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MARCH 2014


Community… The North State is an amazing community, where people continually strive to see the best in the area where they live and do their part to make it better in so many different ways. From cleaning up neighborhoods to finding ways to solve local challenges, we are thankful for the people who make up our community.

70 Writers’ Profiles: J.B. Hawker and Gary Muir

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17 Snow Creek Studios in Mount Shasta 25 Shameless O’Leery’s Irish Pub 29 The Back to School Project’s Ultimate Spelling Bee Challenge 41 Fogline Brew Company in Tehama County 63 Wild Ink Press in Chico 67 Yaks Koffee in Dunsmuir


21 The Fairest Hikes of All

inspir ation

33 Free Online Fundraising with 55 Hope Equestrian Relay Organization’s Ride for Life

loca l s

13 Orchard Nutrition in Redding 47 Yates Gear Inc. in Redding 59 Jana Parker, Balance Yoga Center

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37 The Wizard of Oz gets Technical at the Cascade Theatre 51 Bluegrass Artist Laurie Lewis

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74 Enjoy the View—Dr. Chris Nelson 76 What’s Cookin’—Farro and Kale Salad 79 Q97’s Billy and Patrick Snapshot—Spring Cleaning 80 Spotlight—Calendar of Events 84 Store Front—The Pillow Talker 86 Giving Back—Work Training Center



for more on the backstage wizardy at the Cascade’s Wizard of Oz 6 | Enjoy MARCH 2014

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Allie Toney Photo by Kara Stewart

Photo by Kara Stewart


Lorraine was queen of the day hike until a tumble led to a painful compression fracture in her back. After an MRI at MD Imaging, her doctors determined Lorraine was a candidate for a kyphoplasty and sent her to the Interventional Radiologists at MD Imaging’s Vascular and Interventional Center. The procedure took less than an afternoon and Lorraine felt immediate relief from the pain. She was back on the trails a month later, leading the way up the mountain. MD Imaging’s Vascular & Interventional Center offers the latest minimally-invasive surgical advancements to keep you on your feet, a step ahead. | 530.245.5945

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MARCH 2014 Now that we’ve finally gotten some of the glorious rain that our North State needed so desperately, we’re marching into spring. While youngsters chase leprechauns and search for that elusive pot of gold, we can’t wait to watch Dorothy follow the yellow brick road during the Cascade Theatre’s production of “The Wizard of Oz.” The production marks the 10th anniversary of the Cascade’s renovation, and it involves some spectacular technical wizardry — the likes of which have never been seen before at the theater. Then take your own journey along the Lake Siskiyou Trail, a seven-mile jaunt that offers experiences ranging from the sublime to the extreme. This will also give you the perfect excuse to check out the offerings at Yates Gear Inc., which started as a manufacturer of rock climbing and mountaineering equipment, but now produces an array of products for everything from fire rescue to industrial rigging to tactical military usage. Remember your New Year’s resolution to take better care of yourself ? It’s a great time to dust that off. You already know about the health benefits of eating fresh fruits and veggies and getting your daily allotment of water — but what about caring for your spirit? Jana Parker tells us about the joy and transformative health benefits of yoga. Deep breath in, deep breath out... May the sun shine all day long, Everything go right and nothing wrong. May those you love bring love back to you, And may all the wishes you wish come true! ~ Irish blessing

james mazzotta store manager KIMBERLY BONÉY store KIM acUÑA store KIMberly hanlon store 1475 Placer Street, Suites C & D Redding, CA 96001 530.246.4687 office • 530.246.2434 fax Email General/ Sales and Advertising information: © 2014 by Enjoy Magazine. All rights reserved. Reproductions without permission are strictly prohibited. Articles and advertisements in Enjoy Magazine do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the management, employees, or freelance writers. Every effort is made to avoid errors, misspellings and omissions. If an error is found, please accept our sincere apologies and notify us of the mistake. The businesses, locations and people mentioned in our articles are solely determined by the editorial staff and are not influenced by advertising. Enjoy and Enjoy the Store are trademarks of InHouse Marketing Group. Scan this code with a QR app on your smart phone to go directly to our website.

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O R C H A R D N U T R I T I O N i n R E D D I NG In the beginning, consumers who sought out vitamins, supplements and organic foods were known as “health food nuts” and if they entered the public consciousness at all, it was usually as a punch line. Today, Joe Martino, the owner of Orchard Nutrition, says those kind of shoppers are simply known as smart. “It’s not a fad anymore, it’s just awareness. Everybody’s interested and concerned about what they’re eating.” When he started his business in 1982, those so-called health nuts who shopped at health food stores made up about 18 percent of shoppers. Today, he says, “you can’t even come up with an average.” People routinely shop at both health food stores and conventional markets. Even the giants, like Costco and Wal-Mart, now feature shelves stocked with vitamins and supplements. The problem, Martino says, is the same one he faced back in the mid-1970s when he was diagnosed with cancer and set out to learn more about nutrition, vitamins and supplements: useful information is difficult to come by.

“It was very frustrating to me W h e n I o b tai n e d when I couldn’t get answers. Half t h e k n ow l e d g e of what I was hearing was just to h e l p m y s e l f, people repeating whatever the sales I t hou g h t I guy would tell them,” Martino says. cou l d h e l p So, Martino decided to educate ot h e rs . himself. He enrolled at Bastyr University, an accredited college that emphasizes natural health, and received a degree in nutrition. He began attending conferences and hounding the experts. “Biochemists thought I was a pain in the butt. I was always on the phone,” he recalls. “When I obtained the knowledge to help myself, I thought I could help others,” he says of his decision to open a store in Redding. “I never thought it would get this big, but it’s grown every year.” Martino attributes that growth to Orchard Nutrition’s practices. When he started in the business, “people had this concept that you should double the price of vitamins. I didn’t. I marked them up like4 continued on page 14

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HEALTH Greenville


March 2014 is National Nutrition Month

“Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right” is the theme for National Nutrition Month ® 2014 (NNM). From the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, consumer research confirms that taste tops nutrition as the main reason why one food is purchased over another. While social, emotional and health factors also play a role, the foods people enjoy are likely the ones they eat the most. Healthy eating is NOT A DIET. It means making changes you can live with and enjoy for the rest of your life. The battle of obesity has become one of the most urgent health issues in America today, as over one third of adults and 17 percent of children are now obese. For Native Americans, nutrition is a pressing concern, this problem is even more dire. American Indians and Alaska Native adults are 1.6 times more likely to be obese than any other culture according to the Department of Health and Human Services’ of Minority Health. As a result, health consequences stemming from obesity, such as; diabetes and heart disease have the highest age-adjusted prevalence among all U.S. racial and ethnic groups. According to the American Diabetes Association, eating healthy is one of the best things you can do to prevent and control many health problems. MyPlate is part of a larger communications initiative based on 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans to help consumers make better food choices. MyPlate is designed to remind Americans to eat healthfully; it is not intended to change consumers’ behavior alone. MyPlate illustrates the five food groups using a familiar mealtime visual Nutrition at a glance. For good health, make the most out of every

calorie on your plate. Use these tips to get the nutrients you need without consuming too many calories. USDA recommends: • Eat plenty of colorful vegetables, especially dark green, orange, and red ones such as broccoli, carrots and tomatoes. • Have a rainbow of fruit. Choose whole or cut-up fruit more often than fruit juice. • Choose whole-grain bread, brown rice, and whole grain pasta instead of white bread, white rice, and regular pasta. The best way to know if a food is whole grain is to see if a whole grain, such as whole wheat or whole oats, is first in the ingredient list. • Trim the fat off of meat and remove the skin from poultry. Have seafood twice a week, but not breaded and fried. Eat beans, peas, or unsalted nuts and seeds instead of meat sometimes. • Aim for 3 cups of low-fat or fat free milk or other dairy products each day to get the calcium you need. • Switch from butter, lard, stick margarine, and shortening to olive oil or canola oil when baking or cooking. • Look for foods and drinks that provide potassium, fiber, and vitamin D. • Choose foods with less sodium and sugar. • What you drink is just as important as what you eat. Drink plenty of water, read and compare Nutrition Facts labels on foods and drinks.

Red Bluff *Tribal Health Center 1425 Montgomery Road 528-8600 - Dental Clinic 343 Oak Street 528-3488

groceries and people responded really well.” Orchard Nutrition quickly outgrew its Park Marina Drive location and in 1984 Martino purchased a 10,000-square-foot former fabric store on Locust Street, where the store has been for the past 30 years. As the store grew, Martino added to its line of products and services, including a deli and bakery, organic produce, bulk foods and herbs, grass-fed beef, gluten-free products, groceries and pet foods. Martino says he’s particularly proud of Orchard Nutrition’s vitamin and supplement selection and employees, including nutritionists, who are available to help customers. “Having four nutritionists on staff doesn’t really make sense since that comes out of our profits, but we look for customer loyalty rather than profit margins and I think it has paid off. People have kept coming in, even during the recession. “We’re not here to sell things or grab anybody’s money; we’re here to help them if we can and people have responded to that since the beginning,” Martino says. The store’s growth also is a function of trust: “The growth of our inventory is mostly because of the request of customers, plus the knowledge we’ve gained from schools and conferences. (Customers) can be sure it’s ethical, pure and the right stuff. There are no reclaimed, discontinued, damaged or closeout products. People can trust us to be the gatekeepers.” Orchard Nutrition has a staff of 45 and the store has long been a family affair. Martino says his six grandchildren have all worked at

the store at one time or another, and his daughter, Vicki Leide, has branched out to produce her own line of gluten-free mixes under the Amazing Foods for Life label. Leide’s husband, Huck, still works for Martino. Martino himself moved west from Philadelphia and started a leather business in Orange County. Six years later, in 1980, the clean air and small-town feel of Redding brought him north and he opened a leather shop in the former downtown mall called Hide & Sheep. He closed his shop in 1982—“I made coats and purses, but I was a vegetarian selling hides, and that just didn’t work,” he says—and opened Orchard Nutrition. • Orchard Nutrition 221 Locust St. (530) 244-9600

Jon Lewis is a Redding-based writer with 33 years of experience. A longtime San Francisco Giants fan, his interests include golf, fishing and sharing stories about people, places and things. He can be reached at

