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 e’re excited to announce that this month’s issue begins the release of multiple cover versions of our bi-monthly digital and print magazine. With so many entrepreneurs to serve and expose around the world, we found it necessary to expand the number of cover features per bi-monthly issue. We’ve also added a section for “Young Entrepreneurs” on the rise and “Entrepreneurs Changing Our World With New Innovative Trends & Technology”. I’m always on the lookout for entrepreneurs who are impacting the world and the lives of others and really making a difference in a big way. In this issue, you will get a birds-eye view of how Social Media Marketing Expert, Karen Albert helps entrepreneurs and businesses thrive and grow their bottom line with the use of social media. If you’re too busy, her company also offers a service that will take care of it for you. In this issue, Karen will also teach you via video tutorial how to master social media marketing. Later, we’ll head over to Kyiv, Ukraine to meet Mr. Max Havrylenko, Founder of Ochis Coffee. You won’t believe what he’s doing with coffee. If you love the taste and smell of coffee and are interested in saving our environment from plastics that are destroying our eco-system, this article is a must read for you. Max also adds a video in our digital issue. Find his article in our “ New Innovative Trends & Technology” section. As always, grab a hot/cold beverage and enjoy!!! Kelli M. Williams

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“Trust builds the sale including a returning and referring clientele.”

How To Communicate To Influence



he essential issue for business and career is how to communicate to influence. We desire decisions in our favor, but how do we go about making them happen? The missing element is listening for the unspoken thought. Listening includes using all of your senses to hear, see, feel, and intuitively contemplate which actions to take next. In our quiet time, sales excellence requires almost a meditative state for analyzing the worst and best actions for moving forward. What we dissect from all interactions shows the way on how to communicate to influence. Two steps will have you and your brand stand out, and put you in the direction of greater success:

1. Welcome Negativity

Those motivated to succeed willingly accept the negative commentary. Right or wrong, the negativity points to where our focus is to be laser-sharp. Only then can we implement better decisions.

2. Eliminate All Assumptions

Request a getto- know-oneanother style of conversation. We can then factually analyze what we don’t know and aren’t hearing to ask the right questions.


“Questions are the key to improving listening.” Leadership is an essential piece of sales. CatCat is featuring my training track among others related to listening, sales, and leadership. My educational part is, ‘How to Re-establish Credibility and Trust with Your Customers.’ Moreover, the training is free.

Uncover the Golden Opportunities

Pay strict attention to what you do not hear. In your opinion, what are others not communicating? Once you answer this question, give thought to the following: • Can you build a stronger brand using what is not currently popular? • Will you become the go-to person in your field by stepping beyond the usual? • Are you willing to take a chance on the recurring thought?

How Do You React to Hearing: ‘If It Were Possible Everyone Would Be Doing It!’? There is faulty thinking in the sentiment above. Not so long ago, people scoffed at the idea of a driverless car. Now the industries of robotics and artificial intelligence are official. The better sentiment is,

“If you want it badly enough, you will make it happen.”



“Be brave enough to step ahead of the crowd.”

Marketing Influence

When it comes to losing out on a job candidacy or a sale, recognize how to change. The goal is to communicate with influence in the future. You will never know the answer for the rejection unless you ask, ‘Why?’

Listen First – Then Speak to Influence

Routinely examine what is missing from your repertoire. The goal is to eliminate the old and replace with a commitment to continued learning. Last, share via story-telling, what you learned from the experience to help others in their journey. Influence stems from asking others if they will consider a new idea. For example, most often, people look surprised, but they return the question by asking what I have in mind. Now the opportunity is mine to discuss the idea in more detail. In the process, prospective clients will admit what is troubling them. As budding friends, we then advance to the need to fix the situation. Accordingly, the relationship and trust begin to build.

“Trust builds the sale including a returning and referring clientele.” I refer to my approach as an informal negotiation. The more relaxed atmosphere reduces the need to lower fees or throw bonuses into the mix. Instead, we naturally agree.

Write as if you are on a mission to help your audience succeed. Personalize your writing both from the other person’s perspective and yours. Ask questions, provide suggestions, and write in the first person. Last, share the significant lessons you learned to get to where you are today. Providing what a niche audience wants and desires will encourage offers you do not expect

Branding Influence:

Once your audience recognizes that you provide high-value material, highly credible sources will ask if they may republish your content. They may also invite you for an interview. With the invitations arriving, recognize that you know how to communicate to influence!

