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eTwinners from Zab贸r, Poland present:

Part one:

Zab贸r, October 2012

Hi everyone!!! We are eTwinners from Zabor!

Hello friends!!! We are students of class 5 and 6 at primary school in Zab贸r, Poland. There are 13 of us in our eTwinning group.

The girls are: Mirella, Wiktoria, Hania, Malwina, Klaudia, Wiktoria, Julia, Natalia, Aneta and Milena. Mirella, Wiktoria, Hania and Malwina are from class 5. They are the best students in their class - they have only very good marks. Mirella is a great speedway fan - her favourite team is Falubaz Zielona Góra. Wiktoria and Malwina are always happy and laugh a lot. Hania is the best student in our school and she can't sit in one place place for a long time. Klaudia, Wiktoria, Julia, Natalia, Aneta and Milena are in class 6. Klaudia is quiet and responsible. She likes taking care of her younger siblings. Wiktoria and Aneta are best friends. They like spending time together. Julia is very noisy and full of energy. Sometimes she is a little bit rude. Natalia is very helpful and patient. Everyone can rely on her. Milena is nice, but sometimes she is too selfconfident. There are only 3 boys in our group! Szymek is quiet, helpful and intelligent. He has got a younger sister - she is in class 2. Czarek is a little bit shy, but when he is with his friends he becomes loud. He likes jokes. His hobby is playing computer games (we think he can't live without a computer ;). Dawid is funny he likes laughing and joking at his friends. Sometimes he is too noisy. We like meeting new friends, that's why we joined this project eagerly. Best wishes from Poland!!! eTwinners from Zabór

Hi! My name is Aneta Myśliwiec. I’m from Dąbrowa and I’m 12 years old. I go to class 6b.

I’ve got blond, long hair and brown eyes. I like listening to music. My favourite singers are Grubson and Kamil Bednarek. My favourite animals are horses and dogs. I hate reading books and boys from class 4. My friends are Wiktoria, Milena and Julia.

I’m Julia Maciąga. I’m 12 years old. My school has got the name of John Paul II (Polish Pope). My house is in Dąbrowa.

My favourite colour: pink, black and all what shines. My favourite animal: horse, pony, rabbit. I hate: small kids, letter “q�, school. I love: my Maths teacher, plum jam, M..., converse shoes.

My description Klaudia Kasprowiak, class 6a Name: Klaudia Kasprowiak Age: 13

Lives in: Zabór, Poland Favourite colours: green and blue Favourite clothes: jeans and a hoodie or a T-shirt Favourite animals: dog and cat Favourite sport: ride a bike I like ice cream and chocolate. My hobby is playing a keyboard and music. For me horrible is cleaning my hamster’s cage and milk.

My name is Wiktoria Kardynia. I’m twelve years old. My school is in Zabór. My house is in Łaz. I’m from Poland. I’ve got long hair and glasses. I like wearing skinny jeans.

My favourite animals are cheetah, tiger, dolphin and all tropical animals. My favourite colour is purple, green and black. I hate school ;) I love plum jam.

Name: Szymon Sidoruk Live: in Ĺ az Years old: 12 Birthday: 16. December 2000

Favourite pet: dog Favourite cartoon: Captain Bomb, Southpark, Leszek the dog, Futurama Favourite music: hip-hop, rock Favourite band: Buka, System of a down Favourite games: Pokemon, Minecraft, Counter Strike

Name: Malwina Mielczarek Age: eleven Live in Poland, in Zab贸r Favourite colours: blue and green

Favourite clothes: dresses and shorts My animal: dog Sonia and four fish My hobby: reading books, riding a bike, painting, singing, dancing Like: flowers, ice-cream, chocolate, animals, milk, honey Horrible: eggs, basketball, spiders Favourite sports: speedway, football, volleyball

Name: Czarek Napieralski Age: 12 Live in Zab贸r Favourite colour: blue

Favourite animals: hamster, seal, spider Favourite computer games: Minecraft, CS, Gothic, Pokemon Favourite music: metal, rap, hip-hop My nicknames in games: Placku86, Placuszek, Placek86, Rar15 My favourite cartoon: My little pony, Southpark, Captain Bomb, Leszek the dog, Futurama

My name is Victoria Rypuła. I often wear jeans, T-shirt and purple shoes. My hair is a ponytail. I have black hair, brown eyes and I’m 156cm. I'm quite nice and intelligent, creative, and I desire to

learn something new. My family is big – it consists of mom, dad, brother, grandmother, grandfather, uncles, aunts, and my dog, whose name is Kaya.

My name is Hania. I’m 11years old. My family is mum, dad and sister.

I like dancing, listening to music, cooking, meeting friends, singing, playing volleyball, playing tennis, surfing the internet, drawing, reading and many other. My favourite school subject is English. My favourite food is lasagne.

I'm Natalia. I'm twelve years old.

I go to sixth class. I live in Milsko. I like playing table tennis, watching TV and listening to music. I love cats. I' m tall and slim. I have got short, straight hair. I have green eyes.


I’m Mirella. I’m from Poland, I am Polish. I’m 11 years old. I’m tall and chubby. My hair is long, straight and fair. My eyes are blue. I measure 150cm. I wear size 38 shoes. Often dressed in trousers and T-shirt. I likes sports: football, basketball, volleyball and UNI-HOCKEY. My favourite colours are green and pink. Every morning I go to school. I've got a lot of friends. My classes start at 8:00 and end at 14:25. My school is small and colorful. I like going to school.

Hi, I'm Milena!

I'm twelve and I love English and sport. My hobby is swimming and drawing. I also like riding a bike and playing GTA 4 (a racing game). My favourite colour is purple. I have got a big family. I also have got a lot of animals: a cat, a dog and a hamster. My best friends are Natalia and Michał. They are twelve, too.

Name: Dawid Kowaliczek

Age: 12 Live in: Dąbrowa Class: 6b Best friend: Michał Like: jokes, computer games, sport Don’t like: being quiet

(We hope you enjoyed it! ď Š)

eTwinner from Zabór - introduction  

Introducing ourselves

eTwinner from Zabór - introduction  

Introducing ourselves