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Activity Report 2014

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A review of the activities of the European Network of Living Labs in 2014

Words from the President

Dear ENoLL Members, friends, colleague and supporters, 2014 marked a turning point in the ENoLL network producing many new and positive changes for our community. Strategic meetings aiming at defining a 10-year strategy for ENoLL were hosted and the adoption of the new vision, "Empowering everyone to innovate," closed the latest ENoLL General assembly that took part in Manchester, 26th of February of 2015.

“Empowering everybody to innovate:

advocacy to user / citizen / communitydriven innovation. Transformation of the vision of innovation. Embrace knowledge transfer, lead users, collaboration and cooperation

The adoption of this vision is one of the results of a series of strategic meetings that the ENoLL Board organized during the second half of 2014, combining external key players, ENoLL members and board members. Over the past year there has been an increase in interest in user-driven open innovation. Living Labs are quickly evolving, ENoLL has to adapt and transform. Global

movement. We have identified that more and more of our members have a strong influence in city and regional innovation, actions and policy. Subsequently, other important results to note in 2014 include the ENoLL members approving important strategic actions, decisions that will transform the network as it is today, further strengthening the Living Lab community. Some of these decisions will have immediate impact in many members: The strengthening of the network and the launch of the ENoLL Special Interest Groups (5 Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Future of Living Labs (Research and Vision); Urban Living Labs; Regional Living Labs; Living Lab services for SMEs; and Health Living Labs. The ENoLL SIGs are created to better facilitate the cooperation of members with a common interest. The ENoLL Secretariat will be distributing more information about this topic very shortly. All this activities are being operationalized in 2015 as a result of the ENoLL community discussions in 2014. Looking back at this busy and productive year we can confidently say that we are moving in the right direction and successfully building a stronger, more open, betterconnected and increasingly international network of Living Labs. I would like to sincerely thank all our members as well as the ENoLL Secretariat, Office & Board for their continuing support and contributions. Jarmo Elukka Eskelinen Chair of the European Network of Living Labs


ENoLL Activity Report 2014

2014 Year in Review

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is the international, non-profit association of benchmarked Living Labs in Europe and beyond, founded in November 2006 by 19 Living Labs, today grown to an extensive network of 330 recognized Living Lab members. 2014 was a special year for ENoLL for many reasons. The network has grown both in terms of new members and global reach. During OpenLivingLab Days (September 2014) ENoLL welcomed 25 new network members at the conclusion of its 8th Wave from across the world. This growth demonstrates a continuing reinforcement of ENoLL both in Europe and across the world.

How to Join Us

During the year ENoLL has taken part in a number of EU-funded initiatives, all of strategic importance to our members in fields such as smart cities, Future Internet, open innovation, entrepreneurship, crossborder collaboration, education, design & creativity. ENoLL and its members have hosted events and workshops across Europe participating in high profile events such as the European Commission’s Innovation Convention, CAPS2014, FIA Athens, Citisense, Cities of Tomorrow and many others. Both the projects and events have generated a lot of impact at both a community and policy level. Once again the ENoLL community came together for its annual event in September,

re-launched as OpenLivingLab Days (formerly ENoLL Summer School). The four-day-long event is the cornerstone of ENoLL activities and gathered more than 200 international experts and enthusiasts in Amsterdam to share and gain expertise on a wide set of initiatives related to Living Labs and open innovation. The enhanced collaboration on Open Innovation with the World Bank has also to be spotlighted. The agreement aims at bringing unprecedented global expertise in the area of ICT to help the World Bank and its clients increase civic participation, advance public administrative capacity and drive green growth. There have been good results from this strategic collaboration including the collaborative process for the production of a handbook to be published in 2015. The Secretariat, based in Brussels, dealt with multiple projects and activities while guaranteeing efficient and continuous support to the members. During the last year the staff has also welcomed two new employees, Lorna Stokes from the UK and Zsuzusanna Bodi from Hungary. All this work would not have been possible without the enthusiastic support of our members. Living Labs were well promoted on a local, regional and national level thanks to the community members who helped disseminating tools, methodologies and best practices from the network and beyond. We look forward to collaborating together in 2015 with the introduction and implement of new initiatives and stronger community collaboration.

ENoLL Governance Elections for the new ENoLL Council took place at the Annual General Assembly of the association held in Amsterdam on September 2nd, 2014. ENoLL Council 2014 Chair: Jarmo Eskelinen (Forum Virium Helsinki) Treasurer: Lauri Tuomias (Haaga-Helia & Finnish Network Living Labs) Secretary: Pieter Ballon (iMinds) Council Members Tuija Hirvikoski (Laurea Living Labs) Alvaro Oliveira (Lightning Living Lab) Artur Serra (i2Cat Foundation) Joanne Dobson (Coventry City Lab) Adrian Slatcher (MDDA) ** Jokin Garatea (BIRD Living Lab) Juan A. Bertolín (eLiving Lab) Marco Combetto (Trentino as Lab) Adam Olszewski (Poznan LL) Annika Sällström (Botnia LL) Ger Baron (Amsterdam Living Lab) Ismael Perea (Consorcio Fdez de los Rios)** Esteve Almirall (ESADE) * Piotr Krawczyk (JAMK) * Esa Ala-Uotila (TAMK) * New Council members * Esteve Almirall, Piotr Krawczyk and Esa Ala-Uotila were re-elected as Council Members at the General Assembly September 2014. * * Adrian Slatcher replaced Dave Carter and Ismael Perea replaced Juan F. Delgado as Council Members The ENoLL Office, Brussels