Plan Your Influence

Consult with trusted others regularly to gain new ideas for improvement. Self educate and take classes on the topics that interest you in addition to what will help you advance. The more you are willing to learn in multiple ways and share the best, the more people will see the value you have to offer. Remember to always ask prospects and clients about their journey. Reciprocity reigns! As clients see you willing to learn about them, the more likely they will purchase from you. Continue to listen, deliver value, and ultimately influence, to further encourage a returning and referring clientele.

For real life examples of how all the above is done, read the International Best-Selling Book,

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results; click here





just wanted to remind everybody to take hold of and appreciate the minor moments in life. It could be spending time with family, friends, exercising at the gym or working at your job. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, what matters is that you are able to sink into that particular moment and connect with the present. I recently spent some time visiting family in Oregon and for one of the first times that I can truly remember, I was able to be totally present and hold space for those that I was with. It made the trip incredibly special. Looking back to some of my past visits I remember kind of going in and out of being present. Reason being, I would be thinking about what needed to be done for work and that kept me from really holding space and connecting with those that I was spending time with. With the rush and bustle of the world we now live in (social media, texts, constant advertising, cell phones), it’s easy to forget what it was like to truly connect with others because we have been trained to honor instant gratification and jump from one task to another in the blink of an eye. It’s not easy to wean ourselves and I know it can be very hard to not get sucked in when we have so much technology at our fingertips. In the old days, we didn’t have access to our work 24/7… now that we do, relationships, friendships and true connection with strangers are being pushed to the side


and people are forgetting what it feels like to slow down and truly connect with others and/or our task on hand. And trust me, connecting through social media and all of these devices isn’t the same as looking someone in the eye and connecting in person. So, please hear me when I say, stop multi-tasking, put down your phone and close social media for a bit and really engage with whatever you are doing and embrace it. It doesn’t matter whether it is connecting with a friend or family member, connecting with the sights and sounds that are around you on a walk or connecting with a task at work. True happiness lay in connecting with the moment. Slow down, be a good listener and embrace what is going on. Turn off the past, future or doing a million things all at the same time for a little while. It’s doable. You will be more successful, your work will be stronger, you will have deeper friendships, and you will feel true contentment. And looking back those seemingly minor moments will actually become the major moments of your life because you were fully engaged and truly connected in the present moment. G. Brian Benson Award-Winning & #1 Best-Selling Author, Coach, Creative, TEDx Speaker, Radio Personality, Actor, 4x Ironman Triathlete Author of Award-Winning Book Habits For Success – Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar gbrianbensonmedia/ UCnaFBdEW0Rq1Fgq4qlxV9iA gbrianbenson/?hl=en




Walking in Boldness OPHELIA NIXON-UKE


What do you have to lose when you walk in boldness?

eing a business owner or an entrepreneur comes with many sleepless nights, and unforeseen rough patches that can either throw you off course if you allow it to, or you can choose to make it a useable tool in the building, restructuring and or rebranding of your business. Figuring out a way to utilize each mishap to your advantage would prove to be more beneficial rather than simply tossing it all away due to efforts made, which were unsuccessful. Success doesn’t always come at the first go around. For some, there will be slips and falls, with various ups and downs that more than likely cannot be avoided despite how hard one may try. Nonetheless, that should never become a deterring factor wherein you lose focus of your purpose. You have got to keep that drive going and move with an un-swayed boldness that grows with each blow given, no matter how uncomfortable it proves to be.

Saying yes to such a task is never an easy decision to make, because quite often we may feel like the stings of failure are constantly at our heels, wherefore, leading many to toy with the idea of giving up on their dreams, while others chose throwing in the towel and calling it quits. When choosing the route of walking away, ask yourself “who am quitting on?”, and whether that is a move of one who is bold and fearless! 8 | ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE | September/October 2019

