ENoLL Activity Report 2019

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Activity Report A review of the activities of the European Network of Living Labs for the year 2019

Activity report 2019


Activity report 2019

Š European Network of Living Labs This report is a compilation of activities of the network for the year 2019. Editor: Spela Zalokar Contributors: Spela Zalokar Ines Vaittinen Leidy Enriquez Zsuzsanna Bodi Koen Vervoort Fernando Vilariùo Design: imagearea


Activity report 2019

Foreword Fernando VilariĂąo

ENoLL Chairperson


I find myself writing the foreword of our ENoLL

Living Labs, and like-minded organizations, are

Activity Report for the year 2019. This is happen-

now becoming an actual and mature Collabora-

ing during the summer of 2020, in a moment

tory, an interconnected science and innovation

in which the pandemic of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

infrastructure, distributed around the territory,

has struck us as never before in our lifetimes: we

joining one common aim: Co-creation of feasible

have witnessed how our beloved ones got sick,

and sound solutions for our challenges, from the

how our mobility was drastically restricted, how

design phase to the final stages of scalability, not

our cities shut down, and how our economies

leaving anyone behind. Now, more than ever,

entered into a crisis that will extend for years.

together we are stronger.

But it is precisely within this context that the

From an institutional perspective, ENoLL ac-

activities developed during the year 2019 acquire

cepted the challenge to offer an Enhanced Value

full meaning. The approach to co-creation and

Proposition for its Community, providing more

multi-stakeholder citizen-centric processes for in-

visibility, more impact of our actions, and more

novation has been supported by ENoLL since its

capacity to attract funding for joint consortia.

creation, and projected together with our part-

This bet crystalized in a number of specific

ners in the Manifesto for Innovation in Europe.

instruments: One the one hand, the develop-

Activity report 2019

ment of a Capacity Building Program within

Korea, Australia, Canada, and others. You will

ENoLL, aiming at being consolidated as the

find detailed explanations about all these activi-

reference point worldwide for capacity build-

ties within the following pages along this report

ing around living lab methods and tools. On the

prepared by the ENoLL Office. I would sustain

other hand, the implementation of a Program

that ENoLL paved the way in 2019 to a present

of Action-oriented Task Forces, allowing for the

in which, more than ever, we will experience an

collaboration between members and externals

accelerated process of digital transformation at

around specific topics. Finally, ENoLL deployed

different levels, advancing towards a more con-

concrete actions in strategic initiatives at Euro-

nected, and -at least, potentially- better-connect-

pean level and worldwide, such as the linvin-in.

ed society. I kindly invite you to read the report

eu declaration and the strategic collaboration

and approach us if you feel that we can join

with European bodies and offices (JRC, EASME,

together for innovation-led growth and positive


social transformation for 2020 and beyond.

welcomed new Living Labs in Europe in a wide

Fernando VilariĂąo

variety of strategic fields, but it also consolidated itself as a global actor by projecting its network


in a stronger collaboration with our partners in


Activity report 2019

Foreword Wim de Kinderen

ENoLL Vice Chairperson

The year 2019 closed in a beautiful way with

all economic and social benefits resulting from

the official launch of the “Declaration on joining

digital transformation. As the European Network

forces to boost sustainable digital transforma-

of Living Labs we have anchored the citizen-

tion in cities and communities in the EU” during

centric approach in the Declaration as one of the

a dedicated high level EU Presidency Event in

main guiding principles. And we are responsible

December in Oulu, Finland.

for the activity track on Skills and Capacity Building.

Our network has contributed to this new initiative as one of the three core EU associations, to-

The “Living-in.EU” initiative, as it is also called,

gether with Eurocities and Open and Agile Smart

is a showcase of the way how our association is

Cities, and in collaboration with the European

acting in the EU landscape : as a responsible and

Commission and the European Committee of the

trusted partner of befriended European net-


works and the European Institutions, acknowledged for the expertise we have in citizen centric


Its goal is to assist local communities in the

innovation, a key objective embraced ever more

uptake of successful digital solutions in diverse

by policy makers on different levels ranging from

fields of activity, in order to bring closer to them

local to European.

Activity report 2019

“Living-in.EU” also contributes to our own capac-

Dear ENoLL colleagues and friends, continue to

ity building programme, just like a number of our

speak out loud to promote our unique way of

successfully submitted EU project applications

collaboration. In the meantime, we will keep on

deliver this added value to that programme and,

defending the network’s interest to the maxi-

for example, our Action Oriented Task Forces.


Indeed, awaiting the operational start of the new

Wim de Kinderen

EU programmes for the new programming period 2021-2027, ENoLL continues to be quite suc-

Vice Chairperson

cessful in applying for EU funding which benefit you as members as well as the association itself.


Activity report 2019

Foreword Zsuzsanna BĂłdi ENoLL Director

2019 present memorable milestones for ENoLL,

New collaborations were forged with partners

because of our new and strengthened stra-

including but not limited to Director General for

tegic alliances, new members joining, hosting

Research & Innovation and the Executive Agency

the tenth edition of Open Living Lab Days and

Small and Medium Enterprises of the European

presenting the results of impactful large-scale

Commission on the 2019 Scaling up challenge;


Water Europe Platform – collaboration on the Atlas of the EU Water oriented Living Labs report

We have closed the year with high number of

and joint consortium applications; collaboration

new membership applications (35), an almost full

with the European Parliament on the European

Executive Board (20 out of 21 seats taken), new

Parliament Innovation Days and launching the

strategic projects approved (4), record number

Living Lab pilots at the Joint Research Centre

of Learning Lab attendees (60+) and Open Living

Ispra site.

Lab Days participants (450+) counted, which gives an encouraging continuation for the next

The network grew by admitting 19 newly labelled


Living Labs after receiving 35 membership applications. In year 2019 the network counted close

New strategic alliances were born in the form of

to 60 new Learning Lab programme participa-

signed collaboration agreements, joint state-

tions. A new Living Lab labelling protocol was

ments, the network joining strategic alliances

introduced to make the network admittance pro-

and its representatives’ bilateral meetings.

cedure more agile and open. Importantly, ENoLL

Connections with long term partners have been

strengthened its strategic pillars by the official

reinstated or strengthened: DG Connect: Digital

launch of the Action oriented task forces.

Skills Coalition tender and partnership in Living.


in_EU declaration; Canadian and French Agri

A warm memory will be for all of us who had the

food Living Labs joint consortium application.

chance to attend the millennial 10th edition of

Activity report 2019

Open Living Lab Days 2019, hosted by Thessalon-

Finally, on a personal note, I want to thank

iki Active and Healthy Ageing Living Lab and Ar-

everyone that contributed to the flourishing of

istotle University in Thessaloniki Greece, opened

the European Network of Living Labs in 2019 and

by the city’s freshly elected Mayor Mr. Konstanti-

looking forward to building the community fur-

nos Zervas, welcoming 450 participants.

ther to promote the important mission of citizen driven innovation and co-creation methodology

Next to that, while the network had concluded

implemented globally.

