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Entrepreneur Platform Magazine was created to help you discover your purpose, connect you to the people and resources needed to help you grow your brand and business. Everything around us was made to serve and benefit something or someone else. What are you most passionate about? What irritates and upsets you the most? There is a product, idea and business within every passion, complaint, problem and issue. If something is consistently gnawing at you, could it be a hint that you have the seed, gift, talent, skill, ability, product or idea to solve it? In order for a seed to grow it has to be put in the right environment. If the apple is never exposed to the right environment, if it never gets buried in the soil, never gets water nor sun. If it sits on your counter and never gets eaten by your five year old wanting a snack, baked in a delicious pie or candied at a carnival, it slowly decays, rots, begins to stink, shrivels up and finally dies, never fulfilling its purpose. In this issue you will meet our cover entrepreneur, Sterling Wellington who took his unique inherent gift/seed of fashion and design and turned it into an international, income producing t-shirt company.

Greetings Entrepreneurs! Yes you, the one with that hidden talent, skill, product or service just dying to get out. “I’m no entrepreneur” you say. I have no gifts, talents or skills. Did you know that your purpose and future are inside of you? The purpose and future life and success of everything on this earth is planted on the inside of it and with abundance and prosperity as the ultimate goal. Think about it, inside of every apple are seeds that when put into the right environment grow into future apple trees. These trees are FULL of more apples that all have seeds. So the future and preservation of the existence of an apple is in itself. Now stop a minute and perform this example with other fruit, the animal kingdom and finally, the human race. My life’s journey has shown me that ninety five percent of the people blessed with life on this planet never figure out why they're here, their purpose, their reason for living. Are we here to be born, go to school, work, retire, have a little/lots of fun in between and then die?

You will meet Kiya Dailey a business woman and phenomenal mother who will show you how she turned what was meant to literally destroy her but, instead turned into a testimony of praise. Paranda Davis will teach you the importance of every family member having good credit, including our children. You will meet mothers, fathers and young adults, and get to know people just like yourself who felt trapped in a dead-end job. They felt life was passing by and they were fading away unaccomplished and unfulfilled in life. They took action and they’re life now has purpose and meaning. Ask yourself, what am I here to do? What gift or talent am I so good at doing at work or school that I could possibly turn into a business? What problem(s) have I solved in the past? What ideas or products have I thought of but never took action on and now I see them being sold and used everywhere. It’s Your Time To Rise And Serve!

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shoes and baseball caps was developing a passion for something that would blossom into a viable business On a campus the size of his, you might cross paths for their son. presuming that he is merely attempting to make class before time. He is, in fact, pressed to find a place of In a retail store, Sterling entertained the thought solace to release the creative impulses that have of making a better t-shirt than the ones he sold invaded his space during the entire last lecture. His for someone else. The final product ended-up on support systems have all made exceptional sacrifices Instagram, garnering the attention of family and friends to undergird his academic pursuits, so he works hard to who began questioning how they could purchase it. stay class-engaged. But inspiration calls at the oddest Patronage is one thing, but putting one’s mouth over times. The sooner he can get to his Mac and transfer one’s wallet is another. The young Mr. Wellington to the screen what was dancing around his mind, the determined, with only a single shirt, to enter the deeper he will breathe. When his arms finally fold, vast network of online selling. Tongue-in-cheek, he he beholds another one: the design he daydreamed advertised that more of his “line” was forthcoming about. with no inkling of how to fulfill that claim. Motivated by possibility, he roughly sketched a new design, then Sterling Wellington is a millennial entrepreneur another, and, now, many others. looking to shake-up things in the design world…Well World. And he has earned a look-see. The university A year out, Well World caters to young men and senior is on track to graduate and on task relative to all women who choose classy casual style while pursuing things fashion. A sharply dressed dad and decorating success. Before Hugo Boss suits, Bostonian shoes, and mom had no idea that every tiny outfit with matching briefcases, or without them, this generation is proving

Written by Angel A. Wellington



that working in comfort actually enhances productivity. So the “tight” tees, lively long-sleeve hoodies, hyped head gear, and, yes, the swanky socks are coveted custom pieces in his everexpanding collections. Youthful buyers are showing them off in business meetings, sporting events, concerts, and even pairing them with evening attire after hours. The graphics and messaging displayed add unique whimsy to basic comfort. This designer student creates, advertises, and sells and ships his new brands from coast to coast and overseas. Additionally, the millennial owner runs all day-to-day operations; including, but not limited to, finance and business, market research and web development. He does so while maintaining an impressive grade point average and carving out space for favorite sports and social interaction. Even walking with him, means moving with intention. Whew!

as tools necessary for all trades. The Well World owner sees social marketing as the most effective way to speak to his age group, but practices personal engagement as the tried-and-true way to win new customers and repeat business. To that, he is easy to talk to, easy to see as a success story, and easy to root for. We salute the man who launched a business without waiting for a degree or permission. That’s what visionaries do!

He sees his future self with global distribution, hoping to expand his brand into footwear. Sterling is even contemplating avant-garde ideas for next-generation furniture. To the question of who inspires him, he quickly runs-off names like Ev Bravado, Jerry Lorenzo, Rhuigi, and Raf. But when asked who ignites him, his parents are mentioned, alone; especially the father who teaches him business ethics and practices. His family remains a primary purpose for wanting to honor When asked, the light-hearted Sterling credits time- their name. tested time management and old school note-taking 5 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE


Master Wellington’s advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs entails preparing for criticism, being fully invested, and working on personality. Sterling says, “No one is going to like everything you produce, so make sure you’ve put out something that makes you proud. That way, for every one person who disagrees, there are two more who see what you see. Starting anything takes almost everything. If you keep that out front, you’re not easily distracted. When people buyinto you, there is a certain level of confidence they have in what you’re selling. Make yourself as good as your brand.” Well said.

his wear. He did that! And they don’t have a clue. The fashion designer is “fresh,” lean, stepping with “swag,” making eye-contact, nodding his head to say “what’s good?,” sporting clothes his hands made - looking like a model himself. Yet he prefers to style you, making you the best version of yourself; comfortable, but highly-qualified: young, but never underestimated. In an age when there is plenty to mope about, this professional is driven by something greater than just making money: the passion to see people feel better about themselves simply because they are citizens of Well World. His world. Sterling Wellington is one worth following: Instagram (well_world).

There he is, passing the Student Center. A slight smile graces his face. Someone across the yard is “rocking” 6 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE


Your journey is just as important as your goal. Let me state that again: your journey is just as important as your goal. I’d even go out on a limb here and suggest that it is maybe more so. It’s along the process of achieving everything we desire that we develop the skills we need to get there and then go beyond. And with every bump (otherwise known as failure or setback), you learn how to be better and to hone your abilities to do your best work. I personally know that, as entrepreneurs, it’s really easy to get fixated on the end result, the prize. The end result usually means some kind of financial reward or recognition, and who doesn’t want that? There’s this saying, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” which seems to honor and glorify the push, grind, and ceaseless—often caffeinated—drive to succeed. We use words like advance, attack, and get it as if we are winning some kind of battle.

