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The Daniel Spectra 100 electronic flow computer system is designed to measure and record the flow of natural gas.


Measurement can be from a single orifice, PD, turbine(frequency), or ultrasonic meter.


Primarily designed as a cost effective replacement for chart recorders.


35 Days of Hourly Data and 65 Days of Daily Data Logs.


Low power operation using a 12 or 6 VDC supply. @ 4 mA


Dual 6 VDC Alkaline Battery(4 to 6 months use) or 6 VDC Solar Charge System ( 60 no sun days) Options

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DOWNLOADABLE 1 Smart DP/P Integrated Transducer Interface 2 Auxiliary Analog Inputs (1-5VDC) 2 Status Inputs (High Level Type) 4 Control Outputs 1 RTD Input (3 wire, 500 ohm) 1 Dual Frequency Input (0-4Khz) Low or High Level Selectable; ENRON MODBUS Protocol (Designed to Support Additional Protocols such as TCP/IP) 2 RS-232 Serial Communication Ports 16 Bit A/D Converter Transient and Surge Suppression Jumper Select for Diagnostic Mode...Calculations not interrupted! Class I, Division 2, Group D -- U.L. & CSA Certification

SpectraCom ü

New Windows software for configuration, calibration, and data collection on a Win 95/NT laptop.

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Daniel Engineering utilizes an In-House TEM Chamber for RFI and Susceptibility Testing.... Insuring FCC Compliance and Measurement Integrity in Actual Field Installations.

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Solar Panel is adjustable and pole mounting options for left, right and rear.


NEMA-4X Painted Aluminum Enclosure © 1999, Daniel Measurement and Control

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2 Line, 16 Large Character (.33"H) LCD Display

All specifications are subject to change without notice as part of a continuing program of product improvement.

Printed in USA

256KB Non-volatile RAM & 256 KB (Expandable) Program Memory FLASH is a registered trademark