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E of the REVENU ted 7.1% in sales represen in total sales Online $74.4 billion represented retailer’s Digital sales total fiscal 2018.4.4% of the retailer’s 2016. 5.5% and 2017 and sales in



$141.4 billion Amassed fiscal 2018.



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ately E approxim REVENU 40% to all the sales grew 2019 across Online in fiscal $16.1 billion sites. U.S. retailer’s

have ty sellers RIES vely s of third-par s aggressi addition continue assortment. Though Walmart ap.com slowed, g the walmart including es, home expandin range of products , applianc Sells a wide r, furniture food, toys, health parel, footwea baby items, ive items, books, automot online pet goods, products and d a dedicate digital & beauty adding y’s unique usually most recently y. The compan categories pharmac in narrower of consumer. Jet a sell on brands a different type to focus brands targeting . premium skews toward urban shopper come, higher-in



range Sells a wide includof product books, ing apparel, pet home goods, packtoys, supplies, sporting aged foods, ics inelectron goods, manits own cluding devices d ufacture including and food brands, of Whole Foods as a varietyrty as well Third-pa services. d 58% sales comprisein 2018. sales of total



priRIES into 15 are grouped personal Products s: beauty; s Walgreen mary categorie lenses; ents; care; contact & supplem ts; baby, brand; vitamins s & treatmen care medicine home health Seen on kids & toys;household; As ; ; nutrition solutions fitness and ; and TV; grocery; wellness ; sexual seasonal & organic. natural


are RIES s of items s of thousand from diapers ranging Hundred online, to video available s and apparel frozen as to cosmetic items such available Select are games. fresh produce only be food and online but can Shipt. to browse in stores or through on an d added purchase retailers are a program rty Third-pa basis through ly invite-on +. called Target



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rceDB website ecomme s.com Statista’s that walgreen sales in s estimate billion in online 1.3% of had $1.28 approximately fiscal 2018, total sales.




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online sales.


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online sales.

of RIES d catalog expande (excluding Offers an online nts), ingredie pet products artificial food with cat and dog preincluding LiveAquaria subsids. scription fish and aquarium iary stocks . supplies


of RIES d selection s CATEGO expande Offers an multiple categorie diet SKUs acrossvitamins, beauty, and medincluding , health houseand nutritionhealth care, . self-care icine, home health and hold, sexual


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online sales.




E of the REVENU ed 7.9% represent total sales in Online sales $108.2 billion 24.1.% YOY. retailer’s 2018, growing in fiscal


REVENU in U.S. $6.5 billion 2019. Reported in fiscal online revenue


RIES from gy products r consume Sells technolo mobile s such as categorie computing and applics, ment and electroni services entertain variety of phones, well as a become ances as which have s. and solutionsits operation of a big part



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online sales.


RIES SKUs and some 7,000its website to Carries use of a varimakes full online from baby, sell products s including & ety of categorie s, cleaningand beverage outdoor, indoor furniture ld, goods. househo delivery fresh y same-da

selecRIES d online expande thousands of Offers an s of 20 catetion of hundred more than to tools. items across appliances from gories, TIONS s.com in d ATGstore Mine in Purchase to The within 2011; renamed a web page d Purchase 2017; became site in 2018. ce’s retail the main ng Commer Boomera platform in 2019. analytics







tes. TIONS anceQuo PetInsur tion serAcquired services 2018; subscrip com in and digital2017. Purh in vice PupBox y PetCoac Foster compan 2014, Doctors in d into chased was absorbe and Smith site in 2019. main Petco’s



serTIONS ed health connect l in 2018, Acquired GreatCal ing monitor vices provider remote Technoland seniorCritical Signal y compan May 2019. ogies in


Y DELIVER for most shipping out van Free standard $45. Rolled than 70% orders over to more n, delivery populatio and car of the U.S. delivery on and 40% ely, for fastermarkets. respectiv in select small orders






grew 83%

Y DELIVER for Plus shipping minimum Free standard s s with no member Regular Club Member . varying purchase bers incur and non-mem for delivery. charges





COLLECT se pickup warehou offers a items including Costco on select computers. option and laptop y pickup for jewelry pharmac rolling begun Also offers stores. ions. Has prescript lockers to 100 out pickup






meal kit Acquired in 2017. Plated

Y third-par through nt delivery Fulfillme (see “Key


Offers ty services Rolled out a propri”). , dubbed Partners platform sells etary online in 2018 that Ship, for delivery Kroger hable items day. nonperis the next as fast as

service COLLECT Pickup” free “Club rs check Offers a at . Custome kiosks located at all locations ough Pickup in at Club s or drive-thr store entranceat select clubs. areas pickup



had $842


in sales

RIES than 12,000 of catestocks more Peapod in a wide range foods, prepared and products supplies gories including school wine, spirits, beauty. health &


TIONS g King acquirin g 32 Shop is Stop & Co. (includin by Kullen Groceryand five Wild rkets superma in 2019. stores) Nature


a TIONS Chef and d Home dunnPurchase in 2018; in Ocado d 84.51°) stake in SA (renameand Harris humbyU com 2015; Vitacost. 2014. Teeter in HOME


Peapod in 2018.


baby s include categorie d foods, Online , package and pet products items, flowers marketld househo The third-party . launched products u.com), d an expande place (morefor will offer in 2018, of more than 100,000 selection end of 2019. the SKUs by




Y DELIVER two-day ships get free least $75 via at Member goods orders of ping for Delivered elivery. CostcoD priced higher. are often CLICK &


erce sales E-comm fiscal 2018.

more than

RIES from can pick of nearly all Online shoppers spanning 70,000 SKUs categories (alcohol Directthe retailer’s by state). varies delivery er platform Kroger of to-custom a curated selection than Ship offers labels and more and 4,500 private ore groceries uscenter-st s, tailored 50,000 ld essential from digital househo and insights ing data 84.51°. ce arm intelligen





increased Online sales 2018. fiscal 58% in

online sales.




for DELIVER shipping s and Free standard g ’s member qualifyin all MyLowe rPros.com bers receive LowesFo Non-mem on orders orders. shipping truck Lowe’s free standard $49. Free es and of at least any applianc for least delivery priced at ely. Also patio furniture $498, respectiv FedEx $299 and s via the deliverie testing Bot. SameDay



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products s range of nly categorie Sells a wider sheds online-o including swing sets, outdoor s. such as machine and vending




Y delivDELIVER offers two-dayoffers fee. Also (See BJ’s Stocked variable ery for a grocery delivery. y .”) same-da nt Partners “Fulfillme


y TIONS The Compan m in e-tailer Blinds.co Acquired 2017 and Store in

(and TIONS in 2017 d Chewy public at an Purchase company June took the valuation in ’ AllPaws $8.7 billionDCL Ventures Pet360 ly bough 2019) and Previous but moved in 2016. Direct, under and PetFood erce offerings t.com. their e-comm or petsmar Chewy


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d Expande online offering skews toward prodhigh-end g ent ucts (includin engagem beauty, prestige coffins). rings and




Acquired in 2018.

$138.4 billion



of 1 d selection CATEGO expande ranging from Offers an SKUs online, tools. million to power bed sheets RIES





sales were Online fiscal 2018.

rceDB website ONLINE ecomme online sales at Statista’s sales. fiscal 2018 estimates or 4.9% of total $3.49 billion, REVENU


of RIES d catalog expande including Offers an online, Chewy pet products Subsidiary ions. 18,000prescript selection of . has its own products plus pet


ed by:


PROGRA COLLECT ClickList, the as known -collect Formerly click-and ane at drive-up ExpressL nearly Pickup at (dubbed service is available region. Harris Teeter) Fees vary by 1,600 stores.



y compan


home delivery Standard most areas on are $9.95 of s purchase $150. at least Business rates delivery range between $3.95 and $4.95, ng dependi


rates in


DELIVER minimum have a $30 amount, that All orders $9.95 for to $7.95 and cost price dropping $6.95 with the of $75-$100 and for orders of $100 or more. for orders



PROGRA lets COLLECT Go” program Lion to orders for The “Food place online for $1.99 shoppers curbside pickup and y more same-da of $35 or “Hanwith purchase under $35. but orders the same, $5.99 for Go” offers g on order naford to less dependin or location. costs $5 rtin’s and delivery amount and Giant/Ma y pickup Stop & Shop out same-da 100 are rolling orders at 175 and end of for online ely, by the pickup for stores, respectiv also allows Shop and Peapod & Stop 2019. than 300 . at more rtin’s locations Giant/Ma


on location. Standard is shipping marketplace orders on digital is piloting an unlimited tion service. free. Vons priced subscrip delivery goods are often Delivered . at a premium


Services AUTO ed Retail Business an AI-enabl Ahold’s ment rolling out MS (RBS) is replenish ’s PROGRA ng and COLLECT rates in company forecasti CLICK & across the rd, Giant home delivery pursystem Standard are $9.95 on Hannafo Stop & Shop Food Lion, rtin’s, via most areasat least $150. Business banners of Food, Giant/Ma between grocery chases rates range ng on and Peapod s. delivery $4.95, dependi on Relex Solution shipping $3.95 and Standard orders is free. location. lace digital marketp an unlimited automatpiloting tion service. EASY REORDER function purVons is Genius products subscrip An Order delivery carts with y through ically fills most frequentl ting data chased SHMENT with also incorporawith Stop & is prokit REPLENI partner Peapod, Instacart delivery s made meal PROGRA AUTO Also MS y Y ns’ Plated subscription. COLLECT Store” for from purchaseloyalty cards. skill same-da 1,600 stores offering PROGRA for orders DELIVER Albertso CLICK & by . include Giant HOME COLLECT program “Ship to Alexa shipping ria offers offered locations Shop or more than Other partners CLICK & SHMENT gram is Offers free at all store Pickup” s “Ask Peapod” ove items in Testing Free standard LiveAqua supply for most MS offers an more. the service.Grocery Runner. The “Store AUTO REPLENI r pickup five PROGRA as online ordersKentucky, shopper users add/remthe last order REORDER histories via aquarium of $49 or s of autonand in one-hou lets on COLLECT at EASY & fleet s’ that Shipt for offers None pickup CLICK In Northerngrocery items up at they and reorder corrals all gives shopper via Nuro’s free shipping or more or in-store ued Saves memberwhich allowslist also their cart $19 delivery Drinks Holdings ly items and up orders once least $99. ed Offers free hour. Discontin er can order and pick them Peapod orders of that costs at vehicles. of wine pick from a a “Previous m one Easy Reorder, via voice. for omous life days to Stores have designat s stores. s under little as kroger.co in Septemb s to select and online and home delivery aquatic EASY REORDER ” button d Walgreen pickup . spaces member past purchase provides “Reorder are ready. curbside two years of offering any of 13 parking past in-club “Frequently d” category Offers a previously purchase MS of their bjs. Purchase in certain s’ Store Pickup PROGRA as s including S 2018 after ad on the users member t areas inside. in COLLECT S purchase items. markets. carousel checkou ENT PARTNER y invites CLICK & in-store pickup SHMENT available the service. ” items. A ENT PARTNER comes d SHMENT access Ordered page also regs.” on KEY FULFILLM and same-da A Google s AUTO REPLENI & Save” is in 2018; Launche d with a purchase KEY FULFILLM with Deliv EASY REORDER com home on order rs have AUTO REPLENI rtin’s two hours . purchase or account, party platform Offers two-day S Assistant previous partners custome “Auto-Re items identified the SHMENT little as ment s via third Peapod delivery for Giant/Ma Products to “shop a minimum PARTNER discount in lets Y card and Google Business REPLENI MS ENT with and 10% replenish member select delivery Shipt a are action loyalty AUTO for DELIVER via s with PROGRA only next-day s opt delivery next-day Best Buy receive same-day istered Instacart, their HOME detail pages the quanto a business and online, (formerly KEY FULFILLM y delivery member COLLECT but two-day out free such as shoppers items in A key areas where lets shopper Offers My h” to ed product . g memrs select CLICK & available, which allow remove stores in both in-store Purchases” purchase SHMENT to order Offers free Gradually rolling SHMENT Replenis program Offers same-da want the voice. home Up” service in designat d Y for Prime Express, r currently pilot to more “My add and MS on “Timed shipments of qualifyin cart. Consumeoften they bers alike . cart by A “Drive orders for free SHMENT online for DELIVER AUTO REPLENIprovides free shipping free two-hou same minimum service is AUTO REPLENI saved in cat the $35 order. toothPROGRA populati of Loop’s how Instacart has expande HOME up History”) and nonmemperishable items. . Save” online Kroger with the expand Lion, recurring such as electric “Smart COLLECT tity and r’s specified across AUTO REPLENI of pet food, service of the U.S. y grocery . to pick service free one-dayNow offers retail partner “Ship & g. and plans to banners. Food None “Shop by shipping A CLICK & supcustome discount. GoShare delivery for $7.99 in 88 a Added -collect ately 75% areas. The stores. delivered via at system. grocery Prime dover all founding reorderin same-da K-cups. for products item Repeat treats, cleaning parking and 2019. delivery r delivery delivery with a 20% stores and and Giant-Lan speedy Foods shopping in availabili t orders to approximof 2019, when with Free click-and bers in than 1,400 products y es Furniture circular double PetSmar brush headsservice works litter, dog and one-hou from Wholeselect locato more frequenc ately 3,000 products Stop & Shop Instacart for delivery S by the end $9.95 will also Delivery Unlimith” provides one hour, sometim pest control and are located delivery U.S. cities and and s EASY REORDER , with a with for Replenis printers that monitor in buttons plies and free shipping Prime d ENT PARTNER month. order Approxim s categorie EASY REORDERtab on partner Stop & Shop g delivery stores. Testing pickup . EVENTS indewith some 60 and growing via Alexa. ld/pet easy “Buy again” ly purchase sales $12.95 per markets. with Google Again” offers SHMENT qualifyin and automatically are KEY FULFILLM Instacart comes order. markets across numerou xclusive A “Buy in some KEY DIGITAL allows for service. ty to 1,600 for a flat rate of of groceries REPLENI to previous reordering. with a discount ties Delivery areas, nt service . the first services the metro voice ordering househo cut levels s.com off next AUTO for purRush Pickup-e select ink Both promoly fall. 30% In lenishme for easy grocery/ in 1-4 days low. qualify walgreen of previous Giant Food year. Periodic the retailer’s ed option InHome Delivery tor this ly provides groceries tions enablingnon-bulk histog products “Easy ReplenAn auto-rep and free shipping g to last more when us U.S. refrigera g 15% off pendent ships . Purchase ed reorderin Express are tied under an SHMENT Launchin a customer’s 5% . that requireS deliverin Shipt S Pantry a 5% discount also receiveproducts the contiguo products offers a to included Services as two hours. memleast $35; . AUTO REPLENI holders s have access ENT PARTNER chased sorted by “purchas tional calendar directly EASY REORDER ENT PARTNER of baby y tion service items acrossorders are at $4.99 monthly REDcard and EVENTS ’s member ish” program in as little y delivery partner. a Express same-da for which KEY FULFILLM A subscrip qualifying orders. tion orders wipes. ed in stores,” ry can be KEY FULFILLM in-store DIGITAL November and MyLowe Google MS e powers free when to $10 with member ship, orKEY GrubHub a tion on EVENTS easy subscrip a same-da “purchas and and S dise a and with complete in for is d” ay in er FootPROGRA chainwid Instacart discount has a subscrip online,” No longer diapers s COUPON merchan to their history KEY DIGITAL Novemb ng pilots delivery ment dropsAmazonFresh Black Frid in December. delivery COLLECT tly purchase such as also are available ay in DIGITAL Continui Eats. grocery for generaldedicated service or grocery CLICK & d.” Chewy 5-10% discount “frequen allow partner. a flat $14.99 online purchase coupons Black Frid in December. pickup bership Cyber week also gets heavy via purchase to one-day cities for offering g. Digital websites, which and Uber $14.99. Offers freestore locations ng to 1,600 service “recently reorderin Cyber Week of major offers sameball season brands. shop(expandi all offers home, . ers to load via chain EVENTS locanumber ders at Towers allowing on select during S cardhold their card to 50 markets EASY REORDER reduced fee. Key by Amazon digital support. , Pickup lockers (at limited KEY DIGITAL nly deals g to EVENTS histories EVENTS , Mothloyalty ously aigns for to in some and counters ENT PARTNER expandin an KEY DIGITAL Tracks order reorder items. kes/camp in April monthly KEY DIGITALin February delivery 2019) and s autonom pickup Offers online-o erand online. offers directly EVENTS easily KEY FULFILLM garage stores in Day in deliverie grocery in 2019. Testing Black Friday er. in stores Online sweepstafrom Septemb er. pers to with available can mark recar and Super BowlMay, Father’s EASY REORDER Spring store. KEY DIGITAL redeem in Decemb Scout makes season Partners are only in Novemtions). Curbside shoppers easy in Novemb S at a Texas Paper 3,000 locations football offer Amazon ton. er’s Day Black Friday in PetSmart “favorites” for again” Cyber Week None Select offersand delivery. list of past Black Friday d Dolly to demore than dispensing system EASY REORDER as ENT PARTNER support. s see a a “buy January; y in to redeeme in Washing June and ed pickup has products service digital those FULFILLM be log REORDER s shopper REORDER for partner. KEY same-da heavy automat account Lets EASY . Chewy EASY S Reorder” can also member Express select s and reorder app/ ber get member turer ordering “Quick COUPON coupons of pickup. history. S s. A Google livery in purchase using the CVS Lets account Offers a manufac any within its DIGITAL an can reorder member COUPON full order tion via and deals section doubles at the time MS SHMENT to create shoppers stores S DIGITAL major markets. products view their coupons for website ers Peapod but doesn’t houserd to box subscrip having PROGRA s items. page where subscrip cardhold are AUTO REPLENI sample ENT PARTNER some 7-Eleven orders. Cyber M COLLECT Offers digital S site without shopping cart. EVENTS purchase S with coupons its site. Hannafo t, beauty kid apparel box during that CLICK & including le to loyalty PLATFOR in of online new KEY FULFILLM recently Offers a on a KEY DIGITAL g online ENT PARTNER g savings MEDIA accessib For U account online. ENT PARTNER entirely at checkou for pickup pickup locations ns has worked delivery, are and directly runs an Urban locations Marketin DIGITAL coulockers Walgree and Deliv for coupons with mobile BrandSh KEY FULFILLM Offers week-lon er. Also KEY FULFILLM with a Just in stores and Precision es FedEx to partners Go takes digital or printed Kidbox. S to offer s in Novemb (the second host Amazon has two drive-up ble Kroger in fall 2017, using Postmat recently with tion via Best Buy app Curbside COUPON Week in Deliverie one Fresh coupons Monday” targeted redeema sumS ion delivS orders including Hannaford.com. DIGITAL digitally clip as “Green Amazon market. launched data to create to and more by er). Runs COUPON prescript S shopping KPM of online s of EVENTS sale for as soon y ality ENT PARTNER M DIGITAL pickup pons from provided COUPON by Member by Quotient directly in Decemb to indirectly some the Seattle first-part function and emails. KEY DIGITAL ically offer next-day retail partner s PLATFOR drive-up DIGITAL Monday ed sales in July provided Savings hour in KEY FULFILLM nce and in-store Day. d product Reorder” M MEDIA Black Offers coupons g system. EASY REORDER and provided they are automat digital coupons s Prime s Performa offers Spring ery. A foundingshoppin PLATFOR ized “Easy and online purchase Instant DIGITAL t for online for sponsorethe retail’s inin select well Offers coupons . mer-them 200 markets to Instacart Labs MEDIA Albertson help brands circular Quotien as well as A with Amazon’ A personal their card; ion program s on a member also SHMENT also allows at checkout DIGITAL Peapod Digital Friday in s. Loop’s to Launched both in-store stores, as their accounts Quotient during compete via Shipt. Shipt power subscript endation app. t. BJ’s hip d in order s, free shipping platform purchase ically applied registers s signed in to AUTO REPLENIe & Save” Deliv applied w y in 2018. recomm partners d often, Launche April, Black and mobile Media, a purchase times. as with S automat PetcoNo online checkou which are same-da their ads, 2018, in NoBoosted ed on bulk samefor shopperof items purchaseis available on The “Subscrib club or the operer’s websites Savings, Media in Friday in ENT PARTNER better target ed price . to offer at designat list service delivery, d June 2018, to promote of voice and build a a discount ic deliveries offers Instant Launche KEY FULFILLM with Quotient y. Easy Reorder app and by vember online. day delivery allows CPGs throughout ated through latter including S of frequencvia the retailer’s and automat offers available ions. Products ers None Cyber Weeker. with ads COUPON s , online orders. Instacart as prescript subscrib . purDIGITAL mardesktops in their brands digital propertie ng Assistant in Decemb ally emails that can be complete ly in select delivery Occasion EVENTS er and to their with Google codes the retailer’s they are performi as two hours powers pet EVENTS in EVENTS onal DIGITAL in-store little how EASY REORDER s have access recently/frequent KEY sales S Scripts S promoti online and in Novemb er. Dash KEY DIGITAL Friday and see KEY DIGITAL M COUPON to in y Black for grocery kets. Express deliveries. Prime memberand can reorder Alexa. Virtual Black Friday ENT PARTNER PLATFOR DIGITAL in Decemb applied ion Three-da and Cyber Week via in real time. Black Fridayer MEDIA es third parties Spark to launch Prime shipping KEY FULFILLM er prescript by voice chase history Cyber Monday DIGITAL Sometim multiple s, Deliv, orders. Novemb d items item with Echo Show s dely readying in Novemb Postmate Works with er. for any the purchase Reported Media Services. offered including Exploring driverles Decemb available amazon.com, tor. and July; in seaEVENTS Club Assistant delivery M Friday Buttons via Sam’s Roadie. Week during Google and KEY DIGITAL in July, Black PLATFOR Cyber reorders in Hub refrigera er. Delivery UDelv and Ford. EVENTS MEDIA enable sonal events ’s Family n promisDIGITAL Black Fridayand Cyber Monday in Decemb or KEY DIGITAL promotio livery with opping. er and Samsung items via text S Week voice-sh None Novemb M A Cyber regularly priced g proCOUPON powers er. to PLATFOR S website. DIGITAL off Decemb MEDIA store in 2018 . Recurrin es 25% both ENT PARTNER Partners S DIGITAL has Family eens.com & Offers Flex onal COUPON er. Offers Service on walgr Friends KEY FULFILLM EVENTS promoti None DIGITAL M Decemb s with such as 20% and manufac d Delivery startups. Amazon ons es offers for KEY DIGITAL /Week in PLATFOR S motions Day deliver a Launche nt Sometim MEDIA coupons during text, delivery delivering package Friday promotisale in COUPON turer coupons in stores). digital el DIGITAL a fulfillme Cyber Monday ble via email, and Senior DIGITAL fund parcel employees of its Black -themed codes or itself is ’s online (and by coupons flyers. While via Cartwhe can ry None offers redeema M a majority Runs summer with Amazon discount S Delivers tempora vehicles. Amazonits “Fulfillment paying special t. PLATFOR on in-store be used both that typically for COUPON by Quotient ts via MEDIA early online. y compete receipts used DIGITAL their own may sellers can ’s online checkou DIGITAL has merchan indirectl s powered to ExtraCare S only be for they often July to purchase COUPON some coupons Coupons partner proposition that y stored in Amazon directly S in stores, None comM in-store DIGITAL Coupons” program log ” COUPON receipts, Prime Day. inventor s ads and online and to one channel. PLATFOR are clippable explicitly Amazon use of the ers who app. DIGITAL cvs.com, MEDIA (unless “Paperles e). have their and to make operations. cardhold to their y uses digital for disd DIGITAL only apply cards from retailer’s mobile or a fee to Regularl provide codes S (provide stated otherwis the allows loyalty nt centers and shipping of to , the offers directly None on receipts COUPON turer coupons M email or fulfillme erce orders. chain emails on the printed In the spring DIGITAL in to “clip” PLATFOR by Quotientapplied supply on e-comm directly manufac MEDIA Coupons ExtraCare Coupon pany’s ically counts used in d online 2018, Google’s Printable t) are available cards. Provided DIGITAL tioff a Target only be eligible, are automat are added via in-store be redeeme er; 12 but can to first voice-ac was for $15 by Quotien coupons None can’t M products e-comapplies website stated. Centers EVENTS Friday in Novemb er. PLATFOR Express. vated coupon retailer’s Discount when eligiblen shopper’s MEDIA -collect Black KEY DIGITAL Google in Decemb unless expressly DIGITAL A Pickup for click-and in July; ed price order via stores. to a logged-iand automatically Cyber Week Prime Day app-bas nly items stores. None M Deals and M online-o Savings Catcher in 2019. merce cart at checkout in PLATFOR Days of d s. ued PLATFOR to help MEDIA MEDIA shopper was discontin redeeme DIGITAL data g DIGITAL ads to directly shopper digital uses matchin S None M coupons a wide their Roundel COUPON percent- off PLATFOR at the right s across better target M DIGITAL MEDIA and brands message purchase DIGITAL PLATFOR s the retailer’s g the right MEDIA Offers money- for online ns and content leverage intendin deliver DIGITAL None campaig that aren’t ng data, . Media Group on its website brands time, creating products Walmart in-store purchasi and digital including range of in-store ph Labs for clients, Target stores. online and across both ads ns of Polymor sold within grew to M to unify all ad opera2019 acquisitio bringing PLATFOR ng in 2018 . It MEDIA realms. Advertisi step toward platform DIGITAL ing Amazon online ad data and is is the latest . ng Fast-grow third-largest n the tions in-house purchasi become the company’s 2019 acquisitio s from the leverage to get a boost . expected ad server business of Sizmek’s and