How many of you remember that? Minutes after starting a ride to anywhere, we were already impatient and wanting to be there. So much of our lives have been about just getting there, without any thought or appreciation of the journey. Who cares about the journey, after all? It’s all about the finish line! I’ve been there myself. Feeling impatient and frustrated, even depressed that things weren’t happening as fast as I thought they would. Wanting immediate results, success, and recognition and just not really being present during all the time I was working hard, training, moving forward, pushing to get to that gold at the end of the rainbow. But what if the rainbow is part of the journey? What if the journey is the gold? What if the gold is woven into the process, and if we don’t stay present during the journey, we miss the gold at the end? 7


I was there not so long ago when I’d finished my first children’s book. There came a point for me where I found myself pushing and grinding and doing all that I could. My expectations were sky high, yet I wasn’t enjoying the ride at all. It actually made me feel stressed and depressed. I was extremely proud of this book, and it even hit number one on Amazon the day of its launch. I worked my butt off in so many ways, but that still didn’t leave me feeling fulfilled. Normally you would think someone would be ecstatic about creating a successful number one book, and parts of me were, however something was missing. I realized I had not allowed myself to enjoy the process of creation. I was tired of pushing, striving, and putting so much pressure on myself. I had forgotten the entire reason I wanted to do it in the first place. I also realized that a number one book wasn’t enough to make me a happy person. After it was all said and done, I realized that I didn’t want to continue at this pace and ignore the journey ever again. And I don’t want you to either. I’d like to propose a different approach. Remember that the journey is where you really get to connect with those you are working with and with whom you create powerful memories. If you are creating something, it’s time to appreciate the “view” as you move through each phase and honor yourself as you get one more thing done along the way. It is where you can connect to yourself and the Divine with your artistry and be


able to dance in the moments of being creative. Allow Just remember to be easy on yourself. When you get the inspiration to flow and you will find you are far stuck, just keep moving forward—even if it’s only a more original and productive. baby step, your momentum will pick up. Stay present, and you will eventually get there with a renewed I want to honor you on your journey as you work to sense of self-confidence and belief in yourself—not achieve your goals. I’d like you to think of the journey to mention an extremely strong foundation which will as an integral part of strengthening your foundation support you and propel you forward into the future. and an opportunity to work smarter, not harder. You’ve got this! I am right by your side, journeying The journey is also where you can learn the benefit with you. of staying balanced so that you can make proactive ABOUT BRIAN: G. Brian Benson is an award-winning and #1 best-selling self-improvement and children’s book author, actor, filmmaker, coach and TEDx speaker. As a 4x Ironman triathlete and cross-country bicyclist, Brian knows the value of hard work and never giving up on his dreams, a message he shares with audiences through each of his creative expressions. Brian has a brand-new book coming out winter of 2018 called Habits for Success – Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar. Book Link: A practical, motivational and inspiring book: Habits for Success – Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar is the perfect blueprint to help manifest a life of progress, purpose and fulfillment. Author G. Brian Benson offers an informative, inspiring and unique look at growth, self-awareness and success. The insights shared and the tools provided are tailored for life long success. "This book will be a key addition to your library of learning." -Sean Covey, New York Times Best-Selling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.

choices instead of reactive choices. Always a good thing. Sometimes when we get too fixated on the end result, we miss so much along the way that we can’t even appreciate it when we get there. 8 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE


“Children, Financial Literacy and Credit” The importance of financial literacy for kids, teenagers, and young adults

essential that we educate our kids, teenagers, and young adults about sound financial practices.

Financial literacy is the knowledge required for one to make sound and responsible financial decisions. It’s an integral part of everyday life and focuses on the ability to manage personal finance matters in a competent manner. Everyone at some point will need to make decisions about their personal finances, whether it’s their investments, savings, insurance, budget, retirement, loans, credit cards, or tax planning. It’s therefore 9 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE

Start at home Financial education should start at home at an early age. Parents should teach their kids about budgeting, saving, spending wisely, borrowing, and entrepreneurship. These are some of the most valuable life lessons, and they build the foundation for these kids to grow up into financially responsible adults. Emphasize to them that poor financial decisions can negatively impact a person’s credit and lifestyle. Explain credit and its importance As teenagers start to transition into adulthood, they will become interested in acquiring student loans, car loans, and credit cards. However, with poor credit or a lack of credit history, they may find things challenging. Borrowing and not repaying on time, spending more than you can


• Instead of always buying what they want, encourage kids to save toward buying it for themselves. Via an allowance, parents can introduce kids to the concept of planning, budgeting, and saving. If you give an allowance, encourage kids to spend some money, but also to save some. • Take them to open their own savings account. Show them how to budget or plan for what they want in the future. All these practices instilled in a child from an early age will undoubtedly help shape the type of financial decisions that child will make in the future. For more information about our credit and debt management services, please give us a call TODAY! 1(800)239-1493 "Everyone in your household...should have Excellent Credit!!!" - The Credit Beast™ Facebook: Author Paranda Davis & The 800 CLUB IG: @thecelebritycreditbeast afford, not saving enough and having too many lines of credit can all have negative implications. With the right education and financial literacy, some of these mistakes can be avoided. Teach the kids financial literacy Here are a few simple things that parents can do to teach their kids financial literacy. • Talk to them about earning, saving, investing, and being responsible. • Pay them for chores done around the house so that they appreciate the relationship between work and earning money. • Encourage them to do additional tasks or turn their hobby into a small business to earn income. Let them set up that lemonade or cookie stand, sell to the neighbors, and calculate their profits. • Teach them about saving, budgeting, and spending. 10 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE




Miracles of Grace Oftentimes, when people find out I’m a Christian, they ask me the famous question: “Do you believe in miracles? I used to say “yes,” but, like most people I know, sometimes my actions would reflect no. Well, that was before I gave birth to one. On Tuesday March 10, 2015 at 6:19 p.m., I was rushed to the operating room at Betty H. Cameron Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Wilmington, North Carolina for an emergency C-section. In a room close by my pastors, mother, grandmother and sister were doing what they knew my baby girl and I needed most—praying. At 6:23 p.m., Father God had done for us what only He could have done. He blessed us with our very own miracle, and we named her Ava Grace. It was evident to everyone in the O.R. that evening that prayer works. Weighing only one ounce eleven and a half inches long with her eyes 11 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE

wide open and taking her first few breaths on her own Grace was who we called her but also what we all would need for the emotional rollercoaster of the days ahead. Delivered after only 25 weeks of gestation, Ava certainly was at risk for some complications. Ava was extremely premature but God’s promise to me was much bigger. He had already told me the night before that I would have her the next day. He said it would be a long journey but assured me Ava would make it. Ava was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with her dad. Ava wasn’t the only one experiencing miracles that day. Later, I found out God performed some for me as well.


feel a feeling of approval I had never felt before and will never forget. I was miraculously pain free, alert, and asking back-to-back questions about my baby girl.

After my C-section, I had to be put to sleep because I began to bleed a lot and required extra medical attention. When I woke up, I was in the recovery room. My eyes opened to see two of my favorite people—my mom, Rosalind Davis and one of my pastors, Pastor Angel Wellington—wearing expressions of thankfulness, love, relief, and joy. Both were buzzing with sweet, hard-to-contain whispers of, “Yay! You did it! Congratulations baby,” “Aw. Kiya, you’re a mom! She’s so beautiful!” and “Thank you, Jesus! How are you doing?” They enveloped me with hugs and kisses. I didn’t know all that happened, but I did know I had finally become a mom, which was a long-time prayer request finally answered. I got upstairs to the mother baby floor, where the rest of the crew—my grandmother Shirley, sister Tanjie, husband Antwan, and the most amazing man I could ever call “dad,” Pastor Antonio Wellington— joined me. The claps, praises to God, giggles of excitement, tears of joy, flashes of cameras, kisses, hugs, fist pumps, dancing, and cheering made me 12 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE

In wisdom my crew slowly thinned out. We were all exhausted from the day, and a tiny little girl was wrapped tightly downstairs in an incubator, waiting to finally meet the woman who prayed for her for years, nurtured and kept her warm in her belly for six months, read her a bedtime story each night, planned tea parties with her in her daydreams, gave her a face and a voice before they ever met, talked to her all day, prayed for her continuously, and loved her selflessly from the first positive sign she existed. And that little girl would forever call me “Mommy.” I’ll never forget that stroll in the wheelchair down the hallway. I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew it felt like it was taking forever to get there. Then we arrived at the NICU. There were two things I liked about that place right away: first, it was extremely secure; you needed a badge to get in. Second, cleanliness was clearly important; there was a handwashing station outside the unit to ensure you carried as few germs as possible into your baby’s room. As I waited patiently impatiently in line to wash my hands, I noticed a board with all these stories and pictures of tiny little babies with great big, miraculous testimonies. There was no doubt in my mind Ava’s survival story would be next. There are no words to describe what I felt the moment I first laid eyes on my daughter. I could not believe she was ours! God had entrusted us with a very special gift, and with His direction, rearing her was our responsibility. Overwhelmed with emotion, I began to cry. Ava’s frail little body was completely translucent. I could see her blood vessels and veins. It appeared as though she had more tubes and wires than skin. She had lungs the size of Teddy Grahams and had to be intubated and put on a ventilator to breathe. As I stood staring helplessly at her through the incubator, I knew the fight to survive had begun. My tiny baby had a big job to do, and she needed my prayers and my presence to help her survive the NICU fight. At only 12 days old, things began to change for her. We noticed her head began to swell and our normally calm, easy-going little girl became extremely irritable and hard to console. We


