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Everything your event needs to empower staff, inspire attendees and reward stakeholders. Entegy provides scalable, cloud based software solutions for events of all sizes and budgets. Each of our Elements works independently or as a part of a greater system, delivering an integrated event technology suite that is ready to grow whenever you are.

Activity Feed Interactive Session


Angus Hotchin


29 October 2017 at 7:30 PM


What a show!

How do you currently conduct live polling, discussions and question and answer sessions?

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Jamie Dunn Gotta love Brisbane! 29 October 2017 at 7:37 PM

Sync Status

EVENT APPS Information in the hands of attendees

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Engaging networking and gamification

Drive discussions with Polling and Q&A

Exhibitor lead generation using own devices












Lance Goldsworth 198,055


Christy Silverman 45,875


Bronson Smith 45,875


David Maddison 45,875






Track, monitor, report and manage

Rapid registration with optional payment

Welcoming technology

Create, control and analyse from a single point

Made in Australia, loved by the world

CORE Create, control and analyse from a single point Easy to navigate and extremely powerful, Core gives you a single place to manage your entire suite of Entegy products. Designed intuitively for complete control, Core is the place to create content, drive engagement and watch your event come to life before your eyes.

Powered by

Dynamic content management

Easy attendee profile management

Incredibly flexible content management system that centralises your event information and power every Element.

A single database of live profile information that interconnects with every Element. Easy to setup, manage and adapt to your event.

ÎÎ Controls for all your event information, such

ÎÎ Dynamic profile database shared

as speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, FAQ, floor maps, venue and destination information ÎÎ Centralised scheduling that instantly accessible in Event Apps, Attendance Tracking ÎÎ Single source exhibitor information for Event App listings and floorplans as well as powering Lead Capture ÎÎ Bulk importing and editing tools

live across the suite ÎÎ Custom fields for additional information and demographics, including dietary requirements, department, even favourite colour! ÎÎ Automated profile creation using Entegy Registration or integrated registration systems ÎÎ Bulk spreadsheet import and export for quick setup

845 42

Watch your event come to life

Flexible name badges

Get a bird’s-eye view of your event via live reporting and analytics that take immediate actions in response to what’s happening on-the-ground.

A single database of live profile information that interconnects with every Element. Easy to setup, manage and adapt to your event.

ÎÎ Live stats on app usage

ÎÎ Dynamic profile database shared

ÎÎ See what content, sessions and exhibits are getting the most attention ÎÎ View and moderate user submitted content including activity feed posts and page comments ÎÎ Identify trends as they emerge ÎÎ Monitor and review new registrations

live across the suite ÎÎ Custom fields for additional information and demographics, including dietary requirements, department, even favourite colour! ÎÎ Automated profile creation using Entegy Registration or integrated registration systems ÎÎ Bulk spreadsheet import and export for quick setup

Event Apps No more handbooks! Our native app places two-way communication directly in the hands of every attendee. Provide up-to-date event information with flexible page content and structures, instant push notifications, documents and pop-up messages. Gather feedback with submission forms and ratings, and ensure consistent branding through customisable design with extensive scope for sponsorship.

Completely skinnable - endless sponsorship potential ADELAIDE Adelaide Convention Centre



Friday 11 March



Apply your conference branding at every touchpoint with extensive sponsorship opportunities throughout. ÎÎ Match your event brand throughout the app on splash screens, menu and every content page. ÎÎ Cover technology costs and



My Program

increase event revenue ÎÎ Sell full or partial app sponsorship, showcasing sponsor logos in a variety of locations


Floor Plans


ÎÎ Offer sponsored push notifications, menu icons, pages, competition or feedback PARTNERED BY:

forms, linked banners and more ÎÎ Support sponsorship ROI with user interaction statistics.

Beautiful, easy-to-use native and web apps Native for Apple and Android phones and tablets with a fully featured web version for desktops, laptops and other devices ÎÎ Native apps for phones and tablets on both Apple and Android ÎÎ Web based app for phones, tablets, laptops and desktops ÎÎ Intuitive and easy to use interface for all demographics

Your content, your way As much content as you need with a huge array of page templates, advanced formatting options and page extensions. ÎÎ Recreate or replace the content of your conference handbook with no limits on content volume ÎÎ Include all your event information, such as speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, FAQ, floor maps, venue and destination information ÎÎ Editors and importers made for speed and ease ÎÎ Add documents and links to external content ÎÎ Advanced formatting and navigation options for truly customised pages ÎÎ Page extensions including pop-ups, redirects and password and security options

Always live, instant updates Most flexible, adaptable, everchangeable app on the market. Update content, design or settings instantly… all via the Core. ÎÎ Auto sync changes to attendee devices without the need for store resubmission ÎÎ Manage everything via the Core CMS 24/7 ÎÎ Instantly send or queue Push Notifications ÎÎ Change menu or content page design, content or structure