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By kimberly n. bonéy


PHOTOS: Taryn Burkleo

s n ow cr e e k s t udios i n mou n t shas ta

The story of “Nuka, Tera and Little Girl” was the imaginary adventure of Chris Messer and her two older brothers, an adventure they built upon every day as children living overseas. Since her big brothers never knew just what her name should be in the story, Messer was simply called “Little Girl.” The three children excitedly perused Sears catalogs and picked items that they could use to tell their vibrant and ever-changing make-believe tales. Although “Nuka, Tera and Little Girl” never took written form, the adventures they went on in their minds were as real as the pages of any book. For Messer and her brothers, a rich and colorful imagination and an acute sense of creativity were often inspired by the simplest of things around them. “As a child, I was more of a 3-D artist. I made clothing for my dolls. I thought Wonder Bread was an incredible sculpting product,” she says with a laugh. It’s no wonder that a woman who found such joy in her

creative childhood navigated to a career in art. “My whole family thought I needed to study something different. And I said, ‘Maybe I do. But right now, I’m going to study art.’” It was a leap of faith that a then “30-something” Messer took when she decided to return to school to pursue a degree in art. After a grueling yet impressionistic degree program, Messer graduated with honors in 1989 from the California College of the Arts and Crafts in Oakland. She became a professional artist in 1991, which her former professors had always said was a privilege reserved for very few. Messer, a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and California Watercolor Association, also works in other art forms such as gouache (a method of painting with opaque watercolors), acrylic, print making, mixed media and fiber arts. Just over a year ago, Messer opened Snow Creek Studios, a 2,200-square-foot gallery, art studio and retail space in Mount Shasta. Snow Creek Studios is a stunning addition to the quaint town and has become not only a place for Messer to display her nationally recognized art work, but for other local artists to showcase their own. The diverse works of Claudia Ellis (watercolor and oil), Alyssa Clark (pottery), Hannah Brehmer (pottery), Catherine McElroy (watercolor), Ryan Schuppert (sculpture) and Glen Heath (two-dimensional relief ) are showcased in the gallery. Lindsay Budner, the gallery manager at Snow Creek Studios, brings her experience working in New York galleries to the creative table. After spending years teaching art at other institutions throughout the state, namely the Art Institute of San Francisco and Walnut Creek Civic Arts, Messer is honored to offer classes in the North State. Her classes offer an opportunity for budding artists to hone their skills4 continued on page 18 MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 17

in watercolor, drawing, and mixed-media art. Ultimately, Messer would like to offer online classes, a goal that is close enough to touch. She also plans to expand the class schedule to offer other local artists the opportunity to teach at Snow Creek Studios. Snow Creek Studios hosts workshops and special events and is actively involved in the Fourth Friday Art Walk in Mount Shasta, when the gallery features either new works from one of their featured artists or showcases a new arrival to the studio with a reception. Visitors nosh on delicious refreshments while taking in the beauty of a piece of art created in the North State, and may even have a chance to meet the artist. From January to March, the reception is held from 3 to 5:30 pm, and from April to December, the celebration lasts from 4 to 8 pm. Having come from an educational experience that was competitive and sometimes difficult for the artist, Messer mentors other artists from a position of love. “I think mentoring is interesting in that it’s more about letting people trust in their own abilities. Most of us come in so afraid to put anything down because we will be judged by it. It’s about trusting, moving forward and allowing the bad stuff to come out as well as the good stuff. You have to respect and trust yourself. And always keep a sketch book.” • Snow Creek Studios 416 North Mt. Shasta Boulevard, Mt. Shasta (530) 926-3000 Tuesday- Saturday: 10:30 am to 5:30 pm Fourth Friday Art Walk

Kimberly N. Bonéy, proud wife and mother, moved to Redding in 2008. Kimberly has a bachelor of arts in English with an emphasis in creative writing from Louisiana State University. As the former owner of The Kimberly Nicole Boutique in downtown Redding, Kimberly considers herself a connoisseur of all things fashionable.

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Cornerstone Community Bank is the realization of dreams – from buying a first home to helping a determined entrepreneur grow a regional franchise. Locally owned and funded, we are honored to share in building our clients’ legacies. Jeff owner and Owner Jeff Garrett in frontGarrett, of his Redding restaurant founder of Lumberjacks Restaurant, broke the mold and transformed his Cornerstone restaurant into a new chain where Community Bank is the re friendly staff satisfy dreams hungry diners delivering good – frombybuying a first home to home cooking in adetermined restaurant entrepreneur that looks likegrow a log a regiona cabin. Guests are greeted by a and 12-foot lumberjack Locally owned funded, we are honore representing hard work andour enormous portions Your building clients’ legacies. Jeff Garrett, own American dreams make community strong. founder of our Lumberjacks Restaurant, brok For more of Lumberjacks Restaurant’s story, go to and transformed his restaurant into a new c friendly staff satisfy hungry diners by deliv home Bank. cooking in a restaurant that look Cornerstone Community As Local as You! cabin. Guests are greeted by a 12-foot representing hard work and enormous p own American dreams make our commu For more of Lumberjacks Restaurant’s s


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good times


story & photos BY Paul Boerger

ONCE upon a

Th e fair e s t hi k e s o f a l l

Mount Shasta offers an incredible variety of hiking and biking experiences, from the sublime to the extreme. In the highly accessible sublime category is the seven-mile trail that circumnavigates Lake Siskiyou. There are trails that have lake views, meadows, forests, bubbling streams, places to swim, bicycling, hiking or a casual stroll, snow-capped mountain views, dog walking and the occasional picnic table. Lake Siskiyou has all of the above with convenient parking and trail access only a few miles from the city of Mount Shasta. There are many options for beginning the trail, including parking at North Shore Road, but the most

popular are the dedicated parking lots off WA Barr Road on either side of the dam. Local folks do short sections from a variety of entry points. The trail in both directions from the parking lot south of the dam is an enjoyable, non-strenuous adventure that older kids can negotiate. The easiest route heads west toward the campground first. If you head toward the bridge first, a steady uphill climb is required at the Lake Siskiyou Resort and Camp. Whatever way you go, approximately 90 percent of the trail is basically flat, making for a fun, scenic seven-mile circuit. Entry points for a swim are too numerous to count.4

continued on page 22

March 2014 ENJOY | 21

Getting there: Interstate 5 to the main city of Mount Shasta exit. Head west to South Old Stage Road, south on South Old Stage Road, taking the WA Barr Road right fork when the road splits. For the described trail, cross the dam and park in the lot on the right just around the bend. The parking lot offers a trail map.

Heading toward the campground from the parking lot south of the dam, the trail is wide and flat. At the pond and bubbling stream, where many people simply take a break and head back, the trail narrows and swerves up and around toward the campground. At the campground, the trail can get confusing, but heading down toward the lake to the end of road will get you to the next section. At the lake dock, a sign sends you north to a section of the trail where seasonal temporary bridges (placed when the winter melt flow has eased) take you across three streams. Past the streams, the trail heads through the woods to the meadows area, past Kids Lagoon, so named for a sheltered area of the lake that offers safe shallow water for kids to play, and on to the bridge. The trail sign is not obvious past the lagoon, but look for it nearer the parking lot than North Shore Road. If you miss it, North Shore Road will take you to the bridge. The bridge was only built two years ago, the final section that completed the trail all the way around the lake. Initially disliked by some for its modern configuration, the bridge has become a popular gathering spot. Be aware, however, that it is unlawful to jump off the bridge. Across the bridge, the trail heads up and parallels WA Barr Road to the dam. Crossing the dam is the only section of the trail that requires using a road. A stop on the bridge on the other side of WA Barr Road provides a great view down a steep river canyon, one of the beginning tributaries for the mighty Sacramento River. The trail offers sweeping vistas of the lake, fall colors in season, clear rushing streams, and narrow tree lined paths amid the woods, all overshadowed by 14,179-foot, snowcovered Mt. Shasta. More than a decade in the making, the Lake Siskiyou trail has become a Mount Shasta landmark that should not be missed. • Paul Boerger is an award-winning journalist living in Mount Shasta. He has also written two novels, The Ghosts in the Stones about the Anasazi and Convergence about climate shift. He enjoys skiing and kayaking. He is married with two children and is blessed with a grandchild.

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By claudia mosby


PHOTOs: eric leslie


SIRISH MILING S ham e l e ss o ’ l e e ry ’ s irish p u b Although St Patrick’s Day comes but once a year, its spirit lives on in St. Shameless Day, celebrated on the 17th of each of the remaining 11 months at Shameless O’Leery’s Irish Pub & Restaurant in Redding. “Once a year is just not enough for us,” says owner Kenny Breedlove. For him and business partner Chris Hastings, Irish is more than a heritage; it is a way of life. “It’s a fun and relaxed approach, a ‘let’s go out and have fun together’ attitude,” explains Breedlove. “Everyone can be Irish for the day.” After working in wine and spirits distribution, opening first the Market Street Steakhouse and later Billy Bombay’s and the Clover

Club (now Capone’s), Breedlove was ready for a new challenge (“I’m more into the restaurant-bars than the bar-bars and I wanted to consolidate,” he says). He and Hastings opened the pub in July 2011. Nick Conley, executive chef, creates the signature dishes, including bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie and Irish nachos, which use thin-cut, fried potatoes (instead of tortilla chips) covered with corned beef or bacon. “Our food is fun and we try to do a little spin on traditional things,” says Conley. “We put a lot of love into our food and I think it shows on the plate.” The pub’s mascot, Captain Shameless O’Leery, “is an old school 4 continued on page 26 MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 25

Irish is more than a heritage; it is a way of life. “It’s a fun and relaxed approach, a ‘let’s go out and have fun together’ attitude,” explains Breedlove. “Everyone can be Irish for the day.” sea captain who has traveled the globe, sailed every ocean and climbed every mountain,” says Breedlove. “He is a cross between Sean Connery and the most interesting man in the world (for those who do not think Connery fits the bill). There is nothing he has not done!” Whiskey barrels hung from the ceiling, a choice of 100 different whiskeys and even a club that bestows membership once a customer has tried each one, add to the pub’s unique charm. “Members get their name on a plaque in the bar,” says Breedlove. “And after the half-way point, we give them a Shameless O’ Leery’s sweatshirt and hat.” The pub is relaxed, a place where customers can enjoy a drink with friends. “We have built such a family and community atmosphere that I feel like our customers help us police,” he says. “We do not offer twofor-one drinks or deep discounts. Our main concern is making sure we are not over-serving on any given day.” This concern for patrons extends to the wider community. On Wednesdays the pub allows organizations and charities to do a “restaurant take-over.” “A group will create and distribute a flyer promoting its fundraiser 26 | Enjoy and anyone who february brings one2014 in will get 25% of their purchase donated to the cause,” says Breedlove. The restaurant also facilitates a raffle with donated items from local businesses, of which the organization-of-the-day takes 100 percent of the proceeds. Pets Without Partners, Shasta High School athletics and even an employee who lost the family home in a fire have been 26 | Enjoy MARCH 2014

beneficiaries. “I think a lot of people thought we were just a bar,” says Breedlove, “but we are in fact a full service family-oriented restaurant.” And what would a true Irish pub be without its soccer? Breedlove, who is head soccer coach at Shasta High, says both he and patrons look forward to this summer’s World Cup series, adding, “It only comes around every four years, so for us it’s on the scale of the Olympics.” While he entertains thoughts of eventually opening a second pub along the Northern California stretch running from Roseville to Southern Oregon, for now Breedlove is focused on more immediate concerns: The St. Paddy’s Day festivities. “It’s kind of taken on a life of its own the past couple of years,” he says. “We have been full by 10am.” You have been advised: Get there early. • Hours: Monday - Saturday: 11 am – 12:30 am; Sunday 9 am – 11 pm • (530) 246-4765 1701 California Street, Suite B

Claudia Mosby is fascinated by the power of words to influence, inspire and heal. She became a freelance feature writer so she could tell people’s stories. She lives in the North State and leads workshops, classes and retreats on writing and wellness. Visit her website at

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The first Ultimate Spelling Bee Challenge, put on by the Back to School Project and sponsored by California Walnut Company, will launch at 5 pm March 22 in Red Bluff High School’s gymnasium. The fast-paced, high-energy fundraising event is the brainchild of Kim Berry, who feels that every child should begin the school year with “pride, dignity and a sense of self-worth.” Thinking big, thinking creatively and thinking of all the children who will benefit from the generosity of their community, Berry has headed the Back to School Project of Tehama County for 10 years. The program provides more than 300 children with items necessary to begin the school year feeling good about themselves. It has grown since 2004, when 18 children in Red Bluff benefited, to a countywide program.4 continued on page 30

MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 29

When trying to find a fundraiser that would help support the project, Berry was inspired when she read about a community spelling bee for Kalamazoo Public Library in Michigan. Berry and her team borrowed the idea, and over the past two years, they have tweaked it to suit their specific mission. They now have planned a unique event that not only raises funds to help purchase clothes, shoes and backpacks for needy children, but promotes the joy of learning through a community spelling bee that pits local officials and business leaders against local students. Jennifer Scarborough, news anchor from KRCR Channel 7 News, has agreed to serve as Spell Master, delivering the rapid-fire spelling words for each contestant. Greg Stevens, publisher of the Red Bluff Daily News, will serve as Master of Ceremonies. Other officials will judge spelling accuracy and tally points earned by each team. Twelve teams — six adult and six student — will compete for bragging rights, recognition in the new Ultimate Spelling Bee Challenge Wall of Fame in the Tehama County Department of Education office and a variety of team prizes. The competition promises to be hard fought. Teams have been studying their word lists in preparation. Berry commented to Paul Nanfito, Red Bluff Chief of Police, when she enlisted him for the law enforcement team that she expected the students to study but didn’t think the adults would have the time. His response: “Oh, no; I want to win!” Adult teams include professionals from law enforcement, education, health care, elected office, nonprofits, education and civil service. Student teams represent Red Bluff High School, Sacred Heart Parish School, Mercy High School, Vista Middle School, Berrendos Middle School and Corning High School. California Walnut Company is the event underwriter for this inaugural year. Each team table has been sponsored by a local business and each letter of the alphabet has been sold to individual sponsors. The event includes a silent auction and raffle. Admission is $10 for adults and $3 for students. All monies raised will purchase $100 gift cards from Walmart for each child selected for the Back to School Project this year. In past years, applicants have exceeded funds available. This event will add needed dollars to what comes in from two other fundraisers in June and October. Berry says, “This is a feel-good project. For some students, these will be the only new items they will get all year long.” Her passion springs from past experience when as a young single mom, someone anonymously gave her $100 to buy school supplies for her four daughters. She now tirelessly pays it forward. • (530) 529-4074

Sandie Tillery writes about the North State from 35 years of personal experience exploring it from corner to corner with husband John, their three grown children and four grandsons. She loves interviewing the amazing people who live here and telling their stories.