4 of its strategic projects: Syncronicity, U4IoT, iScape (H2020) and TALIA (Interreg MED - Metacluster Cultural and Creative Industries Social Innovation Territorial Capital Interreg Mediter-

Zsuzsanna BĂłdi Association Director

ranean) we also received the great news for new Horizon 2020, Interreg MED and tender projects to start with the involvement of our community: WATER-MINING; REWAISE; TALIA II. (Territorial Appropriation of Leading-edge Innovation Actions) and Digital Skills Coalition tender. We closed the year with an emotional event, after 14 years of kind support, being hosted by our founding member ibbt/iMinds/imec Living Labs, we packed our materials and prepared to start the millennial 2020 at our new ENoLL Office location close to the heart of Brussels.


Activity report 2019

Table of



About ENoLL


Our Milestones, 2006-2019


About ENoLL




Impact & Visibility

How we create value for members


ENoLL Members in 2019


ENoLL Core Members in 2019


Labelled Living Labs in 2019


Action Oriented Task Forces


Strategic Highlights


ENoLL’s Capacity Building Programme


ENoLL in European Funded Projects


Representation at International Events


ENoLL Chairperson highlighted events


ENoLL at events


OpenLivingLab Days 2019


Online visibility



Activity report 2019


Governing Body - ENoLL Council


ENoLL Office




Activity report 2019



The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)

The original concept was updated to open inno-

is the international federation of benchmarked

vation environments attracting inwards invest-

Living Labs in Europe and worldwide. Founded in

ment, both intellectual and financial ones. As

November 2006 under the auspices of the Finn-

described by the European Commission, creating

ish European Presidency, the network has grown

of ENoLL was the first step towards a New Euro-

in ‘waves’ up to this day.

pean Innovation System, as a reaction to the urgent need to improve European-wide aspiration

The European approach to Living Labs was cre-

for innovation towards job creation and growth.

ated in the Unit “Collaborative working environments” of the DG INFSO (now DG CONNECT) in

At its creation the then-Prime Minister of

close collaboration with an industrial advisory

Finland Mr. Matti Vanhanen emphasized that

group on Open Innovation (Open Innovation

“the European Network of Living Labs is a

Strategy and Policy group – OISPG).

concrete action for putting Lisbon strategy in real life” .


Activity report 2019

The network and its members provide innovation

the opportunities offered by new ICT concepts

services for small and medium-sized internation-

and solutions to specific needs and aspirations

al companies, the public sector, organisations

of local contexts, cultures, and creative po-

and citizens. ENoLL promotes the development

tentials. Since its inception in 2006, the ENoLL

of business and industry and the creation of tax

network has expanded and developed into a vi-

revenue and jobs.

brant and lively community of member living lab organisations that operate by the main living lab

Living Labs refer to user-centred, open innova-

principles such as multi-stakeholder co-creation,

tion ecosystems based on a systematic user

active user involvement and real-life interven-

co-creation approach integrating research and


innovation processes in real life communities and settings. In practice, living labs place the citizen at the centre of innovation and have thus shown an ability to better mould


Activity report 2019

Our milestones 2006-2019 Since the formation of the association, ENoLL has

Living Lab movement at a global stage. With the

grown in waves every year. This timeline show-

continuous growth in the membership it is evi-

cases only some of the many accomplishments

dent that the Living Lab movement is strong not

celebrated by the people who have grown the

only in Europe, but also on other continents.

First members: 20 Living Labs in 15 EU member 2006





ENoLL 3rd Wave call for membership applica-


tion is launched under the

was founded in

Slovenian EU

November 2006 under


the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

2nd wave launched at the Portuguese EU Presidency event in Brussels, Belgium, bringing the total number of ENoLL members to 51


4th wave of ENoLL members under the Swedish EU Presidency

Activity report 2019

Summer School in

ENoLL global-

Helsinki / Espoo,

ization and coop-


eration with FAO, INSME, UNITED, CAISEC.

7th wave:

First Summer School in

25 additional

Paris, France

members with an increas-


ing number of non-European


members. In total 345

a legal entity

labelled ENoLL Living

headquartered in








5th wave under

School in

the Belgian EU



the UK

ENoLL in 2010: - 188 Living Labs based in EU - 24 Living Labs outside the EU - Strategic cooperation with China

6th wave of ENoLL Members welcoming 46 Living Labs from 15 different countries

and Brazil (formed the Brazilian Network of Living Labs)

Summer School in Barcelona, Spain


Activity report 2019

The 2010s saw an exponential growth of the net-

to the OpenLivingLab Days event began occuring

work. The association was headquartered in the

on annual basis and has grown from an internal

European capital with one full time staff member

event for the network members to a globally

in 2011. The team would grow alongside the net-

recognised meeting of the international Livng

work. The ENoLL Summer School, later renamed

Lab community.




9 th wave: 25 accepted 8th wave: 25


accepted members 340+ accredited ENoLL Living Labs

accepted members OpenLivingLab Days hosted in Istanbul,

ENoLL Summer

7 new approved EU Projects / 7 successfully concluded EU projects


School - the Open-


LivingLab Days hosted in

Days hosted in

Amsterdam, The Nether-

Montreal, Canada



10th wave: 18

Activity report 2019

With its growing international connections,

By 2019 ENoLL has certified more than 450

ENoLL helped launch networks of Living Labs on

global Living Labs.

other continents. These networks include Brazilian Network of Living Labs (BNoLL), Chinese Network of Living Labs (CNoLL) and African Network of Living Labs (ANoLL) .




12th wave: 10 accepted members. MoU 11th wave: 13 accepted members. MoU signed with Future Centre Alliance Japan

signed with Australian

13th wave: 19

Living Lab Innovation

accepted members.


MoU signed with World

OpenLivingLab Days hosted in

OpenLivingLab Days hosted in Krakow, Poland

Geneva, Switzerland

Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) OpenLivingLab Days hosted in Thessaloniki, Greece


Activity report 2019

How we create value for members Directly, as well as through its

and support, and Living Lab

These opportunities include but

active members, ENoLL pro-

international project develop-

are not limited to paid contri-

vides co-creation, user engage-

ment. The network seeks to

butions, work on EU projects,

ment, test and experimentation

create innovation-based growth

speaking engagements at

facilities targeting innovation in

for global competitiveness of

events and training sessions,

many different domains such


etc. Invitations to collabo-

as energy, environment, mobility, healthcare, agrifood, etc.

rate on project proposals are 66 opportunities were distrib-

treated separately and are not

uted to members in 2019.

included in this number.

As such, ENoLL is well placed to act as a platform for best practice exchange, learning

Why join the network? Quality Assessment

mature to join the network. As

meet like-minded people, learn

To join the network, Living

such, ENoLL is the only body

from their experience and use

Labs and organisations have to

evaluating the maturity of Liv-

this networking opportunity

undergo a quality assessment

ing Labs.

to expand their business and

process. Through the examina-


develop new ideas.

tion, a panel of experts evalu-


ates whether all components

By joining the network which

Through the network personal

of a Living Lab have been met

expands over 37 countries and

connections are built and mem-

and whether the Living Lab is

6 continents, Living Labs can

bers are encouraged to collabo-

Activity report 2019

rate in a cross-border setting. The members can join Action Oriented Task Forces, special interest groups working on different topics. Within the group the members not only interact with their peers but also work together on a defined objective. The task forces also have a dedicated budget.