Patent Ductus Arteriosus ligation at 1 month old; corrective surgery for Retinopathy of Prematurity at 3 months; consistent heart monitoring for pulmonary hypertension; permanent shunt placement at 6 months old; an enlarged right kidney; chronic lung disease; bone disease; six months intubated on the ventilator; one week on an oscillator, naval, nasal cannulas; and three transports back and forth to UNC Chapel Hill Children’s Hospital.

knew something was terribly wrong. Twenty-four hours later, after an MRI, CT scan, and Xrays, test results showed Ava had hydrocephalus with a level 3 bleed on the left and a 4 on the right side. Shortly after the diagnosis, my husband and I were notified she would have to be transported to UNC Chapel Hill Hospital. We were extremely frightened. We would be almost three hours away from our family and friends. Although far from home, we weren’t fighting alone. We could depend on the prayers, texts, and phone calls from our family and church family to help us through. Our baby girl was 1 pound, 4 ounces the day she had emergency brain surgery for a temporary shunt placement to release the constant pressure from fluid on her brain. To God be all the glory, surgery was successful and miraculously, 24 hours later we were transported back to our home hospital in Wilmington, North Carolina. Days in the hospital turned into weeks, weeks into months. There were many more procedures and diagnoses, but the miracles kept happening. On paper, the odds she would survive were against her. However, I knew the power of prayer and had seen miracles before. Ava dying was not an option. I spent countless days by her bedside speaking the word of God, singing to her, holding her, learning how to properly care for her, and loving on her every chance I had. Through prayer and faith in Jesus, Ava survived every problem thrown at her: a temporary shunt placement at 14 days old; hydrocephalus; a double 13 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE

I quickly realized being a NICU mom was a fulltime job and no other obligations were more important. I only missed five days during Ava’s hospitalization. Daily I consistently participated in rounds with doctors, sometimes asking redundant questions for clarity and understanding. I would find myself up day and night researching medical terms I did not understand, taking notes, meeting with doctors, specialists, nurses, and therapists to discuss what was in the best interest of my baby girl. Oftentimes, my copious notes from the days before would help me effectively advocate for Ava. I found myself sitting across the table from doctors saying there was nothing else they could do for Ava and expressing their concern she would not make it through the night due to her weak immune system and sick lungs. I would object, reminding them death was not an option for Ava, and challenge them to reach out to other specialists to brainstorm options. On several occasions doctors would have to do something unconventional to save Ava’s life. I documented detailed lists of medicines that worked for Ava and what did not work, allowing me to help doctors and nurses develop an effective plan to get Ava on the road to recovery. A few times, I rejected suggested procedures based on prior knowledge. Some doctors even told me that not performing those procedures saved Ava’s life. In order to survive in the NICU, it takes commitment, determination, and patience. The days are unpredictable and asking what’s going well with your child seems like a foreign question. After enduring months of challenges, lonely nights, hard days, ups and downs, tears, fears, obstacles, sleepless nights, setbacks, milestones, disappointments, adjustments, and lost relationship, the day I had been waiting for had finally arrived! Contrary to what the medical professionals said would happen, Ava and I won the victory! On November 20, 2015 still requiring a small


her. I am committed to working with her daily to maximize her growth, skills, and development. Her weekly routine includes in-home physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, in home private school. Ava knows all of her letters, numbers and can read up to thirty site words. Against all odds, she has recently begun to speak, stand and take steps independently”. I am positive that, if I was not there to pray for her daily and advocate for her, Ava’s life would be much different. Whether your child is in the NICU one day or 253 days, being there for them every step of the way will give them the opportunity to have the greatest outcome possible for their journey. I thank God, my family, church family, nurses, doctors, and specialists at Betty Cameron Hospital in Wilmington, North Carolina and UNC Chapel Hill Children’s Hospital for making our journey to health successful. I am looking forward to Ava and I sharing her testimony with future doctors and nurses, showing them that “by-the-textbook” medicine is not the only way.

amount of oxygen, after 253 days in the NICU, 8 ½ months old and 9 pounds, 13 ounces, Ava was able to go home. I am forever grateful to Father God for keeping His promise to me. Not only did Ava survive the long journey of the NICU, she is now thriving. Ava is currently working on transitioning off oxygen. is a joyful, ambitious, and determined 3-year born-at-25-weeks-old old full of life, and she has so many people who love



ANXIETY, GROUNDING, AND EMDR repeat themselves. Keeping a journal is a useful tool to track thought patterns. My suggestion is that, two hours before you go to bed, you write down what you’ve done during the day and then what you need to do the next day. Then in about an hour, sit in your bed without the television on, so that the house is completely quiet. Make it a routine before you to go sleep to start training your body so that your mind will start telling itself that it is time to wind down. When my clients come in with anxiety, we often discuss mind over matter. The mind is a brilliant and tricky machine and can be very powerful. Our thoughts are very powerful. Therefore, the key is to find a balance between the two. In the next paragraph, I will discuss different treatment protocols. I am a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist with my own private practice in Mamaroneck, New York. I work with individuals, couples, and families. I work with children and adults experiencing a variety of issues related to anxiety, depression, PTSD, divorce, interpersonal relationships, communication/relational skills, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and trauma. In this article I will be addressing anxiety, grounding, and EMDR. Anxiety is a crippling disorder that impacts one’s quality of life. Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways: it can disrupt one’s sleep pattern, appetite, and mood. Also, fits of rage, insomnia, and feelings of powerlessness can be present. Each case is different and should not be looked upon as the same m. o. for each individual. Through talk therapy, EMDR, and medication—if deemed necessary by a psychiatrist—anxiety can be managed. When a client first contacts me concerning anxiety, I begin to explore origin, onset, triggers, and frequency of symptoms. By doing this, I start to put together the pieces of the puzzle. It is imperative that each case be viewed as unique and has their own customized treatment plan.

When distressed, grounding exercises can allow you to detach yourself from your emotional pain. This is a matter of training yourself that there is a safe place to be. Many of my clients feel that their anxiety is so overwhelming they may never escape from it. Grounding allows you to take yourself outside of the anxiety and say, “This doesn’t define me. This isn’t me. I am not the anxiety.” And once you see the anxiety for what it is, you begin to get your power back. Grounding exercises can range from counting backwards from 1000, to utilizing diaphragmatic breathing, to reciting the alphabet forward and backwards. The goal is to be able to change your thought patterns from anxious beliefs to emotionless tasks. By doing this, you are able to decrease your anxiety while building confidence.

EMDR is another incredible tool to treat anxiety. EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy. EMDR was developed by Francine Shapiro in 1987 as treatment for traumatic memories. EMDR utilizes bilateral eye movements and/or tactile hand tapping to reprocess traumatic experiences. Traumatic experiences can range from small trauma to big trauma. In my practice I use EMDR to treat many disorders, including: anxiety, depression, Many clients who suffer from anxiety also report PTSD, sexual abuse, domestic violence, addictive sleep disturbances. Exploring bedtime routines and behaviors, and OCD. Next, I will outline a case study to what transpires before sleep is essential. Sometimes explain how EMDR works. racing thoughts and negative inner monologues can 15 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE


For more information on EMDR: please check out the following link: watch?v=sWyDWvMEl1E I would like to end this article with one last thought: Growing up, while sitting in Church listening to The Lord’s Prayer, I often meditated on these following lines: “Deliver Us, Lord, from every evil, and grant us peace in our day. In your mercy, keep us free from all sin and protect us from all anxiety.” Journaling Exercise: Each morning before you start your day, recite five positive affirmations of your choice. Repeat the same process at bedtime. Track and monitor your mood on a daily basis. At the end of the week, review your scales of emotions.