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is a community of Living Labs with a sustainable strategy for enhancing innovation on a systematic basis. The overall objective is to contribute to the creation of a dynamic European innovation system, with a global reach. ENoLL aims to support co-creative, human-centric and user-driven research, development and innovation in order to better cater for people’s needs.


Paolo Aversano Zsuzusanna Bodi Ana Garcia Lorna Stokes

ENoLL Activity Report 2014

Highlights of our activities

8th Wave of ENoLL Members Welcoming Ceremony, Amsterdam 5th of September 2014

New ENoLL Members, the 8th Wave: ENoLL grows through ‘Waves’ of calls for membership. Every year, candidate Living Labs are invited to submit an application to join the ENoLL network, and following an evaluation process, new members are welcomed to the network. 2014 celebrated the 8th Wave of ENoLL membership and a record number of new proposals. During the 2014 application period, 85 pre-registrations for membership were submitted from 22 different countries - Argentina (1), Australia (3), Belgium (4), Canada (2), Chile (1), Estonia (1), France (4), Germany (1), Hungary (1), Ireland (3), Italy (39), the Netherlands (4), Portugal (2), Romania (1), Russia (1), Saudi Arabia (1), Scotland (1), Spain (7), Switzerland (1), Tunisia (1), United Kingdom (5), United States (1) - to become new members of the ENoLL network.

Adelaide Living Laboratory (Australia), InnovAGE (Belgium), CareVille (Belgium), RehabMaLL (Canada), Silver Living Lab (France), Streetlab (France), Réunica Domicile (France), Dublin LL (Ireland), TAGS (Italy), St.E.SE.Geo (Italy), KLIO Lab (Italy), TIE-LL (Italy), Green Schools (Italy), Crikhet Living Lab (Italy), Eindhoven Living Lab (Netherlands), CIC-West Brabant (Netherlands), Smart Jeddah Living Lab (Saudi Arabia)*, Health Care Innovation Lab Orbital40 (Spain), IBIP Living Lab (Spain), UAB Smart Campus (Spain), EVOMOBILE: Electromobility living-lab (Spain), Energy Living Lab (Switzerland), lab4living (UK), Manchester Digital Innovation LL Lab (UK) and Innovate Dementia (UK). The closure of the 8th Wave of membership brings the number of recognized ENoLL Living Labs to just over 370. *conditional acceptance

The evaluation process, as carried out in every Wave for membership, resulted in 25 new accepted members to this global community of Living Labs and to the association of the European Network of Living Labs. On the 5th of September 2014, the ENoLL announced the results of the 8th Wave of membership and officially welcome the new members approved during the proceedings of our conference, OpenLivingLab Days, hosted in 2014 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The 25 new Living Labs welcomed in the 8th Wave are


The map above illustrates of the status of the network at the end of 2014 showcasing the world wide distribution of the ENoLL recognized Living Labs.

ENoLL Activity Report 2014

Highlights number of academic conference paper submissions so far (40 submissions with 18 accepted contributions) the 2014 edition of the conference illustrated the continual growth and diversity in this new and emerging research domain.

OpenLivingLab Days 2014 – 2nd-5th September 2014, Amsterdam the Netherlands OpenLivingLab Days, formally the ENoLL Summer School, is the annual summit of the worldwide Living Lab community combing 4 days networking, sharing, learning and exploitation of theory, methods & tools. OpenLivingLab Days 2014 was organised in Amsterdam from the 2nd-5th of September by ENoLL together with the support of Waag Society & the Amsterdam City Council. Hosted at the beautiful De Nieuwe Liefde in central Amsterdam, the conference featured an exciting programme including a research day, interactive workshops & seminars, visits to local Dutch labs & innovation spaces, supported and facilitated networking & matchmaking activities and the worldwide summit of our Living Lab community. Attracting 200+ participants from around the world, OpenLivingLab Days 2014 was the largest of the 5 annual summer events organised by ENoLL so far! The conference started with the research day where researchers from around the world presented their academic research in the field of open innovation and Living Lab methodologies. Attracting the highest

The conference continued with two days of dynamic workshops and seminars for knowledge transfer and building collaborations featuring workshop strands relating to Living Lab as a Service, Living Lab Methods & Tools, Smart Cities, Health & Wellbeing, Culture & Creativity, Social Innovation, Manufacturing and more. Opened officially by Ger Baron, CTO of the City of Amsterdam, the final day, the Conference Plenary, featured inspirational keynote speakers from across the world. Marleen Stikker, president and co-founder of Waag Society, delivered a thought provoking talk on our openness and trust in technology. Sven Schade, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, presented the inspiring case of Citizen Science. And Jarmo Eskelinnen, President of ENoLL challenged our ideas on Smart Cities asking whether it was time for us to “restart.” A panel session on defining the foundations of a worldwide Living Lab collaboration followed in the afternoon with creative inputs from Prof. Álvaro de Oliveira (Europe), Prof. Dr. Miriam de Magdala Pinto (Latin America) Dr. Belinda Chen (Taiwan), Phil Donaldson (Australia) and Brigitte Trousse (France). We’re already looking forward the 2015 edition hosted together with Başakşehir Living Lab in Istanbul, Turkey. Save the dates: 25th – 28th of August 2015! Visit www.openlivinglabdays.com for information on past & future editions of the event.

