ENoLL Activity Report 2016

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ENoLL Activity Report 2016 A review of the activities of the European Network of Living Labs


ENoLL Activity Report 2016


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ENoLL Activity Report 2016

ENoLL in Numbers


ENoLL in Numbers

Social Media: By the end of 2016, ENoLL had:

More than


More than



More than

2700 newsletter subsribers


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

ENoLL in Numbers

Growing Community:




new members





Reaching out to citizens:

ENoLL Members are in regular contact with

ENoLL Members reach out to


10+ million citizens

for experimentation and testing purposes

with their activities and presence in local communities



ENoLL Activity Report 2016

ENoLL Team


ENoLL Team The European Network of Living Labs is composed of the ENoLL Council and the Office. The ENoLL Council provides strategic guidance to the network. It monitors and directs the activities of the Brussels ENoLL office and the activities of the ENoLL Work Groups, Special Interest Groups and Task forces. The ENoLL Office team is made up of professionals working on business support and development, network management, projects, communications and general management.

ENoLL Council at Open Living Lab Days in Montreal (Canada), August 2016


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

ENoLL Council


ENoLL Council Tuija Hirvikoski

Juan Bertolin

(Laurea UAS)


ENoLL President until August 2019

Artur Serra

Joan Battle (ICUB Barcelona)

(i2CAT Foundation)

Vice-president until August 2019

Paul Fairburn (Coventry University)

Pieter Ballon (iMinds)

Jokin Garatea

ENoLL Secretary until August 2019

(Sociedad de Ciencias Aranzadi Gaia)

Adam Olszewski

Marita Holst

(PSNC Poznan)

(Lulea University of Technology)

ENoLL Treasurer until August 2019

Wim de Kinderen (Brainport Eindhoven)

Leena Makela (Tampere University of Applied Sciences)

Joelle Mastelic (Energy Living Labs)

Ismael Perea (Consorcio Fernando de los Rios)

Brigitte Trousse (INRIA/ France Living Labs)


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

ENoLL Office


ENoLL Office

There have been some changes in the formation of the ENoLL Secretariat team in 2016. Ana Garcia, who has been part of ENoLL Secretariat team since 2011 has assumed a new position in a different organisation and followed the departure of Lorna Stokes, who was ENoLL’s Communications Manager. Zsuzsanna Bodi, has taken over ENoLL the lead in business development, supported in her activities by Paolo Aversano (Network Manager). Spela Zalokar has joined the team as ENoLL’s new Communications Officer in July 2016 and Katariina Malmberg joined ENoLL through CONCORD project in September 2016 as a Project Manager. In the first half of the year, Leidy Vanessa Enriquez Florez worked at ENoLL as an Intern for Knowledge Management and Communications. She has worked mainly on network support. In September 2016, Nazish Haider from Coventry University has strengthened the ENoLL design output as a design intern. The ENoLL office main role is the implementation the strategy defined by the ENoLL Council, and to run the daily network operations. Main functions and services run by the Office are internal and external brokerage, information relay and community management, policy influencing, visibility and awareness raising, engagement with other networks and alliances, facilitation of partnerships, identification of new funding opportunities and commitment in projects.


ENoLL Activity Report 2016


Milestones 2006-2016

Milestones 2006-2016


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

Milestones 2006-2016

ENoLL is founded in November 2006 under the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU)


As a proposed measure to boost European competitiveness : “The European Network of Living Labs establishes a European platform for collaborative and co-creative innovation, where the users are involved in and contribute to the innovation process”

The first phase of the European Network of Living Labs Consists of 20 Living Labs in 15 EU member states

October 2007 2nd Wave has been launcged at the portuguese presidency event in Brussels, Belgium, bringing the total number on ENoLL members to 51

2007 April 2008 Slovenian Presidency of the European Union, ENoLL “3rd Wave” call for membership applications in Brussels

2008 November 2008 Under the French EU Presidency, ENoLL “3rd Wave” launch event at ICT 2008 in Lyon and consodilation of the Network

2009 Autumn 2010 5th Wave under Belgium Presidency. ENoLL as a Legal Entity. 62 Living Labs selected: 48 EU members from 12 countries; 14 non-EU members from 6 countries

