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TABLE OF CONTENT ABOUT ENDEAVOR 1 WHAT WE OFFER 2 Access to Network...................................................................................... 3 Assigned Account Manager Diagnostic of Priorities & Needs Endeavor OPEN Access to Services & Programs............................................................... 4 Access to Talent EY Vantage Advisors Executive Education Programs eMBA Fellows Bain & Company Externship Access to Mentors World-Class Mentors Custom Advisory Boards Service Panels Access to Markets Industry Tours Networking Events Local Networking Events Global Networking Events Access to Capital Investor Network DealMakers Endeavor Catalyst Fund Mentor Capital Program SELECTION PROCESS & CRITERIA 8 Selection Process ...................................................................................... 9 What makes an Endeavor Entrepreneur.............................................. 10 WHAT WE EXPECT FROM ENDEAVOR ENTREPRENEURS 11 Annual Giveback........................................................................................ 12 Grow & Multiply their Impact................................................................. 12 Measuring Success.................................................................................... 13 Net Promoter Score................................................................................... 14 Promote the ‘E’........................................................................................... 14 Our Entrepreneurs are our Ambassadors Referrals Online & Offline Media ENDEAVOR JORDAN BOARD OF DIRECTORS


ABOUT ENDEAVOR Endeavor is leading the global high-impact entrepreneurship movement to catalyze long-term economic growth. Since 1997, Endeavor has been selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs around the world. Through the guidance that Endeavor offers, entrepreneurs can tangibly impact their communities, generate new job opportunities, bolster their countries’ national wealth, inspire others to innovate, and contribute to private sector development. Endeavor now supports 1,496 HighImpact entrepreneurs, leading 932 companies in 30 emerging and growth markets around the world. Endeavor launched its operations in Jordan in 2009, and is leading the way in supporting high-impact entrepreneurship. Today, Endeavor Jordan supports 24 Endeavor Entrepreneurs, representing 17 companies, from varying industries that have generated over US $148 million in revenues in 2016, and created over 2890 jobs. Endeavor continues to search for more high-impact Jordanian entrepreneurs to support through its local and international network.

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Entrepreneurs are assigned an account manager to be their contact person in liaising with our global and local network. The account manager will guide entrepreneurs through their journey and make sure that they leverage all available resources and get the most out of the network.


Upon selection into the network, entrepreneurs are taken through a 360-degree diagnostic process to identify the strengths and challenges of their company, through working with mentors to create an action plan aiming at tackling the challenges of their business and unlocking growth potential, and an action plan is set accordingly.

In order to ensure the best outcome of the entrepreneur’s access to the global resources and network, they are requested to comply with basic communication guidelines:

i. Engage with the network of Endeavor board members, mentors, entrepreneurs and other services, according to local practice. ii. Respect the network. All communications should be polite and requests should be thoughtful based on specific challenges the entrepreneur faces. iii. Thoroughly prepare for every interaction with Endeavor network members, in cooperation with the assigned Account Manager. iv. Adapt to any other local requirements to remain an active Endeavor Entrepreneur.


Endeavor Entrepreneurs have access to a constantly growing global network of 1490+ highimpact entrepreneurs and 3000+ business leaders, partners, academics and investors worldwide. Since 2016, Endeavor has adopted the open network strategy to maximize the Endeavor experience, and thus created the Endeavor Open platform, allowing entrepreneurs, mentors, and board members from Endeavor’s global network to connect directly and exchange ideas, expertise, and experience.

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ACCESS TO SERVICES & PROGRAMS Through their assigned Account Managers, Endeavor Entrepreneurs are introduced to and informed of the different sets of customized and general services and programs that Endeavor and its partners organize and offer, allowing them access to talent, mentors, capital, and markets.

ACCESS TO TALENT Our partnerships with leading consultancy firms and academic institutions allow us to provide our entrepreneurs with a wide array of talent services; ranging from having stay-in strategic consultants on operational and financial levels, to having top post graduates as interns, and exclusive training programs specifically tailored for Endeavor Entrepreneurs. EY Vantage Advisors1 EY Vantage Advisors spend 6 weeks on the ground with Endeavor Entrepreneurs, leveraging their professional expertise as high-performing employees at EY to support consulting projects.

