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How do you currently conduct live polling, discussions and question and answer sessions?

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Modular products for events of all shapes and sizes. Flexible mobile and web apps, attendee engagement, gamification and networking tools, live audience polling, Q&A, chat room style discussion, multi-use attendance tracking, lead generation and self-serve badge printing kiosk software. All with an easy-to-use content management system called Core.

Event Apps

Attendee Connect

Interactive Sessions

Lead Capture

Impress with an exceptional first impression.

Engaging networking and gamification.

Drive discussions with polling and Q&A.

Exhibitor lead generation using own devices.

Attendance Tracking


Kiosk Manager

Core (CMS)

Welcoming technology.

Create, control and analyse from a single point.

Track, monitor, report and manage.

Rapid registration with optional payment.

About Eventium Delivering innovative event technology Eventium offer a complete technology solution to ensure your conference runs seamlessly, whilst maximising delegate engagement and results for exhibitors and sponsors. As your chosen provider of the Entegy Suite, we will support your every need and deliver professional, unparalleled customer service, accommodating all deadlines to ensure your experience is as stress free as possible. With an extensive working knowledge of the Entegy Software, our team will be able to provide you with the services and support to ensure your event technology is delivered to exceptional standards. Eventium will ensure your conference and organisation is seen as innovative and at the forefront of the industry.


The foundations of the Entegy Suite

Streamline Communications

Strengthen Engagement

Simplify Logistics

The Entegy Suite is designed to address three goals and objectives essential to event success: • Streamline Communications • Strengthen Engagement • Simplify Logistics Consisting of a set of powerful products which work independently or together, the Entegy Suite delivers remarkable experiences at events of all sizes and budgets.

Streamline Communications Deliver exceptional attendee experiences. The most flexible, adaptable, ever-changeable event app on the market for savvy event organisers and attendees expecting more. Superior in design customisation options, the intuitive user interface of our event apps will delight attendees with a seamless event experience. Maximise branding and boost sponsor ROI with extensive opportunities for exposure and insights.



Streamline Communications

Event Apps Superior design and intuitive user interface • Impress with an exceptional first impression. • Comprehensive event companion with personalisation options. • Flexible and adaptable to organise your content any way you like. • Show and hide information based on profile type.

Extensive sponsorship opportunities • Banners to increase engagement and exposure for sponsors. • Menu icons can be unique in design and directly linked to key sponsor pages. • Sell session and page sponsorship. • Include a sponsor list with logos, contact details, and optional tiers. • Send sponsored notifications.

Completely skinnable • Apply your event branding at every touch-point. • Create a custom skin for the app splash screens, icon menu screen (including buttons), content page headers and more. • Manage the look and feel with custom background, icons and content.


Streamline Communications

Built with design and user experience in mind.

Always live, instant updates • Communicate instantly using push notifications. • Ensure attendees have the latest information. • Change menu structure or page content at any time. • All changes made to content are automatically updated on attendee devices.

Measure event success • Gain invaluable real-time insights with extensive ROI analysis before, during and after your event. • Monitor page views, return visits, interactions, app downloads and device types. • Real-time push notification view counts.

Discover and connect • The in-app QR scanner can be used to scan attendee badges, check-in to sessions, scan exhibitors or access hidden pages. • Collect feedback, create competitions or gather information with feedback forms.

• Sponsorship banner click-throughs. • Export data for stakeholder reports.

“It is a good product, very user friendly and easy to navigate” Catherine Vo Event Coordinator The Pharmacy Guild of Australia



Streamline Communications

Powerful event schedule system • Perfect for agendas of any size. • Wide range of display options and settings to suit your agenda’s structure. • Group breakouts and concurrent sessions. • Stream categorisation to differentiate session types. • Personalise the schedule for each attendee. • In-app session notes with export via email. • Include abstracts and link to speaker bios. • Survey and gather session feedback with in-line feedback forms. • Link rooms to sessions for navigation.