Live insights and usage reports Invaluable real-time insights that monitor app usage with extensive data and sponsor ROI analysis before, during and after the event. ÎÎ Monitor page views, return visits, interactions, app downloads and device types ÎÎ Real time push notification view counts ÎÎ Sponsorship banner click throughs ÎÎ 24/7 access to live exportable data for stakeholder reports

Multiple deployment options for all budgets


Entegy Pty Ltd

Personalised listings on app stores or access via the Entegy Launcher. Create a branded event portal for multiple events. ÎÎ Branded listing in the app stores with event icon and title ÎÎ Unique code access through Entegy’s Launcher app for cost effective instant activation ÎÎ Create your own multi-event portals


for series, roadshows and more

Industry-leading schedules A flexible, easy-to-use scheduling system with advanced filtering including themes, categories, speakers, session times and rooms. ÎÎ Easy setup for single or multi-day schedules ÎÎ Multiple streams and concurrent session support with session types, themes and categories ÎÎ Bookmarking of sessions, including reminders and device calendar integration ÎÎ Note-taking with live exporting ÎÎ Link to speaker information, room maps, floor plans, session sponsors ÎÎ Attach documents, session information, feedback forms

Make your event even better Fully utilise features and functionality to add powerful layers to your event app and enhance the experience. ÎÎ QR Scanner for accessing hidden pages or integration with other Elements such as Attendee Connect, Lead Capture or Kiosks ÎÎ Communicate instantly using push notifications with images and links to pages ÎÎ Floor plans with pin drop for exhibitors, rooms, amenities and other information ÎÎ Google and Apple maps integration for locations and directions ÎÎ Submission forms to collect feedback, create competitions and gather information.

Attendee Connect Engaging networking and gamification It’s a game changer! This app upgrade brings an event to life by empowering attendees to share content, manage profiles and create meaningful connections. It enables attendee-to-attendee interactions with private messages, live activity feeds and gamification. All activity flows into real time analytics providing engagement insights at your event.

Create attendee interactions Integrates with profiles for attendees to manage and edit personal profiles and privacy settings, view attendee list and send private messages. ÎÎ Attendee-to-attendee private messaging ÎÎ Profile list with profile image and customisable information ÎÎ Full attendee profiles including leaderboard ranking and activity feed ÎÎ Attendee editable profiles, privacy settings and even upload profile images ÎÎ View and monitor individual or group attendee profile activity from the Core. ÎÎ Scan physical or in-app digital name badges and export lists of your connections

Let the games begin An in-app reward system to supercharge engagement through attendee challenges and prizes. Displays leaderboard on devices or a big screen.


ÎÎ Incentivises engagement through gamification ÎÎ Reward attendees with points and achievements using system actions ÎÎ Live attendee leaderboard, displayed in the app or on the big screen ÎÎ Introduce competitions and challenges through

Lance Goldsworth 198,055

leaderboards to encourage engagement ÎÎ Instant setup - make it as simple or complex as you like

Christy Silverman 45,875

Bronson Smith 45,875

Activity Feed

Angus Hotchin 29 October 2017 at 2:30 PM

What a show!

Create a community of activity A secure in-app activity feed for attendees to create and publish engaging content, such as thoughts, statuses, experiences and photos. ÎÎ Keep the conversation secure and in-house. No requirement for social media accounts ÎÎ Create status, share images and reply to other posts ÎÎ Comment under pages such as speakers, sessions, exhibitors or sponsors.

Jamie Dunn Gotta love Brisbane! 29 October 2017 at 2:37 PM

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ÎÎ Display a slideshow of recent comments and images on the big screen ÎÎ Organisers can moderate from their own device or via the Core

Dynamic content specific to individuals Display content based on each individual attendee. Categorised push notifications and page re-directions and show menu icons based on profile settings. ÎÎ Push notifications with direct information based on categories ÎÎ Change pages, content or menu icons based on profile data ÎÎ Give exhibitors bump-in information, VIPs meeting details and attendees information specific to their group

Interactive Sessions Drive discussions with Polling and Q&A The ultimate in audience participation. Allow attendees to engage with sessions through live polling, discussions and Q&A from the event app. Use the facilitator app to moderate submissions, create polls on the fly and manage what the audience can see and do. Present on a dynamic big screen display and integrate with attendee profiles to generate demographically rich data..