A person who is bold and fearless is never hindered by failures or shortcomings, because they are risk takers who know that sometimes, you’ve got to look foolish in order to get your win. Sometimes we must fall in order to rise again. What may seem like shame and rejection to others, for the entrepreneur it’s merely a setup for his or her victory. I call that the pruning season. The season setting you up for your wins, wherein the fake and phonies are removed from your atmosphere so that you’re properly positioned to run a more thorough race for the achievement of greatness. As you ponder on the direction of your future, you will realize that the “who” you’re contemplating quitting on will be more significant than the “what”. Especially if this was the thing you always saw yourself one day doing or becoming. There’s no doubt that the pressures of an entrepreneurial life will be heavy. Nonetheless, I want you to really look at how far you’ve come to fulfilling something that not many are cut out to do. Your desires, dreams or wants of becoming that mogul were not born out of pure frustrations of working for someone else or even creating something that is not yet seen. Anything worth having is going incorporate some sweat, tears, frustrations, commitment, sleepless, nights, days of aggravations and even moments of isolation so you can work out the kinks for the birthing of your baby. We have to stop compromising our purpose and release those toxic and nonsensical talks of not feeling as though we’re good enough. If you were good enough to think of it or to begin the process, then you are great enough to see it through to the end. Being an entrepreneur or business owner is not easy, but neither is it something


you should so eagerly give up on. Is it hard? Yes, without a doubt! Should you abandon purpose? Absolutely not! The greatest successes we will ever have in life comes from our biggest failures. Whatever we feel our failures are or how gigantic they may appear, we should use them as a motivational tool to push with the understanding that our labor will not be in vain. It was on my own personal journey of constantly falling that I learned to fight and developed a willingness to stand. Whatever you are wanting to achieve, you definitely will, as long as you believe in yourself and also have a respect of self and others. Those who are bold stand out because they exude high levels of confidence, courage and direction • They fight for what they want. • The word no means nothing to them • They don’t see challenges as hindrances, rather it’s their fuel to push even harder Boldness is a fire igniter that causes you and those within your circle to operate in excellence for the bringing about of something that is far more superior than any person could imagine. The bolder you are, the bigger the victories will be. When walking in boldness you develop an intolerance for anyone or anything that finds comfort in the presence of mediocrity. Such things suggests complacency where the need for growth is not present. You don’t wait for things to be handed to you, you see what you want and you grab it, and take hold of it with an authority that cannot be mistaken for anything less than confidence and boldness. This journey of walking in boldness will make you a bit vulnerable without a shadow of doubt, still, though it may be so, you can’t let that become your cause for shying away. Use that vulnerability as a purpose pusher, make it your reason to “boss up”. With boldness there is an expectancy that others have of us. Don’t worry about that, just focus on your “why”. This is where you change the rules of the game

with the implementation of new standards, because it’s about your destiny. Remember you’re a front runner and everything attached to you wins. ~ Refuse to live life dictated by fear ~ Don’t allow your setbacks to distract you from purpose, because failure is had once you decide to stop trying! ~ Boldness is achieved only when we begin to love ourselves for who we are instead of trying to be a poor imitation of someone else. Our Flaws are our Beauty marks! ~ Rid yourself of negative thought patterns and habits ~ Figure out your areas of confidence and focus on it, as that is where your strength lies. You don’t have to be good in everything, simply learn how to hone in on what makes you feel your best. ~ Celebrate your failures, they are the stepping stones to what will eventually become your greatest successes. Albert Einstein, Katherine Johnson & other greats made many mistakes before getting to their breakthroughs that would create for them a place in history. ~ Stop the comparisons! They will only make you feel less than, as it forces you into an abyss of inadequacies, whereby you’re unable to see yourself as being enough. Comparisons are poison to ones self-worth. You’re left looking at your starting point and where the other persons victory lap is, without giving consideration to the length of time it may have taken them to be where you now see them standing.

Hebrews 4:16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Chaplain Ophelia Nixon-Uke Soul Empowerer, LLC



Chasing The Elusive Dream Of Work-Life Balance MERIDITH ELLIOTT POWELL


4 Vital Lessons I Learned From Taking Time Off

just took a month off from work, an entire month where I made the decision to go have fun, travel (to Southeast Asia) and not to focus on growing my business. Okay I will admit, I did still answer some emails and I did make some sales calls, but still I was for the most part MIA (missing in action) from my business. This is my second year in a row doing this. Giving myself permission to turn off my entrepreneurial drive for two full months per year. Even though the idea scared me to death the first year, I decided to do it as an experiment just to see what would happen. What would happen if I took my foot off the gas and focused my attention elsewhere. To my surprise in 2017 the result was that my business increased by thirty-percent. We will see what happens at the close of 2018. So why did I decide to do this? Well, like most of you who run your own business or are part of a team that is driven to succeed, I work all the time. I never turn it off. Now I love what I do, so this work is not something I don’t like, in fact it’s just the opposite. It is something I have passion for and, I am driven to do.