Flexible and secure • Native apps for both iOS and Android with a fully featured web version for desktop, laptop and other devices. • Make the app publicly available, locked via a global password or require user login via a number of authentication options. • User login and/or shared passwords can be set for the entire app or selected pages and sections. • Multiple deployment options, including event branded store listings or rapid deployment via an existing event portal.

Strengthen Engagement Enrich and personalise the attendee experience. A game changer! Bring your event to life by empowering attendees to share content, create meaningful connections and participate in live activity feeds. Build excitement with gamification, leaderboard challenges and achievements. Boost session participation with live polling Q&A and chat-room style discussion.

Strengthen Engagement


Forge lasting connections by fostering networking before, during and after the event.

Attendee Connect Facilitate networking


Create a digital community

• Connect attendees with private messaging.

• Build excitement with a social game.

• Searchable in-app profile list.

• Reward attendees with points for posting, commenting, participating and more.

• Make connections and exchange details by scanning other attendees. • Attendees can manage and edit personal profile, image and privacy settings.

• Display a live attendee leaderboard in the app. • Award achievements for repeat actions, great for boosting discussion in the activity feed.

• Get the conversation flowing pre, during and post event with an in-app activity feed. • Attendees can share thoughts, statuses, experiences and photos. • Includes comments on speakers, exhibitor and sponsor pages. • Post as event organiser or sponsor. • Secure and in-house, no requirement for existing social media accounts to participate.

“The multi communication makes it an all-round great receptacle.” Stephanie Sandbrook The Eventful Group

Strengthen Engagement


Encourage attendees to engage with sessions through live polling, discussions and Q&A.

Interactive Sessions Boost session participation

Event branded display screen

Moderate with a dedicated facilitator panel

• Poll using multi-choice, yes/no, or star rating.

• Match event theme with graphics and colours.

• Allow voting on submitted questions and display highest voted on the big screen.

• Present questions, comments and graphs that update in real-time.

• Show segmented results using attendee demographics.

• Show custom messages and promote sponsors.

• Show polling results on audience devices.

• Open the conversation with live, chat-room style discussion.

• Display in multiple locations throughout and beyond the venue.

• Run multiple sessions concurrently with dedicated session URLs.

• Leaderboard for top performing quiz participants.

• Export all questions and results from the CMS.

• Show profile names and images with submitted comments and questions.

• Preview, moderate, create and push content to user devices and display screens. • Monitor Q&A and discussion feeds.

• Available direct from the Event App and individual session pages or standalone. • Standalone option includes agenda, about, documents and notes.

• Standalone option includes agenda, about event, documents and notes eventium.com.au

“The platform is incredibly easy and so powerful in capturing live data...made me look like a rockstar!� Peta Lyon CSF National Conference


Simplify Logistics Achieve all your event goals. Maximise ROI for exhibitors and sponsors with Lead Capture. Track, monitor, manage and report attendee movements with Attendance Tracking. Launch responsive registration forms in minutes. Create dynamic name badges from a single attendee database. Print badges on-site with smart kiosk software for easy check-in.

Simplify Logistics


Maximise ROI for exhibitors and sponsors with an easy-to-use lead generation system.

Lead Capture Convert interest into meaningful leads • Uses exhibitor mobile devices to scan attendee QR codes – from almost any system. • No additional hardware costs or user limits. • Add qualifying questions, ratings and notes per lead. • Functions without an internet connection, syncing when available. • Export individual leads or entire team to a spreadsheet.

Easy setup, intuitive to use

Drive traffic through incentives

• A powerful lead generation system that improves exhibitor benefits with minimal organisational workload.

• Powerful gamification functionality including booth visitation incentives, digital passports and competitions.

• Customise app theme to match event branding.

• Attendees can view their progress within the Event App.

• Create and manage exhibitor lists from CMS.

• Incentivise attendee visits to key sponsors or locations.