Since its launch in 2005, the program has supported over 215 Endeavor Entrepreneurs in countries across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Latin America with over 60,000 hours of service. In the first two years after engaging with EY Vantage Advisors, Endeavor businesses have experienced an average annual growth rate of almost 70%. Executive Education Programs Every year, Endeavor works closely with faculty at Harvard and Stanford Universities to craft a tailored curriculum for week-long educational sessions offered to Endeavor Entrepreneurs. During the two programs, the entrepreneurs stay on campus to engage in a week of guest lectures and discussion groups custom-designed by university faculty. Participants are given access to the world-class resources and expertise of each leading institution while also networking and sharing insights with peers. The Harvard Scaling Entrepreneurial Ventures program is designed to help Endeavor Entrepreneurs successfully build larger and more successful businesses. The Stanford Innovation and Growth program draws from the best of Stanford GSB’s world-class faculty and network to help Endeavor Entrepreneurs drive innovation and build leading companies in a competitive global marketplace.

The Advisors help the entrepreneurs with obstacles ranging from improving financial management and operational efficiency, to formulating a new growth strategy, to understanding the cross-border tax implications of expanding into new markets and much more.


Eligibility for this program is subject to EY approval based on internal conflict of interest regulations

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eMBA Fellows Each summer, Endeavor Entrepreneurs are able to recruit MBA students from top U.S. and international business schools, to work on-site. Participants often come from world-class institutions including Harvard, Stanford, MIT-Sloan, Wharton, Columbia, Kellogg, Yale, INSEAD, LBS, and IESE. This program allows Endeavor companies to bring in top-tier talent, working for a fraction of the market rate, who can be recruited to work on projects revolving around strategy, operations, financing, marketing, and expansion. Bain & Company Externship The externship allows highperforming Bain & Company consultants from offices worldwide to work closely with Endeavor Entrepreneurs on a variety of business development and operational projects. Externs represent top business talent trained in strategic, operational, and financial frameworks who can focus on high-priority initiatives without redirecting existing staff. Externship duration: 2-3 months, all year round

ACCESS TO MENTORS Endeavor offers its entrepreneurs access to a worldclass network of talented individuals and organizations that help them think bigger, make better decisions and multiply their impact. World-Class Mentors Endeavor connects entrepreneurs with personal mentors who provide ongoing one-on-one support. Mentors are selected from Endeavor’s active global network and are matched based on the entrepreneur’s goals, needs, and interests. Mentor relationships are continuous and provide entrepreneurs with inspiration and support. Custom Advisory Boards Endeavor works with entrepreneurs to build a team of advisors pulled from our mentor network. The Advisory Board provides sessions of in-depth counseling and guidance on strategy, industry, and specific topics of interest to help entrepreneurs grow their business efficiently. These strategic sessions help entrepreneurs: • validate their ambitions, • prioritize their problems, • build an action plan to address their strategic and operational priorities. Mentors collaboratively advise the entrepreneur on specific challenges and general strategies. They develop, refine, and review the growth strategy to link the entrepreneur needs to the menu of Endeavor services. Quarterly advisory board meetings Service Panels Service Panels are an opportunity for Endeavor Entrepreneurs to engage directly with the Endeavor Jordan Board members, and get feedback on growth challenges and future expansion plans. Quarterly sevice panels

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ACCESS TO SERVICES & PROGRAMS ACCESS TO MARKETS With 30 offices around the world, Endeavor helps its entrepreneurs connect with mentors in the global network through a targeted and needs-based approach. Connections include mentoring, strategic advice, and introductions with a variety of organizations and individuals in a number of fields. In addition to linking entrepreneurs with one another, Endeavor also facilitates introductions and meetings with consultants in fields ranging from accounting to public relations. Industry Tours For effective communication with its entrepreneurs, Endeavor applies a sector-based communication strategy to provide them with customized services that best correspond with their needs. As part of this Endeavor organizes focused industry tours. Networking Events Global Networking Events Endeavor organizes networking events bringing together entrepreneurs, mentors and investors and encouraging new ideas, synergies and connections. Entrepreneurs are also encouraged to attend International Selection Panels as observers, and get the chance to network, exchange views and ideas with fellow Endeavor Entrepreneurs and other network members.