10 | ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE | September/October 2019

However, I kept reading the articles, listening to the gurus about the importance of taking time away from the business. That doing so would actually recharge my battery and increase my productivity. Also, I wanted to travel. Now that my husband has more flexibility in his work, it is the first time in our lives that we have the ability to take those three and four-week vacations. Being a life-long workaholic, I started small. Three years ago, I took my first two-week vacation half of which put me in a location with no internet access. When my business did not suffer it motivated me to take it a step further. In 2017 the goal was to take one-month off, and I chose May (one of my historically busiest months). When the world did not come crashing down, and I actually realized how much I enjoyed my month away, I decided to take December off too. When my accountant told me at year-end that my business actually went up, I was sold on this idea of giving myself permission to chase this elusive dream of work-life balance. Now I don’t really believe in balance nor am I striving for it. I think a smarter goal is to know what you want out of life, both professionally and personally, and merge those together in a way that has you feeling excitement whether you are doing either. For me, I had found that in my professional life, but there were goals and things I wanted to do personally that I needed time away from my business to achieve.


Here are 4 Vital Lessons I Learned from Taking Time Off Re-Charging My Most Important Muscle – I have always heard that the brain is a muscle and it needs time to rest and to recharge. That just like any other muscle in our bodies we can overuse it and stretch it too much. Working seven-days a week, year in and year out, I am guilty of that. By giving myself the time to walk-away from the day-in, day-out need to produce, I find this important muscle is so much stronger and ready to work once I get back in the professional chair. The month after I return from my extended vacation, I find is my most creative and productive. Paradigm Shift – walking away from my business for a full-month and shifting my focus to physical exercise and cultural experiences has given me the opportunity to see my business from a different perspective. A true paradigm shift when it comes to problems or challenges in my business. This is probably my most surprising lesson of the four. I had no idea how much taking time off would do for giving me room to breathe new life into my business. In this fast-paced, constantly changing marketplace, businesses need to change and grow. By walking away, and taking my head out of the business space, I always come back with powerful new ideas on how to grow my business. Getting My Priorities Straight – we all say it,” our family and friends are the most important things in our lives”, but like many entrepreneurs my actions did not really show it. In the last two years, both my husband and I have lost our parents, and that experience has been a huge wake-up call to what really matters. When I look back on my life now, my greatest memories are never of work they are of travel with family, special occasions celebrated and

time with friends. Taking this time away from my business has helped me get my priorities straight. Creating memories and experiences that I treasure and will remember for my life-time. Putting It In Perspective – this is my favorite lesson of all because it has taught me not to take myself too seriously. As an entrepreneur, I have always been defined by my business and what I do. I needed to get a grip and understand that there is more to life and more to me than the services I provide and the work that I do. Taking time away from my business has helped me put that into perspective. Whether my business grows from the experience or suffers a little, it just does not matter. When my career comes to an end, I want to make sure I am not that person who is lost with what to do with their life, but someone who is excited about the possibilities. These mini month-long vacations are ensuring I can put things in perspective. One of the great benefits of being an entrepreneur is that you set your own schedule. One of the drawbacks is that you set your own schedule. Every self-employed person I know works all the time, never really taking a vacation day and considers weekends time to catch-up. While I know that twomonths off per year may be too much for most to consider, I would challenge any of you working for yourself to find the time to chase the elusive dream of work-life balance. Meridith Elliott Powell Business Growth Expert & Keynote Speaker 888-526-9998 359 Dingle Creek Lane Asheville, NC 28803





12 | ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE | September/October 2019





ver been indecisive on whether to purchase whole life insurance or term life insurance? That was my plight earlier this summer when I learned about the become your own banker concept with whole life insurance!

Whole Life Insurance & Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance lasts for a specified amount of time delineated within a policy. There is no opportunity to build up cash value or receive dividends ever or even once the policy has expired. When an individual purchases a term life insurance policy, and if they should live beyond that date of expiry, no death benefits will be rendered. If the insured dies within the set term of the life insurance policy, it is customary that the value of the term policy is issued to the said beneficiaries. Term life insurance is known to be a lot cheaper than whole life insurance. Whole life insurance policies, on the other hand, provide a death benefit and the cash value associated with the premium. The cash value does grow over the length of one’s life. In comparing these two types of insurance the focus is not on the death benefit so much as it is on the ability within a person’s lifetime to use the cash value for medical emergencies, taking a trip, or buying property.