Workshop with members at the Nordic Edge Conference, 2019


and operations.

By joining the network, mem-

highest number of invitations and priority in collaborating in

bers raise their profile to the

Work on European-funded

international audience. Mem-


ber’s profile is included in pub-

ENoLL Office is actively scan-

Global visibility

lications of ENoLL and online

ning open calls for projects

Through its online channels,

channels; good examples are

and tenders by the European

organisation of the annual

presented in meetings and

funding agencies. ENoLL is

gathering of the Living Lab

consultations with collabora-

actively involving its members

community and representation

tors of the network, ranging

in the proposals or channelling

of the network and its mem-

from European Institutions, to

interest aimed at the network

bers at international events,

international organisations.

to the members when appro-

the network gives visibility to its

Next to that, the members are

priate. Due to the nature of

members on a global scale.

able to join the Capacity Build-

the membership, core mem-

ing Program either as trainers

bers (Effective members and

or to upscale their knowledge

Innovation Partners)receive the

project proposals.


Activity report 2019

ENoLL members in 2019

In 2019 there were 20 Effective Members, 5 In-

open throughout the year, served by an online

novation Partners and 143 Adherent Members

application form.

registered. In 2019 the network welcomed new strategic In 2019 great progress has been made on the

partners and labelled Living Labs presented at

ENoLL accreditation process as a result of a joint

the next pages.

effort coordinated by Koen Vervoort (imec Living Labs) Juan Bertolin (espaitec Living Lab) and Miguel Galdiz (ENoLL Network Manager). They have experimented with a pool of expert evaluators, enabling a rotated delivery and an extended evaluation report format. From 2020 we aim to make the labelling system more flexible, keeping the application process


Activity report 2019









NEW INNOVATION PARTNERS The Hope Institute is a policy studies organization based in Seoul, Korea. Its mission is to foster citizen leadership based on sustainable values and to provide an independent space for dealing with critical social issues. The Hope Institute does this primarily in four ways: - Policy Research & Programs. It serves as an independent platform for analysis of current society, consensus building, and problem solving

The Global Centre for Modern Ageing (GCMA) serves as a leading re-

on a wide range of current issues. - Seminars. It helps participants reflect on what they think makes a good society, thereby deepening knowledge, broadening perspectives and enhancing their capacity to solve social problems. - Public Conferences and Events.They provide a creative space to share ideas and put ideas into real civic actions.

living lab services for businesses and organisations to support them in developing better products, services, and solutions to meet the

sponse to the international ageing phenomenon.

needs of the growing and changing older com-

GCMA created an eco-system that empowers

munity. GCMA also plays a role in the advocacy

people, businesses, researchers and govern-

of modern ageing, recognising and amplifying

ments to seek and develop solutions that reflect

the important voices of older people in informing

the opportunities for Modern Ageing.

business and policy about how to support people

They provide research and insights, advisory, and

in ageing well.


Activity report 2019

Core Members in 2019 ENoLL Core Members are composed of Effective Members and Innovation Partners. Innovation Partners are organizations which are involved in the object and activities of the association, but who are not selected according to the ENoLL selections process. Adherent members can choose to become Effective Members and have a vote in the organization and strategic directions of the ENoLL association.

Effective members Barcelona Laboratori, Spain Basaksehir Living Lab, Turkey Bird Living Lab, Spain Botnia Living Lab, Sweden Bristol Living Lab, United Kingdom City Lab Coventry, United Kingdom Guadalinfo Living Lab, Spain Eindhoven Living Lab, The Netherlands Energy Living Lab, Switzerland espaitec Living Lab, Spain Etat de Genève, Switzerland i2Cat, Spain imec living labs, Belgium Krakow Living Lab, Poland Laurea Living Labs Network, Finland Library Living Lab, Spain Living Labs Taiwan, Taiwan Poznan Living Lab, Poland TAMK Living Lab, Finland Thessaloniki Active and Healthy Ageing Living Lab, Greece VilanoLab, Spain


Activity report 2019

Innovation Partners Atelier Studio Associato, Italy Finnish Network of Universities of Applied Sciences, Finland Global Centre for Modern Ageing, Australia The Hope Institute, South Korea Vandejong, The Netherlands



Activity report 2019

Labelled Living Labs in 2019 for the 13th wave out of which 19 were selected

Creative Daegu Living Lab – Rep. of Korea

through the quality process and approved by the

The Creative Daegu Living Lab(D-Lab) identifies

General Assembly as adherent members.

various needs of citizens and the city to have

Close to 40 organisations sent their application

Busan Living Lab – Rep. of Korea

stakeholders participate directly from the first stage of creating the solution. The living lab cre-

Busan Living Labs aim to serve as the hub for

ates a user-driven open innovative ecosystem

Living Labs working on various fields in Busan.

providing with ‘prototypes/products’, ‘use-case

Busan Living Labs work in collaboration with

services’, ‘technologies’, and ‘new policies and

universities, companies, local government, local


communities and citizens. The Living Lab procontext by involving relevant stakeholders. Since

Global Centre for Modern Ageing – Australia

2015, Busan Living Labs have constructed 11

The Global Centre for Modern Ageing has first

areas of Living Labs and an IoT Platform (de-

joined ENoLL as an Innovation Partner, but

velopment portal) in cooperation with private

becoma a certified Living Lab with the 13th wave


in 2019.

B@Arca – Italy

HSB Living Lab – Sweden

The B@ARCA project aims to optimize and

How do we create the sustainable home of the

improve the management efficiency of the vast

future? That is the focus of HSB Living Lab.

public housing heritage owned by the entity

HSB is a unique research and collaboration proj-

ARCA Sud Salento, through the re-engineering of

ect of 12 partners in the built environment sec-

the current maintenance process and the digiti-

tor. The LL is built as a residential building with

zation of information using BIM-based methods

29 apartments for students and guest research-

and technologies.

ers on the campus of Chalmers University of

motes bottom-up innovation process in real life

Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. The involved partners, the available 2000 sensors system, and the established processes all aim to facilitate and


Activity report 2019

develop sustainable solutions for the future of

which uses systematic practices of participatory


co-creation to design and reimagine inclusive and innovative public spaces. What distinguishes

Intergener8 – Australia Intergener8 Living Lab is a co-research and codesign entity working with over 100 industry, government, civil society and academic stakeholders to develop technology-based strategies to nurture intergenerational resilience.

this experimental ecosystem from many others is its sheer magnitude and scope of work. The living lab activities extend over the entire 1 million square meters territory of La Marina de València, counting both land and water, and they impact millions of people every year.