30 | Enjoy MARCH 2014



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“…It’s not about public relations or branding, it’s about the heart of what we do.”

Life can turn on a dime, and when it does, is there to help those experiencing financial hardship get back on course. In just two years, the Redding-based fundraising website has shepherded more than $65 million for 30,000 fundraisers, 5,000 of them currently active. Shasta County resident Marcella Wagner, a pregnant young mother run off the road in a 2012 car accident that left her paralyzed, was a beneficiary of one of the website’s first campaigns. Wagner and her family netted upwards of $32,000 to help rebuild their lives and make their home wheelchair accessible. Help is not limited, however, to those next door. The site leverages global goodwill through the power of numbers. “We deal in five currencies and multiple countries,” says Michael Blasco, spokesperson for “The website has had hits from 231 countries across all continents, including Antarctica and Christmas Island (a remote Australian territory of 2,000 inhabitants in the Indian Ocean).” The site may not be the first web-based platform to use this style of fundraising, but it is the first that is free to its users, says Blasco, adding, “Most other fundraising sites charge between 5 and 8 percent in service fees. If someone raises $100,000 and gives $8,000 or $9,000 back to the site that helped them, that percentage makes a difference to someone who needs money.”4 continued on page 34

33 | Enjoy May 2013

MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 33

Supporters and donors come from around the world and are the reason for the site’s success. “Some are involved in particular fundraisers, some are not,” says Blasco. “We don’t have any public sponsors. It’s not about public relations or branding; it’s about the heart of what we do.” That heart beats within Luke Miner and his partners, Brock and Naomi Ketcher, who met while attending ministry school through a Redding-based church. The three used web-based fundraising for their mission trips. “We saw people trying to raise money for all kinds of things,” says Miner. “I knew people who were trying to raise money for adoptions and we saw there was really no good system to facilitate it and that’s why we built YouCaring.” The partners doubted the website would make sufficient money to support the time and effort needed to administer it, so they saved and worked other jobs. Last year, Miner went full time due to the site’s rapid growth. Traffic is at 3.5 million unique visitors a month, a number that Blasco says doubles each quarter. The site has quickly moved up 14,000 spots to a coveted position among the top 3,000 websites worldwide, as measured by Visitors can search either by fundraiser name or category and each profile provides essential details, including updates from the organizer on the beneficiary and campaign progress and a supporter tab where donors can make comments along with their donation. In Wagner’s case, many donors outside the Redding area learned of her plight through an article in Glamour magazine. “The website is designed to be warm and inviting but very user friendly,” says Blasco. “Anyone can log on and easily find their way around. It takes between three to five minutes to create a fundraiser.” Although YouCaring emphasizes fundraising for humans, its organizers noticed an increasing number of pet fundraisers popping up on the site. “We felt like we needed to create a dedicated place for the furry friends that need help without comprising YouCaring’s mission of helping people,” says Blasco. Begun in May 2013, has been averaging 50,000 visitors a month. Blasco sees as a fundraising game-changer. “It’s more personal. Donors know exactly where their money is going instead of writing a check for a big charity and not necessarily knowing the impact that donation makes,” he says. Luke Miner agrees, adding, “It’s incredible to think about people I never would have met or been able to help if not for the website. Through we have seen so many people blessed around the world.” •

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s t k a c g a e B

Wizardry t h e wi z ard o f o z g e t s t e ch n ica l at t h e cascad e t h e at r e

The Cascade Theatre’s production of “The Wizard of Oz” is such a huge undertaking that even the Wicked Witch of the West is excited. Like others in the 37-member cast, Kathryn Kirk is both thrilled and humbled to be a part of the troupe tasked with bringing the beloved American classic to the stage. Mostly, though, she’s eager to see how audiences will react to some razzle-dazzle that hasn’t been seen at the Cascade before. “I think people will be surprised that we can pull off so many special effects in a live show,” says Kirk, the Redding actress who will don the black robe and direct her flying monkeys to apprehend young Dorothy. The technical wizardry is just one of many reasons the cast and crew are excited. This production of “The Wizard of Oz” is linked to a pair of milestones: 2014 is the 75th anniversary of the epic film’s release and it’s the 10th anniversary of the opening of the restored Cascade Theatre. The very first event at the revamped downtown Redding icon? A screening of “The Wizard of Oz,” which was preceded by the on-stage performance of selected “Oz” scenes. Who sang the part of Dorothy? Jana Pulcini-Leard, who returns to the Cascade stage to reprise a role

Photo by Kara Stewart

she’s cherished all her life. “This has been a plan in the making for years,” Pulcini-Leard says. “We really wanted to focus on the sentimental connection, bring it full circle and do it again. Instead of showing the movie, we will do the show.” To allow her time to focus on the role of Dorothy, Pulcini-Leard has taken off the director’s hat she’s worn for the last three “Cascade Christmas” shows as well as the Cascade’s productions of “Hairspray,” “Sound of Music” and “Fiddler on the Roof.” For “Oz,” she is serving as producer and handing off the directing responsibilities to Jessica Wiechman. “We’ve really expanded our options for this,” Pulcini-Leard says. “We’re putting in more special effects than we’ve ever done. It’s really a collaborative effort, from the video presentations to the stage we’ve built. We didn’t want to chintz anything.” Even the casting of Toto was a Broadway-worthy effort. A dozen dogs auditioned initially and a second audition finally yielded the winner: Ebby, a good-natured rescue dog who belongs to Bob and Diane Madgic of Anderson. “Oh my gosh, she’s super sweet and very well trained,” Pulcini-Leard4 continued on page 38 MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 37

Dates and times: 7 pm March 28-29, April 3-5; 2 pm March 29-30, April 5-6; Tickets $10-$25; visit the Cascade Theatre box office, call (530) 243-8877 or visit Photo courtesy of Michael Burke Photography

says. As a certified Canine Good Citizen and a therapy dog, Ebby is no stranger to performing and pleasing others, Bob Madgic says. Dorothy and Toto began bonding in January and the early reviews were good. The key? “She’s very motivated by treats. As soon as Jana starts dishing out treats, Ebby comes running. That bond is being quickly established,” Bob Madgic says. The chance to direct “Oz” is a treat in itself, says Wiechman, who admits to feeling a bit stressed at the daunting challenges posed by staging a show based on a movie that is beloved by millions. Alleviating that stress is her trust in the theater folk she’s working with. “I have an amazing team and a lot of very talented actors. I’m working very closely with Jana as the producer, the vocal coaches and choreographers are amazing. I have a lot of help — I don’t feel like I’m doing this on my own. “It’s very exciting to get the opportunity to direct a show here. It’s such a milestone and a classic piece, and the theatre lends itself to a beautiful stage for the Emerald City. I really want to create something that’s entertaining for the public,” Wiechman says. Jefferson Thomas is doing his best to up the entertainment factor with a host of special effects wizardry, including a special treatment for the great and powerful Oz himself. The video projections and live-action

38 | Enjoy MARCH 2014

animation will be a first for the Cascade, says Thomas, whose background includes work on Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Claire Low and her crew are working hard to make sure the Emerald City residents are appropriately outfitted. The challenge, she says, comes from ensuring the appearance of popular characters like the Wicked Witch of the West come close to the image people recall from multiple viewings of the movie. There’s also the matter of characters, like the witch, who is required to fly, and trees that talk and move. “You have to plan for that with the costume,” says Low, who adds that she’s working closely with makeup designer Mat McDonald. “It’s challenging to project a character. You almost have to overdo it. Even the Munchkins — they’re small, but they need to be seen as big. We’re creating an illusion.” “We’re just pulling out all the stops at this point,” Low says. “It’s going to be a pretty fabulous show.” •

Jon Lewis is a Redding-based writer with 33 years of experience. A longtime San Francisco Giants fan, his interests include golf, fishing and sharing stories about people, places and things. He can be reached at



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PHOTOs: BRETT Faulknor

Something’s Brewing F O GL I NE B R E W C O .

“He liked it, told someone who told someone and it snowballed into a gigantic snowball. We were like, ok, obviously people want this stuff.” Not everything good for you has to taste bad. Christie and Luke Patterson are out to prove it and are finding a string of believers in their wake. Staunch evangelists for kombucha tea, the pair recently started producing and distributing kegs of the trending concoction under the name Fogline Brew Company, based in Tehama County. Kombucha tea is a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast. The resulting liquid contains vinegar, B vitamins and a number of other chemical compounds. “It’s a live culture drink,” explains Luke. “Scoby, the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, is a probiotic, the same as you’ll find in yogurt, sour cream and raw milk.” It is believed that where antibiotics indiscriminately kill bacteria, probiotics add good flora back into the intestinal tract, boosting the immune system. Holistic experts point to detoxification, joint care, digestion and gut health as likely benefits. The medical community isn’t convinced without scientific evidence. Despite one’s belief, it may not matter for Fogline Brew fans. Their base flavors—lemon-ginger, lemon-mint, mandarin-berry and blueberry-ginger—are tasty enough to drink for the sake of enjoyment alone. Eli Leedy, owner of Sky’s Pure Food restaurant in Redding, says, “Hands down, it was the best tasting kombucha we’ve ever tried—and we tried a lot.” He serves it alongside his fresh, organic menu. “It was kind of a no-brainer,” he says, after he and wife, Sky, discovered 4 continued on page 42

MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 41


it isn’t diluted with juices, but made with mostly local fresh fruits. He challenges anyone who has ever tasted a bottled, mass-produced and vinegar-tasting kombucha tea to try Fogline’s brew. “They come back,” he says. The Pattersons’ story began in Maui. “They pour glasses there by the tap,” says Luke. “We fell in love with it and started drinking it by the gallon. We started feeling the benefits. We got less sick, had fewer colds.” They began to produce it themselves, for themselves. “We wanted to come up with something that tasted good because Maui kombucha wasn’t that good, I’d say,” says Luke. When the pair moved to Tehama County, they discovered kombucha had not yet made a mark in the North State. No stranger to entrepreneurial adventures, the Pattersons knew they had a potential business when they offered a sample to a friend. “He liked it, told someone who told someone and it snowballed into a gigantic snowball. We were like, OK, obviously people want this stuff.” Christie’s experience in the fitness industry offered a perfect channel for early distribution. So while Luke researched flavors and manufacturing best practices, she





offered it to clients. Many had never heard of it but “once you tell them the good things it does for their body, they taste it and love it,” says Christie. Fogline Brew now distributes its teas on tap at Orchard Nutrition Center in Redding. Customers can bring in their own bottles and purchase the tea by the ounce. Sky’s Pure Food, Madayne Eatery & Espresso, J Nicolay and Barista’s Roasting Company, also in Redding, sell the teas by the glass. The couple continues to experiment with flavors based on seasonal fruits. During the holidays, they had pumpkin spice, sweet potato pie and apple-cider-cranberry flavors. “We’ve had some epic fails,” says Luke, “but we just keep trying stuff.” As far as their future, they see the sky as the limit. “We want it manageable because we’re it,” says Christie, but they have plans to expand their distribution to Mount Shasta and beyond. Their name, Fogline, which also happens to be Luke’s nickname, is undefined enough to allow for expansion into additional products as they listen to customers and determine new market niches. Is kombucha the new elixir for the fit or just a tasty tea? It could be either and it could be both. Either way, Fogline’s brew plans to be there. • Carrie Schmeck is a columnist and corporate communications writer who has called Redding home since 2001. When she isn’t writing, she is riding her road bicycle throughout the North State, hanging out with her boys or sipping coffee with good friends.

