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Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece




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Welcome Note In the first four months of 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the majority of the Greek economy, slowing down the growth and expansion of most Greek companies. There is still a lot that we don’t know about the crisis, but one thing is for sure. In times like this, entrepreneurial innovation and support networks can be critical. Endeavor Greece was launched 7 years ago with the mission to build an essential support platform for the Greek high-impact entrepreneurs, those who can change the course of our country’s economic development. Looking at 2019, it has been a remarkable year for Endeavor Greece, a year of exponential growth for our Endeavor Entrepreneurs as well as for our operations and metrics. Last year, Endeavor Greece selected 9 Greek entrepreneurs, who are leading high-growth, scalable companies. The founders of Pollfish, Softomotive, Instashop, Matternet, NumberAI, Pnoe and Nova Credit are now part of a unique network of 31 Greek Endeavor Entrepreneurs from 25 companies. This group generated a total of €380M in Revenues, created 4.3K Jobs and raised more than €120M in Equity in 2019. The 2019 average Compound Annual Growth Rate in Revenues by our Endeavor Entrepreneurs was more than 100%. Overall, through our programs and partnerships, like the “OPAP Forward” program, Endeavor Greece is supporting a total of 80 companies, which generated €1BN combined in Revenues and created 11.5K Jobs in 2019. For Endeavor Greece, the main priority of 2019 was to scale up our operations. 120 Mentors offered 750 advisory and mentoring hours while at the same time, our Entrepreneurs and network joined a total of 65 Roundtables, Panels and Meetups, hosted -or supported by- Endeavor Greece in 4 different countries, Greece, US, Germany and UK. Today, we have a strong belief that Endeavor’s global and Greek network is in a unique position to add

CEO of Phāea Resorts, Senior Architect of T.E.MES. S.A, Chairwoman of Endeavor Greece


targeted value and support to the best of Greek entrepreneurship, accelerate their growth and multiply their impact on our economy. In 2020, despite the disruption that Covid-19 will cause to the market, we can still see many opportunities from which we would like to point out two. The first one is that there are hundreds of fast-growing companies and high-impact entrepreneurs in Greece that are in a position to scale and become international success stories - hidden, or not-so-hidden gems. These companies are underserved and overlooked, their entrepreneurs are not fully connected internationally, nor part of communities and platforms that can support them in multiplying their impact. The second one is that there are also thousands of highimpact Greek entrepreneurs (and talent) spread around the world. Their skill-set, networks and mentality would add tremendous value to the Greek economy. Greece is becoming a viable option for them and repatriating a part of their operations and teams will be a huge bet for the Greek economy, with tremendous benefits. Endeavor Greece can be a driver for both these opportunities. We are in a unique position to bring closer the most promising Greek entrepreneurs in Greece and abroad, and bring them in our global communities. These entrepreneurial communities share the necessary skills that the greek entrepreneurs will need to manage the uncertainty and better adapt to the new reality that will emerge from the 2020 crisis. Additionally, we will launch our Insight Department which will focus on creating content and data around the impact of entrepreneurial communities and scaleups in local economies. Although 2020 will unquestionably be a challenging year for greek entrepreneurship, we believe that it can be also a transformative one and that with innovation, extroversion and adaptability as well as high-impact networks, the Greek economy will quickly return on its growth trajectory.

Managing Director, Endeavor Greece



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

Endeavor’s Response to the

COVID-19 CRISIS As the Coronavirus outbreak brought the global economy in turbulence, Endeavor Greece remained a valuable supporter to entrepreneurs, by introducing new initiatives that help them deal with this new crisis. COVID-19 presented business leaders with an unprecedented challenge and an immediate slow down. Entrepreneurs also had to adjust to working from home effectively, to running virtual meetings, reassuring

their teams and keeping everyone in the workplace safe. There is a need for them to stay ahead of the fastpacing developments and legal obligations, as well as the implications to the global economy. As everyone is working to find a new normal in these extraordinary times, Endeavor’s global community across 37 markets is continuing to work hard to provide support to match entrepreneurs’ evolving needs.



In order to respond to the urgent need for information and content, Endeavor Greece speeded up the launch of its Insight Department, focusing on research, reports and webinars, to provide entrepreneurs with data and knowledge that will help them make better decisions.

Resource Library Endeavor Global created an open-source library with curated, vetted crisis management resources, including articles, expert advice, and webinar recordings, designed to serve the entrepreneurship community. This library gives access to a compilation of resources relevant to dealing with the COVID-19 crisis as entrepreneurs, as employees, as people.

Webinars: Εndeavor has launched a series of expert-led sessions curated from our global network, featuring guest speakers that share inspiring stories, best case practices and insights on how they have been handling

the situation in their industries so that our network of high-impact entrepreneurs is better equipped and prepared to deal with the impact of this new crisis.

Newsletters Apart from Endeavor Greece’s monthly newsletter, special editions of daily and weekly newsletters were created from the first days of the outbreak in Greece, gathering and curating a selection of articles, reports and podcasts on the crisis.

As everyone is working to find a new normal in these extraordinary times, Endeavor’s global community across 37 markets is continuing to work hard to provide support to match entrepreneurs’ evolving needs.

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

Surveys - Reports Report on the impact of COVID-19 on Greek businesses According to a survey that Endeavor Greece conducted during the first week of the COVID-19 outbreak in Greece, which focused on market and employment trends, the readiness of Greek businesses and their ability to adapt to the new situation, the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the country’s fast-growing businesses was alarming . A sample of 100 fast-growing small and medium–sized enterprises (SMEs) with a turnover of up to €80 million participated in the survey.

Greek Consumer Sentiment during COVID-19 Endeavor Insight run the first consumer survey, powered by Endeavor company Pollfish, which captured the early signs and trends of behavioral changes and expectations of Greek consumers.



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece


MISSION Endeavor is a mission-driven, global organization leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world. Endeavor was founded on the belief that job creation, innovation and prosperity, flourish where there is solid support for the high-impact entrepreneurs. Endeavor defines high-impact entrepreneurs as those who:

Endeavor offers a best-in-class seal of approval for a carefully curated group of entrepreneurs (the “Endeavor Entrepreneurs”) that includes an exceptional personal and professional network, effortless co-investment capital and peer-to-peer idea exchange in an actual global setting.


the biggest, most innovative ideas and the power to bring them to life.


their knowledge, credibility and financial gains in the next generation of entrepreneurs, thus multiplying their influence.

Endeavor is a mission-driven, global organization leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world.


their business, creating significantly more wealth and job sustainability.

Endeavor serves as a global thought leader as well, demonstrating why high-impact entrepreneurship matters and how innovations can come from unexpected places. Successful high-impact entrepreneurs generate a multiplier effect: Their success stories inspire young people everywhere, regardless of birthplace or background as they start to believe, that they too, can dream big, scale-up and pay their success forward. Endeavor’ s ultimate goal is a fair and prosperous future for everyone.


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece


GLOBAL FOOTPRINT Endeavor model is spread to 37 markets around the world, where we support nearly 2,000 high-impact entrepreneurs today. In 2019, we launched offices in Colorado, Ireland, NW Arkansas and Western NY.

Endeavor has offices in:





Endeavor penetrates markets that have: • A pipeline of potential high-impact entrepreneurs • A vibrant startup scene still lacking in scale-up support • Local “pull” from top business leaders


The full list of Endeavor offices... and where we’ re going next. ARGENTINA Buenos Aires Córdoba Cuyo Noa Patagonia Rosario BRAZIL Belo Horizonte Curitiba Florianópolis Fortaleza Porto Alegre Recife Rio de Janeiro São Paulo BULGARIA Sofia CHILE Atacama: Antofagasta Patagonia: Puerto Varas Santiago

COLOMBIA Bogotá Barranquilla Medellín ECUADOR Quito EGYPT Cairo

KENYA Nairobi LEBANON Beirut MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur



MEXICO Guadalajara Mérida Mexico City Monterrey Puebla Querétaro


MOROCCO Casablanca





URUGUAY Montevideo






USA Arkansas NW Atlanta Colorado

Detroit Louisville Miami New York NY Western San Francisco VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City HIGH-POTENTIAL 2020 Canada, India, Romania, Singapore HIGH-POTENTIAL 2021-2023 Australia, Central America, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, New Zealand, Poland, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece








with supporting offices for the entrepreneurs.

The Endeavor




Seasoned entrepreneurs reinvest in Endeavor and other entrepreneurs in a number of ways - SUSTAINING the cycle.




Our model is properly designed to SEARCH for, SELECT and SCALE-UP entrepreneurs with the greatest potential for large-scale success, then SPREAD their stories and resources to SUSTAIN economic and social transformation in their home markets and beyond.


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

To date, Endeavor has selected




2,016 1,258







In 2018, Endeavor Entrepreneurs generated


Ninety percent of Endeavor Entrepreneurs SPREAD their impact by serving later as angel investors, mentors and active advocates of highimpact entrepreneurship.