re.com drugsto but shut Acquired om in 2011, beauty.c in 2016. sites down




of DELIVER y delivery select non-preOffers same-da ions and vitamins and prescript SKUs like most scription items in shipbeauty four-day health & One- to on orders of markets. free $5.49 or y delivery ping is $35. Same-da $7.99. at least ions costs for prescript


Y on thouDELIVER y delivery litan Offers same-dain 40 metropoin 60 items sands of next-day delivery Buy My Best areas and free litan areas. s receive metropo member on orders of at rewards shipping s are eligi- d standard Elite member least $35. delivery and schedule , while minimum ble for free with no additionally s shipping member Elite Plus two-day and free . receive d shipping schedule


PROGRA as COLLECT up orders in s can pick designated Shopper waretwo hours at m all 217 little as areas fro “Shop check-in ough the service. in-Club” house clubs thr - Pick Up BJs.com



CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION Bare NecesTIONS Art.com, Moosejaw , brands d online 2019; Modcloth le and in Purchase Hayneed in 2018 Eloquii and Jet, Also sities and in 2017; in 2016. and and Bonobos Shoes.com) India’s Flipkart, (now Parcel. stake in ShoeBuy a majority delivery startup bought NY acquired in 2017






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DELIVER with a $35 HOME shipping with a REDpaying via Target Free two-day or when purchase next-day delivery s, $2.99 card. Free REDcard member y delivery for Restock else. Same-da1,500 stores. for everyonevia Shipt from $1 if shopis available testing offering m order ly take Reported have their multi-ite to s that might pers opt fewer package ship in arrive. to longer


DELIVER delivery to two-day purchase, $35 Free onecontact with a minimum order includes ion. Expeditor if the a prescriptor two-day) lenses or t (onefee. ed overnighavailable for a is delivery




Pills include Purchase Ring in 2018; Pack and Foods Market Whole ased and Dubai-b m in 2017; Souq.co 2011 (shut in Quidsi 2017); Woot. down in 2010, Zappos. com in 2009, and com in .com in 2006. Shopbop




Y with a $49 DELIVER t. shipping both petsmar Free standard through s) and purchase Treats member two-day, last com (for Also offers y (the Chewy. for an and same-da next-day markets) delivery 30 only in al fee. addition



auto-reitems. tion for most Subscrip available plenish,

offer AUTO REPLENI Orders”





d upDedicate for onfront spacepickup, line order select along with spots parking near entrancewith for pick-upstime e 15-minut limits.





COLLECT d pickup dedicate with Stores have online orders, orders areas for of U.S. online The nearly 50%in stores in 2018.Go up Load ’N picked also offers rentals and retailer ruck stores have hourly pickup-t d half of its more than lockers positione ice self-serv s. at entrance






number” “order to facilitate Offers an intended ts for function s online checkou quicker who know a product’ s Business shopper Costco ” item number. a “Reorder s to offers Delivery that allows shopper y orders. capabilit from past select items


and in pur“recent Items purchase saved as g. stores are easy reorderin for chases”


S ENT PARTNER primary KEY FULFILLM the retailer’s


5:24 PM


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8 ‘Brands for

Good’ Coalition

P&G, Target and PepsiCo are among the founding partners of this sustainability collective.

9 Presented by Amazon

Amazon is testing a new physical retail concept with rotating, curated themed collections.

10 Rethinking SelfBimbo Bakeries USA‘s Jacque James



P&G launches a second exclusive personal care brand at Walmart called Just.




We celebrate the 15 shopper marketing programs that won 17 awards in Effie Worldwide’s annual competition. They were recognized at the Path to Purchase Summit.

We present eight steps companies should take to drive more meaningful growth across all commercial spending.

Who’s Who in Shopper Marketing Revenue Growth Management Shopper Marketing Effie Awards Our 11th annual report showcases the brand and retail executives who are leading and advancing the shopper marketing discipline at their companies.

August 2019

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with far more 5-star Google ratings than any other competing supplier


Editor’s Note: Peter Breen


P2PI Member Spotlight: Avocados from Mexico


Activation Gallery: Augmented and

Virtual Reality


P2P Toolkit

58 Shopping

with Steve: Wawa in Miami, Florida

60 Solution







I SWITCHED TO KINTER because they have the best reputat

Provider News

61 Personnel

Appointments/ Editorial Index

he busi



Retailer Intelligence: Pacha and Whole Foods


Better service, bigger inventory and lower prices make Kinter the easy choice for all your retail display hardware needs. Complex orders, last minute orders and product customization are no problem. Whatever your retail display hardware challenge, call 800.323.2389 and we’ll solve it.

switch. save. solved. 800.323.2389 | kinter.com Kinter is a family business obsessed with making retail display hardware easier for our customers. P2PIQ_2/3 PAGE.indd 1

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August 2019

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Path to Purchase IQ (USPS 4568, ISSN 2642-9985 ) is published 11 times a year, by EnsembleIQ, 8550 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Ste. 200, Chicago, IL 60631. Subscription rates: $125 for U.S. addresses; $190 for Canadian addresses; $275 for all other addresses. Single copies (pre- paid only): $20 in the U.S. Periodical postage paid at Chicago, IL 60631, and additional mailing addresses. Copyright 2019 by EnsembleIQ. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. Reprints, permissions and licensing, please contact Wright’s Media at ensembleiq@wrightsmedia. com or (877) 652-5295. POSTMASTER: send address changes to Path to Purchase IQ, PO Box 3200, Northbrook IL 60065-3200.

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ARCHITECTING THE FUTURE OF BUYING Current shopper behaviors are driven by experience and a sense of immediacy. FCB/RED is at the forefront of change, providing insights and integrated commerce-driving solutions for today’s evolving retail landscape.


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Editor’s Note

Editor-in-Chief Peter Breen, pbreen@ensembleiq.com

Creating a Clearer Path Award winners for 2019. First announced this spring at the Path to Purchase Summit, these 15 programs truly represent consumer engagement at its finest. We’ve been proud to work with Effie Worldwide on this prestigious awards program since 2011. (See page 38.) There’s also no better way to spotlight the agility and adaptability of today’s industry leaders by hosting our 11th annual “Who’s Who in Shopper Marketing” feature, which recognizes more than 275 executives from more than 120 product manufacturers and retailers who are driving innovation and success within their organizations (see page 14). Elsewhere, there’s no better way to examine the need to change old practices than by taking a deep look at revenue growth management, a strategic effort to better understand consumer behavior and improve marketing performance by evaluating the entire commercial spend through a single lens (page 46). Testing and learning is even more obvious in this month’s Activation Gallery, which looks at recent engagement initiatives involving augmented and virtual reality technologies (page 51). Finally, there is no clearer example of the ways in which the consumer’s path to purchase journey has changed over the last 31 years – or even in the last 31 days, in some cases – than the latest version of our “E-Commerce Intelligence” wall chart, where we outline the various online sales and digital engagement vehicles of 15 other leading U.S. retailers. (Special thanks to Menasha for again sponsoring the chart.) After you’ve redecorated your office with the print version of the chart, included with this issue, be sure to visit consumergoods. com to experience the digital edition, which this year was built on a dynamic, interactive platform that, I guess, is our final example of the changes taking place in this industry. At least until next month.

August 2019

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Managing Editor Charlie Menchaca, cmenchaca@ensembleiq.com Associate Director/Content Patrycja Malinowska, pmalinowska@ensembleiq.com Associate Editor/Content Cyndi Loza, cloza@ensembleiq.com


In the pages of this magazine, we’ve been helping consumer goods professionals gain the understanding they need to influence the consumer’s path to purchase journey for more than 30 years. The pace of this journey has accelerated and is moving in many directions, which requires agility, adaptability, a willingness to test and learn – and a readiness to change course when necessary. In that spirit, we are making our mission even clearer this month by rebranding the former Shopper Marketing and Consumer Goods Technology magazines as Path to Purchase IQ. Our stated mission, as the tagline reads, is to examine “End-to-End Strategies for Driving Consumer Demand.” We recently experimented with the name Rise, an aspirational concept aimed at inspiring the industry to reach new heights. Thanks to feedback and guidance from many of our readers, we learned that, although you liked our new format, the fresh design, the in-depth content and the extended audience reach gained by combining the publications, we needed to be far more straightforward with the name. The name Path to Purchase IQ not only crystalizes our editorial focus – delivering the business intelligence companies need to successfully drive consumer demand – it also illustrates the commitment our parent company, EnsembleIQ, is giving to this endeavor. We hope you’ll agree that this new direction gives our community a much stronger forum through which to learn, share and achieve success together. And in that spirit, we welcome your feedback. In the meantime, we’ll get on with fulfilling our mission. And there’s no better way to showcase effective strategies for driving consumer demand than to present our overview of the Shopper Marketing Effie

Executive Editor Tim Binder, tbinder@ensembleiq.com

Associate Editor/Content Jacqueline Barba, jbarba@ensembleiq.com Editor Emeritus Bill Schober, bschober@ensembleiq.com Director – Production Ed Ward, eward@ensembleiq.com Creative Director Colette Magliaro, cmagliaro@ensembleiq.com Art Director Michael Escobedo, mescobedo@ensembleiq.com CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Dan Ochwat, Erika Flynn, Ed Finkel, Michael Applebaum, Chris Gelbach, Dawn Klingensmith, Neal Lorenzi, April Miller

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Here’s Here’s a a crazy crazy idea: idea: E-Comm E-Comm consulting consulting should should pay pay for for itself. itself.

A new digital commerce consultancy born A new digital commerce consultancy born out of TPN, Velocity Commerce Group has out of TPN, Velocity Commerce Group has experienced experts that can dramatically experienced experts that can dramatically boost your bottom line through Pure Play, boost your bottom line through Pure Play, Direct-to-Consumer, Omni-Channel Retail, Direct-to-Consumer, Omni-Channel Retail, or Amazon Strategy and Optimization. or Amazon Strategy and Optimization. Discover how we’re bringing sanity Discover how we’re bringing sanity —and quantifiable results—to —and quantifiable results—to E-Comm consulting at E-Comm consulting at velocitycommercegroup.com. velocitycommercegroup.com. Let’s talk. Let’s talk.


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Enterprise Excellence

‘Brands for Good’ Coalition to Advance Sustainability BY C H A R L I E M E N C H AC A

Marc Pritchard, P&G Chief Brand Officer

“In order to make progress we need to have sustainability embedded into the heart of what we stand for, how we innovate and how we communicate.”

Virginie Helias, P&G Chief Sustainability Officer

Procter & Gamble, Target, PepsiCo and software company SAP SuccessFactors are among the founding partners of a collective formed to promote sustainability innovations and solutions. The coalition, named Brands For Good, made its official debut in June at the flagship event for Sustainable Brands, a global community of brand innovators. The founding member companies made the following three commitments: • Embed environmental and social purpose into the heart of their brand promise, products and experiences. • Use marketing, communications and brand influence to make sustainable living accessible, aspirational and rewarding. • Work together to transform the field of marketing to shift behaviors and drive positive impact with people, communities and the planet we share. “This is a new movement and industry standpoint to collectively advance sustainability,” P&G chief brand officer Marc Pritchard said in an exclusive trade interview with the Path to Purchase Institute. Other founding member companies of the group include Dentsu Aegis Network, National Geographic, Nestle Waters, SC Johnson and Visa.

Virginie Helias, P&G chief sustainability officer

Having a retailer like Target involved as a founding member is critical to the coalition’s mission, says Virginie Helias, P&G’s first chief sustainability officer. In a separate interview, Helias said the retailer can reinforce messaging on sustainability during the purchase journey, help consumers see the value base and ensure they choose what is most responsible. “If it’s promoting responsible consumption, then the retailer is the key part of that,” she said. Helias said participating in Brands for Good will help P&G meet its long-term goals for societal change regarding sustainability. Its “Ambition 2030” goals include having all of its product packaging be recyclable or reusable. Helias distinguishes between what is in P&G’s control (its brands and employees) and outside its control (suppliers and society). “We must be held accountable,” she said. “We must invest time to meet goals. We need to empower, reward and enable [P&G employees] to be our best ambassadors.”

August 2019

08-P2PIQ_brands4good.indd 8

“What’s more remote will take more collaboration and time (to change), but we are very committed to do that. That’s the only way that we can address those huge changes at the scale that is needed.” Each company in Brands For Good will continue its own individual execution and innovations. P&G is focused on making its sustainable products irresistible and retaining retail execution at a great value, Pritchard said.

So while each company is innovating and trying to retain its market share, collectively they can still come together to have a more powerful impact, he said. He compared it to the aphorism “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Many of the participating companies in Brands For Good are already making strides toward sustainability, Pritchard said. He cites the Tide PurClean detergent and also the company’s involvement in Loop, which touts a zero-waste system. The U.S. pilot launched on May 21 in New York and other Mid-Atlantic states. Although it is too early to talk metrics regarding the U.S. pilot of Loop, Helias says it has been amazing to see the awareness of the idea spread in the market. The pilot is the result of two years of research, she said. “In order to make progress we need to have sustainability embedded into the heart of what we stand for, how we innovate and how we communicate,” Helias said. IQ

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Retail Execution

Amazon ‘Presents’ Another Mall Concept BY PAT RYC J A M A L I N O W S K A

Amazon is quietly testing a new physical retail concept in which it merchandises rotating, curated themed collections. Dubbed Presented by Amazon, the concept is live in four premier, high-trafficked malls across the U.S.: Century City Mall in Los Angeles, Westfield San Francisco Centre Mall in San Francisco, Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas and Westfield Old Orchard Mall in Skokie, Illinois. The Path to Purchase Institute visited the Westfield Old Orchard outdoor mall location in May, where Presented by Amazon is housed in a glass-enclosed shop dubbed The Cube and located near Macy’s. An employee told P2PI that the location opened late last year and has since been themed for Walt Disney Co., Under Armour, Mattel’s Barbie and Marvel – the last one ongoing at the time of P2PI’s visit. “That is new retail; it’s this concept that something can exist in a moment in

time to capture a trend,” Molly Schonthal, vice president of strategy and innovation at Boston-based provider of e-commerce content management solutions Salsify, told P2PI. “These Amazon pop-up stores are exactly emblematic of what’s happening now which is a flow-through from digital to physical and back again, creating moments that matter.” Below are a few highlights from the store visit: • The Cube contained several groups of fixtures merchandising toys, books and other licensed items. Shoppers were able to purchase most SKUs on the spot, though some items such as T-shirts had to be purchased on Amazon.com. • As in the GH Lab curated showroom that Amazon opened at the Mall of America for the last holiday season, online purchases are facilitated by SmileCodes that are displayed throughout the store and items are shipped directly to shoppers’ homes. • A few table displays stocked additional

August 2019

09-P2PIQ_amazon.indd 9

merchandise, while stands on both sides of the entryway displayed a Mighty Captain Marvel adult throw blanket with sleeves. An Avengers folding soft storage bench also was displayed on the floor. At-shelf customer reviews were also displayed for some items. • Signage throughout the store, including some digital screens,

depicted Marvel characters. Some of the signs included a #MarvelPopUp hashtag associated with the themed collection, as did a backdrop where shoppers could take photos with two prop weapons: Captain America’s shield and Thor’s Stormbreaker. Westfield Old Orchard has promoted some of the available themes via social media posts. Amazon also had been operating 87 mall-based kiosks before pulling the plug on that concept in April. That format was a showcase for Amazon’s own electronic devices such as the Echo, Kindle and Fire TV. The company said it would instead focus on expanding Amazon Books (currently at 18 locations) and Amazon 4-Star (three locations) formats, which provide a broader selection. Amazon also continues to open more of its Amazon Go stores, most recently adding a thirteenth location in New York City. IQ

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Procter & Gamble Rethinks Self-Care with Walmart



















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5/9/19 12:41:42 PM

August 2019

10-11-P2PIQ_walmart.indd 10

Procter & Gamble has launched a second personal care brand exclusively at Walmart. Dubbed Just., the feminine care brand spans tampons and pads made without fragrances, dyes or chlorine bleaching. Its launch follows the exclusive debut of Joy shaving products at Walmart earlier this spring. Both brands are competing in categories where P&G is already a leader. Yet they enjoy a unique positioning that plays down their affiliation with the manufacturer and strays from what has been typical in mainstream media. Marketing efforts for the brands instead cultivate an authentically feminine voice in tune with the body-positive natural movement and its more holistic, inclusive approach to self-care. Across its standalone website, Instagram and Facebook accounts, and a YouTube video, Just. delivers messages such as: “Period blood isn’t the end of the world – it’s just a period.” Sponsored posts and influencer marketing support the effort. Packaged in bright red and white boxes, the products are stocked in-line in Walmart stores alongside brands such as: P&G’s Always, Kimberly-Clark’s U by Kotex (a brand that itself shook up the category when it launched in 2010) and Seventh Generation. P&G’s legacy feminine care brands (including Tampax) continue to serve the manufacturer’s loyal shopper base, while Just. carves out a distinctive space in health and wellness to lure in new users that are growing up with a different dialogue. IQ

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7/17/19 3:46 PM

We drive business performance by leveraging location-based data and insights.

This allows us to reach shoppers throughout their consumer journey.

And influence their purchase decisions along the way by delivering relevant messages to mobile users in the moment.

Digital solutions that drive incremental store visits and sales, guaranteed. GroundTruth is the leading location platform for driving visits. Using our proprietary Blueprints technology, we’re able to learn about mobile users and reach them at the right place and right time, ultimately helping companies inform their marketing decisions, increase sales, and grow their businesses. To learn more, visit: www.groundtruth.com

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4/9/19 4:20 PM 7/17/19 3:46 PM

Member Spotlight

Avocados From Mexico

de Mayo brunch. AFM and Tostitos saw the perfect opportunity to celebrate the holiday with a new twist. We teamed up to deliver on the ultimate combination of chips, dips and avocados for Cinco de Mayo celebrations with some brunch favorites. Tostitos and AFM unveiled thousands of Cinco Central displays (pictured) at grocery stores across the country. Tostitos’ Cinco thematic packaging with AFM branding and a salsa guac recipe were included on millions of Tostitos bags. In addition, millions of onpack coupons were in circulation offering $2 off one bag of Tostitos chips and three AFM avocados.