42 | Enjoy MARCH 2014


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Why No other teeth straightening option offers the level of comfort, convenience and confidence that you’ll find with Invisalign®. Dr. Carter has years of experience performing Invisalign® OUTSTANDING PALO CEDRO HOME orthodontics and is a preferred Invisalign® provider.

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Parvin S. Carter BS, DDS, FAGD, MAGD


Braces • Requires brackets and wires • Wires can poke and irritate mouth • Brushing and flossing require more effort • Many food restrictions CHURN CREEK MOBILE PARK 55+

Invisalign® • Clear aligners are virtually invisible • Smooth, comfortable plastic aligners • Aligners are removable for easy cleaning 364 BEAUTIFUL ACRES • Eat whatever you want Overlooking Lake Shasta

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Master of the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD) Licensed in the States of California, Indiana and Illinois Chosen “Best Dentist” by Peers in 2004 & 2005 Chosen “Top Dentist of America” 2010, 2011 & 2012 Published in The Saturday Evening Post, Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis Monthly Magazine, and Indiana University School of Business • Member of: Academy of General Dentistry The international Congress of OralCOUNTRY Implantology RIVER HEIGHTS HEIGHTS ESTATES 2/2, 2291+- sq.American ft., nice townDental home Society 4/2, 2196+- sq. ft., greenbelt lot, views California Dental Society Updated, great Northwestern central location #3985 Over-sized garage, split plan, custom amenities #5192 Society Contact Holly 945-4881 $449,900 Contact AlynaCalifornia 945-6977Dental $309,000 Illinois Dental Society Indiana Dental Society • Preferred Member of Invisalign Orthodontics





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By jim dyer


PHOTOs: Brett faulknor

GEAR UP YATE S GE A R i n c . i n r e ddi n g

Those hoping for success in the independent business world would do well to listen to Redding’s John Yates. Yates has been expanding and evolving his successful venture in the North State for more than 30 years. Yates Gear Inc. started as a manufacturer of rock climbing and mountaineering equipment, but today produces an array of products for everything from fire rescue to industrial rigging to tactical military usage. “We listen to the comments from the end user as far as what works and what doesn’t,” says Yates. “Equipment evolves. It isn’t just created. We listen to users and take it to heart. Because it’s a small community, they’re willing to come to you and say ‘this is great,’ or ‘I’m having an issue with this.’” Over the past decade, sales have increased by 10 to 20 percent each year for Yates Gear. In its production warehouse off Hartnell Avenue in east Redding, the company employs about 60 workers who construct all manner of harnesses, rigging systems, belts, bags and much more. In addition to its many designs, the company has developed a number of proprietary materials, including straps, hardware, adjusters, clamps, webbing and foam laminates. The market for Yates’ products includes fire departments, law enforcement agencies, search and rescue teams, power companies, military suppliers and climbing supply distributors. It’s common to see Yates gear on ropes and zip lining courses as well as climbing gyms.4 continued on page 48

MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 47

“We’re pretty diversified, so if one area goes down it doesn’t affect us too badly,” Yates says. The longevity and experience in the rock climbing industry has translated well to people who work from ropes, including those who repair and inspect wind turbines, dams, bridges, buildings and more. “We know how to make something comfortable and something you can climb in,” Yates says. “We’re dealing with a niche market where everybody knows everybody. It’s a small company and it’s grown pretty much by word of mouth. We go to about half a dozen trade shows a year.” The company started in 1982 when John and his brother James fused their love of big wall rock climbing with a knack for making equipment. A black and white photo in the front of the warehouse shows the two brothers smiling and standing atop Mt. Shasta after a wintertime ascent of the mountain. During college, John Yates worked as a seasonal ranger in Yosemite doing high-angle rescue and law enforcement. Over the years, he has pursued other dynamic outdoor sports such as paragliding and kayaking. His wife Karen is a co-owner and office manager in the business. James Yates stayed with the business for 10 years before going into chiropractic care. He now resides in New Zealand. Vice president and co-owner Blaine Stidham is the company’s production manager. Stidham began working for Yates out of high school to support his passion for rock climbing and mountaineering. He worked off and on for Yates for years until becoming a partner in the company about 10 years ago. “When I started, there were two or three employees,” Stidham says. “I was working for my ropes and my climbing equipment.” Because the company makes products that people literally depend on with their lives, Yates has become certified to the rigorous standards of the ISO Quality Management System. Much of the company’s equipment is also tested by a third-party agency, Underwriters Laboratory. Yates also tests its designs in-house with machines and drop towers that reveal the true limits of what the equipment can withstand. “We use the best material that money can buy. We don’t skimp on materials,” Stidham says. “If we see something that’s better than what we’re using, we’re going to switch to it. We’re always trying to make something stronger and lighter.” •

Jim Dyar is a freelance writer, musician and a former arts and entertainment editor at the Record Searchlight.

48 | Enjoy MARCH 2014


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cation for on’s new lo s m ng: a d A t a tion featuri Join us ra b le e c g in pen cial our Grand o s, prize drawings, spe n o ti g a in tr s d demon as: Red guests such Bar, Fleet offers and Roots Juice y, p ra e h T s s slow-mo Sport A Schmidt’ T , s rt o p S t Fee enT booth, and many more! LLM



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cH 1 MAR



NorCal’s Best Photo Booth Experience!

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Humanity Humanity is is the perfect the perfect remedy. remedy. Introducing “Mini Bleph” and “Mini Laser” Each for a Mini Price of $799

2770 EUREKA WAY, Suite 300, REDDING •

530.229.7700 • www • REDDING • EUREKA • ASHLAND

Humanity is the perfect remedy.

When we care for one another, When we wecare helpforeach oneother another, heal. we help each other heal.

When we care for one another, we help each other heal.



Share your humankindness at Share your humankindness at #humankindness #humankindness




By phil reser


photos courtesy of Laurie lewis

b l u e g rass ar t is t l auri e l e wis In March of 1994, Laurie Lewis was driving on an Arizona highway, toward the end of a music tour. Tired from the trip, she lost control, sending the vehicle off the highway, flipping over several times before landing on the embankment. Her bluegrass partner, mandolin player and vocalist, Tom Rozum, fractured his shoulder blade and one wrist, dislocated his hip, and nearly severed ligaments in his legs. Lewis fractured her skull and two vertebrae. She was able to perform within a month, but couldn’t stand up to play the fiddle. She sat in a chair onstage and played the guitar during her rehabilitation. Rozum played his first gig three months after the accident, but could not walk normally until after a second surgery, two years later. That highway misfortune, Lewis says, “changed our music by us creating material that related to that dramatic moment,” referring to

her song “Kiss Me Before I Die” and Rozum’s adaptation of Irving Berlin’s “Without My Walking Stick”. “But even more, now, I really know that every time I sing a song, there’s no telling if it’s going to be the last time. So my focus and concentration is somehow purer in my head.” Born in Berkeley, Lewis became intrigued by bluegrass in the early ‘70s, when the music was still largely dominated by men. Her skills as musician, songwriter and performer helped open the door for a generation of women. She began playing piano as a child before switching to classical violin. It was only after attending the Berkeley Folk Festival as a teen that Lewis turned her attention to traditional American music. “The music that really spoke to me was the rural, more backwoods music,” says Lewis. “I heard Doc Watson and I just loved his thing. Jean Ritchie, I couldn’t get over her songs, the power of them. I was just drawn to do traditional music.”4 continued on page 52 MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 51

During the past two decades, Lewis has established herself as one of the best artists in bluegrass and American roots music. Along with being one of the finest bluegrass fiddlers out there, she’s also an accomplished singer, songwriter, guitarist and bass player, as well as a bandleader and record producer. As a teen in the ‘60s, she attended many of the Berkeley folk festivals, getting to see some of the era’s best folk and bluegrass musicians, including Doc Watson, Jean Ritchie, Mississippi John Hurt and the Greenbriar Boys. She also entered fiddle contests, twice winning the California State Women’s Fiddle Championship. “I’m a Berkeley hippie who fell in love with bluegrass music, particularly Bill Monroe and the Stanley Brothers,” she said. “In my own songwriting, I get really involved in the natural world, the nonhuman world. So that was something that I really responded to when I first heard bluegrass music. And it was so much fun to play it with other people. To hear those particular instruments together is something that I’ve always loved.” And so she attached herself to the bluegrass scene. “With my classical technique, I was able to jump in with other musicians pretty quickly, along with the fact that I had a good ear for music and was familiar with chord changes.” Lewis became a member of several traditional music bands including two of the Bay Area’s best, the Phantoms of the Opry and the Arkansas Sheiks. She met other Bay Area women with traditional influences and formed the bluegrass group The Good Ol’ Persons. She also helped put together Blue Rose, a bluegrass combo that broke the traditional, male mode of bluegrass bands with its all-female lineup. “It’s a very slow process integrating women into a man’s world and changing that world consequently. I look back and I’m glad that I could play a small part in helping women be accepted in major musical roles in bluegrass. I certainly wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today without women performers like Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard having paved the way for me.” Lewis’ recording career began in the ‘80s with a group called the Grant Street String Band, and she recorded solo projects for Flying Fish Records. About her songwriting, she says, “Sometimes a song just falls out of thin air and you’ve got to catch it and write it down. And other times, a song is a real laborious effort; you have to work and think about it and live in that song. It’s like planting a garden. You have to keep weeding and digging until something comes up.” • Laurie Lewis & the Right Hands, Tom Rozum, Chad Manning, Patrick Sauber, Sharon Gilchrist Oaksong Society Concert Series @ Pilgrim Congregational Church, Redding Pre-concert tickets available at The Music Connection (530) 223-2040

Phil Reser has written stories on major American rock and music acts for newspapers, magazines and radio stations since receiving his journalism degree from San Francisco State University. His media contributions include the New York Times, San Francisco Examiner, Chico EnterpriseRecord, KCHO & KFPR Public Radio, Blues Revue, and Rolling Stone magazines. 52 | Enjoy MARCH 2014

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By melissa mendonca


PHOTOs: studio 530 photography

ho p e e qu e s t ria n r e l ay or g a n i z at io n ’ s rid e f or l i f e The horse trailers that arrive at the Tehama District Fairgrounds on April 5 for the HERO Ride for Life are sure to raise a little dust. You won’t hear anyone complain, however. The horses and their riders, who will arrive from throughout the North State, will be there to raise something bigger: funds to cure cancer. Now in its sixth year, the Hope Equestrian Relay Organization’s event is notable not only for the money it has raised for the American Cancer Society ‒ around $150,000 in five years ‒ but the remarkable way in which it came about. At its inception, Jessica Macdonald, now 18, was a young teenager looking for a community service project to earn her Emerald Star award in 4-H. An aunt mentioned a student she taught in Eureka who had started Ride for Life there and the idea resonated with the young horse enthusiast. “I had an aunt who was battling cancer at the time, and knew other people who were dealing with it, too,” she says. “I had ridden horses all my life so it seemed like a good idea.”