All metrics as of September 30th, 2019





Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

The Endeavor Model

1: SEARCH A team of 500+ members along with a global network, explore thoroughly all our markets to identify the entrepreneurs who qualify for Endeavor screening process. Endeavor candidates operate in various industries: enterprise software and services, fintech, food & beverage, education, healthcare, agriculture, retail and consumer tech, and smart cities. We look for the ones who lead innovative companies that are solving real problems at a significant scale. Endeavor provides a merit-based investment platform open to those who dream big and create high-growth companies. We meet some of the founders in an early stage and walk them through in local scale-up programs that help build our search & selection pipeline. We encounter others who have already raised capital, and still others who are considered “Unicorns� (tech companies valued at US$1BN) but still have room for growth.


Food & Beverage



The evaluation process for Endeavor candidates, is guided by the following questions: 1) Can these entrepreneurs SCALE their companies at least 10x beyond where they are today (or even more than 10x if the business is currently under US$5M in annual revenue)? 2) Do they possess mindset for GROWTH and values of the Endeavor global community? 3) Will the entrepreneur(s) MULTIPLY their impact by learning how to be thought leaders and role models and pay their success forward by using our platform?

Enterprise Software & Services

Retail & Consumer Tech


Smart Cities

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece


The Endeavor Model

2: SELECT Our selection process begins in each local market and reaches our International Selection Panels (ISPs), held throughout the year in different cities around the world. Statistically, fewer than 5% of candidates who enter the initial selection process move onto an ISP. The Endeavor selection process could be considered as a service itself for the entrepreneurs. During screening process, the transformational conversations with prominent business leaders, push candidates to reflect and answer tough questions about their business models, team strength and future growth plans. ENDEAVOR ENTREPRENEUR International Selection Panel International business leaders serve as panelists to interview candidates, deliberate and select a new class of Endeavor Entrepreneurs by a unanimous vote.


Local Selection Panel A group of 4-8 local mentors and Board Members, interview, deliberate and select candidates for an ISP.


Second Opinion Reviews Endeavor mentors conduct multiple interviews with each candidate, probing the business strategy, innovation, growth-potential and candidate’ s personal qualities.

2 CANDIDATES First Opinion Reviews Endeavor staff conducts a one-hour interview to assess the candidate’ s viability.

1 We screen and select high-impact entrepreneurs who will accelerate Endeavor’s mission.


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

The Endeavor Model

3: SCALE-UP We deliver demand-driven services locally, regionally and globally. We then customize these services to boost our entrepreneurs’ individual scale-up journeys.

Investor Network facilitates access to capital for our entrepreneurs through road-show preparation, “speed dating” sessions and curated introductions to best-in-class investors. Advisory Boards provide expert mentorship to founders on strategy and execution.

Executive Education offers Endeavor Entrepreneurs and their senior managers uniquely designed programs that focus on leadership, innovation and scaling techniques for companies, at the world’ s top business schools, including Harvard, Stanford and Insead.

Market Access opens doors to new commercial opportunities and global expansion through network connections, deep-dive country visits and specialized industry tours.

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

Endeavor Outliers is an intimate, peer-to-peer program organized for an annually selected class of Endeavor Entrepreneurs leading the fastest-growing companies in our active portfolio, along with alumni of the most successfully exited Endeavor companies.

Endeavor OPEN is the tech platform that brings the entire Endeavor network - the people, the resources, the events - to members’ fingertips.

Endeavor Catalyst, our rulesbased fund, co-invests in Endeavor Entrepreneurs raising rounds of a minimum of US$5M in equity capital, led by qualified institutional investors. Our fund invests up to 10% of each qualifying round, currently capped at US$2M per company. As of September 2019, Endeavor Catalyst has coinvested in 124 companies across 25 markets with seven exits and five “Unicorns” in its active portfolio.

Verticals unite the global portfolio of Endeavor Entrepreneurs under the sector-specific communities and connect them with a curated network of peers, investors and mentors.



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

The Endeavor Model

4: SPREAD Successful entrepreneurs tend to reinvest in their communities and networks, to multiply their impact and promote healthier entrepreneurial models. They serve as angel investors, mentors, board members and advocates of the next generation of promising entrepreneurs. At Endeavor we call this phenomenon the ‘Multiplier effect’, one of Endeavor’s core principals, which has the power to shape and transform ecosystems in growth markets around the world.





Persado Persado Persado Workable

THE MULTIPLIER EFFECT IN ACTION One paradigm of a high-impact entrepreneur is Endeavor’s Board Member, Marco Veremis. He is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Upstream, where he served as the company’s CEO until June 2017. Since the last decade, he has grown to a high-profile, role-model for the successive generations of entrepreneurs. Prior to the founding of Upstream, he worked as a marketing strategist for Omnicom, WPP and IPG, where he developed global communication strategies for brands such as Nestlé, SmithKline Beecham, Johnson & Johnson and Sony Electronics. Marco multiplies his thought leadership by serving on the boards of multiple companies while supporting other entrepreneurs as a mentor and an angel investor. He is the co-founder and partner in the investment fund BigPi and an active angel investor and member of the board in tech companies such as Persado, Workable, Hellas Direct and Softomotive. He is the President of SEN/Junior Achievement Greece and a Board member of Endeavor Greece, the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (ΙΟΒΕ) and the research and policy institute diaNEOsis. Marco has been awarded with the EY award as Greek “Entrepreneur of the Year”, in 2013.


Marco Veremis




Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

Mentorings 2014

Hellas Direct




co-Founded 2017

BoD 2018

Invested in 2019





Sal Giambanco



Irida Labs


Coffee Island







Nova Credit





BigPi Venture Capital

Plum Fintech

IOBE Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research Hellas Direct

SEV - Hellenic Federation of Entreprises

PNOĒ Pobuca Schoox

Endeavor Greece ΣΕΝ - Junior Achievement Greece Softomotive Softone Balena Softomotive Intelligencia TileDB Balena Fieldscale

Vivante Health Vivante Health 2bullMeDiTherapy Accusonus Phenometry Kinems Space Talos Vivante Health Flexfin


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

The Endeavor Model

5: SUSTAIN Endeavor Entrepreneurs use our platform to give back and ensure the access to opportunities and community growth to future generations.

Founder-to-Funder programs educate Endeavor Entrepreneurs on how to become angel investors and venture capitalists themselves, to further propel entrepreneur-led growth. Pay-it-forward platforms allow our entrepreneurs to become Endeavor board members, panelists, investors in Endeavor Catalyst and philanthropists in their home markets.

Catalyst pioneered the 50/50 profit-sharing fund model that is now being replicated by other mission-driven institutions. Through our fund, investors gain access to a world-class, diversified pipeline of companies while participating in profit-sharing with Endeavor. Returns from Endeavor Catalyst, combined with other marketdriven revenue, will enable Endeavor to become a financially self-sustaining organization by 2030.


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece



SUPPORTING ENTREPRENEURS IN THEIR PURSUIT OF ACCESS TO CAPITAL Endeavor Catalyst is the global, rules-based fund of Endeavor. An innovative co-investment vehicle, designed to support Endeavor Entrepreneurs with their equity financing rounds and contribute to the long-term sustainability of Endeavor. Following a disciplined, rules-based investment process, Endeavor Catalyst invests alongside professional venture capital and growth equity firms into the equity financing rounds of Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Since its founding date in 2012, Endeavor has invested in more than 110 companies across 25 markets, including six exits (Globant, Yemeksepeti, Mapam (RUMA), FIGS, lyzico, Foriba) and four “Unicorns� in its active portfolio. Building on the success of Endeavor Catalyst I and Endeavor Catalyst II, we are now launching Endeavor Catalyst III. Endeavor Catalyst III is targeting US$100M+ and will follow the same strategy as in previous funds.

WE INVEST IN: Raising equity rounds of $5M+

Endeavor Entrepreneur companies

Led by a qualified, institutional investor

The Endeavor Catalyst Committee reviews each investment and ensures it meets the funds criteria.

REID HOFFMAN Co-founder, LinkedIn; Partner, Greylock Chair, Endeavor Catalyst

NICK BEIM Partner, Venrock

JASON GREEN Founder & General Partner, Emergence Capital Partners

JOANNA REES Managing Partner, West

Once an investment is approved by the Endeavor Catalyst Committee, we invest in up to 10% of the round with a maximum participation of US$2M.*

*Our investment cap is subject to change.


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

ENDEAVOR CATALYST ENABLES INVESTORS TO ACHIEVE COMPETITIVE RETURNS AND HAVE A POSITIVE IMPACT, AS THEY: • Gain access to a world-class pipeline of companies. Endeavor Entrepreneurs lead the highest-potential, fastest-growing companies around the world. • Achieve global diversification of investments. Endeavor Catalyst invests across all 30+ Endeavor markets, providing unparalleled investment diversification and acting as a buffer against the “ups and downs” of a single, local economy. • Participate in meaningful profit-sharing with Endeavor. Endeavor Catalyst leverages its strong performance to enable Endeavor’ s financial self-sustainability through a 50/50 profit-sharing model. We invest primarily in technology and technology-enabled companies across eight broad sectors. Investments in Retail & Consumer Tech, Fintech, and Enterprise Software and Services companies, represent 76% of our capital deployed. Some of the funds we have co-invested in:

Endeavor Catalyst enables financial self-sustainability through a unique investment model for globally-backed entrepreneurs. We achieve this goal by investing in Endeavor Entrepreneurs with capital to accelerate growth, generating more jobs and revenue, fueling economic growth in countries that need it the most. The proceeds of the co-investment fund support the future of the organization, since part of the return is directed to operations.


of the invested portfolio is located in Latin America


investments already made in Brazil

+US$ 115 million


in capital invested in Endeavor Entrepreneurs


investments already made around the world


countries received investments from the fund

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece




Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

Endeavor Greece

TIMELINE Endeavor Greece has been operating and growing over the last 7 years. Here are the main milestones in retrospect.