Social Media Highlights: 4200+ followers on Twitter & 577,600+ tweet impressions! 2400+ fans on Facebook 3000 group members on LinkedIn Monthly newsletter readership of 2500+ Workshops in action at OpenLivingLab Days 2014, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


ENoLL Activity Report 2014

ENoLL & The World Bank: Strategic Collaboration Back on July 10th, 2012, the World Bank and the European Network of Living Labs signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the main objective of bringing global expertise in the area of ICT to help the World Bank and its clients improve public services, increase civic participation and advance public administrative capacity. The 2-year successful collaboration has been focused on a joint effort to develop knowledge, peer-to-peer learning activities to support the development of networked Smart City projects, and the sharing and transfer of knowledge. During 2014 the World Bank (and some of its customers), ENoLL and long list of ENoLL members collaborated in the jointly produced handbook called Citizen-Driven Innovation: A guidebook for city mayors and public administrators”. The official version of the handbook will be made available publicly for distribution at the start of 2015. Furthermore, and also under the scope of this collaboration, the World Bank launched the international community of practice at the CitiSense event in Barcelona in November 2014. Visit www.openlivinglabs.eu handbook.




Pieter Ballon, iMinds, Secretary of ENoLL and Chair of the Scientific Committee for OpenLivingLab Days

Living Labs &

Director Living Labs iMinds, Secretary of ENoLL

Research As a rather young and recent phenomenon, Living Labs create numerous challenges and issues to be tackled by both scholars and practitioners. It is necessary to add to both the theoretical and practical knowledge on Living Labs in order to advance the learning in this field. During 2013 ENoLL launched a call for abstracts for the ENoLL Summer School that consolidated in 2014 with a call for full papers at OpenLivingLab Days 2014. In 2014 a total of 40 papers were submitted by researchers and following review from the Scientific Committee (made of up Living Lab research experts, professors & other representatives from research institutions) 18 papers were accepted and published by ENoLL in a collection of conference proceedings from the OpenLivingLab days Research Day 2014 (September 2nd, 2014). The Living Lab Research day was structured in 4 breakout sessions related to Living Lab case studies and Living Lab theory, methods and tools and attracted a large and varied audience interested in discovering more about the developments in this field. The proceedings can be found on www.scribbed.com/openlivinglabs. Additionally, and as part of the ENoLL strategic discussions taking place in 2014, ENoLL has launched in 2015 the “Future of Living Labs: Research and Vision” Special Interest Group, also in the path of consolidating activities started during the ENoLL Summer School 2013 where Living Lab researchers informally started organising themselves.


ENoLL Activity Report 2014

Below you can find relevant publications from ENoLL and our Living Lab community in 2014: OpenLivingLab Days 2014 Conference Proceedings: Within OpenLivingLab Days a call for papers was launched to address both conceptual and empirical challenges and stimulate discussion on a number of Living Lab related topics. In 2014, researchers coming from all over the world submitted a total of 40 papers. An international review panel led by Prof. Pieter Ballon (VUB Brussels) assessed the contributions and finally accepted 18 papers. These were presented during the Research Day of the OpenLivingLab Days and included into conference proceedings The paper presented by Yvonne Franz and entitled “Chances and Challenges for Social Urban Living Labs in Urban Research” won the Veli-Pekka Niitamo Prize for best academic contribution. The prize, awarded during the International Living Lab Conference on September 5th, was given based upon the initial reviewers marks but also the votes of all the participants collected in a cocreation manner during the event.

Researchers presenting their papers at OpenLivingLab Days 2014, Amsterdam


ISJ – A special Issue on Smart Cities: Interdisciplinary Studies Journal on Smart Cities by ENoLL member Laurea University of Applied Science was published in the Spring of 2014. This publication aims to support those developing their cities and regions or serving their citizens, public organizations both in Europe and elsewhere. The publication presents a wide range of research articles and practical papers, which discuss in detail the smart city phenomenon from different points of view and different contexts. Some of the papers examine Living Labs related concepts for example co-creation, user led service design, open innovation, augmented reality and eco system business model. CitySDKCookbook: CitySDK is a European-funded “service development kit” for cities and developers that aims at harmonizing application programming interfaces (APIs) across cities. The project has recently published CitySDKCookbook, a report overviewing the opportunities CitySDK APIs offer to cities and developers. It showcases the experiences Helsinki, Amsterdam and Lisbon have had with open harmonized APIs, giving concrete examples of the use of the current CitySDK APIs. Last part of the toolkit focuses on step-by-step guidance for starting your journey with CitySDK or any other API. Download the cookbook here or on the CitySDK website at http://www.citysdk.eu/citysdk-cookbook/.