• Immediate login access for exhibitors. • Built-in on-boarding for each user. • Control what attendee information exhibitors can view and export. • Understand traffic by viewing activity in real-time. • Gain better insight into exhibitor ROI through measurable engagement.

Simplify Logistics


Immediate records of attendance for safety, catering CPD, sponsored or mandatory sessions.

Attendance Tracking Real-time attendance management and insights

Automated scanning

• Enable immediate records of attendance for everything from safety, catering, CPD, sponsored or mandatory sessions. • Allows staff to scan badges via the Track App. • Create rules of attendee entry for controlled sessions.

Live data

• Convert iPads and other devices to scanning stations with ‘set and forget’ technology that automatically opens, closes and switches sessions. • Use existing event schedule to create automated scanning stations per room.

• Results and data instantly available within the CMS or in the Track App. • Attendees can view attended sessions via the Event App. • View session attendance with access to a range of reporting options.

• Customise session opening and closing times based on event specific requirements.













Graduate Engineer

Head of Board


Advantage Labs

Hive Alive

Eco Bees






Simplify Logistics


Rapid setup, instant deployment and payment options. Launch forms within minutes.

Registration Sophisticated registration made simple

Drag and drop builder

• Collects attendee information directly to the CMS and connects with other products.

• Instantly creates and distributes unlimited forms, skinned to the event theme.

• Create registration options from profile fields designated in CMS.

• Create and activate unlimited registration forms for various registration types.

• Gather demographic information. • Integrates with eWAY or Pin Payments. • Securely hosted to highest industry standards.

• Match to event theme with colours, images and branding. • Create customised, HTML confirmation emails. • Responsive, mobile friendly web forms with custom URLs. • Connect to on-site registration when coupled with instant badge printing kiosks.

Simplify Logistics


Impress with a clever entry statement that revolutionises out-dated registration processes.

Kiosk Manager Revolutionise your registration area • Match to event theme with colours, graphics and branding. • Designed to work with a range of hardware options. • Rapidly produces double sided badges in full colour. • Use smart attendee filters to create unique and dynamic badges.

Companion app for staff • The Kiosk Companion web app enables registration staff to search, preview and edit attendee profiles live and reprint badges. • Remotely monitor kiosk status and statistics. • Web-based interface runs on desktops, laptops and smart devices. • Accommodates last minute changes and attendee preferences.

Easy to setup and configure • Create, configure and activate kiosks at any time from the CMS. • Configure multiple types to create specific registration areas for functions such as VIP or exhibitor check-in. • Scan QR codes on in-app badges, SMS communications or emailed tickets. • Use kiosk touch screens to enter a unique attendee access details to print badge. • Integrates with Registration to collect details on-site.


Simplify Logistics


Badge Creator Dynamic badges • Use attendee profile data to automatically change layouts, colours, icons and other design elements. • Display unique information such as attendee types or dietary requirements. • QR codes connect attendee’s profile data to the Event App, Capture App and Track App.

Powerful online badge editor • Create full colour, single or double sided badges. • Upload images, logos, icons or full PDF designs. • No limits on the number of templates per event. • Generate a print ready PDF file or print directly via kiosks.

Dynamic badges that respond to attendee data within changeable layouts and designs. Generate PDFs or print directly via kiosks.

Photo Credit Oniell Photographics

Simplify Logistics


Core (CMS)

Pollen8 Conference 28 August – 30 August, 2020



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Activity Feed

Products App Attendee Connect Interactive Sessions Attendee Connect Kiosk Manager Lead Capture

Manage the entire Suite from our powerful CMS. Allowing you to create, control and analyse from a single point.

Attendance Tracking Registration Campaign Manager

Centralised repository of event information. and content.

Single database of attendee profiles.

Bulk importing, editing and exporting tools.

Single point of control for the entire suite of products.

Create custom profile fields for logistical or demographic data.

Monitor and report using live stats and data.



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