Let’s start with a client we will name Mary. Mary comes into my office complaining she has a fear of making speeches. I will then explore with Mary what the negative cognition she feels about herself when she’s about to make a speech. In EMDR, we identify negative cognitions and then we reprocess them with a positive cognition. Let’s say Mary’s negative cognition is “I’m a failure.” I will then float back with Mary to all the times she felt she was a “failure.” I will write down each reported incident as a separate memory. So many times, negative experiences glom themselves on top of each other, making it impossible for us to see a way out. Once I have taken note of all these experiences related to the negative cognition “I’m a failure,” I will ask Mary to find the positive cognition to “I’m a failure.” Let’s say it’s “I’m successful.” I will ask Mary to then bring up the worst memory or scenario of the negative cognition, “I’m a failure.” I will instruct her to visualize that scenario and tell me on a scale from 0-10 how disturbing that memory now is when she thinks of it. Then I will ask her on a scale from one to seven, with one being completely false and seven being completely true, “How much do you believe, ‘You are successful’?” At this point, we will begin the bilateral eye movements, and/or tapping to reprocess this memory. The goal is to get the disturbance down to a zero and the positive cognition to a seven. 16 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE

Alexa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/ Psychotherapist with her own Private Practice. She works with individuals, couples, and families, treating children and adult. She also hosts her own radio show: Insight Into Healing which airs on alexas29, Wednesday’s at 8pmEST . You can see her TV Show: The Alexa Show on Sundays at 8pmEST Alexa has over fifteen years of experience acting on stage, in television and films. She was seen in lead roles in the following Stage Productions/TANYS: Find A Penny, Metamorphosis, A Temptation, A Wish, Well, A Lying Truth, Amaranthine Thread, Menu Driven The Pursuit Of Love ,Odd Jobs, Menu Driven, 10 Minutes Early, Nuts and Bolts, and Eating Out. She has also had lead roles in independent films, TV, and internet such as: Gail Scott Key/ENOW, Enemy Minds, Penelope, PSA /Lung Cancer Reverse, The Project, Return to Innocence Lost, and Beautiful Other television credits include principal roles in It's All Geek To Me, The View, and Lucille Roberts. Be sure to catch her cameo appearance in Girl On The Train. In addition to acting, Alexa is also a successful Commercial Model and a certified Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor. She teaches kickboxing, Pilates, spinning, aqua aerobics and step. Alexa works with individuals, couples, and families. she treats children and adults experiencing a variety of issues related to anxiety, depression, PTSD, divorce, interpersonal relationships, communication/ relational skills, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and trauma.


THE 3 E’S: ENTREPRENEUR OF YOUR DREAMS are flowing like never before. You’ve watched almost every episode of shark tank, created vision board after vision board, and have seemingly drained your wallet attending every entrepreneurial conference and/or professional development seminar. Have you considered perhaps you aren’t quite able to execute because of the limitations you’ve placed on yourself that have you stuck on the why when you should be operating in the how? Have you allowed fear and doubt to talk you out of the purpose you know you were destined for? It’s not that you aren’t eager enough to jumpstart your dreams into the next Fortune 250 company. I can almost guarantee you’ve got the skills to be the next CEO of a firm, and the guts to run your family business. It’s not the talent or the skills you lack but maybe it’s the motivation, the financial resources, and the connections. So what if naysayers never believed in you enough to support you. So what if they never gave you a chance to show your potential. I can assure you it’s all there. Now it’s time to turn your eagerness into execution. “What’s your how? No one ever says. Could it be that often times we attach our success to hopes and dreams that got caught up in the rapture of why? I believe it’s not until we’re able to properly figure out how that we know why we’re actually doing what we’re doing in the first place. Sure, the why is necessary to plant the seeds of greatness on the inside of us, but defining the how is what bears fruitfulness. “Why” is a mere figment of the dreams we wish to turn into reality until we learn how to plant the seed and then watch it grow. Of course, you’ve got the dedication and steadfastness required to give your all to a cause larger than yourself. You’ve got the skills to be most effective in whatever area of your life you may feel you’re lacking. However, I want to encourage and challenge you to entrepreneur your dreams by what I coined as the 3 major E’s that make up Entrepreneurship: EAGERNESS, EXECUTION, and EXPECTATIONS. EAGERNESS (The “blueprint”): Your creative juices 17 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE

EXECUTION (And The E---Team): Duty calls. It’s launch day for your online store. Your grand opening is right around the corner. It’s your time to shine. After the long months maybe even years of sleepless nights, your adrenaline is pumping with excitement. The execution stage can either make or break you. You’re hoping to see a return on your investment on all the money and time you’ve poured into your craft. An essential part of proper execution is having the right people behind you. I don’t mean people who will always “toot your horn.” but people who are authentic and have your best interest at heart. People who will be honest with you and give you the confidence and constructive feedback you need to succeed. It is very true that you are only as good as those you surround yourself with. Let’s call them your “E---team” for execution. Your “E--team” should not just be there to ride the coat-- tail of your success, but they should also understand and respect your grind and actively be working towards their own. You’re filled with purpose and happiness after working endlessly at what you thought you’d


business sales to continue to rise, but you did not expect to receive all the backlash from those you knew would support you always. You expected a surplus, not a deficit. You never expected you would have to give back more than you’re worth financially. You’re not wrong for expecting what you rightfully deserve. I want to encourage you to stay the course and don’t run and I challenge you to re---strategize and get re---inspired. To current business owners, think back to how excited you were in the developing stages of your business. For those aspiring, when was the last time you actually had a dream and believed

never see come into fruition. Business sales are at their peak, you’re knocking out competitors, your network and net worth is rising by the minute and seems you’ve got this thing all figured out, right? EXPECTATION (Success rooted in failure): I believe we’ve misconstrued the meaning of entrepreneurship simply by means of ownership dressed up as cash flow and accolades. By definition, success is attached to feelings of accomplishment and purpose. Though success is often rooted in setbacks, disappointment, and even failure, how do you combat failure after making it to the top only to feel stuck again? So after successfully launching your business and watching sales skyrocket, as you expected, life happens and you feel you’re right back at square one. You run into a health crisis, the bills start flowing in more than the money is able to show for, and things aren’t turning out the way you expected. I like to think of success however, as a direct result of how we respond to our failures. The tools needed to succeed are often kept as a treasure box locked up in failure.

in yourself? If you don’t believe in it, neither will others. Your time is now.

So what’s your how? Being a successful entrepreneur isn’t just measured by ownership or the amount of zeros that show up in your bank account. In my opinion, true entrepreneurship is rooted in integrity, substance, purpose, and resilience. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you’re a finished product, but a representation of a process that This is where the “three E’s” come together. The requires sacrifice, relentlessness, and resilience. If at beauty of failure is that you know what to expect and first you don’t succeed at any of these three E’s I urge what not to do on the next go round. You expected you try, try again. 18 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE


Do You Reflect On the Past to Imp

Do You Reflect On the Past to Improve Your Future? Elinor Stutz, Smooth

One question had me reflecting on my past and how I came to

realize now that each decision we make is a step toward our fu experiences teach us the best lessons.

Our job is to embrace the worst, and turn it into our best attemp

passionately with undisturbed focus on what it is we wish to ac the fact when we are young, life might be more relaxed. My Story

Without realizing it, sales and entrepreneurship were inherent i

message was heard daily, “Never give up!” My add-on to the s better way!” Growing up, I did not understand the underlying

Nor could I comprehend why women are treated as second-cla

and conclude my thought with, ‘That’s not fair!’ Today, my co By Elinor Stutz, Smooth

approach along with observation on many levels.

One question had me reflecting on my past and how “Belief, determination and a flexible plan will get you to your I came to arrive where I am today. It’s easy to realize “Belief, determination and a flexible plan will get you now that each decision we make is a step toward our to your goal.” future tomorrow. Moreover, our worst experiences teach us the best lessons. Our job is to embrace the worst, and turn it into our best attempt. We are then able to move forward passionately with undisturbed focus on what it is we wish to accomplish. If only we could recognize the fact when we are young, life might be more relaxed. My Story Without realizing it, sales and entrepreneurship were inherent in my upbringing. The most important message was heard daily, “Never give up!” My addon to the sentiment is, “Never give up, but find a better way!” Growing up, I did not understand the underlying meaning of everyday conversations. Nor could I comprehend why women are treated as second-class citizens. Invariably, I’d ask ‘Why?’ and conclude my thought with, ‘That’s not fair!’ Today, my communication style reflects my intuitive approach along with observation on many levels. 19 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE

Keep moving through the tunnel to find your inspirational bright light!