Why Living Labs? Living Labs empower citizens, as end-users, to influence the development of innovative services & products that eventually will benefit the whole society. Living Labs allow industry to develop, validate and integrate new ideas, to partner with other companies and to increase their chances of success during product and/or service launches. Living Labs facilitate the integration of technological innovation in society and increase return on investments in ICT.


ENoLL Activity Report 2014

Strategic Initiatives In August 2011 the ENoLL General Assembly approved an internal process called “ENoLL project involvement guidelines” that explicitly describes rules for participation of ENoLL in projects and the benefits for the community. Through this process a part of the ENoLL Board (ENoLL project WG) is regularly convened assess proposals and it makes decisions about ENoLL’s participation in different projects and strategic initiatives. ENoLL participates in projects (mainly European funded projects) to help contribute to build ENoLL assets, support joint activities in-between ENoLL members, and to strengthen connections between ENoLL and local, regional, European and non-European governments, policy makers, and other relevant organisations and communities. In 2014 ENoLL was involved in 14 different strategic initiatives, contributing with dissemination, event and workshop development, knowledge transfer and training, community building, community management, brokering activities, stakeholder engagement, project capitalization and support for exploitation. At a lesser scale, ENoLL can act as a single entry point to outreach different crosscultural communities at European scale. ENoLL acts as a neutral and multi-stakeholder platform facilitating strong synergies among different initiatives. Europeana Creative enables & promotes greater re-use of cultural heritage resources by creative industries. Europeana Creative sets the stage for fascinating collaborations between contentproviding cultural heritage institutions and creative industries stakeholders in the education, tourism, social networks and design sectors. In 2014 ENoLL collaborated with Living Lab members Barcelona Laboratori (Spain) and FutureEverything (UK) to organise events promoting cultural heritage reuse engaging with local developer communities and creative entrepreneurs. More information at http://europeanacreative.eu/ and @eCreativeEU on Twitter. ECIM is a flexible cloud-based solution designed to help support smart, liveable and connected cities by fostering and bringing together state of the art


transportation services that make it easier for people and goods to move between destinations as quickly, cheaply and greenly as possible. ECIM facilitates cities & businesses to easily migrate services to the cloud & provides open cloud-based services to innovators. In order to propose this all-new concept to Living Labs ECIM ran a booth during OpenLivingLab Days 2014 presenting the project to a large number of interested Living Lab managers and visitor representatives from cities, both European and non-European. ENoLL connected the initiative with the Connected Smart Cities community at the CSC Strategy Forum, where the project was presented and new networking possibilities were put into place. More information at http://www.ecim-cities.eu/ and @ECIM_eu on Twitter. CitySDK is creating a toolkit to enable a more efficient utilization of the expertise and know-how of developer communities to be applied in city development. The toolkit comprises of open and interoperable digital service interfaces as well as processes and usability standards. The project has recently published CitySDKCookbook, a report overviewing the opportunities CitySDK APIs offer to cities and developers and you can download it here! More information at http://citysdk.eu/ and @CitySDK on Twitter The SPECIFI project aims at demonstrating the positive impacts of a European Creative Ring of Smart Cities and Regions, with real-life Future Internet (Fiber-to‐the‐Home and wireless) infrastructures. These scenarios include real-life users and in 5 certified Living Labs active in 3 smart cities and their surrounding regions. ENoLL has enthusiastically supported SPECIFI and the Creative Ring launch throughout 2014 organising different activities. ENoLL and SPECIFI ran a workshop during FIA Athens entitled “Future Internet boosting Creativity in Europe: scaling platforms, data, tools, services and communities”. This helped clarify the role given to new FI technologies and creative communities to support creative industries. The consortium also participated in the conference New Frontiers for European Entrepreneurs held in Brussels on April 29th where the Creative Ring community was officially launched. Other first-rate events and workshops like Music Tech Fest and Connected Smart Cities Strategy Forum facilitated dialogue with a varied audience, from artists and creative industries to policy makers. More

ENoLL Activity Report 2014

information at http://www.specifi-project.eu/ @SPECIFI_project on Twitter.