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Local Networking Events At Endeavor Jordan we have our own set of networking events that we love to see our entrepreneurs attend! Catalyzing Conversation: An event organized to shed light on success stories, role models, hot topics of interest to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jordan and the region E-Meetups: An informal networking “happy hour” evening that aims at engaging members of the Endeavor network and ecosystem to develop relationships and exchange business interests Year-End Reception: We take the opportunity at the end of each year to celebrate our network, and extend gratitude to those who support us; while sharing our annual impact results and future plans



Endeavor provides its entrepreneurs with a comprehensive approach to acquiring funds to scale up their business. The access to capital pillar covers different perspectives; mentorship on the perfect fundraising pitch, 1:1 meetings with investors from around the globe, workshops on obtaining smart capital, as well as the opportunity for an investment from the Endeavor Catalyst Fund. Investor Network The Endeavor Investor Network is a global community that extends the reach of leading investment firms by providing access to high-growth companies and local investment partners in all of Endeavor’s markets. The Investor Network organizes annual regional treks and events that convene top entrepreneurs and investors. Investor Treks are one-day events that gather Endeavor’s network of leading investors and entrepreneurs from across the world for a day of networking and stimulating conversation.

DealMakers An exclusive annual two-day event, organized and hosted by Endeavor Jordan. The goal of the event is to engage top local, regional, and international investors with the most promising entrepreneurs through a richly curated agenda of networking activities, entrepreneur workshops, investors round-table discussions, and 1:1 speed networking sessions. Endeavor Catalyst Fund Endeavor Catalyst is the rules-based, co-investment arm of Endeavor Global, set up to invest exclusively in Endeavor Entrepreneur-led companies and to sustain Endeavor’s long-term operations in a mission-aligned way.





The Fund invests in: • Endeavor Entrepreneurs in good standing with their local office • Raising a minimum of US$ 5million of equity capital in a single round of financing • Led by a qualified institutional investor • If all criteria are met, Endeavor Catalyst, will invest up to 10% of the round - capped at US $1million • Endeavor Catalyst has invested in 40+ companies, across 15 countries, alongside top-tier venture capital funds Mentor Capital Program The Mentor Capital Program allows for mentors to provide feedback to Endeavor Entrepreneurs on their fundraising strategy, pitching materials, and termsheets through ongoing one-on-one support.

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Along the Road ... First Opinion Review

First Opinion Review (FOR) Getting to know each other! An initial meeting for Endeavor to learn more about the entrepreneurs’ business, and for them to learn more about Endeavor.

Second Opinion Review (SOR) 4-6 in depth 1:1 meetings with Endeavor board members and mentors to assess the business.

• Entrepreneurs introduce their business to Endeavor’s team • Learn about Endeavor, the kind of entrepreneurs we look for & how we support them Second Opinion Review • Entrepreneurs prepare to present the company’s business strategy, growth potential, challenges & opportunities • Receive feedback on the business model • Mentors will assess their fit with Endeavor based on selection criteria: ––Entrepreneur Leadership Potential ––Ecosystem Impact ––Scale & Acceleration ––Inflection Point & Timing • Work with a designated Endeavor account manager to prepare a business profile Local Selection Panel

Local Selection Panel (LSP) 1 day event at which candidates pitch their business to a panel of local Endeavor mentors and board members. Panelists then deliberate and select candidates ready for an international panel.