Highlights - ENoLL globalization and cooperation with FAO, INSME, UNITED, CAISEC - ENoLL project involvement (PERIPHERIA, SMARTIP, EPIC, OPENCITIES) - ENoLL Strategic Coorperation with China and Brazil - Launch of the 5th Wave in Ghent - GNSS Living Lab Prize

4th Wave of ENoLL members under the Swedish Presidency

2010 ENoLL in 2010 - 188 EU Living Labs - 24 Living Labs outside the EU - Formed Brazilian Network of Living Labs - China Network of Living Labs (Emerging CNoLL) - Africa Network of Living Labs (Emerging ANoLL)

ENoLL first Living Labs Summer School in Paris


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

Milestones 2006-2016

6th Wave of ENoLL members: - 46 Living Labs selected - 31 Living Labs from 7 different EU member states - 15 Non-EU members from 8 countries


Brazilian Network of Living Labs (BNoLL) - EU-Brazil cooperation - Information dissemination and awareness (workshops in several Brazilian Cities) - 10 Living Labds formed

Highlights - 236 EU Living Labs - 38 Living Lab outside EU - ENoLL office Headquartered in Brussels with one full time staff member - ENoLL Supporting Services including the Living Lab Summer Schools (Paris 2010, Barcelona 2011, Helsinki 2012) - Living Labs Prize - ENoLL PPP policy initiative

Chinese Network of Living Labs (CNoLL) - Workshops held in China in 2010 and 2011 - 4 Living Labs in China African Network of Living Labs (ANoLL) - 8 Living Labs in 2011 - Aggreement on a task force (in charge of the action plan and ensuring a close link between ENoLL, exsisting ANoLL and ENoLL members in Africa) Other cases of Globalization of ENoLL - Korea (Workshop in February 2011) - Australia (Action plan initiated in October 2010) - Singapore (Action plan start in 2011)

7th Wave ENoLL members - 25 additional members with an increasing number of non-European members - 345 accredited ENoLL Living Labs in 2011

2012 ENoLL support for the EP action on active and health ageing

ENoLL, together with the Manchester City Council (MDDA), organized the 4th European ENoLL Living Lab Summer School in August 2013

2013 8th Wave of ENoLL members - 25 new accepted members - 340+ accredited ENoLL Living Labs until 2014 - OpenLivingLab Days hosted in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2014 9th Wave ENoLL members - 25 new accepted members - OpenLivingLab Days hosted in Istambul, Turkey

2015 10 th wave ENoLL members -OpenLivingLab Days hosted in Montreal, Canada -7 new approved EU projects / 7 successfully concluded EU projects -Innovation Luminary Award



ENoLL Activity Report 2016


Highlights of 2016

Highlights of 2016


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

Smart City World Expo Congress

Highlights of 2016

Open Living Lab Days



ENoLL was present at the sixth edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), on 15-17 November in Fira de Barcelona. The event was visited by more than 16,000 people and brought together 600 cities from five continents in the biggest-ever gathering of municipal authorities in the event’s history.

Open Living Lab Days were held in Montreal between 23-26 August 2016. The four-day event was hosted by Concordia University and Communautique. On the first day, research papers were presented which was be read in Conference Proceedings. Best paper award went to Tanguy Coenen, the author of “Towards FALL: a Framework for Agile Living Lab projects ” from iMinds Living Labs.

ENoLL was one of the 500+ exhibitors as we shared a booth with Creative Ring partners. The three-day event was successful for ENoLL and our members. We have received many inquiries about the network which will soon expand with the 11th wave. Next to that, participants were also curious to know more about the project that ENoLL is involved in. We have presented our ongoing projects – PELARS, FIWARE, CreatiFi and iSCAPE which cover a wide range of interests and fields. LINK: http://enoll.org/news/new-connectionsmade-smart-city-expo

Two new Publications: • Introducing ENoLL and its Living Lab community • Living Lab Services for Business Support and Internationalisation


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

Highlights of 2016

ENoLL 10th anniversary

Innovation Luminary Awards


MAY 2016, Amsterdam

ENoLL celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Open Innovation 2.0 Forum in Amsterdam. The conference ended with ENoLL 10th anniversary celebration ceremony: conference participants joined the ENoLL President, team and members in celebrating 10 years of the Living Lab community.