Living Lab Handicap –Switzerland The Living Lab Handicap (LLH) is a network for

LABe – Digital Gastronomy Lab – Spain

co-creation and innovation. This new initiative

Basque Culinary Center’s (BCC) started to lead

companies and all the other stakeholders inter-

the design, conceptualization, implementation

ested in collaborating in the field of disability and

and management process of LABe – Digital Gas-

the co-creation of innovative solutions.

tronomy Lab, within a territorial development

connects people with disabilities with scientists,

framework and strategy supported and seed-

Liberté Living Lab – France

funded by Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, Basque

Mixing together personalities and activities is the

Government and San Sebastian City Council.

main goal of the Liberté Living Lab. The aim is to

LABe emerges as a mission-driven innovation

work with this idea of hybridity which is really the

lab of experimentation, co-creation, prototyping

DNA of the space: bringing together people who

and testing of new products, services and solu-

want to solve the greatest challenges of soci-

tions integrating technology, to contribute to the

ety. The Liberté Living-lab thus brings together

transformation of gastronomy and add value to

private and public actors alike, academics, start-

people and planet.

ups, NGOs, designers, entrepreneurs and large corporations. It fosters collaboration and builds

La Marina Living Lab – Spain

community to make tech serve the common

In La Marina de València is an urban laboratory,

good and society.


Activity report 2019

NEST – Switzerland Living Lab Precision Agri & Food – Belgium

The Next Evolution in Sustainable Building Tech-

The Living Lab Precision Agri&Food (LLPA&F)

Switzerland, is a versatile, modular platform to

consists of real-life experimental infrastructure,

accelerate innovation in the areas of construc-

knowledge and a network of stakeholders with

tion, building automation and smart living, as

the goal to collaborate in real-life context for

well as the sustainable use of materials, electric-

ideating, prototyping, experimenting and validat-

ity and water.

ing new services, products and systems that will optimise future farm and food processes.

nologies (NEST) living lab at Empa in Dübendorf,

Neurolab ADACEN – Spain A user-centric integrated systematization for the

Lugano Living Lab – Switzerland

incorporation of pioneer technologies and mod-

The Living Lab works on continuous testing and

els for socio-sanitary rehabilitation and indepen-

applying of new technologies (with emphasis

dent living of people with neurological disabilities

on Artificial Intelligence, AI) in real-life-setting to

as a key driver of social transformation. User-

enable positive change and overcome everyday

centric integrated systematization: identification,

challenges, ultimately improving the quality of

cocreation and development of new technologies

life and the competitiveness of the City and the

and solutions is a core part of the daily work.


MYA Manage your Art – Italy

PPS The Water Route – The Netherlands

MYA is a collaborative working environment

Multiple stakeholder ecosystems take up the

shared between partners of different natures: in-

challenge presented by changes in climate and

dustrial, academic, public and individual society.

water in the region, through the creation of in-

The MYA Living Lab aims to provide support to

novative solutions. The goal of PPS is to create

organizations operating in the CCI (Cultural and

new expertise and to educate people in up to

Creative Industries) sector through a process of

date knowledge and skills so that they can ad-

user-centric and user-driven innovation.

dress the (future) challenges related to Water and Climate.


Activity report 2019

Accredited Living Labs at OpenLivingLab Days in Thessaloniki

PROLIDA – Austria

Sofia Urban Living Lab – Bulgaria

PROLIDA supports quadruple-helix stakeholders

SofiaLab1 was set up as an Urban Living Lab – a

in the field of Health and Wellbeing (AAL/AHA) in

Smart City community infrastructure and eco-

the participative development, multi-perspective

system, promoting urban innovations and local

(real-life) evaluation and long term anchoring of

development by bringing together leading actors

innovations in the market.

from public administration, academia, industry and social organisations.

Thessm@ll – Greece Thessaloniki Smart Mobility Living Lab fosters

It aims to encourage bottom-up idea generation,

initiatives encouraging development in the

open innovation and value co-creation at the

transport sector and the sustainability of mobility

centre of its maker space for active experimenta-

schemes by the provision of novel technologies

tion and pilot testing.

and innovation. Actively engaged with the endusers and relevant community stakeholders, the lab pursues a co-creation and co-design strategy of technological solutions to improve transport conditions and upgrade mobility services.


Activity report 2019

Impact and Visibility Action-Oriented Task Forces

2019 saw the launch of the Action-Oriented Task Forces. These are special Interest Groups gathered around the topics at the centre of ENoLL’s work. These task forces operate with a dedicated budget and are led by the ENoLL members. Each task force has a two-year operational plan.



The main challenges for this ENoLL task force

This task force is aiming at providing a practical

are to:

approach to the questions related to the social

a) Increase the social innovation impact of living

transformations associated to the develop-

labs (and demonstrate this).

ment of the Artificial Intelligence, in the general

b) Promote collaborative working and investment

framework of the Digital Transformation. Living

in LLs as a result of a)

Labs appear as relevant infrastructures for the

c) Collectively achieve greater impact globally e.g.

potential co-creation of products and services

influence social policy

based on AI in Europe and the world, but fundamentally, to anticipate the societal changes

This task force’s focus is to support local, decen-

needed to provide a trustful deployment of such

tralized and distributed transformation enabling

transformations by empowering everyone to

a closer collaboration and a better understand-

innovate without leaving anyone behind, due to

ing about the actions that are needed to address

the digital gap.

social issues in specific contexts/regions using social innovation specialization strategies.

The main lines of interest are: 1. To deploy new products and services based on AI in a safe and ethical co-creation framework with public administrations, companies, universities and research centres,


Activity report 2019

and the final users: the EU citizens. 2. To identify the new role of public spaces such public libraries as non-formal arenas for literacy and awareness about AI. 3. To develop a practical approach for the development, testing and evaluation of the EU Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI. 4. To understand the transformations in the job profiles due to automation, particularly in the context of AI. 5. To develop the concept of living labs as exploratory arenas for anticipatory regulation, to open de debate and the decision power regarding the impact of the AI to the general public.


Activity report 2019



The main objective is to consolidate a critical

This ENoLL Action-Oriented Task Force is open

mass of stakeholders – both from the ENoLL

Community of living labs where research, innova-

Community and externals- around strategic proj-

tion, methodologies and best practices on health

ects in the topic of Rural Living Labs, to jointly

and wellbeing are credited and shared easily,

tackle in an efficient way the main challenges

transparently and trustfully. Thus, the mission of

-namely: Depopulation, Sustainability, SME’s

the ENoLL Action Oriented Task Force on Health

digitalization, rural tourism, and Smart Agrifood

and Well-being is to activate and boost a collab-

– in order to facilitate a systemic transition to a

orative ecosystem among Living Labs interested

sustainable innovation ecosystem.

in the domains of Health and Well-being, giving visibility of their added value at European and in-

For this aim, the following strategic lines of work

ternational level and attracting key actors within

are defined:

the public and private sector.

1) Enabling end-users: Living Labs for digital and entrepreneurial capacitation and ICT applied in

The main lines of interest of the ENoLL Action-

rural areas.

Oriented Task Force on Health and Well-being

2) Precision agriculture.


3) Smart farming, demonstration farms.