Partmoving of the beliefthesystem theyour acceptance Keep through tunnel toisfind inspirationalthat bright ligh

roadblocks are our gifts in disguise. We dig deeper to find the better path. My mission became fighting for of equality, and the fight the are o Part the belief system is thecontinues. acceptanceThankfully, that roadblocks stance for equal status in all regards is among the find the better My mission became when fighting forhave equality, a masses today.path. “Nothing is impossible you

stance for equal status in all regards is among the masses today


the determination to succeed.” “Tomorrow is a blank canvas, begin painting your future today.” “Our darkest moment at the end of the tunnel, produce our brightest light.” I would pause to take in everything occurring around me. At night, I would reflect on what I disliked and how the next day I could improve the situation. By the time I entered sixth grade, I was setting goals and creating plans of action. Nothing ever did improve quickly enough to my taste. However, the power of taking all communication in for consideration made me stronger. Our observations, reflections, and meditation on how we may achieve the next rung are one of our most robust personal development tools available, and without cost. As I grew into a sales career, my intake of others was a significant factor in succeeding. Observations include watching the demeanor, facial expressions, body language, vocabulary, and interactions of those with whom you meet. Consistency or a lack of it is a telling sign for what's to come next. Similarly, I would also reflect on conversations with clients. Observations reveal: • Questions to ask • Genuine thought in facial expressions and body language • Hearing frustration and avoidance for tough questions • Discrepancies between actions, words, and deeds Follow-up conversations were in order after pondering my observations and connecting the dots to previous interactions. The more profound questions motivated clients to give me additional business. I attempted to hold management to higher credibility, too, but in most cases the effort was fruitless. I’m still advocating equal and fair treatment for all. Companies wanting to improve their bottom-line will do best by first enhancing morale. Mindset Shift Video – see if you wish to include: Your Story to Reflect and Improve Throughout the year, all numbers matter. As the totals reveal themselves, entrepreneurs concern themselves about being in business the following year. In any capacity of career, today is always the best time to consider all options for developing an exceptional year. When you participate in a collaborative group: • Treat everyone as equals • Model respect for clients by doing the same for your staff 20 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE

• Welcome each person’s input in meetings and have them explain their ‘why.’ • Give each suggestion you hear, full consideration • Provide a bonus for unique ideas that propel further business Take a daily time-out to re-boot, re-think, and improve. On a personal level, do you: • Examine each evening what may improve the next day • Record your findings to avoid forgetting • Write down questions in need of asking • Prioritize activities for the next day, week, month, quarter and year • Keep track of and revise priorities as times change • Feel pride in your accomplishments to date? Self-improvement is an ongoing effort. Ignore the naysayers who suggest quitting. Take classes, hire a coach, continue reading and speak with peers to experience growth. The forever reflection of where you are will provide direction for better days to come. Sales Tips to Reflect 1. Create lists capturing disappointments, areas to improve and visions of the future 2. Examine disappointing experiences to realize what needs improvement 3. Consider if anyone is holding you back and if so, part ways 4. Give one group a try to see if it motivates you further 5. Try one new idea at a time to test if it works well 6. Learn from the attempts that do not work out as you hope 7. Continue reflecting and revising 8. Ask for help when you need it 9. Prepare to learn from every experience 10. Celebrate Success! These tips are provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

Elinor Stutz Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, delivers inspirational keynotes at conferences. She authored three books: The International Best-Selling book, “Nice Girls DO Get The Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results“, and community service led to the writing of her second book, “Hired!” Her newest book, “The Wish: A 360 Degree Business Development Process That Fuels Sales“, provides readers with a comprehensive plan for building a worldwide audience. proclaimed Stutz as a Top 1% Influencer. CEO World Magazine named Stutz as one of “The brightest sales minds to follow on Twitter”. Bizzhum and NowISeeIt both named the Smooth Sale Blog as one of the “Top 100 Most Innovative Sales Bloggers.” Stutz consults and speaks worldwide.


10 THINGS I WISH I KNEW BEFORE I BECAME AN ENTREPRENEUR 1. Don't Create New Products, Solve Existing Problems. Forty-two percent of product launches fail because there is no need for the product. That's right 42 percent fail because nobody wants the product. So instead of trying to develop new and wonderful products to look for problems to solve. Where there's a problem, there is a need.

2. Forget About Becoming An Overnight Success. Even the companies regarded as the quickest overnight successes, Amazon and Yahoo, took at least three years to get there, and the majority of companies take up to 10 years to really make it. So if you're the goal is to be the next billionaire start-up owner then you need to be prepared for a long haul.

3. Focus On Your Strengths, and Not Your Weaknesses.

By Gordon Tredgold Working as a Senior Vice President for a Fortune 100 company and running IT Services for 50,000 end-users on a global scale was a tough job. It was very long hours, lots of stress, pressure and difficult customers.

Your success is going to come from your strengths so make sure the majority of your time is focused in that area. We all have weaknesses, but either outsources those areas or hire someone to take care of it for you. Focusing on your weaknesses takes you away from what you're best at and is not a good use of your time.

4. Get The Right Team Around You.

We can't do it all on our own; we need help, but we need to make sure we get the right help. Twenty-nine percent of start-ups that fail do so because they had the wrong team in place. So take the necessary time But, even so it was nothing compared to what to evaluate the team that you need and then hire the I experienced when I joined the ranks of the best people you can. entrepreneurs and started my own business.

5. If You're Going to Fail, Then Fail Quickly.

Here are 10 things I wish I had known before I became and Entrepreneur that would have helped me better prepare for the important first few years of my entrepreneurial life. 21 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE

Failure is all part of the process, not only should you expect it, but you should plan for it. The best approach for failure is to fail quickly, adapt and try again. One of the worst things we can do is to fail slowly, desperately hoping that things will turn around. You need to learn


quickly what's working and what's not that needs to Business don't develop themselves just because we be stopped. have some great ideas, products or services. While many of these things seem so obvious now, that wasn't 6. Understand What Is Your Value Proposition. the case when I started. If you don't understand your value proposition you Working for 25 years in a corporate environment make it practically impossible for people to buy from wasn't the best preparation for being an entrepreneur you, because they don't know what it is, you're selling. and understanding these things would have saved a lot The simpler and clearer you can keep, this easier it will of time and effort and would have helped me progress much quicker. for people to decide that they need your services.

7. Know Who Your Customers Are. I am amazed at how many entrepreneurs struggle with defining who their idealcustomer is, myself included. If you don't know the answer to this simple question, it makes marketing practically impossible. The tighter you can define this the more targeted and successful your marketing can be, and it will lead to more sales. What do you wish that you had known when you first We've all heard the saying the "customer is always started out? right", and while that's good to know, it's more important to know is that "not every customer is Website the right customer." We should not be afraid to fire Books: customers where the hassle of dealing with them diminishes the profitability or where the effort involved Twitter: outweighs the benefits. Just like there are bad products and companies, there are also bad customers and we Facebook: need to learn that it's okay to let them go and to focus Linkedin: on finding the right customers.

8. Not Every Customer Is Right For You.

9. Learn From The Mistakes of Others. Mistakes are great learning opportunities, but we don't necessarily need to make them all in order to learn from them. Eighty percent of start-ups fail, so study what caused them to fail and make sure you take the necessary steps to avoid falling into the same traps, it could save a lot of time, money and stress.

10. No Sales, No business. Sales are like oxygen, and without them, we die it's that simple. It's so very easy to get caught up in product design, marketing, planning, recruitment, branding, etc., etc., but we need to remember we are in business to make money and to make money we need sales. 22 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE


a free subdomain name, your position is cyberspace will be established! Anyone can the access your home on the world wide web when given the web address (domain name). Below are a few options of web platforms by which you can develop a web presence. - free or paid - free or paid - paid - free hosting, free or buy a domain name Blogging is just as effective as a static website. Many business owners incorporate a frequently updated blog within their website to keep their offering current and resourceful to the reader. If you're thinking it is a requirement to hire a freelancer to build and design your website, that is no longer the case! Many web services offer drag and drop editors and walkthrough guides to having your website fully loaded and ready within minutes. Website

Autoresponder/Email marketing Once your website is secure, having an autoresponder is another tool an entrepreneur should employ. Having an autoresponder is like having an assistant in your back pocket who is gatekeeper of your communication with your email list! An email list is so vital as it is the means of broadcasting your message to subscribers! Your message can be about a sale ongoing or about an upcoming concert. Automated messaging with a simple email blurb or unique newsletter produces priceless value to your readers.