Infinite Banking

I have been reading a book by the late Nelson Nash entitled, Becoming Your Own Banker: Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept. This book is an easy read and it is appealing to anyone who desires to leave a financial legacy behind

for your family, anyone looking to earn more interest than the banks typical 1%, or anyone willing to leverage their assets and diversify. Nelson Nash’s concept is known as Infinite Banking. In my short, yet intensive, time researching this phenomenon, I have found that individuals can use their cash savings from a whole life policy in the form of a loan for whatever so long as they pay themselves back or not! That is a component on which the bank on yourself idea is predicated upon. Essentially, you get your cake and eat it too! That’s right, the cash value can be borrowed and makes the notion of whole life insurance mighty attractive to some. Dave Ramsey and his supporters are not among the attracted, however! This summer, in addition to learning about infinite banking, I discovered the possibility of using credit to move debt and increase one’s cash flow (amount of money left after expenses). This is known as velocity banking. In my research about ways to pay off a new mortgage in 10 years or less, I was informed that the use of a line of credit makes it feasible to pay off large debt in chunks and your existing monthly expenses simultaneously. My research has not yet uncovered who is credited with this banking idea however, there are thousands of articles and videos teaching about velocity banking in all its glory and dangers. With the opportunity of increasing your cash flow, foolish usage of a line of credit will likely result in a disaster and major credit woes. On the other hand, with careful monitoring and application of strategy, mortgages can be expelled, car notes paid off, rental properties acquired and a financial increase substantiated! Both infinite banking and velocity banking offer a means of financial independence, but have their drawbacks as well as appeals. I am not a financial advisor, nor have I delved into either of these methodologies. Due diligence is a necessary vehicle which will guide me on my quest for success and wealth. Nikki Murrill is a proud mother of four fabulous children, wife of a preacher/musician, a school teacher, and a freelance writer. To read more of her work, visit her blog at



Resiliency in Personal Branding and Professional Image



o you find yourself constantly bombarded with to-do items and social media with no way to turn it all off? Feeling scattered and overwhelmed causes our productivity to decrease and burn out to increase. As a result, our health, relationships and finances suffer. The last five years I have been recovering from burnout. I have learned to listen to my body, mind, heart and spirit to address my own needs

14 | ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE | September/October 2019

with patience and compassion so I can help others from a healthy place instead of an exhausted one. I am shifting out of a stressful way of being and into an intentional life. In this mindset I am able to simplify my life to have more clarity and balance. I am reconnecting to my “why” as I deepen in self care. One of the gifts I give myself is permission to say no to people, media, food, places, choices, thoughts and an image that do not add value to my life. I am discovering that cultivating self care is improving my self worth. I am able to show up a better version of me, where my presence is grounded in a knowing that life is to be lived with love, joy, peace, wisdom, creativity, courage and beauty. These attributes make it meaningful and memorable.


Take time for yourself to rest, refuel and connect with your heart. Then be intentional about how you are presenting yourself so it is a quality experience for both. If you have ever attended a symphony, the atmosphere is set by the elegant image of the musicians, stage and concert place as well as the way the audience is dressed up. This elevates the experience. The same is true in our professional lives. When we show up put together intentionally in a way that aligns our personality, skillset and goals with who we want to connect with, a beautiful synergy happens naturally without stress. I encourage you to develop your personal brand and professional image so you don’t have to try so hard to convince others of how valuable you and your business are, your image will create an impactful presence. Subscribe to my youtube channel for image tips: Rhoda Johnson Image Brand Strategist, Rhoda Design Group

Throughout my 38 year career as a Hollywood Trained Image Consultant and Makeup Artist, I have had the pleasure of hearing countless stories of others trying to achieve their goals and make a better life for themselves. I am learning that it’s not about how hard we try but how much we learn to open our hearts and be grateful so we can be healthy to develop positive relationships that inspire and help us to live our best life. On my morning “gratitude walks” I notice nature has a rhythm that reminds me to stay peaceful and grateful. As I take this into my day I show up more present and less stressed. Others are drawn to me because of this peace and my professional image, which says to them non-verbally “She cares about herself so she will care about me and the work she will deliver. ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE | 15