Involve the audience Allow attendees to drive the conversation through Ask a Question, Live Polling or chat room style Discussion from their own devices. ÎÎ Enable discussion and attendee response at any stage prior to, during or after sessions ÎÎ Run multiple interactive sessions concurrently ÎÎ Live Polling including yes/no, star rating and multiple choice ÎÎ View results live and display full results post-session A






ÎÎ Integrates with the event app - no clunky URLs, no external websites or SMS ÎÎ Easy-to-use interface to encourage involvement







Stay in control Moderate the session C


Use the facilitator Control Panel to preview, moderate, create and push content to user devices and big screens. ÎÎ Display custom messages ÎÎ Toggle features on or off ÎÎ Monitor Q&A and Discussion feeds


ÎÎ Push polling results back to devices ÎÎ Compare results from a previous question ÎÎ Moderate from stage, behind the scenes or from multiple devices ÎÎ Export all questions and results immediately from the Core

Create polling questions on the fly Allows session moderators to create new questions either manually or by converting audience questions and comments to polling queries. ÎÎ Leverage key topics to drive the conversation ÎÎ Use attendee submitted questions to instantly poll the audience ÎÎ Queue or add your own questions at any time





A true display screen feed A dedicated display screen feed controlled by the administrator app to present questions, comments and animated graphs that update in real time. ÎÎ Dedicated session URL for display ÎÎ Shows names and images with each comment * ÎÎ Animated bar graphs and pie charts to display data ÎÎ Display in multiple locations throughout and beyond the venue - anywhere in the world

Rich and dynamic demographics Filter polling results using demographics fed by profiles to display more meaningful insights on screen with detailed post-event reports. ÎÎ Split by results by demographics such as age, gender and more ÎÎ Produce post-session reports and data ÎÎ Add custom demographic fields to shape and understand data

Branded display screens Apply conference branding to your interactive session display screen to leverage sponsorship or simply match your event’s theme. ÎÎ Match to event theme with colours, images and branding ÎÎ Apply sponsorship to session page ÎÎ Create and sell sponsorship tier with branding

Lead Capture Capture and manage leads in real time using your own device Maximise ROI for exhibitors and sponsors with the Lead Capture for personal mobile devices. Featuring tools that instantly convert booth visits into meaningful and qualified leads. Available to unlimited exhibitor team devices and integrated with live attendee data to view, manage and export leads instantly.

Delivers solid commercial returns for exhibitors Allows exhibitors to maximise ROI through the generation of meaningful leads and interactions. ÎÎ Cost effective lead generation via easy-to-use app ÎÎ No additional hardware, costs or user limits ÎÎ Allows immediate action and interaction on business leads ÎÎ Add qualifying questions and surveys ÎÎ Lead quality rating ÎÎ Save unlimited notes per lead

Easy setup, well designed, intuitive user experience So easy-to-use! A powerful lead generation system that improves exhibitor benefits with minimal organisational workload ÎÎ Customise app theme to match event branding ÎÎ Create and manage exhibitor lists easily ÎÎ Immediate login access for exhibitors ÎÎ In-built on-boarding for each user ÎÎ Export options for whole team or individuals ÎÎ Integrates with automatically generated QR codes by Core (CMS) badge creator or external systems ÎÎ Live profiles from the Core ensures latest attendee information is immediately available

Uses exhibitor devices Replace hired scanners with the Capture app using exhibitor’s device. Unlimited team members per exhibitor booth, no internet connection required to scan. ÎÎ Easy-to-use app that turns exhibitor devices into lead scanners ÎÎ Team members can be pre-registered or register through capture app instantly ÎÎ Cost effective for exhibitions of all sizes, with no need for hired equipment ÎÎ Available on Apple and Android devices ÎÎ Works offline — syncs scans and data when internet becomes available

Full control over data and reports Stay up-to-date on event activity via the Core with full control over information available to exhibitors

845 42

ÎÎ Control what profile fields exhibitors can view and export ÎÎ Overviews of exhibitor team performance and booth visitor activity ÎÎ Understand traffic by viewing activity in real time ÎÎ Gain better insight into exhibitor ROI through measurable engagement ÎÎ Encourages repeat exhibitor participation by providing measurable and easy to manage commercial returns

Drive traffic through incentives Create an engaging experience for attendees and exhibitors with digital passports, incentives and achievements. ÎÎ Powerful gamification functionality



including booth visitation incentives,


digital passports and competitions ÎÎ Exhibitor booth visits displayed in attendee’s app ÎÎ Incentivise attendee visits to key sponsors or locations

Attendance Tracking Track, monitor, report and manage Real-time attendance management and insights. Scan from your own device, create self scanning stations or allow attendees to self check-in. Enable immediate records of attendance for everything from safety, catering or CPD, sponsored and mandatory sessions. Generate, analyse and respond to statistics at any time, instantly... also great for digital passports and competitions.

