Building community and influencing the educational pipeline are just two of the many things that RPM Foundation does. $100,000 funds a Summit Meeting and two paid 12-month apprenticeships OR an impactful mix of scholarships-internshipsapprenticeships-restoration projects $50,000 funds a post-secondary auto tech program to expand its restoration electives into a degree program with shop equipment and tools, curriculum development and student recruitment OR scholarships-internships apprenticeships-restoration projects $20,000 funds two paid 12-month apprenticeships gap funding OR 4 scholarships OR 8 internships gap funding OR restoration costs of a 1968 Chevy Camaro and a 1929 Ford Model A $10,000 provides gap funding for two apprenticeships for six months $5,000 helps provide a “Key for the Future� scholarship to a deserving, qualified student seeking a degree in automotive restoration & preservation $2,500 supports an established, career-based high school or post-secondary educational program OR funds an above-and-beyond-the-callof-duty teacher/instructor for off-site visits to extraordinary educational restoration programs and/or industry events that would shape their contribution to the Collector Car Industry $1,200 helps in so many ways, including purchasing specialized equipment needed in high school programs for restoration of

vintage vehicles or partially supporting paid internships at shops restoring collector cars $600 partially enables an RPM student or volunteer ambassador graduate to attend an industry summit meeting, connecting with thought leaders in all areas of the Collector Car community $300 partially enables an RPM student or instructor to attend The SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Market Association) $120 partially supports equipment-partsmaterials purchases in vocational high schools and post-secondary automotive restoration programs $80 funds car event admission tickets and program books plus several subscriptions to Collector Car publications and periodicals for RPM students $40 funds a portion of a ticket for an RPM student to attend a Collector Car event, like a Concours, Auction or Vintage Race $10 provides a portion of a student membership in a Collector Car Club so RPM students can be actively engaged in the hobby while also being engaged with our heritage through restoration & preservation educational programs $5 supports the career-based education movement for the next generation of car and boat restorers, the legacy of our automotive heritage

RPM Foundation, 2702 East D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421 Toll Free: 855.537.4579 Email: Website:


Our Vision

RPM Foundation has a vision with three components: 1) YOUNG PEOPLE – That every passionate, young car enthusiast in the United States and Canada learns that there are viable, varied career opportunities in North America focused on the collector car industry — including restoration — by way of exceptional automotive restoration educational programs, and they are able to take advantage of those programs; 2) OLD CARS – That the craftsmanship, skills, knowledge, tools, processes and techniques survive and thrive for generations to come by filling the educational pipeline with the next generation of craftsmen & artisans, the stewards protecting and enjoying our automotive heritage; and 3) IMPACT – That the collector car industry — including schools — is organized and centralized with the help of the RPM Foundation, providing information, services and a strong network critical to industry development and growth.

Supporting the RPM Foundation – Thank You!

Help us fuel the future and achieve our goal of raising $1,000,000 in 2017! With funding requests more than triple what we are able to giveaway, we need your support. Donations of any size are deeply appreciated.

For more information, contact Diane Fitzgerald, President (, C: 312-543-5732 Direct: 855.537.4579 www.RPM.Foundation).

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Please send your donation to: RPM Foundation, 2702 East D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421



Mini Under the Hood - Fueling the Future  

Learn about who we are and what we do with this introductory RPM Program Book!

Mini Under the Hood - Fueling the Future  

Learn about who we are and what we do with this introductory RPM Program Book!