How does your company plan to use your P2PI membership? LE: This is our first year partnering with P2PI. We believe in trailblazing the produce category and plan to leverage the website resources to learn from the best of the best in the CPG industry and connect with innovative vendors to incorporate their capabilities into our marketing plans.

What are your predictions for the future of marketing, and how will Avocados From Mexico navigate that future? Avocados From Mexico (AFM) is the top-selling avocado brand in the U.S. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association formed for the purpose of advertising, promotion, public relations and research for all AFM stakeholders. Under agreements, the association and the Mexican Avocado Producers and Packers have combined resources to fund and manage AFM, with the intent to provide a focused, effective and efficient marketing program in the U.S. AFM strives to inspire shoppers with versatile recipes from guac to adding avocados to tacos/salads and educate them on how best to ripen and preserve in order to get the most out of their fruit. Last but not least, AFM also shares the many health benefits of avocados to

LE: There are many ways to shop and digital is leading the charge, but the majority of decisions are still made in the store. Shoppers are looking for personalized experiences and inspiration with food at the center. As the little green fruit in the CPG world, AFM will navigate the future by staying on top of trends, leveraging our insightsbased company strategy and pushing innovative solutions and experiences that address shoppers’ needs. IQ help shoppers reach their long-term goals. Dianne Le, AFM associate director, shopper marketing, answered a few questions about the business.

Tell us about a recent campaign for one of your products. LE: Since Cinco de Mayo was on a Sunday this year, the path was paved for the ultimate mashup of food-centric celebrations: Cinco

August 2019

12-13-P2PIQ_Mspotlight.indd 12

NOT A PATH TO PURCHASE INSTITUTE MEMBER? Join the 400+ companies who rely on the Path to Purchase Institute every day for strategies and best practices on succeeding in today’s chaotic consumer goods environment. For more information, contact Katrina Lopez at klopez@ensembleiq.com.

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Proudly part of Stronghaven, Inc. and the Hood Container family of companies.

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7/18/19 7/1/19 9:14 9:44 AM


Our 11th annual report showcases the brand and retail executives who are leading and advancing the shopper marketing discipline at their companies.


RODNEY WAIGHTS Vice President, Shopper & Customer Marketing Rodney Waights has spent his entire career with Beiersdorf, but not all on the same continent. Waights joined the company out of college as a sales representative in Australia and worked his way up, holding positions at almost every level in the sales organization. He switched to shopper and customer marketing in 2010, led the integration of the Australia and New Zealand shopper marketing functions, and then held the position of director for shopper and customer marketing, Asia Pacific. In 2016 Waights moved to the U.S. and shortly thereafter assumed his current role.

Photo by Mark Conrad

August 2019

| 14 | consumergoods.com


WAIGHTS: We recently leveraged several insights on the dermatological skin care shopper to partner with a drug retailer. Without giving everything away, one visible aspect of this execution was the installation of derm skincare units with an iPad that enables shoppers to research and confidently self-select their product based on their skin care need. When a selection is made, the shelf lights up highlighting the product. We’ve achieved strong sales growth from this activation and a lot of learnings that will lead to a better 2.0 version.


What are your current responsibilities?

WAIGHTS: I’m privileged to lead and develop a talented, engaged team. I see my role as building capabilities across each of our workstreams in order to fulfill our shopper marketing mission, which, in part, is to deliver actionable business intelligence and relevant, disruptive activations that compel shoppers to buy wherever they choose to interact, creating brand and category value. As a member of our U.S. leadership team, I have the opportunity to shape the U.S. business direction and advocate on behalf of our department at the very highest levels of our global business.


How does your company organize its shopper marketing function?

WAIGHTS: We have four interconnected work streams: revenue growth management, category management, shopper marketing/merchandising and market activation. The latter is responsible for managing innovation and preparing all aspects of the launch for market/ retailer readiness. This pillar also has the responsibility for developing shopper insights.


What motivates you most in your current position?

WAIGHTS: Understanding that we truly do make a difference to our consumers through our products. This is both inspiring

and rewarding. Also helping to evolve and transform a really good team into a classleading team. As a part of this journey, I enable individuals to build new skills, develop new ways of working and create opportunities that contribute to a strengthening of our business. This is my leading indicator. The lagging indicator is the shopper retention/ conversion we generate as a result of our efforts.


What was your biggest professional challenge, and how did you overcome it? WAIGHTS: Moving overseas, learning a new culture, different market dynamics and ways of operating while simultaneously putting pressure on myself to deliver early results. It took time to moderate my own expectations, engage people in the vision and to see impactful change – but the results have been worth the effort.


What about shopper marketing concerns you?

WAIGHTS: The age-old

August 2019

problem applied to today’s environment – finding insightdriven, effective methods to engage and delight new and existing target shoppers in relevant and meaningful ways. The level of information and tool repertoire grows, but the task remains unchanged and real.


What is the shopper’s greatest need today? How is your team or organization working to meet that need?

WAIGHTS: To make informed decisions. In a world full of advertising and content clutter, shoppers seek personalized, authentic, engaging and relevant information when, where and how they choose to interact. This may lead to a buying moment at the time – or later. Our challenge therefore is to provide the right experience or meet the right need in the right micro moment. Winning brands are mastering this. It’s something we’re giving a lot of thought to, but we have more to test and even more to learn.

| 15 | consumergoods.com

ICON KEY Institute member

Abbott Laboratories KIMBERLY CASEY, Director, Shopper Experience Team Casey leads the team that oversees the shopper marketing, shopper insights and category development functions. The team drives category and brand conversion by influencing shoppers during multiple touchpoints along the shopper journey, transforming insights into strategies that drive sales and share growth. MANDY JONES, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager

WHO’S WHO IN SHOPPER MARKETING Ahold Delhaize USA LINDA CROWDER, Monetization Sales Lead – Peapod Digital Labs Media Partnerships Crowder leads the sales team for the new Peapod Digital Labs Media Partnerships platform, which delivers strategic marketing messaging and media solutions across the e-commerce websites and stores of Ahold Delhaize USA’s six local brands. STACEY KEGEL, Shopper Marketing Manager, Giant Martin’s Kegel is responsible for the strategy, execution and optimization of Giant Martin’s shopper marketing programs. She uses shopper insights to develop programs that bring value and excitement to consumers while allowing manufacturers the opportunity to drive volume and deliver equity messaging through the retailer’s channels. MARK WILLIAMSON, Vice President of Media Partnerships, Peapod Digital Labs Williamson and his team are focused on driving media partnerships, supplier solutions and customer relevance by leveraging online, in-store and data assets.

Albertsons Cos. ANGELA MOORE, Director, Shopper Marketing ANDREA OLGUIN, Director, Shopper Marketing, Strategic Planning & Sponsorships Olguin is responsible for leading shopper marketing lifestyle initiatives, competitive response programs, events and sports sponsorships for Albertsons’ Northern California division.

American Greetings JULIE HERCEG, Senior Manager, Retail Marketing Herceg has helped

advance the company’s mission of making the world a more thoughtful and caring place. She currently creates integrated marketing plans for retailers to support their strategic imperatives and drive sales of the social expressions category.


JIM TIETJENS, Senior Director, Trade Marketing Tietjens has more than 18 years of experience and expertise encompassing retail partnerships development, strategic retailer planning, shopper marketing, in-store merchandising development and execution, and digital shopper engagement.

Avocados from Mexico DIANNE LE, Associate Director, Shopper Marketing Le is responsible for leading shopper marketing with a focus on strategic planning, development of national and key account programs, and building strategic partners. Her greatest accomplishment has been developing an insights-driven education strategy for the company and the category.


Bob Evans Farms

DEBBIE ZEFTING, Director, Shopper Strategy & Engagement Zefting leads the shopper strategy team which includes shopper marketing, consumer promotions, in-store merchandising and packaging, supporting retail and digital commerce customers as well as global capabilities.

KIM BESST, Senior Marketing Manager With more than 20 years in CPG, agency and retail, Besst leads shopper initiatives at Bob Evans Foods. Her team focuses on highly effective volume-driving programs as well as brand and category expansion.

Bayer HealthCare SCOTT DUFFY, Manager, Shopper Marketing Duffy leads the development and execution of insights-driven, retailer- or channel-specific shopper marketing programs that align to Bayer’s brand strategies for all of its brands.

LORRAN BROWN-COSBY, Vice President, Digital Commerce RENATE JUENGLING, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing – National Retail Sales Juengling leads the development and execution of customer-specific solutions to drive Bacardi brands within national retail sales by leveraging consumer, shopper, retailer and competitive insights. She inspires customer engagement, conversion and higher basket ring through innovative shopper programming, strategic partnerships and digital path-to-purchase across channels and media platforms.

NICOLE PAVLICA, Director of Marketing, Consumer Engagement


EMILY CARPIN, Commercial Marketing Director, Whiskey Portfolio



RODNEY WAIGHTS, Vice President, Shopper and Customer Marketing See profile on page 14

KYLE LOCK, Senior Director of Marketing Lock leads strategic planning for the corporation and directs integrated marketing communications to drive record levels of brand awareness, preference and affinity, both resulting in a more diversified business and record profits.

Beam Suntory

MISSY HACKETT, Shopper Marketing Manager

Bacardi U.S.A.

Boulder Brands

LYNETTE GREEN, Digital Marketing Manager, National Accounts An expert digital marketer, Green leads the strategy, design and implementation of digital shopper marketing and digital shelf solutions for Brown-Forman’s portfolio of premium spirit brands.

Bigelow Tea Co.

August 2019

14-37-P2PIQ_whosWHO.indd 16

Barilla America

Bimbo Bakeries USA JACQUE JAMES, National Account Executive – Shopper Lead for Key Accounts See profile on page 28


MAUREEN STICCO, Director, DSDE Excellence Merchandising Best Practices Sticco brings a tremendous amount of knowledge, skill and passion to this position with 29 years of traditional brand marketing experience. She is responsible for the evolution of the company’s sales and marketing partnerships to deliver world-class positioning of its iconic brands in the market.


Calbee North America Campbell Soup HEIDI COWAN, Senior Director, Customer Communication & Development ASHLEY CUTLER, Shopper Marketing Lead

| 16 | consumergoods.com 7/18/19 9:16 AM


Great Insights

GREAT DESIGN Great Execution What works best at retail? Our 80+ designers and engineers are experts in applying insights to develop a range of creative, practical solutions that meet your marketing objectives and fit your budget parameters. Learn how Great Northern Instore can help you win at retail. 800.558.4711 or greatnortherninstore.com

Using the growing “foodie� trend, our team developed an impactful, artisanal cart for San Pellegrino that garnered them secondary placement in high traffic grocery departments.

Winner of





greatnortherninstore.com | 800.558.5711

14-37-P2PIQ_whosWHO.indd 17 P2PIQ_FULL_PAGE_BLEED.indd 1

7/18/19 9:16 AM 7/12/19 5:05 PM

WHO’S WHO IN SHOPPER MARKETING BRYAN KLINE, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager Kline’s role is to leverage category and shopper insights to develop volumedriving programs for strategic customers. In addition, he executes national scale events during highconsumption timeframes.

Central Garden & Pet LISA BARNES, Director of Customer Marketing – Walmart Barnes’ leadership brings Walmart shoppers to the forefront of sales strategy. Utilizing shopper insights, she creates strategies and programs designed to drive conversion in traditional shopping environments as well as in e-commerce. KIMBERLY MILLER, Director of Customer Marketing, Home Centers Miller leads a team responsible for the development and execution of insight-driven, customer-specific programs and omnichannel enrichment for Home Depot and Lowe’s. Her team’s mission is to demystify the lawn and garden segment and drive conversion. KEVIN SMITH, Senior Director of Marketing Operations

Chobani TINA MEHTA, Senior Channel Marketing Manager – E-Commerce

Church & Dwight DAN BRACKEN, Vice President, Consumer Engagement CINDY MANZO, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing, Merchandising and Partnerships

Clif Bar CHRISTINE JENSEN, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager Jensen leads the shopper marketing strategy development and a team of shopper

marketers who support accountspecific marketing efforts across channels, with national shopper marketing programs as well as retail partnerships.

Clorox NATALIE BARBER HALPERN, Team Leader, Shopper Marketing & Omnichannel Halpern leads the company’s shopper marketing capability, ensuring that the group of more than 20 team members is constantly expanding its skillsets and influence, working smarter and preparing to excel in the future of retail and shopping.

Coca-Cola DANA BARBA, Area Vice President, Shopper Marketing Barba leads national retail sales shopper marketing for the eastern U.S. She and her team leverage shopper insights and collaborative business planning to bring to life the shopper path to purchase. She collaborates with strategic grocery and club store customers in the development of shopper marketing strategies and business planning. TAMMY BRUMFIELD, Associate Vice President, Shopper Marketing, Large Store West Brumfield is responsible for working with large-format grocery stores such as Albertson’s and Target to link brand strategy with customers’ shopper strategies to change and drive shopper behavior at retail. She is a true industry veteran, offering more than 37 years in the consumer products industry and holding various roles of increasing responsibilities in both sales and marketing. APRIL CARLISLE, Vice President, Shopper Marketing Carlisle leads shopper marketing across the

August 2019

14-37-P2PIQ_whosWHO.indd 18

entire portfolio of Coca-Cola brands, developing strategic vision, plans and measurement including: shopper marketing plans with customers; shopper marketing insights, strategies and toolkits developed with brands from the center; and managing budgets and more than 50 shopper marketers. ALESSANDRA CASCINO, Shopper Channel Portfolio Director Cascino oversees the portfolio shopper marketing initiatives for Coca-Cola North America, including Coke with food and hydration. She and her team are responsible for delivering full path to purchase recommendations, across brick & mortar and digital. JIM D’ISIDORO, Director, Shopper Marketing D’Isidoro directs shopper marketing strategies across the Ahold Delhaize USA divisions for the company. Previous leadership roles with Coke include brand management and commercial and franchise leadership across the U.S. and Canada. TONY FUNG, Global Director, Shopper Marketing Strategy Fung brings 12 years of experience in shopper marketing including traditional and digital. He is responsible for shopper marketing strategy on the 7-Eleven Global Team to drive annual and longterm growth. Fung joined the company this year and previously held positions at Danone and Unilever. STACY JACKSON, Assistant Vice President, Shopper Marketing Jackson leads the team responsible for developing and executing longterm strategies and marketing plans to support the Coca-Cola portfolio for Kroger.

MELISSA MAHL, Director, Shopper Marketing, Convenience Retail Mahl currently leads shopper marketing in the convenience retail channel for Coca-Cola with responsibility for the Circle K business. RACHEL SMITH, Assistant Vice President, Shopper Marketing Smith leads the marketing team dedicated to the development of strategies and comprehensive marketing plans to support the entire Coca-Cola portfolio for the drug and value channels, which includes four of Coca-Cola’s top customers – Walgreens, CVS, Dollar General and Family Dollar. JOSEPH VIZCARRA, Group Vice President – Walmart Team Vizcarra has been involved in shopper marketing for more than 20 years, with roles on both the client and agency side. He has worked with multiple CPG’s and proudly joined Coca-Cola in 2018 where he leads the Walmart/ Sam’s club shopper team.

Colgate-Palmolive JAIRO GARCIA, Director of Shopper Marketing See profile on page 22

Conagra Brands ALLISON BRACKMANN, Retail Innovation Manager With experiences at both retailer and CPG companies, Brackmann develops instore merchandising vehicles across all retailers for key brands. She focuses on establishing new vendor/ partner relationships and innovative programs to accelerate new product launches and increase size of basket. She also manages allocated A&P funding to drive brand and company strategy, while maximizing ROI.

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WANTED Are you a challenger brand with plenty of bite, but in need of a louder bark? Then EDGE Marketing might be your new best friend. We turn shoppers into buyers throughout the new world of borderless retail. Fetch more info at WelcomeToEdge.com

14-37-P2PIQ_whosWHO.indd 19


7/18/19 9:16 AM

WHO’S WHO IN SHOPPER MARKETING DOROTHYENGELHARDT, Shopper Marketing Manager, Conagra Engelhardt is a shopper marketing/CPG veteran with more than 20 years of experience across multiple functions. She was most recently working at Pinnacle Foods in the shopper marketing area and has moved over to Conagra shopper marketing, managing the Ahold/Delhaize accounts. ARI FERNANDEZ, Shopper Marketing, Retail Innovation Manager With several years of domestic and international experience, Fernandez develops in-store vehicles across all retailers and multiple brands. She leads new vendor/partner relationships and innovative programs to accelerate new product launches, and increase size of basket. She also determines optimal use of promotion funding focusing on maximizing ROI. KRISTEN KLEI, Shopper Marketing Manager – Walmart Klei is responsible for developing shopper programs at Walmart that drive Conagra’s Grocery and Snacks business. Prior to joining the company in 2016, she worked for Kimberly-Clark and The Hershey Co. ANDREA KNIGHT, Shopper Marketing Manager – Walmart Knight has 15 years of experience in planning and developing strategic omnichannel customer marketing platforms across a wide range of CPG categories including grocery, OTC, personal care and oral care. She is now responsible for the strategy and development of shopper marketing initiatives and optimizing strategic partnerships that drive both brand conversion and category growth. 

AARON NEWHOUSE, Director, Shopper Marketing Newhouse leads the team responsible for the strategy, development and execution of shopper marketing programming across key grocery channel retail partners. MATT PABST, Director, Shopper Marketing – Walmart Pabst leads the company’s Walmart shopper marketing team and directs marketing strategy and activation. He is a thought leader focused on the intersection of shopper marketing, e-commerce and technology. BOB WAIBEL, Senior Director, Shopper Marketing Waibel leads the shopper marketing and retail innovation teams at Conagra Brands. He and the shopper marketing team work closely with customers to understand how consumers behave as shoppers in an omnichannel environment and leverage that intelligence to inspire usage and drive conversion.

Conair Corp. PAULETTE HELLER, Vice President of Marketing

Constellation Brands

RICHARD STRINGER, Vice President, Customer Leadership Center Stringer is responsible for business intelligence, shopper insights, category management and sales strategy.

CVS Health ERIN CONDON, Vice President of Front Store & Omnichannel Marketing MICHELE DRISCOLL, Vice President, Retail Growth Portfolio JIM HALLOCK, Senior Director, Loyalty & Personalization Program Strategy AMY SCHROEDER, Director, Prescription Benefit Management Digital Strategy & Engagement GRANT VIOLANTI, Senior Director of Loyalty & Personalization Violanti leads personalization strategy for all front-store merchants and vendors.


Danone North America JASON POTTER, Senior Director, Category Insights and Shopper Marketing

JASON ALVING, Shopper Marketing Director

MARK SORRENTINO, Head of Shopper Marketing

THERESA SANDHU, Shopper Marketing Director

DAS Cos.

Costco Wholesale PAUL LATHAM, Senior Vice President, Membership, Marketing, Services

Crayola MIMI DIXON, Manager, Brand Equity, Strategy & Activation Dixon creates and activates integrated national marketing campaigns and

August 2019

14-37-P2PIQ_whosWHO.indd 20

develops and executes insight-led retailer-specific shopper solutions supporting national and strategic corporate initiatives.

CHARLES WHITE, Vice President, Brands & Marketing See profile on page 33

Del Monte Foods STEVE ALEKSICH, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing and Partnerships Aleksich brings more than 20 years of experience in various promotional roles in the shopper

and omnichannel marketing arenas. He is currently leading both partnerships and shopper marketing strategy platforms at the company. Prior to Del Monte, he worked for Heinz, Disney, Nestle, American Greetings and Sony Pictures Entertainment. MIKE MALONY, Senior Manager, Shopper and E-Commerce Marketing Malony is charged with helping to grow the company’s share and sales in physical and e-commerce spaces with inventive retail-focused marketing programs for Walmart, Sam’s Club and Ahold Delhaize. He really enjoys Del Monte’s rise as a category leader and new product innovator. JENNIFER REINER, Senior Director, Omnichannel Marketing & E-Commerce Reiner leads shopper marketing, digital, media, PR, consumer promotions, print production, kitchens and agency relationships. She and her team support the development of integrated marketing communication plans for the brands and continuously drive effectiveness and efficiency through plan optimizations and capability development such as in-flight media optimization, sales measurement and test-and-learns. She also developed the company’s e-commerce strategy.

D.G. Yuengling & Son CHRIS SEIGH, Trade Marketing Manager Seigh leads shopper marketing efforts with large- and smallformat national accounts, driving activation and customization. His focus is on utilizing actionable insights to drive solutions that influence behavior and demand across multiple touchpoints at retail.

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Georgia-Pacific Corrugated Displays

A foundation for evaluation. Georgia-Pacific Corrugated is rewriting what a display and packaging partner looks like. We want to show you the future of shopper marketing and pointof-purchase displays through innovative methods such as augmented reality, beacon technology and high-speed digital printing. GP Corrugated – putting the shopper at the center of everything we do.


Š2019 GP Corrugated LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Shopper Marketing Ad 8.25x10_July.indd 11 P2PIQ_FULL_PAGE_NON-BLEED.indd

14-37-P2PIQ_whosWHO.indd 21

6/26/19 10:33 1:39 PM 6/28/19 AM

7/18/19 9:16 AM



JAIRO GARCIA Director of Shopper Marketing Jairo Garcia has been with Colgate for 13 years in different consumer marketing and innovation positions based in Mexico City and New York. In different career-related conversations, an opportunity came up to do a more commercial/sales role as a great way to develop a better rounded and balanced commercial focus – something critical in today’s marketplace. When Garcia was offered the position, he didn’t hesitate.