Dr. Tuija Hirvikoski, President of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) and Director at Laurea University of Applied Sciences, was awarded with the Innovation Luminary Award for Open Innovation Infrastructure Creation on behalf of the Living Lab movement.

Innovation Partners are able to join ENoLL Organisations/entities interested in Living Lab activities but not necessarily Living Labs themselves, can join ENoLL as Innovation Partners. Innovation Partners can be cities, regions, businesses, etc.

The Innovation Luminary Academy and Awards were established in 2013 by the EU Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) to celebrate and recognise outstanding innovation role models and through this to inspire the next generation of innovators. The awards honour thought leaders in modern innovation from Academia, Civil society, Private and Public sectors. The award ceremony was held in tandem with the Open Innovation 2.0 conference in May 2016.


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

Highlights of 2016

Events attended on the EU level ENoLL is a global community reaching out to 10M+ citizens. Next to that, the network closely collaborates with institutional bodies of the European Union and attends many events and activities organised by the European Commission in particular.

• ENoLL has joined the Info Day on the Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities and presented the network at the “poster session” (September 2016) LINK: http://enoll.org/news/2016-info-dayhorizon-2020-smart-cities-and-communities

Here is an overview of some of the events that ENoLL Secretariat or Council attended:

• ENoLL participated at the Smart Regions conference, where the key role of regions in developing new growth dynamics for Europe was highlighted (June 2016)

• Summit on Active and Healthy Ageing (December 2016) which is particularly interesting for ENoLL Health expert group. LINK: http://enoll.org/news/reflection-summitactive-and-healthy-ageing • ENoLL Secretariat joined Horizon 2020 Info Day “Innovative by Nature”, providing information on innovative nature-based solutions in cities; cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth • ENoLL participated at the Public stakeholder consultation – interim evaluation of Horizon 2020 (October 2016) • ENoLL President at the Open Science Policy Platform meeting which was chaired by Committee of the Regions President Markku Markkula. Ms Hirvikoski has been nominated as a member of the platform LINK: http://enoll.org/news/enoll-presidentopensciencepolicyplatform-ospp (September 2016)

• ENoLL and Living Labs at Committee of the Regions Forum on the EU-Urban Agenda. Tuija Hirvikoski, ENoLL president, spoke during the workshop on Smart and Innovative Cities. The ENoLL team manned a booth in the lively exhibition area in collaboration with Open and Agile Smart Cities, presenting network activities and recent materials to more than 100 interested participants (May 2016) • ENoLL has responded to the European Commission Call for Ideas for a European Innovation Council (EIC) in order to support Europe’s most promising innovators (April 2016) • ENoLL joined the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (June 2016)


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

OpenLivingLab Days 2016

OpenLivingLab Days 2016 In 2016 Open Living Lab Days took place in Montreal, Canada. The event was hosted by Communautique and Concordia University. The schedule over the four days was dynamic and filled with interesting workshops, interactive visits and networking activities. The first day was dedicated to research and research papers. In the first half of the day, research papers were presented, which can be read in the Conference Proceedings of 2016. In the afternoon session, first workshops took place alongside the ENoLL General Assembly meeting. The day was closed by a welcome cocktail which was offered by Concordia University. On Tuesday 24 August, official welcoming to Open Living Lab Days took place in the morning. Collective Welcoming remarks were made by representatives of the hosting organisation; Tuija Hirvikoski (ENoLL President), Alan Shepard (Concordia University President) and Geoffroi Garon-Epaule (Communautique Vice-President). Discussion panels and presentations followed, by different European and Canadian experts, including inputs from a city councillor from Quebec - Harout Chitilian. Networking sprint with pitches also took place on the second day as well as Jam Today (project that ENoLL is a part of) GlamJam session. The day ended with a cocktail offered by the French Consulate in Quebec and a parallel social activity. The third day was full of workshops as well as visits and local experimental activities. In the evening however, 10th anniversary of ENoLL was celebrated at the “social dinner” where 10th wave members were welcomed on stage for an official welcoming to the network of Living Labs. On the final day of the Open Living Lab days, participants were able to attend final sets of workshops and participate at the closing ceremony.