The good idea was also a really big one. She decided to ask her friend Bailey Brownfield to join forces with her. The two had met through horse shows and were active in the Antelope 4-H Club in Red Bluff. “I was losing my great-grandmother to cancer at the time,” says Brownfield, who quickly signed on with Macdonald. Together the two would not only earn their Emerald Stars, but develop a signature event for cancer fundraising that tapped into a new demographic: equestrians. They would also honor family members who ended up losing their battles with cancer before the first event was held. “I kept in mind how she would have done the same, and how much she would have liked it,” Brownfield says of the memory she held of her great-grandmother while she continued to organize Ride for Life in the face of loss. Ride for Life is much like the well-known Relay for Life, with two big differences. It operates from 9 am until 4 pm, rather than for 24 hours. And all participants are on horseback.4 continued on page 56 MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 55

As an equestrian event, it is fairly unique in that it gathers riders from all realms of horsemanship. People who ride for pleasure walk the track with those who compete at high levels in all types of horse shows and rodeos. It’s a popular event for 4-H members, but brings out adults as well. In that first year, the girls thought they might bring in $5,000 from about 50 riders. They ended up with about 200 riders and raised around $23,000. “It was astonishing, that’s for sure,” says Macdonald. “We thought, ‘How can we not do this again?’ It obviously means a lot to people.” In their second year, the girls enlisted the help of Taylor Collins, now 17 and a senior at Red Bluff High School. The event continues even though both Macdonald and Brownfield have graduated and completed their time in 4-H. Brownfield remains in Red Bluff and attends Shasta College, where she is majoring in agriculture business with a plan to transfer to Chico State. Macdonald attends University of Nevada, Reno, where she is a nursing student. She wrote her sponsorship letters for the event when she was home for the winter break. While the event continues to grow by incorporating new entertainment and activities, the most meaningful element remains the Survivors Lap that occurs just before lunch. “We have a horse-

56 | Enjoy MARCH FEBRUARY 2014 2014

drawn wagon for survivors who don’t ride horses or who can’t ride horses,” says Macdonald. A riderless horse is walked in memory of those who have not survived. Many riders honor family and friends in some way as they ride. Often horses are draped with a sash that bears the image of someone fighting cancer or lost to the disease. Some teams of riders develop a theme. One of the most memorable was when each team member outfitted herself and her horse in a color representing a different type of cancer. For Collins, the 2014 event will be particularly meaningful. Her great-grandmother is currently fighting her third bout with cancer and, just two days before Christmas, her grandfather was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. It’s difficult, she admits. “It’s why we ride.” • April 5, Tehama District Fairgrounds, Red Bluff

Melissa Mendonca is passionate about adding stamps to her passport and just as enthusiastic about her hometown of Red Bluff. A graduate of San Francisco State and Tulane universities, she believes in mentoring and service to create communities everyone can enjoy. Her favorite words are rebar, wanderlust and change.






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Medical Director: Jory N. Kaplan, M.D., F.A.C.S. Nursing Director & Cosmetic Injection Trainer: Julie Bass Kaplan, BSN, HCMT, PHN, RN 2415 Sonoma Street, Redding CA 96001 JANUARY 2014 ENJOY | 57

Experience matters...

Invisalign Orthodontics Can Give You The Smile You’ve Always Dreamed Of!

A beautiful smile speaks for itself! Meet Dr. Parvin Carter


Why No other teeth straightening option offers the level of comfort, convenience and confidence that you’ll find with Invisalign®. Dr. Carter has years of experience performing Invisalign® orthodontics and is a preferred Invisalign® provider.

$250 Off Your New Invisalign Braces Before


Braces • Requires brackets and wires • Wires can poke and irritate mouth • Brushing and flossing require more effort • Many food restrictions

Invisalign® • Clear aligners are virtually invisible • Smooth, comfortable plastic aligners • Aligners are removable for easy cleaning • Eat whatever you want

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Parvin S. Carter BS, DDS, FAGD, MAGD • • • • •

Master of the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD) Licensed in the States of California, Indiana and Illinois Chosen “Best Dentist” by Peers in 2004 & 2005 Chosen “Top Dentist of America” 2010, 2011 & 2012 Published in The Saturday Evening Post, Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis Monthly Magazine, and Indiana University School of Business • Member of: Academy of General Dentistry The international Congress of Oral Implantology American Dental Society Northwestern California Dental Society California Dental Society Illinois Dental Society Indiana Dental Society • Preferred Member of Invisalign Orthodontics



By amber galusha


PHOTOs: kara stewart

J a n a par k e r , b a l a n c e yo g a c e n t e r “Good morning, everyone,” says Jana Parker, owner of Balance Yoga Center, as she sits cross-legged, hands on her knees, facing a class of some 30 students. “Let’s close our eyes and come into a comfortable seat.” Outside the day is brisk and bright, but inside Parker’s yoga center, the space is warm and inviting. The dimly lit studio is quiet except for the soothing sounds of ambient music and steady, even breathing. “Let’s cultivate an awareness of breath,” says Parker. “Think about what you want from your practice today, then take a moment to set your intention.” This welcoming environment coupled with Parker’s enthusiasm for yoga and her natural ability to make every student feel comfortable is what attracts beginners and experienced yogis alike.

Parker’s love of yoga began after graduating from Shasta High in 1994, when she enrolled as a dance major at University of California, Los Angeles. She was required to take yoga classes as part of the degree requirements, so for four years Parker practiced with Shiva Rea, an internationally known yoga teacher. “Shiva Rea lit the spark,” says Parker. With a bachelor’s degree in dance from UCLA, Parker moved to New York to train and perform. Though her work was fulfilling, she knew there was something more. “My heart just kept bringing me back to yoga,” says Parker. Eventually she moved home to Redding and enrolled in advanced teacher trainings and workshops. “Being a body mover my whole life, yoga spoke to me, and teaching was something that was always in me,” says Parker. “When I started doing teacher training, it just clicked.”4 continued on page 60 MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 59

For two years, Parker taught yoga classes at a local dance studio. When her classes had grown to a size that she believed could support her own space, she opened Balance Yoga Center on Athens Avenue. Since 2009, Parker’s mission has been to provide a loving, warm and supporting environment where students feel inspired to experience the joy and transformative health benefits of yoga. “The most important thing to me is that everyone who walks into my studio feels welcome, like they belong here,” says Parker. Committed to making yoga accessible to all experience levels, Parker offers a wide variety of classes: Yoga Essentials, Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Strong Core Flow, Kundalini Yoga and Energetic Yoga Flow as well as specialty classes including Prenatal Yoga, Baby and Me and Power Pilates. Walking through her Balanced Yoga class, Parker says, “Each practice is unique, so do what you can.”She gently touches a student’s shoulders, making a subtle refinement to her pose, and adds, “Yoga is about honoring our bodies.” This attentive approach is a common thread among all teachers at Balance Yoga Center. Parker and her instructors are dedicated to providing an eclectic experience by infusing their unique backgrounds – Iyengar, Anusara or Vinyasa Flow – into their respective classes, which are based on Hatha yoga principles. Hatha is a gentle yoga style that builds strength and balance, creates longer muscles and improves flexibility and mobility in the joints. It also benefits the digestive, circulatory and pulmonary systems. “Yes, yoga is a physical exercise, and what we do on the mat keeps our bodies healthy, but it does so much more,” says Parker. “Yoga allows you to quiet your mind and find that deeper connection or spirituality within yourself, whatever that means for you.” Though she opened her studio with only a few teachers and classes, every year Parker’s business has grown. Today she offers more classes and more teachers who are committed to making their students’ yoga experience fresh, exciting and engaging. To further enrich the yoga community, Parker invites respected yoga instructors from out of the area to teach special workshops, which give students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the practice. In addition to quality yoga instruction, Parker offers a retail boutique where yogis can find mats, props, clothing and other yoga essentials they may not find anywhere else in town. Looking ahead, Parker sees growth, which means new teachers and classes as well as additional styles of yoga that she hopes will continue to create healthy change throughout the community. “Yoga is an amazingly transformative practice,” says Parker. “Taking yoga off the mat and into the world and into our relationships with others is one of the many beautiful benefits of yoga.” As class comes to an end, students sit facing their teacher with their eyes closed. “Bringing palms together and hands to heart, let’s return to the intention we set at the beginning of our practice,” says Parker. She bows her head and adds, “With much gratitude, Namaste.” In turn her students respond with a collective, “Namaste.”• 169 Locust Street, Redding • (530) 262-6298

Amber Galusha is a freelance writer who is inspired by nature’s wonders and the amazingly creative people in her life. She lives in Redding with her husband, son and the many creatures that inhabit her garden. When she’s not reading or writing, chances are she’s out snapping photos of flowers.

60 | Enjoy MARCH 2014



Join us for a series of vegetable gardening classes,“from the ground up”. Learn how easy it is to have a successful garden and grow your own food! Class One: The Basics Sat., March 1st at 10am & 1pm Class Two: Planting Sat., March 8th at 10am & 1pm Class Three: Watering, Fertilizing, Composting & Pests Sat., March 15th at 10am & 1pm Note: See our Website for more classes Our classes are always free, please call or email to reserve your seat.

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By L. Frank Baum Music & Lyrics of the original MGM motion picture score by Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg Background music by Herbert Stothart Book adaptation by John Kane from the motion picture screenplay

Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC, Members SIPC, non-bank affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company. ©2009-2014 Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. All rights reserved. 1113-03428 [74029-v4]A1015





BY kerri regan

What is your annual check up not telling you? At Shasta Regional Medical Center, we offer comprehensive screening programs to identify those at risk for heart disease, diabetes and vascular disease - before the disease becomes a serious condition. Our Health & Wellness Center offers heart and vascular screenings, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, as well as education and risk assessment.

Vascular Wellness Screening $45

Today, we can look inside your arteries for dangerous plaque buildup that can cause cardiovascular disease and a stroke before they strike. To schedule your onehour consultation and vascular wellness screening, call 229-2926.


wellness &CENTER 62 | Enjoy JANUARY 2014

Heart Wellness Screening $45 Heart disease is America’s #1 killer of both women and men. Get your heart wellness screening, so you can take steps to lower your potential risks of heart disease. To schedule your one -hour comprehensive heart risk assessment, call 244-5105

Nutritional Wellness Coaching $80 Take a proactive approach and make small changes towards a healthier diet and reduce your risk of diabetes, obesity as well as heart and vascular disease. Nutrition coaching will help you set achievable goals and create a wellness vision. To schedule your one hour wellness coaching consultation, call 247-1757.