1. Ageing society and Silver Economy.

4) Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) in the Agrifood

2. Patient-centred care and person-centric sys-


temic change of health systems.

5) Circular and sustainable bio-economy for

3. Health and environment.

systemic transition: Participatory and Sustainable

4. Physical activity and health.

Regional Development through rural living labs.

5. Promotion of health and wellbeing in work environments.


Activity report 2019


- Identification of what does not work and what to stop investing in

We are confronted today to complex challenges

- Development of new products, services, pro-

related to energy and environment. This is not

grams, methods

the first time in history that such questions arise

- Coordination, scalability and replicability of

linked to transition toward a more sustainable

such practices

society. Today, scenarios of what will happen to

- Measurement of the impact of the practices put

the next generation if a collective effort is not

in place and feedback loops

made during the next decade are frightening. Generating a global movement toward a more sustainable society needs different elements: - Analysis of the actual situation (already made by groups of researchers such as IPCC) - Identification of best practices, proven successful in specific contexts


Activity report 2019


sharing and management of data;

Presidency of the Council of The European

technologies as key enablers;

Union, the European Committee of the Regions

interoperable digital platforms based on

and the European Commission is supporting and

open standards and technical specifications,

advocating for the “Join, Boost, Sustain” declara-

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

tion also known as Living.in.EU (https://www.

and shared data models.

living-in.eu/). This is a political declaration aiming to promote digital solutions throughout Euro-

The declaration also emphasizes that Europe’s

pean cities.

digital transformation process is to be developed with, and for, people. In additional, the citizens

The signing of the Declaration officially started

have a key role to play in developing and imple-

during the Oulu Boost Event in December 2019.

menting smart city strategies and solutions.

The Declaration is signed by representatives of local, regional and national public administrations across Europe. The signatories agree on the following principles: •

a citizen-centric approach;

a city-led approach at EU level;

the city as a citizen-driven and open innovation ecosystem;


ethical and socially responsible access, use,

Activity report 2019


“WeGO’s vision is to create “Smart Sustainable

signed by ENoLL Chairperson Fernando Vilariño

Cities for All”, in other words, innovative cities

and the WeGO Secretary General on 14 October

that leverage digital technology and connectivity

2019. It proposes the interchange of visits for

to improve the quality of life, efficiency of urban

ENoLL’s annual conference, the OpenLivingLab

operation and services, and economic prosperity

Days, and WeGO conference, as well as the

for all citizens, while ensuring long-term eco-

interchange of knowledge – with the possibility

nomic, social, and environmental sustainability”.

of ENoLL providing training in Living Lab Methodologies to WeGO members.

COLLABORATION WITH JOIN RESEARCH CENTRE OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION ENoLL and the European Commission’s science and knowledge service, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) strengthened the collaboration. ENoLL worked with the JRC on multiple topics which includes alignment Oriented Task Forces. JRC on the other hand organised a session at the OpenLivingLab Days 2019 and held multiple bilateral meetings to strengthen the Living Lab development at ISPRA.


Activity report 2019


In May 2019, ENoLL Chairman Fernando Vilariño

on Social Innovation and Citizen Science and

and Director Zsuzsanna Bodi met with Direc-

strengthened collaboration with the Japanese

tor Aoki from the Japanese Ministry of Trade to

public sector.

discuss collaboration between the two organisations. The meeting marked a step towards ENoLL’s Action Oriented Task Force commitment


In April 2019, ENoLL Chairman Fernando Vilariño

As a member of the European AI Alliance, ENoLL

became a member of the European AI Alliance

Chairman will participate in a forum with Euro-

group. The group serves as a forum for discus-

pean Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on

sion on all aspects of Artificial Intelligence devel-

Artificial Intelligence. Their work and discussions

opment and its impacts. European Commission

will directly contribute to the European debate

identified AI as “an area of strategic importance

on AI and will feed in to the European Commis-

and a key driver of economic development”

sion’s policy making.

which can bring solutions to many societal challenges. As such AI is closely connected to the Living Lab products that are being developed in fields ranging from health to agriculture.


Activity report 2019


A joint statement was prepared with the or-

regional Smart Specialisation partnerships and

ganisations, available at: https://enoll.org/

other innovation stakeholders jointly called upon


the European Parliament and the Council of the


EU to preserve the proposed ‘Interregional Innovation Investments’ component and its €970MLN budget in the EU Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021-2027.


Activity report 2019

ENoLL’s Capacity Building Programme The Capacity Building Programme is a learning programme aimed at professionals interested in advancing their knowledge on Living Lab and Living Lab operations. The programme offers a tailored training and mentoring plan specific to an organisation’s needs and aspirations.

The Capacity Building Programme accelerates

– again, in connection with OLLD18. The format

the learning curve to transform your organiza-

of the Learning Lab Day has evolved throughout

tion through a Living Lab approach. Aimed at

years, in 2019 culminating in the first-ever two-

professionals in advancing their knowledge on

track approach: providing training at both, begin-

Living Labs and Living Lab related competences,

ners level (track 1) and intermediate/advanced

the capacity building programme includes both,

level (track 2). The Day0 training held in connec-

unified as well as tailored approaches in learn-

tion with 2019 marked an important milestone in

ing. A unified approach is provided through

the development of the program, now providing

the Learning Lab Day, bringing professionals

a space for knowledge exchange between ma-

together in a one-day training (Day0), and a tai-

ture Living Labs as well on the various practices,

lored approach delivers custom-made training or mentoring specific to your organisation’s needs and aspirations (Capacity Building). The Learning Lab was born in 2017 providing the first-ever Day0 training one day before the start of the OpenLivingLab Days 2017 conference in Krakow. Bringing together experts from the Living Lab community in the role of trainers, and new friends of ENoLL looking to learn more about Living Labs as participants, the successful first edition was repeated in Geneva in 2018


Activity report 2019

methods and tools developed by our members.

Capacity Building creates a customized training and/or mentoring plan specific to your organiza-

At the same time, the ENoLL Capacity Building

tion and needs, connecting you with the large

has continued to evolve, providing a fast-track to

pool of experts from the ENoLL network for Liv-

increased, in-depth and customized learning.

ing Lab expert support, and is complemented by 12+ hours of supporting e-courses to complete

The Capacity Building offers cosists of

the learning for a holistic view. Connected with

(i) tailor-made face-to-face (or virtual) training

the ENoLL labelling, Capacity Building can also


be completed with a final evaluation through the

(ii) online/presential mentoring with dedicated

ENoLL evaluation process.

expert mentors guiding your way, (iii) site-visits to bring the knowledge to your premises.


Activity report 2019

ENoLL in European funded projects In 2019, ENoLL was directly engaged in 8 European funded projects from varied financial instruments. These projects fall under the scope of grants or public contracts. The following three types of funding are applicable: - Horizon 2020, EU funding programme for research and innovation - Interreg programme ,funded by the European Regional Development Fund - Tenders



TALIA, Territorial Appropriation of Leading-edge

UNaLab is developing inclusive, more resilient

Innovation Actions, is an InterregMED Pro-

to climate change and increasingly sustainable

gramme’s horizontal project that has ended in

cities through innovative nature-based solutions

2019. The project aimed at building and devel-


oping the Social & Creative community within the Interreg MED Program. ENoLL’s role in the

ENoLL is working, in collaboration with other

project was knowledge transferring, developing

partners, on a common Living Lab Framework

and releasing policy recommendations, advocacy

and tools for co-creation. With the help of the

and up-scaling.