2012 In September 2012, Endeavor launches its regional office in Greece - the first expansion in Europe, with 13 founding Board members and selects its first Endeavor Entrepreneur. A few months later, Endeavor Greece hosts its first International Selection Panel (ISP) in Athens.


2013 Endeavor Greece publishes its first report: “Entrepreneurship and Investment Opportunities in Greece Today”. The organization recruits its first 30 mentors.

2014 “The Greek Startup Scene at a Glance” report is published. Endeavor Greece published a report on “Creating Jobs for Youth in Greece”, donated exclusively by Stavros Niarchos Foundation.


2015 Endeavor Catalyst invests for the first time in a Greek Endeavor company: Hellas Direct. Endeavor Greece publishes the report “A Youth Perspective on Entrepreneurship: Something is Changing” in collaboration with EY, AUEB and the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

2016 The launch of Endeavor’s first accelerator program in Greece: OPAP Forward.


2017 Endeavor Catalyst invests in Blueground, the second Endeavor Greece company.

2018 Endeavor Greece hosts another International Selection Panel (ISP) in Athens. Endeavor Catalyst invests in Endeavor Greece company Workable.


2019 Nikos Moraitakis, the first Greek EE, joins Endeavor Greece’ s Board of Directors. Endeavor Greece reaches 30+ entrepreneurs and makes a record by selecting 9 new Endeavor Entrepreneurs within a year.


Endeavor Greece

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

Endeavor Greece

EVOLUTION Endeavor Greece now supports 25 companies since its launch, in 2012. 30 25 20 15 10





5 0



5 2014









Distribution of companies* according to sector of activity Hospitality


Food & Beverages




CHB - Christodoulou Brothers



Green Cola Konva

Ergon Instashop

Papadimitriou Healthcare


Smart Cities

Software & Services


Hellas Direct




Nova Credit



Oseven Telematics




Think Digital Group (TDG)



Our impact:





*Companies actively supported by Endeavor.







generated by actively supported Endeavor Entrepreneurs

during the last 3 years of actively supported Endeavor Entrepreneurs


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

THE SCALE-UP PHASE The multiplier effect of high-impact entrepreneurs

The high-impact entrepreneurial community in Greece is vibrant, both diverse and linked. Each link shares a story. It could be a conversation that changed a business’s journey, a day that inspired someone to give it another shot, an investment that provided a business with the necessary second wind to scale up, a mentor who changed an entrepreneur’ s vision.

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece


Endeavor Outliers event

Photo by Kieran Kesner for Endeavor

These are stories that do exist. As a network, we implement the multiplier effect, the opportunity for a single entrepreneur to make an impact on the ecosystem through investing, mentoring, shaping communities and contributing towards an entrepreneurial-spirit country. We strongly believe that high-impact entrepreneurs can change the world, which is why we work to provide

them with conditions to reach their full potential. For over 7 years, we have accelerated these connections and supported entrepreneurs in their journey of ongoing growth, ultimately impacting people, markets, cities and Greece as a whole. In the next pages you will find some of the most outstanding stories behind these connections.


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

NEW Endeavor Greece Entrepreneurs (2019) The new generation of the most promising Greek Entrepreneurs that were selected to join Endeavor in 2019.

Pollfish Pollfish is an agile market-research platform, offering real-time responses from mobile users. John Papadakis & Andreas Vourkos were selected at the 85th International Selection Panel in San Francisco.

Softomotive Softomotive is one of the leading providers of Robotic Process Automation solutions, trusted by more than 9,000 companies worldwide. Marios Stavropoulos & Argyris Kaninis were selected at the 85th International Selection Panel in San Francisco, USA.

Instashop Instashop is one of the leading e-grocery platforms in the Gulf region. John Tsioris was selected at the 86th International Selection Panel in Cairo.

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

Matternet Matternet has developed one of the world’ s leading technology platforms for aerial delivery on-demand, of small parcels in urban environments. Andreas Raptopoulos was selected at the 90th International Selection Panel in Atlanta, USA.

NumberAI NumberAI is a business messaging platform that enables SMEs to engage in two-way conversations with customers across different messaging services including SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp. Tasso Roumeliotis was selected at the 90th International Selection Panel in Atlanta, USA.

Pnoē Pnoē is a breath analysis solution that derives insights on user’s health through a 12-minute test and delivers actionable results via a smartphone app. Apostolos Atsalakis was selected at the 91st International Selection Panel in Istanbul.

Nova Credit Nova Credit provides a Credit Passport®, which contains its clients’ international credit history and can be used for any financial transaction in the US. Nicky Goulimis was selected at the 92nd International Selection Panel in Mexico.



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

Entrepreneurs that are


Nikos Moraitakis & Spyros Magiatis SHARE A GLOBAL MINDSET SINCE DAY 1

John co-founded Instashop, now a market leader in the Middle East. The company has grown very rapidly, constantly launching new features, as John insists on executing every single fresh idea he comes up with.

Nikos and Spyros, the founders of Workable, had a common goal from the very beginning, to become a Global Recruitment Software and they made it.



Giannis is the CEO of Frezyderm, a leader in dermaceuticals. He keeps investing in R&D and continues to launch innovative products.

John Tsioris

Giannis Anastasiou

Thomas, the founder of Ergon, launched the 1st foodie hotel in the world, offering a unique gastronomic experience to its visitors.

Nikos Moraitakis

Thomas Douzis

Spyros Magiatis


Panos Palaiologos IS SELF-MADE

Periklis, the founder of Green Cola, launched the first ‘cola-style’ soft drink containing stevia. He has become an inspiration for many global competitors to do the same.

Panos, the founder of Hotel Brain, is the number one hotel manager in Greece with 60 hotels in Hotel Keys’ portfolio.


Marios Stavropoulos & Argyris Kaninis RAISE THE BAR

Alex founded Blueground, a company with a huge increase rate on hiring employees.

Marios and Argyris, the founders of Softomotive, were the ones to raise the biggest series A in Greece.

Periklis Venieris

Panos Palaiologos

Alex Chatzieleftheriou

Marios Stavropoulos & Argyris Kaninis


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

Connections that

TRANSFORM Mentoring is the basic principle of our support model for entrepreneurs. The relationship with mentors -including thought-provoking discussions, advice and support - ultimately accelerate business growth so that they can transform the country.

The dedication of our mentors further strengthens our cause and the emergence of new role models. Endeavor Mentors are stellar entrepreneurs, executives, consultants and investors with a consolidated trajectory of success and who donate their time voluntarily to support our case. They’ re responsible for sharing experiences, best practices and insights with entrepreneurs by the means of mentorship, assessment boards and lectures/talks.

+750 mentoring hours in 2019

120+ mentors


mentoring sessions in 2019


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

Some of Our


Apostolos Apostolakis Founder and Partner VentureFriends

Nikos Bonatsos Managing Director General Catalyst

Aimilios Chalamandaris Co-founder and CEO Innoetics

George Daskalakis Co-founder & CEO Stoiximan

Vlassis Georgatos Chairman & Managing Director Gregory’s

Marina Hatsopoulos Angel Investor

Phil Kafarakis President Specialty Food Association

Marica Labrou ex Managing Director Kafkas

Socrates Lazaridis CEO Athens Exchange Group

Panos Papazoglou Country Managing Partner EY

Vasilis Stavrou Brand President AB Vassilopoulos

Andreas Stavropoulos Partner DFJ Venture Capital


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

EVANGELOS ARGYROPOULOS A truly engaged Endeavor mentor True mentors are considered the ones who transform entrepreneurs’ mindsets, encourage them to dream bigger and create new connections in new, engaging ways. Evangelos became an Endeavor mentor in 2013. Since then, he has helped more than 10 Endeavor companies to grow through his mentorship. He leads a hands-on business development profile by scratching beneath the surface and encouraging entrepreneurs to think differently. During mentoring sessions, he has shared effective guidance and insights to F&B Endeavor Entrepreneurs. As a mentor, he is always committed to finding new opportunities, endorsing with recommendations and valuable connections. He is very accessible and willing to offer his guidance, whenever we reach for his help. In the early 2019, he entered the advisory board of KONVA and since then, Evangelos has provided Gianna Tzika, the

company’s CEO, with valuable insights on Greek retail market. His strategic guidance was applied on operational, marketing and hiring matters, including the factory’s operations. Along with some precious connections for Gianna, Evangelos has helped her deal with important negotiation issues.