1100 Butte St. | Redding, CA | (530) 244-5400 February 2014 ENJOY | 62

good finds


By melissa mendonca


PHOTOs: michelle hickok

PAPER PRINTS PRINTSESS W I L D I N K P R E S S in chico It’s a particular joy to get the mail on days when, amongst the bills and junk and catalogs, a card emerges. Bonus if you’re arriving home from a long day of work to find it. Double bonus if it’s hand addressed with a beautiful stamp. Triple bonus if the card that emerges from the envelope was created on a 100- yearold letterpress and designed by Rebekah Tennis of Wild Ink Press in Chico.4 continued on page 64 MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 63

Rebekah and husband Matt, a rice farmer, have embarked on a journey to bring back the form and beauty of letterpress stationery in their backyard studio. Rebekah is the design guru who comes up with the images and sayings. Matt has taught himself to operate five distinct letterpress machines, the first of which did jobs by treadle until he converted it to motor. From Rebekah’s initial design to the moment Matt pulls paper from the press and the end product is packaged for sale, every step of production occurs in the Tennis home and studio. On any given day, Rebekah could be inside her home office hand-drawing new designs or refining them on her Mac while Matt is out in the studio blasting Beethoven’s Ninth and expertly guiding paper through the presses to assure her visions come alive in true color, impression and quality. On the best days they are together in the studio while their three young boys cavort outside, kept eye on through an open door. “There’s a fine line between really fine craftsmanship and fine art,” says Matt. “We stand as close to that line as possible.” Their place on that line has been noticed, with Wild Ink Press products being picked up by Paper Source and Papyrus, two national outlets that take in orders of 8,000 or more, all of which run through the old letterpress machines one page at a time. Their products are found in 120 boutique stores and are sold online direct through their website and Etsy stores. Always clever, often cheeky, Rebekah’s designs cover a wide range of styles. “I feel like I’m always going to do art to be appropriate to the piece,” she says. In the Three Things Series, which won Best New Product: Paper Style at the 2012 National Stationery Show, she showcases multiples such as “Cheese. Whiskey. You. Things that Age Well.” The Backhanded Condiments line brings similar chuckles, with expressions such as “You’re the Tater Tots to My Hot Dish.” Her 2011 Louie Award winning design, “You’re one Hot Mama,” was Mother’s Day card of the year and combined the edgy sentiment with the design of a very traditional cross stitch sampler. Yet also in the Wild Ink Press repertoire is a sublime series called My Sons, which pays tribute to the countries of origin of Matt and Rebekah’s three children, Cameron, Lance and Kip, born in Pakistan and Korea. The couple traveled to both countries in the adoption

64 | Enjoy MARCH 2014

process and Rebekah took photographs of the ornate walls, tiles, lattice work and pottery she came across. Details from these have been converted into designs on everyday note cards that the couple sell to support orphan care in both countries. Rebekah keeps a blog on the Wild Ink Press website which chronicles not only how she and Matt have built their business, but also how they’ve created their family and renovated their home. “I really appreciate the concept of the Renaissance person,” she says. “I don’t feel I’m fully expressed in just letterpress or paper and cards. I like to enjoy life and share it with people.” A blog entry on her home renovations once caught the attention of the producers of the Nate Berkus show and she was flown to Los Angeles to participate on a show segment. There was nothing, however, like the blog entry she did of a Halloween costume for Cameron in which he was a toy soldier. That one entry drew between 20,000 and 30,000 visitors a day for a while, jarring the couple in the recognition of the impact one story could have on the internet. Established in 2009, Wild Ink Press is coming into its own at a rate consistent with the couple’s goals as parents. Having made it through the exhaustive learning curve of teaching themselves to operate and maintain the letterpress machines while developing a client base and completing their adoptions, they are happy to continue focusing on what can be done at home for the business while they keep the preschool aged boys close. While they continue to challenge themselves with new designs and letterpress techniques, they’ve also let go of a particular card that Matt dubbed “The Marriage Destroyer.” Designed with multiple colors and detailed impressions, “It took every ounce of our ability,” he says. “We did a lot better this year balancing things,” Rebekah says with a smile. That, it seems, is what will leave the most lasting impression. •

Melissa Mendonca is passionate about adding stamps to her passport and just as enthusiastic about her hometown of Red Bluff. A graduate of San Francisco State and Tulane universities, she believes in mentoring and service to create communities everyone can enjoy. Her favorite words are rebar, wanderlust and change.

“It’s Just Like Being Home.”


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“Many Leadership alumni may say building relationships with a diversity of other community leaders was part of the Leadership Redding experience. It was because of the relationships that I had already built, I was blessed to be sponsored into Leadership Redding. Another experience would be the support, information and education from local agencies, businesses and institutions. In April 2000, I started a new job with Public Health and before I started I was already selected for the class of 2001. My experience was also the support I received from Public Health to be able to attend the monthly classes which began in May of 2000.” ~Eddie McAllister - Class of 2001

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good finds


By Gary vandewalker


PHOTOs: taryn burkleo

YA K S I N D U N S M U I R Every day, thousands of cars hurry by Exit 730 in Dunsmuir. To the west, a red building supports glowing letters reading YAKS. Inside, a glass display case is stacked with trays of sticky buns. Painted artwork covers the walls turning up onto the ceiling. The crooning voice of a lounge singer mixes with conversations taking place over steaming cups of espresso. Born and raised in Mount Shasta, Mike Kerns’ life moved in many directions. He left for Reno and a job as a house painter. Three months later, he found faith and rebooted his life. His journey led him back to Northern California, where he became a pastor and the odd road to becoming a restaurateur began. “There were 125 people in my church and they all loved coffee,” Kerns says. “We decided to do a fund raiser, delivering specialty coffees.” The first day brought in $36. In six weeks, the church moved 700 cups of coffee a day. A call from the health department informed the church they were a business and needed the proper permits. “The coffee thing blew our minds,” Kern says. Kerns opened his first shop in Redding. In all, six stores emerged. Business remained brisk, but Kerns looked for yet another change. “Our daughters were grown and gone,” Kern says. “I looked north to Siskiyou County.” The seventh location opened in Mount Shasta, with 80 percent of all the product, down to the ketchup, being produced by Kerns. The logistics of transportation and time allocation between Redding and Mount Shasta led to another decision. One by one, the Redding locations were closed and consolidated to the north.4 continued on page 68 MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 67

Space became the new concern. In October 2012, Kerns looked in Dunsmuir. He found a building with a basement as large as the main floor. He opened Yaks there on July 5, 2013. Inside, the warm glow of light comes from fixtures made of inverted water goblets. The tables and chairs are unique each hand picked. The waitress delivers a sample of sticky bun, while customers listen for the bell announcing their order. Across the hardwood floor come plates of spicy chicken nachos. Another customer receives the most popular entree, the Bacon Overload. The sandwich is a steak hamburger, consisting of a blend of three cuts of flame-broiled Prather beef. It comes on a fresh baked roll, crisped with butter. The burger is hidden under a mound of bacon crumbles and garlic-bacon coated onion straws. Breakfast includes bread baked fresh for French toast, covered with Bailey’s and Bourbon syrup. Coffee beans are roasted on site. “I want us to be the living room for the community,” Kerns says. “In Italy, there is an espresso shop on every corner. There coffee is the glue of the community and how people connect.” Yaks roasts both conventional and organic fair trade beans using product from Indonesia, South America, and Africa, in creating an espresso blend. The Cuban Shot has raw sugar placed on top as it is pulled, sweetening the coffee as it melts into the cup. Kerns says, “When a barista knows how to pull a shot of espresso, its magic.”

68 | Enjoy MARCH 2014

Kern is French chef trained. “Dunsmuir is the epicurean center of Siskiyou County,” Kern says. With the Brewery, the Dogwood Diner, Cafe Maddalena and Senthong’s, each chef has amazing cooking experiences which are transformative to this community.” Soon Yaks will be serving a wide selection of microbrews. The retail section is being expanded to carry the sauces, dressings and drinks so customers may enjoy them at home. People flow in and out, with boxes of sticky buns going home with most, extending their culinary discovery to later in the day. A man stops and introduces himself to Kerns, telling of his job at Google and his frequent trips up and down the West Coast. “From San Diego to Seattle, this is the best burger I’ve ever tasted in my entire life,” the young man says. “Your burgers taste like Chef Gordon Ramsey wishes his did.” Kern smiles, thanking the man. He turns and look down the length of the restaurant and says, “We would never charge you money if we weren’t willing to buy it ourselves.” • Gary VanDeWalker grew up in Mt. Shasta, 12 years ago returning from the San Diego area with his wife Monica. Together they raise their three boys and manage the Narnia Study Center. A Ph.D. in philosophy, Gary is also an adjunct professor for Simpson University.

4222 Shasta Dam Blvd., Shasta Lake, CA phone: 530.275.2700 • fax: 530.275.2800

’s L u ke

Y Yreka Drug Thank you for letting us serve you Siskiyou County

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[by the]

letter W R I T E R S ’ P R O F ILEs : J . B . H awk e r a n d G a ry M u i r

After her husband’s murder,

Leveline ‘Bunny’ Elder is thrust into the middle of a whodunit, first as sleuth and later as suspect. Newly widowed, Bunny is pulled onto a path leading both to a serial killer and her long-lost first love. Readers first meet the faithful (and it turns out, adventurous) heroine in “Hollow,” the first of a four-book series of Bunny Elder Mysteries by J.B. Hawker. Books two and three follow Bunny to Italy, where she gets mixed up with the Italian mob, and back again to Oregon, where she is pursued by sex traffickers who want possession of a chest she found washed up on the beach after a storm. Hawker is completing book four (featuring a honeymoon among Somali Pirates), which will be released in May. “She’s not Miss Marple,” Hawker says. “Definitely not someone who’s interested in finding out who did it, and yet she keeps stumbling into these mishaps.” Although Elder and Hawker are not one and the same, the two do share some similarities. A former pastor’s wife, Hawker returned to Tehama County after divorcing and says about starting over in her 50s, “It was a real leap of faith. I had nothing. Bunny is also on her own for the first time in her life and finding her way after her pastor husband’s death.” And what about character? “There is a lot of my personality and my convictions in Bunny,” says Hawker. “To a certain extent, her life parallels mine, but there are differences. For example, I have children and she does not.” As an independent author, Hawker publishes her books digitally using Create Space through Amazon, allowing readers to order either as Kindle or a print-on-demand paper copy. “With the first book it was like, ‘Oh, gee, it would be nice if I published this someday,’” says Hawker. “It wasn’t something I trusted. I sent the

70 | Enjoy MARCH 2014

manuscript out and received it back with a ‘No, thanks. Not quite what we’re looking for.’” Ultimately, she decided self-publishing was the best option for her. It has worked well; Hawker receives 70 percent of her Kindle sales and a lesser percentage for print copies. She also receives royalty checks from Amazon for international sales, which last month came from Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom and Italy. “I think it’s a great thing for all frustrated authors to get their books out there in print,” she says. “There’s not such a snob factor anymore as to whether or not you have a ‘real’ publisher or you self-publish. Whether or not you go through a publishing house, you’ll still have to do your own marketing.” What’s next for Hawker after the final book in the Bunny Elder series? “I really don’t know,” she says. “It depends on the response of the readers. If they want more Bunny and Max, I’ll try and find a way to make that interesting.” After a pause she adds, “Otherwise, maybe a story about life in the parsonage. Or maybe Bunny’s young niece who is married to a university professor, a encryption specialist, with government contracts. Or maybe…” • Claudia Mosby is fascinated by the power of words to influence, inspire and heal. She became a freelance feature writer so she could tell people’s stories. She lives in the North State and leads workshops, classes and retreats on writing and wellness. Visit her website at

One evening

while watching a moth flutter around in the light, Gary Muir started experimenting with rhyme: “Go to the light like the moth, be not lazy like the sloth. Be ye strong like the ox, don’t be cunning like the fox.” The children’s author and poet counts Richard Scarry and Dr. Seuss among his primary role models. Although he has been writing for more than 20 years, it was his moth observation that particular evening that inspired the first in a series of nine animal-themed picture poetry books. Many of Muir’s animal characterizations come from his observations of wildlife, and each book offers a moral or ethical lesson from the everyday natural world. His first book, “Learn From Others: Family Friendly Fun Facts,” he says is enjoyed equally by children and adults. Each page features a different carnivore, herbivore or omnivore with accompanying poetry and fun fact as well as the animal’s lifespan, diet, height, weight and, where applicable, paw print. After writing daily for two months, Muir began searching for an illustrator but came up empty and finally decided to render the drawings himself. “I went through six boxes of colored pencils to create the illustrations,” he says. “I started with two drawings a day and worked my way up to 13.” Preferring to complete the writing of the whole series before publishing, Muir says it has taken him a little more than 12 years to write and illustrate all nine books. His second book, “Aware of Others: Paws, Claws & Jaws,” which follows the structure of the first book, features additional animals. Both volumes include a CD with the poetry read in Muir’s voice. “It’s easy to pop in the CD and follow along with the book, but readers get to hear the sounds made by each animal as well,” he says. Each book also has seven oversized illustrations in the back. Muir’s most recent book, “Mr. Blue Jay Saves The Day,” will be published later this year. All books can be found at Amazon. com, the Shasta and Tehama public libraries and Enjoy The Store. •

MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 71

Can do.