Describe your current role.

GARCIA: I’m responsible for leading the shopper marketing strategy for our entire business at Walmart – oral care, personal care and home care – ensuring we develop the right programs not only to drive purchase of

our products, but also help drive category growth. It’s a very exciting job that requires me to evaluate all our strategies and programs through different lenses: What’s in it for the shopper? What’s in it for the retailer? What’s in it for the company? In addition, the everchanging and evolving path to purchase requires agility and a sense of urgency more than ever.


What was your biggest professional challenge, and how did you overcome it?

GARCIA: In my previous position as associate director, marketing, I had the privilege to work in one of the most critical projects in the company – the relaunch of Colgate Total. As you can imagine, this was not an easy project. It required creativity, resilience and managing


GARCIA: Our Save Water campaign has been quite successful. Colgate needed to capture the attention of Walmart customers shopping for toothpaste on autopilot and convince them to buy premium products. In 2016, Walmart launched Project Gigaton, inviting suppliers to join them in reducing greenhouse emissions by 1 gigaton (1 billion metric tons) by 2030. Colgate embraced this challenge and offered Walmart shoppers a way to help the environment without paying extra: turning off the tap while brushing their teeth. The goal was showing shoppers they have the power to save up to 4 gallons of water each time they brush. We partnered with Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, who became the ambassador of this powerful message. With a strong PR campaign and powerful in-store support, we drove Colgate sales while also delivering category sales growth. For more on Save Water, see page 42.

August 2019

14-37-P2PIQ_whosWHO.indd 22

Photo by Joshua Duke

ambiguity, to name a few. I think the way we work in Colgate, it’s half the solution: there is a strong sense of teamwork and belonging, we’re here to help each other and march toward the same objective. The people who work in this company really make a difference.


What about shopper marketing concerns you?

GARCIA: The fragmentation of the media and level of personalization. Years ago TV, radio, print and out-of-home advertising was the way to go. Now we have all these different vehicles and technologies that make everything more personalized, but at the same time more difficult to measure. It also stretches our budgets.


What is the shopper’s greatest need today? How is your team or organization working to meet that need?

GARCIA: It’s the level of personalization and the existence of all those digital tools and platforms out there, how they impact the purchase decision, and most importantly, how do they get measured from an effectiveness and ROI perspective. We are evolving as fast as the market is changing, adapting to the new needs, while keeping a critical eye on what is here to stay, and what’s not. It’s an exciting time to be a marketer, because the level of knowledge requirement and experiences has never been so vast.

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There’s a science to this

7/18/19 7/8/19 9:16 8:30 AM PM

WHO’S WHO IN SHOPPER MARKETING Diageo CATHERINE MOFFATT, Vice President, Global Shopper Planning & Customer Marketing Centre of Excellence LINDSAY SMALLWOOD, Beer Customer Marketing Manager – Chains

Dole Food KELLEE MILLER, Director, Shopper Marketing With a blended background in brand management and shopper marketing, Miller leads shopper marketing at the company to partner with retailers, with a focus on shopper loyalty, retention and education. She is a liaison for key business stakeholders while also serving as the voice of the retailer and shopper.

Dollar General RACHEL WHITE, Senior Director, Digital & Shopper Marketing

Duracell BRANDON BARR, Senior Director, Global Costco Team PETER GORZKOWSKI, Director, North America Shopper Marketing Aside from leading the North American shopper marketing organization for Duracell, Gorzkowski’s main objective is to find the intersection of shopper and consumer insights that enable the brand to delight the shopper with a unique shopping experience.


E. & J. Gallo Winery PHILLIP CLEVELAND, Director, Shopper Marketing Cleveland leads shopper marketing’s efforts in developing omnichannel programs and retail solutions for multiple national and regional chain partners. He and his team focus on brand building, insights-driven plat-

forms that resonate with shoppers, drive traffic in-store and grow share within the category. JULIE FISHER, Director, Shopper Marketing Fisher manages the portfolio of wines and spirits for the Northern geography, as well as channel and retail strategy. Her objective is to reach the hearts and minds of adult beverage shoppers to drive memorable occasions with products they will love. KATE GRITSCH, Manager, E-Commerce KAREN MIZELL, Director, E-Commerce Mizell leads Gallo’s ecommerce sales team with a mission to help online retailers, brick-and-mortar retailers and marketplaces grow their wine & spirits categories online. BETH OROZCO, Managing Director, Shopper Marketing

JOHN SCHOENECKER, Director, Shopper Marketing Schoenecker leads a team responsible for the strategy, development and execution of shopper and digital marketing programs with key retail and distributor partners across the Western U.S. HERB SMITH, Vice President, Off-Premise Customer Development, Category Management and Control States Smith’s responsibilities include all grocery chains, convenience, club, dollar, mass and discount chains. He is most proud of the collaborative relationships he has built with all of his customers. Smith assumed his current post in January 2005.

August 2019

14-37-P2PIQ_whosWHO.indd 24

BRITTANY STORY, Senior Manager, E-Commerce KELLY TAYLOR, Manager, E-Commerce Taylor supports E. & J. Gallo’s e-commerce efforts across the central U.S. She partners with sales teams, customers and distributor partners in order to share best practices, improve e-commerce capabilities and maximize sales.

Edgewell Personal Care JILL DELELLE, Global Digital Marketing Manager MINNA RAFFIN, Marketing Director, Strategic Planning

Energizer Holdings THU BANG, Senior Manager, Americas Shopper Activation CASS HARRIS, Brand Manager, North America & Shopper Activation MIKE LAMPMAN, Vice President, Commercial Strategy & Trade Marketing


Family Dollar Stores GAIL MERCER, Director, Marketing Planning & Strategy DONALD SMITH, Vice President, Marketing Smith oversees print and digital media, in-store marketing programs, marketing analytics, CRM and supplier programming.

Ferrara Candy Co. MARK BI, Shopper Marketing Associate New to the world of candy, Bi supports the shopper marketing department in leading new and innovative programs in the fast-paced world of confections at the company.

LENA LEWIS, Senior Director, Consumer & Shopper Engagement See profile on page 37

Ferrero USA MARK KENDRAT, Director of Trade Marketing KELLY SCHULER, Senior Trade Marketing Manager

First Quality Retail Services PAM NOBLIN, E-Commerce Business Manager Noblin has more than 10 years of shopper marketing experience and excels at merging the in-store and online shopping experience. She is currently leading e-commerce for Walmart.com and SamsClub.com for private label and branded products.

Food Lion NEIL NORMAN, Director of Customer Loyalty & Shopper Marketing Norman is helping to deliver exceptional value through Food Lion MVP loyalty card programs such as Shop & Earn personalized digital monthly rewards, 360-degree ongoing multi-channel personalization campaigns, shopper marketing thematic events, and digital/social/new items CPG events.

Fresh Direct SONIA DALVI, Senior Director, Shopper Marketing


G.L. Mezzetta RAVIT CHAIM, Shopper Marketing Manager

GE Appliances TIMOTHY MATIS, General Manager of Brand & Advertising

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W e

a r e

D e f i n e d

b y

t h e

Connections We CreatE

Let’s ConnecT Just like you want to know that your team is working together, it’s essential to know that the services you’re receiving are working together to bring you closer to your goals. That’s why at IN, our team connects every step in the purchase journey to transform the way shoppers find, buy and love brands.


14-37-P2PIQ_whosWHO.indd 25 1 P2PIQ_FULL_PAGE_BLEED.indd


7/18/19 6/20/19 9:16 6:55 AM PM

WHO’S WHO IN SHOPPER MARKETING GE Consumer and Industrial ROCHELLE HARTIGAN, Senior Marketing Leader – Branding & Advertising Hartigan is responsible for branding, creative content development and national consumer advertising. She advocates for wellplaced ads and promotions paired with exceptional storytelling to help consumers make the most of their product-buying experiences that serve to improve their daily lives.  

General Mills TIFFANY CARVER, Director, Customer & Shopper Marketing - Canada JAY PICCONATTO, Marketing Director, Shopper Marketing Picconatto leads the shopper marketing teams in the field as well as the company’s central shopper capabilities team.

Georgia-Pacific DOUWE BERGSMA, Chief Marketing Officer Bergsma oversees all brand-building strategies and plans, including shopper marketing, as well as all the brand-building capabilities, including consumer experience, design, content, consumer promotions, media, retail media, data-driven marketing and a range of external and internal agencies. JAVIER BUSTILLOS, Shopper Marketing – Team Lead Bustillos recently became the leader for shopper marketing and oversees all shopper marketing strategies and plans for all key retailers across the company’s iconic brands like Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, Sparkle, Brawny, Dixie and Vanity Fair. MIKE FELDMAN, Retail Media – Team Lead Feldman is responsible for leading

the retail media capability over Georgia-Pacific’s consumer business and innovation brands. His team oversees all search, media and other forms of digital marketing for retail initiatives from strategy to measurement. JASON IPPEN, Vice President, Integrated Brand Building Ippen oversees all brand-building strategies and plans, including shopper marketing, for all of the company’s iconic brands like Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, Sparkle, Brawny, Dixie and Vanity Fair.

Giant Eagle ASHLEY DOWNEY, Director, Loyalty Brand & Business Downey leads loyalty initiatives for the chain, developing customer-reward strategies, marketing programs, and personalized customer content and offers. She leads customer experience with reward incentives, loyalty card behavior and payment offers.

Glanbia Performance Nutrition JENNIFER GUMM, Director of Customer Marketing Gumm is responsible for leading the development and execution of shopper marketing strategies for select brands within the company’s portfolio, working cross-functionally to align on objectives and retailer strategies to engage shoppers and positively impact sales conversion.

GlaxoSmithKline TONY BALK, Shopper Marketing Team Leader – Walgreens/Target Balk leads shopper marketing strategy, planning and activation at Target, Walgreens and Dollar General across GSK’s portfolio of OTC products, including Flonase, Nicorette, Tums,

August 2019

14-37-P2PIQ_whosWHO.indd 26

Theraflu, Excedrin and Sensodyne. He specializes in developing and executing differentiated brand and category platforms through digital, in-store and co-creation initiatives. RENEE HARRIS, Director of Shopper Marketing, E-Commerce, Media and Health and Wellness Transformation Harris leads the Walmart business through transformative change with a focus on data-driven digital marketing and enabling self-care through strategic partnerships with Walmart’s Health and Wellness team. NANCY MACDONALD, Shopper Marketing Team Lead, Innovation and CVS With nine years of shopper and digital marketing experience, MacDonald leads national shopper marketing strategy for the company’s innovation launches and customer shopper marketing strategy for CVS. She has a keen focus on building omnichannel plans that reach shoppers wherever they are in their experience journey to drive category and brand growth across GSK’s portfolio.


Hallmark Cards TINA MCGUIRE, Shopper Marketing Director McGuire leads shopper marketing strategy, planning and activation for Hallmark with its key retailers. Her team is accountable for shopper engagement plans aligning brand objectives and retailer strategies across multiple marketing touchpoints – digital, social, loyalty, promotion, personalized media and experiential.

Heineken USA IKE ANYANWU, Director, Commercial Marketing Anyanwu leads strategic planning and activation efforts across small-format channels and retailers. Key retailers include 7-Eleven, Circle K, Total Wine & More, Walgreens and various convenience, drug & liquor channel retailers. WESLEY JARAMILLO, Channel Director, OffPremise Large-Format Jaramillo leads a team focused on the development of large-format channel and customer marketing plans aligned to channel strategies, shopper mission, occasions and activation opportunities for Heineken USA. He previously was responsible for multiple cross-functional channel and customer-specific programming including numerous CPG partnerships and fully integrated shoppermarketing campaigns.

Henkel North America MAI CRONE, Beauty Care Shopper Marketing Manager Crone is responsible for leading shopper strategy and execution for Henkel’s beauty brands at retail. Her success is driven by her abilities in working crossfunctionally to develop omnichannel programs and exploring new digital capabilities that drive both manufacturer and retailer results. KEN KRASNOW, Vice President, Omnichannel Marketing

Hershey BETH BOWEN, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing – Target DALE CLARK, Senior Director, Category Management U.S.

JENNIFER O’DELL, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager – Walmart Global Group

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7/18/19 7/17/19 9:16 7:21AM AM



Please describe your current role and responsibilities.


JACQUE JAMES National Account Executive- Shopper Lead for Key Accounts Jacque James has held numerous positions during her six-plus years at Bimbo Bakeries USA. She started out as a sales analyst working cross functionally with her entire team, providing her first exposure to insights. From there she moved on to a national account executive role managing the Hispanic brands and private label business. In 2014, James’ team leader saw an opportunity to elevate the company’s role with the customer by linking insights to action while building a stronger relationship between the brands and the customer. This was the beginning of her journey in shopper marketing. 

JAMES: I lead the strategic direction and implementation of all shopper marketing activation for Kroger, Target and Meijer. I work closely with the sales lead of each customer team to collaborate on each and every event to make sure we are aligned on all fronts. I ask for trade to support a shopper program. I will amplify a trade deal with shopper tactics to transform into a fully 360-degree shopper marketing program. Arguably the most important thing I have learned over the last five years is that true success only comes when

the shopper marketing lead and customer sales lead work side by side. There is no room for silos when the goal is success. I am blessed to say I work with the best account executives this industry has.


How did your company come into shopper marketing?

JAMES: In 2014, we didn’t know what “shopper marketing” was or had even heard of the term. What we knew is that our customer’s core initiative was to be “customer first.” We had to be front and center supporting that initiative with our powerful brands. Thankfully, our customer category manager was open and supportive to trying new things, thinking outside of the box and breaking internal department silos. We partnered for success with other category managers, the company and other CPG partners on shopper solutions focused directly on our customer’s core shopper. Consequently, shopper marketing as we know it was born at Bimbo Bakeries. I moved into a dedicated shopper marketing role, which is my passion.


How does your company organize its shopper marketing function?

JAMES: The shopper marketing function is new to Bimbo Bakeries USA as an organization. Within the last few months, our marketing department has built an amazingly equipped shopper marketing team grounded in our corporate offices with field support expanding for our key customers. Due to the

Photo by Chris Cone

August 2019

14-37-P2PIQ_whosWHO.indd 28

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outstanding results from my team and our counterparts on other national accounts, the company has recognized the value and growth potential in shopper marketing.


What motivates you most in your current position?


What was your biggest professional challenge, and how did you overcome it?

JAMES: In the early years of our shopper journey on my customer team, you can imagine the resistance we experienced internally of this new “fluffy” concept of shopper marketing. We are a direct-story delivery organization with more than 11,000 front-line sales partners that we needed to convince and collaborate with to truly make this concept successful. We had responses such as “Shopper marketing? What is that? Why can’t we just

do things the way we always have?” It took persistence and passion to never give up. Our organization was going through change and any time there is change, there is opportunity. Any time we heard “no” or encountered resistance, it was that much more motivating.


Who helped you through this process?

JAMES: I owe it all to my team lead, Chuck Brindisi, as he was shopper marketing’s biggest supporter. With more than 30 years of experience with Bimbo Bakeries before he retired last year, Brindisi was the air coverage I needed to assist me in convincing our internal and external customer

partners of the incremental growth potential of shopper marketing. The incredible post-event customer data helped us win over key stakeholders within Bimbo Bakeries. We were building shopper marketing at the company together from the ground up. I’ll never forget the time Brindisi told me during a personal coaching moment: “What you and our entire team are doing is changing the world,” he said. “Any setbacks are all just a moment in time. We will look back one day and appreciate the hard times like these that are needed to truly change the world.” That’s exactly what we did and I’m blessed to still be doing so.

© 2019 Valassis Digital.


JAMES: This question really moves me. Here’s why – shopper marketing itself motivates me. I have a marketing degree but was born a saleswoman, so the fact that I get to do both every single day is motivating in and of itself. Shopper marketing is the sweet spot between marketing and sales. I always say there is no one more passionate about shopper

marketing than myself. It truly is what I was meant to do.

P2PIQ_1/2 PAGE_HORIZ.indd 1

August 2019

14-37-P2PIQ_whosWHO.indd 29

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7/10/19 8:53 AM

7/18/19 9:16 AM

WHO’S WHO IN SHOPPER MARKETING Hormel Foods Corp. REBECCA CAMPBELL, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Manager Campbell is responsible for building and executing the omnichannel shopper engagement plan at Kroger. This is centered on aligning brand objectives and retailer strategies to platforms that influence shopper conversion along the path to purchase. LESLIE LEE, Director, Shopper Engagement, Hormel Digital Experience Group SCOTT WEISENBECK, Marketing Director – SPAM brand, Legacy brands and Innovation

Hyde Tools COREY TALBOT, Vice President of Marketing & Product Development


Intel RENEE NOVELLO, Director of Shopper Marketing and Global Retail Marketing Novello leads a global marketing team focused on developing shopper-centric retail strategies and execution on insight-driven programs that influence the path to purchase, meet business objectives, scale, can be measured and positively impact sales conversions.

Iovate Health Sciences BRIAN CAVANAUGH, Chief Marketing Officer JASON PROWSE, Associate Director, Insights & Planning


Jack Link’s CHARLES PARLA, Retail Brand Activation, Jack Link’s Jerky Parla has been in the shopper industry for 12

years. He is currently leading a new, national activation role focused on driving brand conversion at the point of purchase. He likes to ‘Feed His Wild Side’ by window shopping and taking long walks down retail aisles.

verse shopper marketing background of CPG, retailer and agency experience to lead the strategy and development of shopper marketing activations across 20 of the company’s brands at both Target and Meijer.

Shopper Marketing team, focused on delivering insight-based, omnichannel activations to connect the company’s portfolio of iconic consumer brands with shoppers along the path to purchase.

J.M. Smucker

Johnson & Johnson

MATT ALLEN, Senior Manager, Omnichannel Customer Marketing Allen drives brandbased shopper marketing strategies and partners across internal and external groups to provide visibility of shopper marketing insights, programs and results.

CHRISTY CARON, Senior Manager, Omnichannel Shopper Marketing Caron’s role allows her to focus on the shopper, their journey and the ability to explore new ways of being relevant and personalized in a fast-changing environment.

ASHLEY KENNEMER, Shopper Marketing Manager Kennemer is responsible for developing and executing insight-driven shopper marketing activations for Johnson & Johnson’s Beauty portfolio at Walmart. She strives to deliver innovative, omnichannel programs that drive sales and elevate the shopping experience.

JESSICA FAIR, Director, Omnichannel Customer Marketing Fair leads a team of omnichannel marketers who drive brand and category growth through consumer and shopper engagement, retail partnership and connected commerce conversion across all classes of trade. MEGAN GOTHAM, Senior Manager, Omnichannel Customer Marketing Gotham leads the Bentonville-based omnichannel marketing team to inspire the purchase of J.M. Smucker brands within the Walmart Inc. channel that fits their life. KELLY SWEENEY, Senior Manager, Omnichannel Customer Marketing Sweeney has more than 14 years of omnichannel marketing experience within the CPG industry on both the agency and client side. She is currently responsible for leading a team of shopper marketers across the grocery and dollar channel, focused on changing shopping behavior through omnichannel strategies. JOSH WILLIAMS, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing Williams brings a di-

August 2019

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KRISTINE CEVASCO, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing Cevasco supports the company’s grocery and Rite Aid partners, identifies and strategically evaluates marketing opportunities, develops deep shopper and consumer empathy to identify and address key opportunities, and brings them to market to grow its businesses. EMILY CURRY, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing Curry is responsible for building engagement strategies and activations that connect a shopper need with Johnson & Johnson iconic brands. The team’s shopper solutions are uniquely crafted to influence purchase, wherever and however the shopper is shopping. CHAUNCEY GERMIN, Manager, Shopper Marketing & Consumer Promotions COURTNEY MEIS GORMAN, Director, ULTA and New Business Development KC HAGIN, Director, U.S. Omni & Shopper Marketing Hagin leads Johnson and Johnson’s U.S.

ROSE LAFRONZ-DIX, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing With an insights background and experience across the path to purchase, LaFronz-Dix creates and activates omnichannel programs with the company’s top grocery partners. To drive sales and elevate the shopping experience across various retail ecosystems, she utilizes customercentric strategies and tactics including digital/social/co-branded TV media and pharmacy/health care integration. KIM MCGOUGH, Senior Manager, Omni Shopper Marketing – Kroger/ULTA/Fashion McGough is responsible for leading shopper marketing omnichannel plans to meet today’s shoppers’ needs across the total J&J consumer portfolio and beauty businesses. She successfully led J&J U.S. self-care shopper marketing & consumer activation with demand-driving commercial events, external strategic partnerships and innovative shopper activation plans for both base business and launches that have become growth drivers for the business.

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WHO’S WHO IN SHOPPER MARKETING VICTORIA VARHALMI, Senior Manager, Omni Shopper Marketing Varhalmi creates, customizes, executes and measures shopper marketing programs that drive traffic, loyalty, conversion and basket size at specific retailers (Club, Dollar and Specialty class of trade) utilizing advanced marketing leadership capabilities including best-in-class messaging, on and offsite media, search, emerging shopper technologies and social connections across J&J consumer brands.

Johnsonville Sausage STEPHANIE PLEHN, Shopper Marketing Manager Plehn’s responsibilities are centered around driving the Johnsonville brand while delivering the highest impact on customer success. Her team does that by driving optimal shopper engagement by delivering relevant integrated programs for its retail partners and working to uncover barriers to purchase and drive brand conversion.