“Evangelos is a mentor that truly cares and spends time to analyze and discuss problems. He is a very good listener, a rare characteristic for such a successful businessman. He is the kind of partner that everyone would want to work with. His connections, his references as well as his active participation in the business stage make the perfect combination that is completed by his honest and positive attitude!” said Gianna Tzika


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

A Network with an

IMPACT Mentor: Costantza Sbokou-Constantakopoulou, CEO of Phāea Resorts, Senior Architect of T.E.MES. S.A, Chairwoman of Endeavor Greece Endeavor Entrepreneur: Thomas Douzis, Ergon

Costantza Sbokou-Constantakopoulou

Costantza Sbokou-Constantakopoulou, Endeavor Greece’s Chairwoman, has helped many members of the Endeavor Network, since the day she joined the Board of Directors. A case that stands out, is the one of Thomas Douzis, founder, CEO & Creative Director of Ergon. Through various meetings and discussions, Costantza helped Thomas, who has been operating only in the restaurant industry, obtain hotel knowledge.

“When Ergon was founded, it was a 100% food brand. In 2019 we decided to take a huge step and enter the hotel industry. Soon, we launched Ergon House in Athens, the first foodie hotel in the world. Costantza’s contribution was priceless during this transition, as she connected me with key people on the industry. One of the most important introductions she made, was that with Serdan Kutucu, COO of Design Hotels. This connection was very valuable, as we remained very close with Serdan, with discussions on hotel expansions.” Thomas Douzis

said Thomas Douzis

Mentor: Kevin Ryan, Founder & CEO, Alley Corp Endeavor Entrepreneur: Alex Chatzieleftheriou, Blueground Among the most challenging moments of his journey, Kevin Ryan, a high-profile serial entrepreneur from New York, decided to donate his precious time to help other entrepreneurs. In 2019, Kevin decided to invest in Blueground, and shortly to enter the Board of Directors.

“It was at an Endeavor fireside chat in Dubai, where I first got to meet Kevin. His insights and advice from that first discussion were super valuable to me. I found myself furiously taking notes and looking for more answers even after the chat had wrapped up. Once we began expanding into NYC, we spent several hours trying to convince Kevin to join Blueground (an exception to his tradition of joining start-ups in their early stages). Fortunately, Kevin decided to come on board and all of his support has been pivotal to Blueground and to me personally as an entrepreneur.”

Kevin Ryan

said Alex Chatzieleftheriou Alex Chatzieleftheriou


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

Endeavor Greece


TRANSFORMATION TAKES A TEAM EFFORT We do dream big. We do have high expectations. That is why we value our top-level team. Armed with a great deal of willpower, a serious sparkle in their eyes and an urge to excel themselves and raise the bar at any given time. This, is how a promising future is built.

Katerina Derveni Marketing & Communications Manager

Maria - Christina Grelloni Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Manager

Panagiotis Karampinis Managing Director

Anna Natsvlishvilli Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Associate

Stavroula Neofytou Office Manager

Katerina Raptopoulou Marketing & Communications Associate

Sakis Triantafyllakis Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Manager

Elena Valkana Entrepreneur Selection and Growth Associate


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Relying on some of the greatest benchmarks in our network, this Board is a source of inspiration and expertise that enables us to make the best decisions and bring us closer to making the impact we are craving for.

Costantza Sbokou-Constantakopoulou

Mareva Grabowski

Michael D. Chandris

CEO of PhÄ ea Resorts, Senior Architect of T.E.MES. S.A, Chairwoman of Endeavor Greece

Founder & Vice Chairman, Endeavor Greece



Nikos Moraitakis

Joanna Papadopoulos

Dimitris Papalexopoulos

Pericles Stamatiadis

President & Managing Director, E.J. Papadopoulos S.A.

CEO, Titan Cement Co. S.A.


Aziz D. Syriani

Spyros Theodoropoulos

Eftichios Vassilakis

CEO, Workable

Yiannis Stasinopoulos VIOHALCO S.A.

Member of the Corporate Board of Directors, The Olayan Group

Marco Veremis

National Bank of Greece

Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Upstream, Partner BigPi Venture Capital

CEO, Chipita S.A.

Christos Diamantopoulos Advisor to the Board

Marily Frangista

Chairman, Aegean Airlines


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece


Edgar Bronfman, Jr. (Chairman) General Partner, Accretive LLC James Wolfensohn (emeritus) Chairman, Wolfensohn & Company LLC Peter Kellner (emeritus), Founder & Managing Partner Richmond Global; Co-founder, Endeavor Global Nick Beim Partner, Venrock Wences Casares Founder & CEO, Xapo; Endeavor Entrepreneur William E. Ford CEO, General Atlantic Jason Green Founder & General Partner, Emergence Capital Partners Matt Harris Bain Capital Ventures Reid Hoffman Co-Founder, LinkedIn; Partner, Greylock Partners Joanna Rees Managing Partner, West Linda Rottenberg Co-founder & CEO, Endeavor Global Veronica Serra Founding Partner, Pacific Investimentos and Innova Capital Nicolas Szekasy Co-founder & Managing Partner, Kaszek Ventures

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

OUR PARTNERS Local Partners

Global Partners



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

PHOTO OPAP Forward Awards Ceremony, 11th June 2019

Endeavor Greece

SCALE-UP PROGRAM Transforming companies through connections

OPAP FORWARD OPAP Forward, launched in 2016, is the largest Entrepreneurship program in Greece, designed to offer a unique opportunity to fast-growing Small-Medium Businesses, so that through their development, these companies will unleash their full potential and generate new jobs. More specifically the program provides: Strategic Guidance, Trainings, Access to Investors, International Market Prospects and Networking Events.

Today, the program supports 50 companies that operate in 9 industries, generated approximately â‚Ź640 million and have created 36k jobs.

The OPAP Forward Report published in 2018


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece


OUR IMPACT IN 2019 More than

More than



Entrepreneurs supported

jobs created

15% the average growth of companies under the Scale-Up program.


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

A high-impact story on mentoring Mandrekas S.A., a family run dairy business, joined the OPAP Forward Program in 2018. The family was matched with Dimitris Ramfos, Chief Buyer of Sklavenitis, who would become their mentor and would work closely with them throughout the year. Together they had more than 10 meetings, during which, they discussed business models, sales channels, portfolio expansion and market positioning. Dimitris connected them with important people in the industry. He visited their premises and offered hours in consulting, in order to help them launch and promote one of their most successful products: Youphoria High Protein yogurt. More specifically, he helped them with the market research that preceded the product’s launch and advised them on how to bring Youphoria High Protein to the local market. Violetta Mandreka, one of Mandrekas’ founders and the company’s Supply Chain Manager stated,

“Our company’s participation in ‘OPAP Forward’ Program was a great experience and gave us the opportunity to maximize our overall business performance. During the program we worked very closely with our mentor, Mr Dimitris Ramfos, Chief Buyer of Sklavenitis. His valuable guidance helped us improve our weaknesses, implement new market strategies and develop a more sustainable business model. Moreover, his consulting was important for the successful launch of ‘Mandrekas’ innovative product, Youphoria High Protein.”

Dust + Cream ONCE A START-UP NOW AN ENDEAVOR ENTREPRENEUR The scale-up story of Dust + Cream, is the best example for those people who do dream big. In 2012, Leandros founded Dust + Cream, a cosmetics retailer targeting young Greek women who are looking for quality beauty products at affordable prices. The company’s range includes everything from makeup to fragrances, branded or own label. In 2018, Leandros along with his brother Vasilis, General Manager of Cream Team, joined the OPAP Forward program relying on the assistance of mentors and their connections to accelerate growth. Today, Dust + Cream is active in more than 76 locations across Greece and Cyprus, multiplying its presence in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. To reach its potential in becoming a local benchmark and a role model for other generations, Leandros was selected as Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2018.

The story of the Mandrekas family stands among the 50 examples of accelerated businesses in 2019 through Opap Forward Program.

Leandros Karakatsanis

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece


SPREADING THE WORD Stories are how we bring life, name and identity to our impact. The growth track of an entrepreneur can turn into a discussion panel at an event, a success story on our impact report and a video on our website. Our accelerator program can become a feature article on a magazine cover, the focus of a TV segment and an

inspiration for other companies. The lessons learned by entrepreneurs can become benchmarks, articles or podcasts that impact many more people than we can count. As a result, our events, website and relationship with the press create new levels that accomplish our core business.


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

OUR WEBSITE Redesigned and mobile-friendly, Endeavor Greece’s new website went live this year. Containing information, news and research on the Greek ecosystem, it was designed for providing immediate information to the user as well as to the entrepreneurs concerned. Our Endeavor Entrepreneurs are the most important ambassadors of Endeavor’s mission and their presence on the new website is critical and prominent. Our newsletter, a monthly recap of the top stories of our network both globally and locally, was also redesigned and has doubled its subscribers. The essence of our work is in the power of example, which is why we developed a close relationship with the main vehicles in Greece to publish the stories of the entrepreneurs we support and influence the creation of an entrepreneurial culture that values high impact entrepreneurs and scale-ups.


media mentions in 2019

1,000 newsletter subscribers


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

OUR EVENTS Where the community gets together. Roundtables, panel discussions, conferences, workshops, networking drinks, are where connections come to life. Through these events, we share stories, attempt growth challenges, bring our network closer together and celebrate those who contribute every day to create an ecosystem of high-impact entrepreneurs in Greece.