ACE is a project working on delivering targeted cross-border services to highly innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs in the ICT sector in order to accelerate their growth. The ACE programme is supported by cross border finance experts and European innovation support networks EBN and ENOLL. Organisations have the opportunity to test and develop their products/services in cross border Living Lab testing utilizing Living Labs from the ENoLL network in Belgium (iMinds), the UK (Coventry University), Finland (Forum Virium) and Luxembourg (Technoport). During the first year’s application period 300+ applications have been received, 120 shortlisted, 82 SMEs selected, 284 support offers agreed, 50+ investment Pitches have happened and 400+ companies and investors attended the ACE Summit. More information at http://www.europeanace.eu/ and @EU_ACE on Twitter. PELARS is a project about learning and making. We are studying how people learn about science, technology and mathematics when they use their hands as well as their heads. We’re exploring real technologies (kits, electronics systems & sensor systems) and customised furniture both designed specifically for the classroom that help teachers and learners understand what’s going on when people do science and maths - innovative concepts derived from the constraints & inspiring practices of real teachers themselves. The project kicked off in February 2014 with ENoLL leading the dissemination of the project and will be collaborating with members to conduct Living Lab tests of the tools and technology developed in the course of the research. More information at http://pelars.eu/ and @euPELARS on Twitter. MyNeighbourhood aims at creating a new and ‘smarter’ conception of the ‘Smart City’ that focuses on people and their well being rather than just ICT infrastructures and dashboards. In so doing, MyNeighbourhood uses new technologies and user data to help recreate a lost sense of neighbourhood that is rooted in local place, common ties and personal


interaction. During 2014 ENoLL played an important part bridging MyNeighbourhood with other smart city initiatives, urban Living Labs and City Administrations through its communication channels and especially during a workshop on “Human Smart Cities” organised at OpenLivingLab Days 2014. More information at http://my-neighbourhood.eu/ and @MyN_EU on Twitter. JamToday aims to use game design principles not just to create useful and meaningful games, but also to explain and design the context (such as the classroom) where games can be effectively implemented. Each year, JamToday organises game jams in multiple locations focusing on a particular theme and each year a pan European conference will be organized around one of the main areas of application: improving ICT skills, adopting healthier lifestyles and supporting learning of mathematics. The project kicked off in January 2014: we shared best practice and exploited the game jam toolkit at OpenLivingLab Days 2014 in an exciting workshop, engage experts from the ENoLL network in thematic meetings for ICT skills and health and ENoLL will be collaborating with members to organise game jams in the next years. More information at http://www.jamtoday.eu/ and @JamTodayEU on Twitter. Fusepool crosses borders to provide data for better product/ service development and research. Fusepool enriches data using common standards and tools for analysing and visualizing data to get timely, contextaware and relevant information. The project concluded in 2014 but you can learn more about the achievements at http://www.fusepool.eu and @Fusepool on Twitter. InnoMatNet is a project funded under the NMP (Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies) theme of the EU 7th Framework Programme, with the overall goal of promoting collaboration, knowledge transfer, and the creation of new alliances between materials researchers, designers in industry, and others involved

ENoLL Activity Report 2014

in innovation. During the project timeline ENoLL introduced Innomatnet resources to the Living Lab community in both online and offline contexts, and encouraged the use of such tools by organising dedicated workshops like the 6th Innomatnet workshop “Exploring the role of local communities in materials research. From best practices to policy” that took place in Brussels on January 21st 2014. Innomatnet concluded in 2014 with a final recommendation report including the lessons learnt during the 30 months illustrating the exploitation possibilities of the project’s results. Including a bank of tools and case studies ready to be used & exploited by others. More information at http://www.innomatnet.eu/ and @Innomatnet on Twitter.

Design for Europe is a European initiative that aims to help people use design to accelerate innovation across Europe, boosting economic growth and job creation. An international consortium is building a web platform, set of case studies and programme of events to share the knowledge and skills to innovate in business, the public sector and policymaking. In 2014 ENoLL contributed by hosting a Design for Europe workshop during the OpenLivingLab Days 2014. The brand-new web platform was presented to a large, interested Living Lab audience and relations were established with experts from e.g. Cité du Design, Basaksehir Living Lab and design initiatives like Innomatnet. Thanks to this initiative the ENoLL office is extending substantially its network of contacts in the field of design. More information at http://designforeurope.eu/ and @design_europe on Twitter. The Integrating Design for All in Living Labs, or IDeALL project, which is financed by the Directorate General of Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission, aims to bring together the Living Lab community with the design community through Design for All. During the last years they have been sharing methodologies and experience thus defining a joint approach to user-centred innovation through design. This collaboration has brought about the design of an online platform used to collect and share case studies, methodologies and best practices on design and Living Labs coming from all over Europe. More information on http://usercentredbusiness.net/ and @User_Centred on Twitter.


CreatiFI is a project introducing FIWARE technologies to very large relevant communities of Creative Industries. CreatiFI aims to attract a large number of developers to participate in developing tools and services for creative communities. This initiative is developing a large amount of FIWARE prototypes and technically mature commercial viable FIWARE tools for the Creative Industries. A group of ENoLL members - Forum Virium Helsinki, i2Cat, iMinds - are part of the consortium and fully engaged to support CreatiFI developers and entrepreneurs. Within CreatiFI ENoLL supports SMEs in networking activities: building alliances for the future exploitation of their applications, new products and services. By doing so, ENoLL establishes a connection with many creative industries, understanding their needs and possibly proposing Living Lab methodologies as a way forward to develop/test/launch innovation. ENoLL finally links CreatiFI activities to the SPECIFI project and enthusiastic work done to build a European Creative Ring of connected, creative and smart citizens/cities. More information at http://www.creatifi.eu/ and @creatifi on Twitter.