16 | ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE | September/October 2019



s soon as people made items they believed were good, ways and means were sought to get others to buy-into their idea. Western culture expanded on worldwide practices, doing almost anything to get the public to want, or need, what they were pushing. Snake oil potions were peddled from one town to another in horsedrawn wagons along rocky arid Midwest terrain. City-slickers convinced the curious that there actually was a bearded lady inside the make-shift tent and that the “normal” would love to hate to see her. At every state fair were raspy voices yelling over the raucous that their peanuts were a must-have, or you might as well have stayed home. And if one was fortunate enough to attend the World’s Fair back in the day, chances are you would leave determined to save enough for the latest and greatest gadget, gizmo, or whatchamacallit your life could not possibly do without. A true salesperson goes to extreme lengths to gain and maintain your attention. When


Britannica stopped knocking and Avon stopped ringing, someone donned an outrageous costume with sign, just to dance and spin you into their store. Mere decades ago rappers amassed untold wealth, along with forever followers, because they hustled their CD’s from car trunks. Americans like their goods, services, and products. We hope you do, too. In a world of possibility, the math makes perfect cents: the more people who know what you have, the higher the probability of accruing money. Simply, a wider net should translate into a larger catch. The internet is a worldwide “net” capable of drawing many potential buyers. Its mass-appeal is the new marketplace, so no entrepreneur can afford to ignore its effectiveness. Even rural mom-and-pop shops are benefitting from technological sales support they could never have accomplished with their yard sign Continued on page 18


ANGEL A. WELLINGTON Continued from page 17

Karen Liz Albert knows that better than most. The Los Angeles born Denver resident was introduced to Facebook for private corporate groups. After leaving her position as Director of Sales and Marketing to explore other options, she thought it wise to scratch an entrepreneurial itch. A friend’s fundraiser presented the opportunity that turned into a life passion. Karen’s former knowledge of the use and reach of Facebook translated into high attendance and higher donations. At the conclusion of a successful event, the venue’s owner was so impressed that he asked Miss Albert about assisting with getting the word out relative to his real estate properties. A business was born! Behind Your Curtain, social media marketing, encompasses utilization of every free form of social channels to introduce, inform, and inspire sales of all sorts. It is a brand that helps business owners via modern mediums. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and Instagram are all strategic tools of the trade. Although each has its bent, Karen has mastered which is better for reaching the desired “community” of interest. In example, business

18 | ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE | September/October 2019

professionals tend to spend more time on Linkedin, since it caters to corporate-types. Millennials sway the Instagram way. Entertainers tend to fancy YouTube in hopes of being discovered or not being forgotten. Same-minded individuals are drawn to sites that do what they do, like what they like, and put-out what they’re searching the internet for. Unlike most stores, the web is open for business all day and night, scanning the globe for whatever one is seeking. Karen knows how to gain the glance and gaze of such on-lookers. An enthusiastic educator, Miss Albert delights in teaching the multi-dimensional trends social media offers entrepreneurs. Because the technology landscape is in constant evolution, Karen also sees the need to remain a lifelong learner. In that vein, she reads a minimum of two articles daily, listens to podcasts, receives Google alerts, and attends cuttingedge conferences to remain relevant. Savvy navigators can transfer new information into new sales. When her clients see their profit margins rise, they realize that attracting the appropriate customer to one’s work site is a skill, not happenstance. And computer algorithms respond, sharing your content with more users.


In the Biblical telling, Jesus gives some fledgling fishermen a helping hand. All overnight efforts to haul in a catch have failed repeatedly. His ability to see beneath the surface works beyond their finite limitations. Strongly urging the entrepreneurs to try another method, He insists that the fish will be biting on the opposite side of their aquatic vessel. Too desperate to debate the carpenter, they will try anything at this point. Jesus was right. The seafarers are amazed! The miraculous weight of their net was more than one man could carry. They had never been so successful. Today’s inter-net is used for reasons ranging from the ridiculous to the hilarious -few of us can take another duck-lip or animal face filter. But it is also capable of “catching” consumers.

