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Choreographics Directed by English National Ballet Associate Artist George Williamson

22 - 24 May 2014 The Pit, Barbican, London I am delighted to present this year’s highly anticipated Choreographics at the Barbican following on from last year’s sell-out performances at The Place. This year we have again given dancers in the Company the opportunity to develop their professional skill set, by choreographing new work inspired by the First World War. We gave the choreographers the chance to work with composers, who have been guided through the musical collaboration by Dr Bruce Wall, Executive Director, London Shakespeare Workout / LSW Prison Project. He set all of the choreographers the task of choosing poems from the First World War as the starting inspiration for their pieces. The composers were then asked to create songs on the piano, inspired by the same poems. From these songs the composers worked together with their choreographers to create their final creation. Three of the pieces are part of this collaboration. Each choreographer has also been mentored, once again, by international dance artist and acclaimed choreographer Kerry Nicholls. During the performance we will see a film featuring each choreographer explaining some of their ideas and their journey. Next will be a performance of the song performed by the composer on piano accompanied by a singer, followed by the final choreographic work. English National Ballet School’s 2014 Choreographic Competition winner will open the programme. Choreographic Mentor: Kerry Nicholls Music Collaboration Mentor: Dr Bruce Wall Music: English National Ballet Chamber Ensemble, Directed by Gavin Sutherland. Recording produced by Yohei Sasaki Flute: Christopher Green Clarinet: Derek Hannigan Horn: Mark Johnson Violin: Matthew Scrivener Viola: Alexandros Koustas Cello: Garry Stevens Films and Photography: Laurent Liotardo Lighting Designer: Andrew Ellis Costume Designers: Louie Whitemore (Ripple Effect, In Living Memory..., Vera) Antonella Petraccaro (We Are Free) Hair & Make-Up: Abigail Gargas

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support which enables English National Ballet to showcase and nurture up-and-coming talent. George Williamson Associate Artist, English National Ballet

English National Ballet School Title: Count down Choreographer: Emmeline Jansen Music: Dance for me Wallis - W.E. Music from the Motion Picture Composer: Abel Korzeniowski Dancer: Emmeline Jansen Synopsis: I made this piece for people who are struggling either mentally or physically. In most of the pieces that I create, I use dynamics as a way of emphasizing the feelings I want to portray, in the dance. It’s a contemporary-based dance with some quirky and distinctive movements. Enjoy!

English National Ballet Title: Ripple Effect Poem: Anthem for Doomed Youth, Wilfred Owen (1893 - 1918) Choreographer: Makoto Nakamura Composer: David Hewson Dancers: Juan Rodríguez, Guilherme Menezes, Joshua McSherry-Gray, Ksenia Ovsyanick Singer: Jonny Muir Pianist: David Hewson Synopsis: In Ripple Effect I expanded my focus on the people who survived and came back from the battle and their family, not only the people who died. War trauma doesn’t finish with the war. Some soldiers, even if their bodies survive, their identities can’t survive and it destroys their family as well. This is a negative chain effect.

Title: We Are Free Poem: Absolution, Siegfried Sassoon Choreographer: Fabian Reimair Composer: Stephan Hodel Dancers: Adela Ramírez, Angela Wood, Jeanette Kakareka, Laurent Liotardo, Francisco Bosch Singer: Simon Loughton Pianist: Joy Ellis A journey to war. Time of excitement and pride, time to say our goodbyes. A last dance in the windy poppy fields, before the reality of war closes in. Trapped. And yet proudly we march towards the unknown until it finally sinks in: we won’t return the way we left. The war machine is running. It needs human fuel just to spit out inhumane ordeals. Death is looming behind bleeding trees. Friend or enemy, on the battlefield we are the same. And the women left behind are our suppliers, our backbone, our mental crutches. Soldiers fallen, back to earth. Fighting for. In loved ones’ arms we are born, in loved ones arms we shall die. Tangled in hope, we are free. Interval

Title: In Living Memory... Poem: The Stone, Wilfred Wilson Gibson Choreographer: James Streeter Composer: Christopher Hamilton Orchestration: James Simpson Dancers: Erina Takahashi, James Forbat, Nathan Young Singer: Shimi Goodman Pianist: Christopher Hamilton Fought as the War to end all Wars... with such devastating losses. It made us acknowledge the fragility of life and to embrace the precious gift of true love. Based on the poem The Stone; as the young man lay dying and with his final breaths his life flashes before him. Like so many people who have found true love; no feeling will ever replace this emptiness. Whether it happens on the battlefield or fighting the war from home the loss is as deep. We owe so much to so many people and I feel extremely honoured to be able to dedicate this piece to the memory of these heroes. Title: Vera Poem: In Flanders Fields, John McCrae Choreographer: Stina Quagebeur Composer: Ivor Gurney (1890-1937) Pianists: Longing and The Sea played by Mark Bebbington Sleep played by Julia Richter Dancers: Nancy Osbaldeston, Guilherme Menezes “I remember walking down the shimmering Sunday emptiness of Kensington High Street on the hot Summer morning after the telegram came, intoxicated, strangely exalteé, lifted into incongruous ecstasy by a sense that Edward’s invisible presence was walking there beside me. After that, everything relapsed into paralysis.” “Life itself seemed unreal. I had never believed I would actually go on living without his companionship.” “Yet here I was, in a world emptied of that unfailing consolation, most persistently, most unwillingly alive.” Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain (1893-1970)

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Cast Sheet - Choreographics  
Cast Sheet - Choreographics  

A free cast sheet for English National Ballet's Choreographics at The Pit, Barbican.