3,000 people reached


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece



Endeavor Entrepreneurs: Great people learning from amazing people how to be extraordinary

They are at the forefront of scale-ups. They use a scalable model to create high-impact businesses. They grow at a fast pace. They generate thousands of job opportunities. They transform markets and industries. They develop the local economy. They help other entrepreneurs to grow. They invest in other businesses. They are role models for the country. They amount to be more than 1,900 around the world. And 29 in Greece. They are Endeavor Entrepreneurs. The new generation of role models. Our safe bet to transform Greece.


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece





Alex Chatzieleftheriou


Blueground is a real estate tech company that wants to make people feel at home wherever they choose to live. The company offers beautifully furnished and thoughtfully equipped apartments for a month, a year, or even longer that are designed to help people simply show up and start living. Motivated by its mission to create a tech powered living experience that guests love, homed in an organization where great people are proud to work, Blueground has grown quickly, surpassing 3,500 apartments and 400 team members in twelve cities; New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Seattle, Dubai, Istanbul, Paris, London and Athens. Blueground plans to have a presence in 50 cities around the world and a portfolio of more than 50,000 apartments.

3,500 apartments (1.2m nights since 2013)

3 new cities:


corporate clients

London, Paris & Seattle (presence in 12 in total)

Describe what makes your company unique. Blueground imagines a world in which people can instantly feel at home wherever they choose to live. In a time where everything moves at the speed of a few clicks, finding, renting and furnishing a new apartment is still a time-consuming process. Blueground has created a fully-controlled, techpowered living experience that revolutionizes the way people rent apartments in cities all around the world. We find ideally located spaces and turn them into beautifully designed and thoughtfully furnished homes. With our easy to book, totally turn-key apartments backed by our guest-app and attentive on-the-ground support, we help people simply show up and start living. Point out one of your biggest challenges or proudest moments. One of my proudest moments was our first allhands meeting with our offices across 4 countries. Despite the fact that I was stressed and probably not the best presenter, it still felt awesome to bring all the employees together. I have spent time with almost each one of them since I lived in our first 4 expansion markets. Bringing everyone together on one call was a super exciting moment. It enhanced

$50M $78M Series B round;

400+ employees

total equity raised

the realization that we have such an amazing team of people! Share a memorable story as a member of the Endeavor Network. Endeavor has played a very supporting role in our Blueground story. The network has provided a series of ample connections with industry experts, other Endeavor entrepreneurs as well as an investment boost from Endeavor Catalyst. The most memorable story is how we got Kevin Ryan, a high-profile serial entrepreneur from New York, into our Board of Directors and as one of our investors. It was at an Endeavor fireside chat in Dubai, where I first got to meet Kevin. His insights and advice from that first discussion were super valuable to me. I found myself furiously taking notes and looking for more answers even after the chat was wrapped up. Once we began expanding into NYC, we spent several meetings trying to convince Kevin to join Blueground (an exception to his tradition of joining start-ups in their early stages). Fortunately, Kevin decided to come on board and all of his support has been pivotal to Blueground and to me personally as an entrepreneur. Without Endeavor, none of this would have been possible.

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

Describe what being an entrepreneur means to you. Entrepreneurship to me is about creating a team that shares common goals and values. It is about creating an environment where people are excited to come to work every day and devote their energy and time. It’ s also about providing a better solution to an existing problem while making people happy and excited to show up at work. How is your vision different today, compared to when you started the company? I launched Blueground in order to reduce the hassle that comes with renting an apartment, which is a problem I experienced first-hand as a frequent business traveler and an expat. I believe that living in different cities, meeting people from different countries and experiencing diverse work environments can make you a wiser person as well as a better and more well-rounded professional. Blueground facilitates that for people. From the first day, our vision was (and still remains) to make people feel at home wherever they choose to live. This vision applies also to the Blueground family. We strive for all our employees to feel at home and be themselves. Therefore, we seriously encourage self expression and always urge our people to be their best. What are the three traits of the ideal employee for you? At Blueground, we look for four traits (3+1): • People who understand that TIME is everything. We believe that time is of the utmost importance. It is limited and therefore the greatest gift we can give ourselves, clients and others. • People who strive for EXCELLENCE. We view excellence as a guiding light towards which we want to take our product, our relationships and the quality of our work. • People who CARE deeply about their clients and colleagues.

We invest time in understanding what our clients want and then exceed their expectations. Also, we care for our colleagues. Every day at Blueground we work to make sure our people are happy, successful and continuously developing. • People who embrace TRANSPARENCY. Transparency is a fair, honest, rewarding and time-saving approach to communication. It establishes trust and cultivates meaningful, long term relationships.



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece





Thomas Douzis


Ergon promotes Greek gastronomy around the world since 2008. Its portfolio includes 1,200 food products in total along with another 600 branded premium quality products offered in partnership with 150 Greek independent producers. Ergon has also created concept stores, that serve both as selling points for the products as well as eateries with a signature menu by renowned chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos designed with respect to tradition and nutritional value. London has been the first stop abroad since 2014, and now serves 4,500 customers monthly. In 2015, a concept store named Ergon Agora opened in Thessaloniki which includes a restaurant, coffee shop, deli, butchery, bakery, grocery, fish market and wine shop, offering a great variety of Greek products.

ERGON To GO launch (4 stores)

ERGON House Athens, the first foodie hotel in the world, launch


times in employees

Describe what makes your company unique. Flexibility and adaptability. Ergon started as a range of Greek artisanal products and has evolved to a leading network of more than 20 food-related retail and hospitality concepts which include delis, restaurants and hotels throughout Greece, UK, Belgium and Cyprus. Point out one of your biggest challenges or proudest moments. The opening of our flagship store and the first foodie hotel in the world, The ERGON House Athens. ERGON House sums up what we have achieved so far as a team. A great place to discover our deli products, a hotel and a rooftop bar with a breath-taking view of Acropolis. Share a memorable story as a member of the Endeavor Network. I have two similar memorable stories. I was sitting next to Linda at an event in Athens and she asked me who you would like to meet most and discuss about ERGON. After a couple of minutes, I found myself exchanging lots of e-mails with the guy I just mentioned!


times in revenues

Athens International Airport store launch

Describe what being an entrepreneur means to you. It is pretty much a way of living. All day, every day. It is a passion for creation by putting together yours and your team’ s effort. How is your vision different today, compared to when you started the company? Don’ t be afraid of change. Change as many times it takes to achieve your goal. What are the three traits of the ideal employee for you? Creativity. Adaptability. Kindness.

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece




Hellas Direct

Emilios Markou & Alexis Pantazis


Hellas Direct is Greece’ s first direct-to-consumer online car insurance company founded in 2011 by Emilios Markou and Alexis Pantazis. With insurance fees rising by a third due to a series of company shut-downs, these entrepreneurs saw an opportunity for an innovative, affordable solution in the Greek market. In 2014, Hellas Direct completed an institutional funding round, led by Third Point LLC’s Hellenic Recovery Fund and joined by Endeavor Catalyst, an innovative co-investment vehicle that invests alongside qualified, lead investors in Endeavor Entrepreneurs through a rules-based process.




run-rate GWP (80% year on year growth)

Acquisition of the largest road assistance company in Cyprus

Describe what makes your company unique. Hellas Direct is a next-generation, full-stack insurance company. Following the Amazon model and empowered by cutting-edge technology, Hellas Direct focuses on offering a better product, at a better price and better service to the Greek consumer. We are efficient across the value chain and compete head-to-head with global brands in our sector, such as AXA, Allianz and AIG. Hellas Direct is backed by a roster of all-star investors including Portag3, the IFC (World Bank) and world known family offices. We have raised EUR 23.8M to date and we are the first Endeavor Catalyst investment in Europe. Point out one of your biggest challenges or proudest moments. Launching a fully-regulated financial institution during one of the deepest recessions in history was challenging. We were the first insurance company to be licensed across the region in 15 years and faced a number of headwinds along the way. Finding investors who would trust first-time entrepreneurs in a contrarian, against-all-odds venture was difficult – we had to approach more than 2.5k investors in 14 countries to secure our first round of funding. Seven years from launch, Hellas Direct now operates in two countries, proudly serving more than 500K consumers across the broader mobility and home ecosystems (insurance, services, lead generation).

Bought out Third Point LLC

Strategic partner of world’s leading reinsurance company, Munich Re

Share a memorable story as a member of the Endeavor Network. A couple of years after joining Endeavor, the Athens office suggested that we had a conversation with Adrian Gore and Barry Swartzberg, two successful South African entrepreneurs and co-founders of Discovery. Adrian and Barry were not only Endeavor Entrepreneurs themselves, but they had recently joined the Board of Endeavor in South Africa. We set up a call and within two weeks we were invited to visit them in Johannesburg. These guys were rock stars, providing priceless feedback and solid advice, which helped accelerate our growth as a company. We are grateful to be a part of such an amazing global community. Describe what being an entrepreneur means to you. Resilience. Yes, most definitely, resilience. Tenacity. Sticking to your guns. Going through the worst of times and still being able to push forward, looking at the bright side and remaining focused on your long-term goals. Constantly challenging your own assumptions and being borderline paranoid about what will cause you to fail. Not many people can get comfortable with the uncertainty around setting up a new business. And not many people are able to convince themselves and others that their vision can actually become a reality. As Linda says, there is a bit of crazy in that.