Open Living Lab Days factsheet Number of participants: ~300 Number of workshops: 22 Number of days: four Location: Montreal, Canada Best paper award: won by Tanguy Coenen (iMinds Living Lab) “Towards FALL: a Framework for Agile Living Lab projects”


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

OpenLivingLab Days 2016

Best Paper Award 2016 Best paper award of the Open Living Lab Days went to Tanguy Coenen from iMinds Living Labs, titled “Towards FALL: a Framework for Agile Living Lab projects ”.

• Bring together a state-of-the-art review of Living Lab concepts and their usage both for managers and scholars

Open Living Lab Days 2016 brings together both academics and managers from fields of innovation and fields applying Living Labs and Living Laboratories to explore the benefits Living Labs provide for a variety of stakeholders. The Living Lab Research Day at the Open Living Lab Days conference is an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to:

• Assess new trends, current challenges and developments of Living Labs in collaboration with a large network of researchers and practitioners

• Strengthen Living Labs as an area of innovation

• Co-create new disruptive innovation models • Establish strong connections with other emerging disciplines in order to develop collaborations for future research, innovation projects and initiatives.


ENoLL Activity Report 2016


Highlights from Members

Highlights from Members


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

Highlights from Members




Tips & Tricks

Living Lab: Precision Agriculture Living Lab – PA4AL

Living Lab: Bristol Living Lab

Country: Serbia

Knowledge West Media Centre’s Tips & Tricks are a set of recommendations for successful collaboration between activists, academics, citizens and Living Labs. Advice ranges from the practical, to the reflective.

PA4ALL Living Lab aimed at connecting the community of innovative ICT SMEs with endusers (farmers) to develop FIWARE-based applications that address the needs of the agri-food sector

Country: United Kingdom


Word Challenge Game Living Lab: Basaksehir Living Lab

Library Living Lab

Country: Turkey

Living Lab: Library Living Lab

The “Word Challenge” Game was developed for people from the age of 5 years who want to improve their vocabulary (English or Turkish versions available) whilst competing with other players through a point collection system.

Country: Spain The aim of Library Living Lab was to build a participatory experimentative space for all stakeholders to jointly explore how technology transforms the cultural experience of people.

webFitForAll Living Lab: Thess-AHALL Country: Greece webFitForAll is a gaming platform that enables third parties to build and commercialise serious games (SG) in a standardised way based on common SG functionalities.


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

Highlights from Members

HEALTH Rallye Decouverte

Smart Kalasatama

Living Lab: Autonom’lab

Living Lab: Forum Virium Helsinki

Country: France

Country: Finland

The overall objective of the project was to improve the quality of the home services delivered to elderly people or people with disabilities.

Smart Kalasatama’s Agile piloting program gives insights and introduces concrete tools of co-creation and experimentation to the development activities of the future health and wellbeing centre.

DUYUM Living Lab: Basaksehir Living Lab Country: Turkey The DUYUM project aimed at developing a product that improves the lives of deaf people. A noise sensor software, a smart wristband or a smart watch alert the person wearing it through vibrations.

Mobile Health Check Station Living Lab: Basaksehir Living Lab Country: Turkey Mobile Health Check Station is a briefcase weighing around 5kg that is used to check on health indicators of people living in remote areas who do not have regular access to healthcare centres or hospitals.

E-Triage Living Lab: CforCare Living Lab Country: Canada CforCare’s vision was to bring digital healthcare and mobile technologies together, focusing the patient’s health foreskin screening and the early detection of skin cancer.

Iloma Robot Bring Joy in Elderly Care Living Lab: Lahti Living Lab Country: Finland Lahti Living Lab aimed at identifying the impacts and acceptance of care robot implementation among users in elderly care services with the help of the Human Impact Assessment approach.