• Entrepreneurs work with an Endeavor account manager to complete the business profile & financial projections • Participate in a mock panel to prepare for the LSP • Receive support in developing the pitch & “story telling” technique • Pitch the business to local panelists at the LSP & receive constructive feedback International Selection Panel • Entrepreneurs work with Endeavor Global team to finalize the company profile • Review call with Endeavor Global mentors to practice pitch • Cover registration fees & travel costs • Travel to the event to network, pitch their business and receive constructive feedback from global business leaders

International Selection Panel (ISP) 2.5 day-event, held 6-8 times a year in different locations internationally, during which global business leaders interview candidates, deliberate, and select the latest class of Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

If at any point entrepreneurs do not make it to the next stage, we can re-connect & reassess at a later date. The selection process takes an average of 6 months but may take less or more time based on company readiness.

Candidates must receive a unanimous vote to be selected into the Endeavor network. Intro to Endeavor | 9


Inspiring Leader


Future Mentor and Investor

Shares his/her Story


Good Ethical Standing

Open to Feedback

Advocates for Endeavor

Pays it Forward

Has Decision Making Control


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ANNUAL GIVEBACK Endeavor is an organization of, by, and for entrepreneurs. To support its mission and ongoing operations, Endeavor has established an annual giveback of US $10K for each Endeavor Entrepreneur, where a giveback request of US $2500 is sent to entrepreneurs at the beginning of each quarter.


One of the main attributes of Endeavor Entrepreneurs is the ability to Pay it Forward. As community leaders and role models, Endeavor Entrepreneurs reinvest their knowledge, credibility, time, and financial gains in the next generation of entrepreneurs, thus multiplying their influence. In particular, they mentor earlier-stage innovators and startups, share their stories to inspire future generations, and spearhead socially responsible business initiatives and venture funds. The Endeavor Model

Endeavor deliveres powerful results helping to unleash the power of high-impact entrepreneurs. 12 | Intro to Endeavor

Endeavor Entrepreneurs have demonstrated their impact through:

MEASURING SUCCESS Endeavor takes pride in its numbers! Local and Global impact are measured annually through surveys that collect data on entrepreneur performance in that year.

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NET PROMOTER SCORE “On a scale from 1-10, 1 being Extremely Unlikely, and 10 being Extremely Likely, Would you recommend Endeavor to a friend or colleague?” A simple, but yet obligatory, one-question survey sent to all Endeavor Entrepreneurs at the end of each year to evaluate their level of satisfaction from Endeavor to help us improve our operations.


Endeavor Entrepreneurs are highly encouraged to incorporate the entrepreneur seal on all their communication; email signature, website, social media, stationery, as well as acknowledging Endeavor as a milestone in their company’s growth journey when talking to the media.


There is never a deadline to receiving referrals; Endeavor is always on the lookout for high-impact entrepreneurs to join the network, and who’s more credible than an Endeavor Entrepreneur to do the introduction!


Entrepreneurs are requested not to hesitate in sharing their news and highlights with us; keep us on their mailing list, we love sharing their success with our followers on social media, our website, and Global’s monthly newsletter, to shed light on Jordanian success stories that would create the multiplier effect! Entrepreneurs are requested to follow Endeavor on social media, here are Jordan and Global’s handlers!

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Walid Tahabsem President & CEO, Integrated Technology Group Endeavor Jordan Chairman

Nadia Al Saeed CEO, Bank al Etihad Endeavor Jordan Vice Chair

Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh CEO, Arab Wings

Ahmad Hanandeh CEO, Zain Jordan

Ali Al-Husry Director, Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Maher Kaddoura Investor & Management Consultant Al-Jude

Dr. Amjad Aryan Founder & CEO, Pharmacy 1

Bassem Al-Salem Chairman, Capital Investments

Dr. Fawaz Zu’bi Founder & CEO, Accelerator Technology Holdings

Peter B. Kellner Founder & Managing Partner, Richmond Management Endeavor Global Co-Founder

Randa Sadik Deputy CEO, Arab Bank

Said Darwazah Chairman & CEO, Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Safwan Masri Executive Vice President Global Centers & Global Development, Columbia University

Waddah Barkawi Partner, Ernst & Young

Ziad Shatara CEO, Umniah

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