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

How is your vision different today, compared to when you started the company?

What are the three traits of the ideal employee for you?

The big idea is very much the same. We wanted to disrupt the insurance industry and that is what we are doing, seven years since launch. What you soon get to realize in blind-spot markets like Greece, is that the entrepreneurial opportunity is actually much bigger. Every part of the value chain that we touched, opened a new opportunity for disruption. And this is like a candy heaven for any aspiring entrepreneur. Hellas Direct has evolved into a broader ecosystem company, generating revenue across insurance, services and lead generation. This was not part of our original plan, but became an evolution we are super excited for!

Smart, passionate and with a drive to change the world. These are the three qualities that we look for in every candidate. We now have 106 employees, ranging from a PhD in immunology to a bee-keeper and a stand-up comedian. Our average age across the company is 31 years and we are proud to have the highest number of women in senior positions than any other insurance company in the region. No two members of our team are the same, but they all share these three traits.



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece




Hotel Brain

Panos Palaiologos


HotelBrain is a leading hospitality services group with a presence in Greece and the Southeastern Europe. HotelBrain Group helps hotel owners, both institutional and private investors, to achieve optimization of use and hotel assets evaluation. The Group provides a full scale of services, from hands-on development and hotel management advisory, to full third-party management and leasing solutions, along with selective hotel acquisitions. With a proven track record of almost 20 years, the Group is organized in independent companies, each one focusing on different needs, covering practically the entire spectrum of hotel services.


World Travel Awards: “Leading Hotel Management Company 2019” (Greece & Europe)


leased hotel establishments (almost 6.350 beds) in HotelKeys’ portfolio

Opened and now manages Nikki Beach Santorini

Describe what makes your company unique. HotelBrain was founded in 2000 in the island of Santorini, Greece. I wanted to create a company that provides Hotel Management, a service totally unknown at that moment. Today, HotelBrain is the largest hospitality group and the fastest growing hotelier in Greece as well as the leading “white flag” hotel operator in Europe operating more than 200 hotels. Our uniqueness is driven by our principal value from day one: putting our soul in the business. We love what we do, it is not just a job. We care for each and every property. Point out one of your biggest challenges or proudest moments. In 2015 we reached an agreement with the investment fund SouthBridge Europe. That was a big challenge concerning our expansion and sustainability plans. We experienced quite a few proud moments when we were awarded. HotelBrain has been awarded as the “Leading Hotel Management Company in the World” (2018), “in Europe” (2015, 2017, 2018, 2019) and “in Greece” (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) by World Travel Awards, as well as several awards and honors by the Greek Tourism Awards and Greek Hospitality Awards.

The Mr&Mrs White hotel brand is now in Tinos, Paros, Corfu and Crete.

Opened Urban Frame & 4 leased hotels in Mykonos

Share a memorable story as a member of the Endeavor Network. One proud milestone that gave us the motive to go on, was when we were honored by Endeavor Greece in 2015, as “Top Job Creator”. It was a very difficult year for the Greek economy, so the fact that HotelBrain created 3,500 new jobs during recession and was recognized for that, has been an unforgettable moment. How is your vision different today, compared to when you started the company? HotelBrain vision has not changed. We continue to stay focused on creating and operating beautiful hotels that offer guests, life-changing experiences and lifetime memories. To achieve this, we try to keep our employees happy, have a solid financial performance, base our business on our core values and ethics and stay socially responsible in all our business activities. The only thing that changed actually, is size and level of difficulty. What are the three traits of the ideal employee for you? Τraining, Passion, Ethics. Not necessarily in that order.

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece





Nikos Moraitakis & Spyros Magiatis


Workable is the world’ s leading hiring platform. User-friendly software. One-click applications. Attractive job ads. Built for teams. Gets the job done. It is Workable. Since 2012, it has been a valuable tool for more than 20k companies and 1M candidates. Its workforce includes over 280 people across Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete) Cyprus, UK (London), USA (Boston, San Fransisco) and Australia (Sydney) who work with a diverse group of organizations, including HireVue, JOEY Restaurants, Bevi, Soho House, RyanAir, Sephora and many more. Workable has developed AI technology that draws upon hundreds of millions of human decisions to possible matches while targeting individual candidates alongside a network of 180 partners including LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook and Google.



Operations in 8 Cities in Europe, U.S.A. & Australia

Describe what makes your company unique. Workable provides small and medium-sized businesses with cloud-based software for recruitment management. Through our platform, businesses have the ability to publish job openings online, accept applications, evaluate resumes, schedule interviews and eventually hire the best candidates while saving time and money. Describe what being an entrepreneur means to you. Entrepreneurship for us, is all about innovation and vision. It is about being creative and making an impact when you give a radical solution to a “problem” that was not solved until then. It is the willingness to work hard, question things and keep moving forward. You have to keep your eyes open for opportunities and when the time is right, cease the chance. How is your vision different today, compared to when you started the company? We are already among the most popular recruitment management tools and we hope that we will soon become the only one. We plan further expansion into the Asian market. We invest heavily in new technology and especially artificial intelligence. We do not believe that in the near future the final choice of the most appropriate



6 figure deal with a big client from Canada

(Series C)

candidate will be made by a computer, but artificial intelligence can provide important help for the end user to make the right choice. What are the three traits of the ideal employee for you? Besides technical skills, which is obviously quite important in the tech industry, we are looking for employees that will also become our collaborators. We want to share our ambitions with teamoriented professionals who are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. We are really proud that prominent professionals have chosen to work with us and we reward them through continuous training and perks.

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece





Argyris Kaninis & Marios Stavropoulos


Softomotive is one of the leading providers of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, trusted by more than 9,000 companies worldwide. Both attended and unattended RPA are delivered through powerful, robust technology from desktop installation to server-based software which is quick to deploy, easy to use and provides best value for money.

1 new office in Seoul - expansion into Asia Pacific markets

Localised versions of Softomotive Online Academy launch

Fastest Growing RPA Vendor in 2019

Describe what makes your company unique.

9000+ clients / users from 80+ countries


employees (94% increase from 2018)

Softomotive is a software company that specializes in what we call Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We are producing software that enables companies and organizations to automate repetitive and monotonous tasks that have been executed by people so far, therefore allowing individuals to focus on the aspects of their jobs that are of greater importance and have much more to offer to the organization.

have had so far and one of the many important assets that Endeavor brought to our company. I had the joy and honor to find myself among entrepreneurs from all over the world, who were facing similar, identical or different problems. Together, we analyzed other companies’ cases either known or unknown and we discussed about entrepreneurs who had found themselves in the same crossroads we did. The experience was thrilling and changed the way we designed our next steps.

Point out one of your biggest challenges or proudest moments.

How is your vision different today, compared to when you started the company?

(Marios) Like any other entrepreneur, my life is full of challenges, as well as ups and downs. If I were to focus on one of them, that would be the significant change that Softomotive faced right after the Series-A funding. We started a rapid expansion that followed a sudden presence in more countries than ever before. Having followed a very different model until then, we had to go back to the startup model. This shift required strong internal communication, which took time, since we had to change ourselves and then apply this change to the organization as well.

People in the business world know that the path to success is not always smooth. Instead, it has many ups and downs. The same applies to an entrepreneur’ s vision and therefore a company’s vision. When we first launched Softomotive, we wanted to build a company whose services would not only apply to individual users, but to large organizations as well. As the company grew, became global and had to compete with global organizations, our vision evolved with it. In reality, this change was somehow a return to the initial values, that is, helping organizations achieve their goals. Today, we want to infuse the concept of automation to every individual, therefore help improve every employee’s daily life. This is based on the belief that when one stops performing repetitive tasks and focuses on what gives him real satisfaction, his everyday life changes, causing

Share a memorable story as a member of the Endeavor Network. (Argyris) The Harvard Business School program has been one of the most powerful experiences I

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

the environment and the operations of the whole organization to change too. What are the three traits of the ideal employee for you? We believe that the ideal employee must be willing and able to scale. Besides this, we are also looking for responsibility and integrity in all our future employees.



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece





John Papadakis & Andreas Vourkos


Pollfish is an agile market research platform offering real-time responses from mobile consumers. Pollfish uses a modern sampling methodology called “Organic Sampling” that combines mobile delivery, artificial intelligence and a massive audience network. This methodology is able to narrow down specific segments within an audience network of over 650M global respondents, across 160 countries and 24 languages, with better data quality and faster completion than competitive survey practices. Trusted by brands, media companies and agencies, Pollfish data has powered stories in almost every major news source in the US, including The New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, and Inc.

