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Health & Safety Training

Enform’s Health & Safety Training Provides innovative health and safety training, testing and certification for your employees.

Training for Safety Improvement

Training is a proven method to assist oilfield workers and help improve worksite safety performance. With five decades of safety training experience, Enform is the oil and gas industry’s recognized training provider. We have developed a wide range of courses to address the ever growing demands of the industry as directed by our expert committees. The specific courses listed on the following page have been fashioned as important entry points into the industry, to ensure workers have sufficient safety knowledge before they enter their jobsites. Our portfolio of courses is always evolving. The following page outlines an example of course offerings.

Enform is the upstream oil and gas industry’s advocate and leading resource for the continuous improvement of safety performance. Our mission is to help companies achieve their safety goals by providing practices, assessment, training, support, metrics and communication. Our vision is no work-related incidents or injuries in the Canadian upstream oil and gas industry. Created by industry, for industry as a not-for-profit association, Enform is dedicated to continuously improving the safety performance of all industry sectors. We offer critical safety training for workers and provide an environment where proven safety practices can be collected, discussed, refined and shared to improve the collective safety performance of all companies.

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Workplace Safety Solution Courses

CONTINUOUS learning Competency Cycle

Petroleum Safety Training

Based upon a Health & Safety Management System

Petroleum Safety Training (PST) is specifically designed and tested to meet the demanding requirements of the oil and gas industry. The course is a multimedia program featuring video, audio and interactive lessons, designed to introduce workers to safety in the oil and gas industry. PST is the most popular

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Adequate training and sufficient experience for workers are essential to the successful implementation of an effective safety management system.

through the training in a graduated manner with on-the-job work experience required between each level, students are taken through the steps of site assessment and safe work procedures for chainsaws, up to falling operations and the assessment of falling hazards. These courses have been designed so that 75% of the time is spent in the field practicing the skills taught.

This is Enform’s premier one-day course aimed at workers in the petroleum industry who could be exposed to hydrogen sulphide (H2S), also known as “sour gas”. The primary focus is to create constant awareness with industry approved safety procedures and techniques. The combination of theory briefings coupled with in-class equipment training produces a highly effective and resultsoriented approach. Annually, over 100,000 workers take H2S Alive® training.

Health and Safety Management System Health and Safety Program Elements Management Commitment & Involvement



Emergency Response Planning

Hazard Identification & Control

Incident /Accident Reporting & Investigation

Oilfield Driver Training Course

Enform’s suite of driver training courses are designed to provide oilfield truck drivers with the knowledge to improve their on-road and off-road safe driving behaviours. Driving related incidents are a leading cause of injury and loss in the oil and gas industry.

Health and Safety Program Audit

Course delivery methods range from classroom theory based, to hands on sessions like Wellhead Boom Truck Operator to self-study options.

As an instructor, I conduct the H2S Alive® course and love training at Enform. The students backgrounds range anywhere from having no experience in the oilfield to very experienced. The interaction and sharing of experiences between the students is very positive. As an instructor I am always learning and adapting my classes to suit the needs of each class.”



Safety Plus Training, enform

Workers enter the Safety Management System when they begin a job, with or without the necessary prerequisites. Additional formal training is identified by the employer. This training requirement is fulfilled by Enform or the worker’s employer to further prepare the worker for their job/task. Since formal training may not address site specifics like equipment, facilities, hazards and procedures for each worksite, on-the-job training is required. On-the-job training is an employer’s responsibility and is accomplished through supervision, coaching and the worker gaining experience. Documentation of on-the-job training and experience should be addressed by the employer through site specific checklists and evaluation sign off. Once this is completed, the worker can now work under minimal supervision and may be considered competent in the aspects of the tasks that were signed off by the employer.

Located Near Industry Activity To serve industry efficiently, Enform is located in centres of oil and gas activity. Each location is unique, offering a customized blend of products and services. Together, our four facilities meet the diverse needs of industry.

Enform certified over 220,000 workers in the upstream oil and gas industry in 2011.

»» Calgary: seven classrooms, a 20 seat-computer lab and the head office

Leading resource. Safety advocate. Facilitator. Product and service provider.

»» Nisku: hands-on-training facilities, 15 classrooms and a 10-seat computer lab »» Fort St. John: three classrooms and a 8-seat computer lab »» Regina: one classroom and a 3-seat computer lab


• Online at • In person at any of our four locations • Call toll free at 1-800-667-5557

by industry, for industry

The oil and gas industry created Enform as a not-for-profit association dedicated to meeting industry’s safety needs. Our industry partners recognized then, as they do now, that safety can never be compromised. They also trust in Enform, their safety association, to be the leading resource for the continuous improvement of the industry’s safety performance. We are justifiably proud of our “by industry, for industry” status. We know it makes Enform very different from private service providers and we truly appreciate the trust industry places in us.

The Enform H2S Alive® course is a cornerstone of our company’s safety program. The course layout is such that industry appropriate material is not only taught, but also practically applied. Enform constantly revises and refreshes the material so it is never repetitive.”



senior acoustical consultant, fdi acoustics inc.

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Health Safety Brochure  
Health Safety Brochure  

As the leading resource for the oil and gas industry’s safety performance, we at Enform take our role seriously. And, we truly value the man...