There is worth in that world wide web. Karen Albert has insight and foresight into what side of the boat works best. Become a Fan Follow @BYCSocialMedia Connect Subscribe: YouTube/BehindYourCurtain Watch my TV Show: Get a Social Media Facelift in 30 Days! ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE | 19


YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS Bestselling Author & Teen Gender Equality Activist/Athlete Dasia Edmond’s Debuts Coloring Book To Motivate Young Girls ARTHIA NIXON,

The Ambassador Agency


ew Jersey, USA… Teen gender equality activist and athlete Dasia Edmond, who has already had huge success with autobiographies based on her dealing with her natural hair journey and another on how she broke barriers as the first girl to play for the Pop Warner football league, has released a coloring book which shot to several number one spots on Amazon’s bestseller lists.

14-year-old Edmond is the author of ‘Uniquely Made: Girls Don’t Play Football’ and ‘Hair Chronicles: The Struggles of Natural Hair”. In August of 2019, her ‘Color Explosion Activity Book’ hit the top spot in Amazon’s children’s self-esteem and self-respect books, children’s social situations books, papercrafts books. “I enjoy coloring,” said Edmond. “I basically walked into a store to get coloring books and I was like ‘Ma, these are boring!’ My mom is the type who says if you don’t see it, you better create it so that’s just what I did. I decided to write some affirmations and come up with illustrations about my own life that I thought would inspire other girls.” Affirmations encouraging readers to read, believe, dream and go after their goals are prominent in the book

20 | ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE | September/October 2019

along with images of her Edmond holding her autobiography, dealing with hair struggles, playing football and basketball and other activities. “I want kids to see themselves in my story and to do more than just color to relax or whatever,” she said. “I want them to find the strength to be leaders and to be great and positive in all they do. I also want them to see positive images of young women of color and to understand that #blackgirlmagic is real.”

Cooking Healthy With Everything Purple





Ochis Coffee MAX HAVRYLENKO Kyiv, Ukraine

• How do glasses change consciousness? • Look at your sunglasses. • Touch them. • This is plastic. If you are lucky it will decompose in nature after one thousand years

And here we start talking about coffee Coffee cake - 100% eco material of which Ochis Coffee glasses are made. In a world of fast technologies, disposable things and mountains of garbage that bring us closer to an environmental disaster, we have found a solution that will change the attitude of people towards glasses. We answered the question “What can replace plastic?”. Coffee cake. Or rather,

a unique coffee compound that we developed to create Ochis Coffee. Glasses that are not scary to lose (of course it’s scary, so stylish!), because they will bring 0% harm to the environment. Thus, we created an eco-friendly business, the starting point of which became exactly the items of individual style - Sunglasses 39 handmade operations for each frame. Over 10 years of experience in the optics business. And Ochis Coffee is changing the attitude of people towards glasses. The Ochis Coffee lenses are made from recycled cotton. These provide UV protection thanks to the UV filter which changes the shading depending on the ambient light. Thanks to the hydrophobic coating, the lenses are water and dirt repellent. Yes, yes, you can touch them with your fingers, without fear of leaving a mark! Ochis Coffee, at the same time, carry out the function of glasses for work at the computer. Anti-reflective coating and blue light blocking protect the eyes when a person is next to the monitor.

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The shape, color of lenses, arms mobility - anyone will find for themselves the most stylish pair. The uniqueness of Ochis Coffee: get everything you need from glasses. And save the environment. A nice bonus that’s becoming a trend. November 2018 Ochis Coffee launched the first eyewear collection, successfully reached a goal on Kickstarter and began full-scale production. At the moment, Ochis produces eyewear for customers around the world. Most orders come from Australia, USA, and Europe. In August 2019, we will present a new collection on Kickstarter. The new Ochis Coffee comes in 2 variety of forms with 2 kinds of innovative shade lenses, which provide UV and HEV protection or polarization + UV filter. Pricing starts from $79. The Kickstarter campaign will start in August 2019 with a funding goal of $15,000. Website: Kickstarter page: Facebook





The Unstoppable Millionaire Tahir Hussain CANDACE C. KELLY

s a child, Tahir Hussain dreamed of being an astronaut who visited space and far-off galaxies. Although he’s never been to space, he grew up to be an entrepreneur and multimillionaire who has visited 20 countries and whose brand expands into approximately 60 countries. Not a bad alternative career. Never having been an employee, Tahir watched his parents work hard and provide the best they could. He understands that they gave their children “more than their very best” but knows firsthand that entrepreneurship offers far better options. At the young age of 17, Hussain began his first venture. Over the years, he has excelled in the fields of business and technology. By only 27 years of age, Tahir had earned his first million and was well on the way to becoming a multimillionaire a year later. He qualified as a software engineer and worked as financial planner, and peak sales performer whose contributions to the real estate industry earned him what he calls his most satisfying moment in business, achieving an award by the Ruler’s Office of Dubai in 2008. He is pleased to know that thousands of lives were positively impacted financially due to the opportunities he and his team provided in “making this world a better place.” Tahir has always believed in giving back. In fact, the idea of his business came when he was at rock bottom in his life. For him, life became more about giving than receiving. Hence, the motivation and business of empowering others was born. Hussain is a life coach, motivational