Track a person at any place and time Track, record and report on attendance information for sessions, events and headcounts. Control who can attend via smart profile filters. ÎÎ Allows staff to scan badges via the Track App ÎÎ Optional attendee self check-in via event app ÎÎ Create rules of attendee entry for controlled sessions

Uses staff devices The Entegy Track app is available to staff on Apple or Android. Use device camera to scan codes or manually select attendees from event list. ÎÎ The easy-to-use Track app turns staff devices into a badge scanner ÎÎ Cost effective with no need for hired equipment ÎÎ Works offline and syncs when connection becomes available

Create automated scanning stations Create scanning stations with ‘set and forget’ technology that automatically opens, closes and switches sessions. Easy to setup and update. ÎÎ Use existing event schedule to create automated scanning stations per room ÎÎ Automatically rolls over to follow chosen sessions from event program ÎÎ Customised opening and closing times based on event-specific requirements

View live data Scanning data is instantly available, giving up-to-the-minute information on attendees. Attendees can also view attended sessions via their event app.


ÎÎ Results instantly available via the


Core or in the Track app ÎÎ Gives attendees access to session checkin information via their event app ÎÎ Add incentives and reward attendance with points and achievements ÎÎ View session attendance with access to a range of reporting options

Registration Rapid registration with optional payment Launch responsive registration forms in minutes! Use our drag and drop editor to build secure forms that instantly create attendee profiles. This single source of information is accessible across the entire Entegy suite and simplifies data management - even for last minute paid events. Manage your own revenue with no fee per ticket.

Sophisticated registration made simple Collects profile information needed to run the entire Entegy suite, keeping all attendee data in one place from the start. ÎÎ A single source of profile data that provides consistent and accurate information ÎÎ Powers all Elements in the Entegy suite without duplication ÎÎ Create registration options from existing profile fields ÎÎ Instantly generate demographic information for Interactive Sessions

Drag and drop builder Instantly creates and distributes unlimited forms, skinned to the event theme. Integrates with existing profile fields and allows customised confirmation emails. ÎÎ Create and instantly activate unlimited registration forms for various registration types ÎÎ Use the existing Core profile fields for easy set up ÎÎ Match to event theme with colours, images and branding ÎÎ Create customised confirmation emails


Payment options that keep you in control Secure payment options without additional costs or transaction fees. Uses your own payment gateway for control of funds. ÎÎ No additional transaction fee per registration ÎÎ Integrates with eWAY or Pin Payments ÎÎ Securely hosted to high industry standards

Flexible deployment with instant access Creates live mobile friendly registration forms available via web, kiosks or within the event app. All controlled from the Core. ÎÎ Responsive mobile friendly web forms with custom URL ÎÎ Onsite registration with instant badge printing using kiosks ÎÎ Auto login on registration via the event app ÎÎ Instantly activates profile enabling immediate access

Kiosk Manager Welcoming technology Impress with a clever entry statement that revolutionises out-dated registration processes. Multifaceted ‘check-in’ options, short lines, engaging entry, immediate changes, full-colour double-sided badges, tailored messaging, fully branded designs, sponsorship opportunities‌ configurations are endless. There is nothing like this product in the marketplace. Just needs to be seen!

Multiple ways to generate badges Prints badges on demand at check-in allowing for reprints and corrections. Configure the system to accommodate a range of check in options. ÎÎ Scan QR code on in-app badge, SMS or emailed ticket ÎÎ Enable attendees to print badge directly from the app for collection at a kiosk ÎÎ Allow staff to manage attendee profiles and print badges using the Kiosk Manager app ÎÎ Use the kiosk touchscreen to enter a unique attendee code to print badge ÎÎ Integrates registration forms for on site signups and immediate badge generation

Instantly setup and configure Create, configure and activate selfupdating kiosks interfaces at any time from the Core. Configure multiple types to create specific registration areas. ÎÎ Configure and assign kiosk software at any time according to demand ÎÎ Create multiple kiosk types for different functions e.g. VIPs, exhibitors or to manage attendee flow ÎÎ Make changes in the Core to instantly update kiosk interface

Positive attendee engagement The Kiosk Companion app allows registration staff to directly engage with attendees to welcome and assist with check-in. ÎÎ Enables registration staff to search, preview and edit profiles live, reprint badges and assist attendees ÎÎ Remotely monitor kiosk status and statistics ÎÎ Web-based interface runs on desktops, laptops and smart devices ÎÎ Accommodates last minute changes and attendee preferences

Revolutionise your registration area Your registration area the way you want it. Mobilise staff into a streamlined welcoming area to create a remarkable experience. ÎÎ Match to event theme with colours, images and branding ÎÎ Designed to work with a range of hardware options ÎÎ Powerful Badge Creator produces rapid, full colour, double-sided badges ÎÎ Use smart profile filters to create unique and dynamic badges

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Event technology powering remarkable experiences.

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