Finally, under the umbrella of FIWARE we are working on two additional strategic initiatives: CONCORD is the 5-year Coordination Action for facilitating and supporting the FIWARE- FIPPP programme. As part of the CONCORD project, ENoLL strongly contributed to the FIWARE Smart City Strategy and organised in collaboration with ENoLL members leading CIP-PSP smart city initiatives, the Connected Smart Cities Strategy Forum (Dec 2014). CSC Strategy Forum brought together the FIWARE, FIRE and Living Labs communities, setting up the foundations of the Open and Agile Smart Cities initiatives announced in 2015 (Connected Smart Cities Conference). Follow FIWARE activities at @FIWARE. The FIspace project, which is one of the second-phase FI-PPP projects, aims at developing and validating novel Future-Internet-enabled solutions to address the pressing challenges arising in collaborative business networks, focusing on use cases from the Agri-Food and Transport & Logistics industries. Check out the official website or follow the discussion on Twitter: @FIspace_eu ENoLL Activity Report 2014

Innomatnet Workshop “Exploring the role of local communities in materials research. From best practices to policy” The 6th Innomatnet workshop took place in Brussels on January 21st. This workshop explored the importance of involving and empowering citizens, local communities and local creative industries/designers in material research, bridging the gap between material industry and local territory. Inspired by existing cases and best practices, participants discussed about the role of Labs (Fab labs, Living labs, other labs) in bringing materials research, recycling and design closer to society. ENoLL Living Labs like i2Cat and the EGG participated in the meeting, but also partners like EBN, Create-Net, Waag Society, EBCN, BEDA, European initiatives like the Creative Ring and delegates of three EU directorates (DG Research, DG Enterprise and Industry and DG EAC). Cities of Tomorrow The 2-day forum, Cities of Tomorrow, was organized in Brussels on 17-18 February aiming to contribute to a strengthened profile of the urban dimension within EU Policies and emphasize the importance of investments in urban areas and cities as agents for delivering EU policy objectives. ENoLL actively participated in the event. One stand was set up in a lively zone of the exhibition area and participants had the opportunity to discover more about FI-PPP initiatives such as FIspace, FI-CONTENT, and XIFI, but also CitySDK and SPECIFI. Then, since the forum aimed at consulting key urban stakeholders on the need for more connected cities and communities a session called “European Smart and Connected Cities and Communities” was organised at the event, followed by around 80 people. FIA Athens: Future Internet and Creativity in Europe

Key events in 2014

ENoLL General Assembly’s in 2014 February 17th June 13th September 2nd ENoLL Council Meetings in 2014 January 24th March 11th June 13th September 2nd December 8th This session welcomed a number of projects and initiatives, including several FI-PPP representatives to discuss how to help Creative Industries increase the effectiveness of their business processes through Future Internet technologies. Several FI-PPP/FIWARE projects, CIP Smart City projects (CitySDK, Specifi) and other relevant initiatives (Visionair, Europeana Creative) joined the discussion and contributed to a common objective. The results of the discussion highlighted the value that FIWARE can bring to many different sectors, cities and Regions in Europe (in this case the Creative Industries) by collaborating with other existing initiatives, finding synergies and common exploitation possibilities. The FIWARE accelerator Creati-FI was introduced as a success example of previous collaboration in between FIWARE and Smart City projects contributing to build the community of FIWARE developers and SMEs while enriching the European Creative Ring.

The European Future Internet Assembly (FIA) is a yearly event supporting open interaction and crossfertilization between projects and researchers that have recognized the need to strengthen European activities on the Future Internet. The 2014 edition of FIA was held in Athens from the 18th to the 20th of March. One of the most dynamic and followed pre-sessions entitled Future Internet boosting Creativity in Europe: scaling platforms, data, tools, services and communities was co-organized on March 18th by ENoLL and two European initiatives: Visionair and the Creative Ring.

Innovation Convention & Artur Serra from i2Cat, March 2014


ENoLL Activity Report 2014

Music Tech Fest in Berlin with SPECIFI, October 2014

Innovation Convention 2014 The EC’s Innovation Convention, a two-day convention, held in March in Brussels, provided a platform to debate and inform policies that will contribute towards building a strong research and innovation ecosystem in Europe. ENoLL organised a fringe session during the Innovation Convention on “Open Innovation and Living Labs shaping the cities and regions of the future.” This interactive session, attracting an audience of over 150 people, explored how Living Labs are supporting and can support cities and regions in embracing new technologies while facing today’s main societal challenges. Showcasing best practices from the smart city projects CitySDK, MyNeighourhood and the Creative Ring, the session also included creative inputs from Eurocities and the inspiring story of Barcelona, the City as a Lab. Launch of the Creative Ring The Creative Ring, a new experimental community for sharing creative contents all over Europe, was officially launched at New Frontiers for European Entrepreneurs, an event focused on SMEs, innovation and entrepreneurship held in Brussels at the EGG on April 29th, 2014. During his introductory speech Simon Delaere (iMinds) officially launched the Ring, demonstrating its composition of hubs, partners, tools and projects. He also highlighted how this aims to bring together creative industries in a community of communities fostering interconnected and ICT-supported incubation centres.