Just Born DEB TUROCZY, Senior Manager, Consumer Engagement Turoczy works across the portfolio at Just Born which includes Mike and Ike, Hot Tamales, Marshmallow Peeps and Goldenbergs Peanut Chews. Her responsibilities include shopper marketing, partnerships, sponsorships, consumer engagement activations and consumer relations.


Kellogg MICHAEL CLARK, Director, Shopper Marketing – Mass and Club Retailers MIKE CLIFFORD, Director, Brand Shopper Marketing AARON ELLEMAN, Senior Director, Shopper Marketing

JUSTIN GOODWIN, Director, Shopper Marketing CRAIG KINNISON, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing – Channels Kinnison leads the company’s shopper marketing initiatives within the dollar and drug channels of business. He is focused on creative solutions that execute brand strategies, drive conversion with shoppers, and deliver growth for Kellogg’s, its retail customers and partners. ALEXA SPANIER, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager Spanier leads the shopper marketing strategy and execution across all of Kellogg’s categories at Albertsons, with the goal of developing insight-driven programs that propel both category and brand growth and meet both retailer and its company objectives. ADAM THORSON, Manager, Shopper Marketing KATHRYN WALLNER, Manager, Shopper Marketing – Walmart Wallner strives to keep the interest of Kellogg’s shoppers at the heart of all programming. She seeks to maintain a comfortable and easy shopping experience while evolving and learning from the changing needs of the company’s shoppers.

Keurig Dr Pepper ANDREW BARKER, Senior Director, Shopper Marketing SHEILA BONNER, Vice President, Shopper Marketing, Insights and Merchandising AMBER KING, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager King is responsible for shopper strategy for multiple brands, including innova-

August 2019

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tion launches for Keurig Brewers. She works closely with the shopper insights, category and sales teams to integrate customer and brand strategies to deliver shopper solutions.

marketing programs for several key retailers. She partners cross-functionally to personalize the brand at the customer level to increase sales through trial and retention activity.


KARI WIDEMAN, Shopper Marketing Manager Wideman leverages her cross-functional background to create winning shopper programs and develops key value metrics to measure program effectiveness for her team. She is also excited to be part of a team focused on innovation for LALA U.S.

AARON GRETEBECK, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing Gretebeck is responsible for leading shopper marketing vision, capabilities and implementation across all channels. He is accountable for accelerating and driving sustainable category growth that delivers on K-C’s promise of essentials for a better life. SHEILA LUKASZEWSKI, Senior Director, Shopper Engagement AMANDA SCHMID, Brand Manager, Shopper Marketing Center of Excellence Schmid is responsible for managing shopper marketing processes and capabilities across the business units at K-C. She provides connectivity to the shopper marketing field teams on brand strategies and is leading the measurement of shopper programs.

Kind JENNY BUSBY, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing JONATHAN RHYAN, Director of Shopper Marketing


L’Oreal COURTNEY DOLKART, Director of Customer Marketing – Walgreens

LALA U.S. LAURA DICKEY, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager Dickey leverages her retail operations and headquarters sales background to strategically execute shopper

LG Electronics STEWART HENDERSON, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing Henderson leads the shopper marketing team for LG Electronics Home Appliance business units and is tasked with developing and executing LG’s omnichannel experiences for the shopper. BOB MORGANO, Shopper Marketing Manager, Home Appliances Morgano manages display production, logistics and installation of LG Electronics’ bestin-class experiences at retail. RACHEL OLSON, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager DAVID VANDERWAAL, Senior Vice President, Marketing, LG USA and Canada VanderWaal is responsible for all marketing activities for both LG business units – home appliances and consumer electronics – and is also responsible for the marketing in LG Canada. He leads all advertising/marketing campaigns designed to increase overall brand health of LG and the development of best-in-class omnichannel experiences for shoppers in all B2C categories, including all retailer extensions.

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Mars Wrigley SUSAN BARKALOW, Director of National Consumer Promotions and Shopper Marketing Barkalow leads a team of nine consumer promotions and shopper marketing professionals at the company. Her greatest professional accomplishment is in building and empowering her team to create insightbased shopper programs that drive the category, Mars Wrigley brands and meet retailer partner objectives. TRACY MCELLIGOTT, Manager, Shopper Marketing Value & Club McElligott manages all shopper marketing activities for five customers within the value and drug channels. She drives traffic and engagement with the company’s brands and conversion and share of voice for her customers. Most recent successes include exclusive product launches, military-themed cause marketing programs and impactful social media influencer content.   HANNAH MCKEE, Shopper Marketing Manager McKee is responsible for collaborating with retailers to create and execute shopper marketing programs that drive incremental volume and that drive awareness, trial and product velocities. NICOLE RADLEY, Shopper Marketing Manager Radley leads the development and execution of shopper marketing programs at Target, Costco and BJ’s. Collaborating closely with the sales, marketing and customer teams, she focuses on driving conversion by utilizing shopper insights to create retailer, category and shopper-centric solutions.

Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA SUSAN LAMBERT, Director of Shopper Marketing and Customer Insights Lambert leads the shopper marketing and customer insights team, inclusive of syndicated data and custom research responsibilities for MZB’s Coffee portfolio. Brands including Chock full o’Nuts, Hills Bros. Coffee, Hills Bros. Cappuccino and Kauai Coffee. DENA SOULAKIS, Shopper Insights Manager Soulakis collaborates with the sales team and retailer partners to deliver effective shopper marketing plans via in-store, print ad and digital programs, driving brand recognition across the MZB brand portfolio and growing sales, household penetration and purchase frequency.

Materne GoGo Squeez JOE KASINSKAS, Senior Director, Customer Marketing Kasinskas leads the customer marketing team responsible for defining channel strategies, activating the GoGo squeeZ brand at retail through shopper marketing, displays and promotional packs as well as crafting the future vision and category management principles for the emerging fruit squeezer category.

Mattel PAMELA VELARDE, Senior Director, Customer Marketing Velarde leads the team responsible for strategy and execution of best-in-class retail programs for all Mattel brands, across all retailers. She is also responsible for setting the vision for customer marketing and making sure her team continues to evolve to win in the changing retail, media and competitive landscape.

August 2019

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McCormick and Co.

Merrick Pet Care

CHELSEA ROSENGARTEN, Shopper Marketing Manager Rosengarten leads strategy and development of shopper marketing programs across McCormick businesses, partnering brand objectives with retailer strategies to drive shopper conversion. Her experience in marketing, media and digital sales have helped grow the company’s shopper marketing reach and connection in an increasingly mobile shopping environment.

BECCA KEANE, Customer Marketing Manager Keane develops engagement strategies and omnichannel activations across the Merrick portfolio by partnering closely with sales and pet specialty retailers, including PetSmart and Petco, to drive the business.

Meijer LANNY CURTIS, Director, Customer Marketing MICHAEL ROSS, Vice President, Marketing Ross leads the strategy and vision for deepening customer engagement, personalization, loyalty and advancing digital for the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based chain.

Meredith CHRISTINE AUSTIN, Director, Shopper Marketing Austin oversees shopper marketing at Meredith Retail. She and her team use their expertise at retail to provide end-to-end solutions that connect the company’s advertising partners with shoppers and retailers. HOLLY OAKES, Director, Customer Marketing Oakes oversees the customer marketing efforts across the entire Meredith portfolio. Retailers of focus include Walmart, Target, Kroger and Albertsons.

DANIEL WARHAFTIG, Director of Customer Marketing Warhaftig leads the team that builds and promotes the company’s brands across the pet specialty channel. He’s committed to establishing long-lasting relationships with pet parents and scalable solutions to help retail partners expand their natural pet category.

MillerCoors SHERRY COURTNEY, Senior Director, Large-Format Channels BROOKE ROLLER, Senior Manager, Customer & Channel Marketing, Small Format Roller leads customer and channel marketing for convenience, drug and dollar channels, responsible for connecting retailers’ strategies with shopper solutions with an emphasis on leading the digital capability for the smallformat channel and finding ways to activate beer on retailer platforms. WAYNE VONDER HEIDE, Senior Manager, Customer & Channel Marketing, Large Format Vonder Heide leads customer and channel marketing for grocery, mass and liquor, responsible for connecting retailers’ strategies with marketing solutions that drive MillerCoors’ and category growth and developing solutions that elevate beer and solve shopper pain points.

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CHARLES WHITE Vice President, Brands & Marketing Charles White transitioned to his current position as the result of what he calls a “blind date.” He first spent two decades with hard surface flooring manufacturer Armstrong World Industries. He had successive go-to-market leadership roles in sales, marketing, product management and new business development. Then a friend introduced him to the president of DAS Cos., believing they had complementary capabilities that would make for a great “marriage.” DAS Cos. is a global supply chain portfolio company that primarily distributes general merchandise to retailers along U.S. highways. The company globally sourced thousands of proprietary products but needed expertise creating a consumer market for them.


Describe your current role.

WHITE: I serve in two primary capacities. First, I lead our

proprietary, consumer brand portfolio – building brands, driving product innovation and nurturing communities to affect loyalty and conversion. Second, I lead our in-house, full-service marketing team. This includes capturing insights, deploying channel marketing, developing loyal audiences, integrating retail media and creating engaging instore shopper experiences.


How does your company organize its shopper marketing function? WHITE: Our shopper marketing function is a small team, primarily working from shelfback on in-store shopper experiences, tied to promotion. They work in sync with our marketing communications team, which focuses pre-store to nurture social communities, engage audiences with content and advertising, and integrate to our retailers’ in-store media.

RECENT ACHIEVEMENT WHITE: In late 2018, we upgraded our PowerDrive power inverters brand with enhanced features and technology. With a three-part objective, we first devised a pre-store digital campaign to reward customers with a “Watch & Win” social game to educate customers. Then we digitized retail circulars, embedded them with video and placed them next to relevant editorial articles. Finally, we launched a LED-lit, showcase endcap in our largest retail partner, complete with a consistent P-O-P kit across the channel.

August 2019

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Photo by Matt Andrews


What motivates you most in your work?

WHITE: I love solving strategic marketing riddles – particularly on a white board with lots of colored markers. I thrive on leading and developing teams that productively bring the strategies to life – providing great consumer experiences and helping our partners win.


What was your biggest professional challenge, and how did you overcome it? WHITE: Amid the excitement of my “blind date,” I came to realize that my vision was grander than the resources available to deliver upon it. So, I went to work – benchmarking great brands, hiring capable resources, developing team skills, providing tools and technology, and fostering a positive, innovative culture.


What about shopper marketing concerns you?

WHITE: The always-on digital world has seduced marketers to bombard our audiences with

messages. And the promise of data-driven personalization often feels more like stalking than service. Unfortunately, more is more, not less. So our challenge is to cut through the clutter with clear, concise, compelling communication – served to the right person at the right time to ease her shopping experience.


What is the shopper’s greatest need today? How is your team or organization working to meet that need?

WHITE: Time. Particularly in our primary market, we must ensure convenience. We do so by delivering an integrated, on-the-go products experience. In-store, we align messaging along the shopper’s path to purchase that rapidly attracts, engages, informs and converts. For our loyal customers, we offer pre-store digital experiences that include social gamification, relevant editorial, highly interactive content and related promotions that drive shoppers to the store, ready to buy.

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WHO’S WHO IN SHOPPER MARKETING Mizkan America CHUCK KOROSTYNSKI, Director of Trade Marketing & Category Management

Moet Hennessy JANNELLE ANDES, Customer Marketing Manager Andes has 15 years of experience in marketing premium and luxury brands and consumer goods. She has spent the last decade at Moet Hennessy USA (LVMH). Currently she is responsible for developing brand marketing programs for the National Accounts On-Premise channel. She provides direction on specific channel solutions, innovative consumer engagement tools, POS, brand activation guidelines, category management, business intelligence, trade marketing initiatives, and route-to-market strategies. KATHY BRADHAM, Manager, Customer & Shopper Marketing – National Accounts Off-Premise Bradham leads the development of customer-marketing programs, tools and solutions for national chain retail partners in the off-premise (mass, grocery, liquor and drug).   STACY MCMILLAN, Director, Customer & Shopper Marketing – National Accounts McMillan helped launch the company’s first customer marketing team to support all onand off-premise national accounts. Her team is responsible for end-toend strategy and execution along the shopper’s path to purchase, including digital and in-store activations. TRACY TOAY, Marketing Manager – On-Premise, National Accounts

Mondelez International YOLANDA ANGULO, Director, Shopper Marketing

KARA FARNHAM, Customer Director, Shopper Marketing – Kroger Team Farnham is responsible for leveraging insights to develop retailer-specific brand strategies and relevant shopper solutions that ultimately grow the business for the company’s brands and partner retailers. BETH LOWING-FRONCEK, Customer Director, Shopper Marketing CHRISTY MANGIO, Customer Director, Shopper Marketing Mangio leads shopper marketing for Publix, Delhaize America, Southeastern Grocers, and Lowe’s Foods. She collaborates with the sales and brand teams to provide shopper solutions that drive key objectives and results across the full path to purchase. Her programs have won two Effie and one Reggie awards. JENNIFER MASON, Customer Director, Shopper Marketing Mason brings a diverse CPG background including shopper, sales and brand to help build programming grounded in insights based on the need states of the shopper, brand and retailer to engage shoppers more meaningfully at the point of purchase, driving increased sales and loyalty. STEVE MCGOWAN, Head of Shopper Marketing McGowan leads the shopper marketing function at the company. He has a depth and breadth of sales and marketing experience at Mondelez, Kraft Foods, Cadbury & HJ Heinz. The Mondelez shopper marketing team has won 12 Effies and 15 Reggies (including the Super Reggie) over the past four years.

August 2019

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MINDY STONE, Customer Director, Shopper Marketing Stone manages shopper marketing across the entire convenience channel for Mondelez International, running both channel-wide and customerspecific programming. Her proudest work accomplishment to date is leading the shopper activation for the Super Reggie Award-winning 7-Eleven Oreo Mint Hot Chocolate program. MICHAEL TILLEY, U.S. Lead, Shopper Marketing Strategy & Strategic Partnerships Tilley oversees shopper marketing and strategic partnerships, linking customer strategies and shopper insights with brand strategies and consumer insights. The global snacks company includes Oreo, Chips Ahoy! and Ritz and other worldwide brands.   LAUREN WRIGHT, Customer Director, Shopper Marketing, Walmart Team As the shopper marketing lead for the company’s Walmart initiatives, Wright develops strategies and implements programming to drive shopper engagement and sales growth across the Mondelez portfolio. With 15 years’ experience in shopper marketing and sales, she has spent the last five years at Mondelez. ASHLEIGH ZYSKO, Customer Director, Shopper Marketing Zysko leads the strategy and development of shopper marketing initiatives for Mondelez International at key grocery and value accounts. Her programs have been featured in Effie awards and she was recognized in the Path to Purchase Institute’s 2018 People to Watch.


Nature’s Bounty THERESA MCCAIN, Shopper Marketing Manager McCain leads shopper marketing for the grocery, new innovation and alternative channels for some of the most recognizable brands in the health & wellness industry including Osteo BiFlex, Pure Protein, Met-Rx and Nature’s Bounty. She is responsible for developing shopper marketing programs that are grounded in insights to build brand affinity and drive sales. JUDI SINGLETON, Director, Shopper Activation Singleton is the shopper marketing lead across all channels for the company. She is responsible for developing insights-driven shopper programs that drive sales, build loyalty among shoppers and grow category and brand share.

Nestle USA ALEX PLACZEK, Director of Marketing, Shopper Center of Excellence

Nestle-Purina TONY DIMATTIA, Director of ECommerce Shopper Marketing

Nestle Coffee Partners TIFFANY HUEY, Director, Shopper Marketing Huey’s role is to ensure the Nestle Coffee Partner customer teams are set up to successfully grow their customers’ business and bring the coffee experience to life down the aisle in an elevated way.

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WHO’S WHO IN SHOPPER MARKETING LISA TRAVIESO, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing Travieso is responsible for developing strategy, capabilities and processes to advance the shopper/customer needs earlier in the planning process. She partners with key stakeholders such as brand, sales and category to drive behavior change with an omnichannel-first approach.

Newell Brands STACEY GOLDSTEIN, Senior Manager, Brand Activation Goldstein is responsible for overseeing national activation and shopper marketing for both the Rubbermaid and Sistema brands. Through her team’s strategic initiatives and tactical execution, she helps drive conversion both online and in store. JEFF RODENBAUGH, Director, Brand Activation Rodenbaugh builds integrated national activation plans for the company’s priority writing brands (Sharpie, Paper Mate and Elmer’s), including consumer promotions, branded partnerships, promotional packs, displays and in-store executions. KATE WEBER, Senior Manager, Brand Activation

Nice Pak Products PATRICIA RAGGI, Vice President, Marketing Services


Organic Valley LINDSEY COX, Senior Promotions Marketing Manager Cox leads shopper marketing, promotions and partnerships at Organic Valley, the largest farmer-owned organic food cooperative in the country.

KELLY GIBSONWOLFF, Senior Director, Relationship Marketing Gibson-Wolff leads retailer, partner and consumer brand activations for Organic Valley, Organic Prairie and Mighty brands for this organic dairy cooperative.


PepsiCo ANDREA BROLIN, Director, Shopper Marketing – Walmart Brolin oversees insights-based shopper marketing for Walmart across a roughly $2 billion portfolio including Gatorade, Quaker, Tropicana and Naked Juice. She has elevated activation to deliver stronger returns, with more focus on experiential and targeted digital marketing. AMBER HUBBS GOLEGOS, Shopper Marketing Manager Hubbs Golegos is responsible for developing and executing insights-driven omnichannel shopper marketing programs supporting Gatorade, Quaker, Tropicana, and Premium Nutrition brands for Pepsico at Walmart. She is a liaison to brand marketing, sales and Walmart. KATIE SCHIAVONE, Senior Director Commercial Strategy Central Division, Pepsi Beverages North America ESPERANZA TEASDALE, Senior Director, Shopper Marketing Teasdale is an admired leader and founding member of the PepsiCo Demand Xcelerator team which delivers accelerated business performance for top customers. She has a track record of driving results, nurturing talent and championing diversity.

August 2019

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Perfetti Van Melle USA DAYNA RITCHEY, Senior Customer Strategy & Planning Manager

Pernod Ricard USA RAV ATWAL, Director of Customer Marketing

Norelco Personal Care Team. She is responsible for developing and supporting the execution of the company’s shopper marketing strategy, leveraging insights and category expertise at the offline and online shelf.

Pinnacle Foods

JOE WILLS, Senior Manager, Customer Solutions

ALAN CREVELING, Director, Marketing Activation


Prestige Brands Holdings

JENNY ECHEVERRI, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager – Walmart Echeverri represents all of the company’s heavy-hitter brands like Advil, Emergen-C, Nexium, Centrum, Robitussin, Chapstick and more at Walmart. She started at the company in January 2019 after serving as one of the account leads at Team Unilever Shopper where she recently won a Gold Shopper Marketing Effie for her work on the Axe Start his Journey Campaign. AUDRA ROBINSON, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager – Target CATE SPENCER, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing – Club and Value Spencer is known for leading insight-based health and wellness solution events that reach shoppers via online digital marketing, social media campaigns and in-store activation. Her Dollar General Advil “What Pain?” digital and display program won a Gold Effie award in 2018.

Pharmavite LLC JUSTIN CROW, Brand Manager, Shopper Marketing SHANNON DRAKE, Associate Brand Manager, Shopper Marketing

Philips Personal Health

ANDREA BOUWMAN, Shopper Marketing Director

Procter & Gamble CARRIE BIRTH-DAVIS, Brand Manager NA Regional Grocery/Scale Birth-Davis has led the NA Regional Grocery Marketing team for the past two years, where together with its agency, Blue Chip, they have transformed Scale for P&G. Programming has doubled from 12-17 a year, resulting in a greater than 30% increase in sales, three times the engagement/redemptions and record basket size. PETER CHOI, Walgreens Customer Team Marketing Leader JODY JOHNSON, Brand and Omnichannel Leader – Club Johnson has 17 years of experience over product development, marketing and sales, working across North America, Latin America and Asia. He currently leads the innovation, marketing and digital teams that have step-changed P&G and category growth in the club channel. MICHAEL KIRTMAN, Associate Brand Director, P&G Oral Care North America: Whitening, Mouthwash, Denture

KERI DREYER, Team Lead - Shopper Marketing, Insights & Category Management Dreyer’s job is a blend of customer-focused roles within the Philips

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WHO’S WHO IN SHOPPER MARKETING BRIAN MESSERSCHMITT, Walmart Team Omnichannel Marketing Associate Brand Director Messerschmitt leads the company’s omnichannel marketing team to develop and execute robust omnichannel marketing plans across Walmart stores and online to deliver increased sales annually across a multi-billion dollar business with 60 brands in 11 categories. STACEY REHERMAN, Marketing Director

AMANDA TEDER, Associate Brand Director, Head of Shopper Marketing


Reckitt Benckiser ASHLEY KELLER, Manager, Shopper Marketing With more than 18 years of experience in the CPG industry, Keller launched groundbreaking campaigns with partners like Doctor on Demand, and puts RB’s long-term commitment to help provide more affordable healthcare access to all American’s at the forefront of every program executed at Walmart.

Rich Products DARYL MILLER, Director, Shopper Marketing & Insights KIMBERLY O’BRIEN, Shopper Marketing Manager


Sabra Dipping Co. ERIC GREIFENBERGER, Vice President of Marketing KERRY POWERS, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager Powers is responsible for the planning and

execution of national and customerspecific shopper activations, strategic partnerships, and sports sponsorships across all channels for the Sabra portfolio. The shopper marketing team focuses on driving collaboration between sales and marketing to maximize shopper engagement and brand objectives while driving greater ROI. ROBIN WARDLE, Shopper Marketing Consultant Having focused her career on consumer promotions/shopper marketing for the past 25-plus years, Wardle was asked to lead and help define the shopper marketing function for Sabra, as well as develop and lead promotional partnerships. Her team quickly became an invaluable liaison between sales and marketing, and is respected as an integral part of the brand success.