Living Lab experts, ENoLL was in charge of train-

The Social & Creative project has continued the

ing European cities in Urban Living Lab develop-

work of TALIA within the InterregMED pro-

ment. ENoLL has developed an interative game


(Urban Living Lab Playground) which helps

Website: https://interreg-med.eu/

people learn about how Living Lab function. In 2019, ENoLL has published a toolkit for cocreation: https://unalab.enoll.org/


Activity report 2019


• 9 Policy briefs, including Living Labs for air pol-

iSCAPE (Improving the Smart Control of Air Pol-

lution control and prevention

lution in Europe) ran from September 2016 to

• iSCAPE manifesto for citizen engagement in sci-

December 2019. During the project six Living

ence and policy

Labs were set up across Europe (Finland, Bel-

• supporting the development of the iSCAPE Play-

gium, Ireland, UK, Germany, Italy) and assessed

book and the iSCAPE Living Lab game

through the ENoLL evaluation procedure. Provid-

• Air-pollution spin-off on the UNaLab “The Living

ing Living Lab methodology support throughout

Lab Game”

the lifespan of the project, ENoLL supported the development of the Living Labs while producing

Website: https://www.iscapeproject.eu/

a number of outputs in adapting the Living Lab methodology to the specific context of the cities and to the topic of air pollution. ENoLL outputs in 2019: • The Living Lab Guidebook for cities fighting against air pollution • Tips&Tricks for sustainable Living Labs • Living Labbers webinars • Let’s talk about Living Labs podcasts


Activity report 2019


data protection risk assessment and awareness,

SISCODE aims to understand co-creation as a

among others.

bottom-up and design-driven phenomenon that is flourishing in Europe (in fab labs, Living Labs,

Website: https://u4iot.eu/

social innovations, smart cities, communities and regions); and to use this knowledge to cross-fertilise RRI practices and policies. Supporting three of our Living Labs; KTP, Thess-Ahall and PA4ALL in experimenting with a design-driven approach


to co-creation, ENoLL collaborates with the other

SynchroniCity represents the first attempt to

networks in the project each supporting their

deliver a Single Digital City Market for Europe by

own labs as well (international network of fab

piloting its foundations at scale in 11 reference

labs & European network of science centers and

zones - 8 European cities & 3 more worldwide

museums). The networks aim to foster cross-fer-

cities - connecting 34 partners from 11 countries

tilisation of know-how, co-creation approaches,

over 4 continents. SynchroniCity aimed at deliv-

RRI practices and policies.

ering a harmonized ecosystem for IoT-enabled smart city solutions where IoT device manufac-

In 2019, ENoLL published the SISCODE toolbox

turers, system integrators and solution providers

for co-creation journeys

can innovate and openly compete. ENoLL’s was responsible for dissemination and outreach.

Website: https://siscodeproject.eu Website: https://synchronicity-iot.eu/

U4IoT U4IoT (User Engagement for Large Scale Pilots


in the Internet of Things) provided user-engage-


ment support to the five large-scale pilots in the

The European Social Innovation Competition,

“European Large-Scale Pilots Programme” (Activ-

launched in memory of Diogo Vasconcelos, is

age, Autopilot, IoF2020, Monica, Synchronicity).

a Competition run by the European Commis-

ENoLL, together with its members, provided di-

sion across all European countries to inspire

rect support to mobilize end-user engagement in

entrepreneurs across the continent to continue

IoT with co-creative workshops, trainings, Living

developing ideas that tackle the challenges our

Labs support and an online pool of experts. The

society faces.

ouputs include toolkits and handbooks, crowd-

The Competition acts as a beacon for social inno-

sourcing tools and a privacy game for personal

vators in Europe, employing a proven methodol-

Activity report 2019

ing a network of radical innovators shaping our

Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition tender

society for the better. Each year the Competition

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition aims to de-

is based around a different issue facing Europe.

velop a large digital talent pool and ensure that

In 2019 the competition was focused on ideas

individuals and the labour force in Europe are

that reduce plastic waste and littering through

equipped with adequate digital skills.

ogy for supporting early-stage ideas and facilitat-

changing and improving existing processes or through introducing brand-new products and

ENoLL is a key actor in supporting the Scaling the

initiatives. ENoLL supports the team by promot-

Coalition & Stakeholder Engagement and Sup-

ing the competition within its network and social

porting the Digital Opportunity Traineeships.

media. Finding the right assessors for the applications, suggesting potential coaches and judges.


Scaling the Coalition & Stakeholder Engagement by doing a classification of stakeholders, Thematic group, management of Town

Website: https://eusic.challenges.org/

hall meetings. •

Supporting Digital Opportunity Traineeships by doing a quality control and setting an Impact analysis

Website: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/digital-opportunity-traineeships-boostingdigital-skills-job


Activity report 2019

Representation at international events One of the roles of the Chairperson of ENoLL is to represent the organisation, advocate for the Living Lab role in the society and present the work of ENoLL members at international events and meetings. Here is a list of events where ENoLL Chairperon Fernando VilariĂąo was active.

LIST OF EVENTS ATTENDED BY ENOLL CHAIRPERSON Smart Cities for Business in Kiev, Ukraine (January 2019) Digital Sovereignty: Coalition for Digital Rights (January 2019) Connected Driver and Smart Mobility in Brussels, Belgium (February 2019) New Horizon, Social Lab workshop in Vienna, Austria (April 2019) Global Lab for Societal Innovation, Global Meet up in Utrecht, The Netherlands (May 2019) JRC Living Labs workshop at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy (May 2019) JRC Living Labs workshop at the Joint Research Centre in Brussels, Belgium (May 2019) European AI Alliance Assembly in Brussels, Belgium (June 2019) Social Labs in Tarragona, Spain (June 2019) OpenLivingLab Days in Thessaloniki, Greece (September 2019) European Research & Innovation Days in Brussels, Belgium (September 2019) WeGo conference in Seoul, South Korea (October 2019)


Activity report 2019

LIST OF EVENTS ATTENDED BY ENOLL CHAIRPERSON 32es Entretiens Jacques Cartier in Quebec, Canada (November 2019) Smart City World Expo in Barcelona, Spain (November 2019) Digital Future Society in Barcelona, Spain (November 2019) Adacen Living Lab press conference in Pamplona, Spain (November 2019) Technical Seminar on Experiential Tourism in Vilanova I la Geltrú, Spain (November 2019) Regional Living Lab Summit in Istanbul, Turkey (December 2019) Oulu Boost Event in Oulu, Finland (December 2019) Fronteras de la Innovación Sanitaria (Frontiers of Health Innovation) in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (December 2019)

L-R ENoLL Chairperson Fernando Vilariño; ENoLL Vice-Chairperson Wim de Kinderen at Oulu Boost Event


Activity report 2019

ENoLL Chairperson Highlighted events

In this spread we highlighted the events and meetings of ENoLL Chairperson which had an impact on the work and collaborations of ENoLL with external organisations.