Integration of Wearable Devices and Exercise Management Living Lab: Living Labs Taiwan Country: Taiwan, R.O.C Living Labs Taiwan launched a health promotion project aimed at assessing and verifying the feasibility and effectiveness of exercise management using a wearable device with App supported by health management IoT cloud service.


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

Highlights from Members




USEMP: DataBait

Living Lab: Basaksehir Living Lab

Living Lab: Botnia Living Lab & imec. livinglabs

Country: Turkey The ‘Livingtagram’ product developed by Basaksehir Living Lab is an autonomous photographic system that enables printing of pictures during events and other occasions.

Cloud Digital Signage Living Lab: Basaksehir Living Lab Country: Turkey Smartlabs is an innovative company aiming at providing turnkey service including software, hardware, content management and production, cloud and local systems solutions for media technology needs in Europe & Middle East. An example of these is Cloud Digital Signage, a solution that brings low cost display management and monitoring for everyone

SmartLive Living Lab: PRAXLABS Country: Germany The SmartLive project aimed at developing new concepts and strategies for smart home systems, focusing specifically on usability and user experience.

Country: Sweden USEMP aimed to develop a framework that will empower users by enhancing their control over the data they distribute or interact with. DataBait is a tool that reduces exiting asymmetry between data processing and control means available to OSNs.

PUBLIC SECTOR INNOVATION Gov-Lab Living Lab: imec.livinglabs Country: Belgium The goal of the GovLab project was to empower innovative civil servants from different departments within the Flemish government to ideate, co-create and test new services for citizens according to four main principles: Digital First, Ecosystem Thinking, Value for Citizen, and Data driven


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

SMART CITIES/REGIONS Agrimatics for Biodiversity Living Lab: BIRD Living Lab Country: Spain The project consisted of a study of the exotic invasive plant Cortaderia selloana in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve in Basque country, Spain. The study explored the origin and biology of the plant as well as reasons that cause the expansion of this invasive plant.

SmartLab Living Lab: Guadalinfo Country: Spain Guadalinfo aimed at linking high-tech Smart cities productions to rural and citizens needs to fill the digital gap between both spheres.

UnCrowdTPG Living Lab: Mobile Communications and Computing Quality of Life (MQoL) Country: Switzerland MQoL Living Lab designed and prototyped UnCrowdTPG, a mobile application that helps commuters to plan a more comfortable trip by informing them about the crowd in the vehicle and at TPG stops.

Highlights from Members

Toward a Network of Smart Cities Living Labs Living Lab: Sfax Smart City Living Lab Country: Tunisia Sfax Smart City Living Lab’s project aimed at creating a living environment for users and different sectors of society in order to reveal their innovative ideas by collaboration of public and private sectors.

TOURISM Living Lab for Co-creation in Tourism Living Lab: Living Lab en Innovation Ouverte Country: Canada Living Lab en Innovation Ouverte aimed at tackling the fragmented nature of the tourism industry since it limits destinations’ capacities and motivations to innovate. New action research aimed at turning an island in the St. Lawrence into a tourist destination using living lab inspired collective intelligence processes.


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

Living Labs

Living Labs 10th wave members A warm welcome to the new 10th wave ENoLL members


ENoLL Activity Report 2016




The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)’s participations as an association in several EU-funded projects are strategically important for the whole network.

PELARS is a project about learning and making. JamToday aims to use game design principles We are studying how people learn about science, technology and mathematics when they use their hands as well as their heads. We’re exploring real technologies (kits, electronics systems &sensor systems) and customised furniture both designed specifically for the classroom that help teachers and learners understand what’s going on when people do science and maths - innovative concepts derived from the constraints & inspiring practices of real teachers themselves. The project kicked off in February 2014 with ENoLL leading the dissemination of the project and will be collaborating with members to conduct Living Lab tests of the tools and technology developed in the course of the research. More information about the project can be found at http://pelars.us/ or on PELARS project social media sites - @euPELARS on Twitter

not just to create useful and meaningful games, but also to explain and design the context(such as the classroom) where games can be effectively implemented. Each year, JamToday organises game jams in multiple locations focusing on a particular theme and each year a pan European conference will be organized around one of the main areas of application: improving ICT skills, adopting healthier lifestyles and supporting learning of mathematics. The project kicked off in January 2014: During the Open Living Lab Day 2015 we shared best practice and exploited the game jam tool kit. More information at http://www.jamtoday.eu/ and @ JamTodayEU on Twitter