Saputo Cheese BRAD PANARESE, Director of Marketing Panarese leads the overall marketing strategy and execution for Saputo Cheese USA retail and foodservice brands, driving national campaigns as well as local customer programs across dairy and deli aisles in grocery for leading cheese brands.

SC Johnson & Son BRAD BOCK, Trade Category Manager ANDREW FRAILING, Director, Shopper Marketing Frailing leads the North America shopper marketing organization at the company. With more than 10 years of brand building and commercialization experience, he and his team are responsible for building dynamic and engaging retail activation strategies to drive growth for SCJ and its retail partners.

August 2019

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Scotts Miracle-Gro ANNE VILLARREAL, Shopper Marketing Manager Villarreal is responsible for understanding the shopper path to purchase in an e-commerce world. Her focused attention and insight-driven approach to the e-commerce space has generated noteworthy results.

Smithfield Foods

EMILY WALE, Shopper Marketing Manager

Tom’s of Maine ANDY BROWN, Senior Retail & Shopper Marketing Manager Brown leads the overall shopper marketing strategy for the company.

DEDRA BERG, Senior Director of Marketing

MICHAEL LETARTE, Shopper & Customer Marketing Manager

ERIC GIBSON, Senior Manager, Marketing & E-Commerce

KRISTEL ROFFLER, Customer & Shopper Marketing Manager Roffler develops customer-specific marketing campaigns for Target, Whole Foods, Sprouts & Kroger. She is focused on conversion and category growth by leveraging key insights, along with digital and social trends to maintain relevancy with the Tom’s of Maine shopper.

Stonyfield ALI DEMBISHACK, Shopper Marketing Manager Dembishack is responsible for strategic leadership, planning and management of Stonyfield’s retail-focused marketing initiatives. She works closely with both the sales and marketing teams to develop and execute national, regional and customer-specific marketing plans that balance brand priorities and growth objectives.


Tillamook Cheese MARTY LEBLANC, Director of Shopper Marketing LeBlanc leads a team of shopper marketers for Tillamook, the 110-year-old farmerowned co-op famous for its awardwinning cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream and butter. LeBlanc and his team deliver strategies and programs that engage shoppers through the rich Tillamook brand story, driving growth across all U.S. retail accounts. CALLIE O’SULLIVAN, Shopper Marketing Associate Manager

Tyson Foods ALICIA MOSLEY, Director, Shopper Marketing Mosley has an extensive marketing background that spans brand, innovation and shopper marketing, leading many successful businesses and innovation launches across the Tyson Foods portfolio, driving revenue and managing costs. She is currently responsible for leading the strategy of shopper marketing programs across major retailers for Tyson. She has advanced shopper marketing best practices and processes at Tyson to build effective and impactful shopper marketing programming to deliver continuous improvement in ROI. SUE TOY, Senior Director, Category Leadership Toy has more than 20 years of industry experience with various positions in retail, market research and category

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management with leading companies including Walgreens, Nielsen, PepsiCo and Tyson Foods. She currently leads engagement with retail customers through category management and insights initiatives. CHRISTOPHER WITTE, Vice President, Total Store Leadership


Ubisoft PAUL AUDINO, Senior Manager, Shopper Marketing

Unilever CORY FRAEHSDORF, Shopper Marketing Team Leader Fraehsdorf leads the Unilever Agility shopper team and develops strategic and insight-driven shopper marketing plans for leading brands such as Dove, Tresemme, Axe, Hellmann’s, Breyers and Seventh Generation while managing a multi-million dollar shopper marketing budget across channels. She has built and maintained strong relationships with senior retail leadership within the merchant and marketing teams at the drug and grocery retailers.


Walgreens CRYSTAL FOUCHARD, Senior Director, Pharmacy Marketing

Walmart MATTHEW PARRY, Senior Director II Strategy & Customer Experience Lead for Health & Wellness

WD-40 AARON BERT, Director of Customer Marketing SHANNON EDWARDS, Brand Manager

WhiteWave Foods JIM BLUMBERG, Director, Integrated Marketing


LENA LEWIS Senior Director, Consumer & Shopper Engagement Lena Lewis joined Ferrara earlier this year to head up consumer engagement and shopper marketing. She spent 12 years at Mars Wrigley Confectionery building the shopper function and various roles in marketing.


LEWIS: My role is more fluid, reflecting the blurring of channels and digital ecosystem. I work across brand marketing and sales teams to build programs that create buzz and conversion. This could be a national program with a movie partner or a from-the-ground-up retail program that leverages our unique portfolio with great brands like Black Forest and Trolli.


How does your company define/ organize its shopper marketing function?

LEWIS: Shopper marketing is defined as customer -specific programming from media to display activation. All shopper marketing starts with a core insight that changes a behavior. Too often we are focused on the tactic – it’s more important to pull the right levers to change the behavior. This could be activating through the retailer’s ecosystem or disruptive displays. It depends on the business challenge, product portfolio and relationship with the retailer.


Can you share an example of your team’s work that stands out?

LEWIS: We recently executed a Trolli WTF (What The Flavor) program with 7-Eleven that had

August 2019

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Photo by Parrish Lewis

Describe your current position.

great results. It’s another example of strong collaboration to delight our consumers.


What motivates you most in your current position?

LEWIS: I’m a Chicago native and I grew up smelling the aroma of the pan candies being made at the Forest Park factory. I’m passionate about the brands and the growth mindset of the organization.


What about shopper marketing concerns you?

LEWIS: My concern is that most organizations don’t think of shopper marketing as a continuum from strategy to tactics and your business challenge dictates where you lean in.


What is the shopper marketing function’s greatest need today?

LEWIS: Shopper marketing could benefit most from being integrated further upstream in the annual planning process. It’s like shifting from planning shopper tactics to embracing a shopper mindset across the total plan. This is one of my core agenda items. Since I have oversight of our marketing planning process I can be an active champion for this shift. IQ

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We celebrate the 15 shopper marketing programs that won 17 awards in Effie Worldwide’s 2019 competition. The winners were recognized in May at the Path to Purchase Summit. BY DA N O C H WAT


mixers category during the promotion period, outselling stores not involved in the promotion by more than 7% and lifting the category by more than 9%. Looking at stores with displays, they increased sales by more than 10% versus stores without displays. Tasty videos generated 3 million views, and Facebook ads with “where to buy” maps scored more than 226,000 click-throughs and outperformed its goal by 50%.

Diageo Pretty Simple Drinks MANUFACTURER: Diageo LEAD AGENCY: TracyLocke AWARDS: Multi-Brand Shopper Solution (Gold); Omni-Channel Shopper Experience (Gold) With its “Pretty Simple Drinks” campaign, Diageo targeted a very specific shopper: “the Undertainer,” a 39-year-old married female who loves to host parties but wants to spend her time socializing, not serving. For this target consumer, the default is to buy wine and beer (as easy as opening and serving). Diageo’s integrated, educational campaign set out to change that and get the party host to enhance her parties. The campaign first intercepted the Undertainer pre-shop by partnering with Tasty for videos on easy-to-make Diageo drinks. The brand further teamed with Buzzfeed (publisher of Tasty) for a native story on refreshing, trendy drinks. On Facebook, ads ran highlighting simple drink recipes with links to buy locally. Then, instore, Diageo placed full-solution display centers that carried all of the ingredients necessary to make the simple drinks. The merchandisers were freestanding, modular and shoppable from all sides, providing room for Diageo brands, mixers and garnishes. In addition, stores could receive a kit with header cards and educational shelf blockers. For an e-commerce play, Diageo also teamed with delivery app Drizly in select markets to have ads on the app feature recipes around its Bulleit, Ketel One and Tanqueray brands with a link to purchase. The partnership helped connect Diageo with more than 275,000 unique users and saw the brands grow by nearly 30% on the service, compared to the period before, and generated a halo effect of purchases for the period after. Meijer stores showed a bump in both the spirits category and

August 2019

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Supreme Source 10-Day Detox Program MANUFACTURER: American Pet Nutrition LEAD AGENCY: The Mars Agency AWARD: Challenger Brand Solution (Gold) As an independent, family-owned brand with only a 0.69% share of the $30 billion grocery pet category, American Pet Nutrition’s Supreme Source faced an uphill battle as it embarked on a conversion campaign to get pet owners to try its premium pet food. The modest brand wields a small budget, too, compared to the leaders: Nestle’s Purina, General Mills’ Blue Buffalo and Smucker’s Rachael Ray. A bigger challenge for the brand, however, is that more than 60% of pet owners are satisfied with what they’re serving their pets, per a Mintel study. To reach these pet parents, Supreme Source launched a “10-Day Challenge,” a digitally focused campaign targeting Gen-X moms who keep healthy food in mind for their family but may slight the family pet just a bit. The 10-day program centered on a microsite, SuperfoodSwitch. com, where it guided challengers through the 10-day

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challenge. It’s where consumers registered to get a coupon for a free bag of Supreme Source pet food and selected a start day on a calendar. Then, daily tips helped her transition her pet into the food, offering the preferred ratio of old to new food to ease stomach and other issues, as well as sharing other grooming and play tips. The calendar could be downloaded to desktop or phone and sent notifications. To drive awareness, ads ran on HGTV and the DiY Network; Supreme Source promoted through its media channels and targeted programmatic, rich text mobile media to pet owners in key markets; and influencers near priority retailers drove participation in the program by showing their own experience and motivating others to switch. Results far exceeded expectations, nearly reaching the estimated amount of challengers and coupon downloads for the full eight-week run in the first two weeks and seeing a 14% redemption rate in-store (the estimate was 3%). Results showed Gen-X females were driving the program and sales at participating retailers were up by 21% versus a year ago. The email program gathered more than 27,000 emails (an estimate was 5,000), beginning its first-ever CRM marketing database to drive repeat purchase and loyalty.


Axe Start His Journey MANUFACTURER: Unilever


LEAD AGENCY: Team Unilever Shopper

Recharging Redness Relievers in a Beautiful Way

AWARD: Single-Retailer Program: Mass Merchants (Gold)

MANUFACTURER: Bausch & Lomb LEAD AGENCY: Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide AWARD: New Product/Service Introduction (Gold) Bausch + Lomb launched a new eye drop to help consumers relieve issues of redness in their eyes, but the company’s integrated marketing campaign and stylish packaging for the Lumify product targeted beauty enthusiasts, reinventing the eye drop as more than eye care but a key element of beauty care. Ushering in this new perception around its new product campaign, Lumify helped grow the overall category in sales by nearly 30%, and 84% of that growth came from new users. Lumify singled-handedly drove total category growth, highlighting that without the success of the brand and new product that the category essentially remained flat for the year. The majority of new users were beauty enthusiasts, as the brand called them – high-value, aspirational shoppers who are image conscious, ahead of trends, college educated and follow a regimented beauty plan. They’re also open to trying new products. Bausch + Lomb looked at panel data and loyalty data to get a glimpse at the shopper’s full basket, which helped to identify that the majority of new users were beauty enthusiasts. The omnichannel campaign to bridge eye care with beauty care included digital messaging and shares from beauty influencers, and

August 2019

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digital ads that touted the benefits of the product as a beauty enhancer and how to use the eye drops. Held at multiple retailers, product demos and sampling events intercepted beauty enthusiasts outside stores and inside stores to introduce them to the new product. In-line displays, clip strips and shelf talkers were placed down the aisles. Endcaps carried in-line units and the new product. All of the displays were tethered by a shared look and messaging that carried more of a cosmetic appeal. Dark grey packaging stood out among other brands with a look of prestige. The displays and materials called out how the product worked and what it would do to beautify a user’s eyes.

Talks around puberty between a mother and her son can be tricky, embarrassing and intimidating, which is why Unilever’s Axe launched its “Start His Journey” campaign to help give moms a way into the conversation. The brand also used the effort to speak honestly with a target market they had been overlooking: moms. To make a bold statement in a crowded category, Axe has traditionally targeted older teens with broad, goofy humor, but the jokes fall flat among moms at Walmart. For “Start His Journey,” the brand switched up its delivery, reaching moms with a more honest and direct approach. The brand still tossed in a dash of humor to help ease some of the tension around the subject, too. Elements of the campaign included a product introduction box with samples of deodorant, body wash, shampoo and hair care products that mom could pass on to her boy. The box shared

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Shopper Marketing EFFIE AWARD WINNERS information about how to use the products and why, and it gave mom insights that could help her start talking to her son about the need for his new routine. Moms who received the boxes were retargeted with digital media that included links to buy immediately at Walmart or a reminder for the next shopping trip. A mobile reward engagement program helped moms work through the men’s deodorant aisle in stores, and on-shelf scent experiences were placed to further engage shoppers. An influencer with a high affinity to Walmart also connected with moms pre-shop, discussing the anxiety around the subject of puberty, the need for the Axe products and relating to them on a peer level. The program successfully executed an omnichannel strategy that spoke truthfully to moms and helped the brand beat all benchmarks of engagement and more than doubled the sales goal.


Xfinity Retail Transformation

The new strategy aimed to get visitors curious about Xfinity products and how they can make life simpler. For starters, the stores moved away from having designated product areas to developing smart adjacencies that fit solutions under home and entertainment, mobile, and internet. The environment welcomes a new center aisle that opens up sightlines, and new feature tables have been placed near the entrance, showcasing new ideas for shoppers to discover. Messaging and communication was revamped to be benefitbased and lifestyle-oriented, imposing less technical jargon and leveraging more inspirational copy. To help ensure copy spoke to the shoppers, a “retail innovation lab” was built to test the flow of the messaging with employees and shoppers. In addition, a virtual reality environment assisted with unique survey research for employees and shoppers, and a multicultural strategy was tested in high-density Hispanic areas. The new store design influenced a supporting campaign with TV, radio and digital ads. The transformed stores have nearly tripled net promoter scores, improved brand perception, increased visits and sales, and have turned a tide toward more positive customer satisfaction.



because I can.

AWARD: Category/Aisle Evolution (Silver)


Xfinity stores serve customers with internet, cable, home and mobile services. It’s a functional visit for a shopper who previously – before a revitalized transformation aimed at inspiring shoppers – found shoppers never exploring beyond the service desk, per traffic data done by FCB/RED and Comcast, owner of the Xfinity subsidiary. Stores today display storytelling through retail design and engage shoppers to view the technology in new ways for their home. The Xfinity team faced a challenge to fix a stagnant shopping environment that often received low customer satisfaction ratings. Shoppers entered to simply pay a bill or drop off a cable box, never to shop for new features. In fact, a survey of its customers revealed that more than half couldn’t recall anything interesting about the store.

August 2019

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AWARD: Multi-Retailer Program (Silver) As the No. 2 brand in the Coca-Cola portfolio, Diet Coke is a category leader and beloved by consumers who grew up with the beverage since its arrival in the 1980s. But for more recent Millennial and Gen-Z shoppers, Diet Coke has lacked resonance. Coca-Cola launched the “because I can.” campaign to boost Diet Coke toward this demographic, and in the process stemmed a tide of 11 straight years of declining sales in the diet soda category. In regard to this younger shopper (between 18 and 34 years old) that the Diet Coke team dubbed “Spice Seekers,” they are driven by new, youthful experiences, and research showed that 70% of Millennials and Gen-Z shoppers don’t dislike diet soda as a category, it’s just not relevant to them. To make it relevant, Diet Coke’s fully integrated effort hit on a large, national scale. The program launched against a Super Bowl ad, online videos,

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print and a wide range of out-of-home advertisements that promoted new packaging and new exciting flavors. Adding to the campaign fuel, paid influencers, a mobile app experience, social media promotion and ads/media on retailer-based digital properties supported. In-store displays worked with street teams, sampling and sales promotions in stores to further connect the integrated campaign. For a category seeing 11 years of dips in sales, to garner such strong retail support was a huge success. Program results saw Diet Coke drive a sales growth for the first time in eight years, generating upswings in dollar share, volume, retail dollar volume, velocity and across equity scores that showed the brand was landing directly with young Spice Seekers. The campaign did a strong job of speaking to the digital native shopper through digital tactics but also activating at brick-andmortar and building awareness on a national scale to reinvent Diet Coke for a new generation.


Pop-Tarts ‘Destiny 2’ Promotion


Lowes Foods Pair Your Ritz MANUFACTURER: Mondelez International LEAD AGENCY: Geometry AWARD: Omni-Channel Shopper Experience (Silver)

MANUFACTURER: The Kellogg Co. LEAD AGENCY: The Integer Group AWARD: Multi-Retailer Program (Silver) Staring down a decline in household penetration, Kellogg’s PopTarts aimed to bring back consumers they thought they had lost: teens and young adults. The brand succeeded, remarketing the brand with a promotion tied to what matters most to shoppers of this age group – video games. Hitting several mass merchant and convenience retailers, Kellogg’s leveraged excitement around the release of the game “Destiny 2” from Activision, offering a national promotion for fans to get free “XP Boost” power-ups to use in the game when buying one box of PopTarts. Kellogg’s spruced up specialty packaging and in-store displays to target the “Destiny 2” gamers and rolled out a strong social, PR and earned media campaign to tap into the anticipation gamers were feeling before the launch of the game. Participating retailers received exclusive offers for incremental space. During research, Kellogg’s found that “Destiny 2” enjoyed a level of fandom of epic proportions, such as players seeking leaked trailers online or willing to stand in line overnight to buy. Tapping into this group helped earn the brand repeat purchases of Pop-Tarts and a more than 12% bump in sales compared to a year ago during the promotion’s period.

August 2019

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Young males were the largest group to redeem, exactly whom Pop-Tarts targeted. The brand learned that teen and young adults had a connection to Pop-Tarts when they were younger but felt they had grown out of the snack. Their passion for gaming brought these shoppers back to the brand, which video gaming naturally lends itself to snack behaviors, according to an Experian study on teens the brand looked at. That study also said shoppers who are 18 to 34 years old are 147% more likely to spend money on video games than music or movies. Per a video game study from Entertainment Software Association, Kellogg’s learned that 56% of gamers are 35 years old and younger. Gaming is a common ground among this diverse group of shoppers and one they’re very passionate about.

Based in Wilmington, North Carolina (with stores in South Carolina and Virginia), Lowes Foods prides itself on artisan, local taste – to the point Mondelez and the Ritz brand appeared too big and too mainstream to appeal to shoppers in North Carolina stores. Ritz was able to reach these shoppers through a campaign that paired flavors of the crackers to local craft beers. The original Ritz cracker is the main event in the portfolio, but the brand does have other flavors such as roasted vegetable, bacon, garlic butter, everything and honey wheat. For this local campaign, the brand paired those flavors with a style of draft beer that was available for purchase in the Lowes Foods beer destination called The Beer Den. More than a cold vault of cases of beer, the Den serves up local draft beer. Shoppers could try the pairings and get a growler of draft beer to go. Elements of the campaign spanned pre-store, in-store and post-store, beginning with a custom-built mobile app experience that highlighted the full breadth of crackers and what beers paired best. The mobile experience offered money off on a growler to drive traffic. In addition, a full-page ad ran in the Lowes circular. The app also enabled shoppers to scan specialty packages of Ritz to learn about beer pairings in-aisle or at home. Shelf talk

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Shopper Marketing EFFIE AWARD WINNERS signage supported in stores and could be scanned as well. Once the scan took place, geo-location identified where shoppers were when receiving that message and served them the mobile experience. Endcaps paired growlers to take to The Beer Den for a fill-up with packages of Ritz. Neck hangers on the bottles promoted the offer. Traditionally marketed to moms looking for a homeentertaining idea, the Lowes Foods program broadened the Ritz brand to the beer-drinking category and generated a healthy uptick in sales. Insights showed that Lowes Foods shoppers are down to earth and seek out authentic experiences. The Ritz pairing campaign did just that.


Colgate Save Water at Walmart


Top Your Ritz

MANUFACTURER: Colgate-Palmolive LEAD AGENCY: Geometry AWARD: Single-Retailer Program: Mass Merchants (Silver) In 2016, Walmart revealed Project Gigaton, an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1 billion metric tons (1 gigaton) by the year 2030, and the retailer asked brand partners to join them in this challenge. Colgate embraced the call and went beyond with a program that called on consumers to save water when brushing their teeth. Colgate realized that, by contributing to the project, for most suppliers it meant reducing greenhouse gas emissions during the manufacturing process, but for Colgate-Palmolive, 90% of their carbon footprint came from consumers using their products – to the tune of 172 billion gallons of water while brushing teeth annually, according to internal research. This insight gave Colgate a way to build a program around its impact that could serve Walmart’s mission and communicate directly to shoppers. And how do consumers help? Colgate calculated that turning off the water when brushing saves up to 4 gallons of water each time.

August 2019

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The campaign communicated this to shoppers inside Walmart through demos that physically showed the amount of water being conserved. A motion display pumped the messaging of turning off the tap saves up to 4 gallons, and special packages of Colgate had a sticker that changed colors and reminded consumers to turn off the faucet when at home. Colgate also leveraged Michael Phelps in materials, asking shoppers to take selfies with his image on pallet displays in Action Alley. Digitally, Colgate took over the Walmart.com home page on World Water Day, and media support ran on the site during the month. Colgate’s commitment to Project Gigaton strengthened its ties to the retailer and grabbed additional floor space for a product that’s so established and routine that it’s difficult to obtain. In fact, Colgate placed 1,200 pallets (above the goal of 1,000) and ran demos in 1,005 stores. At stores running the program, sales improved by nearly 40% over stores that didn’t. Colgate also learned that the program at Walmart alone helped save 1.2 billion gallons of water.

