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....a quiet position (listening through field recording edition one: FIELD FEST)

field recording, in all its forms, has been through incredible creative growth in the last few decades & yet its essential power to engage us in the act & art of listening remains inextricably linked to its subtle simplicity, its ability to make us listen ever more closely to the world in which we move by making us stop for a time.... in October 2011 Field Fest (curated by q-o2) brings together many artists / composers / musicians whose work involves various aspects of field recording....this compilation offers you the chance to hear some small elements of that work. it should be noted however that much of the work in this area of music / sound is not ideal for listening via computer speakers so please do listen via headphones or other speakers. I hope you will find these pieces enjoyable, inspiring and thought provoking....thanks....jez riley french a few seconds silence is placed between each track 0:00-8:00 | jez riley french - ‘resonances / residences’ (extract) 8:10-16:18 | pauwel de buck - ‘dead end environments, 2009’ 16:28-22:58 | emmanuel holterbach - ‘bats & tv screen’ 23:06-29:11 | manfred werder - ‘2006/2 places a time (sound)’ 29:24-34:24 | justin bennett - ‘istiklal resonance’ 34:34-43:56 | martiensgohome - ‘umtui’ 44:05-49:53 | mechaorga - ‘05.50’ 50:06-1:00:06 | michael pisaro - ‘transparent city no.5’ (extract) 1:00:15-1:02:19 | peter cusack - ‘barnacles on an anthony gormley sculpture’ 1:02:31-1:08:35 | pali meursault - 'west bay' 1:08:45-1:13:18 | anne wellmer - ‘almabtrieb zum schachernhof’ 1:13:28-1:19:24 | annea lockwood - ‘a sound map of the housatonic river’ (excerpt) 1:19:34-1:27:19 | els viaene - ‘empty landscapes’ 1:27:29-1:29:43 | eric la casa - ‘liege 2: air pressure’

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FIELD FEST 12th-15th October 2011 Beursschouwburg - Q-O2 anne wellmer - manu holterbach jason khan - annea lockwood michael pisaro - else viaene pauwel de buck - toshiya tsunoda manfred werder - jez riley french peter cusack - justin bennett lee patterson - pali meursault eric la casa - martiensgohome mecha orga

Beursschouwburg Ortsstraat 20-28 & Q-O2 werkplaats Koolmijnenkaai 30-34 B-1080 T: +32 (0)2 245 48 24

1. jez riley french - ‘resonances / residences’ (extract) I capture moments, when i’m lucky. This track is an extract from two pieces I composed this year from untreated field recordings made during residencies in Italy, Japan & Korea. The sounds on this extract are small aqautic insects, ants eating an apricot & ballustrades in a small village - all of which were recorded with hand built contact microphones & hydrophones. the full length cd of ‘resonances di topolo / residences de lumiere’ will be released on engraved glass in october 2011


2. pauwel de buck - ‘dead end environments, 2009’ a short description: dead end environments is the final mix a eponymous installation which was constructed out of the aural environment of the Belgian capital Brussels, accurately placed in a gallery space afterwards 3. emmanuel holterbach - ‘bats & tv screen’ march 2011 All sounds are ultrasonic frequencies captured with a bat detector : sonar of bats in the courtyard of my home in Lyon, and my TV screen. No electronic, no manipulation, just a bit of editing. 4. manfred werder: ‘2006/2’ places a time ( sounds ) Actualization: ala1RECS&arsomnis, Tsonami, Manfred Werder. March 15, 2011 Valparaíso, Quebrada entre los cerros Barón y Placeres, Calle Julio Verne (continuación de Castro) Recording: ala1RECS&arsomnis

5. justin bennett - ‘Istiklal Resonance’ recorded 2007 in Istanbul. "Istiklal Resonance" is a remixed excerpt from the piece "The Well" which was recorded in Istanbul. It was made by taking the sound of crowds and street musicians walking along Istiklal Caddesi and resonating it in large water containers. Although it became an abstract, musical sound in the process, it still for me reflects the enormous energy to be found on that street. for more information and a free download of the complete CD "The Well" see 6. martiensgohome - ‘umtui’ martiensgohome is a sound collective who has been fooling around with recordings for more than 15 years. They present the resulting soundscapes every Thursday on radio campus Brussels (9:30 pm on 92.1 fm - 7. mecha/orga - ‘05:50’ field recordings, manipulation and composition by Yiorgis Sakellariou, (Athens, June 2011) 8. michael pisaro - ‘transparent city no.5’ (extract) taken from the wandelweiser edition double cd set ‘transparent city (volumes 1 & 2) 9. peter cusack - ‘clicking barnacles on an anthony gormley figure, crosby beach, merseyside (another place, another lifeform)

10. pali meursault - 'west bay' recorded in dorset, UK / composed at La F* de B*, 2010 11. anne wellmer - ‘Almabtrieb zum Schachernhof’ (4’34”)

saturday morning I helped with the "alm-abtrieb": walking and running and shouting and hitting and talking and singing a herd of cows from the high alps back to the main farm house in the lower alps in preparation for the winter. recorded with binaural mics in the morning of september 17 2011 near mittersill in austria. This excerpt was recorded two hours into the four hour walk, shortly before the cows start walking on a local high way and bring traffic to a standstill. An hour later as the cows leave the main road again the farmer's daughter and I collapse at the side of the street of pain and exhaustion. Somebody picks us up and brings us home. The same night we play a concert in mittersill. Two days later it snows. 12. annea lockwood - ‘a sound map of the housatonic river’ (excerpt) excerpt from a sound installation ‘a sound map of the housatonic river’: the sources. The housatonic, a small american river which charles ives loved, rises in the berkshires, western massachusetts, and flows through connecticut to long island sound. 13. els viaene - ‘empty landscapes’ the track is part of a cd in progress. the working title is empty landscapes. this is the second track. it's the skin of a landscape slowly breaking open and slowly revealing the first layers underneath. the album sounds like the slow process of a landscape drawn on paper. from the very first lines to the very detailed and finished picture. something to discover in time. source material for this track: except for the tones everything is based on field recordings

14. eric la casa - ‘liege 2: air pressure’ recorded in factories of Liege harbour and edited in september 2010 - thanks to Alexandre Galant, Pierre-Charles Offergeld and médiatheque de Liège. With Cedric Peyronnet, we spent days recording sounds in Liège's harbour mapping this territory. This was one of the first variations when I started my studio editing. The final version, a collaborative work mixing our two sound approaches, will be finalized in late 2011.

concept | design | photography by jez riley french published by engraved glass / . point series edition

all works p&c by the artists concerned

‘binaural man’ photograph taken by peter cusack whilst recording his contribution for this release

a quiet position - edition one  

in October 2011 Field Fest (curated by q-o2) brings together many artists /composers / musicians whose work involves various aspects of fiel...