Collaboration with South Korean organisations, October 2019

Apart from forming new connections, relation-

During the five day visit to South Korea in Octo-

ship with existing ENoLL members was also

ber 2019, ENoLL Chairperson of the Executive

strengthened. Vilariño participated in a work-

Board Fernando Vilariño (representing ENoLL

shop by Busan Living Lab on “Sustainable Smart

Effective member Library Living Lab) met with

Cities Based on Citizen’s Engagement” which took

numerous local stakeholders to share the vision

placed in South Korea’s second most-populous

of ENoLL for citizen-driven innovation. Global

city. At the end of the visit, ENoLL Chair met the

outreach of the European-based association

Institute of Information and Communications,

was expanded also formally with a signing of a

Technology and Planning (IITP) representatives at

Memorandum of Understanding with its twelfth

their premises in Seoul in the context of “KOR-

strategic partner.

EU Cooperation for Social Issue ICT R&D”. The funding agency, working under the Ministry of Science, makes the Living Lab approach compulsory for researchers to apply in their work.


Activity report 2019

Oulu Boost Event, December 2019 Top-level decision makers and city officials from

especially in advanced radio technology and

leading European cities met in Oulu, Finland to

digital health solutions, and was therefore a

share insights on how cities are exploiting digital

perfect choice to host this official side event of

solutions in the process of digital transformation

Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU. The

to serve their citizens in a user-centric and effec-

city has warmly welcomed the initiative and as

tive way.

said by laajala “we are here in Oulu, to join forces to boost sustainable digital transformation in

The Oulu Boost Event, where these discussions

cities and communities in the European Union. In

took place, is also the first event kicking-off the

the end, all comes down to cooperation and joint

signing process of the European Declaration to

efforts in the hopes of creating better cities for

join forces to boost sustainable digital trans-

our families.”

formation in cities and communities. ENoLL is promoting the declaration together with the Eu-

The Oulu Boost event was attended by ENoLL

ropean Commission, Committee of the Regions,

Chairperson Fernando Vilariño (Library Liv-

Eurocities, Finland’s Presidency of the Council of

ing Lab), Vice-Chair Wim De Kinderen (Brain-

the European Union and Open and Agile Smart

port Eindhoven) and Council Member Tuija

Cities association.

Hirvikoski (Laura University). As ENoLL Director Zsuzsanna Bodi pointed out “Living Labs are an

The signing process of the European Declaration

ideal framework for testing (digital) innovations,

kicked-off in Oulu, Finland on 10th December

better preparing as such future investments for

2019 and will continue online in 2020.

actual implementation and uptake on large scale; contributing to EU economy”. As such the ENoLL

The Major of Oulu Ms. Päivi laajala is the first

representatives are well positioned to debate

signatory of the declaration. The northern city of

best practices of digitalization in cities and com-

Oulu is a forerunner in modern technology,



Activity report 2019

ENoLL at events

IoT Week, June 2019 The event dedicated to the topic of “internet of

European Week of Regions and Cities, October 2019

things” gathers industry and academia repre-

ENoLL has organized and participated at several

sentatives from around the world. At the 2019

sessions during the Week of European Regions

edition, ENoLL with the U4IoT project showcased

and Cities – the annual event of the European

end-user engagement tools: Crowdsourcing

Commission held in Brussels, Belgium.

Tools; Privacy Game; and Co-Creation Toolkit. Next to that, ENoLL co-organised a workshop on

ENoLL Director Zsuzsanna Bodi and ENoLL Vice-

Exchanging Large Scale Pilot End-User Engage-

President Wim De Kinderen spoke at the ses-

ment Experiences.

sion “Boosting the upscale of Digital Solutions: Initiatives from Brainport Eindhoven and Umbria

In addition SynchroniCity project demonstrated

Regions”. The objective of the workshop was to

the practical achievements of its work, namely

explore contribution of Umbria and Brainport

its service deployment pilots, and the open and

Eindhoven regions.

reflective nature of its expert community. ENoLL as an association covers most European regions and through the workshop “Interreg MED Piazza: where citizens and EU Institutions meet for the future of Europe” experiences of 13 Mediterranean countries were shared. The MED (Mediterranean) Piazza used interactive activities such as games to tackle strategies for a greener,


Activity report 2019

The workshop concluded that territorial coopera-

Smart City World Expo, November 2019

tion is needed to help regions and cities play the

At the 2019 edition of the Smart City World Expo,

key role in shaping and implementing innovative-

held in Barcelona, Spain with the theme “cities

policies for a greener and smarter future.

made of dreams” ENoLL showcased its activities,

In another hands-on session, ENoLL presented

members and projects to the global public. With

a methodology that was developed within the

24,399 visitors, the event had a recording-break-

scope of the UNaLab project. With the UNaLAB

ing number of participants from 146 countries.

smarter and more connected future for Europe.

partner ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network) we held a session with the

The projects which were showcased at the ENoLL

Urban Living Lab Playground Game. This is an

booth are NewHoRRIzon, iSCAPE, UNaLab and

interactive game through which players co-create

SISCODE. We were also joined by members Ba-

a storyline to fight against air pollution which is

saksehir Living Lab (Turkey), KWMC (United King-

affecting our cities today.

dom), Brainport Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Taiwan Living Lab (Taiwan) and TAMK (Finland).

Furthermore, ENoLL co-organised the SynchroniCty session titled “Scaling Urban Digital Solutions: Towards a Digital Single Market for Cities & Communities”. The session brought together cities and experts who are reducing market barriers for IoT-enabled urban services, through the project.


Activity report 2019

OpenLivingLab Days 2019

450+ participants from all over the world join the annual Living Lab event The annual flagship event of the European Net-

Living Lab), Nikolaos Papaioannou (Rector of the

work of Living Labs took place in Thessaloniki,

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and The-

Greece between 3-5 September 2019. The event

odoros Dardavesis (Dean of School of Medicine,

included 41 hands-on workshops, 7 visits to the

AUTH) representing the supporting partner of

local innovation community, Breakfast Session

the conference Aristotle University of Thessalon-

with 5 of ENoLL’s Action Oriented Task Forces, 33

iki. On behalf of Apostolos Tzitzikostas (Governor

presentations of research papers and multiple

of the Central Macedonia Region) – Constantinos

occasions for networking.

Michailides, (Head of Dierectorate of Innovation And Enterpreneurship Support, Region of Central

Mayor of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Zervas,

Macedonia) welcomed the participants to the

opened the conference alongside Fernando

second biggest city in Greece.