The dotcom era may have ended, but the necessity of an online stake for business owners and entrepreneurs has become even more pronounced than ever. Websites extend the credibility of the brick and mortar business. People turn to their mobile devices with a quickness to ascertain statistics, price check, make purchases, and research all kinds of information. Why not let your warm market get even more acquainted through your own website? Whether you decide on hosting your own website (advisable) along with a unique domain name or you select the less expensive option of free hosting and 23 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE

Some of the leaders in autoresponder software include: It is often quoted among online business leaders that, "Money is on the list!" Make multiple sells a day, keep your patrons abreast, or let your fans know your intimate thought through the use of an autoresponder which sends out mass messages at the push of a button. Landing Page/Capture Form In order for the entrepreneur to enlist a following, a lead magnet is needed to draw and attract fans and followers of your band, product, legacy, and so forth.


For example, if your business is selling bath bombs, you can offer a free recipe for a Shea Butter bath balm in exchange for the new subscribers name and email address. This is accomplished successfully online with the help of a capture form known as a lead capture form. These forms are best when vibrant with color and design. The appeal of the form along with the lead magnet usually results in a pleasing opt-in rate. If a web page is totally dedicated to a niche and gaining a lead’s email address, phone number, and name in exchange for an ebook, video, download, printable, whatever, it can be referred to as a landing page. It essentially has the same function as a lead capture form. These types of tool open endless opportunities in email marketing and works hand-in-hand with an autoresponder mentioned previously. Some of the leaders in landing page/capture form technology include: Webinars are a fresh and enjoyable way to teach • others about your products and services for a fee or • absolutely free! Either way, the bond of trust increases your reputation as an authority in your field. Webinars Podcast are so customizable now that most major industries Radio was quite the evolution in broadcasting, use them in some form or fashion communication, and commercialism. Fast forward to from school systems with their employees to online present day and it is not altogether necessary to have courses offering training. Webinars are often precursors a radio show to reach masses with your message. for membership sites which bring in monthly income Podcasts for the business savvy person can be a for the entrepreneur online! trendy, innovative, and an exciting way to expand your business. Similar to a radio broadcast, podcasting can The user-friendly software accommodates both the be as painless as having a microphone, computer, and user and the host with the ability to communicate, internet. view presentations, and stream video! Keeping the edge above the competitor is a keen step. Webinars Podcasts are prevalent on iTunes, Podbean, YouTube, can be a game changer in your online business pursuits. BlogTalkRadio, and hundreds of other hosts. The feature Reputable webinar and video conference companies of being able to download pertinent information include: on the go is a leading attraction to Podcasts. They • (GotoWebinar) are insightful to the listener during exercise, work, • meditation, or research. The costs for radio can be exorbitant, not to mention Whether your online presence is in its mere beginning the need for advertising your radio content. A wise stages or viral, the tools shared in this post can be vital entrepreneur would adapt podcasting to his toolbox in furtherance of your entrepreneurial advancement. as a medium for customers who prefer your message Pick and choose the right tools and suit your fancy packaged in that way! to maximize your time, profits, and reputation. To learn more about online promotion and relevance Webinar in business, I suggest a free book Dotcom Secrets by With this information driven society we live in, what Russell Brunson, a self-made online entrepreneur and better way to introduce and establish your company millionaire. with hungry buyers than holding an online Webinar? Connecting with your market and prospects for future business can undoubtedly be an ongoing challenge. 24 PENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE


Staying the Course (next-generation golfer)

Shhhhhhh!! Please silence all cell phones and only speak when absolutely necessary. If so, practice using your best indoor voice, though we are all out of doors. Nature demands our utmost respect, while he commands our attention. The young man staring at the ground has practiced or played enough in the rain to appreciate how well the weather is cooperating. He welcomes the diverse hues of kelly, olive, and sage blades cast by a brilliant sun. His father stands alongside the rest with folded arms – confident that his offspring’s mental competence is up to par. Between the ears is where the game will be decided. Since childhood, the dad has directed the son to think his way through. The Wake Tech student is now forced to study a course he must pass. A crowd has followed him most of the day, patiently waiting an outcome. So as not to disappoint, he squats again to “read” before seeing a clear path of projection. This player aligns his lean long frame with the “rod and staff” he grasps, intending to part “the green sea.” We watch him take baby steps before bending the right knee and the right arm at the right time. Rearing back, he pulls from his core, swinging the iron stick, making impact with the smallest of sports’ objects. The amateur’s final left look will last until the air ball finds a safe place to

settle. Thump! Bounce! Land! Onlookers are released to roar. He tightens his lips and fist, acknowledging the cheers, relishing the moment – a little. A professional golfer knows not to flaunt or celebrate prematurely. And that’s what Travis Adrian Jackson has trained all of his life to be. So he waves while walking, in hopes that a simple putt will soon suffice. Another win would mean he is stepping ever closer to the esteemed PGA (Professional Golf Association) of his dreams. For Travis, such imaginations began before kindergarten. A golf-enthusiast dad never had to drag his small son to any golf course. The usual four hours it takes to play is a long stint for any other four year old, but something about the game drew Travis to it. An extrovert by nature, he recalls a certain serenity and tranquility while playing golf that provided an imperative balance to an otherwise highoctane, high-volume world. The soccer, basketball, and football, he yet enjoys, were offset by the solace surrounding golf. Unlike the raucous associated with fields and courts, tensed teams, cheerleaders, pep bands, screaming coaches and vicarious fans; the sport of golf requires quiet because the lone player needs peace in order to process. It is considered a thinking man’s game.


S TAY I N G T H E C O U R S E - T R AV IS JACKSON Though many might argue that all sports involves mental agility, Travis offers that the pace at which his game is played means maintaining a particular mindset over an extended period.

one has to referee oneself. To cheat is to cheat yourself out of the opportunity for betterment. The true competition is with a course that is everchanging. No two days He believes such are the same. sustained practice The elements has sharpened do not always his critical thinking skills, impacting even life decisions. comply. Hills, Dad Jackson correctly discerned his son’s interest declines, water, sand, rocks, trees, sprinklers, roots and and advanced skill set. One of Travis’s most memorial shoots can all side with the fairway. It is relentless. As moments is having his daddy caddy when he won his in life, however, each obstacle must be overcome and first U.S. Kids Golf Tournament. As Travis approached everyone breathing must find a way to keep moving. the age of twelve, their discussions bent more towards objectives and plans of action. For his family, that has Then there is the mantra all successful golfers stress, meant every conceivable sacrifice. Golf is a game of “Make all effort not to get ‘teed-off.’” When questioned expenses. Gear, clubs, shoes, travel, entry fees, practice about the well-reported flare-ups of his wellrespected rounds, classes and coaches all add-up. Not even balls Tiger Woods, Travis disagrees with such bad presentations. are free! Such costs can often keep at bay even promising But added this caveat, “Some of that might just be the practitioners. Young Mr. Jackson knows that all too well, passion of some players.” Perhaps. It and is ever grateful for the opportunity gifted him. He may, too, be that we all give passes to our favorites while calls it just that, “a calling,” a blessing, a favor: innate condemning our opponents for like conduct. To that, ability he is responsible to nurture. Master Travis has the temperament, dexterity, aptitude and wins to master this game, making us lifeNow entering his twenties, Travis has already won long fans. Like others of his generation, he: enjoys junk enough competitions to prove the trajectory of his life. food (including hibachi saturated with yum yum), forces Golf is no longer the game he likes to play, it is what he himself to eat vegetables, tarries too long at 2k, bobs cannot see himself never playing. He does so as often to a Drake beat, is inspired by Christian rappers Social as his university schedule will allow, carving out time Club, and encouraged by motivational speakers like Gary to train and absorb anything related to his craft. Spring “Vee.” On any given day, we see his personality prevail brings with it the opportunity to represent his school as he is free to wear hot pink high-top Converse. The offdoing what he so enjoys. course Travis is “extra” according to those qualified to speak. He values leisure and laughs hard at a good joke, Seeing golf as ninety percent mental and ten percent as others his age. physical, Travis still places great weight on physicality. Following the example of his role model, “The Tiger,” Howbeit, to the average twenty year old: an iron is Travis is presently focused on the weight training he something they opt not to use – wrinkles are the new credits Mr. Woods for introducing as required preparation. normal; a driver is someone who took them to prom; a According to the amateur-looking-to go-pro, many hybrid is somewhat of a car none of them has time to people are surprised at the level of strength and stamina recharge; and an eagle somehow won the Super Bowl. the game entails. Because of hours standing, walking, To this uniquely gifted gentle man they are objects and twisting, bending, and swinging it is essential that a objectives in a gentlemen’s game – the one he expects to player is in the best possible body condition. The golfer dominate as he did in his childhood dreams. Soon, Travis exalts the game for reinforcing vital life values. Among Jackson hopes to be consistently under par and them; humility, patience, decency, honor, and integrity. over paid, making him The Professional. The latter has great latitude since, unlike other sports, 26 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE



As the world of blockchain technology grasps through innovation and growth like never seen before in human history, it has also left a lot of people wondering what blockchain and bitcoin is all about. Allow me to take you back in time to see how it all started.

fast. When you think of paper currencies think of the Yuan and Euro which, by the way didn’t even exist in the year 2000 and now it competes with US dollars. In 2009 the first bitcoins were mined that came into existence. This trail of history would give you an idea of how far we have come along in exchanging value Over 6,000 years ago people used barter trade where using innovation. they would exchange goods among each other to complete a trade. 3,000 years ago actual coins were To understand bitcoin in a simpler language, it is a introduced for the first time and as years went by most digital currency often referred to as digital gold, it of us use them mostly in car parks or for paying small has a great store value and can also be used in our change. In the 17th century first bank notes were everyday transactions. So, you would be wondering, introduced and in the 1950’s the first credit cards what are its super powers, what makes it so special? came to life. Bitcoins are owned by no government, corporation or a bank. It is 100% decentralized, user controlled and Today in most first and second world countries trade verified by miners. The last bitcoins to be mined will and economy runs around plastic cards and a quest be in 2140. Total bitcoins that can ever be mined is to go cashless as it feels a lot more convenient, secure 21 Million bitcoins and over 17 Million bitcoins have and easier to use. As time went by humans started already been mined. Imagine sending a few dollars to finding innovative ways to run economies and payment a few million dollars across borders in an instant for a methods that were convenient, accurate, secured and very small fee through blockchain transactions, that is 27 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE


one massive power bitcoin has. Remittance companies like PayPal and Western Union did 13.09 billion USD and 5.524 billion USD in revenues respectively in 2017. It makes you think of bitcoin transactions - as it goes main stream could create a massive impact on movement of money digitally within minutes.

crypto currencies. Bitcoins’ history has shown this already and this will keep happening as we move into the future. Imagine this, the total bitcoins mined till 24th December 2018 are 17,440,012 BTC and these bitcoins are worth over 73 Billion USD in December 2018. What percentage of $73 billion did you acquire?

Think, what part of market share it would get just on this feature alone and what market value it would have as its usage increases. Now you would be wondering if no one controls bitcoins aren’t there high risk? The answer is no, in fact it is quite the opposite. Because there is no one regulatory authority controlling bitcoins and it is completely distributive. This makes it impossible to hack it, fake it or shut it down. Till date there have been no fake bitcoins and the reason is Blockchain. Blockchain in simple terms is a chain of blocks where data is stored and once it is stored no one can change it, replace it or manipulate with it. It is also a digital ledger where transactions made in bitcoin are recorded chronologically and publicly.

The reason the rich get richer and poor poorer is not due to the opportunities they get or don’t get, it is due to the fact of keeping an open mind to learning new ideas on what works and what the rich are doing that they too can do. Today we live in a world filled with information at our fingertips yet, due to lack of education and execution of that education, the poor struggle to master the area of wealth. I would strongly encourage everyone to dive deep into the crypto currency world and get knowledgeable and equipped as it happens as this is becoming a massive financial revolution within itself.

Some experts say that crypto currencies will do the At the heart of bitcoin are miners who mine bitcoins. same to FIAT what internet did to the world, except Miners are people who ensure that all bitcoin this time the masses would stand a chance to create transactions are verified and completed and in return wealth in the process. they get rewarded by blockchain. Blockchain currently pays 12.5 Bitcoins every 10 minutes to miners who Founder - The Unstoppable Millionaire Academy verify blockchain transactions. That is 1,800 bitcoins Author - The Unstoppable Millionaire Book every day till May 2020 when this number would be Amazon - halved to 6.25 bitcoins every 10 minutes. I believe the Facebook biggest financial revolution for the masses is happening YouTube right now in the crypto currency world in the form of LinkedIn mining where miners can now stand a chance to make money and/or a fortune mining bitcoins and other 28 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE


“ K AT I E O ' SP E A K S F L AV O R "

marinated and layered those exotic ingredients, at first culinary reality, but then familiar and attainable It is a common, yet special, journey for me to experience the creative works of my own hands, freeing myself from any mundane reality of everyday life. I allow my palette to open through new smells, textures and tastes. Most of these intense spices are toasted in a hot pan. This releases their natural bouquet. Filling my senses with adventure and my imagination with the history and culture of a far-off land, traveling, if you will through these ingredients right in my own kitchen. I'm at home, yet so far, far away. Interestingly, I have noted that the majority of the

After the holiday excitement has passed, I naturally start thinking about the next big thing I get to look forward to. I always like to have something exciting on the horizon, and sans any imminent holidays, my first choice is usually travel. New places, new people, new scenery, new weather (winter in Chicago – burr), and of course, for me, there is the big three: new foods, new smells, new flavors. As it often works out however, I can't always afford the time in January to jet off on an exotict adventure. So what I do? I set out on a voyage through food! Experimenting with new and exotic flavors and cooking techniques can be just that escape I'm craving. Some of my favorites are Indian spices, Thai spices, and middle eastern spices, and they are explosions of flavor!

ingredients used in the cuisine of these exotic lands are naturally healthy and pure. A good healthy body reaping the rewards of my fabulous cooking., and a good healthy body is always one of my goals for January after all that holiday indulgences.

Ingredients like Sumac from the Middle East, ground down from a berry, adds a citrus zip to marinades, dips and dressings. Turmeric, found in most Indian cuisine, is rich and deep in flavor, and the anti-inflammatory effects it has on your body are endless. Ginger, fresh ginger, is not only aromatic, but adds in healthy digestion and “gut health”, which is much talked about In a few episodes of KATIE O’s Food Carnival season these day, and for good reason. It is believed that gut four, I took viewers on a journey of these exotic, warm health is where good health begins. Most of the dishes and complex flavors. Together we toasted, ground, I make with these fabulous spices also include fresh 30 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE


I make with these fabulous spices also include fresh new ways. The reward is many fold, but always ends herbs that add yet another layer of flavor and aroma, in delicious food. and lots of fresh vegetables and produce that boast freshness and pop color. Bountiful beauty for the body and all of the senses. Result: My mind expands with learning and I feel wonderful. Designing, planning and preparing my meals becomes source of excitement and is the healthy outlet I'm looking for at this time of year. Cooking and creating incredible food provide us an outlet for family and friends. It's natural and slow paced, allowing us to be present with each other through conversation over a fine meal. It's a gift of our talents we can share with others. Of course, all of us don’t have the time, skill or inclination to do this for ourselves, which is why many viewers, take the journey by watching my weekly show, and maybe, for some, they will cook and create these recipes along with me. Either way, we have fun together in the kitchen and will learn what is needed to know to embrace these exotic flavors. So my suggestion for this new year: take a journey and travel with food, and challenge your senses in 31 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE


Action Wealth Publishing - What Can You Teach? Many people tell me that they don’t have a story. This is not the truth – your life is your story. Often we don’t think it has value, but each and every one of us has learned lessons and had experiences that can help others. That is your story, that is where your wealth lies. As our company name implies – it is through Action that you create Wealth and the best way to do that is through Publishing yourself and Marketing your story. The world works on the premise that we get paid based on the value that we bring to the marketplace. Action Wealth Publishing helps you learn how to teach what you know to others in many easy to do and easy to market forms, giving you not one, but many value streams to bring to the marketplace thereby increasing your income potential. How we do it is simple. There are many ways in which we package your message into programs. These are: • A printed book • An audio book • An e-book • Special Report • Workbook • Presentations • Seminars • Group Coaching • Consulting Programs The question I have been asking people in over forty • DVD’s different counties all over the world is: What can you • Home Study Courses teach? Everyone has a story to tell and something they • Webinars can teach others. Everyone has something to give others • Tele-Seminar • Study Courses in the form of the experiences they have had in their lives. Where your experience is, that is where • Online training courses your strength comes from. Once I shared my story and • Coaching Program saw the doors it opened for me, I realized that this was • Speaking Program an opportunity for others to have the same happen to • Licensing Program • Workshops them. We all think our stories do not have value – they do! Each and every person has something to teach from their lives and that is where At Action Wealth Publishing we walk with you through every step of the way, giving youthe support and their value lies. resources you need to be able to market your story Your story is your most valuable asset – use it to bring you professionally. We are so confident about the value of wealth. If we know better, we do better and by sharing your story that we offer a free online training program, what we know, we offer others the opportunities to use which you can find at: our lessons and experiences to change their lives. By doing this we work towards making the world a better We, at Action wealth, believe in the power of people’s stories and in motivating people and companies to grow place. 32 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE


and succeed. The Action Wealth suite comprises of: Action Wealth Publishing Action Wealth Academy Action Wealth Systems Action Wealth Real Estate Development Youth Business Development – a non-profit initiative As founder and CEO of the Action Wealth Suite, Geoffrey Semaganda offers seminars, webinars, corporate and personal motivational coaching and leadership training. He has educated over 500,000 people through live seminars, personal and business development.

When you partner with Action Wealth Publishing, you will be given opportunities to create partnerships and affiliations all over the world. We have created an expert community of partners and affiliates in over 10 different countries. As a part of Action Wealth Publishing you can become an affiliate and a partner to promote other people who are telling their stories.

You get to promote your message in many ways and set yourself up as an expert in your field. This will allow you to reach people all over the world. The focus of packaging your expertise is to create programs that people are prepared to pay you for. This means that even if you are not personally there, your message is reaching people As a well-respected entrepreneur, business speaker, and income is being generated. author of six books and philanthropist, Geoffrey has the experience and motivation to help others grow their At Action Wealth we have a steam lined structure that success through teaching what they know. Geoffrey has been carefully honed over years of work to make it started making a profit in a business venture at age 9 in simple for you to start working with us and getting your his home country of Uganda. In his early teens he moved story out. From there, the income benefits and potential to Europe and established his first business at 16. By 21 can grow. We want you to succeed – that is our entire he had established five diverse premise – if one of us succeeds, we all succeed. and successful businesses in three different countries. Today he often shares the stage with some of the most Join the Action Wealth family of motivated and successful prominent personal and business development speakers people who are Teaching What They Know and using it on the world. to create wealth and success in their lives Action Wealth is Geoffrey’s brainchild and it is thriving and growing by motivating people to use what they know to create multiple steams of income. Our booklet of the potential income revenue and testaments from our successful and happy clients can be found on our website – 33 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE

Your story is your access to your future success. Teach What You Know! “Wealth Messenger” book link:


The Amazing


Narrative Journalist 34



The Amazing Angel Angel Wellington is an accomplished educator, preacher, workshop facilitator, emcee, conference speaker, published author, playwright, song writer, and narrative journalist for a digital periodical. She and her husband pastor Descending Dove Christian Center: an expanding Spirit-infused fellowship in Wilmington, NC, making a powerful permanent impact. An early interest in evangelism through media led Pastor Angel to study Mass Communications, with an emphasis in broadcasting. While a sophomore, a lastminute speaking engagement revealed what others had long deduced - a call to communicate the message. Intense training and mentoring ensued at Faith Deliverance Christian Center under the capable leadership of Dr. Barbara M. Amos. In the office of District Overseer, she agreed to assign the Wellingtons to assist a church in North Carolina, where they would later accept the assignment of taking God’s people from volatility to productivity. Kingdom-minded and destiny-determined, she and her husband approach ministry from the vantage point of their personal gifts and abilities, anointed by Holy Spirit. Pastor Angel is exceptionally endowed. Shewrites, leads worship, acts, directs, interior decorates, and 35 ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM MAGAZINE

designs graphic art. She is a program coordinator and event planner. With a personal passion to return performing arts back to The Giver, she utilizes all forms of artistic expression to present the Gospel in clear, convicting and sometimes comedic form. Though she had participated in live recordings, toured with a gospel musical, and hosted radio, the pastoral position has granted a place to bring all those experiences to bear. Blessed in marriage and motherhood, she and her husband co-labor, and are anointed for uncommon couples’ ministry. Pastor Angel is resolute about ministry beginning and ending behind closed doors and is pleased to have her family alongside for the ride. Her out-of-the-box, up-beat, down-to-earth presentation of the goodnews is undeniably contagious and understandably effective. The message is real, relevant and relational. Pastor Angel Wellington is undoubtedly “called” to Word ministry and we are the beneficiaries of her “yes.”



I wanted to find a solution that was Simple, Enjoyable, Effective and Habitual, where minimal “change” was needed. I did! It’s called OPTIMUM SlimROAST Coffee! Yes, coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet. About 70% of the adult world drinks coffee. It is part of our daily routine. Some would dare say it is “habitual.” The only thing that’s different with me personally is, I now drink a delicious, effective weight loss coffee that’s formulated to decrease my appetite, crush my sugar and carbohydrate cravings, and give me tons of energy and focus. I absolutely love it because I didn’t have to change anything but “the brand.”

The facts are staggering that 2 out of 3 Americans are either overweight or obese. Ridiculous statistics, considering America has the most regulated food industry and educates it’s consumers on appropriate diets more than any other country in the world. Sadly, instead of us following recommended daily allowances and portions, we turn to dieting for the quick fix. Of course, once the damage is done, it can be challenging, not to mention discouraging fighting the battle of the bulge. We are all aware of the preventable conditions obesity can cause. Problems with mobility, joint pain, shortness of breath, diabetes, hypertension, skin disease and lots more. Diets can be a great way to jump start you back on track. The problem is, they are mostly just a temporary quick fix. Eventually, most people fall off their diet plan and not only gain back the weight they lost, but add on another 5-10% on top of that. Not good! As a nurse, I’ve seen a ton of different diet programs, some legit and healthy, but most were clearly setting their clients and customers up for failure. If there is one thing I’ve learned in life, business and nursing, it’s PEOPLE HATE CHANGE. Actually, people hate “TO” change. We tend to want things to go as seamless and pain free as possible. I’m sure there are a few viable diet solutions out there that are a tremendous help in assisting with weight loss and better health. Interestingly, I’ve come across a non-diet solution that is not only working for me and my friends but is also working for thousands of other people that are crushing their goals and getting incredible results.


Here’s why so many diets fail and how this coffee addresses the issues. Weight loss is dependent on 3 factors. 1. What we put in our mouth. 2. Our physical activity. 3. Our “willpower” to say NO. Diets only address the first two. This OPTIMUM coffee even addresses the third. It helps block the sensory or signals from the stomach to the brain that causes cravings and makes you think you need that second third, and sometimes fourth serving of food. It makes it easy to say no. It makes it easy to stop eating once you’ve actually had enough. Amazingly effective, and the testimonials are pouring in by the thousands! People are losing inches and pounds… and keeping it off because their new lifestyle. All of this is happening by drinking our normal 1-2 cups of coffee a day. I’ve lost 12 pounds and 2 inches off my waist and feel great! I never go back for “seconds” when I eat now. I even tend towards eating healthier foods because I know it will sustain me even better. It’s a simple equation. Anytime you burn more calories than you consume, the result is a loss of weight and inches. Just keeping it super simple. If you would like more information about the OPTIMUM SlimROAST Coffee and to read the testimonials for yourself, or if you would like a FREE SAMPLE, email me: or call 1-800-647-1007. To see the testimonials, go to our Facebook Group: BestWeightLossCoffeeToday. To order: www.Valentus. com/Kisscoach Written by: Mark A Jackson, “KISScoach” (Valentus Independent Representative)


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“Birthed in Glow” Gazing up into the heavens

I am positive that I will reach the sky You gifted me this life I have been granted you as my guide So as I glow up, and reach for the milky way I shall rely on all the teachings you gave This world is such a scary place to be But I have been birthed to greatness Stay tuned, you shall see @Carla McGee


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