SMEs in healthcare and other sectors. The workshop brought together Fusepool users and developers (including several ENoLL members) who shared experiences and worked out sustainability aspects of the platform ready to share the advances that it aimed to solve real-world data challenges: to help SMEs better adapt to and exploit technological and regulatory changes. The Fusepool SME platform is based on the open source modular software stack Apache Stanbol and a set of reusable components for semantic content management. The components are meant to be accessed over RESTful interfaces to provide semantic services for content management. ENoLL & Living Lab Workshop at CAPS2014 In brief, CAPS (collective awareness platforms for social innovation) are non-commercial, open Internet platforms, connecting citizens to each other providing them with a more effective way to spontaneously adopt more sustainable behaviours and lifestyles thus tackling societal challenges.

Linked Open Data event: Fusing and Pooling Data On June 25th, 2014, ENoLL organised in Brussels a workshop called: Linked open data event: Fusing and Pooling Data. This workshop, final event of the Fusepool project, p addressed the importance of big data and showcased the innovation of a common data platform that provides internationally accessible information for


Fusing and Pooling Data in Brussels with Fusepool, June 2014

ENoLL Activity Report 2014

Key events in 2014

BUILD Conference with the German Marshal Fund, June 2014

Living Labs have been long associated with CAPS so collaborating to produce a workshop at the CAPS2014 conference held on July 1st at The EGG in Brussels was a great opportunity to showcase what Living Labs had been doing for numerous years in this field. After a welcome and introduction by the ENoLL Chair Jarmo Eskelinen, the session, “Inspired to share – Inspired by sharing,” featured interesting cases studies presented by Living Labs across Europe including INNYCIA Platform by Lucia Aguilar Vega (Consorcio Fernandez de los Rios, Andalucía), Citilab and BcnLab by Artur Serra (i2cat, Barcelona), City Lab Coventry by Sinead Ouillon (Coventry University) and finally the Smart Citizen Kit by Frank Kresin (Waag Society, the Netherlands). Presenters shared openly their lessons learned in launching and managing their CAPS initiatives & projects leading to an open interactive dialogue with the audience. Bilbao Urban Innovation and Leadership Dialogues (BUILD) German Marshal Fund BUILD was the German Marshall Fund’s first convening focusing exclusively on urban policy and leadership issues. 100 civic leaders and urban practitioners from GMF’s network in the U.S. and Europe convened in Bilbao from the 10th – 14th of June to discuss strategies for leading transformative change in cities. ENoLL President, Jarmo Eskelinen spoke representing the network on Urban Transformation addressing the challenges & opportunities for achieving equitable and sustainable urban regeneration.

Lab practitioners, experts, researchers and enthusiasts. Read more on Page 4. Apps&Culture Hack@Home: 2nd Europeana Creative Challenge Event As a part of the EU project Europeana Creative, where ENoLL is a partner, a series of collaborative events was hosted together with Barcelona Laboratori and the Department of Culture of the City of Barcelona. In June 2014 our organisations, in coordination with a technical expert from Europeana Foundation, organised a prehackathon community building in Barcelona including a hands-on workshop for local developers on how to use the Europeana API including advice & support on access and restrictions to cultural heritage content reuse. In September we co-organised the Apps&Culture Demo Party which was hosted at the World Mobile Centre in Barcelona. The event showcased the best of the creative industries from the Europeana Creative Project and the local Apps&Cultura initiative creating a celebration of cultural and digital entrepreneurial projects from all over

OpenLivingLab Days 2014 The largest Living Lab event of the year took place in Amsterdam from the 2nd to the 5th of September. Organised by ENoLL with the support of Waag Society and the City of Amsterdam the event attracted over 200 Living


Europeana API workshops with Barcelona Laboratori, June 2014

ENoLL Activity Report 2014



Successful "IoTogether" Remote Co-working Hackathon coordinated by CREATE-NET On the 20th of September 2014 the "IoTogether" Remote Co-working Hackathon between Trento and Barcelona was coordinated by CREATE-NET. The event, organised in the context of SPECIFI, involved makers, designers and hackers interested in the Internet of Things (IoT), and it aimed at developing collaboratively wearables and smart environments projects during an intensive day of work and play. 8 teams were created by connecting 8 groups of participants from the MuSe Museum of Science in Trento and Fabra i Coast in Barcelona. Teams defined their own project idea and started the prototype creation process by developing physical objects - with FabLab tools - and creating IoT solutions out of sensors and software development. A Future Internet videoconferencing service connected the two sides of the teams and sustained plenary sessions. ENoLL at Euromed Invest Academy in Thessaloniki During the fall ENoLL established links with Euromed Invest Academy, a European-funded initiative aiming to develop and support partnerships between institutions and businesses in the Mediterranean region with a special focus on female entrepreneurs. ENoLL was invited to the Euromed Invest Academy event on “New Innovation Networks and Role of BSOs", held in Thessaloniki (Greece) from the 12th to the 14th of November 2014. Our network was asked to present twice the Living Lab community to a large audience of representatives of Chambers of Commerce and female entrepreneurs of the Mediterranean area. Around 100 people followed ENoLL’s presentations. The audience, unfamiliar at times with the Living Lab concept, was extremely interested and eager to discover more about our community. The event showed the potential for collaboration there is in the Mediterranean area, especially in North Africa and Middle East, a trend has also been identified from within our network. CitiSense On November 16th and 17th and as part of SCEWC (Smart City Expo World Congress), the World Bank organised CitiSense to showcase how urban innovation can bring a wide range of benefits to municipalities. The goals were to share innovative projects to enhance public service