One of the fastestgrowing Market Research providers


global active clients


of the business converted to enterprise ARR in 8 months

Describe what makes your company unique. We reach millions of people, to help you make the best decision in just a couple of hours for a few hundred dollars. In order to achieve this, we had to completely rethink market research and change the way we collect data. Instead of sending e-mails asking people to participate in surveys and get prizes, we plant surveys in Apps, consumers already use. We created a new methodology called “Random Device Engagement” that allows us to get results a lot faster and more cost-effectively. The way we collect data is pretty much, unique. Point out one of your biggest challenges or proudest moments. Our “firsts” have always been our biggest challenges and proudest moments. The first employee. The first time someone actually filled out a Pollfish survey. The first client. The first million. The first subscription client in an industry dominated by transactional revenue. Share a memorable story as a member of the Endeavor Network. It is still early and we are craving for more stories but the most memorable so far is our



Integrated with

140,000 apps and websites for participants’ access

selection story, our actually first ISP (firsts are also memorable) and -spoiler alert-… rejection! Andreas and I walked into these interviews with great confidence (we had good numbers) and we were 100% ourselves. Confident, calm, humorous. Actually a little bit too humorous! Andreas and I, had a great time but that was not the case for the selection panelists. Long story short, two years later we didn’ t joke so much in the ISPs. Describe what being an entrepreneur means to you. I have seen many kinds of entrepreneurs and I’ m sure that I will witness many, many more. Every one differs. Some, are super smart and data-driven, others being storytellers with an emotional drive. The only thing that seems to be consistent, is the “out of the charts drive” and determination. Being an entrepreneur, means that there is a goal not yet reached that you JUST HAVE to crack it. How is your vision different today, compared to when you started the company? Our vision, for the most part remains the same: Make market research affordable and available to any person, in any organization. The market is shifting and we are growing but the majority of

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

research, is still expensive as it is performed by legal tools and methodologies. We will not rest until there are as many surveys as decisions to be made. What are the three traits of the ideal employee for you? That definition changes all the time as the organization matures or tries to adapt to change. Pollfish is a very dynamic company, looking for: 1. Intelligence. It’ s a delight to work with smart

people and collective IQ can take you places, especially in early-stage, progressive companies. 2. Not being afraid of responsibility. 3. Last and most important, is the ability to gain trust from co-workers.



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece





John Tsioris


InstaShop, founded in Dubai in 2015 is the largest on demand multi-vendor marketplace for ordering groceries, pharmacy & other products within the MENA region. It is currently active in several countries in the Middle East including UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt and others, with thousands of outlets currently within its network.

On demand pet care, butchery, flowers & fresh produce service launch

POS & last - mile pilots


employees (129% increase)

Describe what makes your company unique. Grocery shopping can be complex both offline and online. Instashop eliminates the complexity by offering an unrivalled extremely simple userfriendly UI/UX for consumers to shop all their grocery needs in just a few taps from trusted neighbourhood supermarkets within a competitive marketplace. Combine that, with a delivery time less than 60 minutes and the hassle of grocery shopping has been transformed into a priceless online customer experience. Point out one of your biggest challenges or proudest moments. One of our proudest moments was when we surpassed the “one thousand orders a day” mark, just a few months after our launch. It was a number that we never imagined we could reach that fast. Describe what being an entrepreneur means to you. You never truly understand what an entrepreneur really is, until you become one. The reality is usually less glamorous and much tougher than what it is portrayed. Whether it is the sleepless nights contemplating on what can go wrong or better, the struggle to secure investment or the extreme learning curve in industries and topics you never touched upon before and suddenly you need to become an expert in. Entrepreneurship is all about developing the capacity to calmly handle and make

North Coast (Egypt), Manama, Beirut & Thessaloniki expansion


stores across 5 countries (125% increase)

the best of the opportunities and threats that are coming your way. How is your vision different today, compared to when you started the company? When we started, we wanted to remove the hassle of grocery shopping and turn it into a premium service. The fundamentals of that vision never changed, but have rather broadened with more product categories and larger regions. What are the three traits of the ideal employee for you? I don’ t like the term “employee” and avoid using it as it doesn’ t really describe the relationship our company has with the team that comprises it. I use the term “team member”. We are all quite different, yet the three traits I seek are: loyalty to the team and mission, extreme passion to progress and succeed, ready to make personal sacrifices, integrity that carries top work ethics and inspires trust.

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece





Tasso Roumeliotis


NumberAI is a business messaging platform that enables SMEs to engage in two-way conversations with customers across different messaging services including SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp. The technology turns landlines into messageable numbers and provides small businesses with the tools and functionality to deal with a range of consumer needs, before they move to competitors. Numa, the AI platform, learns from interactions and can automate an increasing portion of customer service, including responses to FAQs, ordering, appointments and reputation management. The company is strategically leveraging telecoms as a growth channel to access SMEs at scale.


increase in sales for SMB’s due to Numa platform

Partnership with Sprint

Describe what makes your company unique. We have a unique team composition. 90% of our employees have worked together for 6+ years as a cohesive cross-functional organization (product, engineering, sales, design, marketing). All of the employees have been promoted from within in our previous company. Our product is unique in that it will eventually replace the ‘job’ of the business call with technology and AI. We can take orders, make appointments and answer questions all without the requirement of expensive labor. Point out one of your biggest challenges or proudest moments. Our proudest moments manifest themselves in building a product that helps small, scrappy, underdog businesses provide outstanding service to their customers. Many of our restaurant customers have let us handle all incoming phone calls, saving lost customers and hence processing US$10k+ of incremental sales per month per location. Another important moment of pride is our employees’ loyalty. 90% of our employees that joined our vision came from our previous company. Describe what being an entrepreneur means to you. I feel that the first thing that an entrepreneur does, is to solve an acute problem that holds back society.



SMB’s (60% of all SMB’s)



(Seed & Series A)

Many times it is a problem you have personally experienced. Second, and perhaps even more importantly, entrepreneurs create jobs and develop employees that have an additive skill set for the future. How is your vision different today, compared to when you started the company? Our initial intention was to make every business ‘message-enabled’. Make them forget calls and focus on messaging customers. Today, we realize that the right solution is to actually use both. Use messaging as well as voice, to help them solve their biggest customer inbound. What are the three traits of the ideal employee for you? Underdog grit. I typically look for immigrant work ethic (immigrants or second generation immigrants like myself). They work hard, welcome feedback and will do what it takes to win. Happy and positive. Small organizations fighting for market penetration are liable to emotional ups and downs. Positive employees give an optimism that is essential for startup success. Customer-obsessed. In today’ s world, killer products can market themselves. Customer-obsessed employees don’t sleep until their products are indispensable to customers.

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece



Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece





Apostolos Atsalakis


PNOĒ has created a breath analysis solution, which measures its users’ health condition, through a 12-minute test, aiming to improve their cardiopulmonary health, nutrition and exercise. PNOĒ leverages the science behind cardio-metabolic analysis (CMA) which assesses the users’ health state, by measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen in their breathing. PNOĒ’s almost fully automated system of algorithms and experts, translates users’ breathing into actionable, personalized insights, such as dietary improvements, in 24 hours or less. PNOĒ has graduated from Y Combinator accelerator program.



Data analytics & nutrition and training planning service launch


high portfolio clients


$4.5M (Seed)


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece





Andreas Raptopoulos


Matternet has developed one of the world’ s leading technology platforms for on demand, aerial delivery of small parcels in urban environments. The company currently provides drone delivery services for hospitals in the United States and Europe, transporting life-saving parcels over dense, urban environments. Matternet was the first company to begin revenue-generating drone flights in the United States and recently entered into an exclusive, multi-year partnership agreement with UPS to roll-out services at more hospitals across country. With proprietary cloud-based software, infrastructure solutions, cutting-edge hardware and regulatory backing, Matternet is determined to seize upon the drone delivery. The company has already raised more than US$25M from investors such as Boeing, Andreessen Horowitz, Sony and Daimler.




customers: hospitals in USA & Switzerland included


partnerships: UPS, Swiss Post & Mercedes Benz included


$25.5M (Seed & Series A)


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece




Nova Credit

Nicky Goulimis


With global immigration growing from 258M people in 2017, to over 400M by 2050, the need of access to financial services for people who are on the move, is rising. Immigrants struggle to rent apartments, open bank accounts or finance cell phones and because their credit score is not transferable, they are forced to start over once they leave their homeland. Nova Credit provides seamless access to international credit history, enabling 50M immigrants in the United States to arrive and thrive, while at the same time, unlocking new consumers for lenders and other financial institutions. Nova Credit buys data from leading credit bureaus around the world, to ease the burden of immigration and, with consumer permission, translates it into a U.S.-equivalent score. In addittion, they conduct a report in a format familiar to American underwriters, who provide newcomers with the necessary means to start their lives, including apartment leases, student loans, credit cards, cell phone plans and auto loans.

Works with


credit card issuers in the US

Works with


global banks in the US

Active in







(Seed and Series A)


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece




Think Digital Group

Odysseas Ntotsikas


Think Digital Group (TDG) is one of the leading Digital Marketing and Marketing Technology groups in the fast growing markets in EMEA. TDG companies- ThinkDigital, ForestView, TailWind and Project Agora- have been working with the region’s biggest advertisers and publishers to accelerate digital transformation since 2006.

TailWind partnered with Global Web Index

e-Retail Media offering launch (Project Agora diversified to e-Commerce)


Direct to Consumer unit launch by ForestView

Digital Professionals (70 of them in TDG’s Tech Hub)




Papadimitriou C.C.

Christos Papadimitriou


Papadimitriou C.C., founded in 1939 by Christos’ grandfather, is one of the largest food processing companies in the southern Greece. With products based on the nutritional values of the Mediterranean diet, Papadimitriou is now trusted by consumers across Greece and 35 international markets. The company now focuses on 100% natural preservative and sulfite-free Balsamic Vinegar produced by exclusive Greek raisins and has also introduced a new range of innovative Mediterranean products based on balsamic vinegar.