“THE FIRST STEP TOWARD A HEALTHY & BEAUTIFUL SMILE.” Ad space Eric Woodstrom, President North Valley Region 530.223.6652

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Russell C. Holpuch, DDS, MSD Board Certified AdPeriodontist space Dental Implants & Periodontics

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Handhewn Hickory Laminate Flooring by Mannington

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enjoy the view


Dr. Chris Nelson

74 | Enjoy MARCH 2014

weathered wood steps - Patrick’s Point State Park Dr. Chris Nelson enjoys capturing landscapes, photographing local events, and creating portraits in his home town of Redding. His work is featured at Chris is the Dental Director at Hill Country Health and Wellness Center:; and also works with his father Dr. Mike Nelson at

MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 75






Kale has become a staple in our kitchen and in our garden. The benefits were the reason we started eating kale, but it is the wonderful flavor that keeps me cooking with this green. Unfortunately, our dog has discovered it in our garden along with all the other greens we had growing, so it is back to the farmer’s market. Don’t let the list of ingredients throw you off this recipe, as you probably have most everything else in your pantry and fridge. If not, these too are readily available at any market. 76 | Enjoy MARCH 2014

This salad is made with simple and rustic ingredients, so use the best quality you can afford. The grain, farro, is chewy and very hearty and one of my favorites. Added to the kale, plump fruit, salty cheese, and buttery pine nuts, this salad will make your taste buds dance! It’s perfect as a nice side dish on one of our cool evenings or plan it as a cold salad on an upcoming warm day. The more you eat this, the better you’ll look in that bikini this summer.

Farro and Kale Salad serves: 4-6 ingredients

3 ½ ½ 1 4

cup farro cup pine nuts cup dried cranberries Juice of 1 lemon Olive oil (equal parts to lemon juice) bunch Tuscan (Lucinato or Dinosaur) kale, stems and tough ribs removed (about 2 cups) T olive oil

1 medium red onion, thinly sliced 1 T thyme leaves 1 sprig rosemary 2 T chopped parsley Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper ¼ cup grated Parmesan cheese ½ tsp. crushed red pepper Salt and freshly ground black pepper Freshly grated Parmesan

PREPARATION 1 | Toast the dry farro in a sauté pan. Stir while toasting and remove from heat once it has lightly

browned. Next, put the farro in a medium saucepan and cover with cold water until an inch above the grains. Allow to soak for at least 20 minutes. 2 | Wipe the sauté pan and toast pine nuts until golden. 3 | Place cranberries in a small glass bowl and cover with hot water. Let soak for 10 minutes, or until plumped. Drain and set aside. 4 | Meanwhile, juice half a lemon into a glass measuring cup and add the same amount of olive oil. Add salt and coarsely ground pepper to taste. Set aside. 5 | Drain farro and refill with cold water again, until just covered. Add a generous amount of kosher salt and bring to a boil. Cover and lower heat to a simmer for 10 minutes, but do not overcook. You want the farro to have an al dente bite. If more time is needed, cover the pot off the heat for an additional 3-5 minutes. Drain farro and spread on a baking sheet to cool. Once cooled, transfer to a large bowl. 6 | Wash and dry kale. Cut into bite-sized pieces or into strips. 7 | Heat 4 tablespoons of olive oil in a large sauté pan over medium-high heat. Add the onion,

thyme, rosemary, pepper flakes, and ½ teaspoon of salt and cook for 5-6 minutes, or until the onion softens and starts to color. Stir in chopped kale and cook an additional 5-6 minutes, or until kale is tender. Discard the rosemary sprig. Add kale and onion mixture, as well as the pine nuts and Parmesan cheese, to the bowl of farro. Pour lemon and olive oil over salad and toss to mix. Serve in a bowl with additional grated parmesan and toasted pine nuts sprinkled on top. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Enjoy! Soak: 20 minutes; Prep: 10 minutes; Cook: 30 minutes; Total time: 40 minutes

Lana Granfors enjoys traveling, gardening, cooking and spending time with her friends and family– especially her grandchildren, Jillian and Garet.

MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 77


Billy +Patrick

Spring Cleaning by Patrick John

My wife sees it. My co-workers do, too. I think it’s getting worse as I get older. It’s the OCD cleaning, and it really reared up last month. We sold our rental home, which meant a TON of intense cleaning before the listing date. I walked through the house and made a list—a long list—of things to clean. It’s not that our tenant didn’t clean; she was very thorough. It was all those little things we just don’t see regularly and/or forget about. I’m not sure about you, but once I start on a cleaning binge, everyone else had better step aside and watch the master at work. I know it’s not a particularly fun or glamorous topic, but it still needs to be done. Spring cleaning is just around the bend, so I thought I would share some of the most overlooked or forgotten items to clean. Most are from experience; others have been gleaned from the Internet. Kitchen: Pull out the refrigerator and stove and clean underneath. The top of the refrigerator needs a wipe down. Clean that greasy filter above the stove by throwing it and the burner grates into the dishwasher. Time to replace the water filter in the fridge, too. If the dishwasher seems a little musty or has buildup, make sure the trap in the bottom is clean. You can even buy products (like Dishwasher Magic) that clean, disinfect and polish the inside of the dishwasher with just one wash. Bedroom: It’s time to really vacuum under the bed. I found a long-lost pair of shoes and several orphaned socks under there.

Push that vacuum right into the closet… that’s a truly forgotten zone. Also, we all launder pillowcases, but many people never clean their actual pillows. Chuck them in the washer with a little bleach, and dry on low. Bathroom: The ceiling vent/fan needs attention now and then. Behind the toilet is an area that rarely sees cleaning. One more nasty place is the bottom of the toothbrush holder. Take a peek at that — sometimes it’s easier to just get a new one! General: Ceiling fan blades should be kept dust-free, especially if someone in the house has allergies. Make sure you change out the air conditioning filter every three to six months. If you see dirty vents around the house, your filter is more than ready to be replaced. Make sure the outside area around your A/C unit is tidy, too. You can hose down the unit to remove dust, dirt and plant matter that may disrupt air flow. Blinds and shutters also need attention. Cleaning window tracks helps everything glide smoothly — just run a toothbrush through the tracks to loosen dirt, then suck it up with the vacuum. Finally, we often think about specific dirty items in hotels, but when was the last time you cleaned your home and cell phones, remote controls, or art and pictures on the wall? Those are just a few overlooked items, and I’m sure you’ll find more when the urge to clean arises. Gotta go… I just realized I missed a spot on the backsplash. Happy spring cleaning!

march 2014 ENJOY | 79



march 2014

in the march spotlight Missoula Children’s Theatre presents The Secret Garden


(red bluff)

Sundial Film Festival

state theatre March 15


Cascade Theatre march 8

Organized and presented by the Active 20-30 Club of Redding Foundation, The Sundial Film Festival, in its sixth year, showcases the talent and diversity of filmmakers and photographers at the beautifully restored Cascade Theatre. For more information, visit

Anderson Union & West Valley High School’s Shrek-The Musical



Based on the Oscar® winning DreamWorks film that started it all, this show brings the hilarious story of everyone’s favorite ogre to dazzling new life on the stage. The incredibly talented cast of 50+ students, produced by Nancy Dutton, with assistance from directors John Truitt, Deborah Divine, Shaye Kennen and Amy Hughes and choreographers Roni Grandell and Susan Romero, will have you ready to let your own freak flag fly! For tickets and more information, visit

11 80 | Enjoy MARCH 2014

Auditions are on March 11 at Vista Preparatory Academy. Rehearsals will be held at the State Theatre. Tickets for Saturday’s performances will be available at the door. For more information, visit

Elvin Bishop with James Cotton


(redding & Chico) Cascade Theatre march 13 | 7:30 pm

Laxson Auditorium, Chico State University March 15 | 7:30 PM

Elvin Bishop’s musical biography is no secret to anyone who has followed blues or rock over the past 40 years. Along the way, he’s carved out a niche all his own, playing an appealing mix of rootsy rock ‘n’ roll, R&B and barroom boogie, steeped in the heavy blues. Grammy Award winner James “Superharp” Cotton brings up a veritable who’s who in the world of the blues. For tickets and more information, visit or www.


Jeans, Jewels & Jazz Turtle Bay Auction


Redding Civic AUDITORIUM March 29 | 5:30 PM

Mark your calendar for a fantastically fun evening at Redding’s premier auction, “Jeans, Jewels & Jazz: Hooray for Hollywood!” Indulge your inner celebrity and walk the red carpet into what promises to be a fabulous evening featuring a wide variety of exciting items in both the silent and live auction. Tickets are $75 per person, includes a wide variety of delicious finger foods and dessert. Patron tables available for $1,000, $2,500 and $5,000. Don’t miss the fun! For tickets or more information, please call (530) 242-3130.


Shasta Live presents Saint Patrick’s Day with

The Gothard Sisters at the Cascade Theatre

···············the world famous···············

March 17, 7:30 pm “...talented in so many ways it fairly boggles the brain.” -

For more information visit us at

Friday, March 21, 2014 ¦ 7:00 pm state theatre, 333 oak street, red bluff, ca Get your tickets at the Tehama Country Visitors Center, Wink, Sky River Music & online at



MARCH 2014


March 11-15 • Anderson Union & West Valley High Schools present Shrek the Musical!, Anderson Union High School Performing Arts Center, 1471 Ferry St., (530) 487-0777,

March 26

• Anderson Lean-N-Green Day, Volonte Park, 2500 Emily Road, 8:30 – 11 am, (530) 245-6639,

Chico March 22

• Butte Humane Society 103rd Anniversary Gala, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, 1075 East 20th St., 5:30 – 11 pm, (530) 343-7917,


March 1

• The Rotary Club of Corning presents the 9th annual Wine, Beer, Food and Art Festival and Clam Chowder Cook-off, Rolling Hills Casino, 2655 Everett Freeman Way, noon – 8 pm, (530) 824-1375,

Palo Cedro

March 28

• Taste for the Future Wine Tasting Fundraiser for Junction Elementary and Middle Schools, Ponderosa Ridge Ranch, 6145 Parkville Road, 6 – 9 pm, (530) 378-4366,


March 1

• NorCal John Frank Memorial Run, Lake Redding Park, 2150 Benton Drive, 8:30 am, (530) 526-3076, • Shasta County Arts Council presents the 3rd Annual Bagpipe Competition, Old City Hall, 1313 Market St., 9 am – 4 pm, (530) 241-7320

March 2

• Watoto’s African Children’s Choir presents “Beautiful Africa, a New Generation,” St. James Lutheran Church, 2500 Shasta View Drive, 5:30 – 7 pm, (530) 221-6474,

March 4

• Raising a Reader Family Dinner, Playing with Words, Shasta Head Start, Oak View Center, 1156 Delmonte Court, 5:30 – 7:30 pm, (530) 229-8300

March 5

• Free samples of vegetable quesadillas, Sav-Mor Foods, 6536 Westside Road, 3 – 6:30 pm, (530) 245-6639,

March 8

March 14

• Frosty Fun Runs Championships, Lake Redding Park, 2150 Benton Drive, 8 – 10 am, (530) 526-3076, • The Celebration of North State Wines, Shasta Nutritional Center, 100 Mercy Oaks Drive, 5 – 10 pm, • Women in STEM Conference for 2014, Shasta College, 11555 N. Old Oregon Trail, 8:30 am – 2 pm, • Aviation Safety Seminars, Hangar, Hillside Aviation, 2600 Gold St., 10 am – noon, (530) 410-9525 • Redding Improv Players fundraiser for People of Progress, Old City Hall, 1313 Market St., 8 pm

• North State Symphony Chamber Orchestra, Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center, 7-9 pm,

• Redding Lean-N-Green Day, Sculpture Park, 777 Cypress Ave., 8:30 am – 1 pm, rain date March 19, (530) 245-6639,

• Michael McDonald, 7:30 pm

• Performing Arts Society monthly concert, Old City Hall, 1313 Market St., 7:30 pm (530) 241-7320

March 15

March 12

March 14

March 15

• North State Symphony presents Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Old City Hall, 1313 Market St., 7:30 pm, (530) 241-7320

March 16

• North State Bel Canto Singers, Saint Luke’s Anglican Church, 1750 Canby Road, 4 – 5:30 pm, (530) 339-1358