Vilariño (Chairperson of ENoLL, Associate Direc-


tor at Computer Vision Centre and Associate

The Mayor of Thessaloniki acknowledged the

Professor at UAB. Co-Founder of the Library

importance of Living Labs and stressed that “we

Activity report 2019

have to empower everyone to innovate through co-

prototyping session aimed to reflect on start-

creation methodologies: making the citizens actors

ing, on-going strategic documents, projects and

instead of factors. It is important to internationalise

initiatives. The session was co-organised by the

economic activity and societal solutions through

European Commission Directorate-General for

Living Lab experiments”.

Research and Innovation and the European Commission Executive Agency for Small and Medium

Keynote speaker, Maria Rosaria Ceccarelli (Chief,

Enterprises. Access the report via: https://bit.ly/

Trade Facilitation Section - United Nations


Economic Commission for Europe) added that “ENoLL is an excellent example that facilitates the

Research Papers are a strong backbone of the

scalping up of sustainable innovations”.

event and provide an opportunity for researchers interested in Living Labs to present their

For the second consecutive year the “Scaling-

findings in front of the large audience. The par-

up Challenge” session was organized. This fast

ticipants can then vote for their favourite paper.


Activity report 2019

Based on the votes by the general public and

Koen Beyers and Vanessa Vankerckhoven for

the reviewers, Veli Pekka Niitamo award for Best

the paper “Creating an anonymous, at-home

Research Paper was given to: Nele A.J. De Witte,

screening for sexually transmitted diseases sent

Ingrid Adriaensen, Leen Broeckx, Vicky Van Der

by letter mail: the cross-border development of a

Auwera and Tom Van Daele for the paper ”Cross-

standardized urine collection device and associ-

cultural Differences in Living Lab Research”.

ated testing service”.

The award for Best Innovation Paper went to Judith H.J. Urlings, Bianca Ceccarelli, Claire




A.G.J. Huijnen, Paulette J.J. Wauben, Joke Donné,


Research Paper

Ronald Van den Bossche, Alejandra Rios-Cortes,



Activity report 2019

Learning Lab Day Prior to the OpenLivingLab Days, a training day

For the first time in 2019, the Learning Lab Day

was held for aspiring Living Labbers and ENoLL

program had two tracks:

member Living Labs alike, providing a solid

Track 1 A Starter’s guide to Living Labs:

knowledge base before digging deeper into the

Expert presentations and hands-on activities

topics at the annual conference. The Learning

that provide a comprehensive overview on

Lab Day is a one-day training offered to starter

the key elements of Living Labs

Living Labs and other Living Lab enthusiasts in

Track 2 Intermediate/advanced level: In-

learning all about the key elements and opera-

teractive workshops for those ready to take

tions of Living Labs.

the next step along their learning journey, for in-depth knowledge on the topics of panel management & business models in Living Labs


Activity report 2019

Online Visibility ENoLL has two websites which generate a

Next to that, ENoLL is active on various social

substantial number of views. The main website

media channels as well as content sharing sites.

of the association is https://enoll.org/. Website

By 31 December of 2019, ENoLL’s Social Media

of the annual event OpenLivingLab Days which

had the following number of followers/subscrib-

receives a peak number of visitors in the months

ers or likes:

leading to the event https://openlivinglabdays. com/

2.981 Newsletter



on vimeo

7.807 Twitter followers



Activity report 2019




OpenLivingLab Days

Facebook group

Facebook group





LinkedIn page

Members of the


Living Lab group


Activity report 2019

Governing body ENoLL Council The association is managed by an Executive Board (the Council) consisting of at least three and maximum twenty-one members who are appointed with a simple majority by the General Assembly. The General Assembly meets every year, under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the Executive Board. Fernando Vilariño became a Chairman of the Executive Board in August 2018 and has been reelected for the year 2019-2020. The role of ENoLL Secretariat is to implement decisions passed by the General Assembly and run day-to-day operations of the network. Leadership of the ENoLL Executive Board: ENoLL Secretariat consists of ENoLL Chair Fernando Vilariño, (Library Living Lab) who has been reelected for the upcoming ENoLL executive year 2019-2020. Following the esteemed contribution of Adam Olszewski (Poznan Living Lab), Omer Onur, Basaksehir Living Lab took the role of ENoLL Treasurer for the upcoming period.Pieter Ballon, (imec.livinglabs) has been re-elected as ENoLL Secretary. ENoLL Chair invited Wim De Kinderen, (Brainport Eindhoven Living Lab) to continue in the function of ENoLL Vice Chairperson.

ENoLL Council Members Fernando Vilariño, Library Living Lab, Chairperson Wim de Kinderen, Brainport Eindhoven, Vice-Chairperson Pieter Ballon, imec living labs, Secretary Omer Onur, Basaksehir Living Lab, Treasurer Juan Bertolin, espaitec Living Lab Brigitte Trousse, Francophonie Living Labs Carolyn Hassan – KWMC Bristol Living Lab


Activity report 2019

Adam Olszewski, Poznan Living Lab Joelle Mastelic, Energy Living Lab Tuija Hirvikoski, Laurea Living Lab Artur Serra, i2Cat Leena Makela – replaced by Hanna -Greeta Puurtinen, TAMK Living Lab Luis Navarro, Guadalinfo Living Lab Anna Ståhlbröst - replaced by Abdolrasoul, Habibipour, Botnia Living Lab Wojciech Przybylski, Krakow Living Lab Belinda Chen, Taiwan Living Lab Jesse Marsh, Atelier Studio Evdokimos Konstantinidis, Thess-AHALL Andree Woodcock, Coventry University Living Lab

ENoLl Council Members at the meeting in February 2020


Activity report 2019

ENoLL Office ENoLL Office is based in Brussels, Belgium. The Office works on daily operations of the network, advocacy at the European level, promotion of the Living Lab concept and ENoLL members at international events and conference and organisation of events for the Living Lab community among other tasks. The office is led by Zsuzsanna Bodi.

ENoLL Office team in 2019 Zsuzsanna Bodi, Director Leidy Enriquez Florez, Junior Project Manager and Executive Assistant Miguel Galdiz, Network Manager Ines Vaittinen, International Project Manager and Developer Spela Zalokar, Communications Officer and International Project Manager Ioannis Mantadis, Financial and Office Manager Francesca Spagnoli, Head of International Projects Clara Mafe, Junior Project Manager Katariina Malmberg, External Expert


Activity report 2019

ENoLL staff (L-R, Leidy Enriquez, Miguel Galdiz, Francesca Spagnoli, Zsuzsanna Bodi, Spela Zalokar, Ines Vaittinen and Clara Mafe) at the OpenLivingLab Days 2019 in Thessaloniki, Greece


Activity report 2019


Get in touch Legal Address: Pleinlaan 9, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium Visiting Address: Avenue des Arts 6, 1210 SaintJosse-ten-Noode, Brussels, Belgium Email: info@enoll.org

Website: www.enoll.org Facebook: ENoLL- European Network of Living Labs Twitter: @openlivinglabs Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/enoll/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/enolleuropean-network-of-livÂŹing-labsVimeo: https://vimeo.com/openlivinglabs Issuu: https://issuu.com/enoll?issuu_ product=header&issuu_subproduct=publisherhome&issuu_context=link&issuu_cta=profile SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/openlivinglabs/presentations

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