MANUFACTURER: Mondelez International LEAD AGENCY: Geometry AWARDS: Omni-Channel Shopper Experience (Silver); Multi-Retailer Program (Bronze) With 94% brand awareness, per Nielsen data, Mondelez International’s Ritz doesn’t seem like a brand hurting to be top of mind, but sales in the spring and summer drop by 20%. That said, Ritz executed exclusive programs at Walmart, Kroger and Lowes Foods that spoke to a young consumer and how to bring excitement to a traditional cracker, and helped spike a quiet season in spring. Millennials were the target. Ritz knows this demo tends to throw more casual or impromptu gatherings during the spring, but Ritz hasn’t been on hand for the party. The multi-retailer program for Ritz looked to position the cracker as a versatile snack for parties thrown quickly. Starting with Walmart, Ritz showed shoppers how to make a Ritz snack in 20 seconds. Social influencer videos showed reallife demos of pulling off this 20-second snack challenge, using #RITZin20secondsTops. A digital game challenged shoppers to build a snack in 20 seconds with Ritz, web banners drove shoppers

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to Walmart.com, and digital prompts were delivered to add Ritz crackers to the e-commerce cart. In Walmart stores, sampling stations put on 20-second recipe challenges live with the crackers, and displays carried product to complete their snacks. At Lowes Foods, the retailer paired different styles of beer featured in their beer department with flavors of Ritz. A custombuilt mobile app supported the pairings, and it also had an ability to scan packages for more information. Banner ads, emails, a store circular and a beer coaster neck hanger supported the program. Kroger stores also leveraged a mobile-optimized experience called “Sweet & Savory Top Your Ritz” that showcased fun ways to use the cracker to Millennial moms. The Kroger leg also featured social influencers sharing recipes, digital banner ads driving to Kroger.com, grocery cart signage, and shelf signage that touted the mobile experience. At all three retailers, the cracker category saw an increase in sales.


Master Your Summer


Boxed.com Olympics

MANUFACTURER: Tyson Foods LEAD AGENCY: IN Connected Marketing

MANUFACTURER: Procter & Gamble

AWARD: Multi-Retailer Program (Bronze)

LEAD AGENCY: Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide AWARD: E-Commerce (Bronze) Looking for a way to connect with Millennials, Procter & Gamble created a promotion that introduced a new way of shopping for Millennials – buy beauty and household goods in bulk on Boxed.com. Millennials, although digitally empowered and a group that prides itself on doing and thinking beyond the status quo, habitually shop for bathroom, laundry, cleaning and other household goods at retail as they need them, P&G learned through shopper insights work. The promotion nudged the group to rethink how it shops, garnering a whopping 30% jump in sales during the promotion’s run compared to the three weeks prior. Year-over-year sales grew by 7%. The Boxed.com promotion leveraged the brand’s partnership with the Olympics and the personality of snowboarder Louis Vito. Urging shoppers to “Think Big,” the campaign used Vito in every piece of communication and touted an offer for a free Team USA backpack to be delivered with three or more P&G products purchased on Boxed.com. When shoppers received

August 2019

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their Boxed.com box at home, a personalized thank you card from Vito was included, adding a touch of personalization. Primary elements of the campaign included three different videos featuring Vito shopping different P&G categories. They ran on the P&G landing page on Boxed.com as well as within social posts by P&G and Vito himself, and inside various digital media. P&G also delivered email blasts to 1.4 million loyal P&G shoppers, and Boxed.com sent an email to 770,000 loyal P&G shoppers. Ads ran on mobile and desktop. P&G aimed to overcome low category engagement and to increase sales among Millennials as well as drive more awareness around e-tailer Boxed.com. The effort exceeded all objectives and delivered some of the best results among all of P&G’s Olympic activations, according to the company.

The Tyson Foods portfolio relies on the three key summer holidays: Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day. Backyard barbecues and grilling around the holidays spike the brand’s hot dogs, chicken and sausage products, but the brand loses share of mind during the rest of the summer. Tyson rolled out a summer campaign that promoted nine brands across nine retailers, encouraging incremental purchase beyond the key holiday weekends. For each retailer, Tyson studied shopper insights at each retailer to identify summer trends. The campaign also analyzed 9,300 user-generated social videos to understand that summer is not a season but a lifestyle. The targeted shopper for the summer-long campaign was who they call “the summertime reveler,” young boomers, Millennials and Gen-X shoppers looking to fill summers with activities. The group is considered confident grillers and more than 60% make direct trips to grocers for cookouts. The retailer-specific programs totaled 28 different elements across the full path to purchase. Products were aligned with certain retailers: Ball Park hot dogs and Tyson chicken were featured at Walmart; and Hillshire Farm smoked sausage, Wright brand bacon and Aidells sausages were featured at H-E-B, for

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Shopper Marketing EFFIE AWARD WINNERS example. Other retailers included Kroger, Albertsons/Safeway, Target, Publix, Meijer, Ahold and Sam’s Club. At retail locations, parking lot events welcomed shoppers with product demos for trial. Signage ran in key departments – for example, near buns and other places where there were opportunities to build bigger baskets. Shoppers received Tyson-branded cooler bags to keep messaging alive all summer, too. Pre-shop, static and native banner ads connected with shoppers, social influencers shared recipes, and specialty content including recipes and tips was created for microsites. In the end, the campaign saw a 2% category lift in sales, compared to a year ago at the targeted retailers, and all KPIs were exceeded for the length of the effort.


Oreo Mint Hot Chocolate at 7-Eleven MANUFACTURER: Mondelez International LEAD AGENCY: Phoenix Creative Co. AWARD: New Product/Service Introduction (Bronze) Looking to bring excitement back to the Oreo cookie brand, particularly among Millennial shoppers, Mondelez International went all in at 7-Eleven, the home store of those aged 18 to 34. The in-depth program spread Oreo’s new mint flavor across several categories in the store. The brand brought 7-Eleven an exclusive drink, the Oreo Mint Hot Chocolate, and doubled down with Oreo Mint king-size Oreo cookies, Oreo Mint donuts and Oreo Mint chocolate candy. A wide-ranging, integrated effort supported the new flavor and

multiple product launches at 7-Eleven, a location that Oreo had recently seen an 11% dip in consumption, while 7-Eleven overall had been seeing a near 3% rise in sales in the cookie category as a whole. The idea for the hot chocolate flavor stemmed from insights that 7-Eleven is the second largest retailer of hot chocolate in the U.S., and 7-Eleven scores hot beverages as 14% of its sales. The mega effort at 7-Eleven began with PR and media outreach around the new hot chocolate and product items. Large window banners called out to passersby, showing the iconic cookie paired with the hot chocolate. Inside stores, floorstands (6,100 in all) carrying cookies and candy, and calling out the hot chocolate flavor, garnered floor space. Shelf talkers and wobblers called out the hot chocolate down the aisles, a cling pairing the Oreo Mint Donut with the hot chocolate was in the bakery, and a large translite was featured on the 7-Eleven hot chocolate machine. In addition, social influencers generated social chatter and drove foot traffic, and an exclusive Oreo Mint Dunk-O digital game engaged shoppers in a fun way, awarding daily prizes. Wobblers in-aisle drove shoppers to the game. The campaign leveraged promoted posts on Facebook and ran a geo-targeted campaign through the Waze app to drive shoppers to the store. In all, the campaign helped drive a nearly 30% bump in sales for the Oreo cookie brand versus a year ago, and specifically saw an increase in sales at 7-Eleven short of a full percent (but a massive jump from a minus 11% deficit the year before).


Cheerios Moments of Good MANUFACTURER: General Mills LEAD AGENCY: Shopperworks AWARD: Single-Retailer Program: Mass Merchants (Bronze) General Mills’ “Cheerios Moments of Good” campaign at Walmart reached out from the sea of cereal boxes to personally engage with Walmart shoppers on a human level through retail events and by emphasizing the importance of personal connection within all of the materials. Cheerios learned that at Walmart the cereal category had been hampered by a lack of emotional connection. Cereal brands didn’t speak genuinely to the shopper, and it caused shoppers to continually brand switch and show very little brand loyalty. By piggybacking off the national Cheerios campaign called “One Million Acts of Good,” which encouraged the general public to do good by their neighbors, this campaign brought live “Moments of Good” to Walmart stores, delighting shoppers with surprises and acts of kindness inside stores as well as encouraging them to pay it forward. The 360-degree campaign was led by retailtainment events that included 11 themed moments brought to stores, delivering more

August 2019

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The Cheerios Moments of Good campaign at Walmart made lasting emotional connections with shoppers and supported Walmart’s mission to save money and live better.


Vicks Cold, Cough, Flu 2017-2018 MANUFACTURER: Procter & Gamble LEAD AGENCY: Saatchi & Saatchi AWARD: Seasonal/Event (Bronze)

than 1 million engagements directly to Walmart shoppers. Themes were on thanking the military, rescuing animal wildlife and providing grocery giveaways, for example. The events garnered double-digit unit sales lifts for Cheerios after the events. A dozen videos were made and posted on a Cheerios moments landing page on Walmart.com showing the grocery giveaway events that occurred and other themed moments of good events. The videos further provided that inspiration to do good, seeing more than 8 million views. Social media further spread the word on the events and shared the videos, helping drive more than 430 million impressions and spur more than 21 public relations placements. To go along with the live store events, product demos were held and a breadth of POS materials supported.

Vicks needed a Walmart-specific campaign to keep the brand top of mind during stock-up season and make Walmart a mom’s go-to destination during the peak cough, cold and flu season. The national campaign spoke to anyone who can’t take sick days. To align to Walmart’s core shopper, Vicks created a customized program. Vicks sales at Walmart increased 18% in peak cough, cold and flu season versus a year earlier. IQ

The Shopper Marketing Effie Awards were presented on May 16 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as part of the Path to Purchase Summit. Effie president and CEO Traci Alford helped announce the winners.

August 2019

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August 2019

46-50-P2PIQ_RGMroadmap.indd 46

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Overhauling trade promotion practices is a prerequisite for CPGs looking to drive more meaningful growth across all commercial spending. Here are eight steps that every company should take.

EACH YEAR, consumer packaged goods companies funnel enormous sums of money into trade promotion. More than $500 billion is spent around the globe on promotional activities such as temporary price reductions, weekly circular features and in-store display placement. Yet the industry overall still has little to show for its outsized trade spending – typically the second-biggest P&L item behind the cost of goods – in terms of consistent or meaningful revenue growth beyond short-term incremental gains. Thanks to advances in data analytics and technology, today’s CPG marketers have ample opportunities to change that equation. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are accelerating the power of brands and retailers to leverage real-time shipment data, POS data and external factors such as weather to better understand constantly shifting consumer behavior and adjust their commercial programs accordingly. Such forward-thinking approaches are critical in an environment that offers consumers an unprecedented level of pricing transparency and shopping choices. But first, marketers must commit to overhauling their traditional trade promotion management. Spending on retailer trade programs represents as much as 25% of a consumer packaged goods company’s revenue and 60% of its marketing budget. Yet many marketers continue to make crucial decisions based on a post-promotion analysis that considers only what was spent versus what was sold during the period – an outdated approach to ROI measurement that fails to address increasingly complex purchase decisions and has little to no connection to the company’s broader commercial spending strategy. In fact, there’s a far more sophisticated way for CPGs to conduct trade promotion in the context of a holistic approach to commercial spending across all business units: revenue growth management. “Revenue growth management is a more strategic way to think about driving growth efficiently to the business,” says Tarun Kataria, global director, advanced analytics and machine learning at confectionery giant Mars, Incorporated. “Marketers need to think about their trade promotion spending as an investment to drive overall growth. Historically, it has been used more as a blunt financial instrument to buy back share for individual brands.” In recent years, companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have succeeded in implementing a two-pronged strategy of diversifying their portfolios while improving financial conditions by adopting best practices in revenue growth management. Yet a

August 2019

46-50-P2PIQ_RGMroadmap.indd 47

similar urgency is not being felt across the CPG landscape. In a fall 2017 survey, for example, only 29% of packaged goods executives identified trade promotion as a “priority area” within the larger category of digital transformation. But that sentiment may be changing. Over the past year and a half, as the industry has come under even greater financial pressures, companies have been forced to take a more serious look at all their revenue growth practices. When Kraft Heinz was forced to absorb a $14.5 billion write-down of its brands early in 2019, the move “sent shockwaves throughout the industry,” says Catherine Guo, senior client success manager at CPG solution provider UpClear. “It’s obvious that slow-growing consumer goods companies need to invest more strategically and spend more efficiently.” With more companies waking up to the need, the question now becomes how to get it done. There may be no single formula that will work for every CPG. But there are several steps that every company can take that, when strung together effectively, provide a roadmap to effective revenue growth management.

1. ENVISION THE BIG PICTURE — THEN START SMALL Exactly what form revenue growth management takes will depend on a company’s business model and the markets in which it operates. As with any major organizational change, the process can be slow and painful. “You can’t just go from A to Z. You have to start with basic processes and improvements to get to something universal,” says Carl Granfelt, senior manager of trade planning and promotion management at candy maker Ferrero. To ease the transition, many practitioners suggest taking a few modest initial steps and then accelerating the path forward. “It is a journey. Start small – for example, with one brand or one product, and then step-by-step roll activities out to the entire portfolio,” advises Kathrin Hoder, senior profitable revenue growth manager and member of the sales leadership team at Danone Germany. “Get started and find the right balance between delivering quick wins while preparing mid-term efficiencies and building the right capabilities.” Ken Harris, managing partner at Cadent Consultant Group, recommends a three-phased approach: identify market conditions, analyze trade efficiencies, and develop options for

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deployment of investments for key businesses by market. “Start with the familiar,” he suggests. “You need to show the contrast with the legacy system so that everyone in the organization knows what to expect from the new approach.”

“You can’t just go from A to Z. You have to start with basic processes and improvements to get to something universal.”


— Carl Granfelt, Ferrero

Based on the above, each company needs to ask: What are the key value drivers that are already part of day-to-day business management that should be weaved into the RGM practice? And who is leading the charge: marketing, finance or sales? “For our organization, RGM is a function within the sales department and [sales] is leading the transformation yet is interacting with all relevant functions,” notes Hoder. Bringing in top corporate talent and training the existing workforce are also key steps. Hoder says the three most desirable qualities to lead RMG initiatives are analytical skills, resilience and a growth mindset. When training, she recommends keeping things simple. “It could start with a session on how to apply the ROI calculation to the day-to-day operations,” says Hoder. “For a specific RGM team, it’s also good to have cross-market and crossCBU best-practice exchanges to learn from work that has already been achieved – so that the wheel is not always re-invented.”

3. GET YOUR DATA DUCKS IN A ROW While data is obviously critical for effective revenue growth management, the practice doesn’t necessarily require a large volume of proprietary data. “A lot of data needed to understand performance both volumetrically and [with] the consumer is publically available – assuming you’re willing to pay for it,” says Kataria. “The question is whether the organization has the capability to invest in data assets or the right mindset to sustain the curation of those assets long enough to stitch together a more effective RGM strategy.” According to Hoder, commercial spending should be invested

“Marketers need to think about their trade promotion spending as an investment to drive overall growth. Historically, it has been used more as a blunt financial instrument to buy back share for individual brands.” — Tarun Kataria, Mars, Incorporated

August 2019

46-50-P2PIQ_RGMroadmap.indd 48

into profitable growth spaces where there is a triple win for the consumer, retailer and brand. She therefore points to the following external data points as important to derive from qualitative research: • What price is the consumer willing to pay for a certain product? • Which channels trigger consumption? • In which areas of the store are shoppers most willing to buy a new product (entrance vs. checkout, perimeter versus center-store)? Key data points from a quantitative perspective include sell-out data with pricing, shopping frequencies and basket sizes, adds Hoder. At the store level, accurate data capture for pricing and promotions is also critical, says UpClear’s Guo. “That means being diligent about field execution and following up with store managers, for example, to make sure products are being placed in the right section of the store.”

4. EMBED KPIS INTO THE COMMERCIAL ROUTINE As with any cross-functional approach, an RGM practice requires a shared set of common objectives and buy-in from all departments. Thus, KPIs need to be clearly defined as part of dayto-day business reviews to drive decision-making. “It is not only a question of how much you’re investing but how you evaluate progress at each step,” says Harris. “Are you including supply chain costs, or is it strictly promotion?” Most contemporary RGM practices are built around four basic pillars: strategic pricing, trade promotion, product assortment, and trade architecture. On the trade promotion component, Kataria urges marketers to consider all the factors that may have affected the program’s success. “A strict ROI analysis is too myopic,” he warns. For example, a typical ROI analysis of trade promotion does not take into consideration market share rebalancing or penetration. “A company might look at it as a pure play: We spend $100,000 and got two times our return – that’s our ROI,” says Harris. “The response is, “OK, but if that category went down and you didn’t increase share [but] just swapped dollars, what is the point? The whole idea is to build your business.”

| 48 | consumergoods.com 7/17/19 4:11 PM


46-50-P2PIQ_RGMroadmap.indd P2PIQ_FULL_PAGE_BLEED.indd 49 1

7/17/19 7/15/19 4:11 7:49 PM AM




Increasingly, consumer goods companies no longer see the need for a one-size-fits-all technology solution. “In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a shift in demand for cloud-based solutions and a desire to work with a variety of vendors with expertise in different areas, which affords the company more flexibility,” says Gabriele Plate, client services director for EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) at UpClear. Finding promotion management tools that are intuitive to use

“Find the right balance between delivering quick wins while preparing mid-term efficiencies and building the right capabilities.” — Kathrin Hoder, Danone Germany

and (therefore) more likely to be adopted by sales teams is often a sticking point, says Ferrero’s Granfelt. “The front-end piece is always a challenge because we tend to build tools that are not user-friendly,” he says. “There is often a gap in data and planning due to the clunky nature and non-integration of those tools.” When selecting tech partners, Danone’s Hoder looks for the ability to adapt an RGM solution to a company’s needs in different markets, as well as teams who are eager to develop and continually refine the solution together. “What is sufficient today might already be outdated tomorrow,” she notes.

Brands and retailers aren’t always on the same page when it comes to prioritizing business practices. But despite a trade relationship that is becoming increasingly adversarial in some respects, the two sides share a common desire to remain relevant with omnichannel consumers through digital transformation. Walmart’s recent push to transform itself into a “technology company” through major investments in e-commerce and in-store capabilities like virtual reality is a clear sign of that commitment, says Kataria. “The more retailers can embrace and drive this transformation, the easier it will be for manufacturers.” “Revenue management solutions, and specifically machine learning-based capabilities, can be leveraged by ‘category captains’ to provide deeper insights into the brand, pack mix, price points and promotional mechanics that can drive category expansion while minimizing negative effects such as product switching,” says UpClear’s Plate. “Such insights can deliver more robust joint business plans, strengthening the relationship between brand and retailers through ‘win win’ category deals.”

8. TAKE THE PLUNGE NOW For companies that are stalling or resisting the move to RGM entirely, experts suggest looking beyond the confines of the dayto-day operation at the radically changing world around them. “My advice to any company that is slow to adapt is, wake up,” says Kataria. “If marketers believe their business lines are not going to

“If the category went down and you didn’t increase share [but] just swapped dollars, what’s the point? The whole idea is to build your business.”

6. BUILD A PORTABLE SOLUTION For multinational companies, an overriding objective is to create a platform that takes into consideration individual market and customer dynamics while providing a consistent approach to the business. “It’s one of the reasons why people have gravitated to RGM: It’s transportable,” says Harris. “Individual components are different by country, but the process is the same. The idea is to take the key people on the job and pollinate them in other markets.” Besides being portable, experts argue that a newly created RGM practice needs to act as a discrete unit within the organization. “Think of the RGM practice as if it were a product company within the organization,” advises Kataria. “It is an end-to-end service where you bring together the three pieces of the puzzle – technology, analytics, business – in a horizontal connection. That is where it starts to come to life.”

August 2019

46-50-P2PIQ_RGMroadmap.indd 50

— Ken Harris, Cadent Consulting

be impacted by technology, AI and analytics, they couldn’t be any more wrong. It’s going to continue to have a huge financial impact.” Of course, there is no guarantee for success and companies should be prepared for uneven results initially. “There are examples where it’s already very aligned across the different functions and then, of course, there are always examples where it does not work,” acknowledges Hoder. “We try to fail forward, to learn from what wasn’t working and where – for example, the digital campaign could have been more aligned with the in-store activation or vice versa.” After all, it’s hard to grow without experiencing some growing pains. IQ

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Activation Gallery

Augmented and

Virtual Reality Path to Purchase IQ’s editors provide a sampling of recent activations that are helping move shoppers along their decision journeys.

Mary Kay’s MirrorMe virtual makeover mobile application, powered by EnterWorks Enable PIM, uses AR to allow consumers to instantly try on different products (and shades) from the brand. Users can choose from a number of predetermined looks such as “Enchanted Gold” or “Cool Metals” or create their own custom look from scratch. Users can also adjust the brightness and color intensity, snap and save images, add items to their mobile shopping cart and share their looks on social media.

7-Eleven teamed with PepsiCo’s Cheetos to launch an AR-enabled experience and memory game within the retailer’s mobile app. The experience used a phone’s rear camera to anchor a miniature board comprising 12 cards in a user’s environment. Each card depicted a Cheetos shape before flipping over. Users were encouraged to match the four same-shaped Cheetos to win up to 40 7Rewards points. After playing the game, the experience gives users the option to “take a selfie with Chester,” the brand’s cheetah mascot. The mascot’s glasses, ears and mouth were superimposed onto a real-time image of a user’s face.