New product category entry: Ketchup with Balsamic Vinegar launch

Czech republic leader:


market share in Balsamic cream Category

Turned profitable


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece





Ioannis Anastasiou


FREZYDERM, founded in 1986, is a Greek company whose main goal is the development and production of innovative and pioneering skin care products, which comply to the strictest pharmaceutical standards. Since 2009, FREZYDERM has received 41 distinctions for its products and has been awarded 8 times for corporate excellence. The company’s ongoing growth has led to its international presence in more than 33 international markets, while in 2015, the first subsidiary company was founded in London. In October 2015, FREZYDERM entered the Endeavor network during Endeavor’s 61st ISP held in Morocco.

Exports to



Subsidiary in London

Νo1 brand in terms of market share in TOTAL PERSONAL CARE CATEGORY (holds 12.02% of the Greek Pharmacy Data)

employees (22% growth since 2017)

countries (85% increase since 2017)




Green Cola

Periklis Venieris


Won the TOP COMPANY AWARD 2019 in “Best In Pharmacy 2019”

Green Cola Hellas is one of the fastest-growing innovative companies in Greece, that produces non-alcoholic natural beverages with Stevia, 0% calorie intake, 0% sugar, 0% aspartame and caffeine from green coffee beans. Just a few years after the start of its successful journey, the company has gained a significant market share in Greece and has reached the second place in consumers’ preference. Today, 8 years since its establishment, Green Cola continues its growth in Greece, and 23 international markets.

Νο 2

cola in Greek KA market

No 1

cola with stevia in Greece

Presence in


countries in Europe and M. East (35% of total sales)

Launch of a ttl soft range under the brand name Green, sweetened with stevia

Green Cola Flavors were awarded at “Product of the Year Greece” and received the “Superbrands” award


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece





Nikolaos & Alexandros Christodoulou


Christodoulou Brothers Group, founded in 1955 by Giannis Christodoulou, is one of the largest companies worldwide, operating in the fruit processing industry. The company produces a wide range of products, including juices, fruit purees, bases for beverages, fruit preparations, fruit pieces and canned fruits. Exports reached 85% of its annual production, distributed to 89 countries worldwide. In 2011, CHB has launched a new range of chilled, vitamin and organic juices under the brand of “Chris Family”.

Exports to



500+ customers


producers around Greece & 2 production units

€20M investment & x5 turnover the last decade





Alexandros Yfantis



employees + 750 seasonal

SYCHEM S.A. is an international manufacturing company that specializes in water treatment systems, energy saving special projects, the construction of waste water treatment systems and corrosion prevention. It is the largest manufacturer of desalination and ultrafiltration projects in Greece. SYCHEM delivers specialized electromechanical energy saving solutions focused on open geoexchange projects for large scale hotels and industries. SYCHEM undertakes the design, construction and operation of Biogas Plants for Electricity Production while owning one with 1 MW capacity in Heraklion, Crete.

SYCHEM Biogas Factory Expansion up to

1 MW

€19M Turn Over

4.000m2 Factory Expansion in Crete (8.000m2 in total)


employees (68% increase since 2016)

Exports in




Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece





Nikos Kontos


Raymetrics, founded in 2002, is probably the first atmospheric LIDAR company in the world. Raymetrics have developed a range of highly customizable products suitable for academic uses, commercial uses (aviation, mining, heavy industry) and operational uses (meteorology, enviromental). Our LIDARs are located all over the world, with systems in the USA, India, China, Africa, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, the UK and many more. Based in Athens, yet with a global reach and ambition, Raymetrics is a company founded by scientists and engineers, using the innovative LIDAR technology to remotely sense the atmosphere. The instruments integrate state-of-the-art technology developed inside research laboratories in Europe, with Raymetrics experience in building robust, stand-alone systems, 3D scanning or vertical mode systems, able to operate 24/7 even under tough environmental conditions.


employees (since 2015)

90%+ of sales are exports

1st sale contract for Temperature and Humidity LiDAR product

Air quality monitoring project with Ternium Steel signing (Argentina & Brazil)





Gianna Tzika


New project with the European Space Agency & National Observatory of Athens signing

KONVA SA is a Greek company based in Kilkis, Greece, specializing in processing, canning and distribution of fish products. The company has the ability to produce fish products under contract and currently produces and sells many private label products for third parties. Dating back in the 70s, with established brands such as TRATA and FLOKOS in the Greek market, KONVA managed to maintain a leading market share for decades. The factory produces the richest line of fish products in the market, ranging from sardines, anchovies and tuna, to squid, herring, octopus, under absolute quality control throughout the production process. The quality of the products is, and always has been, the primary target of the company.

Smoked tuna range of products launch


increase of volume market shares in tuna within 2 years in Greece

Smoked tuna range entered Canada (through local supermarkets)


min increase of exports


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece





Alex Maniatopoulos


Yodiwo has developed a unique platform for bridging IoT systems and networks to achieve direct and easy control of all the devices and innumerable new applications for industrial, corporate and commercial needs. Through this platform, engineers can deliver industrial projects in just a few weeks saving time and cost. The company has a prestigious network of partners globally, such as NXP, Nokia, Veolia and Free2Move.

2 new products

Business plan approved in SME Instrument Phase I (funding €50K for participating in Phase II)

Product sales in







Leandros & Vasilis Karakatsanis


Dust+Cream (D+C) is a cosmetics retailer with 75 locations across Greece. D+C’ s targets Greek young women who are looking for quality beauty products at affordable prices. The company sells everything from makeup to fragrances, both from its own brand as well as others. Focused on creating a unique customer experience, D+C stores are trendy with good-vibes and “beauty expert” personnel.

1st pop up store in Greece & Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” store launch

1st store in Cyprus launch

New enlarged offices at its premises in Thessaloniki

New sophisticated Warehouse Management System in Thessaloniki

2-year investment plan €700.000 for machinery


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece




Metamaterial Inc.

George Palikaras


Metamaterial Inc. META, represented by the founder and CEO George Palikaras, is pioneering a new class of smart materials that can block, absorb and amplify light waves at the nanoscale. Within the nascent metamaterials market, META is printing nano-structures on flexible film to enable high-performance next generation optical devices, including laser protection, energy-efficient light sources, affordable solar panels and non-invasive medical diagnostics.


employees increase

$5.7M $1.62M Raised

in convertible debentures to be turned into equity

Entered the “2019 Global Cleantech 100” list

collaboration with Dalhousie University & Mitacs to explore light manipulation




Centaur Analytics

Sotiris Bantas


Earned Prestigious Italian Design Award

Centaur Analytics Inc. (Centaur), was founded in 2014 by serial tech entrepreneur Sotiris Bantas (previously co-founder and CTO of Helic, acquired by Ansys) and industry veteran Vasilis Sotiroudas. Today, Centaur is making headway in redefining post-harvest AgTech. Centaur is the first company to provide predictive, trustworthy analytics across various storage configurations, crops and geographies. Centaur started with two employees in 2014 and now has a team of 27 highly skilled engineers and scientists. Centaur also has strategic partnerships with academic institutions like the University of Thessaly in Volos and the University in Dresden in Germany, assisting in developing Precision FumigationTM technology that helps in minimizing food loss.

Customers in




sales growth from 2017 to 2018

“Farming innovation of the year” award


reduction in post harvest chemical use


growth of installed sensors from 2017 to 2019


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece





Vassilis Stivaktakis


OSeven is a London and Athens based high technology venture, backed by top tier VC funds and angel investors. It provides world-leading telematics and driving behavioral analytics based on smartphone sensors to a diverse corporate portfolio in insurance, banking, telecom, automotive and fleet industry. OSeven has presence and signed agreements in 15 international markets and growing, trusted by leading customers and partners worldwide. The company introduces and raises driving safety awareness to the society through new proactive and innovative solutions around customer engagement and constant improvement. OSeven is on a mission for a world with “Zero Accidents� and will make it happen, one ride at a time.

Presence and signed agreements

15 markets in

(1st tier-1 insurance client in US)

Running pilots in more than




Total Equity Raised,

>$3.5M R&D Grants Awarded

Its research arm


is in Europe & No6 worldwide


driving behavior improvement,


Claims Frequency reduction for insurers


Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece

APPENDIX Anastasiou, Giannis, EE

Grelloni, Maria-Cristina, Team

Rees, Joanna, Global BoD

Andrianou, Evi, Mentor

Harris, Matt, Global BoD

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Apostolakis, Apostolakis, Mentor

Hatsopoulos, Marina, Mentor

Roumeliotis, Tasso, EE

Asimenos, George, Mentor

Hoffman, Reid, Global BoD

Sabatakakis, Kyriakos, Dr., Mentor

Atsalakis Apostolos, EE

Kafarakis, Phil, Mentor

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Vourkos, Andreas, EE Vrettakos, Leonidas, Mentor Wolfensohn, James, Global BoD Yfantis, Alexandros, EE Zarifopoulos, Grigoris, Mentor Zolotas, Lambros, Mentor

Impact Report 2019 - Endeavor Greece


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