events in 2014 City Innovation Summit in Barcelona. Panel discussion featuring Waag Society & FutureEverything, November 2014

delivery through technology-enabled collaboration with citizens, and to promote interaction of experts and partners with cities from all over the world. CitiSense 2014, attended by around 150 people, attracted a combination of city policy officers and technology specialists, representatives of some national innovation agencies, innovation experts and community managers from all over the world. The FIWARE participation at CitiSense helped to establish new contacts with difficultto-reach audiences and to consolidate some existing contacts and the World Bank officials through the FIWARE information point set up in the networking area of the event prior to the Smart City Expo launch. City Innovation Summit Organised back to back with the well-known Smart City Expo (Barcelona Nov 18-20) the City Innovation Summit (Nov 17-18) was a meeting space for experiences, concepts and tools for innovative cities. ENoLL was very proud of supporting this event (organised by the City of Barcelona) that brought together public service innovation, public-private innovation and social innovation conceiving the city as a natural place for innovation and experimentation. This event was organised in 4 different tracks (economy, people, urban and governance) and had great representation from the Living Lab community & ENoLL members in the people track.

ENoLL Activity Report 2014

How to Join Us? 1. Become an ENoLL Living Lab If your organisation wants to become a member of ENoLL and become a certified Living Lab, contact us in order to discuss how to join through the ‘9th Wave’ Call for Membership (Feb-May 2015). 2. Become an Associated Member Are you a university, company, research institution, regional/local authority etc. supporting the philosophy of user-driven open innovation? Contact us on how to become an associated member of ENoLL. 3. Join the online community ENoLL is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Scribd, Vimeo and Twitter (@openlivinglabs) and we also publish a monthly newsletter on all things relevant to Living Labs and user-driven open innovation. Join our social networks to catch the latest news on events/calls, be inspired and discover new interesting activities & opportunities. 4. OpenLivingLab Days Participate in the largest Living Lab gig of the year! The next edition will be held in Istanbul from the 25th to the 28th of August 2015. Join us to share best practice, discover new initiatives & research, make contacts and be inspired. Visit the website for more information: www.openlivinglabdays.com

New Effective Member: Living Labs Taiwan Having launched in June 2008, Living Lab Taiwan, located in Taipei, promotes open innovation in a live environment involving real users. It is operated by Innovative DigiTech-Enabled Applications & Services Institute (IDEAS), Institute for Information Industry (III), a national research and development organization and the think tank of national strategic policies helping the government improve global information industry competitiveness. Leveraging the resources of technology, research and application development capability of III, Living Lab Taiwan is a best place to design, test, and verify service/business models of innovative ideas. The Living Lab bridges the gaps between research, development and tangible applications in a real world through the use of new people inspired tools and methods. ENoLL was thrilled to welcome Living Labs Taiwan as an Effective Member at the General Assembly hosted on the 17th of February. Their membership also highlights the international grown of the network Living Labs Taiwan are the first Effective Member coming from outside of Europe. New Effective Member: Energy Living Lab Following the September 2nd 2014 General Assembly we Energy Living Lab as a new Effective Member to ENoLL. Energy Living Lab is an open innovation ecosystem dedicated to energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy in Western Switzerland. It is composed of the University of Applied Science Western Switzerland (host of the Living Lab), Chablais Agglo representing the public authorities of this French-speaking region, private companies in the field of energy, together with an association of users. The goal of the Living Lab is to empower the users of energy and integrate them into the innovation process, motivating them to participate, putting the right tools in place to enable a bottom-up dialogue, and translating ideas into sustainable commercial products or services.

New Associated Member: Kraków Technology Park Established in 1997 by the city authorities, Małopolska regional authorities and 3 Kraków based universities; Kraków Technology Park was welcomed as an Associated Member of ENoLL on June 13th 2014 at the General Assembly. One of the most significant forms of operation of Kraków Technology Park is provision of support to businesses at all stages of their development includes the possibility of financing via the KTP Seed Fund, free advisory services, training and the development of the technological aspects of enterprises. The technology park also runs numerous projects for example the MITP (a centre for developing new ideas & technologies, clustering ICT companies testing ground for open innovation ideas and a platform for collaboration of the academic, business and administration circles) and "SMART_KOM. Kraków in Smart Cities Network” helping to diagnosis, develop good practices and strategy in addition to disseminating on smart cities.

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