PepsiCo’s Pepsi kicked off summer early through a collaboration with Instagram dubbed #Summergram. Launched May 20, the campaign brought hundreds of custom, summer-themed and AR-enabled filters, stickers and statements to the platform. Those features are accessible through special labels with QR codes on more than 230 million bottles and cups.

August 2019

51-53-P2PIQ_gallery.indd 51

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Activation Gallery

In collaboration with DreamWorks Animation, Walmart’s VR startup Spatialand (Spatial&) helped design an immersive virtual reality experience tied to the studio’s Feb. 22 release of “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.” Parking lot events staged across 16 Walmart locations provided headsets and specialized Positron motion VR chairs to give shoppers a five-minute virtual journey through the world of the film with immersive real-world sound, motion and sensory cues.

ModiFace powers an AR “Shade Selector” tool for L’Oreal’s Garnier that Walmart is piloting in 10 stores. Shoppers can scan product bar codes to virtually try on hair color, with shades laid over a live video image of the shopper displayed on an interactive screen. (The technology was reportedly also scheduled to roll out to 12 Meijer and five Wakefern stores in March, as well as 10 Walgreens stores in June.)

August 2019

51-53-P2PIQ_gallery.indd 52

The part warehouse, part test lab in Dallas known as Sam’s Club Now is leveraging AR on some of its shopping carts as a way to entertain and engage kids. When shoppers hold their smartphones (or a store-provided tablet) over a “magicart,” the cart turns into a spaceship or pirate ship, for example. Sam’s Club Now is also testing AR on certain products to provide preparation and pairing ideas and visuals.

| 52 | consumergoods.com 7/17/19 4:12 PM

Mosquito repellent brand Para’Kito teamed with Atlanta-based display maker Georgia-Pacific to create an instore interactive floorstand that uses augmented reality to engage, entertain and inform shoppers about its wearable products. To engage, shoppers scan a QR code on the display that directs them to a site where they can choose from a menu of three AR-enabled experiences: a 60-second, camera-based mosquito repellent game, a three-question quiz to determine the ideal product for their needs, or a short video starring professional surfer Maud Le Car wearing a Para’Kito product.

Amazon is letting shoppers virtually try on nearly 500 lip colors with ModiFace, the beauty tech developer acquired by L’Oreal last year. ModiFace says its simulation of makeup shades is done automatically, based on an AI-powered analysis of information provided by beauty brands and images of the product on social media.

Kiss Products deployed a festival-themed endcap display at Walmart inviting shoppers to try on false lashes virtually by downloading the brand’s “Lash Wardrobe” mobile application. (The brand also promoted the tool the prior year with an endcap display at Walgreens.)

August 2019

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Emerging Technology

P2P Toolkit

A roundup of technology-driven tools that drive consumer understanding, engagement and conversion on every step of the path to purchase. Yolo, a new mobile app built in association with Snapchat and its Snap Kit platform, is becoming popular among teens, reaching the top download spot for Apple apps in just its first week. The app works with a Snapchat login and Bitmoji profile photo and enables users to include anonymous messaging onto their Snapchat post. A user can post a question they want anonymous users to respond to or they can send anonymous questions to another Snapchat user. There have been comparable apps like YikYak and Sarahah in the past. Considering the anonymity, there are concerns of cyberbullying and it’s unclear if it will accept advertising or how brands can get involved. A startup called Popshow Inc. developed the app and couldn’t be reached for comment.

Beauty retailer Sephora ran a contest to select a group of beauty influencers to represent them officially as the “Sephora Squad,” reportedly gathering 16,000 applications and having those applicants share out hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube and Instagram – enabling Sephora to track their followers and engagement levels. The chosen influencers earn a paid contract with Sephora as well as personalized products to share out with their specific audience bases. Sephora also will throw networking events for the influencers to get together, coach them on content and collaborate with them on videos. It’s an interesting way to truly be transparent between the retailer and influencer community, as well as deepen the relationship between the two. The retailer used its social channels to promote the contest and announce updates.

Dan Ochwat, a P2PI contributor for nearly two decades, has been on the lookout for digital path to purchase tools since 2011. Send comments and P2P Toolkit inquiries to danochwat@gmail.com.

August 2019

54-57-P2PIQ_P2Ptoolkit.indd 54

A data analytics firm called LatentAnalytics, Princeton, New Jersey, announced enhanced capabilities to its SmartInsights platform. The platform uses artificial intelligence to help consumer goods brands predict trends such as what ingredients are hot in food and beverage or emerging trends in health and beauty. It now is said to help speed up the full R&D cycle of a product, for example identify what companies own patents, help prepare patents, point out potential challenger brands and more. Other features of the program include finding influencers and influences around a product or category, and a brand company can generate predictions without applying a hypothesis.

| 54 | consumergoods.com 7/17/19 4:12 PM

As one part of its summer program, PepsiCo’s Pepsi is empowering its bottles with an AR experience on Instagram. Shoppers scan a QR code with their mobile phones on the summer-themed bottles with fun phrases – “Tropic Like It’s Hot,” “Turnt Not Burnt,” and “Call Me On My Shell Phone” – that open up Instagram Stories and present a unique AR filter. Pepsi made hundreds of filters. When a shopper applies the filter to their Instagram video, they must put #Summergram and then they can share it out with friends. Additionally, Pepsi created digital stickers that can be added to texts or messages. The campaign will also include 25 TV ads that highlight the AR experience. Outdoor billboards, and social posts on Pepsi’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts will tout the #Summergram program.

The first new summer campaign in six years for Coca-Cola Co. is a package-driven program that puts scannable codes onto bottles and cans. Consumers scan the codes with the CocaCola mobile app, giving them a chance to win prizes such as tickets to concerts, movies, amusement parks and baseball games, as well as a chance to meet the U.S. women’s soccer team, which competed in (and won) the World Cup. Coca-Cola ran a campaign around its support for the team, including limited-edition wristbands for purchase, and the scannable bottles also have colorful wristbands that are peeled off the bottles. The brand supported the sweepstakes with a full-scale TV, print, cinema, social, radio and digital ad program.

Beiersdorf has expanded its data and analytics relationship with Nielsen by being the first brand in the health and beauty category to leverage Nielsen Connect, an open-source system that integrates data from multiple streams, teams and partners into one place. The system takes in past data and marries it with predictive analysis to deliver category insights, suggested product decisions and more. By connecting all sources of the brand’s data into one place and dashboard, Nielsen Connect is said to speed up business for Beiersdorf, according to a press release.

August 2019

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P2P Toolkit

While physical Dash buttons will still work for those who continue to use them, Amazon has ended its physical Dash button product, turning it into a virtual button that users click to instantly reorder goods. The Dash button launched four years ago with brands such as Tide (users could stick it to a washing machine, for example), and when a consumer pushed the button it automatically communicated a reorder to the user’s mobile phone. The same idea applies to the virtual dash buttons that resemble the physical ones except they’re arranged on a dash button homepage seen on the mobile phone, desktop or the Echo Show to have Alexa trigger the dash button reorder. The virtual buttons can be seen on touchscreens for Samsung smart refrigerators, as well.

NBCUniversal, which has activated TV commercials as a way to buy product right then and there, announced a new feature that it’s calling “ShoppableTV.” For participating advertisers, a QR code will be featured on screen for viewers to scan with their mobile phone cameras. They’ll be instantly directed to the advertiser’s site to buy. Before the code surprises on screen, a phone notification is sent to connected viewers alerting them to an “OnAir Shoppable Moment.” The network of TV stations includes channels such as NBC, NBC Sports, Telemundo, Bravo, E!, CNBC Prime and USA Network – all will be hosting these live ad experiences. Four years ago, Shazam app users (now owned by Apple) similarly could buy from TV ads after scanning a Shazam icon.

August 2019

54-57-P2PIQ_P2Ptoolkit.indd 56

Couponing and engagement app Ibotta has announced its first mobile payment capability called “Pay with Ibotta” that instantly gives Ibotta users the ability to pay for their shopping within the app and instantly earn cash back to their synced credit card from coupons and rewards. Here’s how the app works: when a shopper buys a pair of shoes at Nike, for example, they click or enter the product amount in the app and receive a QR code to have a cashier scan at checkout that will automatically put cash back into their account. There are more than 30 retailers participating with Ibotta for this payment feature including The Home Depot, Game Stop, Banana Republic, Chipotle, Ulta Beauty, Gap and Regal Cinemas.

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November 12-14, 2019 Hyatt Regency Chicago An official event of:

Produced by:


54-57-P2PIQ_P2Ptoolkit.indd 19EXP_ADV_Rise06.indd 1 57

7/17/19 4/17/19 4:12 9:50PM AM

Shopping with Steve


in Miami, Florida Steve Says:

When I began authoring this column, I never thought I’d refer to a convenience store as a destination or an experience. The opening of three Wawa stores in Miami has changed that. (There are now more than 100 stores in Florida.) One of the first things I noticed is the parking lot that surrounds the entire store. Entering the store from the rear, I was immediately greeted by attractive merchandising. This store is a great experience from all angles. The Miami flair includes popular Hispanic espresso drinks like cafecitos, coladas, cortaditos and cafe con leche.

Steve Frenda, executive advisor for EnsembleIQ and the Path to Purchase Institute, has been a passionate retail watcher for more than four decades. Having worked as a retailer, for a brand manufacturer and in the infotech world, he is an authority on the entire path to purchase and its changing face. Contact Steve at sfrenda@ensembleiq.com

Wawa Florida has its own Facebook page. This post reflects the chain’s efforts to specifically serve the Hispanic market. Check out the large number of reactions and comments. Can you imagine a lemonade with lemons, strawberries and jalapeno peppers?

A convenience store with retailtainment? C’mon! This young lady with the big smile was the emcee. That piece of paper on the counter is a list of silly jokes that she announced every five minutes. If shoppers got the right answer, they received a $5 gift card on this day. A joke while I was in the store: Why did the baby strawberry cry? Answer: His mom was in a jam!

There is a nice array of refrigerated drinks, snack items and confections. Notice the Beer Cooler in the background. It has a great selection of products in a variety of pack sizes. Note the asymmetrical layout of the gondolas, which improves the feel of the experience.

August 2019

58-59-P2PIQ_SHOPsteve.indd 58

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There is a walk-up window that takes advantage of pedestrian traffic. Note items on the menu like empanadas, cortaditos, coladas, cafecitos, and cafe con leche – all designed to serve the local community. Not bad for a retailer that has its roots in Philadelphia.

The food service area dominates. Customers can place orders on digital kiosks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner items as well as beverages and fresh baked goods are featured on the kiosk and the Wawa mobile app. I watched several orders being placed and delivered, and the process was quite efficient.

The mobile app is extremely intuitive and allows you to place orders well ahead of pickup. There are more than 200 items that can be purchased through the app. Additionally, there is a “Favorites” function within the menu that allows you to save regularly purchased items.

Wawa seemingly has as strong of a presence in social media as any retailer. They have almost a cult presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr (shown here). Their good will, imagination and presence is a strong formula for the loyalty they enjoy.

So, what could an air pump for your car have to do with the shopping experience? Sometimes it’s the little things that can create quite an impression. In this case, use of the pump is free, while most c-stores charge for the air. Additionally, Wawa offers fee-free cash machines and free Wi-Fi, all of which is noted prominently in the store. It’s about loyalty.

August 2019

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Solution Provider News

Colangelo Moves Headquarters to Norwalk Marketing agency Colangelo completed the move of its headquarters to a new 11,234-square-foot loft space in Norwalk, Connecticut. Located at 20 Glover Avenue, the new offices occupy the top floor of a six-story office building adjacent to the Merritt Parkway and Route 7 in Norwalk. The property features a full-service cafeteria, 24/7 security and concierge, outdoor space, parking, a fitness center and an auditorium and conference center. Late last year, Colangelo’s management team completed a re-purchase from the DAS Group of Companies, a division of Omnicom. Expansion into the new permanent office space provides the scale to manage the next chapter in the agency’s growth.

Trax Acquires Shopkick Trax, a Singapore-based provider of computer vision and analytics solutions for retail, has acquired U.S. shopping rewards app Shopkick. Combining Trax’s technologies and solutions with

Shopkick’s full path-to-purchase offering accelerates Trax’s vision of digitizing the physical world of retail, bridging the mobile and physical retail worlds for global and regional retailers. Shopkick will operate independently at its existing headquarters in Redwood City, California, under the Trax brand, driving forward with a continued focus on its customers and community. Trax is on a run of 2019 milestones, including its announced merger with China’s leading retail AI and big data service company, LenzTech. Shopkick works with some of the world’s largest brands and retailers including: Coty, eBay, GE, Georgia-Pacific, Kellogg, LEGO, TJ Maxx and Unilever.

Jergens Picks Ahalogy as Social Media Agency Kao USA chose Ahalogy, a Quotient brand, to be the social media agency for the Jergens Skincare brand. Kao awarded Ahalogy the contract after an agency review. In this capacity, Ahalogy will develop and execute all paid and organic social media activity for Jergens Skincare, supplemented by both influencer content and studio/ professional photography. Ahalogy has already begun promoting Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer and Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer. Ahalogy will develop overall content strategy and content for the brand, produce creative and publish the information across all social media platforms including: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. Jergens selected Quotient’s

August 2019

60-P2PIQ_SPnews.indd 60

Ahalogy due to its industry reputation, presentation of cutting-edge content and social solutions for the brand, and its capacity to reduce non-working costs.

Hmt Elevates Shopper Activations Through Playbook Hmt, the shopper-focused brand activation agency in Cleveland, is tapping into its retail expertise and the power of Playbook to help deliver best-in-class shopper activations for brands. Being able to drive efficiency and consistency across the entire retail landscape is not easy. That’s the solution Hmt said its Playbook platform provides. Developed by its retail center of excellence, the agency translates brand and scale initiatives into turnkey, insight-based shopper-focused campaigns that are simple to activate beyond the Top 10. These campaign-ready solutions consist of on-trend, 360-degree-focused and channel-specific tactics that engage shoppers throughout their purchase journey. All of this is synthesized into an organized web-based portal that is customized to brand and scale priorities. This enables 20 to 25 program activations per drive period, extending shopper marketing reach while delivering an average 5:1 ROI on a per program basis. IQ

Send your solution provider news – new products, projects, programs and technologies – to Charlie Menchaca at cmenchaca@ensembleiq.com.

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Personnel Appointments BRAND MARKETERS Kimberly-Clark, Dallas Kim Underhill, president of KimberlyClark Professional, has been named group president of Kimberly-Clark North America. In her new role, Underhill will lead Kimberly-Clark’s nearly $8 billion North American consumer business, with trusted brands such as Huggies, Kleenex, Cottonelle and Depend. Underhill is succeeding Larry Allgaier, who left the company. Aaron Powell, president, Kimberly-Clark Europe, Middle East and Africa has been named President of Kimberly-Clark Professional. A successor to Powell in EMEA will be named at a later time. Both Underhill and Powell will report to Mike Hsu, president and chief operating officer of Kimberly-Clark. RETAILERS Walgreens Adam Holyk is no longer serving as chief marketing officer at Walgreens, instead now heading up retail and consumer services for the drug chain. Alyssa Raine assumed the role of interim chief marketing officer while continuing to serve as divisional vice president, brand marketing. She’s been in the DVP role



since May 2018. Among her employment prior to joining Walgreens in 2018, Raine served in brand/marketing roles at Hallmark Cards, Frito-Lay and Hint. Raine reports to Vineet Mehra, Walgreens Boots Alliance global chief marketing officer. SOLUTION PROVIDERS Great Northern Corp., Appleton, Wisconsin Great Northern promoted Jeff Michels, packaging business unit manager, to president of packaging and in-store. It has also strategically realigned four of its business units into two groups. Previously each a separate business unit, packaging and in-store are now grouped together, as are laminations and rollguard. Michels moved into the newly created role after 14 years as the packaging business unit manager and 21 years overall at Great Northern. Michels will have direct responsibility for corrugated


plants in the Twin Cities as well as Racine and Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, along with his current leadership of the Appleton plant. Mosaic, Dallas Mosaic added marketing veteran Justine Greenwald as its executive creative director. Greenwald leads award-winning teams of creatives and strategists to deliver game-changing experiences for top global brands. She also plays a key role in agency leadership and operations. Greenwald’s hiring marks the addition of another talented woman to Mosaic’s already strong bench of female-led experiential experts. Greenwald’s career spans multiple leadership roles in some of the world’s largest and most prestigious agencies, including Geometry Global, Ogilvy and G2.

Editorial Index 7-Eleven.......................................51 Comcast ......................................40 Ibotta............................................56 NBC Universal............................56 Spatialand...................................52 Amazon.com.................. 9, 53, 56 Danone Germany.....................50 IN Connected Marketing.......43 Nielsen..........................................55 Target............................................16 American Pet Nutrition..........38 DAS Cos........................................33 Integer Group, The...................41 Pacha Soap.................................62 TracyLocke..................................38 Avocados From Mexico..........12 Diageo..........................................38 Kao USA.......................................60 Para’Kito.......................................53 Trax................................................60 Bausch & Lomb..........................39 Dreamworks Animation.........52 Kellogg.........................................41 PepsiCo.................................51, 55 Tyson Foods................................43 Beiersdorf.............................14, 55 EnterWorks Enable PIM..........51 Kiss Products..............................53 Phoenix Creative Co. ..............44 Bimbo Bakeries USA................28 FCB/RED.......................................40 Unilever .......................................39 LatentAnalytics.........................54 Procter & Gamble.. 8, 10, 43, 45 Blue Chip Marketing Ferrara Candy Co......................37 UpClear........................................47 L’Oreal....................................52, 53 Saatchi & Saatchi......................45 Worldwide............................39, 43 Ferrero..........................................48 Mars Agency, The.....................38 Walmart...........10, 13, 18, 52, 53 Sam’s Club...................................52 Cadent Consulting...................50 General Mills...............................44 Mars Inc........................................48 Sephora........................................54 Wawa............................................58 Coca Cola Co., The.............40, 55 Geometry............................. 40-42 ModiFace..............................52, 53 Shopkick......................................60 Whole Foods..............................62 Colangelo....................................60 Georgia-Pacific..........................53 Mondelez Colgate-Palmolive.............22, 42 Hmt................................................60 International.................41, 42, 44 Shopperworks...........................44 Yolo................................................54 August 2019

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Retailer Intelligence

Pacha Gives Whole Foods an Experience BY PAT RYC J A M A L I N O W S K A

Whole Foods Market is differentiating its shopper experience by opening a dedicated store-within-a-store concept in partnership with mission-based brand Pacha Soap Co. In May, the third Pacha store-withina-Whole Foods opened at the grocer’s Lakeview location in Chicago. The timing coincided with Mother’s Day weekend, and the partners tied in to the occasion by staging an in-store event inviting shoppers to paint “froth bombs” to give as gifts. Pacha, whose staff handled the event with assistance from Whole Foods, plans to stage such experiential events in the stores with its boutiques at least once every quarter, Pacha chief marketing officer Todd First told the Path to Purchase Institute. “We can do certain events in those stores that we may not be able to execute in a traditional chainwide event,” First said. As an extension of its company mission, Pacha also plans on using those stores as bases for community outreach involving supplying soap to people in need and partnering with local organizations. “Everything that Pacha does, the first thing is about the mission,” First said. Pacha slates a portion of profits to helping developing countries build water wells and educate children on sanitation. It also helps them set up small-scale soap shops, working directly with farmers who grow and produce the essential oils used in its soaps. The result is product comprising organic, fairtrade and environmentally sustainable ingredients that are used to create unique scents such as “pipe tobacco & coffee” and “dirty hippie.”

The company has been a Whole Foods supplier since 2014, when it benefitted from Whole Foods’ local producer loan program to launch a new liquid soap line exclusively at the grocer. In 2018, Whole Foods recognized Pacha as a global supplier of the year for pioneering experiential, natural bath and body care, and exceeding goals for growth by delivering an innovative assortment of products to the retailer’s shoppers. Pacha continues bringing Whole Foods consumers innovative products, and in turn uses the stores-within-a-store to test new categories or items they may be working on to get feedback directly from shoppers. The brand tested salt blocks (as more convenient take on bulk bath salts) last year at its first store-within-a-Whole Foods – in downtown Denver near Union Station – before deciding to expand distribution globally. Pacha’s sleep bath salt block made Whole Foods’ inaugural list of top beauty and wellness trends for the year, unveiled in March in conjunction with the grocer’s “Beauty Week.” “We like the [stores-within-a-store] because they give us the opportunity to one, test different products that we may be coming out with but two, it’s a branding experience for us that allows us to show our entire portfolio in more of a ‘private shopping space,’ so it creates a lot of brand

August 2019

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awareness and attraction,” First said. The second Pacha store-within-a-Whole Foods was included in the plans for Whole Foods’ 500th store and flagship location in midtown Atlanta. Each of the three existing stores-within-a-store is unique in its design. The first location relies largely on table displays, the second incorporates custom wooden racks and shelves, and the third increases the use of wooden elements to really set the space apart

as its own dedicated area. The partners are planning to open a fourth location in Nashville in 2020. “Each time we do one we learn how to do it a little bit better both visually and as far as shopping experience and how we merchandise the product, so it’s an ongoing learning experience but I think it’s been beneficial for both parties,” First said of the joint planning process. P2PI partnered with Field Agent to take a closer look at the most recently opened Pacha store-within-a-Whole Foods in Chicago: • The location boasts a wood-finished structure – including columns, shelving and headers – that serves to clearly identify the Pacha storewithin-a-store. • Bold signage communicates that the brand doesn’t use synthetic ingredients, is crafted in the U.S., does not test on animals and is made without parabens or sulfates. • Both bulk and pre-packaged items are available, displayed on shelves illuminated with custom lighting. • Boxes shoppers can fill with various Pacha products to create customized gift sets are incorporated throughout. IQ

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