March 20

• The Oaksong Society presents HAPA, Pilgrim Congregational Church, 2850 Foothill Blvd., 8 pm, (530) 223-2040,

March 22

• Kids in the Kitchen, Parenting Preschoolers Series, Shasta College Early Childhood Education Center, 11555 Old Oregon Trail, 10 am – noon, (530) 229-8300 • Girls Inc. present Vagina Monologues, Old City Hall, 1313 Market St., 7:30 pm

Round Mountain

March 22

• Welcome Home Rita, Hill Country Health and Wellness Center, 29632 Hwy299E , 7 pm


March 8 • 2nd Saturday Art Night in Sonora, Historic downtown Sonora, Washington Street, 5 – 8 pm, (209) 532-2787,


March 7

March 1

• The Oaksong Society presents Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands, Pilgrim Congregational Church, 2850 Foothill Blvd., 8 pm, (530) 223-2040,

March 13-15

82 | Enjoy MARCH 2014


March 14, 15 • 2nd annual St. Pat’s Yreka SHEBANG, Preservation Square, 304 Lane St., (661) 472-5101,,

Cascade Theatre

March 1

• Alley II, 7:30 pm

March 2

• The San Francisco Opera presents the HD Cinema Series: Boris Gudunov, 2 pm

March 7

March 8

• Sundial Film Festival, 1 and 7 pm

March 13

• Elvin Bishop with James Cotton, 7:30 pm • A Touch of Classical Piano, 7:30 pm

March 16

• The Wright Time presented by the Shasta Historical Society, 2 pm

March 17

• The Gothard Sisters, 7:30 pm

March 26

• John Anderson & Tracy Lawrence, 7:30 pm

March 28-30

• The Wizard of Oz Musical

Civic Auditorium

March 8, 9

• Redding Home & Garden Show, 10 am – 5 pm

March 14

• Big Daddy Weave’s “The Only Name Tour,” 7 pm

March 15

• The Pink Floyd Concert Experience, 8 pm

March 29

• Jeans, Jewels & Jazz: Hooray for Hollywood! Turtle Bay Auction 2014, 5:30 pm

Laxson Auditorium

March 7, 8

• 23rd annual Keeping Dance Alive!, showcasing the talents of the North Valley’s dancers

March 8

• Lewis Black: The Rant is Due, 7:30 pm

March 11

• Chamber Orchestra Kremlin: Dybanic String Orchestra, 7:30 pm

March 12

• Art Cruise in historic downtown, 5-8 pm,

• Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, 7:30 pm

• 17th Annual Blacksmith Hammer-In, Jake Jackson Museum, blacksmith shop, Main St.

• Elvin Bishop, James Cotton, Ruthie Foster, 7:30 pm

March 15

March 25

March 5, 6

• Diavolo, 7:30 pm

• Flea Market • Run2Win Productions Barrel Races

Riverfront Playhouse

March 15, 21, 22, 28, 29

March 12

• Doubt, a Parable

• California Houndsmen for Conservation • SCA Equestrian Learning Day

March 6

• Red Bluff Round-Up,

Senator Theatre

• DATSIK Digital Assassins Tour with Heroes X Villains, MUST DIE!, 9 pm

March 8

• Andre Nickatina with Fam Biz, 9 pm

March 14

March 18-20

March 25-27

• Antique Tractor Show • Buck Brannman Clinic

That Kitchen Place

• The Expendables with Stick Figure, Seedless, 8 pm

March 8

• Rebelution with Common Kings, 9 pm

March 22

March 30

Shasta District Fairgrounds

March 1, 2

• Nor Cal Boat, Sport & RV Show

March 8

• Festa Italiano, Fusaro Hall • National Wild Turkey Federation Dinner, Shasta Hall

March 15

• Anderson Rotary Wild Game Feed, Fusaro Hall

March 16

• Trinity Touring, (530) 410-2826

March 21-23

• Popovics Productions presents the Redding Home & Garden Show - Spring 2014, (530) 243-6005,

Sierra Nevada Big Room (Chico)

March 4

• Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers 2014, 7:30 pm

March 19

• Paul Thorn 2014, 7:30 pm

March 27

• Tommy Castro & The Painkillers, 7:30 pm

March 31

• Leftover Salmon 2014, 7:30 pm

State Theatre

March 1

• Exchange Club’s Search for Talent, 7 pm

March 8

• Wild Oak 20-year Hootenanny, 7:30 pm

• Advanced Homemade Pasta with Chef Pam, 10:30 am -2:30 pm • Italian Soups with Chef Pam Buono 10:30 am -2:30 pm

March 29

• Cheese Making at Home with Sandee Betterton, 10:30 am -2:30 pm

Turtle Bay Exploration Park

Through April 20

• Native Baskets from Northern California

Through April 27

• Good Dog: Art of Man’s Best Friend • The Big Adventure • Famous Artist Portfolio Art: Animals and Me

March 1

• Pastel Still Life Workshop with Joe Draegert, 9 am – noon

Vintage Wine Bar and Restaurant

March 1

• Crosby Tyler, 8 pm

March 2

• The Birds of Chicago, 7 pm

March 7

• Left Hook

March 8

• Mumblefinger, 8 pm

March 15

• Hannah Kyle, 8 pm

March 22

• Dan Krikorian, 8 pm

March 29

• Allison & Victor, 8 pm

March 15

• Missoula Children’s Theatre – The Secret Garden, 2 pm

March 18

• Two on Tap, 7:30 pm

March 21

• Glenn Miller Orchestra, 7 pm

Tehama District Fairgrounds

Please visit to post your calendar events. If you’d like your event to be listed in this section of Enjoy magazine, it must be posted on our website by the 5th of the month — one month prior to your event. For example, an April 1 event will need to post by March 5. Thank you.

March 5

• Ride for Life • Wilton Boer Goat Ranch Show MARCH 2014 ENJOY | 83



debra skoniecki



“I think people enjoy finding a pillow with the perfect word or saying, to keep for themselves or to give as a gift. ”

84 | Enjoy MARCH 2014

Debra Skoniecki








ENJOY: Tell us a little about the products that you sell. DEBRA: Pillows! Pillows! Pillows! I love pillows! I hand-stencil and sew pillows adorned with endearing sentiments that apply to life. My technique tends to resemble newsprint with slight color variations. ENJOY: Why do you love creating this type of pillow? DEBRA: I am drawn to this quality because, like my pillows, no two customers are the same. I often tailor my pillows to specific holidays and events. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, weddings and anniversaries are some of my favorites. I want my product to convey my passion, by producing items that celebrate life’s events. My creations represent my pride as an artisan. The fact that people purchase my products is the highest compliment. ENJOY: When did you start creating them? DEBRA: I was preparing for the Roses and Rust Vintage Home and Garden Market a few years ago. I designed some simple statement pillows with popular global cities on them: London, Rome, Paris. Then I had a “Eureka” moment: Redding! Redding needed a pillow! And so it began. ENJOY: How did it evolve from a hobby to a business? DEBRA: I started sewing when my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Bissell,

taught me after school. I always had the desire to make things to sell. In junior high, I came up with a product: a pom-pom ball creature with construction paper feet. I sold out my first day in business. I went on to make cats and teddy bears in high school. As an adult, I moved to Shingletown. Craft shows were big when I arrived 25 years ago. I sold items at shows and in stores all around Northern California. Then Enjoy the Store found me. They expanded my customer base. The dedicated patrons of the Redding and Red Bluff stores keep me extremely busy. ENJOY: How do you get inspiration for your designs? DEBRA: I draw inspiration from the world around me. I photograph colors, patterns, textiles, etc. on a daily basis to review later. Ideas come out of these thousands of images. When I sit down to create, time flies by so quickly. ENJOY: What do people like most about your products? DEBRA: I think people enjoy finding a pillow with the perfect word or saying, to keep for themselves or to give as a gift. My pillows express many romantic sentiments, such as “Mr. & Mrs.,” “You & Me,” “Love” and “Home,” to name a few. I am proud to be the messenger that reminds my community of the love we all have in our hearts.

REDDING, Store Hours: Monday - Friday 10am – 6 pm Saturday 10am – 5 pm (530) 246-4687, x4

1475 Placer Street, Suite D, Redding

RED BLUFF, Store Hours: Monday - Saturday - 10am – 7 pm Sunday 10am – 5 pm (530) 727. 9016

615 Main Street, Red Bluff REDDING





IN TRAINING “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.� ~ Booker T. Washington, Up from Slavery

WORK TRAINING CENTER (WTC, Inc.) Serving Butte County since 1960, Work Training Center

is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting the training, vocational and recreational needs of adults with disabilities. Work Training Center serves more than 600 people. Facilities are located in Chico, Oroville and Paradise, and services are provided throughout Butte County. Funding for Work Training Center services is primarily provided through the State of California, Department of Developmental Services and Department of Rehabilitation. Additional support comes from fundraising, donations, private foundations, local governments and contracts with private businesses and government agencies. All services are provided at no charge to participants. The mission of WTC, Inc. is to assist and support people with disabilities as they achieve increased independence in work and leisure, and to enhance the quality of their lives.

How you can help: Gifts to WTC are tax deductible and there are many ways to contribute. Cash gifts, donating property or other assets, contributing to their endowment fund and volunteering and attending its fundraising events are just a few things that will help. For more information, visit

86 | Enjoy MARCH 2014

Your return

deserves nothing less than our over

55 Years of tax


At H&R Block, we sign and stand behind every return we prepare – from simple to complex, individual to business. We guarantee the accuracy of returns prepared by our tax professionals, who have experience with the following: • Bankruptcy and foreclosure • Rentals • Trusts • Sole proprietorships • Retirement • Estates • 1099 – misc. • Corporations • Foreign earned income exclusion • Sale of business • Partnerships • Returns for every state • Income from other countries • Canadian returns

Put our expertise to work for you.

FREE 20 Second Look® Review

If you didn’t use H&R Block, bring in your return for a FREE Second Look® Review. We can uncover differences which may lead to bigger refunds. We’ll look back up to three years. Bring in your 2010, 2011 and 2012 returns for a Second Look today.

14-033 EX

At participating offices. Results vary. All tax situations are different. Fees apply if you have us file a corrected or amended return. The IRS allows taxpayers to amend returns from the previous three tax years to be claim additional refunds to which they are entitled. Applies to individual tax returns only. OBTP#B13696 © 2013 HRB Tax Group, Inc.

Bring in this coupon and get a discount on your tax preparation service when you visit H&R Block. Tax preparation for new H&R Block clients. Valid at participating U.S. offices for an original 2013 personal income tax return for new clients only. Discount may not be used for Form 1040EZ or combined with any other offer or promotion. Type of form filed is based on your personal tax situation and IRS rules/regulations. Void if transferred and where prohibited. Coupon must be presented prior to completion of initial tax office interview or through Block Live. A new client is an individual who did not use H&R Block office services or Block Live to prepare his or her 2012 tax return. No cash value. Expires April 15, 2014.

Coupon Code: 43972

Locations: Anderson | Burney | Red Bluff | Redding | 530-223-6672 530-244-6680

1475 Placer St. Suite C C 1475 Placer St. Suite Redding, CACA 96001 Redding, 96001



Sierra Nevada cream cheese blended with Penna mufaletta and


Sierra Nevada cream cheese, Bennett Apirary honey drizzle, red pear and thyme sprig atop From the Hearth sliced baguette.

Joy Lynn’s Peanut Brittle


smoke flavored garlic and hickory From the Hearth sliced baguette.

Sierra Nevada cream cheese, Penna sliced sundried tomatoes and fresh basil atop From the Hearth sliced baguette.

Chocolate de Nannette’s white chocolate honeycomb


1475 Placer St. Suite D, Downtown Redding • 530.246.4687, Ext. 4 • Hours: Mon - Fri 10 am - 6 pm, Sat 10 am - 5 pm

Enjoy Magazine - March 2014  

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