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Hello! I'm Julia! I’m eleven and I’m in class 5b. In the future I want to be a model. My hobby is playing with my dog, Max. I like drawing and painting. I often meet with my friends: Milena, Natalia and Wiktoria. They are in the same class as me! We love talking and do crazy things.

Hi! I'm Kaja. I'm twelve and I'm in class 6. I like school. My favourite lesson is English - I'm good at it! I don't like Music, but i love singing when I'm alone. In my free time I learn new things about medicine. Maybe one day I’ll become a doctor? I like meeting with my friends, too. I've got many friends: Kinga, Klaudia, Gabrysia, Marek and Dominik are friends from my class. I've got also a friend named Lidia. My family is quite big. I've got two sisters: Kornelia and Martyna and one brother Miłosz. I have got a cat, too. His name is Legion. He's black. I love him very much! I’m very happy that we can meet through the Internet. Greetings from Poland!

Hi, my name is Klaudia and I'm twelve. I am a student in primary school in Zabór, but I live in a village called Przytok. At school, my favourite subject is English. The subject I don't like is Maths. I have got many interests. I like playing the guitar and playing computer games . I love animals – at home I've got three cats, one dog and a guinea pig. I can't live without a computer. My favourite website is – it’s similar to Facebook! I'm also interested in speedway. My favourite team is Falubaz Zielona Góra. Zielona Góra is a city situated about 20 kilometres from our school. This year Falubaz got the championship of Poland!

Hello! I'm Natalia and I'm eleven. I'm in class 5b.My favourite school subject is PE [Sport]. I don't like Maths. My hobby is playing computer games. In my free time, I meet friends. My best friend is Milena. She's in the same class as me! My school is in Zabór, but I live in Milsko. I live with my family: mum, dad and sister. My sister’s name is Wiktoria, she is in class 4 in our school. My family loves animals, especially cats and dogs.

Hi! I'm Weronika. I'm twelve. I love art. In the free time I usually draw or paint pictures. I also like music - that's my favourite subject at school. I live in Milsko with my parenst and two brothers. I have two best friends. Their names are Gabriela and Milena.

Hi, I'm Milena! I'm eleven and I love English and sport. My hobby is swimming and drawing. I also like riding a bike and playing GTA 4 (a racing game). My favourite colour is purple. I have got a big family. I also have got a lot of animals: a cat, a dog and a hamster. My best friends are Natalia and Michał. They are eleven, too.

Hello from Poland! My name is Dominik , I'm twelve and I learn at the primary school in Zabór . My favourite subject is PE. I love sport! My hobby is table tennis and football. In my free time I play football in a team in Stary Kisielin. It’s a village between Zabór and Zielona Góra. I'm interested in speedway. My favourite speedway team is from Zielona Góra. Its name is Falubaz!

Hi! I'm Kinga. I'm twelve and I live in Zabór. I love animals and pink colour. My hobby is dancing and watching TV. I live with my mum Monika, dad Adam and sister Kaja. I've got two cats: Elza and Chudy, and two dogs: Dygotka and Kropka. At school I love PE. I don't like Maths. It's difficult!

Hello! My name is Gabriela, I’m twelve. I live in a small village, Czarna. My favourite subject at school is English, I don't like Maths. I love singing and dancing. In my free time I often watch music television. I also often meet with my friend Adrianna. I have got two brothers: Przemek and Mateusz. I also have six cats and two dogs. I love animals! Hi! My name is Ania. I’m in class 5b. I like school, because I can learn many interesting thing here! My favourite subject is English. In the future I want to be a vet, because I love animals. I want to have a Persian cat – maybe in spring my dream will come true? I also like drawing. In my pictures there are often cats :) I like meeting new friends, that’s why I’m very happy to meet you :) Do you know that your “macaroni” sounds similar in Polish? We call it “makaron”. Greetings from Poland! Hello, my name is Marek. I’m in class 6. I like computers and sport. I often play football or go to the Internet cafe after school. I like meeting with my friends, too. We are all in the same class. My favourite sport is speedway. It is very popular here in Poland.

Hello to our new e-pals!  
Hello to our new e-pals!  

These are the mails my pupils have written to their new e-pals form Escola Montseny, Mollet del Valles, Barcelona (Spain) :)