ENoLL Activity Report 2016


CreatiFI is a project introducing FIWARE

Design for Europe is a European initiative

technologies to very large relevant communities of Creative Industries. CreatiFI aims to attract a large number of developers to participate in developing tools and services for creative communities. This initiative is developing a large amount of FIWARE prototypes and technically mature commercial viable FIWARE tools for the Creative Industries. A group of ENoLL members - Forum Virium Helsinki, i2Cat, iMinds - are part of the consortium and fully engaged to support CreatiFI developers and entrepreneurs. Within CreatiFI ENoLL supports SMEs in networking activities: building alliances for the future exploitation of their applications, new products and services. By doing so, ENoLL establishes a connection with many creative industries, understanding their needs and possibly proposing Living Lab methodologies as a way forward to develop/test/launch innovation. ENoLL finally links CreatiFI activities to the SPECIFI project and enthusiastic work done to build a EuropeanCreative Ring of connected, creative and smartcitizens/cities.

that aims to help people use design to accelerate innovation across Europe, boosting economic growth and job creation. An international consortium is building a web platform, set of case studies and programme of events to share the knowledge and skills to innovate in business, the public sector and policymaking. In 2015 ENoLL contributed by hosting a Design for Europe workshop during the OpenLivingLab Days 2015. The brand-new web platformwas presented to a large, interested Living Lab audience, Thanks to this initiative the ENoLL office is extending substantially its network of contacts in the field of design.

More information at http://www.creatifi.eu/

More information at http://designforeurope.eu/ and @design_europe on Twitter


ENoLL Activity Report 2016


CONCORD is the 5-year Coordination Action

TALIA (Territorial Appropriation of Leading-edge

for facilitating and supporting the FIWARE- FIPPP programme. As part of the CONCORD project, ENoLL strongly contributed to the Open and Agile Smart Cities initiative announced at the Connected Smart Cities Conference.

Innovation Actions) is a horizontal project promoting the coherence and impact of social and creative innovation initiatives in the Mediterranean Space by orchestrating the progress and results of individual projects within the Priority Axis specifically related to Cultural and Creative Industries on the one hand, and Social Innovation (Open Data, Social Entrepreneurship and Public Sector Innovation) on the other. More information at: https://interreg-med.eu/


ENoLL Activity Report 2016

Get Involved


Get Involved How to become a member The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is both an open community and a legal non-profit association. If your organisation has activities and interests in user-driven open innovation, it may consider joining the community of benchmarked Living Labs as well as its association of fee-paying members. See all the different services according to the membership status here. The European Network of Living Labs has grown through annual ‘Waves’ of calls for membership since November 2006. Every year, candidate Living Labs are invited to submit an application to join the ENoLL network, and following an evaluation process a final selection of benchmarked Living Labs are granted the ENoLL label & welcomed to the network. Up to today, the 10 waves have resulted in 400 historically recognised Living Labs. You can discover the more information about the results of the 10th wave (August 2016) here and for your information,

the 11th wave for membership will launch towards at the end of 2016. The ENoLL international non-profit association is the legal entity created by the European Network of Living Labs in January 2010. It consists of Adherent Members, Effective Members, and Associated Members. All ENoLL-labelled Living Labs are automatically included as Adherent Members of the association, with observer rights in the General Assembly, and access to the general ENoLL information and events.


ENoLL Activity Report 2016



Contact Address: Pleinlaan 9, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium Phone number: +32 2 629 16 13 Email: info@enoll.org Website: www.enoll.org Facebook: ENoLL- European Network of Living Labs Twitter: @openlivinglabs Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/enoll/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/enoll-european-network-of-living-labsVimeo: https://vimeo.com/openlivinglabs Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/user/30421819/European-Network-of-Living-Labs SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/openlivinglabs/presentations

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