24 | ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE | September/October 2019

speaker, and personal development trainer who teaches aspiring entrepreneurs strategies that set them up for success through his Unstoppable Millionaire Academy. As he grew and achieved success, his goal became to impact the world. To date, doing so is his biggest driving force. Knowing that he can contribute one life at a time and that someone else’s life might be improved because of his efforts drives Hussain to keep becoming a better entrepreneur. It’s Tahirs drive that makes him unstoppable. Though he has at times been unsuccessful, he has learned to be unstoppable by failing forward. Hussain says that because he was too afraid of failing when he began, it took him longer to achieve his goals. As Napoleon Hill said in Hussain’s favorite book, Think and Grow Rich, “When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.” Defeat, then, is an opportunity to reflect, revise, and reroute, not stop. According to Tahir, a lot of new entrepreneurs want to change the world. While he agrees that is noble and great, he encourages them to begin by changing their world. He says the most common pitfall in entrepreneurship is not knowing how to bounce back when you’re defeated. He suggests finding a mentor and doing whatever it takes to learn from them. Mentors can save decades worth of failures, as new and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from their mistakes. He has learned from other entrepreneurs. His biggest inspirations in the business and entrepreneur world are Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Gerry Robert, and Eric Worre among others. “Success,” he says, is a place where a person is when they feel fulfilled and complete within, when they look around and say “I am living my life to the fullest and in the best possible way”. When asked if he believes there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur, Hussain


answered: “Absolutely yes. Success leaves clues behind.” Even if new and aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have a mentor they can pick the 10 best entrepreneurs they know, look at their Dos and Don’ts, and learn and adapt them as needed. “You’ll find your way to success a lot faster,” he says.

So what other tips does Hussain have for new and aspiring entrepreneurs?

- Invest in yourself and your education

The best financial investment I ever made was in myself; it has paid me 100 times over. Spend an average 1 hour a day to learn things that will help you enhance and move forward in the direction you want to go. Another key activity is learning the art of selling, if you are not good in this, your business [will] suffer naturally.” He also recommends that they adhere to the advice in Chapter 1 of his book, The Unstoppable Millionaire: “9 Simple Steps To Stay Undefeated”, “Begin with the End in Mind”. Most people, he says, do not think past 1 month or 6 months. When venturing on a journey of entrepreneurship, one must know the desired end result.

great company works perfectly well for me.” Speaking of company, Hussain says being an entrepreneur has left a positive impression on his family life. “It didn’t start like that,” he says, “but as I learned how to leverage and let go of things that didn’t matter, family life became a bliss.” Just like Tahir, being an entrepreneur can open blissful doors for you. “Today,” he says, “more millionaires are created each day compared to any moment of time in human history, so yes; today is the day when we all have a better chance of creating wealth. In this digital age, information comes to us if we are subscribed to the right newsletters, blogs, vlogs, and groups. Gone are the days when information was not easily available or we had to google information; we still google a fair bit, but the speed at which information reaches us and what we do with that information and those opportunities can help us create massive wealth.” In other words, if you want to be unstoppable like Mr. Hussain, use your resources, shoot for the stars, and never give up.

Tahir takes his own advice. He spends around 6 hours per day working alone or with his team. This does not include the time he spends on his “educational learning sessions.” He’s not all work and no play, though. His day begins with prayer and is filled with “a massive integration of fun.” In his spare time he enjoys movies, long drives, lovely beaches, sunsets, nature, and traveling. He also makes a point to include regular healthy meals. When asked what his favorite food is, he responded, “After having traveled to 20 countries, this is a super hard question to answer. I love almost all cuisines and any food that has been cooked with lots of love and served with



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MILLIONAIRE MAKER “Experience Your Fastest Path to Cash!” by Loral Langemeier PURCHASE LINK:

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